Mad Cats (2023) Movie Script

Excuse me.
Hey, what is all this?
I can't take it. I can't take it.
I can't take this anymore!
Shut up. I'll get you deported.
I'll pay the rest next week.
What's this?
Who's it from?
You're a worthless man.
Taka Kurosawa, listen to
what I have to say.
And believe it.
Your brother is being held
where you two found that cat.
Go save him.
Beware of the enemies there.
Make sure they don't spot you.
One more thing. You'll find
a wooden box there. Steal it.
Your brother is being held
where you two found that cat.
Go save him.
But there are enemies there.
Make sure they don't spot you.
Save your brother.
Find the box.
If they find you, you're dead.
Taka Kurosawa--
How long have I been pedaling?
Hey, Taka! There's a black cat here.
Make sure they don't spot you.
If they find you, you're dead.
You'll find a wooden box there.
That's high.
You're really here!
Why are you--
A woman on a tape
told me to come here.
- How come?
- No idea.
The wooden box--
Yeah, I've got it!
Taka, take the box
and get out of here.
- Run!
- What about you?
I'm fine. They're on their way!
- Where's the key?
- Run!
- The key!
- Just run.
Quick, or they'll kill you!
Get that box out of here!
I'm sorry!
I'll save the rest for later.
You're useless.
Huh? What?
Who are you?
What? What?
What are you doing?
Get away from me!
What? What?
Stop it! Get lost!
What the hell!?
Spare me!
Ow! My ankle!
No! Don't!
Stop it!
You took my can!
Thank you.
Who is she?
- No idea!
- And who are you?
No idea!
How long do we have to run?
- Why am I involved?
- I can't go on.
What the fuck? I'll kill you!
Hey! Look out!
Why are you reversing?
What the hell?
Thank you.
She's so cute!
Let's eat!
So good!
Aren't you gonna eat?
I'm not hungry.
Really? I'll have it, then.
Surprised you can eat.
- What's up?
- My nose is itchy.
Oh. So what did she say on the tape?
I don't know why, but...
she told me where my
brother's being held captive.
What does he do?
He's an archaeologist, and was
researching something abroad.
He disappeared soon
after he came back.
I think I heard about that.
He went to Egypt, didn't he?
Yeah. How do you know?
Heard it on the radio.
It's all I have.
My only link to the outside world.
But what was he researching in Egypt?
It was something about...
forbidden catnip from ancient times.
He was looking for it.
Forbidden catnip?
He really loves cats.
He used to have a black one.
You mean forbidden by law?
I don't know.
Something to do with Egypt.
I already tried to open it.
The forbidden--
Here you are.
He's spaced out.
I don't know what's going on.
They're after that box, and me.
And they want to kill us.
You two have to protect the box,
and save his brother.
I've come to help you.
Oh, I see.
I don't know what's going on.
It's all humanity's fault.
Huh? What do you mean?
The catnip of Bastet.
Your brother found it in Egypt.
In Egypt in 1000 BCE, there was
a cat goddess called Bastet.
She held a special treasure.
The forbidden catnip.
According to legend, any cat who
bit it would gain special powers.
Your brother, an archeologist
who loves cats,
went looking for it.
He found it really easily.
So he found it?
That's amazing.
- And?
- What the fuck?
What happened then?
The cat monsters stole it.
They hate humanity.
Here goes.
Huh? Me?
How's that?
My arm hurts!
Look at him!
Shoot her.
Hey! Gun! Gun! Gun!
It fell out.
I couldn't hit her!
Hey, wait!
What the hell are you doing?
It really hurts!
Hey, I didn't shoot you!
I dodged her twice!
My life sucks.
Hey, are you alright?
I'm sorry.
I wanted to fight, but...
you know, men shouldn't
go around hitting women.
You know the story about
the centipede and the cockroach?
A centipede and a cockroach...
lived together in a run-down apartment.
Just listen.
They were both single,
and did manual labor for a living.
Each day, they'd work until late,
come back to the apartment
exhausted, eat, then sleep.
One night, they happen to
get home about the same time.
Like "I'm bushed."
"Have you eaten?" "No, not yet."
"Me neither." Like that.
Then the centipede goes...
"I owe you from the other day,
so I'll go buy some food for us."
"At the convenience store."
There was a crummy little store
across the street from their apartment.
It was a few seconds walk away.
The cockroach was tired,
so he goes "Yeah, thanks."
"Get me a bento."
And hands him his wallet.
So the centipede goes "Alright."
And he heads to the store.
The cockroach, on the sofa,
turns on the TV.
Five minutes, ten minutes go by,
but the centipede hasn't returned.
"What's taking him so long?
It's just a few steps away."
The cockroach is now hungry,
sleepy, tired, and getting irritated.
Fifteen minutes, twenty minutes,
the centipede hasn't returned.
The cockroach gets worried.
"Maybe he had an accident?"
He can't stand just hanging around,
so he decides to go himself.
He turns off the TV,
stands up, and goes to the door.
And then...
the centipede's there,
putting his shoes on.
You know, like, because
a centipede has lots of feet.
What the fuck?
I was just trying to cheer you up!
I'm leaving.
I've been thinking.
Like, why am I here?
This has nothing to do with me.
I mean, cat monsters?
I don't know your brother,
and I don't know you either.
- But you saved me.
- I didn't do that to save you.
I was pissed that
she'd stolen my can!
Why do I have to sit here
watching you make eyes at her?
- What?
- You've got the hots for her!
No I don't.
You're acting like a soppy teenager.
I can't stand it!
Show me some respect,
you little shits!
What the hell?
My centipede and cockroach joke.
My wife and daughter loved it.
They'd always laugh,
no matter how many
times they heard it.
But you two--
My best joke.
My best joke.
The centipede and the cockroach!
What's the matter, old man?
Don't call me that!
My name's Takezo!
Noriko's husband,
Akemi's father, Takezo!
OK, I get it.
Don't give me that.
Trying to act like a man
to impress her? You're a coward!
- Coward?
- Yeah, a coward!
Begging her for help while
getting the shit beaten out of you.
- You were the same!
- No I wasn't.
I dodged her nunchucks twice!
You couldn't even do that once!
That's because, you know,
I'm against violence towards women.
The perfect excuse for a coward!
Coward. Coward.
Coward. Coward.
You bum!
I'm gonna kill you!
That's fucking gross!
I'm sorry.
Noriko, Akemi.
Come back to me!
No fucking way!
How did they find us?
The catnip's scent.
Damn, it's full of holes!
No wonder they could smell it!
You want this? You can have it!
No! It'll just make them more violent.
But this has nothing to do with me!
I got dragged into it!
Pull, not push.
Hey, our guns!
- Damn, I left them in the car!
- What a dipshit!
How could you?
They're right behind us!
Fucking dumbass.
You want this, right?
Hey, get away from me!
I'm sorry for...
neglecting you back then.
Sorry for not feeding you.
I'm sorry I didn't...
look for you after you left.
You must've been lonely
without my brother there.
Must've been tough.
If only I'd gone looking for you,
and taken care of you,
you wouldn't have joined them.
And it wouldn't have come to this.
- Quiet!
- I haven't said anything!
What the hell is this?
It's so fucking heavy!
I can't see a thing,
and it gets in my mouth!
- What does that mean?
- It means they're here!
Hey, are they still there?
- What?
- We have to do this.
What the fuck?
We did it.
- And I'll have the shrimp.
- No, save it for me!
- Taka.
- Brother!
I'm sorry. I failed.
It's OK.
Why am I here?
It's all my fault.
But I thought Ayane
and the others were dead!
Must be the catnip we left.
Cats have nine lives.
Nine lives?
They live nine times.
So what's the catnip for?
It's a drug that makes them violent.
- But who are you?
- Takezo, not here by choice.
Not here by choice?
This is scary!
Gun! Gun! Gun! Gun!
Safety! The safety!
Taka! Taka!
Hey, hey!
Ayane. Ayane.
Ayane. Ayane.
I'm sorry, Ayane.
I'll never leave you again.
Let's go.
It's over.
Ow! My shoulder.
After the hospital, can we
drop by my family's house?