Maanaadu (2021) Movie Script

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls.
Welcome on board this aircraft.
This is Sanjay, your inflight manager
Pleasure having you all on board.
Enjoy your flight, thank you.
Get everything organized.
Madam, vanakkam.
This is my card.
You can reach me anytime.
May I know the reason
for delay in taking off?
I have a conference to attend to.
VP... many VIPs
are waiting for me
I should be there and you are
hindering my service to our nation
- I don't know Tamil, sir.
- I don't know Hindi!
- That's English, boss!
- I don't know that either
I'll call my colleague, sir
Call the pilot.
Yes, sir...?
Brother, vanakkam.
Why is this delay in take off?
We are waiting for a celebrity to board.
But I'm already here.
Not you, sir, he is coming
in a connecting flight.
As soon as he boards
we can take off, sir.
Who is more VIP than me, da?
What is a private car
doing on the runway?
Who is he?
Resembles Tom Cruise's younger brother!
I must clinch some deal with him.
Welcome on board, Mr. Abdul Khaliq
Pleasure having you on board, sir.
You are on #13.
Can I take you to your seat, sir?
No... no, I'll take care.
- Thank you, sir.
- Sorry.
- Sorry, sir.
- Vanakkam... vanakkam.
- Waitees.
- Sir?
Manicka Vinayakam.
- Me.
- Oh!
Member of Parliament,
Tamil Nadu.
Okay, sir.
Any help.
- Contact me.
- No... no problem, sir.
No... no, India under my control.
- Is that so?
- Okay, brother
I can see a spark in your eyes.
Sir, that's just my coolers.
- It is shining bright.
- This is over-flattery!
Boss, sit down.
Enough... enough, sir.
Sorry... sorry.
- Please, excuse me.
- Yes?
Sir, I need to--
- Your seat?
- Yeah.
Give me two minutes.
No... no, it's alright, please
I understand your difficulty
I won't trouble you.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Brother, long flight.
So... they may bring food
and disturb my sleep
I want to sleep peacefully
You can help yourself to my tray.
- Huh!
- Thank you, sir.
Before... after!
Praise be to the son of Lord Shiva
who rides on the peacock, Lord Muruga.
Glory to Muruga; with anklets on His feet
whose bells chime melodious and sweet.
Muruga, Anjaneya, Vinayaka.
Pantheon of Gods and demi gods
Protect me, please.
Goddess Shakti
Ensure my safety please.
Lord Muruga, save me.
Lord Muruga.
Oh God, Ganesha
Remover of obstacles.
Pantheon of Gods
and demi gods.
Save me, please.
Save me, please.
Protect me please.
Protect me please.
Lord Muruga, Anjaneya, Vinayaka.
Thank you.
Uh... Why are you thanking me?
You protected and saved everyone.
Only your prayers saved
our flight from this turbulence.
- Otherwise God knows-
- Don't jinx it please
I am petrified of flying.
Right from when I boarded
this seems like a ticking bomb!
Do you know how stressed I am?
I suppose you know the pilot
is the one in full control of this flight?
I know all that.
Then why are you
shifting gears on my hand?
- Huh?
- Hand... in hand.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
Is this your first time?
No, I've flown 4-5 times.
But I haven't been able
to get rid of the fear.
Pccht! This is normal turbulence
You shouldn't get stressed out.
Are you a frequent flier?
I make at least five trips a month.
You must have watched
the news last week too.
The flight to Delhi zip zap zoomed
at rocket speed and exploded in mid-air.
Yes, I know
Were you in that flight?
Not me, you should've been in it.
Your prayers would
have saved everyone.
Was that a dig at me?
Next time you travel
just wait and watch.
That was my normal crazy humor
and you are cursing me!
I wasn't cursing you.
Nothing bad will happen.
In sha'Allah!
Are you a Muslim?
Don't I look like one?
Look wise--
- Oh! Then you wouldn't have spoken to me.
- Of course not
I have so many Muslim friends.
We get bucket loads of 'biriyani'
during Ramzan and Bakrid, you know.
Only 'biriyani' triggers
your memory of us?
Not true at all, in fact I'm attending
a Muslim wedding in Ooty now.
- He is my-
- One minute
Muslim wedding in Ooty.
Are you Zarina's friend?
Not Zarina.
But her fiance, Irfan
is my colleague.
Oh! You are the groom's side?
- You're bride's side?
- One side or the other.
But we are attending the same wedding.
By the way, Khaliq.
Sorry, Abdul Khaliq.
Seetha Lakshmi.
- Fool! Won't you be more careful?
- Aunty, I'm sorry.
- No... no, it's an accident.
- Numbskull!
- Blind, huh?
- No, please--
- Elderly lady.
- Listen to me.
Won't you be careful?
- Don't scold me.
- Useless fellow!
- Hello?
- Hello.
Where are you?
Hey dude!
I have landed, da.
We are waiting out.
See you soon.
Okay, I'll be there.
- You got luggage to collect?
- Yes.
Sandhya sweetie, wait.
You'll slip and fall.
Wait, dear.
Sandhya sweetie.
Our baby.
Go and check.
My daughter has hurt her leg.
See our baby's leg?
Look, it is bleeding.
Is she fine?
Thank God, the child isn't hurt
I thought Chennai airport was bad
Here too, huh?
Must be the same contractor.
You watch your step, dear.
Hey! Wait... wait
I'll help you.
Oh! Careful, huh?
- Take care, huh?
- Thank you.
I think it will take some more time
for me to get my baggage.
Your friends must be waiting
You can leave, it's okay.
How will you come to the venue?
I'll book a cab.
Why should you travel all by yourself?
I can wait for you
Take your time.
It's alright, don't worry
I'll... I'll come by myself.
Pccht! Hello, both of us
are attending the same wedding.
Why should you go alone?
I don't have any problem waiting.
If you don't have any problem
...we'll go together.
Your nose is bleeding.
Is my nose bleeding?
- Stopped?
- Aiyo! I'm sorry.
- Or bleeding still?
- I'll come with you.
But first give me all your cards
Aadhar, Pan card, driving license.
I'm curious.
Are you arranging any loan for me?
No, just a safety measure.
- Want my bank details?
- I don't mean to pry.
- Just give these.
- Will this do?
- Let's take a selfie.
- Oh! Okay
I'll post your photo ID
in my WhatsApp.
'I am travelling with him'
'If anything happens
to me, he's responsible'
That will be my WhatsApp status.
No chance at all
You're on a different level!
If all the girls are so cautious
our world will be a hassle-free place.
See my status.
Please avoid this kind of friendship.
I don't get it.
Not our friendship
I meant here.
'She's a royal pain!'
I was an Independent candidate
Today I'm joining this party--
Muthamizh Munnetra Kazhagam.
- What's the name?
- MMK, boss.
Whistle loud and clear
for our captain Dhoni dear
Hi machi.
- Hey machi!
- Hi, da.
- How are you?
- Howz me?
How did you get so fit?
I became fit to benefit!
You flew all the way.
- True friend.
- Okay... okay.
All this is fine.
If you over act I will kill you.
- Hold this.
- Booze, huh?
What did you do?
Looking as good as new
I didn't do anything
That's why I've changed!
- What?
- Who is this 'ladies'?
This is Seetha Lakshmi
Co-passenger in my flight.
She is also a guest
in Zarina's wedding.
- Hi.
- Groom's friend, da.
Oh gawd!
I'll go, get the car.
- Okay.
- Come to the kerb.
What is this, da?
I told you not to overact just now.
- Go, da.
- Listen.
Can I get the ID of
the yellow t-shirt also?
He doesn't even have
a Govt ration card.
Just trust me
and follow me, dear.
Why so many banners
within the city today?
Ruling party's conference.
They just left some space to walk
and covered the city with banners.
What is this?
Isn't it over-overboard?
This is far better, dude.
Last time it was
in the middle of the road.
Last time a girl died too, right?
Poor thing!
People have short term memory.
A small diversion.
Seetha Lakshmi.
Tell us something about the groom.
Nothing much, good boy
I've known him for a couple of years.
He's my colleague.
Do you know anything
about the groom's famil--
I don't know much
about his family.
But obviously they must be good people too.
Don't you know anything else?
I asked by mistake
Look out of the window!
Dude, shouldn't we know
about the groom?
That's why I was asking her.
Why have they parked the truck
in the middle of the road?
Stop the car.
- Vanakkam, sir.
- What is this?
Flat tyre, sir.
- Blocking the road in peak hours?
- Sorry, sir.
Clear it fast.
- Inconveniencing the people.
- Hurry up.
Hey! Why are you tagging along?
Deal with the road block and clear it
I'll go ahead.
Why this delay?
Make it fast.
Greetings, sir.
Vanakkam, sir.
MMK, 12th Annual Conference.
Go, sir.
Drive straight, swami
You can't park here.
Sir, what happened?
Activist Tamizhvanan
was hurt in an accident.
Road block.
Drive straight down.
- Go... go.
- Such a circuitous route.
Swami, shift the barricade.
Come... come on.
This has become a habit, dude.
Road blocks and diversions all the time.
Torturing us.
You accepted his bribe
and elected him, right?
Then why crib?
Just drive.
How about a glass of tea?
How about focusing on our agenda?!
All praise be forever
To God's messenger
Praise be to the messenger of Allah
One plus one makes two
Is joy here a bundle true?
We don't feel shy to say this here
The bride is our friend so dear
Silvery moon lined with kohl
A dracula when she loses her cool
This groom on the dais here
His life is a joke crystal clear
This handsome hulk entered
to spirit the bride so flustered
We joined hands together
to celebrate this day forever
May happiness be with you
Grace and good will too
Love plus hugs surplus
Joy is multiplied limitless
Meher is gladness and grace
Kindness and kinship always
Limitless love in embraces
Joy is multiplied measureless
One world for all in reality
One soul, one life as entity
One heart, one soul mate
If accepted, it is ultimate
Accept her as she is
Your life will be one of bliss
No need to change, you or your equal half
Understanding each other is good enough
Every couple for sure will argue
So express your point of view
No harm in making up with a sorry
You make history with your love story
May you be happy, dude
With good health and wealth too
Love plus hugs surplus
Joy is multiplied limitless
My dear friend
O' personification
of kindness and compassion
Above skies blue
flying along with you
In every bump and bend
I floated with you, my friend
My world is a garden blessed
thanks to you, my beloved
If God has willed
so be it; fulfilled
Endless love in embrace
Joy is multiplied in all ways
Meher is grace
The gift of gladness
Love plus hugs surplus
Joy multiplied limitless
May you be happy forever
With love, luck and laughter
Limitless love bouquets
Peace of mind in many ways
Shall we attend to our work?
Come on then.
Yeah... yeah, okay.
Hey! Seetha.
I'll be back.
I need a small favor from you.
Hand over this burka to the bride.
Why should I give it to her?
You know these game shows held
in weddings as part of all the fun?
This game is a tradition
from king Babar's times.
When girls stand in a line
wearing a purdah simply looking at their eyes
the groom has to identify his bride.
- Novel game.
- Interesting, right?
That's why someone she doesn't know
should give it to her.
- Okay.
- Take it.
This is just between you and me.
- Hello?
- Syed, tell me.
We've planned it perfectly
for Moorthy and you to elope.
You don't worry.
- My brother-
- Pccht! I'll handle your anna.
My brother, da.
- Bhaiya, this is Syed.
- What is the matter?
This is Moorthy
My childhood friends.
Actually we studied in the same school.
A girl will give you a burka
in the make up room now.
Come straight to the car park.
- Yasmin.
- I've seen him in school.
But she studied in a girls' school
Hi, I'm Seetha.
- Hi.
- This is for you.
Don't worry, the groom is really smart!
He'll identify you easily.
Wait and watch.
Why are his eyes so red?
Got tanked last night, huh?
What's up, Seetha?
Had our 'biriyani'?
What 'yellow'?
Don't turn immediately.
Right shoulder.
What 'right shoulder'?
What 'yellow'?
Dai! This is code word.
I'm just helping you
I can't understand a single word.
That 'burka' game, da.
You should identify Zarina
looking at her eyes, right?
What are you blabbering?
If you're hungry
go eat 'biriyani'
Absolute loony case.
Has Iqbal arrived?
- Came last night.
- His father said he would come too.
- Get in.
- That side.
Hurry up, someone may see her.
Moorthy! You really kept up your word
I am so happy
I love you, da.
Wretched fellow!
Get into the car.
Did I come from Dubai
to see you smooching?
They have kidnapped the bride!
Hey! Move your damn lorry.
- Got any brains?
- Blocking our way, move it.
Queen of the Hills Ooty limit ends
Thank you, visit again.
Zarina, won't your brother head back?
Will he keep following us?
He may kill me
after we are married.
He won't back off
He'll follow for sure.
Sure, huh?
My stomach is somersaulting slightly.
If you feel so sick for this?
Main chase has just begun.
Many more chases to go.
Did we kidnap her in haste?
Moorthy, I've left my life behind
and come trusting only you.
- Having second thoughts?
- Not like that.
Now they are here
to drive the car for us.
If your brother comes next week?
I don't know to drive a car
I'm taking a learners' license
for two-wheeler now.
Think thrice about it!
Why complicate your life?
I am wondering too!
This question was for him.
- Height of madness!
- Syed.
Speed up and stop
taking digs at me.
Looks like you'll get divorced
before you get married!
Just zip your lips!
Did you inform Shanmugam
at the registrar's office?
Finalized everything.
What about the train tickets?
Tickets booked
Our boys are waiting there.
Aiyo! What happened?
Don't stop.
Let's just go.
He's hurt, man.
Don't touch him
Wait for the ambulance.
Bloody fool!
He is breathing.
You want us to abandon him?
Come and lend a hand.
Lift, da.
Lift... lift.
Hey! What are you doing here?
- Move aside.
- He's hur--
Rafiq... aiyo!
He's still breathing.
Hey! Lift him... lift
Take him to the hospital.
- Who drove the car?
- Come, da
I drove, sir.
I don't even know
how he jumped on to the car.
By the way who are you?
- On the way ba-
- Going to attend a wedding, sir.
Shut up! We are coming back
after attending a wedding, sir.
Siva, collect their details.
We ran into a minor problem, sir.
Problem is... Rafiq, sir.
No, sir, it is that road--
Yes, sir... yes, sir.
Won't you do justice
to any task assigned to you?
- What happened?
- Sir.
Rafiq was involved
in an accident.
Heavy blood loss
Doubtful if he'll survive, sir.
Who are they?
They are on the way
to attend a wedding, sir.
Rafiq fell on to their car it seems.
Who drove the car?
- He did, sir.
- I was driving, sir.
What is your name?
Khaliq, sir.
- Huh?
- Abdul Khaliq.
Where are you working?
Dubai, sir.
Eswara Moorthy, sir
I am working in Chennai.
- He's asking you.
- Me...?
Sir, Syed Basha.
Working in Coimbatore
in a software company.
Sir, Zarina
I'm also from Chennai.
We are in no way
connected to him, sir.
He just came from nowhere
and fell on to our car, sir.
We are on the way to attend
a wedding, nothing else, sir.
- John.
- Sir?
- Collected their ID proof?
- Yes, sir.
Take them.
Sir, he fell on our car.
He is the one at fault, sir.
Get down
Go... go.
- Where to, sir?
- We can talk later, go.
- Follow me.
- Where are you taking us?
Go, go up the stairs.
Sir, he is the one who fell
on my car and got hurt.
He's still alive, sir
Why did you bring him here?
You should admit him in a hospital.
Sir, what is happening here?
Why did you bring us here?
You should take us to
the police station.
We know the law too.
You almost killed a man and
you are teaching me about law?
What is the speed limit on that road?
In normal speed will he be--
Hey! Look at me.
In normal speed
would he have been hurt?
Besides running over a man and--
Sir, don't hit him.
Hey! Who the hell are you?
Shifty eyed fellow
What is your name?
- Eswara Moorthy.
Eswara Moorthy?
- Hey Allah!
- I swear I'll--
- What is your name?
- Zarina.
Zarina, Eswara Moorthy.
Nothing seems to fit.
Hey 302.
Take down their number
I want their father, mother,
total family here in five minutes.
Don't call them, sir
Please, sir.
If you are going for a wedding
why did you zip zap zoom like that?
Hey 302.
For over speeding.
Motor Vehicle Act 183 clause 2.
For hitting a man, section 237.
If he slips into coma
IPC section 338.
If he dies, mind you.
Section 304, you'll be
remanded to custody for 15 days.
Pickle you to pieces and drag you
to court and close all your chapters!
Sir, I swear we are not to blame.
He ran across and fell on the car
Trust us, please, sir.
Please help us, sir.
Our life will be ruined, sir
They are getting married, sir.
Please believe me, sir
I swear we are not to blame at all
Only you can help us somehow.
Nothing much.
- Er... your name?
- Syed.
- Syed, sir.
- Syed.
Just an assignment.
We had planned using him.
You've incapacitated him.
Pressure from my higher officials
They are crucifying me.
What to do--
Abdul Khal--
- Khaliq, sir.
- Khalid.
- KhaliQ.
- Khaliq.
Abdul Khaliq.
- John?
- Sir.
Isn't he perfect for our need?
- Cor... correct, sir.
- Yeah!
Correct, perfect... perfect.
- John.
- Sir.
- Take Khaliq.
- Okay.
For what, sir?
A small favor.
Don't worry about this
I will take care.
- Moorthy?
- Yes, me, sir.
- Where is the wedding?
- Registrar's office, sir.
- Which registrar's office?
- Okkadam.
Yov! Who is the registrar in Okkadam?
Sir, Jagadeesh.
He's my friend.
Consider the wedding
as good as done.
Don't worry
I will... take care.
- John?
- Sir?
Take him with you, John.
Sir, why?
Khalid, he will brief you.
Not Khalid.
KhaliQ, sir.
Khaliq... KhaliQ.
Come in
Why are you looking there? Go.
- Sivakumar.
- Sir?
Give him a change of dress.
- Okay.
- Sir...?
- Why should I change?
- Nothing to worry, go.
- Escort him.
- Tell me what's happening, sir.
Nothing, go and change.
Sivakumar, take him.
What are you waiting for?
- Come.
- Go with him.
Hey! Soooper.
Hey! Take him along.
Go and stand over there.
I will be indebted
as long as I live.
Son should behave in a way people wonder
What was the penance of his father?
I will follow Tamil poet Valluvar's
pearls of wisdom diligently
I conclude my speech.
Thank you.
Good day.
Next we request Mr. Paranthaman
Party's sword of valor to speak.
Warm welcome to one and all.
- What is happening, sir?
- Fix this Bluetooth.
Take it, sir.
Fix it in your ear.
- Why, sir?
- You will be instructed, fix it.
Is it to collect votes?
- For our Party?
- ID card.
- Media, huh?
- Just wear it.
Am I part of the Press, sir?
I already told you
You'll get instructions.
Wear the ID and go inside, sir.
- Will they talk through this?
- Yes, sir.
Go, bye.
Don't hesitate.
Go inside.
Go, sir.
I'm going, sir.
I am able to recognize
the person only too well.
Can you do the same?
- Sir.
- Do you recognize him?
He has gone inside, sir.
Connect it.
- Sir?
- Can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
What am I doing here?
Nothing, Khaliq.
Don't get tense, stay cool.
- Sir?
- The spot you are standing.
Look at 2'O clock from there.
Can you see a security booth?
I can see it, sir.
Go inside.
- Why, sir?
- Khaliq.
Go... go.
With respect and reverence
for our beloved leader.
Not necessary, go.
You don't need security check.
Go, Khaliq.
Next speaker,
the pulse of our Party.
Sir, he has gone inside.
- I've come in, sir.
- Yeah, Khaliq, go.
Mr. Arivazhagan will speak now
I've reached that spot, sir.
You'll see a barricade in front of you.
Go and stand there.
As the pulse of my mind.
- The echoing spark of my heartbeat
- I've reached, sir.
Ties who knit our Party
in kinship and protect.
Lion hearted youngsters.
The brave women who are
my backbone and a solid support
I commence my speech by saluting
your golden feet with utmost humility.
How many misdeeds
crossing honorable limits.
How many atrocities?
I have encountered all these hassles.
Even then I've never lost hope.
Tell me, sir.
You have a bag with you.
- Yes, sir.
- Insert your hand in it.
Into the bag?
Like a bullock ploughing
through a mire of obstacles.
Sir, gun?
Gun, sir.
Take the gun out.
Why, sir?
Take the gun out, I say.
That is how
I have crossed the rivers of fire
that accosted me.
You can see our Chief minister
speaking on the stage.
Shoot him.
What are you saying, sir?
Be serious, sir.
- Do as I say.
- I can't shoot him, sir.
Take the gun out.
How can I shoot?
Moorthy... Moorthy!
Can you hear the cries of distress?
One who died is the groom.
Sir, my frien--
Friend, sir.
Sir... Sir, this isn't--
This isn't funny
Don't play the fool, sir.
Next is the bride.
- Then your friend.
- Moorthy, get up.
Sir, don't lie to me.
If you want both of them to be alive.
Sir, my friend.
I will count up to 5.
Look at the Chief minister on the stage.
This blessed land has been ruled
by the Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas.
You have given me the honor of
ruling the very same sacred land.
Shoot him.
Sir, please, listen to me
Don't ask me to do this.
- Sir.
Till the last breath in my body.
For your sake.
For your sake I want to
toil 24x7 and give up my life--
Hey! He is the one
who shot our leader
- I didn't shoot.
- I saw him.
Listen to me I didn't shoot.
Drop the gun.
Lord Muruga, Anjaneya, Vishnu, Vinayaka.
Save me, Lord Muruga.
Goddess Shakti, protect me please.
Pantheon of Gods and
demi gods, protect me, please.
Somehow save me pelase.
Lord Muruga, Anjaneya, Vinayaka.
Save me please.
Lord Vishnu, protect me.
Sor... sorry.
Isn't your name Seetha?
How do you know?
Pccht! No--
We spoke about... this earlier.
You are--
You are scared of flights, turbulence.
You were even holding my hand?
Oh my god!
I'm so sorry.
Ooty... you are attending
the wedding of Zar--
Hello, tell me the truth.
Are you a stalker?
No... no, sorry
I'm not a stalker and all.
I flew down from Dubai--
Don't you remember any incident
that happened before?
All this has happened.
Is he having some kind of.
- We've met before.
- Deja vu?
No... no, this isn't deja vu.
Deja vu is like a moment.
This looks like... all these incidents
are on action replay mode.
How do I convey this familia--
Sorry... sorry.
Bag is going to fall.
- Fool!
- Aunty, I'm sorry.
Won't you be more careful?
Blind, huh?
Elderly lady sitting here.
How did you know beforehand
the bag will fall?
I just can't believe it.
Neither can I!
- Hello?
- Hey dude!
Didn't I already ask you--
No, we just came.
We are in the parking lot
See you soon.
Sandhya sweetie, wait.
Don't run, baby.
Wait, dear.
Sandhya, don't run.
Hey Sandhya.
Sandhya, come here.
Oh god! My baby.
My baby got scared?
Don't be scared.
What magic is this?
Just come
1 minute.
- What is the matter?
- Nothing.
This wheel is a bit--
- Looks alright to me.
- Is it?
Okay, take care
I can wheel it, thank you.
What happened?
The wheel broke and
fell off the box but not this time.
Sometimes we may miss
and guess wrong.
Tell me what will happen next.
Next, huh? Both of us will
go to the wedding hall.
Both of us?
Together, huh?
No chance.
I don't travel that easily
with strangers I just met.
Here, take my card details.
Take your phone and click a selfie.
- Why a selfie?
- Only then you can show my photo.
And say 'If anything happens to me,
he is responsible'
For your safety... safety.
Your bag is here, let's go.
I was an Independent candidate so long.
Today I'm joining this party--
Muthamizh Munnetra Kazhagam.
- Hey machi.
- MMK, boss.
How did you get so fit?
You flew all the way for me
True friend indeed!
Dude, what did you do?
Looking as good as new.
I didn't do anything
That's why I've changed!
This is Seetha Lakshmi.
Co-passenger, she is also
a guest in Zarina's wedding.
Don't you really remember anything?
- No.
- What is he saying?
Okay, go start the car
I'll go, get the car.
Is this also a repeat,
like a replay of yesterday?
Adding fuel to the fire!
Follow me, dear.
MMK, 12th Annual Conference.
Drive straight, swami
I must turn left, sir
Just let our car pass.
Be serious, accident here
Road block, drive straight down.
Hey! There will be a barricade
on the left, road block.
Swami, ask that car to move.
Go... go
Keep moving.
- What happened?
- Accident, activist Tamizhvanan
I must turn left
Just let our car pass.
Accident and road block
Drive straight down.
- Go.
- May Lord Aiyappa bless you.
Shift the barricade.
How is this possible?
Why are you so tense?
What's up with you?
He will predict the future
because he knows it beforehand.
- Pccht! Will you keep qui-
- From the flight to the barricade.
Whatever he said is 100% right.
What are you saying?
He can predict the future.
- Seriously.
- Why didn't you tell us earlier?
Those who can see the future
will only be silent.
Then we managed to kidnap Zarina
without any hitch, right?
Cat is out of the bag!
You plan to kidnap the bride?
Cat & mouse game over!
I can't live without her.
Only you have to help me.
What a lovely love story?
More soul-stirring than 'Bombay' love story
starring Arvind Swami and Manisha Koirala.
Dai uncle, if we don't
kidnap Zarina today
...she says she'll blame me
and commit suicide!
I'll leave a suicide note
blaming you and I'll die.
Okay, I agree to betray my friend.
May you be happy hereafter
May you be happy hereafter
With love, luck and laughter
Limitless love bouquets
Peace of mind in many ways
They are here.
Hurry up.
- Move inside.
- Get in, quick.
- All the best.
- Thanks a lot.
- No issues.
- Aren't you coming?
If I come they will suspect
something fishy, you go.
Even if I have a boy baby
I'll name him Seetha in your honor.
- Aiyo! Go.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
- Bye.
By the way, that girl Seetha
is Irfan's friend.
How did she help you?
I told her our love story
Her heart just melted.
Forced to listen to his reel-talk.
Queen of the Hills Ooty limit ends
Thank you, visit again.
Did you inform the registrar's office?
Finalized everything.
- Train tickets?
- Booked, our boys are waiting.
We just have to reach safe.
Hey! Why this sudden brake?
What happened?
Tell us.
No, da.
This is where I saw.
Please, sir, save me
They are chasing me to kill me.
- Who is he?
- Save me, sir.
Please, sir.
Save me.
- Sir, open the door.
- Lock the door.
- Sir, please open.
- Lock the door.
Hey... Hey! Don't--
- Start the car, sir.
- Why did you give him room to sit?
- Start the car, sir.
- Get down, man.
They are planning to
kill the Chief minister.
- Okay... Okay.
- Who are you?
Start the car, sir.
Don't push me out, sir.
- The police are here.
- Why is he running?
Rafiq, wait.
- Don't run, Rafiq.
- Why is he running?
Catch him.
Who are you?
- Get down.
- I don't know him.
- Come out.
- He was blabbering about CM.
- My wife, sir.
- How do you know him?
Minister's son is my friend
Let us go, sir.
Sir, we don't know him
He just got it and blabbered.
- Sir.
- What happened?
Sir, no problem.
- Rafiq?
- We have got him.
- Where are you?
- It is that road--
- Near the wooden bridge.
- Yes, sir.
Won't you do justice
to any task assigned to you?
Who are those boys?
They are on the way back
from a wedding, sir.
I think Rafiq has
blabbered something.
Who are you?
Sir, my name is Moorthy.
We are all friends
I'm getting married today.
So we are going to
the registrar's office.
Did he tell you anything?
Sir, we don't even know him.
He got inside suddenly and said.
- Said CM will be kill-
- Hey!
Shut up!
Why blab all that?
We shouldn't hide anything
from the police, da.
- John.
- Sir?
- Collected their ID proof?
- Yes, sir.
Do we take them to the station
or send them on their way, sir?
I'll do the honors.
Pantheon of Gods
and demi gods, save me.
Sorry... sorry.
Sorry, I was scared
and I held your han--
- Are you okay?
- It's okay.
It's okay, I'm fine.
This turbulence
triggered something--
It's okay, even I'm scared of flying
I understand.
Won't you be careful?
- Blind, huh?
- Get down later.
Come a bit later
Saying it for your good.
Excuse me.
Excuse me please.
I'm feeling so happy, machan.
First day is about to start
in my new life.
Have you arranged everything?
Finalized everything, machi.
Informed Shanmugam
Train tickets booked too.
- All we have to do is pay him
- Pay, huh?!
Pccht! Don't you feel all this
is on rewind mode?
Huh... What?
Going to Ooty
Whisking away Zarina.
This car chase.
What are you blabbering?
You just landed from Dubai.
Only now we are driving
to Ooty to kidnap Zarina.
That means, it's repeating only for me.
So this is a fresh day
for both of you.
It's a fresh day for everyone.
What's up with you?
You stopped boozing too.
- Jet lag, huh?
- Dai!
What are you blabbering?
Will we kidnap Zarina?
- We'll do it again!
- Whaaat?
Kidnap again?
Aiyo! We will kidnap her, okay?
- My life is at stake, dude.
- Spare me the over act.
May happiness be with you
Grace and good will too
Endless love in embrace always
Joy is multiplied in all ways
Get into the car.
Hurry up.
All okay.
Get in, that side.
Come, dude, soooper!
- Zarina, quick.
- We can go.
- Ready-ready.
- All set, machi.
Take this left, machi.
Why have you stopped here?
Won't we reach
if we go straight?
We can take that route
but it is circuitous.
Doesn't matter if circuitous.
Let's go straight.
Exchange garlands.
Meher is gladness and grace
Kindness and kinship always
May you be happy forever
With love, luck and laughter
Love plus hugs surplus
Joy is multiplied limitless
Zarina, take good care of him.
Dai! We have only 10 days left.
By then I'll get her VISA
and organize everything.
- Okay.
- Till then you take care.
- What is the time?
- It is getting late.
- Here, machi.
- Thank you.
- Getting late.
- No punctuality at all.
They always delay the departure.
- Sir?
- Yes, sir.
Any problem, sir?
Why this delay?
Don't you know? Our CM
was shot in a conference, sir.
Public transport
has come to a standstill.
Muslim terrorist killed
Chief Minister Arivazhagan.
Sir, is it cancelled then?
In a conference organized by MMK party.
Chief minister of Tamil Nadu was
assassinated by a Muslim terrorist.
When he was addressing
the crowd in the conference.
In an unexpected moment
a terrorist in the crowd.
Shot the Chief minister
who died on the spot.
This has resulted in religious riots
in many parts of Coimbatore.
Traffic has come to a standstill.
Police forces have been summoned
to maintain law & order in the State.
- They have come here.
- Keep quiet.
- Bhaiya
- Don't worry, I'll handle it.
Sir, listen to me
They are married.
- Bhaiya, please.
- Son of a gun.
What happened?
Lord Shakthi, save me please.
Lord Muruga, Anjaneya, Vinayaka and
the pantheon of Gods, protect me.
Fool! Won't you be more careful?
Wait, dear.
Activist Tamizhvanan
was hurt in an accident, sir.
For your sake I want to
toil 24x7 and give up my lif--
Go... go, keep moving.
So the same day is repeating for you.
So you are on
rewind-replay mode.
So all the events
are repeating for you
I'll break your skull into two.
- Sparing you because she's here.
- Okay, peace... peace.
Machi, I've watched
an English movie just like this.
Hero's day will keep repeating.
Title is--
Groundhog Day.
Some name like that.
Not something similar, ditto.
Not just that one film.
'Happy Death Day'
Part 1 and 2.
'Edge Of Tomorrow'
'Russian Doll'.
Korean film 'A day'
Tons of such films.
But no film has elaborated
why this happens to the hero.
That means you will die today.
Then we don't kidnap Zarina?
You plan to kidnap Zarina?
That's a different film
Old one, 'Naadodigal'
What he is trying to tell you.
Our classmate Shanmugam
was deeply in love from 1st year.
Hey! Did she ask you
for all these details now?
Daily do you know why
I'm repeating it to you?
Do any of you realize?
Because I can't keep doing this
like a broken record.
What is the solution for this?
Will you mind if I tell you something?
I won't.
Tell me.
No... this is about Hinduism.
All are human beings.
- Tell me.
- Okay.
So there is something
known as center of the earth.
Earth is anyway round.
So don't ask me
why the center?
This is the center for Time.
Actually when the British
were ruling this world.
To calculate time
for their own convenience
...they fixed the mean solar time at
their Royal observatory in Greenwich.
Only with that as yardstick
we now calculate GMT+5, GMT-2.
Before the British invasion.
Pakistan was part of India.
At that period of time, Ujjain was
the center of the whole world.
That city has a temple consecrated
for God of Time Kala Bhairava.
Kala Bhairava is also known as
another avatar of Lord Shiva.
During that period.
This same 'day loop' has been
experienced by a few people.
You must have read
Vikramaditya and 'vethal' story.
That is a kind of day loop too.
Same event will keep repeating.
Even that story took place in Ujjain.
Similarly, in that period,
a king in Ujjain faced Time loop.
The king understood his purpose.
Only after he constructed
a bridge for his people
...did the loop stop
according to History.
Even your day-loop
may be something like that.
All these years, I thought
all this is just a story.
But when I realized
you are actually living it.
I feel it is really
history repeating itself!
I don't understand
your stories, Seetha.
But I know Ujjain.
I was born there.
My father was working
in Ujjain then it seems.
Suddenly my mother had labor pain.
My father drove my mother to the hospital.
At that time because
a mosque was demolished.
Hindu-Muslim riots took place
all over India it seems.
The windshield was broken
in the commotion.
When my father was clueless
how to protect my mother.
A Hindu family took my parents
to the nearby Kala Bhairava temple.
The lady shut the temple door
to ensure the safety of my parents.
She doubled up as midwife
and attended to my mother then
I was born there.
A little while after my birth
...when they opened the door
and peeped out.
The riots had stopped it seems.
There you go.
You are a Muslim
born in a Hindu temple.
That too in Kala Bhairava's temple.
Your day is on time loop mode.
That means Allah and
Lord Shiva have merged make something
emerge through you.
What about Jesus?
As you wish.
The entire pantheon of Gods
have joined hands make something
happen through you.
My theory may even be wrong.
But no, there is a definite purpose.
That purpose should be
within this day-loop.
- What is your name?
- Abdul Khaliq, sir.
John, he is correct, eh?
For your sake I want to
toil 24x7 and give up my lif--
Chief minister of Tamil Nadu was
assassinated by a Muslim terrorist.
What should we do
for our nation's welfare?
Those who love this nation
should have no wants or woes.
Who loves this nation
and the people of this nation?
Are you able to see?
- We can see.
- Yes, we can.
Do you recognize him?
Rafiq, listen to me.
Blue tooth.
Fix it in your ear.
- Why all this?
- Just fix it.
Let me go, sir.
Hey! Fix it
I can't hear your response.
Where is the bag?
Give it.
My beloved people who are
like the pupil of my eye.
Our beloved leader.
The pulse of my mind.
The echoing spark of my heartbeat.
Where, sir?
My deepest true conscience.
Ties who knit our Party
in kinship and protect.
Lion hearted youngsters.
Tamizhvanan's sudden demise
...has speared my heart.
Like a bullock ploughing
through a mire of obstacles.
Troubles will vanish to one who struggles.
Pearls of wisdom by
our Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar.
That is how
I have crossed the rivers of fire
that accosted me
I have broken and cast aside
each and every stumbling block.
- Rafiq
- Sir?
Want your family
to be alive or not?
Please leave me out of this, sir.
- Just do as I say.
- I'm scared, sir.
Take the gun out of the bag.
I will count till 5.
Shoot our CM on the stage.
For your sake.
- For your sake I want to--
- ONE.
I didn't shoot him, sir.
- Shit!
- Who are you, sir?
Why are you nabbing me?
- Oh!
- Let go of me, sir.
Just come with me.
Hey! Listen to me.
Who are you?
Leave me alone.
Do you know my family will be killed?
I know where your mother and sister are.
Where, sir?
Are they okay?
They are fine
Who told you to kill the CM?
Who forced you to kill our CM?
Asst Commissioner Dhanushkodi.
- Dhanushkodi?
- Yes, sir.
Anyone else?
- Tell me his name at least.
- Find out where he is.
Sir, anyone--
- Anyone els--
Hey Rafiq!
- What are you doing over there?
- Dhanushkodi, sir.
- Save me, sir.
- Come here.
Hey! Who are you?
What did I tell you?
What are you doing? Come on.
Wait, I know everything, sir.
You hired some other killer
And making him the sitting duck?
Why are you staring at me?
I won't let that happen.
Who are you, huh?
How do you know our plan?
- Hurry up.
- Sir.
Follow me.
Hey! Rafiq.
What did you do?
I have crossed the rivers of fire
that accosted me
I have broken and cast aside
each and every stumbling block.
This blessed land has been ruled
by the Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas.
You have given me the honor of
ruling the very same sacred land.
I don't know how I can
return this favor, I feel indebted.
I struggle to express myself
bereft of apt words to do justice.
Till the last breath in my body.
For your sake.
For your sake I want to
toil 24x7 and give up my life--
12th MMK Annual Conference
Hey! Get everything ready, quick.
- Have you left?
- I'm going now, bro.
Masthan ji.
All okay?
Just two minutes
and we can leave.
Getting late, go... go.
Make it fast.
Load it in the car, hurry up.
You heard him?
Double quick!
Stack them.
Keep it to one side
Come here, bro.
Pack all the stuff.
Hurry up, da.
Hey... hey!
Blue coat.
Who are you?
- Going up-
- Nab him.
Hey! Nab him.
- Hurry up, da.
- Right away, anna.
Hey... who are you?
Hey! Blue coat
I'm talking to you
How did you come inside?
Finish him off.
Come on.
Where are you staying?
Who the hell are you?
You have the gall
to hit our men!
Who the hell are you?
I asked you where you are put up
and you dare hit me!
We were all set, anna.
Some chap barged in
and is bashing up our boys.
Where are you staying?
- Tell me.
- Covai International.
Where is it?
Give me the address.
Where the hell is it?
I'm asking you.
Avinashi road.
Covai International
Avinashi road.
Room number?
Room number.
Tell me just the room number.
Bloody hell, tell me
Covai International
Avinashi road, #414
Keep this gun with you
Any hassle, shoot him.
Nothing will happen.
Just in case.
Don't even think about it.
Shut... shut it
- Khaliq?
- Where is Rafiq?
We nabbed him
He is in our custody now.
Super, dude.
What happened?
He's making us kidnap strangers
instead of my own bride.
Let's go.
Like a bullock ploughing
through a mire of obstacles.
Troubles will vanish to one who struggles.
Troubles will vanish to one who struggles.
Pearls of wisdom by
our Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar.
This blessed land has been ruled
by the Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas.
You have given me the honor of
ruling the very same sacred land.
Till the last breath in my body.
For your sake I want to
toil 24x7 and give up my life.
And I consider it a great honor.
Long live Thamizh!
Hail every Tamilian by birth!
I have crossed the rivers of fire
that accosted me.
I have broken and cast aside
each and every stumbling block.
You saw that chap in a brown shirt?
Please, sir, leave me out of this.
He will take a gun
out of that bag slowly.
Even then I've never lost hope.
But now.
Is he the assassin?
That's what I thought too.
Look at that scaffolding.
Can you see a cameraman on top?
- He is the real assassin.
- Whaaat?
You've seen a sniper in films
A long gun, to shoot from a distance.
- Yes.
- That's the murder weapon.
Do you know his target?
Our CM who is making
a brilliant speech over there.
This blessed land has been ruled
by the Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas.
You have given me the honor of
ruling the very same sacred land.
If we don't scoot now we are done for.
Hurry up... come
- Drop your gun.
- Cop will shoot him.
He didn't kill our CM.
That chap is the real assassin.
Look, how he's climbing down
a picture of innocence.
Clobber him.
Clobber him.
Call for additional force.
Look! That cop over there.
He is the main culprit behind all this.
Don't overact too much.
You can't hold a match to him!
Hey! Do something fast.
You go.
Hey! Move... move
Don't stand here.
Hey! I know, man
I know you are the main culprit.
You connived and plotted.
Now acting as if you are
controlling this commotion?
I thought you were only framing
an innocent Muslim after killing our CM.
You have instigated a religious riot.
If a man kills hundred innocent people
in USA, he's a psycho.
Same case, if a Muslim kills
is he a terrorist?
How many more years will you use
religion and caste as baits?
And play your dirty politics?
Can't you handle politics
in a straight forward way?
You will instigate terrorism and
terrorists for your bloody selfish needs.
Should we be twiddling our thumb?
I won't spare you.
Pay attention to me.
This riot won't happen.
Neither will you be
able to segregate us
I won't let you sever our bond.
Who are you?
Mad or what?
Chief minister is dead.
Riots have begun.
News has spread all over.
What do you intend doing?
Maximum, you can kill me.
If you do?
Can you turn back the clock?
Will everything change?
It won't change if I kill you.
I'll come
I'll come back.
Are you the reason all along
I have been caught in this time loop?
If you die, how is it I'm stuck
in this day-loop in time?
Are you the reason all along
I have been caught in this time loop?
This blessed land has been ruled
by the Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas.
You have given me the honor of
ruling the very same sacred land
I don't know how I can
repay this debt of gratitude.
What happened?
Hey! That chap, rewind... rewind.
Hey! What are you up to?
Did you nab him, da?
Anyone else?
- Tell me his name at least?
- John, check to your left.
- Sir, any--
Hey Rafiq!
You hired some other killer.
And making him the sitting duck?
Dream, huh?
I don't think so.
Night conference.
What is today?
Convention was at night.
Why am I getting up
on this repeat--
Why am I getting up
on this repeat loop mode?
I don't get it.
Why am I getting up
on this repeat loop mode?
Good morning, sir.
Hey! Watch it.
Didn't you slip here just yesterday?
No, sir
I joined duty only today.
- You didn't fall yesterday?
- No, sir, I had taken the day off.
Ask housekeeping to clean it up.
Okay, sir.
This day is on repeat mode only for me.
How is it possible?
MMK is holding a State Conference
in Coimbatore today on a grand--
How is this possible?
In this conference today
our Chief minister--
Hit our target according to plan
Here, finish your task at the conference
and head straight to the hall
15 minutes after the CM's murder
the whole State should be a riot-zone.
Instigate a religious riot
all around Coimbatore.
None of you are here
What are all of you up to?
We were all set, anna.
Some chap barged in
and is bashing up our boys.
- Who, da?
- He's wearing a blue coat.
Wearing a blue coat?
John, did you find Rafiq?
Sir, I'm on my way to catch him.
We are running out of time, da.
Who the hell is changing
my carefully laid out plan?
It is neither Rafiq.
Nor the hit-man.
Bomb exploded successfully.
Zoom in on that boy.
That chap with a beard
holding a gun.
Hey! Round up that chap.
You have instigated a religious riot?
You hired some other killer
And making him the sitting duck?
Who are you?
Maximum, you can kill me.
If you do?
Can you turn back the clock?
It won't change if I kill you.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Hey... hey!
Watch it.
- How many times to tell you?
- Sir...?
Ask housekeeping to clean it up.
Okay, sir.
I'll come
I'll come back.
What is this weird concept?
If he dies.
I turn up.
How can I explain this
and to whom--
How is it poss--
I caught you, right?
Be ready for a face-off!
Watch my game now.
Don't know why but sir seems
to be very stressed out.
So if you die come back
the very same day, right?
Not if I die, sir.
If he dies, same day, same time
I am back to square one.
What the hel--
What do you take me for?
Do I look like a simpering idiot?
If he dies, how will you come back?
How can anyone get caught repeatedly
on the same day and date?
What is your hidden agenda?
Do you want any posting
by the central Govt?
I'll make arrangements.
Don't spin these magic yarns
like Vittalacharya's film.
Sir, I was also clueless all along.
Only now it is beginning
to make some sense.
- How do I make you under-
- I know
I understand only too well.
I will be sworn in
as Chief minister tomorrow.
You can ask me whatever you want, uh?
My dream come true after 30 long years.
- What is it?
- I have corrected as per your order.
My speech today?
- Yes, sir.
- Warm welcome to one and all.
Moron! Spelt welcome
as 'well come'
That's how it was spelt in Google!
I am greeting all of you.
Why isn't anyone responding?
Why have we gathered here today?
Is it to collect votes?
For our Party?
For our sake?
Or for our family?
Not at all.
- Nation's sake.
- Did you tell him?
What should we do
for our nation's welfare?
Those who love this nation
should have no wants or woes.
Those who love the people of this nation
should be healthy and happy.
Who loves this nation
and the people of this nation?
I can see it crystal clear
in front of my eyes.
Are you able to see?
- You clear out.
- Can you see for yourself?
Where is he?
Is he here?
Is he on this dais?
Who is he?
I can't hear your response.
Oh! Has he got a green shawl
around his shoulder?'
- I've heard enough.
- He is our leader.
- We should vote for him.
- I'll tell them.
We should vote only for him
I'll tell them, relax.
What is happening here?
Not 'what is happening?'
It 'happened'
You spoke on the dais
I saw it crystal clear.
Repeat of the replay
I don't need any prompting, sir
I have memorized your dialogs.
Then you mean to say.
You've already witnessed this conference?
Yes, sir.
As per our plan
Rafiq stood by the barricade.
Hit man shot from above
Chief minister died.
He made his grand entry then, sir.
He came, he shot, died, repeat.
He came, he shot, died, repeat.
He came, he shot, died, repeat
He came, he shot, died, repeat.
He will come today too.
He will shoot, die, repeat
I can't take this any more
I just can't, sir.
Who is he?
Is he some kind of magician?
I don't know, sir.
Then why aren't you
taking any action?
He seems to know all our plans
First nab him and kill him.
Sir, he shouldn't die.
If he dies, no conference and
you can't be sworn in as CM
I won't get two silver stars either.
If our conference should
be held without any hitch
...he shouldn't die.
What should we do?
I don't know anything about him,
his background or his agenda.
But to some extent I know
the people he knows.
I will nab him, sir
I'll get him.
Hey! Who are you?
- Who is sub inspector Kripa?
- I am S.I Kripa.
Dhanushkodi sir called me
I am sub inspector Salim.
He said you shouldn't keep
Rafiq's family in custody here.
Not safe it seems
He asked you to shift them.
He didn't issue any orders to me.
He told me.
Don't trust me?
I'll call him if you like.
- Rafiq's mother, right?
- Yes.
I'm Rafiq's friend
I've come to save you.
Get up, let's hurry up
Listen to me, quick.
We don't have time, ma
Trust me and come with me.
Let's go.
Hurry up.
Right... right.
Did you meet Rafiq, son?
Is he alright?
They have planned to kill
our Chief minister using Rafiq as bait.
Aiyo! He told me
he was in some problem.
Is this what he meant?
You don't worry.
Take this phone.
Look at this camera and share
whatever happened to you.
We live in Kasim Nagar in Coimbatore.
Claiming my husband was involved
in the 1998 Coimbatore bombings.
The police arrested him.
Then he was released
They arrested him once again.
Because of this continuous ordeal
he couldn't find a decent job.
His health deteriorated too
and he passed away.
Then to keep the fire burning at home
my eldest son Rafiq dropped out of school.
He got a good job
and took care of us.
When he applied for a job overseas,
in the hope of earning a decent salary
...his passport was confiscated
due to his father's police record.
Police officers came to our door
and took my son to the station.
If he didn't comply with their orders
...just like his father they threatened
they would brand him a terrorist too.
Somehow he managed to escape.
He called me one day.
And told us to come to
Abdul vapa's house at once.
When we were leaving for
the safe place Rafiq told us.
The police caught us and
locked us up in a bungalow.
After that I have no idea
what happened to Rafiq
I got no information
about his whereabouts
I don't know why our Allah
is giving us such grief.
- What is it?
- I'll take care.
Hey... hey Rafiq.
Your mother is here.
Hey! You are--
Hey... hey!
What do you want?
Sorry, I think I got
the wrong room number.
- Okay.
- Sorry, sir.
I'm sure he said #414.
How did that change?
Come on... come on... come on.
Yeah... yeah
Faster... faster.
Come... come.
Stop right there.
What is this?
Careful... careful.
Hey... hey.
Is he okay?
This blessed land has been ruled
by the Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas.
You have given me the honor of
ruling the very same sacred land.
I don't know how I can
return this favor, I feel indebted
I struggle to express myself
bereft of apt words to do justice.
Long live.
Our leader!
Till the last breath in my body.
For your sake I want to
toil 24x7 and give up my life.
And I consider it a great honor.
Long live Thamizh!
Hail every Tamilian by birth!
What is it, da?
Highly confusing, huh?
Shooter is in the place of Rafiq.
Police have usurped
the shooter's place.
Rafiq who has to kill the CM
is shooting you instead.
The bomb meant for CM's car
explodes in the crowd.
You are puzzled, right?
Hey listen!
This day isn't repeating only for you, da.
If you die, it repeats even for me.
Why is this happening?
What is the purpose?
And how is it happening?
You and I are in no way connected.
But it is happening to us.
Something is happening, so be it
I'm not bothered about that.
But for me.
As per plan.
The conference has to be held.
Chief minister has to die
Rafiq has to be blamed for his death.
Riots should be widespread.
That's it.
Sir, how many times will you continue
to blame one section of our society?
We can never come out of this, sir.
Don't do this, sir.
Hey! Why are you dragging
'society' into this?
Do you know who these people are?
Puppets who lead the life we plan.
Just puppets.
According to our plan, news should
only be about the assassination of our CM.
Next, in 'Bigg Boss'
the reality show
...if I instigate a fight
between Pooja and Jughead.
Entire Tamil Nadu.
All the families, for one month
This will be the topic.
Then people will move on to
IPL and World Cup.
That's all their attention span.
Why are you feeling so bad for them?
- Sir, your assumption is wrong.
- HEY!
Don't test my patience.
Don't you get what I'm saying?
If you try to save those on the dais
I'll ensure the bomb
explodes in the crowd.
If you try to save the crowd
I'll target the speakers on the dais.
Even if you die a thousand times
then reappear to try and save him
I will also reappear a thousand times
to accomplish my mission.
And you know what?
It will be a never ending story
I just want to put a fullstop to that.
That's why I wanted
this bloody meeting.
You got it?
Hey! Your eyes don't convince me
you have reformed, da.
If you die just one more time
and try to abort this conference
I'll make sure you are aliiive to watch me
kill each and every loved one of yours.
Your mother, father, relatives, friends.
It will be a genocide of sorts.
And I make sure.
You will cross that date
and lose your near & dear ones
I'll make your loss a reality.
You know, no?
I'm capable of doing this.
So... hereafter.
Let's not meet again
Hey! If the CM has to die
let him by all means die.
Just cross the day and
move on, like he said.
How can I do that?
He has killed hundreds of people
in front of my eyes.
CM has to die for some
damn reason for a random man.
He shouldn't get caught, so he is
making a religion the scapegoat.
That's why he is instigating riots.
To shake that unjustified blame on them you know how many generations
have to bear the brunt to be freed?
This CM will die, someone else
will occupy his seat, he will also exit.
He will be succeeded
by someone else.
But this blame.
It will never change.
A few years ago
a leader was assassinated.
Do you know they targeted
this section of the society?
Now I have my doubts
on even that conclusion.
That day she told us
Allah and Lord Shiva have merged
to make something emerge.
Do you know what that purpose is?
This conference should not be held.
Is it enough if this
conference is cancelled?
- Then won't they kill the CM?
- Let him be killed.
Let them try poisoning him, push him
down the steps or even in the hospital.
That is not my problem.
Only if you kill him
in a public gathering.
A particular religion or section of
our society can easily be blamed.
So I'm saying this conference
should be aborted.
When the CM was speaking
in the conference
...he was assassinated.
When we had the murderer
and Rafiq in our custody
...they planted a bomb in the car.
They could've planted the bomb
on the dais and killed the CM.
So someone on the dais
should not die!
In the film 'Sarkar', why did
Varalaxmi Sarathkumar kill her dad?
For the Chief minister's post.
Similarly Mugilan kills his dad.
For the same post.
Did I hit the nail on its head?
But Mugilan was in the car
when the bomb exploded.
- Is that so?
- Then it can't be Mugilan.
Then someone else
on the dais is the culprit.
Where can we find Mugilan now?
Over there.
Tamizhvanan sir's demise an inconsolable loss to
Tamil society and Hindu religion
The friendship we shared
Brother, contact me.
No... no, India under my control
In this grief-stricken time
Even if we do not have the mindset
to hold a State level conference
We are going ahead with our plan due to
the necessary situation and circumstances
- Hello, sir.
- Vanakkam
I'm Seetha speaking.
Mr. Khaliq's personal assistant.
Remember, you met him
on the flight today?
Yes, tell me.
Sir, actually my boss is... er.
He is flying to Mumbai to
meet Ambani on urgent work.
Ambani, huh?
Should I convey anything
to the business tycoon?
Not necessary, sir.
Thank you.
Is there any possibility for him
to meet the CM's son by tonight?
We are together
in a particular place.
We have come to condole someone.
How do I tell--
Sir, we need only ten minutes.
Find out from sir
and let us know.
Because if the deal is clinched
we can transfer the funds today.
Can the funds be transferred immediately?
Definitely, sir.
Minimum 500 crores.
- Really?
- Yes, sir
To hell with protocol, dear
If the nation will benefit.
Be it a wedding or a funeral
I'll arrange a meeting immediately.
I have sent the location
via WhatsApp, dear
I got it, sir.
Last rites of Tamizhvanan,
leader of Hindu Religious Protection Party being performed
at his residence.
Hon'ble Chief minister Mr. Arivazhagan
who is visiting Coimbatore
...paid his last respects
to Mr. Tamizhvanan.
Walk to one side.
Good looking chick!
Hello, brother.
You are here from Dubai
on some business deal, I was told.
What business?
- Don't hesitate.
- Tell us.
Sir, it's true I've come from Dubai.
But not to do business.
What... what are you saying?
Sir, one minute, please wait.
Sir, our CM will be assassinated
in tonight's conference.
Trust me on this, sir.
Somehow we wanted to pass on
this information to you.
When a big event is planned
such rumors are common.
This isn't a rumor
I swear this is true.
They are planning a religious riot
using Rafiq as a bait, sir.
Please believe me.
- Sir.
- Hello.
Yes, sir.
Do you realize where and
what you are accusing?
How can this even happen
with our tight protocol and security?
Even I will be checked
before I am allowed to enter.
You seem to have a fertile imagination!
Sir, I am not imagining any of this
I am telling you a fact.
Sir... sir, please listen to me.
Uncle, I'm leaving
CM wants to see me urgently.
Look into this matter
and then send him away.
Sir, I can prove this
I swear, hear me out, sir.
Can this be discussed here?
Sir, I am in no way
connected with this.
- You are connected, come.
- Believe me, sir.
- How could you trick me?
- Please explain to him, sir.
Hey, where are you off to
before I can park the car?
Call me after you reach
the Canon showroom.
Sir, my head is splitting.
You said,
'join me as an ally in my party'
'I will change your life topsy-turvy'
Is this what you meant?!
I feel as if both my kidneys
are popping out of my mouth.
You've hung me up now
like a Christmas decoration, sir.
Please have mercy on me, sir.
Hey brother, you dangled
a carrot of 5 billion to me!
I trusted you implicitly.
And you have suspended me
in mid air in my underwear!
Leader sir, please show mercy on me.
All of you have ganged up and hung me
like a goat in a butcher's shop!
My rear end hurts like hell, sir
Son of a bum!
If some random stranger
dangles a carrot worth 5 billion
...without enquiring the authenticity
will you bring him to the CM's son?
What kind of muddy-politics
are you dabbling in?
Hey, what is your connection
with Tamizhvanan?
Tell me
You plan to kill the Chief minister?
If I want that post
I have no other option.
After assassinating him
...thrust the blame on terrorists.
We should instigate a religious riot.
Then a series of riots
that should shock Tamil Nadu.
Road blocks, fast unto death
and different kinds of protests
You blame the Party for misrule.
Then, according to seniority
I'll be sworn in as
the next Chief minister.
I need your cooperation for that.
If it comes from you.
Party members will pay heed and
the general public will also accept.
Get up.
You are my best friend.
That is why I am still
courteous towards you.
If I had known you were here
with a plan to kill our dearest friend
I wouldn't have let you
step into my house.
Forget this despicable plan.
I didn't want anyone
to get wind of this.
That's why early this morning
I orchestrated his death.
He has told you
in that short time frame?
Whom else has he snitched to?
I don't know this man.
Then who else told you?
The only person I know.
Dhanushkodi, huh?
Hey, are you playing the fool?
I'm not playing anything, sir.
He is the one playing
a royal game with you as pawn.
- Hey, call Dhanushkodi.
- Right away, sir.
Are you calling him?
Got the guts, go ahead.
- If you have the guts do so.
- I said 'call'
- Yes, sir.
- Call him.
Wait and watch,
my leader will kill all of you.
When I'm here, who is
this so-called 'leader'?
You are the leader for only this group.
But Dhanushkodi is
my one and only leader.
Called him?
- Bring it.
- Here, sir.
Leader, they are threatening me.
They want to
beat me up and kill me.
Dumbo! Line isn't even connected.
Sir will definitely pick up.
- Tell me, leader.
- Don't try to 'lead' me on.
Trying to play a double game with me?
Why, leader?
All perfect.
What's the problem?
You accepted money from me and
putting a spoke in the wheel now.
He has snitched to Mugilan.
Bloody! Has he turned up again?
- Then were you expecting him?
- No, sir
Then you are both
hand in glove as traitors.
Hear me out, sir.
Don't get confused or tense
I'll come in person and
explain everything, please.
Wait, let me kill him first
and then pickle you to pieces.
Leader... leader sir... sir!
Nothing should happen to him, sir.
It is your duty to
ensure he is alive
Take a hike!
Why the eff are you
so concerned about him?
- Aiyo! Listen to me
- Come... come in person
I will kill both of you.
Oh God!
30 years ago, thousand hands
lifted the Party flag 120' long.
If one hand belonged to Arivazhagan
the other was my hand, mind you.
In 'Abolish Caste System' protest.
He stuck his head
on the railway tracks.
- Sir... sir.
- Ask him to scrutinize that photo.
If one head is his,
the other is--
What is it, I say?
Someone has come
claiming to be their friend.
Ask him to come in.
- Vanakkam, sir.
- He is their friend
Thank god you came, dude
I was so worried
you had got away scot-free.
Sir, he is also our friend
Get a chair next to me for him.
Come... come
Tie him up along with us
Sorry, sir.
I think I got the wrong address.
- Clear out.
- They aren't my friends.
- Wait, da.
- Tell me the truth
Tell me, I say.
If you know step by step, a secret
only Dhanushkodi and I share.
What have you both planned?
Even if you thrash me
my lips are sealed
Hey! I'll kill you.
Even if you kill me
I won't open my mouth.
He is pulling a fast one
He doesn't know anything, sir.
In fact, none of us know anything
Why are you holding us captive?
What wrong did we do?
How could you do this to him, sir?
Then can I kill her?
How do you know this?
Don't act innocent.
Please, sir.
I don't know anything.
How dare you hit a girl?
You call yourself a 'man'?!
- Fight with me, man to man.
- I'm coming.
Come on, if you're man enough, kill me.
Come... come... if you are gutsy enough.
Go ahead.
Kill me.
No, leader.
No, leader.
He should not die, sir
No, leader
No, sir.
Super, leader.
Super, sir.
Leader, huh?
Just like you said, they beat me up
to cough up the truth, but you bet I didn't.
What are you blabbering?
I'm not blabbering, sir
Everything is smooth, as per our plan.
What is the plan?
That's exactly what I'm asking
What is the plan?
Plan is to make you CM.
Aiyo, sir! Why are you
wasting your precious time?
Press the trigger now.
Untie me please
My whole body is aching.
Hey! Bloody well shut up!
I will kill you, da.
Exactly what I'm saying.
Kill him, da.
Aiyo, leader!
I am telling you
my leader won't kill me.
Hey! Shut up, da.
Scumbag, you shut up!
You tell me.
Why won't he kill you?
If he kills me, you'll become the CM.
Will you shut up?
Leader, he is confusing you.
If he dies, you can't become the CM.
You are the one confusing me.
Please believe me.
If you want me to believe you
you have to kill him.
Didn't you hear me?
He won't kill me.
My leader disapproves of
you becoming the CM
I'll kill you.
I will kill you.
- Shoot him.
- I'll kill you.
You are repeating it
but not shooting.
So tell me now
What is this coalition?
He has found out, sir.
I won't kill him, then you will
be CM in your grave!
- I should kill you.
- Kill him... kill him
I should kill you
I should kill you first.
All my problems will be solved.
If he dies, you'll be
CM in your grave!
Just listen only to what I say now.
Otherwise I'll kill you and go my way.
Isn't there a gun in my hand?
If he and I had planned
behind your back
I could have shot you
and got away scot-free, huh?
Shoot, leader.
Shoot me.
I won't agree, sir
I can't bear to see my leader
being killed right in front of me.
If you want, take my life, sir.
Kill me instead, sir.
My dear leader, we've been
working hard 30 months for this day.
Please listen to me
without asking me why, where, what.
That boy over there.
If he dies can't become the CM
I'll handle everything, sir.
Trust me 100% and
attend the conference.
You are our next Chief minister, sir.
So far whatever you told me
I didn't understand a single word.
I trust you.
- Leave it to me, leader.
- Hey
Untie Manickam and throw him
under the bridge in Aathupaalam
Leader, Aathupaalam?
What did I tell you?
You told me not to come back.
What did I say I'll do
if you turned up?
If I did said you would spare me alone.
And kill all my friends and family
I told you so?
What happened now?
Whatever you said happened
I did it without realizing, sir.
Temerity to think you can
pull it off by dying on replay mode.
You will not die, da
All that happened will be
on replay mode once again.
Let the dead remain dead.
We are going to cross
this freakin' day.
I didn't think of
the repercussions, sir
I swear
I didn't know this would turn out
to be of such immense magnitude, sir.
All of you are big shots, sir
Very powerful.
Who am I in comparison?
Just a common man, sir.
Unknowingly I somehow thought
I was impulsive and foolhardy
I believed I can help
turn back the clock, sir.
Grave blunder on my part, sir
I swear I realize now
what you did is right, sir.
That's what you will do, sir.
Even if you kill me
you still have the same day, sir
I swear I won't come.
Trust me, sir.
You are a brilliant actor.
But you know what the problem is.
I am fully aware too
you are drama king.
Sir, I'm not acting.
Why should I act, sir?
You shot my friend, sir.
He was to get married, sir
I don't even know that girl, sir.
Poor thing, that girl, sir.
That man has two children, sir.
They trusted me and came, sir.
How are they responsible
for my blunder, sir?
I swear I won't come back, sir.
Kill me just once more.
Please, sir,
I am begging you.
Please, sir.
Please, sir.
I'm convinced.
But I don't want to take a chance.
Sir... sir... sir, no, sir.
It wasn't intentional, sir
I swear I won't come
I promise you, sir.
Please, sir.
Please, sir.
Kill me just this time
Please, sir
- Sir... sir
- Guys.
SIR... SIR... SIR.
- Sir, don't go.
- He shouldn't die.
Sir, I won't come back
I swear I won't come back, sir
I can't bear this.
All of them are dead.
My friend is dead.
What will I do?
Did you enquire what
that fellow was blabbering?
Nothing, he is just a humbug.
Talking off his hat
to be in the limelight.
But I informed our
Asst Commissioner of Police.
He has promised to
tighten the security.
My dear friend and Law minister
Mr. Paranthaman made a brilliant speech.
How many misdeeds
crossing honorable limits
How many atrocities
I have encountered all these hassles
Our leader himself has told us.
Near your leg.
Look over there.
Push it towards me.
Come on... come on, Seetha.
I don't know how I can return
this favor, I feel indebted
I struggle to express myself
Till the last breath
Push... push.
Machan, look there.
Aiyo! Come on, push.
Good morning, sir.
Can't you see the sauce spilt there?
How many times to warn you
and how often will you fall?
Sir, what are you saying?
Get out!
- Si... sir.
How did you die?
I'll get even with you.
In Coimbatore today, a State conference
is to be held organized by MMK Party
How is this possible?
The conference to be held this evening
Something doesn't fit.
Thamizh... Tamizh.
What is your connection
with Tamizhvanan?
To keep it under wraps
Early this morning
I orchestrated his death
Early this morning.
Activist Tamizhvanan
was hurt in an accident
Road block.
Drive straight down.
Tamizhvanan can convince the CM
Hey... hey!
Start the car.
Hey! Speed up.
- Where should I drive to?
- Gandhipuram bus stop.
Ask that car to move.
How did Tamizhvanan sir
meet with an accident?
You are...?
- Press, sir.
- Oh!
While he was crossing the road,
he was hit by a water tanker.
- Sir, time?
- Just now, around 9:30, swami.
Hey Jai Kumar
Ask him to move his car.
If I come early, I can save him
Hey, get down.
Get down.
What are you doing?
Shit... shit... shit.
How do I get there even earlier?
Hey security!
I will join along with my party volunteers
in the conference scheduled this evening
Not only Tamil
But he raised me also
I owe it to my father's elder brother
MMK's senior statesman
Nation's anchor
My uncle, Mr. Arivazhagan
Sir... Tamizhvanan sir.
Hey! Find out who he is.
Tamizhvanan sir.
Who is this, coming in the opposite side?
Tamizhvanan sir.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Sir, Tamizhvanan sir.
Tamizhvanan sir.
- He is going to kill you, sir.
- Who--
They plan to kill you, sir.
- What are you saying?
- Tamizhvanan sir.
Why, da?
Go and nab him.
Dai! Stop
Hey! Stop.
Stop right there.
Hey! Stop
I'll shoot you.
Don't shoot him.
Why, da?
Why do you kill me
by dying repeatedly?
Come today.
- John, flight landed?
- We are waiting like you said.
On the runway, sir.
Remember this.
Blue coat, blue t-shirt.
Without moustache,
he'll look just like a Muslim.
You nab him as soon as he alights
Bring him out through the Cargo exit.
Even by mistake don't use the main entrance.
Glass will break and he will escape.
What if the glass breaks, sir?
John, just listen to me.
You nab him and come out
through the Cargo exit
I'll be there in four minutes.
Hey... hey! Stop.
Stop... don't go.
- Aiyo! Sir.
- What?
Sir, he jumped out through
the Emergency exit and is running.
Sir, am I taking you
to the airport now?
What the eff will we do there?
- Get in, sir.
- Who are you?
What are you up to?
Who is he?
Nab him.
Who are you? Why did you
drag me into your car?
They planned a hit & run accident
to kill you, I've saved you.
Who is planning to kill me?
Didn't Paranthaman confide
his plan to assassinate the CM?
How do you know this?
I know everything, sir.
Some fellow drove in, whisked
Tamizhvanan into his red car.
Swift car, sir.
Phut! PHUT! PHUT!!
He wants to kill you because he's scared
you'll tell the CM about his plan.
We must somehow cancel
today's conference, sir.
In spite of all my advice--
Are you sure about this?
I am dead sure about this, sir.
Of course I am sur--
Aiyo! How do you think I'll know
what both of you spoke, sir?
Did you invite him in person?
Yes, sir, last evening I went
to his residence and invited him.
- Leader.
- What?
Mission accomplished?
No, sir, we ran into a snag.
What is it?
Tamizhvanan has been kidnapped.
All that isn't a problem.
Set it right now.
Call me once you are done
I am with our CM here.
Who is it?
Our men of course.
Please listen to me, sir
Conference should not be held.
Somehow you have to stop it.
How can I in the last minute?
How do I believe
this crazy plan?
Sir, you have no choice.
Go back slightly.
That's the one.
Follow that car.
Madhukar road.
John... John, Madhukar road.
He has taken Tamizhvanan
Red Swift
Okay... okay.
Block him near the paper factory.
He is on Kuniyamuthur road.
Go to 4th cross street.
Sir, he is driving
past the factory, over.
Follow... follow.
Go inside.
Hey! Where is he?
You go there
Look for him in front.
Sir, I've crossed many hurdles
to get in touch with you.
If I let go of today--
Dhanushkodi knows how and
where I came from, entire history.
He will erase whatever
happened today into oblivion.
Rain or shine I have to
meet CM today, sir.
Where will our CM be now?
Sir, he is behind you, nab him.
Go... go... go, get him.
Round up... round up.
Come out.
Step out of the car.
Come out.
Sir... you?
Where is he, sir?
Who is the 'he'?
- I... sent for him.
- Okay, sir.
You carry on.
What about Tamizhvanan?
He has been caught.
Very good.
Why are you still tense?
But the kidnapper escaped.
How does that concern us?
We want only Tamizhvanan.
- He is equally important, sir.
- Who is the 'he'?
The kidnapper.
What are you saying?
I've already told yo--
'Already' told what?
In your dining--
What 'dining'?
Even in your factory?
What 'factory'?
I've told you this repeated--
Why are you confusing me
like Nolan's film 'Tenet'?
What are you trying to tell me?
Nothing, sir
I'll handle it.
This is a milestone day in my life.
Don't mess this up.
Come up with me.
Sir, what is it?
I don't know.
Sudden palpitation.
I feel a shooting pain in my chest.
I don't think I can attend
today's conference.
Paranthaman, do this for me?
Go ahead and preside
over the conference.
What is this?
You want me to preside
all of a sudd--
Shall we do this instead?
Let's consult a doctor, check-up
on the way and then attend the confer--
No... no, uncle
I've never seen
our leader in pain like this.
Something isn't alright.
We can... hold the conference.
We can ask sir to speak
'Live' streaming from his residence.
Mugila, what a juvenile idea!
We have spent so much money
to organize this conference.
So many invitees from
various districts are attending.
This is the base for
the coming election.
Besides, you think they are
coming to see you and me?
They will be satisfied if they see
their beloved leader.
Won't they be disappointed otherwise?
Why don't we do this instead?
Last ten minutes.
If you show your face on the dais.
All is well that ends well.
If I attend the conference
for ten minutes will close my chapter, right?
I heard it
He told me everything.
- Hey hey!
- Who are you?
- Security!
- Tamizhvanan sir sent me
1 minute, sir.
Please watch this, sir.
Arivazhaga, believe whatever
brother Abdul Khaliq tells you
He is my messenger
Paranthaman has planned to
kill you in the conference
He wants to camouflage it
as a major religious riot
He tried to kill me too
Khaliq brother saved me
So kindly listen to me
Do not attend the conference
From the day I started my Party.
Tamizhvanan and Paranthaman
have been my two pillars of support.
If Tamizhvanan is
saying this all of a sudden
I just can't believe it.
Sir, you have to trust him.
Aiyo! How do I--
They plan to assassinate you
on the dais by Rafiq.
They want to brand him as terrorist
and instigate a religious riot.
Spoil the tranquility of Tamil Nadu.
He wants to step into
your CM shoes, sir.
This is the truth and that's the reason
you should not attend today's conference.
He can't abstain totally
from attending the conferen--
Shall I call ACP Dhanush--
Aiyaiyo! Sir, he is THE criminal.
Fraud, sir.
Listen to me
I don't know how to make you understand.
Aiyo! Sir.
One minute... one minute.
Try this, sir.
Tell Paranthaman you are
not attending the conference.
Just try telling that, sir.
He will insist you attend, sir.
Who are you?
Who are you?
You seem to have spoken
like my own conscience?
Yes, man
30 long years.
My political dream 30 years old
will finally come true today.
What kind of Party are you running?
First you asked me to
present you as leader.
Is this your game plan?
For generations
if this is continued
...when do I become CM?
Should we hold a flag lifelong
and keep saluting you in deference?
Why shouldn't we aspire
for power and position?
Instead of bottling up
all this rage and resentment could have been upfront
and spoken to me.
I don't have such an intention.
Don't try to pull
the wool over our eyes.
We are witnessing everything daily.
Initially in our Party
posters and banners
...we had your photo, mine and then his.
I'm just an insignificant also-ran
What does that mean?
Hey! Arivu.
Whether today's conference is held or not
I will organize a memorial service for you.
- And then be sworn in as CM.
- Hey!
Why are you wasting time?
Let's do what we planned
to do at the conference.
What does it matter
if the CM dies here or on the dais?
What does it matter if the assassin
is Rafiq or Abdul Khaliq?
It's all one and the same.
Dai... dai!
Didn't I tell you someone
kidnapped Tamizhvanan?
That's our man here.
He is the one who will kill the CM too.
Bonus is CM's son.
Terrorist killed our CM.
We nabbed him alive
Next CM is you.
You get your medal, man.
Sir, are you okay?
Temerity to think you can
pull it off by dying on replay mode
Even if you die a thousand times
then reappear to try and save him
I will also reappear a thousand times
to accomplish my mission
If you die just one more time
and try to abort this conference
If I let go of today
Dhanushkodi knows how and where
I came from, entire history, sir
He will erase whatever
happened today into oblivion
Khaliq brother?
Sis... sister?
What is today's date?
11th October
11th, huh?
10th... 10th is over?
Feels like an entire film has been shot!
Relax, brother.
Abdul Khaliq
I don't want to
simply say 'thank you'
And dilute the most precious help
you did to me of saving my life.
Sir, I don't know what to say.
How did these events begin
and how did they end?
It's all a haze, sir.
Sir, what happened to the conference?
Conference wasn't held.
Paranthaman's memorial was conducted.
Mugilan being shot and the events
that followed were covered up
And the memorial service was held
In the end you made
the villain a hero, sir.
That is politics for you, my boy.
Sometimes, even a good man is arm twisted
to play a dirty hand in politics.
Politics has good policies, sir!
Last evening, in order to pay homage
to MMK Party member Kalaichelvan
...when Mr. Paranthaman accompanied
Hon'ble Chief minister Mr. Arivazhagan
...he suffered a cardiac arrest
Unfortunately Mr. Paranthaman
passed over on the way to the hospital
Upon hearing this tragic news
leaders of all national Parties
Hurry up.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Patient's name Khaliq.
CM came now to
enquire about his health.
Room number?
- Room #304
- Thank you.
No... no, they took him
for a CT scan just now.
CT scan?
Where is that?
Ma'am, go straight
and turn left.
This way?
Okay, thanks.
1 second.
Seetha Lakshmi?
Er... how do you know my name?
Your name is Seetha Lakshmi
You are terrified of turbulence
I've been following you
for the past six months.
Hello? Are you a stalker?
How do you know?
I'm an Indian RAW agent.
Sir... sir.
It's a matter of national security.
I need you to help me.
What should I do, sir?
I kidnapped the girl
just like you asked me to.
But a small problem.
What is the issue?
They are... following us.
Hey! They are the kidnappers
26-20-Take 1.
Action, sir