Lust for Frankenstein (1998) Movie Script

Last night I dreamt
that I was back in Manderlin.
The beautiful house of my
Where I lived the happy
years of my childhood.
Had become
a dark and menacing...
A strange silence
surrounded me. While
my steps drove me
into the old walls.
The balcony. The
blind windows...
Everything appeared
to me for the first time.
With a new face.
The image of a lost
and ruined world.
I realised then that
the strange death of Marvin.
My beloved father.
Had killed as web...
...the spirit of
the old beautiful house.
Moira. Moira...
I'm not allowed to
stand by you.
But I have to talk to you.
Listen to my record.
Moira. My record
is there.
Moira. Please.
We must talk.
- Too late.
- I can explain everything to you.
I have expected six months
for a word of you.
Now is all over.
- Can't you forgive me?
I hate your intolerance.
Your stupid jealousy...
...and your weakness.
Give me a chance to
tell you I was wrong.
I love you so much.
Ok. Call me in a few
days. If it's your wish.
But nothing is going to
change my decision.
Maybe you will.
I love you. Moira.
I hate you. Cyrus.
- Abigail!
- I'm busy.
I don't want to see anybody!
- It's Moira. Your stepdaughter!
My sweet Moira.
Why hadn't you visited...
...your old stepmother?
- Are you alone?
- Of course!
Come in. Darling.
I'm Mario. The gardener.
May I help you with the luggage?
- I'll do it. Later.
Don't worry.
- Are you new here?
- I'm just an accidental gardener.
She's upstairs. With Carlitos.
- Who is Carlitos?
- The secretary. But you can go up.
Come closer. Don't be so timid.
A little kiss
for your sweet mum. Come on.
I just came to take
something from the studio.
- You're welcome.
If you want to have a cup...
of something later...
Mario will be...
here too. We can
have a lot of fun together.
Like in the good old times.
I hope you haven't forgotten...
...the nice moments
you had here with your daddy...
and your mummy
in this same house.
Oh. What a nasty family!
First of all.
You are not my mother.
But just a second wife
of my poor father.
And second: I'm trying
very hard to forget...
these shameful moments
of my life.
I'm mature now.
You've lost all your power.
Bye bye.
Unhappy child!
Don't stop. You bitch.
Go on. Lick it.
Moira. My lovely child.
You must help me
to fight my enemies.
I'll tell you my secrets.
Do you remember
those days...
...when we were
in Lampedusa beach?
A mad idea
come into my mind.
To create a monsters.
Like my ancestors
did in the past...
But improving their work... make a beautiful monster.
Capable of give...
pleasure or death.
Or death. Moira.
Now it's here. It exists.
It's very close to you.
And you will understand
all my love and my pain...
when I made it.
Help... I need help.
- What should I do?
- Open your shirt.
Thank you.
You are Moira Frankenstein.
- I think so.
- I need food.
Your blood gave me a
few minutes of strength.
I need more. Please.
The tape recorder. The doctor's
voice... Follow his orders...
...and I'll be your slave.
Go on. Bitch.
Go on...
- More...
The creature needs blood.
Fresh blood
to stay alive.
To recoup
the strength and the power.
You must give her the blood
of someone sane and young.
Do you have a name?
My father called me Goddess.
Open this damned door.
You bitch! I know you're there.
- Hi. Dear.
- Hi. Handsome.
- Can I come in?
- Do you want a drink?
- Abigail wants you to join us.
- What for?
- To have a drink.
- Ok. Give me five minutes.
Come. I'll help you.
For God's sake!
It's not true!
Let's do it now.
You're not worried
about you. Are you?
You help me. I'll show
you the way to ecstasy.
Come to me.
Now you are my mistress.
You are my mistress.
You are my mistress.
- Good morning. Sweetheart.
- What are you doing here?
- I'm looking for my little gardener.
He came here last night. Right?
I supposed you'll know something.
Was he with you?
He didn't stay more than 5
minutes. He's not my type of guy.
Of course not. I forgot
you prefer them more mature.
Your little friend
may be sleeping...
...under a tree.
Or maybe preparing a bouquet...
of white flowers for you.
- Don't be nasty.
If you get bored. Come
along to us. You are welcome.
No. Father. No!
Mistress. Help me.
I'll be your slave.
Put your fingers in me.
Hello. Carla. I'm Moira.
I will be some days out of the town.
With the family.
Any news of Mr. Tarantino's
office? Oh. Send them
the outlines and the tittles.
Do you need some money?
You are an angel. Take care.
Hello. Margarita. It's Moira.
Have I got any call?
Dr. Cyrus?
Oh. My God. I forgot him.
He's not anymore my husband.
Not any more.
Margarita. Don't tell him
where I am.
Take your money.
I'll call you. Bye bye.
You arrive just on time.
Once a year. Can't do harm.
Who are you?
You are Marvin's monster!
On your knees. Slave.
Don't move. Abigail!
We must get out of here.
Where can we go?
Back to the studio.
You need help.
Why did you make
all that madness?
- I thought you wanted to let me down.
- Because of Abigail?
Like your father.
What's wrong with you. Goddess?
My Herat is full of love.
But my brain is full of hate.
My double sex is always on fire.
It needs love from
any kind of human being.
But my arms want
to destroy them all.
I want to help you.
What should I do?
You should kill me.
It's simple and clean.
Just cut off the golden cord...
...and pull it out.
I used to do it with my
puppet when I was young.
Yes. I am a puppet.
A nasty and dude puppet.
- You need a rest.
We'll make a decision tomorrow.
Whatever you say. Mistress.
Just give me a sedative. As
Dr. Frankenstein did.
It's on the metallic table.
Why don't you get
get me some snow. Baby?
Don't be so old fashioned.
I've got something better for you.
- Oh. Yes? Let's do it.
Don't move!
You'll go to heaven...
...or hell.
From now on you'll
have to take care of her.
You'll have a
great responsibility.
She needs you...
...and there's nothing
I can do.
You must take care of her.
Thanks. Thanks. Moira.
How do you feel?
I feel like a woman.
A woman in love.
She's lovely.
Iove her. Moira.
I like to be provocative.
I'll tell you later.
Thanks God you
are alive.
How can you live in
such an awful place?
Moira. My love.
What has happened here?
Come back to me. Moira.
Really evil in this place.
Farewell. My lovely daughter.
I never be back
to your dreams. Moira.
From now on I hope I never
do these stupid things again.