Magic Hour (2015) Movie Script

Prambors Radio is on the air and
you're still with Desta and...
Gina in the morning!
Good Morning!
We have a special song
for lovebirds out there.
- Play it.
- Here we go.
You must reach Ma Petit
Cafe an hour from now.
No questions, just listen.
Once you arrive, tell the
waitress your name is Gwenny...
... and just sit the table
reserved under my name.
You will meet a guy there and...
- ... and I need you to observe him.
- But...
Who's your best friend
in the entire world?
You are.
- And who's my best friend?
- I am.
What are you still doing here?
What time is it?
You're late for a delivery.
Get going!
- Hello there.
- Hi. What happened?
You had an accident. You were hit
by a car, but it's nothing serious.
How do you feel? Dizzy?
I think I have to leave now.
Can I leave now?
Sure, but you have to sign this
statement letter from the police.
Your medical charges will be
borne by the driver who hit you.
He's nice and handsome. You could
press charges against him...
... but I think you shouldn't
because he's so nice and cute.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Oh no!
One more thing, do you
know where my bike is?
It's probably at the
police station,...
... so you may want to head
that way to see if it's there.
If you can't go there now, you can
get someone to do it for you.
You must come back
for a check-up if you...
... feel unwell as you may
have a concussion. It's dangerous.
This is a serious matter,
so don't take it lightly.
To Ma Petit Cafe. Please hurry.
Where is that girl?
How on earth did she
end up in a hospital...
... when she should be
delivering flowers?
She'll be the death of me!
Good afternoon, how may I help you?
I'm meeting someone here and I
need your help to find him.
Why are you up stray to the hospital,
instead of delivering flowers.
Hospital employee called.
He said you were there.
In panic, I went to
look for you there.
With eyes wide open, searching
at every corners.
Give her a break, Mom.
It was an accident.
Auntie, about the damaged flowers...
Why should discuss interest again
do not need anymore.
Now this is important...
My poor ears!
All day I've been
listening to customers...
... complaining about
undelivered flowers!
Why do you have to insist on
delivering flowers on that silly bike?
You have to be extra careful
when riding a bike!
Told you to take the car a million
times but you never listen!
Come on, Mom. Raina's still in shock.
Her wounds are still fresh and you're
already scolding her.
Oh, stop defending her!
You. How's your
meeting with Dimas?
You've already met
up with him, right?
Do you like her? Pretty, right?
Yes, Mom. She's pretty.
What did you talk about?
Quite a lot.
You just met. Not much
to talk about.
I'm so happy.
Really happy.
So, when is your next date?
Or it's better to get
engage immediately?
I'm so happy.
Forget about phone calls.
Just get engaged.
Gwenny! Why didn't you tell me
that the guy you told me to meet...
... is the same one Aunt Flora
is trying to set you up with?
- I wouldn't have gone if I had known!
- Shush! Don't let my mom hear you!
I couldn't have gone to meet
him myself.
I don't want to be set up with someone
I've only seen in photograph!
That's why I sent you
over there so you can...
... do some investigating
on him beforehand.
You get it now?
Okay, the important thing is how and
when you're going to meet him now.
What? Me again? No way!
You didn't even see
him the first time.
What's wrong?
Nothing. Just a bit dizzy, that's all.
I think you'd better get a CT scan
to make sure everything okay.
I'm fine, really. It's normal to
get dizzy after a fall, right?
Okay. If you say so.
What about you give Dimas a
call to meet him tomorrow?
Gwen, tomorrow? But I still
have a lot to do, Gwen.
This is the number Mom gave me
She thinks I have been
having regular phone...
... conversations with
him all this time.
Why are you using my phone?
Where's yours?
In my room.
You always do this to me.
Why do you have to use
my phone to call him?
Of course. You're the one
who's meeting him after all.
It's connecting. Talk to him.
He's not picking up.
- Raina.
- Gwen, let go!
See, it's crumpled now because of you.
Oh, no. The tape recorder's gone!
Hi, Dimas. I'm Gwenny, the girl our
mothers are trying to set you up with.
Let's meet tomorrow.
7pm at Ma Petit Cafe?
One hot caramel latte.
Hey, Toby, My name is Lovely. I'm
16 years old. My phone number is...
You'd better write it down before
that piece of paper gets lost.
What are you going?
Just throw it away.
They's just kids.
Hi, I'm Lovely. 16 years old.
- Give it back!
- Who is she?
No wonder you haven't called
or texted me all week.
- Raina, it's nobody.
- Okay, fine.
What's wrong with your forehead?
Did you fall or something?
It's nothing.
Same thing happened to me
yesterday and I had blood...
... pouring out my head. Did he
ask me if I was okay? No.
You look like Mick Jagger
when you scowl like that.
You have a big cut on your cheek.
That's not a cut. That's
probably a birthmark.
I'm thirsty. Is your shift over yet?
Not yet. I'll be done
when camels can fly.
Say something again and I will
shove this in your mouth.
Meddling others business.
It's natural between boy and girl.
- Let's go.
- Let me, clock out first. Wait here.
One cup of the usual.
Put it on my bill.
Hot green tea latte
for Miss Raina.
The silly girl who loves
getting caught in the rain.
- Tell me.
- What?
So you're still not over the
"sunshine of your life", huh?
Don't get cryptic if you really want
to confide in me about your love life.
Who's this "Sunshine"? You've
never told me her name.
I don't really care who "Sunshine"
is, but it's a girl, right?
- It's a boy.
- Oh my god! Really?
Of course it's a girl! It's a girl!
It's not Brandon, is it?
Or perhaps "Sunshine"
is Anisa, the cashier?
She's pretty and I think
she has feelings for you.
- Oh yeah?
- Yup.
I think I have feeling for you too.
- Come again?
- I'm just kidding!
Ouch. It hurts. My head hurts.
- I'm so sorry.
- No, it's okay.
Oh, yes. You haven't told me how
you ended up like this yet.
Two days ago, I had an
accident while riding my bike.
Got hit by a car at the
intersection over there.
When did it happen?
Saturday morning around 10?
But you...
Who's the driver of the
car which hit you?
Should I have introduced myself to
him after I got hit? No, right?
Okay. Let's change the subject.
Tell me about your love life again.
Welcome to Flora's Florist.
How may I help you?
I need to buy some flowers.
I need to buy some flowers?
Who are the flowers for?
Your girlfriend or....
How much are they?
350 thousand rupiahs, please.
I'll get your change in a second.
Are the orders ready, Raina?
Daydreaming at work!
No wonder you got hit
by that car yesterday!
- You have to concentrate at work!
- Yes, Aunt Flora.
How are you going to deliver the
flowers? Where's your bike?
- Um...
- What um?
- The bike...
- Yes, where is it?
The bike is here!
It's so strange.
Suddenly the bike turns up at
the shop and it's been fixed.
Who could this good Samaritan be?
Could be the same guy who hit you.
- Huh?
- Maybe he felt guilty.
If that's the case, how did
he find out my address then?
There is a sign on your bike with
Flora's Florist written on it.
Isn't the address right underneath
the name? The phone number too.
That's right. No wonder he knew.
What are you up to?
Why are you smiling?
I finally recorded the song.
See? I knew you can do it.
I'm so sorry!
Are you going to give
it to "Sunshine"?
Just listen to it.
Rain? What's wrong?
I'm okay. I'm just dizzy.
For Raina. Sorry for the accident.
Other people may
long for rainbows.
But not me.
Although I know the
clouds are not dark
I still wait for the rain
Dark skies are nowhere to be seen
But I keep on hoping
My name is Raina, but I
prefer to be called Rain.
Why? Because I love the rain.
The rain is a simple pleasure of mine.
For me, the rain is beautiful.
It's fun.
I feel meaningful when I'm alone.
No need for conversations or crowds.
I can create my own happiness.
I don't even have to wait for
sleep in order to dream.
Because I live in my imagination.
I don't have to fall
in love to feel love.
I don't have to lose anyone
to feel empty and sad.
All I have to do is
stare at the sunset.
Like Sleeping Beauty
in her deep slumber.
Until the day when my true
love finally arrives.
As beautiful as the many magic
hours I've spent on this pier.
Please never stop
Rain, 'cause I need you
more than the rainbow
Isn't that Toby's voice?
Yes, it is. He wrote the song.
Nice, right?
- Wait, he wrote that song by himself?
- Yup.
Oh my god, you've been
listening to the song...
... without realizing what it means?
If only you knew what
this song means, Rain.
This song is for you. For you.
Wake up, Rain! Toby wrote the
song especially for you!
He's been singing about the
rain, which means you!
He's only singing about
the rain, not me.
Who like rain and
writes poetry about rain?
- What's your name?
- Raina.
- And people call you...?
- Rain.
- And Toby calls you...?
- Rain.
See? Told you so.
I've brought you this
pretty white dress...
... to wear for your
meeting with Dimas.
- Hurry, don't be late.
- Fine.
Pretty, right?
Oh, yes. Don't forget to
look in your drawer, okay?
See you.
Rain, why don't you come?
Who's your best
friend in the world?
You, Gwen.
Excuse me. Would you
like to place your order?
In a minute. Thank you.
Yes, Rain?
He's here!
We've already talked
about this, haven't we?
You have to pretend to be me and
the most important thing is...
... you have to find out as many
things as possible about him.
I don't think I can do this.
I feel queasy all of a sudden.
My hands are cold.
I'm scared. Please? Besides, lying
is wrong. Let me go home, okay?
No more protesting. You have
to do as I say, get it?
She hung up!
Hey, wait!
Wait! Wait!
- Are you all right?
- I'm okay.
Didn't you see the car
coming towards you?
She's heavy.
Wake up.
Are you okay?
What am I doing in you car?
Are you kidnapping me?
Me? Kidnapping you?
You passed out on the street just now.
Was I supposed to leave
you lying there?
I was going to take
you to a hospital.
- No need.
- Wait. Where are you going?
- Home, of course.
- Let met take you home.
- No need.
- I'll put the bike in the trunk.
Don't bother. I can go home by myself.
- You sure?
- Yes.
I just want to say something.
I didn't mean to lie to you.
I'm not Gwenny.
Gwenny's my sister. I
just want to find out...
... what kind of guy she's
being set up with.
You're a lucky guy, really.
She's a catch.
Let me see.
Let me see!
Let me see!
I don't get you.
Are you a guy or a girl? Can't
you man up and make a decision?
You're a man! Have courage
and pick one already!
This concerns the
emotions of a woman.
Look at her drooling
over you every day.
Then you string her
along and play it cool.
You shouldn't do that
to her, the poor thing!
Anisa, this is Toby.
Isn't his hair nice?
Like Tommy Page's.
You heartless cad.
If Anisa's work performance
starts to slip,...
... I'm sticking your head
in the coffee grinder!
Flower delivery for Mr. Yasser.
This is the receipt.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You again?
Wait up!
Why are you following me?
- Me? Following you?
- Oh, just admit it.
Don't flatter yourself.
If that's the case, what
are you doing here?
Don't tell me it's
merely a coincidence?
Cat got your tongue?
Tell me the truth. You're still mad
at me for lying to you, right?
- This girl is nuts.
- Wait.
- What, now?
- You want to ask about Gwenny, right?
Why is Gwenny so important to you?
You pretend to be Gwenny and chase me
all around town just so we can meet.
Even a paid servant isn't
as loyal as you are.
Hey, watch your mouth!
I consider Gwenny my
best friend and we're sisters.
That's why
she's important to me!
- Got that?
- Really?
So for Gwenny's sake,
you'd come with me right now?
No way! Why on earth
would I do such a thing?
I thought I was supposed
to ask you about Gwenny?
In fifth grade, there was this boy
who stuck gum in Gwenny's hair.
So I bite his hand 'til he bled.
That's scary.
How do I put it?
It's like if someone were to hurt
her, I would feel more pain.
The person who loves Gwenny
the most would be her mom.
Yes, that's true but I'm the person
who loves her the most after her mom.
Raina was the cutest
baby in the orphanage.
She was so adorable!
Those cubby cheeks!
Oh, how everyone
adored that girl.
She can be exasperating
at times, though.
Can you believe she still loves
getting soaked in the rain?
How childish!
Oh Flora. You still haven't changed.
- I know you mean well.
- Of course I do.
You're too fussy. Too bitchy.
Oh, please. How can someone as
pretty as I am to be too bitchy?
Have a drink.
What do you think? Isn't Gwenny
a perfect match for Dimas?
That's why I'm here
to see you today.
I want to their engagement
to happen sooner.
- Let's take cover from the rain.
- Why?
I like the rain. I like
dancing in the rain.
You know what I'm talking
about, right? Dance.
Careful. Don't slip.
You don't seem like yourself
when you're among these books.
How so?
You seem like a little child
among balloons and candy.
I have a dream. I want to
write a novel one day.
I like Mario Puzo. He often
writes about the Mafia.
My favorite is The Godfather. There is
a quote from the book which I love.
Which one?
"A man who doesn't spend time with
his family can never be a real man."
I'm flying!
The most fun thing in the
world for me is a swing.
Since I was little,...
... I have always loved playing on
a swing with my eyes closed...
... and imagine that I'm flying.
Let's do it. One, two, three. Woo-hoo!
Listen to me. Take off your earphones.
- I need to talk to you.
- Can't it wait?
- It's about Dimas, Gwen.
- What about him?
Dimas is your guy. You're getting
engaged to him soon, you know.
Stop reminding me.
Listen to me. You have to
meet him for yourself.
I have met him several times
and I've gotten to know him.
I'm sure if you get to know him,
you'll fall in love with him.
Enough. Let me listen to
music in peace, will you?
Please, Gwen. I'm serious.
You're so annoying.
I know I'm not supposed to
have feelings for Dimas.
But I...
In your view, what is
magic hour?
The time when the sunset
and the moon rise.
The colour is beautiful.
In simpler words, just like now.
But for me...
... magic hour is the time when all
the beauty and magic of the skies...
... are portrayed in front
of our eyes.
And during this time,...
... we will forget our troubles and
all we feel is gratitude to God.
Prambors Radio is on the air and
you're still with Desta and...
Gina in the morning!
- Feeling sleepy?
- Yup!
You have to keep your spirits
up even when you're sleepy.
My spirits are up because I'm in love!
- Are you really in love, Gina?
- Of course!
We have a special song for
you lovebirds out there.
- Play it.
- Here we go.
It was then that...
... I finally experienced...
the most beautiful magic hour
I'd ever felt in my life.
Words can't describe what I'm feeling.
If only I could stop time just once.
Could he really be my true love?
I've learnt from
Dimas one thing.
Something more beautiful
than falling in love.
Knowing that love is
the only one for ever.
- Rain?
- Yes?
I can't see you for the next few days.
Miss me already?
Where are you going?
Wrong question. The correct one
is "what are you going to say?"
- What do you mean?
- Ask me, then.
Okay. What are you going to say?
I want to say...
... that I've already fallen in love
with you even before I've met you.
And now that I'm with you.
I don't want to give
you an ordinary love.
What can be more beautiful
than falling in love?
To me, you are my one love.
I want to stay like this with you.
Even though I've never
known my parents,...
... I believe I exist because of
their love for each other.
Love is one thing
I believe in...
... without having to see it.
Just like God.
And you.
You strengthen my belief that
I exist because of love.
What do you want even more than love?
I want you to never leave me.
I wish I had better news for you.
But yesterday's test
results show that...
... the cancer has spread
across Dimas' body.
Chemotherapy and drugs
can only do so much.
Are you saying...
... there is no hope left for Dimas?
I'm not God, Cindy.
Sometimes hope is the
best medicine of all.
I've seen hope do wonders
for my patients.
They have high hopes.
Sometimes to
miraculous recoveries.
Whatever you can do to keep
Dimas' hopes up, do it.
Because that may be the
key to his survival.
Today is the fifth day without you.
It feels weird, like something
missing from the days of my life.
Eventhough I still
don't know why,...
... I'm grateful Gwenny didn't
want to meet you that time.
I believe that there are no
such thing as mere coincidence.
Hello, Flora's Florist.
How may I help you?
It's you. Where have you been?
Tonight? What time?
But I get decide the venue, okay?
I miss you.
So when are you coming back?
I'm fine here. Oh, stop
pretending that you care.
Mom told me you called.
Why are you so possessive all
of a sudden? What's going on?
Okay. Can't wait to see you. Bye.
- Did you give her a call?
- Yes, I did.
- And? She is coming back, right?
- Yes, she is. Next week.
- Can you get it, please?
- Okay.
Prospective daughter
handsome so cute.
Uh, wait.
The nose. Is it real?
Did you get a nose job?
It's real? That's amazing!
So cute!
- Hi, Flora.
- Your boy is so handsome!
I'm going to pinch your cheeks!
- Gwenny.
- Evening, Auntie.
Since they have grown
quite close,...
... we can talk about the
engagement date tonight.
Splendid! I'm pinching
his cheek one more time!
For the first time ever,
I disliked the rain.
I just want Dimas to
have a normal life.
Which mother doesn't want her child
to enjoy the last moments of...
Hush! Don't say that.
Remember! Doctors are not God.
Dimas will get better, I'm sure of it.
You don't have my number yet, right?
I'll call your phone.
- Okay, got it.
- Save the number, okay?
You don't use this number anymore?
That's Raina's number.
I had to borrow her phone that time
because something was wrong with mine.
You're soaked! Riding your
bike in the rain again?
What if you catch a cold?
- What are you doing here so late?
- Am I breaking the law or something?
Toby, I'm in no mood to
argue with you tonight.
Are you saying that we're destined
only to argue with each other?
Why are you talking about destiny?
Who did you meet?
- Nobody.
- Rain, don't lie to me, please.
I really didn't meet anyone!
You're lying again. I heard you are
making plans to meet someone tonight.
True. But he didn't show up.
So you waited for him in the
rain and he didn't show up?
Tell me who he is and
I'll beat him up.
Stop it, Toby! Stop overreacting.
Just go home.
Rain, how would you feel
if I tell you I love you?
How would you feel if I
tell you I love you?
Say something.
I think you'd better
go home, Toby.
I need to change otherwise I'll
catch a cold in these wet clothes.
Take care.
Rain. Raina. Mission accomplished.
Wake up!
I finally met my Prince Charming.
I finally met Dimas tonight.
He's so nice. Cute too.
Next week, Dimas and I
will be getting engaged!
Oh, I'm so happy!
- Hi, Rain.
- What are you doing here?
You didn't reply to
my texts last night.
I'm not talking
about last night.
I'm talking about right now.
What are you doing here?
To see you, of course. I want
to explain about last...
Dimas! You can only do either
one of two things here.
One is to buy flowers. The other
is to see Gwenny. Understand?
- Since when are we discussing Gwenny?
- Since the first time we met!
The sole purpose of
us meeting up...
... is to find out what kind of guy you
are so I can report back to Gwenny.
I don't care.
Rain, I love you. And I'm
running out of time.
I want to marry you.
Are you out of your mind?
I'm not crazy. I'm going in right
now to tell everyone everything.
And I'm going to ask Aunt Flora
for you hand in marriage.
No! Don't you dare!
- I don't really love you.
- Liar!
I don't! I really don't!
You can hate me all you want,...
... but it won't change
anything between us.
Rain, I know you're lying. I
know you love me. Let's meet up.
- Hey.
- Toby! Going to work?
We're fated to bump into
each other, aren't we?
I don't know what to say.
I know we have been
friends for a long time.
Now, I realize that I want
us to be more than friends.
Why do things have to
change between us?
Didn't we have a lot of fun
as friends all this time?
Is this your way of saying no to me?
Are you in love with someone else?
No. This has nothing to do with
anyone else. This is between us.
So what's the matter? Why
can't you be my girlfriend?
I don't get it.
Why did God create mankind with
hearts just so they can be broken?
What are you talking about?
Rain, I'm sorry but I can't
beat around the bush.
This is really how I feel.
I can't hide it any longer.
I love you.
There are plenty of girls out there
who want to be your girlfriend.
I don't care about other girls! I
only want you. Don't you understand?
We've been friends for 6 years.
We like each other don't we?
Can't you increase that feeling just
a little and go from like to love?
What's the difference?
Let me ask you this.
Why are you so obsessed with
us being in a relationship?
Because I have a heart. Unlike you.
Think! Why don't I want to be
more than friends with you?
Because I don't want to lose you!
Imagine I'm your girlfriend.
We're together for a year or two,
then we keep arguing and break up.
We lost each other.
Is that what you want?
I'm willing to take that risk!
- As long as we're together.
- In that case, let's just stay friends.
I promise you will
never ever lose me.
Till death do us part.
Because someone will break
my heart one day...
... and I will need you to hug
me when that happens.
I will never leave you. Like a star
that will never leave the sky.
Where have you been?
Say hi to my best friend, Auntie
Cindy. She just returned from London.
And this is Auntie Cindy's son.
His name is Dimas.
Gwenny's future husband. Soon
to be your brother-in-law.
Go on, introduce yourselves. This
is my adopted daughter, Raina.
Shake hands.
- Dimas.
- Raina.
We are gathered here today to discuss
Gwenny and Dimas' wedding date.
We've collected brochures...
... on possible venues, bridal
shops and catering services.
Honeymoon packages too!
- Want to take a look?
- Hold on, Mom.
I have to apologize.
I can't go ahead with this marriage.
What do you mean by that?
I'm in love with someone else, Mom.
Why didn't you tell me?
How embarrassing!
Who is she?
The girl I'm in love with is...
... Raina..
- This Raina?
- Yes, I'm in love with her.
Gwen, I...
You traitor!
Is this how you repay what my mother
and I have given you all these years?
I hate you!
I have shared everything with you.
Even my mother's love!
If she hadn't picked you
up from that orphanage,...
... you'd be begging in
the streets now!
Gwen, that's enough.
This is none of your business.
This is between Raina and me.
It's not Raina's fault, Gwenny.
Remember what you did the first
time we were supposed to meet?
You told Raina to meet me
while pretending to be you.
You told Raina to do that? Why?
Gwen, there are no coincidences.
I'm really grateful to you.
Raina and I wouldn't have met
each other if not for you.
But you shouldn't have
fallen in love with her!
Did you forget who's your best
friend in the whole world?
You forget!
You still love me, Rain!
You, Gwen...
I don't get you, Dimas.
You were supposed to be with Gwenny.
Not with Raina.
I can't lie to myself, Mom.
I don't understand it as well.
I've never felt like
this before I met Raina.
Remember how I almost
gave up on life?
I didn't feel like I had a
reason to go on living anymore.
I even went along with
your matchmaking plans.
But ever since I met Raina,...
... it feels like I have a
valid reason to live.
I can't see you.
I'm right here.
I can't see! Dimas, I can't see you!
Gwen? Where is Raina?
Get up!
You're the one crossing the road!
You made me hit Raina!
- You're the one that hit her!
- Stop it!
- This is the reason you pursued me.
- No.
So you love me merely out of guilt?
Out of pity?
Raina, I pursued you because I
had feeling for you. I love you.
I don't need your pity!
- I love you.
- Go away! Go away!
Can you see my condition now?
I will never able to
see your face again!
- Go away!!
- Let me hold her.
There, there.
Be strong, dear. I'll always be
here for you, no matter what.
My name is Raina. I
still love the rain.
I still love dancing in the rain.
However, for the
past 3 months,...
... I haven't been able to see
how beautiful rainbows are.
The beauty of my magic
hour at the pier.
- Let me help you.
- No, thanks.
Take care.
But what hurts most...
... is not being able to see
the face of the person...
... who showed me what love is.
What's wrong, Gwen?
They found an eye donor for you, Rain.
You'll be able to see again.
Gwen. Hi.
How's Rain?
- Do you want to see her?
- No.
Just give this to her, will you?
For Raina?
- Why don't you give
it to her yourself?
I'm heading to work, so
I'll leave it with you.
Can I call you tomorrow...
... to find out when the
operation is scheduled for?
Okay, then. See you around.
I think your song is beautiful.
I think the song you wrote is
beautiful. I really like it.
For real?
By the way, I'm preparing
to record another one.
You should listen to it sometime
and let me know what you think.
You'd be the very first
person to hear it.
- That's for Rain.
- Oops. That's right. Sorry.
I thought we'd never meet again.
Don't worry, I'll always be here
to make sure you're all right.
Don't cry. You're someone's
reason to smile, you know.
I don't hate you.
I know.
I have to tell you something.
Open your eyes.
Can you see this? Look right.
You can see! Thank God!
Magic Hour: One Love for Eternity
I never expected that...
... you'd be the one to
make my dream of...
... publishing a novel
become reality.
What's wrong?
Every time I look at that
those eyes gleaming,...
... it makes me glad to
see you so happy.
It's raining! Let's do what
we usually do in the rain.
Let's go home. You'll catch a cold.
But you haven't forgotten what we
like doing in the rain, right?
No, but I don't want
you catching a cold.
Do you remember what
you said to me once?
I've said so many things to you. How
am I supposed to remember them all?
True, but this one is
rather unforgettable.
What's that?
You said that there is something
more beautiful than falling in love.
Of course there is!
Something more beautiful
than falling in love is...
Because hope keeps us alive.
Am I right?
What can be more beautiful
than falling in love?
To me, you are my one love.
- You're not Dimas.
- Rain?
Who are you?
- Rain?
- You'd better go.
Okay, I'm going. Take care.
Wait. I remember that
tap on my shoulder.
I recognize your voice.
You're the one who looked out for
me when I crossed the road, right?
You're not Dimas, but why
do you look like him?
Who are you? Where is Dimas?
Dimas was my twin brother.
We were born only minutes apart. He
didn't realize he had brain cancer.
When he was finally
diagnosed, it was too late.
I'm donating my corneas to Raina.
But with one condition.
I don't want Raina to
find out just yet.
Only until she's ready to face
the truth about my condition.
Mom. If not for Raina,...
I wouldn't have stayed
alive this long.
So I'm begging you.
Please let me live on as
a part of Raina's life.
Dimas kept this from the
day of the accident.
And after hearing what's
on the tape recorder,...
... he had nothing but deep
admiration for you.
If only I could see
Dimas one last time.
You have to see this.
You will know everything.
I came back here when Dimas'
condition worsened...
... and he was living his last days.
I followed and
looked out for you.
I recorded everything so
Dimas could see you as well.
Rain. If you're watching
this, I'd be really happy.
Because that would mean that
you've regained your sight.
It also means that we'd
never watch the...
... magic hour on the
pear together again.
Please forgive me.
I'm preparing a surprise for you.
That novel on the magic hour
that you've been dreaming about.
You'd better read it.
Typing it was really tiring, you know.
How could this happen? Dimas
had always looked healthy.
He told me you bumped into each
other at the hospital once.
Oh my God.
So he was at hospital not
because he was following me,...
... but because he was
getting his treatment?
So when he disappeared for a few
days, he was getting chemotherapy?
We can stop this first if you want.
No, I'm fine.
You really look like him, even
though you're two different people.
Remember when he gave you a
present at the hospital?
Dimas, why are your hands so cold?
What's this?
You'll find out in time.
Dimas was right. Perhaps
this is what true love is.
Rain, I know I'm not your first love.
But I promise I will be your last.