Lying (2006) Movie Script

Are there ticks?
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm sure
Why all the junk food?
I have a project
I'm gonna try and do while I'm here,
and maybe you guys could help
Is that all of the boxes too?
Can you help me with these?
Could you get the front door?
My keys
Put it down here
Found it
Do you guys wanna take a
look around the yard?
Do you need help with anything?
Oh no, just sit down
Its nice
Do you wanna see your rooms?
Hum, by the way...
The phone lines are down, I just...
I haven't had a chance to
get around to fixing 'em
It's fine
your room is down stairs
It's a really nice room
I mean, it's a trap
We never leave
Do we clink, do we say a toast or?
You do not say a toast
You not supposed to clink?
No clinking
The weekend?
Thank you!
Should I serve you?
My uncle was really good with wines
He always come over and start
talking about 'em for hours
And so we have to delay
dinner's just so we could
talk about this grand
"wine that he had
I hope he had some " tonight
They have, I don't know, all kinds of food
There's lots of fish and lots of meat
So I was a vegetarian at the
time, so I didn't eat anything
But my friend has a " of meat
In like this big"
And this little boy ran up
from behind and grab the
meat right of the"
And stuck it and his
pocket and run off
Oh God!
That's kinda tragic
It was"
It's gorgeous there
Who'd you go with?
My old boyfriend
Where'd you learn how to cook?
Ah, cook books
Did you have the joy of cooking?
The joy of cooking!
The old stand by
My mom and dad are really into trying
new foods from different countrys
Once a week we have a meal... some
different, exotic dishes
It's nice!
It's a nice tradition
Where were you when you find out?
In my dorm
And you had no idea that they're
gonna leave you so much money?
Not at all
So you guys just met at yoga?
Yeah, we've been
How are you?
Megan says you guys interned
with her this summer?
Not with me"
you hired us
I can't believe two months is gone by
Why not?
I don't know
But it's been great, the experience
You still in school?
Excuse me
I'll be right back
It seemed like the right
time, it's not a big deal
It's the first night!
It was... the conversation...
Look, obviously
She doesn't seem upset
Now I feel really bad
Fine, it's over, whatever
No, she hates me
She hates me, doesn't she?
Whatever, just think, it wasn't a big deal
Look at that
What do you have?
What is that?
Crystal gardens
For all of you
For the weekend
We can watching grow
No, no, no, no
I can picture you as a blond
Could you picture me as a blond?
Yeah, me neither
I've only been blond about a year
"died, I wanna to
reflect more light around my head
I want it to be brighter
Like a"
a light on the back of my
head, like a flashlight
Like the light hitting the
back of my head and...
Someone shouting
We've found you
Freeze! Don't move!
We've found you"
It doesn't make a sound
Isn't doesn't always have to be
What is that, just, seriously?
Chill out!
You bastard!
You gonna give me every diseases!
What are you doing here?
I was driving back from Vermont
I'll swing by to Se if anyone was here
Is anybody here?
This is my brother, Henri
Hi, I'm Grace
Hi Grace
Hi Linda
I tried calling but I couldnt get thru
The lines are down
Since when?
Like a week now
I'm gonna fix before I leave
She didn't even tell us about you
Yeah, she did
No, she didn't
No, no, no, no, no
We look alike
We'll do a test
Let me show you
We are totally identical
No, come here
Like me, do it like me
I don't know, the eyebrows?
- Maybe...
- Sort of...
Same size feet, maybe?
Come with me
They're fraternal
You have to leave
Come on, please, you just... you have to go
What? Just...
I've been in the car for three hours!
I don't wanna drive down
to New York right now
Hella's fiance just left her two days ago
She's completely crushed
She doesn't seem crushed
It's because she tells that
For me?
I've parked my car on the road, like...
Can someone maybe give me a ride?
Come on, is cold
I don't know, they had a lot to drink
I'm sorry but it's supposed
to be girls weekend
Only girls
I never knew you had so many friends
Always keeping 'em from me
OK! Thank you!
What you've just said?
Yeah, you did. You just said something
I didn't say anything
You just said something about pizza
No, I didn't
You said like really quick, like,
is there pizza or I want pizza
No, I didn't. I was just siting here
Dude, you just said that. I swear!
I don't think I said anything
Yes, you did
I don't know
I don't know, I just
thought is something funny
Did I?
Do you?
No, Henri
Come in!
Just saying good night
Good night
Is she in the bath?
I think so
Goodnight Hella
I hear nothing
Sweet dreams
Yes what?
You're so weird
But so am I
Feels nice
How long ago did her parents died?
I think two or three years ago
Can I turn this off?
If you don't need it
It's strange that he just left
I'm lost and thirsty
Do you want some juice?
Do I look like an infant?
Soda, I want soda
Soda is full of sugar
It's to early
Will make you hipper
Hipper is good
The army likes hipper
Is that what you are?
The army?
Is what I wanna do
My dad wants me to be a medic
My mom wants me to joying the
air force, like her dad
And why the army?
Because they are number than marines
Then why go in there at all?
Why not... do something
else with your life?
Defending your country is cool
I know all the"
How could you be lost?
You're so smart
I am. Since yesterday
You're right
Where do you live?
I told you, I'm not from around here.
I'm lost
Just camping with my dad
Do you want my help?
My house is right down there
Yeah, right
I was just asking why the army...
Why not be an inventor or something?
Just killing people is more fun
Do you know how many times I've been"
Do you wanna kill me?
Why not?
Because why?
Because your one of me
You're up early
You're up early
I thought you're gonna
sleeping for at least in an hour
It's bright here
Do you wanna take a walk with me?
It's okay
Do you have any coffee?
Yeah, sure
I can make it
No, it's fine
But your walk?
Now that you're up I'll stay
I mean, don't...
I'm just saying 'cause I'm up
What would you doing if I leave?
Have a sleep some more
I might take a walk to,
just not right away
The filters are here
Have a nice walk
I'm gonna do the video over there
I can do the help
You can run the camera
Good morning
I'm just gonna go wash up
You found the tea
I'd like to put a pool in here
That would be great
How can't you see with
your glasses so dirty?
They are dirty
Why don't you have any help?
Yeah, someone to bring me things
They don't need me that much
Besides, even if I could
afford I didn't wanna...
Is that what you want?
I might
My turn
She's a natural
What's your brother do again?
He's in a middle of a " novel
Really? I thought... he was in a band,
I thought they're doing well
He wishes
He's so weird
He went to see this unicorn...
...when he was ten... the circus... all I wanted to see
But turn up the unicorn...
is just a poor goat
Who's horn have been
bound together into one
I think it screwed him up
What's up with her?
Please don't use the phone
I told you, the lines are down
But this one works, it
just needed to be bugged in
Who do you need to call?
I was just checking my messages
I know
I know, I just " be nice if
"no phone for a few days, okay?
You got some great books in this library
Did you see this?
So, it's on the agenda
How long does it been in your family?
Is not that old and my grandmother...
We had a library that
was five hundred years old
I got too much sun today
What's that?
Something to play
What is it?
- It's like...
- An sombrero!
Boy soccer, 1999
You murderer!
How's the skirt on me?
It's really unflattering
I just wanted to say!
Oh my God!
Round one
Grace could you zip me up?
You fit perfectly, actually
This dress looks nice
My mother's
Could you change the music, please?
It's better with my hair up
Change this music!
Alright! Okay!
- I'm sorry!
- Pardon me!
You totally in my way!
Aw, stupid aw!
What did you do?
No, no, no
I'm sorry!
It's not your fault
No, leave me alone
- Where is that?
- Turn down the music, turn down the music!
Do you hear that?
What is that?
- That's over here
- Spy the doors, spy the doors, spy the doors!
No! Don't!
No, is definitely out here
I can hear! I can hear, is out here!
- Uh, it's here
- No! It's over here!
Let's go, let's go!
Listen, it's like they hide in a book shelf
You better keep your glasses on
No, it's here!
It's out back!
- It's here!
- She's right!
Look the doors!
It's totally here!
- Let's go see
- I know
- Maybe we should go outside...
- No
Can't go outside, don't leave the house!
- No, it's here
- No...
It's here!
It's staying here!
No, it's over here!
Get out!
Listen, listen, listen!
Where is it?!
It's here!
Yeah, it's here, it's here, listen
Check that closet
You going outside?!
Come here
It's upstairs!
It's upstairs!
No, it's not!
Where is it going?
It's in the library!
It's in the library!
- It's in the library!
- It's in the library!
Don't open the door!
It's in the kitchen!
Go, go!
It stopped!
It's here!
You guys!
I'm not sure
Let's go
It's out there!
I think it's over here!
It's over here, it's over here!!
Fuck you!
It's upstairs
It's upstairs!
We should go
Come on!
Grace don't defy me!
Where it go?
It's in the fireplace
It's in the fireplace
It's in the fireplace, everyone!
Listen, Listen!
Where this clothes come from?
I've just been collecting them
I think I can hear it
I can't hear
No, it's gone
It's not
It is, that's just the rain
- Where it come from?
- Where did you go, where do you go, where do you go...
I'm tired
We should name him
Megan, what was that?
- Megan
- Yeah
What was that?
I don't know
You should know
I've never heard it before
They're growing!
"You can do it harder
You are so good at this
I was in massage school for a second
We rubbed each other all day
long and then I go to anatomy
And I realise from the pictures...
All I was doing is
tenderizing meat and fat
I felt like a butcher and I quit
Well done
Anyone else?
No, thanks
How is this sound?
"We'll be back tomorrow. Might be
too tired to hang, we'll see"
Sounds fine
I know but should I say "I might
be back" or "I will be back"?
Just say what you want,
it's sounds fine
Maybe I don't want him
to know I'll be back
I mean, I want him to know.
I wanna see him tomorrow, but...
I want to think for just a second
that maybe we won't see each other
To so... he wanna see me even more
That's ridiculous, Linda
Just tell 'em
Tell 'em the truth
That you'll be back and
you want to see 'em
Tell 'em that you love 'em and
you want to see him all the time
No, this is fine
Is time to work
Can we do the video now?
Yeah, I'll...
I'll go get the starving babies
The what?
You'll be over there, Linda
How's it looking?
Yeah, you have a couple
feet to the left
And you're out of frame
More towards the center!
Are we wearing the hats?
No hats
You're at the edge of
the frame, right there!
So this is the edge?
Walk straight ahead!
Were did all the clouds come from?
You were sleeping
It's one of those crazy summer storms
It will pass
Just start over here
How do I know which is which?
Just make it up
They're all in the frame?
Yeah, I already said that
You have to act like you're
doing something great
Like you're really helping
the starving babies out
You're proud...
but, do it delicately
Are they crying?
They're starving
They can't cry
But if they could...
they would
Are you ready?
I don't think they're acting hot enough
It's Africa and they're
not acting hot enough
You should tell them
So it's suppose to be ironic?
Hi Megan!
Hi Sarah!
How's it going?
It's good!
Good, how are you?
I'm good
I saw this out my window
You're living"
I'll be right back!
Are we done?
Are your parents coming up?
We're living tomorrow
I'm thirsty
Me too
Who is that?
I just came by to say hello
I'll go get you guys some water
I don't know
I'm doing things
And I love without pear
Get a little bit lonely sometimes
I know you do
Todd is coming up in a few days
Is that is?
Looks so big
Is for further things
It's reminds me of all that stuff
Have you seen the gardens here?
You should
Want some?
My dad asked about you the other day
He misses your parents
They're close
It's weird
They're really close
It's fucked
How's the " coming along?
The mess will get fixed
Maybe you should come
over tomorrow morning
For breakfast
Bring some vegetables
Sounds nice
Your pants
You change them on your
walk the other morning
I saw you from the kitchen going and
coming, they're all different color
You like them?
I made them
I can make some for you
Been there
Are you afraid to dying?
Don't ever say die
You just seem like
someone who isn't
I'm not
You say that like it's nothing
It is nothing
Would you return this to the chair?
She has a horse and now
she got's a new pony
- Beautiful, and she has a " chicken...
- So she lives all alone there?
She had a fiance
But he left her
It's sad
I wish I had a fiance
In your twenties?
I thought she was wearing a ring
But she has to let go
I think that she wanted
to buy this lot too, but...
I helped her
So you actually build this house?
Yeah, I had build
I thought it was old
No, it's new
I really like how the
doors have no door nobs
Well, I guess it is new
Is just strange, I thought it was old
- Do you need any help?
- Nope
No but thanks
Does anyone need tea?
Haven't notice too many insects
Lots of"
Usually the first one to get bitten
There's one
Did you know that it used to be " clouds?
The size of Rhode Island?
That big?
Yeah, they used to " from miles and miles
Then one year they just didn't come
They never came again
Not like that
They still exist
Not in forms that size
What happened?
They just found out
Like last year
I guess is part of their cycle
They fly away north
Closer to the arctic
And in the"
It's totally melting now
They discovered this huge spread
out thin layer of "and"
Was like a layer of them
Like a " of black
Like a blanket of insects
I never imagined where
those things come from
I hear about them
I assumed that's just...
sweep down from the sky
I think about where they
go when they're not here
Don't they fly that far every year?
It was early
The storm
That'll never been a storm
like that, that early
It sucks for them
Millions of them fools like that!
Instant fools, instant
freeze, instant fools!
It's a scary thought
You'll be back in school soon
Are you looking forward to getting back?
I don't really feel like I left
Of course you do
I'm sorry
And what about?
I'm glad you can make it up, though
You have to do it again
I want you to meet my
parents when we get back
I think you'll like them
I'm sleepy
I'm going up
Tell Grace I said goodnight
Thanks for your help today
It should be good
Yeah, it was fun
It wasn't supposed to be fun
No, I know
You do?
I know, I got it
Turn that crap off
Where you smoking?
Just one
She's 26, not 25
Rise and shine!
We have to tell you something
Gas? Power? Water? Telephone?
I have no idea what you're
talking about, you guys
- I'm sorry
- Just look at it!
Please, just look at it
And the dates
Well, maybe...
I don't want to talk to her
Oh God!
I know it's early but
if we don't do this now
That was like taken what?
Three months ago?
And this is like
I mean...
Why would she?
Why would she
Don't make a big deal out this, I don't...
What you mean?
How we not make a big deal?
- " I don't understand what is this...
- Okay, Grace is like...
You told me you didn't were glasses
I lied
We know
I knew you guys were
on your way up here
The crystals...
One day will awake into discover,
your life is all you wanted
And hoped it will be
You're not find everything just the
way your head said you wanted it
It might be not the way you planned
But you'll awake into your dreams
Your dreams of joy
And peace
Your dream of freedom
You'll see beyond the illusions
You'll transcend your
old limiting beliefs
You'll wake up and notice that your
past is just as it needed to be
You'll see where you
are today is good
You'll look at tomorrow
with peace, faith and hope
Knowing that while you can not
control some of what life does
You have possibilities, and powers in
any circumstances life might bring
The struggle you have lived
with for so many years
The struggle in your heart
Has disappeared
You're secure
At peace with yourself
And your place in this world
One day, you'll awake into
your heart's contentment
Let that day be today
Thank you
I really loved what she said
Would you like to come
to my country house?
With me and some of my
friends this weekend?
It sounds lovely!
Where they go?
They said they couldn't
take the fresh air anymore
And we never going back
It's all I lived for
Did you hear about that boy?
Got lost around here for like, four days
They just found them
Is he okay?
Yeah, they're saying he keeps saying
He saw this woman and she refused to help
They're saying he had a vision
That she wasn't real