Luxembourg, Luxembourg (2022) Movie Script

For some reason
all boys seem to look for trouble.
Maybe that's what it is to be a boy.
Or maybe we are just bored.
We want anything that's forbidden.
But if you live in Lubny,
there isn't much that's forbidden here.
But there's a lot that's boring.
Boredom makes boys do stupid things,
like exploring cargo trains
instead of going to school.
However, even the rustiest train
might suddenly start moving.
When it's moving slowly
it's easier to jump off.
But when it's moving fast,
it's almost impossible.
You know what I mean.
You always gotta find
the right time to jump.
Kolya, Vasya, jump!
That's me, Kolya. The boy in the red shirt
with Cantona's name on the back.
I look a bit like a gypsy.
That's my brother, Vasya.
Looks just like me.
We're twins.
We may dress differently,
but we always skip classes together.
They say boys grow up happiest
when they look like their mom,
and girls when they look like their dad.
The thing is... I look like my dad.
Even though we're twins,
I always thought
Vasya takes more after Mom.
He always knew when to jump.
And where to find our father
in case of an emergency.
Sveta, I asked you not to wash my sweater.
Look how high up it climbed!
What am I supposed to do?
- Don't worry. It looks nice enough.
- Does it?
And I tell her,
"Hey, your pastry has flies all over."
Where are you going? It's closed.
Vasya never got the stains out,
though it was his favorite T-shirt.
Dad brought it from Yugoslavia,
his home country.
Yugoslavs like my dad
were sometimes called "gypsies."
Some were afraid of them,
some showed them respect.
People usually thank God
for having children.
But our mom always said
I owed my thanks for the gift of life
to Mikhail Gorbachev.
When he opened the borders,
my mom immediately went to Serbia
as part of a Soviet delegation.
Her goal was to find
cheap jeans and leather jackets.
Instead, she came back with two kids
and a Yugoslav husband.
Grandma once said
Dad married Mom not for love,
but because he needed someplace to live,
being a war refugee.
But I rather doubt it.
I get it when you follow someone
you don't love to Paris or Prague.
But if you follow your woman
to a place called Lubny, it must be love.
Growing up, I was a shy kid.
And I never told my father
that I love him very much.
are men even allowed such sentiments?
Kolya! Wake up! Are you all right?
How is your back?
Every time it gets better. Thanks.
Think pleasant thoughts. I'll be back
in 10 minutes to take you down.
I will think of you, all right?
All right... okay. Thank you very much.
No, I'm working from home today.
What a jerk! Look at him!
Have you ever driven a vehicle
under influence?
Have you ever used
psychoactive substances?
Get down on the floor!
Everyone get down, I said!
Get down on the floor!
I serve the people of Ukraine!
Have you got any ties
with criminal offenders?
Kolya! This is my final warning to you.
Only out of my respect for your family
I'm not firing you.
Thank you.
But I'm giving you the worst route.
Uncle Lyosha, are you kidding?
Worst route, really?
Kolya, you've made a mistake
and not for the first time!
You should be held responsible like a man.
Who else if not you?
Your mom? Your brother?
- Yeah, my brother...
- Let's go!
When you smashed
Ivan Petrovich's rearview mirrors,
they don't understand
why I keep you at all!
He should've left my clients alone!
You are to man Route 6. You didn't
want Route 21, you get #6. That's it.
Why is it that when someone is right,
it's never me?
Yet when someone's wrong, it's always me!
Let's sort this out!
Kolya, you very nearly
maimed an old man! Be quiet!
If you work well for a month
I'll give you back #21.
But if anything out of order happens,
you're fired.
This is your personal broom.
Keep the bus clean! Got it?
Kolya, how goes it?
All right.
Senior pass.
- Good day to you.
- Hi.
Senior pass.
Show it! I don't have x-ray vision.
Just a moment.
- Grandma, call me so I can pick you up.
- Certainly.
- Pay the fare.
- Senior pass.
So show it!
Go on.
- Good day to you!
- Hey.
You newcomer! Want to pay the fare?
Oh! A moment.
- I beg your pardon...
- What's that?
May I only pay 7.50 hryvnias?
I don't have 50 kopiyok.
Mister, the price is 8 hryvnias.
Can you give me a discount, please?
I'm in a hurry.
So am I.
You think I'm not in a hurry?
Get off. Don't hold me up!
Driver, can we go now?
We'll go when I say we go.
143 Volodymyrska Street,
domestic violence.
Lieutenant Kohut, police.
Hurry up. They're killing each other!
What's the problem?
There's a family here, with the husband
just back from a mental facility.
They're screaming all day long,
and my head is about to explode.
What am I supposed to do?
I called the police!
Police! Open up!
Why are you just standing there?
Do something! He's killing her!
Vitya! Open the door! It's police!
- Why are you standing?
- I can't bust in without a warrant!
So are you going to do anything? Vitya!
The police are here. You'll go to jail!
Leave Tanya alone. Do you hear me?
Let's kick it down.
Get on the floor!
There's no one to help you. Understand?
You rabid dog! I'll be back, you hear me?
- Let me go!
- Easy.
- Leave my husband alone!
- Easy!
Get your hands off me! You've no right!
Where are you taking him? You damn brutes!
- Easy now.
- Calm down!
Get off my husband!
Shut up!
- Will you accept a senior pass?
- I'm out of senior seats.
Wait for the next bus or pay the fare.
Will you accept this, my dear?
Granny, the fare is 8 hryvnias.
Let me in, my boy. I'm a war survivor.
Get in, war survivor.
All of you piss me off.
You and the weather.
Can't tell if it's raining or not.
Anyone getting off at the next stop?
I ask again, anyone?
Come on, gramps. Move it.
How long are we staying at this stop?
About 15 minutes.
- Your father-in-law let you drive this?
- I don't even ask.
Don't envy me. Right, I'm off.
- Hey!
- Hello.
Let's go. Sanya will give us a ride home.
The baby is sleeping.
Can I stay at my parents'?
This is their place, and we have our own.
How many times we talked about this?
Take the little one and let's go.
Come in. Wait till I'll get our things.
It takes ages to take these boots off.
Come say hello to my parents now.
Hello there, Yegor Mikhalych.
So, how's it going? How's business?
Business is going as usual.
I'll be promoted to detective soon.
Just need to finish the training.
Come here.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- I have some spare socks. Bring them.
- Yes, all right.
You're 27. What are you talking about?
It's time to make money.
That's how it works.
And we both know
that money is not everything.
Here. Take these.
You didn't have to... Well, thank you.
Ivanna, who'll drive Masha home, you or I?
My partner is out there waiting for us.
He'll give us a ride.
So, what do we do?
Oh, shit.
Hurry up, will you?
- Hello, Sanya.
- Good evening, Yegor Mikhalych.
- Did you watch the game yesterday?
- We were bad, and that's a fact. Vasya...
Wait a moment.
Careful with it. Take a step back.
Let me help.
- Goodbye.
- Good night. See you.
Sanya, pull over.
Please just drive. The baby's fast asleep.
Sanya, pull over!
Hush, little one. Hush.
- Hi, Kolya.
- Hey, Mom.
Are you hungry?
No, not hungry.
- How's it going?
- It's fine.
- Good evening, Kolya.
- Hi, Uncle Lyosha.
Maryna, help me out here.
Kolya, I've talked to him.
He said he'll allow you to work Route #21
if you don't get into trouble.
- How's your back?
- Much the same.
Don't miss your sessions.
That therapy is pretty expensive.
Now wait a minute.
Are you going to the casino again?
Mom, I told you I quit,
and I'm not about to relapse.
Why don't I make you a sandwich?
No, Mom. I told you I'm not hungry!
- Fine.
- I had some food at work.
I see.
- When are you coming back?
- Leave me the fuck alone.
I'm not a goddamn child anymore.
Take a sandwich to go!
Fuck off, I said!
Hey there!
Keep it down. Your daughter's sleeping!
I'm sorry.
I should have gone with Dad!
Don't start with that now.
- Hey!
- Hello!
- Get in.
- Where are we going?
Anywhere you want. So get in and let's go!
Okay, but let's go somewhere
with lots of people.
Yeah, yeah. Get in already.
By the way, this is for you.
Thank you.
Oh my. Smells nice.
No kidding. It's a flower.
Well, yeah.
It's a nice ride you've got.
Yeah. It has a 3.5L engine.
- You probably spend a lot on fuel?
- Not really.
I converted the car
to fifth-gen gas engine.
That aside, the rest is all original.
Air conditioning, heated seats.
- There's even a fridge in the back, see?
- No way!
That's cool.
Those are my friends.
It'll take a moment.
- Wanna turn on the heating?
- No, I'm fine.
Okay. I'll be a minute.
Go plow yourself, you moron!
Never mind that. It's not about you.
Just a private joke.
So, what do you do for a living?
I work in logistics.
Passenger transportation.
I'm also in retail, but not as much.
It's more of a hobby.
In short, I'm a money man.
Size 38 for you?
Yes, thanks.
Here you go.
Forty, please.
Size 40 for you.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
You go put on these,
and I'll be there soon.
Now go. Hurry up.
Got men's size 37?
What's so funny? What are you smirking at?
Good day to you! Is it Mr. Tomich?
That's me. Who are you?
The Consulate of Ukraine
in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
We have terrible news for you, sir.
Can't hear you. What?
Kolya, son mine.
What happened? Did you get drunk again?
Where are my papers?
Don't worry. I have them. What's the rush?
I'm applying for a passport.
In the middle of the night?
What happened?
It's Dad...
What? He called you?
Got a call.
But not from him.
He can't call anyone.
And I doubt he ever will.
My boy, my dear son...
In the name of the Father, the Son...
Put away your holy water!
Sprinkle yourself!
I think that as his sons,
you could send him some flowers.
I'll contribute some money too.
Mom, what flowers? He's all alone
out there. He's got nobody!
Who called you, then?
A lady from the Consulate.
She said that if we want to say goodbye,
we must go now.
You hear that?
But what happened?
An accident occurred,
leaving him in critical condition.
Don't jump to conclusions, my dear.
You don't know the kind of man he was
and the kind of trouble he caused.
Someone may have tried to kill him,
and now they're expecting you.
Mom's right.
I'd rather not go.
I'd rather not send him a dime.
- Why's that?
- You ask why?
Because he never gave us anything.
Why do you think you owe him anything?
Why bother going to him?
He gave us nothing in life,
but in death, who knows?
Nothing besides debts after his death.
My dear son, you'll find nothing there
but shattered hopes.
Mom, are you stupid?
It's Luxembourg, have you forgot?
It's a city of money!
There aren't debts
or shattered hopes there.
And he's my father!
If I don't say my farewells,
I'll never forgive myself!
Who are you going to bid farewell?
He's old. You won't even recognize him!
Kolya, it's a fact that all cells
in our body are replaced every 7 years.
He'll never grasp that theory, Mom!
He isn't the person
who used to live with us.
He's long gone, along with his cells!
I'll say goodbye
to whichever cells there are,
be they new or old.
Well, fine.
If the cell theory is not an argument,
then have some respect for my sake.
Your dad was troublesome.
If he dies, then good riddance.
He had very dangerous connections.
Vasya, his every phone call terrified me.
They almost rejected me
from the police because of him.
That's right.
If I miss the chance to learn about
my father, I'll never forgive myself.
So I'm going.
You aren't going anywhere.
Vasya, tell him!
He doesn't have a passport.
Of course he isn't going.
It takes three days
to issue a passport in an emergency.
Oh, I see!
You just found a good reason
to finally get a passport.
You can see it that way.
I tell you, you're not going anywhere.
I can make that decision on my own.
As long as you live under my roof,
the decision is mine and Uncle Lyosha's.
Then it's time I moved out.
Stop right there!
Are you an idiot? What if he doesn't die?
- What?
- Did you stop to think about that?!
Mom, he doesn't think.
If he lives, what will you do?
Is it so bad if he lives?
You think it's good?
Who will take care of him in that state?
Will you wipe his ass?
Will you tend to his bedsores?
You fucking traitors.
You're destroying this family.
You call me a traitor?!
Mark my words, you aren't going anywhere.
Who are you to give me orders?
I am your mother!
My mother's cells died out long ago.
You have the cells of a monster.
Put the water back down.
Put it down, I said!
- Kolya! Calm down!
- I said, put the water down! Vasya!
That's the second time Dad is leaving us.
When he went away
the first time and fled Ukraine,
he left many things behind.
Among them a business card case
with his contacts from the '90s
in Lubny, Poltava and the Kharkiv region.
Ivan Biely from the Casino Resort.
Slava Benzur from the Wood Song caf.
Many of them have passed away,
and there's hardly anyone
to talk to about my dad.
But I like the design
of those old business cards...
Dad lived in Austria for a while,
provided entertainment
for athletes and celebrities.
Afterwards, we'd receive
photographs and postcards from him.
Mom was so angry with him
that only parts of the photos remain.
The parts with him.
I made an album with those photos.
Here's my Dad with FC Barcelona coach,
here he is with Diego Maradona...
Yeah, and here we are,
celebrating our second birthday...
Dad promised to send me
a shirt signed by Andriy Shevchenko,
but I think he fucking lost it.
They say
parents are responsible for their kids.
But are we as children
responsible for our parents?
I don't know.
- Hi.
- Good day to you.
My dad is dying abroad.
I must go to him right away.
How early can I get my passport?
Do you have a confirmation?
Papers from the hospital or the morgue?
Here's what I got from the consulate.
Could you hurry up?
Hey! Are you deaf?
I see you're in a hurry.
I am indeed.
Good day.
You don't recognize me?
Not really, I don't.
Uncle Slava, also known as Brick.
a friend of your dad's.
Uncle Slava?
Sounds a little familiar.
I've heard about your dad, kid.
My deepest condolences.
From the bottom of my heart.
I appreciate it, Uncle Slava.
You look like him.
Not physically.
in here.
I get that a lot.
Where's he now?
Somewhere in a hospital in Luxembourg.
He's far away from home.
The last time I saw him was...
about 7 years ago.
At a gas station.
I don't remember where exactly.
In the west of Ukraine.
We were going to Poland.
At a gas station?
It can't be true.
He left the country 20 years ago
and never came back.
I am pretty sure I saw him 7 years ago.
He said he'd found a job
and all was going well.
It couldn't have been him.
Maybe I got confused.
Take care, my boy.
Oh my God! That bus hit her! Oh God
Call an ambulance. She could be dying.
Are you all right? My God, lady.
Help me to lift her, please.
Driver, get the first-aid kit!
This lady is injured!
- Get it at the store across the street.
- At the store?
My wrist hurts a bit.
You should board a bus when stationary,
not when it is in motion.
Please be quiet, I ask you.
Why did you have to get in the way?
I have a bus full of old people.
Who do you think you are
to speak to me like that?
You young arrogant jerk!
Didn't you see
the bus in motion, you crazy old hag?
My God, young man--
You people disgust me.
I'm sick and tired of this shit.
- Help me please. Oh, thank you.
- You frustrate me.
Move it, I haven't got all day.
Thank you, ladies.
Here you are.
Pay the fare, will you?
Oh my God.
I'm telling you, pay the fare!
I've got a senior pass!
No surprise there.
What do you mean by that?
I earned it with a lifetime's work.
- The bread here isn't bad.
- I heard that...
Good day and bon appetit to you.
Halya, are you done?
Petrivna, what's the matter?
I can't talk right now.
It's unfortunate, but I'm late for work.
- What happened?
- She didn't say.
- Hello, ladies!
- Hello.
She fell down! What happened to her?
- Are you ready?
- Ready.
Now, close your eyes and breathe out.
It hurts!
Please don't! Stop!
- One more time. Are you with me?
- Yes.
- Hold still.
- Okay.
Hold still. I need to do it again. And...
- God, what have I done to deserve this?
- It's all right. It's done.
Larysa Petrivna,
will you lodge a complaint?
I don't know. Should I?
You should.
I won't let you go otherwise.
It's protocol. We must inform the police.
I really don't know...
Iryna, we're reporting a road accident,
moderate severity injuries.
Please let me go home.
I'm exhausted with all this
like you can't imagine.
Is there anyone to pick you up?
Don't worry. I have many people
who can look after me.
Oh, God.
Hey there, Sashka!
Kolya, this is destiny.
Can't you see that something
is not in favor of this trip?
Please don't go.
He has someone to care for him.
I told you he has no one.
He's there alone.
Take away your herbal tea.
It makes me sick.
Maryna Petrivna, time's up.
You have to leave.
Kolya, text me what you want for dinner.
Are you sure he won't go to jail?
Not unless the old woman dies.
They'll only hold him for a while.
And since you didn't want him to go,
he isn't going anywhere.
I feel so sorry for my poor son.
I brought him food, but he didn't eat any
and gave it all to the guard.
Did you bring anything for me?
Oh, Vasya.
I apologize.
It completely slipped my mind.
Kolya's always so unfortunate,
and he always needs my help.
And you're so self-sufficient
and capable of taking care of yourself.
Mom, do I have to run over an elderly lady
for you to bring me dinner?
I have one sandwich left.
Would you like it?
Of course, I'm only deserving
of leftovers after criminals.
We obtained surveillance footage
from the cameras at Oscar Style Boutique.
The bus stop is clearly visible.
What can I say, Kolya.
Jail's a done deal for you.
All the passengers on the bus
are testifying against you.
What can I do now?
What can you do?
Go negotiate with her. I don't know how.
Me? Negotiate?
What if she just wants money?
The lady says she'll take it to the end.
She wants to press charges.
What kind of charges?
Causing severe injuries
in a road accident.
- What's the sentence for that?
- Three to seven years in prison.
What injuries?
Pasha, have you seen the old hag?
Maybe she just threw herself
under the bus?
I'll withhold her claim to protect
your brother from complications.
What am I supposed to do?
I'm basically not guilty.
I was doing my job.
I got distracted and made a mistake.
The judge determines guilt or innocence.
But the fact is that
she has lost the use of her hands.
How will she live?
No one to bring her even a glass of water.
While they're putting the case together,
you will be under house arrest at night.
You must be at home after 10:00 p.m.
Due to your prior issues,
you will be required to wear
an ankle monitor so we can track you.
- An ankle monitor, seriously?
- You must recharge it daily.
My father is dying out there.
I must go to him.
Are you kidding me?
I've already spent 2 days
in that cage like some monkey!
Let's be done with this.
Vanya, let it slide.
Once I come back, we'll sort it out.
Goodbye, see you soon.
Pasha, detain him.
You assholes!
We cannot live on memories of the past.
We have to let them go.
We can't let memories of the past go.
We have to learn to live with them.
Raisa Petrivna...
Everybody makes mistakes.
I am no exception. I'm only human.
Have you ever heard of the human factor?
Or have you not heard of anything
in your fucking life?
Larysa Petrivna...
Raisa... Raisa Petrivna,
please, forgive me.
Your fucking arm injury
will take two months to heal.
Maybe one month if you're lucky.
And you'll be free to mess around,
tend to your garden, whatever it is
that you do in your old age.
Raisa Petrivna,
you can't escape
from memories of the past.
You should learn to live with them.
You live with your mistakes, don't you?
You live in such a hole.
Isn't that a mistake?
For fuck's sake,
but that bitch pisses me off.
Raisa Petrivna,
either you withdraw your charges
or I fuck you up.
Bags aren't allowed.
It's my personal belongings.
Please leave
your personal belongings in a locker.
Hands off!
Go get a sheriff's badge
before playing law and order.
Wait till we meet in real life.
Report your location.
A supermarket on Kyivska Street,
near the lockers.
Why did you move too far
from the radio unit?
They didn't allow me in with a bag.
I'm right by the lockers, I swear.
I've turned the alarm off.
Two alarms, and you're fined.
Three alarms, and we arrest you.
Please be careful.
Understood. Thanks.
Who's there?
It's me, Kolya.
Kolya, the bus driver
who caused injury to your arm.
I can't hear you, show yourself!
What do you want?
No one invited you!
Hear me out.
We can't leave
memories of the past behind.
We should learn to live with them.
You see?
Do you have brain damage?
First, as a man, I must apologize
for calling you an old hag.
You called me that, didn't you.
Among other things.
Raisa Petrivna--
- It's Larysa Petrivna!
- Right you are, Larysa Petrivna.
I don't know if this is appropriate
with your arms broken,
but I've come to make up for it.
Here are some chocolates for you.
And here's money.
It's five hundred hryvnias.
Please withdraw your charges.
I've talked to the cops and
taken care of that for you.
Thank you for the thought,
but it's nothing I need.
I cannot work for two months.
The way I count it, it is 4,200 hryvnias.
I also need medication,
which adds an additional two thousand.
But money's not the issue here.
I'll manage one way or another.
But how will you manage?
You're all alone, with no one to help you.
I could help you with household tasks
or provide transportation.
You've already done enough.
You've apologized. Now leave.
Let the law be the judge.
Wait, please! I've been morally impaired
all my life. What can I do?
- I can't help myself. Please forgive me!
- God forgives.
I'll leave you my number.
Call me if you need anything.
Old bitch.
I want to go to Bali.
My sister's there right now.
I'd like that too.
All right. Shall we book the tickets?
I've got some bad news.
What happened?
I've been taken off the list.
What does that mean?
They won't promote me to detective.
Six more months
as a police patrol officer. Maybe a year.
How could they? You are the best officer.
Why would they not promote you?
Because of Kolya. He's in trouble.
What did that idiot do now?
Hit an old lady.
My God, is she alive?
She is, with two broken arms.
I see.
How are you responsible?
My brother is criminally liable.
So what?
They ran a blood panel.
There were traces
of marijuana and amphetamine.
It's Kolya.
If they had looked closer
they would've found traces
of alcohol beverages.
Masha, why are you crying?
Why? Our child is almost a year old,
and she still hasn't seen the ocean!
You know how children live in orphanages?
The conditions there?
And according to my boss,
"Overabundance turns us into animals,
while limitations foster growth!"
You've been telling me that for 3 years!
Find a normal job and take us to Bali.
Then you can play your limitation games!
Please consider
not only yourself but also us!
If they give you a bribe, take the bribe!
Can't you see the impact
of your integrity and kindness?
God have mercy.
Christ Almighty!
Which tea would you prefer,
black tea or the tropical mix?
The tropical mix.
...and this is an easy
do-it-yourself project that...
Switch the channel.
...heavy traffic on the Kyiv highway...
...the game between Spain and...
Next. are the sultan's beloved.
Hundreds would want to be in your place.
Don't cry like a little girl.
- The palace will overwhelm you...
- Oh dear God.
Kolya, what happened?
Everything's fine.
Fucking gross.
What took you so long?
I think you deserve a special treat.
To cheer you up.
- What's this?
- Scallops.
How do you find it? Did you like it?
There he is, the bastard! You see?
He did it!
He is the reason I got injured.
Pick up the pace.
Everyone was shaming him,
but all he did was demand bus fare.
You wasted so many stickers!
He asked me to drop the charges
and withdraw my complaint,
and I told him, "You caused my disability,
now you've got to make it right."
Dad, hello.
This is Kolya, your son.
You can't speak,
but the woman from the consulate
who's holding the phone for you
said that you can hear me.
Thank her greatly for that.
There's so much I want to tell you,
but words don't come easily.
They say your condition worsened.
Please hold on.
I'm looking forward
to meeting you very much,
and I promise that I will come soon.
I got into some trouble here.
More like a felony.
But I'm doing my best to come soon.
I'm trying hard.
I work a lot.
I'm sure you'll recover.
And afterwards, perhaps
we can set up some business in Luxembourg.
Just the two of us, without Vasya.
Because our Vasya took a wrong turn.
I won't even upset you by telling.
Please... please don't die, okay?
If you want, I can even pray for you,
though I don't like praying very much
because if God exists,
why did He let you leave us?
Why does He allow families
to get separated?
Why does He allow wars?
Finally, why does He allow people
to become police officers?
Vasya, here's what they've found
in your brother's bus.
It's a dealer's kit,
complete with phone numbers,
places, instructions...
Kolya hid it all in the first-aid kit.
It's four-and-a-half ounces,
enough to lock him up for 5 years.
Who found it?
Patrol officers.
It hasn't been reported yet.
Vasya, do something about your brother.
There's every chance
he's been dealing for years.
If it goes public...
I don't know how,
but make him disappear and prevent him
from being a threat to ordinary people.
- My precious girl!
- Hi!
- Mom, do we have guests?
- Wait and see!
- Sister! Hi there!
- What a surprise!
Look at you!
Hi, Vasya! I'm so glad to see you!
Why didn't you come visit us?
Vasya has been busy at work.
This is Sashko, my beloved fianc.
And this is Masha, my little sister.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Okay.
- Help yourself.
- Thanks, Yegor Mikhalych. I don't smoke.
Sashko brought it all the way from Cuba!
- Try it, brother. It's one of a kind.
- Okay, but I'm not inhaling deeply.
No, you shouldn't. You puff on it.
I was just joking.
Sashko, tell me...
What currency is worth
investing in these days?
We discuss this with Dad all the time.
Bitcoin rules the world now.
Good day!
- Hello.
- Hello.
Now that everyone's here,
let's have dinner.
Shall we wait for Kolya?
- Ivanka, where's the bathroom?
- Let me show you.
What a splendid house!
Kolya, at last! What took you so long?
It's like we were waiting for a president.
- Hi everyone!
- Hello.
Yegor Mikhalych!
- Where's Olka?
- She's fast asleep.
Tell her this is a present
from Uncle Kolya.
Here's something from me for everybody!
Straight from a goat!
I milked it with my very own hands!
Did you wash your hands?
Obviously not.
Good enough.
Today is a significant day.
It's Forgiveness Sunday,
a day when it's customary
for everyone to ask for forgiveness.
- Did you ask that old lady's forgiveness?
- I ask every day!
Very well.
As the head of the family,
I will go first.
Right, Yegor.
Ivanna, my beloved wife,
please forgive me
for not always being attentive.
Forgive me. And I love you very much.
Oh, please also forgive me.
I love you too.
Can I say something?
I ask your forgiveness.
And I love you.
Oh, Lyosha, I'm so grateful!
Forgive me as well, please.
Well, Kolya,
you've seen the adults do it,
Lyosha, Yegor Mikhalych...
Now it's your turn to ask for forgiveness.
What for?
Okay. Forgive me, Mom.
For what?
For calling you a monster
and for sprinkling holy water on you.
And, everyone...
I apologize for being a bad person
at times, and I ask for your forgiveness.
- God will forgive you.
- God will forgive you, son!
There's a black sheep in every family.
Isn't that right, Vasya?
I'm kidding.
Perhaps I've never told you this before,
But I love you.
You're my brother.
So sweet...
Vasya, say something.
I forgive all people
and ask their forgiveness.
God, grant me kindness
and strength to be like You,
so I could forgive everyone
and be forgiven in kind.
May Your blessings guide us all.
Now, all together:
As God forgives so I forgive.
As God forgives so I forgive.
Well now. Let's drink!
- The food looks great.
- That makes me glad.
Oh, yes.
Son, don't you want to eat something?
Could you please leave me alone?
I can see to my own wants.
Stop treating me like a child!
Take care of Uncle Lyosha.
Please leave me alone.
Vasya, please.
Oh, all right.
So, Olka, let's see
what your uncle Kolya gave you.
Crap. It won't float.
So it won't. So what?
It's faulty.
We should return it to the store.
You know how many faulty toys
we already have?
Have you ever returned any of them?
- Don't scare the baby.
- You're all talk and no action.
You're sitting here drunk.
You think you don't scare her?
- You complain and never do anything.
- Shut up! She's crying!
You came home drunk
and I didn't say anything!
Get away from the baby!
You make me feel ashamed
of you in my father's eyes!
- Stop it.
- My dad was right!
I shouldn't have married someone
without a father figure!
- Stop talking nonsense!
- What nonsense? It's the truth!
You are not dependable!
You can't even protect yourself,
let alone your family!
You're a wimp, that's who you are!
Calling me a wimp and being ashamed
of me in front of her father.
We'll see who the real wimp is.
Oh, won't we just see that.
A wimp, eh? We'll see.
Who's in charge here? Is it you?
Get up!
Sir, what's your problem?
You're the one with the problem.
What's that?
A monkey in a submarine toy.
What's wrong with it?
It won't float.
Perhaps it isn't designed to.
Are you joking? It should float,
and it should even sing.
What do you want?
I want a toy that works properly!
Or a refund!
You are letting kids down!
Look, I cannot provide a refund
or a replacement for the toy
without an expert opinion.
Is this a joke?
Go get your goddamn expert opinion
in your goddamn toy laboratory!
You dickhead!
Please excuse the phone.
It's for a report.
Report #34, a monkey in a submarine toy.
Three, two, one, go.
It's defective.
I'm sorry for calling you a dickhead.
It's just that my kid is crying at home.
So it was a matter of principle.
Sir, could you tell me your name?
- Why does it matter? It has numbers on it.
- It does matter.
You see, this toy was stolen
from this store a week ago.
I must call the police
to investigate what happened.
- Is everything all right there?
- Yeah, it's all legit.
How did you sort things out
with the old lady?
I just did. Everything's fine.
I talked to her yesterday,
and she didn't want to drop charges.
She's like that when it's you.
I thought I was going to be
her errand boy forever.
Vasya, please don't play Okean Elzy
while driving.
Too melancholic.
Put on some club techno instead.
I used to hate only the elderly,
but now I also hate border guards.
Say, is weed legal in Luxembourg?
Just wondering.
I'm tired of you
being on the phone all the time.
Give me the wrench!
Look, I have to end the call now.
The waiter's here with our order.
It says we'll arrive at the hospital
in 15 minutes.
Look at this city!
I told you it's a prosperous place!
Be careful not to scratch anyone,
or we'll end up in debt.
You hit the curb?
There's the hospital.
We''ve made it, Vasya.
At last!
Let's look for a parking spot.
Pull over here.
Can't you see the sign? No parking.
Pull over there!
Damn, it's a hospital exit!
Park behind that bus there!
It's a bus stop. Are you kidding me?
Or is it just your professional habit?
Look, they have Volvo buses.
Behind that one!
Pull over!
I'll try.
Damn! We won't fit in there.
That car's honking at us.
Vasya, stop anywhere. I'll get out,
and you can park anywhere you like.
Can you wait for two minutes?
We'll find a good spot.
Could you park the car any further away?
Let's go.
What now?
Are you serious?!
I've never seen
such a rundown place before.
Sure you haven't.
Being the experienced traveler you are.
On the other hand, it's okay.
Take a picture of me here.
- We have no time.
- Come on.
Let me capture the moment!
Wait! Am I asking too much from you?
Couldn't we leave our things in the car?
You want them stolen that much?
Why do you say so?
I've read
they don't lock their cars at night here.
Well, I've heard differently.
That Luxembourg
is the crime capital of Europe.
Only Tallinn and Vilnius
have a higher murder rate.
There, look!
Yeah, it looks creepy.
Where are you going?
I said we went the wrong way.
But we have to go there.
Now we need to circle back.
- The GPS gave us the wrong directions.
- Let's circle back.
I'm not going in circles.
We have to go back.
They won't let us in with bags.
We should find some storage space.
What's it called in English?
What did she just say?
How the hell should I know?
- Where are you going?
- I know where.
Come back here. Where are you going?
- Are you sure it's him?
- It's him. They said he was in the ICU.
Think there's only one ward in the ICU?
Of course it's him. I'm coming in.
- What are you doing?
- I'm going to him!
Are you crazy?
I still have the lighter you gave me.
It's okay. It's our dad. No, it's okay!
I'm his son!
No, you have it wrong! We have the papers.
I am his son. Here they are. I am his son!
I'm his son! Take your hands off me!
What are you doing?
I'm his son. It's okay. Wait! Calm down!
I'm his son! Leave me alone!
Calm down! No, it's okay! Let go of me!
Is that for us?
Don't know.
I think it's the woman who called me.
Good evening.
I'm an officer
with the Consulate of Ukraine
in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg,
Doris Maidaniuk.
- I'm Kolya.
- I'm Vasya.
Was it you I spoke to?
Let's see what happened.
Let's, because they nearly assaulted us.
Kolya, Vasya,
the person whose ward you entered
is not your father.
Then who is that?
He's a Feuerwehman... a firefighter
who saved a family from a fire.
He has severe burns.
You shouldn't have touched him.
Your father...
passed away a few days ago.
we couldn't reach you by phone.
To see him, you need to go to the morgue.
But not today because the coroner
is currently conducting an investigation.
These are the clothes he wore
when they found him.
They were cut because the doctors
needed to do their job.
Have you ever visited your father before?
No, it's the first time.
And I hope the last.
We have to get our car
from the parking lot.
Where is it?
Somewhere near the Dutch border.
Is this the right address?
The hospital gave me this address.
Why do you ask?
He offers his condolences
and says that they will all miss him.
I told you we are rich now.
Look at the palace he lived in.
All this is ours now. I can't believe it.
Dad, why didn't you call us?
Why didn't you invite us over
to show us how cool it is here?
Wow, is that a Mercedes-AMG?!
I wonder if converting it to natural gas
would make it cheaper to drive.
And this butler scares the hell out of me.
He looks like a vampire.
Why couldn't Dad
hire someone normal-looking?
I feel like Vasya and I are dukes now.
This house made me feel like
I was hearing an opera in my head.
This is the small house where
your father lived the last years.
He left some things behind
that you need to take with you
because they've already hired
a new security guard.
What? A security guard?
Who did they call guard?
The owner says
you can stay for a few days.
Your father was a good security guard.
May we?
It looks like mine.
Look, there's more.
He was into betting.
Check his wallet.
No photos of him?
Just cats and dogs.
Is that his wife?
With a kid.
Smell it. It has his scent.
I don't want to.
Just smell it.
I really don't want to smell it.
It's your father's scent. Smell it!
Take it.
Well done.
Typical you...
You came, caused chaos and then left.
Do you have a habit of ruining things?
Like you had no problem
ruining that old lady's life.
Shut up!
Can you stop messing around?
Why would you put that on?
I wanted to, that's why.
I don't get what this is all about.
Can we see his hands?
What's wrong?
He's not our father.
Thank you.
On behalf of the Consulate of Ukraine
in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
I apologize for this unfortunate mistake.
The person we mistook for your father
was most likely
an ordinary illegal immigrant.
The police said that he'd worked
as a security guard since the '90s.
He used fake documents.
It is unclear how he obtained it,
but it appears
he used your father's passport.
That's why we contacted you immediately.
I was wondering
why I wasn't feeling anything.
I couldn't shed a tear, you know?
To compensate for the inconvenience,
I'd like to treat you to dinner.
We don't mind.
What's the most expensive dish
on the menu?
You just choose whatever you like.
I'm just kidding.
Excuse me.
It's the Consul-General calling.
I feel better now.
Let's have a beer and go?
Actually, you can't have a beer.
You're driving.
I need the bathroom.
You didn't wash your hands
after the morgue?
God, that guy in the morgue really stank.
Hurry up. We need to stop at a store
to buy some good beer for Uncle Lyosha.
Who's that calling you from abroad?
Hey there! How are you?
Vasya, do you hear me?
How's it going, Vasya? Hello?
It's all right.
The boss asked when you're coming back.
I'll be back soon.
How did your brother react?
To what?
To everything! Did you not tell him?
Tell him what?
Well, your plan.
Kolya can't go back now.
He'll be arrested at the border.
Tell him clearly he'll be sent to prison.
The D.A.'s office
promises him 5 years for drug dealing
and 3 years on top of that
for violating house arrest.
Remember you did right thing.
Things'll be better without Kolya.
The lighter an object, the harder it is
to tell where it's going to land.
It falls for a long time, unpredictably,
its direction constantly changing.
As if it chooses where it's going to land.
A heavy object, on the other hand,
falls quickly.
You always know exactly
where it's going to land.
No wonder they say,
"The apple never falls far from the tree."
Yet no one says, "The feather
never falls far from the bird."
If we were to consider
that human life has weight,
then we all fall differently.
But the "lighter" a person is,
the harder it is to guess
where they'll end up,
where the wind will take them.
Maybe somewhere near their home.
Maybe deep into space.
Maybe all the way to Luxembourg.
Welcome to Ukraine.
There are some people
who live to defy gravity,
constantly trying to flaunt it.
But sooner or later,
gravity catches up with them.
Regular 92 gas, please.
Proceed to pump #4.
In memory of my father, his secrets and
his lies and his Bosnian music-then as now