Maamanithan (2022) Movie Script

I greet you all.
My name is Radhakrishnan.
I am the first auto
driver of this village
I have some wishes,
little dreams and goals in life
Hey Vapa!
Do you have country eggs?
Look! its over there
Sit! sit!
Who will go first?
You'll go first
Open your mouth
Gulp it!
Thats it
And now...
to my baby girl
Open your mouth baby
That's all
Go sit inside
Ready to go?
Okay. See you then!
See you!
Daddy! I need to ask something
What is it dear?
You said See you!
He says See you
How can you see each
other if you leave?
What does 'See you' mean?
They are two different things
Clever girl! Shall we go?
When your heart feels burdened, run!
Do you know why?
Why Daddy?
Run if your heart feels heavy...
running makes the body and mind light
Problems run away when you run
And it keeps us well too
How so daddy?
weren't you sad about
your test results?
Yes Daddy!
My maths score is low
Are you still sad after running?
I feel quite fresh
As simple as that my love
You are a genius like Aristotle
I finally understood why...
children run from
school at the bell
You brat! Catch him! Catch him!
Wait till I catch you!
Get him! Get him!
Hey Manohara!
Do you have Spiny Loaches?
Yes there are
Have you priced
them like elephants?
The catch isn't plenty like before
Dont bargain now and buy some
How can fishes survive in
sewer instead of freshwater?
they can only float dead
Give us a measure full
Daddy look! they are alive
isn't it wrong to eat them?
We aren't eating them alive
We will only eat them cooked
Even then, we kill them and eat
I understand your question
But, I don't have an answer
What can I do?
Shall we eat and then think?
Okay. I am hungry
Okay, then.
They can go on their
own to the shop
They can go to the
temple on their own
Always happy to go out
Why aren't they
going to school then?
Where are these kids?
We are home!
-Finally you reach!
-Carry me, Daddy!
Of course, love
You dream of their bright future
Why aren't you sending
them to school then?
It's not fair
You are absolutely right
What can I do about it?
What will they do in an empty school?
Today is Sunday?
Why did I think today is Saturday?
Think as you please.
Now bring me the milk pot
Here, take this lid
Go out and remove you shoes
Yes bring the vessel. Quick!
Look at the Loaches flapping
I haven't paid for them
-Pay his wife later okay?
Come over here
These fishes will now drink up the milk
and throw up dirt from its stomach
then if you rinse them for mom
she will serve us tasty curry
then we eat our fill
go easy on the salt mommy
you deserve a smack now
Don't whack my child
Someone pitied the fishes
in this house...Who?
We are only eating them cooked
I am hungry, daddy
Okay she is hungry.
Serve her
"Little Coel of Pannapuram"
Give them more
"sings Co co co co hear..."
"A red flower has bloomed
in the garden see..."
"The heart hears this bond..."
"feels like a caressing breeze"
"As the sun goes down"
"the sky shows its splendour"
"Little Coel of Pannapuram"
"sings Co co co co hear..."
"A red flower has bloomed
in the garden see..."
What are you doing?
Mother and Father are
god you can see with eyes.
-Is that so?
-Who taught you this?
My Tamil teacher told me
"I was a lone wanderlust..."
"Now I live in a cosy nest"
"Ive never borrowed"
"Everything was gathered little by little"
"and I built a house like a nest"
"Our story can bring hope"
The jasmine smells so good
What are you doing in the kitchen?
Aren't you asleep?
I am not sleepy.
I wonder why
The kids are awake.
Go and lie down
Go hit the bed
Whenever I get close, you keep
me away mentioning children
Okay, I will take care of the children
You finish you work and
come, I will be with them
'In the first Polygar war of 1978...'
What! Why aren't you asleep yet?
I am waiting for my bed
I see. Alright then
Sleep... Go to sleep now
Doze off now
Tell me your story
before I was born
-Daddy's story?
Not again! I've heard it
enough number of times
I am going outside to study
I should have been born first
He pushed me and
took birth first
Hasty fellow!
You tell me.
I will hear it
One day in a village, there was an auto
rickshaw driver named Radhakrishnan
Day? Is he not there at night?
I won't tell you any stories
if you ask such things
Sweet Daddy! My lovely Daddy!
Please...tell me
Give me a kiss then
There was an auto rickshaw
driver named Radhakrishnan
He went to a house in the day
Come on in and look at my house
You painted it. Lovely!
How many coats?
Not one.
Two coats
You've built such a lovely
house and staying on rent
Have I built it for me?
You know why
If there is no one
living, it can get dusty
Exactly why I visit often
Over there
Why don't you just
live here for good?
If there is no one,
sparrows build nests
Atleast then a family
can make this their home
Inshallah! Let them live then
To the bus stand?
Get in. Lets go
Looking at jewels price, no one
will want to have a daughter
Birth is not in our hands
You and I couldn't be
born without daughters
I am just asking
I understand your situation
A girl child is a boon
Only they will take care in the end
Inside the bus stand our outside?
Drop me inside, dear
-Hey Bhai!
One tea
Selvam. One tea
Take this
Hey Bhai!
Wait! don't you want your tea?
No need.
Come quick!
How did you get it?
A senior person
left it in the auto
Oh God! What do we do?
Lets give it to the police?
Aren't you naive?
Why? won't they find out?
Of course.
They are excellent.
Where did you drop him?
The bus stand
Come. lets go
Selva! look after the shop till I return
Don't worry. I will
Don't eat off the buns.
I have a count
I dropped him right here
Which bus did he take? To where?
We know nothing.
You dropped him here.
Where did he board?
Kamarajar street
-Shall we go there?
This is where he boarded
-Shall we ask him?
Let's enquire the smith.
Brother! can you tell where it was
bought looking at these jewels?
Bring it! Lets see
You can't tell by looking at it.
It looks like machine cut
But it is not handmade
He was talking about gold prices
Are there gold shops around?
There is one right
around the corner
Come Bhai!
Hello sir!
Give it
I ride an auto
An elder passenger
left it in the auto
Sir. Can you check if
these are from your shop?
Is this the one, an elderly man bought
for his daughter? Can you tell?
-This is our Shop's seal
Can you read out the address?
Maari swamy, No.8 Ponnurangam street,
Go! open the door!
Who are you two?
You left the jewels in
the auto and made us roam
If only there was an address
written inside just in case
We searched a lot
We lost a day's wage
May you live long.
May God bless
Its for my daughter's wedding
The son-in-law postponed tomorrow's
engagement because of missing jewels
Now you have found it.
Go ahead with the plan
What do you do?
I sell peanuts
Money from selling peanuts
Had it fallen in to some other hands, they would've
opened it up and gobbled it up like peanuts
In the land of scums,
you gems have returned the jewels.
God bless
Please come in and eat something
Its fine
Both of you must
attend the wedding
God willing,
we will if you invite us
We will get going then
if everything is ok
-We'll leave then
-We shall take leave.
The girl is pretty isn't she?
Yes she is and also engaged.
Speak no more
What did I say now?
Don't speak a word
I didn't see your mother
after that for a while
she was sitting at the bus stop
I went to speak with her
Hello there
-How are you?
-I am fine
You never called
us for the wedding
I refused to marry him
They stopped the
engagement for jewels
If they ask for more things in
the future, we will be helpless
You took a bold decision
Can they ask gold
from someone like you?
-Is it the same house?
-I am heading that side. May I drop you?
-Its fine
Since the engagement cancelled,
the neighbours behave differently
It must be difficult
Yes sir.
We want to move out
Come to our area.
There are brokers at the auto stand
Where is your stand?
It is a special place.
Maestro Ilayaraja was born here
Doesn't mean they
can play fiddle there
He alone knows.
-Shall we leave?
-Thank you
But I will take the bus
-Okay then
Take care then
Selva! pass it to me
Bhai! Give me a cigarette
You can't smoke here
- Why?
- Passive smoking is more harmful than smoking..
Why do you sell it then?
Fight someone bigger.
Not a petty shopkeeper
What is the house
rent you have in mind?
Three hundred rupees is okay
Well let's see
Let Krishna come
Is four hundred fine?
It's none of your business
Can a broker ruin another broker's prospect?
I was just asking
As such water is
bad in this area
Half of them have lost
their hair bathing in it
- Which house do you have in mind?
- The corner one.
Oh no!
An old woman died in that house
They seem to be innocent folks.
Why are you cheating them?
Shall I show you few good ones?
Mayilu! Do not spoil it.
Welcome! Please sit!
What happened?
Mayilu says that an old
woman died in that house
Old woman didn't die there
She died in the hospital.
I took her there and admitted
There is something called work ethics
If you ruin someone's chances,
your's get ruined on its own
-Sorry boss! Take back your curse!
Come let's go
The water in this area is good
You get drinking water too
Come! step down here!
Mayillu! Step in auspiciously!
Am I going to see
a bride now bhai?
Is the house good?
He is saying things
Ignore it.
I will take care of it. Come!
No! That is a different house
The tenants here moved
to their own house
Am I right, Bhai?
-You will get a commission even if you are quiet.
-Why didn't you tell me before?
-Hello Sir!
You are punctual
-Hello Sir! His name is Murthy
He works in EB
-There would be no power cut here
-How many of you are there?
Two of them.
Father and daughter
There is water shortage in this compound
You say two people.
Tomorrow you can't bring five
-Understood? I trust your word
-Okay sir
-Show them the house first.
-I will vouch for them
-Ok then.
-I trust you
Keep your footwear outside
My friend lived here.
So I know the house well
-Do you like it?
-Yes it is good
It leaks here a little during rains
-Thats it.
-Where does it rain nowadays Krishna?
-The only water is from our tears
-Bhai! Calm down a bit
Leaks? Good bye to commission
I am not a broker like them
I can't lie either
There is a little mosquito problem. Is it ok?
Can you survive in this country
if you worry about mosquitoes?
-Let me tell them the truth.
-Is this any truth?
-Do you like the house?
-Yes it is good
Come! let's close the deal
Do you like the house?
-Oh good.
Murthy Sir...
-What Krishna?
-We like the house
-Very good
I will pay an
thousand rupee advance
The rest on house warming
We will occupy on
an auspicious day
I will pay you back once I
get the other house advance
No big deal.
We are all one now
"She knocked! She knocked!
The doors of my heart"
"She tied! She tied!
Two lives"
"There is something inside me
it is jumping. Is it my heart?"
"Or is it something hiding in my heart
that is slowly getting out?"
"Happy and soothing
Is this love?"
"She knocked! She knocked!
The doors of my heart"
-Why do we need a stove, child?
-It's nothing
No need of firewood henceforth.
It darkens the face.
Enough of counting the cash
Eat the idly while it is hot
Go and check
Why did you recommend
the house for us?
Calm down.
- Boss
- Yes
Boss, your client peanut cart tycoon
has come here
What's up with him?
- Tell your issues to the Boss.
- Any problem?
Excuse me. Reduce your TV's volume!
How are we supposed to live here?
Are you going to reduce
the volume or not?
What is the issue?
There are more
people than agreed
we have water issues here
A house has visitors.
Only cemeteries don't
We will vacate tomorrow itself
if you trouble us. Is that fine?
If you go on like this, we will spread
a rumour that the house is haunted
The house will remain closed forever.
Can't her own brother visit?
He has come on
vacation. Will leave soon.
I assure you. Okay?
I take your word.
I don't want frequent guests.
Go in.
-At this rate, they will ask me for rent.
-Let it go
-He has reduced the volume.
-There is nothing to worry now
-Look Madam!
-She is a literate Mayilu
-Then, its fine
The owner has one house.
tenant have thousands
If you get scared,
they will scare you further
Stand up to them.
They will step back
-An empty house is an owner's loss. right?
-True word
If they increase the volume,
you double yours
they will close
their ears and leave
you can tell me if any problem arises.
We shall deal with it
Brushing at this time will
definitely lead to water scarcity
Who are they?
They are crossing the limits
The brokers who found this house for us.
Good man
Are you waiting to go somewhere?
I came to search for a groom.
They have not opened yet
Here? you think they can help?
They will drag it till she retires
Let it be.
You have such a beautiful looking daughter
-Shall I bring a groom?
-Yes please
Boss! I don't get it
You like her but are
helping in finding a groom.
What is the meaning of this?
It means I wish her well
Terrific meaning, boss
-How are you?
-Good. Care for some hot groundnuts?
Of course. Please.
Give it. This has horoscopes of
four prospective grooms
Consult a good astrologer.
Do you know someone or should I...?
He will find one, boss
Why trouble you?
We have a family astrologer we can consult
-I can't take money from friends
Business and pleasure are better separated.
Keep it
I feel suffocated.
I don't know how to share this
You saw few grooms for the girl.
What happened?
Oh! That...
I kept my horoscope in too.
The astrologer says that
it is a perfect match
I am happy.
You are smart.
You gave your horoscope
as a love letter
What else can we do?
They believe in
this more than love
What is my role further?
Lets talk then
Bhai! You said you wanted to talk.
Where are you taking me?
I will tell you. Wait!
Do you see this?
Our Krishna built this from his sweat
Its desolate
Don't call it that.
Call it the first house in this area.
He has built a house for his
wife even before his marriage
All the utensils are new
the gas stove and cylinder at
your house are taken from here
You don't have to
arrange for dowry either
He desires a family so much
The girl alone is enough
Is this cupboard new too?
Don't touch it! New?
He doesn't let anyone
touch it fearing scratches
how big is the land?
Five and half cents.
Almost one ground
Why is he not married still?
Marisamy sir...
In our country many are unmarried because
there's none to get them married
We try our best
it is getting delayed
taste the water
water as sweet as him
What about his parents or relatives?
His father died
when he was young
Two years ago, mother died
Alive, she tried hard to
somehow find him a wife
he insists on marrying a literate
He has an maternal uncle who
will come for the wedding
What has he studied?
Third standard
Doesn't match my daughter's education
How much has she...
She has passed tenth standard.
What more does one want?
She has definitely studied a lot
Don't just single out
educational qualification.
But consider his
talent and good nature
Give him your daughter's hand.
He will take care of her well
We will talk the rest
during engagement
I am so happy
Come in... come in... please
Please come!
He's Krishnan's uncle
Everything is His deed!
What is there in our hands?
Savithri. Come here
Why trouble her?
I saw her just yesterday
Not trouble.
It is a tradition
Let everyone look at her
Okay, then
Okay dear
Please decide a date.
We'll bear all the expenses
Don't bend too low Bhai!
I haven't. Krishnan asked me to
Radhakrishnan! What have you studied?
I didn't finish school.
Only till third standard
You are an ignorant then
-Watch what you are saying
-It's okay
Please relax.
We call illiterates in our village as ignorant
What do you do for a living?
I drive an auto. Like an ambulance,
I operate all 24 hours
24 Hours?
Roaming in the dark
around bus stand
Finding clients,
taking them to lodges
Act as a broker
a little more for more money
That sort?
Come! Lets go
Hey! Watch it! No! Stop!
Ask anyone in this town,
you will know who I am
I am an honest man like Kamarajar
I never roam idle.
I take in passengers even if they can't pay
They trust me with their grown up girls
I haven't gone to school but go
there everyday to drop children
idiot! idiot! idiot!
Life taught me everything
Who is ignorant?
Whom did you call an ignorant?
It is not just an auto.
It is my mother.
It is my god who feeds me
I like Savithri.
Else, I would have shown you
-Its alright Krishna.
-Let's go, boss!
-Let's go, boss!
I won't let this marriage happen
You are agitated.
Calm down!
-Drop her home. You carry on.
-Okay dear
I say you did the right thing
by throwing a coconut at him
You should've broken his head
It is no easy task
to ride an auto
It has only three tires, and so tiny
It is your livelihood.
How can he talk like that?
All said and done, he is her brother.
How can you hit him?
Hey! How am I any less?
Shall I show you
my riding skills?
I am the first auto
driver of this village
Is it my fault that
I didn't study?
I couldn't study, so I didn't
And that's why I
seek a learned girl
How much did MGR study?
Didn't he rule this land?
Look at the talent.
Look if he can keep her happy
What now?
You like the girl?
Bring her.
I'll get you wed
All alone?
No boss! you bring her.
We will take care of the rest
Call us if some
trouble comes up boss
Our broker army is on standby
Idiot! You chased him away
Are you even talking sense?
Who will you get her married to?
Are you sane?
Let go of my child!
Asking your own sister
to become a second wife?
Don't irk me
The auto driver is not fit for her
-Get lost. You come with me
-Leave me alone.
What do you take me for?
Am I your slave?
Who the hell are you
to decide for me?
I am a literate.
I am aware
What do you know?
You've been struggling
all your life
I will make your life better
Listen to me
If you give into such feelings,
you will end up in streets
What do you mean by feelings?
-I am not like that.
-Mad girl!
-Drop it dear!
-What do you think of me?
Don't get angry
-I will not let it happen
-I don't want to marry
-Drop it first!
-Leave me alone
If my mother were alive,
would she have allowed it?
-What's all this?
Come here
Come with me!
I don't want to beat up her brother
Better attend the wedding
Hey Savithri
I am not done talking to you!
Usually brides step over the Pestle
Your bride has threatened all
with a pestle and marrying you.
Be careful Radhakrishna!
-Shall I tie the knot while it is auspicious still?
-You tie it Boss!
Start the auspicious music!
Finally your mother
and father were married
The biggest obstacle of the
marriage was my illiteracy
Do you now understand why I want
you to study hard and succeed?
Study hard. Okay? has slept off
You've all grown up now
Can't you eat and get
ready by yourselves?
Shouldn't mothers dress up
kids and send them to school?
Don't you dress up by
yourself for the movies?
She speaks like grown ups
First study well...
focus on marks and earn a good name
Whats wrong with
my name "Nithya"?
Mummy means another thing dear
Don't worry about it now
Enjoy school alright?
You are spoiling them
They aren't serious
about studies at all
and they talk back too
I am you slave love.
Are my children too?
Say bye to mommy
Bye! Bye!
How do you get angry
so beautifully?
Did you support with a
stone on the left side?
Wait till it stops.
What's the hurry?
-Bye kids!
Get down!
-Bye Dad!
-Hold her hands and take her
A Malayali is selling plots in Pandhapuram
It is good they say.
The teachers seem interested
You know all the villagers.
Make deals and earn commissions
How long are you going to ride autos?
You need to grow?
True. I saw it on the way
It is a timely advise
I was hoping to save
them from your school
You have shown me how
Stop teasing now?
Alright I will take a look
-Shall I go?
How may I help?
How are you splitting these two acres?
Ten to Ten and half.
You will not sell this in a lifetime.
Split them into five cents.
60 by 40 sell, 10 by 10 won't sell
Come here lad
Who are you?
At my place, you tell me that it won't sell
Don't you see?
I am an auto driver
Are auto drivers Gods?
What do yo know about plots?
I have put in all my retirement money here
I was Periyakulam region surveyor.
Have you seen me?
Sir! Please don't mistake me
I am a native.
I can see a sparrow and tell its tree
Are you going to buy land?
Let me explain
I was born and raised here.
The villagers will take my word
I have come to help you sell
Broker? huh!
Muruga! Give him the flyers
Sell it and take a commission.
Only if you sell
Wait! I don't work on commissions
How else?
Lets share sixty forty on the profit
I know how much is the profit.
In a month I can complete this
So you want partnership?
Yes, sir.
You may go.
I will call you if I need you
I suggest that you buy this site
See you sir
Are you still here?
Which one are you interested in?
Do you like this one?
Anything else sir?
-Wait in the car
-Ok sir
Your turn.
You seem preoccupied
Krishnan, an auto guy
knows the entire village
He is offering to sell
all the plots in a month
He seems sensible too
But seems a little pricey
It is easier for a native to sell
What have you decided?
Show. I haven't decided yet
Never give up the job you know.
Never touch the one you don't
Why do you want to get into this?
Not for my sake.
For my children!
Shouldn't they study in a good school?
You were never a
full time broker
You know very well that my
father was a real estate broker
Do you know how many
deals he has closed?
I have worked with
him since I was young
Why didn't I practice a job I know so well?
The income wasn't steady
I can't let go of a
good opportunity now
I take the convent children to school
but my children can't match their English
How can they compete with them and win?
Do you know something?
Even public school teacher's
children study in this convent
Shouldn't my children study there?
School don't matter for studious children
I don't care
I don't know which
school is better
I want my children to speak English.
That's all
Is the ash smear okay?
Silly women!
Be calm and watch me play
Come! sit inside
Start the car
Now you look convincing
in white as a partner
I was saying that all these
roads will be neatly done
It is free of charge.
Then drinking water...
At forty feet,
there is sweet water
A government hospital
is going to come here
and the next village Pannaipuram
there is a possibility of
a railway station there
It may come
Sir. How can we sell such lies
All he is saying is that
there is a tiny chance
Don't think about
money and let this slip
Do not forget.
Do not regret.
This is a golden opportunity.
Keep this in the car.
-Hurry, partner.
-I'm coming, Sir.
Sir. We need a famous
female face for promotions
Bring those papers
Near Pannaipuram,
Half a ground at Rs.4500 are the key points
For our sake, For our family's
sake, for our future's sake
She will speak an additional line
You radiate beauty
Do you eat Panchamritha daily?
No. She eats Milk Khoa
You won't let me appreciate a girl
Don't praise anyone
Please take this
It's hot
The empty glass is for that.
Cool it and drink please!
I will do it.
You go inside
Don't stir it too much.
It might get cold
Right here in Theni
district at Pannayarpuram...
Plot at forty five thousand only
Unbelievable right?
Me too
Avail Akshaya Tritiya offer and
register free of cost
The address is clear sir
Radhakrishna! Come here!
Let go of this bag now!
I didn't believe you
when I first met you.
But you have proved your talent
I have never met
anyone quite like you
You are too good.
So very Good
You have sold all
of it like you said
I can't tell if tomorrow is
Akshya Tritiya or my birthday.
-I am so happy
-Stay happy.
-Let's finish the registration tomorrow itself.
and then start our next project
You will be right by my side.
With me.
Can't leave me.
I dare you
Why is your glass empty?
Drink properly!
No sir! I am not used to it
-Have you never drunk?
-When I was a child, I've had toddy Sir
All the big businesses in the world
begin by joining these two glasses
It is not good for business to abstain.
Drink now!
Pick it up and Drink sir.
You too are big now!
Drink it, Radha Krishna
If you pass out...
right here is our room to crash
-Drink up now!
-No sir!
I get sleep only at home.
Then go home but after your drink
That's all
How was it?
Partner! Pour another round Partner!
That's my boy
Sir! We've reached home
Sir! We've reached your home
My house right? You are the drunk one.
Go safely.
-Yes, sir
-Take care, sir!
-Bloody drunkard
Savithri! Savithri!
-Did you drink?
-Yes! At a big place
What is this new habit?
You have deteriorated
I will enroll my kids
into a big school
I don't like this at all
What do you not like?
You don't like my progress?
Look! You shouldn't progress
in the wrong way
We don't need other's money
Move now!
I don't like your stench
The children are asleep.
How will they feel?
Sit here quietly
I am a big businessman now.
Pay me some respect at least
Savithri! Hey!
Sleep outside.
Only then will you
understand the value of home
Don't ignore the
goddess of wealth.
You will regret later
Welcome! Hello!
We will begin soon
Alright! First give me an ID
proof and address proof
-Sir! Come with me
-Where were you? Who will check the documents?
-Come here!
Alright come back soon
I'll be back
-Where did you go?
-I need to pee. Come with me
The car is parked there
-Where is the person who was here?
-He checked out long back
-Ask at the reception
Tell me, sir
There was a Madhavan sir
who occupied room 209
He was our long time customer
He checked out at
8 AM this morning
-8 AM itself?
Real estate Madhavan?
Did you leave without informing you?
He left in the morning to his place
Instead of selling
the land bit by bit...
he sold it entirely
to Theni Selvaraj
Didn't you know?
He said he'll come
back next month.
He left quite happy
Damn! The scoundrel.
He gave me the job only
because I had a car
Who knew his true colours?
Sir! Don't go home now.
They will kill you
The entire village trusted
me with their money
How will I face them now?
They won't sit and listen to you
They will hand
over you to police.
They will give your
name to the media
It will be shameful.
You can't face them
Either go with their
money or with Madhavan
Don't give up.
He has a house in Kerala Kavalam.
I have gone there.
They know Kalathil Madhavan.
That is the name of the house
Sir! Don't do anything stupid Sir!
Savithri! Savithri!
What did you and that man do?
The police came four times
They will come if I am home
Don't look at me like that! Don't
I am afraid,
I will lose all my strength
What did you do
with people's money?
I don't get it
I know
Your lodge room, your merriment
with her, I know all the filth
Don't touch me
I've been loyal and
faithful to you.
Don't come filthy and touch me
What will you do if the villagers
ask you for money they gave me?
I will trash them.
Did they consult me
while giving money?
They will ask me it seems.
Do I look that gullible?
Daddy, I am scared
Everyone's coming
and picking a fight
Poor mother!
Police are coming every now and then to enquire
This is your house.
For no reason should you,
mother or baby leave.
-Yes, dad
Daddy is not feeling good.
I am going to run.
What should I do if I am sad?
Running will make you feel light
So I shall run then
Run well, daddy
Give daddy a kiss
One more.
You too...
Shall dad run now?
Run well Daddy! Run fast!
Stay safe children
Go to the station and
try solving the problem
I told you so much.
You should've listened?
Sir, Madhavan Sir!
Is anyone home?
My name is Radhakrishnan.
I come from Theni district,
Pannapuram village.
Is Madhavan sir home?
Where did you come from you said?
Theni district, pannapuram village.
Madhavan is not here.
It has been a year since he visited.
I will inform you if he comes.
You came all this way
searching for my son.
Tell me what is it about?
I don't know if
you will like our food
Did you like it?
Now you tell me
How much does my son owe you?
Ten lakhs rupees
I had taken advance
from 25 people for land
Sir cheated me
Now I can't go back to my village
Are you married?
Two children
Good Lord!
I can't cough up ten lakhs
This house is
pledged to the bank
I have nothing else with me.
I have my soul
Who will buy it?
Take this son
If he comes,
I will inform you immediately.
Leave your phone number
Go back to your family now
I don't want these
It's enough if Madhavan sir comes
I don't know when
he will come dear son
I am alone
May I have a tea?
Please wait for ten minutes.
The milk has to boil
Can I get a job?
There is now work here
The curly haired man there?
He is from here.
Manikandan. Ask him.
-He takes men for factory.
Got it? the supervisor will ask me
Get in there?
- Mani
Any jobs?
What are you looking at? Go now.
No jobs. Get in.
Get in
I don't even have a place
to sleep tonight. I need a job
Can you do any given work?
Then get on the back
Move it
Everybody get down.
You go stand in the queue
Get me proper workers
If they aren't good,
I will cancel your contract
You won't have any problems
this time. All are good workers
Tell him your name
Are you Tamil?
Does it matter?
Its my fate
Tell him your name
My name is Radhakrishnan
Go now. Quick next.
Come forward
-What's your name?
-Radhakrishna, did you flee?
Your village?
Wait! So have I.
You don't even have a bag in
your hand. That's why I asked
Where is your room?
I have to find one
You don't even
have a place to stay?
We are alike
I cant return to my village.
I lost some money
Not mine
I was asked to give it someplace.
I lost the money
Will they buy my story?
They'll ask me for money.
That's why I've become a refugee here
You've left the state
that welcomes outsiders
That's a long story.
That long? Lets talk
as we work then
Radhakrishna! See how
they live separately and happily.
Can we live like that?
If we don't gossip
about neighbours
we may die of suffocation
There is a place to stay, a mat to
sleep on, I am here for any favour
What's your worry then?
Favours? What will he do with a man?
-Philomi! Philomi!
-Tea to drink?
This is Radhakrishnan
So what?
Her head is hotter than tea today
Shut up, don't mess with her
He is working in the
factory cleaning section
They will stay in my room
If they come down here
for tea, bill it in my account
It is I who sent him
to you in the morning
-He already has a job now? Not bad.
- Is it so?
Christy, go inside
Your girl? What does he study?
You've come for tea drink tea.
Don't ask needless things
The bridge might look
old but cross it boldly
I lit a coil for the mosquitoes
They all bite the coil
You too will get used to mosquitoes
He is more dangerous
than mosquitoes. Beware
Don't step out and ogle at her.
She is an angry man less woman
Don't start now
Don't stare.
Come in
Come. Look around!
This is our Royal abode
We are surrounded by water.
I am the only one.
You'll have to learn to adjust
Every cloth of mine is
your's except underwear
That's not safe for you
Mani sir
Can you take the cloth's
cost from my salary please?
Never mind. I have to
take care of my folks
Where shall I keep this?
Give it to me and change
Hey! Go inside and study
You don't let me be
in peace. I am fed up
Doesn't study a letter.
But talks back
Madhavan's house is
right in front of my eyes
My problems are
solved, if I see him
I can go back to my village in peace
Give way! Give way for him!
Be quiet! Calm down!
Keep distance.
Open the door!
The inspector has come
Open the door!
Else we will break it open
-Fear not!
Sir. I will talk to her.
Savithri, it is me.
Open the door without fear
Stay right inside
Where is your husband?
He left in the night
and hasn't returned
Please go in and check.
He might have hidden the money
He betrayed our trust
There is nothing in the house sir.
I don't know anything sir
I have also been cheated
What do you mean?
Isn't he your husband?
Stop pretending
Stay calm while we
are enquiring here
I swear on my kids.
I don't know a thing
Look! a case is registered on him
Can you be at peace among
villagers you've cheated?
Sir! I really don't know anything.
This house is all I have
What are you saying?
What can you do for his fault?
Keep your mouth shut
Bring the house papers
Why are you asking that for?
How else can they be
compensated? Speak fairly
Don't allow anyone inside.
Brother is scared
Don't be scared.
I am here
Keep quiet!
I searched but couldn't
find the house papers
Whose name is the house?
It is in his name sir
Nothing can be done then
He has sold the entire village
Will he spare a house?
He probably pledged it spending the money.
Why does he need a family?
The children are afraid.
We have a family too
They might do something stupid.
I beg you to disperse the crowd
Look! Complaint is taken, leave
No one should come here.
We will discuss further in the station
Move it! Move it!
Sir. This is not at all fair.
We've lost money
We trusted you buy you
are asking us to leave
Look. You must inform me when you
know something. I spare you for now
Alright, sir
I need to pawn the pot
Pawn it? Is your husband back?
You bring him, I will take it
Remember the auto guy, it his wife
-Where did you go brother? Tell me!
It is very difficult for
me, father.
Be with me father
Radhakrishnan! What are you doing?
Bend well and mop it hard
Do you really know this job?
Please don't shout.
The supervisor might fire me
What? It is me he will fire
I will learn
I've left my family back
This job is important to me.
Mani. let it be.
I will finish it
I will learn it quickly
Okay, go ahead
Mommy, I am hungry
Can you hide an
entire pumpkin in rice?
What? Let me come there
Brother! Can you give me some
a kg of rice for this pumpkin?
-Is this your from your garden?
Look over there
They don't seem to sell too well
Is there any news of your husband?
I trusted him with an advance
of twenty five thousand
The thief disappeared with it
Alright give it.
I will give you rice
Let it be.
I don't need rice
Savithri! Come and have tea.
No thanks
Sit there
I came to the house.
No one was there
Give it to the kids.
Are they at school?
How will they?
He's left an empty house.
He shouldn't have done this to me.
I was true to him
There is no respect in this village
I don't know any work
Can't go to my
brother's house either
What shall I do?
Its ok.
Don't cry
I sold my ornaments to
stop the police visiting home
Is the elder one not
going to school too?
I have sent him to
work at Lakshmi mill
-What do you want?
-A boy is working here
I came to see him
What's his name
and where is he from?
-Where does he work?
-Here in this unit
Can children work here?
Not permanently.
On need basis
Here he is
Son of Radhakrishnan!
Is this what you've become?
Drink this.
Don't worry
Mother is already here. Come!
I went to the mill and got him back
I saw him standing with a sack
isn't it, lad?
Can't he study along with our kids?
Krishnan's fate is bad.
All this happened
Leave it or you will get angry
Only, if he studies a bit
more, he can get a decent job
I don't have much
But I will loan a thousand
or two every month
He can pay me
back after his studies
-Is that okay?
-Thanks a lot brother.
-It's my duty as a brother
Do you agree to this mill worker?
Will you study hard or
run away like your dad?
I'll study hard, uncle
Good boy. You will do well
I'll take leave
Mom. I won't go to school.
I don't like this
school. I'll join another
Why another school now?
I don't like this one.
I'll join another
I struggle day and
night to make you study
Do you want to become like me?
Nothing's happened to you.
I won't go
I alone know my
struggle to pay fees
She wants to change schools huh!
The girl is coming.
Hey it's Christie
O! girl, so shy, glancing from the
corner of your stealthy eyes... O!
Shall we have some tea?
Which tea?
Masala Chai is enough
O! girl who is so shy,
in the corner of your stealthy eyes... O!
Who wants some tea?
Who wants?
No! I don't want tea
Want Masala tea?
It hurts!
You don't need to change
schools fearing them. Carry on
Krishna! I craved and ate some Puttu
It just won't just go down my throat
Didn't you eat it with
bananas? goes down smoother
Is that how it is eaten?
Your folks are so clever
-Hey! Who is he?
-It's him
Who the hell are you
to beat our lads?
its him, ya its him
Hey! How dare you? Hey!
We won't spare you
Hey! Let's get him
Mom! come here quick
Krishnan beat these guys
when they eve teased me
Step aside
Didn't they tell you
why he beat them up?
Is it okay if they
eve tease my girl?
Didn't you ask when
they called you?
Come let's go to the cops
Come let's go to the cops
He didn't do anything wrong
What are they saying?
is it true?
Did you tease her?
I would have gone to jail for
eve teasing listening to you
Sorry sister! Sorry brother!
I didn't know
Krishna, you are a prankster
You are hiding here as is
Moreover, you twisted
the village boy's elbow
You are too brave.
What if it had become a police case?
It's that way, sir
-Which is Kalathil Madhavan's house?
-Kalathil Madhavan's house?
-Over there. That house sir. Across
-That one?
-Yes sir.
-Can it be reached by boat?
-Yes you can sir
Thank you
Careful, sir
Does Madhavan have local friends here?
He studied and grew in Chennai
Namesake Malayali.
He knows Tamil quite well
I don't know whats wrong in
his head to have done such things
People come looking for
him but end up meeting me
Few days ago, a Radhakrishnan
from Theni came looking
Yes. Radhakrishnan
Poor thing.
A good boy
He trusted my son and got conned
Give me your phone number.
If he comes, I will inform you immediately
-We will take your leave then.
Mom, the cycle Tyre is flat.
I might be late for exams
What do I do now?
What to do now?
Radha Krishna
Christy's cycle Tyre is punctured
Will you drop her to school?
Will it be difficult?
Won't I drop her
if she is my child?
I am coming
Uncle, do you have kids?
Two of them. They will be
a brother and a sister to you
You can meet them
when you visit to see me
Will they come here?
"Unexpected things..."
"Unexpected things..."
"Unexpected things happen.
Oh! Prince?"
"You didn't get what you wished for.
Oh! Prince?"
"Your troubles will end and a
new direction will be found. Come!"
"You didn't get what you wished for.
Oh! Prince?"
"Life is not a burden. Come light hearted"
"Dont lose hope. Come O! Prince"
"Isnt faith on self enough?"
"Your troubles will end and a
new direction will be found. Come!"
"Unexpected things happen.
Oh! Prince?"
"You didn't get what you wished for.
Oh! Prince?"
This fish curry is a local specialty.
Eat to your fill okay?
Do you like it?
Good morning, Vapa
-Congratulations! Baby
Yes sir! I will come to the site
with the plans tomorrow
-Tell me, child
The engineer paid me my
first salary I got you ear rings
Take this, mom
Bless you. son
I don't need this
Uncle loaned us
money without interest
Shouldn't we return it?
He has bought it for you for
the first time, don't refuse it mom
I feel sad when classmates quip
that you don't have an ear ring
-Is this your idea?
-No, Mummy
Look. If not for uncle, you two
would not have been able to study
We need to repay him first.
I don't know how, but you must
return it and bring back the money
-Lets see him first
-Okay mom
Hop off carefully
-Bless him
-Bless me uncle
Don't fall at a man's feet
Nothing wrong falling at yours
My handwork at studies
has paid off uncle
Got selected through
the campus interview
I got a job. Came to you
about the first month's pay
If not for you, my children
would not have gone to school
you must tell me,
how much we owe you.
I will repay that first
So, you've come to repay me
First go and repay your father
Why are you bringing him
up now? he left us stranded
There are things
you needn't know
Before leaving the village,
your father came to see me
Who is it?
Who? Hey! Krishna
Police came twice since
morning looking for you to the shop
-Sit down
-Bhai! Bhai!
Bhai! I was betrayed.
Madhavan has run away
The village is after me
I can't stay in the village anymore.
I've lost respect
Lost reputation and
lost their trust
I can't work here anymore
Let me finish
My family won't be at peace if I stay
My children won't
be able to study
Only a matter of six years
my son will become
stable with a job
If I fall pray to emotions,
all will be lost
Then my children...
they can only get menial work
-Calm down. nothing bad can come
I will work hard and send
you money from somewhere
Loan that money to them.
Don't tell them that I send
They'll forget study
and search for me
They might be angry with me
but will study for a few years
I am an illiterate.
I got into a situation
They will snatch away the house
I built with my hard earned money
The house is important
for my children
To sleep in and go to school
the house papers.
Give it to Savithri
when the time comes
I am leaving trusting you
-Protect my house Bhai!
You have a good heart.
God is with you. Don't fear
Since how many years?
For the last seven to
eight years since he left
Only for the last six months, he hasn't
Don't know what happened
Everything has its time.
Maybe its time for him to return
He secretly called me sometimes
I am fine.
How are you?
Your girl has turned
into a woman now
Take care of my child
There is no news
off late, I am scared
You've started earning.
We can manage
You must bring him back.
He is your father. Your Father
Can we let him die
in an unknown land?
He is nearby in Kerala.
It is time to go
We can't delay any further
He toiled in an alien land
and paid for your education
There are money
order receipts inside
House papers
Come to the station whatever it is.
Don't come home
I am Ismail and have tea shop in Pannapuram
You were inspector
there six years ago
An auto driver named Radhakrishnan
got in to real estate troubles
-You had come home to enquire
The man from outside conned
everyone with land plots. That one?
-Yes sir
-What about it?
The auto driver is my friend.
He is innocent and got framed
We want to brink him back
We want to know the
cases charged on him
they said, we have to talk to you
for a copy of FIR at the station
When we enquired in depth,
the auto driver...named...
He was innocent and the
FIR does not include his name
the land owner was the main culprit
So the police will not trouble
him if he returns, will they?
Otherwise, let him be
There are no issues as per law
But he has to face the villagers
Half of them know the truth already
We can take care of the rest.
Thank you very much sir
-Keep the shop closed till I return
- Okay. Bye. lets go. See you dear
Mom! what will you
tell him if you meet him?
-Take care till I return
Who are you?
Hello. We come from Tamilnadu
Here Radhakrishnan
from Pannapuram, Theni
-Oh! Krishnan?
He worked with us
She's his wife and son
We've come to see him
He was with us.
Recently he left the place
We came to know only later.
Why he worked with us?
Who he came in search of
Lord, away his house and
land, he stayed long with us.
Bless him to reach home
Reach soon and live happily now
No matter what, don't stop studying
Take care of mom, okay?
don't forget us, okay?
Your help and love,
I cannot forget till death
Go reach safely, Radhakrishna
Manikanda Rajan,
shall I take leave?
See you.
You will live contented.
God will see to it.
Go now
Radhakrishnan came
looking for a job and met us
We recently learnt that he came
searching for real estate Madhavan.
His mother died
The lord does not
ignore our prayers
Radhakrishnan will reach home soon
Come here and see who's here
This is our Radhakrishnan's family.
They came looking for him
Is it? Hello
She's my daughter
He was always speaking about you
Tell him that the tea shop
keeper's daughter is studying well
He will be happy
-Isn't Bhai home?
-He is out of town
-Theres a money order
-From where?
-From Kashi. Come sign here.
- Okay
Hello brother.
I am Nithya speaking
Tell me, sister
Dad has sent a money order.
I just checked
-The last line reads...
-Yes tell me
'Nagarathar sangham,
Varanasi, Kashi' it says
Father is in Kashi it seems.
He has sent a money order
Who is it? Tell me
Welcome! Glory be to Shiva!
-Radhakrishnan is from Pannapuram
We've come looking
for him. This is his family
He last sent a money
order from this address, so...
Have you seen him?
He was here indeed
He was working in this monastery
Why are you standing there?
You keep staring at the river
Sadhus downstairs are
waiting for food. Go soon
I am suspicious of him
He's done something bad in
the village and is hiding here
-Keep an eye on him
-You think so?
Why are you still wearing
white? Why not saffron?
A smile for this too? What is this?
Radhakrishnan. Come here
You are at the monastery
in the morning. Now here
Why are you working here?
-I get more tips here
-What? Tips?
-Why are you in Kashi?
-Spiritual pursuits
Spirituality? Do you
know what it means?
I have some work
Come sit down.
Sit down for a bit
What do you know
about spirituality?
We have taken the knowledge
path and reached here
You mentioned spirituality.
Are you aware of Adi shankara's Advaitha?
There is God inside you, do you know?
Why discuss "I am that" with him
He might understand
Self-service not Self realisation
Dwaita? Vishishtadvaitham?
Will someone chasing
money grasp it? Just eat
Drink some water
I know how to stop hiccups.
Forgive me. Please eat
Sir. Did your hiccups stop?
Who are you?
Why did you come here?
You don't even have a phone
You refuse to wear saffron too.
You raise suspicion. Tell the truth
Why did you come here?
I am neither wise nor knowledged like you
I've left my family and
children at the village
The money I earn alone cannot save them
I thought of sending some blessings too
I joined the monastery to earn them
I believe that the grace
will save my family
In a land where the father lost, it is
not easy for the children to succeed
Sir. Don't doubt or
tease him henceforth
Gita says that God
descends in man's avatar
He is no ordinary man.
He is a great being
Give me leaf sir.
I am hungry. Please sir
I am very hungry sir, Please
Radhakrishna... Radhakrishna...
Do you recognise me? I am Madhavan
Forgive me, Radhakrishna
I didn't come here to live.
I came to die
I betrayed your trust
Forgive me, Radhakrishna
Don't hand me over to
police Radhakrishna
Don't get me caught
Radhakrishna, forgive me
I betrayed you, Radhakrishna
I might die soon Radhakrishna
Forgive me Radhakrishna.
Forgive me
Radhakrishna, forgive me
Forgive me.
Don't do anything to me
You let the mother who
gave you birth, die an orphan
Who can you ask to forgive that?
Eat now
Radhakrishna, please forgive me
My mother! Please forgive me
Madhavan sir.
You did wrong
Lift him! Lift him!
Lift! Lift him! Lift him!
I came to earn merits here.
To not gather anymore sins
I had forgiven, Madhavan sir
I thought I could make him
understand and take him back
All my paths are closed.
I am unable to understand time and it's tide
"What is happening? O! Lord!"
"I fathom nothing! O! Lord!"
"What is happening? O! Lord!"
"I fathom nothing! O! Lord!"
"There is journey
pending but no path"
"I found a way but
there is no use now"
"I am hurt. My tears burn"
"Will my pain end?
Will my ache go?"
"What is happening? O! Lord!"
"I fathom nothing! O! Lord!"
"I spread my wings,
where is the sky?"
"Is the sky just a dream?"
"I want to walk but there
is not ground beneath"
"What am I chasing?
Why am I suffering?"
"I enjoy the present and
accept hurtful moments"
"Is there a day without a sunrise?
Is there a heart that doesnt cry?"
I haven't seen him since five
days now. He was quite shattered
We were afraid that me might
do something. Isn't it, Vinayaka sir?
Don't worry but,
let's search for him
There is no use of asking
humans for help now
Mother Ganga! I've come
believing you. Take care of me
Come fast please
I did not trust you when I had to
-Glory to Shiva!
-Live long! Live long!
-I'll take your leave sir
-Bless you
We will take leave
My name is Radhakrishnan
I will talk to you later
I am going to meet my daughter.