Madras (2014) Movie Script

Welcome Everyone!
In 1990, Madras...
that is Chennai Vyasarpadi
Krishnapa Naicker was a wealthy
well wisher of that place
His friend Karunakaran, both were strong
personalities in a political party
They ruled over this area
Due to unforeseen issues their
political party got dissolved
The inseparables had to part ways and
took their responsibilities accordingly
Which lead to enmity between them
The areas shared by them were
divided using their power
They divided everything amicably
Except this wall which is an
Integral part of the housing board
There were issues on who will get
it to promote their parties.
Only if our poster is displayed on
that wall, It'll be like our kingdom.
We should not let go of that wall!
Don't worry about that
We should not let go of the wall,
If we do, we can't face anyone
Meanwhile Krishnapa begins work
to paint a poster on the wall
We are scared of everything
Where were we and look where we are now
It's like a dungeon, no place
to even stretch our legs
Hey why are we talking now?
When we 3 are here, did
they bother to ask us?
Earlier we were together,
now we have our own party
It's not like that, if they get
to do it, we will go powerless
all because of arrogance, they do this.
Why can't we? Are we cowards?
Karunakaran provoked the housing board
people, who chased Krishnapa people away!
Everybody has become impudent now?
You were lying homeless on the road
Now that you have shelter, are
you rising up against me?
Whose wall do you think it is?
It belongs to the Government
Filing a petition would do..
..Youve committed fraudulence to be here
What nonsense is this, It has been
allotted to us by the Government.
No one can touch the walls
without our knowledge
You don't need us anymore?
We need you, but not your party.
Where will we paint our party's image?
Is it fine, if we do the
same on your walls?
I know who has provoked you people
Why? Don't we have brains?
See, the wall is ours and
we can't let that go..
Do what you can
The people who didn't dare
to speak against Krishnapa
Spoke against him. Looking at
that, Krishnapa's son Kannan..
Committed the first murder for the wall
Sangan died, which lead to huge riots.
But the police arrested
people from housing board
There was not a single man in the
area to help Sangan's funeral
Exactly a year after Sangan's death,
Karunakaran who came there...
..provoked Maanga there
They Shouldnt be..
Maanga slit Krishnapan's
throat in middle of the house
One week later Kannan avenged his father's
murder by killing Maanga and his son
Conspiring to kill Kannan,
one of his peeps got caught
The murders continued avenging each other
The murders just kept piling up
Meanwhile Kannan became the North Chennai
District Secretary for his party
He spoke to a few in the area
and pacified them with money.
For the first time without any opposition
he painted his father's image on the wall
He got control over the wall
Karunakaran couldnt stop this
Karunakaran passed away
in the sorrow of defeat
After which his son Maari became the
leader of the housing board people
Also took responsibility of the party
At the same time few unfortunate
incidents happen in front of that wall
An old man came from no where collapsed
and fell dead in front of the wall
Two guys rammed their bike
in to the wall and died
A guy committed suicide
jumping off the wall
Fearing these incidents, when
people consulted a holy man...
It's waiting to take more people
It's asking for blood, blood sacrifice!
Post which, everyone feared
it to be a soul sucking wall
Due to which a temple was
erected in front of the wall
Kannan used this excuse to safeguard
his father's image on the wall
On the other hand, Maari is waiting
for a chance to bring down that image
This is how...
Even in this generation the
fight for the wall continues...
- Hey kiddo, what are you going to study?
- Collector!
Collector uh?...What are you
going to do studying that?
- Good deeds for the society
- My son is great!
Chennai! North Chennai!
This land of black tamils
Somebody making the tune, no
tune can shake our roots.
Our land is Madras and were its identity!
Our land is Madras and were its identity!
Getting rid of atrocity from
politicians is freedom to our people
I will definitely grab that right
Police who never fears anyone,
Is feared of us... Why?...
Politics..Political power
We enjoy every moment like a child
in the midst of our run for life
Were not a plant in solitude,
We're the wilds of unity
Monuments of Madras is built not with brick
and stone, but with our blood and emotions
If you try to silent us, well make
noises that the world will hear
Well be the tool to break sorrows
Well fly through the sky
Well be the tool to break sorrows
Well fly through the sky
I wish to be a huge terror
Looking at me, everyone should
tremble, I should be everything
Our land is Madras Were its identity
Our land is Madras Were its identity
Took the dagger and stabbed right through
him, intestines were was a blood bath
Someone pierced me with a pin,
searched everyone in surrounding
Our Saroja sister is witness to it
Saroja sister..Police!
Saroja sister..Police!
Took 500 bucks and bribed the policemen
He wrote a report stating
that it's cow's blood
When the girl blushes away when proposed
It's all for the celebration of love
Football, Carom, Boxing, Kabadi are
games that showcase our courage
We stay amidst the sounds of
Chennai that has become our music
Paste posters, gather crowd and be
left with nothing is our culture
The night will see the light
for the ones who are dedicated
Be awake and aware, for
that day is not too far
The night will see the light
for the ones who are dedicated
Be awake and aware, for
that day is not too far
Life is short dude,
Enjoy every day, every moment.
Life is just about that.
Our land is Madras Were its identity
Chennai! North Chennai!
This dominant Tamil land
Somebody makes a tune. No
tunes can shake our root!
Why do you keep staring at the wall,
Aren't there any other issues in our area?
People have been struggling without
water since 3 days, check that
Dude that's been taken care
of, will be done by evening
That's like a secretary
- We should be the one to grab this wall
- We'll
What are you staring at?
Let it go Viji, don't get worked up
Scuffle during games are common, and
that too you were the one who bumped
You've lost, so try winning for a change
Who do you think you're talking to?
- Hey why are you creating a ruckus
- Keep Calm dude
- What will you do?
- I will hack you right here
Hey Bommai, give that dagger
to Viji, let him use that
We will watch him with our hands folded
Hey give that to him. Sit down Perumal
- How's your father? - He's fine Maari
Even for the petty matters,
these days they slit throats
If it's someone from a
different area it's fine
All of them are from our area and our guys
What do you say? I'm trying
to resolve this by talking
No Maari, Viji is got a
reputation in that area
If we leave this because he's with Anbu,
someone else will rise again just like him
There are many who disappeared
without any trace in our area
Ask them to be little careful
Bro why are you talking unnecessarily
I know how to handle this, come on bro
Stop right there. Do you think they are
offering porridge from Maariamman temple?
You keep walking like that
What do you think of these people?
Hey Johnny, can't you be quiet?
Look here Maari, let's end this here.
That too only for you.
My guys won't create problems hereafter
If you're guys create a problem,
then no matter who supports them,
I know how to handle it
Hey, come let's go!
Hey wait, why are you walking off
in middle of the conversation?
I'm done talking. All this is happening
because you are there for them.
One day, he will be a problem for you
You won't know when and where
you'll get in to trouble
I'll take care of it Perumal,
He's not Viji... He's Anbu
He's like a son to me
Hey Kaali, you heard what he said right?
If you try to start any more problems...
are you trying to become a rowdy?
You're well educated and in a good
job, why do you need all this?
- That's it - No bro, it was him not me
Keep calm, Bro is talking right
Hey Kaali, enjoy your life
Get married and settle in life
Have kids, one is not enough
Have more than one
Though we are not financially strong,
Why do you think they fear us?
It's only because of our men behind us,
- Anbu - Bro
- Are you angry?
- No bro, nothing like that
Should've broken his bones
With that anger would have bumped him
right there, because of me he survived
Hey, don't make them wise like this
They live at Kannan's mercy
- Sit down Viji - It's ok bro
Sit down Viji, mom serve him food
Why is the child crying?
Everything will happen in
this house while having food
- Hey sit down - It's ok bro, I ate already
What does Maari has to say?
What will he say? I've warned him
Only because of him Anbu is so gutsy
Get a toothpick
How many times do I have to tell you
to keep it ready while having meat?
Let him be, how long do you think
a fish will last in a bowl
Wait Viji, our time will come,
We can then show them who we are
What time does he have, I thought
of finishing him, but you ..
If you do something
It should be talk of the town
Only then we will be known
If you finish him for this...
No one will fear you,
they will only spit on you
Be with brother
What is it dude, Viji is giving me a look?
He's nothing to you, don't
waste your time on this
Why are you getting angry for
petty stuff, control you anger
What can I do... couldn't control it!
All this will be in control
when you have a wife
As if it will be... It's
all an act, mere act
- Dude Shall I leave?
- Wait, what's the hurry
- She's smitten by all this act
- As if I'm smitten
Hey, don't provoke me
Hey, don't talk too much,
have you made food?
Both of us are hungry, serve us!
- It's ok, I will have at home -Hey,
wait have and leave don't make a fuss
Hey, I've been talking to you,
can't you hear us get us food
- Why are shouting at her? - Just like that
You just watch now
Hey, Don't!
Hey, I'm gonna give you a strong one
I didn't do it on purpose,
it slipped from my hand
Hey come on silly, did you get scared?
- How is the girl? do you like her? - Yes
She's well educated and will
earn well if she goes to a job
I am fine if she takes care of my mother
I have a feeling that this time it'll work
That's right, compared to previous
ones, she's dark and beautiful
Even though she's dark, she's charming!
If she's charming, you get married to her,
why are you pulling my son in to this?
I conceived him with the
blessings of Goddess Kaali
My son, deserves better than her
For my son's personality
and the knowledge he has
Not only in this town, will find
a girl out of this world for him
If not, I'm not born of my father!
Even I want a girl like a
princess, Just for that...
Look at her eyes they are squint
Look at her nose, it's disgusting
- She's so damn fair - What?
She's toothless!
She'll create confusion!
She's got a dry face
You can find mistakes,
last week we saw a girl...
you know what she said?
What kind of a smile is that?..Being
a girl can't she smile with glee?
You tell me Johnny,
what's there in a smile?
Love marriage is best for you
- That day...!?!? - You're a waste
I can't even talk to girls, How
can I make them fall for me?
I don't have a choice but to depend
on my mother to choose a girl for me
Waiting for that
Hey, What the hell are you talking about?
She is the girl I chose for my son...
Who did you choose? What
makes her so special?
She doesn't have any siblings
What if she has any sibling?
When they have children
and if they need anything
their aunt and uncles are
the ones who will take care
I can't let my grand
children being abandoned
Mom, why do you always keep finding faults?
Instead of finding whether the
girl is suitable for your son
If you keep doing like this,
one day I'll become a saint.
Go ahead, Do you think this earth will
stop spinning if you become a saint?
You can't even manage to buy me a car...
and you're talking!
Did you hear that?
- So you're worried only about the car?
- Hey, don't get me started
For my son's qualification,
the less fortunate people..
Are ready to offer car and bike as dowry
He says that he will offer the same
as he did for his other daughters
We don't need her in our house
I don't know who is gonna
come to this house
I promise, I'll never
find a girl with you here
That's right, It will
take long for me to die
Why don't you kill me then
Won't a mother want her
child to be prosperous?
Your birth was a boon to me
Is it wrong, to expect good for you?
Am I going to use that car?
You'll be the one using it..
Why are you creating a scene?
One day he's going to elope
with someone, only then
you're gonna calm down if he's going to elope
If he does, only my broom
will talk to him..
Grandson, give me some money!
Granny, I'm going to kill you first
My grandson is not giving me money
for betel leaves because of you.
I want to have tea, lend me 10 bucks
Johnny bro, I have no money..
But I've got a dagger, double
pointed like manali snake
Is it? Show me
- What's your colour? - It's black
If only you have that in parrot
green, the value will be higher
You didnt get that, Shall I explain
in Tamil?..the way parrot chirps..
And If you have a snake along
with it, It's worth 2 crores!
That's Johnny to you
What do you think of me?...there's
only one Johnny in the whole of India!
You guys don't know his fame
There was a time, when
everybody was afraid of him
Just a small dagger, will
finish his work in a jiffy
Police torture changed him
No one here can speak English like him
Watch what you say
Brother leave that, look at him
Why are you so upset?..will take care of it
How long are you planning to bear this?
Then your kids are going
to call you grandfather!
Hey you're going to get from me
Stop it, our dude is upset.
There are so many girls at your
work, don't you even like one?
They won't suit me, all are made up beauties.
I don't even bother to look at
Dude, then check her out. If she's fine.
Hey, the one with the pink colour bag
Look she's coming, as far as I know
she has turned down 4 until now
It didn't work out, she's hot!
Dude, she's the daughter of that
politician staying behind your house
Hey she's that politician's daughter,
she comes daily to get water.
Che... check your eyesight
Hey, She's good looking.
What's wrong with her?
She's not worth it, you guys
are praising her too much
That's right, you conveniently
have a wife at home
Others will be vague to you
She's beautiful and you like her?
Yup, are you going to get me married to her
Dude, she's from Viji's block
So what, I'm asking to get married
Hello, Kalaiarasi..I'm talking to you!
My bro Kaali is sincerely in love with you
He is determined to get married to you,
He says he'll die without you.
Gives us a wise reply
Idiot do you have any sense?
Son wake up, get water to take bath.
It's getting late
Let me sleep, don't disturb
me so early in the morning.
It's for you to take bath, don't
create a fuss as thought it is for me.
It has become a habit, have
you ever woken up early?
The alarm keeps ringing, If only it
had a mouth it will cry it's eyes out
My wife would have done
this if I was married
Lets see if its you or her
who is going to fetch water.
I'm gonna bite you one day, wait and see
Dude, It's my girlfriend!
Take that!
- Just one, I'll fill it It's getting late
- You just came and you're barging in
Isn't it getting late for us? you
are barging in just ike your mom
Wait for sometime
It's getting late sister
Why don't you fill it up,
he's been pumping for long
Hey, why are you leaving with
half filled pot?...get it filled
That's ok, It's getting late
Can't they find a girl and get him married?
- He's struggling a lot -What can we
do, his mom is expecting a princess
- When is that? - Only when he's lost it
I saw your crush, she's
cute, smart and beautiful
But she went with a guy, who's that guy?
Is he her boyfriend?
Be careful, you just tell me,
will take his tongue out
Hey Kalai!
- Hey Kalai, look here
- Dude, the college is on the other side
What dude you seem early for work today?
My manager will bug me if am late.
Hey, is it your manager or your
girl friend who will bug you?
You think I don't know?
You go early morning to fetch water
Then follow her on bike
Keep it going!
- What are you up to? - What do you mean?
You think you can steal her away so easily?
It seems like she likes me,
don't spoil this by interfering
Should have bumped you earlier.
If I hear anything more.
Let's leave!
Nothing happened, you sit dear. Wonder if
they are riding a bike or an aeroplane
I heard you met with an
accident near the wall
- An auto came in between
- That sinners wall won't back down
Your mother was crying, why don't
you get blessed by the priest?
You don't know. If it's on
to you, will not spare you!
Wonder how many lives it's going to take?
- It seems like mother of ghost
- What is she doing here?
Let's see!
If the water tanker gets
here, the problem is solved
Did you get hurt badly?
Did you get hurt badly?
Did you go to the hospital?
- Nothing much, just got a bruise on
forehead -I saw you when you fell
Can't you go carefully?
I'm sorry!
It's my friends,
I swear. They are lying.
That I love you
So, that's not true then?
Dear? Superstar's movie is a hit or a flop?
- It's an utter flop
- Don't lie, It's super hit
- Who told you that? - I'm saying
Our Superstar's movie is always a hit
So what if it's a hit? Is your
Superstar going to feed you?
Why so? Then why are you here?
Why should he feed me?
Look at my Superstar, he's so super.
Feel like giving a kiss.
- Hey, What are you doing?
- Kissing on Superstar's poster
Don't you dare kiss him, when I'm
sitting right here hale and healthy!
If you're going to just sit,
then will have to kiss Superstar
What did you say?
Hey, don't come near me,
our son is watching
Hey, who do you think you're talking to?
Sounds like Kaali's bike, I'll
pretend to sleep, don't wake me up
What's up Ronaldo? didn't go to school?
- Today holiday - Holiday?
- What's the holiday for, Mary? -There's
no holiday, haven't paid the fees yet
He'll be the first one to print the party
posters Will pay the fees tomorrow
Why is our leader still sleeping?
Didn't go anywhere?
What work does he have?
He just came in the morning
and is sleeping since then
He's got too much attitude
Hey, you should have
beaten up your dad asking
why he hasn't paid the fees.
Look he's sleeping.
Dad's not sleeping, just now
mom and dad were kissing!
- Look how he got us caught
- Started your romance early today?
There is no specific time to romance
You did beat me right? Won't you
let me be happy for a while
Hey dude, that girl spoke to me today
Who is that brother? What did it say?
- That politicians daughter,
- Kalaiarasi? what did she say?
I fell near the wall right?
First she enquired about that
I was stunned!
I apologised to her for that day
To which she replied "That's not true then"
Did she say that? Which
means she likes you brother
- What do you think? She
is in love with me?
Keep asking all this to me! If not
why would she talk like that?
- I'm scared dude - Why are you scared?
Brother don't be scared, understand
her feelings and propose to her
Look I liked his face at the first instance
I kept waiting for him
to make the first move
Married him, the day he proposed
You like her right, so go ahead.
Girls won't propose
Hey, don't make any hasty decisions
Think whether you need this or not.
Think well dude!
I'm leaving dude
- Why are you scaring him?
- I'm not scaring him
He has to like her, his
decision is important
Now why are you coming closer?
Ronaldo needs a sister, it seems
I have decided. I love Kalaiarasi
I will get married only to her I am leaving
Sky is usually filled with sun and moon
There's nothing there today
It's filled with my "Kalai"
Now listen to another one..
Trees will have parrot and cuckoo..
But now, it's Kalaiarasi all over
Dude, you are amazing!
- On the ground, you'll find dog and hen
- Dude please
- Dude please spare me, don't torture me
- I'm going to kick you
Dude you keep going
Dude, I was waiting near the water
pump to catch a glimpse of Kalaiarasi
At that time, she seemed like
the angel they show in movies
She was beautiful
The way she looked at me for a
second when she was leaving
Felt so intense
It was a great feeling
Dude, Kalaiarasi is short tempered
Guys have been trying to woo her
well before she reached puberty
But she never fell for anyone
Will break your jaw!
- What? - Nothing sister
You were born without god's consent?
For the International companies
It's for those international companies
Uninterrupted water service
Her current one side lovers are...
Tailor Ganesh, supervisor Mohan
One last important thing, Nari Suresh
who hangs out with Viji all the time
Tight competition dude!
They keep following, don't you get annoyed?
They see what they like. They have freedom
If I look, they won't even face me
As far as they don't disturb me, it's fine
If the girl is fine with it,
we can take care of anyone
First we have to get rid of
the girls roaming behind her
Brother, there are no issues anymore
Now we have to change Kalaiarasi's
liking towards you as love.
Very Important thing in love is field work
No matter how busy you are, your
priority should always be Kalaiarasi
Scoundrels of that sort should
be pulled off by their roots
He might be present in our gathering
He might also be holding on
to our party's blue flag
- Hello... Hi... how are you?
- Damn. he is a headache!
Hey... Hey... I'm talking to you
Poor thing, he's been waiting
for you since morning
Why can't just give him a glance
Is it fine now? Now, get lost!
I haven't done any business
since morning, just now...
Hey, do you love Kaali?
If you say, they'll hit anyone they like?
- Look how they have beaten them up
- As if she's an angel
Warn him, or else he'll be done!
- Do you know how much it hurts?
- Let it go dude
They broke my nose dude
Why are you getting worked
up for all this? Calm down
Why are you doing this?
What do you think of me?
Are you a big rowdy?
Will you beat up all those who follow me?
You've been telling everyone
that I'm in love with you
Don't do unnecessary things
Did I ever say that I love you?
You said you're not like that the other day
It's embarrassing!
Wherever I go on the street,
they call me by your name
And yesterday, Viji threatened me
What do you think of yourself?
You think, I'll fall in love
if you keep following me
I swear, I don't like you at all
Get lost and do something useful
What brother, looks like
my idea has worked out.
Come on, I deserve a treat
You guys carry on, I'll be back
Whats up dude? why are you upset?
Nope, I'm not upset
Are you drunk?
Hey guys he's drunk!
- Hey... come on blow..blow? - Get lost!
- He's drunk way too stinks
- Dude, be careful!
What's wrong with you?...You went
to booze all alone without us.
Why don't you shut up
Hey Kaali!...Hey!
- Hey dude what is it? - Dude he's crying!
- What's it dude?
- Dude you know Kalaiarasi right?...
She doesn't like me it seems
Checking her out, following her.
She doesn't like any of it
Dude, thats how it is in the beginning
Later you'll see.. she'll come
around and propose to you
No dude, she was rude to me
- Dude are you serious? - Yes I'm
When she spoke to me, there
were small kids around
- It was so embarrassing! - Let it go!
I don't want to be in this world anymore
- I'll commit suicide
- Really?...Go..Go die.
Bloody fool!
I'm going to die for sure
Hey Kaali..stop dude... don't be crazy!
- Hey get down
- You're the one who asked me to die
You've been acting like a fool,
I'm gonna kill you myself
Hit me dude..hit me, and kill me after that
She's the one who came and spoke to me
"That's not true then"..."That's not
true then"...she stressed on that
So it's not love then?
But my sister Mary, said that it was love
- It's ok dude -Now I'm a rowdy,
scoundrel and she doesn't like me
- I'm a scoundrel dude
- Kaali, why are you acting like a kid
- Kaali people are watching, let it go
- Who's watching?
Hey!..No one is looking,
let's leave come on
- Is there a scene going on here?
- Hey... dude what are you doing?
- What is it? - Why is he acting like this?
I've been sulking on my failure
and you have 3 girl friends
Kaali don't be stupid
What? Do you think of yourself as a hero?
If anyone falls in love here,
I'll break their bones
I don't need her
You are my love - Come lets leave
My sister Mary
Ronaldo is my son-in-law!
I give you my word...
- If I've a daughter, I'll get her married
to your son -That's ok, let's leave
He's way too high!..that's why
She's said it's not going to happen
Only if I get married, I'll have a child
Won't I get married at all?
Bring water quickly
Hey dude, why are you getting so upset?
I'm there for you... will
try wooing another girl
- Do you want eggs?
- Don't ask, just serve it
Am I not?
Dad showed me that girl, she's good looking
I'll talk to her, Won't I
do at least this for you?
Mom, she said there's
nothin happening, let it go
If it's nothing, why did
you try to kill yourself
Don't you care about your parents?
Your birth was a boon to me.
I couldn't sleep the entire night
Dear, please leave this drinking habit
- Why do you have to talk to him like that?
- Because of you he's behaving like this
- You're the one who's spoiling my son
- Who me?
Just shut the hell up!
If you continue this, then
you won't see your mom.
Make sure you are back
home once your job is done
Don't worry about anything
You'll get a girl like Angelina
She is no angel let her be
Paper boat that sunk in an ocean of love,
That took him in to the deepest of sorrow.
In an age where every moment counts,
Stepping in to fragile
emotions is ludicrous
You could reach it,
Yet you cannot enjoy it
Paper boat that sunk in an ocean of love,
That took him in to the deepest of sorrow.
What the hell are you laughing
at, stop you bloody dogs!
Our life is like a river
that takes random courses
We never worry about the
emotions that strike us
Worry not for well not
stumble you to ground
Succeed or fail in life,
well not leave this land
Step over the obstacles
with your head held high,
Raise your voice for misdeeds
Step over the obstacles
with your head held high
Raise your voice for misdeeds
The paper boat will reach the shores
You'll succeed in love one day
The grass on the other
side, is always greener!
Take that garland.
- Granny, get that right
- Maari, you should prosper well
Hey!..keep it granny..keep it!
Wait..wait... I'll give
Here take it
Here hold this... hey Johnny dance!
Brother, don't dance like this
Anbu, keep this for festival expenses
Come here Anbu, they have announced
the date for the conference
Understood it's on March 3rd!
We've to show them who
we are, we've to slog
Everyone is ready to pull us down
Look here Anbu, we should
not be scared of anything
Our place, our area..whatever we've
lost, should be reclaimed by us
Don't worry about that, everything is going
as planned, this time it's going to be us
That's not the issue Anbu, In case
we have a meeting near the wall...
won't they spit on us stating
that we still don't have the wall
On top of that, they are so laid back with
an impression that nothing can be done
Look here Anbu,
Never have fear!
From now on, It's them who
should be scared of us
They'll be scared, don't worry about that
- What's it? - Dude, lets leave
Don't worry, we'll take care Lets go
What else? Just this wall right?
Maari brother won't come for this also?
Is he scared?
Scared uh?...Won't the wall
take him as sacrifice?
Hey! It tried killing him once.
It really has got some powers
Che... The auto guy came in between!
Remember the 2 guys who died on the bike?
They were sloshed, but the
blame was on the wall
they could've died some other place
Why does it have to be this wall?
Dude, who ever has died there
have their own reasons
No one ever thinks about that
It is the fear that we have
that makes us think like this
All these are cooked up stories
If they bestow the fear of death on us,
we won't touch it. Just some tricks
They're scared that we'll grab that wall
If we grab the wall, will they mellow down?
If not this, then something else
If you ask me, I feel it should
be painted white making common
Age old problem is still persisting
and it sure will continue
The problem lies with Kannan, why
don't we deal with him directly?
- But dude we will be the only ones in this
world fighting for this silly wall -Hey!
Is it so simple for you...
Do you think the issue
is only due to the wall?
First Sengai use to work under Krishnapa
He went against him in front of
the people, that's when he died
Loads of money, a big shot in politics,
why does he have to hold on to this wall?
Wall isn't the issue, It's the Authority
No one should question him
He'll ride on our back,
do you want us to ignore?
Many lives have been lost for this wall
Still his father's image is on that wall
If we touch that, we will die it seems.
Let's see who is going to die
Don't think that I'm doing this for Maari,
This is for all those who
died because of this
If not us, who else will do it?
- I'm leaving -This won't
work out, I'm leaving too
It's obvious there will be
issues if we touch that wall
I agree with you buddy, this is a
persisting issue..can't solve it easily
It became a big issue when a small kid
scribbled on that wall, think about it
Hey, are you scared?
That's not the case dude
Dude, you carry on. We don't
need anyone, I'll stand by you
You make your move without any
worries, we will take care of it
My Anbu is here, now no one...
All Johnnies... all open your mouth
- Anbu - Who's that?
It's me, Perumal has come down.
Wants to discuss about the wall,
he's waiting near Raghu's place
- Who else is there?
- Viji, Suresh and 4 others
- You leave. I'll be there - Ok, Anbu
- Who's that? Where are they taking you?
- No where, just be quiet
Hey don't fight. Listen to me, Don't go.
There's no fight, they have just
come to talk, don't be scared
- I'm asking you not to go
- I'm going, Just shut up!
Dude Perumal has come to speak
with Anbu, come near Raghu's place
Welcome Anbu!
- Did you ask the guys to come? - I have
Welcome Anbu, how are you?
You've become wiser
It's not like that, just
been given a posting
Bro, didn't I say. Anbu is our kid, he
must have done this unintentionally
Anbu, I was going to talk to you myself.
Brother wanted to..
- Because it's our wall
- Our wall?...Once again if you mention that
All the walls in this area is yours...
I agree to that
Have I ever touched any of them, or
at least put up a poster on them?
All we have is one wall, and you
don't get that. What do you say?
Let it be Bro, all these years you had it
This year we will write on that,
may be next year... no no..The
wall is our henceforth
Anbu, you're talking like a kid
Then go ahead and speak to the elder ones
Don't speak unnecessarily,
I'm handling this
Everyone just shut up, who
asked you to come here?
Nothing, they've just come to talk
Hey better be calm, Hey you be silent!
- Who is this?
- Your Dad... bloody sick b@@d!
- Hey you dirty worm, will smash you
- Who me? Get a cloth will go fishing then
- Johnny I'm getting worked up
- Can't you be calm, I'm gonna kill you
Let there be no conflicts
My father has died
- Don't get angry, all these years... -It's
the same for you as well, just shut up
My grandfather is on that wall
Where's your grandmother?
On the neighbors wall
- We're talking here, and you're joking
- Hey Nari, will hack you
Shut up!
Can't shut up, times have changed now
Hey just calm down!
Let's not waste time, this is
our area and it's our wall
Hey Viji, you are silent. Is
this why we got you here?
What do I have to say, area leader
has declared we can't have the wall.
Let him paint a image on that
wall, we'll just watch..
That's why I said, let's not
speak to him rather finish him
You'll are useless, hey move
Anbu, It's a big issue
Who's the big shot? Let him know that Anbu
said that he won't give this wall to anyone
Let him do as he wishes
Why are you talking to them, let them lay
their hands on that wall, then we'll see
F@$g Bast...
Hey..just calm down and leave from here
Anbu, he's using his hands
while we are talking
- What do you have to say?
No, I can't
Let's go!
Thought we'll speak and sort it
out but you guys are fighting
- He's talking too much
- Should have broken his jaw
- Let it go dude
- He's come to our area and is creating a scene
- We'll take care of it, where are
they gonna go -It's all unnecessary
Don't you have any brains?
Why did you hit him?
Are you mad at me? You want me to be
quiet when he's yapping like that
Enough, they came for a
compromise and we have fought
Hey Kaali wait... he's angry dude
Be careful, don't go alone anywhere
Why are you getting pissed at him?
- Hey kaali take care
- Let him know that it's not a simple issue
Its another addition to
the existing problems
Hey stop there, are you nuts?
Why did you hit that guy?
They've been waiting for someone to bump
Look here, don't get involved
in that wall's issue
I gave birth to you after years of penance?
Shut up!
Be quiet. He's swearing at Anbu
and you want me to be quiet?
I would have broken his bones
You better don't get in to all
this, come back home after work.
Always getting involved in these issues
Hello... Hello!
Hello who's this? Come
to me if you have guts
Someone is messing with me,
If I get hold of you...
Hey let it go... just wait
and watch the next morning
- Hello who do you want? - I'm Kalaiarasi
Have you forgotten me? You've been
swearing all the time when I call
Just because I scolded you in anger
once, won't you meet me again?
Were you behind me for fun?
I've been waiting for you to come and meet me.
But you won't even give me a glance.
I've been worried ever since
the day I scolded you
But you've been sleeping peacefully
I am waiting near the water
pump to meet you. Come fast.
I'm here!
- What do you want? Why did you call?
- Why are you screaming?
I wanted to talk to you
Whatever I said the other day was in anger
But what you did was right?
If you love me? I should be
okay with it immediately?
Do you know how girls scold their lovers?
One of my friends got her
lover caught by police
He got beaten up black and blue
She's now married to the same guy
She's Happy!
I just scolded you
What else did I do?
I swear, I love you since then
Please understand!
Why are you crying now?
Will you marry me?
- When? - Right here, right now!
Then give me a kiss
- Hey Kaali!
- Go please go, your mom might come down
- Dear, where did you go this late?
- Where were you?
I've been asking, you don't
even bother to reply?
What happened to him?
Hello..bro it's Mary
Please come home soon
- Why what happened? I'm coming
- Bro please come soon
- Maari don't get angry
- How can I not be angry?
I told you guys not to, but you
guys have beaten him up so badly
Trying to be smart? Will dump you guys
Let's see how long this goes on
Greedy for money
Until I was here nothing had happened, all
of this, when I was away in the morning
All this is because of you
Do you want me to get arrested?
Sir, I was the one who did this, arrest me
Wait, Let's go in and talk
Let's take care of this later
Money is playing the main
role, please listen to me
Come on Maari, let's go inside
- Don't cry
- Don't worry I'll take care of this
Anbu? Let it go, we'll take care of it
Bro, this is nothing. Forget it
They've to come here
- Don't be scared
- Dude, looks like they've beaten you badly
Won't you guys tell us the
problem, you've left him alone
Let them be
Why are you looking at Perumal?
I know how to handle this
issue, just shut up and leave
If only you let me, I would
have hacked them to death
At least from now on let me know, I'll
take care of it if there's a problem
Where are you going? Why
are you getting down?
What are you doing?
The wall is mine
You can never touch it
I dare you to touch me again
- Dude, take him away. Make him sit inside.
- First take him away from here
Seems like that fellow is
going to grow stronger?
Is he that gutsy?
If he hasn't changed in
spite of getting beaten up
He has to die
He's not scared of us, that
goes to his guys as well
If it continues, he will take the wall
Don't you ever say that and get slippered
- It's all because of Maari
- He'll be the same even otherwise
- Sit down Viji - It's ok!
Come on, Sit down
Sit down!
If we let him continue this,
It will be a problem for us
All these days Maari, didn't have
the guts to stand in front of us
Anbu... Anbu is everything out there
If we finish the leader of the herd
They'll be shattered
Do this now, It's the right
time you've been asking for
Kill Anbu, until you're satisfied
After which, you're everything
Be with him and give him
all that is required
- Hey, who's it? - No one
Why are you dodging? Tell me...
- It's that girl - Is it Kalaiarasi?
Mary did you listen to this?
What is she saying?
She loves me
Dude, you didn't even tell
me, when did this happen?
Look how happy he is, do you need all this?
Shut up, he is talking about his love
Why are you biting your tongue?
Have you decided to abandon us?
You're eating because you earned it.
Is that party gonna feed you?
Look brother, how irresponsible he is
Get some sense at least after
looking at your child.
Let them do whatever they want,
Is that wall going to feed you?
Why am I here then? For
that wall to feed us?
Are you nuts, after so much,
you still haven't changed
- You've been acting too much,
I'm gonna break your jaw -Dude!
If I get scared, then who will seek
justice for the blood that's been shed
I have fixed a date for that wall
By next week, I'll conquer that wall
and walk in front of them with pride
Then there is no use of us
being here all this while
- You just be with me - You'll never listen
- What is it? - Get home soon
Morning when we conquer that wall, everyone
should be here. No one should be missed
I've spoken to him, he'll give
you a paper, just take that
Keep all the weapons ready
No matter who comes, we'll stand.
We'll show them who we are.
Tomorrow should be our day
It's ours, everything is ready.
We'll show them our worth
Don't go out of our area, even
if there's a problem ignore it
Be Alert! Okay. You guys leave
First you leave dude
What's going to happen in our
area, my buddy has come...
will talk to him and then leave
Why are you so tensed?
- What else it's that wall -Chill,
everything is going according to the plan
- If only we conquer that wall
- If we do, will we get everything?
What are you going to do with that? Are you
gonna change this place like Annanagar?
We've been surrounded with
people who won't let us change
They keep shouting Tamil..Tamil, when
it comes to caste, they get violent
Then why do you have to sweat it,
go and take care of your kids
What's there to laugh?
If there's an issue in your area,
won't you get down on to the streets?
Dishing out dialogues.
You are educated right? What
have you done for our area?
Once you save up, you'll
move out somewhere else
Get lost, it's my land
and I'll stand for it
Even I will stand for it!
It's not wrong to stand up, we'll
have to see if any good will happen
Dude, your anger, wanting to
good for public is all good
but do it with political knowledge,
don't react to this silly
wall issues, understood?
- Hey guys welcome
- What are you guys up to?
There's a dance competition
- That's great - We are going to rock!
Won't come back without winning the trophy
Anbu Bro, will come back
with the trophy to see you
Dude, you have been
delivering great dialogues
I'll take care of all that
Seems like you are working
as full time security?
You've become the talk of the area!
How can you say that dude?
...only now life is chirpy!
I'm getting angry thinking why I
did not give this a chance earlier
I'm not sure if I would have been this
happy if my mom had chosen a girl for me
I like her very much,
It's all because of you
You're hugging me now, hope you
won't hit me after your marriage
She's not like others, she is great
Dude, usually people get a little intimate
before marriage, do you think it's right?
Why are you laughing?
Better tell me what you did...
Not me. I was asking in general.-Hey Kaali,
don't get her pregnant before wedding
Couldn't control dude, but
it's not like what you think
- Just kissed her - Dude, you're awesome
Nothing man
All that is wrong, just shut up
She got impatient, I'm leaving
No dude, she asked me to get home, She'll
be pissed off if she know I'm here.
You're already so scared,
wait you can go later
Wait you can leave later, what's the hurry?
Hey, there's no one, why are you here?
- Come let's go - Don't drag me, I'll come
You're not even married
and yet you're so scared
- Then she'll say, I don't
listen to her at all
Dude, they are here, start the bike
Dude leave! Run!
They've surrounded us, come on..come on...
I will hack you down, who's that johnny?
- Hey Anbu - Keep running
Get to the other side and surround him
Don't run... catch him
Hey... you're dead man
Got him..Justin... kill him!
Come on let's go!
Come on dude..come on
Hello... hello..Viji? How did you lose them
He'll be in this area, keep looking
If he doesn't die tonight,
you will, kill him!
I don't know what you'll do, he has
to die tonight, Viji don't leave him
What have you done Kaali?
Leave that, let's go
What have you done Kaali!
Dude? Why have done like this?...He
fell down breaking his skull open!
What do you mean?
I am scared
Dude he didn't die
He would have acted out of fear
that I would hit him again
If he dies they would imprison me, right?
Only now everything has settled down
Now everything is gone
My general is gone.. Gone away!
What's the use of you filthy guys?
- Whats it dude? - Where are you?
- Perumal is dead - Dead!
- It has become a big issue - Dude!
Anbu, where are you?
- Near Bhai's house
- How did you execute such a big thing?
You have to be very careful from now on
What bro, won't they let us be in peace?
They will be not at peace now, they'll be
looking out to finish you guys overnight.
We must not lose anyone from our side
- What shall we do? - Don't worry
I'll talk to the lawyer, that
place is not safe, leave soon
I'll come back after killing them all
If Police gets them they'd be beaten to death.
Let us surrender them directly in court
Avoid the police somehow.
Court.. Not the High court.. Criminal
court is best bring them there
Kill them before they surrender in court
That is good for you
Keep your guys in the search
We'll try our best too
Hey, where are you?
Hey, what happened?
- Why are you crying? - Perumal..
Will you abandon me?
Now what, Nothing has happened
Ok you be brave, take care of our child
If anyone asks for me
tell them you don't know.
You go to your mothers house
Maari bro, will take care of us
You do what you want, But
if something happens to you
Mary dont talk like this
Is he there
- Look properly - Wait
What's up Maari Brother! Anbu
has risen to a great level!
He is the talk of our area now
Whatever you have done all these
years, He has done it in a day's time
He wanted to prove himself,
and stand up against you
- Anbu has won - Now what do you want?
Stop this slander talk of yours
Hey, where are you going?
Fucking wall The reason for all this
How many times have I told that this was unwanted..
Now everything is gone
- I'll bring it down
- Come, lets leave, someone might see us
Anbu, there is a Black car near
Seetha's shop.. Get on that
I've informed Anil
everything He'll take care
Come on! Get in
Awesome chief, you've stood
your ground in our area
They are looking around with weapons
Not a problem, we'll get away
- Shall we leave - Phaa..
It's stinking, wash your mouth first
What you staring at? If I
inform boss, he'll finish you
What's with you bro? Start the car
What a song! No one can beat Ilayaraja
Super feel! It pulls out the
soul and makes you admire
Friend, don't you like the song
Guys are getting ready
The police are there,
Don't stop, keep going
Whatever happens you don't care
Just act like you are sleeping
If we cross this we are done
Never get down from the vehicle
Stop the Car!
Don't stop keep going
Just keep going, floor it!
That was a great escape
We can never have an ordinary
life hereafter, right?
They'll make us accused
if we go to jail, right?
We've to become accused
Only then will they fear us
Do you know how terrifying Perumal was?
You are God for those who are affected
Be proud you are an accused
Won't you shut up.. He's
already very disturbed
Should he hit for that?
I am also an accused.
We've reached the court
Yeah the party are safe
We both didn't do it
We are surrendering just because
Police is suspecting us
Don't tell unwanted details
These are the two Anbu and Kaali
These two, - yes sir
- Under which police station is it?
- Puliyanthoopu Police station
- The SI is Devi, right? - Yes sir
Wipe it! Your drooling.
Lawyer Prabhu from Karlapakkam, madam
Whats it sir? Suddenly
you have come on line
Can't get you in my line
Just small details madam
Can you please tell the suspects
name in the Perumal murder case?
Why? Are you gonna surrender anyone?
The party has approached my friend
Tell me if you want, I
send the party to you
We'll see how you'll send them?
Don't fool around sir
What to do madam? Please just check
No sleep all night
Note it down as I tell you.
Anbu, Mahesh a.k.a Adhiyan, Franklin,
Shiva, Moses, Dharnesh, Vetri and Chakra
Sir, If Anbu is with you We can make a deal
Madam, there is no one called Anbu here
If he comes I'll come to
your line Thanks Madam
- Who is Anbu? - It's me
He's on demand,
If the Police had caught you
They would have swallowed you
- Your name - Kaali, sir
Your name is not there in the FIR
Why should he be surrendering voluntarily?
If he surrenders without being in the case
They'll make it look as
if he was in the scene...
He's not needed bring the other alone
Your name is not there!
You kidding! I did it! I
should be the one imprisoned
Dude, only I know about it
Everybody thinks I did it
Even if you hadn't, I would have killed him
Why should you go instead of me?
I should be arrested, Anil bro!
Who did you do this for? For me, right
Dude, nothing will happen
to me because of this
This case won't last I'll get bail soon
You'll be branded as a criminal
Then you'll be called on for
any problem in the area
Your life is different
You don't need all this
You kidding, I can't What will I tell Mary?
It's getting late, Even
lovers won't romance so much
Don't worry, You can go to jail
for the next incident for sure!
I've a sure scene I'll tell you, come
Keep quiet! I'm proud I'm
going to jail for this
The judge has ordered him to be in
police custody for 15 days, take him
Sir, can I make a call
Hmm, here
Why are you sad, buddy?
Nothing bad has happened
I hit him! I killed him!
I'm the one to be arrested
I knew from that blow of yours
I swear, this won't happen to anyone else!
You got to worship your friend
I can never repay him for this debt
-15-days.. He'll be bailed out, right?
Don't worry, this is a high level case.
No witness also. We'll get the bail.
Maari bro is calling
Yeah tell bro
We went to buy lunch. Everything is over
Kaali is with me
Don't worry
You don't have to come and see me in
the prison I'll call you from there.
I'll get everything inside.
Whatever it is, tell it to Kaali.
Be careful!
Don't cry, idiot
Take care of our son... Okay?
I'll call you when I leave
Is that Mary?
She's just crying
- Take care - Hey, don't cry dude
I've never seen you like this
I'll take care
If we had taken over the wall It
would have been spectacular, right?
Now everyone will blame the wall,
no one will get close to it!
Hey, why are you still hung on that?
- Like a fool - you won't understand
By this time, conquering that wall walking
head held high with pride in front of them
Would have brought peace to all the
souls who have lost their life
If I hadn't hit him that day You
would have dealt it, right?
Even If it wasn't for you,
it would have been the same
You don't worry dude, as you wished before
you come out, the wall will be ours.
You dont have to do anything, fool
Inform the girls parents and get
married soon, save some for then
Don't do everything before marriage
I've told her strictly, So
it's all only after marriage
Anbu is fine Nothing happened to Anbu
I've to see him
Dont go by the wall Go the other way
Go by the wall
Anbu! Anbu get up!
See who is here
Your best friend is here
You never wanted me to call you
passionately without respect..
Now i'll call you dear. Anbu dear!
Get up dear!
Get up and talk to me dear
You said you would make our son
like the football player Ronaldo
You said you would make him study well
I'll make him study dear, I'll
make him a very good person
You were always talking about the Wall!
Today the wall has taken you away
Were you born just to
taste death, my dearest
Leaving your kith in an eternal sorrow
Your memories never die in our heart
Your authority never ceases in this land
Your authority never ceases in this land
Were you born just to
taste death, my dearest
Leaving your kith in an eternal sorrow
Where have you left in solitude?
We search for you everywhere
Having revolutionized the land,
have you taken up heaven now?
Having revolutionized the land,
have you taken up heaven now?
Why have you parted from us in solitude?
A day hasnt passed without
tears of your memories
Were you born just to
taste death, my dearest
Leaving your kith in an eternal sorrow
I thought somehow we
should retrieve the wall
And take away all the
authority they had over us.
Now what are we going to
give for our lion, Anbu?
How many more are going to die for this wall?
Kill me first!
No one from are side should die,
If anyone that should be me
My dear hubby
You always used to say you like my
lip, Now come bite it dear! Bite!
Your journey of revolution had just begun
And you ended your life even
before tasting the light of change
Were you born just to
taste death, my dearest
Leaving your kith in an eternal sorrow
There is a house near Perambur for rent
Shall we move there for a
while, without any trouble
Dear, a change will make things better
Let's move to some other place
Why should we go?
This is my place I will not go anywhere?
You want me to run like a coward?
Kaali is coming
- Hey dude welcome - Good evening Pa!
- Aunt.
- Come in, why are you standing there?
Bloody sinners, look how they've cut him
If it had gone a bit deep
what would have happened?
I would have died
Why do you talk like that, You being
alive itself is just mere luck
I asked you not to go there,
Would any girl do such a thing?
I feel ashamed
Kaali, why do you have that?
Keep that aside
How are you? You fine?
What brings you here?
It's healed?
Leave it Kaali, You don't know
I feel like half of me is missing
How could they do this?
Kaali..I cant bear it I
cant even sleep at night
We have to kill Kannan,
We shouldnt leave him
He should die, I won't let him go
I'll do it, Help me
How many more have to die?
We shouldnt let him go
Right before my eyes
I won't
I'll be satisfied only after hacking him.
Why do you need to do this?
We are living a life without peace
You are educated, go work.
Look after your parents
Don't get angry
How can I keep calm?
Anbu died for me
I don't care if no one is with
me, I don't even need you
I know how to kill him
What do you know?
Look! He too has lost his son
They'll have their eyes
wide open like an owl
Listen to me.. Keep calm
It's a duty to be done for Anbu
I'll do it
I know when to kill him
You think he is nobody to
be killed just like that?
Go! Listen to me
Just keep quiet, even if he passes by
The silence is not of fear
That is to hit him back understand
I'll take care Kaali
Leave your thoughts behind and go home
Tell him to come. Where is he?
What is he doing?
I'll come home and kick you
Who do you think I am?
Kill him
Get in the car! Get in the car brother!
Start the car!
Brother, get in
I'm gonna kill you
What does he think of himself
Hey who are you, move aside
Kaali, the police are beating up dad
- Who is that? - are you Kaali
- What do you need?
- What do you think of yourself?
Raising your hand against an educated
The police have hit my son
If you dare hit him now
Don't think I'm being calm
I don't care even if you are the police
They have seen him, trying to kill
Is he dead?
How much did he give?
Shall I give you more?
Kaali, take dad inside
Granny first murder will be
Shouting out loud always
- Are you some whore or wolf
- Jhonny keep quiet
It's become an issue, there's a case booked
on his name and you are letting him go!
Maari said he'll give you the
cash Is the case still there
What have you done? Even after what I told
Go! Go to the Police station
They have filed an attempt to murder case.
You all go bow to him now!
What to do Maari?
Why are you asking me? Ask your
son, who thinks too much of himself
We just lost one of us
They don't mind killing anyone,
and you are giving them a reason
Do you want me to keep quiet?
He would have died
No one has raised hands against my husband
Why were you born to me?
Due to your short temper, have you
realised what kind of problem we are in?
Let it go! Don't raise
your hand on a grown up
Anbu is just your friend, He is like my son
Do you think I'll let them go?
Let me take care of this
You know how difficult it was to
take your name off Perumal case?
Don't let your son get away, hold on to him
I'll take care
At this age they tend to be angry.
Advice him
What other work do you have? Can
you get back the life once lost?
- Take care - Ok
Kaali, very soon you'll get good news
I'll play You just watch
He must die in my hands
I'll call you
Shut up, mom
Anbu abandoned Mary only after a while
I think he will abandon you right away
He isn't happy seeing me
He feels relieved seeing you
Don't leave my son, dear
Your son came back alive just for me aunty
Why are you looking like this?
What do you want?
Hey.. What are you looking?
- No! Mom would come - let her
The tablets are finished I'll go buy some
I'll be back
She saw us, right?
Dear, you smiled You smiled!
- Idiot, Mom saw us - so what?
You! Me! Us! My love! My life!
You! Me! Us! Found life in us!
I am a blossoming flower
You are the thirst of the flower.
I am the sky for the birds,
Come and glaze through me.
Im the courageous fire
Youre the one to control me
I am a blossoming flower
You are the thirst of the flower.
Even a thorn will be my nest
Your path will be shed with roses
Even a river fish will
find its way to the ocean
I long for your arrival, my dear
I am a blossoming flower
You are the thirst of the flower.
The sound of burning rocks
will become the melody of life
Is there a heart without
love in this world?
Within your eyes of vengeance
will blossom a beautiful love
Wont you stay by my side
How much do you like me?
So... Little
Shall I tell you one thing - Whats it?
- At first, I never had any love for you
- Hmm
Anbu and my friends made
it up that I loved you
Then with what you told, I
confirmed that you loved me
What did I say?
When I was hurt, you asked me by that pump...
I too apologised
"That's not true then?", that's
when I realised you love me
Only then I knew you loved me
You took it that way?
Truly you dont love me, is it just a lie
I was just asking it like any another
Did you ask so?
So that was not true
I was a fool to fall for that
Truly, I still don't know why I like you
Hmmm... I casted a spell on you!
That's right you're a charmer!
Only after I scolded you,
I started liking you
Your mom too spoke to me
- What did she say?
- While in an Auto, a fellow was troubling me
She argued with him
That day she gave me jasmine...
My son loves you a lot
Why did you reject him?
My son is in distress
You'll never get a guy better than him
Please accept my son
She showered her love on me.
- Did my mom say so?
- Really your mom is great, right?
Truly there are many good people around you
Mom, Dad, Mary, Anbu and your friends
Yeah Kalai, everyone around me is good
Telling that name makes me shiver
Looking at him I realised that
friends could also be like him
He took care of me like that
If anyone talks bad about
me, he would get angry
He doesn't care who ever it is
Even before his death
You have to settle down soon dude
he was talking about our marriage
Che, why did I remind you of that again?
Leave it! Lets talk something else
That's not the case Kalai,
You know how he is?
He never cared about himself
Do something for the people
He always wanted to make things
better for the guys in our area
He'll be thinking of that all the time
The money he earns, instead of paying his
son's fees, he'd give to anyone who asks.
I swear, just like he was killed,
I'll kill them all without mercy
You have such a thought in you?
What after killing them?
When I'm totally depending on you...
At least, if you had thought about
me, would you say such a thing
What are you talking? Think from my side
How can you think like that?
You never thought about me?
To somebody who means the life to you?
How will I not think of you?
I swear. The only reason I havent
done anything wrong is because of you.
How much do you like me?
This much.. More...
More than this world!
- I'll ask you one thing, tell me the truth
- Ask..
Do you like me or Anbu brother?
- Are you insane? - yes..
I am mad about you
I've come believing you are
my life Yes I am a fool
If you like me would you
have such thoughts?
Who do you like? Tell!
He's dead and you are comparing him!
I like you.. Enough?
Don't lie for my sake dear
Shall I die Then will you say that it's me?
Why are you talking like this?
Tell me, who it is?
Anbu! Now what?
Go..Go away Never come back
Hey.. Why did you come here
Why did you come back? He was
more important to you right?
You've decided to disgrace me
What more your going to do? She went against
her parents for you. forget her now
She's gone! And she is
more stubborn than you
Kalai.. Kalai.. Sorry Kalai..
Your the most important.
Stop Kalai! I'm telling you to stop
The glittering moon doesnt
rest when sky glazes!
How can I rest when you
stay farther from me
The glittering moon doesnt
rest when sky glazes!
How can I rest when you
stay farther from me
The hay-man has no kindred souls for him
My hands are without impressions
when you take my love away
Seems like oceans dry up in my
eyes, Until you and I unite.
Seems like oceans dry up in my
eyes, Until you and I unite.
Is it your Job to follow me
Don't you have a job
No one in the world rents love,
Why am I deprived of one..
Let the soul leave the
body Not your memories..
All I remember and see is your dazzling
beauty, And thats what I cherish
Seems like oceans dry up in my
eyes, Until you and I unite.
Don't take me wrong, It's all for the good
Love is blind, not handicapped
Why did you go far from my reach
Migrant birds doesnt settle in a place
But your nest is in my heart
The one place where youll stay safe
As the shooting stars in the sky
Why are you honking?
Yesterday, why didn't you come to see me?
You've things more important than me
Hereafter, if you follow me..
Seems like oceans dry up in my
eyes, Until you and I unite.
Seems like oceans dry up in my
eyes, Until you and I unite.
- Kalai, one minute.. - What?
- I like you only - Oh! I believe that!!
Hey, I'm talking to you
What the hell do you want?
What? I want you.. Will you marry me?
Then come sit in my bike
Only then will I marry you
The glittering moon doesnt
rest when sky glazes
How can I rest when you
stay farther from me
The glittering moon doesnt
rest when sky glazes
How can I rest when you
stay farther from me
The hay-man has no kindred souls for him
My hands are without impressions
when you take my love away
Seems like oceans dry up in my
eyes, Until you and I unite.
Until you and I unite.
Seems like oceans dry up in my eyes,
Until you and I unite.
Groom, do you like the bride?
Hmm.. I like her a lot
- Do you like the groom? - Hmm..
Then what, exchange the garlands
Stop this!
What's the dowry going to be?
Please share that with everyone
- That is not needed Uncle - You keep quiet
I've been talking, ask them to reply
- Dad, ask them -You mention your demands,
they'll let you know if that's possible
We'll ask for a aeroplane
Will you be giving it?
Is he the king of Egypt Ask what you need
One car, and 50 sovereign gold
Would you need a big truck
to carry all your things
Are you trying to mock me?
If it's not possible let them say..
Ask your son to become a collector
we'll do what you ask for
After that will you give
us a truck load of goods?
You can't give us a reply
here, and you're talking
Thought you were wise people
But seems like you'll stop
this marriage by fighting
Look, my daughter-in-law is like gold
Why do we need more? Let
them do what they like
I'll do what it needs
for my daughter-in-law
What do we have to talk anymore?
My wife has said it
We are going to take her home without
an ounce of gold, what do you say?
What do you think? We'll
just let her go like that?
You'll be blown away from what we
are going to do for our daughter
Then what are we waiting for. Exchange
the garlands I'm hungry, lets go eat
Seems like oceans dry up in my
eyes, Until you and I unite.
The Peoples republic front has joined
hand with the Peoples front...
Just because they've joined hands, will we?
This is not a recently formed rivalry We
should never let his shadow fall upon us.
We should astound them with our
political campaign, looking at which...
they should handover
this constituency to us
Tomorrow put up a Street corner conference
We welcome Vyasar's silver
star Maari to this conference
We also welcome our well wishers and
youthful supporters on behalf of Maari
Whats this! Kannan is coming
The decision of coalition,
has brought happiness
To respect that decision, our former
MLA Kannan of this division...
will be presenting Maari with the shawl
Enough Maari! Enough with our fighting!
Our party joining hands doesn't matter,
we should join, our men should join hands
We should be together and
serve the people well
I'll leave
Bloody sinners, have forgotten
everything that has happened
and now have joined hands
with the same party
What kind of justice is this?
Did I go? He is the one who came
High command decides
something, can we defy it?
Just because we are in alliance
I'm not gonna be cooing with him
He's always my enemy
For Mari to win we have to unite,
How long can we keep fighting?
I'll hack you Jhonny
Once upon in this area my father died
..Because of this Kannan
Will hack you guys down if you enter
the area with a party flag, I'm alone!
Vote for Maari, okay
It's us hereafter We are gonna rock
Ok we'll see later Go enjoy
Wait, i'll be back
He's inside
No one is here Go in
- Greetings bro - Sit down
Here take this Mari
This is the parties money
from my side for the election
Bro give me what's for me
I'm not gonna hoard it
- Wow your perfume smells good - stop that
- Let's go in
- This is reserved please choose another table
Look at me, I'm all finished
I can see, You are not what you were
Have some drinks
Have it!
- If you say anything, I'll kiss you
right here -don't ask for too much!
Are you teasing me? Don't piss me off..
You've been acting too smart!
Here, take this money
No need brother
Who are you?
Who do I have?
I'm gonna give it to the people
I have to move away from all
this party, position and power
You've to grow Maari
Than using this money for yourself
Give yourself to everyone
Bro.. Your Super
I've to do something for you
Ask whatever you want What do you want?
Ask me Bro? It's all yours
On that wall a new image of
my dad should be painted
Without any trouble
It's all in your hands
This time you are the MLA of RK.Puram
You've won it I'm there for you
Hey feed the children Let them eat
Dear do you need anything
Shall I order something
Eat! Eat well dear
Have some chicken...
What happened?
Hey Anil bro, how are you?
Kaali, No! I'm with my
family, I know nothing
What's it bro?
I did nothing It was all Maari's plan
I was just part of it, I know
nothing Leave me! Leave me!
See who that is
Some guy, that's nothing
- What did you say? - Leave me!
Why are you hitting me?
Maari was the one who planned the murder
of Anbu, why don't you go ask him?
Take it! Take it! It's all yours
Now If I have a position in politics?
It's all because of you
Take it bro, I'm there, no one will come,
My son's head is shattered
My only son, Maari!
Don't have to do it for me?
Kill him for your good
Whatever you think will happen, I'm there
Kaali is here with me
- Stand up! Stand up! - Whats all this for?
No one can win over you
By the grace of God I'm blessing you
wholeheartedly, No one can beat you
Anything this granny says will happen,
You've won this Bro, You are the next MLA
It's us hereafter
It's all your blessings It's
gonna be good times ahead
The dispute with Kannan is gonna end today
Kannan said that there will be no more
disagreements regarding the wall.
How would it?
Welcome Jhonny! You must be my activist
- Ok Jhonny - Just rock with your english
Jhonny, you don't worry Jhonny
I'll let everyone know about you
We must file our nomination in style
Don't worry bro, The whole
town will be by your side
Looking at the crowd that comes
they will select you unopposed
- Just one thing, If Anbu was there...
- It would have been different
Welcome Kaali
He has got a nomination We've
to make him win the elections
I saw Anil
What? What did he say?
No, Kaali Don't trust Anil?
Anbu, is like my son
What's your problem?
Anbu was so loyal to you
He celebrated you, We all thought
you like our own brother
What made you do that?
You deceived us to surrender
and slit his throat
What have this sinner done?
Just because Anbu will grow, you
fell for the greed of Kannan's money
He pretended to be a
good man in front of us
Hey, you have hit your brother know?
Would I be disloyal to my people?
They won't believe you
They are my people
From then to now these people have
been believing you and your father
For all these years you
never listened to my words
You were all his scapegoats
What's your problem? He's
is a respectable person
He's not worthy, He's a traitor
He has done a lot for us Please calm down
Jhonny, he's next, Finish him
when it's the right time
In politics, there are slaves waiting
For us what is important is only Politics
He's next Have a Look!
What? Are you guys kidding me?
Don't think I'm being calm
You guys are nothing but dogs
wagging your tails salivating!
Look at him, This is what he is...
Who are you calling dogs? You were
the one who came begging to us
Look at the girl's face
See What you have done to her, cant
imagine what all youll do to us.
He killed Anbu, don't let him go..
Hack him down
You guys will talk like this now, but
later you'll again go behind him
We should show him that he is not the only
one, We have to unite and let him know that
Killing him is not enough
We have to deprive him of the greed for
politics for which he took Anbu's life
They kept fooling us with
this wall all these days
First we have to destroy this and
show them that they can't touch us
Don't touch that wall,
then it will kill you!
See what's gonna happen to the wall
Hey dude, don't
Don't do it Kaali - Watch!
Bro, sorry
Your death is in my hand
Do what you can
Bro, Sorry
Kaali has come! You can't do anything
Looking at your face it's clear that
you're a dog which hunts Rabbits
Bro, clean yourself
I would have finished
him the day he hit me..
It's gone.. They have
ruined my father's image
- It's gone - Bro, keep quite
Not now bro, It's election time
F@k the election
I'll kill you
I'm there for you
We have to spill their blood
He's a phoenix nothing will happen to him
Bro, I'll do this
Who? You?
Can you please just shut it?
I've come. I'll finish it Don't worry
The police will not be in town.
You do it boldly, I'll take care
- Are you scared? - Why should I be scared?
Did you do anything wrong?
I've looked around There is no one here
I'm keeping an eye No one
has come around 'G' block
He's on the terrace of 'G' block
Bloody cheater politician Look at his face
What's it watchman? What
are you doing here?
If Kaali knows he'll finish
you all, Run away! Run!
What are you staring at!
One Blow! thats it
- Finish him!
- Jhonny we were talking, whats all this?
Have to get married soon then
go on honeymoon and enjoy!
Shut up and keep walking
leave! Leave quickly!
- Hello - Dude, they've killed Jhonny
- How?
- Don't know, we fond him near the wall
What happened?
Jhonny.. Why him
- They have killed Jhonny -
look what they have done to him
Why did you leave him alone?
He is still alive Call an Auto!
- Hold him.. Lift him in - Don't let them
Where are they? Ok cut the call
Be with him
Ask them..
- Have you all seen Kaali - No bro
- Did you see him? - I said I didn't!
- Lying to me? - Get lost
Come on
He's at the crossroads,
I dare you to go there
Come on
Go search for him
Bro he is here We'll catch him if he comes
Shiva? What happened Shiva?
- We are the ones who killed him
- Go catch them
Come! Come here!
Catch him! Dont let him go!
Come on dude! Get on!
- Hello, Come near Benny mills - Super
Bro, he is cornered
This Viji is with you, let's take him out
Where are you hiding? Come out
Dude, you leave
Viji, come!
After all these problems This wall...
was bearing an awareness message
on education for the people
Viji became the next power as he had wanted
- Whats this? - Take it
Before I die, I should see
my fathers image on the wall
- Don't worry
- Only you can, you've to do it Viji
I'll take care, dont worry
I do it and let you know
With just not education..
Political awareness and
rationality is needed for the
area children and taught them
with his family.. Kaali!
In order to gain respect for humanity
and to understand Social issues
Just education is not enough
Along with it we also require
knowledge of social politics...
and social consciousness is
needed, shall we get started?