Maalik (1972) Movie Script

you blessed me with a child.
You should have also given me
the strength to raise him.
I lost my husband.
I've become homeless.
I don't have anybody
in this world.
Where will I go with my child?
You will have to take care of
my child as a mother, a father
and a friend.
"Oh, Lord Krishna."
"Lord Krishna, You will
have to appear here."
"You will have to appear here."
"You will have to
fulfil Your promise."
"You will have to
fulfil Your promise."
"Lord Krishna, You will
have to appear here."
"You will have to appear here."
"You will have to
fulfil Your promise."
"You will have to
fulfil Your promise."
"You went to Gokul. Now, you
will have to come to Mathura."
"You went to Gokul. Now, you
will have to come to Mathura."
"You went to Gokul. Now, you
will have to come to Mathura."
"Let us catch a
glimpse of Yours."
"Let us catch a
glimpse of Yours."
"Oh, Lord Shyam!"
"Oh, Lord Shyam,
see for Yourself"
"everyone in Dwarka
is missing You."
"Oh, Lord Krishna."
"Lord Krishna, You will
have to appear here."
"You will have to appear here."
"You will have to
fulfil Your promise."
"You will have to
fulfil Your promise."
"The water of River Jamuna
has become stagnant."
"The water of River Jamuna
has become stagnant."
"The forest of Madhuban seem
desolate in Your absence."
"The forest of Madhuban seem
desolate in Your absence."
"The lanes of Kunj..."
"The lanes of Kunj and the Gopis
are still waiting for You."
"Everything seems
lifeless without You."
"Oh, Lord Krishna."
"Lord Krishna, You will
have to appear here."
"You will have to appear here."
"You will have to
fulfil Your promise."
"You will have to
fulfil Your promise."
"Your cows won't go for
grazing without You."
"Your cows won't go for
grazing without You."
"Your cows won't go for
grazing without You."
"The cows belong to You. Who
will take care of them?"
"The cows belong to You. Who
will take care of them?"
"A lot of demons like Kansa..."
"A lot of demons like Kansa
were born in India."
"But it was only You
who could slay them."
"Oh, Lord Krishna."
"Lord Krishna, You will
have to appear here."
"You will have to appear here."
"You will have to
fulfil Your promise."
"You will have to
fulfil Your promise."
"Hail Lord Krishna
also known as Murari."
"Hail Lord Krishna
also known as Murari."
"Salutations to Lord Krishna, the
one who lifted Govardhan Hill."
"Salutations to Lord Krishna, the
one who lifted Govardhan Hill."
"Hail Lord Krishna
also known as Murari."
"Hail Lord Krishna
also known as Murari."
"Salutations to Lord Krishna, the
one who lifted Govardhan Hill."
"Salutations to Lord Krishna, the
one who lifted Govardhan Hill."
"Oh, Lord Krishna!"
"Oh, Lord Murari!"
People give you
money out of pity.
And you donate
that money to God.
I don't need the money, sir.
I only want to seek God.
He is my mother and father.
He means the world to me.
He provides me shelter
and food to eat.
So, what's the use of
these silver coins?
Raju, God provides you
shelter and food to eat.
Are you paying Him
the money for that?
No, sir. I don't donate the
money to God to make Him happy.
Take this, Raju. You have
observed a fast tomorrow.
Eat these fruits.
did You accept the offerings?
Can I eat them now?
May I?
You can go to sleep now.
Please come in, sir. Welcome.
Raju, how are you?
Everything is good
by your grace.
Greetings. - Greetings.
Today, we are going
to sow a new crop.
Perform the 'puja'
with sincere devotion.
As you say, sir.
Raju. - Yes.
Ring the bell of the
temple with such a force
so that people afar
can also hear it.
Very true, sir.
Please come in, sir. Come in.
Priest, stop!
Come here.
The crown of God was studded
with a diamond. Where is it?
Sir, I saw the
diamond last night.
Where did it disappear
this morning?
Sir, who would steal
from a temple?
Who all were here last night?
Only Raju... - Sir.
Raju must've stolen the diamond.
Did you steal the diamond
from the crown of God?
What? Is the diamond missing
from my Lord's crown?
Don't pretend to be naive.
But, sir,
although I always worship Lord,
it's only today
I found out that his crown
is studded with a diamond.
It was diamond-studded!
Raju, you better
admit your mistake.
Or else, the landlord
won't spare you.
if this is what God
wants, then be it!
Don't enrage me!
You've grown up in this temple.
Tell me! Where is that diamond?
I swear to God
that I don't know.
Then, who stole the diamond?
How would I know?
Answer me! - Stop it, sir!
Please don't hit an
innocent person.
Do you expect me to hug him?
He has disrespected God.
I don't believe this.
I've been serving God for the
last 25 years in this temple.
I've always felt
that God resides in this
temple only for Raju.
Priest, did the diamond
disappear or become invisible?
Answer me! Come on!
Tell me the truth! Otherwise...
Stop it, sir!
I beg you.
Please don't beat him up.
This temple is home for Raju.
He is an ardent devotee of God.
That's nonsense!
Ask him to give the
diamond back by tomorrow.
Or else, ask him to leave the
village and go somewhere else.
There's no place for thieves
in this temple. - Sir!
Please don't cry. Stop crying.
Am I a thief?
Didn't You see how I was
accused of stealing?
You are not my friend.
What kind of a friend are You?
I got beaten up in front of
You, and You let that happen.
You know that I am innocent.
Why don't You tell them?
I understood.
You too want me to
leave this temple.
If You want me to go, then
appear here and order me.
I won't let anybody else
throw me out of here.
Please stop playing the flute.
Tell the world that I
was falsely accused.
Why are You quiet?
I never looked upon
You as a statue.
I have always
considered You God.
I know nothing except
performing Your 'aarti'.
Where will I go? Please tell me.
Remain silent!
Raju, you...
- I will leave the temple.
You and God want the same.
Bear one thing in mind. You
severed ties with me. I didn't.
Raju. - Okay, I will get going.
You will be all alone here.
You will find a lot of servants.
But you won't find
someone like me.
Raju, my child.
Maybe it's happening
for the best.
You should go to Mathura.
Should I go to Mathura?
He resides in Mathura as well.
He is everywhere.
I won't go to Mathura.
Then, go to Mumbai.
My nephew stays there.
Here's his address.
My child.
Prakash will help you there.
Keep some money with you.
You will need it
while journeying.
Is this money enough
for all my life?
Don't lose courage, Raju.
Lord Krishna is trying to trick
you the way he tricked Sudama.
Eventually, He blessed
Sudama with everything.
Neither Sudama nor
Krishna ever existed.
Some author must've
written a story.
Thief! Thief! He took my bag.
The address is in that bag!
Mister, look ahead.
Come on. That thief
stole my bag.
Really? Are you new in this city?
- Yes.
Yes, I was banished!
You look like you
have been abandoned.
The one who created this
world abandoned me.
The one whom I
trusted, deceived me.
Now, the holy man Ganesh Dutt
will enlighten you
with his preaching.
Lord Krishna has
mentioned in Gita,
'Those who worship
Me with devotion,'
'meditating on My
transcendental form,'
'I bless them with what they lack
and preserve what they have.'
That means
the people who worship God
and chant His name with
sincere devotion and love,
God preserves the worldly
pleasures they have gained
throughout their lives.
Now, everyone repeat with me.
Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Lord Krishna!
- Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Lord Krishna!
- Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Lord Krishna!
- Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Lord Krishna!
- Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Lord Krishna!
- Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Lord Krishna!
- Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Lord Krishna!
- It's not true.
There's no God! Lord
Krishna doesn't exist!
Who is this person? He raised a
question on God's existence.
Beat him up! - Hit him!
Beat him up! - Calm down!
Please be seated, everyone.
Mister, please come here.
Sir, he is an atheist. He
doesn't believe in God.
Then, why did you
call him inside?
Listen, nobody in this
world is an atheist.
People are ignorant.
In order to enlighten
such ignorant people,
God has incarnated time and again
at different places in the world.
Like Jesus Christ, Muhammad,
Krishna, Shankaracharya, etc.
All these avatars had
to go through an ordeal
to establish justice
in the world.
Moreover, they also had
to sacrifice their lives.
That person has doubts.
It's my duty to
clear his doubts.
Listen, I will shed light
on God's existence.
There's no God.
If I ask you a few questions,
will you answer them?
Don't ask me anything about God.
Can I ask you about seasons?
How many seasons are
there in a year?
Four. - Name them.
Summer, autumn,
winter and spring.
Summer, autumn,
winter and spring.
In which form have
you seen them?
- In which form have you seen them?
Seasons don't take any form.
But you can feel
them, don't you?
You feel hot during summers
and cold during winters.
That means
although you can't see
them, you can feel them.
Similar, God is an
invisible power.
You can't see Him,
but only feel Him.
I did have faith in Him,
but I gained nothing.
You had faith in Him, but
you didn't gain anything.
That means you weren't
an atheist before.
You lost faith in God
due to some reason.
Of course, I lost
in faith in Him.
In which God you had faith?
I was a devotee of Lord Krishna.
I've served Him since
I was a child.
I used to clean the
floor of temple.
I use to eat only the
offerings made to God.
I would chant His name
all day and night.
I considered Him as
my friend and master.
But He left my side.
I didn't understand.
- I'll explain.
I was accused of
stealing in that temple.
I was accused of stealing the
diamond from God's crown.
Oh my God!
You are taken aback
to learn that.
But Lord Krishna is a statue.
He didn't help me.
He didn't help you because
He was testing you.
The way students pass the exams
and go to the higher grades,
similarly, every human
being is put to the test.
This world is no
less than a school.
And the test is very difficult.
The one who passes this test
can only become one with God.
Gold is refined by fire. Only then
it is crafted into jewellery.
A stained vessel is heated in
the furnace to make it shiny.
Only after going through a
test, you can seek God.
You can become one with Him and
understand His divine acts.
He didn't leave your side.
He doesn't leave anybody's side.
He helps each and every
living organism on earth.
He protects them.
That is why
don't harbour any doubts.
And face the challenges in
your way like a true devotee.
I underwent penance
for many years.
Trust me. Lord Krishna
will definitely help you.
If He doesn't, then I will
wipe off this 'tilak'.
Please forgive me.
Unknowingly, I made
a big mistake.
I've disrespected God.
I've committed a sin.
Please forgive me.
Repentance is the
key to salvation.
Never lose faith in God.
May God bless you.
"O dear, when you
eat this apple"
"you will get married
if you're a bachelor."
"Will you eat it?"
Narangi, how much
for the apples?
Rs 12 per dozen.
In the market, it is
available for Rs 9.
Sir, they must be rotten apples.
My apples are very fresh. I
don't sell rotten goods.
Okay, give me half a dozen.
Jaggi, give six apples to sir!
Murthy has kept his shop
closed for the business hours.
I was a fool
to purchase all these
shops on a rental basis
and then rent them out.
If the shop remains closed,
how will he pay the rent?
Murthy, are you a smuggler?
You have closed the shop,
and you are hiding inside.
I opened the shop, but
there was no business.
So, I thought why don't I
close the shop and see.
Will you pay the last
month's rent or not?
I can pay the rent
if I sell something.
Your shop comes first.
You empty the pockets of
the ones who come to you.
Then who will come to my shop?
Murthy, learn to do business.
Nowadays, you must know how
to do advertise your product.
The hoteliers sell their
food by showing cabarets.
The mill owners
sell their fabric
by publishing the
photos of girls
in colourful dresses
in the newspapers.
The filmmakers make money by
showing a hero and a heroine
on either side of a tree.
Murthy, stop selling these posters
of Jesus Christ, Buddha and Ram.
Nowadays, people like
the posters of films.
People keep praying
to God anyway.
Then why will they
purchase these posters?
until there is pain and
sorrow in this world,
people will purchase
these posters.
Let me see how long you can
run this fruit shop of yours.
Fruits are seasonal.
As soon as the season changes,
the buyers change their choice!
you always say things that hurt me.
You heartless man.
Sir, what do you want?
Fruits or photo?
I won't disturb you, I'll leave.
Where are you going?
I think even this customer
stopped here after seeing you.
Don't I have to look
after my business?
You have readymade customers.
If you even sell peanuts
saying it as pistachio,
people will buy it willingly.
Why do you feel jealous?
Sir, don't pay attention.
This is our personal matter.
Tell me which photo do you want?
Lord Krishna's.
There are many forms
of Lord Krishna.
Bal Gopal, 'Makhan
Chor', Gopal Girdhari!
Pay Rs 3 for the
one with the frame
and Rs 1 for the frameless one.
What are you thinking? For
Rs 1, it isn't expensive.
Okay, I will leave, I
will come some other day.
This is the time to start
business, where are you going?
I don't have that much money.
How much money do you have?
- Fifty paise!
Fifty paise? For fifty paise,
I can give you the childhood
photo of Lord Krishna.
To buy this photo, I saved
money by staying hungry.
Give it to me quickly.
I've not seen fifty paise
for the last two days.
Did you lose it? - No.
I got the address chit.
Please read this out for me.
- First, give me fifty paisa.
What? - Fifty paise.
Take this.
Mr Rammurthy Pandey.
The poster shop.
127, Menon Street.
127? Are you fooling me?
You are making me
read my own address?
I am Rammurthy Pandey.
So, you are Murthy,
Mr Pandey's nephew?
Yes. My uncle is a priest in the
Krishna temple in Basantpur.
And I am a beggar here.
I was searching you for
the past many days.
Are you a policeman?
- No! My name is Raju.
I have come from Basantpur!
Raju? - Yes.
I have been waiting for
you since many days.
Uncle had sent a letter!
- What was written in that?
I forgot.
We will go home, read the
letter and then have food.
You have been starving
for two days.
Narangi, close the shop.
Come on.
Hail Lord Krishna.
you chant Lord Krishna's name
like the children memorize
the math tables in school.
These chants help you
wash away your sins.
So, to chant them, do you
have to commit sins first?
No, the sages as well as
the sinners chant this.
So, there's no difference between
the sages and the sinners.
The sinner chants God's name
so that God may
wash away his sins.
And a good man chants His name
so that God protects him
from committing a sin.
have you come to the city
to find a job or to preach?
I am an ignorant person.
What can I preach?
I pray to God that
I should be able to
stand on my own feet
and earn my livelihood.
Yes. With hard work, you'll be
able to make two ends meet.
I'll talk to Narangi and
fix up a job for you.
Very good!
On your very first day,
you have sold everything.
You look like a fool
but you are a hard-working man.
Take Rs 3.
This is your commission.
this is your first salary.
Give this to Murthy! - Okay.
Come, Raju! What is the matter?
Here's my first income.
Lord Krishna!
Have you given this
with your heart?
Yes, with my heart
and because Narangi
told me to do so.
Oh my! You have already
started dancing to her tunes?
Murthy, this is my first income.
- Yes.
Give me just ten
paise from this.
Do you wish to eat peanuts?
I will light an incense stick
in front of Krishna's idol.
- Narangi, wait a minute!
Give me my rent.
How can I? I have no
money, you know that.
Murthy, what is this?
- It's itching.
This is what Raju earned. - So?
I'd given him a job at your behest
and also to recover my rent.
Oh! What a business brain!
You give with one hand and you
take away with the other.
But please give me twenty paise.
Raju wants to light incense
stick in front of God's idol.
Give me twenty paise.
- Take this!
Thank you.
Rama, I am fed up.
I was waiting for you
for a long time.
Where were you?
Savitri, wait. Let me at
least recover my breath.
Have you come running?
Just listen to me first.
My sister came from her
in-law's house all of a sudden.
We met after a very long time.
We were chatting.
I got so busy talking that I
forgot that I had to meet you.
When I remembered, I
took the cycle and ran.
When I turned at the
corner of the road,
a bus came and stood
right in front of me.
Even I applied
brakes immediately.
If God had not have saved me,
I would have been dead.
So silly!
You always involve
God in everything!
You had a presence of mind, so
you could avoid that accident.
How did God come and stand
between your cycle and the bus?
Enough! You are getting carried
away by this generation.
You give a lecture
of your philosophy.
Where are Renu, Dolly and Sudha?
Apple! - Another apple!
Apple! - Another apple!
Apple! - Another apple!
Ladies, I am a traveler!
I have come walking from Banaras
after worshipping Lord Vishwanath.
I am dying of hunger!
Give me something to eat.
God will help you
succeed in your exams.
Rama, don't give him anything.
He looks like a con man to me.
Had he come walking
from Banaras,
his feet should
have been bruised.
Sir, what do you think?
Just because you dress
up like a sage,
you can call
yourself a celibate.
If your God can pass us
because of your blessings,
can't He give you food to eat?
Hey, girls! Wait!
Give me my money!
My money!
Why are you laughing so much?
What is the matter?
What else? We are eating apples.
But I'm a poor man, I'll be ruined.
At least pay me for that.
Did these girls rob your fruits?
Not by robbing, but
by snatching it.
Why are you laughing?
No, let them laugh, but let
them at least give me my money.
They are not my fruits. I work
for someone else on wages.
If I sell fruits worth
Rs 10, I get one rupee.
Why are you unnecessarily
troubling a poor man? Pay him.
We have never purchased
fruits and eaten them.
Why should we pay today?
Oh my! You people, really!
How much is it? - Rs 10!
Take this.
- Ma'am, may God bless you!
Again, I hear about God.
I wonder why people are after Him?
Let's go.
Hail Lord Krishna.
Hail Lord Krishna.
Lord, with Your blessings, I am
going to purchase mango groves.
Please help me!
Whatever I have is
given to me by You.
And You will continue to do so.
Lord, Your devotee is in
pain at your doorstep.
Hail Lord Krishna.
Sir, you saved my life.
No. Who am I to save your life?
This is the miracle of the one
who holds the Sudarshan Chakra.
Take this.
Excuse me,
what is your name?
What do you do?
I sell fruits and
earn my living.
Why? Are you alone
in this world?
No, I am not alone.
My Lord is with me.
You are a devotee of Lord Krishna,
do you sell fruits? Are you so poor?
No, no, I am not poor. My wealth
is the glimpse of my Lord.
Take this.
What is this?
A gift from me. Rs 10,000.
No, what will I do with this?
You should build a small
temple with this money.
All my needs are
fulfilled by my Lord.
All that is fine, but
you have helped me.
Had you not come on time,
the epilepsy attack
would've killed me.
Or seeing me unconscious
some passerby would've taken
away my 400,000 rupees.
Please take this. You can change
your life with this money.
No, my life is in His hands.
- That's fine.
But try to understand.
The way God came in your form
to save my life and my money.
In the same way, God wants
to do away with your poverty
by coming in my guise
and helping you out.
Please take this. - No.
Look here, if you have
any doubts in your mind,
you can ask your God.
Come on.
Ask Him.
Lord, Your devotee is
alluring me with his money.
What right do I
have on that money?
Did you see? You got the
answer to your question!
God has given permission.
Take this!
Take it.
Hail Lord Krishna.
Oh my God! This is
a serious problem!
What should we do?
I got it!
Lord Krishna loves
butter, isn't it?
So, we will open a shop that sells
butter, milk, ghee and curd.
I'll go right away and purchase
ten buffaloes worth Rs 10,000.
We will not sell butter
obtained from buffaloes.
Lord Krishna loved cows.
We will sell butter
obtained from cow's milk.
Raju, the moment
you got Rs 10,000,
you've started using
your brains as well.
'Bansiwala Dairy,
pure butter and ghee'
Do you have pure ghee?
Sir, didn't you read the board?
This shop is owned by Raju, the
great devotee of Lord Krishna.
We don't sell substandard goods.
We have our own cows.
In front of our eyes,
we milk the cows.
We set the curd
with our own hands.
Then we make butter out of
that and then make ghee.
And if we know the customer,
we go to his house to see
whether he mixes impure ghee in
our pure ghee and cooks food.
Okay, give me a tin
of four kilos.
Here's your tin.
Count the money properly
and give it to the owner.
Owner? No.
He is everyone's Lord!
Give me one kilo ghee!
I'm sorry.
You should come with me.
I will give you one kilo
ghee from our small shop.
Please come.
Please come. Why have
you come so late?
Thank you for being
present here.
"Hail Lord Krishna."
"Hail Lord Krishna."
Tell me, what is the matter?
Forgive me. For the
past few days,
I could not send adequate
milk to your dairy.
Because many of my
cows have fallen sick.
I wish to buy a few more cows.
I am a poor man, I could not
gather sufficient funds.
Why are you worrying about it?
Take as much money as you
need from the manager.
Tell him that I
have told you so.
Thank you.
Auditor, tell me. - Sir,
we have to pay 150,000 as
income tax to the government.
Don't delay it. Pay
it today itself.
Yes, sir.
Tell me. - Sir, I am the manager
of the landlord of Haripur.
It is the wedding of
landlord's daughter.
We need ornaments worth Rs
200,000 in fifteen days.
Within fifteen days? You
will get them in a week.
Okay, sir.
Sir, please forgive me.
I made you wait.
I was busy with my prayers.
Please be seated.
Sir, what is the matter?
You did not visit home
for the past one week?
What do I say?
I am running around to find
good proposals for my daughter.
With great difficulty,
I found a good family.
The boy is educated,
but their demands are too much.
I am a poor man.
I sought the help of
many of my friends.
But all of them
refused to help me.
Sir, why did you have to go
anywhere else when I was here?
How much money do you want?
Take it from me.
Raju, you have already
helped me a lot.
I don't wish to
trouble you anymore.
Sir, what is the trouble?
Have you not done
favours for me?
I was totally illiterate. You
used to teach me every day.
You are my guru! The money will
reach your house tomorrow.
I will lend you the
money on one condition.
Thank you very much.
If you don't mind, can
I clear one thing?
What's the condition?
The condition is
that you will not tell anyone
that you took money from me
for your daughter's wedding.
Your daughter is like my sister.
This is a small gift from
a brother to his sister.
Go and start the preparations
for the wedding.
"We will get food and drinks."
"It is our friend's wedding,
we will get everything."
"It is our friend's wedding,
we will get everything."
"We will get food and drinks."
"It is our friend's wedding,
we will get everything."
"It is our friend's wedding,
we will get everything."
"Come on friends,
dance and sing!"
"Come on friends,
dance and sing!"
"Many wealthy people have come
for the marriage procession."
"They have brought people
with big tummies too."
"A person marries only once!"
"A person marries only once!"
"Eat and drink as
much as you wish."
"My friends, ask for
whatever you wish to eat."
"We will get food!
- Yes, you will!"
"We will get food and drinks."
"It is our friend's wedding,
we will get everything."
"It is our friend's wedding,
we will get everything."
"Come on friends,
dance and sing!"
"Come on friends,
dance and sing!"
"See the way the groom
has decked up."
"He looks so radiant
on the mare."
"He looks so radiant
on the mare."
"Even the bride in her
wedding veil is looking"
"like a lightning
hidden in the clouds."
"Like a lightning
hidden in the clouds."
"Both of them are thinking when
these guests would leave."
"Both of them are thinking when
these guests would leave."
"We will embrace each other."
"Come on, my friends!"
"Will we get food?
- Yes, you will!"
"We will get food and drinks."
"It is our friend's wedding,
we will get everything."
"It is our friend's wedding,
we will get everything."
"Come on friends,
dance and sing!"
Raju, you organised my
daughter's wedding so lavishly.
I have no words to thank you.
The two of you should
seek his blessings.
May God always keep you happy!
Show this to me, please.
Make the bill.
Thief! He has
snatched my necklace.
Thief! Catch him!
Don't touch me!
- Give me the necklace.
You jeweller!
Don't you know my name is Jagga?
I have already
committed six murders.
I have nothing to do with that.
Give the necklace to me.
If you have the guts, take it.
Oh Jagga! The police were in
search of him since many days.
Jagga, first give the necklace.
Give the necklace!
You should come with us to the
station to lodge a complaint.
You go ahead, I will
come in my car.
Raju, as soon as I
get out of jail,
I will kill you.
Come on!
Thank you very much.
Are you the owner of that shop?
- Yes.
I think you didn't recognize me.
No. - You too had
done a favour on me.
I? - Yes.
Some years back, when I used to
sell fruits in the by lanes,
your friends had stolen a
few fruits from my cart.
You had paid the money for that.
Oh, yes. You used to sell fruits
and today, you own
a jewellery shop.
How did all this
happen so quickly?
Do you wish to know?
I have a friend who
is a magician.
This is his miracle.
- Yes. You won't understand.
Anyhow, thank you very much.
Good day. - Good day.
Are you blind?
The one who used to buy fruits from
me and sell them in the market,
is moving around in a car.
Look at me, I am still
selling peanuts here.
Narangi, you must always feel happy
seeing someone else progress.
God snatches away food from
the one who feels jealous.
God snatches food from some and
showers wealth on the others.
Look at Raju,
he was a common man. But now
he has progressed so much.
Narangi, I know the
secret of Raju's wealth.
Do you? Then tell me.
Shall I tell you?
Raju has devotedly
worshipped God.
He used to light incense
sticks worth ten paise
in Lord Krishna's temple.
God was appeased.
A rich man came there. He
suffered an epilepsy attack.
Raju kept an iron rod in his hand.
He was saved.
He was happy and gave
Rs 10,000 to Raju.
Rs 10,000? - Yes!
He opened a ghee shop with
that money and became rich.
Murthy, you know that
I had helped Raju
in his bad days.
Now I'm going
through a bad time.
Murthy, can you tell Raju
to give me some money?
There is only one way to
extract money from Raju.
Raju is a devotee
of Lord Krishna.
You go to him and tell him that
Lord Krishna came in your dreams
and ordered you to take some help
from Raju and start a new life.
I will not give you money.
Raju, when Lord Krishna
himself came into
Narangi's dreams
and told her to
take help from you,
how can you deny it?
I can feel Lord Krishna
in every breath of mine.
Every fragment of
mine worships Him.
In spite of being His ardent
devotee for so many years,
he never came into my dreams.
How can He come into
Narangi's dreams?
If Lord Krishna wanted
to help Narangi,
why would He come in her dreams?
He would come in my dreams.
If someone truly comes to me and
says that he is in trouble,
I would definitely help him.
But if someone tries
to hoodwink me
in the name of my Lord Krishna,
it is not going to work.
I never had any intentions
of lying to you.
Murthy had told me
to speak like this.
Raju, please forgive me.
Do you agree that
you lied to me?
This is enough.
Now it is not only my duty but also
my responsibility to help you.
As it is, you are the one who
gave me my first income.
I can never forget this favour.
The one who forgets
someone's favours
is the most sinful
man on this earth.
Tell me, is Rs 2000 enough?
Give Rs 2000 to each of us.
You keep quiet! I will
slash your tongue.
You had spoilt my
work earlier too.
Raju, give me whatever you wish.
take this Rs 10,000.
Don't think this as a loan,
think this as your own money.
And henceforth, if
you ever need money
for your business,
tell me the truth
and take the money.
Dharam Devta!
Who are you?
I am hearing these words
after many years.
Did you forget me?
I am Raju, the servant
of your temple.
Raju? - Yes.
The one who stole the diamond
from the idol's crown.
Don't humiliate me more, Raju.
After you went away, I
realised my foolishness.
The next day, we
found that diamond
at the feet of the
Lord, on a coconut.
Raju, please forgive me.
What are you doing?
Are you asking for
forgiveness from a servant?
God bless you.
I heard that you have
become a very wealthy man.
After seeing you today,
I am very happy.
You have really
become a big man.
Dharam Devta, you
must visit my house.
I have come here to
meet my daughter.
She studies in a college here.
My car broke down on the
way, I had to stop.
I am thinking of
returning today.
Sir, the car is repaired.
Okay. - Dharam Devta,
you must come to my house.
- Shyam Niwas. My house is on Jawahar Road.
Okay, I will come
after some time.
Thank you. - Hail Lord Krishna.
Lord Krishna,
Raju lit only ten paise worth
incense sticks for Your veneration
and you made him a
very wealthy man.
I have bought incense sticks worth
Rs 10,000 for your veneration.
Lord, now You decide
how much wealth I should get.
Hail Lord Krishna!
Come, my dear!
This is Raju!
And this is my daughter Savitri!
I know him very well.
How do you know him?
I will explain that later,
please come in first.
Come on, dear.
Do you need anything?
What happened?
Nothing. - Why are you coughing?
Just like that.
There's nothing
fake in this house,
so you can't cough
just like that.
Son, you still call
me by that old name?
Dear Savitri,
when he used to stay
in the village,
he used to call me by this name.
My dear,
today you are not
eating anything.
Dad, I have eaten enough.
Here, have some sweets.
- No thanks.
You talk so sweetly
that there is no
need to eat sweets.
Have a little.
- Okay, keep it here.
I have come to this decision
after a lot of thinking.
Dharam Devta,
you know I am an orphan.
I don't know anything
about my parents.
I have grown up before you,
ringing the bell in the temple.
How can I compare
myself with you?
wealth and fame are
all God's gift.
Anyone can get it anytime.
If God wishes, the
acquired wealth and fame
can be lost anytime.
A man's real wealth
are his pious mind
and his good deeds.
This is such a quality which once
acquired, can never leave you.
You possess this
wealth more than I do.
Remember the incident that
took place many years ago.
I accused you of
stealing the diamond
and asked you to
leave the village.
I have the opportunity
to repent for that.
That is why I have decided
that I will get my
daughter married to you.
Savitri, can I ask
you something?
You hail from an
affluent family.
How did you agree to marry
a simple man like me?
What are you saying?
A person who is successful
because of his hard work
is fit for worship.
The dream that I had seen
for my life partner,
you have fulfilled all of them.
a person cannot become
successful only with hard work.
God's blessings are
equally important.
Whatever I am today is
because of Lord Krishna.
Forget all that.
Hail Lord Krishna.
Hail Lord Krishna.
Hail Lord Krishna.
Savitri. - Yes?
I had taken a vow
before marriage that
I will visit the village
temple along with my wife.
We will have to go..
- Forgive me.
I cannot go there.
Instead, my friends have invited
both of us to a
party this evening
to celebrate our marriage.
You too will have
to come with me.
Savitri, I am telling you we
have to go to the temple.
I am requesting you to come
with me for the party.
Do you feel this party is
more important than God?
When did I say that?
The doors of the temple
are always open.
We can go there any time.
But to cancel someone's
party is wrong.
Please don't degrade me
in front of my friends.
They will not understand.
Look here,
Your God will forgive you
but my friends will
never forgive me.
You can look into your
heart and see your God.
Why should one go to the temple
to do something that
can be done at home?
Enough, Savitri! Enough!
Don't anger my God.
I just want to know if you'd come
along with me to the temple?
Forgive me,
I won't be able to come.
You are my God!
I can see you with my eyes.
So, why should I
believe in a God
that no one has ever seen?
Savitri, is this
your perception?
I didn't expect this my wife.
Look here,
the relation of a husband
and wife is eternal.
They should speak what
is on their minds.
As we have to live together,
what is the point in lying?
As you know,
my father is a
trustee of a temple.
But till date, I have
never entered the temple.
Please don't misunderstand me.
You tread on the
path that you like
and I will walk on my path.
where is Mr Pandey?
Who is Mr Pandey?
My father!
He has been a priest in
this temple for many years.
Oh, Mr Pandey?
He left this temple a
couple of years ago.
He went away?
Why? - I heard that Raju
used to stay with him.
The landlord insulted Raju and
threw him out of this village.
The next day, Mr Pandey
too went away from here.
my master, my brother,
Raju is back!
I have come back in the same
attire that I had gone away in.
Would You have liked if had
I come here decked up?
Would I show my wealth to
the one who gave it to me?
Even kings are paupers in your court.
Then who am I?
I have brought this
golden crown for you.
The gold is your gift. I present
this with utmost devotion.
"Hail Goddess Radha
and Lord Krishna!"
"Hail Goddess Radha
and Lord Krishna!"
"Hail Goddess Radha
and Lord Krishna!"
"You are indeed precious!"
"You are indeed precious!"
"You are indeed precious!"
"Hail Goddess Radha
and Lord Krishna!"
"Hail Goddess Radha
and Lord Krishna!"
"You are indeed precious!"
"Devote yourself
to Lord Krishna!"
"Devote yourself to Lord Krishna!
He will bless you with happiness."
"He will bless you
with happiness."
"Devote yourself
to Lord Giridhar."
"You are indeed precious!"
"You are indeed precious!"
"You are indeed precious!"
"Come closer to Natwar!"
"Come closer to Natwar!"
"Catch a glimpse of Him."
"Catch a glimpse of Him."
"When He plays the flute,
you tend to get emotional."
"You are indeed precious!"
"You are indeed precious!"
"Hail Goddess Radha
and Lord Krishna!"
"Hail Goddess Radha
and Lord Krishna!"
"Hail Goddess Radha
and Lord Krishna!"
"Hail Goddess Radha
and Lord Krishna!"
"Hail Goddess Radha
and Lord Krishna!"
"Hail Goddess Radha
and Lord Krishna!"
"Hail Goddess Radha
and Lord Krishna!"
What happened? Fire!
Lord Krishna,
I have lit incense
sticks worth Rs 10,000.
This is the last
packet that I have.
Lord, don't make me yearn more.
Please fulfil my wishes!
Hail Lord Krishna!
He has come! I will
not leave him!
Hail Lord Krishna!
Take this!
He went away?
Hail Lord Krishna!
Money? Lots of money!
Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Lord Krishna!
A lot of money!
Lord, you delay, but
you don't deny.
Did you go to the temple?
Did you offer prayers?
Only my mind knows how peaceful
I feel after my prayers.
How good was your party?
- There was a small accident.
A fire broke out. We could
not enjoy the party.
Hail Lord Krishna!
What is the connection of that
accident with Lord Krishna?
When you don't believe in
God, why should I explain?
This is the offering of God.
If you feel like, have some
or keep it in the prayer hall.
Are you Narangi?
Shut up!
I am not Narangi, but
I am Miss Narangi!
Just look at Narangi!
It was against my honour
to come to such a place,
but I thought I should at
least meet my old friends.
Ramchandra, please come here.
Tell me, how is your
business going on?
The business in ruined,
I am drowned in debts.
Why do you think like that?
Why should you worry when
Miss Narangi is here?
Take this! I help the
people I feel for.
Narangi, please help me too.
What are you saying?
How dare you address
me by my name?
I am Miss Narangi.
Go away from here!
Miss Narangi, please
give me something.
Ma'am, you have called
me Miss Narangi.
Miss Narangi! - Yes, my sweetie!
I have not paid the rent of the
shop for the past six months.
Take this. This is for you.
Hey, talk with respect!
I am not the same Narangi
who used to sell fruits.
Has your price hiked up now?
Why are you talking to me like this?
Address me with respect.
I have become a millionaire.
Till yesterday, you
were a pauper.
Where did you get
so much money from?
Oh my!
Where did you steal
these clothes from?
This hairdo?
Till yesterday, you were wearing
the clothes of a saint.
Today, you look
like Sonia Sahni!
Narangi, how did this
transformation take place?
I was blessed by Lord Krishna.
You must have definitely
fooled Him, right?
You idiot!
Look, I'm getting late.
Don't argue with me.
Murthy, I have so much money
that I cannot handle.
Will you become my secretary?
- I'm telling the same.
You are educated, but you
can't speak in English.
Will you become my secretary?
What will be my job?
Handling money matters and
keeping the accounts.
Handing money matters and the accounts?
- Yes!
You will have to purchase
things for my make-up.
Make-up? - Taking post cards
from the people who
come to meet me.
Post card?
I understood! I will
take a post card.
What will be my salary?
- Salary!
Two meals a day, a
nice bathroom to stay,
and fifty hundred rupees.
Fifty or hundred?
Don't you understand English?
It is Rs 500!
Oh, Rs 500?
Can I get some advance?
Here, Rs 700.
Go to the market and stitch
a suit for yourself.
You have to wear a suit
to enter my bungalow.
Lord Krishna is my thief!
If you keep chanting
God's name like this,
who will look after
the business?
he's the one who has
given me this business,
I have to chant His name.
You have worked very
hard for your business.
But God has given me the
strength to work hard.
to work is the duty
of a human being
but He is the one who
provides the fruits.
If the watchman takes
care of the master,
won't the master take
care of the watchman?
I can never win an
argument with you.
But I know that you will have
to go to the dining
room to have food.
God will not come to feed
you if you're sitting here.
Why not?
Nothing will happen
just by talking.
It's quite clear.
If God can make me wealthy,
He can give me food even
while I am sitting here.
Call out to him!
Tell me.
Sir, my son got married.
As the wedding was in the
village I could not invite you.
Please accept these sweets.
Good day. - Good day!
Savitri, did you see
God can fill a
devotee's stomach.
If a parrot sitting on a mango tree
drops a mango in someone's lap,
that does not mean it
is God's offering.
Coincidence does not
mean God's gift..
Oh my Lord,
you have illuminated
the entire world.
But your devotee is not able
to make his wife understand.
The great sages might have
gone through so much trouble
to the right path to
many ignorant people.
Do these policemen come here to
get their uniforms stitched?
Sir, have you come here to buy
clothes after your work hours?
We have not come
here to buy clothes.
You must be thirsty, you must've
come here to drink lemon soda.
Hey, go and bring lemon
soda for them quickly.
Otherwise, they'll file a case
against your owner for smuggling.
Put your hands forward.
Do you know palmistry too?
Take a look at how deep
are the lines on my hand.
Yes, today onwards,
your future changes.
Constable, handcuff him.
He is innocent.
I am not talking about him,
I'm talking about you.
The owner of this shop
has called us here.
The notes that you gave him
are counterfeit notes.
Counterfeit notes!
Please come in! - No!
Narangi, keep your
notes with yourself!
Wait! Is anything
wrong with my notes?
Why are all of you
returning my notes?
Narangi, you should've pranked
Murthy if you wanted to.
He is a bachelor, but
we have a family.
What's the matter?
Tell me clearly!
Where is Murthy?
The police has arrested him.
Free! - Come here!
Narangi, you have come!
You should have come
here before me,
but these people
brought me here first.
Inspector, ladies first!
Why should the police
bring me here?
I have come here myself.
Now, I feel relieved.
Narangi, you had given
me those notes, right?
Yes, I did.
That's it! Inspector,
note down her statement.
I'm releasing myself.
Not now!
Do you need a bail?
Don't open the bag. Narangi,
don't open the bag!
Murthy, do I love
money more than you?
Tell me, Inspector,
how much do you want?
Rs 10,000!
Rs 20,000!
Rs 30,000!
Rs 50,000!
Inspector, exactly the same notes.
Just like twins!
You had locked me
up for 7 notes!
Narangi has got so many notes,
will she be hanged for that?
Stand up!
Murthy, he is telling you.
I am already standing!
Ma'am, stand up!
Tell me, who has given you
these counterfeit notes?
Counterfeit notes?
O God, are these notes fake?
I had bought incense
sticks with real notes.
You gave me counterfeit
notes as blessings!
Narangi, you'll get
counterfeit notes
as blessing for fake veneration!
Shut up! - Sir,
we have caught the boss of the
gang who print counterfeit notes.
This is the man.
Yes sir, he is the man!
He is the same man!
Have you seen this girl before?
Yes, sir.
When I ran into the temple
to hide from the police
I slipped on a banana
peel and fell down.
I thought you suffered
an epilepsy attack,
so I ran towards you
with an iron rod.
Constable, put this
man in the jail.
Okay, sir.
It is 12 o'clock, go to sleep!
You know that I am
reading 'Bhagavad Gita'.
Oh, 'Bhagavad Gita' is
your life companion!
Don't you get bored reading
the same book every day?
every day, you drink tea,
and eat food in the
afternoon and night.
You stay awake during day
and sleep in the night.
Don't you get fed up?
What is life without
food and sleep?
Similarly, my life
is nothing without
the recitation of
'Bhagavad Gita'.
This is not a novel that you
read it once and throw it away.
No matter how many times
you read 'Bhagavad Gita',
you realise a new
thing every time.
Food, water and sleep are
important aspects of life.
Similarly, 'Bhagavad Gita' is
related to soul and Supreme Soul.
Again, the same lecture!
Nobody has seen the
soul or the Almighty.
Are you going to read
this till morning?
I will certainly read
it till I fall asleep.
I am feeling very sleepy.
Come with me.
Is it necessary for you to stay
awake as long as I am awake?
Savitri, go to sleep.
Are you all right?
Yes, what will happen to me?
Why are you trembling?
What happened?
Just now, a goon had struck
a knife on your chest!
My chest?
He had attacked you!
But this book!
I had gone to sleep while
reading 'Bhagavad Gita'.
I had kept it on my chest.
If I had not woken up,
that goon would have
attacked you again!
But it was my good
luck that you...
Lord Krishna is the
protector of your husband.
Today, 'Bhagavad Gita' acted
as a shield and saved my life.
The same shield stopped
the attack of the knife.
Otherwise, your husband..
Please don't say that.
Go to sleep.
Humans go to sleep,
God remains awake.
Unless that Protector wishes,
nobody can harm a person.
I wish
he had pierced my heart instead
of attacking my 'Bhagavad Gita'!
a sage has come to meet you.
Sage? - Yes.
Sir! - Hail Lord Krishna.
Son, get up.
Be seated. Please be seated.
Today is very auspicious because
you have come to my house.
I came when He wished so.
I wanted to meet you
since many days.
Sage, I searched a lot for you.
But I feel elated on
seeing you here suddenly.
You only had guided me on
the right path to God.
Look, Lord Krishna has
given me so much!
Hail Krishna! All
this is His grace!
You might rememeber this.
Once, I told you that God always
answers his devotees' prayers.
Yes, sir. I remember.
When I saw the name of
your house, Shyam Niwas,
I felt very happy.
Lord Krishna dwells not only in
your house, but in your heart too!
I can see that you're
totally immersed
in Lord Krishna's devotion.
Sir, your guidance has
been of help to me.
The lamp of faith that
you lit in my mind
has filled my life with light.
How can I praise an
enlightened man like you?
No, dear.
Humans are not to be praised.
God must be praised.
I am just a straw drifting
in this ocean of life.
That day, you were going
through a bad phase.
If you remember, I had told
that if you place your
faith in Lord Krishna,
He will definitely help you.
Sir, you were right.
Lord Krishna has
blessed me immensely.
You see, I have a
substantial business.
I have a lot wealth.
And I have found a decent
and a beautiful wife too.
With your permission, I
will bring her here.
Her life will also become
fruitful with your blessings.
Yes, bring her here.
They say that people
are becoming atheists
because of the progress
science has made.
It's delighting
that in the same world, there
are good people like Raju
who have totally surrendered
themselves to the Almighty.
Savitri, come.
A great soul has
come to our house.
He is an enlightened sage.
He is a great scholar.
Come, let us touch his feet
and seek his blessings.
I do not like to touch the
feet of sages and saints.
Savitri, he is not an ordinary man!
- So what?
Just by smearing ashes, one
doesn't become a sage!
Softly, Savitri! Speak softly!
Your words will break his heart!
How will it affect me?
Look, keep the matters of
sages and saints to yourself.
Savitri, listen to me just once!
I can sacrifice my life for you.
But I can't have blind faith.
'I heard the conversation
between you and your wife.'
'Don't be upset.'
'The relation between a husband
and his wife lasts beyond life.'
'The difference between
the two of you'
'has to be considered an
aberration of worldly life.'
'It'll not last forever.'
'With time, the two of you
will have the same beliefs.'
'You had lost faith in God'
'and you had atoned
for that mistake.'
'Similarly, Lord Krishna will erase
the doubts from your wife's mind.'
Savitri, because of
your stubbornness,
a great soul has left my
house in disappointment.
I could not even serve
him for a minute!
If he is a true ascetic, why
would he need your service?
If you had told me that
an elderly man has come,
at least I would have touched
his feet out of respect.
But why should I care
to adorn my head with the soil
from ascetics' dirty feet?
Savitri, those feet got dirty
as he goes on pilgrimages.
You are my wife.
It is your duty to respect the
man whom your husband worships!
Look, my duty is to
respect only you.
You are my husband.
You have the right
to control my life.
If there is any God for
me, then it is you alone!
If I were your God, wouldn't
you have fulfilled my wish?
You are full of
mistaken beliefs!
Your mind is full of fear!
And for you, that
fear is akin to God.
Do you really think so?
What else?
You always keep saying
that God is present everywhere!
Isn't it misbelief?
Savitri, show me a place
where God does not dwell!
Show me a place
where God dwells!
There is no place where
God does not dwell!
Savitri, God dwells
even in this paper!
Can you destroy this?
In the era of atom bombs,
when a entire city, entire country
can be destroyed by one atom bomb,
can't this paper be destroyed?
- No!
Just watch!
Answer me.
Answer me.
Savitri, you cannot
erase its existence.
By tearing the paper, you
have changed its shape.
Before, there was one paper.
Now, there are many
pieces of paper,
but it still remains paper.
Only God has the power to
create or destroy something.
Only God has it.
You're just arguing,
there is no logic in it.
Savitri, how do I
explain to you?
It's a simple question.
If there is no God, where did
this earth and the sky come from?
I will explain to you.
The sun keeps revolving.
Many parts of the sun
kept breaking off.
One piece broke off. It
kept cooling for centuries
and it became Earth.
Some part remained dry
became land.
While the remaining
part became oceans.
Because of change
in weather and air,
insects were born on land
and fishes in the ocean.
On the land, along
with small insects,
animals including monkeys
were born.
After thousands of years,
monkeys slowly evolved
into similar beings,
which came to be
known as humans.
This is not a story
imagined by me!
This is the Theory of Evolution by
a great scientist Charles Darwin!
Your education has taught you this?
Very good!
But a piece of the Sun became
the Earth by whose permission?
Who ordered it?
Why were the insects born on
the land and not in the ocean?
Why were the insects not
formed in the ocean?
The trees grew, but where
did the seed come from?
As per your education, sun
is the origin of everything.
Okay. Savitri, I agree.
I consider Sun as God!
You too accept that! - No, no!
Sun is sun! It cannot be God!
Then what about Rama,
Krishna, Jesus and Mohammad?
Wasn't anybody born
to kill Kansa?
Didn't the war between Kauravas
and Pandavas ever take place?
Are the stories of
'Mahabharata' false?
Didn't Lord Krishna explain
the preachings of 'Bhagavad
Gita' to Arjuna?
Krishna and Arjuna
never existed!
What did you say?
You think Krishna never existed?
No! - No?
No, no, no!
No? No? No?
Kill me! Take my life!
But my belief is true!
For a married woman, her
husband is her God!
If you disagree with
my belief, then go
and ask any sage or ascetic
if what I said is true.
If there is really a God,
even He cannot refute
that after marriage, a woman's
only God is her husband!
You are ready to accept a
mortal body as your God
who was born and
will die on Earth.
But you are not ready to accept
the fact that God is the creator?
You and I cannot get along!
Our relation ends here!
No! You will not find
God by abandoning me!
Leave me!
You have insulted Lord Krishna!
From today, you are not my wife!
Leave me!
Leave me! - Please listen!
Leave me!
Listen to me!
You are just a stone!
But my God considers
this stone as God!
Today, without understanding
me, he left me!
He is Your devotee!
So, You are the cause of
discord in this house!
You are the reason why we argue.
You have no place in this house!
I will throw this statue away.
I hadn't heard from
you since long,
so I was coming to
meet the two of you.
On the way, I met Raju.
I heard everything.
What did he say?
He told me about the problems
the two of you are facing.
Raju said that he cannot live
one more moment with you!
Not only that, he
has clearly told me
to take you along with me.
In his opinion, it will be
better for both of you.
Savitri, did I get you educated
so that after marriage,
you would create
a rift between your husband and
you over a meaningless argument?
After marriage, it is
the duty of every girl
to understand and cater to
her husband's every need,
and to mould herself
according to his wish.
Savitri, you are so lucky
to get a husband like Raju.
Still, you don't try to
understand his temperament?
Can't you listen to him
and follow his wish?
After marrying off a daughter,
the father does not have
the right to advice her.
Still, I am telling
you for your good.
In married life, one has
to tread very carefully.
Do as you wish.
I will go now.
I have tried to talk sense to
her as best as a father could.
Please let me go now.
Father! - Savitri,
you don't need to
give an explanation.
Listen to one thing.
In future, I will
step into this house
only when Raju sends a message
that you have yielded to him
and that there are no differences
between the two of you.
Until that time, I
am not your father
and you are not my daughter!
Please forgive me!
Please forgive me!
Forgive you for what?
I have never kept any
secrets from you
nor will I do so.
When you left in anger,
I could not control myself!
I wanted to throw away
Lord Krishna's idol.
Sinner, why did you
touch the idol?
When someone is
telling the truth,
you should listen to
it with a calm mind.
When I was trying to do that,
I heard the sound of the horn.
I thought that you had returned.
At that time, my body
started to tremble
and I turned back.
Did you get scared
of God's wrath?
I am your wife.
But there's only one
problem in our life,
and that is God.
With a calm mind,
think and tell me
if I have ever failed to
do the duties of a wife?
If not, then what is the
cause of this difference?
I want to tell you something.
Every day, you ask me
to bow to the idol
or visit the temple.
In the same manner,
being your wife, if I ask you
to stop worshipping
God, will you do it?
How can I forget my God?
Just like you cannot
forget your God,
I can't forget my
habits and beliefs.
Worshipping is a habit
and so is not doing it.
Believing in God is not a
habit, it is our duty!
Why should we keep arguing
about the same thing?
There is everything
in this house.
If there is disagreement,
it's only about one thing.
Does God exists or not?
You can believe that God exists.
I will believe that
you alone are my God.
Have we spent even
one day in bliss
like other married couples?
Look, if we wish,
we can ignore each
other's belief.
'Son, I heard the conversation
between you and your wife.'
'Do not feel upset.'
'The relation between a husband
and his wife lasts beyond life.'
'The differences between
the two of you'
'have to be considered as an
aberration of worldly life.'
'It'll not last forever.'
'With time, the two of you
will have the same beliefs.'
'You had lost faith in God'
'and you had atoned
for that mistake.'
'Similarly, Lord Krishna will erase
the doubts from your wife's mind.'
Savitri, you are
absolutely right.
Until you don't have the faith,
I will not force you
to do veneration.
Hereafter, there will be no
argument between us on this issue.
Let us get out of this
depressive atmosphere
and go to some hill
station for a few days.
Not a bad idea.
I'll make plans today itself
and I'll also send a
telegram to your father.
What for?
It is necessary for a father
and his daughter to unite.
I'll also write to him that
we have stopped arguing
and have made peace.
His worries will be over.
I had thought that father...
Will he come with us
to the hill station?
"When our hearts met"
"eternal love blossomed."
"Eternal love blossomed."
"When my mind is filled with
thoughts of my beloved"
"I felt so pure."
"I felt so pure."
"When our hearts met"
"eternal love blossomed."
"Eternal love blossomed."
What are you thinking?
Our hearts met.
When our hearts met,
eternal love blossomed.
What are you thinking?
I was thinking
When my mind is filled with
thoughts of my beloved
I felt so pure.
"A flower asked a nightingale,
where does love dwell."
"Tell me where does love dwell."
"The nightingale opened its heart
and said, love dwells here."
"Love dwells here."
"The ocean's destination is a river
and the destination of love..."
"Is the heart of a lover."
"When our hearts met"
"When our hearts met"
"eternal love blossomed."
"Eternal love blossomed."
"The bird flying in the blue
sky is singing a love song."
"It is singing a love song."
"Either find someone who
loves you or love someone."
"Or love someone."
"The world will not
exist when..."
"There is no love."
"When our hearts met"
"eternal love blossomed."
"Eternal love blossomed."
"When my mind is filled with
thoughts of my beloved"
"I felt so pure."
"Eternal love blossomed."
"Eternal love blossomed."
"Eternal love blossomed."
You borrowed money from a lot
of people to get married,
but it pinches you to pay me
the rent for four months.
Sir, how can a man pay you rent
when he needs to borrow
money to get married?
You should have taken a
loan to pay my rent!
In that case, you should
have married Narangi.
Sir, please go home. Your
wife must be waiting for you.
I will pay off all your
dues in a couple of days.
You will pay off all my dues!
Gentlemen, did you
hear what I told him?
You too...
Wise men!
Narangi, come on.
Why do you want to listen
to people's taunts?
Borrow some money from Raju
and pay off everybody's dues.
Narangi, I know that he will
not send me away empty-handed.
But I can't say a word
when he's around.
If you speak, your
fortunes will change.
They have returned
from the hill station.
We have to seek their
blessings after our marriage.
Let's go.
Savitri, we had intended to
take a vacation for 10 days,
but it stretched
to three months.
It feels as if it
happened just yesterday.
But you need to consider
that the three-month
vacation has rejuvenated us.
All that is fine, but a lot
of work has accumulated.
I will have to work hard
for a couple of months
and I won't get a moment's rest.
To lead a good life
it's necessary
to work and rest as well.
Murthy will be here. Handle
him the way I told you.
Raju will be here soon.
Greet him exactly the way I
have taught you. Get it?
What will happen after that?
- You are so stupid!
He's here.
Raju, 1, 2, 3!
Murthy, what's this? Get up.
Hail Lord Krishna!
O Lord Krishna,
please forgive us.
We got married in
Raju's absence.
Murthy, you don't
need to apologise.
I was pleased to hear
that you got married.
I knew you would be pleased, but I
should have waited for your return.
But the time was
very auspicious.
Weddings were happening
all over the city.
Even in my neighbourhood,
there was a wedding.
When that wedding was over,
we asked for the garlands of
the newlyweds and wore them.
The priest was leaving
after the wedding.
We asked him to conduct our
wedding at a nominal rate.
I gave him a few rupees.
The priest started to leave before
we had taken our wedding vows.
When we told him that we hadn't
finished taking our vows,
he said that his services
depend on the money he's paid.
And we took the rest of the
wedding vows by ourselves.
A band was passing
through our street.
I requested them to play
in front of my house also.
So, the band played in front of my
house and I paid them one rupee.
People thought that the band
had come for our wedding.
Anyway, your purpose was served.
I have returned
after many months.
There is lot of work
pending, I am leaving.
Congratulations on your wedding!
He left!
He didn't even open the bag.
Savitri, meet Narangi.
I mean my wife, Narangi. Let's
seek her blessings, Narangi.
What are you doing?
Get up.
God bless you.
Take this.
Murthy, didn't I tell you
that Savitri is kind at heart?
Narangi, what are you saying?
It's nothing.
Actually, I'd told her that
Raju is quite magnanimous.
It's true. He had told me
to give you this gift.
Did Raju tell you?
Did you see that?
There are two guest rooms
at the back of the house.
Both of you can shift into them.
Did Raju say that as well?
Did you hear that? - I heard it.
Savitri is better than Raju and
Raju is better than Savitri.
That was clever of you
to praise both of them.
Shut up. - Come on.
Doctor, what brings you here?
I will tell you only after
you offer me some sweets.
There is no dearth of
sweets in this house.
Lord Krishna's blessings
are there forever.
Please tell me!
Raju, you will be
thrilled to know
that a new member will be
coming to your family.
Lord Krishna!
You asked the doctor to tell
me because you couldn't.
Is it true?
Do doctors tell lies?
Is that so?
Don't show me your
teeth all the time.
I know that you brush
them twice a day!
Why do you torment me?
I don't get into this kind
of a mood quite often.
And that's when you ignore me.
Look, I don't like
your deceptive smile.
Oh! We have been married
for just a month
and you have begun to dislike my smile?
It looks deceptive!
What should I give you?
How do I make you happy?
What do you want?
- Shall I tell you?
Yes, tell me.
I want.
I want that.
Wives demand necklaces,
saris, and bangles.
And you demanded a calendar?
I will place hundreds of
such calendars at your feet!
O God! You are so stupid!
I don't want a calendar.
I want a child like the
one on the calendar.
You want a child like that?
It's not possible!
Why is it impossible?
- How will it happen?
You should observe a fast once
a week just like Raju does.
What about you?
- I will eat raw mangoes like Savitri does.
Oh, so you want
to keep me hungry
and you want to eat mangoes!
To beget a child, the
parents have to do a lot.
You will have to start fasting.
I have to.
The child is fair complexioned,
must be of a foreigner.
But I... How can it be?
O God,
please let my lineage continue.
It is a boy.
A boy!
Raju, congratulations!
It's a boy!
Really? - Yes.
Hail Lord Krishna!
Doctor. - Raju...
I've never come across
such a case of childbirth.
Thank God your wife is safe.
My wife is safe!
What about our son?
There's no movement
in the child's limbs.
the child was struck with
paralysis in the womb.
- It's a miracle that he's alive.
I am sorry.
Your dream fulfilled,
but it would have been better
if it had been only a dream.
We were so eager
to have a son.
A son was born...
it's not your fault.
It's fate.
Whenever destiny
knocks on a door,
it can never remain shut.
Good or bad, no one
can avoid destiny.
You can call it destiny,
but I would say
that such a baby was probably born
due to some problem in my womb.
No, Savitri. I am certain
that God has punished you because
you never accepted His existence.
I accept that your
God has punished me
because I don't believe
in His existence.
But you do believe
in Him, don't you?
Then, why did your
merciful God punish you?
Is he only my son
and not yours too?
Why are you quiet? Answer me!
Where is your Lord Krishna?
Ask Him!
I don't want anything.
You have given me everything.
But what do I say to my wife?
She tells me to ask my God
whether this is the reward of my
undying devotion towards You.
she may be an atheist, but
what she says is correct.
How do I answer her?
I have no answer when she
asks me this question!
You are omniscient.
The entire world is
under Your protection.
I firmly believe that
You will help my son.
But please explain that to my
wife, who doubts my devotion!
Narangi, adorn your tresses
with these flowers
and wear this pair of jeans.
Take away the jeans!
Do you want me to look
like a fool at this age?
This is a modern dress!
Modern dress! It looks
like a guitar-case to me!
I come home with a lot of desires,
but you always disappoint me.
Don't be ridiculous.
The ones who provide for us are
fighting over the same issue again.
Sorry. I don't think the child's
limbs will ever function.
Doctor, is there
no cure for this?
Yes, there's a specialist
in Delhi for this illness
His name is Dr Mohanlal.
You should consult him.
Will you please call him?
- Okay.
Sorry, ma'am. In my opinion,
this illness is incurable.
If we consult
another specialist,
can my son be cured?
Try your luck. All the best.
Sleep. Go to sleep quickly.
Won't you listen to your mother?
Go to sleep.
Go to sleep, my son.
"O my dear son!"
"O my dear son!"
"Every mother in the world"
"sings a lullaby to make
her child fall asleep."
"Every mother in the world"
"sings a lullaby to make
her child fall asleep."
"But an unfortunate
mother that I am,"
"I sing a lullaby
to wake my son."
"I sing a lullaby
to wake my son."
"O my dear son!"
"When will this phase
pass and a day arrive"
"when my son opens his eyes?"
"The world will know on
the day my darling son"
"will play in my courtyard."
"A miserable mother..."
"A miserable mother
holds on to her hope."
"And sings a lullaby
to wake her son."
"O my dear son!"
"The clouds have gathered.
They are looming overhead."
"Why doesn't it
rain on my house?"
"I have borne a child."
"Yet I am yearn for someone
to call me mother!"
"A helpless mother!"
"How can she find
peace of mind?"
"She sings a lullaby
to wake her son."
"Every mother in the world"
"sings a lullaby to make
her child fall asleep."
"But an unfortunate
mother that I am,"
"I sing a lullaby
to wake my son."
"I sing a lullaby
to wake my son."
"O my dear son!"
Yes, doctor?
After examining your son, all
the doctors have concluded
that this illness is
absolutely incurable.
In these times when science
has progressed so much,
when eyes and heart
can be transplanted,
can't my son be cured?
I am sorry, ma'am, this
is not in our hands.
Only God can cure your son.
All the doctors have given up.
But one doctor still remains
who can give you
pain and relief too.
Savitri, look at me.
You consider me your
God, don't you?
Then listen to me,
and repose faith in
my God for some time.
you should know faith
can move mountains.
I'm not saying this because I want
to prove God's existence to you.
In fact, it is for
the sake of our son.
neither can you bear my
misery nor can I bear yours.
Ours is a shared misery.
you don't know
prayer is powerful.
If you're a mother, for the sake of
your son, please listen to me once.
I am ready to do
whatever you say.
I am ready to go
wherever you say.
Will you come with
me on pilgrimage?
Not for myself, for
our son's sake.
Every mother in the world can do
anything for the sake of her child.
I am also a mother.
I can also do it. Let's go.
Have you loaded the luggage?
- Yes.
may your pilgrimage be fruitful!
A snake!
Mom! A snake!
A snake!
O God!
O God!
Lord Krishna!
Please save my son!
Lord Krishna!
Please save my son!
Lord Krishna...
Listen! - Savitri...
I... I have seen your God!
What? - Yes.
I have seen with my eyes.
What are you saying?
after taking a bath, when
I was getting ready,
a deadly snake
came upon our son.
I screamed in fright!
I don't know what happened,
but Lord Krishna's
name came to my lips.
Then what happened?
Then a peacock
attacked the snake.
It wounded and carried it away.
And my son's life was saved.
Until now, I was
living in darkness.
I was refusing to believe in
the protector of the world.
Please forgive me if possible.
why are you seeking
forgiveness from me?
Come on,
seek it from God.
"O my Lord!"
"We are at Your mercy."
"We chant Your name,
O Lord Krishna!"
"We have come to Your doorstep."
"O my Lord!"
"We are at Your mercy."
"We chant Your name,
O Lord Krishna!"
"We have come to Your doorstep."
"O my Lord!"
"By Your grace, the apple
of my eyes will get cured."
"The apple of my eyes!"
"The apple of my eyes!"
"My son will bring
happiness to my life!"
"Happiness to my life!"
"Wherever You dwell..."
"Wherever You dwell, how
can sorrow dwell there?"
"We are at Your mercy."
"We chant Your name,
O Lord Krishna!"
"We have come to Your doorstep."
"O my Lord!"
"Please help me through
"Please help me,
O Lord Krishna!"
"Please help me through
"Please help me,
O Lord Krishna!"
"You have helped
millions of people."
"Please help me,
O Lord Krishna!"
"Please help me,
O Lord Krishna!"
"Please help me through
"You were born to liberate
Mother Devaki from bondage."
"When I begot a child, why
did my joys get lost?"
"We are drowning in misery."
"Please liberate us,
O Lord Krishna."
"Please help me through
"Please help me,
O Lord Krishna!"
"O Krishna, Your ways
are mysterious."
"O Krishna, Your ways
are mysterious."
"Your ways are mysterious.
Your fame is dear to us!"
"Your ways are mysterious.
Your fame is dear to us!"
"Those who surrender to You,
those who touch Your feet..."
"O Lord Krishna, they
attain salvation."
"O Krishna, Your ways
are mysterious."
"O Krishna, nobody returns
empty-handed from Your door."
"At Your feet, O Krishna, they
get whatever they ask for."
"O Radha's companion!
O Meera's Manmohan!"
"Destroy our problems."
"O Krishna, Your ways
are mysterious."
"O Krishna, Your ways
are mysterious."
"O son of Nandlal!"
"O son of Nandlal! O Gopala!"
"O son of Nandlal! O Gopala!"
"O Mohan with flute!"
"You are my saviour!"
"We are surrounded by darkness."
"We are surrounded by darkness."
"Please lead us to light!"
"Our sorrows..."
"Dispel our sorrows."
"We are at Your mercy."
"We chant Your name,
O Lord Krishna!"
"We have come to Your doorstep."
"O my Lord!"
Since You have awakened
faith in my heart,
please forgive me too!
We have gone to every temple and
every town chanting Your name.
O Lord, please forgive us!
Isn't it my only fault that
I thought of my home as a temple
and my husband as my God?
My husband is my Lord,
but You are the Lord
of the entire world!
I didn't bow to You.
I did not chant Your name.
I refused to view You.
Punish me for all this!
O Lord, please do not punish
my child for my sins!
You gave life to
this young child,
You can even bring
back the dead to life!
Why don't You give my son the
strength to call me mother?
A mother is yearning to hear
her son address her as mother.
In the name of Mother Yashoda, O
Lord, grant a mother her rights!
If not for my sake,
if not for my husband's sake,
for the sake of those like me,
who do not believe in You,
do demonstrate Your powers.
O Lord, please
demonstrate Your power
so that they too start
believing in You!
Maybe our voice will
not reach Your ears,
it may not reach Your abode,
but the sound of the bells of this
temple will definitely reach You!
And they will keep ringing till
this child's illness is cured!
We'll stop ringing the bells
when life departs our bodies.
Make way! Move aside!
Why are all of you sad?
Why there is no
smile on your lips?
Child, who are you?
My name is Gopal.
I am a cowherd. I was
grazing cows in the field.
On hearing the bells of
the temple, I came here.
Why are they lying here?
Whose child is this?
He is so cute! So pretty!
Child, open your eyes!
You won't open them!
Child, please speak!
You won't speak?
I will see!
Who? Who is it?
Who are you?
"Let's sing the glory
of Lord Krishna!"
"Let's sing the glory
of Lord Krishna!"
"Let's sing the glory
of Lord Krishna!"
"Let's sing the glory
of Lord Krishna!"
"Of the dark-complexioned Shyam.
Of handsome Lord Krishna!"
"Of the dark-complexioned Shyam.
Of handsome Lord Krishna!"
"Let's sing the glory
of Lord Krishna!"
"Let's sing the glory
of Lord Krishna!"
"Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Murari!"
"Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Murari!"
"Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Murari!"
"Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Murari!"
"Hail Lord Krishna who
lifted the Govardhan Hill!"
"Hail Lord Krishna who
lifted the Govardhan Hill!"
"Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Murari!"
"Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Murari!"
"Hail Lord Krishna!
"Hail Murari!"