Luther the Geek (1990) Movie Script

Throughout America
in the early 20th century,
circus carnivals criss-crossed
the continental United States.
Carny barkers hawked and
baited a curious public
to come and see the
sideshow freaks.
There was everything
from the fat lady
to the wild man of Borneo.
But of all the bizarre acts,
the strangest was the geek.
The geek was a man
so down on his luck,
he'd do anything for a drink.
But, to earn that
shot of cheap whiskey,
he had to bite the
head off a live chicken
and drink its blood in
front of a stunned audience.
The geek.
An American phenomenon.
Geek. Geek.
Geek. Come on, geek.
Come on, geek. Hey, geek.
Geek, come on, geek.
Hey geek! Come on geek!
Geek, geek. Come on, geek.
Geek, come on, geek.
Luther! Luther, you little turd.
I'm going to beat you bloody.
Luther is the story
of a different kind of geek.
Next case, state
prisoner #879632.
Luther watts.
Gentlemen, I feel strongly
about this particular case.
Based on my panel's interview
at Dixon correctional
with the prisoner i
must press for parole.
Why? Why in this case?
Because Luther watts
is a model prisoner
and has been since
incarceration twenty years ago.
His institutional adjustment
has been remarkable,
given his childhood.
Jesus h. Christ.
What hogwash.
I feel Luther has more than
paid his debt to society.
Is that like taxes, Ms. Butler?
Very clever.
But we're talking
about a man's life.
What about the three
people he murdered?
Has he paid off
his debt to them?
That really isn't the issue.
We are trying to
rehabilitate prisoners.
Luther wants a second chance.
And the victims' families?
Has he paid off his debt
to them, Ms. Butler?
That was
twenty-five years ago.
Luther was just a teenage boy.
He's a killer.
I know it, you know it.
We all know it.
Watts has been
a model prisoner.
His institutional
adjustment is remarkable.
In fact, in the background
file from menard psychiatric,
it states
Jason, we've all
read the reports.
seems to me, the question is
do we let this watts character
back out into the real world?
Yes, I think we do.
You're really
convinced of this?
Luther watts has earned
the right to a second chance.
You know what the guards
used to call old Luther?
The geek.
Because he liked to bite
his victims on the neck
and watch them bleed to death.
Human beings have
the capacity to change.
You will admit that
much, Mr. Walsh?
Should have hung the bastard
when they had the chance.
You're disgusting.
I don't know how you ever
got appointed to this board.
' Up yours.
Bleeding heart bitch.
All right, Walsh.
There's no need for
that kind of talk.
I suggest we bring state
prisoner 879632 to a vote.
I vote for parole.
I vote, uh
The board votes
three to two in favor.
Parole granted.
Next case, state
You gonna pay for these?
Listen, buddy.
You'd better get
out of the store.
We're going to call the cops.
Billy, call the
police right now.
We're going to escort this
gentleman out of the store.
Now, come on, buddy.
Do you mind if i
get in front of you?
No, go on.
You're sure?
My mom's always
forgetting something.
I'm the one who gets stuck.
Hey, moms aren't so bad.
I forgot the pop.
Watch my cart.
Moms are a real
pain in the ass.
Car 101 from Sterling.
Cancel 10-10 at
kroger supermarket.
Go 10-6.
What's going on?
10-10 in
progress, kroger parking lot.
Handle 1039.
Coming through, people.
Back up, back up, come on, back up.
Oh no.
No, no.
Oh, no.
You don't want me.
Don't touch me.
Sure feels good to be home.
I'm home.
Watch out.
That's nice.
Real homey.
I bet my mom forgot her keys.
She's always forgetting
something since my dad died.
Hey, mom?
Is anybody home?
You know, it's been four
months since I've seen her.
Come on, you're a
big-time college girl.
Maybe she wants Jim
to look at the corn.
He's the guy who works our farm.
I'm thirsty.
Would you like a
pop or something?
Or something.
Hey, you like
banana splits, right?
I'm on a diet.
God, now I've got
to go take a shower.
I'll be right back.
I'm in here.
Relax, relax.
don't forget to
wash behind your ears.
Don't stop, don't stop.
Rob? What is going on?
Someone's stealing my bike.
Who's out there?
Where are my pants?
Hey, that's my bike.
Help me.
What happened?
Who did this to you?
Oh, thank you.
Quick, quick.
Untie these.
Get these things off me.
Listen, it's okay.
Rob's here.
Listen to me, Beth.
Untie these knots.
Beth, you hear me?
I can't.
I can't get them.
hurry, honey, come on.
It won't budge.
Come on, baby.
It won't budge.
The 939-
put the gag back in my mouth.
Beth, put the gag on me.
Goddamnit, put the
come on, quick.
Now, hide.
Hey, mister.
It was an accident.
God, he jumped up
out of nowhere.
Are you crazy?
Oh, god.
Beth, Beth!
Beth! Beth, snap out of it.
Beth! I need you to help me.
Beth, snap out of it!
Beth. I need you to help me.
Do you hear me?
He's gone.
He's gone for now,
do you hear me?
That bastard is gone.
But he could come back.
Do you know what I'm saying?
Mommy, is rob dead?
I'm sure he's okay.
But, he had on rob's boots.
We can't help
rob unless I get free.
Beth, go downstairs.
Get the scissors
out of the closet.
Anything to cut
these things off.
Hurry up, damn it.
Did you find them?
" No!
No, no don't hurt him.
Beth, help me.
Beth, you can't leave me.
Don't leave me like this.
Ok, mom.
I'm sorry.
I'm going to try to stall him.
No, no, Beth.
Come back here.
Beth, come back here.
Are you in there?
Who is this guy?
I don't know.
' Hey, you $968k English?
You know, English?
Like, what the fuck is going on?
Jesus, he looks like a chicken.
This is crazy.
Oh, no.
Hello in there.
Just a minute.
You left the lights
on to your car.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Jim giles asked me to
look in on Mrs. Lawson.
Is she your mother?
Hmm. Oh, yeah.
Mrs. Lawson's my mom.
You alone here?
Um yeah, I mean, no.
Really everything's all right.
Truth is, I just broke
up with my boyfriend,
so I'm just a little messed up.
Mr. giles?
He works our farm.
Yeah, when I told
Jim about Luther watts,
he asked me to stop by.
Is your phone working?
Sure, I mean, I think so.
Well, maybe I should check.
Um, no, really.
It's okay.
My mom's taking a nap.
Who is Luther watts?
Paroled killer.
There's a two-state
alarm out for his arrest.
Look, I don't want to
frighten you or your mother,
it's just that this watts character is
extremely dangerous.
Just be careful.
I'll tell my mom,
when she wakes up.
Don't go.
Could I get you a cup of coffee?
I'm on duty, ma'am.
My name's Edwards.
Mark Edwards.
Don't forget those lights.
I didn't say anything.
Don't hurt me.
Mom, help me.
Oh, no.
Oh, Beth.
No, no.
Oh, Beth.
I thought I'd come back
for that cup of coffee.
Help me.
You've got to help me.
This maniac just
killed my daughter.
Please help me.
Qkay, okay.
Calm down.
That's right.
You kill him.
You kill that son of a bitch.
Hey, hey.
Take it easy.
Promise me.
Just promise me that
you'll kill him.
Shut up.
Oh, no.
Just show me where he is.
I'll do the rest.
Son of a bitch.
The keys to your car.
Battery's dead.
We'll go inside,
we'll wait him out.
Morning's soon enough
to go for help.
Get the lights out there.
You got a gun in there?
Don't be afraid to use it.
Don't leave me.
Lock the doors, you hear?
And stay put til I get back.
Alright, chicken man.
Colonel Sanders wants
to fry your ass.
Come on.
Come on, chickenshit.
Buck buck buck.
damn it.
Buck. Buck.
Buck. Buck buck.