Mad (2023) Movie Script

We got the scoundrel!
Hey, brother is here.
Hey, he is our Super Senior!
If he's here, it must be a serious issue.
Why did you tie him up like a criminal?
Untie him!
What is this, brother?
Why did you tie me up?
What have I done?
Don't you know?
I have done nothing wrong, brother.
I don't understand a word!
The hostel food doesn't agree with me.
I don't like this college, brother.
I want to go home, brother.
I have told my parents as well.
They asked me to come home!
-I want to go home, brother.
-You can't.
I can't?
Who are you to tell me that?
He is asking me who I am!
Like you, I was also a
student of this college, man.
In 2016. 75th batch.
-Tell me.
Is this a good college, brother?
Why would you ask like that?
This is a superb college.
Great faculty.
Hundred percent placement.
-Some great people were students here.
-Really, brother?
Forget that
I was a student here myself!
-Hey! Come here! Come on!
-Down, down!
-What do you take students for?
-Down, down!
-Sir! Who is he, sir?
-Down, down!
-Hey! He is the M1 professor!
-Down, down!
Why are you
dragging him like that?
He failed his class tenth ten times.
And he has been teaching here
for ten years.
But no one discovered him.
-Come on! Move!
-Down, down!
Sir, Ganesh Kumar.
Gam, gam, Ganesha!
Shall I tell you where your room is?
Mr. Pratap Reddy, please give him 104.
Bro, I am in 104 as well.
-Mr. Pratap Reddy!
Room 104 reminds me of something.
I remember, sir. There was a python
in the room the other day.
They tried their best
to catch it, but it escaped.
It must still be around somewhere.
For how long would you
serve us stale chicken?
For how long? Tell me!
-Speak up! Are you serving us for free?
-Hey, wait!
Wait a minute.
-What's the problem?
-What do you mean what's the problem?
They gave us bad chicken last time,
and I had thirty bouts
of diarrhea in the hostel!
A few more, and you would've
found me dead in the toilet.
-This guy must be replaced!
-Yes, replace him!
One minute. I have understood the problem.
The problem began with chicken.
So, we are taking chicken off the menu.
You will be vegetarian
for the rest of the year.
That was my experience on the first day.
Who would want to stay
here after witnessing all that?
Hey, I want to come home.
I don't like it here.
Wait! Stay there for a few days,
you will get used to it.
I will do some other degree
if not Engineering.
You got a seat in Engineering.
Why would you want
to do some other degree?
First, talk to Dad.
He hung up!
Yes? Coming.
What is it?
He wants to leave
the hostel and come home.
What will he do coming here?
They are giving him
stale chicken in the hostel.
Hey! Did he go there
to study or fill his belly?
He says he has no
friends and is feeling lonely.
Should we carry
the entire village there?
Are you crazy?
There are fifty boys in the hostel!
There must be some
half-wit among them.
Your son and he will become friends.
Calm down.
I am here!
Over there.
I think it's over there.
Hey, this college is
somewhere outside the city.
There is not a soul around.
There are also snakes here, Mom!
-Why do you call me and then talk to
-someone else?
-What is the problem?
-Did you speak to Dad?
He is homesick, bro.
-He's been doing this since he joined.
Are you leaving, bro?
Please, bro!
"You will get used to it in a few days.
You will have a great future
after placement. "
Don't, bro. "Life is a journey. "
I don't need it, bro!
No way! Why would I say that, bro?
I am just interested
in that bed in case you leave.
I mean it's right next to the window.
Nice ventilation.
Right under the fan.
You chose the bed wisely, bro.
Which branch are you from, bro?
He is from ECE!
-It's ECE
-Hey, let's call Gopi.
-Tell me his number.
-Yes, call Gopi.
Who is Gopi, bro?
He is a friend of mine, bro.
He got a seat in CSE at CBIT.
But he chose to join here in ECE
even if it meant
being on the waiting list. Poor guy!
Call him.
What is so great
about this college, man?
What did you say?
What do you mean, bro?
In every Engineering college,
there are girls in CSE,
they are beautiful, and it's a fact.
-I know.
this year, the girls
in ECE in our college
Wow, wow! It's fate.
Bloody fox!
One minute.
Hey! Laddu! Just come home.
I will convince your dad.
What will I do there?
I will finish my Engineering,
board an international flight,
and then call you.
-Don't call me until then. Bye.
-Hey, Laddu?
-I was quite chubby as a kid, bro.
I lost weight when I had jaundice.
But my mom still calls me Laddu.
Laddu bro!
Let's leave your mom alone.
Start thinking about girls.
Just a single mention of girls
from DD was enough to entice me,
so I decided to stay back.
Did you find a girl, brother?
Excuse me. Do you live in Dilsukhnagar?
Hey, no. Hello!
What is this bro? You are back
before I can button my shirt?
No, bro. Didn't you say the
first impression is the best impression?
I tried to speak to the girls.
But they won't even look at me.
Ask me, bro! I will help you!
Do you see that girl in pink?
In a denim jacket?
She is damn beautiful, bro!
That's why
she won't fall for you.
There is an average-looking girl
-next to her in pink and white.
Try to impress her.
You will at least have a chance.
Who was he, brother?
-Couldn't he find anyone else, bro?
Reduce the size of your vermilion.
Wear hanging earrings.
Discard your glasses
and use contact lenses.
Reduce the lipstick
and increase the smile.
The boys will definitely chase you.
I swear!
-But before that, you must do something.
Break your friendship
with this girl immediately.
When you stand next
to such beauty, who would look at you?
Slick fox!
Which branch?
It doesn't matter.
I have decided to slide to yours.
Be in touch.
-The guy who can impress any girl.
-Sure. Deepali.
-That's our batch's biggest flirt!
-Think about the hanging earrings.
-Get lost!
How many tricks
do you have up your sleeve, bro?
You are busy flirting!
Who are you, bro?
Another guy joined these two.
The most important person in our batch!
Top ranker in EAMCET.
He was offered admission
to the top ten colleges,
but he preferred this college.
He is quite nice.
But there is always
a girl to ruin a nice boy.
-Sir, 18, Ashok Kumar.
18, Ashok Kumar
-Expired, sir.
-Expired, sir.
Any guardian?
Self-admission, sir.
-Keep your ID card safe.
-Jenny Sharma, daughter of Robin Sharma.
Anand, sir.
Ma'am fast!
Thank you.
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
-I must tell you something.
-Go ahead.
From today, this college is our home.
The friends we make here
become our family.
Just a minute.
Why are you telling me this?
I realized you had no one
when we were collecting the ID cards.
I can understand
an orphan's suffering.
Are you an orphan?
-Then how would you know?
Mind your business.
Welcome to the Regional
Institute of Engineering College!
The four years you
are going to study here
He said education
helps you progress in life.
Let's see how he would do that.
-Principal Purusotham here.
-Hey, light it.
Hey, who is this?
I can only hear "hiss. " Are you a snake?
-Is there a single studious face here?
-No, sir.
-At least one?
Let me warn you right now!
If you draw my pictures
on bathroom walls
or make prank calls to the cops,
picturing your Principal as a drug dealer
and accusing him
of forcing you into drugs
Calm down, sir!
-You know me well, don't you?
-Calm down, sir!
Principal Purusotham!
Students! All that he is trying to say is
Welcome to college!
I now invite the Student Union Leader,
Chaitanya Prasad,
to address the gathering.
-Welcome Mr. Chaitanya Prasad! Come on!
Why are they so excited? Is he so popular?
Bro! Four years, five branches.
And 70 per branch.
So, for nearly 1500 students,
he is the gang leader, bro!
You can expect that response!
Are you from Wisdom College, bro?
-How did you find out, bro?
-You are displaying it quite openly!
Welcome to the RIE family!
We are all like a family now.
Our college has everything.
Sports Clubs, Drama Club,
Film Club, NCC, NSS
The only thing
that our college doesn't have
is ragging.
There is no place
for ragging in this college
and there will never be!
Welcome to Bhagat Singh Boys Hostel!
Hey! Come on, swim!
There is a lot of time left.
Come here.
-I will ask them
who is the most beautiful
girl in their class.
If anyone comes up with my cousin's name!
He will be dead!
Who is the most beautiful girl
in your class?
Naturally. It's Jenny, brother.
-Sujatha is good, brother.
-Shravani Reddy, brother.
Shravani. She wears half-saris.
She looks good, brother.
Hey, we are all saying
the same names.
She is from my village, brother.
Hey, I don't think he will give up
until we say his cousin's name.
No girls left, brother.
-Ask us about boys. We will tell you.
-Hey, the last girl with unruly hair
-ECE from ECE?
Don't go near Amulya.
I will kill you!
Brother, why would I go to someone
who has come twenty-fifth, brother?
Boys! This is not ragging.
This is a Personality
Development Program.
The Head of this special program
is the mighty, majestic senior,
who has been rooted in this
college for eight years
It's not you who should
be chanting, man!
-What did you study, man?
-Polytechnic Course, brother.
-And you?
-Diploma Course, brother.
What about you?
-I have done Inter Course.
Just like the Polytechnic Course
and Diploma Course,
I have done Inter Course, brother.
Can you guess
the length of this tube light?
It's 260 centimeters, sir.
-Half of which is?
-130 centimeters?
Shove it up your ass!
Were you offended?
Hey, I took no offense, brother.
It's okay.
Then shove the whole thing up!
Boys! Before I flick
the switch off and on,
whoever puts on the underpants
can happily go back to his room.
The guy who doesn't will face
Lights off!
-This is not my size. Give me mine.
-That's my underwear.
Ragging on our campus? No way!
Sir! I attended Zilla Parishad High School
in Telugu medium, sir.
I am nothing but honest, sir.
I got upset with my Telugu teacher in
school and punctured his bike tire, sir.
When he asked who did it,
I admitted it, sir. I never lied, sir.
That's my character.
In the college boys' hostel,
ragging is going on, sir.
Hey, close it!
Come on!
Come out!
Let's wait and see!
Come on. Take it out. Do it!
-He even smokes in the canteen, sir.
-Let me speak.
Yesterday, he dropped ash in my food, sir.
-Hey, wait.
Aren't you ashamed?
Cigarettes, ragging juniors
and you're the President!
What about you, Tony?
You have been rotting here
for eight years!
Do you plan to move out?
How could you not
control these silly fools?
We will do better
in the future, brother.
-Not "sir. "
Super Senior!
A day that never comes back
An age full of frolic and games
Very nice name.
My number is nicer.
Changing, who are you
They are from my village, bro.
This is Sita. This is Gita.
-And the middle one is Radha.
-You make videos on TikTok, right?
-Don't your people object?
Radha, come here!
"How to make an omelet
with a boiled egg?"
She discusses such silly things.
Tell me one thing.
On the way. Damodhar.
-Happy Friendship Day
-to handsome girls and beautiful boys!
-Life's most unforgettable
Moment is college!
Bro! We are mass bunking today.
Would you like to join?
I am not interested, bro.
You guys go ahead.
He eats raw chicken
early in the morning, bro.
How do you get such news?
I like gossip, bro.
Does anyone know
this simple answer?
I don't know, sir!
Do you think this is funny? Idiot!
Sulphuric acid, sir.
I realized why you reacted
like that in the library the other day.
You are an introvert, right?
You knew the answer and jotted
it in your notes but didn't say it aloud.
No wonder you were uncomfortable
when I discussed your family matters.
It's okay.
You don't have to say sorry.
I understand. Okay?
Are you crazy or something?
Why do you keep following me?
-What is your problem, girl?
-Sir, please change my lab partner.
It's not possible to change lab partners.
Go, do your job.
If you share my personal information
just to talk to girls,
I won't take it lightly.
-Sorry, bro!
-What do you mean by "sorry"?
You keep apologizing,
and then you repeat the same thing.
What is it, Laddu?
What are you telling Manoj?
Nothing. I was discussing
about our practical exams.
My foot! He is upset
that I am telling you his personal things.
You're so nasty, man!
-Lips that repeat lessons
-Hey, wait. I am writing.
Are made to chant love words!
Handing you a pen and paper
Makes you your own thesis
-Yesterday was a new moon, right?
When you stand among strangers
-Hey! Hey, wait!
-It gives you newly formed bonds
I found the book first.
You better give it.
Beginning with a fight
It forges into friendship
Come on! Let's go!
What happened, man?
The AC is not working, bro.
Maybe they forgot to fill the water.
Bloody rustic! It's an AC.
They must have filled it last night.
They might have filled it last night?
It is an AC, man! It's not a cooler.
Bloody bumpkins!
All of them are so scared,
and why are you standing there grinning?
What can you do at most, brother?
You might pour boiling oil on my feet.
Why would I pour oil?
-You might pull my nails out with pliers.
-Pulling out nails?
You will shove ice cubes from behind.
Or you might throw acid on my face.
That's all!
Hey, we're just ragging you, man.
Does he think this is third-degree?
Throwing acid? Seriously?
He is a very dark, brother.
Life's most unforgettable
Moment is college
College is a life-changing place
Excuse me!
Other than being beautiful,
what do you do?
She cooks for me. Do you have a problem?
Sorry, sister. Sorry.
Oh, dear child bride! Oh!
-Hey, move!
-Hey, but he's not a lady!
-Use the other door!
-Oh, shit!
Sorry, girls! Sorry.
Just missed it, man!
Her smile her eyes
As soon as I saw her, I just felt
like running and holding her once.
I wanna hold her.
I wanna pull her,
and I wanna smell her, man!
You want to smell her?
-Are you a dog?
-It's not that, DD.
-Every girl has a unique smell.
-This bloody
-Her smell--
-Hey, shut up!
Smell, smell, smell!
You are going overboard!
You are becoming Laddu
with each passing day.
But where is Laddu?
"Bhagawan Canteen. "
It's right next to our college.
How come we missed it?
Who are they? Girls from JC College?
Did you go to the toilet?
Did you go to the toilet?
Did you wash your behind?
Did you apply coconut oil
before wearing underwear?
What is this nonsense?
Hey, it's not like that.
You must follow your elders, son!
Bye, Daddy.
-So nagging!
-Bro, what's with this coconut oil?
Don't you know?
When you use underwear,
it breaks your skin, right?
Apply coconut oil and it won't.
Hey you are crazy, bro.
Really crazy!
Dogs and RIE students are not allowed.
Without reading the board,
when I stepped into that canteen,
the story of our college was transformed.
JC college boys are
beating up Laddu, brother!
Hey, they are beating up Laddu!
Hey, it's our Laddu!
Get lost!
The JC College rogues
thrashed me like a dog.
Even my dad never beat me.
Give me an ADD Gel pen, brother.
They will give you. Go.
-Go, celebrate.
-Is the canteen your dad's?
-Is it your dad's then?
Are you guys students or rowdies?
-They have hit our guy!
-Of course, they will!
They will!
What's wrong with you, Chaitanya?!
Look at Laddu, brother!
They bashed him till he bled!
Hey, Laddu, come here.
Hey, Srikanth!
What is all this?
Brother Bhagawan
It was our boys' fault.
They shouldn't have come. But they did.
It won't happen again.
-Okay, leave!
-Let's go!
This is the first time,
so we let you off with just a beating.
Next time, we will break your legs.
-What did you say?!
-How dare you say that!
What is it? We are talking, aren't we?
This canteen
will not remain yours forever.
Not forever.
I had a straight nose, brother.
How do I show
my face to my grandma?
They pierced a needle
through my bum!
Hey, Laddu! Leave it.
Sure, brother.
They will come and bash our guy,
and you will apologize to them. Right?
We will leave it.
Hey, we shouldn't
enter their canteen.
They have put up the board.
We read it. We understood. But why?
Ten years ago, Bhagawan had set up
a canteen between both the colleges.
I was the RIE president back then.
JC had a president as well.
One day
What do you want, brother?
-Egg puff!
-Egg puff!
I have only one egg puff, brother.
The issue was about an egg puff?
Cheap! Very cheap!
What do you mean cheap?
The biggest brawls are always
over biryani raita or bone marrows.
Haven't you watched Aravinda Sametha?
"Five rupee faction. "
The director gave a long interview
about it on YouTube. Go, watch it.
Do you know what Bhagawan had said?
How cheap you all are!
He means them. Not us.
Have your brawls
and squabbles outside!
Whoever wins will have exclusive
entry to the canteen for the year.
Let's play cricket.
They played it in the movie Happy Days.
Didn't they play it in Okkadu?
Trying to be smart!
What about golf?
That is a solo game, man!
Let's not fight like kids.
Let's have a mature approach.
Let's take a draw.
What did the draw say?
Every year, there is a
match between the freshers.
Whoever wins the match
gets access to the Bhagawan Canteen.
So, we lost to them last year?
When did we ever win?
Hey, shut up. They are rich kids, man.
They offer sponsorship
and get good players.
That's why these losers
haven't won so far.
It was different earlier.
Now, it's a different story.
The time has come to rewrite history, bro.
Brother, DD tells you this.
We are going to play the match this time,
win it, and kick them out!
He seems to be a tough player.
I somehow feel
we will win this time.
Oh, God!
You were so confident
we were going to beat them!
How will we win
when you play so badly?
Isn't the desire to win enough, bro?
No, bro.
You should know the game as well.
Ten years, man!
We have been
losing for ten years!
What are we going to do now?
What is your plan?
I will motivate them, brother.
Hey, get up! Come on!
-Get up! Up!
-It's only eight in the morning!
Come on!
Let's go! Come on!
Come on!
My grandma will run
faster than this! Come on!
-I am doing it.
-I am doing it, man.
It's when we get tired and
want to stop, that we should start again.
Come on!
They beat you up like a dog.
I shall avenge you.
-They beat me lightly, bro.
-I shall.
Hey, don't say such
things in front of girls, man!
I warn you, don't humiliate me
-just to make yourself look like a hero.
-Come on, boys!
Go now! Sorry, bro!
I was late trying to find that girl.
Come on. Let's practice. Guys, dribble!
If I were born a Christian,
do you know what they would have named me?
I've seen enough in life, bro.
I am frank in whatever I say.
Tell me, Frank.
You act like a dog in heat.
Aren't you satisfied with the girls
from our class and seniors?
Must you seek out girls at bus stations,
railway stations, fire stations,
and now even outstations?
If this continues,
they might file a molestation
case against you at some police station.
Heat-stricken dog!
You have a right to be angry.
Shut up, idiot! Go and play!
Come on, boys!
Come on!
What's wrong?
Poor guys, man!
They are Brahmins.
You will be cursed.
Shit! Not cursed, bro.
I am getting angry.
There is no veg or non-veg in victory!
Protein and practice are important!
We tear ourselves!
We destroy ourselves.
This is not just a game. It's a hunt!
Bro, once the game begins,
we will take the ball, bro.
And then, you are no longer players.
But hunters!
I will shoot one
and pass it to Laddu, bro.
There is no "I" in victory.
There is only "V"!
Take the ball at the end and like this
Goal, bro!
But, bro!
When we shoot into our own hoop,
won't they get a point?
There is a player named
Ankith in JC College, bro.
Brother, give me some onion.
He is supposed
to be their best player.
Give me some onion, bro.
One such player is enough.
Brother, give me some onion.
Onion! How much onion?
Take the whole cart!
-"Give me some onion. "
Give me some onion.
-Ball, bro! Pass, bro.
-Hey, ball, man!
Go, go, go!
Laddu! Where to, bro?
-Hey, they are not giving me the ball!
-They won't, bro. You must take it.
-I am tired. I don't like to.
Bro, pass!
Bro, pass the ball. Manoj!
-Bro, pass! Bro, pass the ball!
-Get lost!
Why do you want a pass?
-Why are you giving me? I said give them!
-Why have you been shouting "pass"?
Bro, give me the ball.
Get him, man!
You won a scratch card. Start tomorrow.
We have a match
with JC College. Don't you know?
All the girls will gather there.
Get lost!
We went a little overboard yesterday.
We admit that.
Play the match.
I will give you my jersey
with the number 69.
Take my captaincy as well if you want.
When did you become the captain?
I am not interested, bro.
It's not that, bro.
He won't come.
Please don't say no. He must come.
-I will explain.
Because it was by fluke that he shot
a ball into the basket the other day.
Now, if he plays the match, we will know
he doesn't understand the game, right?
That's why he won't come.
Which planet are you guys from?
What about Pinku? Sun and rain?
There is no toss in basketball.
Who will throw the ball then?
They throw it up in the air.
We have to snatch it.
If that's the case, snatch it.
Hey, Sanju!
-Brother, congrats! Egg puff!
Who is giving him my number
even though I change it often?
Hey, replace this SIM as well.
I am carrying a knife. I will stab him,
and all the scores will be settled.
Is it some jackfruit
to drive a knife into?
Go. Go and play the match.
-What's wrong with you, bro?
-Hey, go on!
They will file a case, you wretch!
Brother, I have a crazy plan.
Give me ten thousand,
and I will manage the referee.
Time out!
His name is Lee.
He looks Chinese. Why meddle with him?
He is no Lee or Bruce Lee,
brother. His name is Lingaiah.
Lee is his short name.
I will pay you ten thousand.
Let my team win the match.
Hello, mister! Let me do my job.
Do you call this a job?
Putting that in your mouth
and blowing it is not a job!
Is this some IAS or IPS?
Brother, it seems he's trying something.
Black spots--
You can say
that with your mouth!
-Nasty face!
Ashok, I didn't come here to convince you
that we will win the match
only if you join us.
We have been
practicing for three weeks.
Forget the hoop,
the ball didn't even touch the post!
But if you could shoot it from so far,
how passionately you must have learned it!
"Dogs and RIE students are not allowed"
was the board
they put up outside the canteen.
Are you okay with that?
Whether you come or not,
this jersey is yours.
The way you spoke
to me yesterday
No one has ever
spoken to me like that.
Don't talk to me like that again, okay?
By the way, this match
is for that canteen, right?
Do they at least have good coffee?
That's what people say.
Let's have some after the match.
-Come on, man!
-Come on, man.
-Win the match. Then we will see.
-Be ready to lose.
-Leave it!
Ashok will shoot the next one.
Just block him.
Hey, Ashok!
You must shoot the next one as well.
Shoot it, bro.
Not me. DD will do it.
He doesn't know the game, man!
How does it matter?
He wants to win.
Whether we win or lose,
it's in DD's hands.
Hey, DD! Shoot!
Have it, brother.
Finally, Ashok became one of us.
Three of them named themselves
Manoj, Ashok, Damodhar
M-a-d MAD!
My Laddu might become Bhagat Singh.
-College is the
-Yes, uncle?
-Did you find my Laddu?
-Who is Laddu in our college
-The guy
who looks naive and has crazy eyes?
Very innocent-looking face. That guy.
-Yes, Ganesh.
You will find him in the TV room.
Hey! Stop!
You said you will do Engineering
Board an international flight.
-You seem to be on a high horse now.
-Daddy! I swear on Grandpa,
I didn't drink.
Aren't you ashamed
to swear on dead people?
Hey, shut up.
What is this?
Cheap liquor and mango pickle?
Uncle, please don't be disrespectful.
I told Laddu that we
should get some stuff.
But he said we would manage
with mango pickle. It's okay.
What stuff? What mango pickle?
DD is speaking.
-Who's your uncle?
Fine, bro.
For my sake,
spare him this time.
I am meeting you for the first time.
Why should I spare him for your sake?
Are there no gentlemen around
to discipline you?
You had asked for methyl alcohol
for the Chemistry experiment, right?
Take it, son.
-Thank you.
-Do it well.
-See you, uncle!
-Hey, wait!
Who are you?
Not atony, diaphony,
cacophony, uncle. Anthony!
Anthony Rodrigues. Final year.
For how many years?
Look, uncle.
We hardly met ten minutes ago.
How can you ask me
personal questions like my best friend?
Behave yourself, uncle.
Uncle is a gentleman,
so I won't engage in a lengthy discussion
about tube lights.
Pass me the tube light, boys.
This? That? That tube light?
Who is he? An electrician?
Why is he talking about tube lights?
No, Dad. His dad has a tube light factory.
-Yes, tell me.
-Listen, buy him a Sprite when you go.
What for? To mix with vodka and drink?
-Hang up!
-Take those!
-Okay, Daddy.
Listen to me carefully
If you get less marks
in the exams this time,
I know what to do with you, idiot!
I got you a gift for your birthday.
Happy birthday.
Dad didn't leave until he had filed
a complaint with Purusotham.
He took the matter very seriously.
I want to monitor whatever is happening
at Bhagat Singh Boys Hostel.
Install CCTV cameras.
Good evening, sir.
A gift for you.
It might pose a problem for you
in the long run. Please handle it.
Ready, boys?
What are they up to?
Is that why there isn't
a single CCTV camera on campus?
Superb, brother!
What else do you expect?
Was everything fine after that, brother?
Everything was fine, man.
But Manoj brought a virus into the group.
What was that?
-O what do you mean by "okay"?
You smiled at me the other day.
That was just for pastime.
Time What do you mean, pastime?
You were staring at me.
What should I do?
Should I have bowed my head in shyness?
Or looked away out of fear?
See. I also need some entertainment.
What do you mean by entertainment?
What if I end up crazy
like Bharath in Premisthe?
What if I snort powder
like Deverakonda in Arjun Reddy?
-Will you take responsibility?
Don't act so naive.
I also travel via bus number 216.
Kavya has told me everything about you.
Hold on! Kavya?
Kachiguda Kavya or Karmanghat Kavya?
Hey! Kondapur Kavya, man!
Oh, my!
Shruthi, what I am trying to say is
have a cup of coffee with me,
and I will explain in detail. Okay?
So, a cup of coffee?
Ten rupees, madam.
-One cup coffee.
-Ten rupees.
-One cup coffee.
-Ten rupees.
-One cup coffee!
-Ten rupees.
-Hey! Aren't you ashamed of begging?
-One cup--
What is this, sir?
What makes you laugh?
Are we laughing?
Don't laugh.
If you have the guts, impress a girl.
I won't.
I can't! I have no interest
in getting involved in girls' affairs.
What do you mean?
Haven't you fallen in love so far?
Of course, I have, bro.
I was in love
with cricket until my tenth class.
I was in love with films after that
-Hey, what silence?
Who comes to the library to study?
Go home! Idiot!
-But I didn't fall.
-Why, bro?
I wet my pants, bro.
We are talking about girls here.
Hand sweating,
legs shaking, shyness creeping in.
Suppose some girl tells you,
"I like you. Let's fall in love.
Let's be together. "
Why would they propose to me, bro?
They will choose Ashok, like Jenny.
Why do you drag me into it?
We are just lab partners. That's all.
No, no, no. Bro!
I tell you this as a student
of Zilla Parishad High School.
You both are not lab partners.
You are life partners.
Fight as you like and act as you like,
but you will come together for sure.
You will fall in love. You will
get married. You will also have kids.
He will name your kids.
What are you looking at?
You won't find anyone.
He will go after the girl from the bus,
chase her, and go mad. Guaranteed.
I am a free bird, bro.
I have no such interests.
No girl will be impressed by me.
No girl will like me.
No girl will fall in love with me.
I feel I am floating
And my heart is booming
Do you have a comb, sir?
-Sorry, sir. Love you, sir!
Hey, what happened?
Is someone crying?
Oh, a letter? For whom?
-Is it a telegram?
Has something happened to Mom?
Is my dad hit by a truck?
-Tell me, bro. I can handle it. Tell me.
-First, read it.
Hi, DD!
Why were you lying
through your teeth in the library?
"No one will be impressed by me.
No one likes me. "
That's what you think,
but many girls like you.
And I like you more.
This letter is to tell you that.
Don't expect details like who I am.
But this is what
I wanted to say. Bye. From a girl.
It's a girl.
Doesn't that sound a bit preposterous?
How can you determine that
just from the handwriting?
Hey! That handwriting has lots of curves.
Do you know why?
Because girls have curves, man!
A letter from a girl to DD!
Which scoundrel wrote this letter?
Are you suspecting us?
Bro, do you know how many boys
I've fooled by pretending to be
Angel Priya, Daddy's Little Princess,
and Pearl Samantha?
Hey, I am from Zilla Parishad School,
Telugu medium.
How many such nasty things
must I have done?
And now, you're doing this to me?
Hey, DD!
A girl wrote you a letter,
and you are not able to believe it.
That's your quandary.
What is worse
is she wrote you a letter.
That's right.
After all,
you are not interested in girls.
Bloody hell!
-Please, bro.
-Go after him!
-Catch him!
He's going down
-Go and catch him. Run!
-Hey! Catch him!
-Hey, move!
Is Damodhar with you?
I mean, DD.
A girl for DD?
Don't tell me it's for a credit card.
My friend can't afford it.
Hey, shut up and give him the phone, man.
DD! Phone
I can understand him beating me.
Why are you guys beating me?
Told my dad not to call at this time.
Why are you guys beating me?
It's a lady, man!
I will handle it. Give it here.
This guy!
Hello! Who are you?
Did you get the letter I wrote?
What letter?
The same. The one that I wrote.
"A girl in the moonlight. "
Okay. I have two questions for you.
Question number one.
-Did you write the letter?
Copy that. Question number two.
-Are you really a girl?
Bro, it's a girl.
A girl?
Who are you?
What's your name? What's with you?
You are supposed to find that out.
From today onward,
let's start our journey
That was really a girl, bro.
You bloody
-Praise the Lord, Jenny!
-Praise the Lord, DD.
Your friend
He's a useless fellow!
Do you know
what happened in the lab today?
You haven't completed a single experiment!
You must finish all experiments today,
no matter what.
He was the reason
why the experiments were delayed.
Did he ever communicate properly?
Today, when he was asked to do it solo,
he finished it in no time and left.
Hey, the girl is alone.
Shouldn't she be escorted?
Is someone coming for her?
Doesn't he have the common sense
to even ask that?
You freaking soul! Wait.
He has already called me, saying,
"Hey, Jenny will be alone
after Practicals.
Drop her.
She feels uncomfortable with me. "
But I was busy and told him to drop you.
He must be waiting outside. Check.
Don't keep scolding him. He has no one!
It's okay.
It's okay?
I offered you a handshake
on the first day, and you pushed me away.
It's not okay.
On the 12th day, I sat next to you during
lunch break, and you got up and left.
It's not okay!
I asked for a book in the library,
and you treated me like a pest!
It's not okay!
Even now, I am in this situation
because of you,
and then you act as if you are a savior.
"It's okay. "
It's not okay!
What's wrong with me?
At least ten guys in my colony hit on me.
You don't believe me?
Are you in love with me or not?
-Sorry, Jenny. I have moved on.
Jessy has come to live upstairs.
There are so many girls in the world,
-but I fell in love with Jessy.
-Hey, stop it!
There are still nine.
Thanks to Jenny, Ashok laughed.
DD had put up a board to find Vennela.
Manoj took to the road
to impress Shruthi.
Will you go with me?
Will you walk next to me?
Will you come?
For a cup of coffee?
That's where it all began.
Vennela! Vennela!
Where is Vennela?!
What are they doing?
They are conjuring up
to find the girl, sir.
Poor guy, sister! That brother
hasn't eaten for three days.
Hey, for four days.
No, it's only three days.
Why are you confused?
How many times should I tell you?
I told you it's three days!
They are a bit confused.
It's three days.
Don't walk away with a smile
-Hey, will you teach me?
-Don't go away troubling my heart
Small eyes are cute
Cute words are sweet
The shine in the cheeks is much sweeter
Your quick temper is comely
Your pouting face is lovely
As your earrings sway
They look much lovelier
I am crazy about you
And it drives me towards you
But it feels so good, say yes
And I shall begin the festivities
Don't walk away with a smile
Don't go away troubling my heart
Don't leave and walk away
Hey, girl! Embracing you
I shall stay forever
Laddu! She says
she likes my leadership qualities.
As if he is Rana Daggubati
and has some leadership qualities!
Are you one hundred percent sure?
I know who the girl is.
The detective called.
Our first guess was right. Pravallika.
She has just eloped with Praveen, bro.
Hey, won't they tell us
if it is Yadagirigutta?
We have already eliminated 37 girls.
I have proposed in twelve languages.
I am beginning to wonder
if she is a student of our college.
Hey! I win
I am the winner.
Hey, Chintu!
Why do you deliberately lose
to your sister?
If I win, she will stop playing.
That's why I need to lose
so that I can play with her.
So sweet!
I need to lose
so that I can play with her.
Here you are!
Nice hair. Do you apply oil?
Sweet face. Do you use powder?
You will try something like that, right?
Go ahead.
So can I leave?
I am leaving.
No matter how hard I try,
you won't fall for me.
when you do, I will stop trying.
And you don't like the idea.
If I go round a temple instead of you
The Goddess will materialize before me
-And offer me boons
If you mellow a little
It's not going to drown the world
If you stop being stubborn
It's not going to cause an apocalypse
Don't walk away with a smile
Don't go away troubling my heart
Don't leave and walk away
Don't catwalk your way
Hey, girl! I cannot sit here complaining
Listen to me.
If I get a seat in the US,
I will leave in three months.
We still have three months. Let's see.
A wedding in a green lush garden.
To receive the wedding guests,
a small reception area.
-Two girls standing there.
One sprinkles rose water,
and the other offers a rose.
You are the two girls.
-You are good for nothing else!
Search through the ladies' hostel
and tell me who Vennela is.
If you accept, say yes
If you reject, say no
But if you dangle in between
How can I take it?
Just like you, hey girl
If everyone tests the patience
No boy will ever believe in love again
Don't walk away with a smile
Don't go away troubling my heart
Don't look away and walk on
Hey, girl! Why don't you snap at me
But stay on?
-I have told her.
-What did you tell her?
I told her she should meet me
on the final exam day without fail.
-And she would certainly meet me, bro.
I have even bought her a gift, bro.
I packed it last night.
Laddu has seen it.
Tell them how it is, bro.
Who asked you, bro?
Brother Manoj.
It looks great. A very personal gift, bro.
Bro, I will show you.
-You are my best friend.
-One minute. I am getting a call.
-Who can question your selection? Superb!
-Hey, thanks, bro.
Why are you so worked up
about Engineering exams?
I have written them so many times.
We have a copier shop called
Janardhan right next to our college.
Go and tell him the coupon code
"Anthony20, " and he will apply it.
He will give you the slips.
Finish the exams.
And it was time for the exams.
Even DD, who never touched a book,
picked one up.
Come on!
But it was to play.
I win!
But I was different.
I was very sincere.
Oh, which chapter?
The one that was done yesterday.
Okay, bro! Read on!
-Hey, only one game, man.
-Fine, come.
Hey, what's the answer
-Brother Laddu Bro!
-Hey, silence!
Do you know the answers?
Hey, we were playing cards
the whole night.
-What would I know?
-Do you know the answers?
You don't know then?
Fine. Let's submit
and go play another game.
Okay, let's go.
If discipline were to be
renamed in the Dictionary,
it would be our college students.
If anyone has brought slips,
drop them right now.
The squad is on the way.
Sir, I am carrying slips for tomorrow's
-test by mistake. Can I keep them?
-Go! Throw them away!
Hey, where are you going?
To meet Shruthi, bro.
Hey, we must go look
for Vennela in the evening.
How can you leave now?
-You are here.
-Yes, I am!
Take care of DD. Bye!
Last day of exams
Manoj had gone to propose to Shruthi.
Ashok was waiting for Jenny.
DD was desperate to find Vennela.
When did you come?
Just now!
Should we sit down?
-Yes, Sister?
I heard
-Hold this.
-you're applying to colleges in Hyderabad.
I didn't get a seat in the US.
So, Hyderabad is the only option, right?
Oh. But why do I find a letter saying,
"We are happy to inform you that you
have been selected for our university. "?
You are doing this for him, right?
Think for a moment.
-Crap! It's eight. Bye. I have to leave!
What is happening?
What? You like him, don't you?
Why don't you propose to him?
The entire college
thinks I am after him.
Let him propose first.
So, bro! When are
you going to propose?
There are still three years left.
Let's see.
They keep saying, "Ladies first. "
Let her say it first.
-You think so?
Some girl is coming
to meet DD. Look.
Was it you all this while?
Crap! Not me!
Why are you here then?
I mean I am curious
to know who the girl is.
One punch with the formal shoe,
and you will be toothless.
-As if I am not curious! Get lost!
-Damn you!
Hey, damn you!
Why are you so worked up?
Imagine I am Shruthi and propose.
I love you, Manoj!
Kavya, it was a friendly flirting.
If you take it seriously, I can't help it.
-Shruthi, I need to tell you something--
-I got admission in the US.
I am
leaving for the US.
Three months are over, right?
Thank you.
I thought
you would stay back for me.
I too thought I would
stay back for you.
At least, would you miss me?
Of course.
For three days.
Then I'll impress some girl by saying
I was in love with someone
who ditched me for the US.
You missed it this time, Shruthi.
All the best.
Manoj! Did you propose to Shruthi?
What did Shruthi say? Tell me!
It's me, Vennela.
Vennela, where are you?
I am on the stage in a white shirt.
Can you see me?
DD, don't say anything.
Just listen to me.
DD, I want to meet you.
But when I come and stand before you,
what if you don't like me?
I won't be able to face you
for three years after that.
-I am not ready to meet you yet.
Vennela, what do you mean?
Meet me once, please.
-Hello, Vennela! Where are you?
-Sorry, DD!
What happened, bro?
Vennela doesn't want to meet me.
I don't know if I can ask you this now.
Laddu said he is at the wine shop.
Do you want something?
I am in pain, man!
Don't you know I drink beer?
Ask him to get four.
Where were we?
Actually, brother,
we were talking about Vennela and Ashok's
-love story
-Not so fast!
Cut to the fourth year, man.
Brother! What about the second year
and third year?
What would you have in
the second and third year?
-Exams and arrears!
-That is also true.
-Didn't you watch 3 Idiots?
-We did, brother.
-You did, right?
What did you see?
-The first half covers the first year.
The second half opens straight
in the fourth year.
-That's right.
-We follow the same.
Finally, DD became the college president.
First and foremost
-Adorning this stage
-About you, sir.
Art Department's Manoj!
Thank you, Manoj!
Superb! Love you.
-Then, gracing the stage, respected Dean
and our Principal
Please give them water bottles.
Make sure they are chilled.
What I want to tell you today is
Welcome to
the Regional Institute of Engineering.
We are glad to have you on board!
Tell me.
You are flirting with two girls named
Swathi and Keerthi simultaneously.
You sent the message
"I love you, Keerthi" to Swathi.
"What the F!" was the girl's reply.
-What would you do?
-Swathi, from today, your name is Keerthi.
-Because my mom's name is also Keerthi.
Manoj was the love guru
for boys in college.
But smitten badly by Shruthi, the poor guy
remained single for three years.
He used to pine for her once a week.
Get going, man.
Let me sweep and do my job. Go away.
Don't my emotions matter?
What do I have to do with your emotions?
-Let me do my work!
-Poor Manoj! Very sad.
I am the "hope" of this college!
Okay. Don't be so disappointed.
-Let me narrate a nice episode.
In third year
The Annual Day had just concluded,
and as usual,
we were at the Bhagawan Canteen.
Out of nowhere, a group
of random rowdies suddenly appeared
and started singing vulgar songs.
What a graceful gait!
What an alluring waist!
The lyrics were also incorrect.
Hey, what are you saying?
Why are you talking back?
Manoj was furious.
Bro, why are you rolling up your sleeves?
Are you going to ask for an ADD Gel pen?
It's not that, bro. Jenny
Don't act smart.
What? Do you think you're a hero?
That's it. Nothing else happened.
Both liked each other a lot,
but neither was willing to open up.
There was another love story!
You were nervous to meet me.
Since I am handsome,
you were hesitant to face me.
It's understandable.
But we have already
spent three years talking.
There is a time for everything.
I will meet you when it's time.
But in the process of finding Vennela,
he met a guy.
Who was it, brother?
Xerox Janardhan.
I got a call from a girl, brother.
When I tried to trace her address,
the phone company said
your address was given as proof.
Who submits address proofs at college?
Everyone uses mine.
Please, check if she is
in one of these photographs, brother.
It's difficult to identify this way, bro.
The girl was covering her face
with a scarf.
But I can recognize her by her eyes.
Brother, take my phone number, please.
But I don't have a smartphone. How?
If I had a phone, I would take a photo
and send it to your WhatsApp.
-Will you, bro?
Okay, brother! I will arrange it.
Hey, move aside.
Hey, the girl was here the other day.
You could have called me, brother!
I bought you a smartphone, right?
It says there is no balance.
-You could recharge
-His phone recharges, movie tickets,
and even his beer expenses
DD had to pay for all of them.
Barbarous, bro.
I need some financial help.
Try and find a lender.
Don't worry about the interest.
We won't pay it anyway.
Hey, bro!
Did you like the egg puff?
When we won this canteen the first time,
do you know who scored the last goal?
You have told me 25 times already!
I don't want this torture today!
He never stops talking about it!
Wait, man!
Hey! Have one more egg puff, and go.
-I don't want it. Get lost!
-Don't brag, DD! It's disgusting.
Brother Charan!
How long has it been since I saw you!
Hey, DD!
-Hey, did we win the match again?
-Yes, brother.
We got used to winning, brother.
But I heard you are going on-site.
Hey! I am going only to Bangalore.
Once you cross the state,
you can call it on-site, brother.
-When are you joining?
I have three days left, bro.
I wanted to spend some
peaceful time with you all.
How is Laddu?
Bro, move aside.
Hey, what's happening?
-Suicide, brother.
Hey, what is his problem, man?
Nothing, brother.
He proposed to the twelfth girl.
She ignored him.
Hey, Laddu! How can
you kill yourself over a girl?
You will find another girl, man!
What did you say, brother?
If not this girl, I will find another.
Hey, Laddu! He said it inadvertently.
Hey, stop it, DD!
I entered this college
with a billion dreams, brother.
I knew it the first day
that something was amiss.
But this DD
He told me girls in ECE were
beautiful and convinced me to stay.
Brother, I was in boys' college
in Intermediate, brother.
I don't know how
to make friends with girls.
But girls mistake it for attitude.
Do you know what
our friend here told me?
He said forget that
and talk to girls on your contact list.
I opened the list to check.
The girls who blocked me
were more than the girls I knew.
Not that I said anything vulgar.
Hi, hello Blocked!
I thought my face wasn't impressive.
So, I changed the DP
and used Vadde Naveen's photo.
Still blocked!
Then it was this rogue
Hey, come forward.
He said Tinder is the eighth wonder.
So I downloaded it.
Lord Ayyappa is my witness, brother.
I didn't see the photo above
or the bio below.
I kept swiping right.
Three IPL seasons were over.
Not once did it say, "It's a match. "
Where are the girls, brother?
Nothing seemed to work out,
So, I went to an astrologer,
showed my hand, and asked him,
"Sir, will I find
a girlfriend in this life?"
Do you know what the astrologer said?
"Where are the lines on your hands?
They have long since disappeared. "
I was single when I arrived here,
and I will leave single.
I am leaving.
-Hey, move.
Hey, please, someone tell him, man!
Hey, stay single, bro
Why do you want a girlfriend?
In Hyderabad and Secunderabad
Chase a girl and you will be damned
Hey, you have a simple life
Don't complicate it
Hyderabad, Secunderabad
Shout your heart out after a drink
Don't burden the vacant heart
With more weight
Don't waste your talent on some girl
Don't enter a world that has no warranty
Why do you think we are
Told the same by our Chaganti?
Your nature, your future
Your stature, your signature
You will lose your freedom
And become a fool. Watch out, hey!
I mean you!
Bro, say proudly
I am single!
Even given a chance, don't mingle
Say it!
Bro, say it aloud
I am single
Isn't this in life the best angle?
Now to tell you
How girls are these days
I need space, says Swathi
I want spice, says Sphoorthi
Preethi is creating tension!
Keerthi is seeking attention!
Over coffee, with a selfie
Calling bestie and making it twisty
She will make you a next-level loser
And dump you, my dear
Hey, solo you have
So far lived like a king
In Hyderabad and Secunderabad
Chase a girl and you will be damned
You have been the spelling
Of life with a soul
Hyderabad, Secunderabad
Shout your heart out after a drink
Having no strings attached
Carries a different swag
You are a stag
Who wouldn't care about no entry
The euphoria about girls
Is just a sample
Don't be naive and make life a gamble
Hey, Rama! Why drama?
Why don't we stay single?
Your age and gauge make no sense
Your craze will never lose importance
Bro, say proudly
I am single!
Even given a chance, don't mingle
Hey, bro, say it aloud
I am single
Isn't this in life the best angle?
Bro, say proudly
I am single!
Even given a chance, don't mingle
Hey, bro!
Sir, okay. I will be there, sir.
Hey, my office is torturing me, man.
Quit the job, brother.
What can they do?
At the most,
they will fire and jail you.
Why would they jail me?
Stay a little away from me, please.
-You're too extreme.
Hey! What is all that blood
from your mouth?
His mouth is full of blood!
Hey, it's blood, man!
-Hey, Shankar!
Hey, Shankar!
First, take him away.
-Hey, what is that blood?
-I told him we have a bottle opener.
He was showing off
and opened the beer like this.
His gums are gone.
What do you mean gums are gone?
Hey, take him to the hospital!
-Blossoming hearts filled with love
-Filled with love
-What movie was that?
-BroTeen Maar, bro.
-Yes, Teen Maar.
-Hey, what's happening?
Songs he is bleeding, and you're singing?
Why are you all so wild?
-This is normal in the hostel, brother.
-Hey, stop it!
-Where is DD?
-Leave it, bro.
I need to take a shower. Bye.
Hello, hello, hello!
-What soap?
Soap nut water.
What do you care?
-Hang up!
Brother Charan! Coming!
Hey, it's been three years.
Still, it's the same issue with that girl?
Not an issue, brother.
It's love.
Love, my foot.
She is making a fool of him,
and he is becoming one.
I don't know about that, but she
could be ugly like his girlfriend.
Why are you bringing my girl into this?
They keep pulling your leg, and you sit
quietly. Are you going to say something?
Brother, how do I explain?
Brother, I went to Zilla Parishad
High School. Telugu medium.
But today, I climbed the stage,
and right into the mic,
in front of everybody, I exclaimed,
"Welcome to
the Regional Institute of Engineering.
We are glad to have you all on board!"
I said that!
A word for a day.
She taught me English
every day on the phone.
After third year, brother
Sixth Semester
I had sixteen backlogs.
One day, she called me up.
"Hey, DD! If you have backlogs,
Uncle will feel
Uncle will feel bad. "
Have you observed, bro?
My daddy, Mr. Madanmohan Rao.
She called him uncle.
She said, "Uncle will feel bad.
Clear all the backlogs. "
One attempt and all sixteen papers
were cleared. All over. Good night.
If she is fake, why would
she do so much for me, bro?
Forget all that, brother.
Do you know why I like her, bro?
I like the way
she likes me, man.
Vennela likes DD!
-Hey, DD!
Sorry, bro. I
I simply blabbered something. Sorry.
-Bro! it's okay, bro.
-Don't take it to heart.
You don't know my depth. It's okay.
Bro, sorry.
I was thinking you were
checking the phone. But
Bro, you know I am a virgin, right?
Hey! Leave it at that.
You must meet the girl tonight.
That's it.
How, bro?
I have a plan, bro. A crazy plan.
What are you up to?
Brother Charan! Yeah!
Hey, DD, Laddu, and others got drunk
and went to the ladies hostel, man.
-Ladies hostel?
But why to the ladies' hostel?
Guys! Our friend
had given her a stupid gift.
Find the gift, and we find the girl.
Three of you that way.
And three of us this way.
-Hey, hi.
-Had your dinner?
-I will have it later.
DD, what are you doing here?
I want Vennela. I need Vennela.
-DD, get out! Leave!
-Oh, my God! It's dark.
-Okay, we will go!
Hey, hi!
-Hi, how are you?
-I am good. How are you?
-I am good.
-Hey, who is she?
-A friend of mine.
She is very shy.
Oh! Okay!
-Bye, take care!
-Yeah, sure! Carry on.
-Are you Vennela?
She is not Vennela. DD, get out.
-DD, get out! DD, no!
-Peace be with you!
-And with you.
Hey, find her quick, man.
Hey, don't. Hey!
Hey, Rohit! What are you doing?
Hold the line for a second, baby.
Is this Alekhya?
Hi, Roshan!
It's been two hours
since I spoke to you.
Do you know how
much I missed you?
My dad told me
not to talk to boys.
What a cheat!
Hi, baby! My dad is calling.
Didn't she say their surname was "culture"
and their street's name was "tradition"?
Oh, God! The girls are here!
Oh, please! Give me a kiss.
Hey, naughty!
A kiss?
Not now, when we meet.
No, right now.
You won't shut up until I do.
Why are the girls here so wild?
We are much better, Manohar.
No one can beat
you in the girls' hostel.
Why just the girls' hostel?
That guy who claims to be a
top hand at poker, that Laddu
Even if he comes here now,
there is nothing he can do.
Let's go back, bro. No, bro.
Can you please get up?
I don't know.
Hey! Who the heck are you?
What sort of show is that?
It's a duplicate. That was the wrong show.
Hey! What wrong show?
First, learn your game.
And then try talking.
Game Are you trying
to teach me the game?
Are you going to teach me?
I am the top player in the entire college.
It's the wrong show!
Why are you climbing the bench?
-You think you can scare me?
-Who do you think you are?
How dare you! How dare you slap me!
Let go!
Hey, remove your burqa first.
I will kill you today!
Hey, DD! Do you know
what Laddu is up to in the hostel?
Hey, wretch! I am not going to leave you!
Oh, my hair!
She is pulling my hair. Pull her away!
-Hey, let go!
-Hey! Stop them! Don't leave them.
-Where are you running away? Stop!
-This way! Come fast!
Don't spare them!
-Catch them! Stop, guys!
Hey, admit your mistake
and apologize to him.
Sorry, sir.
Hey! Stop. Come here.
You say sorry and scram!
Stand right here!
The punishment I have in mind for them
is beyond their imagination.
What will you do at the most, sir?
You will kill us in an encounter
and make our bodies disappear, right?
Make you disappear?
Why would I do that?
He is not a cop. He is just a principal.
That's all.
Just a principal?
Hey! You are not ordinary boys.
That's why I am calling your parents.
-Sir. Please, sir.
-Hey, move! Where is he?
-Where is he?
-He is in a meeting.
-Sir, I tried to stop him.
-Hey, stop him!
-Uncle, hold on.
-Who is your uncle?
Fine, "not my uncle. "
Are you planning to kill him?
It's not that, DD!
This idiot makes a mess,
and I am forced to bow before every fool.
-Is he talking about me?
-Are you cursing him?
No, sir. Not you, sir.
Please don't misunderstand me, sir.
Not me. He doesn't mean me.
Sir, my son is a very nice person, sir.
He is getting
spoiled because of him, sir.
Sir, I gifted him a chain
for his birthday, sir.
He removed its links
each time he drank
and reduced it to a ring, sir.
Uncle, it's your son who spoils me.
I come from a decent family, sir.
Wow! Decent family!
What does your father do?
He brews illegal arrack.
Illegal arrack!
-Your mom?
-Homemaker, uncle.
Housewife, sir.
-She just grows cannabis at home.
-It feels great, daddy.
Hey, how many times will you hit him?
Is he a bell in the temple?
Hey, send him.
Fine. I have nothing
to do with him anymore.
Keep him with you. Keep him, sir.
-Keep him with you.
-Hey, what do you mean?
-Excuse me. Hello!
-Keep him. I don't want him.
Keep him.
-Call him. Go.
-Sir! Wait!
-Call him.
-Sir, one minute, sir.
-I have nothing
-What was that?
-to do with him.
-Keep him with you.
-Is he your dad?
Yes, sir.
Why is he in such a hurry?
The last bus is at 11:30, sir.
Sorry, guys.
As you are all aware.
Our college annual day is coming up soon.
Hey, it's called a fest.
College Fest is coming up soon.
Who should constitute what committee?
The entire last night,
my Vice President
and I had a long discussion.
In the process, there were many problems.
But we overcame them all.
Finally, we reached our goal.
-Two fulls, right?
-Who told you?
He posted the story on Instagram.
Yeah! Two fulls!
Okay, we had drinks.
We are alcoholics at night
and workaholics in the day.
-So, what now?
-With dedication, we were--
-Why? It's okay, bro.
Coming to the committees
Aditya and Anurag.
Since you always butter the teachers,
you are on the Invitation Committee.
-Teachers' puppets.
Manoj and Laddu.
Both of you are on the Cultural Committee.
Plan some nice activities.
My two beautiful roses!
Reception batch.
Rose flower, rose water. Okay? Thank you.
My treasures!
Side, please.
Jenny and Ashok. My Treasury Committee.
Bro, JC College and we are celebrating
the annual day on the same date.
They have a college fund, bro.
-But we have
-No money.
How can you say that, sir? JC College
and we are conducting it on the same day.
-Still, there is no money.
If you say there's no money,
what are we going to do, sir?
Find some sponsors.
Our CSE Srinu has given
us a list of companies, bro.
You can take it and find sponsors.
That's all.
-Okay, bro?
-We will take care of that. Get going.
Okay, okay, okay.
Brother Laddu, give them the list.
Come on, boys and girls! Get to work!
There was a miracle
in Manoj's life as well.
Hey! Manoj!
Hey, Manoj! Hi!
Where were you?
Are you even alive?
No reply to my calls and messages?
What are you doing here?
-So, Sindhu is getting married!
Why did it take so long?
Couldn't you find a suitable match?
Of course. Your sister
is not as beautiful as you.
You haven't changed a bit!
Ma'am! Your order, please?
-I'll have one
-Cafe latte
with extra froth.
Two sachets of brown sugar.
Madam doesn't like it hot.
Get it lukewarm.
Lukewarm, sir?
Am I right, Shruthi?
No, man. I stopped drinking cafe latte.
Now I am having black coffee.
-I will have black coffee.
-Black coffee. It's a good choice.
Black coffee.
Masala tea for me.
It's a good choice.
What can we do when
people alter their preferences?
Chintu, have it slowly.
What happened?
Missing my mom.
I am so sorry.
My mom is fine.
It's just that she is in Kakinada.
I mean we have a long-distance
relationship, right?
-Hey, how can you joke about your mom?
No, no, no! Look at that mother.
No love in this world is purer
than a mother's.
She won't let a fly hurt her kid.
You have grown up like a bull.
You still can't eat properly.
What is this?
You are spilling it all over you!
-Oh, no! That's so brutal!
-Haven't you learned to eat?
Come on, Shruthi.
Come on. Let's go. Oh, no!
What you said is true.
Destiny made us meet.
I love you, Mom.
-I love you.
-So cute!
-Superb, right?
-I will have it.
We take Manoj for a big flirt,
but he is actually very sensitive, bro.
-Look how much he loves his mother.
Have you ever spoken
to your mom like that?
-We are not cut out for that, man!
-Take out your phone. Call your mom now!
-Yes, bro!
-You should. Do it! Now!
-Hey, my mom won't answer.
Bro! If you don't call her right
now, I will be hurt. Just call her.
Mom won't answer the phone now.
-I will show you. I will.
Hey, wait. I said I will.
Love should always be expressed, bro.
She hasn't answered yet, bro.
-Hello, Laddu.
Tell me.
-Hello, Mummy!
-Hello! Laddu
How are you doing?
I love you, Mom!
What mess have you made?
Hey! I did no such thing!
Oh! You didn't?
You are twenty years old,
and you say "I love you" today?
I am sure you are in a big mess!
Oh, God! Does Dad ever talk
nicely to you for two minutes?
Hey, did you know this?
-Hey, don't bring Dad into this.
-Your son is in trouble again.
-Mark my words.
-Don't bring Dad into this.
-He must be with a girl in college!
Don't bring Dad into this.
She hung up.
Hey, you have a mom, right?
You have a phone, right?
Why are you targeting me now?
Bro, statistically village moms
are very dangerous, bro!
Personally, that's why I never call.
He must have been involved with some girl
and got her pregnant.
Come on! He is not that brave.
Forget it.
-He is with a girl and got her pregnant?!
What is the problem?
I like the Physics professor, sir.
Will your husband approve of it?
Sir, if you can
please speak to him
And say what?
"The chemistry between the Physics
and Math professors is outstanding!
They like each other!" Should I tell this
to her husband as your broker?
Don't make me hit you.
I already have enough stress
because of our students.
Now, lecturers want to add to it?
Looks like the students
are coming here.
We will talk about this in the staff room
in the evening. Go!
These elders never understand love!
Darling! Let's just elope.
Who is going to take classes if you elope?
-Sir, students.
-Excuse me, sir.
Sir, I have an idea, sir.
Great idea.
I didn't tell you yet, sir.
That is what is great.
Okay! Tell me now!
We want to invite the
sponsor as chief guest, sir!
Who is the sponsor, sir?
-Why are you cheating, bloody!
-How is this cheating?
-Why would you strike the cock so hard?
-Are you crazy?
-We are winning by two points
-Get lost, you cheaters! I'm not playing.
Hey, Laddu! Don't play
with these guys again!
Hey, Jenny! Praise the lord!
You guys call this a game?
Mr. Ashok Kumar
We invite you as our Chief Guest
for the college's annual day on the 23rd!
Ashok it's time
for the sponsors' meeting.
-Let's go.
-A new movie is out.
-Let's go.
Meeting with sponsors, right?
I will finish this game and join you.
Thanks a lot
for donating four million to our fest.
Hallelujah, Jenny! Hallelujah.
What are you saying, Jenny?
The sponsors were here.
They gave us four million
in a single payment.
What do you mean?
You must be confused.
-Four million?
Who gave it?
The sponsor is from a big family.
They own big companies.
They were former students here.
We must have their photos somewhere.
Here they are.
Ashok Industries. Ashok Pharmaceuticals.
Ashok Estates.
He tells me everything.
He is my flatmate.
Ashok! You owe everyone
some clarification.
Can't you tell by his face?
The day he discarded the yolk
and had only the egg whites,
I knew he was rich.
Wait, Laddu! You and your egg story!
-Why aren't you talking, Ashok?
-What should I tell you, DD?
In 7th grade, my parents
Because of me.
Since then, whoever got close to me
did so because
of my last mane or my wealth.
So, I assumed everybody would be the same.
But one day, this guy DD
If you could shoot it from so far,
how passionately you must have learned it!
He reminded me of myself.
He bought me beers!
Is he someone who can
afford a jacket on his T-shirt?
He is an orphan!
Don't ever ask him for money!
Come on. It's on me.
The party will be a blast! Let's go!
Every time I get drunk, DD
-He made sure I ate.
-Hey, no!
When you drink and eat curd rice,
your cheeks will puff up.
-Just one morsel. My baby!
Are you done? Then leave.
When I first met Jenny,
she told me something, DD.
From today, this college is our home, and
the friends we make here are our family!
Luckily, I found you all.
I never had to tell you about it.
Eight thousand three hundred and forty!
The money I spent on your beers,
not knowing you were a millionaire.
Give it back.
I am not giving you a penny!
Hey! What is this, Laddu?
-Hey, Jenny!
-He will give you. Don't worry.
What's the problem, Jenny?
Why are you overreacting?
You know my mom, my dad,
and my younger brother.
Even his favorite ice cream.
But I know nothing about you!
Am I so insignificant?
It's not like that, Jenny.
It's not okay!
Hey, take a look at the girl in glasses
Try stopping her at Yellareddyguda
Give her a red rose in hand and see
Say I love you with glee before
Hey, she might either fall for you
Or she might chastise you
All you lose is your honor
If you miss one, you'll get another
A girl wearing black glasses
Hey, she might either fall for you
Or she might chastise you
All you lose is your honor
If you miss one, you'll find another
Look at the guy on Hero Honda bike
He flaunts his style in sunglasses
He proposes to you like Shahrukh Khan
He orbits you for a reply
Until his shoes wear out
And if we say okay, he invites us to OYO
But once we mellow, he wouldn't care hoots
And if we say okay, he invites us to OYO
But once we mellow, he wouldn't care hoots
He will trouble us until we melt
If we say okay, he invites us to OYO
Once we mellow, he wouldn't care two hoots
First, you allow boys to flirt
When they go crazy after you
You give them a cold shoulder
Their status always stays single
They have a girlfriend
Yet flirt with their own friend
You run the show as long as it lasts
Then you show your mom and dad
And marry someone else
You run the show as long as it lasts
Then you show your mom and dad
And marry someone else
You make fools of us and have fun
You run the show as long as it lasts
Then under the pretext of a career
You marry someone else
You run the show as long as it lasts
Then under the pretext of a career
You marry someone else
You really love him, right?
Why would you ask?
Manoj didn't look at another
girl during these three years.
How deeply you must have loved him
that he missed you so much?
Your sister's call.
Fine. Let's develop our relationship.
After all, she is my sister-in-law.
Shruthi, where are you?
No, listen to me first.
The groom's younger brother
is coming home tomorrow.
Are you okay with the match?
Don't give us a shock tomorrow.
Dad is already tense.
Okay, come fast.
Yes, Mom! Coming!
-Why are you barking like a dog?
Nothing lasts in life, bro.
Nothing is permanent!
Don't you say that! That's wrong.
In class six, Suresh went to Goa
and got a permanent tattoo done.
It's still good.
Bro! Let's go to Goa.
Hey, do have you any common sense?
He is so down in the dumps.
How can you suggest going to Goa?
Let's go to Gokarna.
There is also paragliding.
Is there no value for my emotions?
Why should there be? She has
come all the way from the US to India.
-In India, she came all the way here.
-Can't you at least go to her house?
-For what, bro?
-What do you mean what for!
To propose to her.
First, convince her dad.
Any girl likes a brave man.
-Pussy cat! Go!
-Get going!
Daredevil is coming!
-His father-in-law will gift him
-Sound of music!
-Sound of music!
Please, Dad. Try to understand.
You don't have to convince me.
That's just a proposal!
Throw it away.
Thank you, Dad, for being
so understanding!
I trust you, my girl!
If you liked someone, he must be a gem.
Thank you, Dad!
Thank you so much!
Thank you, Dad.
By the way, what is his name?
-Hey, why have you
-Don't worry, Shruthi.
Today, I am going to talk.
-I am going to talk to your dad.
I can handle it.
Uncle! I am a timid guy!
There was a fight going on
in our college canteen.
Everybody was running around holding
a cricket bat or a hockey stick!
But I went to the shop next door
and asked for a pen.
Oh! Great!
But today
my bike has two tires, yet I rode
with one wheel in the air!
-But why?
-Because I am adventurous!
Dangerous! I am a daredevil.
I am probably afraid right now.
Afraid that Shruthi may not come
into my life!
You don't have to be afraid.
Don't be afraid.
Sorry, Dad!
-You're like my mother. I won't lie.
-Dad! Sorry, Dad!
-I had 20 23 girlfriends so far.
-Dad, leave it.
-But Shruthi is my last.
Yes! I swear she is the last.
Hey! Control!
Sindhu, if my dad hears your sister
is going to marry me,
he will ask you why you are
sacrificing her.
My own dad doesn't trust me.
-But Shruthi trusted me.
-That's why you all must trust Shruthi!
I don't trust her!
I won't.
Who is this guy?
Where did you find him?
Dad, how do I say this?
How could you fall in love
with this kind of guy?
-Shruthi, are you in love with me?
Dad, he speaks foolishly,
but he is a good person!
What? What is so good about him?
-Shruthi do you love me?
-Yes, I love you!
I convinced my family as well! But you
had to barge in and ruin everything!
Good that he did.
Now we know what he is.
We don't want him!
You better forget about him!
-No! Listen to me!
-Say something, Sindhu.
Sindhu, say something.
Aunty, I will take you to the temple
if you want, and your kids to school.
Uncle, I will bring you tea
Uncle, we can just
drink beer if you want!
Uncle. I beg you. Please.
-Uncle, please. I beg you.
-Oh, no. What is this?
Auntie, sorry. Sindhu, please.
-Shruthi, you can't control him!
-Please, uncle. Shruthi
Go back two steps!
Fold your hands!
Finger on your lips!
Give him two whacks,
and he will be in control, Dad.
Don't be stressed about it.
I will manage this.
This could be an option.
Just one thing
Please make sure he doesn't
open his mouth before our relatives.
-Take care of that.
-It will be a disgrace.
They gave me three years.
For what? To forget her?
When you make a dig at me while
drinking my beer, I feel some rage inside.
Hey, Manoj! If you can't handle a joke,
how can you handle beatings
from your wife in the future?
Your sense of humor gets
sharper when directed at me!
Let's drink?
Come on!
By the way, where is DD?
Why do you look at me?
They are asking you. Answer them!
Hello, Vennela?
Hello! Anurag's father speaking.
Can you please call him?
One minute.
It's your dad.
Vennela hasn't called him
since we went to the ladies' hostel.
He wouldn't even eat and held on
to the mobile, waiting for her call.
Why didn't you tell me this?
Are you our team leader
to give you daily updates?
You were roaming around joined
at the hip, calling yourselves MAD!
You should call your friends once
in a while and check how they are.
Okay, bro. What do we do now?
Hey! Don't misunderstand me
for saying this.
I don't mean to disrespect
your friendship.
He's been in pain for four years!
Four solid years!
If he suffers one more day,
what is the big deal?
Chilled beers.
Let's drink them before they get warm.
No one needs to get judgmental, bro.
We can discuss this tomorrow!
Shall we drink?
Take a look there, bro.
He is alone
even in a crowd.
He's waiting for Vennela.
There is only one way to find Vennela.
Come. Let's show him. Come!
How about a smoke, DD?
Not in the mood, man.
Don't sulk. They'll think you don't want
to leave college.
Hey! I am worried
about whether Vennela will come or not.
Hey, let's keep Vennela's topic aside.
-By aside, I don't mean too far.
-Oh, okay.
There are so many girls here, right?
Who is the girl that makes you feel,
"I wish this were Vennela"?
What sort of question is that, bro?
Express your heart's wish.
Hey, take some pictures.
-How long should I wait?
-Are you taking me for granted?
I have no shortage of people.
But I have come for your sake.
Is this your necessity or mine?
Give me the money.
I will return the day after. Go.
Oh, God!
It's not that. Radha!
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Zilla Parishad School, Telugu medium.
Who wrote the notes for me there?
Don't you know the difference
between "D" and "P" yet?
She wrote "Pamopar" for Damodhar, bro.
So cute!
I am not saying she is the one.
somehow, I feel Radha
has all the qualities, bro.
-From here.
Go and declare your love for Radha, bro.
Vennela and everything
they are all graphics.
Don't go after them at all. Go.
Go, propose to Radha.
Look at that precious girl.
-Looks like she is waiting for you, right?
What's wrong with him, bro?
-Go on. Go and propose to her.
-What's up with you two?
-Go on.
-Go and propose to her.
You're upset that I'll be upset
if Vennela ghosts me,
and you are consoling me, right?
Vennela is really fond of me, bro.
She will come.
Vennela will come, and you will see her.
Hey, stop it!
Four years!
Were you fooling DD for four years?
Where is Vennela?
"How will I talk when I am gagged?"
He is spewing logic, bro!
This is a knife.
When you dip it in acid and stab
What will happen?
Your intestines will be burned to ashes.
Give me the hammer.
I swear on the cannabis my mother grows!
With my dad's illegal arrack as a witness!
You are dead today, you scoundrel!
You gag me and then try to torture me.
How can I answer? Mad idiots!
He is trying to be logical again! Again!
Where did you get that knife?
What about that hammer?
What is he doing here
wearing an apron like a cook?
Who is this hairy guy?
Where did he come from all of a sudden?
I don't know. We met him
in the farewell and brought him along.
Hey! I have come
to tell you who Vennela is.
What the heck is all this?
Who is Vennela?
Who is Vennela, brother?
Move aside, man! Move!
Hey, DD!
What happened?
Hey, DD! We have identified Vennela.
Who is it, bro?
-Come on, bro!
-Join us!
Tell me. Which SIM do you want?
-Good choice.
"It can change your life. "
Bro, I'm scared.
Don't be afraid, I'm here for you.
Hey, DD! It's our farewell today.
Everyone is enjoying. Let's enjoy.
Hey, increase the music volume.
Play "Happy Days, " bro!
Oh, my friend! The moist eyes
Was it you?
Come on, dance. Let's go
to the penthouse and talk. Come.
-Dance, bro.
Was that you or not?
Hey, DD!
Hold on.
-You want to know the truth, right?
The truth will be out.
It will be out.
The truth will come out.
Hey, Manoj! Tell him.
-You were the brain behind it. Tell him!
-Hey! What did I
-Tell him. You were the mastermind.
-What truth?
What did I do, bro?
Bro, don't frame me.
We discussed this.
We have done this together.
-Now you are betraying me.
-I did nothing.
He did 90 percent of it,
and I did only ten percent. That's all.
-Hey, don't say that.
He talks of ninety and ten!
Why, bro?
To be frank,
whatever you said in
the library that day, I was
totally pissed off, bro.
He will be after that girl from the
bus and will become mad one day.
I am a free bird, bro.
No girl will fall in love with me.
When he gets a girl,
he will know how it feels.
Why don't we bring her ourselves?
DD! Are you fine?
The handwriting is cursive. You know why?
Because girls have curves.
We need something solid.
I heard a female voice on the phone.
It was a girl talking.
There is an app called "AI Voice Pro. "
No matter who talks, it sounds
like an authentic female voice.
He was the one who got the idea.
Hey! I agree the idea was mine.
But the Idea SIM card was yours.
He was the one who called you first.
Do you remember?
-Are you a girl for real?
-Hey, stupid!
Bro, it's a girl.
From today, let's start our journey.
It's really a girl, bro.
You bloody!
-On the first day, it was him.
He spoke to you
on the phone the first time, bro.
Vennela is somewhere around.
Vennela! Please, come out.
-She won't come.
She won't come, bro.
She is fictional, DD.
Who told me over the phone
that I had leadership qualities?
It was me, DD.
I really like your leadership qualities.
She likes my leadership qualities!
DD! I really appreciate
your caring nature a lot.
You really are caring, bro! You are.
Word for a day.
You must learn
one English word daily from today.
She taught me English
every day on the phone, bro.
I am feeling melancholic.
I told you not to teach him so
much English. Look at him now.
He is going to extremes, bro.
-He says he even bought a gift.
-Manoj, bro!
They are teasing me, man.
I am shivering, bro.
I don't know how to face him.
What if we meet
and you don't like me?
I won't be able to face you
for three years after that, DD.
Sorry, DD.
Even in an ice cream shop,
you eat basic vanilla flavor, DD.
Because of Vennela.
Vennela likes DD!
Four years, bro!
Why didn't you tell me?
I tried to, bro.
Vennela! There is no Vennela!
Vennela won't appear!
-The real Vennela--
-Hey, Manoj!
He stopped me, bro.
What could I do, bro? He did it all.
He is going to the ladies' hostel, man.
Poor guy, man.
Let's do this.
Let's stop calling him.
He will go back to normal.
Actually, that
if we told you we were scared,
you would either kill yourself or kill us.
What makes you think
I will spare you now, bro?
Hey, Manoj! Keep looking at me.
Hey, your Vennela is here.
Manoj, run!
Hey, are you breathless?
Hey, Player Ashok!
I bought you beers
thinking you had no money,
and you shoved it up my ass? Bastard!
Hey! How did you become the president?
You became a president
because I taught you English.
Oh, what a great job!
He made me the president of India!
You taught me filthy words!
If you are a man, stay right there.
Don't come close. Stay away.
Are you crazy?!
You want to talk like a girl?
-Come here. Remove your jacket.
-Hey, no!
Hey, it's not for you.
Hey, DD!
-Not for you, it's for uncle.
-Not for me?
-Hey, it was for uncle, bro!
-Why did you call my dad "uncle"?
-Hey, hold on, man!
Get lost!
It's very different when a girl
calls my dad "uncle" and when you do.
-Hey, DD
-Nasty fellow! I will hit you.
Why are you guys laughing?
-We thought you were being sporty.
-Four years, bro!
Who pulls a prank
on someone for four years?
Do you know how hard it was for
us to be in a relationship with you, bro?
He spoke to you more than Shruthi.
I have been talking to you for six
hours, DD. Why won't you hang up?
Time simply flies when I talk to you.
Drop your antics.
-I need to have a shower. Bye!
-Which soap?
-Soap nut water.
Hang up! What do you care?
If I were to say men's soap,
he would die.
He is no less, bro.
He was in a relationship with Jenny.
Yet, he couldn't take it a step further.
No. I mean it was a nice prank.
Four years, so many calls
When you mention the voice app,
and I remember all this, I feel
-Very funny, right?
-My blood is boiling!
I mean, the prank was on me, right?
I am getting some wild thoughts, bro.
I am getting wild thoughts.
I feel
just for half an hour,
let's not be friends. Go away.
Hey, Manoj! Let's get out of here.
Okay, bro. Have some "me-time. " Bye.
Whatever it is, Manoj!
How crazy I was?
I believed
that girls' handwriting had curves!
Right? I felt the same
when I saw the curves.
All credit goes to Ashok.
Why should I take the credit?
Because you wrote the letter, bro.
He knows everything now.
Confess that you wrote it.
No, bro. You wrote it that day.
This guy got it the next day.
And didn't I look at you and smile?
You wrote it. He got the letter.
So, I smiled back.
I have run out of cuss words to
abuse you or strength to hit you.
Who wrote it? Tell me.
Bro! Don't.
Who wrote it?!
Radha! Stop!
I said stop! Radha!
Why were you eavesdropping?
Why are you so tense?
-Did you write the letter?
Why did you write the letter?
Why? Isn't this why you
are a soft target for pranks?
Hey, stupid!
Because I am also from Zilla Parishad
High School, Telugu medium.
I liked you right from our school days.
Otherwise, why would I fight with you?
Why would I give you money?
Then "Vennela" happened,
and I dropped out.
Now that I know there is no Vennela,
I am really happy.
don't expect "I love you" from me.
But that's the whole point.
One minute.
Hey, bro! It was Radha
who wrote the letter.
-Didn't I tell you Vennela exists?
She is my Vennela, man!
Good thing Radha wrote a letter.
Otherwise, we would be toast.
Be happy, bro.
If you are done with your love stories,
let's take a picture, man. Final photo!
Let's talk later.
Let's take a picture now.
You can study anywhere, man.
Online or distance
But do you know
why we should go to college?
We have certain friends in life,
those friends whom we feel
our lives will be much better without.
They are called best friends,
and we can find them only here.
At least, I found them here.
I, too, wanted to run away like him.
Not running away
was the best decision of my life.
That's why whenever someone wants
to leave, I come and tell them stories.
If you still want to leave,
the car is waiting.
I will drop you at the bus stop.
Tell me, Mom!
Are you on your way?
On my way to where?
I will finish my Engineering, board an
international flight, and then call you.
Okay? Hang up!