Madelines (2022) Movie Script

In every science experiment,
you have to establish rules.
The greater the experiment,
the more important the rules.
But sometimes, when
the experiment goes wrong,
you have to throw the rules out.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
So far so good.
Doc Brown experiment,
Apple test, trial 1. Apple.
What's wrong?
It was supposed to be an apple.
Really could be any type
of fruit, right?
Orange, banana, pineapple.
It's symbolism, Owen,
like the Garden of Eden,
the beginning of something.
Thus an apple.
Well, this was growing in
our backyard, thus, convenient.
You know,
sometimes I just want to ugh
until you're a bloody pulp.
In the most loving way,
of course.
Damn USB. Continue.
Maybe you can wait until after
we send this off into the...
This is a terrible way to begin
a major scientific discovery.
With an orange?
With a disagreement.
I love when you
call a fight a disagreement.
Hasn't escalated
to fight levels yet,
still just a disagreement.
We're up.
Apples don't roll.
No, I have to recheck the code.
You don't want that non-apple
someone's brain, do you?
You know, maybe we should
call this a fruit test.
Maybe you should let me name
the test and you just mess up
the one thing that I didn't
double-check your work on.
All right, ready.
Preparing to initiate
fruit test.
Okay. No trace
on a molecular level.
Velocity prediction locked.
Uh, we still
have 15 more seconds
before it rematerializes
in the future.
Okay, uh, 14, 13, 12, 11, ten...
Wait 'til five, please.
Five, four, three, two,
One. What the heck?
Maybe your calculations
were off?
My calculations?
We worked
on this together, darling.
Don't call me that.
Hold on, hold up,
hold up, hold up.
My calculations were genius,
'cause here it comes.
Orange has successfully
exactly one
minute to the future.
Still need to run
our spectral analysis
to make sure it was a success.
- It was.
- Okay, it could be
- a different orange.
- It's not.
We have to run
a cell-by-cell comparison,
besides, that re-entry
was really slow.
If that was a human,
it'd be super painful.
- I mean...
- Ma... Madeline, we did it.
Okay, anything else
could be fixed
with some minor tweaking.
Okay, please don't...
don't ruin the moment.
To my own personal
time travelers.
Mm. We just want to thank you.
We couldn't have done
this without your help.
So, what's next?
You got an orange
to go into the future.
I assume now you want
to send it to the past.
What's next is more testing.
A mouse test.
A mouse test is obviously next.
Uh, we've conquered organic.
Now we move on to living flesh.
Uh, complex regeneration.
Owen, we've been over this.
What's next is an orange test.
Same test. We have
to replicate the results.
How many tests would it take
before you would feel
comfortable using a mouse?
Uh, I don't know... 50.
We're in disagreement about
what the exact next steps are,
but trust me, we won't do
anything too crazy.
I guess we have time
for all this.
That's good.
Time, that's a good one.
Oh, wow,
that went really, really well.
So, I guess
the next round of funding
should be coming in shortly?
Yeah, if you learned to laugh
at his jokes
at appropriate times.
Okay, I'll work on that
as soon as you agree
that our next step
is to move on to live testing.
No, no way.
No we're not ready and I don't
want to kill an animal,
or multiple animals
over and over again
every single day, no way.
At least think of Rory.
Okay, you see where he's living?
He's downgraded
to a loft downtown.
He's spending all
of his money on us, okay?
It's... it's time,
we have to move forward.
Madeline, don't these
prove the point?
It's time for phase two.
It's time for Derek to step up.
Doc Brown experiment,
live test subject, trial 1.
Okay. Bye-bye,
Mr. Mouse.
Godspeed, Derek.
See, this is...
this is why we did this.
Trial conclusion: failure.
Holy shit.
Hey, Owen, I figured out the...
Doc Brown experiment.
Human test, trial 1.
Oh, and please forgive me,
I found a mistake.
It was in the code.
It doesn't matter, I'm doing
this of my own free will,
and, um, I perfected
the wearable version,
so you can suck it.
Stupid USB.
- Maddie.
- Owen.
- Maddie!
- Owen!
How you feeling?
Well, your test results
came out fine.
I was mad at you, and I just
wanted to do it without you.
Guess I can understand that.
And I didn't want to watch
another mouse explode.
That makes less sense.
And yes, I had had some wine.
- I know.
- More than normal.
Don't even say anything.
I feel like an idiot.
Well, you proved it works.
It worked right? Hmm?
- Yeah, it worked.
- Yeah.
Listen, we need to document
your whole experience.
All right, I... I need to
know everything that happened.
Think it was just really
hard on my brain,
so it all just kind of feels
like a dream right now.
And this thing,
this amazing device...
Mad, you solved
all of our issues.
Okay, it's really inspired.
Yeah, but I was reckless.
I could've died.
Okay. Look, we just need to be
rational from this point on.
Okay, more rational.
Ow! Oh, God!
Maddie? Oh, my God,
oh, my God.
Maddie? Maddie?
Owen, what are doing?
Is that...?
No! No, no, no, no, no,
get in... get in the garage,
you can't see her. Go!
Oh, my God,
oh my God, oh, my God,
oh, my God.
What did she do?
What did she do? Oh, shit.
- Who was that? Who's that?
- Are... Are you okay?
Me? Yes, I'm okay. Yes.
But who is that?
I think that I... I thought
that... that I...
- that I told you.
- I... That was me, right?
That person that you killed,
that person outside,
the person... that was me.
Yeah, but... but how?
H... how could that be you?
Mad... Madeline, think.
Did you make
some kind of mistake?
I didn't make a mistake.
Ugh, fuck.
- Oh.
- What?
- Well.
- Maddie.
Ah, shit.
What did you do?
This. This one piece
of fucking code.
I created a loop.
It wasn't supposed to execute.
It was just in case
the script got hung up.
I was only gone an hour, but...
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait. No, no, no, no, no, no.
An hour? Okay.
If the code cycles out
to the point of the loop...
And that's...
Three thousand six hundred.
3,600 versions of me are gonna
show up every day
at the same time. And you just
killed the first one.
She was trying to kill me,
I swear.
I believe you.
I'm sorry.
For what?
I don't know.
Feels like it was
you I killed, I... I guess?
I mean, it wasn't me.
But it was, so...
So, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
No. I'm sorry now
for what I'm about to say.
No. Owen, no.
I know what you're about to say.
Oh, okay. What am I...
You're gonna say me
and the other Madelines
can't exist at the same time,
at the same place.
- The Novikov Principle.
- Yeah, I know the Novikov
Principle. Any sci-fi nerd
who's ever seen
Back to the Future knows
the Novikov Principle.
So, you're gonna say that
we have to kill the Madelines
as they show up. That's what
were gonna say, right?
Well, more Timecop than
Back to the Future ye... yes.
And if you knew
what I was gonna say,
then so would she,
and all the other Madelines.
Okay, see, that's why
she was ready to kill me,
because she knew that I was
gonna try to kill her first.
I mean yes, I knew that.
So, yes,
she would know that, too.
Okay. I think that's making
a pretty strong case
for... eliminating them.
Maddie, it's them or us.
Just like Timecop.
Okay, now like that.
Or maybe... maybe...
Oh, take a step, twist.
I can't,
I can't, I can't, I can't.
Okay. No, you got it. It's for
science. It's for science.
Progressive science,
'cause you're like Elon Musk.
A non-evil Elon Musk.
Owen, did I show up yet?
Stop distracting me, okay?
You can't be here.
Oh. Oh shit, um...
Hey, excuse me. Hi. Ah!
That was way too hard.
We got to think
of something else.
All right.
Okay, yeah.
All right.
Let's see, uh...
Okay. Pretty humane.
Oh, shit.
Owen, let me out.
Owen, what... what is this?
Where am I?
It's gonna be okay, Maddie.
All right.
Uh, human trial 1,
debriefing Madeline Ashby.
When you went to the future,
how long were you there for?
An hour.
Exactly one hour,
according to the logs.
And where was your location?
I set it for here, our home,
but... it's hard to say.
Um, I don't really remember.
I know that it was hot,
like a desert.
This is gonna sound weird,
but I think
our camper was there.
Our trailer camper?
What the fuck?
Uh, this isn't good.
Could you not put the hacksaw
in the dishwasher?
It's just weird.
Madeline, don't freak out.
Don't start sentences that way.
Now, this is just gonna
reinforce my chaos theory.
Okay, just on the spectrum
of freaking out
to not freaking out,
you're killing versions of me
every day, so I'm pretty
fucking freaked out right now.
Well, I didn't kill you today.
You showed up dead.
Come again?
So, you didn't turn on the gas?
No. You just showed up
like this.
Number 15. Uh, that number have
any significance for you?
Wait. No.
Well, I lost my virginity at 15.
I don't think that's relevant.
What about that
Jim Carrey movie?
The Number 23?
- So, not 15?
- No.
You've not seen the movie?
- Mm-mm.
- It's pretty good.
Wait, we're in the same place
at the same time.
Shouldn't the world
be unraveling or something?
That... It's fine.
She... She's dead.
I think you just changed
the rules.
There's a lot of dead
Madelines around here.
Yeah. Don't remind me.
Don't scream.
I need you to be
a bit more understanding
about the me freaking out part
of all of this.
I'm allowed to gasp.
Okay. So, she shows up dead.
Question's why?
Hold up.
I'm allowed to yelp.
Is this what I look like?
Looks backwards.
Yeah, I'd say these were
I guess she wanted to show up
dead before she got here.
I'm allowed to throw up
on myself, okay?
Sorry I threw up.
It's okay. I cleaned it.
I just don't understand
why I killed myself.
It's a user error.
You compiled the code
incorrectly. That's the only
way to look at it.
Yeah. I know that.
And I feel bad enough.
I'm taking care of it.
Have you ever heard
of the Pando?
The tree thing?
Yeah. Pando or the Pando?
I can't remember
which one it is.
It looks like a bunch of trees,
like a forest,
but in reality it's actually
one big organism.
Well, to kill it, you have to
kill the roots,
which starts a reaction
that kills all the trees.
And I was thinking we need to do
the same thing
with the Madelines.
The root is
when I press the button,
so I was thinking that we could
go back or I could go back
and stop me before I go
forward and change the code,
and... and I can make sure
she doesn't ever see me.
Madeline, we have already
fucked this up. Okay, why?
Why would we do something
that could fuck up
the whole universe?
No. We... we stick with what's
working. Okay, no more risks.
But clearly, you're already
taking on a lot of risks.
Because of you.
Because you made the decision
to go forward in time.
And now you don't get to decide
what risk we take anymore.
I just feel helpless.
I'm not doing anything
and you're doing everything.
All right.
You can't be here, Maddie.
Well, if she shows up dead,
then it won't matter. Right?
Seriously, get back in
the house, okay? It's not cute.
Look, I just... I have an idea.
What if we try to talk to her?
Oh, uh, before or after
she strangles you to death?
Well, maybe she's just trying
to kill you.
When I left,
I was really mad at you,
so maybe she is, too.
Is that the shirt
I got you for Christmas?
Looks good on you.
Are you trying to be nice to me?
Just trying to sympathize
that you might not be
in the best mood.
I just feel for them.
I mean, what is the difference
between Madeline 15 and me?
Nothing. Except that
she's dead and you're alive.
Do you actually think that?
Oh. Oh, hey, hey, Madeline.
It's me, also Madeline.
Goddammit, we don't have
time for this.
No killing!
Oh, man.
Good thing
I stepped in there, huh?
You were right, you know.
About what?
About that they're aggressive.
That one was clearly
very pissed.
I don't think I've ever heard
you say that I was right
and you were wrong.
I didn't say that I was wrong.
I mean, could just be that one.
No, no, they're all...
They have different ideas.
What if the next one decides
that all you should go, hmm?
Including you-you, original you?
I don't really want to think
about that.
Besides, where would
they all live?
I mean, what would you even do
with 3,600 other Madelines?
What, will... Would
you all share the same job?
Who'd get to sleep
in bed with me?
All right, that's not funny.
No. Well, it's true.
I mean, you can't even share
a tube of toothpaste with me.
It's because you don't squeeze
it from the bottom.
I can do this myself.
I'm not gonna let you face
another knife-wielding
Madeline alone.
They figured out how to arm
And what, you're here
to protect me?
You're my husband and I'm here
to work with you,
to do this part.
And then also the other part
where we figure out
how to stop them.
Oh, no, wait, wait, wait.
Do... Don't step here.
You're gonna love this,
hold on. Wait for it.
Oh, my God. I don't love that.
It sounded good on paper.
Hey, look what I found.
You never wear that thing.
I know, I just thought it'd be
nice to commemorate our love.
Or something corny like that.
Ah, I feel good.
Hey, this is, uh, kind of like
our new thing, huh?
Like... Like kind of like
jogging together?
- No.
- Okay.
- Howdy.
- Rory!
How's it going? How are you?
Are you good?
I'm great. I just haven't
been able to get
a hold of the two of you.
And I was sure you were deep
in your work,
so I did the old-fashioned,
thing and used my feet
instead of my fingers.
And, uh, I've been waiting
for a mind-blowing update,
so thrill me.
Yep. I... I guess we just
haven't sent one of those yet.
Okay. So, uh,
where is your lab?
I'd love to see where the magic
happens. Is it back here?
- Um...
- Go, go.
Oh, you know what? Um, would
you like a cup o' coffee?
I was just
making some coffee, you know?
- Oh, I'm fine, I'm fine.
- Um...
I don't really need any coffee.
Uh, uh, you know what? It
actually is a mess in there.
Uh, and we have a lot more
work to do, so...
Madeline, I get the feeling
that you're stalling because
you don't want me to see
that you haven't done any work.
- Is that right?
- Yes, that is right.
Maybe I'm being a bit impatient.
So, last we spoke,
there was a mouse test.
Oh, yeah. The mouse.
Uh, the mouse didn't make it.
What was that noise?
Uh, you know, it was,
uh, just... just, uh, pudding.
I'm making
pudding in the kitchen.
So, the test failed,
the mouse died.
Owen told me it went well.
Yeah, Owen and I have really
different ideas
about what
works and what doesn't.
Okay, okay. That's exactly
the kinda update
I'm looking for.
What do you need, more time,
more money?
We... we just need to work on
the code.
And? Madeline?
We just need to do
more research.
Just promise you'll keep me
in the loop.
This is as meaningful
for me as it is for you.
And you are doing important work
for the future and the past.
Get it? The past?
That's a time travel joke.
Ha! I think I do get it, yep.
Tell Owen I stopped by
and get me those weekly updates.
I want to see some results soon.
Oh, my God.
What the fuck?
Oh, hey, um, what... what are
you doing?
Here, help me with this.
Okay, I'm not going to take no
for an answer.
We're gonna catch her
and talk to her.
Talk to her?
Did you learn nothing
from the tent incident?
We have this amazing
She's been to the future.
She probably remembers
it better than I can.
Why is our trailer there?
Is she trying to figure
out a way to stop this?
I mean, she's me,
so she probably is.
So, we catch her and we ask
her and maybe we figured out
a way to stop the loop.
So, then we kill her after
we've made friends?
I haven't figured
that part out yet.
Well, you better think
fast, missy.
Okay, then fine. We kill her,
we kill me again today.
- Fine.
- Fine.
Are... Are you gonna
kill me?
Chaos theory.
Okay, let me explain
what's going on.
I know what's going on.
You do?
Yeah. I caused this.
And no two Madelines can exist
in the same time,
so you're killing them. I'm in.
So, how many Madelines have you
spoken to? Do they mention me?
Uh, just her,
the... the first one.
And now you.
Wow, and I'm number...?
So, the first Madeline back
killed 50 other mes?
Um, actually, I... I killed most
of them alone.
She... I... I mean, you guys
don't like violence,
as you know.
Right, but I was in the future
for 50 more days
than she was, so we're pretty
different probably.
Yeah. Uh, and I really want to
know more about that.
We... We should set up a camera
to document your experiences.
We were doing that
with the last Madeline.
Wow, 50 days.
So, were you also in the desert?
I'm really glad we found
each other.
Found each other?
Yeah. Obviously,
this is the way
it's supposed to be. Right?
I mean, I'm sitting here
with you and there's 50 other
Madelines dead and buried.
Actually, they're not buried.
I just chop them up...
You were okay with me
killing her, right?
The... The other Madeline.
Two can't co-exist in the same
No. But her specifically.
I mean, you seem a little
shaken up about it.
I mean, you guys spent
a lot of time together.
More time than you did with any
of the other Madelines.
We weren't more on it
than you and I.
I mean, technically,
you're the same.
Then I guess the other Madeline
has wine around here somewhere.
You know, I've been thinking
about changing my hair.
What do you think?
Yeah. Good idea.
Yeah, change is good.
Something individualizing.
- So, Owen...
- Hmm?
If we had both died today,
would you kill the Madeline
that showed up tomorrow?
I'll leave her alive.
Because we're the same,
or because you want another
Madeline around?
Am I really the same
as the last Madeline?
I mean, I've been in the future
for 50 days.
Fifty days isn't enough
to change a person.
Okay, great.
So, this is it?
Doesn't look that complicated.
Though I'm sure it is.
Don't get me wrong.
Oh, no, no, no, no. That...
that's just the prototype
for the next model. This,
this here is the Devonshire.
And as you can see, there's
a lot going on under the hood.
To the Devonshire!
Well, you sure seem
to be doing a whole lot better
than when I saw
you last time, Madeline?
Yeah, you could say
I'm a whole new Madeline.
Rory, would you like to see
how this works?
Uh, you will be
the very first witness.
I like the sound of that.
And this time we've got
something a little more
interesting than an orange.
Oh, Madeline, this is kind
of the perfect test for you.
Not a mouse.
Oh, yeah, the mouse.
You remember the mouse, Owen?
Mm-hmm. Ready?
I am very much ready.
Wow! How long does it take?
Five, four, three, two, one.
Hey, little fella.
Come on.
Oh, this is perfect.
It's cute. It's a spectacle.
It'll make for an amazing demo
for our first press conference.
You two are going
to make history.
Well, we still need some time
to make it perfect,
you know, work out some
of the kinks.
How much time?
Oh, it could be, uh, months.
Could... Could be years.
It could be 3,549 days.
What a very specific
but random number.
How about if you work
on it a little more quickly.
All right, Rory.
All right, drive safe.
How the hell are we gonna
release this thing in a month?
The... The press would be here,
the... the scientific community
would be here,
the police would be here,
and then we would be
someplace else... prison.
We would be in prison.
You think so?
I think so.
We'd still have to kill
a Madeline every day
for the next nine
freaking years.
We are fucked.
Is that your engagement ring?
Oh, yeah. I just thought
we might want to do something
to commemorate our love.
Should I not wear it?
Do you not like it?
No, it's fine.
Where... Where'd you find it?
In the jewelry box, of course.
Wow. You're getting
real good at that.
Yeah. Kind of a natural.
You know, it only takes 30
days to create a habit?
No, hey, hey, uh, you...
you want to maybe
do your interview now?
We should, uh,
really document it.
Hold that thought.
- That was Madeline 100.
- Oh, um...
Here, there you go.
Thank you.
- One hundred.
- Yay.
Okay, we need to...
We need to talk.
Okay, so Madeline, uh,
meaning Madeline 1...
Madeline 1?
Uh, the original Madeline
that came back.
Let's call her Dead Madeline.
That... That doesn't
make any sense.
There are a lot of dead
Yeah, but she's the first one
who was dead to me.
Right. So, Madeline 1.
That's just... It's kind
of offensive.
Let's just call
her Dead Madeline 1.
Okay? It'll be a compromise
and relationships
are all about compromise.
Dead Madeline 1 had an idea...
To go back in time,
fix the code
before she pressed the button.
Oh, terrible idea.
No, it's... it's not.
It's the only solution.
We can't go on like this.
Why not?
Because it's miserable.
I'm fine with it.
You're f... Okay, um...
Okay, then this whole thing...
this whole murdering thing...
is holding us back
from the project. Or... or don't
you care about the project
'Cause we're not working on it.
You wanna know
what I care about?
Keeping all those other
Madelines away from here.
Not unraveling space and time.
Not unraveling you and me
and everything
that we've worked for.
So, if all you care
about is the project,
then you can go and work
on that, okay?
And you know what?
I'll handle Rory.
Always been better
with emotions than you anyway.
Emotions? Hey, hey, what...
what are you talking about?
Hey, Rory? Hi, it's Madeline.
Yeah, we'd love
to come by next week.
I have something I need to talk
to you about. Yeah, totally.
Yeah, coffee's fine.
- Just give me...
- Uh, time.
Yeah, that'd be great.
We're excited to see you. Okay,
okay, thanks.
I took care of it.
All right, so... so what are you
going to say, exactly?
I have it under control.
Owen, don't you trust me?
I do.
You don't seem like you do.
I do.
We're just going to throw
them off our path,
you know, take
care of things, so to speak.
Uh, what... what...
what are you gonna do?
You just seem different.
Since when?
Since you got back.
Because I'm not like
your precious Dead Madeline 1.
- Oh.
- Oh, hi, guys.
Uh, I was hoping you'd have
a certain machine in tow?
Ah, no.
We have different plans.
Just so you know,
this is a fight.
Sorry, Owen. Madeline made
it clear that it's just gonna
be she and I today.
She wants to talk to me alone.
Oh, um, I wasn't aware...
Madeline? Rory?
Madeline, you okay?
Oh, my God,
an Eames lounge chair.
Um, listen, we've got to go.
We have an appointment thing.
You don't have
to lie to me, Owen.
At least not anymore.
I know everything.
Do you feel safe enough to go?
All right. I'll send along
a dump truck for the bodies.
All very discreet.
Thank you. But, uh,
we've got it all under control.
Clearly, you don't.
Okay, you... you told him
and he... he's not calling
the police?
Rory's not gonna do shit.
He just wants
the machine finished.
Can you handle the Madeline
that shows up today?
Yeah, I guess.
- I'm sorry.
- Wh... What?
Sorry. She's so mad,
she's so mad
Fuck it.
Sample test,
reverse time sequence.
Fifteen seconds.
I'm calling in.
Dead Madeline 1 trial.
Test 1.
Should be here already.
Fucking time travel.
Oh, shit. Maddie!
Madeline 51 has now killed
up through Madeline 110,
which is good, I suppose.
But, um, she's simply
a little fucked up,
to be honest.
Yeah, I might have a concussion.
I shou... I should probably see
a doctor.
I tied you to a desk chair.
What makes you think I would
take you to see a doctor,
especially after all the things
you said about us?
No, no, no, that... that wasn't
about you, you're not 51.
And what was your first clue?
Big scar across my face?
You're 115.
Oh, my God, Owen.
You don't get it.
Even though
they're your own words,
you've been saying
it the whole time.
We're all the same, every
single Madeline, all of us.
You might even say
that we're replaceable.
You're done with one Madeline
and oop, another one just shows
up to take her place.
I... I... I didn't say that.
Yeah, but you meant that.
51 told me all about it.
So, she did, 51?
Would you care?
Hey, hey, that... that... that's
another Madeline.
We get... we've gotta to
stop her!
Get me out!
Whoo! Yay! Look who's here.
What was that?
Oh, yeah, she's here!
Just welcoming a new Madeline.
Do you want to see?
How long have I been out for?
- Let's all have some wine.
- I love wine.
- How are you?
- Oh, my God, are you okay?
What's happening? Where am I?
Isn't that cool?
Every day is our birthday,
It's like some sweet
Alice in Wonderland shit.
You can't.
you know you can't do this.
- This could unravel the whole...
- Space and time?
is a wormhole forming outside?
Or am I allowed to live my life
without worrying whether
or not my husband is going
to kill me every single day?
Hint, it's the last one,
and I think you always knew it.
Ooh, are you thirsty?
I bet you're thirsty.
I bet you're on the verge
of dehydration, like the bad
verge, like the one
where you're in the desert
for a really long time.
I don't particularly care,
but parts of me do,
and I try to respect that.
Oh, no, wait.
That's your pee bottle.
Oh. Mm.
You talk about it like you're
all part of the same org...
Organism. That's right, Owen.
Like the Pando.
Do you know that organism?
We already talked about it.
- No?
- With a different you!
Oh, God, guess that makes sense.
Okay, I wanna do an experiment.
Close your eyes and we're gonna
go back in time.
Come on, close your eyes.
Let's go back 130
or so days ago.
I jumped to the future,
or an alternate timeline
where time moves a bit
differently than here.
It doesn't really matter.
All that matters
is what was there.
Which was nothing.
It was a wasteland.
You would love it.
So much to study and learn.
The first me to arrive
was truly alone.
She was only there one hour.
Maybe that world
was only there an hour?
When she arrived
at the camper...
And we all know what happened
to her when she got back here.
You psychopath.
Anyway, by the time I got there,
it was a friggin'
sorority house.
Because each new version
arrived one hour
after the other until the loop
in the code was done.
Some of the Madelines
couldn't handle it,
and some Madelines
couldn't handle each other.
And things got a little sticky
there for a while
when we realized all we needed
was to learn a lesson
and to find a leader.
So, you're really Uber Madeline?
I know, but we hate that name.
I hate the way you're switching
between first-person
and third-person.
Well, I'm not gonna change
for you anymore.
So, you may as
well get used to it.
You don't sound like you.
Well, I'd do that thing where
I take your hand, I put it on
on my face, and all that mushy
stuff, but you're tied
to a desk chair, so...
I feel like the next
thing you're gonna say is
you're gonna kill me.
No. No, darling, I'm your wife.
- Bad news. 135 shut up Loopy.
- Loopy?
Shit's goin down in the future.
She didn't really
wanna talk about it.
I gave her a glass of wine.
Good idea.
How's Owen?
- Alive.
- Did you tell him your plan?
It's our plan.
You always say "my plan."
Well, my "my" is your "my."
It's a collective "my."
Okay, fine. Our plan.
Yeah that's it. Nothing else?
It just seems like you would
have an investment...
Why? What number are you?
We're all the same.
Are you 51?
- I'm 51.
- Yeah, of course you are.
You always wear your hair
in those stupid buns.
Our numbers don't matter
anymore. I just care about Owen
the same as the rest
of you guys.
I care about Owen.
I just think he would be happy
to have us here.
We should include
him in our plan.
Would he be happy
to have us here,
or would it just be
confusing for him?
And who would sleep
next to him at night?
Who would hold his hand?
Who would fuck Owen?
Would we take turns or would
it be one big Madeline orgy?
You know him best? Would
he be happy to have us here?
He wouldn't be happy
about having us here. Sorry.
Let's leave him
where he is, okay?
Are we missing a Madeline?
Okay, someone without a massive
scar on their face
please go answer the door.
Everyone else, hide.
Hi, doll.
Haven't heard much from you
except for the old
pocket phone. How you coping?
I'm... I'm coping.
So, uh, no movement on stopping
all the Madelines?
No, not yet.
Are you sure you wouldn't want
to stay
- with me for a while?
- You know what?
I would like to stay with you.
Can I stay with you?
Of course.
Are you not feeling safe?
I'm not, I... I'm not safe.
Um, let's just go.
Don't you wanna get your stuff
or maybe
tell Owen where you'll be?
No, not really.
It's kind of weird here.
I feel like we should just go
ahead and go.
Oh, wow. What was that?
You wanna check that?
Well, maybe I should go
in and check it.
No, no, Rory, don't go.
I'll go check on it.
Just don't go anywhere, okay?
Okay, I'll... I'll stay here.
I'm not going anywhere.
Hey, Rory, you know what?
I'm just gonna stay here
and work on my ironing
and laundry for a little bit,
but I'll text you later, okay?
Okay, are you sure?
Oh, yeah, I'll tell Owen
you stopped by.
All right.
What an odd little girl.
So, what are
we doing about clothes?
You can check that pile.
Ugh. I don't even feel
comfortable wearing this
in the dark.
Yeah, me neither.
What is this, Halloween,
two years ago?
Think so.
It's better than the tube top
and boxer briefs
I wore yesterday.
I think Madeline 125 is on
laundry duty, like, 24/7.
She says it calms her, so...
You want some?
My secret stash.
Have you... seen Owen?
No, she kind of keeps him...
Hey, why is everybody so glum?
It's our fucking birthday.
We're missing a few.
Okay, well, every Madeline
is allowed to come and go
as she pleases.
I haven't seen 135 in days.
Or 128.
You know, I think we just
shouldn't do numbers anymore.
You know,
it's too individualizing.
We should all think of
ourselves as one full Madeline.
Let's vote on it.
That's a very 51 thing to say.
- You're such an individual.
- Well, maybe
some of us
want to be individuals.
It was Owen who didn't want us
to be individuals.
Why are we agreeing with him?
Well, guess what?
Owen changed his mind,
and he thinks we're all
different now.
So, let me ask you a question.
Do you want to be
in cooperation with hundreds
of other Madelines,
or do you want to be
in competition with them?
What if one of them took
a different path and she's
thinner and smarter or better
at blow jobs than you?
How would you feel about that?
I hate giving blow jobs.
It's unexplored territory...
not the blow jobs part.
Look, why are you fighting this?
We're all the same,
and we can come together
and do whatever it is that one
does when you have an army of
people who are exactly alike.
What? Like Nazis?
It's a dumb joke.
We're lucky to have each other.
Damn USB.
This bitch.
Ow! Oh, fuck.
Owen, you have to wake up.
I'm up, I'm... I'm up.
I'm gonna help you get out.
Wait, wait, wait.
Wh... Wh...
Why are you helping me?
Because I'm your wife, silly.
And because I don't want you to
be a Madeline bitch boy forever
and because 115 scares me.
Oh, my God, she's insane.
Okay, she's me,
and I don't like
being called insane,
but she is dangerous
and I think she's planning
something, and she's gonna kill
anyone who stands in her way.
I'm so glad she didn't kill you.
Yeah, me too.
Oh, um, are... are you sure?
Yeah. Everybody's asleep.
It's been so long.
Th... Thought you were
still mad at me.
Why would I be mad at me?
Because I said
you were all the same.
You ask if I would've killed you
if, uh, you're hadn't killed
Dead Madeline number 1,
I said yes. But... but I do not
think you are all
the same anymore.
Oh, and I... I mistreated you.
I'm so sorry.
Wait, are you...?
Do you think I'm 51?
Were you hoping I was 51?
Look, I... I figured she'd
be the one to come get me.
I have just as much
of a connection
with you as she does.
Yes, you're absolutely right.
Which one are you?
So, you think we're all
and she's what? Better?
Damn it.
Ah, I knew I shouldn't
trust the new Madelines.
You know, this is a really good
example of when you shouldn't
hold onto parts of yourself
that you don't need anymore.
Oh, my God,
I sound like a real bad guy.
This one had no dignity.
Be right back,
don't move or I'll kill you.
Owen, wake up.
She must've drugged you again.
Hold on.
Mm! What's... What's happening?
Oh, God. You need to wake
the fuck up.
You have got to be 51.
Wait, how... how do I know
you're... you're you?
And also, I'm mad at you,
but strangely
still obsessed with you.
You're 51.
I told Rory everything.
Or, the new everything.
Look, Owen, we can get you
guys out of this mess.
We can fix it. It's
for the good of the project.
We are so close.
I had to get you away
from all those other Madelines.
Yes, that's what
the other one said, too.
What other one?
Never mind. Not important.
We think there's something
that we need to revisit,
something that both
of you argued against.
Remember when we talked
about going back?
Yeah, but I...
Going back in time will allow
you to fix your mistakes.
And this is a pretty big
mistake that needs fixing.
You have to go back
and stop me. The first me.
Dead Madeline 1?
Yeah, her.
I tried, Maddie. I... I tried
sending an apple back
and it didn't work. I...
Where was it?
Apple test, reverse
time sequence, 15 seconds.
I'm calling it.
Dead Madeline 1 trial.
In the backyard.
Where else would it be?
Okay. I... I guess that's
where you'll find me.
Well, not me. Dead Madeline 1
before she becomes dead,
and hopefully she'll never die.
Or at least she'll die
at an appropriate age
of natural causes.
I'm with Madeline on this one.
- 51.
- Huh?
I'm Madeline 51.
Okay, I'll do it.
I trust you.
You must've been scared
when you did this alone.
I hardly remember it.
Turn back the clock test.
Human, trial 1.
Here. Be safe.
Oh, no! No!
No, the Devonshire!
Can you fix it?
Yeah, of course.
Madeline, where am I?
The future.
Hey, no, no, no, no. I was
supposed to go to the past
to stop you from looping.
Yeah. Good thing
I left myself a note.
To kill you.
Like you killed me.
We all agreed.
Except for your loyal
Madeline 51,
but she will be dealt with,
or she has been dealt with.
Time travel. Am I right?
Oh, shit.
Hope you enjoyed that.
I'll see you in a minute.
We all will.
Owen, please
forgive me, I found a mistake.
It was in the code.
It doesn't matter. I'm doing
this of my own freewill,
and, um, I perfected
the wearable version,
so you can suck it.
Stupid USB.