Madalena (2021) Movie Script

What's wrong with people?
First it's "good morning, good morning,"
Now there's dead bodies...
In the group.
Who wants to see that?
What is it?
A photo of a dead person.
- A man.
- Ugh...
That's why I left that group.
All they send is nonsense.
Everton, that dummy.
D'you see Josi?
She's crazy, isn't she?
Becoming a cop and all.
Hey, she's got a steady job for life.
Yeah, right.
She was always saying that
she wanted to study law...
Now she's a police officer.
Well, she's doing well by herself.
Now she can pay for
her own motorcycle.
She's not going to sweat
to pay it off like you are...
Let the girl earn her money.
She looks pretty in uniform,
doesn't she?
The water's out again.
And you're out of medicine, Dad.
Gotta go to the clinic.
Take me to the medicine lady tomorrow?
Where've you been?
What do doctors know, anyway?
And tomorrow, Friday,
we'll be waging war on evil.
All evil will come crashing down,
in Lord Jesus' name.
Don't matter if the evil
attacking your body,
your life, your house,
is physical or spiritual.
Evil wants to destroy you.
Come destroy that evil tomorrow,
on Friday.
I know who I'm voting for.
I know who I'm voting for.
I know who I'm voting for, and it's her.
I know who I'm voting for.
I know! Sandra Bellini, candidate 471.
Sandra Bellini for senator,
she'll make everything better...
Here's dinner, Grandpa.
Make it stop making noise.
The battery's dying real fast.
It's dying fast 'cause you
won't stop playing that game.
There you go.
Check the lotto for me.
Is it today?
Already happened.
Got a feeling that I'm rich
and I don't know it.
You always play the same number.
That's just how you win.
I've been playing that
number since I got here.
Only 11 and 36 came up.
It's been a while since
you've been back south.
40, 50 years, I dunno.
And you don't miss visiting your relatives?
Uh-uh. No, I wanted to get out.
Tomorrow I'll take you
to the medicine lady.
You can wait here.
I'll let you two in in a sec, ok?
How's it going, Aguinaldo?
All right?
- Hey.
- Hi there.
- How's it going?
- All right, you?
You can't park here.
Oh, no? Why?
Because this is the emergency exit.
- Are you going in?
- Yeah.
Are we going in, right?
Well, park over there and get in line.
We don't stand in line, sweetie.
No... Is Leonardo there?
It's just me here today, man.
Lemme ask you something.
That bike parked over there....
It's parked there because
it's your fuck buddy's, right?
It's parked there because it's your man...
Want me to move it for you?
No, no need.
You don't need to do that.
So leave.
- What, we can't get in...?
- Just go.
You gotta take a hard line
with these assholes, Aguinaldo.
How old is he, Marcinha?
And what's his name?
Ah, just call in,
say you've got a meeting at his school...
You had to schedule some appointment...
It'll work.
Like they'd agree to that.
When you're getting hired,
it's all that paperwork...
But then they can fire you just like that.
Might not even get severance.
Just call the meat-packing plant...
And tell them you're doing a one-off job,
to pay for tickets to see
Fernando and Fernandes.
That'll definitely work.
Oh, you bet, they're gonna
give everyone the day off.
I mean, I've already got my ticket.
Don't you all?
I've got mine.
Wish I could.
Jana's still got some tickets.
Yeah, I do.
How many you need?
Depends on how much it is...
Jeez, that's way too much.
There's a discount.
I don't qualify... Ain't easy.
If someone at the start of this year,
told me I'd have to go out
and samba in a soy field...
At least you can samba. What about me?
C'mon, girls!
Cmon, girls, we dont have much time.
Michelle, Luziane, Leticia,
and Carol, come on out.
Everyone else get ready
and I'll be back for you soon, ok?
Grab one and let's get going.
This has to be real quick.
Let's go, let's go!
Over here. Watch the mud.
Step where it's dry so
your heels don't go in.
Faster, girls!
From the VIP box I see my target
Gonna hit the dance floor and make my move
Watch out, nanny boys,
I'm the alpha goat here
I'm the gladiator of love
I'm the tractor, I'm the saw
I knock 'em all down,
spraying my love around
I'm the gladiator cowboy
and the bed is my arena
The girls go wild when they see my armor
Kiss on the lips, bite on the neck
One touch of the spur and I make ya crazy
I'm the gladiator cowboy
and the bed is my arena
The girls go wild when they see my armor
Kiss on the lips, bite on the neck
One touch of the spur and I make ya crazy
I'm the gladiator cowboy
and the bed is my arena
The girls go wild when they see my armor
Kiss on the lips, bite on the neck
Come with your cowboy, I'll make ya crazy
Hey, Luzi.
Where's today's money?
Did you talk with Madalena?
Did you get the money from Madalena?
Do I gotta yell?
Where's the money?
Here in the bag.
I thought you weren't coming.
Been here a while?
What'd you say at work?
You know...
Said I had to take Gu
to the clinic 'cause he had a fever.
But they wanted a doctor's note.
They're going to take it out of my pay.
But hey, fuck it!
Do you believe in spirits?
No, of course not.
Spirits... I believe in flying saucers!
I even saw one the other day.
I was taking a video with
my phone at the quarry...
This weird zig-zag showed up in the sky.
Like a trail.
Definitely a flying saucer.
They say that out here,
it's easier to see them.
It's harder in the big city.
I want to get out of here, Luzi.
Just waiting for Gu to get bigger.
Then I'm going to take him
and go out in the world.
Try something else.
There's no use leaving here, Ma.
- Everywhere's just a different shithole.
- I dunno.
At least here you can see flying saucers.
There's the boys...
Big whoop.
You going into town today?
Want a ride?
Mom asked me to help out
with some campaign stuff.
A senator, huh? You're up next, boy.
You crazy?
I'd become a priest before
I got into politics.
Yeah, right.
Fuck off, Gildo.
Soon you'll be all up in Braslia.
Ah, go fuck yourself.
That's not it.
You sure?
Sure I'm sure.
It's a different plant!
I'm going to take a picture.
The leaves are larger.
This zone's clear, anyway.
You take lot 4, I'll finish this one up.
You're such a flake, dude.
I've been waiting down here
for like half an hour.
What's your phone good for, anyway?
That's the one that'll bulk you up.
Don't flinch, you pussy.
It's the same one I use.
You'll get ripped.
So did you talk to Gilberto?
Jesus, Cris. I'm talking to you, man.
Hes out of town
How was that land you went to look at?
Awesome, man. Seriously. It's huge.
I think we'll be able to build a gym,
like one of those big-city ones, you know?
It's gonna be wild.
We can do three floors.
On the first floor we'll put some...
Ropes at the back, tires in the front.
Maybe we can even do a...
Dance studio to see the girls dancing.
It'll be sweet.
Take it off. Your T-shirt.
This right here is going to bulk you up.
You'll get huge.
Ask them to hold on to that plot of land.
Weren't we going to sign this week?
I have to go to the farm every day.
Dad's worried about the
pests on Katia's farm.
He wants to harvest right away.
What about your mom?
She's campaigning, bro.
Dude, why do you have
to go out there every day?
The farm's going to be
mine one day, isn't it?
Wave of murders alarms locals
You all wouldna killed a single one.
There was so many pigs,
you couldn't miss.
Look who's talking,
you ran away from a garter snake.
Like hell I did!
Hey, Mr. Cristiano.
Check out all these pigs.
20 wild pigs and the guy
only brought one, Mr. Cristiano.
Look who's talking.
- Who killed this one?
- Gauchinho.
One shot from the back of the truck.
Bulls-eye, Mr. Cristiano.
- And where'd you kill it?
- Edge of the forest, near lot 4.
I was coming from HQ
when I saw the path they'd made,
All the plants trampled down.
I grabbed the dogs and went after them.
Got real close, and bam!
- Lot 4?
- Right in the head.
Yeah, lot 4, Mr. Cristiano.
- I weeded out all those pests...
- Lemme say something.
Don't go over there anymore.
But Mr. Cristiano,
the plantation's going to hell...
If you go there, you're out.
You got me?
11-year-old girl reports abuse
by grandmother's boyfriend.
Now let's hear the latest from the livestock
and agricultural markets in Mato Grosso.
Here, you can listen to
the top plays of the week...
all that and much more after the highlights
from the weather report.
Civil servants in...
Located on the banks of the Dourados River,
on the road out of town,
the body remains unidentified.
Fines for deforestation in Mato Grosso
do Sul are estimated at R$60 million.
Metrpole FM,
the radio that listens to you.
Men's boots for R$139,90,
buy three, get one...
Record soy exports,
expectations are that sales...
All, right, so, my friend Gislaine
from Vila Paran
wants to know if Capricorns
are compatible with Capricorns.
A young man involved with drug trafficking
is killed in Sorriso.
Bianca, who listens to the station,
got in touch with us
to try to find her friend Madalena,
who's gone missing.
She lives in Cana 2
and was last seen on Wednesday.
Why don't you leave your
goddamn phone on, boy?
Talk fast, Dad, I'm going out of range.
I'm out here on the farm.
Roberto said you haven't started yet.
What'd I tell you before I left, Cristiano?
Let's just wait a bit. I'm dealing
with some problems here.
What's there to deal with?
Start harvesting today, boy.
The soy's not at R8 yet, Dad.
It's not ready.
Give it five more days.
Do you want to waste your only harvest?
Just do it.
Nestor said that if we double the
dose, that'll do it.
Did he say that worked?
Yeah, and Ktia says so too.
Ah, that one can't even
take care of her own farm.
- But Dad, if we...
- Quiet, Cristiano!
You're going to harvest tonight.
Start at lot 4 and then go to number 6.
The soy over there's ready to go.
D'you hear me?
You seen mom today?
Just this morning. She...
went over to the committee.
I want to get her a new phone as a present.
I sent you a picture. Help me choose.
Let her choose.
Guess so.
I'm just going to choose one.
She can swap it later.
I'll talk to your mom about it later, then.
Bye, Dad.
Bless you, son.
- What the hell, man?
- Get in.
- What's up?
- Close the door.
- What's going on?
- What the fuck is this?
- Shit, man...
- What is this shit?
Relax, man, I've seen that before.
Sometimes there's an allergic reaction,
but it'll clear up in a week.
You know the bar's back there, right?
Everyone's there, Cris.
My things, too.
Y'know, I don't think
this is from that stuff.
It's stress.
Where's the land?
You know where it is.
I'm talking about the number of the plot.
- Why d'you want to go there now?
- Is there anyone around?
Bro, what are you talking?
Never mind, let's go out to the farm.
Could you go out there
now and dig a hole?
Bro, what are you doing?
Stop the car, Cristiano.
Stop the fucking car, man!
- Fuck you.
- Get out.
I'm getting out.
Fuck you, you sick motherfucker!
Is your name on the list?
You pay at the cashier.
- Hey. Is your name on the list?
- Yeah.
Whoa. Slow down, boy.
I have to show you something.
Show me what?
Come with me.
Help me with this, Gildo. Please.
Hes lost it
It just showed up over there!
I'm fucked. It wasn't me, Gildo.
It wasn't me, Gildo.
Mom's campaign is fucked.
She's done for.
It's right over there, Gildo!
C'mon, man!
Run! Run!
I'm gonna get you! Run!
How's it going?
Let me see how it's coming along.
Ugly, isn't it?
Oh, get lost!
And... Your embroidery was
coming along real nice.
No, it was awful ugly.
So I hear you need to borrow a car...
You can take my car.
Your ears are sharp, huh?
- It's my late husband's car.
- Uh-huh.
Can you get me a smoke later?
You're no good, Dona lolanda,
but I love you. You know that, don't you?
Don't miss Sandra
Bellini's victory barbecue!
You voted right,
and now it's time to celebrate!
Saturday, at the So Camilo Church.
Senator Sandra Bellini's victory barbecue.
Finally, honey.
- Hello!
- Hello.
How's it going?
Been waiting a long time?
What do you think?
All right, girls...
We just have to finish...
Packing up,
and then we'll grab what's left.
Right? There's not much left...
And let's not take too long,
because I have to get back to work.
Today I start at four.
Check this out, sis.
Wow! Where was that?
Beautiful, isn't it?
I never saw Madalena
wearing this dress.
She wore it at Andressa's baby shower
Don't you remember?
I didn't even go, honey.
Didn't miss much.
- Tell her the story.
- What story?
About that thing.
It was Tiffany, Bianca, and me.
And Madalena, who was completely out of it!
You know when you're beyond drunk?
We had to bring her back here.
Put her in bed just like a princess,
'cause she was so little.
So then she got up in the middle
of the night to pee...
She was so fucking out of it, honey,
that instead of going to the bathroom,
She took a piss in the fridge.
She opened it up and pissed right in there.
- Unbelievable.
- I can't believe it!
- Ugh!
- No way!
She opened the door, pulled out the drawer
like she was lifting the toilet lid.
And she sat down and pissed.
So gross!
And I drank that water.
Was she drunk? Yeah.
Did she forget where
the bathroom was? Yeah.
But honey, she'd never stop being a lady.
Yeah... we'll drink gutter water before
we drink water from that fridge.
We made fun of Madalena forever
because of that.
I love that story.
You awake, Sleeping Beauty?
Feels like we're still in the same place.
We're almost there.
So are you all going to have a party?
I don't know yet.
We're still deciding whether
I'm going to move to be with him...
And are you going after him, like a dummy?
Look, Francine, a flying saucer!
- Where?
- Ah, it's gone!
But keep looking...
Eventually you'll see one,
and at least you'll distract
yourself in the meantime.
what's there for her in this city?
And you think she can get a job over
there like the one she has here?
Travestis hang on to what they've
got, sister.
She's hanging on to her boy.
And he's going to use her up,
until he finds another
travesti or even a cis woman.
Then he'll run out on her.
Babes, I don't know if you noticed,
but I'm right here.
I can hear you.
So take advantage of my presence
and mind your own business.
- Thanks.
I know Bianca, she's always
getting into these messes.
Just so you have an idea, Nadia:
he was even married to a woman.
Got a kid and everything!
I'm going to be a transtepmom!
- That's so great!
- I'll believe it when I see it.
This time it's serious.
And what was Robson, then?
I can't believe you dug that up!
I was saving that one.
He was the love of your life
and it didn't last two months, honey!
Ah, honey. But this time we've been
together for two years.
So it's completely different.
Oh, honey, come back down to earth.
You're a witch, right?
Go read people's fortunes.
- Yeah, read my palm, witch.
- Give me your hand.
Wow, your nails are looking gorgeous!
Fabulous, right?
I've got some fancy clients now, y'know?
Rich ladies who pay well.
Yeah, I'm doing great.
Is the class expensive, Ndia?
I was thinking...
We should help Tiffany take that class.
She's busting her ass at that call center.
The problem is,
it's expensive to get started.
The products,
the electric buffer, the dryer.
But I'll pass it on to Tiffany.
- Stop, stop!
- What?
There's an anteater. Stop.
Let me take a video, Bianca!
- What anteater? Are you crazy?
- Bianca, stop!
Ugh, Francine!
What's your problem?
For fuck's sake, Francine!
Ah, where'd he go?
Did you make that up?
Of course not, are you crazy?
I was going to take a video!
I can't see anything.
What's wrong?
This piece of shit won't start.
Now what do we do?
Hey, Miss Eco-Tourist!
Call your fucking anteater
to get this car started!
Calm down, let me try.
Oh, right. I forgot... I can't drive.
Are you shitting me, Francine?
Honey, this marriage thing
isn't doing you good.
Ah, Francine, get off my ass.
If you got fucked over,
that's not my problem.
You got it? I'm not you.
Bianca, men are men. Soon enough
he'll be treating you like trash!
C'mon, now, stop fighting over men.
I'm up to here with it!
You're just saying that
'cause you're a dyke.
You think that everything that comes out
of your mouth is funny, huh?
Relax, let me try.
It's not going!
So how was it at Madalena's?
What's there to say?
We went over...
Got whatever was left,
put it in a box, everyone took something...
And that was it.
Francine took some clothes from
when Madalena was about 12.
That was the only stuff that fit on her.
What about the cat?
He's mine!
Yeah, right.
Like Madalena would ever leave
her baby with you.
- No way.
- Good luck.
Even the cockroaches
are starving over at your place.
No joke.
It's slippery!
Watch out!
Are you okay?
Watch your step here.
Ever seen the butterflies around here?
Hey, look.
Look how pretty!
It flew away.
How's the water, Ndia?
Is it deep over there?
Yeah, but it's fine.
Come on in.
Ah, later...
In a bit.
Stop, you whore!
It's divine!
There's piranhas in the river
now, watch out!
I'm a mermaid, honey!
Poor thing!
For real?
You don't have enough tail for that, honey.
Ugh, there's a spider!
Don't fight, you two!
Hang on! That'll be a great picture.
Let me get my phone.
She's having a jungle princess moment.
Panther, jaguar.
Where'd I put the goddamn thing?
Ugh, where is it?
- How am I supposed to balance?
- Hang on, I'm finding it!
Hold on!
Ah, I think I'm stuck.
Help, I'm stuck.
- What?
- I got stuck.
Brazil is the country with the highest
number of transsexual murders in the world.