Mad Sad Bad (2014) Movie Script

[Not everyone can like you.]
Lucifer: Good night.
Snow Wolf: Profile pic is gone ;(
SW: Whats wrong?
SW: You got weapons
creation spell to work?
SW: You ignoring me?
SW: You went to the spirit
summoning party without me?
SW: Ask Biho
Hes into telepathy lately.
SW: Congrats on possessed-hand spell.
SW: Whats the new spell?
SW: Lets go to
the next party together.
SW: His telepathy level
is over 60 now.
Can you open the shop today?
Ill be there after sauna.
I played soccer.
A GHOS Zebra: Hope I can telepath soon.
Katz: Tried once and failed. LOL
Herna: I got mine possessed last night!
Zebra: Is this the paper
talisman that brings true love?
Zebra: Its not working.
Sunshower: Shut up, losers.
You loonies are so weird.
SS: Shut up, losers. You
loonies are so weird.
Katz: Youre a loony.
Biho: What did she say?
Vivian: Reveal Sunshowers identity.
Vanilla: Choi Ja Won Daejung Jr.
High. A cheap whore.
Vanilla: This is the whores house.
Gemma: Lets go trash that place now.
SW: Guys, calm down.
Sunshower has left the chatroom.
Sunshower Taming a guardian spirit.
SW: Whatcha doing up?
SS: Going to bed now.
SW: Good Night SS: Night, Snow-wolf.
SW: You okay?
Im shocked that your phone
hasnt blown up yet.
Huh? Get your backpack.
Excuse me?
Youve got an interview
at an assembly factory.
Get your backpack.
I didnt apply for any interviews.
I knew you wouldnt do
anything if I talked to you.
So Ive talked with your father.
Youre my only problem.
So stop whining and just go.
Youd better turn that down.
Yes, sir.
Whos this?
Its only 2 P.M. and
your cellphone dies.
Whered you meet her?
You ignoring me?
I met her online.
Youre such a loser.
Where online?
Here and there.
How long did you date her?
Not for long. Weve been chatting.
How many times you saw her?
You two hooked up?
We just talk.
Shit, I got goose bumps.
The world of loners.
Youve never met her, but you like her?
Youre chatting with her
to get laid, arent you?
Keep it up for a week,
and if she doesnt give in, ditch her.
I chatted online with
this girl last week,
She came all the way to
Seoul just for a f---.
If youre through with
yours, just hand her over.
Dont tempt an innocent kid.
Got nothing else to do?
Take a nap!
Mr. Kwok Can you drive faster?
Wherere you going?
You cant just unplug
things without asking.
Im waiting for an urgent call.
Hello, Mr. Kwok. You came.
You little.
I apologize.
Its nothing.
Would you like to see the boys?
Sure, lets meet them.
SS: Help me.
Even if you go to college,
youll live off your
parents for 4 years.
Even if you get a degree,
Youll look for part-time jobs
and flip burgers somewhere.
So give it up early and
start making money.
Thats the wise thing to do.
You. Introduce yourself.
Excuse me?
Introduce yourself.
You dont know the first
thing about interviews.
Where do you live? What
do your parents do?
What do you want to be?
Wheres your ambition?
You should be eager to
get any kind of job.
May I be excused then?
Youre in the middle of the interview.
Mr. Kwok, why did you bring him here?
Im sorry.
SS: Help me.
You little..
We worked our asses off to
get you this opportunity,
and you walked out?
Wait a second.
Ill take this.
- Im waiting for an urgent call.
- Dont move.
Whatre you going be when you grow up?
- Can I call someone?
- Be quiet.
You little shit!
Just what in the hell is
in this thing anyway?
You shouldve taken care of it.
Whats with him?
F--- You
Please hook me up with Choi Ja Won.
SS: Help me. SW: Whats wrong?
SS: Did possessed-hand spell work?
SW: Trying but not yet..
SS: That sucks. SW: Its OK.
I know youll help.
SW: Guys, I think
Sunshower is in trouble.
SW: Shes asking for help.
SW: Cant we take her back?
Gemma: WTF?
Teddy: Whatcha talking about?
Herna: Whats with Snow-wolf?
Chom: We threw out that liar.
Vivian: If she comes back, Ill leave.
B-gen: I dont know whats up
but I wanna help Sunshower.
SW: Lets meet.
SW: Wherere you?
SW: Im here.
SW: Are you here yet?
BG: Sorry. Cant meet today.
BG: Lets just talk here.
SW: Whats wrong?
BG: Nothing.
SW: Okay. So youll help?
BG: Count on me.
Bo Hyun!
Hey, whats up?
Come out with us.
Get up.
I told you to hit the max level.
Didnt I, f---er?
Why dont you f---ing listen?
Get over here.
Im sorry.
Hold him.
Hey, hows it going?
I paid for Mr. Kwoks hospital bill.
Im done with you.
Go to school
or drop out and deliver Chinese food.
You do whatever you want.
I didnt raise you that way.
SW: Wherere you?
SW: I really want to help.
SS: You will help?
SW: Of course. Just tell me what it is.
SS: Whyre you helping me?
SS: Do you like me?
SW: Yeah.
SS: Really? I didnt know.
SS: When I sort out this mess,
SS: Ill think about it.
SS: You cant do it alone.
Can someone else help?
SS: Snow-wolf told me that youll help.
BG: You have my word.
SS: Im dating this guy.
SS: He says Im possessed
because of you guys.
SS: He doesnt let me use
the Internet or messenger.
SS: I wanna break up with
him but he wont let me go.
SS: He was the one who insulted us.
SS: Shut up, losers.
You loonies are weird.
SS: Save me.
BG: Ill help you.
BG: Youve always
listened to my problems.
BG: Now its my turn.
SW: You two must be close.
SW: Ill help you too.
SW: Can we meet and talk?
SS: Meeting isnt a good idea.
SW: Then how can we help?
SS: Kill him for me.
After 10P.M., minors must leave.
Please return home.
Lets meet.
By the way, have you met Sunshower?
You two seemed close.
Ive never met her.
What can you do for a complete stranger?
You like her?
Shes the only person who
ever listened to me.
She listened to what I
had to say till the end.
If youre scared, you can go home now.
I should hold him from the back.
Hey, hows it going?
Come in.
Usually, theres no one around.
So come over sometime.
Would that playground be crowded?
We meet at the entrance,
and walk in together.
Have you cut a piece of
meat with bones attached?
Maybe, we shouldve bought a saw.
He must be a really bad person.
Bad enough that She wants him dead.
Dont you have anyone that you want dead?
The kind you want to rip apart
but youre too weak to do it,
so your only option is to have
someone else do it for you.
SS: Im gonna see him.
We have to tell everyone.
About why were doing this.
SW: Misunderstanding regarding Sunshower.
SW: Incident log. The chatroom incident.
SW: Sunshower wrote insults.
She quickly left the chatroom.
SW: Members were enraged,
and the witch hunt began.
SW: I talked with her last night,
and the truth was uncovered.
SW: The one who wrote insults was
SW: Sunshowers ex-boyfriend!
SW: He talks shit about us.
SW: Sunshower remains a
loyal member of ours.
SW: So Sunshower, has decided
to break up with him.
SW: B-gen and I have decided
to help her with breaking up.
Teddy: Holy shit..
Katz: Im sorry.
Vivian: Cheer up, Sunshower!
Teddy: We had it all wrong.
Seobe: We were too harsh.
Wara: Lets invite her back.
Teddy: You guys kick ass!
BG: Were going out to the world.
SW: On our way to Sunshower.
SW: Guys, cheer for us.
Vivian: Real time broadcasting!
SW: Your support helps us a lot.
Nerweisen: Bring us victory.
BG: Today, we write history.
Teddy: Lets combine telepathy.
Vanilla: Prepare weapons creation spell.
Miho: So exciting!
Katz: My spells are no use here.
Katz: How much time we have?
Herna: Weapons creation
spell was worthwhile.
Chom: Came as soon as I heard.
Naomi: Sorry Im late.
SW: Thanks all for coming.
Thanks for coming.
I told you Ill protect you.
You sure you can do this?
We have a plan.
Were friends, arent we?
Thats right.
So you wait here.
Ill bring him out
and text you.
Lets set the time.
The time?
The time on our cell is all the same.
Thats right.
Wait here.
Wow, shes so hot.
One of us will date her. Right?
Maybe we should've taken
a photo together.
BG: Waiting for the target.
SS: Going now.
SW: Commencing Operation Sunshine.
BG: The target is right in front.
Wherere you going? You little..
Screw you!
We go now.
Ill tell on you.
Whats this?
We came to save Sunshower.
You must be
the losers that she chats with all day.
She was fine, and now
she talks like a witch.
Its all because of you,
you pathetic losers!
Whore you going to save?
Do you even know her name?
You retards!
Yeah, retards, get lost!
You brought me here to
meet these retards?
Come on!
Whatre you doing?
Hes still alive! Hurry!
This isnt working too well.
I dont know if its
okay to use this bag.
The colors different from
this districts bags.
We shouldve bought the
food disposal bags.
But its not Wednesday.
- Lets just clean this up.
- This?
You hold the top.
Nobody will know if we
put him away over there.
Stray dogs or cats might even eat him.
Right, Right.
One, two, three!
BG: We saved Sunshower!
Gemma: Send us pics.
Vanilla: How did you save her?
Katz: So curious!
Herna: Here comes B-gens selfie.
Rion: Wherere the pics?
Gemma: Is he unconscious?
Katz: Cool makeup. LOL
Rion: The blood looks so real.
Rion: So bloody.
BG: I can still smell the blood.
BG: This is the result
of all our efforts.
BG: Thanks for cheering for us.
Katz has left the room.
Teddybeans has left the room.
NaomiNia has left the room.
Biho has left the room.
Chomchom has left the room.
Nerweisen has left the room.
Its all right!
Its all right!
Its all over.
Weve cleaned it up.
You killed my brother.
Your brother?
You asked us to kill him!
To get rid of him!
How can you kill someone
just because I asked?
Im scared of you two.
Dont come near me!
But you asked us to!
Thats my brother!
He was bothering me, so
I wanted to scare him.
why didnt you stop us earlier?
You shouldve stopped us and you didnt!
And you wouldve killed me too!
Were friends!
Our friends in the
chatroom want you back!
We chatted a bit and
that makes us friends?
You just met me today.
Do you even know who I am?
SS: Help me.
Go away!
That f---ing bitch.
I helped her..
I helped her because she was a friend.
Whatre you gonna do?
Are you my friend?
SW: Bye.
Remove Sunshower from list?
Yes, thats Earth.
Its beautiful. As always,
it seems that way.
Whatever happens, as if
nothing ever happened
Earth always looks fresh and blue.
Thats our planet Earth.
My life is also always fun.
Especially, when I start my day
I always feel grateful to be alive.
Grateful to be alive?
Did something happen?
Yes, indeed.
Zombies have appeared.
No one knows how it all started.
Some say pollution others
say contaminated food.
They give so many reasons.
it wouldve been weirder if they havent.
Anyways, infections
sparked chain reactions.
People killed and got killed.
Seeing-eye zombie
Luckily, the vaccine was
invented very quickly
Due to Special Legislation
or Zombie Act,
Zombies under treatment
now live among us.
Industry Temp worker Status: Poor
But how can humans be at ease?
Safety distance: 1M
Status: Warning level
M Plastic Surgery
That one just crossed several lines.
This is where I work.
Here, you can also find
zombies everywhere.
What can we do? We need workers anyway.
TM-28. Pills for erasing memories.
They often take them.
Im sure they want to forget.
They mightve eaten their own parents.
Convenient, dont you think?
Take a pill, and gone the ugly truths.
But this bastard took too many.
You zombie bastard!
Did you forget again?
What did I say about being late?
That piece of rubbish.
You think this is your playground?
Why even bother getting the treatments?
Youre beyond hopeless,
zombie piece of shit!
Whatre you looking at? Get back to work!
Go back to the concentration camp.
Shit off all you want
and eat your own shit.
Live that way forever, you dirty zombie!
F---ing bastard.
What the hell do you want?
Thought... you... might be... thirsty...
Do you ever see me take shit you give me?
You two are pissing me off.
Hi, this is Manager Youl.
And you!
Stop flirting with me.
- Sir! - Wherere you?
- Area 1 Zombies have gone crazy!
- Area 1?
Were one.
We have to fight against
the discrimination.
We have to open a new
generation of harmony.
Lets rebuild.
Lets unite.
We can do it together.
From Make Safe World Movement HQ
Thats your talent?
Yawning and sneezing at the same time.
Whats wrong with me these days?
Whatre you guys doing?
Youd scare us humans
carrying that kind of shit!
How dare you two fool around at work?
You little...
You zombies sure eat like one.
You want to do what we do?
And you.
Is flirting your hobby?
Whenever and to whomever,
you just flirt, dont you?
Ive been watching you two these days.
I need to separate you.
So I wont see any of
this zombie melodrama.
Im going straight to HR.
Clean the top!
You stupid zombies..
Move away!
Everywhere else is fine,
but the eye color hasnt come back.
Yes, I know I need to be patient...
Its all right!
I feel somewhat comfortable, in a way.
Oh, about the chance of
a secondary infection.
No, I accidentally
grabbed some kids hand.
I heard that we, infectees
are prone to that.
Wait, wait.
Thank you, Yeo Jin. I feel much better.
Im sorry.
Is it okay if I called
you by your first name?
Well, chicks are supposed to be fussy.
Are you stupid?
Cant you tell the difference
between hating and being fussy?
I hate you.
I really hate you!
Come to...
the garden... in spring.
Theres... wine
and sweethearts...
In... the pomegranate blossoms...
do not come...
these... do not matter...
So you zombies want to
make a fool out of me.
Do not talk! Do not think!
Theres nothing you can
do about it anyway!
Do not dream! Do not try!
Just live the way you live now!
Work! Work!
Do not remember! Do not ever try!
Youll be gone soon anyway!
Move! Move!
Stop, you bastards!
Move! Hurry up!
Hurry and move!
I said move, You stupid zombies!
Hurry and run!
Move, stupid!
I said, move!
Whats wrong with you? Line up straight!
Keep order!
You worthless zombies!
Have a good day.
Have a good day!
Shes got a temper just like her father.
I know you were trying to do a good job.
Go apologize to her. No questions, okay?
If she rats us out to
Human Rights Commission,
itll be a pain in the ass. Understand?
Yes, sir.
See you later. Cheer up!
I really hope
you dont tell anyone about this.
Everybody says
itll be a pain in the neck.
What else?
I didnt do this on purpose.
Im sorry.
Im sorry.
Im sorrier.
Im so glad that
I got to tell you this.
Very good!
Once she goes to the camp, its over.
Diagnosed as incorrigible
and now shes culled.
She wont be able to tell anyone.
You know how she didnt look so good?
Turns out she never took TM-28!
Which caused secondary
infection due to stress.
Oh, and the one that kept hitting on her?
He also went to the hospital.
When she was sent to the camp,
he took 30 pills at once.
I cant tell if he was
trying to die or forget.
With the dose he took, we can never tell.
Those crazy zombies!
This is why I hate you!
Youl, will you hand me a spray can?
Im here!
Right here!
Are you yawning or sneezing?
This is my talent.
Thats your talent?
Yawning and sneezing at the same time?
Thats cute.
Lets have some noodles.
Are you stupid?
Cant you tell the difference
between hating and being fussy?
I hate you.
I really hate you!
- Werent we in love?
- This is why I hate you!
Fine. I loved you.
So what?
what am I supposed to do?
I feel suffocated.
You make me feel so suffocated!
I remember now.
The day our love ended,
the world became swarming with zombies.
Its all right!
Its all right!
A little after I go out,
you run to the opposite direction.
You live on.
Promise me!
Come to the Garden in Spring.
Theres wine and sweethearts
in the pomegranate blossoms.
If you do not come
these do not matter.
If you do come
these do not matter either.
Im here!
Right here!
Right Here!
Infected patients in the center
must be accompanied by a guardian.
Thank you for your cooperation.
You know,
if you dont want to do it,
you dont have to, sir.
Thank you so much, sir.
I saw you,
Im sorry that I didnt recognize you.
I lived until now just to see you.
But even when I saw you,
I forgot about everything.
Im sorry.
Im so sorry.
Its all right.
My story ends here.
And voil.
Is it a bad ending?
What do you think?
Ill keep pace with you.
Lets try one more time.
Dont be anxious.
- Are you okay?
- Pil Suk.
Soo Min.
Soo Min.
Han Soo Min!
All right!
Ill go.
Its time to go potty.
Hurry up.
Get up.
Wee wee...
Mom, why did you have a kid like him?
I didnt know either.
Mom, you make my life so difficult.
Koreas 1st rocket, Naro-1,
launches in 2 days.
This is her last chance.
Mom, what do you think?
Youre great.
Mom, like this,
Ill be the class representative.
Come and eat.
Dong Min, come here.
Put this down for a second.
Come on..
Whats he saying?
How would I know that?
You know him better.
I dont know.
Kids communicate better with each other.
Dong Min, baby.
Lets eat.
Excuse me?
I called you earlier.
Ah, yes.
Soo Min, help your brother eat.
You want to run a laundry shop here?
- Yes.
- Please come in.
You said the shop is 500 sq ft.
but it looks a bit small.
Its because Ive blocked the storage.
You have to eat your beans
so you can grow up fast.
Please come in.
We were just having breakfast.
This is the kitchen.
- Thats the bathroom.
- Im going to school.
Soo Min, come straight home after school.
No way.
Theres a bus stop right outside.
I cant wait to read it!
Read what?
Coppelias Kiss Volume 7.
Did you reserve it?
Not yet.
You shouldve done it, I have.
By the way, isnt that guy handsome?
He looks like the leading character.
And he has a great voice.
The guy from the book rental shop.
Kids in my class go there
every day to see him.
Isnt he cute?
Really? I didnt notice.
Hes so cute.
Come over here.
You want to try this?
You come here every day.
I wanted to see if Coppelias Kiss Vol.
7 has come out.
Did you reserve it?
No, not yet.
You want to read it first?
It came in a day early.
Ill let you read it first.
In return,
you have to bring it by 10 A.M. tomorrow.
You can, cant you?
- You promise?
- I promise.
You have to bring it back tomorrow.
Thank you.
Pil Suk, youll protect
me no matter what, right?
Of course!
All I wanted was to dance with you.
Well leave for a place
where no one knows.
Soo Min.
Soo Min!
Lets go potty.
Put this down.
Come on.
Good job.
Come and eat.
Say, ah.
Eat your beans.
Dong Min.
Dong Min, you look so
handsome after a bath.
Soo Min, I need to make deliveries.
Dry Dong Mins hair, would you?
I told you I have to meet a friend today!
You did?
What did you put on your lips?
Dont you know that I
always go on Saturdays?
Which is why I told you last night!
No way!
You can meet her this afternoon.
Ill be quick.
Ill switch with you soon.
Dong Min is alone. Ill be back soon.
Im so sorry. Good girl.
Dont come out.
You wont ever see these again.
Let go.
Stop it.
I said stop.
Stop it!
Let go!
Im sorry.
I dont know this girl too well.
She begged me so I couldnt say no.
Woon Ah, Im sorry.
Please look at me.
Whyre you so late?
Give me that.
I came here early this morning for this!
Im sorry. Ill pay you back.
You have money?
I dont have it now.
But Ill bring it.
Youre really bad.
You broke your promise.
Im sorry, Woon Ah. Would
you like a sweet potato?
Hey, wherere you going?
Soo Min. Come and sit.
We almost got into big trouble.
If I didnt come home in time,
our house was about to burn down.
Soo Min.
Dong Min is sick. You know that.
So we have to take care of him.
If we leave Dong Min alone,
we dont know what might happen.
Thats why we need to move.
Well move to a place where
Dong Min can go to school.
Why? Therere schools here.
Dong Min needs to go to another school.
No, Im not going! Im
not leaving my school!
Come here.
If you were sick
Dong Min would help you
and take care of you.
Im not sick.
You could get sick.
Im not sick.
Dont do this.
Ill do this!
Youre a good girl.
No, Im a bad girl!
How can you cry after what youve done?
Didnt I say Ill be back soon?
I told you not to leave Dong Min alone.
Whatre you going to do?
Ill do it again.
Dont you see that your brother is sick?
Dong Min.
Baby, its okay.
If you do this again,
Ill get really mad.
Answer me!
Please dont do this.
Youll hurt yourself. Dont do this.
Hold on.
Dont do this.
Its all right.
Its all right, sweetheart.
Wherere you going?
Why do you care?
Baby. Its all right.
Its all right.
All aboard.
Weve arrived.
I cant go.
Thanks for the invitation.
I told you I cant. Please
go with someone else.
Oh that? Its done.
Ill bring it over right now.
Soo Min.
I need to make a delivery.
Take care of Dong Min.
Its a special day so no beans today.
Lets go on a picnic.
Moms busy, so its just you and me.
Fun, right? Lets go.
Thats dirty. Get up.
Come on.
You cant eat that acorn.
Drink it.
If you behave well here,
you can be great like
that monk over there.
Repeat after me. Food.
Please give me food. Try it.
You cant be loud here. Okay?
Brush your teeth well. Okay?
Play with fire here, youll
get a whipping. Okay?
Im leaving now.
You finish eating this. Okay?
Use this money to buy
some food later, okay?
Bye then.
Dong Min! Wherere you?
Dong Min!
Where are you?
Dong Min!
Dong Min!
Where are you?
Dong Min!
Dong Min!
Where are you?
Dong Min.
Dong Min.
Dong Min.
Where are you?
Dong Min!
Hey, kid.
Is there a hospital nearby?
Is there a hospital nearby?
I dont know.
Are you okay?
Can you hear me?
Cho Hee, look at me.
Cho Hee, you cant die!
Wake up, please.
Please dont die.
Please open your eyes.
Wake up.
Its all right. Its not your fault.
Its all your fault.
You did this, didnt you?
I didnt do it.
Then who did?
Dong Min!
Stop it!
Dont go near him.
Dong Min!
Stop it!
Dong Min!
Dong Min, run!
Dong Min.
Dong Min.
Dong Min.
Today, Naro-1 successfully launched.
She will contact the
satellite at 3:27 AM.
Korea became the 11th of
the global space club.
Where have you been?
Dinner is ready.
Come and eat. The food will go cold.
Whatre you doing? Come on in.
Dong Min.
Werent you worried that
your sister was gone?
Come and sit.
Put your backpack down.
I bet youre hungry.
Eat sausages, your favorite.
Dong Min. Eat.
Dong Min. Tofu.
Say ah.
Fine, dont then.
Whatre you doing? Hurry and eat.
Stop that.
That wont hurt him, hes an alien.
Is it good?
Hot, hot. My teeth hurt.
This isnt going to work.
Dong Min,
lets eat.
Eat up.
Come on.
Good boy.
You have to chew well.