Madhoshi (2004) Movie Script

Many happy returns of the day.
Thank you, Mr. Menon. Please
come, please come.
Thank you. Thank you.
Oh! Photographer!
- Steady.
Hi! Rajiv.
Hi! Vishal!
Oh my friend!
- Greetings.
Congratulations on 25
years of marriage.
Hi Nandana, how are you?
- Many happy returns of the day.
Oh! Thank you, my friend!
Thank you. Thank you.
- Thank you.
Congratulations, brother.
- Thank you. Thank you.
Hey, where is your son?
Where is our hero?
Don't ask about him, my friend.
Lights, glamour, beautiful faces.
That's what he is surrounded by.
We have to take a date
from him to meet him.
Really. He is very busy.
- He is shooting in Ooty.
Mr. Rajiv. Which star
are you talking about?
His son.
He is a very big ad filmmaker.
Then, please give me a chance
in an an ad or two.
Yes. Why not? Of course. Of course.
Nowadays, even healthy women..
..are very much in demand in ads.
There's Anu.
- Anu!
Where were you? You latecomers.
We were stuck up because of him.
- Stupid!
He takes as much time to get ready
as a girl does! - I'm sorry, Anu.
Look, it's the twenty
fifth anniversary..
..of your parents, isn't it?
But if you give me company..
..we will reach the golden
jubilee in a snap.
In this hope.. will spend this
lifetime very easily.
Come on. Meet mom and dad.
- Shut up!
- Oh! Here! - Oh! Hello!
Many congratulations on the silver..
..jubilee of this golden couple.
Thank you.
- Congratulations. - Thank you.
Thank you.
- Just a minute.
- Thank you. Here, take this.
Oh! A photo! A photo!
- Yes. Just a minute.
Just a minute, just a minute,
a photo please!
- Ready.
Did sister Vaishali not come?
Don't even talk about her.
She hasn't even called up our
parents and wished them.
Why are you getting worried, child?
It is night here.
But there, it must be just eight
in the morning, isn't it?
The phone will come. Relax.
- Hello! Papa congratulations!
Many many congratulations..
..on your twenty fifth
wedding anniversary..
Oh! Vaishali! How are
you? How is Sameer?
We are fine papa. How are you?
Absolutely fit and fine.
Papa, just give me the phone.
- Yes? - Sister? - Yes tell me.
I am very angry with you.
You said that we would celebrate
this day together.
Yes, Anu. I had promised you.
Actually, the matter is..
The doctor has told me not to travel.
He has stopped you from travelling!
Why? Is everything okay?
Oh no! There is nothing
to be worried about.
There is some good news.
You are about to become an aunt.
What? I am about to become an aunt?
Sister is pregnant.
- Give me.. give me the phone!
- Thank you.
Sister, give the phone
to brother-in-law.
Yes. Yes. Just a minute.
Take. Speak to your darling.
Tell me, sister-in-law.
Brother-in-law. There is
a limit to earn money.
Sister should be at home
in such a situation.
And she is working with
you in the office.
If I could, I won't let her step
down from the throne at all!
But what can I do?
This madam doesn't like to stay..
.. alone at home without me.
Therefore, she comes to the office.
Please explain it to her.
Scold her or something.
I will give her the phone.
Here, speak to her.
Sister. This is wrong.
You must take care of yourself.
If you wish, I will come there.
- Oh! No!
Your brother-in-law is there
to take care of me, isn't it?
You just don't worry about me, okay?
Hello? Hello sister?
- What happened?
Hello? Hello, sister? Sister,
I can't hear you.
What happened?
- I heard something like a blast.
What happened? Give me the phone.
- Give me the phone.
I can't hear anything.
- What happened? - What happened?
Hello? Hello? - Give me the
phone. Give me the phone.
Hello, sister?
- What happened?
Today morning, due to
two planes crashing..
..into the World Trade
Center buildings.. the city of New
York in America..
..thousands of people were killed.
At 8 35 in the morning..
..all of a sudden, the
first plane crashed..
..into the World Trade Center.
Exactly three minutes later the
second plane crashed into the..
..other side of the
World Trade Center.
Bureau report, 'Aaj Tak'.
Shut up! Why are you laughing?
Ma'am.. Ma'am.. that Tabassum..
What Tabassum?
Tabassum. I told you
to just concentrate.
Do you understand?
I am sorry, ma'am.
- You better be sorry.
And you.
Learn to hold the bananas properly.
Yes, yes. Ma'am.
And everybody, concentrate.
Let me concentrate too.
Oh my god!
What are you doing?
Help me!
What is it?
You made a fool of him
in the classroom.
And now, you're laughing?
It is all right, isn't it?
That fool is always
chasing you around.
I taught him a lesson
for once and for all.
Now that Tarzan in underpants..
..won't come to college for
at least fifteen days.
So, if we go on a outdoor assignment..
..won't he be with us?
Oh God! So sad!
Whom will we rag now?
Oh! He is like a fly attracted
to jaggery. Wherever she goes..
..he will come there
writhing along, see.
Yes. See. I die for him.
And he is crazy after this Anupama.
Anyway, they make a good couple.
Sorry. That's not my cup of tea.
Oh! My God!
So tell me, what's your cup of tea?
Whom these eyes see.
Whom this heart feels.
He is different from this
crowd of the world.
'Taking the aroma of love.'
'Taking the spring of romance.'
'Taking the aroma of love.'
'Taking the spring of romance.'
'He comes in my dreams.'
'He smiles in my mind.'
'Taking the aroma of love.'
'Taking the spring of romance.'
'He comes in my dreams.'
'He smiles in my mind.'
'I don't know him. I have
started loving him.'
'What has happened to me?'
'I don't know what has
happened to me.'
'His colors are everywhere.
As if I am with him.'
'There is a kind of intoxication.'
'It is only his intoxication.'
'I am in kind of love with him.'
'I wait kind of for him.'
'I am in kind of love with him.'
'I wait kind of for him.'
'I remember him a lot!'
'He smiles in my mind.'
'When I will meet him
for the first time.'
'What will I tell him?'
'That is what I think about.'
'I don't know what I think about.'
'He is nowhere around here.'
'Even then, he is somewhere here.'
'I see. Yes, I keep on seeing him.'
'The one who is in my breaths.'
'The one who is in my emotions.'
'The one who is in my breaths.'
'The one who is in my emotions.'
'He should come to me sometimes.'
'He smiles in my mind.'
'Taking the aroma of love.'
'Taking the spring of romance.'
'He comes in my dreams.'
'He smiles in my mind.'
Get out of here, you dirty old..
Go on, get your ass out of here.
Hey! Hey! - Why did you
shut off the television?
Oh! What did you do?
- Shut down the television?
Listen to me now.
I am going out day after tomorrow..
..for three days on
a college assignment.
Day after tomorrow?
And that too for three days?
- Papa..
How is that possible, child?
I have called someone for dinner.
Then, papa call them.
Am I going away with the
ration of the house?
Oh! Daughter but..
Oh! Sumitra, please
make her understand.
Child, his friend, Mr. Oberoi..
..he is coming here with his son.
To see you.
- So?
Wait a minute.
This isn't anything about
marriage, right?
See.. I am not ready for
this drama at all.
Papa, I have to complete my diploma.
I have to exhibit my paintings
all over the world.
I am not free for eight or ten years.
There is no chance of marriage.
- Very good
After that, there wouldn't be
any chance of marriage left.
It will be my turn by then.
Feel free to do so! Creative people
don't fall in such traps.
Anu. I have been skirting
them since many days.
Anu, I know your choice very well.
You will reject that moron
as soon as you see him.
Papa. What does a moron mean?
A fool means a dunce.
I mean, the most handsome man.
He may be a moron or prince charming.
I don't want to see him.
What are you doing? How dare you!
You are so handsome, I
just got carried away.
You.. you dare not repeat it
the next time, okay? - Okay.
- Yes, sir?
You saw my attitude,
you saw my walk?
You saw what I did?
- Yes sir.
I want you to do exactly the
same thing. - Yes, sir.
Don't worry sir. I will give
you the best shot. - Good.
Okay, we will try a take.
Come on, all of us will try a take.
Be ready? Gauvrav, ready?
- Yes, ready!
Naina, ready?
- Yes.
- Yes?
- Rolling.
Camera. Action!
Cut it!
- Who is it? - Your father!
Break everyone.
Dad, what are you doing here?
I have come to see the court
of Lord Indra, son.
Therefore, I understand why you
don't feel like coming home.
Come on, dad. This is my
profession. You know.
Yes, it is. Very very glamourous.
Very glamorous.
Son, all this work and
fame is all right.
But the man who doesn't have a home..
..cannot have anything even
though he has everything!
Not again dad. Not me.. not now.
I will repeat it again
and again, child.
And listen to this carefully.
I have seen a girl for you.
And tonight, we are going over
to her place for dinner.
What are you talking about, dad?
- And that is final.
No.. no.. no..
- Yes.
Please come, Please come, please come.
- Oh, why was this formality needed?
What formality? It is
a moment of happiness.
Greetings, aunty.
- Greetings. - Greetings, greetings.
Hey, where is this Anu?
Anu! Please come quickly, child.
- Anu.
- Greetings.
Arpit, this is Anu.
And this is Arpit.
Hi. Arpit Oberoi.
You! I have heard such
a lot about you.
Why are you standing? Please come.
Please come. Please have a seat.
Where are you going? Come
on, we will sit there.
Come. Please come.
This is my younger brother, Battu.
- Oh. Hi!
You are great.
In newspapers, in magazines..
..on every TV channel,
you're everywhere.
This is a great way of earning fame.
What way?
You had a hand in the 360
crore scam too, isn't it?
No, it's some misunderstanding.
That is some other Oberoi.
You mean, you aren't him?
- No.
Oh no! That means you
are just someone?
Oh madam, I am famous too.
I reach every home.
Okay? What do you sell?
I don't sell, I cause sales.
Oh! Are you a broker?
No. Advertising. I mean
We advertise everything that is sold.
- Okay.
This is our ad too. How
lovely it is, isn't it?
Oh! You make such cheap
ads? So slinky!
No, We make good ads too.
Look at this. This is our
ad. It is so decent.
What sister!
You must not look at bad ads.
You look like a moron.
Excuse me.. what is a moron?
That.. - Dinner is ready. Come.
Let us have dinner, I
will tell you later.
Come on, Battu.
I have had my dinner,
I am going to sleep.
Good night.
- Bye. - Good night.
Don't talk so much while eating.
Especially when the food
is cooked so well.
You are right, mom.
The food is cooked very well.
I feel like kissing
the hand of the cook.
Yes, madam, what do you want?
- Hand.
Kiss it. She has made the food.
This means.. that you had
no hand in cooking?
I did. Water. Drink it.
Wow! What water!
As soon as you touched it,
the taste changed.
I feel like drinking all the water.
What happened, son?
Something is mixed in the water.
Hey, what happened?
- What did you mix in the water?
I didn't mix anything. I just
lifted the glass and..
Arpit.. Arpit.. you are
all right, isn't it, son?
No! Doctor! Doctor..!
Hey, why are you just sitting here?
Get up and call the doctor.
Yes, I'll do that.
- This is great.
What happened? What happened, son?
I will call him. I will call
him right away. - Arpit..
Uncle, there is no need
of the doctor now.
As soon as she touched me,
everything got cured.
- Now the score is settled!
You! Here!
Sir, tea.
Yes, keep it there.
Where did she go?
- Yes.
Why are you standing
nude so shamelessly?
What is happening to me?
Oh! What are you doing?
- Eat it please.
This is breakfast,
this isn't lunch.
Morning, mom.
- Good morning, son.
Morning, papa.
- Good morning son.
Come on, have your breakfast.
Who made the breakfast today?
- I did.
You.. You are in the kitchen too?
- Yes.
Therefore the breakfast is so good.
Now, I will kiss your hands.
What are you doing, Arpit? Whose
hands are you kissing?
Papa, I am kissing the
hands of my life.
Oh! Have you gone crazy? Look up!
Sorry dad. Sorry mom.
It is the magic of one meeting.
Wherever I look, I see her.
- Anupama.
Hey.. Hey look, our 'item'
(bombshell) has come.
- Aunty.. Aunty, I am Anupama.
I have been honking since a long time.
Why hasn't Tabassum come down as yet?
She has gone to college
a long time ago.
She has gone?
- Yes, child.
Okay, Aunty.
'Stealing my heart,
the maiden has gone.'
Oh, she has gone! She has gone!
Oh God!
That means that the customary..
..meetings have started
in madam's house?
This is what I am crying about.
I had gone home to pick
you and you are here?
I am sorry.
I had some important work.
Therefore, I came here.
I will never come to pick
you up from today. - Why?
Those rogues of your colony.
I don't know what comments
they make on seeing me.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
First of all, I don't
stay in such a colony..
..where rogues and hoodlums reside.
And secondly, instead of giving.. sweets, you are nagging us?
Sweets? For what?
Arpit Oberoi.
Who told you?
- This banana did!
Thank you. Very many thanks.
- Hi, Arpit here.
Arpit. I am in college at this time.
I want to meet you for two minutes.
It would be okay if it
is in the evening!
Evening.. I..
She is totally free in the evening.
Who are you?
I am Tabassum. Anupama's best friend.
I am your fan. I think
that you are a genius.
So, would it be possible that we
have the evening tea together?
Not only tea, arrange for the dinner.
Just tell us where do we've to come.
- Okay. So, Filmalaya Studio at four?
'Intoxication, it is
some intoxication.'
'Intoxication, it is
some intoxication.'
'Intoxication, it is
some intoxication.'
'It is the intoxication of your love.'
'Intoxication, it is
some intoxication.'
'It is the intoxication of your love.'
'I live and die for your love,
I just chant your name.'
'Your beauty fills my senses.'
'I worship your beauty.'
'I know something, I know nothing.'
'I am in my senses, I am a bit lost!'
'Intoxication, it is
some intoxication.'
'It is the intoxication of your love.'
'Intoxication, it is
some intoxication.'
'It is the intoxication of your love.'
'Intoxication, it is
some intoxication.'
'Intoxication, it is
some intoxication.'
'If a leaf flutters on the tree.'
'If a flower blooms on the branch.'
'A star breaks from your eye.'
'It comes and settles in my dreams.'
'It excites my heart.'
'It sets my breath afire
and makes it alive.'
'Why is there such a
silence till far?'
'Why is there such a
serenity till far?
'Intoxication, it is
some intoxication.'
'It is the intoxication of your love.'
'Intoxication, it is
some intoxication.'
'It is the intoxication of your love.'
'Intoxication, it is
some intoxication.'
'Intoxication, it is
some intoxication.'
'I am lost in your memories.'
'My eyes are open, and I am asleep.'
'I drank a quart from your eyes.'
'I've lived a thousand
years in a moment.'
'My heart is wandering,
my heart is intoxicated.'
'It is intoxicated in this love.'
'Your beauty is my drink, your
love is my intoxication.'
'Intoxication, it is
some intoxication.'
'It is the intoxication of your love.'
'Intoxication, it is
some intoxication.'
'It is the intoxication of your love.'
'I live and die for your love.'
'I just chant your name.'
'Your beauty fills my senses.'
'I worship your beauty.'
'I know something, I know nothing.'
'I am in my senses, I am a bit lost!'
'Intoxication, it is
some intoxication.'
'It is the intoxication of your love.'
'Intoxication, it is
some intoxication.'
'It is the intoxication of your love.'
'Intoxication, it is
some intoxication.'
'Intoxication, it is
some intoxication.'
Mr. Arpit. According to me,
you called us for snacks.
But nobody has even offered
us water as yet.
Sir, the snacks are ready
since a long time.
Oh yes! Please have them.
Oh! The snacks are ready.
Look, I can't wait.
Therefore, you people carry on.
Come on girls, come and have
something. - Oh! Snacks! Well.
Oh, well.
By the way, will all this
be enough for you?
Actually, I am dieting nowadays.
By the way, Anu.
Does this lizard always
stuck to you like this?
No. Why?
- No. I was just asking.
Okay, what are you doing tomorrow?
Tomorrow, Anu is going with..
..this lizard on an outdoor
assignment. Panchmani.
Did you understand, Chintamani?
Come on, Anu.
- Ok.
Come on boys and girls.
- We are going to Panchmani.
Come on, Hurry up. Everyone
yes. Get down quickly.
Oh! What do you keep
on doing? Stupid.
Ticket, please.
- The tickets are there.
My berth?
Madam. She has come.
- Anu?
Child, what is the matter?
You were supposed to come
after a couple of days?
Mummy, I am not keeping well.
- Oh!
Anu, is every thing all right?
Papa. I am too tired. I want to rest.
Okay. Good night, sweetheart.
Here you are.
- Thank you.
Aunty.. aunty..
- Yes? - Is Anu at home?
She came back yesterday itself.
- She came back? - Yes. - Thank God.
Hey! Beauty!
- What an item!
What the hell do you
think of yourself?
You didn't tell anyone
and came back here.
Do you know what happened
to everyone there?
We were all so worried!
- Just a minute, Tabassum.
Look. Your colony's rogues
have come till here.
Look. Near that black Accent.
There is nobody there.
They must have gone
away on seeing you.
What are you..
- Anu.. come on.
The two of you have breakfast.
Aunty. Please cure her brains.
She sees anything and says anything
And she does anything too!
Oh! She is mad!
She is crazy. Ask her.
Why did she come here yesterday..
..without informing anyone
of us? Ask her.
I will tell you, Tabassum.
- No! - I will tell you.
Actually, Aunty..
- Greetings, child.
Anu.. She was missing me.
She can't stay without me.
Am I right, Anu?
Aunty, if you permit..
..can I take your daughter
out for an hour?
I want to take her to the office.
- Okay.
Come on! Come on, we have
got the permission.
Come on! Come on, quickly. Let's go.
Bye aunty, bye Tabassum.
- Bye.
Just like that? Give me
a hug or something.
Come on! Give me a hug.
Do you know Anu?
I am the first ad film
maker from India..
..who has been chosen to make.. ad with the superstars
of Hollywood.
This is such good news.
Anu, do you know? This progress
is all due to you.
As soon as I met you, I was sure..
..that you are the girl
who can change my life.
And what if it is wrong?
If I have loved, I will undergo
every test for it.
For you, I'll undergo every test.
Beloved, to sign this contract
I am going to America.
And you are coming with me.
Arpit.. How can I go with you?
It is very simple. We will marry.
We will work, as well
as have our honeymoon.
Should I call a priest?
Arpit.. see. I am not at all
prepared for marriage.
I haven't even thought
about it till now.
Relax. I was just taking a chance.
If you would agree, my
life would be made.
Anyway. If you aren't in
a hurry for marriage..
..can we have the engagement?
The ring ceremony.. okay?
Please say yes..
- Yes. - That's great.
Thank you. Thank you.
Congratulations, child.
- Congratulations, aunty.
Where is the revolver?
- What?
Are you hard of hearing?
Where is my revolver?
I have it. I have it.
- Give it to me.
How will I move around with it?
It's at my place. - I'll come
along with you. Give it to me.
My place? How will you
come to my place?
Look, I haven't told anyone
about the revolver.
No one at home knows
anything about it.
Wherever you tell me, I'll
send the revolver there.
There is Wadia lane
behind your complex.
Khatau mansion. Fourth floor.
Send it by morning.
- I'll send it.
Or else, I'll reach your house. Out.
The revolver..
You can go from here now.
The people whom you killed..
Who were they?
It's none of your business.
Should I tell the police that the..
..person who killed them,
stays under this roof?
Are you threatening me?
Even the fathers of the
police cannot hurt me.
And the people with whom
you are sympathizing.. you know who they were?
ISI agents.
They had crossed the
border and had come.
I have killed six of them.
The rest of them were killed
by my colleagues.
If there are more, we will
take care of them too.
They have no idea about our strength.
Who are you?
A member of the Anti-Terrorist
A soldier of the Anti-Terrorist
We are fighting against every
terror which exists in this world.
Without any fear, without
any selfishness.
The military, police
and the government.
We have kept them out of it
and we are fighting this war.
So that nobody becomes an
obstacle in our objective.
We have the power, money,
brains and the arms.
We will save our country.
We will put an end to this injustice.
So that it is not difficult
for humanity to survive.
Today is the most golden
day of my life.
I have met Aman.
In the first meeting, I thought
that he was some rogue.
But he is a messiah.
If only a there were a few
more organisations.. his in every country!
So that terrorism may be
wiped from this world.
Hello? - Weren't you thinking
about me? - Aman!
Who is this Aman?
I am Arpit here.
Oh! Arpit..
Your voice is just like
one of my friends.
If the voice is similar,
it's all right.
But if you meet him, it
will be trouble, beloved.
Anyway, tell me. Are you
missing me or not?
How is America?
You aren't there with me.
Or else the weather in this
country would be really fine.
Okay, tell me something.
I have tried to call you two
hundred times since morning!
Why is your mobile switched off?
Arpit, I will call you in a while.
We will speak at leisure.
Take care of yourself, okay? Bye.
Did I forget it at Aman's place?
The last time..
..the ISI agents that Captain
Aman had killed.. retaliation to that,
this time, very smartly..
..they have sent many small
factions this time.
They are setting up a huge program..
..of inciting people from Delhi,
Kanpur, Baroda and..
..and Mumbai and planning
a huge destruction.
At Dharavi, in Mumbai..
They have made their hide-out
at this place.
We have found out about it.
Before they do anything, we
will have to catch them.
Captain Aman is given responsibility
for this mission. - Sir.
Meeting is over.
What are you doing here?
My.. mobile.. I forgot it
here in the morning..
Mobile.. you forgot it.. here?
You must have forgotten
it somewhere else.
Have you checked your purse?
- Yes.
Sorry. I thought that.. that
when I had put it on..
You're looking for excuses
to come here? - No.
Did you find it
- Yes.
Come on.
All the best.
For what?
For your mission.
Have faith.
I will never tell anything to anyone.
After all, how many people
like you exist?
Those who risk their lives
for the others!
Will you have some coffee?
If you offer me, surely.
You are a member of such..
..a huge organization
and you smoke beedis?
You can't afford a cigarette?
Why? Don't you get paid?
We aren't a part of this
organization for..
.. the salary or some
other greed for money.
Neither do we think about what
we are getting from this.
We have just one objective.
That is 'what are we giving
this organization'?
And when..
I don't have any problems
with beedis..
..what is your problem?
'Oh maiden..'
Sir.. do you have some
good cigarettes?
See, sister. Like that,
all cigarettes..
..are injurious to health.
Even then, people do smoke.
Like that, which cigarette
do you want?
This.. this one.
Please send a packet
of this cigarette..
..for a month to this address.
And listen.. Please don't
tell who sent it. - Surely.
Tell me, what is the amount?
See. It is seven multiplied
by 21 into.. Two thousand.
Here you are.
- Thank you.
We are on. - All the best.
- Thank you. - Thank you.
It seems that your organization
has sanctioned you a loan.
Thats why,
you're smoking a cigarette.
No. it is for free.
Every morning, a boy
comes with a packet.
When I asked him who sent
it, he didn't answer.
Now, if it is for free,
how does it bother me?
Will you do me a favor?
- Yes?
Will you make a cup of coffee?
- Sure.
Coffee is ready.
I'm coming.
What were you doing?
I was washing my clothes.
- Yourself? - Yes. Why?
Can't you afford a maid?
I have told you earlier too, that..
..I don't have a single rupee
to spend on my comforts.
And why should I give the maid
two to three hundred rupees?
I spare three hours in a
week and wash my clothes.
Work as well as exercise.
Please look at this machine, madam.
It is the best machine.
Excellent performance.
Then, please send this
machine to this address.
- I have to gift it to someone.
So, please don't say who sent it.
- As you wish.
You may be assured that this
present will reach Mr. Aman.
Congratulations. Very
many congratulations.
It is by the grace of God that..
..all your jobs are being
completed nicely.
Mother, all this is due to
your blessings. Come in.
Tell me first. When
are you coming back?
Mother, if I could, I would
come right away. - Sir..
I know how I have spent
these fifteen days.
There are such nice night clubs there.
There are casinos.
- Very good.
You are teaching such good
things to your son!
- Yes, mom!
Dare you listen to what he says!
Don't worry, mother. It
is nothing like that.
Now, you listen to me carefully.
I will complete the formalities
around here in a couple of days.
Then, I will be coming back.
And as soon as I come back..
..I want to sit in the marriage hall.
Meet the priest, fix
an auspicious day.
I can't wait anymore.
Okay. Son. As you wish. Are you happy?
I love you, mama. Thank you.
- I am Anupama speaking.
How did you get this number?
I gave a missed call and
saved it. Aren't I smart?
Never call here next time.
See, Aman.
Don't keep the phone down.
I have taken two tickets
for tomorrow evening.
There is the movie Blind
Faith in Fun Republic.
I will be waiting for you at
six o'clock in the theatre.
Okay? - I don't have six
minutes for rubbish.
The show is at six o'clock.
If you don't come, six days,
six months and six years..
I will be waiting there.
Stand there for six births.
I care a damn!
Do you have a extra ticket?
No, I don't.
I was going to tear these tickets.
Do you know what the time is?
It is an English film.
It will start at seven.
There are still fifteen minutes left.
Shall we go now?
What happened?
Just a minute.
Come on.
Okay, we will have a coke.
Hey drink something!
Come on!
- Hi! Anupama!
Nice to see you.
Which movie have you come to see?
Blind Faith.
- It is a wonderful film.
Hollywood cannot be compared.
And here we are. That
same old love stories!
Have you come alone?
Mrs. Reshan. Meet my friend, Aman.
We have reached our destination.
This weather calls for
a cup of coffee.
What do you say?
Thank you.
Be careful.
Come. Let's go. Take care.
Be Carefull..
My back has taken a beating..
..because of your coffee.
Now you'll make the coffee
and give me a cup.
You'll feel cold.
'Love is sin, so try it.'
'Love is sin, so try it.'
'Love is sin, so try it.'
'Try ruining your life in love.'
'Love is sin, so try it.'
'Love is sin, so try it.'
'Try ruining your life in love.'
'Lightning will strike.'
'The cloud will shower rain of love.'
'Flowers of love will bloom.'
'Butterflies will flutter
in your heart.'
'Try to cast a glance towards
a beautiful girl for once.'
'Try to cast a glance towrads
a beautiful girl for once.'
'Try to cast a glance towrads
a beautiful girl for once.'
'Try ruining your life in love.'
'Love is full of love.'
'Love is full of enjoyment.'
'Love is full of passion.'
'Love is full of relief.'
- In love.'
'Try accomplishing your
love to the fullest.'
'Try accomplishing your
love to the fullest.'
'Try accomplishing your
love to the fullest.'
'Try ruining your life in love.'
Believe me, Sumitra.
When the priest gave an
early date for marriage..
..he was so elated, that he
gave his gold chain to him!
Then, why are you getting
Add a chain to the list of dowry.
- What? You'll take dowry?
I'll throw you behind bars.
Is that so? If not dowry,
but you will give..
..your daughter away, isn't it?
Will you please call
our daughter-in-law?
Are you going to send us
off with these snacks?
Let us have champagne.
I am ever so thirsty.
Yes, let us have it.
Anu! Anu!
you are still sitting this way.
I had told you to wear
some good clothes.
- This is fine for now.
Come on, your in-laws
are waiting for you.
Come on, child.
Here is your daughter-in-law.
Come, Anu.
What should I tell you?
Arpit is so eager that he
will dress like a groom..
..and come straight from America.
What spell have you cast on my son?
First do what you have come for.
Anu, these are some marriage
cards. Sample cards.
Choose the one you like the best.
Anu, take a look.
These are beautiful.
Anu, what's the matter?
Where are you lost?
Aunt, before choosing the cards..
..we have to choose the person with..
..whom we have to spend
our whole life.
I am sorry. I can't marry Arpit.
Are you out of your senses?
What are you saying?
What do you mean?
She has gone nuts.
Is there a drama or something
going on here?
There should be a reason
for this rejection.
Rajiv, my friend, a marriage
is for the whole life.
She must have thought over it.
- No, Vishal. - Relax, man.
We will talk later at ease.
Nandini, let us go.
Leave them..
- We will go.
Vishal, I am so sorry.
I never knew Anu would
create such a scene.
No problem.
- I never thought this would happen.
No problem, Rajiv.
We will talk later.
Nandini, come on.
I never thought that this
would happen so suddenly.
Aman, you tell me.
What should I do?
I can't understand anything.
I don't blame you.
I know that you never told
me that you love me.
But it's my madness that
I am crazy for you.
Aman, tell me.
What should I do?
Anu, I can't help you in this matter!
Love, emotions, relationships.
These words mean nothing to me.
Because our mission is something else.
I don't want to take you
away from your mission.
I don't have the courage to
become someone else's wife.
Aman, please help me. please..
Sorry, Anu.
I cannot help you.
Aman, listen to me.
Aman, talk to me.
- With whom were you talking?
With Aman.
- Who is Aman?
He is my friend.
I was talking with him.
Anu, I was listening from
the parallel line.
Only you were talking.
There was no response
from the other side.
What are you saying?
I was talking to Aman
and you say that..
..there was no one on the other side.
Yes, Anu. Your mother is right.
You certainly have some problem.
- What do you mean to say?
Yes, Sumitra. I was quite
worried since yesterday.
I wanted to tell you about this.
- What?
Yesterday, she was introducing me.. her friend called
Aman in the theatre.
But believe me. There
was no one there!
What the hell are you talking about?
You cannot hear Aman's voice!
You cannot see Aman!
I have been meeting him
since the last 15 days.
Do you want to meet him?
Mother, do you want to meet him?
Come with me. Come with
me, right away.
- Anu, where are you taking me?
Here. Aman lives here.
But this house is locked.
So.. so what?
Can he not go outside for some work?
Is it mandatory that he
should be always at home?
For whom are you waiting?
We are waiting for Aman..
Who lives here.
Aman? You must have been mistaken.
No one lives here.
- What crap are you talking?
I have been coming here
since the last 15 days.
I had been here last night.
And when it was raining
here last night..
You know at least, that it was
raining last night, right?
Madam, I have been working
here since many years.
I have always seen this
apartment locked.
If you do not believe me,
you can ask Mr. Navroze..
..who lives on the first floor.
He has the keys to this flat.
Anu, listen to me. Anu, wait.
You people do not believe me, right?
Now, everyone will agree.
I will show you.
I will show you each and everything
in that apartment.
Come on. I will show you.
Everything was the same.
Someone has changed everything here.
Someone has changed everything here!
Anu, this place suggests that.. might have been empty since
the last 9 to 10 months.
You're lying!
Till last night.. everything was..
I.. Mother, I used to sit here.
His computer was over here.
There was a blackboard here.
Mother, his bed was here.
Mother, last night..
Mother last night..
Anu, control yourself.
Aman is not here. Or else, why
would all these people lie?
Mother, he is a member of
a very big organization.
He has a very big mission
to accomplish.
Mother, he does not
want to be exposed.
He might have known.
He might have known that we
are about to come here.
Mother, that is why, he
must have gone from here.
Mother, he exists.
Mother, he exists.
You want the proof that
Aman exists, isn't it?
You want the proof, right?
Come with me. I will
show you the proof.
Come with me.
- Anu, control your self.
Where are you taking me?
Come with me.
Brother, I hope you recognize me?
Yes, madam. You are the one who paid..
..for the cigarette stock
of one month, right? - Yes.
Have you delivered them to Aman?
- Yes, I..
Did you hear what he said?
Then how he used to deliver
one packet cigarette to Aman?
But, listen to me. I would have
delivered the cigarettes..
..if someone was present there?
- What?
Listen, madam. I sent the
cigarettes for 3 to 4 days.
But the apartment was found
closed since many months.
Now, I did not know where to find you.
So, I could not give your money back.
Bloody liar!
Mother, he is lying.
I have one more proof. Come with me.
- Wait.
Madam, we had sent the
washing machine.. your given address.
Not once, but we sent our
man there for 2 to 3 days.
But we came to know that
no one lives there.
See this.
Here is the washing machine. It
has been lying here ever since.
It's a lie! You are lying!
You all are lying?
Anu, why would anyone lie?
I don't know. But I know
that Aman exists.
And I love him. I love him.
Enough! That's enough!
We had enough of your nonsense.
The presence of Aman doesn't
make a difference to us.
You will get married to Arpit.
Do you understand?
- Anu.
Anu, what have you done?
What have you done? My child,
what have you done?
Yes, Doctor.
Mr. Kaul, the incidents that
happened with Anupama..
..or whatever you said
to me about her..
..suggests that this is a
case of mental disorder.
A mental disorder!
I would suggest you
to meet Dr. Pradhan.
He is the best psychiatrist around.
Mr. Kaul, is your daughter
happy with her life?
Does she have any problem in her life?
No, she is quite a jovial girl.
She was always very happy.
But she used to get
disturbed sometimes.
On what matter?
On 11th Sep 2001..
She was talking to her sister
on our wedding anniversary.
When she was talking with her sister..
..the World Trade Center
incident took place.. which we lost our daughter
and son-in-law!
But Anu could never
forget that incident.
Whenever she reads or
sees some violence..
..or bloodshed or terrorism
related activities..
..she gets shaken.
I see.
Perhaps that World Trade Center..
..incident has made
a deep impact on her.
She is not yet free from that fear.
She is struggling and fighting
against that fear..
..and this infliction has
created an imaginary man.
He does and he speaks
only what she wants.
He's speaking her mind.
And she fell in love with him.
And whenever we tell such a patient..
..that there is nothing
like that in reality..
..that there is nothing for real,
whatever he or she sees..
..or experiences, they
don't believe us.
Because that time the patient is
going through a mental disorder.
And this mental disorder
is called schizophrenia.
We often see some persons
on the roads..
..who wave their hands..
..and talk loudly to someone.
We don't see anyone there.
But these people are interacting..
..with someone at that time.
Anupama. She too is interacting..
..with an imaginary man.
Aman doesn't exist for us.
But that Aman exists for Anupama.
It's almost impossible
to bring Anupama..
..out of this imaginary world.
You've seen the consequences of
trying to impose your force upon her.
Now when will she become all right..
When will she differentiate
between reality and hallucination?
These are such questions..
..which even science can't answer.
Look who's here to meet you.
- Hi!
Hi, baby.
What's this? I have done such a feat
and you are resting here.
I have signed the contract.
Come on. Congratulate me.
- Congratulations!
Well, I am impressed with your
choice of resting-place!
What has happened to you?
- Yes, my child.
I want to talk to Arpit in private.
Yes, you are right. Please excuse us.
Kindly leave this place. Tabassum,
please will you?
Yes, let us go.
- Bye. - Come on, Rohit.
Yes, Anu. What do you want to say?
Arpit, is it mandatory that
a human should love..
..only once in his or her lifetime?
No. No such thing is written
in any book or any scripture.
But, why?
Someone else has come in my life.
He came like a storm,
like a hurricane..
..and took me away with it.
He is very different from this world.
I love him very much.
It's obvious that anyone can love you.
But the fact that you love someone
with such intensity, is really great!
But.. everyone says that
Aman doesn't exist.
Think about it.
If Aman didn't exist, then
how would I have loved him?
No one believes me. No one.
I believe you.
I believe that your Aman exists.
He does exist.
Thanks Arpit. Thanks.
This room was full of life.
She loved colors very much.
But who knew that her life would
get discolored this way.
I met Aman today.
In the first meeting, I got an
impression that he might be a goon.
But he is a messiah.
He is the member of such
a big organization.
But he smokes 'beedis'.
I had saved his number
in these meetings.
I had saved his number
in these meetings.
Anu is not mentally sick.
Aman is not an imaginary man.
He has an identity. He exists.
And he lives in the same flat,
which Anu showed.
Or else why could that flat's
exact phone number..
..come in Anu's diary?
26235251. How?
- Mr. Arpit, just a minute.
Just a minute.
Just a telephone number cannot
prove Aman's existence.
Because we have many proofs
that Aman does not exist.
Maybe those proofs have
been destroyed.
Or else how could she..
- Just a minute. Just a minute, son.
What was the number that you told?
- 51.
What happened?
- Yes, I remember.
Some 8 to 10 months back..
Some guys are calling on
my daughter's mobile..
..from this number and pestering her.
They talk lewd things with her.
I have come to tell you that..
..I am going to give a complaint
in the police.
Then it is up to you to deal
with the consequences.
Just a minute, sir. Just a minute.
This is not my flat.
My daddy is just the caretaker
of this place.
The owner's guests had come here.
They must have played some
pranks. That is all.
But you don't have to worry now.
They have all gone to America.
When she went with Mr. Kaul
to that apartment..
..that apartment and phone number
got saved in her memory.
After that she saw Aman.
She felt his presence.
Mr. Arpit, the biggest tragedy
of this disorder is that..
..the patient never believes..
The patient never tries
to understand reality.
Hi baby!
How are you?
I am coming from Aman's house.
I didn't find him there.
But I have kept your
message there. Ok?
Well, I found his other abode.
Yes, the place where you had
hidden him from the world.
Your bedroom.
Now take this and take
care of your Aman.
'Come to me.'
'Where are you?'
'O beloved.'
'Every heartbeat calls out to you.'
'O beloved.'
Anu, open your eyes.
Aman.. Aman, it's you!
I came to know that
Arpit had come home.
You had sent him?
- Yes.
He had gone there to meet you.
Does he want to chase the wind?
How many times and how
should I tell you..
..that I am no ordinary man?
100 people have been selected..
..from this population of 100 crores.
I am one among them.
Our identity, our work..
..the signs of our organization..
..even the angels can never find them.
Are you done with it?
My own organization. My work.
All I can hear is only 'me' from you.
Aman, what am I for you?
If this was supposed to happen,
why did you come near me?
Why, Aman?
For you, I have..
People call me insane!
They say that you do not exist.
I've had enough of answering
all their questions.
I don't have the courage anymore.
Aman, take me away from here.
I do not want to live here.
Come with me.
I say, get up.
Take these capsules.
Anu, where are you going?
Don't come near me.
Before anyone tries to stop us..
..let us go away from here, Aman.
Let us go.
- You'll fall down.
I am going with my Aman.
You wanted to meet him. You
wanted to meet him, right?
He is Aman. My Aman.
I am going. - Where are you
going? Anu, stop. Wait..
Let us go. Be fast.
Please, someone stop my child.
Everyone has come here.
I must go now.
No, Aman. You cannot
leave me this way.
No! Aman, you cannot
go leaving me here.
I have to go.
- No!
Aman, no. No!
Aman, please do not go.
No, Aman.
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
- You will fall down.
Let go of me! No!
Let go of me! No!
Aman. Aman.
Hi, Mr. Gibson.
- Hi! - Hi! - Hi!
Please be seated.
- Thank you very much.
Mr. Arpit, everything is done.
I have your visas, tickets
and arrangements.
You'll be flying with us
the day after tomorrow..
..with your complete unit.
I am sorry, Mr. Gibson.
But I won't be able
to do this project.
I have a situation to
take care of. So..
But you have to.
We have everything arranged for you.
I understand that. But I
just can't finish this.
Just a minute. Excuse us, please.
Sir, what are you doing?
Sir, you have worked hard
for ages for this project.
Sir, very few ad makers
get such projects.
There is name, fame and
money.. everything.
Sir, please don't lose
this opportunity.
Nakul, no contracts, nothing
is more important for me..
..than Anu in this world.
Please cancel this deal.
I'm sorry.
As per your directions, we tried
our best to cancel the contract.
They have sent a reply.
They'll sue us, if we back out.
This compensation can cost us dearly.
Let them do what the want to.
Let them do whatever they want to do.
I don't give a damn.
But, sir.. - I can't go leaving
Anu in this state.
You may leave now.
Son, I want to be proud of you.
But I think this problem
has made you..
..take a wrong decision.
We don't know, what is
going to happen of Anu.
But I do not think it is wise
to ruin your career for Anu.
You must change your decision.
I cannot leave Anu and..
Anyway, how will it make
any difference to her?
No one can help Anu.
No one can help Anu.
Sumitra, do not cry.
Look, your work is for about
one and a half month.
Come back after finishing your work.
We will try our best to take
care of your dear one.
But mother..
- You have called me your mother.
Now, listen to your mother.
You will go, won't you?
You will go, won't you?
- Yes. Fine.
Kiss it.
- Now the score is settled.
'O God, why did you create love?'
'O God, why did you create love?'
'Well then, why did you
add separation in it?'
'Well, then why did you
add separation in it?'
Just like that.
'Why did you make me fall in love?
There was no need for it?'
'Why did you have to
give me this ruin?'
'My paths used to be filled
with colorful flowers.'
'My dreams were made
of blooming roses.'
'Why did you ruin my dreams?'
'Why did you ruin my dreams?'
'O God, why did you create love?'
'O God, why did you create love?'
Uncle.. uncle, I have seen Aman.
- What are you saying?
Yes, uncle.
I mean I have seen a
guy resembling Aman.
But.. - He was in the bus
and I was in the rickshaw.
Before I could have reached
there, he was gone.
We must find him.
- Certainly.
Yes, uncle.
- We have Aman's sketches.
We will flash it across on every
channel and newspaper.
That whoever this guy is,
please come and meet us.
Yes, we must find him.
Anu, I am waiting for him.
Why don't you come to meet me?
Aman! Aman!
Aman! Aman!
Where is my child? Doctor,
listen to me!
We are worried about her too!
Anu, my child.
Anu, my sweet child.
What are you doing here, my child?
Papa, it has been many days..
..since Aman has come to meet me.
So, I thought.. that I
would go and meet him.
So, I am waiting for him.
How can I explain this
to you, my child?
Come with me.
- No.
No, I don't want to go.
Someone, please lift her.
- No!
Take her fast.
- No! Let go of me.
I don't want to go.
- No!
Aman. No.
No! Let go of me!
Aman. No! Let go of me!
What craziness is this?!
What insanity is this?!
What insanity is this?
Aman. Papa,
please let me go to Aman.
Aman. Aman. Aman.
Do you think the guy you are
crazy for you, loves you?
My child, he's cheating you.
You even cut your hand for him.
If he really loves you, then he would
not have left you in this state.
He is toying with your life.
My child, he doesn't love you.
He doesn't love you.
Believe me, he does not love you.
Yes papa, you are right.
Aman does not love me.
He does not love me.
He does not love me.
He does not love me!
Aman does not love me.
Does not love me!
Does not love me!
Your daughter has been here
in this hospital for a month.
And we have tried
our best to treat her.
But right now, the mental
state that she is in.. very difficult for us.. treat her or control her.
Anupama has reached the stage..
..where she can do anything.
Medicines do not affect her..
..because she has no wish to live.
Her body cannot take
the shocks anymore.
Mr. Kaul, I think you have
only.. two options.
You can take her to your house
on your responsibility.
The other is, that if you
want to see her alive.. don't have any option but to
send her to the mental asylum.
He is not Aman.
Remember, a few days
back I had told you..
..I saw a guy like Aman in a bus.
We had even tried to find him.
He is the same guy.
This can be called coincidence
or the power of nature.
The face in Anupama's imagination..
..resembles his face completely.
He is a theatre actor.
He has to do a lot of shows.
So, he doesn't stay
in a city for long.
He read our advertisement and
contacted Arpit's office.
That's it.
He is in front of you.
I have read Anupama'a diary.
She had given it to me.
I will meet Anupama now.. a reality, as the truth.
Maybe this will be the biggest
performance of my life.
You always go away leaving me. Go.
What have you done?
I want to die.
I don't want to live anymore.
I don't want to live anymore.
I am there with you now.
I will not go anywhere leaving you.
I will always be there with you.
I promise you.
'O beloved.'
'O beloved.'
'O beloved.'
'Till the moment I breathe..'
..O beloved, I'll keep loving you.'
'O beloved.'
'Come close to me. I'll take
your loneliness away .'
'I'll take away the anxiousness
of your heart.'
'I'll place vivid dreams
in your eyes.'
'I'll adore your lips with
the redness of roses.'
'O beloved.'
'O beloved.'
'O beloved.'
'Till the moment I breathe..'
..O beloved, I'll keep loving you.'
'O beloved.'
'Make me yours.. I don't want
to be separated from you.'
'I won't be able to be
separated from you..
..even for a moment.'
'Give my eyes, the intoxication
of your love forever.'
'Give me the feeling of first love.'
'O beloved.'
'O beloved.'
'O beloved.'
'Till the moment I breathe..'
..O beloved, I'll keep loving you.'
'O beloved.'
'O beloved.'
'O beloved.'
'O beloved.'
'Till the moment I breathe..'
..O beloved, I'll keep loving you.'
'O beloved.'
Everybody ready.
- Ready.
Please stand properly.
Sister, the roll is finished.
Give it to me. I'll have it developed.
Thank you.
It contains some of my
memorable pictures.
If you may allow us, we
would like to come too.
Come in. Welcome.
Greetings, uncle! Greetings, aunt!
- Greetings!
Please have a seat.
Anu, how are you?
- I am fine.
Rajiv, we have come here to talk
something really important.
Listen, my friend. Now God has
made everything all right.
Now, you should not
delay this marriage.
Hey man, I am talking
about Aman and Anupama.
But Vishal..
I get you. You are talking
about Arpit, right?
Believe me, my friend.
Even Arpit's decision would
have been the same..
..if he would have been here.
Anyway, Anupama would not
have got any better..
..husband than Aman.
Aman, I hope you are happy.
Tell me. Are you happy?
Rohit, it is getting late.
Uncle, don't worry. Everything
will be just fine.
Priest, how much more
time will it take now?
Only five minutes.
Bring the bride and
the groom over here.
Fine, I'll call them.
You are looking lovely
in this bridal dress.
Your face is glowing.
Kamya, this joy is because
I got my love.
Today I am going to become
Aman's forever.
Congratulations ma'am!
I have come to click
your wedding photos.
Your roll has been developed.
So I thought that I
should give it you.
Thank you
- Thank you.
You can see it afterwards.
Get ready quickly.
The wedding arrangements
have been made.
Kamya, these bracelets are lying here.
- Sumitra.
What are you doing? Help
her to get ready. - Sumitra.
What is it?
You are here. I have looked
for you everywhere.
Come with me.
- Where?
Come with me. Aman wants
to say something.
Aman wants to say something?
What does he want to say?
I'll tell you. Come with me.
What is the matter, son?
Why haven't you got ready, yet?
What is the matter, son?
Please tell us.
Yesterday I could not say anything
against your decision..
..because Anupama was present
there at that time.
She was happy and you
all were happy too.
But I could not live peacefully
even for a moment.
Marriage is not just a ritual.
It is a commitment of a lifetime.
And I cannot marry Anupama
without letting her know the truth.
Son, we know your truth.
You are an artist.
But you are Aman
for our daughter.
And you are like a messiah for us.
I am not an artist.
Nor am I a messiah who did a miracle.
I did all this to save Anupama.
..I am Arpit.
What are you saying?
How can you be Arpit? My son is..
Dad, I did not go to America
for any shooting assignment.
But I was here, doing plastic
surgery on my face.
I had asked Tabassum to tell
you about a guy like Aman.. that I could come here easily.
I did what I felt it right,
at that time.
But what is going to happen
today is totally wrong.
I am ready to become Aman
for saving Anupama's life.
But I cannot keep her in
the dark and marry her.
Because Anu..
It is good, that I heard everything.
You all still believe
that I am insane..
..and my Aman doesn't exist.
- Anu.
Even after hearing and
knowing everything.. still believe that Aman exists.
Arpit had to become Aman to save you..
..from this insanity
and inane passion.
He put his career, his life at stake.. that you can be saved.
Aman is not present, Anupama.
He does not exist.
Aman exists.
And today I have the
proof that he exists.
These are the pictures that
I took with my Aman.
Anu, this is God's grace..
..that he sent these pictures
to help you realize the truth.
Believe it now. Aman does not exist.
Ma'am, I would have given
the cigarettes..
..if someone would have
been living there.
But we found out that
there was no one there.
She sees anything. And
she says anything.
And she does anything.
Yesterday she was introducing her
friend to me in the theatre.
But believe me. There
was no one there.
Aman does not exist. Or else
why would all the people lie?
Friends, my patient was going
through a mental disorder.
In medical terms it is called
severe schizophrenia.
And the chances to get
well are almost nil.
But the same girl is present among
us, quite hale and hearty.
Ms. Anupama.
Don't know what kind
of disorder is this?
What kind of insanity was that?
Which completely erased
the fine line..
..between truth and hallucination.
The imaginary face..
..which left me on the
frontier of death.
I would have died.
Or I would have spent my whole
life in a mental asylum.
But I am standing before you.
Fit and fine.
I do not have any contribution
in my getting well.
My life is the result of someone's
love and sacrifice.
Who put his life at stake to save me.
He understood my sorrow as his pain.
He loves me very much.
That person is present before me.
Women consider their husbands
as their God.
And I am the fortunate one..
..who is going marry my God.
Driver, let us go.