Madeleine (2003) Movie Script

CHO In-sung
SIN Min-a
PARK Jung-ah
Kang Lea-yen
KIM Soo-ro
Director K.C. Park
Good night, Miss Lee
- Good day
- Thank you
- Are you closed?
- Yes
Is it raining?
- Are you here for a cut?
- Yes
So sorry.
Come back tomorrow?
Wait. Wait a sec
Give me a reason why you need
your hair cut today and I'll do it
A reason?
Yes, Mr. Ji-suk Kang!
Um, how do you know my name?
Don't you know me?
Shall we play a game?
Remember who I am before I'm done
and the haircut's on me
But if you can't remember,
then you pay me double
Are you always like this?
It's a game.
What, no questions?
- Okay, you're done
- Thank you
Don't you want a hint?
A beautiful woman knows my name
Aren't you even curious?
I think I've won
Dong-beak Junior High,
ninth grade, Hee-jin Park
Not Hee-jin Park.
It's Hee-jin Lee!
Guess who I met today
Quiet, I'll lose count
Our class president in 9th grade
He looks like a total goodie.
But with some work here and there
he'll be decent boyfriend material
- Looking to get dumped again?
- What!
Joon-ho Kim
Hee-jin Lee
What do you mean, dumped?
I dumped him
Oh, yeah?
It might start raining again
so get out your raincoats
Ji-suk, good work!
You missed 36-13 yesterday!
Don't forget it today!
Man-ho! Good morning
Hey, Mr. Writer
- Good weekend?
- Yeah
Should we get our coffee?
Hmm, sounds good
What'd you make in class today?
For our teatime pleasure today
Sweet rolls!
Looks good, Man-ho
This is really good
How many stars today?
Out of five stars four and a half
Ji-suk Kang!
- Hee-jin!
- That's right, dude
- Where are you headed?
- School
Huh? You haven't re-enrolled yet
I'm going to the library
No girlfriend, huh?
Why else would you go there
on such a beautiful spring day?
Still, there are a lot of
single girls there
Hey! Give me your cell phone
Whoa, what an antique!
Can you even send text messages?
No numbers saved?
I don't use it much
Well, what an honor,
I'm number one
I'll show you how to do it
- You press this
- Miss Lee
And then save
Hey, she's calling you
Yep, well, see you next time!
- Hello?
- Hello?
Hee-jin, it's me. I got us
a blind date off the internet
Again? Did you get fired? You work
at an internet cafe now, don't you?
Hey, don't be mean. Get dressed up
after work and wait for me
- Oh! No!
- Love you!
Um, excuse me Uh
Do you have something to say?
'Please dine with me tonight.
Woo-jin Choi'
Damn, what a bust!
Cheer up
Did you think you'd meet
Prince Charming on a blind date?
I was crazy to go with you.
Plain crazy!
Treating me like that,
they suck! Ugh!
You know,
they so weren't my type
Hey, in your mood,
you'd kill at Fortress
Let's go play a game
Do you know what time it is?
Tomorrow's my day off
Let's go, let's play
Do you think I'm off, too?
No, I'm going home to sleep
Come on
You lonely?
Want me to set you up?
Hey, set me up with someone
You have your little honey
Nah, she thinks
keeping her virginity is
God's will or something
Know why her name's Yae-eun?
'Yae' is from 'yae-soo'
'Eun' is from 'eun-hae'
Get it? Jesus' blessing.
So what chance do I have?
And I've invested too much
to dump her now
I think I need a sex partner
Hey! Ji-suk!
What are you doing here?
As you can see
You are weird
This is for the coffee!
This is the best coffee
vending machine around here
Wow, it's really good
I'm so strange. I just can't pass up
coffee from a vending machine
Standing in the street,
drinking coffee like this
I feel so elegant, I love it
Watcha doing later?
I'll probably be at the library
The library again!
I'm off today
Let's go somewhere and play
Where ever. You decide
Hey, Ji-suk!
Hey, you're here
You love me, don't you?
You must love me
to wait 40 minutes
Then you must hate me
to be 40 minutes late
No, I'm usually an hour late
for the first date
I'm actually 20 minutes early
Let's go
This is where
you chose for our date?
Why not? It's nice
With lots of vending
machines around
Ooh, f-e-e-I that sun!
I love the sky!
It's never boring
When I don't want to see it,
I don't have to
And when I want to,
I can see it from anywhere
You really do love me, don't you?
You smile at whatever I say!
Mr. Author!
Did you read all these?
I'm working on it
You're so weird
Why do you want to
write books?
No one reads books nowadays.
None of my friends read books!
That's an error from
Over-general what?
Just because your friends
don't read
doesn't mean
the whole world doesn't
Right, you're so smart
I don't know much about
but I know too well how to scrimp
to make ends meet
You haven't tasted the bitterness
of society yet but
Give me one of
your thickest books
Very good! Me likes it
I'll lend it to you.
Give it a try
See! It's the perfect pillow!
That book is sort of
a milestone for me
After ending army duty
I vowed not to cut my hair
till I read 100 books
Then when you came to the salon?
That's the 100th book
Wow, we have something in common
My goal's to fill up my phone
with 100 boy names
- Let's go!
- Where to?
To commemorate our date!
Another year, another birthday
let's all congratulate Ji-suk
All together now, happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you!
Hey, is this a dinner show?
Fun, huh?
Yeah, lots
So what if
it's not your birthday
Think of it
as congrats on our date
Do you know how many papers
I need to deliver to pay for all this?
Is this the bitterness of society?
Ji-suk when you write, do you
calculate how much each word costs?
10 cents, 20 cents, 30 cents
Eat up
So you got
what you dreamed of
Hair designer.
Wasn't that your dream from 9th grade?
Huh! You remember that?
I don't think any of
our classmates could forget
Will you look at this?
Are you wearing mousse to school?
Hee-jin Lee!
If you're like this now,
how are you going to turn out later?
Do you want to end up
a bar hostess?
I'm going to be
a hair designer
A hair designer?
Do you think her hair's pretty?
Um it's pretty
What did you say?
Is that pretty to you?
You're the class president!
No wonder this class is in the dumps!
Did you start right
after high school?
Nope, since 11th grade
Wow, you're quick at everything
It's cause I'm simple.
I do it cause I like it. Simple!
Why did you get a job
delivering papers of all jobs?
I do it cause I like it, too
Delivering papers at dawn
it's like taking a walk
in an empty city
I wanted to take a walk
at dawn too
33-90, that's the house number,
R- alley, R-swing is
- Past the right alley
- Oh, past the alley, swing right?
So L-swing, R-1 means
swing left, first house on the right?
Wow, you catch on fast
It's easy
Let's start!
Let's go!
Okay, here you go
- Hey, Mr. Writer!
- Good morning
- Are you quitting your route?
- Huh?
Oh, no, she's my friend
- Hello!
- Hello. How do you do?
She's pretty
No wonder I wanted to pack
some extra today
What's today's menu?
Today, it's um
Let's have some milk
- Thank you
- Do you have strawberry milk?
Strawberry? Um yes
- Here you go
- Thank you
Ah madeleines!
Today's madeleines
Ah so these are madeleines?
Have you had
madeleines before?
In Remembrance of
Things Past
the book starts with the character
recalling a childhood memory
The thing sparking his memory
is the madeleine
He eats a madeleine
by chance
and remembers
the taste which triggers
other forgotten
childhood memories
Mmm, it's good!
Five stars
So do you remember anything?
This is my first time
Maybe, in 10 years
I'll eat a madeleine by chance
and I'll remember today
Ji-suk Kang!
Shall I make today
unforgettable for all time?
Let's date!
Let's have a romance!
We don't know
each other very well
Did I say for us
to get hitched?
We date,
to we get to know each other!
Why? Don't you like me?
- It's not that
- Then what?
Give me some time
to think about it!
I'll give you
till we get home!
Go on in
How about it?
What do you say?
About our romance
Um, well It's um
It may be easy
for you to decide
- But this is very hard for me
- Stop!
If it's too much for you
then let's just go out
for a month
An arranged romance
for just a month
Watcha think? Fun, huh?
The conditions are
we have to be 100% honest!
We can't say let's break up
until the month is up
After a month,
we part ways grandly!
You do whatever you want,
don't you?
But poor you
After a month,
you'll be in love with me
Then what happens?
Then? Well, say that
you love me
I shall consider it then
Hey, is it supposed to
sting so much?
My scalp feels like
it's on fire
Wussy you know what we call hair
that's never been permed or colored?
Virgin hair
Ji-suk, the first time's
always a little painful
How come a guy like you,
who can't make a decision
said 'yes' to our month romance?
Here are some moments
I want to share with you
What kind of moments
do you want to share with me?
Well, you see, it's
So what you want to share with me,
it's to go biking in the rain?
Isn't it romantic?
Please don't write a love story
I'm writing one right now
Well, take this scene out
Ji-suk, why do like
getting wet in the rain?
In the rain, I feel like
I'm getting cleansed
You do know
that it's acid rain
That's why
we're wearing raincoats
Ji-suk, you wanna
go to my place?
Hey! This is really good
My mom likes tea
more than sex
I've inherited
her talent with tea
I think I'm going to like tea
more than s-sex
from now on
It's really good
Not that
Have you even had sex?
No, right?
Hey, at my age,
of course I have
Really? With who?
Well, um
Ji-suk Kang,
you're so cute
The moments we shared today,
I was really happy!
Even when I'm older,
a grandma
every time I drink this tea,
I think I'll remember today
This way, my memory
will be more vivid
- They'll break!
- No, they won't!
Don't talk when
I'm doing the dishes
I can't concentrate on,
so I might break them
You know, you're pretty good
with dishes
Yeah? Well, of course. I've lived
alone for years. Dishes are a given
Yeah? You can do
laundry as well?
- Laundry?
- I have lots of laundry
laundry? I can't do it well
- Are you good with dishes?
- Of course
Hey! Don't you feel like
this is a waste of time?
Nope! Doesn't it just
clear your head?
Play another game!
Any questions,
just ask me, the master
Hi! It's Sung-hae, remember me?
We were in the same class, 9th grade
Wanna catch up? Come to Blue Moon,
Sat. At 7. You can catch me there
What I wish for is
your blue ocean
The universe inside those pearls
I cannot see anymore
I lose sleep, I'm so tired
The energy inside me
Fading, fading
As I wait quietly
Finally, blue eyes
I lose sleep, I'm so tired
The energy inside me
Fading, fading
I lose sleep, I'm so tired.
The energy inside me
Fading, fading
I lose sleep, I'm so tired
The energy inside me
Fading, fading
Hee-jin Lee,
what are you doing?
Aren't you meeting
Ji-suk today?
Shhh, mommy's reading
Be quiet, please
- You major in film?
- Uh-huh
Bye. See you tomorrow
- See ya!
- Uh-huh
A film major and
lead vocals in a band
Wow that's a busy life
There were 3 things
I always wanted to do in college
Love, travel, and the leader
of a rock-n-roll band!
Then you've done all three?
Of course!
Oh, there's a class
reunion this Sat
Just some classmates living in Seoul.
You want to come?
Do you have a girlfriend?
Uh, uh, no
It's me
Oh, Hee-jin
Yeah. Ji-suk, I read 100 pages
of Moon Palace today
Oh Really?
At this rate, I'll finish it before
our month is up, don't you think?
How come you're
so wishy-washy, huh?
One time, Jong-chul, man,
he was at my house to watch porn
Suddenly, my mom walked in
Wow, we were screwed,
you know!
We tried to get the tape out
but it was stuck
So then what happened?
We took the whole player out
Told his mom, we had to copy
an English tape or something
Hey! You're really a hair designer?
Not a washer?
If I were still a washer,
I'd die!
That's impressive!
You're the only one still doing what
we dreamed of doing in school
Oh, my!
I must be the last one
- Hey, Mi-hee!
- It's so good to see you, girl!
I'm so heavy
it's hard to get around
What's a mommy doing here?
Min-chul, you be quiet!
But what's this?
Oh, it's Sung-hae's birthday today!
Whoa, Sung-hae's birthday?
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Sung-hae!
Happy birthday to you!
I dedicate this song
to my friends
who remembered my birthday
You're still in my heart
When it rains,
the rain covers, hides me
The times we spent
together pass
You go one without
remembering me
Oh, time passes,
without a word from you
Even when forever comes,
you still don't know me
Yeah. So what if it's Pusan
or that it's between other acts?
We can't be too picky
Anyway, Pusan's my hometown
Alright, so we're taking the gig
I'll call you later. Bye
- Sung-hae!
- Huh?
- Happy birthday
- Thanks
Come by the salon sometime
I'll cut your hair real nice
for your present
- Really?
- Of course
Come to our gatherings
from now on
Bring your boyfriend too.
Oh, yeah. You came with Ji-suk, right?
He told you about tonight?
- So is it true he doesn't have a girlfriend?
- What?
Hey, how would I know?
Did he say he didn't?
Well, that's what he said.
But I think he has one
Hey, I really can't dance!
Whatever, it's easy,
just move
Yeah, stop being such
a goodie goodie
Go on! Get up!
Hey, sit, sit, here!
Don't they look
peachy together?
Actually, Sung-hae liked
Ji-suk back in junior high
That girl,
she's so cool now
But she was too shy to
tell him back then
Sung-hae has really blossomed
She used to
be a real geek
I always thought
she was pretty
Did you like her back then?
Hey, everyone thought I was
a goodie goodie, remember?
A goodie goodie is also a guy
We promised to
be 100% honest
I may not be able to forgive ugliness
but I can forgive a past
It's okay, tell me
Um, when Sung-hae had her appendix
taken out and missed school
being the class president,
I did lend her my notes
Ji-suk, what are you reading?
Wanna borrow it?
When you're done
I'd really appreciate your notes!
That was my first kiss
I wasn't sure
Nope, I was even gonna
let it go
But honestly,
I'm really bummed out
Because Sung-hae
was my first love?
It just hit me
I'm a woman who
can't help myself
And you have no clue
about women
Are you mad?
You know, life's a bitch
See you
100% honesty, right?
100% honesty, right?
Shouldn't you at least tell me
why you're mad?
Why'd you tell Sung-hae
you don't have a girlfriend?
Meet 1000 guys
and they're all the same
One and the same
- Do you have a boyfriend?
- Excuse me?
Boyfriend, do you have one?
Yes, but we fought yesterday
Really? Why?
My love for him is like
a watermelon
but his love for me
is like an apple
So that's why we fought
Still, I think apples taste better
Hee-jin's sooo lucky
- What's that?
- Ji-suk sent it express
Is it Ji-suk's?
We didn't even do it
Then Jun-ho?
Did you tell Jun-ho?
Are you crazy?
He's so simple,
I just know what he's gonna say
Why am I always like this?
Let's go to the hospital.
And then forget about it
It's really easy for
you to say
I'm not saying it lightly
The more you think,
the harder it is
Think of it as
stepping on poop
What? Poop?
Is getting pregnant
stepping on poop?
Why are you getting mad at me?
It's what you said!
Stepping on poop!
So my baby's poop?
Is that a thing to say
to a pregnant friend?
Hee-jin Lee!
What is your problem?
That's not what I meant
Sure it wasn't
Then again,
you never had a boyfriend
What would you know
about being pregnant?
Well, as I live and breathe!
So you're pretty,
you get all the guys!
What am I? A dog?
It's bad enough
I don't have a guy!
On days you bring
a guy home
I can't even go inside
Do I have anywhere to go?
So I end up
at a game room
Did you ever think of me
sitting there killing time?
Did you?
Asters mean
'Don't be mad anymore' Ji-suk
Have you heard
from Hee-jin yet?
Not yet
What did I tell you?
A cake's better than flowers
If I only knew, I would have
made a real pretty cake for you
Too bad
Shall we go to a movie tomorrow?
It's Hee-jin
She wants to go to
a movie tomorrow
Flowers are okay, too
We're done for today
I always came at this time
You want me back, right?
Yoo-jung called today
Said to go see you
If you want
we can hook up again
Jun-ho Kim,
that's your problem!
Just cause some
silly girls dig you
it doesn't mean
all women want you
You know
what that's called?
An error from
Are you okay?
If I had an ounce of love left for you
I wouldn't have left you!
How do you want it?
Erase my name
from your phone
You're only 10 minutes
late today
Did you get the tickets?
Let's go
I'm going home tomorrow
I took some time off
To Pusan?
You're still mad, aren't you?
when I read Sung-hae's mail,
I got a little excited
So when she asked me,
I told her
I didn't have a girlfriend
I know we promised to
be 100% honest
but I felt so bad
I couldn't tell you
It's okay, dude
I have something to tell you too
Ji-suk, I'm pregnant
What Ji-suk Kang likes
Reading, taking walks, thinking for
I- o-o-o-ng periods of time
What Hee-jin Lee likes
Computer games, shopping
changing hairstyles
We are so different
Why are we going out?
Let's just forget our deal
We can't say 'Let's break up'
before the month is up
I've been wanting to
see the ocean
We'll go together Pusan
What about your paper route?
I told them to suspend
the papers tomorrow
Is that supposed to be a joke?
Why, was it bad?
Why are you so good to me?
Why? Because
you're my girlfriend
Of course,
I'm good to you
How many days
are left in our month?
Ji-suk Kang!
What are you two doing?
Are you guys going out?
8 across, 7 letters
made by Orson Wells
director of Citizen Kane
B&W film based on one of
Shakespeare's 4 great tragedies
- Othello
- Correct
9 down, 13 letters
road movie with Susan Sarandon
and Geena Davis
- Thelma & Louise
- Correct
What exactly is a road movie?
- Oh, that's when
- The characters leave home on a trip
and the movie is about
what happens
I'm a film major after all!
Do you know the director
Wim Wenders?
I've heard of him but
I haven't seen any of his films
He's my favorite director.
He makes a lot of road movies
Ji-suk, see any of his films?
I like Wenders' films too
Yeah? Did you see
Paris, Texas?
I liked it so much
I saw it twice
Ry Cooder's music
was really good too
Yeah, nothing beats
an acoustic guitar
to show the desolate,
lonely desert
Ji-suk, you and I think alike
Wenders really likes
Polaroid cameras
So I bought one too
I'll take your picture
so strike a pose you two
One two three
This is the one and
only copy of this picture
Who wants it?
I get on the bus across the street.
What about you two?
- The subway
- Oh, yeah?
Well, it's good-bye then.
Get home safe
Remember, the concert's
tomorrow at 7
You both gotta come! Okay?
Saving 100 boy names
on your phone
Why do you want to do that?
When I first started at the salon
I worked from morning to night
with hardly any days off
I had no time to eat or poop
That's how I got to
where I am today
One day, I looked around
and no one was there
I felt like crap
I had no name
to save on my phone
After you fill it up,
what are you going to do?
I don't know.
Maybe change phones?
I used to come here a lot
when I was in school
Yo, goodie goodie,
you ever hang out here?
It seems like
yesterday but now
I'm already 25
I'm not ready to
be an adult yet
You can take your time
By the time we die
people will being living till 125
So we still have
100 years to go
Ah, so that's why
you're so relaxed
I want to live like
I'm taking a walk
feeling every moment 100%
I want to run like
in a 100m dash
We really have
nothing in common
I remember the day
we biked in the rain
Shall we go get wet?
You're the one who said
it's acid rain
Let's go!
You want something
warm to drink?
Oh no, that's okay
Are you okay?
Read to me
Where'd you read up to?
Just read from the beginning
Okay, here I go
It was the summer that
men first walked on the moon
I was very young back then
but I did not believe
there would ever be a future
I wanted to live dangerously
to push myself as far as I could go
and when I got there
You have gook in your eyes
When are you gonna to go
to the hospital?
As soon as I get to Seoul
Let's go together
Meet you at 2 tomorrow
at Pusan Station
Mi-hee told me that
in junior high,
Sung-hae liked you too
Inside never-ending memories
All that I have left disappears
I won't hide anymore
What I have left is no more
I'm sorry, Doctor
No matter how much time goes by
No matter how much time goes by
When morning comes,
everything's gone with the night
No matter how much time goes by
In another beginning
in another beginning
Like a dream,
you come back to me
Do you play 'Fortress? '
No, isn't it a waste to spend
our youth on stuff like that?
I started cause
Hee-jin taught me
It's actually fun!
I haven't won yet but
It's probably cause
you're a pacifist
You didn't go home yesterday,
did you?
You're dressed
in the same clothes
That means you were
with Hee-jin
Why'd you come alone?
Did you guys
have a love spat?
We didn't fight but
we couldn't come together
Hee-jin's going through
a rough time
I want to be there for her
but it's kind of hard
Hey! Then you have to go to her!
What are you doing here?
I knew it when you said
you were solo
'I only know books
I know nothing of love'
You have that written
on your forehead
I liked you back in school
So I hesitated
before coming tonight
If we become
more than friends
then it'll be harder
on Hee-jin
I liked you back
in school too
That's why I e-mailed you
I was crazy curious
to see how you turned out
When we met up again,
you turned out better than I thought
I thought of
going out with you
But seeing you here
as my friend, I like this better
Mom, aren't you done yet?
Are you just looking
at the pictures?
My goodness,
you're a fast reader
How can tea taste
so good?
I put a little
hiroppon in the tea
So second hubby
sleeps out a lot, huh?
Don't even go there
He's gambling away
somewhere again
Poor mom,
no luck with men
First hubby dies early,
the second sleeps out
every day
It just seems, I should be
looking for number 3
- Mom?
- Yeah?
- Mom
- What?
Mom, um
Do you know
what a road movie is?
What are you talking about
You don't, huh?
It's when the characters
go on a trip
A road movie's about
what happens during the trip
- You mean like Whale Hunting?
- Right
That's a road movie
The last movie your dad and I
watched together at the theater
was Whale Hunting
Hello. I'm Hee-jin's friend,
Ji-suk Kang
Yes Um,
Hee-jin's in Pusan
She's not back yet?
No. She's staying
a few more days
Oh, I see. Thank you
Ji-suk's gone
I'll take a day off.
Let's go to the hospital on Saturday
I'm going to have it
Are you crazy?
What's crazy about
a pregnant woman having her baby?
Oh, no
Don't look at me
so pathetically
I hate myself, too
Why is life so hard?
What's with you?
What are you doing?
It tastes better this way
Ji-suk, man,
stop being a sap
Forget her and come to
Australia with me!
- Australia?
- Yeah
Why would I go there?
I'm going for a year,
on that working holiday thing
What about
the Public Servant Exam?
That's right,
I was gonna do that
But a few days ago,
I read a book,
50 Things You Must Do In Your 20s
One of the things
is to poop
in as many countries
as possible
Wow! As soon as
I read that
I got shivers up
and down my legs
So you're going all the way
to Australia to take a dump?
Come with me?
Nah, I'll just poop
in my home
Hey, what about Yae-eun?
Didn't I tell you?
- What?
- We broke up a few days ago
She and I finally
went to a motel
We're just about to do it
when she confesses
She's not a virgin
She already did it
with a guy at her church
is that all you're made of?
You broke up
cause she's not a virgin?
- It's not that
- Then what, bastard!
All that time,
pretending to be a virgin
'If you love me,
if you love me, you'll wait'
All that was crap!
It gives me the chills, man
Really, it creeps me out
You still have a book out
You have Moon Palace, right?
Oh, yes
It's quite overdue
Please have it back
by tomorrow
Yes, thank you
Did I keep it too long?
I feel like I learned a lot
from you in a month
No, I learned a lot more
I'm at the second bullet level
at 'Fortress'
I didn't get anything
for today
White freesias mean
'I'm lucky to have
such a good friend like you'
So we're breaking up?
The last condition
After a month,
we part ways grandly!
remember what you said?
In a month,
I'd be in love with you
To then say I love you
- Hee-jin
- Ji-suk
I'm gonna have it
I'm gonna have the baby
is everything
so easy for you?
Why are you being
so dumb?
You know I'm pretty simple
I like it, I do it
The end
As a quarter of
my life was ending
she came looking for me
as the second quarter of her life
was beginning
I went looking for her
It's hard to choose.
I'll come back
Whatever you choose,
timing's most important
I'll give you a good deal
Come see me
Hey! You and I need to talk
- I have nothing to say to you
- You sure about that?
Let go!
I said I have no feelings
for you!
Where are we going?
Stop the car!
Stop the car now!
Are you crazy?
Why do you keep
messing my life?
Those should be my words!
What about
the kid in your belly?
Forget talk,
let's just get rid of it
I'll pay for it
Just grab a date
You seem to
have the wrong idea
It's not yours
It's not your baby
so stop messing with my life.
Stay out my life
But why doesn't it fit?
Because my waist is 38
- What? You said 34
- Well, we were dating and
- You lied to me?
- Aw Wait!
Try this one. And this
- Hmm, it's good. Yummy
- I'm a good cook, right?
- Oh, I actually used that ladle
- That's okay. Why not?
- I'm embarrassed, that's all
- Embarrassed
- You get embarrassed?
- Sure
How's the rice?
The rice?
- Very, very good
- Great
Now, we just need the curry
- It needs to boil down more
- It does? Okay
It's raining so let's hurry!
What happened?
Ji-suk! Ji-suk!
Can you hear me?
Are you okay?
Does it hurt?
Still, he's a good kid
He went away cause
mommy's having a hard time
When you're ready
to be a mommy
when you have someone
who really loves you
he'll be back
Are you okay?
You were here all night
How's Hee-jin?
I'm sorry but Hee-jin's not up
to seeing anyone right now
Please take good care of her
Don't worry
Um, are you Ji-suk?
Yes. And you are?
I'm taking over for Man-ho
- Man-ho quit his job?
- Yes
Man-ho asked me
to give you this
I have to go now
- Thanks
- Good-bye
Hey, Mr. Writer!
I got a job at a hotel
It's in the country
so I had to leave right away
Though we met on the route
a proper good-bye
is still in order
No one enjoyed my cooking
more than you
You know about
good cooking
so I'm sure
you're a good writer
Take care
Hee-jin, which color?
This one's smart
and this one's sexy
The sexy one, please
But isn't too much?
You said you might go
all the way with him tonight, right?
Right. Why hide my sexiness?
No word from Ji-suk yet?
You said his name
so give me 10 bucks
Here, here
What do you think?
Really sexy, huh?
Why, don't you like the color?
- The color's not the problem
- It'll look prettier on me
This color's a beauty!
Have a good trip
Yeah, I'll send a pretty postcard
from Australia
I thought about it a lot
Why did Yae-eun came
clean about not
being a virgin at that
crucial moment?
Probably cause
she really loved me
But what can I do?
The boat's already sailed
Well, see ya
Bon voyage, buddy
Ooh, f-e-e-I that sun!
I love the sky!
It's never boring
When I don't want to see it,
I don't have to
And when I want to,
I can see it from anywhere
You really do love me,
don't you?
You smile at
whatever I say!
You want it cut short?
Uh, no
I want to color it
It's not my first time
so it'll sting less, right?
We'll it might sting more and
be more painful than the first time
Let's try again, you and me