Magic Stocking (2015) Movie Script

[bells jingling]
Ho, ho, ho!
Ho, ho, ho!
[jingling loudly]
Ho, ho, ho!
Oh! Merry Christmas!
Ho, ho, ho!
I swear, I'm just losing money
coming to work.
Oh, you mean
"Guilt Santa"?
I know exactly how much
money's in that jar--
it's mostly mine.
I'm so sorry
that I'm late.
I had to drop Hannah
off at a friend's.
Oh, is she getting
excited for Christmas?
Yeah. And certain
she's getting a puppy.
-I hate being the Grinch.
I thought this was
the year your heart
grew three sizes.
I'm ready to decorate,
but a puppy? No.
Don't worry. She won't
blame you forever.
Oh, by the way--
the Mayor hired someone.
To restore
the gazebo?
By Christmas Eve.
Why this wasn't
planned six months ago,
I have no idea.
Fred Barnes plan ahead? Remember
last summer,
when he went out
for lunch on a Tuesday,
then he spontaneously
drove to the airport--
is the spice of life.
Besides, we've only
just discovered
it's the 75th anniversary
of the tree-lighting ceremony,
-Good morning, Fred.
[Fred]: Good morning.
How are promotions going?
Great! I've already spoken to
"The Tribune" and Channel 11.
Both are going
to do stories,
but Judy Keen, the General
Manager over at Channel 11,
she says she isn't sure
she can get a camera crew
here on Christmas Eve,
the late notice.
Oh, it'll be
a terrific show.
Who wouldn't
want to be here?
-Well, Fred-- Fred!
-Come on and meet Scott.
I know this is
a challenge,
but it's been
over 30 years
since Gilford has had
its tree-lighting ceremony.
Let's restore the gazebo
to exactly what it was
when it was first built,
when that first big tree
was lighting up
the whole square.
Okay, well,
the thing is, Fred,
I think it's irresponsible
for anyone to promise
that it can be restored
on such short notice.
I mean, maybe
we should just be
focusing on the tree?
[Fred]: Nonsense! Where
there's a will, there's a way.
It's gonna
be perfect.
Scott! I'd like
you to come and meet
Lindsey Monroe from our
city planning department.
Scott Terrell.
Hey. How you doing?
[both, overlapping]:
Nice to meet you.
[awkward chuckling]
Well, a lot of work
between now
and Christmas Eve, huh?
Uh, yeah.
You see, we're planning
a big celebration.
Very big. There's gonna
be a lot of publicity,
and I just... I would hate
for you to make a promise
that you couldn't deliver on.
I always deliver on a promise.
Okay, uh...
Great, uh...
You see, we're kind of
putting all of our eggs
in one basket here, so,
if it isn't finished,
all of those eggs
are gonna end up on my face--
not to mention
the Mayor's reputation.
Um... you see,
we're promoting
this as a very big--
Yeah. You said that.
I think
your basket's safe.
Providing we can get past
one slight hiccup.
I-- I don't like hiccups.
Well, currently,
there's no reference
to the actual finished structure
of the gazebo, so--
Well, the intent was
for it to be exactly
as it was, right?
So I've looked for some photos,
some sort of reference,
but I keep coming up empty.
I can't actually start
on the gazebo
until I know
what it looked like.
While I appreciate
your attention to detail,
I really-- I don't think anyone
is gonna know the difference.
I will.
What the people of Gilford will
notice is if it's half-finished.
-It won't be.
-It can't be.
Provided we find
a reference to the original.
Yeah. I mean,
"we" are
in this together, right?
[words catching]
[Fred]: See?
You both have
the will
to get this done.
I'm counting on it.
counting on it.
This is the season
of miracles.
Which is what it might take.
[laughs nervously]
Hey. It's nice
to meet you.
You too.
Lindsey, please tell me
when your mother arrives.
She's coming up
from Florida again
this year for
Christmas, right?
Everyone will know
when my mother arrives.
Come on! Come on!
All the good stuff
is probably gone already!
The answer
is still "no".
[gasping deeply]
[puppies whimpering]
Do you want
to hold her?
Yes, please!
Hello, Sweetpea.
Oh, please, oh, please?
We are not getting anything
that requires food.
Or a sponge.
But I'll
take care of him.
I'll do
everything myself.
You won't even know
that he's in the house.
I promise,
I cross my heart.
You may cross
your heart, sweetie,
but it'll be
my cross to bear.
He's my favorite, too.
His name's "Magic."
[whispers]: "Magic."
Bye, Magic.
Are you looking for
anything in particular?
Oh, well, um...
My daughter and I,
we've decided to get
some new decorations.
Just something simple.
Well, how about
some tree ornaments?
Oh, well, I'm... I'm not sure
that we'll get a tree just yet.
Mom! Mom.
Mrs. O'Neal says that
the puppies are free
and that all the shots
have been paid for.
She just wants
to find them
a good home.
Maybe Mrs. O'Neal should
pick on someone her own size.
Tell you what.
Here's 10 bucks.
Knock yourself out.
Why don't you
get a stocking?
[sighs heavily]
My mom always gets sad
this time of year.
It was usually my dad
who did the decorations.
You know what?
I have one I think would be
perfect for both of you.
It's a little old,
a little used...
but it has lots of charm.
How much?
Well, if you buy
something else,
I probably could give it
to you for nothing.
Sweet! I've got 10 bucks.
that's a start.
Let's go and see
what we have here.
Lindsey Monroe!
How are you, dear?
Finally gonna crack open
that purse this year?
Oh! [chuckles]
Well, um,
Hannah is in need
of something
a little more her age.
I love this.
Real antique.
All they need is a little shine
and a good polish.
How much?
Buy them all...
and I'll give
you a price.
Look, my nephew just
moved back to Gilford.
at fixing things.
No extra charge!
And... he's single.
Hah! Well, um--
They're linin' up
for him.
I'll settle
for free delivery.
-[laughs] Deal.
Hi, Mom.
How'd you do?
I hope you didn't pay
10 bucks for this.
Oh, no.
That was free.
I paid 10 bucks
for this.
It looks perfect.
Thanks, Ruth.
-Bye, Hannah.
Are you excited?
Hold this.
You really wanted
this old thing, huh?
Hey! Look what I found.
Do you want it?
Nah, you found it.
It's yours.
Mm. I think
the clasp is broken.
Looks perfect.
Sorry, um, I thought
they were decorations.
No, um, it's okay, sweetie.
I'll just go put them back.
[car approaches, horn blares]
[door rumbling]
-Hello, Bug!
She's here.
-Hey, Grandma!
Oh! Oh...
How was your drive?
Terrific. Hey, sugar!
A Christmas tree.
Well, you did say
you were all-in this year.
More than usual,
yes, but--
And who doesn't want
a Christmas tree? Huh?
[under her breath]:
And it starts...
Uh, Fred Barnes told me
to say hello.
Honestly, that man.
He saw me drive
through town.
I'm afraid I will
never hear the end of it.
He's a nice man.
He's an old coot!
You went
to school together!
You're the same age!
I'm an independent woman.
Free as the birds.
He's been chasing me
for years,
so please do not
encourage him.
Okay. A big push, honey.
I really think
it goes better over there.
It's perfect.
Got a surprise
for you, Bug.
What do you think?
What do you say, Hannah?
I love it?
[starts laughing]
I gotcha both.
I know. It's awful.
I bet...
this is more your style.
I love it!
Thanks, Grandma!
You're welcome,
Just a little
something extra.
Tell me, Bug. What do you
really want for Christmas?
I'm not
allowed to say.
A boyfriend?
Gross. A puppy.
I'm not sure if I'll be able
to help you out there, Honey.
I'm gonna go
try this on.
And I am
going to make dinner.
Oh, I've already
got dinner planned.
That's okay, honey.
So do I.
[doorbell chimes]
[with dread]:
It's Fred.
I'm sure
it's Ruth's nephew
with the furniture
I bought at the sale.
Apparently, you bought
some things from my aunt.
You're Ruth's nephew?
That's me.
Where do you want it?
I'll show you, handsome.
Excuse me.
Uh, it should go
over in that corner.
Why don't we let
Hannah decide?
-I like it there. It's great.
-I'll meet you outside.
[rattles, locked]
Uh, yeah,
sorry about that.
I can't find
the key anywhere.
I'll keep looking,
otherwise I'll just
replace the lock.
Oh, it's fine. Thank you.
All right.
Uh, Scott... Um...
we were just
about to start dinner.
Would you
like to join us?
Oh. Well...
[Scott chuckles]
You know, actually, I can't.
I appreciate it.
Uh, I'm behind on our work,
and there's lots to do, so--
[Lindsey]: Yes.
I'll walk you out.
Good idea.
All right. Thank you.
Thank you again.
You did a terrific job,
it looks brand-new.
Ah, that
wasn't any trouble.
It was all there,
just below surface.
And I'm happy that
it's going to a good home.
That used to belong
to my grandparents.
Well, I can only
that hope the gazebo
and the rest of the town square
looks half as good.
If I get it finished
on time, right?
When it gets finished on time.
"Ah-hah," what?
I saw it.
You blushed when
you opened the door.
What are you talking about?
He's restoring the town square--
far too meticulously,
if you ask me.
It's never gonna
get done on time,
and I'm the one that's
gonna have to answer for it.
Mm. I know that look.
He really liked you.
That was obvious.
A woman knows.
[exasperated scoff]
Okay, well,
I know this might shock you,
but you're wrong.
I'm not ready for that.
So please,
don't do your thing.
What thing?
The thing where you try
and control my life.
I just don't like seeing you
alone, that's all.
Miss "Independent."
Miss "Free as a Bird."
It's different for me.
You're young.
You've got your whole life
in front of you.
Yeah, well...
it still hurts, Mom.
I know it does, darling.
I thought
I was ready for all this...
but every decoration
is just another reminder.
I'm just doing all this
for Hannah.
As you should.
But you should also
do it for yourself.
For what it's worth,
I think getting
Hannah a puppy
is a great idea.
Mm. Mm-hmm.
[Lindsey]: Dinner was
absolutely lovely, Mom.
Thank you.
-You liked it, huh?
-I loved it. Yes. Thank you.
I'm going to
make some tea.
You know,
I would love a cup of tea.
This is so awesome!
Oh, my gosh! What?
I didn't mean to look!
I am so sorry
that I looked,
but I was just
decorating the tree,
and then it was
on the floor,
and I didn't think
that there would be anything
in it until Christmas.
What are you
talking about?
It even has
the name "Magic" on it.
How did you know?
At the rummage sale!
"Magic" was
the puppy I wanted.
Thank you, thank you!
[Hannah]: Yay!
Did you...
I didn't do it!
It was empty!
I-I found that silver pendant,
but that was it,
there was nothing else.
Sweetie, I know
you want a puppy,
but this isn't the way
to go about it.
I didn't put it
in there either, I swear.
I was just decorating
the Christmas tree
when I turned around,
and there it was,
on the floor.
On the floor?
It just fell down by itself?
I don't know!
Hannah, this isn't funny.
I didn't put it in there.
Then somebody else
is playing a very bad joke.
I'm innocent!
Debbie O'Neal.
[donna]: Who?
[sighing] Debbie.
She was giving away puppies
at the rummage sale.
She must have slipped
it in the stocking
as we were leaving.
I'll give her that.
Debbie would never do that.
How else do you explain it?
You said it yourself.
It was empty.
obviously, it just must have
gotten stuck in the fabric
and I didn't see it.
Does this mean
I'm not getting a puppy?
No, sweetie.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Bug.
[doorbell chimes]
Oh, no.
Oh, Donna? It's Fred!
Can I come in?
He is my boss.
You should at least
talk to him.
Shush, shush, shush.
I can hear you shushing!
[Donna sighs]
[Fred]: I think the temperature
has dropped another two degrees.
[Donna sighs]
Maybe three?
Oh, my.
Hi, Fred.
Hello, Lindsey.
For you, my dear.
I saw you
drive through town,
and I wanted
to say hello
and wish you
a merry Christmas.
They're... very pretty.
Thank you.
Well, uh...
Goodnight, Fred.
You are
a total hypocrite!
Do as I say,
not as I do.
do people your age
really go on dates?
[doorbell chimes]
There are more,
where these came from.
I hope you don't feel
I'm being obnoxious.
I let you drift away
all those years ago
and I-I can't let
that happen again
without a good fight.
I won't be dissuaded.
Nor will I.
Don't encourage him!
The man is a menace.
The man
knows what he wants.
I think it's sweet.
So do I.
[doorbell chimes]
You've got to
be kidding!
[Lindsey chuckles]
Honestly, Fred--
I bought out
the entire shop!
You haven't seen
the half of 'em.
I may be
here all night.
What's is the matter
with you?
People will never vote
for you ever again
if they see you
acting like this.
I could care less
about politics,
as long as you'll say
"yes" to a date.
[frustrated sigh] Okay.
All right.
We will all go out with you.
Lindsey, Hannah,
and me.
[sighs, defeated]
[tools whirring]
How's it going?
Well, it's not proving
as easy to refurbish
as that old furniture.
I managed to find these for you
at the historical society.
They're not exactly
what you're looking for,
but it's all that I could
track down, I'm sorry.
I'm sure you could
make it up.
There's plenty of references
to old gazebos there.
You just want to
get it done, huh?
Yeah, I-I do.
Rebuilt, refurbished, restored--
it's gonna look great,
as long as it's finished.
Well, it will,
but it won't be authentic,
which is kind of the point.
So where are we at
with the lights?
Well, they're gonna
be vintage, too.
We'll string 'em all
across the whole square,
all leading
to the Christmas tree.
-Great! When do they get here?
-Any day.
You haven't ordered them yet,
have you?
Nope. I was kind of hoping
to get a reference on those
as well.
Okay, I don't need to
remind you that my reputation--
is on the line, yes.
Yours too.
Do you want to go to dinner?
I'm sorry, what?
You, me. Restaurant.
Are you asking me on a date?
Oh, call it what you like.
I just thought we'd, you know,
discuss this
in a more formal setting.
I can't do that.
Why not?
I can't do that.
If you want to, um,
my daughter and I,
we're going to dinner tonight
with the Mayor
and my mother.
My mom would not
go out with him
unless we went too,
and I'm sure
no one would mind
if you came along.
"Nobody would mind."
Wow! That is, uh,
quite the invite.
[chuckles awkwardly]
Would you like
to come along?
Okay, sure.
All right. Um...
I'll have Fred call you.
Sounds like a plan.
You do that.
No, no! No.
No, you can't say a thing.
It has to be a surprise
for both of them.
Gotta go.
Is the Mayor
gonna do it?
I told him
I'd accept a real date
if he does.
What are you two
talking about?
Just letting Fred know
that we're on our way.
You know, I still
don't understand
how we got roped into
chaperoning your date.
So it wouldn't
be a date.
[car approaching]
Ah! Here they are.
Hey, Fred.
Lovely to see you.
Have a lovely dinner.
-Get in! Quick!
-[laughs] Okay!
-Mayor? Wait!
I cannot believe
that woman.
I can't believe
he was ever elected.
[both chuckling]
Oh. All right. Uh...
So, should I
just take you home?
Oh, gosh, no,
of course not.
Sure. Yes. Yes.
[all laughing]
-We did it!
-We did.
Thanks so much
for including me.
I just love
a good prank.
That was great!
So, tomorrow, right?
That was the deal. Yes.
[Fred, chuckles]:
All right, you two.
Goodnight, Fred.
Goodnight, Mayor.
To my crazy mother...
Yeah, and the
impeachment of the mayor.
I'll drink to that.
[both laughing]
Wasn't that fun tonight?
Oh, yeah!
Oh! I'm going to
plug in all the lights.
I want it to be all lit up
when Mom gets home.
Things are likely
to get lit up, all right.
[faint whimpering]
[whimpering and whining]
[Hannah gasping]
Come here.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Oh! [gushing]
Come here.
It's okay.
[door shuts]
Goodnight, Grandma!
Going to bed already?
Goodnight, Bug.
So after all the places
you traveled in the world,
you decided
to come back here?
Yeah, well, home is
where the heart is.
That's what
they say anyway.
Or where
you hang your hat.
That's not nearly
as romantic.
[both laughing]
Well, we moved away
when I was a kid,
but I always came back
for the summers.
I love it here,
you know?
I spent a lot of time
with my grandfather.
You know, the truth is,
I was the one
that suggested
we restore
the old gazebo
and the square,
not the Mayor.
So I have you
to thank?
Mm-hmm! Yeah,
I want this to be
a gathering place,
you know?
Where people come together,
and we have parties, and
celebrate. and events, and...
That's the kind of thing
that binds a community.
That's great,
but why does it need to be
restored exactly as it was?
I mean, I'm sure the person
who built this in 1940
would not mind.
That person...
was my grandfather.
It was his dream
to restore it.
My grandfather
built it after the war.
We were supposed
to do it together...
but he passed away unexpectedly
while I was traveling...
Well, I thought
we'd have more time.
I didn't
mean to compare
my grandfather's passing
to what you went through.
I'm sorry.
Oh, so you know about...
Yes. It's terrible
what you went through.
This must be a really hard time
for you and Hannah.
It's getting better.
So... what else
do you know about me?
Oh, ho. [chuckling]
Where do we start?
[clears throat]
I mean,
this is Gilford,
Uh, let me see.
I know
your favorite color is blue,
your favorite food
is Italian,
and you own
every Bruce Springsteen album.
My favorite color
is green.
Oh! Right. Sorry.
So this isn't just a job...
this is personal.
I could restore it
any other way,
and you're right,
nobody would
know the difference,
but my grandfather's work
would be forgotten,
and I made a promise to him.
And you're a guy
who keeps his promises?
I had a nice time
It's still early.
We could-- you know?
No. I-I think
I'm gonna go home.
I'll give you a ride.
I'll walk.
It's not far.
It's-It's a nice walk.
I-I like the walk.
for dinner.
I'm not
speaking to you.
Oh, don't be a sourpuss.
Sarah Jean called
from the restaurant,
said that you two
were having a delightful time.
What are you
Just thought
I'd fill out the tree.
Don't worry,
there's plenty here
for you and Hannah.
Why are you putting
those ones up?
Well, you always had
these on your tree.
They're... sweet.
Those were special
to me and Doug.
I wasn't ready
to have them out.
You said that you were ready
to decorate again this year,
so I just thought--
No, Mom, I said that
I was going ease into it.
you bring in a Christmas tree,
you trick me into
going on a date,
you go through my things
without any idea
of what those ornaments mean.
I know it's with
the best intentions.
I put one toe
in the water,
and you push me
all the way in.
[quietly]: You're right.
You're right. Uh...
I'll take them down.
No. No, no, no, no.
Leave them up.
It's fine.
I couldn't find
the "Four Calling Birds."
They were lost.
When we found
this set...
they were just so vintage
and... unusual.
He loved them.
He said that
the "Four Calling Birds"
reminded him
of our family dream.
[chuckles softly]
He always thought
that we'd have two kids,
or at least
one kid and a dog,
and there'd be
four of us.
Four calling birds.
It's silly.
It isn't silly.
It goes against
my very nature
not to interfere.
Oh, really?
Mm. So... I am
going to apologize now
for the next time I do.
Goodnight, Mom.
Mm. Mwah!
Goodnight, Sugar.
[door creaks open]
[puppy whimpers
as door clicks shut]
Shh... shh.
Why are you
so dressed up?
I promised Fred
we'd go out on a real date
if he went along with
that little scheme of ours.
Anyway, he's picking me up
this morning.
Said he wanted to do
something unusual.
Not sure exactly
what that means,
but I'm willing
to go along.
Oh, hey! You're not
off the hook either, young lady.
the matter?
Nothing is the matter.
Why would you think
something is the matter?
Uh, 'cause
you're not gloating
from your little
prank last night.
[quiet barking]
[distant faint barking]
What was that?
[thumps cup down]
It's not my fault!
[dog barking]
I found him when I was
plugging in the lights.
He was cold and wet
and I couldn't just
leave him out there. Ooh.
I didn't have anything
to do with this, I swear!
He is so cute!
They're always cute.
Can I keep him?
Mom? Please?
He doesn't
have a collar,
so he must not
belong to anybody.
I've already named him "Magic."
All right, he stays
for now, sweetie,
but you're
putting up posters.
I'm sure somebody's
looking for him.
-[doorbell chimes]
Oh, boy.
What are you
We're going fishing,
of course.
I brought
an extra rod,
just assuming that
you didn't have one.
you're a nice man.
Even a handsome man.
And I know you're
not a stupid man.
Do you see
how I'm dressed?
You look beautiful.
Does this scream
"fishing" to you?
It's very safe
and it's a lot of fun.
And I'm willing to bet
that you've never done it.
Safe bet.
I should've given you
fair warning, I grant you that,
but I was concerned
that you might say no.
You're two for two.
Well, I've got
extra winter gear
you can change into, so...
Come on. I promise,
it'll knock your socks off.
Karma is a beautiful thing.
what kind of dog
was Dad going to get me?
How did you know
Dad was
getting you a dog?
Did Grandma
tell you that?
No. He did.
He told me not to
tell you I knew.
Was it gonna be
the same kind of dog?
Well, I'm not
sure. Why?
I just thought...
maybe he's the one
who made sure I found him.
I know your Dad is looking out
for you all the time.
I believe that
with all my heart,
but there are some things that
are really just a coincidence.
What if it's not?
What if I was really
supposed to find him,
and nobody claims him?
If nobody claims him,
I'll be open to keeping him.
Pinky swear?
Pinky swear.
We're still
putting up posters.
I know.
[both laughing]
[Donna sighs]
I've already got our
next adventure in mind.
Don't push your luck.
I believe in pushing
my luck every day.
Keeps me young.
Well, I will consider that
when I can
feel my feet again
[Fred laughs]
All right.
Donna, I know
I come on too strong.
I know that's not attractive.
Women like a mystery,
they like the chase.
Well, there's no mystery here.
There's just a guy
who wants
to treat you like
the lady you are.
Well, who says
that's not attractive?
I read it in Cosmo.
[snickers] Cosmo?
Goodnight, Fred.
[soft thud]
[astonished gasp]
you're joking.
I'm telling you
the truth.
No, you--
you found it in the garage.
Or you did, Hannah.
I didn't!
No. I found it,
in the stocking.
I couldn't
believe it myself.
I mean...
the date even
matches your set--1947.
So wait. You're saying it just
appeared inside the stocking?
Just like
Magic's nametag?
I didn't-- [sighs]
I didn't see it
actually appear.
Look, I came inside,
I saw the stocking
on the floor.
When I picked it up,
the ornament was inside.
So it was Fred.
Fred didn't even
come inside the house!
[Lindsey]: He must have somehow
slipped it into the stocking.
How could he possibly know that
that was the missing ornament,
or that you even had
this collection at all?
In this town?
knows everything.
[frustrated sigh]
So, then he, what?
He broke into the house
when we were all out?
[Hannah]: You're both wrong!
It wasn't anybody at all.
It was the stocking.
Think about it.
I wanted a puppy
more than anything,
and what did I find?
Magic's nametag.
Your silver heart...
It's broken, remember?
No. I fixed it.
That doesn't count.
It's not fixed, is it?
So, then how does
finding your Mom's
missing ornament
help me, kiddo?
[Sighs] We just
have to wait and see.
Okay, things do not
appear out of nowhere.
Exactly! Which means
it really is magic.
-I mean...
the nametag
says it all.
"Magic." Hello!
-You just have to believe.
There is no magic.
Okay, I need to get to work.
The "Guess the Coins"
competition is at 3:00.
Please be there.
Wouldn't miss it.
It is magic, Grandma.
I know it.
I'm beginning
to think so, too, Bug.
Hello, Lindsey.
How's your mother?
Ah. I think she can
finally feel her toes again.
[laughing] Good.
Don't forget--
Wilson promised
a deal on the tree.
Have Scott go with you.
I'm sorry for running off
on you like that.
I just-- I haven't
been out on...
I know.
I had fun.
Yeah, it was fun.
I guess we got your mom
to thank for that?
Ah, yeah, well...
Her heart's
in the right place.
Is yours?
I'm working on it.
How about this one?
Well, that's not
gonna fit in your car.
Oh, gosh. How are we
gonna get it to town?
I'll just carry it.
Okay. [laughs]
I think...
That didn't
go as planned.
Uh, we'll take it.
A little help?
Wow, you've been
working out.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
A little sappy, but...
Oh, is that yours?
Oh, gosh...
Yeah. The, um...
The clasp,
it keeps breaking.
I can't
seem to fix it.
Oh, I can try
and fix it for you.
If you want.
Yeah. I'd like that.
All right.
All right, folks.
Just five more minutes remaining
to make your guess
in our "Guess The Amount
of Coins" competition.
The winner will be Grand Marshal
next to yours truly,
for our 75th annual
tree-lighting ceremony
on Christmas Eve.
We don't even know
how much is in here, do we?
-No. [laughs]
Hey, come on, you've gotta
get your guesses in now.
What do you think?
Grandma, how big
is that coin jar?
I don't know.
Oh, I would say
20 gallons, maybe?
Looks mostly like...
pennies and nickels.
Come up with
something quick, Bug,
Time's ticking.
Say $1,050?
All right,
let's get it in there.
-Don't forget your name.
Good job.
Hannah! Good. Excellent.
Last chance, folks.
Get those entry forms in now.
Don't miss out on your chance
to be Grand Marshal next to me
on Christmas Eve.
To light the tree.
With me.
The man
is relentless.
-Oh, thank you, Scott.
-Thanks, Scott.
What do you
got there?
Grandma found it
in our magic stocking.
"Magic stocking"?
How 'bout that?
Well, that was the year
my grandfather built
the original gazebo.
[Donna]: Oh!
What are you doing?
[Hannah]: 1,225...
[Donna]: Donna?
[Lindsey, laughing]: Looks like
you're gonna get
an entry anyhow now, Mom.
-No, no, no.
-Come on, Grandma.
Good job, Hannah!
Oh, Hannah.
Good! Another one. Thank you.
All right, that's it, folks.
While we're sorting
through your entries,
let's find out
how much is in here.
Let 'er rip!
[coins clattering,
counter whirring]
That's a sight for sore eyes,
So far,
looks like our lowest guess
is $515.
Past $800 now!
That's all my money.
[crowd applauding]
As of now, our highest guess
is $1,225.47
from... Donna Chastain!
[Fred]: Good luck, Donna.
And right down to the penny,
I like that.
$1,000! Wow!
-Oh, ho!
-Oh, great.
It continues to climb! $1,100!
It's slowing down now.
That's a great contribution
to Gilford's
Helping Hands Foundation.
Thanks, everybody.
[crowd applauding]
Oh! The coins have finished.
And the machine is computing...
And it's looking like
Donna's guess is gonna be
pretty darn close.
Final count is...
$1,225 and...
...47 cents.
Well, an exact match!
[confused chuckle]
That's amazing!
Come on up
and accept your prize, Donna.
We have a soothsayer
amongst us, folks.
The great thing
is that all of that $1,225.47
goes directly to Gilford's
Helping Hand Foundation.
[hushed]: Awkward.
Well, congratulations.
You rigged it,
didn't you?
I did no such thing.
Can't say I wouldn't
have tried, though.
[Fred]: Wonderful, folks!
Well, thank you all for coming,
and we'll see you
at the tree lighting.
Get me out of here,
before I am burned
at the stake.
Excuse us.
Now I really need to see
what's in that stocking.
It's magic!
Oh, we'll see.
Just a normal stocking.
Nobody's saying
it spins in circles
and shoots off
lightning bolts.
Exactly, and it had
nothing to do with...
With what? See?
You can't
explain it either.
There's nothing to explain!
It's just...
one of those things.
What things?
Mom, would you please
not feed into this?
The numbers were exact.
People win the lottery
all the time--
far worse odds than that.
Listen to yourself.
Listen to yourself!
What are you saying, exactly?
That it's actually
a magical stocking?
I don't
know what it is,
but I do know
it's not something
that we can
just brush off as
"one of those things."
Remember when I was a kid,
and Dad used to do
all those magic tricks,
and take us to
all those magic shows,
and I always
thought it was real?
But it wasn't.
There was always a trick.
The real trick...
was believing, Lindsey.
Where are you going?
You know what?
I think Hannah's right.
I think it's a sign.
Are you going to see Fred?
everything I said
about being
an independent woman,
free as a bird?
-Well, I still am,
but it doesn't mean
that I can't go out
and have some fun.
You might just take note.
Who's trying
to stop her?
Grown-ups are always
trying to stop themselves
from everything,
mostly the fun stuff.
Yeah, it's called
being responsible.
Who said you
have to be responsible
all the time?
You got me there,
What a nice surprise.
How are you, dear?
I'm fine,
thank you.
Service doesn't start
for a couple hours.
Are you here to get
a front-row seat?
Uh, no.
Actually, I was hoping you
might help me with something.
Of course.
Okay, this might sound
a little strange,
but I was wondering if you--
okay, do you remember a lady--
she was selling stockings
and other decorations
at the rummage sale?
She was a little older,
silver hair, very nice,
not from around here.
Yeah. Yeah, I do.
I never quite
got her name, though.
Well, do you have
a phone number,
an email address?
I'm afraid not.
It's a long story.
[exhales] Ahh.
Always is.
You know, I thought
you might've known her.
She said something
when you left
the rummage sale,
just in passing...
Think she was pleased
you came to her booth.
What did she say?
It was more of
how she said it.
It came across
as familiar.
It's like she knew
what happened...
and that she had
done something to help,
and felt glad
she was able to.
You don't know
anything about her?
Not even her name?
I'm sorry.
It's a real mystery.
[quiet chuckle] Yeah, it is.
Well... thank you, Reverend.
You're welcome.
Hey! Door's always open.
Oh, don't be ridiculous.
Where's the box
I had over here?
I think Grandma
put it in the garage...
Yeah, she said she was
giving stuff away.
Did you have a nice time?
Oh! Lindsey.
You scared me.
[sighs contentedly]
Oh, Lindsey.
I don't know where to begin.
We hit the town,
I kicked the dust off my shoes,
one thing after another.
And you're not
gonna believe this!
We went sledding.
I haven't been sledding
in over 30 years!
[sighs] Oh,
it was exhilarating.
What's wrong?
Is there anything else
you were going to give away?
[chokes up]
Other than his clothes?
This is going to
be bad, isn't it?
It's one thing for you
to decorate and reorganize...
but to give away his clothes?
I'm sorry.
I thought
they were boxed up
for the donation.
Not that one.
Lindsey, I have said I'm sorry
more often than I can count,
and I'm not gonna
apologize anymore,
but I am gonna
give you my advice.
It's been three years.
You need to move on.
Not to forget,
not to pretend that
it didn't happen,
but to allow yourself
to feel happy again!
It's taken this long
for Hannah to have
a real Christmas.
The holidays have been hard
for Hannah, too.
She wasn't ready either.
She's ready now.
I talk big about being
an independent woman,
free as a bird,
but guess what?
I just had the time of my life
with a man I've been
avoiding for years--
No, no.
Let me finish.
I'm not saying
that you're supposed
to get married,
or that... or that
you're not supposed
to feel a little
twinge of guilt
when you look
at another man,
but, Honey, you're going
to have pain
for the rest
of your life.
But it doesn't mean that
you can't have a life.
I am trying.
No! You're not.
Mom, this has been
a big step for me,
but you--
But you keep trying to find
reasons to take two steps back.
I know,
because I've done this
my whole life!
You're the happiest person
I know.
I thought I was.
You really like him.
Yeah, I do.
I'm very happy for you, Mom.
I do have
some pearls of wisdom
to pass on,
so would you stop
being so darn stubborn?
I am not.
I want to be open to someone,
I really do.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
That's what this is all about.
You don't like Scott.
I never even considered that.
I mean, I just assumed.
He's charming and handsome...
I just thought it was mutual.
I never even considered
the possibility
that you might not
even like him.
I like him! Okay?
I do.
And it's just
making all of this...
Come here, Sugar.
A great philosopher once said,
"You know you're in love
when you can't fall asleep
because, finally, reality
is better than your dreams."
I'm gonna be
up all night.
I just...
want my little girl's
eyes to be open
to whatever possibilities
there are out there for her.
Life is too good
to pass up.
I know.
Who was
that great philosopher?
Dr. Seuss.
All right, sweetie,
why don't you put up
another puppy poster?
Do I have to?
Nobody's called.
It's the right
thing to do.
Aren't you supposed to
be putting that together,
and not the other
way around?
It isn't right.
Well, I think
your grandfather would
be happy that it's even
being restored at all.
I mean, the point
is to honor him
by doing it
the way he did it.
Yes, but we're
running out of time.
Yeah, I know.
It's just...
Maybe you should take
your mind off it
for a little bit--
you've been
working non-stop.
Come to the dance
with us.
What dance?
The Christmas Dance.
We're all going.
Yeah. She's right.
It's a Gilford
tradition around here.
I don't dance.
Oh, it doesn't matter.
It's just fun.
All right.
...Jingle all the way
In a one-horse open sleigh
Gliding through
the snowy meadow
Laughing all the way...
Trying to hide?
Me? No! No... I'm just...
You know, waiting,
for Santa.
Oh, okay.
Come on!
Excuse me.
I'm gonna go embarrass myself.
The trick...
is to dance
like no one is watching.
Ha! This is Gilford.
Everybody's watching.
...Merry Christmas Day
[music changes
to a slow, romantic song]
Shall we?
So serious.
...Your lips...
Taste like candy...
That scared me.
Me too.
They're like
little ninjas.
...Forever in love
You'll see...
You're right.
It's not that hard
once you get used to it.
...When you smile at me...
Hi there.
Wanna dance?
Get on in here.
Come on.
Let's see a twirl.
You're quite the dancer.
Runs in the family.
Ahh! Thank you.
I heard you tell
Grandma you like him.
Yeah. I kind of do.
Is that okay?
I like him, too.
I think he's gonna need
all the help he can get
to get the gazebo
finished in time.
I want to help.
Me too.
All right.
Goodnight, sweetie.
Get some sleep,
all right?
Goodnight, Mom.
I love you.
[Magic yaps]
Magic, what is it?
Magic, what is it?
A key?
Magic, come on.
Come here.
Hannah! Breakfast!
Hey, so, Grandma's
in the shower,
but I've gotta run.
Oh... And Scott,
he wanted me to tell you
that he hasn't forgotten
about the lock on your desk,
but he's
gonna fix it
after he's done
with the festival.
Mwah! Love you.
Love you, too,
Mom. Bye!
The drawer!
Magic, come on!
[Magic yapping]
[bottom wobbles]
Thanks, guys.
Tree looks
great, Lindsey.
Thank you.
But now, what about
our friend, Scott?
The gazebo doesn't look
anything like done,
and I still don't
see any lights.
He is a little behind schedule,
but he promises
it's going to be finished.
We're all gonna pitch in.
Do what
you can, please,
because we now have
double the number
of people who're
gonna be there,
including the press.
Right. Got it.
[concerned sigh]
Come on.
We gotta go tell Grandma.
How's it coming?
Well, we got
the structure done,
but we can't
actually finish it.
Well... can I talk
to you for a second?
Yeah. Hey, guys,
give us five, huh?
What's up?
I know what all this
means to you,
but I think
you've got to let it go.
Yeah? What about the promise
to my grandfather?
I understand
what you're feeling,
I really do,
but unfortunately, they don't.
They don't think that
you can finish this on time.
And I...
I think you have to move on.
That's not so easy, is it?
No. It's not.
They think
I let them down.
But you haven't.
We can still
finish this.
I know we can.
Yeah, well, we'll see.
Mom! Mom!
Hannah, what are
you doing here?
Look at this.
What is it?
Last night,
I found a key
in the stocking.
You found it
in the stocking?
You have to
believe me, okay?
I found the key
in the stocking,
And it unlocked
the drawer in my desk!
And there was
a hidden compartment, and--
This is exactly
what he's looking for!
-I know!
That desk is
his grandfather's desk!
It's so amazing!
[all laughing]
Scott! Look!
It's the gazebo!
[both laughing]
Where'd you
get these from?
Hannah found them.
You gotta be kidding me!
In your grandfather's
desk. Look.
-This is exactly what we need.
-I know!
All right, guys,
bring that wood over here,
and put that box
on this side.
Hey, so I've been
scouring the Internet
and I think I found
the only place
that sells a match
for these lights--
exact replicas--
a little antique shop in Ohio.
That's great.
When do they get here?
Waiting to hear back.
We need this. It would
be the finishing touch.
Ohh! Good luck.
Everything good?
-Yeah. Great.
Two days, you're sure?
That's great.
Yeah, no, just e-mail me
the tracking number.
All right. Thanks.
They said they'd get the lights
here in two days.
absolutely certain?
Yeah, they
guaranteed it.
Exact replicas of
the ones originally used.
The town square is gonna
look just like it did
when your grandfather
built it.
Well, that was
my promise to him.
Honestly, I couldn't have
pulled this off without
all of your help.
I really appreciate it.
And you!
Little one...
finding those photographs...
Looks like
we found our miracle.
'Tis the season.
In the back.
[background chatter,
What's going on,
is the matter.
I don't want
to talk about it, okay?
I don't like
seeing you like this, honey.
You know you can
tell me anything, right?
I know.
All right.
Well, we're gonna
help out again tomorrow,
get an early start,
so try to get
some sleep, okay?
Okay. I love you.
[Lindsey chuckles]
Goodnight, Mom.
I love you.
Goodnight, sweetie.
I won't let
anybody take you away.
[doorbell chimes]
-Are you ready?
-Yes, yes.
My mom and Fred,
they're gonna meet us there.
Sounds good to me.
All hands on deck.
I don't want
to have anything
left to do
on Christmas Eve
but enjoy the festival.
Yeah, me too. Hey, Hannah!
Come on, sweetie!
It's time to go!
Good morning, Hannah.
You know, mothers
have simple hopes
for their children.
One of them is that
they'll wake up
in a better mood
in the morning
than they were when
they went to bed.
[exhaling] Okay...
Would you
please tell me
what in the world
is going on?
Oh, honey...
When did you find this?
At the coffee shop.
I didn't want
to tell anybody.
Oh... I don't
blame you.
Maybe it's
a different puppy.
Look at
the photo, honey.
And it says
he went missing
on the same night
that you found him.
I'm sorry, Hannah.
That really stinks.
Do we have to call them?
It's not fair
that they can just
take him away now.
What if
I hadn't seen this?
We wouldn't even know!
It isn't fair, honey,
but you did see it.
And you did the right
thing by telling me,
and you gave him
a great home,
but it's not his home.
[quiet sob]
We have to
call them, don't we?
Come on, honey.
[exhales heavily]
What if
they're mean people?
Come on, sweetie.
I'll wait right here.
[door thuds]
Hi. We called.
Oh, there he is!
We were so worried!
Thank you!
You must be Hannah.
Thank you for rescuing
our little guy.
Jake! Amber!
Look who's here!
-[parents laughing]
What do you say
to this young lady?
[kids]: Thank you!
There was
a reward, you know?
No. It's okay.
I don't want the reward.
Well, I'd like you to have it.
Tell you what...
I'll donate it
to the Happy Hound shelter
under your name.
Oh, that would be very nice.
We were worried sick
about him.
You did a great thing, Hannah.
[Lindsey]: Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas
to you.
You okay?
Me neither.
But I'm proud
of you.
What are you
doing, sweetie?
It's almost midnight.
I couldn't sleep.
If it is magical...
do you think it could give more
than just what fits inside it?
Like what?
A person.
I don't think that's
how it works, sweetie.
I know.
You still don't believe
it's magic, do you?
If anything,
I think it's proof
that there are some
things in this world
that can't be
explained easily.
Maybe we're not meant to.
Why would it
let me find a puppy,
just so I could
give him away?
You found that puppy
on your own, Honey.
But there has to
be another reason.
There's got to.
It isn't finished.
Well, maybe
that nametag you found
will still prove
to be of some use.
I'm not
saying anything.
I'm just saying
All right, come on,
we got to go to bed
or tomorrow will be
an even tougher day
than it was today.
Can I sleep
with you tonight?
I was just gonna
ask you the same thing.
Come on.
[yapping and barking]
They're all so cute!
[woman laughs]
You know, I think I'll just
get a gift certificate,
and let my daughter decide.
-Good idea.
Mom! Look! A puppy!
I... I see that.
A new dog?
[Scott]: Look, I had no
intentions of doing this, okay?
I ran into Mrs. O'Neal,
this little guy caught my eye.
Look at his name.
It's Magic, Mom!
The one from the rummage sale.
The one I wanted!
It's amazing, Honey, isn't it?
I mean, if that's isn't a sign,
I don't know what is.
Certainly is.
It was
very sweet of you, Scott.
[Scott]: I'm sorry.
No. It's fine.
[Hannah]: Can I keep him, Mom?
Please? I'll walk him.
I'll clean up after him.
I'll do everything for him.
Yes. Yes, of course.
I'm not gonna send
another one away, am I?
Thank you!
I should've called.
I-I just got so excited.
I thought you'd be here,
and when Hannah opened the door,
her face lit up.
I bet it did.
All right, uh,
all right,
I've gotta get to work.
Some last-minute
things on the gazebo.
Those lights still
haven't shown up.
I'll call you later?
Hannah, honey,
what do you say to Scott?
I love you!
Uh... yeah.
You're welcome.
All right, kid.
Call you later.
[door opens]
It's fine.
[door shuts]
I haven't seen
Hannah this happy
in a long, long time.
Don't punish Scott.
I was getting her a dog.
Yeah, well,
he didn't know that.
Poor guy had to watch her cry
all the whole way home
when you took
the other one back.
And then when he found
the first one that she--
He's not her father.
He's not trying to be.
What has made you
so upset?
It seems
that everything
to do with getting a dog
sends you over the edge.
It was the car accident.
Doug was on his way
to get Hannah a puppy.
Oh, my goodness.
She can never know that.
Of course not.
I had no idea.
It was going to be
the four of us.
"Four Calling Birds."
[takes a shaky breath]
Lindsey, I need V.I.P. for
two more Channel 11 people.
And now Channel 4
wants placement,
they're going to do a tag
on tomorrow's broadcast.
Can you call them, please?
-On it.
I still don't see any
lights up in that park.
On it.
It's gonna be
mighty awkward
when your mother and I
pull the lever
and whole town square's
still in the dark.
[sighs wearily]
One to remember,
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
[Lindsey sighs]
Hi, Lindsey, it's Scott.
I just wanted to call again
and say that I was sorry.
I completely understand
why you're upset,
but I still hope you come down
for the festivities tomorrow.
And keep your fingers crossed
that we'll actually
get those lights.
Merry Christmas.
Excuse me!
Would one of those
be for Scott Terrell?
[phone buzzes]
[Fred]: Hello!
Door's open!
Hey, Merry Christmas,
Hello, darling.
You ready?
Yes, I am.
Well, then we can all ride
together, if you like.
Why don't the three of you
go on ahead without me?
What are you
talking about?
I'm just not
feeling up for it, Mom.
You're not going?
This is just as much your event
as anybody's.
I know. I'm sorry.
I just...
Hannah, why don't you ride along
with Grandma and Fred?
[sighs] Lindsey...
You have to be there.
We're not leaving
without you.
Please, you'll make me
feel worse if you stay.
Just go. Have fun.
Maybe I'll meet up with you
in a little bit.
-You're sure?
I'll go get Magic.
Hey, Mayor! Looks like
we might actually make it.
Terrific, Scott.
Never a doubt.
Wish I could say the same.
Oh, she's still at home.
Sorry, kiddo.
Hey, Magic!
How's he doing?
He's awesome.
Do me a favor?
I need somebody to help me
string the lights.
What do you say?
[gushing at Magic]
You want me to take him?
Thank you.
Aww. There we go.
That's great.
Here. Take these.
What am I supposed to do?
I want to believe, okay?
So help me out.
[sighs softly]
[thuds softly]
You made it!
I wasn't gonna miss out
on all the fun, was I?
Hey there.
How can I help?
Uh, hand me
that pine cone.
We've only got
a few minutes left.
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
Wow, it looks great.
We did it.
Lindsey, I'm so glad
you're here.
Me too.
Hey, there's only
a few minutes left.
You two better
get up to the podium.
[Fred]: Yeah, we better.
-Do you want to take him back?
-Oh, yeah.
Well done,
both of you.
-Aw, thank you.
-It looks great.
-Oh, good job, Scott.
-Thank you!
Your grandfather
would be so proud.
It looks incredible.
I appreciate that.
You're the only one who really
knows what this means to me.
And as you can see,
the lights came in.
Exact replicas.
[Lindsey chuckles]
Oh, no.
[Scott]: Oh, no, no, no, no.
It's just one bulb.
No, no, it's not.
With these old lights,
if one of 'em
doesn't work,
none of them work.
-You mean--?
-That's the entire square!
-Don't we have another bulb?
-No, we don't!
Welcome to our 75th
Christmas Tree
lighting ceremony!
[crowd cheering]
I want to thank
all the good folks
at Gilford
who made tonight possible.
[crowd applauding]
It's shot.
It's not gonna work.
When they flip that switch,
it's just gonna be dark.
-It won't.
-It is.
Unless you pray
for another miracle.
I already have.
Do you believe in magic?
Do you believe in magic?
I do!
I know you do.
And you didn't put
any of those things
in the stocking, did you?
-I believe you.
Wait here!
-Where's she going?
-I don't know.
[Fred]: I also want to thank
all the volunteers
who came out
to help with the construction
and the clean-up in the park.
[townsfolk applauding]
Now, without further ado...
I want to give the honor
of lighting up our lives
to the beautiful
Donna Chastain.
No, I don't see her.
I got to stop them.
I see her! Mom!
Here she is!
What are we going to do?
You're going to
light up the square.
I don't understand.
I do. Go on!
-Okay, okay, okay, okay.
-Come on, Scott!
Come on!
Quick, quick, quick!
[applauding and cheering]
[applause continues]
Nice work, Scott Terrell.
I couldn't have
done it without you,
Lindsey Monroe.
I almost forgot...
Got you a little present.
Thank you
for fixing this.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
-Come here!
-It looks so beautiful.
-It does.
[crowd cheering]
[background chatter]
Do you see him?
Hey-hey, Lindsey.
You're a little early.
We're just setting up.
Thank you.
Ruth just can't stop
talking about it.
She thinks it's all
because of her.
Well, we may have
had some other help.
Hey, Reverend,
is that same woman
here this year?
The one that
I asked you about?
She's setting up right now,
in the corner, right over there.
Thank you.
There she is.
We wanted
to return this.
[Lindsey]: We thought perhaps
it could be passed on,
[Scott]: To somebody else
that can use it this year.
That's how it works,
isn't it?
I'm sure
someone else will find it
just as lovely and meaningful.
Let's go, kiddo.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas!