Lusty Discipline in Uniform (1982) Movie Script

I won't let anyone else have you.
Only me.
You'll blossom for me alone.
I want you.
Sailor Uniform Erotic Training
aka Lusty Discipline in Uniform
Screenplay by
Kazuo 'Gaira' Komizu
Music: The Mighty Duck
Editing: Osamu Tanaka
Lighting: Kentaro Kondo
Cinematography: Shiro Suzuki
Assistant Director:
Yoji Matsumoto
Kazumi Kawai as Mikiko
Tamami Kyo
Kayoko Sugi
Shiro Shimomoto as
Masahiko Yoshimatsu
Directed by
Mamoru Watanabe
Only me.
You'll blossom for me alone.
This is the girl.
Untainted by anything.
Innocent and pristine.
The girl I've been searching for.
Welcome home, you're early.
Where are you going?
I'm just going to the supermarket.
Take care.
Tami Okada and Mikiko.
No man in their house, hmm?
Yes, I'm Mikoko,
but who are you?
Were you asleep?
Are you wearing your pajamas?
Who is this?
Who are you?
What colour are your panties?
Do you masturbate?
How do you masturbate?
Hey, Mikiko-CHAN...
Who are you? Don't pull
such pranks late at night.
Mama, I'm scared.
It's nothing. Just a random
nuisance call.
But he knew my
name was Mikiko.
Okay, if he calls again,
we'll report it to the police.
Don't worry.
Now, go to bed.
This paper will get me
the credits, right?
This paper is full of
nothing but quotations!
It's plagiarism!
Plagiarism! Who would
give you any credits?!
But I just happened to think
of the same things.
Nothing else came to mind.
You basically plagiarised all this
from that male teacher, didn't you?
To make things worse,
he's got no originality at all.
Trying to get credits
with something like this...
Come on, Teacher...
Help me out...
You're immoral.
Who was the one who made
me become immoral?
Not today.
No, no, let's do it.
I don't feel like it today.
No, professor.
If you won't do it with me...
Holy girl? Mikiko?
Mikiko, Mikiko, Mi-ki-ko...
Teacher, is that your new lover?
I see.
You're bored of me already... you're chasing
after that girl, huh?
It's not like that.
She's not that kind of girl.
Oh my...
You seem quite
infatuated with her.
Have I become redundant?
...going to complain
to the faculty.
Dumping me after you've toyed
with every inch of my body...
Miss Mukai!
So, Teacher...
...make sure to get me
those credits...
But with my position as
a mere lecturer...
I'm sure you'll be able to
figure something out.
Hurry up...
That hurts! Teacher,
go more slowly!
That feels good, Teacher...
Heh... Don't worry, Teacher...
I'm not so obsessed with you.
Let's just give and take, okay?
Teacher... Teacher...
I'm sorry, are you all right?
Umm... I'm all right.
I was partially at fault too.
Please don't worry about me.
I'm really sorry. This happened
because I was careless...
Ahh, all your shopping
is smashed up.
Umm... If it's not too
forward of me...
Please allow me to accompany you to the
supermarket and buy your shopping again.
All right...
Eggs and...
Lady, this 283-yen item...
That's rose ham.
Ah, this, right?
And boneless ham.
It was advertised on TV.
That's all.
I see.
Ah, lady...
Umm... These are for?
I'm just trying to make up for the
inconvenience I've caused to you.
Please allow me to do
this little bit.
I'm really sorry to
trouble you.
Let's go then, shall we?
Welcome home, Mama.
I'm home!
I almost let myself get run over
by this man's car.
No, no, it was my
Is she your daughter?
Yes, she's Mikiko,
my daughter.
I must say that I avoided
inflicting tragedy...
...on such a beautiful mother-and-daughter pair
by the narrowest of margins.
From now on, I'll be more careful when
driving. Well, I'll be leaving now.
Umm... How about coming
in for a cup of tea?
Ah, I'm afraid I can't. I actually
have some business to settle.
I've an appointment with my senior colleague
from the university office, Professor Miya.
Maybe next time, if we have
a chance to meet again.
Well then, Mikiko-CHAN.
Sorry for all the trouble.
Thank you.
I did it.
I did it.
That was Mr. Yoshimatsu. He said
that he's a university lecturer.
Isn't he a kind man?
He helped me with my shopping.
Wow, kiwi fruits.
And... oranges.
Mr. Yoshimatsu said those are
to make up for what he did.
Mama, Mr. Yoshimatsu seems
like a nice guy, doesn't he?
- Such a gentleman...
- Yes.
What is it?
It's nothing...
Don't tease me, Miki-CHAN...
Don't tease me...
Soon...'ll be mine.
I want to hold you
in my arms...
Strip off your panties...
Lick your buttocks...
I want to lick your love juice...
I want...
I want to suck your breasts...
Hello, this is the
Okada residence.
Ahh... Mikiko-CHAN?
That's you, isn't it,
Have you kissed anyone before?
Shall I kiss you?
- With my tongue...
- Mama!
I'll lick around inside
your mouth.
How about that,
The first time hurts,
but I'll lick you lots...
- ...and then I'll put my penis...
- Stop this at once!
Why the nuisance calls? Do you
have some grudge against us?
Oh. The old hag?
Hey, lady...
How many years has it been
since you lost your husband?
Has that part of you remained
empty all this time?
You probably occasionally play with
cucumbers or sausages, don't you?
Just who are you?
I'm going to call the police!
Yes, try calling them.
I'll give you a hint.
I'm close by.
Really close by.
Where are you?!
Come out! You coward!
Harassing us because there are
only women in our house?!
What is it, Mama?
It's nothing!
Miki-CHAN, everything's fine now.
Now go back to your room.
Okay. Goodnight, Mama.
Everything's fine already,
so don't worry!
Do you imagine a man penetrating
your hot, wet slit...
...when you're sticking cucumbers
and sausages inside yourself?
How wretched.
You're as good as mine already.
This angel, to whom you girls
are nothing by comparison...
Soon she'll belong to me alone.
Just watch.
Mr. Yoshimatsu, right?
Good morning.
Good morning.
What a coincidence... running into each other
in such a crowded place.
What's wrong? You look
rather gloomy.
Ah, I know. You must have forgotten
to do your homework, right?
That's not it.
So what is it?
If it's anything I can help with,
won't you tell me about it?
We only met yesterday...
...but somehow, you and your mother
don't feel like strangers to me.
Wait, no, I didn't mean anything
weird by that, okay?
It just feels like I've known you
two for a long, long time.
Umm... My family is facing
a serious problem.
Oh no, I'm going to be late!
Mr. Yoshimatsu, please meet with
my mother and ask her about it.
Our phone number is 451-4500.
My mother is really troubled
by this problem, so please...
Won't you call my mother
and help her out?
I'm going to be late,
so I'll be going now.
All right. 451-4500, right?
I'm counting on you.
Hello, this is the
Okada residence.
Oh my, Mr. Yoshimatsu?
Why are you calling?
Huh? Mikiko?
I happened to run into her
at the train station.
She seemed troubled
by something...
...and she requested that I call you
and see if I could help you out.
If it's anything that I can
help with...
The Keiwa Department Store?
Yes, I know that place.
At 1 p.m.?
Yes, I'll be there.
I don't know who he is
or where he's from...
So what should I do?
You're too beautiful.
You and your lovely daughter
are too beautiful.
Oh... Not at all.
This could be called a case
of the misfortune of the virtuous...
Oh my...
Sorry, it's not something to
laugh about, is it?
Well, should anything happen,
please call me at any time.
All right.
Well, at this time,
I guess you could call it lucky...
...but I'm living a solitary life
as a bachelor right now.
For some reason, I haven't
had much luck with women...
Wait, uh...
That doesn't mean I like men.
So you're single, Mr. Yoshimatsu?
I've always been holed up in
my office, working on papers...
...and before I knew it, I was
a middle-aged bachelor.
But thanks to that I think...
...Ill be able to get a chair as
an assistant professor next year.
Mikiko said it's okay.
That's great.
Ah, pardon me.
She said that even if
I liked you...
I shouldn't be too much of a delinquent
and should go home early.
Ah, did you tell her to lock
up the house properly?
Well then, let's go.
We are assailed by unwanted
waves of information.
The television waves are like narcotics
that force themselves on us.
Commercials attack through
the gaps in people's lives...
...and are nothing more than a dressed-up
method of forced selling.
Bond companies attack
us by telephone.
Advertisers bombard us
with mail advertisements.
This has made humans lose
their aesthetic sensibilities...
...and proudly live degenerate lives.
Last night and the night before...
...all the time I was engrossed
in my research...
The two of you, mother
and daughter...
...were crying from being subjected
to senseless violence.
That's enough, Mr. Yoshimatsu.
Please don't blame yourself
like that.
If only I had met you earlier...
Please excuse me for a moment.
Are you all right?
I think I might be drunk...
I'm so glad that I met you.
You gave me so much
courage today.
Mrs. Tami...
Mrs. Tami, forgive me.
Ever since I met you, I was hoping
that things would turn out like this...
Mrs. Tami...
I'm so happy.
We were fated to be together.
Mrs. Tami...
I'll go take a shower.
All right.
I'd forgotten.
How many years has it been?
Mrs. Tami...
I love you.
Don't look. It's embarrassing!
It's beautiful.
I'm embarrassed!
You're beautiful.
Mrs. Tami...
Mrs. Tami, move your hips more.
That tickles!
That's enough. Come on...
That's enough.
That was great.
I love you...
I love you too.
Come on, Miki-CHAN will worry
if you come home too late.
Go take a shower.
I can't move...
Hello, this is the
Okada residence.
Let me lick your ass hole!
You're alone, aren't you?
I know.
I'm coming over to stick
my tongue into you there.
Wait for me.
I'm coming tonight.
Are you listening?
I'm coming tonight.
Oh, perhaps Miki-CHAN
is already asleep.
What is it, Miki-CHAN?
It's all your fault, Mama!
You came home so late,
leaving me all alone!
He called again!
He said he's coming here tonight!
I'm scared!
He said he's coming to do
indecent things to me!
I'm was scared... so scared.
I'm sorry, Miki-CHAN.
But everything's going to be all right
from tonight onwards...
We're going to be all right...
Listen, Miki-CHAN...
Mama and Mr. Yoshimatsu
are going to get married.
Get married?
Good evening, Miki-CHAN.
May I sit here?
It must be a surprise,
coming so suddenly...
...but after discussing it
with your mother...
...we think this would be
the best thing for all of us.
I'm sorry that we made the decision
without asking you, Miki-CHAN, but...
...I hope you'll forgive us?
You probably aren't prepared to suddenly
have me as your father, right?
...if you'd only agree to
let us get married...
...Ill be able to protect both
of you from tonight onwards.
That way, it'll be all right no
matter who comes to harass you.
I'll put my life on the line
to make both of you happy.
Thank you.
I'll definitely make you happy.
Now, it's already late.
You can sleep peacefully
from tonight onwards.
So long...
I've been waiting for so long.
It's so cute...
I've been waiting for so long
without doing anything immoral.
I want to eat it.
Miki-CHAN is close by...
- let's stop for tonight.
- No!
Did that hurt, darling?
...let's do it?
I guess I've got no choice.
Quietly, all right?
Be quiet...
That was great.
Sleep tight.
So, after we've submitted the marriage
registration at the registrar tomorrow...
Why don't the two - no, the three
of us, go on a trip together?
You want to take me, such a grown-up
daughter, on your honeymoon?
That's right. It'll be fun.
How many cubes of sugar?
Then I'll definitely do my best
for the university entrance exams.
As for the summer holiday
next year... Well...
Yes, we'll go overseas.
All right!
I should be on my way now.
Sorry, Miki-CHAN, but
I'll be leaving first.
Oh, but to make up for that...
When the time comes, I'll be your spy
for my university's entrance exams.
Now, now, you shouldn't do that...
Yay! As expected of
a university lecturer.
Abusing my authority?
You really shouldn't do
anything like that.
Miki-CHAN will neglect her studies.
No, I'll just give her some hints.
Right, Miki-CHAN?
I'll be going then.
If anything happens,
please call me at my office.
Take care!
Oh, let's eat out tonight,
the three of us.
- Goodbye.
- Take care!
Take care!
Mama, isn't it really great that such
a wonderful person showed up?
Yes, it is.
It just goes to show that everyone
has a chance to find happiness.
We'll have lots of fun as a family.
Now, it's about time for you to
be leaving too, Miki-CHAN. Go, go!
- You're going to be late!
- You're right, I've got to get going.
I'm putting my life on the line!
I did it.
I really did it!
It was perfect.
Nobody will find out.
What should I do?
What should I do from now on?
Mikiko, don't cry anymore.
Your mother won't come back.
She looked so happy...
So happy...
Why did she have to die like that?
I feel so sorry for her!
It was an accident.
We were going to start a new life...
So at least you, Mikiko...
...should enjoy the happy life that
your mother didn't get to.
All right?
I'll definitely make you happy...
I'm so sad...
My Mikiko...
I love you!
Didn't you love Mama?
It's not like that.
My love for you...
...includes the love I had
for your mother.
My love for you, Mikiko... of a different dimension.
It's a collection of many
different kinds of love...
For example, even if I were to have
to kill countless people for it...
...I would not be able
to resist your beauty.
And so...
...the death of your beloved
mother will not deter me either.
You're my life.
I don't care if I go to hell.
...always loves me.
I'll teach you all sorts of things
from now onwards.
You'll become the perfect Venus... the point that everything
pales in comparison to you.