Lycan (2017) Movie Script

- Oh, yes.
- Yes, harder, harder.
Yes, yes, harder,
harder, harder, harder.
Look at my eyes.
Look in my eyes, yes.
Look at me.
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
- There's something out there.
- Don't forget
you're on the clock.
- Who's out there?
Love is greedy
Love is rough
Love is needy
Love is tough
So you gotta be strong
You gotta be strong
Love takes courage
Love breaks hearts
Love will perish
And tear you apart
You gotta be strong
Oh, oh
Yeah, you gotta be strong
When your love shine
me, I glow, I glow
There's a whole lot of
colors you need to know
If you wanna
get inside my head
And if you wanna love me
You must have bled
Every shade of red
- Kenny, Kenny.
- Yo, Professor, what's with
the two next to my name?
Honestly, you know
how many girls tell me
I'm a solid eight?
- Your mom and sister
don't count, Kenny.
The numbers represent
the amount of points
you all need in order
to pass my class.
- Oh, hell no.
- Irving, if you insist on
showing no sense of humor
in my class,
I'm gonna have to rethink
that A plus you almost earned.
Now hear me out before
you all rejoice.
I have decided to drop
next week's final exam.
Where do you think you're going?
- But you just said that--
- Sit down, Blake.
I know for a fact
that baseball practice
doesn't start for at
least a few hours.
I have decided instead
to assign you all
a group project.
That's what the
numbers represent.
Listen up, there is a
method to my madness.
Any history teacher can make
you memorize purported facts,
but if there's only
one thing I hope
you take away from
my class, it's this.
History is simply the
winner's interpretation
of the events that transpired.
I want each group to
look deeper than that
and rediscover a
moment in history.
Isabella Cruz has
decided to grace us
with her presence,
ladies and gentlemen.
To what do we owe this pleasure?
- I'm in your class.
- I know that.
I'm only surprised that you do.
Your name isn't on the board,
but you will be in group two.
- You're seriously putting
her in group two with me?
- Yes, I am, Blair, seriously.
Now this project counts
for 50% of your grade,
so don't screw it up.
I expect at least 20 typed
pages from each group
by the end of next week,
and to answer Irving's
next question,
yes, each group
will share a grade,
so you better learn
to work together.
- I don't even get what
she means recreate history.
- She didn't say to
recreate history, Blair.
She said to rediscover it.
Trust me, as a black man,
I wouldn't wanna recreate any
history around these parts.
- What did I miss?
- We're rediscovering
history, Chrissy.
What do you say me and you
get a jump on that
tonight, Kamasutra style?
- Who's the Kamasutra?
- Put that down.
Guys, we gotta figure this out.
I got practice.
I can't be here all day.
- Well, we can't start without
our honorary sixth member.
Why'd you pick up her books
earlier today, anyway?
- Yeah,
she's so weird.
- Yeah.
- Well, if she's
not gonna show up,
she's not gonna share my grade.
- Has anyone actually
ever even talked to her?
I mean, I heard that she lives
with that crazy cat lady,
the one who never
leaves her farm.
- I heard they were lovers.
- Oh.
- That's my kind of
nasty right there.
I'd be into that.
You know what I'm talking about.
- My daddy told me to
never talk to that woman.
I heard that when she was a kid,
she had black eyes
'cause her parents
like worshiped the
devil or something.
That's why she allowed
in town anymore.
- Sh, here she comes.
- No one actually believes that.
- So Blake, you want me
to walk you to practice?
- What are you doing here?
- You disappeared after class.
- This is private property.
You're gonna get me in trouble.
- I'm sorry.
- Just--
- Where are you taking me?
- Get in here.
Get in there.
Don't say a word.
Don't even move.
Just stay down.
- I tell ya.
Those coyotes killed two more
of my chickens last night.
I believe we need to
build a bigger fence.
- Oh no.
- You alright?
You seem nervous.
- Yeah, I'm fine.
I just, I know how you
feel about the animals.
I'll put out more coyote traps.
I promise, Mama.
- Finish your chores yet?
- Almost.
- Alright, well,
when you're done,
I want you to wrap Brady's leg.
It's swelling up in this heat.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty.
- Oh, I'll get it.
- Are you sure you didn't
forget your medicine?
- Ow.
- What is that?
You have company?
Oh, you do have company.
My, my, my, Blake Simpson,
you certainly have
filled out nicely
since the last time I saw you.
How's your mama?
- She's fine.
Thanks, ma'am.
- You appear to be bleeding.
I'm sorry.
My cat is afraid of strangers.
Aren't you, darling?
Come here, baby.
What'd you do?
Isabella, where
are your manners?
- Absolutely, you're right.
I have a first aid kit inside.
- Yeah.
- So you gonna tell
me why you freaked out
when I showed up?
I guess that's a no.
- It's a tiny scratch.
How do you know my mom, anyway?
- Oh, we go way back.
- Oh, is that so?
- Oh yeah.
You don't remember, do you?
I saw you the day you moved in.
I helped move all the
furniture into the barn
so you'd have
somewhere to sleep.
- That was a scary day for me.
- I'm glad it was your thing.
I usually make a better
first impression,
thought maybe I was
losing my touch.
So what happened to
your real parents?
Still talk to them?
- That's enough
with the questions.
I gotta get back to work.
- Hey, you know
you're in my group.
We're meeting tomorrow at
seven in the school library.
I can pick you up if you want.
- It's okay.
I'll be there.
- Alright, Willy Manning.
- Who?
- 1976, the young
African American man
was unjustly imprisoned
for the murder
of two white college
kids up in Kenesaw.
- How do you know he
wasn't justly imprisoned?
- Other than being a
black man in the South?
- You'd make a
terrible lawyer, Irving.
- I get why you always
isolate yourself.
- Hey, what about you?
You haven't said a single word.
Do you have any ideas?
- I haven't thought
of anything yet.
- Surprise, surprise,
weird girl doesn't
have any ideas.
Bet it's really hard for
her to read English, y'all.
- Here's an idea.
Let's do it on your
father's company
and how he threw 50 people
of low economic stature
out of their homes
to build a mall,
or would that be a conflict
of interest for you?
- Got it.
Okay, have you guys ever heard
of the werewolf
of Talbot County?
- Where's Talbot County?
- It's about 50 miles from here,
and the grave is still there.
- Woah, sorry, the
grave of the werewolf?
- Stop messing with her, Kenny.
- Actually, I've heard of this.
Can I see that?
- So in 1848, a bunch
of local residents
were complaining about
their sheep being killed,
whole flocks slaughtered,
but never eaten,
so whatever was killing them
was just doing it for fun.
After a while, a couple
farmers got together,
and they put an ad in
the Atlanta newspaper
looking for a bounty
hunter to kill, you know,
whatever animal was
responsible for it.
- Sorry, we have a chance
to free an innocent
man from prison,
and you're talking
about ghost stories.
- Well, okay, so one, it's
not a ghost story, Irving.
It's a werewolf story.
Please pay attention.
Two, this shit
actually happened.
There's the ad right there
if anyone wants to peruse it.
He said he shot
it a couple times,
but never actually killed it.
It didn't take long
for this guy to realize
he wasn't dealing
with just any animal,
so one night he melted a
silver cross into a bullet,
went out into the field to kill
what he believed was a werewolf,
but when he shot it,
all he heard was the
screams of a dying woman.
- So it was a girl werewolf?
- Well, this is where the story
gets a little bit interesting.
He never found any werewolf,
only a severed human hand.
- Shit.
- I don't
wanna hear any more.
- No, let him finish.
- So years later, this
doctor was talking
to the bounty hunter,
and he said the same night
this guy shot a werewolf,
a young girl by the name
of Emily Burt came in
to be treated for
a missing hand.
The family denied anything
ever happened to Emily.
- So what happened to the girl?
- Well, she was never
seen in town again.
Years later after she died,
she was buried on land that
the Burts still own today.
I mean, they won't let
anyone near the grave.
- If we can't get in,
how are we supposed to
write a 20 page paper
about if it's real or not?
- That's an excellent
question, Irving.
I'm really glad you asked that
because this is where we
got a little bit lucky.
That crazy bitch
that she works for,
her farm borders on
the Burt's property.
- Don't call her that.
She's got a name.
- He's right.
It does.
- Look, I say we
rent some horses
and get to the Burt's
property that way.
That's just my idea.
- Let's vote on it.
Raise your hand if you think
that our paper should be
about freeing an innocent man
from death row,
or finding out if teen
wolf is real or not.
- Love the system, but
we got even number here.
There's six of us.
What if there's a tie?
- Then we throw out both ideas
and find something else.
- Alright, raise your
hand for innocent man.
- Chrissy.
- I don't wanna go
into the woods, Blair.
- Let's find Emily Burt.
- I'll go into the
woods with you, Blake.
- Day one, and shit
is getting real.
It's hot as balls out,
and we're officially
in werewolf country.
Chrissy is looking very sexy
in a sweaty kind of way.
- Nice, Kenny, will
you stop shooting me?
- It's very
tasteful, Chrissy.
I promise.
Isabelle is looking very sexy
in a very free kind
of way.
If only these woods could talk.
- Kenny, can you put out
that fucking joint, man?
- No.
- Alright, Kenny, which way?
- Uh, hold on.
- Great, now we're
taking directions
from Cheech Spielberg.
Kenny, give me the fucking
teen wolf map, man.
You finish smoking your dope.
- You're gonna get us
arrested with that shit.
- There's no cops in
the woods, John Wayne.
You can chill out.
- Why did you bring a gun?
We have food.
- Not safe to sleep in the
woods without protection.
I've been living out here
a lot longer than you have.
- I like it.
- Alright, we're
gonna take a right.
We're headed west.
- Alright.
Let's go.
- I brought a tent
big enough for two.
- Oh, thank God.
Looks like we don't have to
share a tent anymore, Kenny.
- All I'm saying
is there's way more
available sex in my tent.
That's it.
- Good Lord.
- I only got a sleeping bag.
- That's okay.
You can have my tent.
Kenny's got room for two.
- Oh, come on, dude.
You're killing me right now.
My world was going under
I needed love
But got a doctor
I'm outta control
I'm outta control
He gave me pills
to forget I missed ya
You take some more
And you'll be better
And I'm outta control
I'm outta control
They say I've
got one, two, three
Some kind of ABC
But that's all part of me
Hey, there's
pills for that too
There's pills for heartache
There's pills to
fall in love too
Go ahead, take a picture
I might as well be a statue
A tourist attraction
- They heard scratching,
so they got in their
car and drove off.
Then when he walking
her back from her door,
he saw a hook in
the roof of his car.
- And let me guess,
the killer was there.
Oh my God.
- You know, I heard
this story before,
but in the version I heard,
the girl he took home
was the serial killer.
Fill me up, Kenny.
- You getting pretty wasted
off that Sprite, Irving?
- Yeah, you guys laugh it up,
but while you cats are
in the Betty Ford clinic,
I'll have already
made my first million.
- Yeah, you hang out with a lot
of sober millionaires, Irving?
Does anybody else need a drink?
- I do.
- I'll make you
something special.
- I'm not old enough
to drink, silly,
so no funny business.
- Stop trying to corrupt
my pledge, Kenny.
- I was always told
to follow my heart.
- You doing okay?
- A bit for me,
and a little bit for you.
Here you go, Chrissy.
- Thank you, Kenny.
- I like the Sprite
on you, Kenny.
- Sorry.
- Gonna get me
another drink, bro?
- Here, have mine.
- No, I'll get you
another one, man.
It's no problem.
- No, don't worry about it.
I wasn't really thirsty.
Blair just wanted
to mess with Kenny.
- That's fucked up, Blair.
- I have a story.
- Oh, this'll be good.
- Come on, Blair.
I know you can be nice.
- Really, Blake?
- You done?
Okay, well,
there was this couple.
They were madly in love,
so they wanted to have kids.
- Yeah, that's novel.
- That's not the story.
Like most men, he
wanted to have a son,
you know, carry on his name.
- Uh, such a man.
- Unfortunately for
the husband, however,
a daughter was born,
but despite his disappointment,
the wife hoped he'd grow
to love their little girl,
but over the years,
the couple actually grew
further and further apart,
and one summer, for the little
girl's eleventh birthday,
the mother planned
a camping trip
to try and reunite the family.
- That's a dumb
woman right there.
- Their first
night in the woods,
something unimaginable happened.
- They had like a really
solid family camping trip?
- Should I finish?
- Sorry.
- That same night,
their daughter awoke
from her nightmare.
She was sweating and crying.
She tried to open up her tent
when a noise startled her.
It sounded like
a pack of wolves.
The noise was so loud
she thought it could be
right outside her tent,
so she ran back inside,
and she cried and cried
and cried herself to sleep.
Next morning,
she called out for her mother,
didn't get a response.
- They were dead, weren't they?
- She walked into
her parents' tent
and found their intestines
decorated around
like Jack the Ripper
was still alive.
Their eyes were literally
cut out of their sockets
and placed into their hands.
- The killer had to be white.
There's no way a black man
would even do that shit.
- Here we go again.
- What if the killer
was the little girl?
- That doesn't make any sense.
Why would a little
girl kill her parents?
- I don't know, man.
Nothing really
makes any sense anymore.
Everybody's wild now.
- Actually, they never found
who committed the crime.
Some people did say
it was her daughter.
- So what happened to her?
- The state had her
committed to a mental ward
and within six months,
she hung herself.
Some say her ghost still
haunts the very woods
we're camping in right now,
and if you hear loud howling,
it's her coming to seek revenge
for her parents' death.
- You aright, Irving?
It's just a ghost story.
- I'm good.
I just need to get
some fresh air.
- Oh, man, you're outside.
This is as fresh
as the air gets.
- Should I go with him?
I don't think he should
be just walking around
in the woods alone.
- Irving's a big boy.
He can take a walk by himself.
- Shit.
Jesus fucking Christ.
- Irving, you okay?
- I just saw a raccoon.
- You're scared of a raccoon?
- No, no, no, there's
something out there, man.
- Did you pee in your pants?
- It's okay, man.
Those are scary motherfuckers.
- No, man, it wasn't
the fucking raccoon.
Something killed it.
- Calm down, Irving.
We're in the woods.
It's normal.
- I've never seen
anything like that before.
- Anything like what?
- It had a bite on its neck,
and its guts were
spread everywhere.
- Oh God, it's the ghost.
It's the ghost.
- Ghosts don't bite, Chrissy.
- Okay, but, seriously,
first the howling,
and now the raccoon.
- I think it's best we
just get in the tents.
I reckon it's gonna
be a long day tomorrow
if we expect to
get to the grave.
- I can't believe we're
looking for a grave
to pass a class.
- I'm supposed to sleep now?
- Dude, just think
positive thoughts, man.
Bubble gum--
- Shut the hell up, Kenny.
- I'm just
trying to help you
enjoy the ride, Irving.
- The fuck's
that even mean?
- Isabella,
you okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
- So, uh,
wrapping up day one,
some ups and some downs.
As you can see, my
tent has been invaded
by a fucking jerk
from Sixteen Candles,
so yeah, that's awesome.
- Why are you wearing that?
We're not going to the mall
for a search.
- Duh, but fashion doesn't die
just 'cause we're in the sequel
to Deliverance, Blair.
- Am I supposed to
know what that means?
- Look, we're only in
this God forsaken place
because of your blind
obsession with a guy
who wants nothing
to do with you.
- I can't believe you're
talking to me like this.
- Yeah, well, believe it,
and I may be your pledge,
but I think you could learn
a thing or two from me
on how to dress.
- On the upside, I could
probably bang Irving tonight.
I guess my only hesitation is
that he doesn't have a vagina.
So, all in all,
I'd say it's been
a pretty solid day.
Kenny out.
- Chrissy?
- Okay, you only look semi-cute
'cause you're hoping
that Irving notices
you have a how to flirt
like a whore handbook.
- At least I have
a plan to get laid.
You don't even care
about this project,
and you obviously are never
going to sleep with Blake.
I mean, you're more than
a little delusional.
- Delusional?
He's my date to
the Debutante Ball.
Do you have any idea
what that means?
- Put it on your college
application, bitch.
Knock yourself out.
Look, you may think I'm dumb,
but even I can tell,
he is not into you.
- Oh, yes he is.
- Oh no, he's not.
He likes Isabella.
I mean, really, how
can you not see that?
- Why are you trying to hurt me?
I thought you were my friend.
- And I thought you were mine.
Look, look at me.
I don't even know who
you are around this guy.
Hey, the Blair I know and love
is addicted to foot
massages and face masks.
What happened to her?
- Well,
maybe you don't know me anymore.
- I hope that's not true.
I just wanna go home.
- Hail Mary, full of grace.
Our Lord is with you.
- Chrissy?
- What's wrong?
- Chrissy's gone.
- Gone where?
- If I knew that,
do you think I'd be
screaming her name?
- Is her horse still there?
- I'll go check.
- I'm scared.
- Uh, there's a huge
rip in your tent.
- Don't touch anything.
You gotta get this
all on camera.
Oh, fuck, are you serious?
That doesn't look
like a rip to me.
That looks like it was slashed.
- How would you know that?
- Look how clean it is, man.
- Her horse is gone.
- An animal slashed my tent.
I can't stay here.
I have a Debutante
party on Saturday.
You are my date,
for Christ's sakes.
- Just try to relax.
- Maybe she was
trying to go home.
- She can't.
I have the map.
- Okay, everybody pack up.
If she's not back by then,
then we'll follow
her horse's tracks.
- Nice bling, Mr. T.
- Say what?
- I pity the fool
who takes my gold chain.
Let me hear you say it.
Come on, you can do
it better than me.
- I'm starting to
feel so much better.
It's like you're my security
blanket or something.
- Right, Irving, I'm the
racist one, of course.
- Are we even sure these
are Chrissy's tracks?
- It's like you don't even care
about finding my friend.
I mean, stop trying
to make me feel bad.
- It's just an observation.
Not everything's
about you, Blair.
- What, do you see
something, man?
- Kenny, we've been
walking for hours.
Where are we?
- I don't really know.
All these trails look
the same on this map.
- Chrissy.
- Wait for me.
- Blake.
You can't just leave
me here, Blake.
- Chrissy.
- Irving.
- Chrissy.
- So, Blair, how you feeling?
- Not safe.
- I strike you as like
a dangerous kind of guy?
- You watch too many movies.
- See, I think you're
just a little camera shy.
- Oh, really?
How's this?
This better?
How about this?
Is that good?
- Hey, not the
fucking drugs, girl.
You're not that cute, Jesus.
- Jesus Christ.
Isabella, where'd you come from?
- I'm so turned around.
I don't even know.
- You ever see anything
like this before?
- In a nightmare, maybe.
Let's get out of here.
- Alright, go get the others.
I'm gonna go in.
- I'm not leaving you alone.
Are you crazy?
- What the fuck would do this?
- I don't know.
I don't think you
should touch anything.
- Fuck, oh fuck.
- What the fuck was that?
- I am not staying
here with you.
- Where are you going?
Where are you going?
- Blake, help.
- Blair.
- Blake,.
- Hey, Blair?
Hey, hold up.
- Fuck, fuck, fuck.
- Are you okay?
Oh my God.
- Holy shit.
Whose blood is that?
- We need to call the
cops right now, man.
We're being watched, alright?
We're being watched,
and I can feel it.
- They were right here.
I just left them
right fucking here.
- We're being
watched, alright.
- Nothing is out there.
- It took Chrissy too.
- You don't know that.
- I saw it riding her horse.
- I wanna go home.
- Me too.
- Right now.
- Man, you're
covered in blood.
What was in that shed?
- Chrissy was in that
shed, wasn't she?
- Can you get us back?
- The map was with
my horse, man.
We're fucked.
- Kenny, this is all your fault.
This is why you
will never get laid.
You are such a little bitch.
- How is this my
fault in any way?
What part of this
is my fucking fault?
- Guys, calm down.
Calm down.
- I can get us back.
- Without the map?
- We just have to
follow our tracks
- Oh, following tracks,
that is how we got into this.
- You have a better idea?
- We got the gun, five bullets,
and a lighter.
- I got a flashlight and a pen.
- Oh, dude, nice.
We're definitely
gonna need that pen.
Am I right, guys?
- Fuck you, Kenny.
What do you have?
- I got some chocolate bars
and some drugs.
- And that's it?
- Oh, and a condom.
- A condom?
Seriously, man.
- Man, I'd rather
go bareback too.
It's not the '60s anymore.
- What about you, Blair?
- Maxi pads, okay?
I have Maxi pads.
It's my time of the month.
- That explains a lot.
Don't look at me.
I don't have anything.
- How about your purse?
There's nothing in your purse?
- Socks and underwear,
nothing we can use.
- Perfect.
- Guys, let's not fight.
I mean, we'd be totally fucked
without those Maxi
- Oh, fuck you, virgin.
- Does anyone have
water or a flask?
- There's a creek close by.
Maybe we can fill up
that condom with water.
- Is that even possible?
- I bet it's way
too small for that.
- Okay, so first of all,
literally every condom
is too small for that.
Secondly, it's gonna be
nasty and lubey and gross,
and I don't even think
we should be drinking
river water, you guys.
- Shut up, Kenny.
- Yeah, alright.
- You sure we
made a right back there?
I can hardly make out the tracks
with all this rain.
- Don't forget, we're coming
from the opposite direction.
- Guys, I'm literally 100% sure
these are Buttercup's tracks.
Watch Movies and Series Free!
Remember, she has
that birthmark.
- I mean, Professor
Anderson can't give us
an incomplete for this, right?
I mean, she can't fail us.
- I haven't thought about that.
- Well, I have,
and my daddy's gonna kill me
if I don't get all A's,
and thank God, why
do I even care?
I mean, we're totally fucked.
We're all gonna end
up like Chrissy.
- You're right.
What are we even doing this for?
Whatever's out
there is gonna come
and get us all.
Come and get us, mother fucker.
We're right here,
you little bitch.
I gotta pee.
- I'll make sure she's okay.
- Blake, wait.
- What are you doing?
- I thought I lost you.
- I said I was going
to the bathroom.
That's creepy, Blake.
- Sorry, I just didn't
want you to be alone.
- You wanna watch?
I see you looking at me.
- I'm not.
- You better not be.
- Don't flatter yourself.
- I'm not.
- Mind if I ask a
personal question?
- Like this isn't
personal enough?
- Why don't you
have a boyfriend?
- How do you know I don't?
- You don't.
- What, are you stalking
me or something?
- Not exactly
the word I'd use.
- No?
What would you call it then?
- Interested.
- You shouldn't be.
- How do you know we're
going the right way?
- I know we are.
- I remember that.
She's right.
- I don't.
- Me neither, but we can use it
to make a roof for our camp.
- No, no, no, I'm not
stopping for anything.
- What do you mean?
It's almost dark out.
- You guys can do what you want,
but I'm not staying in
these woods another night.
- I'm with Irving.
Someone's missing right now.
- We can make this a
real shelter, guys.
- I vote we stay.
We need to stick together.
Besides, Blake's
got the only gun.
- Keep it.
I'm out.
- Don't leave.
- Listen, there is
something in these woods,
and it's not
getting me, alright?
- Stay with us, Kenny.
- No, I'm sorry.
I'm with Irving.
This place is fucked.
- We gotta find some
dry wood and leaves.
- It's gonna be hard
to find anything dry.
- Yeah.
- This doesn't
look right, man.
- Looks familiar to me, man.
- Okay, so this is
clearly not the way.
- I didn't account for six
inches of rain, alright?
- Man, six inches of rain?
This is a fucking cliff.
We didn't go this way.
- We did, Kenny.
It just didn't look
like this before, man.
- Okay, maybe it didn't
look like this before
because we haven't
fucking been here before.
- We just need to find
a way across, alright?
- No man, I say we go
back to that last turn--
- No, no, no, we're
not going back, Kenny.
Just see if that trail
leads to the creek,
and I'll go look for
a downed tree brach
or something, alright?
- Man, this idea is bullshit.
Let's go back to that last turn.
We'll find a bridge.
- You're not
fucking safe, Kenny.
Leave whenever you want, man.
- Fuck, are you kidding me?
This sucks.
You suck.
This whole fucking thing sucks.
I'm so fucking done
with this shit.
Fucking piece of shit.
- Kenny.
- Fuck.
- Kenny.
- Irving, help me.
- Fuck, man, fuck--
- It's on my leg, man.
I don't know what the
fuck this is, man.
- Okay, alright, alright,
alright, stop moving.
Stop moving, man.
- Oh my fucking God, get
this fucking thing off me.
- Keep still.
Don't move, don't move,
don't move, don't move.
- Get this fucking
thing off me, man.
- Keep still.
Keep still.
Don't move.
- Man--
- Don't move.
Just keep still, man.
What the hell is
this thing, man?
- I can't feel
my fucking foot, man.
- Kenny, stop.
Stop, Kenny.
- Fucking thing--
- Alright, Kenny, look at me.
Look at me.
I'm gonna get you help, alright?
- No, no--
- Kenny, I'm gonna
come right back.
I promise, Kenny.
- Don't you fucking leave me.
- Kenny, I'm gonna
come right back.
I promise, man.
- Please don't leave me.
I'm gonna fucking, Irving.
Irving, Irving.
- And Kenny said these
were good for nothing.
- The stars are really
beautiful tonight, huh?
- Mmhm, yeah.
- So this is what it's
like to be a third wheel.
I always wondered
what that felt like.
- Blair, wait.
- Let her go.
Let her go.
- It isn't right.
All five of us should really
be together right now.
- Stop.
I need to talk to you.
- Now?
- Is there ever a right time?
Let her go.
Why do you take them?
- Why do you care?
What are you trying to
prove right now, Blake?
- I just wanna talk
alone for once.
- Alone is exactly
what we shouldn't be.
You think you know me, Blake?
- I'm trying to.
- You have everything.
What are you doing with me?
- Look, I know
you don't remember
the first time we met,
but I do,
and ever since then,
I wake up every Sunday morning
and watch you ride
your bike to church,
and I know that when
you move your hair
from left to right,
it means you're nervous.
- What?
- I compare every girl to you.
They don't even hold a candle.
- That story I told you,
that little girl,
that little girl was me.
I should have never
come with you guys.
Everyone's in danger.
- It's okay.
Where's Isabella?
- Who?
- Holy shit.
Who's there?
Can you help me please?
Who's there?
Who's there?
Please fucking help me.
Please fucking help me.
I don't wanna die.
I don't wanna die.
Oh, fuck.
Who's there?
Please help me.
I don't wanna
fucking die, please.
I know you're out there.
Come out, you mother fucker.
- Irving, please don't leave me.
So, um,
my foot's fucked,
and I'm all alone,
so that sucks fucking balls.
Oh my God.
Thank God.
Is help coming?
- There's no help on the way.
- Fucking thing is locked.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
- No, my leg is fucked.
This thing's fucking locked,
fucking miles from okay.
- Sh, they have locks, sure,
but everything is possible
if you have one of these.
- We gotta find Isabella.
- I
feel really dizzy.
- You're gonna be okay.
What the fuck?
- You're bleeding.
- It's not mine.
- Why do you have a key?
- It is not the question
you should be asking.
Question you should be asking is
how am I gonna get an A
on this class project,
Emily Burt wants you.
I want you to have a perfect
finale for your movie.
Don't you still
want that, Kenny?
- I definitely want that.
Get this off of me, please.
- In a minute.
First, we should examine
how we got here, right?
'Cause, I mean,
I know how we got here, but,
we should not have gotten
here this way, right?
Should we?
- No, but--
- No.
- I know.
- Fuck.
- Blake.
- Oh my fucking God.
- Where's your camera?
- I lost it.
- Goddammit.
I wanted to see.
- You could go find it.
It's probably close.
Just if you unlock me,
we could probably find it.
- So good.
You're so good.
You're so good.
I was so impressed with you.
I didn't wanna tell you.
I didn't wanna tell you about it
in front of all the others,
how impressed I was with you.
You should be real proud
of yourself, Kenny.
You know what lycanthropy is?
- No.
- I do.
Emily Burt did too.
Those newspaper articles,
they fucking lie.
They lie.
The truth, Kenny,
the truth is an
ugly thing, Kenny.
- Please don't kill me.
Please don't kill me.
Please don't kill me.
- Beg me.
- Please.
- Beg me please.
- Please.
Please, this is fine.
You don't need to kill me.
- I know.
I wish I could stop.
- No, please don't kill me.
Please don't kill.
Trying to be what
you want me to be
I'm trying to be your man
I only see what
you want me to see
They see the gun in your hands
You had me fooled
at all the right times
You always knew what to say
Swimming through
the fire in my mind
It's time to
put out the flames
Mamma said I don't know you
But I know that I do
But I know that I do, yeah
Mamma said I don't love you
But I know that I do
But I know that
I do, yeah, yeah
Pull the trigger now
Pull the trigger now
Pull the trigger now
Pull the trigger now
Pull the trigger now
Pull the trigger now
Pull the trigger now
Pull the trigger now
Pull the trigger now
Pull the trigger now
And pull the trigger now
Pull the trigger now
Pull the trigger now
Pull the trigger now
Pull the trigger now
Mamma said I don't know you
But I know that I do
But I know that
I do, yeah, yeah
- Blake.
- Give me your hand, Blair.
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
- I can't hold on.
Oh my God, Chrissy, no.
Oh my God, is it Chrissy?
- I don't know.
I don't know.
- We're gonna die.
We're gonna die.
We're gonna die.
- It's okay.
- Blake, is that you?
- We're down here.
Help, please.
- Thank God it didn't get you.
- Please
help us, please.
- It's watching us.
a house nearby.
Here, here, here.
Pull yourself up.
I tied it to a tree.
Just pull yourself up.
Come on.
Come on, Blair.
- Blair, come on.
- Come on.
- Come on,
come on, come on.
- Wait.
Good boy.
Come on.
- Are you joking?
We can't go in there.
- Leave her.
- I can't.
Do you wanna go home?
- Duh.
- Well, then you
don't have a choice.
- It's okay.
- The fuck it is.
- Let's all just
calm down, okay?
If it wanted us dead,
they would have
killed us already.
- Blair, don't.
Blair, don't move.
- No, I have to
get to that phone.
I just know that there's help
on the other end of that line.
I just know it.
- They're just scared.
They don't mean any harm.
I promise.
- Why are you talking to them
like they understand?
They're fucking wolves.
- Because they do.
- Hello?
Please help me.
- Oh my
goodness, what's wrong?
- Come with me.
- No, where are you taking me?
Where are you taking me?
- Please help me.
There are coyotes
trying to eat me,
and all of my friends are dead.
- Those aren't
coyotes, darling.
Those are wolves.
- Wolves?
- There's a
button on the piano.
Do you see it?
- Yes, yes, I see it.
- Good,
good, now press it.
Help is coming, dear.
- What is all this?
- My childhood memories.
- I don't understand.
Please tell me you
didn't do all this.
- I tried to warn you,
but you wouldn't listen.
This is me.
Now you know why I can't
let anyone get close.
- This ain't you.
I know you.
- I know it's a lot,
but you have to believe that
I didn't choose any of this.
She chose me.
- Who's she?
- Bella.
- She's here.
She's here.
- Ms. Fields made
you do all this?
- And now she wants
me to kill you,
but I won't do it.
Oh my God.
- Wait, what are you doing?
- She's a daughter
of the last Burt.
She changed her name because
of all the attention.
Her entire family
suffered from my disease.
- You don't have a disease.
You're not crazy, Isabella.
- How did I do this, then?
I think you are afraid of me.
- Hide
and seek was always
our favorite game, Bella.
- You have to get out.
- I'm not leaving you.
- You don't have a choice.
- I'm coming.
Ready or not, here I come.
- No, no, Isabella, no.
- Run.
- Where is he?
- I win.
You lose.
- You are so weak,
picking a boy over
your own family.
- Isabella, Isabella.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- I don't want
this life anymore.
- Do you think they
could ever understand
how twisted we are?
- Please tell her, mother.
Rebel with a
cause out of control
Got nowhere to go
Running from it
all out on your own
Catch up to his soul
Only seeing what's
in front of you
Leaving everything behind
You refuse to
love me loving you
You leave everyone behind
Ride up to night yourself
Just like a bird
that's in the sky
Only going where you want
No one can stop you now
Speed demon
Riding through the night
Speed demon
Riding through the night
Speed demon
Riding through the night
Speed demon
You could risk your life
Speed demon
Riding through the night
Speed demon
Riding through the night
Speed demon
Riding through the night
Speed demon
Riding through the night
Love, life, no light
She's the priest
and you're the sun
Bleeding hearts in the night
She could smell
from miles away
Lipstick, a stranger pain
Carry out her vendetta
A woman scorned,
a wolf untamed
There is no escape
There's blood on
the moon tonight
There's blood on
the moon tongight
Hey, she'll never be the same
Oh, no, she's not alright
So like a wolf
she's high enough
Can you hear her howl
There's blood on
the moon tonight
hides in the shadows