Machine (2017) Movie Script

'North India'
Thank you.
You have no idea,
you are doing us a great favour
by giving us this
donation every year.
Please don't consider
it to be a favour.
All I've done is
give you some money,
you have dedicated your
entire life to this cause.
I'll fulfil your dream of setting
up a hospital very soon.
God bless you, my child.
'St. Jacob's convent
school & orphanage'
Please, stop!
Stop the car.
There's oil on the road!
Stop the car.
You fall in love in two minutes.
And you cheat on the guy
in the next two minutes.
Then you come here
to commit suicide.
You do come here, but you can't
go through with the suicide,
as you are afraid of heights.
When the sun sets,
the fear of wild animals
makes you ask for a lift.
Stop! Please stop!
- Hello!
Are you done?
I didn't come here
to commit suicide.
And I've not fallen in love either.
My name is Sarah Thapar.
I'm a student at Wood Stock
and I come here quite often.
There was oil on the road.
My car went into a skid.
It could have been dangerous.
I tried to stop you because I
didn't want your car to skid. Okay?
Anyway, I need a lift.
And I'll be driving.
You must be wondering
why I decided to drive.
You think it's wise
to go so fast on a hilly road?
You know what could
have happened?
One wrong turn and...
By the way, it's a nice car.
I love vintage cars.
I'm obsessed with them.
Have you ever seen a 1965 Jaguar?
That's my favourite car.
'I've seen many girls,'
'but I don't recall any of them.'
'I don't know why I feel as though
I'll never forget this face.'
'These eyes
which are looking at me,'
'they don't seem to blink.'
'These long tresses which
flow without a care...'
'And the contours of those lips'
'are just like the racing tracks'
'I often dream of.'
Anyway, you owe me one.
Why are you looking at me
like that? I saved your life.
Thanks for the lift.
You have a nice car.
It's not as good as your driving.
I didn't even notice
that we've reached!
That was just usual driving.
If you wish to see the racer in me,
then come to the race track
on Sunday.
There's going to be car race
and I'm sure to win.
I think I've an extra pass.
What's up, people?
Welcome back. As you can see,
this is Lucky at the racing pit,
waiting for all these amazing cars
to take off.
And Sid is with us.
Sid, hop in, buddy.
Sid, give me some tips.
Put all your bets on Vicky,
he's going to win.
- Hi. I'm Ayesha.
If you want some
extra pocket money for this month,
then put your bets on Sarah,
not Vicky.
She's the best.
And she's going to win.
Check the brakes.
- Sure.
I knew you would come.
I know who you are!
Aditya, Please!
You look good in a racing dress.
Thank you.
Show me your hand.
It will ensure my victory, right?
I don't believe in
winning or losing.
This is to protect you.
You need it more than me.
Nothing should happen to you.
You are my best friend.
- Hi.
How are you?
- Hi.
I'm sure you'll win.
I'm so happy for you.
All the best, Sarah.
- 'Ladies and gentlemen,'
'it's time
for the opening ceremony.'
The race is starting. Let's hurry.
- Thank you.
- Okay. All the best, Sarah.
Were you going to take part in
this race before you met me,
or have you decided on it
after you met me?
Before I met you.
By the way, I'm Ransh.
I've just joined college,
Wood Stock.
That too was before I met you.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
It's an honour
to organize this event.
May I now invite on stage,
the vice president of Brick
Real Estate Group of Companies,
Sarina Alter.
Hello, guys and welcome to the
Brick motor's ninth installation
of the international burnout race.
The first three finishers
in today's race
will compete with all
previous winners
in the tenth and final race.
And that will be the ultimate race.
And whoever wins it,
will be the ultimate racer.
Now I would like to invite
a man I'm very proud to call
my mentor, my friend,
and my father.
Mr Kris Alter.
My darling!
Hey, guys!
I won't waste your time.
My dad used to say,
there are two important days in
every individual's life.
The first is the day he is born,
and the second is the day
he comes to know
why he was born.
I'm born for this.
Until my last breath,
I'll sponsor this event.
And donate to charity.
Are the racers ready?
'The stalls are full, but there
are still people coming in.'
Come on, Sarah.
'That's the stunning Sarah Thapar
in the white car.'
'A beauty who that looks
quite impressive on the track.'
'In the red car is Ransh who is'
'competing in his
first burnout race.'
'It'll be interesting to see
what he has in store.'
'Ladies and gentlemen as you can
see, the racers are gearing up'
'And here comes Vicky Singh'
'in his beautiful
green and yellow car.'
All the best, Sarah.
- You too, Vicky.
'Come on, Sarah.'
Come on.
There's the car.
Come on, Sarah!
Come on.
Come on...
Come on.
Oh, no!
I didn't intend
to break your heart.
I'd still say that you
are the best racer.
Believe me, the day
you'll come to know me well,
you won't regret losing this race.
See you at the party.
I'm over here.
God! You scared me.
- Thank you.
So what is it
after knowing which,
I won't regret losing the race?
Do you wish to know me so quickly?
Alright, but...
That was amazing!
How did you do that?
I got to know your secret.
You have to come a little closer
to know the secret.
A bit more.
Just a bit more.
The secret...
What's your secret?
I never put my foot on the brakes.
Because I'm not afraid of death.
I've got nothing to lose.
I have nothing to lose.
That's my secret.
Hi, Sarah.
- How are you?
Mr Ransh.
- Hi.
I had an opportunity
to impress Sarah,
but you took that away from me.
It won't happen next time.
- Alright!
What's up?
- Hello, guys!
Hey, guys.
- Hello, Sarah.
Hi, how are you?
- I'm good.
That's Aditya. He's my best friend.
That's Ayesha, Lucky, Sid.
And this is Ransh.
Okay, guys. We've talked enough.
My throat is parched.
It's time for some drinks.
Come on, you better have some.
- Actually, I don't...
Come on. Let's have it together.
- Okay.
- Cheers.
"This will make your body shake."
"An intelligent woman
on every Saturday..."
"Touches the strings of my heart."
"She's very intelligent
and she gives a smile."
"Makes us wait in a queue."
"She raises the temperature
with her dance."
"Her hair flies in all direction."
"She calls me
with her naughty eyes!"
"I can't control anymore."
"And the DJ rocks on!"
"Please stop. Stop!"
"I know all you cunning moves."
"You are a cute player."
"You give me the signs
to come closer to you."
"Your eyes are very attractive."
"You are blaming
an innocent woman."
"You are the one
who has fallen for my eyes."
"It's like calling a cop a thief."
"And the DJ rocks on!"
"And the DJ rocks on!"
"The roof is on fire.
You are everyone's desire."
"Because of you, they have all
become lovers and poets."
"My baby doll.
You bounce like a ball!"
"You walk as if you were a bullet."
"What a beautiful body you have."
"Give me a tight hug
and let's enjoy."
"When I look at you,
the wedding bells ring."
"You have stolen my heart."
"If I listen to you,
I'll be mesmerized."
"You take my breath away."
"The dance floor is slippery.
Place your steps carefully."
"Watch left and right,
and start dancing"
"like a peacock in the forest."
"And the DJ rocks on!"
"And the DJ rocks on!"
"And the DJ rocks on!"
How dare you hit me?
- How dare you touch Sarah?
Aditya, let him go.
- How dare you...
What are you guys doing?
If you do that again,
I'll kill you.
Hitting me was a big mistake.
I'll have my revenge later.
- Vicky, let it go.
Let's go.
- Let it go.
I won't spare you.
Guys, come in for a selfie.
Aditya, I can't see you
on the screen.
Happy friendship day.
Show me. I love this one.
- What's happening?
All good.
- Really? Show it to me.
All is well.
- Sarah.
I made a mistake.
I'm sorry. I was drunk.
I don't want to lose you.
Sarah, please forgive me.
Come on, Sarah. Forgive him.
After all,
today is friendship day.
Tell her, guys.
Sarah, let it go.
Come on, forgive him.
It's okay.
- Great.
Thank you.
- Okay.
On this friendship day,
all our friends are here.
Let see, who knows the most
about his best friend.
Let's start with Sid.
Tell us something about Vicky,
that we don't know.
Vicky likes Sarah.
Forget it!
Lucky, tell us something
about Aditya.
Aditya is very possessive
about his friends.
tell us something about Sarah,
that we don't know.
Okay, let me tell you
what kind of a guy Sarah likes.
Someone who is
totally different.
He should be full of surprises.
No one should able to guess
what's he going to do
the next moment.
Someone who can sacrifice
his life for Sarah,
and can even take
someone's life for her.
Believe me. That's what
Sarah told me. Ask her.
Yes, it's true.
- Yes!
He should be different,
full of surprises.
No one should able to guess what
he might do the next moment.
One who can lay down his life
or kill someone for Sarah.
That must be Lucky.
- I meant to say...
Whoever gets a girl like Sarah,
would be very lucky.
Now it's Ransh's turn.
You don't have
a best friend here.
Then why don't you tell us
something about yourself.
I'm new over here.
Nobody knows me.
But I promise that in a few days
the whole college would know me.
That's unrealistic.
- It seems unrealistic.
But I mean it.
I mean, I'll win over
everyone's heart.
'I'm passionate about you.'
'I'm restless. Help me.'
'I'm passionate about you.'
'I'm restless. Help me.'
Stop it, Ayesha!
Since when have you started
writing poetry?
It doesn't suit you. Looks like
you've copied it from somewhere.
As if I've written it!
It was sent to Sarah,
that too with a gift.
And the sender's name
is not mentioned.
Mystery guy!
Sarah, who do you think it is?
I don't have a clue.
But from his poetry, I can guess
that he's different from others.
But who could it be?
Sarah is so special.
It's normal for her to receive
gifts and poetry.
This is sure to happen.
Some will have a broken heart
and some others, broken limbs.
And some may even
lose their life.
Anyway let's rush. If
we are late for Ms Puri's class
we will be dead for sure.
- Yes, let's go.
"I'm passionate..."
"I'm passionate"
"about you."
"I'm restless."
"Help me."
"Look at the state I'm in."
"I have lost"
"my senses."
'I'm passionate about you.'
'I'm restless. Help me.'
'Look at the state I'm in.'
I have lost my senses.'
Beautiful lines!
It's rare to find such a lover,
or such poetry.
So tell me...
Who has written these lines?
I know very well
that he's in this class.
I have gathered
you all here today
to inform you that,
just like every year,
I'll be conducting
a musical play.
And I want all my students
to participate in this play.
The play that I'm talking about
is Romeo and Juliet.
When Romeo and Juliet
saw each other
for the first time,
they fell in love instantly.
It wasn't easy for them.
As both their families
were sworn enemies.
As I know all of you,
I've already done the casting.
Sarah will be Juliet.
- Wow!
And most importantly,
you must all remember
that this is a musical play.
There are no dialogues.
So your expressions,
body posture, is very important.
Now, can anyone guess, who's
going to be Juliet's Romeo?
Any guesses?
It's Aditya.
Ma'am, I'd like to play Romeo.
Please, ma'am.
- Vicky...
Aditya is selected
for the role of Romeo.
But ma'am, give me a chance.
It's decided.
Okay, ma'am.
Thank you.
Now, girls and boys,
let's go to page 55,
which is the final
Act of the play.
I call that Act,
the 'Heaven Act'.
As you all know,
the end of Romeo and Juliet,
is very tragic.
They loved each other
but could never unite.
And I feel that
true love can never wither.
Even after death.
That's why I've
added this 'Heaven Act'.
- Yes, ma'am?
At the end of 'Heaven Act', when
Aditya and Sarah come closer,
and stand motionless
in a certain position,
you've to pull the curtain down.
Sure, ma'am.
Okay, thank you, everybody.
It's a wrap for today.
Thank you.
- Bye.
This is going to be so much fun.
'I know you love surprises.
I'll be honoured if you come'
'to the balcony. I've something
waiting for you.'
'Dear Sarah,'
'You are the most beautiful girl
in this world.'
'You have no idea
how beautiful you are.'
'You always wet your lips'
'before you start talking.'
'And your lovely eyes'
'which have never shed a tear.'
'And they don't blink
when you say goodbye.'
'You love surprises, don't you?'
'I'll keep sending
you surprises.'
'What's going to happen
the next moment,'
'you'll never guess.'
'That's my promise.'
'Lovelock Bridge.'
'Where two lovers,'
'put a lock on the bridge,
to be together, forever.'
'And throw away
the key to the lock.'
'into the river.'
'So that no one can
separate them.'
'No one can break their love.'
'Sarah, I know that first love
invariably makes on suffer.'
'Because first love
burns the brightest.'
'And yes, I'm writing
this letter with my blood'
'because it's only blood
that remains forever.'
'I'll see you tomorrow morning'
'at the Lovelock Bridge.'
I know who you are.
And yes I know
that first love
burns the brightest.
I'll be there tomorrow.
I'll definitely be there.
"I'm passionate about you."
"I'm restless. Help me."
'Look at the state I'm in.'
"I have lost my senses."
"Life has become so difficult."
"I want to ask you a question."
"You must tell me."
"What name shall I give
to our love?"
"You... If this is not love
then what is it?"
"You... Tell me how you
relieve me of my pain."
"Let me read your heart."
"It says that"
"your heart belongs to me."
"Whatever you think..."
"Let me feel it."
"As if there's no difference
between us."
"In my heart, I felt a fear."
"There shouldn't be anyone
who loves you more than I do."
"No one must take away
the love of my life from me."
"I'm restless. Help me."
"It's tough to live now."
"I want to ask you a question."
"You must tell me. What name
shall I give to our love?"
"If this is not love
then what is it?"
"You... Tell me how you
relieve me of my pain."
"You are the reason..."
"For me to live."
"You are the peace..."
"For my restless heart."
"Why then"
"do I feel a little pain."
"Why am I worried
when you are mine?"
"You must ease
my restless heart."
"Tell me how can I live
without you."
"I can't take a single breath
without you."
"I'm restless. Help me."
"Life has become difficult."
"I want to ask you a question."
"You must tell me."
"What name shall I give
to our love?"
"You... Tell me how you
relieve me of my pain."
Sarah, are you sure
you want to meet him?
You have never seen him.
You know nothing about him.
I feel as though he knows
me better than I know myself.
Ayesha, he knows everything
about me.
It's true after all,
love is blind.
Oh my God!
Sarah, look at him.
Sarah, take a look.
Look who it is!
'Aditya and Sarah'
Sarah, I love you.
Aditya, I really care about you.
You are my best friend.
But... I can't lie to you.
'Aditya and Sarah'
I don't love you.
I love someone else.
'Aditya and Sarah.'
The driver of the car Aditya
had an accident with has died.
Can someone identify the body?
Show them the face.
- Yes, sir.
Yes, sir! This is Vicky,
a student at my college.
Vicky Singh.
- Okay.
'Few days later'
Hey, Juliet.
I noticed that you were not there
for the final rehearsal.
You were somewhere else.
I'm sad too.
But Ms Puri has dedicated
the play to Aditya.
It's our duty
to do the play
with honesty and sincerity.
The show must go on.
You see, after the show is over,
everyone will go back home.
You'll go back home.
You'll feel better.
All will be well, Sarah.
'Romeo and Juliet.'
- Hey!
My baby!
- I was sure you'll come.
How can I not come?
You know very well,
I think about you all the time.
If you are not there,
then my life is worthless.
Dad, I missed you so much.
- I missed you too.
All the best.
- Thank you.
- I really hope to make you proud.
You will.
"Since the first time we met,"
"why do I believe,"
"my heart"
"and your heart,"
"always had some connection."
"Me finding you"
"and you finding me"
"is a part of God's plan."
"You are mine, only mine."
"Only mine."
"To stay away from you,
even for a moment,"
"is unbearable."
"I might be breathing,"
"but I won't be able to live."
"Making me a part of you and making
you a part of me"
"is a part of God's plan."
"You are mine, only mine."
"Only mine."
"You are mine, only mine."
"Only mine."
"If love is pure and true,"
"then there will be
a lot of obstacles."
"But I believed"
"one day we'll be together."
"Both of us finding
each other in paradise"
"is a part of God's plan."
"You are mine, only mine."
"Only mine."
I want to take you
somewhere far away.
To a house,
where there are
no windows or walls,
not even a door.
Where no one can see us.
There's only you...
And me.
Ma'am, that's not a dialogue
from the play!
My God.
I'm sorry, Sarah.
I strayed from the script.
I had a dream since my childhood.
That one day, in a white car,
a prince will come for me.
He'll propose to me.
He'll say 'Will you marry me,
my princess?'
His face wasn't clear then,
but it is now.
It's you, Ransh.
Will you marry me, my princess?
First promise me
that you'll take me to the place,
to the house,
where there are no windows,
no walls,
not even a door.
No one can see us.
There's only you and me.
I promise you.
Now will you marry me, my princess?
Not without my ring!
How much do you love me?
I don't know about love,
but I know for sure
that I want to spend
the rest of my life with you.
I want it to happen right now.
I fell in love with you
at first sight.
Maybe it was even before that.
You know, whenever someone
looks into my eyes,
I don't like it.
But I like it when you look
into my eyes.
I'll smudge your lipstick,
but never your eyeliner.
That was a bit
over the top, wasn't it?
But I mean it.
I want to marry you.
I want to meet your dad.
You have a great sense of humour.
Do you see that land?
- Yes, sir.
It belongs to us.
Look over there.
As far as your eyes can see,
all the properties belong to us.
Today they must cost more than
ten to fifteen billion rupees.
Sir, I'm not here to check out the
price of real estate in Himachal.
And I'm not here for
a business deal either.
I'm here to seek your
daughter's hand in marriage.
I love her a lot.
I want to marry her.
I'll keep her very happy.
I promise you.
You have messed it up completely!
I like your attitude, my boy!
Come, give me a hug.
God bless you.
Ransh, this is advocate Kapoor.
He takes care of all
the legal matters of our estate.
He's like a family member.
Seek his blessings.
- Yes, sir.
God bless you.
That's Maya.
She's has been like a mom
to Sarah.
She's my mom!
God bless you.
Alright, it's time for a
family photograph. Come now.
Come everybody.
Oh my God!
This is my favourite car!
It's for you, my child.
Dad, I love you so much.
You're welcome. I love you too.
I've never let her
shed a single tear.
My dear angel,
how am I going to live without you.
I'll never leave you.
My child...
Every daughter,
has to leave her house some day.
I didn't know,
it'll happen to me so soon.
- I'm going to miss you so much.
Me too.
You'll take care of her, won't you?
- Absolutely.
So what are you waiting for?
Come, give me a hug.
All the best.
"I'll love you so much,"
"that you can't imagine."
"I'll cross every limit,"
"that you can't imagine."
"We'll talk to each other."
"There will be nights
soaked in rain."
"We'll meet just like this."
"Let's be so close."
"That there's
no distance between us."
"I just lost my heart to you."
"I'll love you so much,"
"that you can't imagine."
"I just want to be with you"
"until the end of this world,
until the end of this life."
"I'll be with you."
"I feel your absence"
"when you are not with me."
"I want to always"
"talk about you."
"I just want you.
I'll hide you from the world"
"I'll tell you everything."
"Let's be so close."
"That there's
no distance between us."
"I'll love you so much,"
"that you can't imagine."
"I'll cross every limit,"
"that you can't imagine."
Where did he go?
Love is such a weird feeling.
When I drive at 200 km per hour,
my heart beats are normal.
But when I didn't see you
for just two minutes,
my heart began to beat wildly.
I can't live without you
even for a moment.
I love you, Ransh.
I love you too, Sarah.
'Ransh and Sarah.'
Our names are written on it.
It's for the sake of our love.
I want to throw this key
so far away
that no one will every find it.
Sarah, I love you!
'Ransh and Sarah.'
When I opened my eyes,
I saw that Sarah
wasn't in the bed.
She wasn't there
in the other rooms either.
Suddenly, I noticed her
near the cliff.
She seemed happy.
I said to her,
'When I drive at
200 km per hour,'
'my heart beats are normal.'
'But when I didn't see you
for just two minutes,'
'my heart began to beat wildly.'
Then she showed me a lock.
She had written our names on it.
We put that lock over there,
near the cliff.
Then she went
near the cliff with the key.
She wanted to throw the key
so far away
that no one could every find it.
From the cliff,
she looked back at me.
And said, 'Ransh I love you.'
'I love you, Ransh.'
And suddenly...
She slipped and...
She fell off the cliff.
Please increase the number
of people on your search team.
Do whatever is needed,
but please find Sarah.
Look here, Mr Kapoor.
First of all it's impossible
to survive such a fall.
And, I don't want to
give you false hope.
In these circumstances, it's
very difficult to find the body.
'A month later'
'Military camp (North India)'
Doctor, she is conscious.
Come quickly. - Okay.
Relax. Don't try to get up.
I'm Doctor Sanjiv.
You are at an army medical base.
You have been here for
one month now.
You had a lot of injuries.
But they have healed now.
Don't be anxious.
God bless you.
- Yes, sir.
Continue with the medicines
I've prescribed.
If you need me for anything,
call me immediately.
Okay, sir.
'Sarah, I love you.'
These photographs...
Who put them up?
Come with me. I'll tell you.
That's the man who saved your life.
I'm Raj. Aditya's brother.
When I was on duty in Assam,
I received a call and was told that
Aditya had met with an accident.
I went there immediately.
Over there I came to know
that the day Aditya
went to Lovelock bridge
to propose to you,
a guy named Vicky ran him over
with his car.
And Vicky died as well.
Aditya was very dear to me.
He was the only family I had.
I keep watching his videos
to soothe my pain.
These videos were taken
by his friend Lucky.
Aditya had told me once
that he had a brother.
But he never told me
that both of you looked alike.
Aditya had given this to me,
for my safety.
Our mom had given it
to both of us, for our safety.
Take a good look at this video.
Yes, it was Ransh.
I'm sure he rendered
Vicky unconscious.
Because Ransh is in
the driving seat, not Vicky.
Why didn't you show this video
to the police?
Because I'm a Commando.
We don't believe in investigation,
but in results.
I want to kill him,
with my bare hands.
He got rid of them
just to get to you.
But I loved him!
Why did he need to commit
all these crimes?
I've come here to find the answer
to that question and to meet you.
But it was already too late.
You were married to Ransh and both
of you had left for your honeymoon.
When I got there...
I could have caught
Ransh right there.
But saving your life
was more important
than killing him.
After that, I tried to trace Ransh.
But he had disappeared.
My child!
The police made several attempts
to find you.
But you were nowhere to be found!
And your dad...
For several days,
he didn't even speak to anybody.
He was in shock.
Then one fine day he told me
that he was going to
Rishikesh for a few days.
He thought he might find some peace
by staying near the river Ganges.
But if he sees you,
his joy will know no bounds.
And Ransh...
He was quite disturbed too.
He wouldn't be disturbed.
He's the one who tried to kill me.
'Batumi (Georgia)'
"This is the kind of love story,"
"either you stay out of it,"
"or you go in all the way."
"The brakes have failed!"
"People say that I shouldn't
love you so much."
"They have decided the limits,
but I have crossed them all."
"When you are with me,
I don't need the world."
"Hold my hand
and I'll declare my love.
"I will give you all my love."
"I will express my love for you."
"I will give you all my love."
"The world will remember
our love story."
"I am unstoppable now."
"Stop me if you can."
"The world will remember"
"our love story."
"I am unstoppable now."
"Stop me if you can."
"She is unstoppable."
"She is unstoppable."
"I am a bit crazy."
"I unaware of what the world says."
"I am a riddle and a story."
"But I am also the queen
of your dreams."
"Wherever I go, I find you.
The lover's passion is you."
"You are the star of the party."
"You are the queen of my heart."
"You are the sign of my love."
"The world will remember"
"our love story."
"I am unstoppable now."
"Stop me if you can."
"Love me, accept it openly."
"Forget the world,
come and fall in love with me."
"There will be romantic songs,
and we'll walk hand in hand."
"I care not about the world,
when I'm with you."
"I'd make such a world,"
"where I'd take you away."
"I'd love you beyond all limits."
"Come, let me take you
to paradise."
"Wherever you go, you fine me."
"I am the star of the party."
"I am the queen of hearts."
"I am the sign of your love."
"The world will remember
our love story."
"I am unstoppable now."
"Stop me if you can."
"She is unstoppable."
"She is unstoppable."
"She is unstoppable."
I can't believe you came
all the way from India,
only for me.
I'm so excited.
We're going to have so much fun!
I'll show you around.
Everything is going to be amazing.
I'm excited to see your
performance in the tenth race.
I know you're going to rock it.
How much do you love me?
I don't know about love.
But I know for sure
that I want to spend
the rest of my life with you.
I want it to happen right now.
I fell in love with you
at first sight.
Maybe it was even before that.
You know, whenever someone
looks into my eyes,
I don't like it.
But I like it when you look
into my eyes.
I'll smudge your lipstick,
but never your eyeliner.
That was a bit
over the top, wasn't it? - Yes.
I want to marry you soon.
I want to meet your dad.
Oh my God!
I love you.
I love you.
Sir, your favourite champagne.
- Thank you, Lisa.
She's fantastic.
She does everything for me.
Thank you.
- Come, my boy.
Do you see that land?
I own all that land.
Look over there.
That's my dream house.
It's close to the race course.
After the final race,
the after party will be held there.
And that one.
That's my pet project.
You know, houses are getting bigger
but families are getting smaller.
Everyone has become materialistic.
One can ask a racer.
When you are racing at great speed,
everything around you looks hazy.
Am I right, Ransh?
- You are right, sir.
You can see everything clearly
once you slow down.
You feel calm and relaxed
where there's peace.
That's what my project
is all about. Have a look.
There's no one around for miles.
You are all by yourself.
And you have the ocean
in front of you.
Sir, you can sell anything
in this world.
You have a vision, my boy!
Thank you, sir.
- Excuse me, sir.
The clients are waiting for you.
Excuse me.
How did you find my dad?
He's nice. I hope he liked me too.
Of course!
I can't wait any longer.
Will you marry me?
- Yes.
'I'll smudge your lipstick, '
'but never your eyeliner.'
'Serina Alter.'
'Hello guys and
welcome to the Brick Motors"
'ninth installation...'
Who is that on the left?
That's advocate Kapoor.
He's a family friend.
'I mean, in the final race,'
'they will compete with all
previous winners.'
'And that will be
the ultimate race.'
'And whoever wins it,
will be the ultimate racer.
What's the matter?
- I know where Ransh is.
He's in Georgia.
He'll definitely come for
the burnout racing finals.
Ransh, why have you called me here?
We could have spoken at home!
'Keep it a secret,
don't tell anyone.'
I hope you're marrying my daughter.
Of course, I'm marrying
your daughter, Mr Kriss.
- You do a lot of charity.
That's what the top magazines say,
not me.
Of course.
You must always do charity, my boy.
My dad used to say,
you'll not be remembered
for what you take from the world,
you'll be remembered for what
you give to the world.
Mr Bob Alter was a great man.
May his soul rest in peace.
- Cheers!
I don't want to waste your time.
Let me get to the point right away.
I was thinking,
that I'll work for you
with honesty and sincerity.
And one day, you'll hand over
all your wealth to me.
But I don't have time, dad.
Time is flying, you know!
Before coming close to Serina,
I did some research on you.
I came to know that you
don't like doing charity.
But you have no choice.
Before Mr Bob Alter's death,
he had made it very clear
in his will
that 50 percent of his wealth
will go to charity.
Because he knew
that his son will blow away
all the money.
You got your hands on the will
after his death.
That's why
you couldn't do anything.
But I won't let that happen
with me.
You know I've a vision.
I am farsighted.
From my point of view,
you're an obstacle in my path.
The view of the ocean
could be much better
if you're not in the picture.
You know what?
You are like a photo frame
which sits on a piano,
which even the piano player
doesn't notice.
But don't worry about it.
As Serina is like a piano.
And I'll play her like a piano.
I mean...
I'll take care of her.
Anyway, let me tell you
two interesting points.
First, people who are worth
more than ten billion rupees,
are a little dishonest.
And the second,
people who are worth
more than fifty billion
are absolutely corrupt.
And, Mr Kriss,
you fall in both categories.
- What kind of joke is this?
What are you trying to say?
Come to the point.
Your personal secretary, Ms Liza,
she's very pretty and intelligent.
But she's also a bit of a coward.
After looking at someone's phone
for 5 minutes,
one gets to know everything
about them.
This will be the last message
of your life.
Sorry. Dear...
Dear Kriss,
I am going to commit suicide.
I don't want to live anymore.
No! Don't do that.
I will tell you everything.
Mr Kriss is a scoundrel.
He is compelled to do charity
as it is written in his will.
All his documents are in the locker
number 528.
The password is Lizaforyou.
Whatever he told me to date,
he hasn't done it.
He has only used me.
Please let me go.
I will do exactly what you
ask me to.
Please don't kill me.
Very good.
I gave Liza the
entire life's salary.
Now she works for me.
Mr Kriss...
I don't want you to do to me
what your dad did to you.
You have bequeathed 90 percent
of your wealth to Serina,
and her husband would only inherit
ten percent of your wealth.
Well, I've changed that
just a little bit.
Now, you have bequeathed 90 percent
of your wealth to me.
And you have given your daughter
only ten percent.
Sir, you'll be praised
by one and all.
You'll be on the front page of a
magazine rather than the last page.
You must be wondering
how am I so confident
that you'll sign this will.
Let me tell you, Mr Kriss,
everybody is afraid of
one thing in this world.
And that is death.
If the tie tears,
your time will be over.
If you sign the will before
your tie tears,
I will save you.
I promise.
Let me tell you.
It will all in just 30 seconds.
Because nobody knows about time
and speed better than a racer.
I'll save you. I promise you that.
But I never said for how long.
Serina, dad has met
with an accident!
He was drunk
and he fell off the building.
While trying to save him,
I also fell along with him.
I am badly injured. I'm near
the Sea side Tower.
He's losing a lot of blood. Please
come here with an ambulance.
I'm waiting. Please.
Please, hurry up. Okay.
'Kriss Alter'
Come now.
You'll be fine.
Mr Ransh.
What he means is that
you've to come to
the police station.
I'm his interpreter,
Darpan Gopal.
How did you kill Mr Kriss?
Sir, I didn't kill him.
So, did I kill him?
Tell me, how did you push him?
I didn't push him.
He was very drunk
and he sat on a chair.
And the chair went
off the window.
I tried to save him,
but I too fell along with him.
you weren't below him.
I don't know where you would have
been then. He would have been here
instead of you, and I'd be
asking these questions to him.
tell me, why did he have to
sit on that particular chair?
No one can tell where a drunkard
is likely to sit.
Well, when you
have a bad stomach,
you know where to sit.
Whereas a drunkard will sit
just about anywhere.
I accept that
he sat on a rolling chair.
But how did it roll so fast
that it broke the window pane?
Do you know what happened
when the pane broke?
Mr Kriss fell of the building!
- No!
The prices of the all the
buildings in that area crashed!
Do you know what
people are saying?
If the window panes
are that weak, all the wives
would just throw their
husbands out of the window!
That chair is in great demand!
I get phone calls for it!
'I want that chair.'
Sir, are you making fun of me?
So what were you doing until now?
- I am telling the truth.
You are lying.
You are telling a lie.
This is the tie.
How did it tear?
- It might have been a cheap one.
Mr Kriss never
wore cheap clothes.
He was an aristocrat.
Although, even he didn't
know his lineage.
Sir, you are making fun
of my late father-in-law!
I'm making fun of your
late father-in-law, but he died
because of you.
And you're still alive.
You fell along with your
future father-in-law,
and you called his daughter when
you fell! When did you call her?
While Kriss was taking off
from the window?
Or while he was in mid air?
Or when he crash landed?
When did you call? - Sir,
it was a tragedy for my family,
and you find this to be a joke!
You tell me the truth and I'll
stop making a joke out of it.
I've been telling the truth!
What do you want to know?
Do you think, I got him drunk,
put him on a chair,
pushed him off the window.
Then I got downstairs, hit myself
on the head and laid down on him?
Do you think you lie through
your teeth and I'll believe you?
I'm a cop.
You may go. But I'll follow you,
until I have some evidence.
I have killed Serina's dad,
Kriss Alter.
I have killed Sarah,
Aditya and Vicky.
No one knows about it.
You got everything you wanted.
And I know,
I could do all this
because I listened to you
and followed you.
Sir, I hope you are happy now.
Not just happy,
I'm very happy today.
You have done it.
You are right to say
that you always listened to me.
You always listened to me,
my son.
My only son.
Aren't you as happy as
a man who has
won a championship?
But I feel like the horse
who won the race but has no
idea who he won against and why.
Sir, at least tell me now
who are we winning against
and why are we doing this?
Listen carefully.
Some 21 years back,
I was working
for Mr Thapar,
Sarah's grandfather.
One day, he came to know
that Priya, his only daughter
had eloped with a poor man.
He disinherited
Priya immediately.
After that day,
I took care of him.
I thought, in fact, I knew
that I'll be the one,
who'll inherit all of
Mr Thapar's properties.
All of a sudden,
one fine day he
got the news that
Priya had given birth
to a baby girl.
He had a grand daughter, Sarah.
He was very happy that day.
But I was jealous
of his happiness.
I realised that all my hard work
would go in vain.
I feared the worse.
Mr Thapar asked Priya and
her husband to come back home.
on the way, Priya and
her husband had an accident.
Mr Thapar couldn't bear the
shock of his daughter's death.
While breathing his last
he said to me,
'take care of Sarah as you
would your own daughter.'
'I have spoken
to advocate Kapoor.'
'He'll explain
everything to you.'
'Yes, sir.
Mr Thapar passed away.
But I had the shock of my life
after meeting advocate Kapoor.
His will stated that upon
attaining the age of 21,
Sarah will inherit all
the wealth and property.
And if something
were to happen to her,
it would all go to a trust.
I was to play
the role of Sarah's father
but I would remain poor.
Money is all that matters.
There's nothing or nobody
greater than money.
This money,
in whatever way you earn it,
it's still valid, because
it's money.
That's the power of money.
If you want to know the value of
money, then ask someone for it.
Even before you ask for it, you'll
see a resounding no in his eyes.
From Sarah birth
until her death,
I never let her know
that I'm not her real father.
From the first
time you met Sarah,
from spilling the
oil on the road,
till Sarah falling down
the cliff, it was all perfect.
It was all perfect.
For the past 21 years,
I have wondered
how I could take away all of
Sarah's wealth and property
how can I snatch away
all her money and properties.
Someone had rightly said,
if it takes six hours
to cut down a tree,
one must sharpen the axe
for five hours,
which I did. It was you.
You are my weapon.
My own son.
My flesh and blood.
I trained you so well that you
destroyed them in one stroke.
Well done, my boy.
Well done. But...
Believe me, I didn't want to
kill Sarah.
I didn't want to kill her.
If I had got everything
I even thought that if you
get married to her
everything will be mine anyway.
But when advocate Kapoor told me
that she wanted to donate
half her wealth
to an educational trust,
I mean who does that,
she had to die.
She had to die.
For 21 years you have obeyed me.
I didn't reveal the reason,
but still you obeyed me
for 21 years.
And you did it.
I'm proud of you, my son.
I'm proud of you.
Henceforth, you will not
call me 'sir',
you will call me 'dad'.
Come and give me a hug.
I'm proud of you, my son.
Come, I've to
show you something.
Come on.
The sweet...
The sweet smell of money.
Nothing smells
better than money.
There's nothing more
exhilarating than money.
We are not going to stop here.
We will meet many people
Thapar, Serina,
Sarah and Kriss Alter
and we'll kill them all.
But what was your enmity
with Kriss Alter?
It was not enmity, it was love.
Kriss's sister was in love with me
and I was in love with her wealth.
Kriss came to know about this
and he embroiled me
into a legal matter
due to which I
had to leave town.
But before leaving, I looked
into his eyes and decided
that I'll come back some day
and take away
everything he has,
and I did that.
You don't need to worry, my son.
History has it
that all palaces and all empires,
were built over dead bodies.
I was just afraid of one thing.
I was afraid that you might
fall in love with Sarah.
Because it's only love
that breaks a person
and makes him weak.
But I knew...
I knew that you'd not fail me.
I was sure of my training.
It's time to
celebrate our victory.
'I was just afraid
of one thing.'
'I was afraid that you might
fall in love with Sarah.'
"My beauty is unmatched."
"Every move of mine is divine."
"I have the looks to kill."
"Blame God
for making me so beautiful."
"All those who fall for you
know not right from wrong."
"It's not your fault."
"You are simply gorgeous.
You are just awesome."
"You are just awesome."
"You are just awesome."
"I'm just awesome."
How low can you go?"
"You are..."
"You have no idea..."
"You have no idea of the
power you possess."
"It's not..."
"It's not you fault.
You are always in another zone."
"You are just awesome."
"I'm just awesome."
"Your eyes are deceptive, they
have a naughty look in them."
"I'm willing to
die for your love."
"How much can one save oneself?"
"You set their hearts racing."
"You have cast such a spell,
no one could escape it."
"You... It's not your fault."
"You are simply gorgeous."
"You are just awesome."
"You are just awesome."
"I'm just awesome."
"You are just..."
'Good afternoon,
ladies and gentlemen.'
'We've gathered here
for the final edition'
'of the international
burnout race.'
'You can see some
beautiful cars.'
'I'm in the usual state up here,
in the commentary box.'
'More and more people
are coming to watch'
'the fastest cars and the
fastest drivers to compete.'
'Here's the crowd cheering
for their favourite racers.'
'The red signal is on.'
'Now the amber light is on
and drivers are asked'
'to put their cars
in first gear.'
'The tech crew is moving away.'
'And it's green.'
'Crossing the finishing line.
We have a winner, Sarah Thapar.'
'Sarah will win second from line
in the race...'
What you considered
to be an illusion,
was all real.
You love winning, don't you?
Now get used to losing.
I'll not let you
win at anything.
Sarah won't let you win.
And I won't let you live.
I'm Raj, Aditya's brother.
You don't know me,
but I know you very well.
I don't wish to
see you bleeding,
I wish to see you shed tears.
I don't want to see you dead,
I want to see you suffer.
Good afternoon,
ladies and gentlemen.
I would like you all to meet
the winner of the ultimate
burnout race,
Ms Sarah Thapar.
I remember,
you had lost the last race.
And Ransh was the winner.
And today, Ransh lost and you won!
How did this happen?
A racer had once told me
his secret behind winning races.
He said he never puts
his foot on the brakes.
He doesn't fear death.
He had nothing to lose.
That's why he used to win.
He was right.
This time, I didn't put my foot
on the brakes,
as I'm not afraid of death either.
And I've nothing to lose.
Wow! You're so lucky.
He must be a great racer.
Come with me.
I want to show you something.
Actually, I too have something
to show you.
Pick up the phone dad!
What's wrong?
It's nothing.
Sarah was singing your praises.
Where's Sarah?
- She left.
You know, she handed over
some pictures and videos in a tab.
They are from your college days.
I have kept in a drawer, upstairs.
After the party,
we'll watch it together.
Come, let me introduce you
to all my friends. Let's go.
Darling, I need a drink.
I'll be right back.
- Okay.
Hey, Robbie!
You are in a hurry!
Where are you going?
I'm going to the washroom.
Tell me the truth,
where were you going?
I'm going to destroy the evidence.
You think I'll believe you
when you get angry and lie.
I'm a cop.
Aren't you getting married
to Serina Alter?
- Alright.
Tell me something.
The other day the lies you
told me in a fit of rage,
was actually the truth.
You got Mr Alter drunk.
You made him sit in a chair
and pushed him off the window.
Then you came down
and laid down on him.
You were getting married
to his daughter
then why did you have to
lay down on her father?
When an ATM was dispensing money,
why did you have to
break the machine?
Do you think Kriss Alter died
because of his wealth?
Of course!
- Let me tell you something.
Tell me.
- Suppose you are Kriss Alter.
- You're worth billions of rupees.
- Then one day you are murdered.
That's not okay.
- Suppose it happens.
- Before your death,
you divided your wealth
between two people.
One gets 10 percent
and the other 90 percent.
Now, who has the motive
to kill you?
The one with 10 percent.
- Thank you.
Kriss Alter gave me 90 percent
and 10 percent to Serina.
Oh, no!
You've solved the case.
You're innocent.
Because of this case,
I couldn't even go
to the washroom.
I have just let go of 10 percent,
and have been
holding back 90 percent!
Can I go to the washroom now?
Go and destroy the evidence.
I'll also do the same.
Let's go, my dear friends.
It's all rubbish.
Let's go.
I've already seen it.
I just wanted to see your
true colours.
You were looking good
in a wedding suit, Ransh.
A man full of surprises.
Why did you do that?
What wrong have I done to you?
I loved you so much.
Why did you do that?
You can't even talk to me!
Talk to me.
Why did you do this to me?
I hate you.
'7 missed calls from Ransh.'
You are a great actor.
You've acted for 21 long years.
You didn't make a single mistake.
It was all perfect.
The planning was perfect.
The murder was perfect.
You must be wondering how I
came to know about you and Ransh
'I'll tell you.
I'll tell you everything.'
Before we came here
Mr Kapoor told us
everything about you and Ransh.
You aren't pleased to
see me alive, today, are you?
Not at all, Sarah.
What I did,
was right.
Let me show you why.
Today I've everything
I always wanted.
And to get all this,
I played the role of your dad
for so many years.
I made you fall in love
with my son...
I made him kill you.
As for the accident
that killed your parents
was also my doing.
Since your childhood,
all that has happened to you,
I was behind it all.
I have controlled your fate.
And now,
you will die at my hands.
You had zero balance in your bank
account 21 years back.
And after 21 years,
it remains the same.
The same time has come back
for you.
Before you die, you need to know
that neither did you get any money
nor did your son get love.
Didn't you do all this for money?
Today, you'll burn
with all this money.
You did not write my destiny.
God has written it.
Your belongings are burning today.
You can burn the demons within
yourself if possible.
Dad! Dad, open your eyes.
Dad! Dad, open your eyes.
Dad! Dad, open your eyes.
I know...
I know you are just kidding.
Just the way you did
when I was a kid.
'Dad! Dad, open your eyes.'
'Open your eyes.'
'Get up, dad! Get up!'
'What did I tell you?'
'You will never cry.'
'There's no such thing
as emotion, Ransh.'
'I'll never leave you.'
'You don't want me to die, right?'
'Then listen to me carefully.'
'The dream that doesn't scare you,'
'is not a real dream.'
'My dream is real.'
'It will try to scare you all the
time. But you must not fear it.'
'You'll have to
fulfil my dream, Ransh.'
'Won't you make my dream
come true?'
'Good boy.'
'How much do you love me?'
'Is that all?'
'That's too little.'
'I love you, dad.'
'Not dad, Ransh.'
'Henceforth, you'll call me 'sir'.'
'Yes, dad.
- Not dad, Ransh.'
- Sir.'
'Say it aloud.'
- Even louder.'
- Even louder.'
'Good. Now listen...'
'From now on
you'll hear only my voice.'
'From now on,
you will stop thinking'
"and get the job done.'
'You'll only follow my order.'
Dad, you said that you
will never leave me.
Dad, please open your eyes.
Dad, Sarah is back.
Aditya's brother, Raj
is back as well.
He is back!
Sarina got to know about
everything, dad.
Dad, please open your eyes.
Dad, I know it happened
because of me.
Please give me a chance, dad.
Dad, I know I couldn't fulfil
your dreams.
Give me one more chance
please, dad.
Dad, please don't...
Dad, I don't understand it.
Dad, please give me an order.
Dad, order me right now.
I don't understand anything.
Dad, please.
Dad, please open your eyes.
I could have killed you yesterday.
Now you know,
how it hurts when a loved one dies.
One night
feels like an entire life time.
Just as you are suffering tonight,
I suffer for my brother
as much every night.
Take your revenge,
for every moment, for every tear
and for all your pain.
Kill him.
How can I kill him?
He's not even worth
taking revenge from.
He has no heart.
There's no point killing him.
Someone has put money in his mind,
so all he can think about is money.
He was told to love someone,
and he did that.
He was told to murders someone
and he killed.
I loved you.
I gave you everything I had.
And you killed me!
You are heartless!
You are just a machine!
You are a machine.
I threw you out of
my body and mind.
But I couldn't stop loving you.
Once you fall in love,
it's very difficult to stop
loving that person.
I thought, if I had my revenge,
everything will be over.
But this will never end,
even after your death.
Do you remember,
I had made a promise to you?
I want to take you to a house
where there are
no windows or walls.
Not even a door.
Where no one can see us.
There's only you and me.
Will you come with me?
Today it feels as though
the mental block
I had for all these years
has finally been removed.
You were right.
I was a machine until now.
I was heartless.
Raj has stabbed me
in the right place.
Today, I felt my heart
for the first time.
Today, my heart has a desire.
I could hear my heart beat.
I could even feel pain.
Until now money was my priority.
But the love you gave me,
I could have never
bought it with money.
I know the punishment
for killing you.
But I don't know the punishment
for breaking your heart.
If I get a chance,
this time I want to
listen to my heart.
I want to love you like Romeo.
I want to feel you.
I want to love you from
the bottom of my heart.
You wanted to see me shed tears.
You've won, and I have lost.
You were right.
Once you fall in love,
you can't stop loving that person.
It's very difficult.
It's very difficult.
'Even today, I feel'
'that I'll never forget this face.'
'These eyes
which are looking at me,'
'they don't seem to blink.'
'These long tresses which
flow without a care...'
'And the contours of those lips...'
'I am talking these with me.'
'Ransh, Sarah'