Maboroshi no hikari (1995) Movie Script

Ikuo, come help us
Oh, let him play
Where on earth is the landlord?
Dad'll be mad, let's go home!
Let's go home
I want to die at home...
So I'm going back to Shikoku
You can't die yet!
Anyway, you can only get to Shikoku
on the ferry, Grandma
And you don't have any money
Grandma wants to die at home
I'm going back to Shikoku
Time to come in, Takeshi
Any luck?
They just said, "Not again"
No sign of her?
So far, no calls reporting
missing grandmas
At least she can't freeze to death
We'll wait one more night
I hope she's OK...
It's hardly the first time
No big deal
But what if she never comes back?
Don't say that
It's not your fault
Someone'll bring her back,
always do... right?
- Honey...
- Yeah?
I had that dream again
I keep on having it
Wonder why
I'm not your grandma's reincarnation
Go back to sleep
Keep dreaming
Maybe she'll come back...
If only I could've kept her
from going then...
How far did you go?
The baseball stadium
Better to steal from the rich...
You really stole this?
I said I would
Maybe whoever stole yours
had been robbed, too
Yup, when robbed, rob back
Don't let this little taste
make you a real thief
You nut...
The bathhouse was so crowded
I bought you some paint
Did Yuichi cry?
Not one peep
You sure?
What were you up to?
Listening to the neighbor's radio
It's so loud
Shall I ask him to turn it down?
Don't bother
The old man's hearing's gone
We get to listen along
You haven't changed
What is?
You haven't changed at all
What's that mean?
You're the same as
when you were a kid
How the same?
I don't know,
you're just the same
You're impossible
He's enjoying himself
What's on your mind?
Tired from your walk to the stadium?
You're out of it
What's that mean?
The trucking company we use
hired a sumo wrestler
Really? A sumo wrestler?
An ex-sumo wrestler
Had to quit 'cause he was lousy
Now he's learning to drive a truck
Still hasn't cut off his topknot
A guy in his 30s,
taking orders
from 18 year-olds
I don't know why
he keeps that topknot...
Who knows...
Something about that topknot
kind of depresses me
But Iku-chan...
you don't have a topknot
And your 30s are a long way off
Got a point
Hey, a cop...
Just kidding...
Tanaka from the stadium...
Don't scare me
I'm taking this
Unusual to see you out together
We must reek
The minute you came in
Let me guess - okonomiyaki...
Got the neighbor to
look after Yuichi
You've got seaweed on your lip
Just kidding
Don't let the baby
cramp your love life
You absorbing this wisdom?
He knows
No, I had to drag him
away from work
Ambushed him?
I was watching him for a long time
and he didn't even notice
How could I know?
I would have
Seems like you're
getting along fine
Is my face weird?
What's that about?
Did someone say so?
Of course not
I was looking in the mirror
in the caf bathroom,
and my freckles started
to bother me
Looking at my freckles made me think
my whole face was weird
So that's why you were
in there so long
Remember, a long time
ago you said,
"Bet you've got a lot more
freckles waiting to sprout"
I kept staring in the mirror,
if I'd get more freckles
I really said that?
You really did
Getting tired?
Trade places?
I'm happy right here
You're back early
The weather's so unpredictable
I got you some tangerines
Just a minute
Was he a good boy?
A real good boy
Maybe he likes the hum
of the sewing machine
He's never like that with me
He takes after his father
You really think so?
Especially around the eyes
He'll be a handsome one
You think?
Yes you will, right, Yuichi?
Ono Tailoring -
Gentleman's Clothing
What are you doing here?
Just parking the bike
I was nearby
They're predicting rain
Stick around, stranger
Maybe next time
Just grabbing the umbrella
I'll walk you down
You're a nut...
But I want to
Comb your hair, it's a mess
Is your husband home?
He's not back yet
We found a man who'd
been hit by a train
It may be your husband
We found a torn envelope
stuck to his pants
It was from the Yamaoka
Dye Factory
Your husband is the only
one of their employees
we haven't
accounted for
I've brought his wife
Was this his?
Where is my husband?
You'll never recognize him
We haven't established definitively
that it is your husband
It happened in between
stations on the Hanshin Line
According to the engineer,
he was walking along the tracks,
going the same way as the train
There's a gentle curve there,
and by the time he noticed him,
it was too late
Never reacted to the whistle
or the screeching brakes,
just kept right on going...
Ono san's worried
She says you stare off into space,
while your baby howls
She's worried you might
try to kill yourself
She keeps checking on you
Leaving such a little baby...
Why did Ikuo have to die?
That's no answer
You sure there weren't any signs?
Usually, having a new baby
makes a man eager to work
But killing himself for no reason...
He left you a riddle to solve...
But then, what's the point...
You're all set
Nice and clean
Let's tuck you in while you're warm
Thank you
Pull yourself together
Yuichi can't do anything for himself
That radio sure is loud
Always like that?
He's a lonely old man
Ikuo always said it was his way
of proving he was alive
I'm going to come live
with you for a while
Takeshi thought I should, too
We can't expect Ono san
to look after you forever
Besides, you've got
to consider your future...
Why, Ono san, thank you so much
for everything you've done for us
He lives far away, but he's
a solid, decent man
I'll be praying things work out
Thank you for
bringing them together
Noto's far away, so
you won't see them often,
but Yuichi's ready for school
and he's a good boy
I'm sure he'll get along well with
his new father and sister
Thank you so much...
Let's go, now
Grandma, I got some candy
Who gave you that?
The old man next door
Wasn't that nice
Did you thank him?
Thank you
Thank you so much...
You take care, now
Good bye, Yuichi
Off you go
Yuichi, bye-bye
I'll go with you to Osaka station
We're fine
It'll only make the goodbyes
that much harder
The North-bound Express
will be arriving on platform...
I'm so sorry
I had a problem at work
I just panicked and
really messed up. I'm sorry
Thank you for coming
He's really got guts
sleeping through this
He couldn't sit still on the train...
I'm really sorry, but I have
to get right back to work
Is that so?
I'll come home as soon as I can
Take it easy today
You can meet our neighbors tomorrow
You already said that
That's the third time
I'm going to be your mother, now
It's really loud, isn't it?
It might take you a while
to get used to it
Good morning
Good morning
This is my wife, Yumiko
It's nice to meet you
She's a real beauty
I'll make it formal later
and we'll have a drink
It's a tight community so
we've got to make the rounds
The old folks get uptight
It's easy to offend them
The neighbors are near enough,
but my relatives are scattered
so it's a real chore
When we do get together
it's such a sprawling clan...
That's no fun, either
A real backwater, huh?
The sea's so powerful
Too powerful
It quiets down after
the morning market
My new wife
I knew that
I'm Yumiko
It's very nice to meet you
At her age, Tomeno san still
takes her own boat out
Why didn't you come
introduce her to me first?
I did, I did, but you were out
Remember that filthy shack
painted an awful color?
Some excuse, you came too late
You missed me
We found you here
Pure chance
We stopped in at work, first
He's so damned proud
of that new wife,
he's dragged her
all the way out here
I came all this way
so you could see her...
Show off!
Gimme a light
No use falling for me now
I'm married with children
You're so full of it
On this special occasion,
I'd like to celebrate with a song
Please clap along with me
These are ready?
Getting warm
It sure is
There's so much land
The ocean's even bigger
Let's go see what's
on the other side
I'll go first
Don't, it's dangerous
Whose boat is it?
Nobody's anymore
Then I want it
But where will you keep it?
In the closet
Guess which hand
Thank you
It's all sticky
That's the last one
What happened?
I found them wandering
around, all worn out
so I gave them a lift back
You're so kind
You picked such a lot
How many?
Let's count
When I'm in junior high,
I'm going to grow my hair
You'll be even prettier, then
I think your dad's getting
silly in the bath
Here it comes
Some salt
Time for breakfast
I'm going
Off you go
Take care
I'm beat
And here I'd imagined
relaxing on my day off...
Guess we need that air conditioner
I never thought it'd be
so hot here in the summer
Thought there'd be winter
I was so shocked
by the cold at first
Bet you were sorry
"I screwed up, coming to
this god-forsaken place," no?
You nut
When I first came back from Osaka,
it was really tough
Couldn't believe I'd been born
and raised here
I'd sworn never to come back
when I left after junior high
Enough, move over
It's hot
Besides, you're heavy
When you're done,
I'm heavy, huh?
The kids'll be back
I'll keep an eye out from here
Don't worry
Spare me
Spare me, please
Spare me...
Spare me...
It's been six months already
Tamio wanted to come, too,
but he's afraid to leave
his father alone
Of course he can't
But I'm so happy you
brought Tomoko with you
Takeshi must be doing well
Renting this big apartment
He married a piano teacher,
who's got 30 students
She makes more than he does
A dependable wife
imagine children playing
lousy piano all day long
You'd go out of your mind
And this?
This is family, it's different
How are things?
Thanks to your excellent
Oh, don't exaggerate,
but I really was hoping
it would work out
Now and then my husband asks
how you're getting along
How's Yuichi doing?
That's wonderful
What a shock
Thought I'd come back?
I'm here for my brother's wedding
Mom's looking after the kids
I'm just wandering
Man, what a surprise
You been well?
That day...
What time was it?
He popped in for
a cup of coffee and left
What day?
The day...
he died
He stopped in after work,
on his way home
He seemed his usual self,
so I was shocked
when I heard the next day
He just sat there grinning
at my usual jokes
So he got this far home, then...
Said he'd forgotten his wallet,
that he'd hurry home and get it
I said, "No rush, anytime"
He said, "Thanks then, I'II owe you
'til tomorrow," and went out smiling
Thinking about it,
it seems like a dream
You still haven't changed?
Hurry up and take a bath,
before the water cools
Yuichi and Tomoko
went right to sleep
How was your Mom?
I really should go see her again
I'm going out for crabs
You want any?
You sure three will do?
What are you staring at?
What's wrong?
Close the window, will you?
We'll get icicles in here
A little homesick?
You're not yourself these days
Do you want to go back to Osaka?
No, I don't
I just had a dream...
It woke me up
Guess what I noticed
the other day?
You've got spots here
No, I don't have spots there
I'm serious
Didn't you know?
Not a clue
They're not spots,
they're freckles
How are they different?
They just are
Tomeno san took her boat out?
I'll check with the fishermen
She'll be fine
She's indestructible
She'll swim back if she has to
Nobody knows the sea
better than she does
She never gets it wrong
I swear she'll be back
Survived, did you?
She's back!
So you're OK?
We were so worried
Mind your own business
She was on the
verge of tears
Just as I promised
Sorry I worried you
You made it back?
That's right
What happened?
We were worried sick
I swam all the way back
Don't trouble yourself
She's indestructible
Can I look at the bicycles?
Sure, but don't go far
Out shopping?
Your first husband's boy...
How old was he?
When his father died?
He was 3 months old
Then he doesn't
remember a thing
Maybe that's for the best
It probably is for the best
Still up?
What are you doing up?
Waiting for you
Did you drive home?
What else?
Too far to walk...
You shouldn't drive so drunk
Want some water?
Call me when you're
going to be late
I worry about you
What's that?
What did you just hide?
I didn't hide anything
It's just an old bicycle key
I wanted to take off the bell...
You're a liar
You once told me,
you had to come back here
because of your father
That's right
Tomeno san had a different story
You came back from Osaka
to marry your old sweetheart
You were crazy about her
How could you marry me
after losing someone that special?
How could you?
What the...
You're a liar
A liar...
There, there
Let's talk about it tomorrow
It's a scary conversation
Save it for tomorrow!
What's wrong?
Your silence spooks me
Do you hate it here?
What are you up to?
Baseball's no fun alone
It's not so bad
Where's your mother?
You came out here alone?
I just...
I just don't understand...
Why he killed himself...
Why he was walking
along the tracks...
Once I start thinking about it...
I can't stop
Why... do you think he did it?
He said the sea calls you
Dad used to go out to sea
He says when he was out alone,
he used to see a beautiful light,
shimmering in the distance,
calling him
I think it can happen to anyone
What fine weather we're having
A wonderful season, indeed
Linda Hoaglund
with Judith Aley