Luzzu (2021) Movie Script

Go back to Mama!
Good morning, Jesmark.
Morning, maam.
Catch any fish today?
No, nothing.
You always catch something.
- Just one.
- One.
Cmon, not the big one.
Do I get the special price?
Fine, the special price.
Bye, Jesmark.
Carry on.
A fish for every girl?
So many girls, so few fish.
- Whats wrong?
- Dunno.
Looks okay here.
Easy, youre gonna bust it.
Yeah, but...
Heres your problem.
Ill redo the caulking.
Caulking wont fix it.
The boat itself
has a structural problem.
Your dad used to break his back
on this luzzu.
Yeah, I remember.
Cmon, lets pull it up.
- Watch your driving!
- You chose this road.
Oh, its my fault?
If its full of potholes,
what can I do?
You love driving through them.
You havent missed
a single one yet.
Should I drive backwards?
Thats enough!
- Heres fine, right?
- Of course.
One, two...
One more.
Lets do it right.
- You got it in there?
- Yeah.
Let it dry,
then well get started.
Well make it good as new.
Youll be out in force-10 winds.
Not even God will stop it!
Cmon, lets go.
I said Im coming!
- I know Im late. Sorry Mary Grace.
- I called you.
- Didnt hear your phone?
- My battery died.
Yeah, right, it was ringing.
You didnt pick up.
Youre the best, Mary Grace!
Yeah, Prince Charming.
Hey, Denise said youd pay me.
The moneys upstairs.
Ill bring it later.
- Dont keep me waiting.
- I wont, Ill bring it.
Im late!
Alright Im here.
Where are you?
Behind you.
What happened?
- The luzzus got a leak.
- Again?
Hey, handsome.
Cmon, lets make a move.
You smell like a whales pussy.
Yeah, I know.
See the bunny?
Did you see the bunny?
And the blocks?
- Weve got something for you.
- What?
Yuck, Jes!
Its not my fault.
He gets that from you, not me.
You sure?
Yes, Im sure.
Aiden Saliba, please.
Cmon, thats us.
See what shes doing?
The doctor better see me instead.
- I have witnesses.
- Oh, poor you.
There, good boy.
Are you eating well, Denise?
- What, cant you tell?
- Hey!
- Isnt it true?
- Yes, Im eating fine.
Im sorry to ask,
but are you smoking or drinking?
And youre back at work, now?
And you, Jesmark.
How long do you stay at sea?
A day or two.
- Who takes care of Aiden?
- Our neighbour.
Its hard to say whats causing it.
Maybe its something genetic.
In the family, that is.
Or his environment.
His environment?
We dont know exactly but
Aiden isnt growing properly and
we need to do something immediately.
Now, heres what well do.
Well start a diet
with a fattening formula.
Youll need to take him
to a dietician once a week.
Id also like you to see
a speech therapist.
A speech therapist?
To see if its a problem
with his swallowing.
And we can do this here?
No, he needs specialists.
Otherwise, you risk him
not developing properly.
Im up all night feeding him.
He is eating.
I know, Denise.
These things happen.
What things?
For example, sometimes mothers
dont produce enough milk.
Sometimes the baby doesnt
accept it.
- Doesnt accept it?
- So its my fault?
- No, thats not what Im saying.
- Yes, you are.
Alright, its not my fault then.
If its not our fault, whose is it?
Hey, come back.
Im sorry.
Dont worry,
Ive seen cases like this.
But right now its critical...
Feed him well and get him
the care he needs.
This one?
Thats the normal kind.
We need this.
Thats more fattening.
Fifty and two cents, please.
Here, Jes.
Cmon, dont worry.
Thats it, little jellyfish.
He seems to like it.
For 40 euros, Id hope so.
Theres quite a few
seabream this year.
If this keeps up,
should be a good season.
Do you know how much
its going to cost us?
The immunisations alone
are 300 euros.
You think I dont know?
I saw someone post this.
Trawlers destroy the seabed.
Sorry, I cant do that.
So what are we going to do, Jes?
Well find a specialist we can afford.
I already called my mum.
Why drag her into this?
Half her friends are doctors.
She brags about it enough.
Cmon, Jes.
Werent you the one who didnt
want her around?
She broke her promise
for your tattoo shop.
She wants you under her thumb.
I know.
Why are you giving in now?
Ill take care of us, okay?
Its time.
Throw it, throw it!
Youre gonna tear my finger off!
Well catch a big fish with it.
Wed be done already
if you set the lines properly.
When you fix your luzzu,
set up the lines
however you want.
Not a bite. Dunno why.
Here we go!
Take the line to the prow.
Weve got something for sure!
Dont send me up here for
Get the hook!
Hurry, hurry!
Grab him by the head.
Fucking swordfish.
Chuck it, lets make a move!
What are you doing?
Were keeping it.
Cmon, in closed season?
And so what?
Its worth 500 euros for sure.
Hey, close that hatch!
- Why?
- My boat, my risk.
Forget closed season,
you know its bullshit.
Its illegal.
Theyll screw me.
Since when has it been illegal?
Since when?
Weve been fishing like this
for a thousand years.
Its dead! What will you get
by throwing it back?
Dont get me into trouble.
You know whats happening
with Aiden. I need this.
- Give me a chance, okay?
- Dont be a pain in the ass!
What are you doing?
Think everyone else is a saint?
This is the Kolarosa.
Listen, we were bottom fishing
and caught a swordfish on the line.
Thats right, a swordfish.
Yes, okay, but...
Cant we sort something out?
These things die the minute
you take them out of the water.
Cant we keep it
for ourselves at least?
For our families?
- Move.
- You fucked it.
Good morning.
What do we have?
Three boxes.
- This is everything?
- Thats it.
- Lets see your logbook.
- Grab it, Jesmark.
Lets see.
A box of snappers, skate,
and dogfish.
- I need to do an inspection.
- Are you serious?
All boats require routine
So do my balls.
Drop it, lets get on with it.
If your boat is clean,
this will be quick.
Whats he looking for?
His mother?
Watch your mouth.
Next time, Ill cite you.
Cite whatever the fuck you want.
Have a good day.
Can you shut your mouth for
Shut my mouth?
Cmon, man. Next time,
hell really screw us.
Next time, Ill knock him
into the sea.
Careful, box behind you.
They never sell our stuff
till the end, see?
Whos this new hawker?
The new owners brought him in.
Five for lampuki.
- Youre free to go elsewhere!
- Give us a good price!
Give us a deal!
Squid: five sixty.
Write that down.
Theres our fish. Lets go.
Last fish of the day! Last fish!
Dogfish and skate!
Skate, one fifty!
Skate, one fifty!
What the hell is he doing?
Dogfish, four euros!
Sell our snappers!
Dogfish, four euros!
Dogfish, four euros!
Stop wasting time
with the fucking dogfish!
Dogfish, four euros!
You need to sell our good stuff!
Wanna sell? Do it yourself!
- Come on, man!
- What the hell!
Come back! You cant do that!
You taking it or not?
We dont have anywhere
to keep them.
- We dont have a freezer van!
- Better sell quick! Cmon!
Take it.
Fucking bastard.
- Morning.
- Whats up?
- Interested in anything today?
- Depends on what you have.
My fridge is full.
Take some of mine, too.
For tomorrow.
See how fresh it looks?
Ive still got leftovers.
- This is fresh.
- Ive got leftovers.
- You dont want this one?
- Too small.
- Small?
- Yeah, small. Cmon.
- How much for it?
- Fourteen.
Cmon, they used to be 15.
Dont I deserve 15?
A fisherman came before you.
How much did you get?
Come back tomorrow.
Thank you.
I said dont come here.
- That wasnt my fault!
- Take your stuff and leave.
Dont show your face
around here anymore.
We cant keep going on like
Thats all Ive got.
- I told you not to...
- I know.
- Please dont.
- Why?
Cant you let me try?
You know my brother
and nephews fish for me.
Yeah, they catch good stuff.
But this is better.
What did I just tell you?
Ill have to throw it out.
The garbage is outside.
If he comes again,
itll be bad for him
and worse for you.
He didnt take them?
Onto the next, lets go.
Theyre starting to stink.
Lets just throw them out.
Make the sign of the cross,
God, bless this fishermans boat.
Deliver them from danger,
fill their nets,
and bring them home safely.
Gianni? What happened to him?
Poor Gianni ended up
in that shit show.
- Is that still going on?
- The laws are too strict.
Its like this slipway.
They fixed the wooden slats,
but you cant use it
or youll get fined.
Back in the day,
luzzus could come and go.
- Nowadays, theyre not practical.
- Exactly.
Theyre fixing them with European funds
and we dont even get to use them.
Laws, laws, dont you remember
my uncle?
Yeah, poor Sammy.
He went to work in a factory
and he was losing his mind.
Then he borrowed money
to buy a tuna quota,
but no tuna came that season.
So what did he do?
They caught him
with contraband cigarettes.
Two years jail, three years probation,
and 100,000 euro fine.
- Tell me who will pay for that?
- His children.
- Its like were criminals.
- That how it is, now.
And you?
What happened to the luzzu?
Pulled it up on the beach.
But the wood will shrink like that.
I know, but it was going to sink.
- Its better in the sea than on land.
- Im gonna fix it.
Im gonna fix it.
Yeah, but wood isnt fibreglass.
Wood is a living thing.
Now Ill see where it needs
Ill sand the whole thing
down to the waterline.
Should take about a week.
Dont scratch it,
youll only add more work.
Change this whole piece.
Thats the one thats been
giving me trouble.
Just have to find someone
to do the job.
A final lick of paint...
Antifouling and were ready to go.
- And if it leaks again?
- It wont.
Ill use a good sealant. The
new piece will be custom-built.
It wont leak.
I promise.
Lets get Aiden before
Mary Grace starts calling.
Hes not with Mary Grace.
Where is he?
Mum picked him up this morning.
She offered.
We need help.
Were fine.
Where are you going?
To my mums.
She booked doctor appointments
for tomorrow.
You didnt tell me.
Should we meet there?
No, dont worry.
Ill take care of everything.
Hes my son, too.
Do you think it was easy
for me to call her?
Cmon, Ill drive you.
I can manage.
Itll take you forever on the bus.
Im telling you,
it was the biggest catch of his life.
Didnt you ever hear this?
Picture this...
The luzzu is full of lampuki...
Engines totally fucked...
And with incredible strength,
your dad rowed
all the way back to shore.
Jesus, these rips are huge.
Dont make a fuss.
Just clean them.
What will you catch with these?
Watch out, Cikas.
Move, Cikas.
Mind if I crash here tonight?
You can sleep with Cikas
on his cushion.
We have appointments all day again.
So whats the plan?
Give me the rest of the week here.
Can I bring you guys anything?
Were okay.
Is he with you?
Hes right here.
Let me listen.
Is Denise here?
I tried calling her.
She went to see her uncle.
- This will give him gas.
- How do you know?
Doctors orders, not mine.
You cant feed him this cheap stuff.
Is Aiden here?
Hes asleep.
Can I see him?
I just put him down.
He didnt sleep much.
Id like to see him.
Hey, handsome.
Alright, monkey?
Here, take this one.
Its always nice to see you.
Did I say I was leaving?
Make an offer!
Is this fucking guy serious?
Sell it at four euros!
Didnt you sell the others at four?
Auction is over.
I saw the swordfish.
I dont know
what youre talking about.
What the fuck are you doing here?
- You got trouble?
- Its not your business, man.
Let me talk to your boss.
Why, you got scallops?
Boss needs scallops.
You got them?
Then get the fuck out of here!
We dont need you.
Move, man!
Dont waste our time.
Cmon, move!
Keep moving, man! Fuck off!
My trucks are loaded.
We have an understanding.
Theyre on their way.
- What the fuck are you doing here?
- You can make money off these.
Cook em,
no one will know the difference.
- How much?
- Fifty.
Youre kidding me, right?
You come in here
and try to sell my junk back to me?
Its not junk if you know
what youre doing.
Dont tell me youve been
selling these off for cat food.
I get good prices.
Let me work with you.
Youll see what I can do.
- Can you clean a fish?
- In my sleep.
- What do you pay?
- One fifty.
Two hundred and your trucks
make it on time.
Turn it more so it doesnt
get swept away.
Its safe here.
I dont think you remember
because youre young.
Your grandfather set out with
this boat,
going with the eastern wind,
the "foreign chill."
Clouds were gathering in the west
and your grandfather saw it coming.
The wind was merciless.
He wasnt going to make it.
Then a big ship came towards him.
He kept close to that ship
all night for shelter.
And by morning,
he said hed arrived in Tunis.
Sicily maybe!
You need two days for Tunis!
Thats your grandfathers story.
Yeah, a story for the gullible!
What can I do for you?
- Got time?
- Which side?
- Thats 40 inches.
- Thats right.
Very good.
Hows that?
Can you leave it for now?
Ill come back later.
- Whats wrong?
- Nothing.
- Dont make me work for nothing.
- Of course not.
- Youre coming back for it, right?
- Of course.
Whats wrong?
- Do you need petrol?
- What?
- Do you want petrol?
- Petrol?
For your car.
- Is it mixed with something?
- Of course not.
- Will it damage the engine?
- No, it wont. Cmon.
Want some?
How much?
- 30 euros a can?
- For that much, Ill go to the station.
Itll be more at the station.
Okay, how much?
- Anything extra for me?
- You dont deserve shit.
- Its clean, right?
- I was using it myself.
- I have more over there.
- Gentlemans word?
Nothing to worry about.
Hey, Kev!
Alright, man?
Whats with the shirt?
Carlas idea.
You know how she is.
Throw it in the dumpster.
Whats all this?
- Need some?
- No, tanks full.
Fucking 60 euros to fill a tank now.
Bye-bye subsidy.
What happened?
Didnt you hear?
Hear what?
Im not fishing anymore.
I took the EU buyout deal.
Turned in my boat and licence.
I didnt know.
Its been a few months.
I should get back to work.
Hey, Ill take one.
Isnt your tank full?
Ill need it later.
Dont worry, Ill sell it.
I should try to beat the traffic.
Good to see you.
So what do they need to do now?
Its up to us now.
We have to be sure
he keeps gaining.
I got a new job.
Im quitting at Linos.
A new job?
You didnt tell me.
My uncle sorted it out this week...
at the Planning Agency.
So your uncles good now?
You said hes a crook.
Hes only trying to help.
Youll rubber stamp
some permits for him?
Ill be doing graphic design.
One of us needs a good job.
I know you love what you do.
We dont look at work the same way.
I dont want him to have less
than what I had.
- I dont want him...
- To be like me?
You know thats not what I think.
And your family?
Cmon, Jes.
Am I gonna do the whole thing myself?
Without a boat...
You lose your way.
Ive seen it happen to other guys.
If your dad was here...
Can you stop?
Think I dont know what hed say?
I know what I have to do.
Im off.
Check out the nerve of this guy.
The waypoints are marked.
Uday will show you the rest.
Welcome aboard, fisherman.
Have coffee.
This your boat?
My boat?
This is my Titanic.
My home, brother.
Sea workers like me travel the world,
just for the work.
They dont give permissions
to live on the land.
So we live on the boats.
- Ive never left this island.
- Never?
A fish stays in the bowl...
Never grows.
Can you see it?
Thats it, thats the one!
To the right.
This is the marker.
When a fisherman catches a fish,
which he isnt supposed to catch,
he throws it back into the sea and
marks the spot so that we can find it.
You have to be fast though,
while its fresh.
We give it to the boss,
he sells it.
Fisherman gets a cut, too.
Which fishermen?
Could be anyone.
Your friends, even.
You know how many fucking fish
Ive thrown in the sea?
Give me the rope.
Cmon, man. Keep it moving.
Got anything else?
Like what?
How much do we have in the back?
With us?
Its nothing, brother.
Maybe a couple thousand.
Weve done bigger deals.
Restaurants, fish shops.
They pay huge amounts
when its closed season.
They buy fresh from us...
Or frozen from the supermarkets.
I saw your boss pay the
Hes a big fish, too?
You got it, brother.
This is my favourite song, man.
We got money in the back, cmon!
Cmon! What the fuck, man?
Dance with me!
I love it.
This is my shit.
Did he sleep much?
I just put him down.
I saw Davids boat on the dock.
You didnt go with him?
No, I didnt.
So you went with Tonio?
I took a shift on the trawler.
Can you get more work with them?
Hell need to eat soon.
- We have formula?
- Everythings in the kitchen.
- Gotta run. Youll be okay?
- Ill take care of everything.
Im off.
Hey, man, wait a second.
I got it for you.
Be careful, huh?
You called me for a box of fish?
Say thank you, brother.
This is an opportunity.
The boss needs favours from politicians.
But they dont like brown guys.
Especially their cash in my hands.
You know?
Better get moving.
And dont fuck up.
Youre the new guy?
See you.
I need guys to move my stuff.
Salmon in...
Tuna out.
You got a freezer van?
Freezer van?
Like this.
Think I got that kind of money?
Dont you need more fishermen?
Jesus Christ.
How many fish do you think
will be left in 20 years?
The way the temperature is rising?
Dont read much, do you?
Better start.
Your family?
Yes, mother and sister.
Miss them?
My sister is coming soon.
Boss is helping with it.
We got her a place to live.
We got her into a nursing school.
This guys got friends
If you keep working with us,
hell help you, too.
I love this food.
The taste is nice.
Yeah, really nice.
Its the spice.
What do you mean?
Those fishermen,
they make trouble to us.
We pay them back.
Thats part of our job.
People who fuck with us,
we fuck with them.
Thats it.
Hey man, lets go!
Hurry up!
Hurry up, man!
Lets go, man. Hurry up!
Come have a look.
Finished the caulking.
Called in a favour
for the missing piece.
All thats left now
is painting the rest,
and in a couple of days
its ready to go.
What do you think?
Proper job, no?
- What do I owe you?
- Dont worry, man.
Let me at least
pay for the materials.
Tell me what I owe you.
Can you spot me
for the expenses?
My nets got damaged
a couple days ago.
Someone slashed them.
Yours too?
- Heard anything about it?
- The others were talking but...
- Yeah, they screwed us all.
- The work you did here is great.
- Pretty good, huh?
- You can hardly tell.
Now you have a brand new luzzu.
Strong as ever.
Hey there, little sailor.
I just need your signature now.
What do you think, boss?
Shall we do it, Jes?
Take off his sock for me.
Come here, little jellyfish.
Turn his foot around.
Hes ticklish.
Lets do it here.
Like the other one.
Quick, before the paint dries.
Wow, it came out really good!
Your feet were bigger at his age.
One hundred days old, already?
They grow fast, dont they?
Ive been meaning to ask you...
Did you eat pears when
you were pregnant with Aiden?
Dont think so.
Pears are a huge problem for boys.
- Did she actually say pears?
- Yes, of course, pears!
If you had asked your mum,
shed have told you.
Pears are sandy in texture.
It causes problems when they pee.
Only boys.
Maybe thats Aidens problem.
- Maybe.
- Ask her.
How long till this is over?
Cmon, it wont kill you.
- The furniture shop?
- Thats right.
Listen, if you ever need a job...
theyre always looking for movers.
Movers are people like you.
Men that can carry furniture.
First one, go ahead.
Wow, how cute.
Look at this Jes, how cute.
These will keep him warm,
the sole is leather.
You can tell.
They look really sweet!
Time for the big one.
Look at the quality.
- Whos this from?
- From me.
- I hope you like it.
- Sure.
It matches the one we have.
I can swap it if you want.
Swap it? Theres no need.
Wed know these things if you
hadnt buried your heads in the sand.
- Come on.
- Isnt it true?
We dont know how
you two are living.
Maybe we like the sand.
- No one likes sand.
- What are we even talking about?
I think the sand is a metaphor.
When you were young,
it was okay to just take off.
- Whos taking off?
- Jes!
Cruising on the boat everyday,
barbecues in the evening.
Sell a fish every now and then.
Do you ever think about your son?
- Lets drop it.
- No, let her tell us.
Come on, enlighten us.
Fishing is a nice way
to waste a summer.
This is a nice way
to waste a life.
Sometimes they disagree
with the mother-in-law.
Theyre young.
Hell see things my way.
Mark my words.
Best to stay quiet and say nothing.
You cant not give them advice.
Anyway, lets open the rest.
Ill open it instead of them.
Leave it.
- Leave it!
- Why?
Were gonna go through this
Look, I dont expect you to change.
Ive made it so you can be like this.
Like what?
The only reason you can still fish
is because of those people out there.
- This about the job with your uncle?
- Not just the job.
Who knows how many times we barely
have enough money for rent.
Bill after bill comes in,
we dont have cash,
and then suddenly,
money magically appears.
What are you saying?
Where do you think
that money comes from?
Do you want him
to grow up like you?
Go get him.
Can you get him so we can leave?
Aiden and I are staying.
When theres a problem,
you run to your mother.
I cant do that.
I have to solve my problems myself.
Tell me the truth...
Did you ever believe
you and I would make it?
Another holiday at your mums?
Maybe Ill get used to it.
Fisheries and Sea Authority
Jesmark Saliba.
Your boats name.
Ta Palma.
- Thats an old luzzu.
- Yeah.
Twelve footer.
Wood, obviously.
Your licence?
Trammel nets and long lines.
How old is it?
If you had to take a guess?
It was my dads, my grandfathers,
my great-grandfathers...
Okay, thats enough.
"Permanent Cessation
of Fishing Activities"
Do you understand what that means?
The financing for this programme
comes from the European Union.
The goal is to reduce the fishing fleet
and move fishermen
into other industries.
Now, according to the
information here,
we come up with an estimate
for your compensation.
How much is it?
You need to decommission
the luzzu first
before we can complete
this application.
Do you understand?
Just tell me how much.
Seven thousand.
You wont even get ten percent
of that selling it online.
As I told you,
take a training programme.
Make an investment.
Its up to you.
Listen, my friend.
When you decide what youre
going to do, give me a call.
Look, its Jesmark!
- Is it ready yet?
- Yeah, its ready.
Lets have a blessing then.
- Dont go out of your way.
- Itll only take a minute.
- Another time, thanks anyway.
- Now that its fixed up?
Come, Ill bless it.
God, bless this fishermans boat.
Deliver him from danger.
Fill his nets,
and return him home safely.
Grab it, Jes.
Lets have a look.
See what a nice job
Ive done for you?
That silicone caulking
works wonders, huh?
Not a drop of water coming in.
Jesmark Saliba.
All good?
Yeah, except for your shirt.
You got it from here?
- Ready?
- Yeah, I got it.
No worries, right?
Thanks, man.
- Fishing licence and chain of title.
- Did you remove the engine?
- Gearbox and the rest?
- Everythings ready.
Good luck.
What name do you give your child?
- Aiden.
- Aiden.
What do you wish for Aiden?
- Eternal life.
- Eternal life.
You have asked for your
child to be baptised.
You will raise your son
in the faith of the Church
to follow the commandments,
and to love God and his neighbour
as Christ taught us.
Do you understand
what you are undertaking?
- We do.
- We do.
Let us pray to our Lord Almighty,
to let this child be reborn
in water and the Holy Spirit.
I baptise you
in the name of the Father,
the Son,
and the Holy Spirit.
Take some photos of them.
Squeeze in, let me take a photo.
A bit more.
Jesmark, one minute here, please.
And turn the baby around.
Hold, hold.
Give me a second.
Aidens here.
- Is that good?
- Average, as he should be.
Now is one of the most exciting stages.
Hell begin recognising your voices,
making eye contact.
We call this stage "hatching."
Even his personality starts to
Everything around Aiden will affect him,
including who you are as individuals.
Do you ever talk to him,
Talk to him?
Tell him a story,
even if its something simple.
Talk about your day,
what youre doing.
Its important to talk to him.
Itll help him develop
his language skills later on...
- Is the freezer okay?
- Fixed. Better than it ever was.
- You could have washed it.
- It costs extra for that.
Take good care of it.
It served me well.
Relax, my vans loaded.
Whats worrying you?
Well make the shipment on time.
Gotta go.
Youre all set, brother.
Nice job.
Thats thick!
Thats the spice.
Fuck you, fucker!
So, once there was a boat.
It didnt belong to anyone.
At the same time,
it belonged to everyone.
It caught a lot of fish
for the village.
Eventually, the boat needed
to be retired.
They kept it in the village square,
like a monument.
Over time, this boat was falling apart.
They replaced each broken piece
with a new one.
Made it strong.
By the end,
every single piece had been
Now, if you change
every piece of a boat...
Is it still the same boat?
And if not...
What does it become?
Whats up?
Can I meet you at home?
Nothings biting today.
Nothings biting!