Magamuni (2019) Movie Script

All incidents and characters in this film
are fictitious, bear no resemblance
'Mahima Nambiar'
Hey, ask him to open the door
I am hungry
open the door
Move, get back.
Stand in the line properly
Those imprisoned for deadly crimes and
Those in mental asylum
are distinctly different
Unlike in regular prison, planning
and conspiring
does not happen here.
Because they are not associated and
live in utopia
By connecting with them
and make them understand the
realistic world's norms
The duty of a psychiatric doctor
- Doctor...
- Please take a look
I already have noticed twice
The patient sitting with his
legs crossed always stays alone
Others willingly go and surround him
He used to talk something and
they too curiously
listen to him like his disciples
Is he in the patient list who
has finished his punishment period
Yes Doctor
Please do put him in a private
cell, let's see how it goes
This yoga is to calm one's mind
Please pull out his case history.
Wanna see it
[Peculiar sound continues...]
'Old Mahabalipuram road
Kanchipuram district'
[Mobile ringing]
Hey... careful
Thank you
[Mobile ringing]
I am driving and held in traffic
I am in the middle of
the road, driving, Viji
If its not urgent, can I reach
there and call you back?
why are you nagging me like this?
Do you need 3000 Rupees
suddenly, but why?
Already this company
cribs to pay the salary
Now if I seek advance,
You know how the manager
would look at me?
How many times should I tell you, hey?
You may deduct the amount
for the broken mirror, sir
But I request you to take it
from my next month's salary
I was about to request advance payment of
Rs.3000/- apart from my regular salary
You need advance?
Bro, newspapers say we are
outnumbering China in
Population and from position two
heading to number one position
Its overcrowded here, bro
There are thousands
waiting to work without
pay even for 30 months,
let alone 3 months...
Why don't you understand?!
Kindly speak to the owner, on this,
on my behalf, one last time, sir
You are not the only one I am pleading for
It doesn't help, please understand that
Fine leave.
I have got work
Do you mean to say I broke the
mirror due to reckless driving?
If I am home now...mind you!
If persuading the house owner is your
problem, forget it
I shall take care
With the cash in hand
We can finish the debts and
meet the pending expenses
we shall buy some time to pay the rent
Ok...ok...I shall buy some time
Didn't I already tell you...forget it
Now?...I just started from the travels
Got to buy three more things from your list
Shall bring them and head straight home
Hey,Viji, don't doze off, stay awake
I never told would kick you.
Just said would fling and stopped with it
Hey hey Viji, stay awake, dear
"Flag would soar in the fort"
"Will bear the torch of revolution"
"Flag would soar in the fort"
"Will bear the torch of revolution"
"Black and yellow coloured flag..."
"Party leader bestowed it"
"Party leader bestowed... it"
"Black and yellow coloured flag..."
"Party leader bestowed... it"
"Flag would soar in the fort"
"Will bear the torch of revolution"
"Flag would soar in the fort"
The one who is our Kith and Kin,
Our party, Ka Mu Kazhagam's
Eloquent speaker, bro. Thirumurthy
Is been extended a warm welcome
[Crowd cheering]
"Party volunteers honor it"
"Much coveted by the
generations to come..."
"Black and yellow coloured flag..."
To listen to such a worthless man,
such a crowd...
Feel like lashing them all.
Bothering our lives to run their party.
They assume to be at liberty
to howl over a mic on my road!
Useless buggers!
Unable to hear anything
[Man crying on TV]
Mom, why did you leave me and go?
Mom, I can't bear it
Sweety Gomathy, having visitors
relating to business and politics
Its not good to behave so unruly
Don't trouble me with
your political career.
Adding to the misery, the opposition party
Fellows are screaming their lungs out!
And puncturing my eardrum!
In addition, this fellow,
swaminathan has been
Crying for a while and
I don't understand why
Watching this serial for two years now.
I demand to know why is he sobbing
[Man on TV is still crying]
You claim to be politically powerful,
If you are potent, try stopping it!
Thats bad honey!
Tried persuading while they put
up the speaker in the evening
Thirumoorthy seems to be
the decision maker
They drove me off saying speaker
positions are decided by the orator
And pounce on me saying
no change is possible now
To avoid the unnecessary chaos in
front of our house, I didn't fight
What are you all waiting for?
Come finish your dinner.
Rice cooked in the afternoon
has become watery
And before the sauce could
get spoiled finish eating
I want to do the dishes and hit the bed.
Darling, our visitor owes
us commission money.
Got to take it and
see him off, ok?
Wanting to serve the society
With all goodwill, we wanted to serve
And chose politics
But those who could not
compete with me in... ad those who
were scared of me
Have joined the opposition and
talking crazy just to trouble me
Being a politician I am patient enough
but can't expect my wife to be so
Thats the issue
Sir, are you returning home
tonight or tomorrow morning?
Its just that my wife
wants to offer you dinner
Thats ok... Never mind.
We are just leaving
Fine then
This chap would drive me
home in three and half hours
You got me the land registration
done today without any hassles
There is two more than what you asked for
Boss, you are so magnanimous
As I told you earlier, Godown
construction would begin here in 2 months.
Best wishes
- You got to help in that too...
- Definitely
Bosses like you are the ones
help the labours thrive
Helping you is like a service
to the society, isn't it!
Hey,Chinna. Give my card
My office address and mobile
number is on the card
Sir, is you office closer to home?
Home...I have two wives.
First wife could not bear children
Wanted a son to inherit this immense
wealth so married another girl
Managing both families without
much trouble based on a time table
Is it so...
This is our farm house address.
if you type 'Ilavarasan farms'
on Google map, you will find it
Oh! ok... ok...
You should come to my home
[To roar like a lion before you all]
Shall I leave?
What's gained through tears
with tears shall go;
From loss good deeds entail
harvests of blessings grow
Do any of you know its meaning?
'Wealth obtained ill fully from others'
'All of it will depart
with tears'
What does ill wealth mean...
Misappropriating the money allocated
for welfare schemes and enjoying it
[Crowd cheering]
Funds allocated for the
constituency is not being used
for the same but used to develop
one's family and [concubine's family]
[Crowd cheering]
All of you obviously know
whom I am referring to
Scamster of our Municipality,
Leader Muthuraasan
That man...
Why respect him? That fellow...
A good leader has to
address the problems and
needs of his people
before they could seek
You filthy man!
What good have you done to people so far?
You are never available in
your office when required
That doesn't matter much. Leave it
During local events, he uses his flunkey
to design posters and the way he poses...
As if he is talking sense
over the cell phone
Holding a pen and as if in deep thought
Hey man! What on earth
are you thinking about?
You can't even put your signature
without thinking twice
why do you need such a built up image?
Than being so shameless, you may...
The lady of the house...
She is terrific! She is...
She is...
[Makes a mocking sound]
She was hitting on me... I escaped
Poor lady, those days, during the
middle of the month,
She used to pledge hoppers
But now she herself looks like one!
Nowadays she puts on half a kg
Jewellery while coming to dispose rubbish
Where did all the money come from?
If it was their own money,
why would we bother?
Its your blood and sweat and
that's what I am furious about,
You know!
[Crowd cheering]
A wretched man is talking filth. Instead of
thrashing him, you are enjoying your food
Thats the way politics works!
You say showing a deaf
Ear to belittling is politics
But back home they call it as stupidity
- Gomathy, Please be patient
- I can't keep cool
If you don't stop him now, I shall
go and take him on now right there!
- I am going!
- Darling,
Listen to me. Stay calm
Someone is throwing filth on me in
public and you want me to stay calm...
When it comes to politics, like you, if
I too act hastily, we will be at a loss
Please bear
I would see that he is finished.
Will that do?
Now, stay back
What happened to you, bro?
Shall convey it to the Doctor, pal
We watched a Superb comedy scene
There may be a knife in a sheath
What if there are two knives..
..and if both knives are sharp?
[Mobile phone ringing]
Viji, had to oblige for a
urgent airport trip
You never know what
I am going through
Can't make it home tonight
Shall get home early morning
Viji, I was about to call you, meanwhile...
Please understand why should it removed
Under anesthesia in operation theatre
Knife's blade seen outside
is of just 2 inches
Basing the length of the handle
5 or 6 inches could be inside.
Look,its a ridged Rambo knife.
Cant just pull it out as you say.
If any nerve or muscle
tissue is strangled...gone
You survived the stab but
could die while removing it
To sedate and surgically remove
it, I am your only choice
Others would charge you ten thousand rupees
Just because we are childhood buddies,
pay me five thousand to get it done
Raghu, Can't afford so much. Please
understand. Operation theatre and
Please understand my situation.
anesthesia would be expensive.
So forget it. I shall just lie here.
Both of it is not required
I shall lie right here
If you out rightly remove the knife, it
might cause trouble.
Do not pull it out the way it is
Half inch inside, move the
sharper side for about
So, push quarter a inch or half inch
and pull it. It will come off
Please, kindly help
Take thousand rupees and do it please
Ok, pay the money first
Dont blame me for any
mishap while removing...
Hey, get me a towel from that cover
Listen...while removing
the knife, stay stiff.
Try not to scream in pain and
wake the people around
[Shouts in pain]
Hey Prabha, looks like you
are all up to go to school
Hey, stop playing with dad.
Go... go and study
[Making funny sound and playing]
This man has been roaming around all
night and now... disturbing his studies
You try and get him used to do
Doing homework relaxedly in the evening
You never do that.
Galloping spoils the broth Viji
Look at what soothsayer says...
Routine is to finish it in the evening
He was running temperature while
coming from school... Better know that!
Fever? how suddenly? you didn't
tell me when we spoke last night
What's this Viji?
He is badly hurt near his eyes...
Thats how he caught fever
Ask... You ask your son himself
Tell him, honey
Praba buddy, How did it happen?
Tell me dear
Teacher hit me daddy...
What??? Did the teacher hit you.
How come she hit so badly?
What mischief did you do?
Why did she hit you?
Teacher left the class asking us to
keep quiet and not to talk.
Others were talking...teacher got angry,
rushed into the class
and hit everyone wildly
She has beaten up the kids like how
cops lathi charge to disperse the crowd
Were you talking, dear?
I was quietly drawing pictures, daddy
Did she see this?
What did she say?
She said, I won't die if she thrashes me...
Curse her! If you get delayed, I intended to
go and hit her with my slippers!
Stupid woman!
So... if you hit her in front of everyone,
will it solve this? Silly lady!
Then Mr Wiseman, you
take your son to school
and do what's to be done on this...
Leave now.
Viji, I didn't sleep
the whole night Viji...
Look, Please do as I say...
My goodness, only you can do as you think!
I was sobbing the whole
night and have a goddamn headache.
You swiftly get ready and attend to it
Hey Praba, In spite of headache, packed rice
cake and sauce for you
So, finish it. Understand?
Hey...pack your bag and get ready to leave
Dad... A shop near my school sells green
color cakes. Will you buy me please?
Now? Its already time, Praba
I shall finish the cake before
the school bell could ring
Why not you ask mom to buy you
when she comes to pick you
Mom says she doesn't have money
when she has money she refuses to buy as
worms would bite in my butt!
Hey... What are you pleading for?
Hey, you complained of headache
and wanted to sleep...
Instead why you are yelling
standing in the middle of the road
Go...Get some sleep
Don't lock the door
I will drop him and come
Man, Do I look like diabetic? How dare you
Give me a tasteless tea without sugar...
What the hell do you think?
If the sugar is less you could have asked,
he would have prepared another tea for you
Instead why do you have
To break the glass inside the shop
Will dump you like junk! Be careful!
- Dad, are they rowdies?
- Have met much worse men
Mind you! Don't meddle with me
I am unaware about your guts...
you tell about it!
Man, you are running this
shop in my territory!
True rowdy doesn't show
off like this! This fellow is spineless
[Man shouting indistinctly]
Will howl for a while and go off
without paying for the tea. That's it!
I will kill you, be careful
Praba, shouldn't look into their eyes
If you peep into a stray dog's eyes,
It'll bark at you out of fear
Likewise, if you stare at them,
they will mess with us
Then we would get late to school.
Finish it soon, we are getting late
The principal is calling you.
You may go and meet him.
At home, we make him understand things and
Have convinced my wife about such upbringing.
But here, the teacher
hits the kids according
to her whims and fancy. Unknowingly
she is inculcating violence in them
Guess the teacher may be
discontent and leads a displeasing life
Terrbly sorry! I apologise
on the teacher's behalf
To make you apologise was
not my intention, sir.
Moreover, it cannot be
equated for such a wound
Please see that it doesn't repeat.
That should suffice!
Its fine if teachers out here don't exhibit
love, but ensure they don't instill anger
I shall take him to his
class and deal with this
- Thanks sir
- Ok sir
65% of Indian households do
not have sanitation facilities
So, during late
hours they...
- What did they say in the school?
- Have sorted it.
In such instances people
get bit by venomous snakes
How did you handle? Was that devil there?
How did she react?
Already told you its sorted.
Don't start over.
Look at you! Wanted to
Know how was it dealt with. Don't be fussy!
Principal promised it won't recur
You could have told that yourself...
Look at you!
More generally people
are afraid of snakes
Most of it are not dangerous.
But few are venomous.
Around 15 types cause death
Every year approximately
50000 people in rural areas
die due to such snake bites.
Especially 4 types are the
cause highest toll on lives
Tell me...
How is this saree?
You...why did you buy a new
saree during such a crisis?
Viper, Russell viper,
Saw-scaled viper...
Don't ado about it much...bought
it installment only. Haven't
Paid a single penny. Its enough
to pay little by little, later
Even if so...I am the one to bear it, right
Look at this... who else will pay?
Hey,Viji, Don't talk rubbish
Look at Stacked?
come, take a look
There's hardly any good
ones. You go and check
I fail to understand one thing Viji, all
that you have is been bought spending
so much time and scrutiny. How come
it gets bifurcated into good and bad?
It has all become old...
How can I wear it for the festival? I
bought this for the Muthaaraman festival.
Why? Will god not bless if you
wear old clothes?
- You and your damn festival...
- Until treated, consuming food...
As soon as my father passed
away, why didn't you let me die with my mom
Why did you save me
then and eating my head now?
I never knew then, you would
pester me like this, Viji
Am I chewing your brains? or are
you the one doing it to me?
I didn't push you hard. Don't overreact
- Hey, Maha,
- Leave it Viji
I didn't kick hard. Why do you...
Viji, hands off Viji
Hey, did you bleed?
Nothing Viji
So much bloodshed... and
you say not to worry?
What happened Maha? So many sutures??
Oh! My god,
Did they stab you?
Who did this to you?
Alas! I am so helpless...
Viji, don't cry Viji
Don't make noise Viji
People might think I have hit you
Hey Viji, stop crying
If you die, I can't survive
alone with Praba
I can't destitute my son like your mom did
Would kill the kid and myself
Hey Viji, you fool
Am I not alive? Idiot, how dare
you say you will kill the kid...
Managed to come home just to give
you the privilege of troubling me
Hey, look, Viji, hey...
Just to bully me you are reminding
the one who destituted me
Hey, stop crying.
Viji... Listen...Viji
- Deivaana sister,
- Welcome Arundhathi
Have brought the money
due for milk for 4 days
Your son, Muniraj, is not be seen, sister?
He has gone to Mekkarai for some work
"Does the life go on like a
ferry in the flowing waters?"
"Does my inner strength lead you?"
"Some of us here look alike"
"Blinds us like a enchanted shade"
"Do all that we sow germinate?"
"Do all that we wish come true?"
"The almighty knows our needs"
"This man knows almighty is the mightiest"
"Bond between the dew
and the flower is holy"
"A loving heart is nothing but divine"
"Yearning to share the art he learnt?"
"Heart vans to attain wisdom"
"Journey continues with
fluttering thoughts"
"Earth swirls by his rules"
"Every life born has a purpose"
"It falls in place when its time"
"The merciful is the one
to fulfill our needs"
"He is the one who makes us crave too"
[Boys chattering]
What did I tell you? And
what are you all doing?
Practise only those
that are relevant to you
If you imitate the seniors,
you will end up in trouble
Get down and move...come
Do you guys know the name of that asana?
Do you know why is he practising it?
The name of this asana is
Those wish to continue their
bachelorhood practise this
Is this the list of documents you gave
for download? Its ready.
Give the pen drive please.
Excuse me,
Is the shopkeeper not there?
He is there inside
Hello Mom
Hey, who is this freak?
Hey Hariyana Senthil, shut your gutter mouth
She is our family friend
Family means? Is she your relative?
Family means they belong
to our community, man
Saw her last during school days.
After which I see her only now
Senthil, get your vehicle.
Let's go clarify the doubt
Hey, Haryana Senthil,
leave a gap and follow
Ok, Mom
Oh! Lord, Please stay along
my husband in all his endeavors
He is the only one to take care of us
Don't tease me while I pray.
I'll break your nose
Mom, move away
Sit on this lap
Hey, have kept aside for bus fare
Are you nuts? Don't go by bus. Either go by
share auto or take a lift in goods vehicle
Fine then, Shall I leave?
Maha, please stay for ten more minutes
Praba, please put these one by
one in the bill, bang the bell
3 times and play there. Mom
shall take you while leaving
Why do you shun him now? Are
you gonna chew my brains?
I may have to leave
Sorry Maha, I held there by mistake.
Is it so painful?
Not at all... Its soothing. Is this
why you stopped me? I am leaving...
Maha, how many times should I ask you?
Tell me who stabbed you.
Why do you want to know?
Someone has made an
attempt on your life.
Shouldn't I know who it was?
Tell me before you leave
You know, the municipal head
of Narapakkam, Mr Muthuraj
Ya, I know him. The miser who exploits you
for his sake and defers the payments...
Hey, have some respect while talking.
Somehow he pays off, right
Still he doesn't settle the
payment, with holds some money
That's how it works. He uses this tactic
to work for him whenever needed.
Come to the matter.
Even before he could enter politics,
he was doing real estate business.
His competitor was Surya
Narayanan. They had a stiff competition
The were aggressively
competing over finding
plots for upcoming factories
in Sriperumbudur.
Muthuraj meddled with three big deals
of Surya Narayanan and bagged it.
All of them are big ones
with crores of commission.
Surya Narayana got wild and
wanted to kill Muthuraj
But the hit men goofed up and
killed the driver instead.
Driver was related to Muthuraj's wife.
Than him she got very furious
And that's when I was
called upon to kill Surya Narayanan.
I made the plan
Flawless sketch. Just 3 boys...
Killed Surya Narayanan in single attempt
The deceased Surya Narayanan
has two brothers.
Guru Narayanan and
Aadhi Narayanan.
Adhi Narayanan is the one
who attempted to finish me
Even then, why did they
come for you directly
without hurting the
ones responsible?
They didn't come to me straight away...
Actually, there was a hearsay that the
two brothers vowed on Surya Narayanan's
corpse that they would take revenge
of all those responsible for his death
Post that Muthuraj had to
Travel in his car with
His hit men along and
Vehicle full of weapons
while perusing as to what to
do, thought out clearly
decided to join a party in
align with his ideologies,
and entered the current party he is in.
In our country, politics
is the safest refuge
for those with heaps
of unscrupulous money
Eventhough Muthuraj
found himself safe in political sway,
to clutch him in persistent fear,
Narayanan brothers spent
Huge money to murder all
The three assassins who
Killed his bro in public
You mean, all three of them?
You claim, your involvement is
known only to those concerned
How did they sense it?
To save his head, would Muthuraj
have betrayed you?
Viji, than me, Muthuraj
Is keen in protecting my
Identity about my role in
All his underground dealings
How did they come to know?
One among the three assassins of Narayanan
was killed on the streets
Of the rest two, one surrendered
himself in police station
Before he could be taken to the
Court, he hanged himself
in police station and was
dumped in GH mortuary
The third fellow
absconded 6 months ago
was found after 4 days with his head
burnt in a bush near Wallajahbad
Unable to withstand the torture
of Narayanan brothers,
In stitching pain, before dying, he must
have revealed my name
Poor fellow!
I am scared, Maha
That's why I am reluctant
to share about my job
Why do have to do such a job which
you can't disclose your wife?
Hey, I told you I would
gradually come out of it
Why to talk about it repeatedly?
You ward them off soon
Let's get far away from
those looking for you
Its ok to starve but need peace of mind
Dressed in colourful attire, hold
hands although the market place
let's rejoice and roam around,
without fear and worries
Let leave this place sooner, Maha
Got to have money, Viji
Did you bring the mobile gadget?
Yes,Its all there. This is dad's bag.
Tell mom to keep it safe.
I know its foreign bottle
Ya,ya, James bond. Keep the
bottle safely without breaking it.
- Do come early tomorrow morning
- Ok sir
Let's visit that house and
shall go to Coimbatore
Ok sir
Chinna brother, Going home or to the shop?
To the shop
- Come, I shall ride the bike
- Just a minute, I shall take my cell phone
If you are coming to the shop, hurry up
Shop might get closed...hurry up
Let's go
Here...his report card
What's this my son, full of red lines...
Given this, you won't get admission even
in engineering colleges.
To put your qualification
in your wedding invitation,
Please try hard and study, my son.
Did you enquire for his tuition?
Its done.
- Hey, Don't forget to go tomorrow
- You should drop me
Will do
Missed telling you. Your girl has come
from hostel. She is there upstairs.
Ya, you told me...
When did you come from hostel, dear?
Didn't mom tell you?
Ya, she told me
Painted the walls recently.
If its removed after your work is done,
then too it won't look nice, isn't it
Once I return to hostel,
please repaint it.
Why not? We can repaint it
Stick it all over...doesn't matter
Being in hostel, your girl
has become rough.
By then I could get her married, I
guess I would go crazy!
Get the bottle
Your girl shows her attitude to me
God save the man marrying her
Nothing mom, I am hungry, serve food.
Yak! Its stinking
How do you manage to eat with
such a foul smell around?
Such a noxious smell...
I was in juvenile home, that
Was near by a crematorium
On and off while we were eating,
We would feel that foul smell
One who finishes the food
without puking and wasting is...
considered the champ!
I was in one of the know!
Terrible hunger was the best teacher!
Which jail, bro?
Whose cremation, man? It's been
burning for quite sometime
Some love failure case...
Chitragupthan closed his account yesterday.
You are spared for some reason
Chitragupthan's job is
not about that...
His job is not issuing death penalty
Since birth till death,
the journey of ones life decides,
if their posterity would shoulder
the good and evil of the deceased.
The heirs would shoulder the
good or evil is the judgment
From which side did Narayanan stab you?
I aimed at his neck...
From the side, while I
tried to cut, he swiftly turned
The knife got stuck in his shoulder
Hey, calm down. Don't you know the
difference between neck and the shoulder?
Don't blabber...
Calm down
Municipal head Muthuraj gets all his work
done by Mahadevan...
You too know that.
There are lots of cases against
him in your Dept too...
Do one thing, you find him and encounter,
We shall sponsor you
Guru Narayanan, You called
me to discuss something...
urgently but now you want me
to do a encounter urgently
Money can work things
only to some extent.
To execute your plans, you guys
Need to be in power centre
Don't you understand?
You need to be in power centre
Its which sends commands
about dealing a case
You guys have stabbed the man
who devises plans to kill
For a while, you guys stay unnoticed
He also must be
brainstorming by now...
Let's see who wins!
[Murmurs a musical tune]
You say we need to think ahead
of our enemies.
They have stabbed you
Please draft a sketch
and arrange money to finish the brothers
We kill them both
To spy on them would require
men so would be expensive
My present position is not favourable
Find a hideout for a while
Till we get money...
Shall await ripe time
Ya, Gopal...
I ate already while you called.
Because you wanted to meet me at
once, I came in my pal's bike
They are waiting for me
The young Maha I saw has
now become a big man
It isn't so...
Its true...he is man of action
You eat now...finish eating.
After which I shall tell you something
Ok Bro, I shall eat
Ka Mu party orator, Thirumoorthy
That motor mouthed moron,
over the loud speaker,
abused my entire family
He left the place long ago...
But it's still ringing in my
wife's ears
Poor lady!
And she is going crazy and nuts!
He is to be paid back, she
won't settle for anything less
Unable to get sleep,
I booze and swoon
Along the favors you already have done,
Please execute this too...
What should I do?
Bring him here blindfold sneakily,
throw him on the street
once she is redressed.
That should be it
Discuss with Gopal about your payments
Would you do it, Maha?
Can be done, bro
Accomplish it quickly, Maha
Will do, bro
Would be able to step in
to the house only then
Hey, For Maha...
Maha, you are quoting sky high money?!
Dispatching him just
requires 2 bikes and 4 guys
But to abduct, need 2 men to spy
him, 4 men to kidnap and
the vehicle payment.
This won't meet the expenses
Take 2 of my guys who work in a garage.
Work shop guys
As you said, if you want any vehicle
they will bring it from the customer
See two of your
guys off and loop them in
They will bring the vehicle
You can save the vehicle rent
Can't gel with new guys
I know them too well...
Had to discuss something
with our, Bro
He was talking
while I was eating...
And he left suddenly
My due payment of 2 lakhs
in lump sum would help
Remains of a past action
is chasing me still
What's that?
The assassination of Surya Narayanan
Bro with political exposure,
has gone out of their reach.
To taut him, I am targeted
Who is gonna overpower is the question
If I get the due amount in
lump sum, I can overpower
Would defer my death
You get it done for me Gopal
If you execute them,
uncle will be relieved.
Then...that Thirumoorthy issue?
That will be taken care of.
Tell the matter to him
Please get me the money...
Don't forget it
I might fall victim any time
I shall discuss, Maha.
Even if he is short of money,
he would arrange.
Stay safe till then
[Mobile ringing]
Tell me, Mani
Hope there are no shops on that street
All are residences, right?
Do any stray dogs that bark
at new vehicles or people?
Note all the neighborhood
men, women, CCTVs
Fine, call me tonight
Why would you carry
cell phone to tuition?
Why do you need to know?
Show off such attitude with your dad
Would give a tight slap, mind you!
Look at you!
Ok...ok... come with me
To where else should I come?
Your tuition is just here.
Get down and walk
You were asked to
admit me in the tuition
You eat a full grilled chicken all alone
But can't go join the tuition, alone.
Get down...I will come
If we pity the teachers,
students are all the more pitiable
They are as if lost in the woods!
Shall carry on...
Excuse me, Sir
Jayaram's Kids?
Dad had called.
Come in...take your seat
Said would be conducting
a test in 10 minutes.
What are you guys upto?
Let's fight one on one
if you've the guts
Will find out whether my
caste people are gutsy than yours
Being students,
Fighting over caste on FB?
They abused our caste and put a video.
We gave a fitting reply
Put a video? Who is he?
He is a polytechnic student, sir.
No understanding about caste.
Ignorantly fighting on pretext of valor
Sit down
Get to know what's audacity
I conduct tests in this class, right?
Studious man understands the
questions, doesn't look...
around, just starts writing.
He is the real champ
Dumb fellow knows he would fail.
So, doesn't attempt at all.
He is a milksop.
The hanky-panky ones, who try to copy from
other's paper, is a hypocrite
Coward honestly accepts he is dumb.
Hypocrites don't have that trait
Honesty turns a coward, a valor.
But pretense keeps deceiving
all around him and himself.
Ones unable to be genuine
claims to be strategic.
There is not any royal maneuvering
Of these three kinds, you guys
diligently decide who you are
Such types are found in all castes.
Fine dear, I shall take care.
You may leave
Prepare for the test
Muni, he is a new student.
Accommodate him.
Not sure if he can take up the test today.
Assess him and decide
Dear, Please get in
Sit here
Excuse me
Do we need cell phones in tuition class?
[Nods in disapproval]
Can I take it?
Hey, she is looking at you...
Yes! Didn't I tell you
Careful, dear
Have you coffee
What should I cook for lunch?
Fry the country chicken
Shall I prepare pepper lentil soup too?
Add extra pepper
Look, GD is coming
Good morning,Jayaraman
Ya buddy GD
How are you brother?
- I am doing good
- How is sister-in-law?
She is awesome
- How are you?
- I am good
- Coffee or tea?
- How are you?
Devi, offer something
for brother and nephew
Enough of drinking the
coffee sister makes...
Ask your daughter to prepare tea
She always is busy with her project
and would hang around somewhere...
Look she is there
Where's Chinna?
Uncle, shall I bring her?
Mark these two pages
Who is he?
Oh! His dad and my dad are friends.
Big politician clan.
Looted public money.
Bought farms and factories with that.
This fellow and his
dad, dress up spic...
and span, and suck the
blood of their labourers
He too shows off!
Look at his shirt
Hi...Do you remember me?
Kodhandapaani, right?
Yes, I am Kodhands
What are you doing now?
Journalism final year
- Wow!
- Project work is going on...
What are you, doing?
I did UG in Chennai, Loyola
For PG-MBA, dad sent me to the US
New York is such a awesome place
Have you completed your degree?
Dad needs just a certificate...
Got it done
Dad, in his busy schedule, has come
here to meet you and fix certain things
To fix what?
Have you come unofficially to see me?
You have cheated your dad with
fake certificate but have tattooed his name
See...I don't have
plans of getting married now
Even if so, you are not like
the one I would like
So, please convey this to
your dad and take him to the factory
Now, let me
concentrate in my project
Is the land deal in Kanchipuram done?
Its done
- Done?
- Yes
Why is your son going...?
That's what I am wondering
Dear, he wanted to talk to you...
But now he has left
what did you tell him?
Guess he felt shy, Uncle
You may please check with
him after getting home
Now, Dad will drop you
Uncle, I am gonna make coffee.
Would you like to have?
Amount is based on the marks.
You should not worry
about other transactions
You belong to the constituency
giving me the MLA seat
My life's purpose is to serve
the people of my constituency.
Your desires are big
But girls marks are so low
Poor people are destined to yearn
for everything.
No one can change it.
But we are here to rewrite
the destiny of people with money
Sir, courier
Sir, there is a parcel for
you from Safety couriers
People keep sending something out of love
If we refuse they will feel bad.
Ok...your girl would
become a Dr very soon
You may leave now
Come at the same time tomorrow.
I will be right here
Take it...let you become victorious!
See you
What's the parcel?
Not sure sir. Its huge and
we have brought it in auto
Big parcel
What is it?
What's this? Why is it so dark?
Put the light on
Hey, Thirumoorthy, dirty swine, you
can't confront me now, after joining
opposition, how dare you throw
filth on me and abuse my family
- Get me the broomstick
- Here it is, sister
You moron
You roaming for measly wages
how dare you talk about me
If you get mic will
you speak whatever you want?
Did I ogle at you?
How dare you spoke
about me in public?
You dirty fellow
Am I a fatty?
Look at your face and
how dare you talk to me?
Will you open your mouth hereafter?
- Chief is calling...
- Chief?
Tell me chief
You are watching
what jewels I wear
Ok...I shall go and meet him.
You please come
in the morning
Gopal will take care of him
Ok Bro
Hello Chief,
Come, Man
Have a seat
Sit down, Man
Take a glass...come on
No,its ok
That fellow Thirumoorthy
has put up a mic near your house
Has puked filth
right on your face...
When you were about to be recommended
for MLA, he has done such an act
Not worried about people.
They have all become numb.
They don't bother even if you abuse
Just throw some peanuts
They would vote like monkeys
You must not earn a ill name
in the party, Understand?
Have it
Even if you fart inside water,
an able politician knows to suppress it
Who is Sekkizhaar?
Who wrote Kamba Ramayana
are immaterial to us.
Its just enough to know to tally the
accounts of the commission received.
Don't spoil your name
If reputation is lost, recommendation
will not work inside the party, understand?
Why have you not finished it...
Have it
Its ok...
You might get MLA seat. If you let him talk
now, your repute sinks.
How did you spare him?
He is not spared...
But hijacked to my guest house
What are you saying?
Yes, Chef
My wife got pissed off. She
was adamant to take vengeance
Once she is redressed, would
dispose him off in the morning
Peers say, that ill-mouthed idiot
abuses me in FB and twitter
I don't even know to access it
Don't let him go
Rip his mouth off
He is not worth dispatching, chief
What are you saying?
Yes chief
He is contesting this election against you
Do you know this?
Did anyone notice
while abducting him?
Yes, chief
What stops you from discharging him?
Shall see...
- Uncle...
- Gopal, Finish that bugger off
That's our chief's wish
That fellow Maha is not there,
I shall finish it with my guys
Pay me half of whatever
you would, to him
You spoke too much! You
poop words from your mouth
Like stomach disorder,
this is craziness
If I slit your mouth till ears,
words can come out easily
Mam, none of the books from
your list are available here
Mam, you can buy them
from book stall in Erode
No, I would return them
after referring.
That case, you try in Muniraj's
private library at his home
Is that so?
Where is it?
Excuse me
I am Deepa.
Doing MA Journalism,
Designing a magazine
for final year project.
That's why took your pic
You know Ilavarasan farm house?
Everyday you reach your home by it.
But you might not have noticed me
Because right from 6th
class I was in hostel
Other day, I brought a boy to
the tuition, Ilavarasan...
His dad Jayaraman is my dad too...
But I don't like him at all
May I know about you?
I am Muniraj. Completed B.Sc Zoology.
Did not like to work under someone
Just me and mom here.
I love my mom
In this 70 cent land, we do farming.
Thankfully not starving.
In the evenings, taking tuitions in
Maniyarasan sir's tuition centre
Weekends, I go to Mekkarai.
One of the places without school
Give them books to read
and screen movies.
I am influenced by Vivekananda.
Practising bachelorhood like him
Is it?
You asked for coffee, dear
Will you not offer me coffee?
Muni, Please go buys a new glass
There it is...
Pour in this
Careful, its hot!
Are you doing organic farming?
Chemicals and pesticides were
promoted to increase yield
But organic fertilizers
doesn't yield much, right?
For the worms and birds,
not to eat the crops,
we used fertilizers
and we were eating it
But in organic farming, its 30%-70% share
between us and the worms and birds
Missed to ask, do you have Charu's books
Rasaleela and Kalagamkaadhal Isai?
Uncle, can I please take the ball?
Yes, I have.
It doesn't matter she rejected you, Pal
But its awful she rejected
you for him.
What man, are you sure?
Seeing her bike near his
house, I made a boy
pretend taking the ball
and asked to spy them
He clearly says they
were having coffee together
What cup was she using?
No...eversilver cup
Thought she insulted our family,
but now she is a shame to our clan
The bugger just has
a tiny piece of land, but...
Gonna deliver the report...Hope
there are enough cops for security
There are enough Cops
Hey, Our Thirumoorthy bro is no more,
and you are running your business
In our Kanchipuram district, murders
for party and real estate are usual.
If he was killed on the streets, it
would just have been yet another case
But, he was abducted, tortured,
skull was broken and
then dumped in water. Well
planned and executed.
Too much pressure
from superiors
So, party men won't rest till they
find the assassin and encounter
So, Find out who did this, for whom?
and who plotted it and bring them all
Gopal, you must have called me Gopal.
You did a blunder. See its exposed the
next day. Does bro who about this?
My boys are demanding money. News is out
already. Will they not mistake me now?
Its not well thought off at all...
can I meet him now?
Can I meet Bro now?
Uncle is not here...
He has gone out.
I need money now.
I wanna meet him.
You wait, I shall tell
you once he comes back
You will get your dues
Why is he pestering?
Demanding all the pending dues
Why does he want full settlement?
Is he planning to move out of town?
There's still pending work...
what's the hurry?
Going by chief's words,
got into trouble now
Let everything get sorted.
You don't release his payment.
Shall see later.
Ok uncle
Look at these fellows, they eye the
wealth and the girl...somehow mesmerise
Be it family or social
issues, people come to you
But if you lose you dignity,
that's what I am worried about
That's what I am worried about
You need to keep this in mind too...
Nowadays, if someone is
found dead on the railway track
its perceived to be a honor killing.
So got to be vigilant and adopt other methods
So, we got to be vigilant
and adopt some other method
You have used this library
very effectively.
Have not seen anyone else doing so.
You have even completed
your studies using this?
Such a profound explanation
for Thiruakkural!
Failing to accept him to be an
average man or a patient
But why is your report so confusing?
I couldn't interpret why
Take a look now, focus is perfect
Take a closer shot of the idol
Hello Muniraj,
Hey, Come...come
He is the one I was talking about
Is it? Hi. Are you the one?
Heard about you
Come on,
Is this your project too?
Writing an article in the topic "Where is
your God?" Collecting materials for it
Do you disclose the
presence of God in it?
In the end I say, the biggest
make-believe lie is God
With holy marks on
forehead and Om dollar
What's your idea about God?
Understanding of God varies between people
Shall tell you my perception,
try deciphering
While we were still animals food and
reproduction were the only needs.
Out of the lot, few beasts
began contemplating.
Such were termed humans,
in due course
Greed, jealousy, rivalry
and vengeance developed,
which their ancestors
did not possess.
Thus humans lost their peace of mind!
To analyse why, in serenity,
temples were built
Those apprehended, shed the undesirable
qualities and attained wisdom
Ones who attained such state
of mind, bestowed us with
Thirumandhiram, Thirukkural,
...Quran, Thammapatham,
Bible and the like
Those who comprehend them in their
true sense, could attain peace
If you train yourself everyday
like Bruce Lee, you can become one
Instead if you just worship his picture,
you will never get there
Could hear the voice of a peacock,
we shall go click pictures.
You guys go ahead, see you
Have been busy lately, got
to shoot a program tonight
If free, why don't you join us?
No, got to go to Mekkarai.
Kids will be waiting
Fine, see you then
Get lost!
What's this?
Why do you do this?
Hey, hold on!
What's the problem?
Bro, why is he talking to our girl?
Not knowing what we spoke,
why do you get angry?
Hey, be it whatever, you are
not supposed to talk at all
You got no standard to move with her
Are you deceiving everyone
pretending to be holy man?
- Ok...leave it
- Kill you
He won't come in
our way from now
- Please start
- Hold on, let him come
Can't travel with him.
Drop us and then pick him
Based on occupation, caste was devised.
Can there be a inferior and a superior job?
Honesty towards one's job alone matters
Society pays homage to
the soldier guarding our
borders but turns a blind
eye towards sewer deaths
Aren't both lives equal?
Ok bro
Ok Bro
Ok boss
Dear, Sir is
asking you to come home
There is still more to shoot
No, dear
Its late already.
Please come soon.
Fine, let's leave in a while
Ok mam
Bro, our girl is still shooting
No, I told her twice
She keeps dodging but
doesn't come
Ok Bro
Bro, he is coming here,
I don't know what to do
What should I do, brother?
Madam, sir wants to know if you
would leave from here
or should he come down?
Ok, Come lets go
Hello teacher, you gazing at the tree?
Got to uproot seemaikaruvelam
Caste too is deep rooted and unable to be
degraded like plastic
Giving it a thought about recycling it
Is he not taking your call?
Have packed everything to leave,
as soon as we get the money, Maha
He is dodging as usual...
Haven't got the money yet
Shall intimate once received
Tell our guys not to feel bad
He promised to pay today. Guess he
has gone out, not picking my call
Ok buddy
What happened buddy?
Maha, try calling again
Hey, take the call
Hello, bro
No...Uncle has gone out
No Gopal, my boys are urging for money
Shall I come in person?
He is not available, I say.
why do you have to come?
Even I am outside...
Shall call and let you
know once he is back
What the hell does he want?
How many times should I tell him?
Shall pay the dues once things are sorted.
Are we gonna run away?
Nagging fellow...
Check out who is it?
Crime branch inspector, Devaraj
- Please be seated
- Greetings
Got to enquire on Thirumoorthy's case
Lots of people have motive
through his uncouth behavior,
bagged enmity towards many...
You have come to
me straight away for enquiry?
That's right...more than 20-30
people have motive against him
We do know about it
Near the tower, from where
the body was found
Your brother-in-law's phone
signal is clearly received.
Apart from that, 50 metres
from where the corpse was found
Outside a shop, a passing
by auto is recorded
The auto was found in your
brother-in-law's friend's garage
So a small enquiry is
warranted in this regard
Instead of shelling out money to solve the
case, denounce the assassin and retreat
The one arrested
You needn't worry about
his release at all.
We won't let him out alive
We shall sort out the rest
Is Maha still with you?
Tell me sir.
What man, its your fortune that
Maha's case
Has come back to our department
I have instructions to
submit him alive
If he gets arrested, he
wouldn't spare any of you
Narayana, think it over
Its Devaraj
Its about that fellow Maha
He is gonna be arrested
in Thirumoorthy's case
If he gets arrested...
We can't live in peace
Inside the prison, will he just idle
Else draft a sketch and
send someone to finish us
Suspecting everyone we
see and go nuts!
Would lose peace of
mind, you know
Pay Devaraj
To finish Maha is
the wise thing to do
What do you say?
Man of the house wants to talk to you
Its just about the tuition...
Please don't mind about all
that happened the other day
Please don't reveal it to him
Will feel bad about it
Ok... fine
Go meet him
Bro, please give your phone. Got to
make a call. No charge in my mobile
Go meet him and take your phone back
while leaving. I won't go anywhere...
Tell me
Guess you wanted to meet me...
Its regarding my son's tuition
Did Chinna tell you?
Wanted to have tender coconut...
not sure where he is
He was by the gate
Couldn't find him just
to cut a tender coconut
Do you do farming?
Do you know to cut a tender coconut?
Come over
Here it is
Body has become hot...wanted to have
tender coconut, god knows here did he go
Its too big!
Cut a small and tender
from the sack
What happened, man?
What happened?
What happened, man?
Its a snake!!!
It bit me, sir
Wondering how did it come?
What, man!
If you die here, I would
land up in trouble
Don't make me shoulder the blame
Just stay here...
I shall bring a cord
Shall be right back...stay here
I couldn't find...shall be there
Oh my God!
Got the cord, sir
Found it?
Found it?
Please drop me in hospital, sir
Just be here, I shall get the keys
Will be right back
Looking for it
Not sure where Chinna has left the keys
I shall walk to the hospital, Sir
No, man!
I shall call Chinna, wait!
- Its getting late, sir
- Hey
Thats ok sir
Its ok, Sir... getting late
Please wait, man. I shall call him
How come you are here?
Snake bit me
Got to reach the hospital soon
Gate is locked
Who locked the gate?
How come, Sir? You said the girl will return
only in the morning...
Such a mess!
He would have died in a while
Leave it, man
I am the one to be blamed
for listening to you
Should have shot him, right here
and made you dispose it
See, now, its all goofed up. Hell!
Not to worry, ma. He is
fine, just needs some rest.
Can we see him now?
Ma, you have money for expenses?
Would you need some...?
That's fine. Please convince
your dad and make him understand
My son is a good man
You might have to tell him
Would you like to see him?
No ma,
I am ashamed to face him.
- Deepa
- Leave me...
What's this behavior with a senior man?
All bald-headed and grey-haired are
not seniors. One who behaves so, is
A man is fighting for his
life due to snake bite
Where the hell did you
go locking the gate?
Have never seen the gate
locked during the day.
Where did you go locking the gate?
Cow got inside. I warned the
owner, he didn't listen. So had to lock
Why can't you just keep it latched?
Tender coconut always lies in open.
Why did you keep it in sack?
Do not suspect everything...
Please calm down
Feel fortunate that he survived
Else would have put you all behind the bars
Hey, stop
She yelled at you for the sake of a
worthless man. Please don't mistake
That's ok...after all she is our girl
Bottle is there, take it from
What are you up to?
Can't stay here anymore. I shall
complete the project from hostel
Need to arrange a
vehicle to more around.
Would look for a job and stay
as far as possible from here
Can't live a mean life like you
marrying a rich man, living
in a farm house like a old woman, serving
him alcohol and cleaning his puke
Let me go, please
How will you go alone to
hostel, at this time?
Leaving at once...
Shall book a taxi
I too shall come along
How will you get back
after dropping me?
Shall stay in mom's place overnight
How will that boy manage?
He will stay with his aunt
Wait for me when the taxi comes
Ma, Sir, asked for liquor
In this situation?
What are you doing?
Clean up every single glass piece
Buy him a local brand
Got scared of leaving
you alone, if I die
Lots flashed in my mind
as soon as got toxic
I am standing with a
lady in red saree
A look alike was along
Then, it looked like we
were searching for someone
When you came to me,
lots of people told
A retarded lady in red saree, with 2 kids,
was roaming around
After a while, the lady
and a kid went missing
You mistook me for your
mom and stuck to me
After my husband's death, I was
puzzled about continue to live
I liked you and brought along with me
May be because I brought
you up, you are toiling
If it were someone else, you
would have lived a better life
May your sibling have a good life
How long is Visakapatnam, from here?
Anyways we are going there...
Why are you keen to know now?
Are you gonna drive the train?
Is it proper Visakapatnam or near to that?
80 Kms from there, its close.
Will our Praba study in Telugu?
English medium, lady
Whole of India is in
English medium now
I insisted to put him in English
medium when you opted Tamil medium
See, even if we go to other states, he can
study in English medium
What's in it to feel proud?
Lastly, we were ruled by British and
so its English medium everywhere in India
Assume when we were still
using knives and sticks,
the monkeys with guns
and artillery ruled us
Whole of India would
be monkey medium
Like people apply cream
and crave to become fair
People would be trying to
surgically get monkey faces
Your parents must have
been very smart
Praising the ones, who
left me on the streets?
What happened, Maha?
Who is this?
My friend
Is the doctor your friend?
Yes. We did schooling together.
He has been aspiring to become a doctor
Could not study medicine
Had the zeal
He started a clinic and
practised medicine
Police didn't like him becoming
a doctor, so arrested him
Poor chap!
Ok...what time did Muthuraj
ask you to call?
Bro, you had asked me to call
Where are you, Maha?
I am just close by. Can
come if you tell the spot
Muttukkadu plan got changed.
Why don't you come to my guest house?
Ok brother.
Sir, will you take him
or kill him here?
You can find new friends there
Asked me to come
Got to go to his guest house, its on the
way, shall drop you home and get the money
Ok fine
Let's go
Whats it?
How come police is here?
Hey, they are law and order police
Not all cops know me
ones looking for me
is a special team
They are on their duty
You take Prabha and leave
Behave as if you don't know me and get
to the bus stand. I shall get the car
We shall go together from there.
If it gets late, you reach home, I will
definitely make it to home
Here, have it
I am scared Maha
Praba is here, understand
Will make it, lady
- Ramani, come here
- Sir
I suspect him to be
Thirumoorthy's assassin
- You follow him. I will just come
- Ok sir
Saravanan, yesterday you
showed me a pic of your case.
WhatsApp it now.
I doubt he is here
Come man
Sir is calling you, come
Come on, come
Sir, what's it?
Let's talk to sir
- Make him sit
- Sir, what did I do?
I am just gonna take a bus, Sir
Saravanan, have him with me.
Can you come now?
Sir, you mistook me for someone
- Sir, listen to me
- Will you come quick, Saravanan
- I want to go to bus, sir
- Just walk
Please sir
Let me go.
Hey, catch him
Don't leave him.
Hey, you
Bring the bike, quick
Come on, get the bike
Hey, a lady in yellow saree
and a 5 year old boy in brown shirt
Going in a bus.
Bring them to station,
I will reach there.
Noted the bus route number?
She is here
Hello, sir
Hey, he escaped
Do not arrest the girl
You follow and find
out her home
Ok sir
Maha, where are you? Are you here?
Bro, no bro,
police shot me
I am bleeding heavily
Please save me somehow
Please bro, I have a family, bro
Where are you now?
Don't give up on me, bro
Tell me
He is on Salem train. Follow him on
highway and await my instructions
Even if he is dead, our team
should get him. Ok?
"Who can predict the course of life"
"Answers will come to
you in apt time"
"Tears don't wipe sorrows"
"Can we solve the time's tricks?"
"Turning point in way of life"
"Is change of life up and
down movements?"
"Who can predict the course of life"
"Answers will come to you in apt time"
"Tears don't wipe sorrows"
"Can we solve the time's tricks?"
"Turning point in way of life"
"Is change of life up and
down movements?"
Hey Gopal, gopal, hey...
Where's Devaraj?
Maha is calling
He has gone out. I will look for him.
you pick the call before it gets cut
- Should I take the call?
- Answer it.
Hey, Maha, where are you?
Line got cut while talking
Then you went not reachable,
If it rings you don't pick, where are you?
what happened?
I fainted in the train
Please save me bro
Why did you not tell me you
were married and have a family
If I give up on you now, I
am not worth a human being
Don't worry Maha.
Where are you?
Its Kattamanayakapalayam
near Erode as per the map
My customer is there for whom I closed
land deals. Ask for Ilavarasan guest house
Reach there and make the owner talk to me.
Rest I shall take care.
No bro, its very painful
Hell a lot of pain
I need to go to hospital
and remove the bullet
seems like pain will reduce
You get admitted in a nearby hospital
and inform me
I shall arrange help
Ok bro
"What you sow, so shall you reap"
"I'll deeds fetch will suffer"
"We own the responsibility
for our actions"
"They are the verdict of our mentors"
"Eagerly awaited catching fish in mirage"
Where are you right now?
Ahead of Salem, towards Erode
Search in all the hospital
around before Erode,
in Kattamanayakapalayam.
He seems to be there
Ok sir
Conduct a thorough search
in all the hospitals
Ok sir
You stay back
We are able enough to find out a person
disguised with shaven head. Look at him...
He just has trimmed his
moustache and lying here
Sedate him so that he
doesn't wake up on the way
Take him to the station
and deal with him
Hey Maha, Where are you?
Got into a mess, Ravi. Got stuck somewhere
Police tried to encounter me
My intuition is right.
You didn't pick my call
Our guys suspected you due
to non receipt of payment
So, I came by Muthuraj's
guest house
Crime branch inspector
Devaraj is here
What are you saying?
Hey, they are up to something.
Where are you?
I came to a place that Muthuraj told
Waiting here
They won't help
Inspector is with them
Something fishy
You leave from there
Leave immediately
How dare...?
How dare you enter
my place again?
Hey, stop
Hey, I won't leave you
Hey stop I say
Post enquiry, you will know I am
not the one you are looking for
Let me please call my mom
She will be looking for me
Sir...sir. Please sir...sir...
Just one call sir...
Don't throw tantrums
Vehicle is in the street corner
Come all by yourself
Else, will drag you by your hair
Mind it!
Wake the child up
Young girl...
Looking pretty too...
How did you marry
such a man?
Do you not know he would betray?
What next?
How are you going to
manage a living?
Did you think about it?
What's you next course of action?
You were with him.
So, got to file one or two
Cases on you too, mind you!
No option
You...will go to Puzhal,
Your youth and beauty...
Would wane there
Would put your
son in minor jail
You face is puffy due to
too much of crying
Go wash your face
Comb your hair and be ready
Got to go to mortuary...
And identify your husband's body
Go, I say
Hey man, what's up
why is he running?
Devraj, what did you do?
what did you tell her?
I didn't say anything
Did she jump, just like that?
I told about identifying
The body in the hospital
Upon hearing it, she swiftly
Jumped into the well...
Hello...He didn't die yet.
He is still struggling for life
and trying to be saved...
Doctor said no hope.
What did I say wrong?
I told her he is dead
But he is still alive...
Why, man?
You screw yourself up like this
Man, call the fire service
Brother, I am an accused
Will not be able to take permission
The one who's Sobs inside is my wife
Am I gonna take her away?
Just wanted see her once, brother
The one, lying inside is Maha bro
They must have tried hitting on
his head, his has a cut on his face
Its only hope, peace and love...
You are all big shots now.
Why still brawl?
Behave like big shots...
Maha is finished.
Dont worry about his son
taking revenge after release, lad!
Life just goes on
Its only trust, peace and love
Wanna know about one of my life events?
I was in my second year in college...
Second year
Fell in love with a girl, brother
Brother, Deep love... brother
Guru, deep love Guru
I loved her. She took me to her place...
I went along
There, to my father-in-law,
I said hello
He wished me back
I told him your daughter is bearing my son
I asked him, don't you believe?
He stared at me
Know what did he say?
He told, three more fellows
are telling the same thing
Its all trust, bro
She bearing is my son... its trust
I stood by it
I stood by it firmly
Those 3 guys, went away, no trust
That's how I got all of his wealth
- Excellent story...
- Thanks Guru
Its only trust...peace...
And love...
What, bro?
No one can even about us hereafter...
There is no looking back in life
Its only peace...
Understood, bro?
We are all big shots now
- Bro, you guys have joined hands
- Hey
What's it there?
A light is seen
Go and take a look
What's that Guru, power
Failure in your house alone?
Hey, who's that?
Who's that?
Just the head is burning...
Man,tyres are removed...
Even this tyre is not there...
Hey, who's that?
Maha, hey, Maha I am policeman.
My dept won't spare you, Maha
Maha...spare me. Your wife jumped
into the well herself. Maha...
Maha...spare me...
Maha...I am big man, Maha...
Department won't spare you
Maha...Someone help me..., man...
Why, bro?
Maha, bro, bro...Hey, Maha
You are very clear
Will arrange for your release. All the best!
But wondering why your case
Reports are confusing.
Ok...I will do one thing...
Shall arrange for your release
If a good judge handles your case,
you will easily be set free
Wish you all the best,
Gentleman, All the best!
While battling for life, Maha and
Muni, were admitted in the same hospital.
They have been battling quite a while,
but only one of them survived.
Recognise him?
- Come soon bro
- Start soon...
Can't travel with low lives.
You can go after we get dropped
Bro, Please hold on for 45 minutes.
I shall be back
Its windy, let's go back
- Else it'll topple the boat
- Ok...ok
Go back to the shore...go...
Come on, bro
What's it man, its so
Windy and thundering...
Good that we returned
That's right, man
Let none of us go
till the wind stops
Due to winds, last year
the boat toppled
Three people died in that
Of which, one corpse
Took 3 days to be found
You said we will be able to reach...
Shore looks closer from here
Its more than one and a
Half kilometers, you know
You look familiar...
Who are you?
Maha was a assassin, for survival
Felt guilty about his
indirect role in Muni's death
Maha found his resurrection in Thirukkural
Found peace and attained wisdom
Praba, who was destitute like Maha
Was recovered by Deepa
And she handed him over
To Muni's mom, Devaanai
Devaanai was reluctant to
Stay back in that place
Sold her lands off
And moved to Mekkarai with Praba
And doing farming for a living
Maha took Muni's purpose to be his
own, and got ready for a long journey
To meet his son Praba
Going to Mekkarai, to meet his son once