Maaveeran (2023) Movie Script

This is the story of brave man.
A sorcerer uses black magic to
seduce a princess to be his.
Lord Indra is pleased.
The sorcerer destroyed the
palace with a bolt of lightning.
Help us!
The king and his subjects
stood rooted in fear.
Right then comes in Veer
He enters the palace
to rescue the princess.
He risks his life
to reach the princess.
He offers his hand to her saying
'Fear not, princess, I'm here.'
He leaps on a curtain with one hand
holding the princess with the other.
The duo leave back death
and leap towards life.
The sorcerer whirls his wand
casting spell and challenges Veer.
The princess survived
but you won't survive!
The sorcerer takes on a
huge form using his sorcery.
Veer spots a rock.
Veer kicks a rock
which hits the sorcerer and
brings him to his knees.
Veer gets his chance
to attack the sorcerer.
With all his might,
he climbs his thigh
jumps on his chest
and shatters the magic
wand with one blow.
He kicks the sorcerer
and he loses his huge form.
Who are you?
Even the Grim Reaper
ought to be punished
if he errs.
That's impossible.
He's a coward.
Can he look me in the eye and say it?
All he wants is money.
He doesn't own the water the
government supplies to us.
I don't care.
If you want water, pay
10 bucks per bucket.
Sis, take my bucket if you like.
Quiet! Why should I give him money?
Pay up to get water.
I am not afraid of these goons.
Why is mom quarrelling?
He wants money for water.
Rather slap him
and get the water.
You're still here.
- Put it higher.
- Ride carefully.
- He's scared of facing us.
- You heard me.
He's had it today.
What happened, Satya?
[Door close]
Why are you quarrelling?
Why fight for two buckets of water?
Why not? I'm not scared of them.
- Move aside.
- Mom!
Can't you go one day
without quarrelling?
It's me who suffers
when there's no water.
I'll go get water right
now. Stop me if you can.
Listen warrior queen,
you want water, right?
How will he get water?
I'll manage.
[indistinct chatter]
[indistinct chatter]
The Veer's daring
scared the princess.
Here you go.
You were fighting over
this trivial issue.
Learn to adjust, mom.
Then the Veer wandered off to
the jungle on his white stallion.
Give that to me.
This princess looks funny.
Rather draw my face!
All right.
- Kilavarsi?
- Coming, dad.
- Did you take your school bag?
- Yes.
- See you, mom.
- Go safe.
[Auto rickshaw engine]
- Who's a plumber?
- Me.
- Come.
- I...
- Painter?
- Me.
You come.
- Who works with cement?
- Me.
- We both.
- Come.
Get in.
We're done, let's go.
You aren't supposed
to drink tea on duty.
Everyone get in except him.
- Hurry up.
- I'm here.
Give my stuff.
- What's this?
- Sorry, sir. Can't help it.
Stay here. I'll be back.
Give me lights.
Sir, what about my job?
I've put in a word but nobody
reads comics these days.
There is talk about running ads instead.
Getting a job isn't easy.
It is a tough grind.
I'll try.
Where to, madam?
I'm on the way, sir.
My car broke down.
Ganesh Complex
Alwadthiru Nagar.
What are you doing?
I'll call you back.
Why did you snatch my paper?
Who writes on a comic?
I bought it, I can do as I
please. What's it to you?
It's just paper for you
but it's created with great efforts.
First, find a story
then decide the strips and panel
then layout, dialogues,
bubble space then sketch with pencil,
then use ink and brush...
You have no idea how much
hard work goes into this.
You're angry as if you made this!
What if I say I did?
- Did you really make this?
- Yes.
Don't tell anyone though.
Your name is Subramani?
- Give change.
- The name on the paper.
Stop! My paper.
How can you ask us to
vacate our homes overnight?
We've been here since ages.
We'll protest.
They won't pay heed.
We won't get a single plot.
The government will give us 1 BHK.
If you lose this chance,
we'll get nothing.
- Think about it.
- They can't force poor people.
Every house will have
an attached bathroom.
Use it anytime you
like. No mosquitoes.
Enjoy the sea breeze.
Kids will sleep peacefully.
You're riding an auto for
years yet you own no plot.
You'll get a 450 sq. ft flat.
Think about your child.
Dear, can you write your father's name?
Come to the left.
Hold the slate up.
Hold it up and look ahead.
I've told you many time but no use.
Heed us.
A big home awaits us.
You refuse to accept the token.
I don't want the token. I
own this house and land.
Buzz off with your slate.
You sure? Fine.
Come, sir. They'll know
when they lose their homes.
They shut down the transformer.
We won't get electricity now.
Get candles.
let's go.
Gas cylinder and other stuff...
Please take one last picture
of me with him.
Keep moving.
Vacate your homes quickly.
Move ahead.
What are you looking at?
Your mom insisted the flat
should be in your name.
Stand properly. Hold the slate.
Move on.
Get going, woman. Go
to your new house.
Hurry. Move.
Yes. Hurry. Hurry.
Move ahead.
What are you waiting for?
Keep this too.
- Move.
- Hurry up.
Hurry up.
Give me the photo, mom.
- Keep it there.
- Okay.
Mom, look there.
Give me that.
This is such a big building!
Such a big building!
B block, 10th floor, room 18.
10th floor?
I can't climb that much!
Use a lift, madam.
You don't have to climb stairs.
There's a lift in it, ma'am. You
won't have to climb the stairs.
- Come.
- What a bother.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Be careful.
- We're taking the life.
- Take the lift.
- You come with me.
- Others come along.
Look how big the flat is.
- There's a separate kitchen too.
- Yes.
Bro, look at the sea.
We'll get many likes for
our pictures from here.
Looks awesome.
You're right. Glad
we have a balcony.
[Door open] [Door close]
Bro, someone's in the bathroom.
What happened? Who is it?
I don't know.
Who was he?
- No idea.
- No big deal, mom.
Guess it was urgent.
He should've used his own house.
Come in, mom. Look
at the huge house.
This is my house.
My friends will stay here.
You didn't want to come here.
Yet you got a palatial house.
You collected funds for prayers.
But there's no temple here.
Return the money.
So what if there's no temple.
Our home is our temple.
Everyone got homes, right?
We'll arrange a prayer
ceremony to celebrate.
Why spoil the walls of our house?
What? Our house?
Mom, we have a big house.
Let's buy a big TV
to watch movies.
We can barely run the
household with your earnings.
Your dad's photo is in the trunk.
Get that mended.
- Raji.
- Yes?
Hurry up or you'll be late.
Yes, mom.
I didn't break it.
It just came off.
How so? I'm sure you broke it.
This house is worse than our hut!
- I won't spare him.
- Stop, mom!
Hear me out, mom.
Calm down.
I'm here.
It fell here?
Raji, try again.
- Not opening?
- No.
Done. Every little thing riles you up.
Learn to adjust, mom.
Is it? Big deal!
You're late, get going.
Have something in the canteen.
Okay, mom.
- Go safe.
- Bye.
Mom, no! Listen to me.
- Listen to me....
- Bhaguti, where are you?
He's in the office downstairs.
- Mom! Anger is not the answer.
- There's no electricity. How do we stay here?
What kind of a house is
this? Everything is fragile.
We can't even hammer in a nail.
The tap in the bathroom is broken.
My house is flooded.
You broke it already!
You shouldn't be reckless.
We're not to blame here.
What are you saying, sir?
You mustn't do that to
people seeking help.
Madam, we'll look into it.
Don't worry.
Note down her room number.
Write 300 for the tap.
What for? Why should I pay?
We had a contract for 6
months. You mend this.
Don't order me around
as if I'm your servant.
Stay here if you like or leave.
Where will we go?
You broke our homes
and brought us here.
Bhaguti, you coaxed us all to come here.
You better fix this.
Stay quiet, mom.
Listen to me. Listen to me, mom.
I too trusted them like you guys.
Wait, I'll call the district head.
- Enough, mom. Let's go.
- Shut up.
You stole from the housing board
and invested in making
luxury apartments.
No wonder the building is not sturdy.
There are many complaints against you.
Parmo, I gave him this
seat at your behest.
I want no complaints
until the elections.
Yes, sir.
Tell them we'll fix it.
Draft a new contract for patch work
and pretend as if it's going through.
Keep up the facade until the elections.
Okay, sir.
I spoke to him. Nobody has to pay.
Your work will be done for free.
The contractor will do the patch work.
Note the grievances.
Come one by one.
- You come, madam.
- Here's the tap.
Let's mention our complaints, mom.
Give me all details.
Looks like you're from West Indies.
- What's your name?
- Kumar.
Sunil Kumar, sir.
Read this and sign it.
I'm an illiterate.
Sir, nice.
Hey, where did you find him?
He was the only willing
to work for this amount.
Listen up, lad. Show
him what he has to do.
Go on.
Do you need the pen for the patch work?
Nice building.
What's this?
- Patch work.
- Is it?
What a mess you've built!
This building...
Are you mad? I warned you.
Patch work.
How much more patch work?
This entire book is for patch work.
Entire book?
You call this ramshackle
place a building?
Patch work won't help.
I won't do this. I'm off.
Okay, go. Pay 300,000 before leaving.
Don't you remember what
the agreement read?
There's a fine of 300,000
if you quit midway.
Didn't you read it?
Bloody cheat!
No wonder you drafted that contract.
You should've learnt to read.
Get started with your work.
Start with the patch work.
Come, it's time.
Stop staring. Go.
- Hammered it too hard?
- Gently.
Another blow and you'd land
in the neighbour's house.
Patch work!
Don't touch it until it dries.
You have cemented it.
What about the paint?
Ask that to the builder, not me.
What a bother!
You know getting a job and
making money is a tough job.
I've been trying since many days.
- Subramani!
- Here?
Why did you leave abruptly that day?
- Is it?
- I need to place an Ad.
- Here?
- Please help me.
It won't take long.
Don't run away.
Wait a minute.
This is a bad place.
Place an Ad in some English paper.
What? Who speaks ill of their paper?
- Come.
- Stop...
Place the Ad here.
Do you wish to talk to me?
No, not here...
- Next floor.
- I want to place an Ad, sir.
For Maaveera comic,
we need a competent artist.
That's the content.
Sorry, madam.
Come to the MD's cabin.
Who's that lady?
Neela madam is our Sub-editor.
[Door open]
[Door close]
Nobody reads Maaveeran.
We can replace it with Ads.
That will add to our income.
Sir, we've printed 200 episodes so far.
We can't discontinue it abruptly.
So? This paper is bad?
Oh no, I meant it's great.
I didn't know you're
the Sub-editor here.
I swear, I'll never come back here.
Forgive me.
Who will write the comic if you leave?
Many famous comic
artists have worked here.
Do your job diligently.
All the best.
Why didn't you sign it?
Is that your creation
or someone else's?
No, I did.
Then sign it.
You needn't show it all the time.
No time to read this.
Same old stories.
We need a new story for Maaveeran.
New story?
Are they done showering?
This place is leaking!
I warned them but they won't listen.
Kumar, what's this? Why is
there frequent power cut?
That's bound to happen.
Start using candles.
The king decrees he'll build palaces
for his subjects from
the taxes collected.
When he saw people's
homes getting washed away,
Veer lost his cool.
What made you think of writing
about people's struggles?
Oh c'mon! He's no hero
if he doesn't help people.
Look at that. Fix it.
Is that the only problem
in this entire building?
This is a government building.
Pay up or leave.
Everyone wants bribes here.
He loots the king and gives
the money back to the people.
What a story!
- How will we climb up 10 floors?
- Mom...
Use the stairs or get lost.
- What did you say?
- Stop, mom.
Veer used his whip
and carried his mom
away in a palanquin.
You're a coward in real life
and show bravery in stories.
Oh, she has a moon above her head.
What do you think of this
name for the princess?
It is okay.
Stop here.
On the 10th floor.
Do what you will, madam.
- You won't get water unless you pay.
- Please come.
Let's go upstairs.
- You are such a haggler.
- Pay 5 bucks and take water.
- Yes. Wait. Wait.
- You want water without money!
If you don't pay tomorrow,
I'll throw all your vessels out.
Have patience. I'll
pay you next week.
Come in, dear.
Raji, remove the things off the chair.
No. It's okay.
- I'll get you tea.
- Please sit.
Please sit.
This is our mansion.
That's the bedroom and this is my study.
I make drawings here.
She's so pretty!
Oh no! Why now?
People here are struggling
and you're using this for
content instead of fighting?
You want me to fight, is it?
My dad died fighting for these people.
But nothing changed.
Do you know how my dad died?
I'm not brave like my dad or Veer.
I'm just an ordinary guy.
I just want to keep my
mom and sister happy.
I work to look after
them. That's all.
I make content based on what I see.
Oh god! Look what happened.
Move aside. Make way.
Hurry up. Make way.
- God, what has happened?
- Make way.
Hurry. Hurry, hurry.
The ceiling collapsed.
They built a weak building!
- Jagan!
- Such shoddy work!
This building is inhabitable.
I can barely see in the dark.
- Turn the torch this way.
- Yes.
Do not worry. She will be okay.
Be brave. Let the doctor come.
Don't worry, it's not a deep
wound. I've given medicines.
He's alive, not dead.
Why have you gathered
for? Go away.
Keep quiet.
Listen to me, calm down.
That was an accident.
Cracks is walls are a common occurrence.
Don't blow things out of proportion.
What do you mean by that?
What if the ceiling falls on
an elderly person next time?
I will write about this
incident in the papers.
You got the media to threaten me?
That wasn't meant for you, sir.
Neela, leave this matter to us.
Don't get involved.
What are you saying?
Keep quiet, mom.
Neela, please go.
All right then, tell me if
you don't want to live here.
I'll ask the minster to move
you to huts some place else.
You can't do this to us.
Are you happy now? This
is the result of protests.
We don't need your huts.
The house we have is great.
Go home all of you.
Get going now.
I worked for years for this company.
You got me fired and took over!
Sir, I didn't want to do that.
I won't let anyone take my job.
If you sign the comic again,
I'll thrash you black and blue.
We can't publish this.
You can't decide what makes the news.
Get that straight.
No news without proof.
Be practical.
Neela madam!
Come in.
This guy wants to quit.
Write a thank you note
for readers saying
this is the last episode of Maaveeran.
- Sir, please...
- The story can end, right?
Yes, sir.
Good, finish it
and print ads from tomorrow.
This comic is giving me a headache.
Fearless death.
Veer has all set
to fight the Grim Reaper.
That's when he turns into a super hero.
That's how he died
serving the people.
You finished a 60 year
old legacy in a jiffy.
You... Get lost.
No, Neela, this job
led to things...
What do I ask? I got
different versions.
This is a daily occurrence.
Mom! What happened to you?
How did you get hurt?
- Tell me.
- Nothing, forget it.
Mom, please tell me what happened.
Why? Why do you ask?
You'll ask me to adjust, right?
Stop it.
Mom, just tell me what happened.
Why? You need a story for tomorrow?
Write this. When my sister was bathing,
an engineer was looking
at her stealthily.
When my mom caught him, he hit her.
Go write that.
Mom! I'll take you to the hospital.
I won't go.
Don't be stubborn. This is not done.
Will you hit me with a pencil?
Go on.
Hit me.
- Hit me.
- Guess you've gone mad.
Don't you want your sister
to be safe and alive?
Get lost.
Bloody coward.
Mom, where's brother?
Hope he won't get into a fight.
Who? Your brother?
He can't fight anybody.
I'm sure he's begging for mercy.
He'll apologise for your behaviour.
If your father were alive,
that man would be dead.
Wonder how our son turned out a coward.
What are you saying, mom?
Even a pet barks at you
when hit.
But he's worse than a dog!
He'd rather die!
What are you saying, mom?
Why curse your son for
those evil men's doings?
My young daughter was
way safer in that hut.
The house and its makers are vile.
How will we survive such
people with that coward around?
You're only good in stories.
People like you have no
place in the real world.
This is a world of hooligans
who oppress the weak.
You have no place here.
This is the reason for his cowardice.
- Bloody Maaveer!
- Mom!
What are you doing?
Mom! That's his hard work.
He won't touch the brush again.
Please don't do that, mom.
It's true
that I can only draw pictures.
If my story is so powerful,
why don't I have any power?
He'd rather die.
Glory be to Veer.
There was deafening thunder
followed by torrential rains.
This is the story of a
coward turned into a hero.
How did this break?
Satya, hurry up.
- Nothing should happen to him.
- Brother!
He's unconscious due
to a head injury.
He'll be under observation for 24 hours.
Save my son, doctor.
Survival chances in such cases
are low.
He's in a critical condition.
Nothing will happen to my son.
Madam please wait out.
Satya! Your mom is with you.
- Wake up, son.
- Brother!
Satya, you mom is with you.
Open your eyes, son. Talk to me.
The coward couldn't hear them
wailing and he lay there silent.
- What now? God please save my son.
- Brother!
- The coward didn't know.
- Brother...
it was his last day.
The doctor came in.
- Take them out. Please go.
- Brother...
You can't be here. Let
the doctor check on him.
2 cc adrenaline.
Prep for tubation.
- Brother.
- Please!
No medicine helped.
Save him, doctor.
Please step out, madam.
Prep for CPR.
- Let him handle him.
- Doctor!
Please step out.
The coward finally breathes his last.
Come out.
- What happened?
- Please step out.
- After the coward died, a hero came to life.
- Satya!
Nothing's wrong with
him. He's perfectly fine.
Shift him to the general ward.
How did he regain
consciousness without CPR?
I just don't get it.
Obviously, you're not qualified enough.
He said my son will die.
What a useless doctor!
- You scared us.
- Mom!
- I didn't know what to do, mom.
- Are you mad?
Why did you stand on the terrace?
Actually, mom....
My head is hurting.
Let me lie down.
Mom, let's go. Let him rest.
You defeated death, son.
Everything will be fine.
Ishwari, take care of your son.
How dare you all gather in one flat?
If the floor breaks,
you'll all fall. Leave!
- Go.
- Yes, he's right.
- Let's go.
- Move.
A little injury and you got him fruits!
You'll die any day
yet you're praying for
his life. Get lost.
- Don't come back.
- Listen...
Thank you.
That's okay.
I just finished the patch
work on the ceiling.
Draw all you want at home.
I beg you, don't touch the walls.
No, bro, do you have a job for me?
You'd rather stay jobless
than work for him.
Go inside.
Veer couldn't sleep.
The truth about the building
gave him sleepless nights.
He would be at peace only
when his people were
rid of their troubles.
- Mom!
- Yes.
Someone is talking
to me. I can't sleep.
Kumar must be prattling drunk.
Wait until morning, I'll
seal his mouth with cement.
Mom, that wasn't him.
Someone else is talking to me.
- Mom!
- What is it?
Guess someone is in the room.
Please check.
There's nobody here.
Mom, I really heard someone.
He couldn't find the solution.
Mom, did you hear that?
Yes, I heard you scream!
Not me, the other voice.
What voice?
I just heard.
He's saying he can hear some voice.
Veer had no choice but to fight.
Heard that? Did you?
I didn't hear it. Did you?
Mom, he just said
Veer has no choice but to fight.
Veer? Who's that?
He meant to say I am a hero.
I get it.
The doctor gave medicine
in case you talk rubbish.
Get the medicine.
But Veer couldn't sleep.
Poor Veer had no idea
no medicine would help him.
What? No medicine will help?
Mom, he said I won't get cured.
What are you saying?
His ear is fine.
There is a problem, sir.
Someone keeps talking to me.
- Veer is just wasting precious time.
- Heard that?
Is he possessed?
C'mon, mom!
The stairs are this way.
Veer was staring at his pretty daughter.
- No, Neela.
- With admiration.
Sir, he keeps staring up!
He can hear a voice but we can't.
This is a common case of
auditory hallucination.
You're imagining a voice.
- No, I can hear it.
- That's not possible.
What you hear stems
from your imagination.
It's not telling you something new.
It's telling you something
you already know.
Can you cure him, doctor?
I can but you get some tests done
then we'll decide.
- Should I make the bill, sir?
- Yes.
I guess the doctor is right.
The voice keeps saying
what I already know.
Veer is lost in his thoughts.
You better stop, inner voice.
He was wondering
if spending Rs 5149
coins was necessary.
Sir, bill.
You said the voice is
saying things I know.
But the voice told me the exact bill!
How's that possible?
It can't know the bill.
I'm sure you peeked.
- Believe me, the voice said it.
- Fine.
I'll write a number on this paper.
Okay? Ask the voice for the number.
No answer?
Because it can't tell
you what you don't know.
The doctor thought Veer is crazy.
Now the doctor will get hurt.
- Murty!
- Yes, sir.
- Idiot, why didn't you get the fan repaired?
- I called the guy
- but he didn't come here.
- I'll show you.
Get lost. Don't come back here.
I will break your leg.
Aunt, it is not a ghost or a spirit.
It is God.
He is whispering messages into his ear.
Worship him. Worship him.
O God!
Speak up quickly.
Tell us the message that God
is whispering in your ear.
Speak up.
Speak up, son.
Did you hear anything?
How will he hear anything?
You have stuffed his
ear with so many things.
Will he able to hear?
Sathya, get up.
Let's go.
Let the veneration get over first.
Is it that I was Veer
in my previous birth?
[Horn honking]
I am sure it's a mental ailment.
Let's go to another doctor.
It's not a mental ailment.
Why don't you believe me?
Veer looked into Yamraj's
eyes and defeated him.
[Horn honking]
Stop the bike.
- Why? What happened?
- He said Veer will defeat Yamraj.
Stop your nonsense. Okay?
Listen to me. Stop the bike.
Why don't you understand?
Whatever he says happens.
Please stop the bike, Nila.
Are you going to die today? I
won't stop. Let's see what happens.
I am not talking nonsense,
Nila. Heed me. Stop the bike.
[Car crush]
[Horn honking]
- Stop! Stop!
- Sathya!
Stop the bike!
This is called looking into
Yamraj's eyes and defeating him.
Yamraj is not there. He is here.
Veer started preparing for the
great war to protect his people.
Veer started preparing for the
great war to protect his people.
According to him I am
the story's Mahaveer.
But how can I be Mahaveer?
And he is Yamraj.
Why will I fight with him?
I have never even seen him before.
Stop your nonsense.
It's God's grace.
People worship for years
to seek his blessing.
And you are talking nonsense.
Who brought this trash in the house?
Mother, it's not God's grace.
Look. The magician waves his
wand and then all this happens.
That's what happened.
He said I will be hit on my
head. The fan fell on me.
He said I will defeat
Yamraj. That also happened.
We escaped by a whisker. Ask Nila.
Yes, aunt. Whatever he said happened.
Nothing bad will happen.
I will take him to the temple.
Everything will be fine.
Once we give the sacrifice
of a buffalo with big ears,
everything will be fine.
But you cannot eat non-vegetarian food.
You can hear God's voice.
Why don't you people understand?
It's not an ailment that can be treated.
So go and ask him what it means.
There is no cure.
[Phone ringing]
Hello, sir.
Can we talk now?
I can hear you.
Tell me. What do you want to say?
Get lost.
Sir, I am not Mahaveer like you said.
I make comics. I am a smalltime artist.
You are talking to me assuming
that I am that character.
You are saying I will
fight with this Yamraj.
Sir, when you tell stories,
a bell rings in my ears.
Please stop telling me stories, sir.
Okay, sir?
Stop all this.
I think he has left.
Fine. But take care.
Veer, who solved
problems related to love,
was going to solve
his people's problems.
But Veer doesn't know that
the story will end...
from where it began.
I fell down.
I hit my head.
Are you doing this purposely?
He keeps telling me stories.
Do you know what he said?
He said the minister is Yamraj.
He is right.
He built such a pathetic building.
He is the Lord of not only your
death, but everybody's death.
Why are you talking as if
he is a great personality?
If I ever get hold of him,
I will break his skull,
and then do his patchwork.
You seem to be real Veer.
You should be hearing the voice.
I can also hear voice.
What do you mean by that?
At 9:45.
There is a loud voice.
Only 15 minutes left.
Only 15 minutes left.
As soon as I hear that
voice, I start trembling.
Oh my! What happens next?
What else? I buy liquor.
Then the voice stops.
After two pegs I realize that
the voice was for my own good.
My best friend.
Is this what the voice tells you?
He narrates me stories.
He tells different stories to everybody.
You are hearing it now.
I have been hearing
it since my childhood.
My stranger lover, fulfill your promise.
Hello. Hello. Mike testing.
[indistinct chatter]
The amount of money
wasted on the posters,
could have been utilized
to repair a few houses.
- It's unlawful money...
- Listen.
- What happened?
- I was scared because I thought,
I am the only one who
is facing that problem.
But when I found out that you
are also facing the same problem,
I am assured now.
What problem am I facing?
What? Both of us can hear the voice.
What voice?
You have been hearing the
voice since your childhood.
Look. I have decided. I won't
be afraid of his stories.
- Bless me.
- Wonder what I said.
May everything be good!
Veer was waiting for Yamraj's arrival.
Poor guy. He has grown up physically.
- But he is a child mentally.
- Hey!
Work quickly.
I have come for patchwork.
Not to stick posters.
It was mentioned in the agreement.
- Talk less and work faster.
- Is that also written?
The first thing I will do in
my next birth is to study.
Yamraj has entered Veer's land.
Our favourite MLA
Jeyakodi has just arrived.
I request all workers to
welcome him with great pomp.
MLA Jeyakodi has come
to give a fitting reply,
to the opposition leaders.
- I request everybody to take their places.
- Long live Jeyakodi sir.
- Jeyakodi sir will give his speech very soon.
- Long live Jeyakodi sir.
Long live Jeyakodi sir.
Long live Jeyakodi sir.
Long live Jeyakodi sir.
Boiled milk never loses its taste.
Similarly, a philanderer
is never a good friend.
A decent man does well for the
society even when he loses.
[Crowd clapping]
A man from the opposition
party asked me.
They are selling apartments
and earning billions.
You are giving flats to
your people for free.
I asked, "Don't my people have
the right to live in good homes?"
I said, "I can even risk my life
to give them a comfortable life."
And that's what I did.
Veer looked into Yamraj's eyes.
I won't stop here.
In next 5 years I will build
innumerable new strong buildings.
You will build buildings
and make us do patchwork.
Veer got infuriated by Yamraj's lies.
Move back.
- The opposition party...
- Sorry. Sorry.
Can't you see? Get back!
They will instigate you against me.
Are you deaf?
They will try to estrange you from me.
But I know you people
won't let that happen.
As usual, you people will support me.
Believe me.
Veer's anger didn't abate.
What are you doing?
- The houses I make are the best.
- Move aside.
Veer was getting infuriated.
I will do many good things.
He has gone mad.
Have you gone mad?
Hold on. I am removing it.
He exposed Yamraj.
Will you keep quiet?
What are you saying?
- I challenge them.
- Remove it.
- I am doing it.
- Right now. Quickly.
If the standard of their houses
are even slightly better than mine,
you can throw your slipper at me.
And that is what Veer did.
- Move aside.
- Sir, I didn't do anything.
I didn't do it purposely.
Believe me.
It flew from my hand. I
didn't do it deliberately.
- You saw.
- Move aside.
I didn't do anything.
I am innocent, sir.
The slipper flew from my hand.
Sir, let's go.
Come on. Sir, get in.
Hey! Go back!
Sir, get in.
- Close the door.
- Sir. Sir. Sir.
- I didn't do it purposely.
- Come on.
It happened mistakenly.
It happened mistakenly.
- It flew from my hand, sir.
- Sir, did you do it willingly?
- Or on somebody's saying?
- Sir, I am speaking the truth. It was a mistake.
Getting handcuffed is
nothing new for Veer.
Come on. Come on. Get in.
Jeyakodi was giving a speech.
When suddenly a boy from the
crowd threw his slipper at him.
The police have arrested him.
And taken him to the police
station for interrogation.
- Sir. I didn't do anything. Sir, please let me go.
- Shut up!
- Sir, it happened mistakenly.
- How dare he!
I made a mistake! I made a mistake!
Please don't hit me. Please don't hit me.
I didn't do it purposely, sir.
Leave me.
He is lying. He was crushing
the poster with his feet.
It's nothing like that.
Actually, I have been
hearing some strange voice,
in my ear since past few days.
He tells me the minister's story.
And he says he is Yamraj.
Whose voice is it? Tell me his name.
Which party is he from?
He won't open his mouth.
I know whose voice it is.
Come on. Remove your cap.
Did you call the minister Yamraj?
I didn't say that.
Last night you said that
he will kill not only me,
but everybody living in this building.
What else did he say?
The minister is not a great personality.
If I get hold of him,
I will break his skull,
and do patchwork of the broken pieces.
That's what he said.
People living there
don't have any problem.
And you are instigating them against us.
Why did you instigate him?
- I...
- Quiet!
Yes, sir. I have interrogated him.
He isn't from the opposition
party. He is a local.
His name is Sathya. He
lives in that building.
He is a coward.
A man who was doing patchwork there,
and he were talking nonsense.
But now, they have wetted
their pants out of fear.
Hey! Do as I say.
- Bring him here.
- Yes. Fine, sir.
Hold on.
Sir, it's election time.
The opposition party and media, are
looking for a chance to slander you.
Don't do that.
I don't want it.
- Hey!
- Yes, sir.
Do what I said.
Listen to me carefully.
The minister will come
to your house tomorrow.
Media will also be there.
You have to fall at the
minister's feet and apologize.
The matter will end
there. Got that?
Leave now.
I am leaving.
It's your job to see whether
he does what I told him.
If anything goes wrong tomorrow,
I will break your skull
and do the patchwork.
Get lost.
Why are you listening to him, Sathya?
- Where is my book?
- Don't do what he says.
I am not doing anything.
He makes me do it.
Did you really throw your
slipper at the minister?
That's not all. He
was in the lockup too.
Thank You, Lord!
You became the voice for
my son and made him brave.
God heard my prayer.
I will come to Your temple
soon to worship You.
Thank You, God.
Why are you sulking?
That man deserves to be beaten.
Am I right, Patchwork?
It's not a joke, aunt.
I cannot do anything despite
working in the press.
Better apologize and end the matter.
Everybody's wellbeing lies in that.
Sir, please. Tomorrow, for
just one day, pause the story.
I will fall at the minister's
feet and apologize, sir.
Sir, please. Sir, are you listening?
I came here thinking
it's government work.
I should be beaten with slipper.
Aren't you talking to him?
Once you are done, tell
him to speak with me.
Will you drive me crazy?
Don't sulk. Smile.
Yamraj steps into
Veer's fort once again.
My brother.
Don't make any mistake.
Otherwise I will have
to return to Bihar.
Give me the slipper.
Move it! Move it! Move it!
Move back. Back.
Hello, son.
This slipper is of no use to me.
So I have come to return it to you.
Veer decided to reveal Yamraj's
real plan to everybody.
You told him what to do, right?
Yes, sir.
Who are you looking for up there?
He is in front of you,
holding the slipper.
What is the need to fall at my feet?
I forgave you that day itself.
The media is also here.
I would have killed you
that day for the slipper.
Are you dumb that you can't apologize?
Veer gets infuriated.
Sir! Sir! Sir!
Sorry, sir! Sorry, sir! Sorry, sir!
Sorry. I made a mistake.
- I didn't do it purposely, sir.
- It's okay. It's okay.
But Yamraj had no idea
that he is going to,
hold his chest and fall down.
Sir! Sir! Sir, let's go to the hospital!
No. I am fine. What is the
need to go to the hospital?
Sir, please listen to
me. Sir, hospital...
Sir, please call the ambulance. Sir,
please. Sir, let's go to the hospital.
Why are you doing a drama? Apologize.
You don't understand.
He will hold his chest and fall down.
Nothing has happened.
He is unnerved because of the cameras.
Nothing will happen to
the minister. Don't worry.
You don't understand.
Whatever he says come true.
Sir. Bro, you also hear
the voice, don't you?
Explain to him.
I don't understand Hindi.
Do you know Bhojpuri language?
He doesn't know Bhojpuri.
So you explain to him.
Sir, how do I...
Yamraj starts sweating.
You are sweating, sir.
Move back. Let him breathe.
Sir, unbutton your shirt.
Sir, please.
Move aside! Move aside! Move aside!
As usual electricity gets disrupted.
Move aside! Move aside!
Wait for two minutes. He will open it.
Open it.
Yamraj gets infuriated.
Are you able to breathe, sir?
Sir! Sir! Sir!
What happened, sir?
What happened, sir? Call
the ambulance quickly
Move back! Move back!
- Nothing will happen, sir.
- Quickly.
Move back! Move back!
Come on. Come on.
Sir, it needs some patchwork.
Not too much. Just a bit of cement.
Move back! Move back!
Hurry up!
Come on!
Sir, you need to calm down.
Sir, don't worry. I will
solve the matter, sir.
What type of construction have you done?
Everybody is asking what
action we will take.
You have been suspended for a week.
He is doing it on Patchwork's saying.
He doesn't have so much of guts.
I think the real player
is somebody else.
Find out who he is.
Calm down, sir. He won't escape.
Hello. Yes, sir. No.
Everything is fine.
He shouldn't see tomorrow's dawn.
- It's not safe for you to stay here.
- What have I done?
You should go somewhere else.
They won't spare you.
What are you thinking?
Veer was pacing to and fro, like a
hunger tiger in search of a prey.
It's all happening because of you.
If you come before me, I will kill you.
Veer got infuriated.
Keep quiet. You keep
saying the same thing.
Veer got angry.
He has got sleepless nights.
He is fighting for his
people's wellbeing.
I have got my own life.
Veer found his love.
He is living happily.
He has found a treasure.
Can't you say all that?
Listen. Tell me one thing clearly.
Will the minister kill me
at the end of the story?
I beg of you. Please tell me.
Veer's enemy enters
his fort to kill him.
Brother, they are coming
to kill you. Run away.
A fierce war begins.
Where is he?
- I don't know.
- Will you tell me?
- I really don't know.
- Tell me.
Look. There he is.
- Sathya.
- Stop! You...
Don't spare him.
Don't let him escape.
Veer is attacked from behind
and he falls down on the ground.
Hey! Why are you beating the poor guy?
The enemy crushes him badly.
What are you doing?
- If you come ahead, I will break your legs.
- Sathya.
My son is innocent.
Don't beat him. I beg of you.
He is very nave. He
never fights with anybody.
Leave him. Somebody save him.
- Somebody save my son.
- Leave.
Save him.
Forgive him.
- Leave.
- Leave him.
Leave me, old lady.
The enemy drags Veer and takes him away.
Sir. Sir, I didn't do anything.
Get up. Get up.
Everybody stay here.
Nobody will come inside.
If anybody interferes, he
will also meet the same fate.
Sir. Sir. Sir. Leave me.
The enemy throws Veer on the ground.
Sathya! Sathya!
Leave my son.
- Hey!
- Sathya!
Stop telling me stories.
They will kill me.
- I beg of you. Please.
- Sathya!
Leave my son.
- Don't beat him.
- The enemy punches Veer on his face.
He will die.
Somebody save him.
- Blood oozes from his mouth.
- Sathya!
- No! Sathya!
- Veer is hit with a stick. -
- Sathya!
- Brother!
- Leave him!
- Old lady, keep quiet!
Veer is in immense pain.
The enemy hits him hard on the chest.
He hits him again.
He hits him once again.
But this time Veer holds his leg.
What are you doing?
Veer pushes his leg and he falls down.
What is going on, sister?
Sorry. Sorry. Sorry, sir.
Sorry, sir. Sorry. Sorry.
Get up. Get up, sir. Get up.
I hit you mistakenly.
Sorry. Sorry, sir.
He is hit with a stick
and he ducks to the left.
Hey! Where is everybody?
Go and catch him.
Veer picks up a sack and hurls it.
He stops the stick with all his might.
And he hurls it towards his enemy.
To dodge the brick hurled at
him, he swerves to the right.
'He sees a rope nearby and pulls it.'
'He pushes a stack of sticks.
He throws a bucket at them.'
'He pushes those who
are attacking him.'
'He picks up a pipe and throws
it at the one who is coming...'
- ' attack him.'
- Sorry, brother, sorry!
Hey, he has come with a big knife!
What am I supposed to do now?
'A cool breeze starts blowing.'
Yes, after that?
'It is impressed
seeing Veer's courage.'
Brother, who is impressed by
whom? Please tell me that clearly.
Quickly tell me, what should I do?
- 'Veer is patient.'
- What do you mean?
'To save himself from the
attack he bends to his right.'
'He mercilessly beats his enemy.'
'No sooner Veer tries to run away
to save himself from this war...'
'His enemy force arrives there!'
Brother, let's stop now!
We have fought enough.
Don't spare him alive!
'Veer realizes that he has no
option left besides fighting.'
Forgive me, bro.
'With his left hand he stops the
rod that attacks him from behind.'
I never wanted to do all this.
'He turns around and
punches the attacker.'
'He bends back! He bends to his right.
He bends back and gives a punch.'
'He catches the one who
attacks him from behind...'
'...and throws him down.'
Sorry, brother, sorry. Okay.
'He catches the rod that is
used on him and holds it...'
' his right hand and lifts
his left hand and closes his fist.'
'He is attacked on his face by a rod.'
'To save himself from the
attack he bends back.'
'With that same rod he the
man in front of him down.'
'He is attacked from front.
He is attacked from behind...'
'...and then everything stops!'
Hey! Talk a little slowly!
'He swings the rod behind and
stops the attacked from front.'
'He brushes the dust
from his shoulder.'
'He raises his left hand and
signals his enemy to come near him.'
What shall I do now?
'His enemy comes forward.
Veer picks up a chain...'
'...and swings it around and
beats his enemy with it.'
'And pulls the chain
and drops him down.'
'Blood oozes from the enemy's
face and he cries out in pain.'
Sorry, sir.
'All the people standing there
are happy seeing Veer's bravery.'
This was necessary for them.
You will die at my hands!
'Veer stands there and gets ready to
sacrifice his life for the people.'
'Yamraj was waiting to kill Veer.'
Mother! Mother!
I will beat you if you come here again!
- Come, let's go, let's go...
- Let's go. Come on, let's go.
- Didn't I say leave quickly from here!
- Hey!
- Yes, brother!
- Did you see mother and Razi?
Look down!
'Don't scream so much. My
son will help everyone.'
'He will fight for everyone.
Tell me one by one.'
'Yes, what is your problem?'
'The roof is leaking?
Tell me you house number.
- Yes!
- Write, 112!
There is electricity problem
in your house, isn't it?
Go and write your complaint.
Each one should fight their own battle.
- What's the matter, Godi?
- Sir, put your hands down.
Everyone is talking only about you.
Since morning I have
seen many of your memes.
You have become a trend all around.
No, sir, that boy was a little naughty.
Shut up! You cannot handle one boy
and you call yourself a minister?
You are tarnishing your name
as well as that of the party.
If you cannot handle then
return the ticket and get lost.
There are many candidates
waiting in a line.
No, no, sir! I will
take care of everything.
There won't be any more problems now.
- Can I trust you?
- Yes, sir.
You have unnecessarily irritated me.
The fitting has to be good.
Take the measurements properly.
Sir, let's go! Sir, let's go.
The media must be waiting
outside. Don't say anything.
- Move back! Move back! Move back!
- Sir, sir, sir!
One question.
Did I say that? Did I come
and tell you that I am scared?
How will it feel if someone
throws a slipper at you!
What a stupid question
you are asking me.
- I am not scared of anyone!
- Sir...
If he comes in front
of me, I will kill him!
Hey, move aside!
Sir! Sir, please talk respectfully, sir.
Hey, hey, what... what
are you doing? Hey! Oh!
Hey, hey, stop, stop!
Many a times I told you. There
is someone supporting him.
Think twice before you do
anything. But did you listen to me?
You really have no sense!
It's 22 years because of you
I did not even get married.
Have you ever listened
to me once in your life?
I cannot do this anymore now.
I am happy as a professor.
You only handle all this
now. Please spare me.
- Brother, where are you going?
- To hell with brother.
You have ruined me by
calling me your brother.
How can a friend say this?
Whatever I am today is
only because of you...
otherwise my
existence has no meaning.
Listen to me, nothing such
will ever happen again.
I promise you. Please come and sit.
Punish me if ever this happens again.
Start the car!
[Knock on door]
'Satya! Yes, yes, he is at
home. He will meet everyone.'
Shake hands, Satya!
Come on, shake hands.
Good you beat him. He deserved that.
- Yes, brother!
- Razi, come in.
- What is it?
- Come inside.
Mother, come in.
- What do you want?
- Come in.
- Later, okay?
- Hey, why did you close the door?
You should have checked
their list atleast.
Stop all this! Here
my life is in danger.
There He is hell bent on
killing me in his story.
Hey! Never say this about God!
- We all must leave here at the earliest.
- But, where?
I don't know but we will go to
some another city or another state.
All the people are at our door with
hope and you won't listen to them?
You don't want to
come? Don't come then.
As it is I only will have to
die, isn't it? So I will only go.
Only the one who suffers knows the pain.
- Sir, you are right. Let's go.
- Come on, move! Give us way.
Satya, where are you going?
- Hey, he is going where he wishes to go.
- Mother, brother is really going away.
He won't go anywhere! He
will have to come back.
- Brother, the whole world insists on such work.
- Satya! Satya!
You don't pay attention.
You go! You go! Go!
Go so far away that you never come back.
Thank god!
'Veer was not ready to leave from
there without helping his people.'
What nonsense are you talking?
Why should I die for them?
In this entire city you found me only?
If I wait here I will be
more troubled, isn't it.
Come to North India to tell me
what happens next in the story.
Which destination do you want?
Give me any destination.
'There was a problem in
Veer's rail journey.'
'Attention, please! All
trains going to Mumbai...'
'...have been stopped for a while.'
'There was a huge crowd
in the bus in which...'
'...Veer wanted to travel.'
'Veer dropped the idea of going
and decided to return home.'
Come, come, come. Stop!
What happened? Have you stopped for tea?
'Veer returns to his fort.'
Hey, Satya!
You are back!
- Come, come, come, left, left.
- Brother, take this.
'Come, come, come!'
'You have returned?'
Bring half liter milk while coming up.
Why did he return?
He just cannot see me happy.
Hey! Pick up the window and let's go.
Where are you going?
Your son is back. Break
all that you can now.
Later I will come and do the patchwork.
Shut up! Complete your
work and then leave.
This is a contract otherwise
I would have refused.
Sir, why are you locking horns with him?
I will get him killed in an accident.
No one will ever come to know.
Shall we talk.
My men were not in their
senses. I apologize for that.
Sir... never mind, sir.
The rate of this is
more than two crores.
You might have never seen such
a house even in your dreams.
Select whichever house you want.
He is going to get a big house.
Patchwork cancel.
He won't go anywhere else.
He has ruined this house.
This house won't allow him to go.
Just write on this that
you don't want this house.
And that you are leaving this locality.
Why will he write that?
- This is our house.
- Mother!
How dare you throw us out
from here. Who are you?
- Get lost from here!
- Hey you!
Do you know who you are talking to?
Sir, you are unnecessarily
wasting your time.
I will deal with him.
It would have been better if
this would get sorted here.
Never mind...
Sir, sir, sir! One minute,
sir. Sir, wait a minute, sir.
- Mother, mother, mother, come inside.
- Why should I?
- I will explain to you, mother. Come inside.
- Why should I?
Hey! Why are you
closing the door? But...
- One minute. One minute.
- What are you doing?
Did you see that? Did you see?
He is giving us another
house in place of this.
Mother let's leave this
house. We will get a bungalow.
Who wants his bungalow?
He cannot make a single
house properly...
and will give us a bungalow to stay.
And what about the rest of the people?
Mother, tell me what you
want. Me or this house.
This house is necessary.
Mother, what are you saying?
But I am important for myself.
Hey, hey, Satya! Open the door!
- Sir, give me the pen.
- 'Open the door! Satya!'
'Don't make a wrong decision!'
'Veer did not wish to
deceive his people.'
'Don't sign on any paper.'
Come on, sign.
He is going to sign!
He won't be able to do that.
He kept the pen down.
'Are you listening to me or not?'
But he will not sign.
He will say that the pen is not working.
'His pen was not working.'
The pen is not working.
You are right!
I can count the number of
bricks on the red fort.
'Satya, are you listening?'
'Satya, how can you be so selfish?'
Hey you, quickly sign now.
'Satya, are you listening to me?'
'Hey, Satya!'
This is working.
'At that moment a strong wind blew.'
'The bad condition of the house
was forcing Veer to think.'
Hey, what is happening? This
wind... it is very strong.
Sir, you get it signed.
I will see to this.
- Hey! Hey!
- Hold it!
I'll handle it.
- Hey, hold it properly!
- Yes. I am holding it, sir.
'Satya! Satya! Satya, listen to me.'
'Satya, please listen to me.'
'Satya, please listen to me.'
Open the door, son.
Satya, don't sign on the paper!
Listen to what I have to say.
Hey, where are you going?
Hey you, open the door!
'Hey! Didn't you hear?'
'Veer changes his mind.'
'Open the door!'
[Knock on door]
- 'Open the door or else I will break it!'
- 'Satya, don't do it!'
'Won't you open?'
- 'Hey! I am breaking the door!'
- 'Satya, don't sign on the paper.'
'Come on, open the door!'
Hey! Who are you? This is my
house. I will do what I want.
'Who are you to order me? '
I was going to go away
from here but you came...
and started torturing me?
You remember, isn't it? What
happens when I get angry?
If you come again I will
kill you! Remember that!
Sir! Sir, sir, sir! Sir, sir, sir!
- They are such goons!
- I did not do it purposely!
No repairing, no sign.
Sir, sir, please, sir. Sir... sir,
I did not do it purposely.
Sir, give me another paper
I will sign right now, sir.
One last chance, sir.
This time there should
not be any mistake.
It won't happen, sir.
Which mistake was he talking about?
- Brother, listen...
- 'The enemy plans to kill Veer.'
Hey you! Go and narrate your
stories to someone else.
Why are you after me?
What sin have I committed?
Why are you troubling me?
I am an ordinary man.
Brother, I beg of you.
End this story and let me live in peace.
But they don't know that
Veer is not afraid of death.
You won't listen? You won't
listen to me, isn't it?
Just see what I do now.
The wall will break only
if I touch it, right?
I am sitting here and I
won't move from here...
so let me see how it breaks.
I will sit like this
for weeks and months.
To push the rock on Veer everyone...
When I keep quiet only
then I hear your voice.
I will not keep quiet
now. I will keep talking.
I will not listen to what you say.
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, Satya!
'Without listening to anyone Veer
is ready to face the danger.'
'You are trying to distract me
with the help of the people, right?
But I will never let this
happen! I will not listen to you.
I will keep blabbering.
Have you gone deaf?
'A huge boulder falls on Veer.
He saves himself in time.'
'Sir, it was aimed well.
Wonder how it got missed.'
Did you see the result of keeping
calm. He knows everything about us.
We should have killed him the
day he threw a slipper at me.
All the time he was looking
up. He was staring there.
And he used to do this.
Something is surely fishy.
Sir! He has come here!
Bring him in.
Just watch if you harm him in any way!
Calm down! Calm down! Calm down!
Hello, sir! I have come to
apologize and not fight, sir.
Sorry, sir.
Sir, don't trust him.
He says sorry and beats.
Sir, I have not come here to fight.
Sir, I wish to speak
to you in private, sir.
Hey, Guna! Tie his hands.
Sir, maybe you may not
believe what I say.
But a few days back I
was severely injured.
Since then I can hear a
strange voice in my ears.
He tells me a story of some Veer
and you are Lord Yam in that story.
To throw a slipper, to break a
window, not allowing me to sign...
All that was his story
which is not true.
Sir, I have not done anything.
That was a part of the story.
Do I look like a fool to you?
'Yamraj knew himself very well.'
Is he talking now?
What is he saying?
Tell me.
He is calling him a fool!
You scoundrel, how did you
dare to talk to me like this?
- Sir, sir! Calm down! Sir, calm down!
- And you made him sit here
- and you are listening to his lecture?
- Sir, calm down. Sir... sir...
He beat me with a slipper
in front of the people.
- He humiliated me.
- Sir, please calm down.
- I will not spare him alive!
- Hey!
Didn't I say keep quiet!
I will speak to him. You leave.
What else did he say?
Sir, he said that I will go against
the minister to help the people.
Okay, let's say that all
what you said is true.
But how did you kill those
who you were scared of?
No, no, I did not kill them, sir.
I was doing what he
was telling me to do.
'Yamraj removes the
sword from it's sheath.'
Listen, sir, he is now telling me
that the minister has removed...
the sword from the sheath.
'And he strikes on Veer's neck!'
He said that he will strike
on my neck so I bent, sir.
Now to the right and then
in front and then behind.
Sir, now do you believe me?
I am doing only what he is
telling me to do and nothing else.
Sir, you tell me, what will you
do if someone strikes you...
with a sword.
Sir, let me go. Please, sir.
I will not rest till I kill you!
Sir, I am too scared of violence, sir.
Sir, please let me go, sir. Please, sir.
You wait outside.
He turned out to be very clever!
Sir, he had beaten me in the same way.
Hey, has he done some black magic?
No, sir. This is something else.
Maybe he is speaking the truth.
We cannot harm such a boy.
He is not aware of his
powers. He only knows to fear.
And till he is scared of us we will
take complete advantage of him.
This boy only pretends to say, sir.
I will not say anything.
I will keep quiet.
Come on, let's go.
Sir, has the minister calmed down?
I hope he does not beat me.
There is not even a
scratch on your body.
Are you pretending to feel frightened?
Not at all, sir. I saved all
the attacks by bending down.
He says that I will sacrifice
my life for the people.
And sir, whatever he says proves true.
Only the minister can
save my life now, sir.
Everything is in his hands now, sir.
Please tell him not to
get angry. Please, sir.
If you wish to see him
calm, then do as I say.
Okay fine, sir.
I thought he would sign those papers.
How would he do that? He
is just like his father.
Mother! Brother is seen on television.
You threw a slipper on the Minister.
You even threw a window on his car.
- Any special reason to do this?
- I told you.
- What you are saying.
- My son will disclose the truth to the media.
If you have not done this then
has someone forced you to do this?
I constantly hear a story.
Story? What kind of a story?
Story of Maaveeran!
Oh! So you can hear Maaveeran's story.
But who narrates this story to you?
Sir, even I do not know that.
Many a times I tried asking...
but he never tells me anything.
Veer threw a slipper at the
minister. Veer fought with the enemy.
He keeps narrating this
to me in the story.
And who is this Veer?
Sir, it's me.
Okay, tell me one thing then.
Who is Yamraj!
Minister Jaokodi!
Exactly like a hero and villain, right?
Yes, sir.
So from childhood you had the
power to hear such stories?
No, sir. This started last week.
Tell me, how did all this start.
One day a man misbehaved with my sister.
He raised his hand on my mother also.
I was very angry.
My mother said that I am coward. And
that I only keep making my drawings.
Sir, I felt like killing that man.
After that also he threatened
to misbehave with my sister.
What will an ordinary person
do in such circumstances?
I thought my mother would
understand but my mother said...
it is better not to have a son
than have one who is coward like you.
I felt very bad about that.
Weeping I went up on the terrace.
And there I stood up on the parapet.
And I was going to jump
from there when I thought...
what will they both do without me.
When I was getting down I
suddenly slipped and fell.
I got hurt on my head when I fell.
When I was battling for life
in hospital since then...
I started hearing this story.
And since then all this started.
Oh! That means this
story saved your life.
Yes, sir.
That means the condition
of the building and you...
throwing a slipper has no connection.
Instead all this happened
because of this story, right?
Yes, sir.
Okay, did you tell the
minister about this?
Yes, sir, I told him and he accepted it.
He is very generous. He forgave me.
That means there is nothing
wrong in the building.
Am I right?
'Veer told everyone the truth.'
No, sir.
Lord knows what he does.
We should thank the Minister for
giving us nice homes to live in.
As you all heard, a slipper
was thrown on the Minister
because of this man's story.
- In the building.
- I doubted his words since day one.
We trusted him on your assurance
but you fooled everyone.
He really hit the Minister with
a slipper for some reason...
There is no water or power.
It's only our block that
doesn't have power and water.
What is this?
Why is it only our block that
doesn't have power and water?
The children have their exams
tomorrow. How will they study?
Do you think they will indulge
if you go against the Minister?
If you want revenge go for
him. Why are you bothering us?
You should have thought about that
before you went to
his house to complain.
Things will go on in this
manner as long as he is here.
I'm sure he has calmed
down by now, right?
How is that possible?
You insulted him publicly.
How can he calm down?
Sir, do whatever is possible
but please do something.
What is the matter with him?
Why isn't he answering the call?
Ishwari ma'am! Where are you?
Come out.
Come out, I say!
I told you before to stop this.
The foolhardy chap was praising
the Minister in an interview
after putting us in trouble.
I will break your jaw if you
say anything against my son.
What do you expect me to say?
The engineer is retaliating
with us for your son's deeds.
He is not to set foot over here.
I will beat him to
death if he comes here.
[Horn honking]
[dog barking]
Like a wounded lion Yamraj
was waiting for his prey.
[Music play]
Come in.
Do not listen to any story he
tells you for the next ten minutes.
Sir. I am afraid, sir.
Please get me out of here, sir.
- No need to be afraid.
- Sir. Sir.
He will only punch you a few times.
His anger has to be calmed.
Sir. Sir. Please, sir.
Sir, get me out! Sir!
Sir. Please, sir.
'Yamraj kicked him in the back.'
So...! Is he cautioning you?
Apparently your life is not dear to you.
My life is dear to me, sir.
'Veer stepped back.'
[Foot step]
Beggars! I built free homes for you...
'He punched him. He
slipped and fell.'
Did you think I would build
a 5 star hotel for you?
I should have let beggars like
you languish in the gutters of.
Get up! You people are undeserving!
'He held Yamraj's hand
and slammed it hard.'
Talk. Why aren't you
saying anything now?
Sir, have you calmed down now?
I am not calm as yet and
I will not calm down!
'Veer stopped Yamraj's
aggressive hand.'
No. I am not. I am not.
'Unafraid of death, he retaliated!'
Hit me as much as you wish, sir,
but please don't take my life, sir.
'He risked people's lives
to protect his own life.'
'In that moment Veer became a coward.'
Sir! What are you doing, sir?
Let him be!
Let him be, sir. He will die.
Sir. Sir. Come here, sir.
Please don't do this, sir.
Sir. Let him go, sir.
Let him be, sir! He will
die! Let him be, sir.
- Mom.
- Hmm.
I can't hear that voice anymore.
I won't die, mom.
We won't be any more problems.
We can survive by making
adjustments. Right, mom?
Okay, son. Okay.
[Auto rickshaw engine]
- How did you come here?
- Go. Bring some hot water for heat therapy.
Take your shirt off.
Look at how those sinners
have beaten up my son!
Do they think I am
going to spare them?
Tell me what happened, mom.
Their lives will turn into
hell even though they have you.
They will kill you if you return.
We won't go. We will
not go over there.
Who cares about that ill-fated house.
Ever since we stepped
into that ill-fated house,
nothing has gone right.
My house is where both
my children are happy.
I never listened to you till date
but I shall listen to
everything you say hereafter.
Your mom will make adjustments.
You need not fight.
They came here to live since
they were kicked out of there.
"Veera. Veera. Veera."
"Veera. Veera."
- Take care of her.
- She is my responsibility.
Bye, brother.
They are talking about
ghosts just to garner votes.
Who would believe such
garbage in this day and age?
Do you guys think we are crazy?
Please help me. My baby is with me.
We don't have place for ourselves.
How can we give you a place?
Any problem?
I cannot live in that house any longer
that's why I came to
him looking for a place.
I have to deal with one problem
or another daily over there.
How can I live like that
over there with my children
where I'm always afraid the
building might collapse.
My mom always wanted to live
in a nice house, you know?
But she is adjusting in
a shack because of me.
She has been facing problems for
years only because of us two.
You still don't understand.
A house is not important to your mom.
You are.
She wants you to pluck some courage
and ask those people some questions.
Where do I find the
courage to question them?
Even you couldn't do it.
Besides, those people are so
powerful and I am an ordinary person.
But it's ordinary people like
you who are listening to you.
Ever wondered why?
Many people made comics before
you but you were the first person
who created something about people's
struggles and fought for them.
There is rage within you.
The situation is changing
and you have passion.
You can hear the anger
that's within you.
That sound is your real strength.
Maybe that is true but I die
in the climax of that story.
Isn't that the story
of everyone's life?
What matters is what you
do before the climax.
And he can be anything, God or magic,
but you are valiant hero in his eyes.
He wants to do good for
the people through you.
So, you should do as he says.
It has stopped telling me stories.
How will I know what happens next?
Why? You write stories.
Think about it.
'People celebrated Veer's
arrival euphorically.'
'Veer gave himself a shot in
the arm to protect people.'
'He decided to expose
Yamraj's deeds.'
'He wants to win
people's trust once again
and he wants to beget justice for them.'
Brother. Wake up, brother.
He constructed this building
so he may win the elections.
There's something very wrong
with the building. Honestly.
Were you told to disturb my sleep?
Let's go, brother.
You won't mend your ways no matter
how many times your bones are broken.
Brother, you see this
crack in the building?
There are 748 cracks.
Which one are you looking for?
Have you seen any
big cracks, brother?
I have seen small cracks here and there
but no big one like you've described.
No. I'm sure there is a crack.
It should be here somewhere.
'Veer did not know the story
would end exactly where it began.'
Brother, I have done all the
patchwork mentioned in the ledger.
May I go back to bed now?
Hey! Tell me, brother.
Else you will wake me up again.
Listen to me, Satya.
We will be in trouble
if the engineer comes.
Please go away.
Why don't you listen to me?
The file that you are
looking for is not here.
Hey! Let go of me! Let go, bro.
I told you not to come here!
You won't let us live in peace.
This building is very weak, bro.
It is unsafe to live here!
Really? Didn't you think of that
when you were giving the interview?
Hey! Let go of me!
I will kill you if I
see you in the vicinity.
You can't kill us just
because we aren't from here!
- Listen to me, bro!
- Let him go, Satya.
I wish he would listen to me.
You really expect him to listen
to you after what you did to him?
- Was I wrong?
- You tell me.
Satya, the building must have
been inspected before opening.
All the errors with the building
must be listed on those documents.
I will surely kill you.
I know where the documents are.
Hey! Can't you hear me?
They will not spare you this time.
They will chop you up into tiny pieces.
These people are you calling
you crazy, aren't they?
So, leave them to their fate.
You carry on with your life.
I won't leave them to their fate.
He isn't loopy, he has lost his mind.
Hey. What are you doing?
Finish it quickly.
- Go and see what that is.
- Okay.
Get the Minister here.
Hey! Look over
there. Look. Look.
Search every corner.
- He is not over here.
- You go and check over there.
[foot step]
[dog barking]
He's over here.
You are in hot soup.
I will not spare you today!
What did you say?
You want me to slit his throat.
Attack him!
What did you say?
Break his legs.
Arms or legs? Tell me clearly.
Else the wrong bone will break.
What did you say? The
one with the weapon.
- What is your brother saying now?
- Huh?
The engineer will personally
open the door for me.
[Door open]
Where is Prabhu?
I told you to burn the
files that very day!
What is this?
You sent people to go and live
there although the building is weak?
Enough already!
Having cracks in a building
is an ordinary occurrence.
Don't people live in
weak buildings? Tell me.
You are getting a flat for
free. Take it and shut up.
He was telling me this in the
stories so I may save the people.
People will lose their lives
because of your elections.
That is what he was telling me.
Like an idiot, I was eluding
this for some reason.
The building is going to fall?
Didn't I tell you to
burn the files that day?
That is an empty folder,
sir. There's nothing in it.
So, you were making empty threats?
Go and tell everyone.
I'd like to see who believes you.
They won't pay heed to me but
they will pay heed to you.
He wants to know if
you will come willingly
or do you want to be dragged?
Hey! Go and finish him!
You guys are of absolutely no use!
What happened to your voice?
What are you waiting for?
He is playing tricks on you.
Sir, what will happen if
he is telling the truth?
Hah! He has exhausted
his pointless stories.
Nothing will fall.
What if it does happen?
The election is only one day away.
If I pay heed to him and
get the building evacuated,
my reputation will be
ruined with the media.
Then these scoundrels won't vote for me.
Let me win the elections,
then I shall consider it.
But people will die if the
building collapses before that.
Really? Then they can go to hell!
Sir, if his words are true then
you won't be able to contend
for any elections in future,
much less win this one.
We will have to forget politics
and return to our village.
Sir. Please do something for
the sake of elections, sir.
Sir. Please save those
innocent people, sir.
The building can
collapse any minute, sir.
Inform the Police and
Fire station immediately.
Get the building evacuated
within the next four hours.
Okay, sir.
I told you that is not necessary.
We shall consider it post elections.
You don't understand, sir.
This is a very serious matter.
I will handle it.
First and foremost you go and...
Don't you understand what I am saying?
Sir. I will handle it.
Hey, go there and get
the people out of there.
How many times do I have to
tell you not to do this?!
Don't you understand?
I'm trying to get it
through your thick head.
- Don't do this, brother.
- Don't call me brother!
Don't you comprehend anything?
Just do as you're told.
Stop doing foolish things as always!
Hey! What are you waiting for?
Go and get the building evacuated.
Who is the Minister here?
Bloody maniac!
Have you forgotten how you got here?
This matter should have
been resolved much earlier.
But you don't listen to anyone and
you dragged us into it like an idiot!
You need not do anything else.
Just win and swear in as the Minister.
I will handle everything.
Just follow my orders.
Hurry up and...
To hell with you, brother!
You went yakety yakety yak all the time.
You've been hearing voices
for the past two weeks, right?
I have listening to voices
for the past 22 years.
Go here. Go there. Do this.
Don't do that. Smile
here. Smile there.
Appeal to him. Appeal to
them. Be a politician.
This is right. That is wrong.
He drove me round the bend!
Oh, well. My mind
is at peace now.
I cannot hear a voice now and
you cannot hear it either.
Same pinch.
Hey! Throw him into the sea.
And what do we do with him?
Him too.
Yes, sister.
Give it to me.
Do what you want to do with me
but tell them the truth
so their lives are saved.
It doesn't matter to me
whether they live or die.
They thoroughly enjoyed
it when you attacked me.
Let them die.
Talk to me if you really
want to do good for people.
And put an end to this story.
This story ended long ago.
Nobody will come to save you.
This story hasn't ended.
He will return until the time
those people's lives are saved.
He's dead.
Hey! What are you looking at?
Turn the boat around and
throw him in the sea.
We have other things to do.
Come along.
'Veer will surely win.'
In the deep dark sea, the
anchor laid a sand trap.
Why you?
Hit him now!
I thought you won't be able to hear
anything if I covered your ears.
Don't throw me in the water
as I don't know to swim.
I cannot hear what you are saying.
I can only hear his voice.
I shall do exactly as he says.
Everybody, come out!
Come out, sister Laxmi!
Come out, uncle!
Come out, sister!
- Hurry! Come out quickly.
- Where is Satya?
The building is going to
collapse. Come out quickly!
There's no time. Hurry up
and get out of the building!
There's no time. Get out
of the building. Hurry!
Brother Shekhar!
Come out, brother!
Come on. Come on. Everybody, out!
- What's the matter?
- Everybody, come out!
Get out of the building!
The building is going
to collapse. Let's go!
Hey. What's the matter?
There's no time to explain. The
building is going to collapse.
- It is important we get everyone out! Hurry up!
- Satya.
Hurry up!
Hey! Come on. Come on.
Out! Evacuate! Hurry!
Uncle. Uncle. Come. Hurry!
Come on. Come on.
Everybody, go down.
Get away from the building!
Hey. Stop. Stop.
What is going on?
The building is going to collapse?
Who said the building is
going to collapse? Out! Out!
- Satya told us.
- Go away from the building. Out!
I told you not to come here!
Don't you understand?
This is not the time to explain.
Just take everyone out of here!
Trust me just this once.
Everybody, go far away!
The building can collapse
any minute. Go away!
Unload the lorry.
I shall rectify all the problems
here when the elections are over.
It will be done.
What is this? Why have you
come out with your belongings?
This building is going to collapse.
- What did you say?
- What do you expect us to do?
The building is going to collapse?
Who told you that?
Oh! Mahaveer.
And who told you?
Stop the charade! You know it.
You stop the charade.
You got everyone out of their
homes in the middle of the night.
How do you know this building
is on the verge of collapsing?
He is asking you. Open your mouth.
Cat got your tongue?
The voice within me.
Satya, you are talking nonsense!
Why did you have to get us out of
our homes in the middle of the night?
Tell them. This boy
has lost his mind.
You left your homes and came
out because he told you to.
Where will you go now?
This is why I was telling you.
You listened to him and came out.
Stop. Please,
brother. Listen to me.
He talks nonsense. Let's go.
Everybody, go back in the building.
Stop. Please don't
take the child inside.
I beg of you. Stop.
- Listen to me.
- Don't panic, son. Let's go up. Come.
It is on the verge of collapse.
Come on.
We will be there shortly.
Hey! What was it you said?
You are going to hit me?
Hit me. Hit me!
Hit me as much as you want,
but who will trust you?
Everyone will call you crazy.
You cannot write stories.
I am a Politician.
I shall write your story.
Can you live in this house?
There is no problem in
this building, right?
Then you shall stay the night here!
Shut his mouth.
Make sure you kill him.
Let's go!
'Veer bent and dodged the punch.'
Tell me. Will you come and stay here?
Talk! Will you stay here or not?
He waited for the enemy to come close.
Talk! Will you stay here or not?
Instantly he went from being
a brave man to a valiant man.
He sacrificed his life
to protect other people.
End of story.
Tell me.
Do you have the guts to stay here?
[Heavy breathing]
Tell me.
Will you stay here or not?
Tell me.
Hey! Give that to me.
Give that to me.
He will make your lives
miserable asking you questions.
He will make your lives
hell! Give it to me.
Give it to me.
His question is valid.
Isn't his question valid?
Why don't you stay here if there
is no problem with the building?
I am a Minister.
So what? You are a
human being, aren't you?
Stay here one day if the
building isn't going to collapse.
Come with us.
Let's see you stay here for one day.
Hey! Hey! Start the truck.
Why don't you just lay down and die?
You think I would
stay with you people?
How can you equate yourself with me?
If you mess with me I shall make all
your lives miserable along with his.
I am not going to die at your hands.
Accept what you are
getting without a fuss.
Everybody, get away! Go!
Get away!
Go far away!
- Satya!
- Where are you going, ma'am?
The building can collapse any minute!
Satya is...
Go away! Go! Hurry!
Go! Go! Hurry!
Satya! Satya!
- Satya.
- Mom.
Are you okay? I hope
you aren't hurt.
Are you okay, son?
Are you okay, mom?
- O God!
- Mom. This is nothing, mom.
Hold on.
Kilavarsi! Kilavarsi!
I can't find Kilavarsi.
Where has Kilavarsi gone? Kilavarsi!
Kilavarsi! Kilavarsi!
Mummy! Kilavarsi! My baby!
- Mummy.
- Kilavarsi!
Help me!
He staked his own life to
save other people's lives.
Satya! Satya!
Where is Kilavarsi?
Where is Kilavarsi?
Kilavarsi is there. I want to go there.
I know, bro. Go.
- I want to bring her.
- I shall bring her. Stop worrying.
I shall bring her. Go.
Help me!
Come with me.
Come. You will be okay.
Don't be afraid. Come.
Save my baby!
My baby!
Help! Help! Help me!
Help me! Help me, dad!
Dad! Help me, dad!
Dad! Help me!
Dad! Dad!
Listen. I will lower you down slowly.
Don't be afraid. Okay?
You will come, won't you?
You have to go first.
I shall follow you.
Somebody, help her! Somebody, help!
Come with me. Help me.
- Come with me! Satya!
- Help me!
Easy. Easy.
My baby.
How many floors will this building be?
- I hope you are going to make it strong.
- Yes, ma'am.
The mud here is wet.
- I hope the building will be strong.
- Yes, it will.
Tell them.
We have laid the foundation.
We will use the bars that have been
approved by the structural designer.
These bars are anti-corrosive.
Read what it says.
Darling, when I saw you I realized...
This is a song.
- It's a song?
- A part. Part of a movie.
They made a song of my life
just because I am illiterate.
"Love is crazy, darling."
I won't study even
in my next lifetime!
Have you made the blueprint?
- Have you made the blueprint?
- Yes.
Veer rescued Kilavarsi.
- His is good. Continue with this.
- Okay.
But how will this be lifted?
Tell me. How will we lift it?
'Victory to Veer!'