Magi (2015) Movie Script

Hitler got slain alll sorcerers,
astrologers, alchemists,...
... freemasons, and occultists,
who have been keep in touch...
... with himself, one by one.
Only one has survived by
having fled away to Turkey.
This man's name was ...
... Baron Von Sebottendorf.
Ten years later, Baron has sent
his own audio-visual footage,...
...recorded in the middle of nowhere,
between Syria and Iraq, to Adolf Hitler.
(in German)
- Adolf...
Do you hear me?
I haven't died.
I am still alive.
Devils, you've been worshipping,...
...are now with me in the...
... Baylon, the place abandoned by Gods.
All leper infidels,...
...ambushed in your vile soul,..
...have unificated their powers and...
...damned your soul to eternally rot.
They have reached out a verdict
of your perishment.
You have betrayed us.
You'll die in agony, deadlock,
as disgraced and all alone.
Get ready for eternal hell!
A year later, Hitler died.
Baron Von Sebottendorf...
... has retreated himself to underground,
somewhere in Istanbul.
Translated into English by Sparky
(in Arabic)
In the name of God
In the name of God,
The most gracious,
In the name of God,
The most gracious,
The most merciful.
(reciting Holy Book)
(reciting Holy Book)
- This way.
- Burga...
- Wait.
- Let's go.
- Hey.
- Djinn.
- Come on.
Show up yourself.
- Leave the body of innocent.
(incomprehensible murming)
- I command thee,
get back your wicked hell.
(speaking in Latin)
- Where are you from?
- From States.
- America, huh? But, you speak
Turkish fluently. Well done.
- Yes. I know. But,
my sister does not know.
- Doesn't know? She'ld learn.
Take it easy.
- What's her name?
- Olivia. My name is Marla.
- Marla... My name is Huseyin.
Just like your president.
Barrack Hussein Obama.
That's it, my namesake.
- Olivia.
- Yes?
- How is it going in Istanbul?
Do you like it?
- What?
- He's asking, whether
you like Istanbul or not.
- What did she say?
- She says that we've recently arrived.
- What, she said, she's newbie to city?
- You would love it.
Istanbul has always been nice.
- Turn right.
- To right, alright.
I'll drive to right.
- Good night.
- Thank you.
- Whew! Too much dishes,
enough even for a troop.
Who's gonna eat all?
- Us, Olivia. Here's Turkish cuisine.
Dishes are marvelious.
You would love all.
Salt, salt...Where is it?
- Here it is.
- No, not this one. I mean, bay salt.
I have recently bought.
- It must've been in the shopping bags.
I may have forgetton in living room.
- I'ld check out.
- Thanks.
- Your finger... bleeding.
- As I was reaching out the salt, this
god-damn thing stung to my finger.
- What the hell are you doing?
- Why this disguisting shit
is on the table?
- I don't know.
- So, why did you burn it?
- Cause, it scared the crap out of me.
- Marla.
I'm getting angry. Could you tell me,
what the hell is happening here?
- I'll explain in the dinner.
- OK?
- So, what's your opion?
Did you enjoy the dinner?
- Sure, quite good.
- You'd better to, if you open
and run Turkish restaurant in NY.
- No. You know, I'm little bit slacker.
- Have some wine.
You'ld love it.
- No.
- No?
- Boy or girl?
- A girl.
- Who's her father?
- Could we change the subject?
- No way.
- Why?
- Cause, I have flighted
rashly from US,
As you have called
me in on a sudden.
So, I've been thinking that you
have something very seriously.
- Nothing seriously. I have
been missing you. That's it.
- Drop it, Marla. I know you very well.
- Then, what's gonna happen right now?
- Nothing.
- I'm gonna give a birth to my daughter,
and start up a new life, I think.
- You mean, as if nothing happened.
What are you hiding from me?
- Why do you think that
I'm covering up something?
- So, what's that shit over there?
Did your ex-husband put it there?
- No.
I don't think so.
- Then, who?
- Look.. I'm not in a trouble,
but, I just...
- What 'you just..'? Would
you like to tell me.. plain words that
what the shit happended?
- What's going on here?
- Everthing begun with this.
- What's this?
- A kind of traditional Turkish costume
and some amulets on it.
- What for are they?
- It would protect one, who wears
it, from the assault of djinns.
- Djinns?
Is the djinn thing, what pops
out of Aladdin's lamp?
- That's a tale only, Olivia.
Djinns are more demonic creatures.
- So...
- So, I have seen the costume in a village,
while I was travelling with a tour.
It belongs a girl, named Havva.
Villagers have found her dead,
while this costume was on her.
- That costume doesn't provide
enough protection is obvious.
- Nobody knows that why the girl
has been killed, and who killed her.
But, there's an interesting
detail about her.
- What's that?
- Girl was pregnant.
Whoever killed her, also ripped her
abdomen and taken her child away.
- What?
- Oh, my God.
- Worst of all, there's
a black mass footage.
Somebody must've realised that
I've been researching the costume.
- So have you ever
- No, not exactly.
- Then, You've consulted
the police, right?
- Maybe, I should've.
But, I don't know.
I couldn't have realised
that they'll find me.
- Hello.
- Who is it?
- Look. I'll call the police.
- They are gonna find you.
- Who was that?
- Don't stare at me, like that.
- Who was it, Oliva?
What did he say to you?
We need to go to police.
- To post it to police is the
first thing, to do in the morning,
Now, I have something to show you.
- No. I wanna see
nothing right now.
No matter, what's going on here,
I don't like it.
- Alright.
- Look. Let's go back
to New York tommorrow.
- No.
- Both of us...
- No, I don't wanna come back.
Here is my country, I belong here.
- But, you have invited
me for this reason.
- Enough. I'm not coming back.
That's not my country.
- I got it. OK. Calm down, Marla. Please.
- When I die, I want to
be laid to rest here.
- Anyway...
- To say the truth,...
I never lived my childhood.
that's why I didn't want abortion.
- Thank you for your coming
and being here.
- But, if you want to be back
to home, there's a flight... NY early in the morning.
- Good night.
- Marla.
- Marla.
- Marla.
- Marla.
- Excuse me being late.
- How are you?
- Good.
- We have got some
info to share with you.
My guys checked all windows and
door. There are no traces to break in.
Whoever entered home,
he must have the keys.
That it is not a burglary is obvious.
Nothing stolen.
For exact result of the event,...
..we are waiting to have results of
autopsy and report of crime scene squads.
- Is there any suspect?
- Yes.
- Khaled Mohseni. He's ex-husband
of your sister, an Iranian.
- So,...
- He didn't commit a crime.
But, he had small issues...
...during visa applications.
- Have you talked to him?
- We know, where he lives and the
bar which he works.
But, we haven't found him yet.
- Do you think that he did it?
- We have experienced a number
of murder case after divorce in Turkey.
So, in our opinion, he's
main suspicious person.
- Then, are you sure?
- No, I am not, ms. Watkins.
His chance of being a criminal is high.
- Alright, what about story
of the girl named Havva.
The way she was killed, is
similiar, as I have mentioned.
- We're still investigating it,
despite the fact that it's an old story.
Now, we need to focus camera
recordings outside the house,
Marla's e-mails, phone
callings, and her texts.
- Captain Irfan. Do you realise that
I'm a professional journalist?
- Yes, exactly. I'm aware of it.
- I 'll never leave the country until
I reveal that who killed my sister.
- Be sure that we'll do
our best ms. Watkins.
- Olivia.
My condolences.
- Thanks. But, you..
- My name is Emir.
And this is Suzan.
We've been working with Marla,
in the language school.
- I'm really unable express myself
that how much sad I am.
- Her students have been shocked.
- She was praiseworthy for everybody.
- Yeah. Exactly.
- She had really excellent personality.
- She mentioned me that
you're going to visit her.
You can't imagine that
how she has been so excited.
- Who could have done such
a monstrous act? I can't get it.
- What?
- Policemen belive that
her ex-husband did it.
- Yeah. I have also heard it.
- Have you ever met with him?
- No.
- Marla... She didn't like
to talk about him.
- She told me once that they didn't
get along. So, they had to divorce.
- She was frazzled by divorce.
- Yeah. So, she even got vacation
to pull herself together.
- Didn't she get a vacation,
as she'd been pregnant?
- Pregnant?
- We didn't know that
she's been pregnant.
- You didn't know it?
- No.
- No.
- Whoever killed her, also ripped her
abdomen and taken baby away.
- What?
- Oh, my God.
- Olivia.
- You'd better to live with us for a while.
- Turkish coffee?
- Serve to our guest first.
- Get your feet down,
so that I could pass.
- Gee!
- It's for you.
- Thanks.
- Thanks for serving coffees.
- You're welcome.
- Marla mentioned
a woman, named Havva.
- Havva?
- Do you know, who she is?
- No, me, err...
- We have found a horrible
thing in previous night.
Marla didn't know that who has put there.
She just told that it's a satanic stuff.
- Satanic?
- We have started to discuss, and...
...she told me wierd story
of villager woman.
- Which village?
- I don't know.
- But that she'd also been
pregnant was strange and wierd.
Her baby was taken away, by having
carved by her abdomen.
Just like What's happened to Marla.
- What?
- My God.
- Did you tell it to police?
- Yeah. I did.
- Olivia.
- Olivia.
- Yeah.
- May I come in?
- Come in.
- Good morning.
- Sorry that bothering you.
Police called me.
They request you to come.
- What's up?
- I don't know.
They told me that it's urgent.
- OK.
- At 3.11 am.
See that guy in the hooded costum?
He had walked through the
street, approached to door.
- Then, he left the house, with a knife in
his hand, a bag in another hand.
- Our colleagues have discovered that mr.
Mohseni has a cottage near to Istanbul.
So, we have gone immediately to raid.
We have found out these.
- It seems same hooded costum.
- Did you catch him?
- Have a look these.
- He must have commited suicide
probably right after circumstance.
- So, you didn't find the baby.
- Not.
- Are sure that it is a suicide?
- He left a note.
- I think,
you'd better to read it.
- Marla...
Our baby is now an angel.
Please forgive me.
But, the pain you have afforded
will be your salvation.
And I... I was dead the day
I was departed from Iran.
Heaven is friendly only to
those who have offered.
- We got skin remaings in
your sister nails. Then sent...
... the samples for forensic
We are going to compare
with mr. Mohseni's DNA.
If DNAs match,...
- I mentioned yesterday,
Havva's story which my sister told me.
That the way she and my sister
was killed almost same.
Is it a strange
coincidental similarity?
- Her husband must have
heard the story from her.
- What do you mean?
- He probably wanted to punish your sister,
by having inspired by Havva's murder.
- So, what's gonna happen right now?
- We'll be awaiting for report of forensic
medicine. If DNAs match,... would mean that case
to be closed.
- And? What? What else?
- I don't know how to say
it to a journalist. But...
- I guess, your embassy would prefer
this case to sweep under the carpet.
- International relations
between Iran, you know.
- Say them, nothing to worry.
Only one thing to be not
significant as a news is...
... the her own family.
- Olivia.
- What's happended?
- Are you alright?
It's over.
- Calm down. Alright.
- Let's get of here.
- Don't fear.
We are here, with you.
- Let's get out.
- Let's go.
- Go ahead.
- Let's get out here.
Everything's gonna be alright.
- Yes. DNA results matched.
Her ex-husband did it.
No. I'll be back after funeral.
Embassy helped me.
They did their best.
No, I really need nothing.
I'm alright. Thanks.
See you later.
- Olivia. Embassy called.
They got permission from...
...ministry of internal affairs,
to bury her... the christian cemetary.
- Hello.
- Who's it?
- Marla is dead. You asshole.
- What is your intention?
- Why are you grunting?
You son of a bitch.
- Are you Marla Watkins, lady?
- Sorry that I can't speak
Turkish fluently.
- You... Marla Watkins?
- No, she's not here right now.
I'm her sister.
- Is she your sister?
- Yes, she is.
- OK. Sister, huh?
- Sign.
Sign, please.
- Alright.
- Thank you.
- What?
- So, what the hell is it?
- It's so twisted.
- Is it... real?
- Yeah. It seems like that.
- But, then...
- The thing,.. that baby,
.. could it be?...
- Same baby, I guess.
- It should be fake.
- We gotta call the police.
What are we waiting for?
- No. I don't think that
they've got something to do.
- Are you kidding me?
This black mass shit is...
...the same as what
they did to your sister.
- You think, could that woman,
in footage, be Havva?
- Olivia. Why don't we call the
police to investigate this?
- Suzan.
What could police do on this issue?
- Emir. So what?
That's their business to clarify...
...that what the fuck is going on there.
It's not our work.
- What do you expect them to do?
They've already resolved,
Marla was killed by Mohseni,
ex-husband. It's proven.
- So...
- Then, they have closed the
case, by their side.
According to them, it's done.
Supposing that, we send the
footage. Then, what do...
... you suppose them to do,
in a such a wierd circumstance?
- What do you expect them to do?
- I want to go that scene.
- To go there is very dangerous.
- Whoever has sent that video to me,
it's obvious that he wants me to go there.
It's crystal clear.
If you are afraid of it,
I would savvy you.
But, I'll go there.
- Hold on. Calm down. Let's think
about it. Alright?
- Now, we need be back to school.
- I'll try to find, where from
this video tape was sent. OK?
- OK.
- Would you inform me ASAP
as you get the adress?
- OK.
- Are you nuts? Why are you
messing up with this creepy thing?
- Suzan. Would you calm down please?
- No way... She's not able not
think mentally. Don't you see?
- Suzan. Don't exaggerate.
You're making me embarrassed.
- Although you've seen
all these creepy things.
Are you saying me that
you're gonna go there?
- Yeah.
- You.. you're totaly insane!
- I'm off, not gonna butt-in.
- If you get into trouble,
you'll be responsable for it.
- Suzan.
Lawrence Irlam
- Marla...
States are born in the hearts of poets.
They rise and fall in the
hands of politicians.
- Hello.
- Alright.
- Yeah. I'll meet you.
- Now. That's street
which we're looking for.
- Alright.
- There are too many numbers and houses.
- Number 13 is over there.
- 13?
- Yeah.
- Hold on.
Could it be this one?
- No, that's number 66,
or something like that.
- Where the hell is it?
- We're gonna find it.
Don't worry.
Maybe, it's better to
ask a district fellow.
Yeah. That's right. We'd better
to ask that grocery shop.
In a small district,
everybody knows each other.
- Alright.
- Good night, bro.
- Good night.
- We're looking for no. 18.
But, we couldn't find it.
Do you know,
where it is located?
- 18?
- Yeah.
- House, where the US
woman lives, recently killed?
- Marla.
- Yeah.
- What did he say?
- Are you sure, bro?
- I've seen her on TV news, murdered.
She used to come randomly,
for shopping.
She was a debonair, candid woman.
What a pity having being killed..
- What?
- He says, the adress, we are looking for
is where Marla'd been living.
- What the hell was she doing in
such a uncanny, spooky place?
- So strange.
- What the shit.
- Emir.
- Check it out. Exactly
as same as in the footage?
- You mean, door.
- Yeah. Door and the pattern
above the door. Look at there.
- Same. A symbol in the circle.
In Arabic.
- Do you know, what does it mean?
- As I know, it's a letter only.
- Locked.
- Maybe, I should try to break in.
- Hold on. Wait.
- Try this.
- Where did you get it?
- It found it in the Marla's rucksack.
- It works.
- Olivia.
Have a look this.
- What?
- Look.
Marla Watkins. 11 25th, 1981.
- It's her date of birth.
- Shall we open?
- Yeah. Let's open it.
- What if, if I say that I'm scared.
- Hush.
Be quite.
- I think, someone stalking
at the downstairs.
- Calm down. OK?
- Be quite...
Do not go out.
- OK.
- I'll be back right now.
- Olivia, Olivia.
Are you alright?
- No, I am not.
- Anything happened to you?
- What's happened here?
- Lamp bursted.
Then, everything moved.
- Things under the shrouds.
Each one of them started to move.
- Have you ever seen anybody down there?
- I run down to street to
catch. But, I saw no one.
- Olivia. We got to get
out here immediately.
- Go.
- Alright. But, we need to take this sack.
- What the hell are we gonna do with it?
- I don't know. But, Marla's
name was written onto it.
- I'ld take it.
Go, go.
- What is inside there, in your opinion?
- I have no idea.
- Alright. Let's open it.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah.
- It's absolutely regarding to black magic.
I'm sure that it's done with evil will.
- So weird.
- Why Marla should hide this kind of stuff?
- I don't know.
- Probably, hidden
there by Mohseni.
- Why would he has done it?
- No idea. He might had been
hatred for Marla, since she left him.
He might have wished to cast a
black magic because of this reason.
- Havva.
- What's up with her?
- How to be slain, her pregnancy,
and the way how her baby taken...
...away from her... Remember?
Murders are exactly same.
- Olivia, Marla has been
killed by her ex-husband.
- Then, what about footage?
- Look. I don't want you misunderstand me.
As long as you want, I'm with you...
...But sometimes, we'd better
not to butt-in everything...
...and accept the circumstances
in which, we've been.
- I'm here to stay 'til the day
which I solve what happened,,, my sister and her baby.
- Yeah, Suzan.
Alright. I'll tell.
See you.
- What did she say?
- I didn't tell what's happened.
As you have beholded,..
...she doesn't welcome
these kind of stuffs.
- What's your relationship with Suzan?
I mean, except the being a colleague.
- You must have watched, The X
Files serial. Mulder and Scully.
- Yeah.
- I've always been as Molder.
- So?
- So, generally, she's been rational.
- But, me...
I'm much more confident guy.
- What about you?
- I'm like Suzan, I think.
- But, eventually, all women
are the same, Emir.
(in Latin)
Invoke the djinns of Babylon
The story of Havva...
...of Derinkuyu Village.
- Help me.
- I told everything to her.
- What did you tell?
- That you fell in love with me.
- You're a nitwit.
- So, is it a lie that you love me?
- You've got a huge imagination.
- Yeah. So it is.
- What are you talking about?
- Nothing.
You shut up. Keep driving.
- I'm driving. Don't worry.
- Watch the road only.
- Look. There's a countrywoman.
- Could you ask her?
- Let me ask.
- Let me have smoke break.
- Alright.
- Hey. How is it going?
- Thanks, sweetie.
You're welcome.
- Auntie, we are looking for Derinkuyu
village. Do you know, where it is?
- Did you say Derinkuyu?
- Yeah. Somewhere around here.
- What are gonna do there?
- Nothing. We've got
some issues over there.
Could you say us,
how to drive there?
- Straight ahead along this way.
It's beyond the hills.
- OK.
- Anything to help you, sis?
- Nothing. I've just asked to
how to drive to Derinkuyu.
- Get your car, get the
hell outta here..
- Alright.
- Calm down, guys.
- Stop.
- Get into car. Go! Go!
Leave here! Right now!
- You fucking bastards.
Fuck you all.
- Man was about to kill us.
- He didn't shoot us,
just intended to threat us.
- No he pointed the rifle upon us,
and intended to kill.
- Why?
What happened there?
- I don't know.
- Don't know, either. I've just
asked them how to go to village.
- So, they've all gone crazy, because
of you asked how to go?
- Yeah. They're all nuts. See?
- Hello, countryman.
- Hello.
- There must be a...
...village around here. Do you know, where
Derinkuyu village is? We couldn't find.
So, we decided to ask your help.
- It used to around here.
- Used to be?
So, you mean, not in exist now?
- Not.
They all burnt down.
All torn to pieces.
- Burnt down? Who did it?
Tell us, please.
- Are you journalist?
- No. I'm not, just vanilla.
We got an issue,...
...a kind of matter of life and death?
- So you want to listen the story
of possessed woman, Havva?
- Exactly.
- Possessed woman.
Could you tell us, please.
- Country fellows here
discountenance to talk about it.
- Too many died.
- You'ld get into trouble by yourself.
- You're quite moderate man. See this lady?
She came from very far, from States,.
If it had not been a matter of life and
death, we would never bother you.
- I'm imploring you to tell, please.
- But, what I know about
her is all hearsay.
- We've a scholar hodja here, Sheikh
Abdurrahim. You'd better to ask him.
- Sheikh Abdurrahim.
- Yes.
- You'd better to ask him.
- Alright. Where does he live?
How to meet him?
- Servet.
- What's up?
- Come here, son.
- OK, dad.
- I appreciate you, brother.
- Yes, dad.
- Sonny. Take this people and
accompany them to Sheikh...
...Abdurrahim's home.
And come back. Got it?
- Alright.
- Thank you. Excuse us
bothering you so late.
- You're welcome.
- I'll return your son.
- Bye.
- What's your name, buddy?
- Servet.
- Come here, buddy.
Have you ever ridden a car?
- No.
- So, we go.
- Good night. We have just
came to visit Sheikh Abdurrahim.
- My condolonces for your sister.
May God forgive her.
- Amen.
- She's asking that whether you
knew her sister or not.
- No.
She visited me, to ask
about Havva, as you did.
- She's asking that what you
have talked to her sister.
- She asked me Havva and
I have told to her story.
- Have your ever seen her sister,
after having visited you?
- No.
- If it would not bother you,...
...may we request
to tell her story for us?
- Father.
- Asiye.
- Why did they come here?
- Come with me, daughter.
- Daddy.
- My daughter,
she has been sick.
- I'm untangling other people's
problems. But, I have...
...nothing to do solve
my own matters.
- Predestination.
- I was in charge of an imam in
Derinkuyu village, twenty years ago.
Village had been so peaceful until Havva
and her family moved to village.
Havva, at 16 years old,
had big whammy eyes.
Her family was unattractive
to other fellows.
But, we didn't question her about
where they came and why.
But, as they have settled to village,
animals have started to go for nothing.
Our crops got die away. People started
to felt uncomfortable by unusual illness'.
Country fellow scared.
Rumours have been spread out among
the people that Havva had an evil eye.
Villagers have been unrest.
One day, after a night prayer in
the mosque, Havva's father...
... has come to me, very
quailled, told me that...
...her daughter has been
possessed by a djinn. And he...
...requested me... help to her.
- Where is she?
- Havva.
- Havva.
Look at me.
- Is the djinn, which has
been possessing you, here?
- Here.
- He's looking at you.
- Show me,
where exactly he is?
- What's his name?
- Khudeia.
- Khudeia? Ask him, why
he's been bothering you?
- Take your infidel look away from me.
Otherwise, I'ld be vixen
circulating in your arteries.
I'ld gnaw your soul.
- What do you want from this girl?
- My child.
- Child gonna be born today.
- Do you know that
who gave birth to satan?
- Villagers have so frightened.
Then, Havva has been found,...
...her abdomen ripped apart and,
her baby was nowhere... Gone.
- So, according to your
opinion, who killed Havva?
- I don't know. But villagers
believed that killed by djinns.
- But, how could they've done it?
- Djinns, eventually, are
some sort of energy, huh?
- Babylonians may have
influence upon human flesh.
They can bash in, dismember,
and even suck blood.
- What's difference between djinns
and demons or anything like that...
...which also mentioned
in western cultures?
- Djinns, are the species, living in
same environment with humans,...
...but in different dimension, which
able to think, speak and even kill.
They always keep observing, hearing the
mankind, always ambush the human being.
They can bedevil you, drive you suicide.
They would kidnap.
Aliens from outer space are even djinns.
They can even capture human body.
- Pause. Pause it.
- That's Ghanzeer cult!
- What did he say?
- He says, it's a Ghanzeer cult something.
- Ghanzeer?
- Yeah.
- A foreigner priest came to village and
showed me exactly this pattern, ...
... in the year which Havva died.
He told me, it's the Ghanzeer cult.
- What? Where did you
come up the cult stuff?
- I told what happened on
the day, Havva died, to him.
- What do you know about this priest?
Still alive?
- I don't know even his name.
I haven't seen him after that day.
- Dad! Dad!
- Calm down, daughter.
- Go, let them go.
- I want them all out.
Get out.
- What did she say?
- I don't understand.
She speaks in Arabic.
- What did she say, hodja?
- She asked that how satan was born.
- Who gave birth to satan?
(indistinctive conversations)
- I'm not gonna hurt you.
Hush! Don't be afraid.
Listen. I knew your sister.
I'm a friend of her.
Don't keep resisting.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'ld set you free,
if you don't shout. Deal?
- Who the hell are you?
- My name is Lawrence.
Lawrence Irlam.
Your sister gave me this key.
- Lawrence Irlam.
- Yeah.
- Author of ''Pagan''?
- I have some information about murder.
- You're in a deep shit, honey.
You've got to leave
here ASAP.
- What are you talking about?
- They are after you.
They are all around you.
- Who?
- Hush.
- Gone.
- Do you have any close friend,... provide you safe
accommodation that you can trust?
- Yeah.
- Hello.
- No tommorrow for you any longer.
You have crossed the line.
- Have I? I see.
Your mad dogs are after me.
- As always.
- Tell them to come and finish me.
I'm awaiting them.
- Human can never rules
which he doesn't understand.
We decide to birth and the
death. Verdict is ours only.
- Great.
- Tell me who you are.
- Hold on. Gotcha.
- You are God.
God? Right?
- We're not God, Lawrence.
But, we are what God dreads.
- Lawrence Irlam.
No... a writer... An american.
- He says, he's a friend of Marla.
Could you urgently come over here, please?
- Alright.
- What the hell are you doing here?
What's happened to you?
- Olivia.
- Olivia.
- Olivia. My gosh.
- What's happened to you?
- What's happened?
- Su...
- Suzan.
- Suzan.
- Suzan.
- Suzan.
Are you alright?
- Suzan.
Are you alright?
- Calm down.
It's over.
- Actually, I thought that your
sister had her relevance...
... upon this issues, because
of impressed by books.
- Then...
- Then, as I got closer to her,
I have realized that she's
been familiar to that cult...
... before my books.
- to Ghanzeer?
- Yeah.
- Were you close to Marla?
- I loved her. You know,
she's a beatiful woman.
- But, you have met
her here, in Turkey?
- Yeah.
She came to me have
her book signed.
- ''States are born in the hearts of poets,
And rise and fall in the
hands of politicians.''
- Why did you write such a thing to her?
- She was a good poet and
also had interest over politics.
I... I just intended to
forewarn her. That's it.
- But, you're here to write your new book.
- Yeah. I mean, something like that.
- I have just started to write,
cause I had no clue about it.
So my outline had been
based on fictional work.
- So, did you break in Marla's
home to find some clues?
- You are seriously
interrogating me, huh?
- No, I mean... We just intend
to get some information..
- I, ...err, ...yeah, I got here
find something. OK?
Cause, if a cult murder had
been commited there,..
...there should be trace,
or evidence of the rituel.
I intended to find
some clue or evidence.
- You believe in that
she was killed by cult.
- I'm sure that,
not by her ex-husband.
- What's Ghanzeer exactly?
- Let me read a cite for you.
''Humankind... thinks that
you reign over world.
But, they're blind. Actually,
I keep world in my hands.
Admit it, Lord. It's me, who
rules over the world, not you.
Which one of them could have
done that what I have done?
...and even Mohammed.
I'm just your reflection on the dark.
We're indissoluble one only.
Satan and God.''
Both are the same.
- A quote from whom?
- This is Baron Von Sebottendorf.
A Turkish citizen, with German origin.
He lived in Istanbul.
It's believed that this
man created the Hitler.
World wants to be deceived.
Baron formed a black society in Munich,
named as Thule, in 1919.
Society 'd been looking for somebody
to manage the Arian race...
... with black magic and alchemy. Then,
they decided to choose Adolf Hitler.
But, when they had realised that
Hitler was not appropriate man.
It was too late.
Then, Baron wrote a book
as ''Before Hitler Comes''.
As he revealed all
secrets of Hitler in the book.
At the burst of an anger,...
...Hitler sentenced to close down
his society and imprison him.
Then, decided to sentence
death penalty for him.
- But, baron had escaped and fled to east
of Turkey, to Mardin providence.
- Mardin?
- Mardin means home of Marduk.
I let you know, Marduk is the
strongest God of Babylon.
He found everything what
he's been looking for, there.
That's house where the Baron lived.
Baron formed here a new
terrible black massing cult and, ...
...named it as Ghanzeer,
- Ghanzeer is the name of gate to
underground where the djinns...
...and demons live, in
Assyria and Babylon.
- One, wishes to get in touch with djinns,
has to enter through Ghanzeer gate... realm of demons and djinns.
- These demons, who can paralyse
the mankind at a glance,...
...are called as Anunnaki.
- Baron discovered that ...
...Babylonians used this symbol as a
talisman to invoke the djinns.
- Shamash, sun, which is required
for breed the descendants of djinns.
- In a little while, Baron has risen
his black cult, since the...
...Turkish freemasons, magician,
and occultist all around the... have joined him to cult.
And baron gained great power...
... He used it to invoke
and control the djinns.
- So, what was Baron's purpose?
- Revenge.
- He craved to make Hitler pay
for his betrayal.
As it's been told. They have
perished him by the black magic,...
... as how they have created
him by black magic. Ghanzeer.
- Adolf Hitler, the great deceiver.
Then, Baron finally became aware of,
what he needed is much more than human...
... to form a superior race.
- So, he intended to form a hybrid species,
half of a human, half of a djinn.
- Magi.
- Magi?
- Magi... Yeah, of
Anunnaki and human.
- Does word of Magic based on Magi?
- Yeah.
- Alchemist carried those traditions
into western countries... the Magic,
derived form of Magi.
- According to common belives,
depressed and weak women...
...are easy target for djinns.
- So, Ghanzeer members choose the woman,
to be inseminated by the djinns.
- Alright. Djinns, demons
or whatsoever...
How do they get into sexual
intercourse with women?
- French, demon hunter and occultist
Nicholas Lemi has proven that...
...djnns and demons are able to
inseminate the women for breed.
- Members of the cult always
go to the pregnant woman,...
...right before the birth...
... and rip the abdomen of woman
to take the baby out...
...feed the baby in an unknown place.
- And, that's Havva.
- She had a Magi in her womb,
whose father is a djinn.
- I have heard her story and
started to invetigate the case.
- People around, where she
lived, is very aggressive.
- Because, they believed that they've
been cursed by Havva.
- They had defective and
malformed births,...
...terrible and strange diseases...
- People suffered by madness.
- Too many suicides.
- What a whole of craziness?
- Imam of village told us he
heard the cult from a priest.
- So...
- I mean...
Did you also hear from him?
- I know 14 events, recently,
have happened similar way.
- So, who's the priest?
- The priest has no meaning
about the case.
- Your sister has been
slaughtered by the cult.
- Why?
- Cause, they don't need her,
...but baby only.
- Magi.
- I don't comprehend what they're
gonna do this Magi stuff?
- Magis, they have extra ordinary powers.
Magics, Olivia, spells.
- You can do anything you want,
with a such a powerful army.
- Think about Hitler. He craved to
form perfect race, arian race.
I mean, history always repeats itself.
- So, Magi instead of Nazis?
- Yeah. Absolutely.
- Alright. Where are the magis right now?
- I don't have an idea about where are
they, or, even what they look like.
- Then, whatever you told us,
might be totaly fictitious.
- Olivia. Go back home.
- Why don't you explain me
that who the priest is?
- See? You're getting rude.
- Priest.
Who is he?
- Alright.
- That's him.
- His name is Burga Adler.
He's a nestorian.
- What's the nestorian?
- Nestorians are, living in Mardin
providence, a christian devout group...
...who believes in God, Jesus
Chist and Holy Bible deeply.
- So, you are saying, Burga Adler
lives in Mardin, now?
... and you're not gonna give him contacts.
- First, I have to ask him to
approve give his contacts.
- I have last question.
- Go ahead!
- Who gave birth to satan?
- I've been researching the
answer for 20 years,...
...still I haven't found.
Baron Rudolf Von Sebottendorf
- What's the matter?
- Guess it. What could it be?
I need your help.
- What kind of help?
- You mean, what?
It's Ghanzeer.
They're gonna kill her.
Are you dunce?
- We've been watching you.
- Dangerous, huh?
Are you afraid of, too?
Have you turned to a chicken?
- I'm a retired priest only,
not an Indiana Jones.
- Yeah. Sure about it.
You got me
interfere in this shit.
Now, what do you expect me to do?
Should I give up and
back to home?
- I'm done to deal it long years ago.
It's you who's been writing books,
and believe in Magi bullshits. Not me.
- Just listen. I don't give a fuck about
writing book. OK? They're gonna kill her.
- Hey. You'd better to
calm down a bit.
- Don't talk about calming down.
I've spent a lot of years to reveal
those shits. Don't fool around.
So, you'd better to move your
ass and come here immediately.
- While you were writing your book.
I told you to watch your steps.
- Hello?
- Burga?
- Hey.
- Larry.
- Leave where you are immediately.
- Larry, you've got leave there, right now!
- Larry!
- Hey!
- Fuck you all, assholes.
You son of a bitches!
- Alright. Yeah,
I'm awaiting you, Emir.
- Olivia.
- Olivia.
- Are you alright?
Olivia. Hey.
- Nothing. Camera
recorded nothing.
- No way!
Horrible things just
happened right now.
I can't even explain
what I have seen.
- Olivia. Don't guess that
I don't believe in you,...
- You already don't believe in me.
- So, why are you yelling at me?
- I'm sorry.
Sorry about it.
- What I have experienced is
just too much to withstand for me.
- My dad...
Our dad was an alcoholic.
Before having being fired his job,
he was a cop.
He was a completely monster,
very cruel to our mother.
He often beated us.
We had an unfortunate childhood.
Our life was a debris.
When we were kids, he
had treated us violently.
Marla was brave.
She always resisted
and tried to cover me,...
...when our father came
home at late night as drunk.
We always watched TV and dreamed to
choose celebrities to be our parents.
We made up an imaginary
world to be happy.
Marla always thought that Kelly
McGillis could be a perfect mother.
And I was fell in love with Rob Lowe.
Our father and mum died in a car crash,
on the day they divorced.
Strange or funny, I can't decide, but...
...I didn't shed tears,
not even a drop of it.
- How about Suzan?
- I've gone to visit her, but...
...she didn't want to speak with me.
- All, my fault.
- No,
it's not your fault.
- I'm in a dread.
- I know,
I know.
We'll accomplish.
Everything's gonna be fine.
I promise.
- Olivia.
- What are you staring at?
- Nobody there.
Let's get out.
Go, go!
Let's get out.
- Hello. Is it Olivia Watkins?
- Yeah.
- This is Burga Adler speaking.
I'm a friend of Lawrence Irlam.
- I know. I was hoping
you to call me.
- Olivia. Larry is dead.
- What?
- You're in danger.
We need to talk.
- We found it in the Marla's home.
- What's this?
- My name is Marla.
I've passed through seven
gates of Ghanzeer, and...
...met the demon named as Kaibour.
- Kaibour? What is it?
- You're sister was a member of cult.
- What?!
- For affiliate the Ghanzeer, she had to
pass through the seven gates underground.
- Does a circle means that?
- It's a Babylonian spell.
To communicate the djinn, your
sister had to capture and...
...imprison him in a cauldron, after
having met him. That's what she did.
- You're saying that there's
imprisoned djinn there?
- One of the most dangerous one.
- If it is subject to cult.
nothing to be astonished.
They're good in tempt to innocent people.
Then, they killed your sister and
put the blame on her ex-husband.
- What about the baby?
Do you know what
happened to baby?
- Cult believes that the baby is a magi.
- So, what you mean is...
...father of baby...
- Yes.
- Father of baby is the djinn,
imprisoned there.
- What about Havva?
- While your sister was
researching that case,
She was chosen to
have a baby by cult.
- Why?
Why should she join to such a cult,
altough she'd knew how violently Havva'd
been slaughtered by cult and,,,
... she's also gonna die at the end.
- Yes.
- As she knew the outcomes,
gonna be killed. It's nonsense.
- Yes. Because, they
offered her a pledge.
- What?
What did they pledge?
- We don't know.
- Alright. How can we know it?
- We're gonna ask the djinn, over there.
But, not here.
- Now, we're gonna contact him.
No need to worry. As long as you're
out of circle, you are OK.
- Unseen of satan.
- Deyran.
Are you ready?
- Oh! I summon thee Kaibour,
submitted to the born of fire.
- Show up yourself, Kaibour.
- I command thee to talk to me.
Otherwise, you'ld be imprisoned
eternal in dark.
- Where's Marla's child?
- Satan's feeding by his milk now.
Child doesn't need you any longer.
- Where's the child?
- In the where magis have been living.
In the heaven of satan,
...which you call hell.
- Tell me, why did Marla surrender you?
- To die.
- What did cult pledge to her?
- Set me free.
- No.
Tell me, what cult pledged to her.
- Take me out from here!
- If you're not gonna answer the question,
you'll be there bloody darkness forever.
- Take me out!
- No way!
- Tell me the truth.
What did cult pledge to her?
What Ghanzeer pledge to her?
Tell me.
- Take me out from here!
- Can you read it?
- No.
But, that's answer of the question.
- It seems like an ancient languange.
- Djinns are the images inside the mirror.
- What?
- They assert the humans
beyond the mirror.
- Look at that.
- What does it mean?
- I don't know.
- He answered the question
with a question.
Jesus Christ and Satan
were born with no father.
Mary is the mother of Jesus.
The mother of Satan is Satan himself.
Satan gave birth to himself.
- What does it mean?
- Did Marla write it?
- Yeah.
- Satan gave birth to himself.
So, Marla gave birth herself.
That's what they offered as a pledge.
Marla believed that it's
a reborn for herself.
- Tell me, what do you see,
when you look at?
- Jesus as baby.
- Emir,
Would you tell me...
What do you see there?
- What do you see, Emir?
- Just tell me that,
what you see here.
- Come on. Tell me,
what you see here.
- Emir.
- No, no.
- Olivia, listen to me.
- Calm down. Listen to me.
- Look at here.
He's also from cult.
- Look at seal.
- He's a member of cult and
that's the symbol of the cult.
He's from Ghanzeer cult.
- Think about it, why he's got a gun.
Because, he intended to kill us.
- Just like what djinn told us, which
I have contacted via Deyran.
- When he sees the baby Jesus.
- When he sees the baby Jesus.
- Kill one eyed enemy.
- Kill one eyed enemy.
- That's him, Emir.
- Leave her alone.
- That's what they do.
- That's how they deceited Marla.
That's all lie, monkey business.
- That's how they run the cult business.
- They find depressed, psychologically weak
and innocent people who had traumtic past.
- They choose the among the clever
and smart people especially.
- They indoctrinate them.
- They submit the pledge them to reborn.
- Just like Phoenix, reborns from
his own ashes. It's the...
...incomplete part of the riddle, which
we have been questing for 20 years.
- Olivia.
- Nothing exists as Magi.
It's totally a great deceit.
- But, I've watched footage. I've seen
baby on video, taken away as alive.
- They're coming here.
- We have to leave here.
- We're leaving right now.
Pull yourself together. Go.
- No!
- Go. Hurry up.
- So, all are fake?
- Everything's clear.
As you see, lights, cameras, a bunch
of actors for a pack of lies.
- Emir also intended to acquire
you to the cult.
- While you were with your
sister, had you ever been....
...scratched or bleeded,
or anything similiar?
...reaching out the salt, this
god-damn thing stung to my finger.
- Hold on. You mean that Marla
and Emir was collaborating?
- Yes.
- To sustain the activities of the cult...
...male members need to
more women to inseminate.
- They're trying to accomplish
what Hitler failed to accomplish.
- That's way how they deceited your sister.
First, she'd been met a djinn in
disguise of a member of cult...
...and inseminated by djinn.
I mean body belongs...
... a human, but semen is seed of satan.
- And, now, baby is in the heaven of satan,
which we call as hell.
- He told me that he's gonna help me.
- Promise.
- I can't believe it.
Why should he lie to me?
- You didn't sleep with him, did you?
- Olivia, please say that
you didn't do it.
- No, it can't be true.
No way.
- It was not Emir that you slept with,
...but a djinn, using his body.
- Deyran.
- Bring the blessed cloth to cover her.
- Hurry up.
- Spy djinns.
- They've found our location.
- It's a matter of moment to come.
We have to leave.
- No, we can't.
- Olivia has to be saved from demon.
Otherwise, she's gonna be one of them.
- How could we overcome with a
demon with a whole of tribe?
We can't accomplish them all.
- Do not, Deyran. Never despair.
- Never fear the satan.
- I've an idea.
- What's that?
- I'll use a method, mentioned
in the black books.
- Which one?
- The book which unlocks
the gate to other realm.
- You mean, the book, in which
named as Mor...
- Hush! Don't ever put into words.
- No. You shouldn't dare it.
- It's the only way to save her.
- I'ld never let you do such a sacrifice.
It's madness.
- Deyran.
Time is running low.
- Now.
Go and bring the book here.
- Nobody hasn't dared to do,
not even Vatican itself.
Are you trying to get yourself killed?
- We would achieve, as long
as the grace of God almighty and...
...Jesus Christ, have been with us.
Don't be hesitant.
- Now.
Go and bring the book here.
- You've gone mad.
- Her body is still here.
But, her soul is under their control.
- They're everywhere, Burga.
- Let's start right now.
- Olivia.
Get out of there.
(reciting in Latin)
- I don't afraid of thee.
- I command thee to set her free, now.
And go back to your hell.
- Here belongs the satan.
God that thou worship can ne'er help you.
God is not here.
- God is everywhere.
- Release her immediately,...
...otherwise, thou'ld be annihilated.
- Satan is immortal.
- Immortal, huh?
- Are you alright?
- Yes.
- Are you alright?
- OK.
- Everything's fine.
Done. It's over.
- Thank you.
- You did.
You have succeeded.
- Freeze! Freeze!
Go, go. Go!
- Burga Adler and Deyran Allen. You're
under arrest for Emir Efe's murder...
... and religious
deceitfulness in Turkey.
- Take'em.
- I have one thing to say only;
Say my greetings to
leader of Ghanzeer cult.
...and I know, who you are.
- What?
- Marla!
Sister found dead, too.
Sister found dead, too.
Olivia Watkins' autopsy results awaiting.
Olivia Watkins' autopsy results awaiting.
Sister found dead, too.
Olivia Watkins' autopsy results awaiting.
That satan reigns over the world is a lie,
That satan reigns over the world is a lie,
That lies reign over the world is too true.
That satan reigns over the world is a lie,
That lies reign over the world is too true.
So, satan is hidden truth, among the lies...
That satan reigns over the world is a lie,
That lies reign over the world is too true.
So, satan is hidden truth, among the lies...
Francesco Mario Guazza (1608, Italy)
Translated into English by Sparky