Lust Stories (2018) Movie Script

- Is there no one at home?
- Grandma is. She's hard of hearing.
Don't! That is her room. This is mine!
- Good night!
- Hush!
I will be right back.
Chetan Bhagat!
The Perks of Being a Wallflower!
You read it?
I read the book. Watched the film.
And I am one!
What are you? A wallflower or a perk?
You are a wallflower, aren't you?
You find yourself a corner.
Hear and see everything
but never do anything.
I need to do something.
You read Sophie Kinsella?
I tried but couldn't finish.
It's too difficult
Natasha asked me to read it.
You understood Wallflower
and not Kinsella?
That was an easy read.
- A wallflower or a fly, it's the same.
- Wow!
You are smart!
What's wrong? Is this your first time?
- Really?
- Yes.
Let me teach you.
What happened last night...
was good, right?
- Yes.
- Yes.
It was natural, right?
Don't ruin it by talking about it.
Don't talk about it.
I shouldn't have.
- You won't fall in love, right?
- No.
Don't overthink it.
- Okay.
- All right?
Mihir told me that guys
tend to get emotional after sex
and they fall in love.
They become possessive.
What is it? Why are you smiling?
Do we share a secret?
Do we?
I was 26
when I got married to Mihir.
He was 12 years older than me.
I had never dated anyone.
But Mihir had dated many girls.
So marrying a much older guy
was an adventure for me.
My parents were against it.
He had so many stories to share!
Like he went somewhere,
met a girl there,
and they started talking.
His stories were straight out of a movie.
I didn't have any of that.
We talked and he made me understand
that I will resent him
if I did not live my life on my terms.
He urged me to examine my life.
She had a lover, Imroze,
who was younger than her.
Draupadi lived with five Pandavas.
She loved them and perhaps,
they loved her too.
They did not fight over her.
I'm married and I cannot be
with anyone else.
What if I fantasize about someone?
It's not okay.
How can you expect so much from a person?
You want him to be your best friend,
your lover and your wildest fantasy.
What do I do?
It's good that they are finally
speaking out.
But how can they prove it?
People play the victim card for publicity.
Did you read this?
The husband divorced her
as soon as he learned of it.
Things like that happen there often.
But it's wrong. It's not okay.
What is the student's age?
- He is 18.
- So he is an adult.
- Does that justify it?
- No matter how old he is...
- But he is an adult!
- How do you know it was consensual?
His silence means it was not consensual.
- Tejas Bhave?
- Yes.
I need to talk to you.
Don't you think she is weird?
Listen! How old are you?
- Just tell me your age!
- Sure?
- Yes.
Does your admission form say that?
- No.
- People often do that.
- I'm not sure.
- Come on!
- Do you have your birth certificate?
- Yes.
Get it for me.
Take it from the college office.
How can I go and ask for it?
What if they ask me why?
Why do you need it?
What happened that night
was consensual, right?
What do you mean?
Did I force you to have sex?
No. But...
You made the first move!
Did you say no?
- No.
- Exactly.
So, it was consensual, right?
Say it. Say that it was consensual.
What do I say?
Say that it was consensual.
- What is that word?
- Consensual!
Yes. Say it.
It was.
"Whatever happened
between us was consensual."
- Whatever happened between us...
- Yes...
- Was consensual!
- Was consensual.
- Say it in one go.
- The complete statement?
- Yes.
- Whatever...
Say this. "Whatever happened between us,"
"Ms. Kalindi, was consensual."
- Whatever...
- "This is Tejas. Ms. Kalindi..."
"Whatever happened
between us was consensual."
Ms. Kalindi, this is Tejas.
Whatever happened between us...
- Was all...
- That was all consensual!
Now say it properly!
Ms. Kalindi, whatever happened
between us was consensual.
- I am Tejas.
- Okay.
It's my fault!
They have to hit me if I go home late.
Just go home. Shut the door.
Play some nice music.
Wash your hands
Think of Hrithik Roshan
and have a good time.
Now look at that girl.
I said masturbation and she hid her face!
- Ms. Kalindi!
- I came by to apologize.
I recorded your statement and scared you.
No. I did not understand anything.
What was that word?
Forget it.
- Listen, now we're friends, okay?
- Yes.
As in real friends...
who share everything.
- But without benefits.
- What do you mean?
I mean I have a boyfriend now.
- Professor Neeraj!
- Yes.
- The Mathematics professor?
- Yes.
- Have you seen his hair?
- Cool, right?
He isn't like the other guys.
He is faithful. Do you know what he says?
Did you know that
penguins are monogamous
and that helps them survive
in the extreme cold?
He wants me to be only his.
And he doesn't find me weird.
Unlike what your Natasha feels.
- My Natasha?
- Yes!
I know everything.
I love Mihir
and I love Tejas too.
If I love Tejas and Neeraj as well...
I will not hold myself back.
Where are you?
Where are you?
Where the hell are you?
What happened?
- What happened?
- You tell me!
You said it was urgent.
I took care of it.
- So easily?
- It's not working out with Neeraj.
What happened?
I thought he was smart! Intelligent!
That he knows everything.
But not chemistry.
He doesn't know how to make a move.
It took him 17 days, 16 hours
and 32 minutes to say...
I asked him the same question.
- Do you have a condom?
- In the drawer next to you.
- Should I wear it?
- No.
- What happened?
- Nothing!
What happened?
Found it!
- Answer it.
- It's alright.
- Who called?
- I don't know.
- Was it Natasha?
- No.
So are you guys together?
It's over.
Did you have sex with her yet?
Why do you care?
- Don't I share my stories with you?
- Do I ask you to?
You just vomit it all out.
What's happening between you and Natasha?
Now that you
and Professor Neeraj have broken up,
should we...
Did you come here to text?
Give me your phone.
Passcode, please.
I have forgotten it.
Type the passcode.
See. I don't remember it.
Collect it from the office.
I am leaving.
Are you guys studying?
You sit with Rahul in the classroom,
with Akash in the cafeteria.
And now, you are with Tejas.
Your parents live in Dubai...
but they send you money, right?
Do you live alone?
Why did you do that?
Is she your girlfriend?
Mihir, can you hear me?
No one is ever honest with anyone.
Even my parents were not honest
with each other!
No one is!
Although Mihir was with me,
I was feeling guilty.
Why do I feel guilty?
What makes me feel that way?
You must love selflessly.
Mihir loves me like that.
Where are you?
- No!
- I know you are dating Natasha.
Where are you?
Tell me.
You are, aren't you?
Tell me!
- Go to sleep. Good night.
- Tell me...
Mihir and I...
He calls me up and tells me everything.
I'm going to tell the truth too.
Something happened between Tejas and me.
We had something special.
So we owe this to each other.
I told him
about my affair with Neeraj.
I told him everything.
I told him when I got fed up.
I cannot be Mihir.
But Tejas lied to me
when I asked him about them.
He lied to me.
I don't like being lied to.
He shouldn't have lied.
He's inside.
Open up!
Open the door!
Come on!
Tejas. Please open the door!
Are you listening?
- Grandma?
- Tejas.
Open the door!
Who is in there?
That crazy girl!
She just ran inside.
Open the door!
What are you guys up to?
- Whose is this?
- I don't know.
Whose is this?
- I don't know!
- Is it Natasha's?
- I'm asking for the last time! Is it hers?
- How can it be hers?
- Why not? She may have forgotten it here.
- I don't know whose it is.
- Oh, really?
- Yes.
- Oh, really?
- I said I don't!
I will hit you!
- Don't you know?
- No.
Don't you? Wait.
- Don't break that!
- Why not?
- It's expensive.
- How much is it?
Fifty five thousand rupees.
How will I watch Raj Kapoor's movies?
I know you are sleeping with her.
I will catch you red-handed, one day.
You like Boomerang, isn't it?
You kiss like a child.
Eat her, why don't you?
You are lying to me.
You text her in my class.
You were glued to each other
at the Comedy Club!
Do you think I'm blind?
Did you play Raj Kapoor's songs
for her as well?
You did, right?
Don't mock me!
I didn't realize
you would be so hurt.
She is just using you!
She is just showing-off.
On Instagram, Twitter...
She wants to show-off.
She is using you like an Instagram filter.
You are the filter today.
Tomorrow, it will be Rahul.
Don't laugh.
You should break up with her.
Do what you want.
- I didn't realize you would be hurt.
- Why are you repeating yourself?
I didn't realize you loved me so much.
I want to be with you.
- I will leave her for you.
- Have you lost it?
I'm married!
Please hand me a towel.
Not going to shower?
Dirty bitch!
Naked dog!
How are you, Sudha?
- All good?
- Yes.
Bless you.
You look very pretty.
Ajit said you are taking
good care of the house.
- There are fragile things in that.
- Okay.
The house is very clean.
- Do you need anything?
- First, I will take a shower.
Take it.
It's so humid here!
- Sudha! Put the water heater on.
- Okay.
Listen, should I give her these?
- Give her one.
- Okay.
Keep this bag inside.
This is for you.
Close the left nostril
and inhale using the right nostril.
Now close the right nostril
and exhale using the left nostril.
Again, close the right nostril
and inhale through the left nostril.
Now close the left nostril...
Four terrorists killed in Bandipore
district of Jammu & Kashmir
while attempting to attack a pilgrimage...
- And?
- Three.
I have entered the number.
Wait for the password.
I'll get it.
- Come in.
- Greetings.
- Greetings!
- Welcome.
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
- Hi, dear. Come.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello...
- Did you find parking?
- Yes.
Please sit.
- Please.
- Sit.
You guys are early.
People are always late in Mumbai.
We left after the peak hours
and the roads were empty today.
We've been to this neighborhood before.
- I see.
- I didn't remember earlier.
But when we entered
I remembered that her cousin
used to live here.
My cousin's wife's family.
- Sorry.
- I see.
- People are decent here.
- Absolutely.
You're lucky to find a house in
this kind of locality.
He has this one-bedroom flat
because he's a bachelor.
The other flats are nice too.
He comes home just to sleep.
Look at the mess here.
I have asked him
to hang a painting at least.
I keep busy.
I am happy that he got the house painted.
Guys are always reluctant.
They deserve praise if they eat properly.
Will you have tea or cold drinks?
- Some tea for us.
- Yes.
Has Ajit taken you
on a tour of Mumbai yet?
Make six cups of tea
and serve some snacks in the new bowls.
I was posted here.
Dungarsi Road.
He has started with his stories!
We used to live in the same area.
Just behind the Opera House.
We moved to Andheri after we got married.
But Mumbai has changed a lot.
Everything has.
So has Meerut.
It's so green now.
Mr. Manoj, your area is nice too.
It's an old building
but there is greenery around.
Like, you have sea views.
We have tree views.
It's a good one!
You are a "Jokey" man.
The word is "Jovial".
They are the same.
My sister-in-law's family
speaks highly of you.
Your brother-in-law is married
into that family, right?
They are the reason we are here.
- Do you come to Mumbai often?
- Not really.
Once a year.
But Ajit comes to Meerut on festivals.
- Whenever he gets a break.
- Diwali must be spectacular in Meerut!
- Absolutely! We get new outfits made.
- I see.
- We hold Lakshmi puja...
- We do that too.
And they play cards.
It's a cosmopolitan kind of Diwali!
We have a Ram Leela performance there.
Ajit had played Ravana once!
- He forgot some lines!
- Oh!
He was so nervous.
We will be right back.
Let me show her the house.
- My small flat.
- Sure.
Go ahead.
They talk constantly.
Aparna told me that they have met twice.
Nowadays, things are finalized
at coffee shops.
- Marriages, business deals.
- Right.
Even divorces!
- Why are you talking about divorce?
- Why not? It's a fact of life
We will not get divorced.
Oh, come on!
They are a good match.
Similar lifestyles and values.
The same profession. It's great.
- But mutual understanding is vital.
- Correct.
- If they want to be together...
- That is very important.
We saw Aparna for the first time
at Mr. Pramod's funeral.
- Were you there?
- Yes.
He was close to us.
He loved Ajit dearly.
He was a good man.
He introduced us to the astrologer.
We really believe in him.
You have faith in him.
We showed him our horoscopes.
- He told us so many things!
- Wow! Here comes the tea!
Please come.
Did you add sugar? One more.
- Let him.
- He has diabetes.
They are a great match.
Their horoscopes are compatible.
Serve them inside.
She makes very good tea.
It is very nice.
People prefer tea bags these days.
Does she cook?
She does, but not too well.
And do you cook?
- Yes, but not non-veg dishes.
- Are you a vegetarian?
Yes, but Ajit is a carnivore.
The guy has a small brain!
I'm good.
Put it there.
- Mom, should we go?
- Did you show her the house?
- What do you think?
- Are you ready to give up chicken?
- Congratulations to you too!
- Congratulations.
I knew things would work out today,
so I got some sweets.
God bless you!
I will talk to my astrologer
and call you tomorrow.
- Yes, please.
- Definitely.
There is no need!
- We'll meet again.
- Sure.
- Congratulations once again.
- To you too.
- Keep in touch.
- Sure.
Call us, sometime. Okay.
Sudha, Ajit is going to get married!
We will finalize the date soon.
Congratulations to you too!
Such a good family.
Please take some sweets home.
Only one elevator is working, right?
It's a ten-minute wait if we miss it.
I was just about to leave
and Ms. Neha gave me some work.
"Dust the painting..." I did that
yesterday. She wanted me to do it again!
Am I to blame if someone
is renovating their home?
"Sweep the balcony, water the plants..."
Should I show you something?
Ms. Neha gave it to me.
Beautiful, isn't it?
Pure silk and fully embroidered.
I will fix it or drape a scarf over it.
It will look perfect.
- Absolutely!
- Isn't it?
I will wear it on my sister's wedding day.
You're not having one?
You seem to have had a good day.
Why can't you swim?
My dad wasn't a Country Club member.
- How do I look?
- Like a mother of two.
I'm not that fat.
A woman's heart is lighter?
But it beats faster.
There are 11 more differences.
The girls didn't even call me once.
They binge-watching a show?
You are not going to be content...
Talk to me.
Do you have a minute?
Where are you?
Where are you?
At the beach house.
I'm coming over.
Where are you, Salman?
I'm coming.
We decided that you will come
after the housewarming!
Did you send me an email?
What about?
I will email you all the details.
- I will introduce you to Hardik.
- Who is he?
My lawyer.
What do I say to him?
- Why are you laughing?
- That is the issue.
What I mean is...
you will take care of the girls
after I am gone.
What do you mean?
Forget it, Sudhir!
You will take care of them
after I am gone.
Where are you going? Where are you now?
On my balcony, drinking.
There is no one to give me ice
for the whiskey.
Where are the girls?
- Watching a movie with the nanny, I guess.
- Did they have dinner?
Why don't you ask their mother?
The girls could be starving!
Where is the mother? Who is she with?
And why is her location service disabled?
- What are you talking about?
- Sudhir...
Sudhir, Reena is bored of me.
- Got it?
- Salman...
Listen to yourself!
In 13 years of our marriage,
she was happy for only 11 months.
I bet, she will not answer my call.
- Salman, stop the drama.
- Sudhir, listen...
- Salman.
- She will not take the call!
I bet.
What if I was in an accident?
You have lost it!
Let the boring husband die!
Are you listening?
Enjoy your beach life.
Find out what's wrong.
Nothing is wrong.
He is pretending.
Don't tell him I asked you to.
What is it, Salman?
- You can call Sudhir up but not me.
- He is my buddy. I have every right!
I'm at Geeta's.
Have you gone nuts?
Assume I have.
Tell me this.
Why did Geeta tell me
that things are not okay between us
and that you are not at her place?
Why did she say that?
He knows.
Geeta told him that I'm not with her.
What else has she told him?
How would I know?
We don't send each other
messages or emails!
We meet once in a while.
- Are we being followed?
- We are not.
Otherwise, he wouldn't have called Geeta.
What did you tell Geeta?
I texted her that I was going on a tour
with my HSBC colleague.
I feel guilty.
What have I become?
My children are hungry
and my husband is spying on me.
Not Geeta, I'm the bitch.
Tell him you are here.
Tell him you are here to talk to me.
What about?
About your fights. Okay?
End this Geeta chapter now
or you'll be caught in a lie.
Tell him that you came to me for advice.
You hung up on me?
- At Sudhir's.
- What!
- At his beach house.
- What!
You're there before the housewarming?
- I needed to talk.
- About what?
About us...
Our fights.
Do I go to him and rat on you?
In 12 years of our marriage,
I didn't bore you for 10 months.
Do you know why?
In a party.
At the Kishore Thadani one, last week?
Reena, Kishore came to our house
and you were seeking sympathy?
What else?
Kishore Thadani of Sunrise Capital!
He will invest 200 crore rupees
in my company!
12 years as a banker
and you have learned nothing!
Our daughters' education.
Dad's 10 crore rupees loan and the debt!
You or I?
It's a 2 crore loan.
You have selfish motives.
Kishore, the beach house and me...
We are trophies for you!
I'm coming home.
What if I don't?
What do you mean?
You said I like to collect trophies.
What will you do if
I stop collecting them?
I will live my life.
What is it about?
Branch Manager, MG Road!
Tell me. What is its worth?
Your life is
what I permit it to be. Nothing more.
What kind of life will you have
without me?
The girls are hungry. Come home.
That's enough.
Come back.
should we tell Salman?
About what?
Start working again.
Half of your problems will be solved.
What about the remaining half?
Salman told me that I should be happy
that he has granted me freedom.
Let's just tell him about it.
What's so complex here?
- It's not?
- This is life.
This is an allowance.
You know Salman.
- He talks shit and forgets about it.
- I don't.
He will be here soon.
- What?
- I told him to come over.
Who did you call?
You should have told me.
How could you do this?
Is this not about me as well?
- Get dressed!
- I am dressed!
He wasn't supposed to come here
before the housewarming!
Why are you laughing?
Get dressed!
Wear them.
You always wear them at home.
- Not here.
- I don't want him to notice.
What has Salman got to do
with our relationship?
Stop being childish!
I knew that you had a crush on me
in college.
Did you ever talk to me?
If Salman didn't make a scene.
at Jamshed's party,
would you have dropped me off?
Would you have kissed me
if I wasn't Salman's wife?
Can we meet again if Salman
learns about us?
if he learns the truth...
Our marriage will end.
What about your daughters?
Why do you always involve them?
- Am I not supposed to?
- No.
They will be raised as children
of divorced parents are.
I'm done, Sudhir.
I cannot take this anymore.
If you want a divorce,
what is the point in telling him?
When he sees us together
after our divorce...
Us together?
Forward the email to me.
Okay then. Bye.
It's nice.
I repainted the walls.
The contractor's dog died.
So the work stalled.
It looks empty, doesn't it?
Empty is good!
We all need space.
- Get me a house like this.
- Yours is better, pal!
But I have no voice there.
Even this house belonged to a couple.
She looks pretty in your house.
How much did it cost you?
Not much. It belonged to a couple
and I got a good deal out of
the property separation.
- What does Kishore Thadani have to say?
- He's your friend. You will know better.
He is. Keep at it.
She is up to something.
- You provoke her.
- Really?
You just know her version.
- No one hears me out.
- Did she?
She always talks back.
"I gave up my career for you and the kids!
I could have been something!"
She's the Queen of "Could Have Been".
Could've been a CEO,
a film star or an Olympian!
No matter what...
You must not use the word "Allowance"
with her.
But why did she lie...
So what? She is Reena!
Don't you get her?
She was the most
sought after girl in college.
No one had the balls to ask her out.
Except you.
Handling family matters is not my forte.
Talk to her lovingly and take her home.
Didn't you get married as well?
Don't you know?
How could I?
Your mom sent me the invitation card
six months after I got married.
I ate veg Biryani at your wedding.
You went away for a year and then
I heard about your divorce.
It has been ten years now! Forget it.
You have bigger worries.
Sometimes I feel like...
What did she say?
"She cannot live with me."
Should I divorce her?
Have you lost it?
You will never find anyone better.
Everything! She loves your daughters.
- You cannot live without her.
- But
Kishore Thadani had come home
and she was crying.
When did that happen?
You were right there!
How could she?
Let's watch an action movie tonight.
What do you think, Reena?
Sure. Catch a late night show.
It's only a suggestion.
You only suggest
the things you want to do.
I sat through that boring movie
you took me to.
I didn't complain.
You had decided not to like it.
Who decided this?
A movie should entertain.
It should display patriotism or love.
You like open-ended movies
and I, black and white.
I'm tired!
Both of you are.
Eat and go to bed.
Am I an idiot?
I drove all the way here.
You're wise and I'm an idiot.
- Keep saying it.
- I will.
Remember that guy
- who would say everything three times?
- Yes.
He was so strange!
The waiter got three plates of food.
What would he say?
Thapar is going to...
- Where is he now?
- Dallas.
He sold his startup
and is living it up there.
Let's plan a reunion. Start a group.
Those were the days!
The coffee and the movies!
This guy introduced me to black coffee.
- I was broke. He took care of me.
- Sudhir...
Can Salman and I talk?
- Here or...
- Yes.
- Is it comfortable here?
- It is.
He is right.
Wash your hands. Let's go home.
Heart Matters. Your YouTube channel.
But how...
I always wanted to be an IAS officer.
My father taught in a Government school.
That is where I went to study.
Maybe, that is why my English accent is...
It's not that simple.
I get irritated with you.
I feel stuck.
What does that mean?
Tell me what the problem is.
You need a mother, not a wife.
I can't do it.
Sudhir saw me crying at Jamshed's party
not at Kishore Thadani's.
Sudhir and I
have been together for three years.
Sudhir Batra? Indiabulls?
My father suffered a stroke.
We could not afford the treatment.
He passed away.
That is when I decided
to be a heart surgeon.
So it all started with a tragedy.
Let me tell you...
It is a reversible process.
Take care of it and you will be fine.
We are there to mend its flaws.
But I have been more concerned...
Salman wants to talk.
Thadani texted.
"Hi Salman."
"Take good care of my money."
I'm exhausted.
Crash here.
I'll show you the bedroom.
What are the plans for Saturday?
Your call.
Let's have lunch with Ranjeet after that.
Is he back?
How is he doing?
His profile on Tinder says...
He can't even catch a Frisbee.
- Salman.
- Thadani's team is visiting today.
I left my sunglasses inside.
- Sudhir...
- Not now.
We will talk later.
Will I see you again?
He said two things
And he said...
you can't find out
that he knows about us.
- Did you say anything to him?
- No.
What did I say at Jamshed's party?
- So you guys were...
- He called me two days later.
I didn't take it.
I called him back after a week.
After we fought again?
It was a peaceful day.
Libertina! The fish was outstanding!
Ms. Rekha...
How's the library?
I got it cleaned.
- The books?
- The fans.
Who reads books these days?
The library is always empty.
Come to my office for a cup of tea.
I have asked you several times.
I don't drink tea, sir.
I have told you this before.
Is that it?
The principal's eyes will pop out one day.
Are you having a tough time?
- I can't do it.
- I know.
Come. Let me.
Not every person can fire a bullet.
Look at me.
I am an acclaimed marksman.
Be ready to fire one.
- Is it too revealing?
- I wish it was.
You are too much!
Go! You'll be late!
Good luck, soldier!
- Megha Verma?
- Yes?
This is my daughter, Sanditi.
Sorry, I'm late for the meeting.
She never told me.
She is an excellent student!
I have no complaints.
I have some.
Thank God I checked her phone!
Look what she is up to!
- She's eating ice cream.
- I am...
Did you not like the flavor?
This is an all-girls school.
How could she do all this here?
She has uploaded it on telegram.
It's Instagram, Mom!
They participate in debates together.
That's how they have become friends.
Please, Ms. Rekha!
You will make them forget our culture!
Such a compliment!
Hold on!
Can you do something about her uniform?
This skirt is too short.
Why not ask them to wear
salwar-kameez instead?
It will keep their legs covered.
- Sorry for being late, Paras.
- No problem!
I was hanging out with my friend.
So... how are you?
Should we make small talk
or get to the point?
Some small talk to start with.
Do you need to use a shawl now?
I am feeling cold.
Take it off. You are sweating.
You can keep it on, if you like.
I'm good.
This is our third meeting.
And this time, without our families.
So I want to speak openly.
I'm a little shy.
I have never asked a girl for her number.
- No, I did when I took her sari.
- What!
"I spilled my drink on her on the train."
So, I kept her sari with me.
- You took her sari off on the train?
- Yes!
No, I mean...
- The next day, I took it to get washed..
- I see.
But the stains were stubborn.
- Can I ask you something?
- Of course!
Did you spill the drink intentionally?
Please, Megha.
I studied in an all-boys school.
I don't have game.
I have heard that all-boys school students
often treat all-girls school students
to ice creams.
You are smart, Megha.
You are trying to distract me
but it won't work.
Shall we get to the point?
- No.
- Why not?
He's a nice boy!
He has a good job! He has good values.
He is respectable and respectful.
He is not fair skinned
but you balance that out.
So what is the problem?
I cannot judge guys.
What do you mean?
I did not study in a coed school.
No freedom or allowance.
I wasn't brave enough to
meet boys from other schools
or hang out with them
or eat ice creams together.
That is why I want you
to get married.
You can have ice cream
to your heart's delight.
This is amazing!
- Looking for someone?
- Friends show up to prank us, I heard.
No one did.
Please come in.
They must have gotten
wasted and gone home.
- Come on.
- What!
If you could be an animal,
which one would you be?
What kind of a question is that?
At work we ask silly questions a lot.
But, it's fun.
- So tell me.
- Animal?
A cat.
A cat!
They have nine lives.
Seven with me... and an another two!
What about you?
An alligator.
The sleeping devil.
Beware! He can bite!
Do you know anything about alligators?
I have watched Nat Geo a lot.
Male alligators blow bubbles in the water.
To attract the females!
To excite them.
- Do you want some water?
- I'm fine!
Okay, I'll have some.
Are you drying your hair?
Are you drying the clothes?
Are you chopping tomatoes?
Mom is happy as long as the neighbors are.
I will be happy only when
I become a grandma of two.
Oh, Mom! You never fail to mention that.
Keep quiet.
Only us women will understand.
- What do you say?
- Right.
You guys talk,
we are going to go get some air.
Listen to us, Megha.
Look at my other daughter-in-law.
She is so happy.
She had two kids, one after the other.
She spends the whole day
looking after them.
She does not need to
break a sweat anymore.
- Break a sweat?
- Yes.
your mother-in-law squawks all day
and the bed squeaks all night.
This will end once you have kids.
When desires are fulfilled,
the toil will end.
What if they are not?
Oh, come on!
Tell me something,
does a woman desire
anything more than a child?
There you go.
So this is why you are upset. I noticed
what mom said upset you.
Don't worry about her.
We will have a kid later.
We must make love now.
You look so happy after marriage.
You are always excited!
So are you.
You are happy, too.
Have you ever watched an adult film?
Have you?
Back in college.
Even last month... Why?
When the guy says...
And the girl says...
They have a good time together.
I have never understood that!
You either talk or have sex!
Do either of the two.
Why do it together?
At work,
I either check the accounts or type.
I never do both together.
It doesn't make sense.
Look! Birds!
Take these birds for example.
They either lay eggs or fly.
Have you seen a flying bird lay eggs?
What's wrong?
Megha, the Principal has called you.
Tell me what to do.
Look at the books in this school!
Why would you issue such a book?
- It was not me...
- Hold on.
She did not issue the book.
Who else could it be?
No wonder. She's a divorcee after all.
Let me take a look at it.
I see.
What is it about?
- I have not read it, sir.
- Lolita!
Read it.
It is about an incestual relationship.
So you have read it.
I do not read such filthy stories!
She and her father have read it!
Call Ms. Rekha.
- Ask Ms. Rekha to come here at once.
- Sure.
This is a wildlife book!
I have no idea!
I will fix it.
Where is Ms. Rekha?
Let me check on her.
It's no big deal!
Why in the library?
I had two fantasies.
Let me tell you.
An airplane toilet
and in a library.
I fulfilled one fantasy today.
Men are selfish.
They cannot make a woman happy.
We have to do it ourselves.
And the principal
took away my happiness
and my husband as well.
It's always with me.
It does not talk
and satisfies me.
It's the best husband ever!
Anyway, see you later.
What happened?
It's Sunday.
Hello, Grandma.
- Have you seen the TV remote?
- No.
Where is it?
Megha! Something has happened to Paras.
Sandhya! Get the First Aid kit!
- Hurry up!
- Does it hurt?
- Sit beside me.
- Easy, Paras.
Are you all right?
Forget about her! How did this happen?
It was my fault, Mom!
I felt like she needed me.
I took a rickshaw
and asked the driver to hurry.
And we collided with a bull.
It's my fault.
The rickshaw toppled, throwing me out.
I lost consciousness for some time.
People seek light in the dark
but all I wanted was you.
Go get him a glass of water!
Look over here.
There it is!
- Take it easy.
- Just blow on it gently!
Why is this not working?
- Listen to me...
- Not at all!
Tell me why we should accept her.
We'll tell our relatives
that she's epileptic
to save face.
Please let's not speak of divorce.
- I beg you...
- There is no need for that.
We do not want a child from her.
Enough, Mom.
This is between us.
It would be if it happened in the bedroom.
But, it didn't,
and so, it's a family matter!
I have heard enough!
Don't come home
if you can't live without her.
- Listen to me.
- I don't want to.
- Sorry for being late.
- It's all right.
I always arrive early.
It was the annual day program at school.
How was it?
Should we get to the point?
Let's forget what happened.
We can start again.
I apologize for what my mom did.
But I cannot divorce you.
- It was just a mistake...
- Paras!
I didn't make a mistake.
What happened was not wrong.
But it shouldn't have happened there.
Women desire more than just children.
what have you decided?
What do you want to do?
I don't know.
But for now
I want some ice cream.