Madhura Raja (2019) Movie Script

'Madurai Raja'
All India Radio...
Regional news,
read by Gopan.
In the hooch tragedy that happened
yesterday at Vypin, near Erakulam...
...the death count has risen to 77.
The police suspects that the fake liquor
came from Pambinthuruthu, near Vypin.
Against this disaster that happened
on the day of Thiruvonam...
The Chief Minister informed that
he would take strict action.
Do you think all that
we did were right?
Falling in love with each other,
deciding to live together,
leaving everyone behind...
Daisy, we haven't left anyone.
Everyone abandoned us, right?
But, if something happens to us...
...won't our children be orphaned, Balu?
Everyone who left us will
come back to us, very soon.
Kanneerthadam is a piece of land which
is surrounded or immersed by water,
at least for six months.
Vasanthi, it's not Kanneerthadam, dear.
It's Thanneerthadam.
Thanneerthadam is a piece of land which
is surrounded or immersed by water,
at least for six months.
- Vasanthi...
Dad has night duty tonight.
I'll be late to return.
You should serve porridge
for Meenu and mom, okay?
And yeah, you should give
medicines to your mom.
And make sure that she takes them.
She won't take them, dad.
As soon as I turn, mom
spits out the tablets.
What is this, Daisy?
How many times should I repeat this?
Why, Balu?
I've been taking them for so long!
Is there any improvement?
Just to trouble my children as well.
- Sir...
Chandretta, everything is ready, right?
- Yes, sir.
You know, right?
77 people were killed at Viypin.
That too, in a single hooch tragedy.
Illegal hooch went to Viypin from this
Pampinthuruthu, right under our noses.
This is our last chance.
Nadeshan is not just a
hooch bootlegger now.
He's a criminal who's responsible
for the death of 77 people.
If we're able to catch him,
it will be a great achievement
for us and our department.
I verified it, sir.
The information is solid.
Some fishermen I know,
gave me the information.
It's hardly 4 furlongs from here.
This Mangalavanam is a
small isolated island.
Nadeshan's brewing
centre is over there.
Come, dear Vasanthi.
- Sir.
You should bring Elsy Chechi
and stay here tonight.
If I get late,
the kids would get scared.
My wife isn't well, right?
- I'll take care, sir.
Go without any worry.
My dear...
Dad will be back soon.
You've promised that you'll take me to the
circus at Kochi, for my birthday tomorrow.
I'll take you, darling.
Let me get back.
Okay sir.
SI Balachandran sir, right?
This is a place where
we brew hooch.
It's the excise department's
job to catch us, right?
Has the police started
that job too now?
77 people died drinking
your hooch in Vypin.
You are responsible for all those deaths.
There's proof as well.
Come with us,
without creating a ruckus.
1 will come.
But Balu sir...
Coming to arrest Nadeshan with toy guns,
and these 4 poor policemen,
...was a little too
adventurous, I would say.
Chandramohan sir is my man.
Not just him.
All of them.
There are many senior and junior
officers in the department, help me!
Balu sir...
Thinking about Nadeshan itself
was a big mistake you made.
Investigating about Nadeshan
was your second mistake.
Deciding to arrest me...
...was your biggest mistake.
It's all right.
Get up and go, sir.
You have family and kids
waiting at home, right?
I'm serious.
You may go.
(25 years later)
15 kms east of Kochi...
there's a small island
called Pambinthuruthu,
with a population of 45,000 people.
You know that our NCS has
a school there, right?
This is a complaint sent by the
Headmistress of that school.
A bar is functioning near
the school premises,
and because of the debauchery
by anti-socials and drunkards, is difficult to run the school,
according to the complaint.
Didn't the HM complain to the police?
Police has taken a stand which
favours the bar, apparently.
First we have to directly enquire the truth
about the details in this complaint,
and confirm whether it's true.
If that's the case, let Madhavan Master
do the enquiry as NCS' representative.
Please excuse me...
l have some health issues...
This concerns the future
of around 1500 students.
To do this, no one else is as
qualified as Madhavan Master,
who retired as a Headmaster.
Two cups of tea, please.
What is it?
- You seem very familiar.
We're coming here for the first time.
- No. Him.
The dead...
- Dead?
- Yes.
Get lost!
I've seen his photo
with a garland on it.
Madhavan Master, who has come from NCS?
Namaste, Master.
Who are you?
- Nadeshan sir sent us.
I didn't get you.
Nadeshan sir wanted to meet
you in person, Master.
Nadeshan owns the bar
next to the school, right?
- Why should he meet us?
We've come to study about
the complaint against him.
Any complaint would have
another side to it, right?
Shouldn't you listen to that too?
- Krishnan...
What he said is also true.
We should hear their side also, right?
- Yes.
Then, shall we...?
Nadeshan sir's one and only son.
Rishi. He's a doctor.
Where do you practice?
- We own a small institution.
Nadeshan charity hospital.
That's the only clinic in this island.
It's not a profitable business.
Medicines and treatment for
the people here, are free.
A help for the villagers.
That's our boss' only intention.
I came here around 25 years back.
This was a forest with thorn-plants &
venomous snakes, surrounded by water,
back then.
It was me who cleared the forest
and started cultivation here.
I brought labourers from
outside myself, for that.
Later, it became their
island as well.
In the meanwhile, some people came from
outside and started brewing hooch.
When the labourers started
suffering from hooch tragedies,
I started a bar here thinking that
they should have good liquor.
But sir doesn't take the money
that he earns from the bar.
The education and treatment of the
people are all Nadeshan sir's charity.
Glass factory, fishing boat, oil factory,
hospital and every such institution here,
was started by Nadeshan sir
for the labourers here.
Many workers would lose their jobs.
Otherwise, I would have shut
down that bar long back itself.
The land that this school stands on?
Even that was sold by Nadeshan
sir to NCS for a meager price.
The children here should
study in a school.
That's all I wanted.
What's the reason for
this complaint now?
Nadeshan sir questioned some
misappropriations that HM did in school.
So it's a personal
grudge because of that.
We'll be here for a
couple of days anyway.
Okay, Master.
The people here love Nadeshan
sir more than their own lives.
That's how he takes
care of this island.
Whoever goes to him with a request,
he won't send them back empty handed.
Baletta, one tea.
Suru, haven't you let him go yet?
He hasn't even worked enough
for all the food that he ate.
If I have to get the entire rent,
I have to make him work like
this for at least six months.
What's the story behind this?
This foreigner came to stay
for a month in their resort.
When he was about to leave,
some thief stole everything
including this poor guy's passport.
Since he doesn't have money to pay
the bill, he's working to repay it.
He's my slave.
It was my life's goal to
make a Britisher my slave.
Why? - My grandfather, who
was a freedom fighter,
was shot down by a
Britisher back then.
- For a silly charge.
As part of the freedom struggle,
my grandfather slightly raped
that Britisher's wife, and killed her.
What is this?
- Bonda (snack).
- Yes.
Oh! James Bond!
It's not Bond, man.
Long before Bond was
born in your country,
this Bonda was born in our country.
Oh nice!
- Have it.
Can we get a place to stay
here for a week, on rent?
- There's a place!
- A scenic place, close to nature.
It's a resort.
'Cheenavala Kayaloram'.
No, Master. It's not a place you can
stay at. It will bring you a bad name.
What's wrong if they stay at
Vasanthi Chechi's resort?
Everyone here knows what
'Island' Vasanthi is like!
Have you seen anything?
- No.
But the coconut plucker
Vasu has told me.
Oh! That 'Gossip' Vasu? - Yes.
- I'll sort him out.
He's lying, Master.
Vasanthi Chechi is an innocent lady
living without any male company.
Come without any worry.
You won't get any other good
place to stay in this island.
We don't call it a 'Home
Stay' for the sake of it.
It's even more comfortable than
staying in your own house.
Everything is lavish here.
Fish, prawns, lob...ster.
We're in trouble.
- Why?
If Chechi has an axe,
it means she's angry.
I'll be right back.
Hey slave! Come!
- Yes, boss.
Oh no!
Why are you doing all this, Chechi?
Where the hell were you?
Chechi, the market
was really crowded.
On the way back, our
foreigner wanted a Bonda.
Hey! That writer has been
boozing since morning.
If he continues like this,
I'll kick him out today itself.
Calm down, Chechi.
I'll take care of him.
Oh no! Don't cut my chest.
I'll cut it.
Give it to me.
Why axe?
- You cut the wood. I'll come now.
Chechi! Chechi!
- Namaste.
Who are they?
Ifound them on the way.
They were looking for
a room for rent.
I can't give rooms without
knowing who they are.
Who knows whether they are
thieves or murderers?
They are good people, Chechi.
Don't you know when you see them?
Look properly.
I'm ateacher from NCS,
and I've come here to study about the
school-bar problem in this island.
Will Nadeshan's
bar be shut down?
Well, I need to go to the school
and study everything in detail.
I can say only then.
His bar should be shut down.
If you need any help, just tell me.
Suru, show them their room.
- Okay.
Suru, that writer had asked
for an omelette long back.
Make it and give him.
- Okay.
I'll ask that slave once he finishes
cutting the wood. You come!
Where are you going?
- To give the omelette to the writer.
Didn't I ask you to study over there?
I finished studying, Chechi.
I thought I'll help you.
Go inside, I say.
You don't want to escape from
this island by studying well...
Instead, you want to serve
curry for a drinking session?
Go inside!
- Yes!
Come here.
- Hey!
I'll be right back.
I have to make an omelette for that writer.
Or else it will be big trouble.
- Well...
By writer, you mean?
- Hey! Don't worry.
He's not the father of Malayalam language.
This guy is just a local.
A local cheesy novelist.
The soul of the island.
You stay here caressing your title!
Claiming that Vasanthi is
the soul of the island,
you've been staying here for
one month, to write the story.
Did you see this?
He was brought to narrate
Vasanthi's story.
He finished two full
bottles of booze!
The second bottle is almost over.
It's almost over.
But the omelette hasn't come.
Oh no! It will come!
Before that, say this...
Vasanthi, who is sweet seventeen...
Her immense beauty when she comes
with wet hair after her night bath...
Vasu, who is enjoying that from
the top of the coconut tree.
And then?
Tell me the rest.
Should I say the rest?
You should say it.
Don't go.
I'll be right back.
Mr. Vasu...
Sitting atop the coconut tree,
what did you see?
She's a slut.
Vasanthi is a slut.
Vasanthi is a big time slut.
- Hey! What did you just say?
Get out of here, you rascal!
I'll kill you today.
Bloody crass fellow!
I'll pluck out your rotten tongue!
Don't stamp on my chest.
I have chest pain.
What is she doing?
Vasanthi is a slut, huh?
- Leave my hand.
Hey! Stop there!
You rascal!
If you step inside my fence ever again,
I'll chop you into pieces &
throw them into the lake!
Bloody pig!
- Get lost, you evil woman!
Move away!
- Move.
She goes crazy if she sees
men in such situations.
Hey writer!
What is it, sister?
If I see that guy with
you here ever again,
you and your wife would
disappear from this island.
I made a mistake, out of a
misunderstanding. - Shameless men!
What are you watching?
I need to change the story.
- Isn't that Manoharan?
The heroine is not right.
Atwist is imperative now.
Madhavan Master!
Krishnan uncle!
What are you doing here?
We came here on a mission.
- Namaste, Master.
What are you doing here, Manoharan?
I came in search of a
story for my new novel.
My story was stuck like this
without making any progress.
Now I'm relieved.
You have come, right?
Now it will be twist after twist.
We haven't come here
to create any trouble.
That's not necessary!
You just have to walk around...
Problems will happen on their own.
To create problems and to solve
the problems that are created,
there's no family that's better than
Master's family in Kerala, right?
Since we have reached
that agreement,
hereafter, wherever you go,
I will also come with you.
Sorry. HM was waiting for
you outside since morning.
Must be due to the hot sun.
She felt dizzy.
It's all right.
A slight fatigue.
It will go away if she takes rest.
You are?
- Amala.
I am the HM's daughter.
I'm teaching at HSC here.
It's okay.
We'll go and come later.
That's all right.
I'll give you an overall
idea about things here.
The land owned by the Government
that Nadeshan encroached years back,
was sold by him for a huge
price to NCS, 13 years back.
He started the bar 5 years back.
The problems in school
started since then.
Drunkards get high, enter the
school compound and scare the kids.
Anti-socials unleash their debauchery
during nights in the school premises.
Kids who come in the morning, have to
clean liquor bottles and food waste,
before they begin their classes.
Anything that adversely affects the
future of children should not happen.
Anyway, whatever you said right now...
Write a detailed a report about it for me.
I'll submit it to NCS
along with my report.
I'll prepare a file with the
maximum information that we have.
What happened to you?
Why did you leave
without telling me?
What is it?
You know how this leg of
mine got damaged, right?
Yes. Long back, when you
had gone to study TTC...
That's her, Master.
Oh God!
That Headmistress is your
Lillykkutty, Krishnan?
What's the matter, Master?
These are things that happened
around 20 years back, Manoharan.
While Krishnan was studying
a TTC course long back,
he fell in love with a
Christian classmate.
Without telling anyone,
they started living together.
Living together?
Kerala's first new generation couple!
- Then what?
The girl's family who
came to know about it,
broke Krishnan's leg,
and went away with the girl.
After I got out of the hospital,
Master and I searched
everywhere for her.
By then, after selling their house,
Lillykkutty's family had migrated elsewhere.
After that...
- This is interesting.
But, ever since this new
generation trend started,
I don't use such
stories generally.
The young kids don't like it.
They will rip me apart on Facebook.
They will hurl abuses at me.
Mr. Bachelor...
So Amala teacher's father?
Yes. That is this bachelor!
I've seen his photo with a garland on it,
in front of their house.
What an acrobatic and magnetic love story!
We should take Krishnan Uncle to
Lillykkutty teacher's house immediately.
The golden moments were past
lovers unite after ages.
moments in the story.
She removes the garland from her
father's photo, hung on the wall.
She embraces that photo.
Her eyes overflowed...
- What are you scribbling?
You didn't cry?
She didn't cry.
Her heart was as strong as steel.
A black metal heart!
Mr. Krishnan uncle...
What are you doing?
The boyfriend who meets his old
girlfriend after two decades...
is stirring the Sambar dish?
It's your first night today, right?
- Stop being vulgar & get out!
Why should 1?
1 will say it.
I need Masala!
Or else my novel won't sell.
Dear, what about the report for NCS?
- Just 10 minutes.
Let Rasool come.
- Pookkutty?
Rasool Pookkutty! Sound-mixing!
- No.
He studied with me in
Maharaja's college.
He's a journalist.
He knows really well about
the bar-school issue.
If he drafts it, we won't
have to correct it.
As soon as I get the report,
1 will leave.
You should bring Lillykkutty & your
daughter to our ancestral house.
Let's stay there for the vacation.
How can you leave, Master?
My story needs a twist.
- Pokkiri (Rogue) Raja.
He should come to this island.
Only then, my story would become
interesting. - Yeah, right!
As if he's going to come
as soon as you call him.
I can't even get him on phone.
He's so busy.
Then why don't we call
the younger rogue?
He won't come.
He's directing a movie now, right?
Oh my Lucifer! Movie?
If he had told me, I would
have given him a script.
My script, 'Angel who loved the
Satan' is fully ready.
Here he is.
- Who? Raja?
No. Rasool.
This is Madhavan Master.
- I understood.
Amala had told me when she called,
that her dead dad has returned.
Here you go, Master.
I've added maximum details to it.
I think that's enough.
I'll come later. I am in a hurry.
- Okay.
Just a minute.
I won't be here for a few days.
I'll tell you the details
when I come back.
I can smell a twist from
the way they're going.
Are you doing good, Kanaran?
What is it, MLA?
It's been long since you came here.
The assembly is going on, boss.
That's why.
What's special now?
I heard that a couple of people came
to enquire about our bar from NCS?
Those who came, have settled
down at HM's house.
Now don't expect any report
that's favourable to us.
Well, I'll call the
minister if you want me to.
The day I need a
help from outside,
I'll let you know, Cleetus.
Okay, Chetta.
Where is Krishnan Nair?
It's me.
What is it, sir?
Is it him?
- Yes, sir.
Take him in.
- What for, sir?
What's the matter, sir?
- Come on.
This Udumbu Vasu ran a vehicle over a youth
called Rasool and killed him last night.
As per the contract that he gave, to
finish off his daughter's secret lover.
You brought back your husband who
left you long ago, for this?
That's a blatant lie.
I don't know anything.
Tell me.
How much did he pay you?
He gave me
Rs. 50,000 as advance.
He said he'll pay
me the rest later.
Sir, this is a betrayal.
Someone has misled you.
Take him into the jeep.
Come on, walk.
Come on!
Sir, if you hit him like this,
he will die.
We would be answerable.
- Let him die.
I'll write an FIR that
he committed suicide.
Or else, let him confess to the crime.
I don't know anything.
Stop it!
Why are you thrashing him like this?
What wrong did he do?
Who are you?
- I am...
I am Madhavan Master.
Krishnan's sister's husband.
Madhavan Master!
I've been waiting to meet you.
Do you also have a role to
play in this conspiracy?
What conspiracy?
The father who didn't like
his daughter's relationship..
...with a boy from another religion,
gave a contract and killed
his daughter's boyfriend.
You know that what you're
saying is a lie, sir.
Show some mercy.
Please spare Krishnan from this.
It is a lie.
What can you do?
Get out!
Oh God!
You can't handle this
on your own, Master.
Nadeshan sir is behind this.
He won't listen to
any ordinary person.
You will have to try someone
from a higher level.
Higher level?
Madhavan Master has two first
class rogues as his sons.
Not high level...
They are on a different
level altogether.
The elder one is Rogue Raja.
The younger one is Rogue Surya.
Just tell us whom you want.
Nadeshan sir is not
what he seems like.
Many people have tried
for the past 25 years...
They weren't even
able to touch him.
To win, he will play all
kinds of dirty games.
He's adirty guy?
If the opponent is a dirty guy,
the younger one can't stop him.
The elder one is enough.
Call Rogue Raja, Master.
I don't have to call
him, Manoharan.
If my heart trembles even once,
Raja would know that.
He will come.
My son.
Ticket! Ticket!
Raja Anna (big brother).
I understand!
I won't create any trouble.
No fight. No problem.
I'm telling you,
I'll handle this smoothly.
Anna, don't keep repeating
the same thing.
I said I'll take care, right?
Hang up now.
What is it?
- My chain is missing.
I ate it.
You wanted it?
He swallowed my chain.
Thief! Thief!
- What's the problem?
Chetta, he swallowed my chain.
I saw it.
- What happened, Meenu?
This thief swallowed my chain.
Hey! Did you swallow
this girl's chain?
I don't understand, bro.
Is she saying something about me?
That means, did you swallow
this girl's chain?
I swallowed..
I swallowed it.
She needs it?
Hey Bhai.
This Bhai is not Malayali. He's a Bengali.
That's why he can't
understand what I'm saying.
Not Bengali.
He's a Tamilian.
Hey! Did you steal this girl's chain?
Did you steal it?
Stole it?
I saw him swallowing it.
Haven't you seen the movie 'Stolen
good & eye-witness'? - 3 times.
Just like Prasad from that movie.
When I turned back,
he swallowed the chain.
Oh! Did you swallow
the stolen good?
What does 'Stolen good' mean?
You don't know what 'stolen good' is?
I'll show you what it is.
Pilot, take the boat
to the police station.
Police station?
Why police station?
Can't you guess it from his face?
He's an expert thief.
Sister, I didn't steal it.
Please believe me.
Bro, I haven't even
stolen a bulb from school.
Hey Prasad...
The other Prasad acted much
more brilliantly than you.
Us Malayalis didn't believe that.
And you want us to believe you?
Let's go and get his X-ray done.
Xray? Why X-ray?
- Come here.
I'll take the chain out right away.
Come here.
Hey! Vomit!
What to do now?
Hey thief!
Come on, puke!
Hey! Let him go!
We don't have any complaint.
Shouldn't we go to the
police station then?
We can't do rounds at the police station.
- How can that be?
That's not right.
That girl has no complaint.
Then what's wrong with you?
To interrupt the trip..
Take the boat to the jetty.
Hey! Hey!
I was lucky.
If you weren't there, I'd have
been taken to the station. Thanks!
Hey! What's your name?
Your name?
- Wow.
You are no ordinary Meenakshi.
You are Madurai Meenakshi {Goddess).
Hey! If you don't want him,
shall I take him?
The chain is in his belly, right?
It will come out, right?
I'll buy 2 kilos of bananas for him,
and take him to my field.
If 1 get it, 50-50.
How's the deal?
- Yes.
What he swallowed, was rolled gold.
Hey! Your intestines would
be ruptured with all that colour.
I didn't get you.
Damn it.
Get lost!
Lost that hope as well.
Shall we go?
Since Krishnan Uncle has
been remanded for 10 days,
shouldn't we consult a good
advocate soon, Master?
Raja has told us not to do anything.
He has some plans in mind.
Somebody from Madurai
is waiting outside.
Is it 'Rogue' Raja from Madurai?
That I don't know.
Who is it?
Madhavan Master?
That's me.
My name is Chinna.
I'm like Raja's younger brother.
Mani Annan's?
- I am his son.
Manoharan, did you understand who this is?
This is Mani Annan's son.
It was Mani Annan who made our Raja,
'Rogue' Raja.
He was a great don.
My dear Master, I know that.
It's me who had discoursed about
it in 'Rogue' Raja, part 1.
So don't brag to me.
So, Mr. Small Raja...
- Hello!
Chinna Raja. That's how
my brother calls me.
That's it.
When will Raja come?
Brother told me that he would
take one week to come.
He has asked me to handle
the situation till then.
My hero's entry is getting
late in the story!
The audience will be impatient.
Why don't you understand that?
Even if my brother is late,
he will be the latest.
That's Madurai Raja's style!
Why are you looking there?
'Stolen good'
Stolen good?
What is this stolen good?
I can't say that to you.
Do I have to say everything to you?
Chechi, who is that?
I have a cousin brother, apparently.
He is in Madurai.
He's a big time goon.
This guy works with him.
He is our bodyguard now.
- Yes.
This guy?
See that your body isn't damaged.
- No way.
He doesn't have any problem,
other than talking too much all the time.
I'll miss the boat.
Let me go. See you in the evening.
If you're free, come.
Let's catch some fish.
Hey! The wooden bridge is broken.
You'll fall.
The lake is really deep.
- I'll fall?
Hey! I am Aquaman!
This is too silly for me!
How's that?
Someone's pulling me down. - Come fast.
Aquaman will drown in salt water.
Where did he go?
He can't swim.
Save him!
Don't you know swimming?
I know swimming,
but I can't swim in water.
What do we do now?
- Do you know swimming?
Yes. But..
- No but! Just jump!
One has come out.
Bring him fast.
Help me up!
Oh no! He has drunk all the water.
Hey Aquaman!
Mr. Aquaman!
Oh God! He is unconscious!
He has lost all his oxygen.
You need to give him artificial
respiration. Give it. - Oxygen?
- Give it yourself.
I have bronchitis!
Give it, dear.
Hey girl! When a man
lies here lifeless,
a lady shouldn't build a wall.
Give it!
You give it.
- I'm saying it decently. Come on, give it!
Give it, I say!
He's not getting up.
- No?
Give it!
It's not enough for him.
He's crazy about oxygen.
He's not getting up.
Shall we take him to the hospital?
- No.
He needs oxygen to reach
the hospital, right?
Why did you stop?
It was superb.
Get lost!
You are quite smart.
Wait and watch, Chetta.
I won't go back to Madurai, without her.
This is a problem with the Appendix.
Nothing to worry.
A small surgery is necessary.
- Oh no! Surgery?
It's just a minor surgery.
Well sir, won't it cost a lot
of money for the surgery?
I don't have that much..
- What is it?
What happened?
- Boss...
Sit down.
Leela chechi's daughter
has an Appendix problem.
It's not a problem.
It can be removed.
So what?
- I haven't saved any money.
I've built a huge hospital
here with so many facilities,
not to make money from
this and get richer.
None of my siblings from this island shouldn't
suffer without money for treatment.
If this child needs surgery,
you must do it.
Whatever the expense may be,
take it from my charity fund.
What's your name, dear?
- Karthyayini.
Where are you going?
- To the sub jail.
I need to meet dad.
I'm also coming.
Wow! 'Stolen good'
Wait for 2 minutes.
I'll be right back.
If he goes on like this, Vasanthi will
chop him to pieces with a sickle.
Jasmine flowers?
Wear it. It will look great on you.
What do you want now?
I have a breathing problem.
Can I get some oxygen?
Get lost.
I am SI Raveendran.
Cl Sir has summoned you.
I'm going to the sub
jail to meet my dad.
Come there and go.
Come on!
- Oh no!
Shut up! - Come on!
- Leave me.
What atrocity is this?
- Come on, walk! - Leave me!
Come on!
Laying hands on women?
Tie him up!
You go inside.
Did you see that?
- Get lost.
This is too good.
Come, sir.
I'll sort you out later.
Get lost.
- Let's go, sir.
What have you done, man?
Beating up policemen?
- Yes. They are policemen!
If Raja Annan finds out about this,
he'll finish me off.
He sent me here asking me
not to create any trouble.
My dear son, go back home
before that CI comes.
If you get beaten up by him,
your bones would turn into water.
Are you the one who hit policemen?
Yes, sir.
Why did you hit them?
Sorry, sir. I did it by mistake.
1 didn't know who they were.
So you had set out to hit them!
Just that you didn't know who they were!
What is this, Manoharan?
What is he doing?
Somebody stop him.
Why is he hitting him like this?
Listen to me, sir.
Don't do this.
How dare you order me?
Does it hurt?
You hit policemen in front of
the villagers, right? - Sir...
Don't hit him anymore.
He will die.
He apologized, right?
Then what?
Didn't I tell you not to interfere?
Rest I'll give you at the station!
Like he trapped Krishnan uncle,
he would frame false cases,
and get Chinna also locked up.
The span of darkness is only
until the sun rises, Manoharan.
My son's fleet of cars
has left from Madurai.
It's his game from now on.
The dance of destruction!
Master, my novel will become
eventful from here on.
Raja returns!
Cutting across the waves of the lake,
here comes Raja's warships.
From one of the warships
in the front row,
as a majestic, magnificent
and glorious hero,
the commander steps out,
with his right foot forward.
Madurai Raja!
You've become really frail, son.
- Out of grief, dad.
I'm a very disappointed, sad!
{in broken English) - Why?
I'm happy when you create problems.
But don't create problems at such
jungles where cars can't come, dad.
- Do you know?
40 Innova cars that came
with me from Madurai...
I've rented a ground across the
lake and parked them there.
No bridge, no way!
I was shattered, dad! Shattered!
But Annan didn't leave it at that.
He waited there for 4 hours...
brought all the speed-boats in Kerala,
and then all of us came here with Annan.
Very very money spent!
Money come today,
money go tomorrow!
But car! Car! Car!
So what if there are no cars?
You have war-ships, right?
Mr. Novelist, what is this story?
Such a surprise.
What are you doing here?
I joined them.
To know the progress of the story.
Son, we haven't been able to
release your Krishnan uncle.
What father this?
Do you think that I was relaxing in
Madurai for the past one week, father?
How did you do this, son?
Only when I studied the case,
I realized that it was complicated.
When I was thinking what to do,
my legal advisor told me...
...that there's a lion in Delhi.
Immediately I called.
- Advocate Nandagopal Marar.
Initially, he threw some attitude.
He said he can't come.
Then I didn't wait any longer.
I gave him quite a
mouthful in my English.
Mr. Marar...
I, Raja.
Need help.
My uncle in central jail.
You come Kochi, take murder case,
and release my uncle.
Hearing my English,
Marar got shocked.
He came here on the next flight.
He must come, right?
He came directly to the court...
and rocked the trial!
While Marar was cross questioning,
he realized one thing.
Udumbu Vasu doesn't
know how to drive...
and he doesn't have a
driving license too.
How can someone kill without
knowledge of driving?
Marar asked how someone can run a vehicle
over someone without knowing how to drive.
The judge fainted!
And bail was granted immediately.
That's great.
Anyway, he got released, right?
Well, where is Chinna?
Where, Chinna?
The Cl has framed him in a case,
and locked him up at the station.
Father, what is this you talking?
When one came out,
another went in?
That Cl thrashed him up a lot.
He thrashed him? Anna, shall we bomb the
whole police station, including the CI?
You idiot!
Chinna is in there, right?
If we bomb it, won't he also die?
- No, Chandru.
Until the election is over,
we can't afford any violence.
Election? - Raja Annan is going to
contest for the MLA seat in Madurai.
Really, son?
Well, father...
Ever since 'Amma' {(mom) died...
- Whose Amma?
Not anyone's Am ma...
'The lady revolutionary leader'
Ever since Amma died, Tamil
Nadu lacks a strong leader.
I very very very thought.
What to do! What to do!
What to do!
Then I reached a decision.
To create a new political party.
That party is called 'South
Indian People's Federation'.
I'm the president,
and I'm the secretary too.
So our legal advisor told me,
since it's the election time...
no fight,
no violence.
Only compromise.
So, fights won't work.
We can do a compromise talk.
Pothan, get the car.
Let's go to the station.
Bro, there are no cars here.
Oh no! This is a land without cars!
Greetings, sir.
I am Raja.
Madurai Raja.
He's the president of South
Indian People's Federation party.
I'm the permanent secretary as well.
I came because you've kept my
brother Chinna Raja in the lock up.
Hey! Who let these people inside?
No one let us inside.
We came in ourselves.
1 would like to take
my brother with me.
That won't happen.
Get going!
Why do you want to
talk to this guy, Anna?
Let's ambush this police
station and leave with Chinna.
Calm down!
Calm down!
Sir is a Circle Inspector.
We give respect!
Don't you know from his face
that he's a soft fellow?
He'll understand what we're trying to say.
He understand matter.
Raja Annan's party has
influence even at the Centre.
Anna, call Amitabh Bachchan!
I haven't taken my phone.
This case is an attack
against the police.
The case has been registered.
We'll present the accused
to the court on Monday.
If you can get bail,
you can release him.
Or the complainant Sl Raveendran,
has to withdraw his complaint.
That is one point!
Where is this SI Raveendran sir now?
He's at the hospital,
after getting beaten up.
It's just an attack case now.
If he dies in the hospital,
then it will become a murder case.
- Hey!
What is this, sir?
Why should you verbally kill a poor
policeman for such a small matter?
Anyway, Advocate sir...
Let's go to the hospital and meet
Raveendran sir, like Cl sir said.
We can find a solution to this, right?
The matters will walk!
I, Raja.
Madurai Raja.
President of South Indian
People's Federation party.
This is a small gift.
Cl told me everything.
Don't waste your time here,
and get going!
I'm not ready for any compromise.
Take jump is zero clever!
- Overreacting is foolishness.
Why don't you give it a second thought?
There's nothing to think about.
Get going, fast.
This is the problem with this state.
Let me keep this here.
They won't let a man
choose a path of virtue.
To display your hooliganism,
this is not your Madurai.
This is Kochi.
Leave that, policeman!
Kochi, Kothadu and Coimbatore,
are all the same for Raja.
But that's not the topic now, Advocate.
Chinna Raja, whom you have
kept in the lock up... my younger brother.
My brother!
Not just my brother...
My dear brother!
My life!
If you feel that he did something
disrespectful towards you policemen,
I'll apologize to you.
I heard that you slightly pricked
him, in return for this.
If you forgive him now...,
1 will forgive you, as well.
What if I don't?
If someone lays his
hands on my brother,
his body would remain...,
his life won't.
I'll kill you.
We are leaving now.
I don't know if we would meet again.
That's why I'm saying this.
I'll get Chinna released.
Within 24 hours,
I will get him out.
I've let you guys stay here without
Vasanthi Chechi's permission.
If Chechi gets angry,
I'll change sides.
If you do that,
I'll chop your legs off.
Hey! I've been hearing about
this Vasanthi ever since I came.
When will she come?
I feel tempted to see her hearing all this.
That's why.
That temptation will go
away when you see her.
She has gone to Ernakulam to
renew the resort's license.
Who is Mr. Raja chatting with?
I'll go and see.
You cut the young coconut.
The sweet water will come.
You drink it.
No, sir.
I not understand anything.
What language are you speaking, sir?
Hello! Why are you laughing, girl?
All foreigners needn't know English.
You no worry.
Walk with me sometime.
Learn English.
Hey! Raja Annan even has
a doctorate in English.
From which university?
Uganda university.
- I visit Uganda.
Walking street,
speaking English.
Professor came.
Hearing my English,
unconscious, fell down.
When he got conscious,
gave me Doctorate, and asked me to go.
That means?
That means, when I visited Uganda, I was
talking English while walking on the road.
Hearing that, an English professor came.
Hearing my English,
he became unconscious.
When he regained consciousness, he gave
me a Doctorate and asked me to get going.
Once we learn, study English...
whenever we are happy or sad,
we can only talk in English.
What if you get angry?
Bloody fool!
Country fellow!
That's enough.
Thank you. I can understand if you're
complimenting me, in any language.
Hey Suru!
She's calling to compliment me.
Give it to me.
Who are these people?
- Raja's men.
They are Raja's men.
Which Raja?
There's no one in India who
doesn't know our Raja Annan.
Are you Raja?
This is not Raja.
This is Raja.
They are all Raja's side-kicks.
And yeah, Raja is Madhavan
Master's elder son.
Who is this smart girl?
Who is this outspoken girl?
Anna, this is Vasanthi Chechi.
Is this Vasanthi?
When I heard the name Vasanthi,
limagined... old model Ambassador car.
This is just a Rally cycle.
I forgot to introduce myself.
I am a Raja.
Madurai Raja.
Not like what you see here.
I'm quite awesome.
There are around 30 of us.
There aren't many facilities here.
But still, we'll adjust.
Let you poor people
make some money.
Stop the music.
Stop the music, I say.
You can't do all this here.
Why stop?
The occupant's happiness is the
responsibility of the resort owner.
My sister has an exam tomorrow.
- Is it an English exam?
I will teach her.
If I teach, the child passed away!
Nothing doing. You should leave from
here with your people, right away.
Whom do you think you are talking to?
Don't trouble a woman!
Suru, ask this brag-machine and his
people to get out of the fence.
Where is your fence?
Give me one minute to change.
Tell me, where is the fence?
I'll show you the fence.
- This girl tell me, where is the fence!
I'll show you Chechi's fence.
Pack the things and follow me.
Take everything.
- Why should you mess with her?
Hello! I...
Over the fence.
Suru, can you give
this foreigner to me?
I'll have someone to talk to.
I'll give you any price.
- Price?
5 Lakhs?
-10 Lakhs?
- 15 Lakhs.
No more bargaining.
Come on, boy.
- Thank you, boss.
The India Government and
the Madurai Government...
Are foreigners in such demand now?
There were many of
them in Fort Kochi.
I should have bought
10-15 of them.
I'll be late to come
back in the night.
Those rascals will renew the license,
only if I do 100 rounds.
What is this?
The novelist said that this
Madurai Raja's new war-ship.
It looks even more awesome
than our resort, right?
Go and bring that brag-machine.
Today a decision will
be made about this.
What is this?
Sardines laid for drying?
Was it fishing season?
They have machetes and all.
Get up!
Don't kill me.
I came to meet your king.
Where is he now?
-1am here.
All sit down.
What matter?
- Vasanthi Chechi is calling you.
What problem?
Must be out of her desire to see you.
Please come.
You go, I come.
Tell me, Vasanthi.
I do everything for you.
Your ship should be shifted
from here immediately.
My ship has been parked
outside your fence.
But you can't dock
it at this jetty.
My boat will be docked at this jetty.
Let it be.
What's wrong if we share
this jetty for some time?
Not possible.
- Should I intervene?
What's the problem here?
- It's a jetty problem.
Raja Annan wants to
share Chechi's jetty.
No way!
Chechi won't give it.
- Mr. Raja...
What is this?
Aren't you a gentleman?
Allow that poor girl to use
her jetty, for herself.
You needn't interfere in this.
Don't put your head in the
middle of this jetty matter.
Look, Miss Vasanthi...
Jetty belongs to the Government.
Even when there's no money in the treasury,
Government has built so many jetties,
for everyone to use.
I've set aside some
space for your boat.
I gave you more space.
By the time I come back,
your ship shouldn't be seen here.
If I see it,
I'll burn it down.
- I didn't say that.
She's a woman!
Your Mundu, scarf and broken
English won't work with me.
If you don't move this from here,
you'll suffer for that.
How far should I move it?
I mean, how many kilometers?
Raja Anna...
He came looking for
Madhavan Master.
But Master is not here.
This is Madhavan Master's son.
What is a matter?
SI Raveendran, who was hospitalized
after Chinna Raja hit him,
died last night.
It's a murder case in
Chinna's name now.
Chinna cannot get out now...
or ever again.
Madurai Raja...
Welcome! Welcome!
Your brother is in deep trouble, man!
What is the problem, sir?
- Didn't you know?
SI Raveendran died last night.
Your brother who's inside,
is an accused in a murder case now.
I heard that Madurai Raja challenged that
he'll get his brother out in 24 hours?
Not just 24 hours...
Even after 24 years,
your brother won't get out.
I'll put him in such a deadlock.
I'll trap him forever.
The Commissioner is coming here.
To enquire the situation personally,
and to take your brother away.
I'll give you 24 hours time now.
Taking your men and your dad...
if you don't run away from this island,
in the next 24 hours,
I'll put all of you inside,
and make you count bars.
- Let the Commissioner come, sir.
We'll tell him whatever we have to say.
Let the Commissioner come.
We'll see.
Rajendra Babu.
We're in trouble.
The old villain and the new
villain are coming together.
FIR and postmortem report are ready, sir.
- Good.
The cause of death is a
fatal blow to the head.
There are witness statements
recorded of the accused Chinna,
beating up SI Raveendran & Constable
Jayachandran, at the junction.
Sir, this particular incident happened
because the police assaulted a girl.
As a famous cultural leader,
protesting against this incident, I had
made a post on Facebook against the police.
So you were the one who posted that?
- Yes.
It got 65K likes and 12 shares too.
A comment that came on it,
really impressed me.
That means?
- Run through the fields, Police.
Stop it.
Move this side.
- Move.
Sir, these are all false.
- I know, David.
The incident happened 2 days back, right?
- Yes, sir.
It must be because you were sure
that SI Raveendran would die,
that you kept the accused in custody,
without presenting him to the court.
Is that true?
- Yes, sir.
The injuries were fatal.
Constable Jayachandran?
He got discharged yesterday
evening and left.
Cl David's lock is a deadlock, Raja.
Very strong and powerful.
What will you do now?
Do you even know who he is?
Do you have any idea who this guy is?
Before messing with him,
couldn't you enquire at
Madurai central station,
who this Madurai Raja is?
Twist! Twist!
Unexpected twist.
Say it, sir.
Hey! If this Raja has set
out to do something,
he'll return only after
seeing the end of it.
Commissioner sir isn't
bluffing about it.
He's saying it out of
his own experience.
Sir was a real wastrel
back in the day.
He was the one who made me realize my
follies & gave me a second lease of life.
This Raja.
Sir, you give permission
only I open mouth.
Two words I speak.
- Thank you, sir.
Buy it.
Your suspension order.
Commissioner sir came to
give this to you, in person.
What for?
Paulose sir,
switch on the news channel.
Constable Jayachandran is
behind SI Raveendran's murder.
The exclusive visuals of Jayachandran
brutally murdering Raveendran,
are now being aired on News 18.
The incident happened last night at
11 PM, at Nadeshan charitable hospital.
Constable Jayachandran who
went missing after the murder,
hasn't been found by the police yet.
You shocked?
You're thinking how this happened, right?
You only gave idea!
Didn't you say that Chinna's
case will be a murder case,
if the SI dies in the hospital, right?
I guessed it right then.
That he'll come up
with some dirty game.
Did you think that I went to visit
the SI with a bouquet,
to keep a wreath?
Kochi, Kothadu and Coimbatore
are all the same for Raja.
But that's not the topic now, Advocate.
That camera works 24x7 and I can
see its video on my mobile.
I record and send to the Commissioner.
He's my friend!
Raja returns!
You needn't go all
the way to Madurai.
Even if you ask any small child
in Kerala, they would say...
Then, now and forever...
Raja and his boys are strong!
Not double strong...
Triple strong!
Here he is.
- Raja...
My Chinna Raja...
Did you get scared? - No. Why should I
be scared when you're there for me?
What are the brothers
going to do now?
Usually, in such
situations in my novels,
it's usually an item song in which
the brothers dance out of joy.
This time we have a
change in programme.
No item songs.
A wedding party hosted by Raja for
Krishnan Uncle and Lily Teacher.
'As Goddess Madurai Meenakshi stands guard'
'The king Madurai Raja is hosting
a grand wedding celebration'
'Didn't you see the crooked fox,
the black fox who goes on pilgrimage'
'He gave up pilgrimage,
and sacrificed his holy attire'
'You also knew, I also knew..
Whoever heard or saw, sang it aloud'
'He's a naughty fellow who
drinks milk with eyes closed'
'It's the crooked fox's wedding today'
'The pretty blue fox is
blushing on her wedding'
'It's the crooked fox's wedding today'
'The pretty blue fox is
blushing on her wedding'
'The deer, me and the forest didn't know'
'The fish in the stream, you
and the stream didn't know'
'The fox who went in search
of a field of sweets'
'Fell in love with a deer on the
opposite shore, at first sight'
'Get an arrow of flowers and trumpets,
there's music all around'
'There are drumbeats,
and fifty elephants as well'
'Come and attend the wedding,
o flowery breeze!'
'0 pretty eyed beauty'
'Has the cloud coloured
Krishna come beside you?"
'0 talkative parrot who
sings sweet nothings'
'Didn't you know that desire
blossomed on a flowering tree?"
'He stood by your side,
narrating stories and laughing with you'
'His cheeks saw the pretty lips,
as beautiful as a crescent'
'Come and attend the wedding,
o flowery breeze!'
'Didn't you see the crooked fox,
the black fox who goes on pilgrimage'
'He gave up pilgrimage,
and sacrificed his holy attire'
'You also knew, I also knew..
Whoever heard or saw, sang it aloud'
'He's a naughty fellow who
drinks milk with eyes closed'
'It's the crooked fox's wedding today'
'The pretty blue fox is
blushing on her wedding'
'It's the crooked fox's wedding today'
'The pretty blue fox is
blushing on her wedding'
'It's the crooked fox's wedding today'
'The pretty blue fox is
blushing on her wedding'
'It's the crooked fox's wedding today'
'The pretty blue fox is
blushing on her wedding'
Anyway you've completed
your mission, Master.
Now, let's try to get out of this mess
after submitting this report to NCS.
- What is it, dad?
Can't you find some time
from your busy schedule,
to come and stay with
me for a few days?
I sorry, father.
Hereafter, my life...
I have dedicated
it to our India.
My life I submit to India.
Don't you wish to see me as a Pradhan
Manthri (Prime Minister), dad? -
Pradhan Manthri?
Yes. Important (Pradhan) Minister.
A very important minister of Tamil Nadu.
This is the trouble I face since I think
in English and translate it to Malayalam.
It's okay. I'll sort it out.
- Chinna...
You should take care of him.
He just looks big and tall...
But actually, he's really naive.
And he's impulsive too.
My bro is as precious
as my life, dad.
Don't I know how to take care of him?
Since he has decided to contest the
elections, we're safe until it's over.
There won't be any violence.
That's my guarantee.
Both Advocate and me
are guaranteeing it.
Then why worry, dad?
Go ahead!
I'll come, Master.
We're still entangled in
Krishnan uncle's case.
We've got only a bail now.
I'll come after I untangle from that.
I will come!
Shall we go?
I can't stay here any longer.
It's the same back
then and even now.
I can't watch dad
going away from me.
Very sad!
Don't I know that?
Both father and
son are the same.
You don't know to express the
love that you have within.
- Master!
They were...
If you get me a suspension with
the help of a silly Commissioner,
you thought I would be finished?
Above your Commissioner, IG and DGP,
there are other real men!
To protect me by paying 4
times the Government salary.
No one will leave this island
without my permission.
Boat driver bro...
Just five minutes, bro.
Madhavan Master will come now.
- Okay, brother.
Hey Chinna...
Anna, the election will be in trouble.
Don't create any problem.
How can someone protect the country,
if he cannot protect his own father?
Raja Anna.. I...
Thrash him to death!
Go inside, have atea and
watch the fight, dad.
I don't know who is
behind you guys.
Whoever he is...
However mighty he might be...
Raja will leave this island
only after uprooting him.
This is Raja's word.
This is a Raja word.
You know right?
Raja does what he says...
and he says only what he does!
Here, no English paper.
Raja sir...
Come on! Come on!
Two days!
I am thinking, thinking, thinking!
Smoking my head!
Two questions.
No answer.
I need a help.
That's why I called you here.
To frame Krishnan uncle
for Rasool's murder,
Nadeshan used the police.
I can understand why he did that.
To influence Madhavan Master's
report against the bar.
Who is a Rasool?
What is the connection
between Nadeshan and Rasool?
I don't know much in
detail about Rasool.
Rasool was my classmate
during my degree course.
He was an investigative journalist.
Unlike what the police claims,
they were not in love or anything.
Just friends.
That's all.
But I heard that he used to come to
this island often. What was that for?
I also asked the same
question to him once.
Then he told me that he
was after Nadeshan...
and if what he's investigating is true,
entire Kerala would be in for a shock.
If entire Kerala has to be shocked,
either #MeToo,
or else, Solar.
Does this Nadeshan have a
weakness for ladies? - Manoharan!
She is a cousin sister!
Raja sir...
The only topic that a journalist can
investigate about Nadeshan in this island...
...would be fake liquor.
Fake liquor?
You mean, duplicate liquor?
This is an illegal business run by
Nadeshan for the past 25 years.
Many among the police
know about this.
Many hooch tragedies have
gone unsolved over here.
Whatever had a chance to be proved..
Nadeshan easily got rid of them.
Under the garb of a glass factory,
Nadeshan runs a distillery
in this Pambinthuruthu.
Duplicates of many foreign and domestic
brands are produced in that distillery.
Nadeshan, who owns a harbour
and over 100 fishing boats,
uses his boats to distribute this
fake liquor all over Kerala.
Nadeshan's fake liquor which
reaches through coastal regions,
are sold in a 50:50 ratio,
everywhere, from local
bars to five star hotels.
What are you saying?
So the Government doesn't
know about all this?
Where does the Government
have time for all this?
There are three oppositions around them!
2 opposition parties,
and the media opposition!
But Raja has time for it.
Raja will inform this to the Government.
Samson, why did the minister
summon me urgently?
I don't know.
Go in. Minister is waiting.
There's a complaint from your constituency.
This is Madurai Raja.
His allegation is that fake liquor is
being distributed all over Kerala,
from Pambinthuruthu.
It's not an allegation, sir.
It's completely true.
Full truth!
Fake liquor?
What foolishness is he saying?
Fake liquor is relevant only when there's
a scarcity for good liquor, right?
You know, right?
Original liquor which ranges from
Rs. 200 to Rs. 5000 per bottle...
Government itself is
manufacturing it for the people.
And bars and beverages outlets for
the drunkards, based on Panchayats.
Even when there was a scarcity
for ration rice here,
we haven't allowed a scarcity for liquor
here, and we won't allow it, ever.
That's our Government's policy.
Then why do we need
fake liquor here, sir?
That's true.
For ages, whenever the
treasury becomes empty,
or when a natural disaster occurs,
the price of liquor is raised first.
But, from that 10 paise is
not going to Government.
It's the fake liquor that's
bought for 50 Rupees,
which is sold in bars for Rs. 5000,
as original liquor.
For that, tax no! Bill no!
You know?
- No! No!
He's so ignorant, sir.
There's no such fake liquor
brewery functioning in Kerala!
MLA sir...
Then why this much spirit
flowing into the Kerala?
I think what Raja is
saying is serious...
If you give me permission
for an investigation...
Why, sir?
They are hinting at
our Nadeshan sir.
Raja has a personal grudge
against Nadeshan sir.
I no personal!
- But it's personal for me.
You know, right?
It was the 25,000 votes that Nadeshan
sir got me from Pambinthurthu
using his public support,
that made me an MLA.
The obligation that our party
and I have towards him...
I don't have to remind
you about it, right?
Hey Rail--...
I know this Nadeshan really well.
He is the State Secretary of our
party, who has lot of public support.
And it's not enough if you
just say these things...
There should be proof, right?
Your allegation,
which even our intelligence bureau
hasn't been able to discover..
Prove that it's true.
If you prove that...
this Minister Koshy will
come and meet you there.
And, I'll drape an amazing golden silk
over your shoulder, to honour you.
Isn't that enough?
He's no ordinary guy.
That Raja...
He found out even the fake labels &
seals that we print in Sivakasi,
and presented them
before the minister.
What about the matter I told you?
What a question, boss!
Before crossing the gate of
the Minister's residence,
I cajoled that Raja and
got him into my pocket.
Did I become an MLA for nothing?
I guessed it right when he went directly
to the minister with the evidence,
without giving it to
channels or the press,
that he just wanted money.
I threw money at him.
Is there any goon who
doesn't fall for money?
He is dangerous.
He can't be kept as an enemy...
Even if it is to kill
him orto use him...
we should make him stand with us,
as our man.
He is waiting outside.
If you go there, put your arm over his
shoulder, and speak a few sweet words,
that Raja would be
under your feet.
This is a water palace.
Madurai, no water.
No palace.
- Anna...
How will it be if we make a tank
and build a palace inside it?
Great idea, Anna.
- Both have the same intelligence.
- I am Raja.
Madurai Raja.
VR Nadeshan.
That is wrong, sir.
It's not 'we are' Nadeshan.
'I am Nadeshan'.
That's a grammar mistake.
'VR' are Nadeshan sir's initials.
Sorry! Sorry!
If I see mistake English,
ljump and correct it.
That is a... weakness, me.
Among English scholars,
he is called 'Grammar Raja',
as well.
Many don't know that.
Mr. Raja...
I've told boss everything.
Very happy, sir.
To be frank,
I do partnership business
only with my equals.
You are a perfect match for me, sir.
But I have a policy.
There shouldn't be
cheating in business.
There can be business in cheating.
Raja... that's because you
don't know boss well enough.
My boss will even pierce his
heart out for his people.
This distillery where the fake liquor is
made, and the land where it stands...
In whose name did boss buy it?
- In whose name?
What's the matter?
- What's the matter?
Trust and belief!
Belief is the foundation
of every business, right?
- Anna...
Shall we shake hands?
He's a believer!
Definitely, Anna.
So Nadeshan sir...
Kochi and Kozhikode are not the
places suited for hooch sales.
It's Madurai.
We'll capture the entire
Tamil Nadu state.
From loads of spirit,
to factories, manpower, money..
I'll give you anything.
As much as you ask for.
But you just have to tell
me your mixing formula.
If we join hands...
5 states would be under our control.
Andhra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu,
Karnataka, Kerala.
We'll make Crores of money.
Profit 50-50.
For me, then?
Then 50-50-50.
That's okay.
- Okay.
Mr. Raja, how is this possible?
If the hero and villain join together,
how will my story progress?
if you join hands with the villain...,
won't it affect the purity of
the concept of my hero!
My dear Manoharan...
Hero and villain fighting,
is there in every story, right?
It's a variety when they
join together, right?
That's true...
But will it work?
We should make it work.
Please come.
This is our distillery.
In Madurai, this set up won't be enough.
We have to sell it to
five states from there.
Don't worry, MLA.
That is a happening.
- That's enough.
Just make it happen.
We have the labels of
all popular brands.
So, won't there by any
taste difference?
For that, there needs to be
taste difference, right?
We use the flavours brought from
each company, for the mixing.
We have agents to bring us the
essence from each company.
See! All these are going to
beverage outlets.
To the beverage outlets?
Yes! An adjustment between us and
Government's beverage outlet staff.
Well, what you told the
minister is true, Raja.
When we fill this liquor
into the old bottles
and send it to the market
with new stickers and seals,
the total expense is 50 Rupees.
And the profit?
From 200-500%.
Leader of development, huh?
Shall we leave then?
- Where to?
You don't know about
Nadeshan sir's hospitality.
A great set up has been arranged.
You know who's dancing?
Who is it?
'The bird of the moon has arrived'
'Come on, come with me'
'A night brewed with exotic grapes'
'A sensuous night of love'
'A butterfly of sweet wine,
with music on its wings, is arriving'
'Hey boy! Let that beauty
flow all through my body'
'Who was it, who came touching and
caressing me, and kissed me?"
'My lover who threw glances at me,
and stole the treasure I had protected'
'A night brewed with exotic grapes'
'A sensuous night of love'
'Embrace me on the night bed
I'll come beside you, all alone'
'I'll melt within your hands
until morning, my dear'
'My darling, who shines on the
earth like a star in the sky'
'Won't you come beside
me to romance with me?"
'Hey boy! Let that beauty
flow all through my body'
'Who was it, who came touching and
caressing me, and kissed me?"
'My lover who threw glances at me,
and stole the treasure I had protected'
'A night brewed with exotic grapes'
'A sensuous night of love'
'A butterfly of sweet wine,
with music on its wings, is arriving'
'Hey boy! Let that beauty
flow all through my body'
'Who was it, who came touching and
caressing me, and kissed me?"
'My lover who threw glances at me,
and stole the treasure I had protected'
'Who was it, who came touching and
caressing me, and kissed me?"
'My lover who threw glances at me,
and stole the treasure I had protected'
Oh no! Media!
My mundu?
Oh no!
'A night brewed with exotic grapes'
Where's that woodpecker's
sound coming from? - Here!
What's the ruckus here?
- An awesome raid is going on here.
That dancer had left, right?
Naushad, even the back door
is locked, right? - Yes, sir.
Oh God! Even the
Commissioner is here.
Vasootta, give me your Mundu, man!
Yeah right! I'm not like you, sir.
I have some shame!
At least open the door then.
Didn't you know that?
The police has locked it from outside.
What for?
Go and bring him out.
- Sir. Come on!
Come on, sir.
- Can you get me a Mundu?
Now you can wear the
Mundu over your head.
Who called these media scoundrels?
Leave me, I say!
Mr. Commissioner, didn't you see this?
Your policemen have stripped me,
and brought me here.
What is this?
- What is this?
What is this?
This is what is going viral on all
channels and online media now.
Is it?
Shall I tell you the truth then?
This is not me.
It's morphing.
Computer graphics!
It's completely graphics.
Look properly, sir.
You haven't even changed the
underwear that you've worn in this!
Morphing, it seems.
Sir, will you arrest the MLA soon?
Why should I be arrested, sister?
Boss! The police locked up our
distillery and sealed it.
Not ours...
The distillery which
is in your name alone.
As Malayali Congress' State Secretary,
this is my official statement.
For running an illegal hooch brewery,
Cleetus has been dismissed
from the party.
Oh no!
I've been dismissed?
Since Cleetus has resigned his MLA post,
the police will arrest Cleetus immediately.
I have resigned as well?
I am innocent, sir.
Who gave you such precise
information about such a factory?
Someone who finds the right solution
before the next sunrise,
for a challenge he accepted.
He is right here.
Watch, sir.
'Raja! Raja! Raja!
The hero of Madurai, Raja!'
'Raja! Raja! Rajal
The king of the people"
'He speaks English, he speaks Tamil...
But Malayalam is his mother tongue'
Our Annan is on fire!
Betrayal, huh?
Not by me.
Towards the people here.
One who betrays the people,
be it an MLA or a minister,
will be stripped before the
people like this, one day.
Everybody careful
about their Dhotis.
Mr. Ex-MLA, there's a good news.
That dancer girl has put up a post
about you on her Facebook page.
An awesome post.
- Oh no!
I won't agree to that.
The complaint that someone jumped over
an open gate, won't stand in court.
Sit or stand, court decide.
Yesterday morning,
you had challenged me to prove whether such
a distillery functions in Kerala, sir.
I take the challenge.
Raja does what he says...
and he says only what he does!
I kept my word.
Now you should keep your word, sir.
What word?
You forgot, right?
Ministers, right?
They would forget.
All ministers are forgetting disease.
Don't worry, sir.
I've brought the item.
- It's ready, Anna.
Bring it.
Afirst class golden
threaded silk cloth.
Drape it.
Speak two good words about me, please.
This Madurai Raja...
is a pride for our country.
This country needs true
patriots like him.
Hello! I've been asking you
for a long time now.
Why haven't you replied
on WhatsApp for 2 days?
My sister took my phone away.
I have exams.
It will be over tomorrow.
So give me a quick one.
I'll leave.
Don't play around.
Get going!
If my sister sees, she'll kill us.
- Where are you going?
You gave it 3 times when I
fell into the pond, right? - Please go!
I'm asking just one.
- Listen to me.
Why can't you kiss me like that day?
- Hey!
- Holding her hand?
Listen to me for a second.
Listen to me, please.
- Shut up.
If I see you in here ever again..
Get out!
No, Anna!
I'll kill her today,
and drink her blood...
Anna! Mr. Raja..
- Won't leave me?
Mr. Raja, the fault is on
our boy's side as well.
Didn't you see her
slapping my boy?
He is in love with her!
Yes, Anna.
I really love that girl.
- Yes.
If he had said that he loved
Pakistan Prime Minister's daughter,
I would have tried talking to him.
How do I talk to this witch?
I want her, Anna!
You want her?!!
Don't just stare and go ask
Advocate to call Mani Annan.
Why call dad? - Don't you want your
dad for the bride-seeing ceremony?
How do we inform this pythoness,
that we're going to ask for her hand?
I'll inform her.
You get ready for the
bride-seeing ceremony.
1 will tell Chechi.
Well, Mr. Suru...
How are you going to
inform this to Vasanthi?
If I say it to her face,
she'll slap my face.
So I'll send her a voice note.
My dear Vasanthi Chechi...
Our Madurai Raja...
will come for a bride-seeing
ceremony to you, tomorrow.
He is deep in love.
That's why.
Please co-operate.
I sent it. How is it?
- Well...
There aren't many possibilities that
this won't end up as a disaster.
I said it out of excitement.
They are all coming to put
me in trouble, oh God!
Why are you tensed?
I'm here with you, right?
Sudden arrangements.
Not good.
We couldn't make it as
grand as we wanted to.
Please adjust.
Why isn't there any
happiness on your face?
Suru told you everything, right?
Oh God! Why do you want
to say all that now?
You could have worn a Saree.
This is a Mani Annan.
- Old king. Ex-Rowdy.
Like my father.
If you consider riches and lineage,
the 100 most eligible girls in Madurai
will stand in line, line, line, line.
But what to do?
Love story!
There are some language differences.
Don't bother about that.
After a while,
we'll manage.
Why think?
Let's fix this.
What did you think?
That Vasanthi is desperate to get married?
If you have to marry Vasanthi,
you will have to take another birth.
Oh no!
Oh no!
You are mistaken!
I am not the groom.
I haven't reached marriageable age.
I won't, ever.
When I was studying English long back,
I really wanted to marry an English woman.
It didn't happen then.
Now, if I get a proposal from the British
queen's daughter, I'll think about it.
But I've come now...
to ask for Meenakshi's hand,
for my brother Chinna.
If you come to my courtyard
to talk about this wastrel,
I'll chop you up and
dump you in the lake.
Miss Vasanthi...
Who I am, you don't understand!
I have a younger brother.
My own blood!
He fell in love with the
daughter of a demon!
This Raja challenged him and
hosted their wedding...
at the exact time, place and auspicious
hour that I had promised.
Should you be stubborn against me?
Isn't it better to obey me?
Get out of here!
Let's go.
Is this how she should behave to
the guests who come to her house?
Is this worthy of a lady?
I didn't expect this at all.
Very very country talk!
This won't be right for us.
We don't need this.
Don't say that, Raja sir.
You're thinking so, because you don't
know who or what that girl is.
No one knows her.
She hasn't given anyone
the opportunity.
Her life was ruined when she was seven,
and was supposed to play around.
Soon, leaving the children behind,
their mom also left them.
I tried my best to educate and protect
them, to the best of my ability.
Vasanthi was eerily adamant.
Adamant to live without anyone's help.
There aren't any jobs that she hasn't done,
since a very young age.
From house-hold help
to daily labour.
Life was like a protest for her.
She collected everything she got,
and achieved everything on her own.
For any person, the happiest day would
be the day he or she was born, right?
But for every birthday,
Vasanthi can only think of the rotten
body parts of her father, torn apart.
A girl who starts every
year with such a memory,
how else can she behave, sir?
Vasanthi has only one aim in life.
She has only one dream.
That's Meenakshi.
If she has said something wrong,
that's only out of the concern
for Meenutty's secure future.
I made a mistake.
It was a mistake.
Very, very, very wrong.
Yes, Anna.
We acted hastily,
without a proper enquiry.
I'll go and meet
Vasanthi again.
No, Anna.
Don't go there and bow
your head for me, again.
This won't suit us, Anna.
Let's leave it.
It's for my Chinna, right?
What is it?
Don't angry.
I haven't come to create trouble.
I realized everything only
after Paulose sir told me.
If you want to sympathize,
I don't like that.
Ialso don't like it.
Paulose sir told me that you went through
lots of sorrows even at this young age.
But don't think everyone around you are
your enemies, just because of that.
There would be people who
wish well for you as well.
I really have a lot of respect for you.
Do you know why?
You fight, I fight, we fight.
I love fighters.
Don't bother what I'm saying.
I am a story less man.
I blurt out everything that
comes to my mind. That's all.
Until it crashes somewhere,
this car will keep running,
with a lot of foolishness
and buffoonery.
But, my Chinna is not like that.
When I landed in Madurai
when I was 13 years old,
I didn't even have the
value of a street dog.
And that me,
was invited by Mani Annan...
not just to their family...,
...but into all their lives as well.
When I went there,
Chinna was a 4 year old kid.
From then on, he started walking holding my
finger, and he hasn't left it ever since.
He doesn't call me 'Raja
Anna' with his tongue,
but with his heart.
When Mani Annan used to buy
something for him during childhood,
he would keep it aside saying,
'This is for my Annan'.
If someone asks him,
he would say, 'Only I'm
there for my Annan'.
Then and now, he has always
followed me like a shadow.
Without wishing for anything,
without asking anything.
I am a bloody fool.
I haven't been able to do
anything for him, till date.
Whatever I've earned so far...
Whatever I'm going to earn hereafter...
It's all for him.
For my Chinna.
Us, the people of Madurai,
have a habit.
We would sacrifice even our lives
to protect those trust and come with us.
We would never let them go.
The children have fallen in love, right?
Please get Meenakshi
married to my Chinna.
We will take care of her,
and she won't lack anything!
Like a princess!
Did you get bail?
What do I say, boss?
Somehow managed it.
I'll call you back.
Well, we were able to
prove to the court...
that the hooch brewing
centre was functioning
in a building we gave out on rent.
But that idea is not mine.
It's not my Advocate's either.
- Then whose idea is it?
His actual name is Perumal.
But he's known as 'Bandicoot'
among us politicians.
A political king-maker!
Come on!
This is my boss.
- Namaste.
Even if it's a candidate who
has no chance of winning,
through political gaming,
Bandicoot will make him win.
He was the Opposition's man.
I threw a lot of money and bought him.
Tell boss about all our plans in detail.
Okay sir.
Since Cleetus sir cannot contest
in the upcoming by-election,
we're thinking that we'll make Sir's
younger brother the candidate.
Well, boss...
An MLA just for namesake.
It will be us who would
decide everything.
What do you say?
The party has taken a decision.
The one who's going to contest next
in Pambinthuruthu constituency,
...IS me.
VR Nadeshan.
- Move away!
Nadeshan sir...
So how are things?
I have many strategies to
increase the majority votes.
We should confirm our victory.
- Bandicoot!
Keep quiet, Cleetus.
Weren't you calling
me Sir until now?
Yes. But from now on,
I have only one 'Sir'.
That is this Nadeshan sir.
Sir, as far as I know,
you have only one negative
in front of the people...
And it is that bar.
We should announce your
candidature by shutting that bar.
What he said is correct.
- That's it.
Hey Cleetus.
All your people,
and party workers...
You should make them do
ground work for Nadeshan sir.
I won't do it. Get lost.
- Cleetus!
I'll do it.
On the day of the candidature announcement,
there would be a deluge of people.
Didn't you know? A by-election
is coming up in Pambinthuruthu.
Do you know who's the candidate
of Malayali Congress this time?
Who is it?
- VR Nadeshan.
Who will vote for him here?
It's not like that, Raja sir.
He has a lot of influence among
the people in this constituency.
He will win.
That will be trouble for us.
I am getting an idea
in my detective mind.
It's a twist.
It's massy, and classy as well.
But you should say okay to it,
Mr. Raja.
What's the matter?
In Pambinthuruthu constituency,
against VR Nadeshan,
Madurai Raja is going to
contest the by-elections.
That's awesome.
Anyway you had decided to enter
electoral politics, right?
Do it in your own state. What say?
- Yes, Anna.
Let the South Indian People's
Federation flag fly high in Kerala too.
This is not child's play, Chinna.
If we contest, we should win.
I'm doubtful whether I have the
goodwill for that over here...
By goodwill you mean?
- Influence!
What are you saying, Mr. Raja?
That you don't have influence?
The influence my Madurai Raja has
in Kerala, is 'uncompetable'.
No one else can get that.
Kerala people is a bad habit.
They vote only for the candidate
who has chances of winning.
If we're able to convince
them that we would win...
That's it!
The same day that Nadeshan
declares his candidature...
In front of an even bigger crowd...
Madurai Raja will
announce his candidature.
How's that possible?
Malayali Congress has
the party's influence.
If they call, people would gather.
Who would come if we call?
Which world are you in, Paulose sir?
We can get how many ever migrant workers
if we pay just 300 Rupees.
If we pay money,
we can bring migrant workers.
But they have no votes.
We need the presence of voters.
Their participation.
- What do we do for that?
For that, you people don't worry.
There are many, many, many ways.
In front of thousands
of original voters,
this Raja will definitely
announce his candidature.
Proudly presenting before you,
Malayali Congress' new
candidate for Pambinthuruthu by-election...
The darling of this village...
The messiah of the poor...
Your very own,
Mr. VR Nadeshan.
Namaste, sir.
- Namaste.
- Give it.
Thank you.
Give it to me.
I'll keep it.
My dear brothers and sisters,
There's an issue that has been
disturbing my mind for a long time...
And that's my bar, which functions
right in front of the school.
On this auspicious day,
I have decided to shut
down my bar forever.
Not just that...
Instead of the bar,
I'm starting a free drinking water
distribution centre, over there.
For every house, 5 litres of
free drinking water, daily.
That is my dream.
Long live VR Nadeshan!
My dear people,
if your dear VR Nadeshan
has to be defeated,
a new incarnation has to
take birth on this earth!
What's that?
My dear friends...
Every incarnation has taken birth,
when injustice cripples the society!
For the destruction of VR Nadeshan,
who's the embodiment of injustice,
here is the God incarnate...
Madurai Raja!
The sweetheart of Madurai.
Hey! How come you're the only
who didn't go that side?
Because of the sincerity towards these sirs.
- How much do you get for this sincerity?
Daily 1000 Rupees.
What if Raja Annan buys
your entire channel?
Come! Please make way!
Official cameraman is coming.
My dear brothers and sisters,
you made Malayali Congress
win for the past four times,
and what have they
done for this village?
Does this island which is surrounded by
water on all four sides, have a bridge?
Are there educational facilities here?
Transportation facilities?
Medical facilities?
They give what you?
I am asking!
I will build a Pamban bridge
at this Pambinthuruthu.
Abridge towards development.
Abridge of a development.
I'll change the face of this place.
I change face of this country!
I heard Nadeshan sir saying...
...that he would give 5 litres of
drinking water to every house.
Will that bring an end to our problems?
No. What I'm promising you,
is a drinking water
production factory.
A huge water plant!
You will get jobs there, you will get
more than enough drinking water...
We will also earn money
selling the remaining water.
In return, I'm asking you...
for your vote, which you have been
wasting for the past many years.
In this by-election, I am your candidate,
contesting against Nadeshan sir.
What is he doing?
After giving huge expectations
and promises to the people,
our candidate is just walking up and down,
just like that.
Mr. Raja, why are you walking
around like a pig which was shot?
I said it out of excitement,
but it was foolish.
Since I constantly keep hearing about
many of your foolish actions,
I'm not able to identify which particular
foolishness you're talking about.
Well, which is the foolishness
that you were talking about now?
Promising that I'd start a drinking
water plant for the people.
Where's the foolishness
in that sentence?
You idiotic novelist!
- Yes?
I hear water plant, water plant,
water plant.
But I no see water plant.
How do I make a water plant now?
Oh no! If that doesn't happen,
it's better that you escape from here.
Hey! No recording.
Secret speaking!
Sorry sir.
Raja sir...
- I need to talk with you.
What matter?
- Just a minute. I will tell you.
One minute.
The foreigner understood
that things are fishy.
He's going to resign.
How did you understand that?
- Didn't you see his resignation letter?
Why is this resignation letter like that?
Something is drawn on it.
Didn't you understand that?
Malayalis write on their
resignation letters.
But foreigners draw on their
resignation letters. - Is it?
Searched string,
circled my leg!
- Now.
Do you know who
this foreigner is?
Whoever he is,
I won't take him back.
I spent all the
money you gave me.
It's not that.
This foreigner is a hot-shot
sanitary engineer in England.
That means someone who
creates water plants.
He says that whatever I
said is a great idea!
Didn't I also tell you that it's amazing?
Well, what's the matter?
- I'll tell you.
In this Pambinthuruthu constituency,
there are over 5000
houses with roofs.
Every monsoon, if the rain water falling
upon each of these houses is collected,
there would be 500 Crore litres of water.
If we bring this water
to our plant, purify it,
and sell it for 4 Rupees per litre,
we can make Rs. 2000 Crore Rupees.
Set aside 1000 Crores for expenses.
- Done.
How much remains?
Rs. 1000 Crores!
I'll spent the entire 1000 Crores for
the development of this constituency.
This is enough! With this item,
we will rock our campaign!
My dear boss...
Him and his damn water plant idea!
With that single item,
he scored big!
This is the first time a candidate
without any support from allies,
is getting so much
media attention.
Boss, there are some points
in what he's saying.
There are enquiries to CM's
office even from other states.
Even the CM had to tell everyone that
it's part of the 'New Kerala' programme.
Days are running short.
We're yet to make a lot of progress
in campaigning and marketing.
Share some idea for that.
If we had 3000 Crores,
we could have built a huge statue of boss,
and shoved it upon the poor people here.
They would get shocked seeing it
and vote for him.
Hey! Our constituency is not a city.
It's a village.
So we should be fulfilling the immediate
needs of the common man here.
If that's the case...
...for the mental pleasure of the
common people in this island,
shall we take them all to an amusement
park and make them play in water?
Hey! Don't send me to jail!
I won't consider that you're an ex-MLA.
I'll smash your constituency! Move!
Sir, if we have to enter the
common people's hearts,
we have to play a
different game.
10 kilos of rice to every family.
Textbooks and bags for
school-going kids.
For those who go for work,
one bicycle each.
How's that?
Bandicoot, come here!
That Raja is throwing a lot of money.
Everywhere we look,
it's his head and his lion symbol.
That doesn't matter.
- This is our candidate.
You know, right?
Namaste, sisters.
Sir, your dance was great!
- Yes.
Your dance wearing boxers?
On the TV? We had seen it.
It was superb.
- That was graphics.
Replacing my head.
- Yeah! We know!
Come, dear.
Aren't you ashamed?
- They think they are funny!
Move away.
- Sir, come.
He'll come there.
Where are you all going?
We are going to Kochi, sir.
- You know, right?
Your dear boss is the candidate here.
- We know that.
Boss hasn't come empty
handed to see you.
He has brought a sack of 5
kilos of rice for you.
Oh no! Did you see that? There's
1.5 sacks of rice there. Raja gave it.
Then do one thing. Give that.
- Give them books.
Books for your kids to study.
Boss, Raja brought a
bundle of notebooks here.
Bicycle, sugar, groceries,
gas stove, gas cylinder...
We don't have place to
keep what we already got.
Raja has given them everything
except a car and a house.
You can take all that.
But you should vote for boss, okay?
Of course!
That goes without saying!
Shall we leave then?
- Okay.
Take care of your kids.
Each vote for Raja!
Raja's lion might rip apart
our boss' war horse.
Stop it! Stop it!
Boss, I think there has
been a death in that house.
Only sentiments would work out here.
Hey! You don't come there.
Your image won't suit this.
I will cry.
- Stand here and cry.
Move! Stop blabbering and move!
He reached here before us.
Is he actually a lion?
If I stand election, I fail, sir.
Why do you feel so now?
I know only Tamil Nadu politics, right?
I got an idea about this place
only after coming here.
It's entirely a vote bank.
Half of the total votes,
are strong political votes.
And 30%, are community-based votes.
Only the remaining 20%
are neutral votes.
Nadeshan, who has been popular among
people for years, will get that.
I no hope!
What to do now?
There's only one way.
Destroy Nadeshan's
popularity among the people.
You want to know how?
One person can help us.
Didn't you recognize him, Paulose sir?
Constable Jayachandran.
My boys sketched and picked him!
He was the one who ran
a vehicle over Rasool.
It was Nadeshan who asked
him to kill Rasool.
...he doesn't know why
Nadeshan got Rasool killed.
We can arrest Nadeshan
right now if we want to.
But you know, right?
Without knowing the motive,
the case won't stand.
We just have to find
substantial evidence.
We can lock Nadeshan, using him.
And Raja would easily
win the elections too.
What can we..
- What can we do, right?
You can do something
about it, Paulose sir.
Did you see this, Paulo?
This is the call history
of the deceased Rasool.
A number that Rasool frequently
used to call, has been marked here.
You know this number, Paulose sir.
He had called this number,
even on the day he was killed.
Your daughter.
The nurse in Nadeshan's hospital.
This is Lisy's number.
I am a right?
Raja sir...
She is my only child.
I know Nadeshan very well.
He will kill my daughter.
There's no other option now.
You must say it.
Lillykkutty teacher's daughter Amala,
Lisy and Rasool were classmates.
One day, Rasool had gone
to Lisy's workplace... meet Lisy.
Rasool spoke to me about
Nadeshan that day.
In fact, all his other businesses
are just a garb for him.
He is really dangerous, sir.
His actual business is
human organs trade.
Under the garb of Nadeshan
Charity Hospital,
he conducts free medical camps for
the poor people of the island.
Through that, they select people
who match the recipient needs.
Dr. Rishi spots those people and gets
them admitted citing some emergency,
and performs surgery upon them.
After the internal organs
are safely removed,
those poor people are sent
away with disabilities.
Sometimes, they even kill them.
Rasool, who realized all this...
entered Dr. Rishi's cabin one
day without anyone noticing,
and copied some confidential data.
Lisy, the entire history is in this.
Who all were the organs were taken from,
who all were it given to...
What all are the upcoming emergency
orders... Complete details!
If he finds a patient who matches the next
order in this, Rishi will go for surgery.
But I... - Hey! You should shoot
this for me somehow. Please.
This is a camera.
Be careful.
That was the last time I saw Rasool.
He was murdered that night.
But I kept my word to him.
I shot everything!
Though she was discharged
after the operation,
Karthu died really soon.
Look at my daughter lying here!
Look at my child!
She used to play with you, right?
Look at my child!
Get up, dear.
Open your eyes, dear.
Open your eyes!
This has the records of all the
deals they have done so far.
Thank you.
This is enough, Commissioner sir.
This is enough for the final battle.
So, shall we arrest Nadeshan?
No. Let him stay outside.
Let him stay outside
and watch the game.
Raja's game begins now!
The real play!
Shocking truths about an extreme act
of cruelty that has shaken Kerala,
are coming from Pambinthuruthu.
Several poor common folk of Pambinthuruthu
have become victims to organ trading.
It was under the garb of free medical camps
conducted by Nadeshan charity hospital,
that this inhuman organ trade happened,
shocking the conscience of Kerala.
South Indian People's Federation leader
and Pambinthuruthu by-election candidate,
Madurai Raja led an investigation,
in which many more victims are
coming forward with evidence.
I went to the medical
camp with a stomach pain.
Only when I got a scan done upon
Raja sir's insistence,
I realized that they stole
one kidney of mine.
What happened here was a
brutal human slaughter.
Dr. Rishi who kills poor people for money,
should be arrested.
The master brain behind the organ trade
and Nadeshan charity hospital MD,
Dr. Rishi, was arrested
by the police.
City Police Commissioner informed
that he has been arrested for murder,
under a non-bailable case.
You killed my daughter?
- Move them.
1 will kill you, you devil.
What are you looking at?
Take them away.
He killed my daughter, sir.
He should be damned!
As Pambinthuruthu
by-election draws closer,
the serious allegations against Malayali
Congress leader & candidate VR Nadeshan's son,
How would it affect the prospects of
Nadeshan, who was expected to win?
We need to wait and see.
Nadeshan is not the first
criminal in Kerala politics.
This is not the first disaster that
happened in Pambinthuruthu, either.
We need to analyze why these false
coins of politics keep winning!
In the name of religion,
In the name of caste,
In the name of politics,
we are split into different factions.
That's why!
Us Malayalis are the ones who
proved to the world once again,
that we can stand together
for the sake of humanity.
Without sleep or food, without
bothering whether it's day or night,
with a single heart, together...
We confronted the disaster of a deluge.
If that humanity still remains with us,
let's light the flames of change.
You have to take the decision now.
You have to pass the judgement.
Won't you be with me?
Raja! Raja! Raja!
'Raja! Raja! Raja!'
"The hero of Madurai, Rajal'
'Raja! Raja! Rajal
The king of the people"
'He speaks English, he speaks Tamil...
But Malayalam is his mother tongue'
Our Annan is on fire!
He's a lion, famous all over the world'
Our Raja is our life!'
'0 Leader!'
'He smiles like a child,
if he attacks, he's like fire'
'The land of Madurai is under
our brother's protection now'
'He smiles like a child,
if he attacks, he's like fire'
'The land of Madurai is under
our brother's protection now'
'He's a mighty warrior,
as fast as lightning'
'Don't mess with him..
He's a lion'
'When he gets down to hunt,
his enemies are done for!'
'Raja! Raja! Raja!
The hero of Madurai, Raja!'
'Raja! Raja! Rajal
The king of the people"
'He speaks English, he speaks Tamil...
But Malayalam is his mother tongue'
Our Annan is on fire!
He's a lion, famous all over the world'
Our Raja is our life!'
O leader!
We will lose this time.
We will lose this time, sir.
He left me out of
this game this time.
To let the election happen.
To confirm his victory.
Once the results are out,
he will come again.
To throw the last fistful
of sand on to my grave.
I should finish him before that!
Him and all those who are ready to
give witness statements for him!
What is it?
- I'll tell you.
Give it.
It was me who made
Meenakshi message you.
It wasn't you whom
I expected here.
I expected him.
Won't he come?
I'll be here.
You can anything to me.
But let both of them go.
- I'll let them go.
Whom should I let go first?
I'll let you go first.
You worked for me and put
me in trouble, right?
Did you see this?
She tried to run and escape.
You hurt your forehead because
you disobeyed me, right?
Go and escape!
Go! Go! Go!
Go, escape!
- Lisy, don't!
Lisy, listen to me.
Don't do it.
Run, I say!
Sir, please. Please, sir.
Ask them to stop it.
Sir, please.
Don't do this, sir.
Sir, please stop this.
I beg you!
Sir, please don't do this.
Sir, ask them to stop it.
Sir, please stop this.
Come on!
Let's go.
Chinna, come!
Come fast!
Come on!
Come fast!
Come on!
You go!
- Take her and go!
Chinna, let's go.
- Come!
Take her and go.
- Chinna, you come.
Listen to me!
- Come!
Come and get in.
Meenu, listen to me!
Come on!
Get in!
- Take the boat and go!
Chinna, come!
Chinna, come on in.
What is it?
Why have you all gathered here?
What happened?
Where is Chinna?
Where did he go?
Chinna Raja!
Chinna Raja!
What happened, Mani Anna?
Where is Chinna?
Why aren't you saying anything?
Why is everyone silent?
Where is my boy?
Your brother...
I've lost my son...
My life!
We had fixed his wedding, right?
Then why did he go?
Raja Anna...
They killed Chinna, Anna.
I couldn't save him.
He is gone!
He left us, Anna!
Why are you crying?
Didn't I tell you?
My Chinna saves those who are with him,
even if he has to sacrifice his own life!
Us, the people of Madurai
always keep our word.
We are word-keepers!
But I'm the only one whose
words came true about this.
My words came true!
Go away!
Go away!
Why did you leave me?
You shouldn't cry.
It's not you who should be crying.
It's him!
This world does not need that monster!
This world doesn't need him!
This world doesn't need him!
Raja! Raja! Raja!
Sugunan sir..
What are you doing here, Manoharan?
I've come to study about
my new novel's backdrop.
What's the name of your new novel?
The name of my new novel is
'Minister Raja'.
'Raja! Raja! Raja!
The hero of Madurai, Raja!'
'Raja! Raja! Rajal
The king of the people"
'He speaks English, he speaks Tamil...
But Malayalam is his mother tongue'