Madam Yankelova's Fine Literature Club (2017) Movie Script

Sophie, lift it up.
Lift it up ! Show some flesh, lift it !
Whoa... No way.
- What happened ?
- Forget it, he was fat and old.
- Stop !
- What are you doing ? Are you crazy ?
- We need a ride.
- Get out of here you old hags.
These old hags, if you give them a
ride, will show you such a good time...
Milk will come out of your ears.
What's holding you back ? You should
come with us. There's a party.
There's music, there's good food,
there are young girls...
- Young girls ?
- Young girls.
Come on, hurry up.
You owe me one.
"The peddler stayed with the lady."
"Not in the old barn,"
"and not in the room for old things
that were no longer used."
"No, he stayed in the..."
Being late is unacceptable in our club.
Very handsome...
What's going on ?
You said young girls.
You like them young, huh ?
The ring doesn't stop you
from looking for young girls ?
- I think I'll have to pass.
- No, you don't...
Hannah, clean it up.
Get up !
Official members of the club
do not clean.
We have sanitation ladies for that.
If it wasn't for Hannah,
this man wouldn't have been here.
Sophie, stop talking nonsense !
I didn't help her at all.
After winning her 100th trophy
at the "Woman of the Week" competition,
Official club member Devorah
was accepted to the House of Lordesses.
The senior lordesses
warmly welcomed the new member.
This week, the House of Lordesses
members enjoyed a variety of activities
such as pedicures and manicures,
innovative facial treatments,
lounging by the pool
and listening to records
in the presence of Madame Yankelova.
Meanwhile, the women of the
Housekeeping and Sanitation Department
had a workshop led by
the head of department, Babushka,
on the perfect cleanliness
of toilets and sinks.
The winner of the club's
"Woman of the Week" competition,
who brought the worthiest man,
making this her 98th trophy
is official club member, Sophie.
Excuse me, her 99th trophy.
A picture from the days
when you were still young and pretty.
- Good night.
- Thank you.
- Good night.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
When is your friend coming ?
We need to start thinking
about our future, Sophie.
- It can't go on like this.
- What are you talking about ?
You will soon understand.
Once they'll put you in the Sanitation
with me, then you'll understand.
- You are not young anymore.
- Sanitation ?
One more trophy
and I'm in the House of Lordesses.
Just because you won today,
thanks to the man whom I persuaded,
doesn't mean you'll make it
next time.
It's been five years since
you last succeeded.
Don't you understand it
means nothing ?
Next time you'll bring an ugly man
again, and you're doomed.
Don't you understand this
thing is meaningless ?
It's just a piece of plastic.
That's what it is.
Look what you've done.
I'm leaving.
Are you coming ?
- Sophie...
- What ?
I'm sorry for breaking your trophy.
Good night !
"Agnon Writings Researcher
Wins International Prize"
What is going on with you ?
You'll destroy your nail.
What do you want me to do ?
It's 6:45 p.m. and there is no one
here worth looking at.
Will you join me to search
behind the strip club ?
You've wasted a whole week
for nothing.
- Look, just what you need.
- I don't stand a chance with him.
- Hello !
- Hello !
- Need any help ?
- Yes.
I'm looking for "The Piano Teacher"
by Elfriede Jelinek.
Excellent book...
Sophie, that's just for you.
Come take him
to the prose shelf, please.
- Thank you, I'll find it on my own...
- Just a moment ! Where are you going ?
Come and meet, this is Sophie,
look at her skin...
Her skin is like Carrara marble, huh ?
I think I'll manage.
Come on, Sophie,
go for it !
Run, what are you waiting for ? You
want to be stuck with this old man ?
Go on !
Excuse me ?
I thought to myself,
maybe you like...
Viennese literature. Modern.
If you asked for that book,
I wanted to invite you...
If you want to come with me to the
Fine Literature Club, we're reading...
- Tonight we're just reading...
- I can't make it tonight.
I'll continue searching.
Hannah ?
Hannah ?
Hannah !
Hannah ?
"No more sanitation for me.
Take care of my Pedro."
- How old are you ?
- 23.
Do you like literature ?
Is this your man for tonight ?
Hannah didn't help you this time.
- Where is she ?
- Where's who ?
Your friend, Hannah. Where is she ?
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the Fine Literature Club,
established by Madame Yankelova.
It is time for dinner.
Cordial greetings to the official
members of the club
and their companions.
Cordial greetings to my deputy,
Lordess Razia.
And of course, cordial greetings
to the House of Lordesses,
the elite members of the club,
headed by Lordess Zipporah Bluma.
Today we shall read a special book,
which I greatly admire, but first,
I would like to thank our friends,
the Housekeeping
and Sanitation Department women,
headed by Ms. Babushka,
who always care for us,
and will continue to do
so throughout this evening.
Where's Hannah ?
Today we shall read a story
which I love very much.
A novella.
"The Lady and the Peddler,"
written by Nobel Prize Laureate,
Mr. Shmuel Agnon,
the greatest Hebrew novelist.
"A certain Jewish peddler was
traveling with his stock"
"from town to town
and village to village."
"One day he found himself in a wooded
region far from any settlement.
"He saw a lone house."
"He approached it, and standing before
the door, he called out his wares."
"A lady came outside
and spoke to him..."
"But whatever food she tried to eat
she would throw up,"
"for she had already forgotten the
science of eating ordinary human food,"
"as it was her practice"
"to eat the flesh of her husbands,
whom she slaughtered,"
"and to drink their blood,"
"just as she wanted to do
with the peddler."
It's a waste of time,
no reason to measure him.
To the crows.
It seems that once again, as usual,
aside from a slight slip last week,
the trophy goes to Lola.
Babushka needs help
in the Sanitation Department.
Hannah disappeared.
Sophie to Sanitation.
When did you last see Hannah ?
- At the library.
- Was there a man ?
Love is a four-letter word,
two idiots and one broken heart.
But you never listen !
How long will it last ?
A week ? Two weeks ?
She is old and fat.
To betray your friends,
just like that ?
It's the last time you bring
such a man.
If you don't bring a man with a minimum
score of 8.8 to our next meeting,
you will be permanently assigned
to the Sanitation Department.
Hannah's position is now open...
I'm on my 99th trophy, one more
and I'm in the House of Lordesses.
So it's all up to you now.
Bring an 8.8, and you might win
your 100th trophy
and move to the House of Lordesses.
Bring an unworthy man
and you will be permanently assigned
to the Sanitation Deptartment. Got it ?
And Golda awaits you
at the hot dog stand,
today was Hannah's shift.
Pedro !
I was waiting for you.
Your shift ended ages ago,
where were you ?
I'm just setting up the house,
come on in.
What is she doing here ?
We assumed Hannah
won't need her house anymore.
We didn't want to leave
you all alone.
With all the work at the library
and with the dog.
Good thing she took her
stinky pigeon.
From now on,
you do not take your eyes off her.
Do not leave her alone,
even for a second, is that clear ?
Where's Hannah ?
Let go of her.
Don't worry. We'll find Hannah.
And Sophie,
Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock...
The clock is ticking.
One more week,
and it's welcome to the Housekeeping
and Sanitation Department.
What's the rush ?
Excuse me.
We make sure to lock
the trellis door as well.
Can I help you ?
Yes, I'm looking for a book, I'm not
sure if you have such books here,
"I Was Colonel Schultz's
Private Bitch."
You're in the wrong place.
We don't have such books.
But I'm sure we can find something
else that will interest you.
It's time for the afternoon cleaning.
Can't you see I'm busy ?
You do it.
See this ? This isn't just decoration.
I'm the one in charge here.
Leave her alone !
Old witch.
Hello !
I'm looking for...
That's me.
Hello !
I'm Lola, may I help you ?
Hello !
My name is Yosef.
Nice to meet you !
I'm writing an essay
about Agnon's short stories
and I heard you are
an expert in the field.
- I wouldn't say an expert...
- I'd be happy to help.
I've also read quite a bit of Agnon,
what is your favorite book ?
Can we sit and discuss it now ?
You claim here that in Agnon's work
there's a basis of folk tales,
but I don't understand
which stories you refer to.
- What ?
- Nothing...
This Thursday we have a meeting
of the Fine Literature Club,
this week we will be reading Agnon,
exactly for people like ourselves.
I found this between the shelves.
Didn't you say it's supposed to be at
the back ? What was it doing there ?
Waiting for you to clean.
Excuse me,
I apologize for this behavior.
Oh, I'm sorry !
Forgive me...
Forgive me...
Let me clean this for you...
It's fine, I'm okay.
No, leave it, it will leave
a stain, it contains bleach.
No worries, there, it's over.
Regarding what you said before,
an evening at a literature club
sounds very nice.
Library Staff Residence
Men strictly forbidden
Hello !
Can you hear me ?
Any idea when the bus is coming ?
Hello ! Can you hear me ?
I'm drowning here. Can you at least
let me in the stairway ?
- Can you hear this madman ?
- So what ?
Maybe we should let him
in the stairway.
Sophie, as a senior member,
I'd even say very senior,
you know men are not allowed
in the residence.
What's this ?
That's a competition I used
to take part in...
Love is a four-letter word, two idiots
and one broken heart.
Last one was five years ago.
Why did you stop ?
Please don't touch this.
Thank you.
Can you fix that ?
Do you have something to eat ?
Are you okay ?
I'm really sorry about the power cut.
If you want,
I can come back with tools to fix it.
No, you can't come back here.
You're not allowed to be here.
Men are forbidden in the residence.
Who's that ?
A woman I used to know.
I think you can't go back outside now,
but you have to leave before dawn.
You can't be seen here.
What are you doing ?
Do you have a plier ?
I'd like to fix the electricity.
- No, I don't have a plier.
- I'll have to come back with tools.
You shouldn't even be here.
- Will we meet in the library ?
- Just get out quickly.
My neighbor could be here any minute,
please leave.
I'll see you in the library in a bit.
"Spatial Text in Agnon's Writings"
by Kafri
- Your doorbell isn't working.
- The electricity went out.
Call the Repairs Dept.
so that I won't be late because of you.
Do you mind ?
Did you call the Repairs Dept. ?
I won't be late again because of you.
It's time for afternoon cleaning.
Are you coming ?
- What are you doing ?
- What ?
You're putting two cards
in the same book !
Did you call the Repairs Department ?
No excuses tomorrow.
- Repairs Department, good morning.
- Hello, speaking.
I would like to report a power cut
in staff residence A/538.
No problem, we can come this evening.
What time is good for you ?
Hello to you too...
How did you manage last night ?
It was cold outside.
What's up, sweetie ?
Can't you see I'm busy ?
Wait for me there.
I found an article I wrote about Agnon,
I think you will find it helpful.
I can also tell you some secrets
about Agnon.
I'm at the counter.
Wait a moment,
I wanted to ask you something.
Excuse me !
You can't enter the library with bags.
I'll put it in the locker.
Not tinned sweetcorn.
My back hurts.
Should I come over
with my tools now ?
In the article you gave me,
you wrote that...
"Agnon has an intertextual clash"
"between the text
and its infrastructure."
Where do you think this can be seen
in "And the Crooked Shall
Be Made Straight"
or in "The Lady and the Peddler" ?
Wait for me at the station,
until I give you a sign.
Hungry ?
- And wet.
- Come in, we have two hours.
Are you not eating with me ?
"What difference does it make to you
whether I eat or drink ?"
Yeah, sure.
"The Lady and the Peddler," correct ?
We will be reading it
at the club this week.
Your friend, Lola, also invited me
to come with her to the club,
but I told her I'm already going
with you.
You have to leave, I'm sorry.
Wait a moment.
"Meet me where we used
to watch the stars."
Another schnitzel ?
I'm really sorry, Sophie.
Haim wanted to make sure
nobody is following us.
- What ?
- You didn't even say goodbye.
I couldn't take it anymore.
I couldn't take it, clean for them,
serve them, I just couldn't.
And then Haim came.
There is a thing called love in the
world. And love is a wonderful thing.
Come with us.
Run away with us, Sophie.
You can find a man too.
A man who would love you,
hug you, give you a kiss.
Let's run away, Sophie.
Come with me, Sophie.
You can't run away from them.
Sophie, I called you here because
I want to ask something of you.
I need money. Not much.
I need money for plane tickets,
Haim wants us to get away.
Please, I have no one in this world,
except you.
I'm worried he'll start asking
what all these rings are.
Sophie !
Sophie !
Lola, go to the library,
I'll be right there.
Come on !
It's already eight, come out.
Leave a few minutes after I do
and shut the door.
- Come.
- Excuse me ?
I thought we always make
sure to lock the trellis.
Hannah ?
- Hannah !
- There's no one here.
I can't sleep.
- Let's go.
- Why aren't you locking it ?
And the trellis ?
You were right.
She's not as innocent as she seems.
I found hundreds of pictures
of her with different men.
Every picture is signed:
"Fine Literature Club."
Can you run a check on this ?
Yosef ?
Why did you lock ?
Tell me, that literature club,
it's tomorrow, right ?
Did you touch this ?
- I have to go back to the library.
- I'll join you.
No, don't come with me.
- Why ? I want to continue my research.
- I can't help you today.
So can I come here tonight ?
Last night...
I suddenly fell asleep.
I'm sorry, but men are not allowed
in the residence.
Meet me at the park at 10 p.m.
What is this ? How many husbands
have you buried, ma'am ?
Your secret weapon to fight wrinkles
- For everything, 5,000.
- Fine.
That's not for you.
- How much is it ?
- It's not for you...
It won't help you at this stage.
Give me 200 and it's yours.
- Are you sure she didn't meet Hannah ?
- I'm sure. I was with her 24/7.
The money is for Hannah.
- They'll probably meet tonight.
- No, not tonight.
Tomorrow evening.
They have some kind of a club meeting.
Yosef, drop it. Go to the library
and don't take your eyes off her.
- Yeah, but listen...
- Focus on your mission, find Hannah !
Hannah !
Sophie !
I thought you wouldn't come.
Did you bring the money ?
- I have to go.
-Sophie, please, come with us tomorrow.
Come, run away with us.
Sophie, it's your last chance !
Go without me, okay ?
Tomorrow I'm getting my 100th trophy,
I know it.
Wait a moment.
This is my number in Paris,
at the Metropol Hotel.
If you have a change of heart,
I'll be waiting for you there.
- Goodbye.
- Sophie !
Take care of yourself.
Sixteen to one, sixteen to one,
get to location point 137.
Well done, Yosef.
- You caught a dangerous criminal.
- If only you knew what is going...
I am meeting at 10 p.m.
to find out about that club.
- Again with that club ?
- Razia, something is going on there.
I found a picture at her house
of someone who I think is missing...
Drop it.
Go home, Yosef. You caught Hannah,
you've done your part.
- Something is going on there.
- Be at the station tomorrow at 8 a.m.
I have a new case for you.
Do you still have our class photo
from the police academy ?
- Yeah.
- Give it to me.
Who's this ? Him.
That's Schlesinger.
You don't remember him ?
- Where is he ? Have you seen him ?
- Has anyone seen him ?
He's missing, no one has seen him.
Yehoshua, bring me case 653/Schles.
I was working in the archives back
when your father was in the police.
I know, Yehoshua.
The file is empty.
That's really strange.
Let me check the listings.
That file of yours which disappeared
was signed out and retrieved
this morning by...
Commander Harrari.
You know anything about it ?
Razia ? Let me see.
Yehoshua, I need another
missing person's file.
Please give me my father's file.
I'm sorry I'm late,
I've had a rough day.
Me too.
Let's go for a walk ?
Come on.
Wait a moment.
I'm sorry I was late.
"My lady lives all alone. Has she no
husband or friend and companion ?"
"And if I told you,
do you think you would understand ?"
I just recently read a funny
saying about love.
"Love is a four-letter word,
two idiots and one broken heart."
Funny, isn't it ?
I think whoever wrote it is a coward.
Scared of loving, scared of feeling.
Would you run away for true love ?
For true love ?
I'd run all the way to the moon.
And our outstanding "Woman of
the Week," with her 100th trophy,
which grants her eternal membership
of the House of Lordesses, is Sophie.
I think you should leave.
And it's not a good idea for you
to come to the club with me today.
- But why, what happened ?
- It's just not a good idea.
I'll come to the library tonight,
and we'll go to the club together.
- May I ?
- The charge is per minute.
Telegram Service, hello.
Hello, I would like to send a telegram.
to Paris, the Metropol Hotel.
"Dear Hannah..."
"Dear Hannah,
I'm finally doing it."
"I can't believe this is happening
to me, but it is."
"I found the man I love..."
Sorry, wait...
Please correct:
"I found a man, and we're in love..."
"We're on our way to you."
Yosef !
Hey, what are you doing here ?
- We can't go to the club.
- What do you mean ? We said we'll go.
We just can't go there.
- We need to go away right now.
- Okay... okay.
- Give me a minute, I'll get my bag.
- No...
I wasn't considering going with her
even for a moment,
I wanted to test the limits
of your patience.
I get it.
And now, knowing you
have pretty good stamina,
I ask myself... if it's possible for me
to join you, to your literature club.
Of course.
Of course.
- To the airport.
- Right away.
- Keep driving.
- Ma'am, are you crazy ?
Ladies and gentlemen,
you are now welcome to dinner.
Today we will read a story
that I love very much.
"The Lady and the Peddler"
by Mr. Shmuel Agnon.
"A certain Jewish peddler..."
What's going on ?
Oh, Yosef,
I'm glad you could make it.
Did you want to say something ?
With your permission, Madame Yankelova,
today we shall tell a different story.
A fairy tale, if you will.
Once upon a time,
there was an aging librarian
who didn't believe in love.
One day, she met
a handsome man who seduced her
and made her believe
that true love really exists.
She was ready to sacrifice
all her friends for him.
Friends who did everything for her.
And all for what ?
To find out that he's one
of my detectives.
The detective I sent to catch Hannah,
the same who thought
"love" would save her.
Who thought she could betray us.
Any last words ?
Love is a four-letter word,
two lovers and one whole heart.
Hang them.
Hannah !
And back to our story. Our librarian
was blinded by love's temptations.
She was ready to betray us, ready
to destroy everything we believe in.
Don't believe me ?
Would you run away for true love ?
For true love ?
I would run all the way to the moon.
So forgive me this time,
my dear Lola,
but despite you being the one
who brought to the club,
I would like to announce the winner
of our "Woman of the Week" competition.
The woman who helped
us capture Hannah,
the woman who got to come
to our club,
for the 100th time,
The "Woman of the Week" is...
Sophie !
Now Sophie,
after learning first-hand, again,
that there is no love in this world,
you have one last chance
to be forgiven
and join the esteemed
House of Lordesses.
Listen to me...
- Any last words, Yosef ?
- Sophie...
Sophie, I beg you, Sophie...
Take the picture out of my pocket.
Take the picture out
of my pocket, Sophie.
Take the picture out of my pocket.
Look at the picture.
That is my father.
He disappeared when I was a baby.
I'm sorry Sophie, I had to lie to you.
It was my only chance to get here today
and find out what happened to him.
Such pleasant memories.
Yes, Yosef, your father
was a very handsome man.
I think it was my 36th trophy.
Am I right, Madame Yankelova ?
- Another "love" story.
- Don't listen to her, Sophie.
Don't listen to her.
I didn't lie
when I said that I'd run...
All the way to the moon !
Journeys through space.
Around the world in 80 days.
Make a decision,
it's either you, or the "Don Juan."
Let him go.
Release him.
You will pay for this.
Come, follow me, I know...
Is there any chance
you can roll that barrel over ?
Run !