Made Guys (2016) Movie Script

How ya' doin'?
Today, Investigators
report that the Clemento
brothers, Paul and Paolo
Clemento, who stand
as prominent figures
within the Italian-American
community in the winded
city are under investigation
after a large shipment of
Marjuana was discovered
within the confines
of a milk packing plant
under their ownership.
They ain't nothing but
nosey pieces of shit.
They ain't got nothing.
They ain't got nothing?
Really? They ain't
got nothing then why
are they writing it in
the papers, huh?
This fucking dope
shipment that you
were supposed to watch!
Pauly, take it easy.
My fucking son's an
idiot. He fucking shamed
us. He's a fuck up.
Hey! You're a Clemento,
so fucking act like it!
He fucked up, that's why
we've got Sal here. Tell 'em.
We got all of our guys
under watch right now
so we can't do shit.
We gotta lay low. But.
We can maybe send
someone to start up some
roots in a different
city then maybe we can
forget about all this
bullshit and move
on to more lucrative
operations elsewhere.
Where are you talking about?
Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Never Heard of it.
Been there. Ugly broads.
What the fuck is in
Fort Wayne, Indiana?
Not much, okay.
Heroine, meth, pot, whores.
Fucking ugly whores.
But it can be more,
I mean think about it,
we go in there and make
some moves. We can
increase our revenue
based on taxation. We
can tax the local
syndicates take a cut of
their buisness all
we gotta do is shake
down the local talent,
get 'em on our side.
What's the local talent Like?
Are they gonna put up a fight?
So what?! They're
fucking hilbillies, what
the hell they gonna do?
And if anyone decides
to go against us, we buy
'em out or take 'emout.
Just like everyone
else that fucked with us.
You got somebody in mind?
Bobby Palamino.
Bobby The Butcher?
Jesus fucking Christ
I didn't think he
was ever getting out.
You think that's a wise idea?
We send him to Fort
Wayne, have him walk their
streets, make his own
moves. If he takes on
the right people I think
he can take it for us.
Okay, this is what
we're going to do. We're
gonna party all weekend
long. Sunday night
we're gonna ship him
to Fort Wayne. You go
with him, Joey, but
you pick the crew. I don't
want anybody wet
behind the ears.
You got it, Pops.
It'll get taken care of.
You sure this is a
good idea, Pauly?
What options do we
have? Huh? Sal's right, what
is a bunch of inbred,
hilljack, dog fuckers
gonna do against
some wise guys like us?
(alarm clock)
Eddie. Eddie. Eddie!
Ah! Dammit!
Gina, you know I hate that.
(alarm buzzing)
Fucking batteries!
(alarm buzzing)
Uhh, haha okay I'm up.
How was your weekend?
Awful. Went to that
new place with Frankie.
Ended up going home with some
coked out fucked white chick.
No it wasn't. It was awful.
It was a terrible
time. I got whipped.
I got spanked.
And I got inserted.
You got what?
Yeah, yeah. This chick
she stuck her finger
up my butt. And just
as I think the nightmare
is finally over, I got
her bent over I'm giving
it to her, some little
shit terrier jumps
up on the bed and
starts licking her
nipples and she
likes it so I keep going.
So you banged a broad in
a three way with a dog?
You gotta stop hanging
out with Frankie.
Why am I up this early?
Jerry gave us a hit.
We're gonna make
ten grand a piece today.
Jerry must really wan 'em dead.
Yeah, some prick
trying to strong arm 'em.
He's not having it.
Wants us to take him out.
You know Marty, the bartender?
Yeah, I know Marty.
He called Gerry, he's
got a little problem.
You know his daughter Suzie?
Yeah she works at the bar.
Yeah, she's in the hospital.
What? why?
She OD'd on some bad shit.
She got from that Danny
kid that hangs around the bar.
Alright so we gotta
go shoot Danny?
Well, you know how
Marty is. He doesn't
like that kind of shit
so he asked us to,
you know, rough
him up a little bit.
Maybe run him out
of the neighborhood.
You know, Suzie
is a real nice girl.
Yeah she's a good kid.
Yeah, I don't know.
I feel like this guy
deserves something
a little more than that.
Ok Eddie, get to the point.
What do you want to do?
I don't know. Maybe
smash his hand up
with a fucking
hammer. I don't know.
Maybe shoot him in
the dick or something.
No. No.
No? No?
We're not shooting
him in the dick.
Sound like a good idea to me.
No, it's not a good
idea, Eddie. You shoot
him in the dick he's
gonna die. If he dies...
You know Marty, he's
gonna take that really
hard, you don't want
to do that to him.
Okay, well we won't
shoot him in the dick.
We'll just rough him up a little
bit and we'll see what happens.
(Muffled) Hold your
fucking hand still, jerk
off. Hold that, hold
that fucking hand still.
You gonna sell drugs
to kids anymore?
Huh? Fucking drift punk.
Stay down!
You feel better?
Yeah. Hang on to that.
Be right back.
What the fuck. Hey. Hey!
What are you doing?
Alright. Look I know said
I wasn't gonna do this
but I've been thinking about
it way too much. You know?
You don't gotta fuckin' do that.
Yeah, I know. Just want to shove
this in his balls a few times.
Make him really piss
his pants you know?
Eddie, that's not necessary.
Trust me, its gonna be fun.
Be right back.
Two minutes.
Hurry the fuck up!
(Gun shot)
Eddie! What did you do?
What the fuck did you do!?
(car door opening)
How do you like your hot
dogs? No mustard right?
Yeah, they're the
best hotdogs in town.
You just shot a guy's dick off
and now you want to eat hotdogs?
ScoffsWell, it
is kind of ironic but you
know I'm sorry okay.
The gun just went off.
Give me the fuckin' hot dog.
Heh heh heh heh
What the fuck is wrong with you?
(car driving)
Hey, uh, you got the thing
I asked you to hold onto?
Yeah. Glovebox.
Ahh. Here's my baby. So
what's the make on this guy?
He's a bigger guy.
Broad shoulders,
brown hair. Mid to late 40's.
The fuck are you doing?
Still got half a chub from
shooting that guy earlier.
Wait you got a hard on?
Yeah a little bit. You never
get a kill boner before?
The fuck's a kill boner?
You shoot a guy your dick gets a
little hard. What's
the big deal?
What. What?
Get out of the fucking car.
The fuck is your problem?
You're a sick piece
of shit you know that?
You get hard when
you shoot people?
What the fuck is
the matter with you?
Don't be such a pussy foot.
Here we go.
You sure this is the place?
You sure?
Yeah, that's what Gerry told me.
Ah shit.
The door's locked.
Ah hang on.
Jesus Christ, Eddie,
you're fucking old school.
Yeah, I come prepared.
Alright. Watch my back.
Yeah, I got you.
(shower running)
Nice pad.
No not bad. Kinda sissy though.
Check the kitchen.
This guy's got a garden
magazine in his house.
What kind of wise guy
has a garden magazine?
I don't know. I like gardens.
Yeah, I like them
too but I don't
have a fucking
magazine about it.
Yeah, me neither.
Hey, I think he's in the shower.
Yeah, you want to stand outside
the door wait for
him to come out?
Yeah sure.
(shower running)
Eddie, I think you need therapy.
Uh, what are you talking about?
Because you get hard
when you shoot people.
Ah Jesus.
No don't give me that.
Don't give me that.
Just forget about it okay?
I would love to forget
about it but my sister's
husband, my best
friend, who kills people
with me for a living, gets hard
when he does it. That's fucked.
Not every time. I mean...
Any time
It's one of those
things that happens.
It's not one of those
things. I've never
gotten a hard on
when I shot somebody.
You need psychiatric help.
Hey, look I get excited
about something I
can't control where
my blood flows, okay?
That's the wrong
kind of excitement,
my friend. That's not right.
Look, okay let's just kill this
fucking guy and get out of here.
Let me worry about my dick.
- [sigh]
- alright.
(shower running)
Hope you washed
between the ears.
(Gun Fire)
(shower running)
That was fucking stupid.
Fuck you.
Go check the body. Asshole.
(shower running)
Hey, Tony.
I think we got a problem here.
Get out! Get Out!
Tony: Ow! What the fuck!?
Get the fuck off me. Eddie!
What the fuck is that!?
Jesus, look at the fucking
size of that thing!
Damn. I didn't know
your boyfriend was here.
Fuck you! You! Fucker!
K, Tony, Jesus.
Is this the fucking guy?
I don't know, I guess so.
You guess so? What
the hell do you mean
you guess so? Is
this him or is it not?
He doesn't really match the
description but you
know must be him.
Either that or Gerry fucked up.
Come on we gotta
get out of here.
That was fucking bullshit.
Ever had a dick that
size swung at you before?
Fuck you. I'm taking
your fucking magazine.
Piece of shit. I
fucking hate our job.
Hey. Wait up.
My fucking back hurts.
Yeah you just got
beat with a huge cock.
Ahh that was fucked.
Yeah, yeah. Well this
whole thing is fucked.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking... neither one of
those guys matched
the description.
Don't worry about
it. Gerry just probably
screwed up the
fucking description.
I don't know, man.
Here hold this.
Oh, sorry.
Are you fucking serious?
Well, why'd you take the
guy's magazine anyway?
Because the guy hit
me with a dick that's...
Oh. Sorry. What?
Are you fucking kidding me?
What, Tony?
You're fucking disgusting!
Tony, I'm sorry.
You're a piece of shit, Eddy!
I'm sorry.
Get in the fucking car!
Fucking morons. Stupid
fucking cunts. How
could you fuck this up?
Seriously? How could
you fuck this up? I gave you
an address and a description.
You gave Eddy an
address and description.
I just followed.
Oh, You son of a bitch.
Fuck you! You went to the
wrong fucking apartment.
Shut the fuck up or
I'll shut both of you up! I
run a simple business.
My son brought you here.
I made you one of my own
and you piss in my mouth.
Because of your stunt you
managed to drive the slimy
fetus, rotten son of a
bitch deeper into hiding.
Well we'll find him then.
I don't know where he is but I'm
not sending you two to find him.
No, I'm sending Eugene
Allen and that Tyler kid.
Tyler Mooney. You're
sending John Boy's kid?
Come on, Gerry. This
guy's a freakin' moron.
We could do a job
better than that dumbass.
If you could we
wouldn't be having
this conversation.
So shut the hell up.
You know, Gerry,
no disrespect or
nothing but you
ain't fucking perfect.
Come on.
You make mistakes
too, we shouldn't
get punished for one we made.
Mistake? Water
Gate was a mistake.
Teenage pregnancy is a mistake.
But you two are
flat out abortions.
Alright, look Gerry.
Tony's right okay.
I fucked up okay. Sorry.
Let me make it up to you.
What can we do for you today?
Go see Vicki.
- [coughs]
- What?
Go. See. Vicki.
I'm not fucking doing it.
Go! Now!
Dammit Tony let's go!
That fat piece of shit!
I'm gonna gut him like
a fucking fish for
talking to me like that.
What are you talking about?
Gerry! Talking to me
like I'm some kind of
fucking retard or
something. And where the
fuck were you, huh!?
Taking fucking sides all
of a sudden!? What the
fuck is wrong with you?
Hey, relax okay? I
ain't taking sides with
nobody. Simply being
a good under for now
which is what you
should be doing.
And what's your beef
with Vicki anyway?
I don't want to talk about it.
I don't want to
work with her and I
don't want to
fucking talk about it.
Tony, come on.
Hey, we're about to
go pull a job
with her right now.
You got a problem with
her you need to tell me
about it. It could make
things a whole lot worse.
Alright, you remember Balls?
Yeah, Used to be
Michelangelo Talse then
he got that transsexuality
fuckin' surgery
or whatever and now
he's Jennifer Hight?
So I'm over at Balls'
house and you know
he's having a party
and Vicki's there and
Vicki's drinking
and I'm drinking and
before I know it
she's sucking my dick.
She sucked your
dick on Balls' deck?
I fucked her, Eddie.
Jesus, Tony.
Look, I quit taking
her calls, she's
fucking crazy. She's
gonna skin me alive.
I don't want to deal with this.
No, hey come on.
That was a while ago,
you know. Maybe
she ain't mad anymore.
Come on we gotta do this.
Hi, Vicki.
Hey Eddie!
How you doin' Vicki?
I'm alright. I'm still getting
ready. I'll be right out.
So, uh, I guess
she's still mad, huh?
Ah Vicki, you broke
the fucking cigarette!
Like I give a shit.
Are you fucking
kidding me? You're
acting like a fucking bitch.
You're a stupid fucking man.
The fuck did I do?
With your big shaved balls.
You shave your balls?
Yeah, don't you?
Yeah, and you're a bitch
anyways. You abandon
a women who is lustful
like any bitch would.
Abandon you?
We fucked one time, that's it.
You're a stupid fucking man.
Big, strong, sweaty, man.
Alright, you know
what? Stop saying it
like that. Alright?
It's pissing me off.
I want to show you
my puffy butthole.
What the-
Jesus! Would you two
shut the fuck up! God.
Vicki what are we doing?
We're going to
Rollo's and you're
dropping me off at Mitch's.
Okay. Thank you, Vicki. Tony you
keep your fucking mouth shut.
Vicki you quit fucking with him.
Got it?
(Vicki Laughs)
Hey, Vicki, what's the plan?
Alright boys, Rollo
owes me a little money
so he's probably
going to be nervous.
Just be cool and let
me do my part, okay?
You got it.
Good. Pop the trunk, Eddie.
Nice choice.
What's she doing?
Going to talk to Rollo.
With a fucking baseball bat?
Rollo's a big guy...
That's our friend, Eddy.
She's not going to go
in there empty handed.
That's our fucking
friend and she's
gonna beat him with that thing.
Hi Rollo.
Oh shit! Hell no.
Wait wait wait! Ah fuck!
God damn!
Where the fuck is my money
you god damn piece of shit!?
Vicki! Give me the fucking bat!
What the fuck are
y'all doing here!?
Where's my goddamn money!?
The money, it's on my bed
in my my fucking bedroom.
Tony, go get it!
Crazy fucking bitch.
Crazy fucking bitch?
Ha ha ha ha. ha ha ha
ha. How's that for a
crazy fucking bitch!?
Vicki! Calm the fuck
down. Okay? He's
not doing anything.
He's on the floor.
I got it! I got the
money. I got the money.
Alright come on.
Let's go. Rollo,
we're sorry about this man.
Man, fuck you! Get the
fuck out of my damn house.
Look, uh, we'll uh-
Get the fuck out
of my house. What
fucking news.
Crazy fucking bitch.
Hey, thanks, Eddy.
Hey, you're welcome. I'm
glad we could help out.
What do you want? What?
I fucking hate her.
Yeah she's a little crazy.
No. I fucking hate her.
Yeah she's a crazy broad,
what are you gonna do. Huh?
Look I'm fucking tired.
Will you take me home?
Uh alright. Well hey
look, are you hungry?
Gina's got some
dinner for us and-
I appreciate it but look
I'm really tired, Eddie.
You sure? Gwen is going to be
there, she's home from school.
Wait, Gwen?
Yeah she's on break right now.
Your sister?
She's gonna be
at the house, yeah.
She'll be there tonight.
Wanna come over?
I haven't seen Gwen
since highschool.
Yeah, I know you guys used to
be friends or whatever so...
Why don't you come
on over for some dinner.
Fuck it. Alright,
yeah. Lets go.
You think Rollo's pissed at us?
Yeah, I'm sure
he's kind of pissed
but, you know,
he'll get over it.
Well, I didn't do it. It
was that stupid bitch.
Yeah, I'd fuck a horse but I
wouldn't tell anyone about it.
That's fucking disgusting.
I'm sure you would.
If it's wet and got
a hole I'd fuck it.
I believe it.
Mmm how you doin'?
I'm doing good.
Brought your loser brother.
Hi, Tony Puddles.
Don't call me that, don't call
me that. I was 8 years old.
I peed my pants one
time you never let it go.
You need to chill out.
I am chilled out, I'm just,
I'm an adult for fuck sake.
Hey kiddo, how you doin'?
I'm good how are you?
How's your drive?
It was, you know, it was fine.
Yeah, getting good grades?
Gotta keep you proud somehow.
Hi Gwen.
Oh my God I haven't
seen you in forever.
It's good to see ya'.
What are you doing here?
I, uh, work with your brother
in the cleaning business.
Aww you guys make a cute couple.
We're not a couple.
What is that?
We're partners.
Yeah. We work together.
It's not gay.
Ah-huh, okay.
Why does everybody say that?
I don't know. Maye you gotta
quit touching my dick in public.
Fuck you.
So you and Gwen
look pretty chatty.
Yeah. Yeah, I
haven't seen her since
highschool. She
looks real good.
Don't what?
She's the only family
we got. You start
thinking with your
cock and its no good.
Gina, will you give
me some credit?
I'm not gonna think
with my cock, alright?
I'm just lonely. So...
What the fuck, Gina, you
got soap on my shoulder.
Yeah, it's pretty funny.
Gwen: It's not funny.
Hey. What are you doin'?
Uh, look I think I'm
going to head out.
Yeah, you sure? Stick
around to watch a movie?
No, I've seen this one before.
Anyway, call me tomorrow, okay?
It was good seeing you Gwen.
Are you walking?
Yeah, I'm just a
little up the road.
I can drive.
No, no, no. Stay with
your brother, it's okay.
No it's really fine. I was
going to head out anyway, so.
Alright. Hey I'll see you later.
See ya'.
Hey be careful with
this guy, he likes
to yell weird shit
out the window.
What the fuck are you
talking about? You're the
one that said beat dicks
at that kid last week.
You did that.
Oh yeah, I did.
Hey be careful.
Gwen: Yeah, see you later.
Tony: Call me tomorrow.
Glad I told Eddy I
wasn't coming back.
Did you tell him you were here?
No, are you kidding?
He'd kill you.
Hmm. Yeah probably.
I told him I was
staying at a friends.
Okay, good.
(phone ringing)
Oh shit, It's your brother. Hey.
Eddie: Hey, get dressed.
Frankie Called.
What he want?
Eddie: He says we gotta
get your Ma down to the ER.
Apparently she had so
much cum through her ass
she had to get it siphoned
out. (Eddie Laughs)
You know that's
your mother-in-law?
Eddie: Heheh, Yeah I know.
I'll be over in ten. Be ready.
He's on his way.
So that was fun.
It was. We should do
that again some time.
Yeah. Yeah we should.
(Gwen Laughs)
I don't really kiss men
that I hang out with.
That's embarrassing. Well uh-
But I do kiss men that I date.
Um, how about Sunday night?
I leave Monday so
Sunday's perfect.
Then I'll, uh, see you Sunday.
What happened to
Frankie's guard dogs?
I think one of them died.
Jeez. Hope he didn't eat it.
You know, me and Gina
were watching this like
nature program the
other day the other day.
You know ducks have these
really long corkscrew dicks?
Yeah I saw that same
special. The fawn special?
Yeah and then the
females got that fake
vagina that corkscrews
in the other way?
Yeah, it's fascinating stuff.
The old switcheroo.
It was on last week. Frankie!
Really interesting.
Ah what the fuck's he doing?
I don't know.
See if it's unlocked. Come
on, see if it's unlocked.
Fuck you.
(Eddie Laughs)
Hmm well fuck me.
Well, Lets go in.
Let's go.
Where the fuck is he?
I don't know.
(Frankie Muffled)
Give me that weeping fire peach.
Coming from in there?
(Frankie Muffled)
How do you fucking like
that? Yeah you little
Midwestern harlot.
Little fucking troll.
Neal before your
god of flesh. Worship
me with your body.
Yeah who's your
daddy? Who's your weird
uncle that's not allowed
to family barbecues?
You in there?
Hey, Tony, Eddy.
How's it going. Hey, uh
listen, I'm a little busy
right now but you know
yourselves at home.
There's coffee on the
pot still should be
good. I'll be with you
guys in like five-twenty
minutes. Just, yeah.
(Frankie Muffled) Yeah
I want you to get up
on that fucking
chandelier and just start
swinging that ass in
a circle baby, yeah.
What's with the rubber gloves?
No thanks.
So I heard pops said you
are working with my sister.
Hopefully this leaves
a better taste in
your mouth, figuratively
speaking of course.
So this kerfuffle with
whoever the fuck these
guys are has Pops
real nervous, real angry.
Eugene and Ty couldn't
find a god damn thing.
Yeah, that figures.
I told ya.
So he put it on me
and I might have a lead.
Now Aubrey Vincent,
my guy in the cards?
Yeah, I know him.
Yeah he met a couple
people from out of town
recently, there's gonna
be a meeting pretty
soon, something about
a merger. You know how
all of that shit goes.
So he and I are gonna
ride out there in about
an hour or so. You two are
going to be a distance
away with sniper rifles.
Anything funny happens you
take them out. Real simple.
Frankie. I ain't never shot
a rifle before in my life.
Yeah, uh, plenty
of shot guns and
pistols before but
never a sniper rifle.
You guys are from Chicago.
The fuck's that
supposed to mean?
Did you think big city gang
life is like Grand Theft Auto?
What if you had to take a
guy out from a distance?
You did think it was
like Grand Theft Auto.
Look, Frankie, we
don't shoot people like
they do in the movies
or video games, okay?
It don't work that way.
Alright. I hear what you're
saying and counter argument.
How awesome
would it be, if it did?
Hey, Frankie. Frankie.
I got a new tie.
Oh, Okay. Okay. Business.
Man, you know it's
fucking cold out here, man.
Shut up.
No but like really, man,
it's fucking cold out here.
Shut up.
I just don't understand
why we would have
a meeting out here
in this fucking cold.
I am literally going
to stab you in the
heart if you make one
more god damn sound.
The sheer ring of your
whiny little voice makes me
want to gauge the eyes
out of children. Shut. Up.
I'm sorry, Frankie.
Hey, Frankie.
That's them.
Can't believe
Frankie's having this go
down in a corn field
behind his house.
I can't believe he
got me to use this
fucking sniper rifle. I
can't see shit. Ahhh.
The hell you doing over there?
Ahhh, my allergies.
This fucking country air
is killing me. Ah
there we go. I can see.
Alright, there's
Frankie. There's
Aubry. And there they are.
How you doing, Larry.
Frankie Carr.
Yeah, yeah.
It's good to see you again.
I like the tie.
Yeah, it's new.
Is it?
Hey sissy boys, we got
fucking business to attend to.
I know that. I know that.
Alright. Fucking corn
field? Are you serious?
Welcome to Indiana.
(Aubry and Markie talking)
Listen are you
willing to merge or
not? Will you two
shut the fuck up!
Eddie, that's Larry Schwartz.
Yeah, I'm aware.
That's Larry 'Lazy
Eye' Schwarts, Eddie.
I know, Tony.
Who's that with him?
Looks like Markie.
Markie Amato? Oh shit. They
must have bumped him up.
Buttfucking southern Indiana.
Frankie, I think
they're a little
more fucked up than we are.
Larry, put the gun down.
Would you shut
your fucking pretty
mouth, It's getting
me fuckin' turned on.
I didn't mean to say that.
I came to talk business.
What the fuck is
Chicago doing here, Tony?
You get protection,
we get a percentage.
Sounds like a happy
deal for everybody right.
Forty-five percent.
I'm thinking thirty.
Forty-five is on the table.
Yeah, Larry. We can do that.
(Incoherent yelling)
Ahh, god fucking dammit.
The scope hit my fucking eye!
(gun shot)
You got 'em?
Yeah. Nice job dumb ass.
I'm sorry!
Come on fat tits!
Fuck you!
You're not carrying this.
Drop it you piece of shit!
Put that fucking gun down!
Fuck you. What the
Fuck you alright, Markie?
Markie: Yeah.
Yeah, boss, I'm fine-
(Gun Shot)
No he's not.
What the fuck,
what was that for.
Why'd you do
that. What the fuck?
Hey, I know you
fuckers. You are
fucking dead.
You're fucking dead.
(hit in face)
So what's the nastiest thing
you've ever done to chick?
Like in the past
couple years or like
or like recent or
what do you mean?
Eh, you know. Just whatever.
Nastiest thing, hands down.
Hmm okay. Do you
remember when we went
to Oliver's club
for Frankie's party?
Yeah I remember
going there, that's
a weird night. I don't
remember much.
Well do you remember
when Frankie whipped his dick
out and started helicoptering
to the beat of the song?
Yeah. That's when things
started getting weird.
Alright, so like 20
minutes before that I'm
sitting at the bar with
Tyler Mooney and we're
having a beer and we're
talking. I don't remember
what we were talking
about. And I look over
and I see this waitress
and she's looking
at me and she's giving
me the fuck me look.
You know what I mean?
So she comes over,
she takes Tyler's order
and she hands me a
Well, okay. Where's
this beer from? She says
it's from an admirer.
Well who's the admirer?
She smiles and she
walks away. And I start
following her, right?
I we go in this back
room and we just
start fucking and
I'm talking like angry fucking.
Just that easy, huh?
Hey, you know it's a
new age for fat guys.
Everybody loves
someone with a little tub.
You know what I mean?
So we're fucking and
my dick slips out,
alright, and it's going
in her ass but she's
got that like clenched
up real good so it
slides in between.
And I keep going.
And it starting to feel
real good, then boom,
bust in her crack.
Fuckin' gross
but it felt so good.
So you hot dogged her.
Hot dogged her?
Yeah, that's what
I call it anyways.
How do you know what it is?
Well, look Tony I
don't want to gross you
out or nothing but me
and your sister have
been together for a long time.
We gotta keep
things interesting.
Eddie. Eddie!
You gonna be
alright there, champ?
Oh, I hate you.
You look like shit.
Worthless little cunt in there
will not give me
god damn anything.
Well maybe if
you didn't beat his
brains out as soon
as he said something.
Gun shot
Ah god! Frankie! No!
Not the tie! Not the tie!
I'm gonna go home,
masturbate, and take a
nap. You two finish
up in there, take him
and Aubrey so far in
the shadows my Dad
will never find out.
I'll talk to you later.
Gun shots
Hey, Aubrey, are you alive?
Is my tie okay?
Yep, he's alive.
Pretty nice tie.
Yeah, this guy just
won't fucking die.
Alright, let's get him
in the car. We'll take
him to the hospital when
we're done with Larry.
You look like shit.
You look like a girl. Where's
your midget friend at.
He called Frankie a midget.
We'll have to
tell him that later.
Big time Larry
'Lazy Eye" Schwartz.
Yeah I got a
concussion so I'm not
really that sharp
on my feet right now.
Yeah, you're looking
pretty good though.
You got guys working under you.
Feel pretty big don't you?
Markie Amato
your little bitch boy?
Yeah you know. I don't have a
show on MTV but I'm alright.
Recognize us Larry?
Oh yeah.
Ahh Bob Ross and uh John Waters?
That's funny.
That's funny. That's
real funny. Why don't
you try that again.
hm? What's my name?
Tony what?
Tony 'The Dipshit'
Tony 'The Dipshit' what?
Tony 'The Dipshit' DeMarco
And what's his name?
Eddie Thompson.
So you know why we
can't have you here, right?
Where's everybody else? I
know they didn't just send you.
They are in the car.
They're in the car?
Yeah, where's the car?
It's on the road.
What road?
It's on road heading
to your Mom's house.
My mom. My mother.
That's real funny Larry.
That's funny.
Larry was always such
a ball buster wasn't he?
Fucking comedian, he is.
Always such a
fucking ball buster.
Ahh shit Fuck!
You alright princess?
Ahh my hand. Fuck you!
Yeah sweetie are you okay?
Ahh fuck! God it's like
punching a fucking wall.
Maybe if you learned how
to hit, You wouldn't have
broke your fuckin hand
there you little twinkle toes.
I guess Rocky Balboa never
taught you a thing or two huh?
(Gun shot)
Jesus Tony!
What? He was being a dick.
Of course he was being a dick
we're punching him and shit.
He's gonna say shit like that.
That gives him no
room to talk about
my mother or call
me fuckin' Bob Ross.
I thought you were gonna fucking
kill me you fucking
piece of shit.
I did. I shot you.
Oh. Let me tell you something
when someone is talking
and breathing they're still
alive fucking twinkle tits.
(Gun Shot)
Tony, give me that.
What? He was asking for it
that time. You heard him.
It doesn't mean you have
to actually do it, okay?
Yes it does!
It's a fucking courtesy.
What the fuck is
the matter with you?
Well there's a lot
a matter with me.
Violent Coughing
Yeah, I'm just fine fuckin'-
you guys are jerks, man.
Yeah? laughing
It's not funny jerk off.
It's kind of funny.
It's a little funny.
What do we do with him now?
Let's get him over to
the work bench. There's
plenty of shit over
there to play with.
Yeah you both would like to work
me over the bench, wouldn't cha.
Tony, Tony.
Do you fucking bitch.
You fucking Bob Ross bitch!
Bob Ross bitch? I'm gonna fuck-
Do you want this
guy to talk or not?
Let's get him to
the fucking work
bench and we'll make him talk.
Come on! Get him. Lets go!
Get the fuck up.
Fuck you.
Larry. Larry. We got
your head in a vice and
we've been beating
your ass all day and all
night and it ain't getting
us nowhere. So I'm
going to ask you one
last time and I swear
to god if you don't
tell me what I want to
know I'm gonna crush
your fucking skull in this
fucking thing.
Where are the others?
He's not going to talk.
Larry please don't do this.
Please Larry.
It's going to be a big
fucking mess and none of us -
neither one of us want
to fucking clean it up.
Yeah me either.
Just tell us what
we want to know.
Fuck it. Do it.
You want me to do it?
Yeah I want you to do it.
(Larry Screams)
Larry please. Just fucking
tell us what I want to know.
Fuck. Do it again.
(Larry Screams with Crunching)
Wait! Wait! Fat Fuck Pauly
is under some serious heat.
Brought some guys down
try to make some moves.
Who's running things?
Answer me you mother fucker!
(Crunches and Screams)
J-Joey. Joey Clemento!
Joey Clemento.
That's Fat Fuck Pauly's kid.
I know. Fuck. Fuck.
Finish him.
Finish him?
Finish him. We'll
fucking figure
this out later
just take him out.
(Larry Screams as
his head explodes)
Oh! What the fuck!
I wasn't expecting
that to happen.
(Tony Pukes)
What the fuck is wrong with you.
You told me to finish him off.
I meant shoot him. I
meant stab him. Slice
his fucking throat
not crush his head!
What's the fucking difference?
Oh, God. Fuck this.
This is all you.
You're gonna leave
me here with this shit?
You made a mess,
you clean it up.
[sigh] Fuck.
Sorry about that Larry.
Hey. It's all cleaned
up. Sorry it took
so long. The guys
brains were everywhere.
Had to push them
into a little drain in
the floor with a little
squeegee and shit.
The Blood. Fuckin' nasty.
Eddie! Jesus fucking
Christ I just threw up.
Sorry man. Hey you think
what he was saying is true?
I don't know.
Clemento's coming out
here to set up shop and
you don't think that has
anything to do with us?
It's Larry fucking Lazy
Eyes. He don't know shit.
I don't know why would
he make that shit up?
I don't know. Jesus
Christ. Look I'm tired.
You're tired. Let's
just go home. Alright?
We'll talk about it tomorrow.
Did you see the
way his head split
open? Everything
just kind of fell out?
Yeah it was like, uh, ole
faithful on the
rag or some shit.
I've only seen something
like that once when
I took that girl to
the abortion clinic.
Sucked that thing right out.
Fucking coat hanger special.
You still got my stuff?
What's that?
Vicki just sent me a
picture of her asshole.
No way. Oh shit?
Damn she's fucked up.
I gotta learn to keep my
dick in my pants, Eddie.
Jesus, Tony.
I've been telling you that.
What are we gonna do
about this Clemento thing?
Gerry wants to make
a deal with them?
That's only going
to make shit harder.
I don't know.
Maybe we should get
out of here, move further east.
Don't we still have ties with
that crew in Boston
or something?
Jesus, Tony. Are you
going to say anything?
Well, What do you
want me to say?
Alright, we're fucked.
No matter where we go...
Clemento brothers are
always gonna find us.
They found us
without even trying.
Well fuck running.
We're staying.
Okay, so.
You're serious about staying?
Clemento ran me out of one
home he's not doing it again.
We've lived here long
time. This is our city.
I'm fighting and I
need you there with me.
I can't do this with
out you, you know that.
K, well. Maybe it's time we
start running our own crew.
A crew?
You and me?
Eddie, we can't
run a fucking crew.
Why not?
Because we're
terrible at our job.
We shot two guys we
didn't even know and
one of them beat
me with a big dildo.
And that was three days ago.
Yeah, that was pretty funny.
Yeah pretty fuckin'
funny. Big joke all the
laughs. That's all
we are. We're jokers.
We're clowns. We ain't bosses.
Ain't nobody gonna listen to us.
Look, you got any
suggestions throw 'em out there
on the table because I
don't know what else to do.
We can't take on
Clemento by ourselves.
I got nothing.
We got a job to do right now.
Lets finish up with
Palmy and I'll call Frankie.
Maybe he found them.
Why's this basement so fucking
small, Palmy? I don't like it.
Ah, are you crying? I fucking
hate it when they cry.
Eddie, I'm not dealing
with this it's your turn.
It's all me?
It's all you.
Hey, Palmy. Look at me.
Stop your fucking
crying. What are you
a fucking baby or
something? Come on!
Stop your fucking crying, Palmy.
If you don't stop your
crying I'm gonna shoot
a hole in your chest
bigger than your ass.
Then I'm gonna fuck it. Yeah!
Eddie! Eddie, what the fuck?
Too far?
Way too far, man!
Oh shut the fuck up!
Eddie. Delicate. Gentle. I
told you that you gotta be nice.
You broke his nose earlier.
Yeah but that was just a warm
up, do we want
our money or what?
Alright, hot shot,
you go for it.
Alright. Watch and learn.
Hey, Palmy. How
you doin'?
Let me look at ya'.
Aw it's not that bad.
It's not that bad? You
broke my fucking nose, Tony.
Well you know how it is, Palmy.
No I don't know how it is!
Because I don't even
know ducking degos
are here in the
first fucking place.
I'm Irish, you fucking whale.
Eddie, Eddie. I got this.
Palmy look at me.
Are you looking at me?
Palmy. You can't
sell grass in this town
without kicking up to
Frankie, you know that.
I paid him last week.
No you did not.
Yes I did. Yes I fucking did.
No you did not!
Call him up and ask him.
We don't gotta call him.
We saw him
yesterday and he didn't
say nothing about it, Palmy.
Ah that's fucking bullshit!
You listen to me you fat fuck.
If you swear to me one more god
damned time I'll
cut your tongue out.
Do you understand me?
Do you understand?
God dammit.
Jesus, Palmy. Why you gotta make
this so hard on us, huh?
You know what?
Fuck it I'm done with this shit.
No! No! No!
Palmy Listen to me.
We're not going
to kill you Palmy.
We are going to shoot ya'.
No! No! No!
Where are we going
to shoot him, Eddie?
Eh, lets shoot him in the foot.
No! That kills people!
It doesn't kill people.
Palmy put your
fucking foot out there!
No! No! No!
Put your fucking foot
out there! Right there now!
No! No! No!
Alright Palmy here it
comes are you ready?
There you go.
Sssshhhh, sssshhh, ssshhhh.
Palmy? Palmy?
What he pass out? Hey, Palmy!
I bet he's fucking faking.
What the fuck is
wrong with you, Eddie?!
I was just checking!
You just checking? You
check his pulse, you check his
fucking heart rate, you
don't shoot him in the foot!
Check his heart
rate, what am I a
fucking doctor?
You check his heart.
Ah, shit.
What, uh... what just happened?
I don't know.
You sure that
was a heart attack?
Uh, it looked
like it to me but I
never seen a
heart attack before.
But I've seen it on
TV plenty of times and
that's exactly what it
looks like on TV so...
I don't know, like I said
I'm not a fucking doctor.
Well shit.
I don't know, someone's
gotta call Frankie.
Yeah, you call him.
I don't wanna call him.
Well I don't wanna
fucking call him, you do it.
That's what you
do, you call people.
Hope about you call
him for a change?
Because I'm putting my
shirt on, call him. Call him!
Ah shit, fine,
I'll call Frankie.
Hey, Frankie, how you doin'?
Eddie, Eddie, slow
and steady, how
does your garden grow? (mooooo)
The fucks going on over there?
Look, I don't wanna know.
Did you hear anything?
Not yet, not yet, the
whispers have been
wailing but the grapevine
has been plucked.
Hey, the reason I called
We took care of that thing
with that Palmy guy for ya.
Oh yeah his subscription fee?
Yeah, he paid me last
week, did I not tell you?
Oh really?
That's information that would of
been useful to us
yesterday, Frankie.
My bad Eddie, it
completely slipped my mind.
Yeah well, it's
too late, we kinda
roughed him up a
bit and he kinda died.
WHAT?! Are you joking?!
No, I'm not joking.
This is fucking
ridiculous Eddie,
what do you mean he's dead?!
(quack, quack)
Is that a fucking duck,
what the hell are you doing?
Look, who or
what my dick is in is
not the topic of
discussion right now!
I'm telling the truth Frankie.
This completely
ruined my erection.
Palmy's dead.
Oh shit.
He hung up.
Was he pissed?
He said, uh, Palmy
paid him last week.
Oh that's not our fault.
He didn't tell us.
Yeah, said he forgot.
That fat fucker
was telling the truth.
Did he say what
to do with the body?
Well we can't just
leave him like that.
Hmm, got any ideas?
You still got that
ax in your trunk?
Jesus Christ.
How the hell could
someone this fat exist?
I don't fucking know man.
My fucking back hurts!
God damn, this
guy is fucking heavy.
This is fucking bull shit,
I'm the one who beat the
guy why do I gotta put
him in the trunk with you?
Quit your fucking
complaining, come
on let's just get
him in the car.
Three... two... one!
One... two... three!
Shit, I got some on me!
Oh, what is that his ass?!
Ah the fucking bag's leaking.
Fucking. Shit.
Oh shit, hold on, I'm getting
a phone call. You do the rest.
Hey, Frankie.
Yeah, we took care of Palmy.
You fat mother fucker!
Yeah, I know where that's at.
Alright, we're coming,
you keep her there!
Eddie, he's got something.
Said to meet him
on the South Side.
South Side, huh?
What the fuck is
wrong with you?!
Getting this guy's
ass juice off my jacket!
Are you fucking kidding me?!
I like this shirt Eddie, I told
you that, that's
why I took it off!
You were already
fucking bloody, who cares!
I'm bloody over here,
I'm not bloody on this shirt!
Get in the fucking car!
Jesus fucking Christ.
Hey Frankie, where you at?
In here.
Hey Frankie.
Hey, how you doin'?
Holy shit.
The fuck is this?
Yeah, don't worry
about that yet.
So Palmy's dead?
Yeah, about that.
You're a cunt.
Oh come on!
You're a little bit of a
dick but you're a cunt.
Do you have any idea how
much revenue you just cost me?
Frankie it wasn't our
fault, we shot the guy
in the foot, he had a
fucking heart attack.
Eh, sounds like Palmy.
Plus, you kinda did
forget to tell us he
paid you last week so
that's on you Frankie.
That's a valid point.
You guys want
any, it's pixie dust.
No, that's okay.
Gets your dick hard as diamonds!
I'll pass.
Frankie, who the fuck is this?
That's a surprise.
Let's unwrap it.
See, I've been doing
a little digging around
And it turns out The
Bastard Sons, that biker gang,
has been helping
out our competition.
The guys you
were trying to find.
So I caught a bitch.
She knows where they are?
So I'm lead to believe.
Don't look at me, I took
care of Palmy, it's your turn.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
What's your name?
You know you're a
real pretty girl Ana.
Would be a real shame if
something happened to ya.
I see Frankie already did
a number on your noise
there, I could do a hell
of a lot worse, you know?
Look, we're looking for some
people, your MC is hiding them.
We know that.
So how about you just
tell us where they are.
How about now?
Tough girl huh?
You know I got ways of
dealing with tough girls.
I've already been
through all this
shit with someone
else today, Ana.
Why you gotta make me do this?
(orgasm sound)
That was kinda fucked up.
(orgasm sound)
Damn, you are tough.
(orgasm sound)
I don't know what to do,
she fucking likes everything!
I got it.
Nobody wants to be
sliced up by one of these!
Look, Ana.
If you don't wanna
talk that's fine
But you're never
gonna be able to talk
again, if you don't
have a fucking tongue.
Oh, fuck yeah!
[screaming, gagging]
Oh, shit!
Oh, fuck that!
Oh fuck that, get away from me!
I'll see you guys in a minute.
Frankie, fuck you!
Oh god, I can still
taste that bitch's blood.
Taste like hooker
snot and fucking iron.
Fucking stop.
Stop being such a puss.
Who the fuck is calling me?
Ah, Frankie, just the
prick we want to talk to.
You're fucked.
Yeah, I'm aware.
Sounded pretty rough in there,
what the fuck were you doing?
She's kinda dead.
Yeah, died about twenty
minutes ago I'd say.
Found out what we
need to know though.
It's two guys, uh, Bobby
something or other.
Wait, you said Bobby?
Bobby Palimino?
Yeah, how'd you know?
Just some guy we knew
in the old neighborhood.
Well I gotta get to
Dad on this and I'm sure
he'll take awhile getting
back to me I'm sure,
so I'll call you guys
tomorrow with an update.
Alright, Frankie, do you
want us to help you clean up?
Oh, no, I got this.
I'll see ya.
Bye Frankie.
I hate Frankie.
Yeah, no shit.
Bobby the fucking Butcher, huh?
This is bad.
Yeah, that's bad fucking news.
We have Bobby the
fucking Butcher Palimino
and Joey Clemento in town.
They're trying to make moves.
They're gonna find us.
If we don't get the fuck
out or do something about it.
No, I'm not running.
I told you before,
I'm tired of running.
Look, I got a plan, let's
just go back to my place
I gotta get out of these fucking
clothes and then
we'll figure it out.
That's your big fucking plan?
I don't see you fucking
coming up with something.
Start the fucking car
and go to my apartment.
Alright, Jesus.
Call a fucking exorcist.
Alright, glasses in boys
Gentlemen, today, we celebrate
the return of one of our own.
Johnathon Patrick Palimino.
Back from out east
after a run in from a
stint, holding onto
some dirt Mexican weed.
Well there are worst
ways I suppose.
When Johnny left
there was a lot of big
things happening for him.
The most important thing
is that Johnny returned.
Johnny returned, gentlemen
doesn't return as Johnny.
Returns a made man.
That's right.
So tonight we sit
here, on this beautiful
December evening
in the windy city
to celebrate the return of the
made man, Johnny Palimino.
Salu, salu!
Welcome back, Johnny!
It's good to be back!
Now Greg, I hope you
learned how to fucking
deal because the last
time we played cards.
I fucking know how
to deal cards, okay.
So what was that story you were
telling about that guy out east?
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
You know I didn't want to
shoot the guy, I really didn't
but he had to know
who was running the
show and I just
happened to be there
so, right in the middle
of our confrontation
he rips out a fart
and I'm not talking about one of
those cute, squeak little farts
I'm talking about
one of those long,
loud, keep it in all
day types of farts.
Like it was fucking terrible.
I started wailing on
him but the fart continues
it just drags out
and he's crying and he's
screaming but the fart continues
so I keep wailing and wailing
to the point where the
gun goes off in my hand
shoots and kills him
and he shits himself!
I shot the shit out of a man!
What the fuck is that?!
This fucking job
man, I swear to god.
Johnny, you one
hell of a storyteller.
You've always got the
greatest story, Johnny.
Johnny, tell that story of the
time you pissed your pants.
Pissed myself? Pissed myself?
What about you, Puddles?
Oh shit.
Wait a sec.
That's not funny.
Wait a sec.
I ain't ever heard
that one before.
Wait, you never heard of
Tony's perfect lemonade story?
Fuck no!
Oh my god, that's a classic!
Okay, this is a beauty.
Back in the day, Tony gets this
idea of making a lemonade...
Jesus, come on Tony.
I don't wanna hear that story.
Greg's never heard the story.
It's Christmas.
So, way back in the day
Tony get this idea to open
up this lemonade stand.
Called it Tony's
Perfect Lemonade.
And of course the spelling is
fucked up, he spelled perfect -
P U R F E C T, you know
kid stuff, really cute stuff.
But, the neighborhood
finds out about
it and they start
to investigate.
And they find out it's some
fucking good lemonade!
And I mean really good.
The whole neighborhood
is talking about how Big
Sal's little Tony is making
this great lemonade.
Now what was the
secret ingredient
that you used to put in there?
Olive juice.
Bull shit. Bull shit!
Swear to god.
So to continue,
after hearing about this to
pay his respects to the old man
Don Itallo Clemento
decides to show up
to see if all the rumors were
true and to try this lemonade.
Now this was around
the time that the Mullys
were trying to move
in on the drug turf,
So, they found out that the
Don was going to be there,
so they show up as well, they
talk, there's a confrontation...
Wacks him in broad
daylight and the
whole neighborhood
just goes to hell!
Everyone is
panicking, every which
way, the Don is
lying dead on the stall
And Tony here pays tribute to
the Don in his own personal way.
Gives him his best
batch of lemonade.
How you ask?
By pissing his
pants and crying over
the body, making a giant puddle.
Hence, Tony Puddles everyone.
[laughter] [chatter]
You know Johnny,
Johnny, you've been
away a long time, long time.
So maybe you haven't heard, I
don't go by Tony
Puddles no more.
Oh come on Tony,
it's just a name.
Oh just a name, okay,
just a fucking name.
Sounds like a real
joke to me, Johnny.
Tony, it's just a joke.
Oh, it's a joke?
Oh, it's a joke, haha!
Well guess what
John boy, I'm not
fucking laughing.
You go out east, you
get made, and what you
start forgetting who
your fucking friends are?
Well let me tell you
something hot shot.
You better start remembering.
Because if you ever talk
to me like that ever again,
I'll take you out back and
blow your fucking head off.
I don't care who
you work with, I
don't care who
you think you are.
Don't you ever fucking
talk to me that way.
Jesus Tony!
Shut the fuck up Eddie!
You think you're so fucking big?
What because you're a
made guy now? Well fuck you!
Tony, come on.
No, no, no, Eddie, Eddie...
Sorry, sorry Johnny.
It's all fine, it's fine.
There's a little truth
in what Tony says.
I have been gone a long time.
Long time.
And with time comes change.
And I suppose
I've changed a little
but I never forget
who my friends are.
But I've also realized that
I have disrespected you
And in that sense, I apologize
I want to make
it right, I'm sorry.
Bring it in.
Alright, so you don't
like the name, okay so
you hate the story.
It's a story, alright?
I'm sorry, no disrespect.
I apologize, I had
some disrespect myself.
Water under the bridge.
Glad you're back.
Let's play some
fucking cards, huh?
Merry Christmas,
Merry Christmas.
Now go home and make
me some fucking lemonade.
Johnny the fucking joker.
I thought you were going for
a fucking piece or something.
Don't you fucking do that Tony.
I'm glad you could take
a fucking joke, Tony.
Ah, yeah, that's good stuff!
Greggy, let me see you lighter.
What the fuck is this?
It's a fucking lighter.
It's a fucking lighter?
It doesn't fucking work so it's
not a fucking
lighter, now is it?
Fuck you!
How many times
have I told you to stop
buying those
fucking Bic lighters?
Oh, shit, you know what?
Yeah, I found it, alright.
What the fuck?!
Tony, we gotta go man.
Tony, what are you doing, get
your shit, we gotta go. (music)
Tony, what the fuck!
Have you been
listening to a word I said?
Yeah, the job.
Yes, the job!
Fucking idiots.
Yeah, yeah, I
heard ya, I heard ya.
Gerry, I don't know about this.
Look at our track record lately.
We'll probably fuck this
thing up, might even get killed.
This is a risk I'm
willing to take.
Gerry Carr.
You sure you can't do this?
You're too hard on them pops.
They get the job done
and they work hard...
Very. Hard.
Yeah. Fucking gems they are.
Spots over on Lance.
Got the bag?
Good. Go.
See ya later Gerry.
Frankie. Vickey.
Nice knowing ya.
Come back, okay?
I want another
taste of your cock.
Take care, Eddie.
See ya, Vickie.
You ever gonna learn to
keep your dick in your pants?
I don't know.
Yeah, serves you right.
Fuck you.
You ready for this?
Nah, not really.
The fuck?
Gerry sends me out here in the
middle of fucking
nowhere nowhere
and all he sends is some
skinny punk and some fat kid?
I send my guys out
here to meet your guys.
And they don't come back.
You fuckers know
anything about that?
You best speak the fuck up.
Bobby, let's get
this shit over with.
Yeah, forget about Lazy Eyes.
Let's get this
money back to pops
and we'll take care of it later.
Just give me the
fucking briefcase.
It better all be fucking here.
The fuck?!
I shot your brother.
Oh you!
Holy shit that was intense!
Yeah, yeah, I'm good, you good?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Ah, shit.
No, no, no, no,
no. I want this one.
Fuck, it wasn't suppose
to go down like this. (music)
This is for you, Joey.
What the fuck?
Shut up.
Tony, we're gonna
kill him, not fuck him.
Eddie, shut up.
What, what, oh shit you got your
gun taped to your leg. (music)
Eddie! Shut the fuck up!
I got this!
For once, I thought we weren't
gonna fuck this up. (music)
You! Listen you
skinny mother fucker!
This is our town, not yours!
Run again while you still
can fat ass, (music)
my dads gonna come
here and fuck you!
Don't you fucking talk back
to me you piece of shit! (music)
Dads gonna come here and
fuck the both of ya! (music)
Ah shit.
It's fucking stuck.
Jesus Tony.
You're fucking dead!
Fuck you!
Fuck me? Yeah, fuck me?
Ah my fucking leg!
Ah my fucking leg!
Aaaah, shit!
You know, I wouldn't
expect anything less.
Fuck you!
Yeah, it's Tony.
Yeah, we took
care of that thing.
Yeah, he said he'd call you.
He said he'd call you
when things are set up.
Yeah, later.
How we looking? Good?
Pretty fucking good.
Hell yeah.
My leg's killing me.
Oh, shit!
I can't believe you knocked out
Bobby the Butcher in one punch.
Oh look at you, fucking
Mr. Quick Draw McGraw over here.
I watch a lot of Clint Eastwood
movies, what can I say, eh?
Oh shit, we killed
Joey Clemento.
Yeah, we're in big
fucking trouble now.
Yeah well we're in charge.
This is our town, fuck'em.
Yeah, fuck'em!
Fuck'em! Fuck'em!
Alright, let's get out of
here, I'm ready to get paid.
How you doin'?
Mutha fuckers! Mutha
fuckers! Ya mutha fuckers!
We're moving in!
Ah shit!
Fat Fuck is taking over!
Bobby, shut the fuck up!
You're fucking dead!
Hey! You're the one that's
fucking dead! Alright?!
Not us!
You know what?
I don't give a shit how many
wise guys are coming out here.
Clemento wants this town?
Fuck him. Let him come.
Yeah. And when he gets here?
He's gotta go through us.
That's right.
Because out here.
We're the Made Guys.
That's right.
Fucking Made Guys.
Make your peace with god Bobby.
Go in the fucking
hole, god damn it.
You think this is done?
Nah. It's not done.
He's right. They'll
be looking for us.
Especially when they
find out he's gone.
We'll be waiting for them.
Fuck yeah.
What the hell did
you do that for?
You just shot a dead guy,
what's that gonna do? (music)
Fucking symbology shot.
Ah, do we really
have to do that shit?
We always do the symbology
shot. That's our thing. (music)
We've always done that.
It's not like back home.
What? We're not home so we
have to act differently? (music)
That's bullshit.
Bullshit. We've been
doing this forever.
Why do we have
to stop doing that?
I like the symbology shot.
You just wasted a
round on the guy.
Fuck you, ya don't know what
you're talking about. (music)
Shit, I gotta sit down.
You gonna be
alright there, gimpy?
Fuck you.
I bet it'll be awhile before you
tape a gun to your
leg again, huh?
Fuck you.
Give me my keys, you Irish fuck.
Shit. Pills are kicking in.
Enjoy drooling on yourself.
AH! Ah. Okay.
So, uh, tomorrow.
So we'll pick up
that 40k from Gerry.
Fucking drugs. Ah.
Put that on top of the take.
That's over 100k.
Yeah, that's not bad.
I call Rollo. I
set up a meet, he
hooks us up. We
get some product.
We start pushing
in a couple weeks.
Sounds good to me.
You sure you want to do this?
Once we get started,
there's no going back.
What else are we gonna do, huh?
We gonna get jobs?
Live like a couple
of regular jerk offs?
Go deeper into hiding?
This is the only way
I know how to earn.
Besides, you heard Bobby,
Clementos are coming out here
eventually, whether
we like it or not.
Look, go ahead and set
the meeting up with Rollo.
I'm gonna start asking around,
see who's looking for work.
In the mean time, let's
just take a few days off.
I'll go pick up our cash
from Gerry, tell him we're
leaving town for a few
days, he'll understand.
Tell him it's a vacation.
You wanna crash here?
Nah, I'm gonna go
home and see Gina.
We're brothers.
Brothers In-Laws.
That's what you were gonna say,
we're brother in-laws, right?
Why do you always do that?
Do what?
You always fuck
up a good wise guy
moment with some
technical bullshit.
I called you a brother!
My blood!
And then you're like, ah
yeah we're brother in-laws.
You know what, fuck you!
It's family, isn't it?
It's the same shit.
That's not fucking
family, Eddie.
Get the fuck out
of my apartment.
Why are you so sensitive?
I'm not sensitive,
you're just a fucking
retard, now get out
of my apartment!
Go rest your vagina.
Oh, my vagina? That's real
fucking mature, Eddie. Good job.
Oh and don't forget
that on your way out.
Okay, I already
have two of them.
Oh, go fuck yourself.
I'll call ya tomorrow.
Yeah, see ya.
So you got bit
by a client's dog?
Was doing a cleaning up, this
mut came out of nowhere. (music)
You laughing?
Yes, that's funny.
Oh, that's funny?
Yeah, a little bit.
Oh, that's funny?!
Um... I... ah
Yeah, I would really
like to do this again.
But.. um...
Look, Tony, I really like
you, I always have... but
Ever since my parents
have been gone,
Eddie's the only
family I have left
and I really don't
want to lose that.
I mean he's taking
care of me and he's
expecting me to go
to so many places
and I just think
that if we tell him
we're dating, he's
not going to approve.
Well you know I already
talked to him about it.
You did?
He just doesn't want to
know anything about it.
So, we can do what we want
he just can't see it.
He said that?
Yeah, yeah, he said that.
He was a little upset at first.
But he trusts me.
Well, great!
I mean, that's amazing!
So, uh... you like me, huh?
Be back in a few weeks to visit.
Call me?
Hey, it's Markie.
Markie? Where the fuck are you?!
I haven't heard from Bobby in
weeks! What the
fuck is going on?!
Sorry, been in the hospital.
What? What happened?
Sal... Bobby's dead.
And you ain't gonna
believe who killed him.