Magic in Mistletoe (2023) Movie Script

(air whooshing)
(dynamic music)
Does Harrington Davis, author
of the worldwide phenomenon,
"Magic in Mistletoe,"
hate Christmas?
The famous prodigy
was just 18 years old
when his first novel,
"Magic in Mistletoe"
hit blockbuster status
and skyrocketed to the top
of the best seller list,
igniting the Christmas
spirit around the world.
The characters of
Marty, Sully, Misty,
and of course, the
Christmas Fairy,
became household names and
heroes to fans far and wide.
But fame and fortune proved
too much for the famous author,
and Davis retreated
from the public eye
and into a life of seclusion.
Davis's publisher announced
that "Back to Mistletoe We Go"
will be released on
Christmas Day this year
and fans were eager to
stuff their stockings
with the sixth and
final installment
until the author revealed
on social media
this shocking post.
"There's no magic in Mistletoe.
Christmas is a joke.
It's all about money."
I love your books,
but if you really feel this way,
why'd you bother making
us all fall in love
with the world of Mistletoe?
I mean, honestly,
Harrington, why?
The post, which has now
gone viral has fans wondering,
is the Christmas King
really just a Scrooge?
Was the "Magic in Mistletoe"
just a cynical sleight of hand?
And is this the end
of Harrington Davis?
This is bad.
(phone vibrating)
(playful music)
This is really, really bad.
(April exhales sharply)
(phone beeps)
Hi, Mallory.
Did you see the
segment (sighs)?
(chuckles) I did, and
I realize it's a problem.
Uh, a problem?
Okay, it's a huge problem.
Just tell everyone to relax
because we have a plan.
[Mallory] Which is?
Well, I've got about
three and a half miles
in an Uber to figure that out.
See ya soon.
(gentle music)
Thanks, everyone.
I know it's early,
but there's still no
word from Harrington,
so this is where we're at.
It is December 12th,
and we have planned
displays in hundreds
of bookstores
across the country.
So, if we don't fix this,
we're gonna have
about a million unsold
hardcovers on our hands.
With one post,
Harrington has managed
to alienate his entire fan base.
We can't just un-ring this bell.
So April, what do we do?
Well, ring a louder
bell (chuckles).
I need to go get
him and convince him
that he needs to
do an apology tour.
An interview.
"Good Morning America,"
maybe prime time is better.
It needs to be more personal.
Up close with the fans.
The Mistletoe
Christmas Festival.
It's been a tradition
for generations,
long before Harrington
was even born.
But ever since his first
book was published,
it's become a destination event.
Fans from all over the
world at Christmas time,
head to Mistletoe
for festivities.
But Harrington hasn't
been back for five years.
We need him there,
back home where
the magic started.
"Back to Mistletoe We Go,"
the title of his sixth book.
I've already spoken to
the head of the festival
and she's thrilled
with the idea.
And once she gets the green
light that Harrington is coming,
she's gonna make him
the guest of honor.
Let's get working on this.
(April chuckles)
Great plan for three and
a half miles in an Uber.
Thank you.
I do work best under pressure.
Speaking of pressure,
have you thought
about how you're gonna
get heritage to show up?
Not yet, but I have
about 2,000 miles
in business class
to figure that out.
Hi, Mom.
Are you baking again?
(chuckles) Just making
some peppermint brownies
to take over to
the senior center.
Ugh, I could go for
a brownie right now.
Oh no.
When you want brownies,
it means you're stressed.
Well, I'm on my
way to the airport.
So soon?
I thought you weren't coming
till the end of the week?
I'm really sorry, but
I don't think I'm gonna
be able to come home
for Christmas this year.
Oh, no.
(sighs) Is it work?
Well, it's more like disaster
management at this point.
[April's Mom] Is Harrington
Davis being canceled?
Where did you hear that?
It's all over
the internet, dear.
Wow, you're actually going
to meet Harrington Davis.
Are you nervous?
No time for nerves.
I got a job to do.
Well, I am very proud of you,
and your father would be too.
Are you sure
you're gonna be okay
to spend Christmas alone?
I mean, I've been home
every year since dad died,
and I don't want
you to be lonely.
A, there's a first
time for everything.
B, I won't be alone.
I've got lots of
friends and support.
And C, yes, I'm sure.
I'll miss you, but I'll be fine.
Thanks for understanding.
But listen, I should go.
I've gotta come up with a plan
to convince Harrington
to do something
he definitely will
not want to do.
Well, how can he
say no to my girl?
He's a writer.
I'm sure he'll
think of something.
Bye Sweetie, and good luck.
Love you.
(April exhales)
So, you're gonna
meet Harrington Davis?
Yeah, I am.
Ever since my
daughter was five,
I've read this book to
her at the holidays.
Aw (chuckles), that's sweet.
Yeah, not anymore.
Guy's a fraud.
(light music)
Peppermint tea with one sugar
for America's saltiest author.
There he is.
You saw my post?
I saw the reactions
to it (grimaces).
Forgotten about
by tomorrow morning.
You know, I actually do
a little writing myself.
[Harrington] Ah.
Mostly feel good stuff.
But if you ever need
somebody to look over
your posts before you hit send.
Thanks, Debbie.
I write alone.
Maybe that's your problem.
Joy and laughter
Fill the streets
with so much cheer
Excuse me.
Hi (chuckles).
Can I get your autograph?
You sure you
want my autograph?
You are Harrington
Davis, right?
That's exactly why I'm asking.
Prodigious author
of the world famous
"Magic in Mistletoe" series.
Why wouldn't I want
your autograph?
Well, when you put
it like that, sure.
You got a pen?
Looks like you've read
this copy a few times.
(chuckles) Oh, it's
actually not mine.
Someone gave it to me.
Can I sit down?
To be honest, he
didn't give it to me
so much as throw it away.
Yeah, he used to read
it to his daughter
every night around the holidays,
and he just doesn't want
to anymore (grimaces).
(April chuckles)
Sorry, what was your name?
Oh, you can make it out
to April Collins
from Silver Spark Publishing.
Got it.
[April] Hm.
How'd you find me?
I put out PR
fires for a living.
Helps to know where the fire is.
This is about my post.
It is.
- And there's a fire.
- Blazing.
How big are we
talkin', one alarm, two?
- What's the most?
- I don't know, five.
Then it's six.
Well, you know what they say,
there's no such thing
as bad publicity.
My specialty is
publicity, Mr. Davis,
so if that were true,
I wouldn't have a job.
Fair enough.
It'll blow over.
Not likely.
And definitely not
before Christmas,
which is 10 days
away, by the way.
And I'm not sure
you realize this,
but we did time the release
of your new book
for the holidays.
Oh, I see, that's
what this is about.
Silver Spark is afraid that
the book is gonna tank.
This isn't even
about Silver Spark.
This is about your
millions of loyal fans.
Oh, it's about the fans?
You're here on
behalf of the fans,
not the publishing company.
Got it.
Starting the spin already.
That's impressive.
Mr. Davis, this
is your life's work.
You've inspired people
all over the globe
with your imagination.
Do you really wanna
throw away all
of that goodwill on a
single ill advised post?
Ill advised post,
I stand by it.
Christmas is an opportunity
for people to spend
and make money.
That's it.
It's a scam.
A scam?
So then everything you have
ever written is also a scam?
I guess.
- I don't believe you.
- Well, great.
I don't think you
believe yourself either.
I think you care
about your writing.
I think you care
about your reputation,
and I think that you
care about your fans.
All right, for the
sake of argument,
let's say that's true.
What do you want me to do?
Write a mea culpa, apologize?
For starters, but I don't
think that's gonna help much.
I do have another idea, though.
Oh, I bet you do.
And why do I get the suspicion
I'm not gonna like it that much?
What's not to like about
going back to your hometown
for the Mistletoe
Christmas Festival
to show all your fans how
much you care about them?
What's not to like?
What's not to like?
Well, some of it.
No, all of it.
Definitely all of it.
That's cute.
But like it or not, that's
what we're gonna do.
Thanks, but no thanks.
I'm not going back to
Mistletoe to apologize
to the world for being
honest, I'm sorry.
You don't want
me to sign the...
You know what?
I don't know if it's
ego or self pity,
but the least you
could do is respect
the people who helped to
get you to where you are.
(sighs) I'll see
you in Mistletoe.
No, you won't.
I didn't agree to go.
Okay, that's fine.
I just hope you have
good legal counsel.
Excuse me?
Well, as per your contract,
you are required to attend
all promotional events
that Silver Spark
Publishing deems necessary.
You've never required
me to go before?
Well, you have never put
us in this position before.
So what if I don't go,
you're gonna (chuckles),
you're gonna sue me?
Oh, I don't know.
Is that what happens when
someone breaches their contract?
(Harrington sighs)
(light music)
(music continues)
(bell dings)
Sorry, this is
a private event.
Oh, I'm supposed to
meet the Mayor here.
Oh, you must be April.
Hi, I'm Lisa Moore,
AKA, the Mayor.
Oh, I'm sorry.
(chuckles) It's so
nice to meet you.
Oh, no problem at all.
I'm sure where you're from,
the mayors don't wear
Christmas sweaters.
Not usually, but I love it.
I just wanna thank you
for convincing Harrington
to come back this year.
We have asked him to be our
special guest so many times.
I'm just glad
it all worked out.
He is here, right?
His plane arrived
this morning.
And he was on it?
(chuckles) I'm sure he was.
(chuckles) Good.
I mean, because there's
just been so much buzz.
I mean, how could he
not show up, right?
(April laughs)
(Lisa laughs)
So, just before I forget,
we are having a
special kickoff dinner
for the town residents that
volunteer during the festival,
and we would just
love it if Harrington
could join us, you know?
And of course, you (chuckles).
Oh, well I wouldn't miss it.
(chuckles) Good.
Well, we'll see you tonight.
Welcome to Mistletoe.
Thank you.
(Lisa chuckles)
[Mallory] Did he
confirm with you?
Just a thumbs up emoji.
Well, that's
better than nothing.
Actually, it was
a thumbs down emoji,
but at least he responded.
Okay, well, I'll be flying in
for the Christmas Eve Banquet,
so good luck until then.
And let me know if you
need anything, okay?
Will do.
(light music)
(gravel crunching)
(music continues)
(intercom beeps)
[Chis] Hello, can I help you?
I hope so.
This is April Collins.
[Chris] Yeah, of course.
Come on up.
(gate creaks)
(bright music)
Ms. Collins.
Oh, April, please.
Oh, April.
Chris Massey, old
friend of Harry's.
Oh, right.
Harry, that's just what
his old friend's call him.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
You know, I sat behind Harry
first day, first grade.
Now it's 30 years later.
(chuckles) That sounds a lot
like Marty's witty friend
Sully from the books.
(April laughs)
Wow, this house.
Harry's childhood home
was donated to the town
and it's now the Magical
Mistletoe Museum.
Oh (chuckles).
Yeah, I look after
this place when he's gone
and when he's home, we hang out.
It's been awhile, though.
Well, he's here now.
He is here now, right?
That is a good question.
I've just got back here myself.
I volunteer as a driver
for the festival.
But he wouldn't just like
not show up, right (laughs)?
Uh, I mean...
Yeah, this will be fun.
Huh, I don't see his bags.
I'm gonna check upstairs.
I'll be right back.
- Okay.
- Hey, Harry!
I'm just gonna
take a look around.
(mischievous music)
(April exhales)
(sighs) I shoulda handcuffed
him and brought him myself.
Then I wouldn't have gotten
to see that look on your face.
Mr. Davis, how are ya?
You all right?
I'm great. Fine.
You sure?
You seem a little flustered
like maybe you thought
I wouldn't show?
(snorts) Not at all.
[Harrington] No,
not even a bit?
Not even whatever
is less than a bit.
That's good because I
don't need a babysitter.
Good, 'cause I'm
not here to babysit.
I'm here to make sure you don't
have any more tantrums.
Sounds a lot
like a babysitter.
Which is exactly
what he needs.
[Harrington] Well,
what do you know?
(laughs) Come here, man.
How are ya, man?
[Chris] Oh, it's
so good to see you.
[Harrington] You
too, you look great.
So do you.
How was your flight?
Oh, it was all right.
Little jet lagged.
Hm, I don't think
that's jet lag.
I think that's I don't
wanna do this lag.
Oh (chuckles).
Gonna be an eventful week.
It certainly is.
Speaking of, I made a
few minor adjustments
to your itinerary of
the myriad appearances
you signed me up for.
I will appear at three events.
Exactly three.
No more, no less.
Does one of them happen to
be the kickoff party tonight
for the volunteers?
I think I'm gonna
sit this one out.
You know, let's get settled in.
[Chis] Okay.
Okay, I'll be here at 10 a.m.
Ah, but will I?
(playful music)
- Hm?
- Jokes.
I'm joking.
We're so serious.
I can't wait.
[Chis] Hey,
welcome home, Harry.
I missed you.
He's a funny guy.
- Yeah.
- Hm.
It's not you, okay?
It's just Harry bein' Harry.
If he really didn't like you,
he wouldn't speak to you at all.
(scoffs) I think this definitely
will be an eventful week.
[Chis] Hm.
(bright holiday music)
(singers vocalizing)
(music continues)
There she is.
Hi, you must be Ms. Collins.
We've been expecting you.
Here, let me take
this (chuckles).
Thank you.
I'm Marcus.
- Marcus.
- And I'm Sue.
- Sue.
- Welcome.
Thank you.
April, please.
Hi, April.
So, you're the one
who publishes the books?
Well, I'm just in charge
of publicity at Silver Spark.
Oh, well that is
just as important.
Harrington and his books,
they mean so much
to everybody here,
especially at the holidays.
How 'bout I take this
up to your room
while you two finish?
[April] Thank you.
And if you could
fill this out for me?
I can't believe how
much this place looks
like the Stargazer
Inn from the movies.
Honestly, this place,
well, we were all struggling
before Harrington,
but after the first movie, we
got this surge in customers.
So, we changed the name to
Stargazer Inn to match the book,
and then the rest is history.
So, Harrington's books have
really helped this town?
Oh, hun, Harrington and
his books saved this town.
That's why we're so excited
that he finally came back home.
I mean, we miss him and
his wonderful parents,
may they rest in peace.
Oh, I didn't
realize they'd passed.
Oh, Lawrence Davis, he passed
away almost nine years ago.
His mom, Tilly, she left
us four years later.
They were such wonderful people.
They never left this town.
Even after their home had was
getting all of these visitors,
and Tilly, she would go out and
offer them Christmas cookies
and cocoa while they
stood outside hoping
the Christmas
Fairy would arrive.
Oh, that's sweet (chuckles).
Right this way.
(bright music)
(all chattering)
- Ms. Collins.
- Ah.
[Lisa] So glad
you could make it.
Please call me April.
Well, so where's
the man of the hour?
(chuckles) I
need to apologize.
Mr. Davis needed his rest,
but he's very excited
for the festival.
I understand.
Well, let me make the rounds
and mingle and enjoy yourself.
- Okay?
- Thank you, I will.
[Lisa] Yes.
Go with the Mistletoe Punch.
Oh (chuckles).
The Starry Night,
bit of an aftertaste.
No offense.
And the nog might as well
be called Hangover Nog.
But the Mistletoe Punch
is actually pretty good.
Looks like I'll be taking
a Mistletoe Punch, please.
Make that two.
(April laughs)
Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
- Cheers.
- I'm Lindsay.
- I'm April.
I'm from Silver
Spark Publishing.
- Oh!
- Mm hm.
Okay, so you're
here to wrangle Harry.
(laughs) You two
must be old friends?
Wait, I mean, yes.
But what gives you
that impression?
Well, I met Chris
today and he said
that only friends
call him Harry.
(Lindsay laughs)
Okay, well, Harry and Chris
and I were absolutely thick
as thieves when we were kids.
So, you know, whole Three
Christmateers thing.
- Ah ha!
- Yeah.
Does that mean that
Misty is based on you?
You have to ask Harry that.
(chuckles) Well, by the way,
I'm not here to wrangle him.
I'm just here to make sure-
- He doesn't make any
boneheaded remarks?
Something like that.
(April chuckles)
I get it.
He just forgets his words
have meaning sometimes.
His words actually mean
a lot to a lot of people.
I tried to tell
him that ages ago,
but, well, you've met Harry.
He can be a little bit stubborn.
Ah, that is the
understatement of the year.
(Lindsay laughs)
He called me a babysitter.
Oo, ouch.
Although that does sound
a little bit like Harry.
He's pretty good at paper cuts.
Do you have any
intel that might help
me get him to warm up to me?
Mm hm.
Well, I mean, I'm sure
that you are doing great,
but he's a little
bit of a prickly guy,
so you know, if he's being
a little standoffish,
you're probably on
the right track.
And you know what?
Just own up to your mistakes.
He's a straight shooter.
- Hey, Linds.
- Hey.
How are you?
Oh, great.
How are you?
April, this is Susan.
She owns Miss Muffin's Bakery.
Miss Muffin's Bakery?
It's a real place?
That's me.
It's been in my
family for years.
[April] Ah.
In fact, Harrington
used to be a regular
when he was a kid.
Oh, yeah.
He always loved his cinnamon.
- Mm hm.
- Just like Marty.
Excuse me, everyone.
As always, thank you so much
for your tireless
work this year.
This is gonna be our
largest turnout yet
and I know that everything
is gonna be spectacular.
So, as a token of
our appreciation,
please come up and get
a Christmas ornament,
grab a pen, write
down a Christmas wish,
and put it inside the ornament
and hang it on the
Christmas tree.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
I love that.
Okay, I'm gonna do one.
Yeah, sounds good.
[Susan and April] Bye.
Shall we?
- Oh, I couldn't.
- What?
I mean, you single-handedly
got Harry here
for the holidays somehow.
Come on.
You of all people deserve
a Christmas wish (laughs).
(gentle music)
(all chattering)
(music continues)
(group laughs)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music fades)
[Harrington] Hope you
haven't been waiting too long.
[April] Good
morning, Mr. Davis.
Peace offering.
Oh, I don't drink coffee.
Peppermint tea.
But I take it with-
- Well, aren't you prepared?
- I try.
Must be that mistletoe magic
'Cause I'm seeing you in
such a different light
Lantern lighting
seems like a big deal.
Mm hm.
I'm excited to see it.
It must be pretty great if
you put it in the books.
Fan are you?
I've read them.
Couldn't properly do
my job if I hadn't.
You know, lantern lighting
used to be something to see.
Now it's just another
gimmick in town.
You know, they used to
give 'em out for free.
But now, oh boy, now you can buy
special "Magic in Mistletoe"
lanterns for the right price.
Of course.
It's just another lovely
Christmas tradition
that they managed to ruin.
There's nothing
wrong with the town
benefiting from your success.
Everyone that I've
met is grateful.
Maybe we should go over
some talking points.
Mm hm.
Panels can be tricky.
I've come up with some answers
in case any thorny
issues come up.
I think I can handle it.
Please do not mention
the social media post,
unless someone else does.
If they do, just say it was
regrettable and I'm sorry.
Like I said, I
think I can handle it.
No offense, but I don't think
we can really be sure of that.
Oh, come on.
It was one post.
Oh, so you think
it wasn't a big deal?
Honestly, no, I don't.
Then why are you back?
Because you
threatened to sue me.
Well, now you're here,
why don't you just
make the best of it?
Oh, I am making
the best of it.
This is me making
the best of it.
This is the best,
like it or leave it.
You know what?
(chuckles) I get it.
You are a sullen author who
loathes his own success,
but your fans have traveled
from all over the
world to see you.
And this town that
you apparently hate
has worked tirelessly
to honor you
because believe it or not,
they actually love you.
So, I don't care if you like me,
but you will dazzle this
crowd because after all,
"Christmas is more
than just magic."
Yes, that is a quote
from your books.
Can you just pretend to like
the books that you wrote,
and I will pretend to like
the author who wrote them.
(playful music)
Oh what fun it is to ride
in a one horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
How tall do you think
Harrington is now?
April, good morning.
Where's Harrington?
He's still in the car.
We had a bit of-
Ah, Harrington.
(Harrington laughs)
Suppose I should
call you Mayor now.
What was in that tea?
Look who finally came home.
Last time I saw you
it was in my rear view
beatin' you in the 400.
(Lance imitates engine rumbling)
(all laughing)
April, this is
Lance Lightning,
Mistletoe's favorite DJ.
[Lance] Enchante.
Thanks again, Harrington.
The moment that we
announced you were coming,
tourism skyrocketed.
Can you imagine if you came
home every year (chuckles)?
We'd have to build new
hotels so that people
wouldn't have to stay
in neighboring towns.
I'm so sorry to interrupt.
But according to the schedule,
the children's choir
is about to finish up,
followed by Lance's introduction
and then Harrington's Q&A.
(audience applauding)
Wow, you were
right on the money.
Let me go warm this crowd
up for you, Harrington.
Let's go.
(light music)
(audience applauding)
Give it up for our
Mistletoe Christmas Choir.
Weren't they fantastic?
(audience applauding)
I'm Lance Lightning.
I'll be your MC for tonight.
(audience applauding)
We all know what
we're doin' here.
Mistletoe's most famous
is in the building.
(audience applauding)
(audience members cheering)
Now, you all know him as
the magic behind the pen.
At the young age of 18,
Harrington Davis wrote
"Magic in Mistletoe,"
about a young boy named Marty
and his two best
friends, Misty and Sully.
Marty's wishes are granted
by the Christmas Fairy,
but once the wishes come true,
everything goes
haywire (chuckles).
But you all know this, right?
So, let's get him out here.
You know him as Harrington.
I call him Crush 'cause I
crushed him at every track meet.
(Lance chuckles)
(Harrington exhales)
Is this why he
didn't wanna come home?
So let's get him
out here, right?
What, this guy?
[Lance] And let's give
a big Mistletoe welcome
Nah, nah,
- to our own Harrington Davis.
- This guy's harmless.
Time to shine.
(audience applauding)
(light music)
This guy (chuckles).
This guy.
(audience laughs)
Hello, Mistletoe.
So Harrington, you've
created this magical world.
Tell us, what inspires
you to continue writing?
Funny thing, you know,
inspiration comes in
unpredictable waves.
Sometimes I wish I could just
plug my brain into a machine
and have it generate
ideas for me.
And I mean, that's...
(audience laughs)
I think the true
driving force behind
my love of writing
is my parents.
They gave everything to me.
You know, my dad loved to read,
so we always had a
house full of books,
and stories were very important.
And Christmas was my mom's
favorite time of year.
Together those two
were magic for me.
And to be honest,
it's been a lot harder
to find that magic
since they've been gone.
And as someone who
knew your parents,
I can tell you they loved you
so much, and we love them.
Unfortunately, that's
all the time we have.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, hang on.
Think we might have one more.
Looks like the last
question's coming from a
little Christmas Fairy.
And I have to say,
you are the most
perfect Christmas Fairy
that I have ever seen.
Do we agree?
(audience applauding)
Mr. Davis?
Call me Harrington.
Mr. Harrington,
(audience laughs)
I was wondering, is the
Christmas Fairy real?
(Harrington exhales)
Let me ask you a question.
Do you think the
Christmas Fairy is real?
Of course I do.
Then that is all that matters.
(gentle music)
(crowd members murmuring)
There you have it (laughs).
(audience applauding)
(music continues)
Thanks again, Harrington for
taking the time to do this.
Tomorrow he's judging
the Christmas dessert
contest, everyone.
So, come on out.
Harrington, any final words?
I just want to say thank you
for this incredible
turnout today.
It means more than you know.
Thank you.
(audience applauding)
(gentle music)
(music continues)
(applause continues)
I gotta say, great job.
(music continues)
Look, I need to apologize
for my outburst earlier.
It was super unprofessional.
No, you were right.
You were right.
I was being a jerk.
And I wasn't seeing
the big picture
and you called me out on it.
I should be thanking you
for helping me see
what's important.
Wow (laughs).
I pretty much said
all of that before.
What changed?
I don't know, I guess I
didn't read like PR spin.
I mean, it was still
wildly unprofessional.
Yeah (chuckles).
But it was genuine.
I was about to say,
I was just doing my job
but that doesn't
seem right anymore.
Little late (chuckles).
I know that you didn't
want to come back here,
but I do think that together
we can really turn
everything around.
You know, I got all these
books just sitting here.
I guess I could sign 'em
and give 'em to fans.
That's a great idea.
You got a pen?
Oh, I have a gel
permanent ballpoint
and a couple of pencils.
(bright music)
I'm starting to think
that's Mary Poppin's
magic bag you got there.
(chuckles) It's not magic.
I just like to be prepared
for anything and everything.
You like to plan?
You a planner?
I don't like surprises if
that's what you're asking.
I get enough of those
in my line of work.
When was the last time
someone surprised you?
(April sighs)
(light music)
"To Collins."
That's Collins with a C?
Yeah, that's a C.
"My biggest fan."
(April laughing)
(music fades)
So, what's he like?
He's fine.
A prickly to be honest.
But I've been told
that if Harrington
Davis is acting prickly,
it's a good sign.
So, he likes you?
Well, he hasn't run me
outta town yet (chuckles).
But for a guy who's created
an imaginary world around
Christmas, he's pretty sour on it.
Maybe he needs to be reminded
why it was so important
to him to begin with.
That's good advice
as always, Mom.
But I do have some things
to go over with him,
so I should probably go.
Of course.
I know you have a job to do.
But just in case you
have some time to play,
keep your eye open for
a special package, okay?
Mom, what did you do?
Let's just say I didn't
want you to be unprepared.
Merry Christmas, Sweetheart.
(light music)
And we've got another
one here for you.
Enjoy, everyone.
April, it's great to see you.
You finally made it.
(April chuckles)
(Susan chuckles)
Oh, now that I'm finally here
I can't believe I
waited this long.
So, this was your mom's spot?
Oh, I practically
grew up in here.
So what can I give for you?
Seriously, anything you want.
Well, actually, I'd like to
bring something to Harrington.
A little gift for a great panel.
I have the perfect thing.
Wait right here.
I'll be right back.
(light music)
Oh, he is going to flip
for these, I promise.
Thank you so much.
Enjoy, they're delicious.
- See you soon.
- Bye.
(light music)
(April knocking)
(jazzy holiday music playing)
[Harrington and April] Hi.
(April chuckles)
I had a feeling giving you
the gate code would
come back to haunt me.
(April chuckles)
Hope you're not here to go
over more talking points.
Actually, after today,
I think you might be
good on talking points.
I come bearing gifts.
Lump of coal
from an angry fan?
Come on in, sit.
(April chuckles)
Well, it's actually a bit
of joy, I hope (chuckles).
(jazzy Christmas music playing)
Hold on.
Is Harrington Davis
listening to Christmas music?
Oh, barely, it's jazz.
Christmas Jazz (chuckles).
Next thing you know,
you'll have decorations
in here, maybe a tree.
And seriously, you need a tree.
Nope, I don't do trees.
Not even a little one?
Not even a twig.
What do we got?
Oh, come on.
How did you know?
Susan from Miss
Muffin's Bakery.
(exhales) Well, we're
gonna need to make a fire.
Well, we're gonna
need to make a fire.
(chuckles) You're supposed
to make it golden brown,
not send it into the afterlife.
Come on.
That's fine (laughs).
All right, all right.
All right, okay.
(April laughs)
Here we go.
All right, easy.
Lay it on there.
This is the secret ingredient.
Not too much.
Steady, steady.
(April laughs)
And you're up.
- Oo!
- Yeah, perfect.
Okay, give that a try.
(s'more cracks)
(gentle music)
Mm, mm.
What is happening?
Is that cinnamon sugar?
Cinnamon sugar.
- Mm.
- Mind blowing, right?
After seeing all the other
desserts at Miss Muffins,
I thought she would
maybe give us something
a little more spectacular
than s'mores, but wow!
Telling ya.
(April chuckles)
You know, Susan knew
just what to give you.
This place is really special.
Why did you write that post?
(sputters) Honestly,
I don't know.
I mean, I have all
these amazing memories
of Christmas as a kid,
filled my books with them,
and then the movies and the
costumes and the lanterns.
It's like, I wrote this
love letter to Christmas
and it turned into a
tourist attraction.
The people here
don't feel that way.
They love the world you've
created and they love you.
I wish the rest of my
fans felt that way.
Well, that's why we're here.
Oh, speaking of which,
can we go over some of the
press schedule for tomorrow?
Do you just carry that
with you all the time?
(April chuckles)
Can't we just live
in the moment?
It's on my mind.
Can you indulge me?
I can, sure.
You know, it's pretty low tech
for a high powered executive.
Oh, well.
I still like writing on real
paper and reading actual books.
There's something about
[April and Harrington]
the feel of the page.
(April chuckles)
I'm the same way.
- Love it.
- Hm.
Can I show you something?
I have spent many an hour
up here staring at the wall.
This is the creative
center of the home.
[April] Wow.
But this is what
I wanna show you.
My mom gave me this journal,
and it has every single
idea in it I've ever had
all the way back
to the beginning.
I take it with me
everywhere I go.
It's my favorite thing
in the whole world.
[April] Oh, I can see why.
There he is.
There's Marty.
(April chuckles)
(Harrington chuckles)
Kind of reminds me of my charm.
My dad gave this to me for
Christmas when I was seven.
He was a literature professor.
His office was my favorite
place in the world.
Just floor to ceiling books.
He used to read to me
every day growing up.
Sounds like my kinda guy.
(April chuckles)
I miss him.
I know how you feel.
(sighs) You know, you're
not so bad, Collins.
Is that how it is now?
(smirks) Seems to be.
(April chuckles)
Gotta admit, when we first met
and you threatened to sue me,
I wasn't the biggest fan.
I didn't notice.
But if you hadn't,
I wouldn't have come.
I'm glad you did.
Me too.
But I should be honest,
Silver Spark never
would've actually sued you.
I mean, it'd be a
terrible look for us,
especially after your post,
just vindictive and petty.
So, in other words, you lied?
(sullen music)
Are you leaving?
This is your house.
I'm aware of that.
I'm opening the door
for you to leave.
Can we talk about this?
You wanna talk about it?
All right, let's talk.
You lied to me.
You lied to my face.
You tricked me into being here.
I bluffed you into being here.
And if I hadn't-
If you hadn't,
if you hadn't, I...
We'll never know will we?
No, fair.
We won't.
Listen, that person
who bluffed you,
she is a very
ambitious PR executive
and she cares
about her job a lot
and sometimes it clouds her
judgment and she makes mistakes.
Why is she talking about
herself in the third person?
Because it's
easier than saying
I shouldn't have misled you.
I was wrong, and I'm sorry.
(gentle music)
(music continues)
I don't want this
either, you know?
Want what?
I don't wanna be here this week.
I have been home for Christmas
every single year
since my dad passed.
I should be snuggled
up on the couch
with my mom watching
Christmas movies
and eating her
peppermint brownies.
But no, I'm here in
mistletoe with you trying
to save your writing career.
So, can we please just get
through the next few days
and then I will fly home and try
and salvage what is
left of my Christmas,
and you can get back to, you
know, whatever it is you do.
My mom used to,
she'd come home
from Miss Muffins
with these cinnamon,
peppermint, chocolate things
and we would sit on the couch
and watch Christmas
movies as well.
And when she passed, I
felt really isolated.
Success has a funny way
of doing that to you.
And you're never entirely
sure who to trust.
And honesty becomes
really, really important.
And when someone
breaks your trust-
- Harrington, it
won't happen again.
I promise.
I guess I'll-
Hey, Collins?
Thank you for the s'mores.
(April chuckles)
I do appreciate what you're
doin', you know, for me.
See you tomorrow?
See you tomorrow.
(door creaks)
(gentle music)
(light music)
We'll see you then.
- April.
- Hm?
This package came
for you this morning.
Oh, Mom.
I can take it up to
your room if you'd like?
That'd be great, thanks.
Oh, you're welcome.
Have a great day.
(gentle music)
I was surprised you wanted
to walk to the theater today.
Somebody's gotta give
you the grand tour of town.
It might as well be me.
Did you ever think your work
would inspire
Christmas displays?
(Harrington chuckles)
You know, it's okay to like
some things about your books.
Oh, it's not that.
I just wish the focus
was more on Christmas.
Harrington, your books
are about Christmas.
(Harrington chuckles)
Yes, I realize that.
But there's more to the
holiday than my books.
You'll see what I
mean on Main Street.
This festival used to
be all about Christmas.
You know, people selling
stuff that they made
with their bare hand,
games and activities.
That was the best
part of my childhood.
Now it's a-
- Don't say that word.
What word?
You were gonna say joke.
I wasn't gonna say joke.
I was gonna say something
much more eloquent,
like farce or circus.
(upbeat holiday music)
You wanna know what I think?
I think you're gonna
tell me regardless.
I think that
it's weird for you
to be from here and see
the impact that you've had.
You want everything
to be as it was.
We all do, but things change,
and we change things too.
Yeah, well, not
always for the better.
Look at those kids' faces.
And them, don't
they look happy?
Okay, that's two.
That's fine.
- All right, okay.
- How about
- everybody in here?
- All right, all right.
These kids don't have to have
the same experience you did.
You know, they're here
to celebrate this season,
which like it or not
includes your books.
(April chuckles)
Oh, wow.
It really is you.
You're Harrington Davis.
Yeah, yeah.
I can't believe
it really is you.
Can I get an autograph, man.
- Oh yeah, sure.
- Okay.
Oh my gosh.
[Crowd Members]
Harrington, Harrington?
- Harrington?
- Wow. Okay.
Hi. Hi.
- Let's-
- Oh my gosh, thank you.
Sorry, everyone.
Hi, hi.
Oh, hi, hi.
Yeah, hi.
I don't think this
is a good idea.
Yeah, hi.
Hi, oh.
(horn honking)
- Oh, oh, oh, oh.
- Oh, hi.
- Harrington?
- I'm sorry.
- Hey, guys!
- I'm so sorry!
Come on, let's go.
Jump in.
(crowd clamoring)
[Harrington] Woo!
(April exhales)
[Chis] Are you guys okay?
That just got outta
hand really quickly.
You're like Christmas Elvis.
I swear,
sometimes he forgets
he's a celebrity.
But we should be
more careful next time.
Are you starting to
care about me, Collins?
I think she's startin'
to care about me.
(April chuckles)
Okay, we should go.
Buckle up.
(crowd clamoring)
(gentle music)
(crowd clamoring)
(music continues)
(soft music)
Oh my gosh.
It's been way too long.
It's been too long.
And who might this be?
It's Bree, silly!
That's impossible
because my Bree
is about this big and I
could put her in my pocket.
What happened?
I grew up.
I can see that.
I'm gonna need to
get bigger pockets.
(all chuckling)
It's good to see you too.
You too.
Wait, you two know each other?
Yeah, we met at
the welcome party
that you refused to attend.
- Ah.
- Mm hm.
- Mm hm.
- I mean,
we're basically
best friends now.
Ms. Collins, we
got what we need?
Wait, what do we need?
Oh, just a little
somethin' from the company.
Ah, shall we?
(light music)
What's up, Mistletoe?
(audience applauding)
What's Christmas without
some jolly baked goodness,
am I right?
So let's find the best
treat of the season.
So, what's "A
little somethin'?"
You'll see.
To honor the 15th anniversary
of Magic in Mistletoe,"
Silver Spark Publishing has
something special to say,
so let's hear it
for April Collins!
(audience applauding)
(audience cheering)
Good afternoon, Mistletoe.
I'm so happy to be here.
And because we're so proud
to bring you "Magic
in Mistletoe,"
each contestant will
get a special package
from Silver Spark and the
winner will receive $5,000.
(audience applauding)
I wish I was a contestant,
but then I can't
even bake a potato.
But I can eat.
(audience laughs)
Come on out, Harrington!
Mistletoe, let's
take some treats!
(gentle music)
Looks like somebody
got through to him.
(chuckles) Yeah,
we hit a speed bump,
but now we're in a groove.
Your advice really helped.
Oh, I'm so glad.
It seems like a really
positive change.
It's good to see.
Got a decision to make brush.
I know, but
they're all so good.
All right, first of all,
I know I have to
make a decision here.
I will get to that.
I would like to say
all of these desserts
are insanely delicious.
Congratulations to
our three bakers.
I couldn't achieve this,
so congratulations.
I'm gonna be honest.
I don't think I can make
the decision on my own.
I'm gonna need to call a friend.
I'd like to bring up Bree.
Get up here.
- Yeah!
- Get up here.
(Lindsay laughs)
(April laughs)
We're calling in
the experts, folks.
Bree knows more than
anybody about desserts.
Go ahead, Bree.
Will it be the peppermint cake?
The eggnog brownies?
Or Christmas
cranberry cheesecake?
(anticipatory music stops)
It's out of my hands.
All right, come here.
My colleague and I would
like to confer for a second.
(anticipatory music continues)
I'll be back.
All right, Harrington,
what'll it be?
We have a decision
and the winner is...
The brownie!
(audience applauding)
(bright music)
Congratulations to all of you.
Incredible job.
Come over here, kiddo.
Look at that.
(audience applauding)
Do it again.
Someone's had her
sugar quota for the day.
Yeah, thank you for
that, Uncle Harry.
Uncle Harry, that
was so much fun.
I know.
Uncle Harry, are you coming
to the Christmas costume
dance tomorrow night?
Oh (chuckles), do you already
have your costume, Bree?
I do.
It's gonna be so much fun.
I don't think so, kiddo.
There's gonna be a
lot of people there.
[Bree] Aw.
That's okay, right, Bree?
Because we are gonna
see Uncle Harry
at the Lantern
Lighting Festival.
- Right?
- You're gonna see me
at the Lantern
Lighting Festival.
You look happy.
- Do I?
- Hm.
It won't happen again.
(April chuckles)
I don't know.
I guess I'm havin' a good day.
Hm, glad to hear it.
Imagine what you'd be
doing if you weren't here.
Oh, I'd be home doom scrolling
about the end of my career.
Yeah, this seems
a little bit better.
You ready?
Press junket is set up inside.
If I must.
(laughs) Come on,
it won't be that bad.
Wait, you smell that?
(April sniffs)
(playful music)
What is that?
It smells delicious.
Oh, this day just keeps
getting better and better.
(music continues)
(April sniffs)
Sue, I knew it.
Is that what I think it is?
Oh, Harrington, I can't
believe you actually remember.
How can I possibly forget?
You have to try these.
May I?
Oh, no.
They have to be roasted yet.
The first batch is over there.
Ms. Collins.
Harrington, the
press is ready.
You know what?
Change of plans.
You can interview me in here.
What about the guests?
They can ask
questions as well.
(gentle music)
It's a Christmas tradition
here at the Stargazer
to enjoy a very special treat.
[Marcus and Sue] Cinnamon
roasted pralines (laughing).
Aren't you full?
You just had enough dessert
to last you until
next Christmas.
There's always
time for dessert.
Okay, okay.
We're gonna start now.
All right, I
guess floor is open.
So Harrington,
do you wanna share
with your fans any clues
about finding the
Christmas Fairy?
I suppose it couldn't hurt,
if you don't mind that glue
being wrapped up in a riddle.
I found the fairy in the place
where the light
sparkles brightest,
where you can get
lost in the sky
and find yourself in the woods.
Well, all right.
That will keep them guessing
for a very long time.
(reporters chuckling)
Harrington, I'd be
remiss if I didn't ask ya
about the social media post
that was heard around the world.
I'm sorry, we're
not fielding those.
You know, it's okay.
Harrington, do
you really think
that your hometown
just cares about money
and is attending this
event really just to ploy,
to salvage the release
of your new book?
Look, I will make no
excuse for what I said.
There is none.
It was selfish and
thoughtless and reckless
and people were
really hurt by it,
and for that, I'm
truly, truly sorry.
If I can take it back, I would.
I guess what I would
want you all to know
is that Christmas means the
world to me, as do all of you.
And the next time
I'm feeling ornery,
I will put my phone away.
(audience laughs)
(audience applauding)
Yes Sir?
I'm confused.
Is the Christmas fair gonna
come this year or not?
Hm, that's a good question.
A really good question.
I'll tell you what.
Come here.
Come here, kiddos.
That's a great question.
Thank you for asking that.
What's your name?
Luca, all right.
Here's the deal, Luca.
See, me and the Christmas
Fairy are pretty tight.
She told me to tell all of you
that as long as you have
the spirit of Christmas
in your heart,
she will always be there,
even when you can't see her.
(Luca laughs)
(all laughing)
(gentle music)
Thank you.
(sighs) Well, this place
hasn't changed a bit.
The shop is full of
memories, isn't it?
I don't suppose you have any
of those scones with cinnamon?
I always do.
It's really good
to see, Harrington.
[Harrington] You too.
(light music)
[April] Harrington.
Hey, come on in.
Just doing a little
looking online.
Looks like I'm
gettin' some traction.
That blogger from Hit Beat
posted his piece and it's good.
It's really good.
The comments are
mostly positive, too.
Looks like your
plan is working.
What is this?
Oh, I picked up some scones.
I figured we could
take 'em with us.
[April] Oh, there's
nothing on the agenda today.
This isn't on the agenda.
May I have your keys?
What? No.
Because I'm taking
you on an adventure.
Keys, please.
Okay, but only
because you said please.
(upbeat music)
Ah, Mason.
It's been too long, man.
[Mason] Sure has.
Welcome home, friend.
Thank you.
April, Mason Long.
He's an old friend.
Oh, nice to meet you.
Thank you so much
for letting us do this.
We won't stay too long.
Take your time.
I'm making a delivery in town.
Just close the gate
when you leave.
You got it.
[Mason] All right.
So we're at a tree farm?
Oh, not just any tree farm.
Come on.
(gentle music)
Oh, Harrington,
this is so beautiful.
- Isn't it?
- Hm.
You know, this used to be
my favorite place
to come and write.
I would just wander
through the trees,
and get lost in my own world,
and then it became Marty's.
Could you imagine
growing up here as a kid?
You know, jumpin' creeks
and running around Christmas
trees, exploring caves.
Wait, caves?
Like where Marty meets
the Christmas Fairy?
Just like it.
I mean, in the books.
Can I tell you a secret?
I didn't actually meet a
Christmas Fairy in a cave,
but she is based
on something real.
Care to elaborate?
Maybe someday.
(April scoffs)
Truth is, there isn't a
single part of this town
that didn't find its way into
my book somewhere or another.
My dad would've been so
excited to see all of this.
He was a fan?
(sighs) Are you kiddin' me?
I was 15 and he came
out of his office.
He had just finished
your book and he said,
"April, this author is only
three years older than you,
and he's written a classic."
High praise.
Yeah, he was impressed.
What about you?
You read them.
I did.
You care to elaborate?
Maybe someday.
[April] It sure is
beautiful (chuckles).
Yeah, it's not so bad.
Come on.
(light music)
Okay, so tomorrow
is Christmas Eve,
which is the big honors banquet
and the lantern lighting.
- Yes.
- We've prepared you a speech.
It's in your email.
I'm a writer.
That's literally my entire job.
You don't trust me to
write my own speech?
My boss insisted.
All right.
I'll be here to
pick you up at six?
In the meantime, we have
the entire evening free.
Should we-
- No, sorry.
I'm going to the
Christmas costume dance.
- Oh, I didn't realize.
Yeah, no.
- Of course.
- Great.
I just assumed that
you wouldn't wanna go.
Yeah, no, no.
It's lots of people.
Lots of people.
Yeah, it's probably
not the best idea.
Not the best.
I shouldn't.
(playful music)
I mean, it does sound fun.
- It does.
- So (chuckles)...
Well, wait here.
I will be right back.
(Harrington chuckles)
All right.
(door closes)
(April chuckles)
(music continues)
Hi, Chris, it's April.
So, I was wondering if I
could ask you for a favor.
(bright music)
(soft holiday music)
(fire crackling)
(Harrington chuckles)
[April] Hello?
Hey, back here.
Wow, that was fast.
Ready to dance?
Oh, I don't know.
Let's see what we got.
A Marty costume?
Where did you even-
[Harrington] Oh, you're good.
I am (laughs).
I mean, it'll still
be pretty visible.
You think it's gonna work?
Book four, "Marty's
Christmas Catastrophe."
Marty wears a beard disguise.
It's gonna work.
Meet me at the town
hall in an hour.
Everyone's gonna be in costume.
How will I know it's you?
You'll know.
(gentle music)
(zipper zipping)
(soft music)
(doors creaking)
(gentle music)
(music continues)
(music fades)
That was a great song,
and I got one of your
favorites comin' up right now.
(upbeat music)
(music continues)
Joy to the world
- Decent turnout.
- Yeah, certainly is.
Half the people are
hoping Harrington Davis
makes an appearance, but
I wouldn't hold my breath.
- Oh, Harrington!
- Yeah, yeah, shh.
Oh my goodness.
Honestly, I didn't know that
you were planning to come.
Oh, come on.
I'm not that big a Grinch.
That is not what
I meant at all.
It's just, it's
a lot being here.
I mean, after your mom passed,
it was hard on all of us
so I can only imagine the
impact that it had on you.
So I understand why
you stayed away.
All of us do.
But I hope you understand
how grateful we are
that you made the choice
to be here this week.
Thank you.
It means a lot.
I think the real question
is, where's April?
(gentle music)
(music continues)
(music continues)
Well, this is awkward.
We both dressed as Marty.
Well, who wore it better?
I think you know the answer.
(April chuckles)
In my wildest dreams,
I don't think I
could've imagined
a more perfect Christmas Fairy.
You like it?
I, yeah.
Where did you get this?
Oh, well, you can't be in
my line of work without going
to your share of
conventions over the years.
I may have picked
up a thing or two.
- Uh huh.
- Mm hm.
[Harrington] And the tiara?
Oh, this is actually a gift
from my mom for Christmas.
She sent it to the hotel.
But the dress and
the wings are all me.
You brought this with you?
- Yeah.
- On an airplane?
Harrington has it
not yet become apparent
that I like to be
prepared for everything?
(Harrington chuckles)
Oh, it's become apparent.
(April laughs)
You know, I'd be lying if I said
I wasn't more than a
little disappointed.
What? Why?
Well, I've been to
dozens of conventions
and this is the first
time I'm seeing you.
(gentle music)
(April chuckles)
Well, are you just
gonna stand there
or are you gonna
ask me to dance?
I'm gonna ask you to dance.
Shall we?
I'd be delighted.
(upbeat music)
- Oh, sorry, wings (chuckles).
- (chuckles) Careful.
I wanna get
snowed in with you
Think of all the
fun things we can do
Uncle Harry!
How did you know it was me?
I saw April, silly.
Oh, that's so smart.
(April laughs)
So glad you get to spend
Christmas with the family.
You and me both.
I thought I was
gonna get deployed,
but Christmas miracle.
Don't have to leave
till after the new year.
I went with the candy cane.
Oh, it's perfect.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
What I wanna know is how did
you get him out 'cause this
costume was not his idea.
No, actually,
he wanted to come.
- Really?
- Yeah.
That's really good to hear,
and it's really
nice to see him out.
- Ladies.
- Shall we?
Let's go dance.
- Okay.
- Oh.
- Have fun.
- Hey, you,
you save me a dance.
(Harrington chuckles)
(Lindsay laughs)
(April chuckles)
[Harrington] Where were we?
Oh, yeah.
You know, I gotta thank you.
Thank me?
For what, a plaid shirt
and a very chic beard?
(Harrington chuckles)
(April chuckles)
Among other things,
but more importantly,
man, I was just, I
needed to stop seein'
the world in such
a negative way.
Hm, hm.
And you really
helped me do that.
There's so much
good around here
and if I hadn't come
I woulda missed it.
- Harrington?
- Yeah?
The truth is (sighs)...
Uh oh.
I love your books.
What (laughs)?
From the moment I read the
first page, I was hooked.
I mean, my dad was a fan,
but I am seriously
like a super fan.
Why didn't you
want to tell me that?
Because I'm here to work,
and I didn't want you to think
that I was just another groupie.
I wanted your respect.
You got it,
(laughs) Stop it.
(Harrington laughs)
(laughs) It's so glossy.
(Harrington chuckles)
I might have to
grow one myself.
You should (laughs).
What the?
There's somethin'
'bout December skies
What's all this?
(door closes)
You shouldn't have done this.
It was nothing.
I worked it out with Chris.
No, I mean, I really
wish you hadn't done this.
Harrington, what's wrong?
I said to you, I said
to you, I don't do trees.
Well, I was just trying to-
- I didn't want this.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to upset you.
Can you tell me what's going on?
I need some space.
Excuse me.
(sullen music)
(phone ringing)
[Sue] Morning, April.
There's a special delivery
for you downstairs.
Would you like it to be sent up?
No, I'll come down.
I'll be there in a few minutes.
[Sue] Okay.
Oh (laughs)!
[Sue] So, what happened?
I'm not really sure.
I thought he would be happy
to see his family's old
Christmas decorations,
but instead he just
completely shut down.
It was a beautiful
thing you tried to do.
Harrington is a
really lovely man.
I'm sure he'll come around.
How do you know
he's a lovely man?
No way I could have afforded
this last minute flight.
Harrington set it up.
I can't believe he did that.
(gentle music)
I said no trees.
I said specifically,
"I don't want a tree."
If you're gonna
blame anyone, blame me.
I thought it was a good idea.
Guilty party over here, too.
I thought it was really sweet.
Reminding me of
what I've lost?
No, I think she was trying
to remind you of what you love.
Yeah, we all were.
(gentle music)
You know, for the longest
time after mom died,
I was crushed by guilt.
I had been so wrapped
up in my own career
and my success and, you
know, all that nonsense,
I wasn't here for
her at the end.
Not in the way I
should have been.
She loved Christmas
more than anyone I know
and I think this just made me
realize how badly I failed.
[Chis] Yeah, we know.
But April doesn't.
(Harrington scoffs)
I was such a jerk.
Like really big one.
Big jerk.
I mean, huge.
- Massive.
- Maybe.
(Lindsay speaking indistinctly)
(Lindsay laughs)
Still three Christmateers?
(Harrington sighs)
Come on (chuckles).
You're the worst.
(chuckles) We love you.
(upbeat holiday music)
Mallory texted
that she's here.
We should try to find her.
All right, dear.
How are you feeling?
I'm just, I'm worried that
Harrington is still angry
and that he's not gonna show up.
Honey, pardon
me for saying so.
It's all right to be worried
about your
relationship with him.
But look, it's Christmas Eve.
We have tickets to the
best event in town.
Let's enjoy it.
- Ah.
- Ah, my miracle worker.
I'm so glad you made it.
Fabulous job.
I have heard nothing
but glowing reviews
on Harrington's time here.
Well, it's all
over the internet.
Oh, Mallory, this
is my mother, Lydia.
[Mallory] Hi, so
nice to meet you.
I have heard so
much about you.
You too.
[Lydia] We should
compare notes.
We should.
(Lydia laughs)
(Mallory laughs)
Mallory, I do have
something to tell-
(microphone feedback screeching)
Take your seats.
I wanna make sure the reporters
get Harrington's entire speech.
If he's here.
Welcome everyone
to the annual Mistletoe
Christmas Banquet.
(audience cheering)
(audience applauding)
It has become a time
honored tradition
where we bestow a
very special honor
to one of our residents.
And this year we are so proud
to have this resident back home.
Harrington Davis!
(gentle music)
(audience cheering)
(audience applauding)
Thank you.
Thank you.
Look at that, the
key to the city.
I have a few things that
I would like to say,
but in my own words.
What on earth is he doing?
We wrote a perfectly
good speech for him.
It's okay.
He's been writing his
own words his whole life.
You may be surprised
to hear this,
but I didn't want to be
here this week in Mistletoe.
I wasn't sure I ever
wanted to come back at all.
In fact, the only
reason I'm here
is because my publisher
forced me to come.
You know, when I first
wrote "Magic in Mistletoe,"
it was a tribute to
my favorite holiday,
and also a love letter
to my family, friends,
and to this wonderful town.
But somewhere along the way,
the magic disappeared for me.
And to be honest, I didn't think
I would ever find it again.
But being here this week,
I was reminded that the
magic was always here.
It was the town,
it was the people,
it was the excitement
and the anticipation
and the joy and the laughter.
It was all of you.
And it took a very persistent
and caring and wildly
over-prepared woman
to help me see that again.
And for that, I am
forever grateful.
So thank you, Mistletoe,
for not losing faith in me,
and to that very special woman
for helping me
rediscover the magic,
because she herself is magic.
Thank you, Mayor, for
this incredible honor,
and I promise that
moving forward,
I will make you all
very, very proud.
(audience applauding)
(gentle music)
(light music)
(group chattering)
[All] Hey.
Great speech, man.
Great speech.
Thank you.
Thanks, pal.
Had you scared for a
minute there, didn't I?
Mm hm.
There's some reporters
that want to talk to you.
Oh, reporters.
Speak to the reporters.
Of course.
You did it.
Oh no, really it was all him.
Are you kidding?
You did more than you know.
Harry's back to his old self,
and a lot of that
is thanks to you.
Well, it wasn't
a regular PR gig,
but I am happy with the results.
Excuse me, please
everyone take your seat.
After dinner we'll go outside
for the lantern lighting.
Enjoy your dinner.
You heard the lady,
dinner is served.
Thank you so much.
(Chris speaking faintly)
(gentle music)
You look, uh...
I'm at a loss for
words, imagine that.
(April chuckles)
Speaking of words,
I loved your speech.
Thank you.
There was something
else I wanted to add.
I'm sorry.
Your gesture was
really thoughtful
and kinda brought up
some tough stuff for me.
I reacted poorly, but
you couldn't have known.
I could have said something.
Anyway, I'm sorry.
Well, let's just call it even.
(Harrington chuckles)
(April chuckles)
[Harrington] Do you
wanna go sit down?
I do.
(gentle music)
(crowd chattering)
Are we ready?
Hello, Mistletoe.
(audience applauding)
(April laughs)
On behalf of Silver
Spark Publishing,
thank you so much for
allowing us to be a part
of this incredible festival.
And now, please welcome
Harrington Davis.
(crowd applauding)
(crowd cheering)
[Crowd] Harrington!
(cheering continues)
(applause continues)
I am so happy to
be here celebrating
with all of you
tonight and I am so,
we are so thrilled to be able
to offer you an early
Christmas present.
(crowd gasps)
We have copies of
the final installment
of "Magic in Mistletoe."
These are signed
special editions
to commemorate the Christmas
and Mistletoe Festival.
So come on up, get your copy.
(crowd applauding)
(light holiday music)
(crowd chattering)
It's time for the
lantern lighting.
May the magic of the
holidays fill our hearts.
Harrington, will
you do the honors?
I would love to.
(all chuckling)
(gentle music)
(crowd chattering)
(music continues)
(chattering continues)
I wanna show you something.
(crowd chattering)
(music continues)
Almost there, almost there.
What are we doing out here?
Just keep your eyes closed.
We're almost there.
So, it was Christmas
Eve, 12 years old.
I was walkin' back from
the Christmas tree farm
and it was getting dark
and I thought I was lost,
so closed my eyes
and I made a wish.
We're at a bench, turn and sit.
And when I opened my eyes,
open your eyes,
my wish came true.
Found my way home.
(sighs) Wow.
That is magical.
(April chuckles)
What do they look like?
(sighs) They
look like fairies.
Mm hm.
The Christmas Fairy?
The Christmas Fairy.
Is this where you
came up with the idea?
Mm hm.
Yeah, yeah, I went
home that night
and I started writing
what would become
the first chapter of
"Magic in Mistletoe."
And the evening
was so memorable
when I had the opportunity,
I bought the property,
and built a house and
the rest is history.
(April chuckles)
But everyone wants to know
where to find the
Christmas Fairy.
[Harrington] Mm hm.
Why did you tell me?
You're not everyone.
Gosh, this week has been...
Well, we've had our
moments (laughs).
Mm hm.
But I just, I want
you to know that for me,
it has all been worth it
because I got the chance
to know you better,
and believe it or not,
I really like you.
(Harrington chuckles)
I really like you, too.
For the longest time,
I didn't believe in magic,
but you changed my mind.
I think I've heard
that somewhere before.
Mm hm, book one, page 234.
(April chuckles)
Except I really mean it.
(gentle music)
(music continues)
(music fades)