Madres (2021) Movie Script

(baby fussing)
(woman humming lullaby)
(baby fussing)
(humming continues)
It's okay. It's okay.
(shushing quietly)
(banging on door in distance)
- (door slams shut)
- (gasps)
(woman laughing faintly
in distance)
(quiet shushing)
(woman laughing faintly)
Did you hear that?
(soft crackling)
No, no, no.
No! No, no, no, no!
No! No! No!
- (singer whooping over radio)
- (lively music playing)
(over radio):
San Francisco, California...
(song continues in Spanish)
(cycling through stations)
(upbeat song playing)
Veronica was right.
They don't even have
a McDonald's here.
Oh, my God,
we should turn around!
I mean, if we leave now,
we can be back
in Los Angeles by... dinner?
(Diana chuckles)
I know your sister
wouldn't like it here, but...
I hope you will.
Both of you.
I know how important
this is for you.
You've only been in the U.S.
for five years,
and you're already a manager.
(Diana laughing)
- That's...
- That's me.
That's big.
It's important for us.
We're good.
(speaks Spanish)
- Huh?
- (speaks Spanish)
There is m-more time than life.
Seize the moment.
Life's too short.
That's how we say it here.
- My way is nicer.
- (laughs)
(insect buzzing)
(brakes squeaking softly)
We're home.
(truck door closes)
(birds chirping)
Are you coming?
(Beto singing quietly)
(Beto chuckles,
murmurs in Spanish)
(Beto clears throat,
whispers in Spanish)
(door creaking)
(Beto coughing and muttering
in distance)
(sighs) Well...
uh, it's a little...
...different than the pictures.
- Those must have been old.
- Hmm.
I know it doesn't look
like much, but...
What's the saying? Um...
Don't look in the...
free horse in the mouth?
- A gift horse in the mouth?
- Yeah. That's it.
- Don't look at the gift house in the mouth.
- (chuckles)
Those are easy fixes.
I can do it in no time.
We'll do them together.
Um... (sighs)
- We need fresh paint.
- Mm-hmm.
Some furniture... new.
Okay. (chuckles)
Our family photos.
- Think they were religious?
- (chuckles)
One over every door
keeps the devil out.
(door opens)
This will be
a perfect place to write.
Gonna be better than
your old cubicle at the paper.
And you were worried
we wouldn't have enough storage.
Now I'm worried we don't have
enough tetanus shots.
(both laughing)
Come on, let's get lunch.
Get to know the town.
(entry bell jingling)
(gentle music playing
over speakers)
- Hello.
- How are you?
Good afternoon, welcome.
Thank you.
You're not from
around here, right?
Sorry, my Spanish is not great.
Oh. But you look...
It's okay.
My name is Anita.
Diana. Look at this.
For the baby's room.
- Do we really need another cross?
- Come on.
I had one just like this
growing up.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
The pleasure is mine.
Your store is beautiful.
Thank you.
Let me see if I have
the correct change.
(coins jingling)
Yes, here it is.
Thank you.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Before you go...
I can give a blessing...
f-for you and...
and your new baby.
- Oh.
- Yes, of course.
Hail Mary. Full of grace,
the Lord is with you.
You are blessed
between all women.
And blessed is
the fruit of your womb: Jesus.
Holy Mary, mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour
of our death.
It's so nice to meet you both.
This town can be
a wonderful place to live.
Come back anytime.
Yes, of course.
- (door opens)
- (entry bell jingling)
(door closes)
I think it's going to be
a great new start for us.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
I don't know why, but...
this town reminds me
of where I grew up.
(chuckles softly)
A perfect place
to start our family.
What do you think
that Anita woman meant by
"This town can be
a wonderful place to live"?
Did she say it like that?
But why say "can be"?
Why not "This is
a wonderful place for..."?
(clattering outside)
What was that?
Probably just a coyote.
You'll get used to
the country life.
Beto. There's someone outside.
Mi amor, this is our
first night in a new house.
We're gonna hear new sounds.
(muttering in Spanish)
(muttering continues)
(insects trilling)
(muttering continues)
(objects rattling)
(taps on wall)
Let's go!
Get out!
(twig snaps outside)
(birds chirping)
(upbeat music playing quietly)
How are you?
- Good afternoon.
- Good.
- How are you? I'm Roberto.
- Ernesto. Pleasure to meet you.
Pleasure to meet you, Ernesto.
Nice to meet you.
Sure, why not?
Thank you.
- It's good.
- (man speaks Spanish)
Actually, I go by "Thomas."
Sorry, I-I saw
the spelling, so...
It's okay. Happens all the time.
- Oh. (mutters)
- (chuckles)
Glad to see
you guys made it okay.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah? How's the house?
I know it needs
a little work, but...
- No, it's perfect. Seriously.
- Yeah?
Please thank Mr. Quill
for letting us stay there.
- For everything, actually.
- (chuckles softly)
Walk with me.
Impressive, right?
TOMAS: The yield gets better
every year, man.
Those new agrochemicals
are a godsend.
You met Ernesto already.
That's his wife Marisol
and Hector.
You'll be working closely.
Hi, how are you? Good afternoon.
Nice to meet you.
TOMAS: I'll deal with
the new distributors we ship to,
while you'll oversee
the workers.
Been in the country long?
I came when I was 25.
Ah. Sorry.
None of my business.
How about you?
Ah. I was born in Los Angeles.
- Ah, my wife, too.
- Oh, yeah?
My, uh... my parents
came here in the '40s.
They were braceros.
- That explains it.
- What?
Why your English is so perfect.
I-I can't say "S-H-I-P"
- Always comes out as "sheep."
- (both laugh)
- Or worse.
- (laughing): "Or worse."
It'll be good having you here.
And I think the workers will
prefer working with a, um...
real Mexican. (chuckles)
VERONICA (over phone):
So, it's awful, isn't it?
- It's fine.
- I can't believe you left L.A.
for the armpit of California.
I got fired, and we have
a baby on the way.
It's not like I had
a ton of options.
You mean you got fired
because you have
a baby on the way.
You should've fought that shit.
Honestly, it all worked out.
The baby comes
in a couple of months,
and I can finally write my book.
Do you know what
you're gonna write about yet?
But I will figure it out.
Something that matters.
So, how's Mom?
She's, you know... Mom.
- You guys still aren't talking?
- Nope.
She did the same thing
after you got pregnant.
Silent treatment for a few
weeks, but she'll come around.
I just can't fight with her
one more time about Beto
or the move
or how she's thrilled she paid
all that money
for my journalism degree
only for me to become
a poor farmer's wife.
In her crazy way,
she's just trying to help.
She thinks you deserve better.
- Veronica.
- You know what I mean.
"Better" in Mom's mind
is light-skinned kids
and a husband
that wears a suit to work.
Meanwhile, if she really
wanted to help us,
she could've taught us Spanish.
"Girls, you don't want
to have an accent
- like Grandma, do you?"
- (laughs)
I mean, it's bad enough I...
- (loud thud)
- (gasps)
(creaking outside)
You what?
(clattering outside)
Let me call you back.
Sure. I'll be here.
(line clicks, dial tone hums)
(gears cranking)
(music box playing lullaby
in minor key)
(lullaby continues)
(door creaking)
- (door bangs shut)
- (lullaby ends)
(knob rattling)
- Hey!
- (banging on door)
Hello? Hello!
(panting heavily)
DIANA: Who the hell would do
something like that?
We don't know how long
it's been there.
So a severed eye
hanging from our tree
is less scary
if it's been there for a while?
Maybe it was kids
playing a prank
or something
the last owners put up.
Do you know anything
about the previous owners?
We can ask around
at the barbecue this weekend.
Ugh. Do we really
have to go to that?
Yes, we do.
It'll give us a chance to get
to know the other families here.
Oh, good.
Small talk in Spanish.
My favorite.
(upbeat music playing
in Spanish)
(lively chatter in Spanish)
I got your favorite
agua fresca over there.
Enjoy. Freshly made.
(laughter, chatter in Spanish)
It not only destroyed the place,
but it got into the barrels!
Have you ever seen
a drunk coyote?
How is Marisol?
Doctor say need to stay in bed
at the clinic
until baby comes.
Oh. Bet you can't wait.
I like your necklace.
Thank you. It was a gift.
- Uh, a gift?
- From Anita, for protection.
That's a nice dress.
My dress?
Thank you. It's-it's new.
I got it before
we made the trip.
I thought I'd need
something light and breezy.
And look, it even has pockets.
Looks expensive.
Sorry. I don't understand.
It's just that
my parents were punished
for speaking Spanish in school,
so they never taught us.
Aw, poor little white girl.
- Rosa, enough.
- It was a joke.
I think your dress is pretty.
Thank you.
Your first?
Do you have any kids?
Not yet,
but one day, hopefully.
Beto and I want at least two.
- The more, the better.
- Mm-hmm.
To your family's health.
What about you, Rosa?
Uh, do you want any more kids?
I did, pero...
not to be.
Oh, I'm sorry.
But thank God...
we have our Jaimito.
We are one of the lucky ones.
Go over there.
Where are all your cousins?
Don't you have any?
Did you hear...
Where is Juana?
I'm not one to gossip, but...
You don't gossip? (laughs)
When do I ever gossip?
Well, supposedly...
Agua fresca.
- Homemade. Try it.
- (chuckles)
- Yeah?
- That's delicious.
(chuckles) Thanks.
I have a welcome basket
for you guys.
I'll send you home with some.
- Thank you.
- Don't worry about it.
Listen, I know it's hard...
not knowing the language
and stuff, but...
- Uh...
- It's okay.
You'll pick it up in no time.
- (chuckles) Trust me.
- Thank you.
(brakes squeaking softly)
- (engine shuts off)
- (door opens)
(door closes)
I thought it was a nice day.
That's because
they're your friends.
Our friends.
You could've tried
a little more.
They made fun of me
and called me gringa.
- When?
- I just...
I have never felt
like such an outsider.
Oh, yeah. You get used to it.
(sighs, sputters lips)
Anita. Uh...
Buenos das, Diana.
What are you doing here?
- How are you feeling?
- (chuckles softly)
I got you this.
It's, uh, lovely,
but I couldn't.
It's very important
for new mothers to be protected.
I give them to
all the pregnant women.
Did you know the woman
who lived here before us?
Why are you asking that?
She left a bunch
of their stuff here.
Pictures, diaries, kids' toys.
I could mail them to her
if you give me her address.
Leave it.
Okay, I think you should go.
I have work to do.
I want you to take
this necklace.
You need protection.
Please go.
(lock clicks)
(scoffs softly)
(chair creaking)
(phone rings)
DIANA: I feel like
I'm, um, seeing things.
It's kind of a blur.
I still have some cramping.
Any rashes?
(sighs) Okay, well,
the good news is
the baby is fine.
The cramping
was likely triggered
by the stress of the fall.
I would like to keep you here
overnight just as a precaution.
And I'm glad we got to meet,
though I would've preferred
doing it at our scheduled
checkup next week.
Thank you.
(curtain opens)
- Hi, Diana.
- Uh, this is Nurse Carol,
our night nurse, and, uh,
you'll meet Nurse Molly
tomorrow for the morning shift.
And that's the whole team.
- There's just three of you?
- (Dr. Bell and Carol chuckling)
I, uh, I know it's not what
you're used to in the big city,
but we're gonna take
great care of you.
Uh, now, if you notice
your symptoms get worse,
it's urgent you let
Nurse Carol know immediately.
Uh, she'll check on you
every few hours, but, uh,
I expect you'll be going home
in the morning.
Get some rest.
I'll see you next week.
And if you need anything,
just let me know.
Do you have any rollaway beds?
Oh, unfortunately, no.
We don't allow guests
to stay overnight.
- Oh, really?
- It's clinic policy.
I'm sorry, but visiting hours
resume bright and early.
I'm staying.
(laughing): You gonna sleep
in that chair all night?
Honey, it's fine.
I'm just gonna
go to sleep anyway.
Get some rest. You have work.
Get out of here.
I'll be back
first thing in the morning.
Rest, baby.
- Love you.
- Love you.
(gears cranking)
(music box playing lullaby)
DIANA: Anyway, I just
wanted to let you know
the baby's fine, I'm fine.
Everything is fine.
VERONICA (over phone):
Well, it all sounds... fine.
(both laugh)
I'll check in tomorrow.
- Love you.
- Love you, too. Bye.
(hangs up phone)
(woman groans and sobs nearby)
(woman groaning
and sobbing loudly)
(woman coughing)
Nurse Carol?
(groaning and sobbing continue)
(groaning and sobbing continue)
I know.
Uh, are you okay?
M-Marisol, do you want me
to get a doctor?
Por favor...
(speaks Spanish)
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
La maldicin.
La maldicin!
(curtain opens)
Diana, what...
Nurse Carol, there is
something very wrong with her.
I-I'll take care
of Mrs. Hernandez.
You should be in bed.
You need to rest.
Go to bed.
I'll take care of her.
La maldicin!
- (Marisol sobbing)
- Mrs. Hernandez.
Mrs. Hernandez,
I-I need you to calm down.
It's okay.
(sobbing continues)
- (knocking)
- (door opens)
Ready, honey?
(phone rings)
Hi. Uh, how are you feeling?
Hi, Marisol.
Diana, my wife.
Nice to meet you.
I don't know if you remember,
but I came by your room
last night.
You looked like
you were in a lot of pain.
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
She said, "Are you okay?"
Did something happen last night?
No, I feel fine.
I don't remember much
from last night.
The medication was strong.
Your first baby?
My second.
Uh, want one more.
Mrs. Hernandez, it's time.
Thank you, Molly.
Well, then...
Take good care of yourself.
You, too.
Nice to...
meet you. (chuckles)
Nice to meet you, too.
Last night, she was yelling,
"La maldicin."
What is that?
"The curse."
I need a shower.
And pizza.
- (sighs)
- Notice anything?
Uh, the house looks very clean?
Well, look at you.
At your service.
And there was this.
Oh, this is from the shed.
I think it belongs to the woman
who used to live here before us.
Yeah, I flipped through it.
She seems really interested
in this town.
Lot of research.
Maybe she could have been
a writer, too.
"Al mal tiempo, buena cara."
"In bad times,
put on a brave face."
Poetic, no?
I have one more thing
to show you. Come on.
- DIANA (laughing): What?
- Come on. Come on.
- BETO: Be careful.
- (both laughing)
- Little further.
- (sighs): Okay.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- (Diana chuckles)
I didn't get any sleep,
but I think it was worth it.
Okay, here we go.
Open your eyes.
I wanted you to have
something nice to come home to.
(Diana chuckles softly)
It's more than nice.
(both laugh)
Oh, and...
check this out.
Bit of cleaning,
and it works like new.
(music box playing lullaby)
Is it weird taking a music box
meant for someone else's child?
You got it on the kitchen.
I thought you'd like it.
DIANA: Oh, it's really sweet,
but I was hoping
we'd get something new
for the baby.
- (lullaby stops)
- Okay.
Whatever you want.
We should just donate this
with the rest of the stuff.
(door creaks open)
(door closes)
Still reading that thing, huh?
I thought today was
a cleanup day.
I know, I know,
but Teresa collected
all these interesting articles.
A lot of them
talk about sick workers,
something called valley fever.
Maybe she was allergic
to something on the farm.
Aren't we all.
This could make for
a really great expos.
On Teresa?
On farmworkers.
don't stay out here too much.
It's hot.
(pained groan)
It's okay?
(pained groan)
(Diana panting)
You all right, babe?
"Encontr una erupcin..."
(gears cranking)
(music box playing lullaby)
(lullaby continues)
- (music box snaps shut)
- (lullaby stops)
(sets box down)
(distorted, indistinct shouting)
(flies buzzing)
(engine starts)
I need your help.
For you.
That's sweet.
But that's not
the kind of help I need.
Do you know what pesticides are?
They're new.
Farmers are using them
on their crops, but there's not
enough research to see
if they're safe for people.
The workers in the fields are
being exposed to this every day.
Where did you get all this?
Teresa. It makes sense why
she left all her stuff here.
She uncovered this
and then disappeared.
Everyone here trusts you.
They listen to you.
I need your help to warn
the people in the town of this.
How long have you had this?
- What?
- Es una maldicin.
No, stop.
It's not a curse. This is real.
The curse is real, Diana.
Enough with the shaman bullshit.
I'm showing you proof
of what's happening here.
If the pesticides
were the reason,
why do you have this rash?
I don't see you working
in the fields.
When did you get exposed
to these chemicals?
Safe, at home,
digging through
Teresa's belongings?
(door opens)
BETO: Will you please sit down?
I prepared this lunch for us.
DIANA: No. Beto,
you're not listening to me.
I hear you.
I just don't know
what you want me to do.
You have to tell
Mr. Quill and Tomas.
I mean, these pesticides...
they need to stop using them.
we just got here.
You want me to take a bunch
of old flyers to my boss
and demand they change
their operations?
I know this doesn't
make sense to you,
but you have to trust me.
These pesticides are
making everyone sick.
I'm not sick.
I don't see anyone sick
in the fields.
Why are you doing this?
What do you mean?
I'm trying to help.
(Beto sighs)
This isn't for your book?
I'm trying to keep us safe.
You're the one
that dragged us here,
and now you're putting
our family at risk
because you don't want
to do anything.
Okay, so now I dragged you here!
Maybe you should've listened
to your mother
and never got involved with me,
- this fucking farmer!
- Don't be ridiculous.
This is the first time I ever
seen you with one of these.
I've been on you for years
about learning Spanish,
and now, all of a sudden,
you're interested
in learning the language?
Because you can use it
as a weapon against me?!
Stop attacking me
for not knowing Spanish!
I finally start to learn,
and the reason isn't
good enough for you?
Do I attack you for not knowing
indigenous languages?
Do you know Nahuatl?
Did you learn the language
of your grandparents?
Do I make fun of you
because you didn't?
(scoffs) This isn't about you.
And for someone
who is so passionate
about their people
and their culture,
I'd expect you to want
to stand up and protect them.
If you don't, I will.
Okay, here we go.
The white savior comes in
to protect us...
poor, dumb farmers.
(Diana sighs)
I'm sorry. Wait.
We are both stressed.
This is a big change
for both of us.
I'm the first person in
my family to become a manager.
I have to do a good job here.
And the workers?
You have to protect them.
I will.
What was that?
This is from our farm.
My father used to say it takes
a real farmer to grow celery.
Celery's got one of the longest
maturing periods of any crop.
It's delicate and fragile,
and it scares away farmers
just looking for
a quick turnaround.
(crunching) get that crunch...
...needs patience and trust.
Did you just use symbolism
on me?
I just want to talk to you
on your own terms.
Uh... (pained gasp)
You okay?
(Diana groans softly)
I don't know. I-I...
- (groans, pants)
- Oh, my God.
Sit down. Sit down, baby.
Let's schedule for you
to come in for some tests.
But what is it?
Uh, it could be nothing.
Uh, an allergic reaction.
And if it's not?
I heard some of the workers
in town have rashes, too.
(chuckles) I can't get into
specific patient history.
I read articles.
O-On pesticides.
Do you think that could be it?
- The locals think it's a curse.
- No.
(sighs) You know, when I first
came to Golden Valley, I, uh...
I came across a condition.
The patients began reporting
similar unusual symptoms:
random episodes of dizziness,
feeling weak and unfocused,
persistent cough,
and they started to get rashes
on their bodies.
Do you think I have that?
Am I safe? Is my baby safe?
I'm not exactly spiritual,
but some things just can't
be explained by science.
I wish I had
a better answer for you,
but a lot of people in this town
find comfort in prayer.
I suggest you do the same.
You can't be serious.
We caught your rash early.
I'll schedule a time
for you to come into the clinic,
and we'll get those tests
going for you.
Has anyone got sick
from the pesticides?
No, not us. Just the women.
What does the doctor say?
We go to Miss Anita.
She keeps us safe.
Who keeps you safe?
We're talking about Anita.
Oh, the witch lady.
Don't tell me you believe
in that shit, too.
It's only happening to women.
(mutters quietly in Spanish)
- (dials)
- (line rings)
Information. How may I help you?
Hi. Could I get the number to
Golden County Clerk's Office?
Please hold.
Just lock up when you leave.
(door creaking)
(gears cranking)
(music box playing lullaby)
(lullaby continues)
(lullaby slows and stops)
DIANA (crying):
Teresa's dead.
I know this sounds crazy,
but I think
she's trying to show me.
These pesticides are poison
to pregnant women.
(birds cawing in distance)
I went to
the county clerk's office.
Hispanic women are not
having babies here.
Think, Beto.
I mean, where are
all the Mexican babies?
We've met Jaime, and that's it.
And that's it.
I talked to Ernesto about it.
He says it is a curse.
It happened in another town
nearby called Arbington.
I called their maternity clinic.
What did you expect
they'd tell you?
Arbington's numbers were
improving the last few years.
What if they figured out
what the problem was?
What if we find out
everyone's right?
That it is a curse?
There is a way for us to know.
(Beto praying in Spanish)
I can't believe I'm doing this.
(Beto continues praying
in Spanish)
- It's done.
- Okay.
- BETO: You have to sleep on this.
- Mm-hmm.
BETO: And we'll know more
in the morning.
Try not to think about it.
(Beto blows out candle)
(Beto sighs)
(groaning softly)
You officially lost your mind.
(takes deep breath)
(clattering in distance)
(crackling in distance)
Beto, fire!
- (dripping)
- (gasps)
(yells, whimpers)
What are you...
You did this!
You brought Teresa back.
Diana, put the knife down.
I am doing this
for your protection.
- You need a guardian.
- Stay away from me!
What are you doing?
Put the knife down.
I'm just trying to help.
Diana. Diana!
Baby, baby, look at me.
Put the knife down.
You're bleeding.
(gears cranking)
(music box playing lullaby)
(baby fussing)
(baby coughs, stops fussing)
(lullaby slows and distorts)
(woman humming lullaby
in distance)
(humming continues)
(gasps softly)
- (fabric whipping in wind)
- (Diana gasps softly)
What do you want from me?
(whimpers, screams)
(Teresa screams)
(Diana groans)
(bellowing scream)
(trembling breaths)
(Marisol groans)
(Marisol yelling in pain)
CAROL: You have to sign this,
Mrs. Hernandez.
I don't understand!
(yelling in pain)
For the baby.
For the baby, you must sign.
MARISOL: Please call Rafael!
Call my husband!
We've been trying,
but there's no answer, Marisol.
- Listen to me.
- (groans, whimpers in pain)
Listen to me.
I'm trying to help.
- No sign, no doctor.
- (sobbing)
The baby is in trouble.
He could die. Muerte.
(sobbing continues)
No sign, you both could die.
Both... both muerte.
Firma... aqu.
Thank you. That's good.
That's good.
(Marisol groaning and sobbing)
(line rings, clicks)
BETO (over phone):
- DIANA: Beto.
- BETO: Diana?
What are you doing awake?
I'm scared.
What's going on?
DIANA: I think the symptoms
are getting worse.
The rash is bad.
I'm hallucinating.
Did you tell the nurse?
I saw something tonight.
Marisol was screaming in pain,
and Nurse Carol forced her
to sign something.
What was it?
I don't know. I don't know.
But I need you to go to
Arbington tomorrow after work.
You need to talk
to the doctor in person
and ask him what he knows
about the pesticides.
We need to protect our baby.
(thunder rumbling softly)
DR. NELSON: This is
the first time that I've heard
of a population disparity
in this town.
Have you ever seen pregnant
women with these symptoms?
Not in my tenure.
But this was before my time.
Could you look it up?
my predecessor didn't leave
their patient records.
Let me get you
his contact information.
(thunder rumbling softly)
Can I use your phone?
(sighs softly)
Beto, what's wrong?
(door creaking)
(sobbing groans)
(sobbing groans continue)
(projector clicking)
Your first?
Do you have any kids?
Not yet.
But one day.
I hope.
Beto and I want at least two.
The more, the better.
(projector clicks)
To your family's health.
And you, Rosa?
Do you plan to have more?
I did, pero not to be.
I'm sorry.
Gracias a Dios
we have our Jaimito.
We are one of the lucky ones.
(projector clicks)
I don't remember much
from last night.
The medication was strong.
Your first baby?
My second.
I want one more.
(projector clicks)
I'm sorry.
- (gas hissing)
- (muffled grunting)
DIANA (groggily):
My baby.
My baby.
(leather creaking softly)
Why am I in the operating room?
You stuck your nose
where it doesn't belong.
You should've believed
that stupid curse,
like the other spics.
- When there's an epidemic...
- No.
-'s my obligation to cure it.
- Stop.
You fucking monster!
You can't do this.
you went into labor,
and you died during
complications of childbirth.
- (screaming)
- But there's good news.
I can save your baby.
I just need you to tell me
if you've told anyone else
about this.
Carol! Where is he?
He's on his way.
He made this mess
bringing them here.
Get the gas.
No. No.
- Help! Help!
- (gas hissing)
Just stop! Stop.
Just stop.
(Dr. Bell shushes)
Please, you don't
have to do this.
- (shushes)
- You don't have to do this.
Please don't hurt my baby.
- (yells)
- No!
(Beto grunts, pants)
(Beto speaking Spanish)
(Diana whimpers)
- Come on, let's go. It's okay.
- (Diana groans)
- Okay.
- It's okay.
(Beto grunting)
(ears ringing)
Why couldn't you just
drink your medicine
and mind your business?
- Hmm?
- Medicine?
The agua fresca.
It wasn't the pesticides.
You've been poisoning us.
Wetbacks don't come
to the clinic on their own.
Need a little nudge.
A rash,
some headaches.
Dr. Bell... he had it right.
You can't afford all these kids.
- (gun cocks)
- Help me.
(humming lullaby)
- (bellowing scream)
- Oh, shit!
(sobbing groans)
(Beto breathes slowly, groans)
Beto. It's okay.
(sniffles) It's okay.
Stay with me,
stay with me, stay with me.
Stay with me, stay with me.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay.
(shallow panting)
(baby cooing)
Here is someone to see you.
You're here!
You look beautiful.
What are these?
They're from Mom.
She wanted to give them
to you herself,
but she couldn't wait.
She gets here tomorrow.
- You know her.
- (both chuckle)
Hey, handsome.
Little Jose.
- So cute.
- (laughs)
I love his bracelet.
Oh, leave it on.
(chuckles) So, this is it, huh?
Al Mal Tiempo...
Al Mal Tiempo, Buena Cara.
Uh... (chuckles)
"In bad times,
put on a brave face."
It's a reminder to fight
for what's right,
no matter how scary it is.
- (Jose cooing)
- (talking quietly)
- Hi.
- Hey. Oh.
(woman crying in distance)
(woman shouting in Spanish)
(shouting in Spanish)
Please take care of my baby!
(pained groan)
Don't worry. Don't worry.
We are going to take
good care of you, okay?
I just need you to sign this.
Aqu. Firma. S.
Yes, good.
Thank you. That's good.
That's good.
(woman sobs, groans)
(static hissing)
RACHEL MADDOW: The allegation
here is that this is
a federal facility
and they have been sending
immigrant women in their care,
in their custody,
to a doctor who has removed
their reproductive organs
for no medical reason and
without them consenting to it.
(music fades)