Maha Samudram (2021) Movie Script

My name is Arjun.
I used to think that life was
all about living on your own terms.
But I've realized that
life is all about living for the people
who have faith in you.
Any physically strong man
can bear the weight on his shoulder.
But only a man who values relationships
can bear the weight of a heavy heart
when it comes to love
as well as friendship.
The first testament
to the pain I've hidden
in the depths of my heart
are these deep waters!
You may go.
You won't find anything there, boss.
It's all down there.
-Check it out!
-Come on!
-Get lost!
You're full of it, right?
Of course, I am.
What are you gonna do about it?
Do you realize who you're talking to?
Sub Inspector Vijay!
The confidence with which
you've grabbed my collar
tells me that
you've done well in the test.
Well, we can assume that I have
till the results are out.
It's all good!
I need a strong tea!
-Come on.
-Let's go.
How was the interview?
I can't do a desk job, man.
You know me.
I'll start a small business instead.
What will you tell Mom?
I haven't figured it out yet.
-Two cups of tea and a cigarette.
Moms believe that their
sons never tell the truth
and their daughters never lie.
That's the reason I always
give her a mixed version.
Tell her whatever you want.
Keep me out of it.
Don't ditch me, man.
What can--
What's wrong with your eyes?
Get me two Meenakshi Paans.
Is your dad a big shot?
You think you can just
come here and call the shots?
Rascal! Bugger off!
-Buzz off!
-How dare you?
-What did you say?
-Stay out of it.
-How dare you?
-I'll bury you right here!
-Stay back!
-I'll kill you!
-I won't spare you!
-Why are you overreacting?
I've told you to not fight
when I'm around, right?
-Idiot! Let's go!
-I'll lose the job if I'm caught!
Let's go! Let's go! Rascal!
-Rascal! Son of a
-Hey! Stop it!
You need to control yourself
till I become a cop.
Come on!
Hey! Don't you get it?
I have to collect my mom's
chit fund money.
I'll see you later.
Hey, look.
He's coming.
There he is!
Hey! What the hell did you say?
Brother! Brother!
I'm not going to turn the other
cheek when you slap me.
You think I'm a follower of Gandhi?
I'm a follower of Bhagat Singh!
Come on!
Get him!
Rascal? Huh?
Say it again.
Say it again, you bugger!
Say it!
Sorry. Sorry.
What's wrong? Huh?
Say it! Come on! Say it!
-Say it now!
-Let me go!
-Say it!
-Let me go!
Say it!
What are you doing here?
I know you.
I knew you wouldn't let it slide.
I followed you here.
But you didn't wanna fight, right?
Well, it's an inevitable situation.
Who are you guys, man?
You hit really hard!
Sorry! Sorry! Forgive me.
Always hold your head high
Nobody can pin you down
Go all out with courage
You can't survive if you fear
Don't let anybody put you down
Show them what you're made of
Fight back when you need to
Beat the hell out!
Books don't talk about these traits
Come with me and
I'll show you the world
I don't bow or surrender to anyone
Don't mess with me
I don't mind putting up a fight
Even if it's a life or death scenario
There's no point fighting the ocean
You can never match up, can you?
Always hold your head high
Nobody can pin you down
Go all out with courage
You can't survive if you fear
Don't let anybody put you down
Show them what you're made of
Fight back when you need to
Doesn't matter who it is
Life eyes you constantly like a hawk
Don't become a chick that gets attacked
Peace isn't always the way to go
You don't want to end up dead, do you?
That realization is where
I get my arrogance from
And I don't think anything's wrong with it
Any smart man would agree with me
In fact, he'd hail me for my intellect
Always hold your head high
Nobody can pin you down
Go all out with courage
You can't survive if you fear
Don't let anybody put you down
Show them what you're made of
Fight back when you need to
Beat the hell out!
I don't mind putting up a fight
Even if it's a life or death scenario
There's no point fighting the ocean
You can never match up, can you?
Fifteen thousand?
Fifteen thousand?
Twenty thousand!
-Shantamma, right?
-Twenty thousand?
-Mom! I'm starving!
Oh, he's back!
-Hey, Borebabu!
-Shantamma, come to me in the evening.
-How's your business?
-It's great, brother.
-Hurry, Mom!
Hey, Vijay
why do you live alone?
Why don't you move in with us?
He'll have to stop his shenanigans.
What about your shenanigans?
How was the interview?
-Did you bother going--
-Yeah, I did!
They had just three openings.
They claimed to have 300 for publicity!
You're a jobless man
who's just loafing around town.
You should learn from
our neighbor, Mr. Ramarao's son.
Learn what?
He bought a refrigerator and
a TV in the last couple of days.
I looked into it and found out
that he's into cricket betting.
-Why don't you do that?
-Hell, no!
I don't want to do it.
What do you want to do?
I'll start a business.
Do you have the money?
Give me my dad's money.
I'll kill you if you talk about it again.
He was a great man!
He left us with this house and
some money after he passed away.
We'd be begging in the streets
if it were up to you.
Learn from him, man.
He doesn't have his parents to guide him
but he works really hard to make it big.
What do you do?
You roam around town
and splurge your dad's money.
It's not your dad's money, right?
-Hey! The head!
-It's my dad's money.
-What's wrong?
-Let it go!
That fish head is mine.
Moms usually save
the best bits for their kids.
But you snatch it from my mouth.
That's how I am.
Ask your Uncle Chunchu
to get a two-headed fish.
You fools!
Recognize me
Where do I come from?
I'm the don!
I'm the don!
Chunchu is the don!
What was that strange sound?
It was quite eccentric.
I'm dead!
Hey! This is not the time
to zone out, you loser!
Those idiots are here! Go! Go!
Hey! Oh, my!
Why the hell are you
showering me with those?
You guys think those are flowers?
They're bullets, damn it!
I might die if I get hit, you morons.
Guys, you're my sweethearts.
Let Uncle Chunchu live.
Turn around! Quick!
I'm doing it, Uncle.
You'll break many aunties' hearts
if you kill me!
Spare me for their sake, please.
Turn around! Quick! That way.
They're close. Come on! Quick!
Faster! Faster!
They're close. Right! Right!
Cops trouble me in the ocean
and these rascals harass me here.
How do I sell my stuff, man?
That way!
My name's Chunchu, you fools.
I'm a sneaky rascal!
Take us to Duvvada Port.
Damn, I need a drink.
What are you guys doing?
Be careful.
You'll break the cement slabs.
Damn you!
Where's Uncle Chunchu?
He's selling the stuff.
Hey! There he is.
Catch it!
Hey! There's stuff in the boat.
Unload it.
Didn't you sell it?
The Tamil guy had the cash, right?
Dhanunjay's men showed up with guns.
-They almost shot your Uncle Chunchu.
Got it!
You must have sneaked into
a hole and saved yourself, right?
You think that's funny?
Have you ever had a barrage
of bullets fly past your ear?
Thank your lucky stars.
I'm a tough man.
But I'm getting older.
I wonder when I'll reign over the ocean!
You'll rule the ocean once
you stop fearing Dhanunjay.
Shut up!
Shut up, you loser!
What do you know about Dhanunjay?
He kills men just like we kill fish!
Don't underestimate him.
Go for any business
anywhere on the planet.
But if you insist on
doing business at the bay,
you must obey me.
Are you getting me?
Are you getting me?
Put him in a drum and
drop it in the ocean.
Hey! Hey! Brother!
What are you doing?
I've strived for 30 years
to build this empire!
If you keep killing all my suppliers,
you'll ruin my business.
I'm not like the ten-headed Ravan
who comes up with ten different ideas.
I'm like an abrasive stray dog.
Stop dishing out useless advice.
Just follow me around.
Hey! You're doing it wrong!
That's not how you move your right foot!
You've been rehearsing
for the past two months.
You've learned nothing!
Sister, I've come here to learn.
But you blame me
and scold me for silly reasons.
You're confusing me!
How dare you!
You love running your mouth, right?
But you can't pay the fees on time!
No, sis, please!
I'll get it right away.
I'll never come back! Goodbye!
Hey, Pandu! Stop!
No way!
You can pay the fees later!
-I won't come back, sister.
-Don't skip the class!
I'm leaving!
Alright. Let's begin.
-I'm coming, dear.
Get me the books of accounts!
I'm sure the numbers
are all over the place.
Dear, I need some money.
I want to buy some gold.
You wanna buy gold?
You don't care about your husband
or anything else, for that matter.
All you care about is makeup,
dressing up, and gold.
I hope that the entire
female race is ruined.
I curse you!
I curse you!
Why are you yelling
at me for a little gold?
How dare you talk back?
She irks me as well!
I told you I didn't want a girl!
Did I do it all by myself?
Did I do it all by myself?
Why do you have to fight every morning?
What's wrong with you?
Are you ever going to change?
Of course, I'm going to change.
Give me all the money you make
at the dance school and I'll change.
You won't do that and I won't change.
Go to hell!
Hello! I'm not here to serve you!
This is your mother's fault!
Come here. Come on.
I'll kill you!
Hey! Don't you know how to drive?
Do you have any documents
for this piece of crap?
Who do you think you are?
You're harassing a girl in broad daylight!
You think you can get away with it?
Do you know who I am?
I'll have you booked under
sections 506, 420, and section 354!
I'll get you arrested!
You'll rot in jail!
-Are you getting me?
-You think I'll let you do that?
I can blurt out sections as well.
If you're not out of here
before I count to ten,
I'll call the cops.
Why count to ten?
Call the cops!
-They'll be here.
Stop blabbering.
It was your fault.
Pay her for the damages and leave.
Oh, here comes Mr. Social Reformer!
Guys like you always rush
to rescue the girl.
Why should I pay, man?
You wanna know why? Really?
You hit her car from behind.
It's your fault.
Of course, she'll be upset if you
hit her car with this piece of crap!
That's exactly what I'm saying.
I was driving at 30 miles per hour
and she hit my car with
this piece of crap.
So, the bike?
Yes, sir.
Sorry, sir.
Please settle this mess. Goodbye.
-Hey, move!
-Hello, stop!
You wanted to be the judge, right?
Why are you slithering away?
You're gonna settle this mess right now!
She owes me 10,000 rupees for the bumper!
And 10,000 rupees for
those dents on the side!
She owes me 20,000 rupees!
I should've stayed out of it.
Why should I pay, huh?
Why should I?
As per sections 506, 420, and 354,
-I'll file a strong case--
Stop blabbering about sections.
It's your fault.
Pay him and leave.
Why would I argue if I had the money, sir?
That's the problem!
What do we do now?
Can you pay him?
I'll pay you back tomorrow, sir.
I think I should've asked for more.
-Are you sure?
It's my mom's chit fund money.
I promise I'll pay you back, sir.
How much money do you have right now?
I have three new ten-rupee notes, sir.
Put it back in. Right now!
What do you do for a living?
I'm studying Law at the university.
That's the reason you were
blabbering about sections?
That's all I know, sir.
Alright. Give me your phone.
This is my number.
Save it.
I'll call tomorrow.
Answer my call.
-Are you getting me?
-Okay, sir.
Come with me. I'll pay you.
You can't come and go as you please.
I'm not your wife.
Why would I sneak in
if you were my wife?
These romantic moments
happen before you get married.
No! Don't act so snobby.
I know why you're here.
I'm sure you're desperate.
Don't talk to me.
What's wrong, Maha?
You don't answer my calls.
You ignore my messages.
I keep waiting for you like a crazy lady.
You take me for granted
because I asked you out.
You've been giving me a hard time
for the past two years.
Maha, you know how it is, right?
I'll officially be a cop in six months
and I'll spend all my time with you.
Yeah, right.
Forget it.
What are you doing here right now?
The thing is
Hold on.
I know that you show up
only when you need something.
Stop looking.
You won't find what you're looking for.
Let me get it.
Maha Lakshmi!
You're amazing!
I love you, Maha!
Say you love me.
Say you love me.
I love you.
-Bye, Maha!
Give me the striker.
Please let me go, Uncle.
No way!
I was the president of the
Rambha Fans Association back in the day.
If you dared to speak rubbish
about her in front of me,
I'm sure you're gonna speak
rubbish about her outside!
Rambha is my aunt and you're my uncle!
-I promise!
-I don't trust you!
You're gonna be there till sunset!
What the hell!
-Who is he?
What's wrong?
A girl dumped him, Uncle.
He jumped into the ocean for her.
We pulled him out in time.
Dying for aunties makes sense.
But you shouldn't kill yourself for girls!
What a fool!
Get him out of here.
Hey! Move it!
Why are you staring at me?
I love aunties!
Hey, aren't you gonna stop?
Are you gonna keep eating forever?
I'm sure you can gulp down
a whale in two days!
-My dear!
Did you forget about your uncle?
You don't answer my calls anymore.
You've changed, man.
Stop it, Uncle.
I've been busy.
You're too busy to meet your uncle?
What are you doing with him?
I told you to stay away from him.
Why don't you listen to me?
He reminds me of his dad, Swami.
Don't be friends with him.
Stop it, Uncle.
You're always judging him.
-Let's go inside and play carrom.
-Come on.
-Hey, Uncle Don!
-Stay away!
Come on, Uncle!
Stop fooling around
and stay away from me!
Vijay! Down here!
I'm here, bro!
Get me out, please.
It's really uncomfortable in here.
Please, bro.
-Hold on. We'll try something new.
-Please, bro.
No! No!
Oh, God! You're all sadists!
What are you doing here?
-Do you know what time it is?
What's wrong with you?
What will people think
if they see you like this?
I don't care.
You don't mind, right?
You're spoiling Vijay!
Yeah, right.
He's a really innocent guy.
Stop defending him, Maha.
If you had used the time
you spend loafing around
you'd have a girlfriend.
I almost forgot!
Vijay, I'll see you in the evening.
Bye, Maha.
Your room is a dump
full of bottles and cigarettes.
My dad troubles me at home
and you do the same!
You two are killing me.
Listen to me, Vijay.
I can't take my dad's torture anymore.
Please, Vijay.
Let's get married.
Stop it!
Why do you keep talking about marriage?
What the hell are you doing here?
Get lost!
You think I'm jobless?
Here, take it.
You wanted money, remember?
That's the reason I'm here!
Are you happy?
I've bought a phone for you as well.
But you always curse me!
Maha! Maha!
You know that I can't be
mad at you for a long time, right?
Sorry! Sorry!
Latha, do you want
to come and kiss her?
I'm leaving.
-Hey, Maha!
-I'll see you tomorrow.
Conditions should be
coercion, undue influence,
fraud, misrepresentation, and mistake.
-Hello, ma'am!
Who are you?
Why is he disturbing the class?
Get him out of here.
Why did you come here, sir?
You weren't answering my calls!
You called?
I didn't get any calls.
Ten missed calls.
Oh, this is your number?
Sorry, sir. I don't answer calls
from unknown numbers.
You didn't bother saving
my number either?
I'll break your face
and all your sections!
Give me my money.
Pay up!
Sir! I need some time
to return the money.
How much money do you have?
If you show me three
new ten-rupee notes again,
I won't hesitate to hit you
in a Law school.
Sir, I have 500 rupees.
This is the interest.
I'll be back tomorrow
for the principal amount.
If you fail to pay
Please pay me back!
My mom's a monster.
She'll kill me. Please!
-Hey! Keep going.
-Come on.
-Load the other truck as well.
You've brought me here at midnight!
Where are we?
Why are we here?
Follow me.
Yes, sir?
I want the stuff to reach
the warehouse by dawn.
Okay, bro.
Hey, where are we?
Just follow me. Look!
Who are these men?
What's going on, man?
The dark world!
That's Dhanunjay.
Hump Babji's brother.
Illegal drugs, gold, fake currency
They make millions overnight.
Holy crap! This is unbelievable!
You're amazing, man.
You've started the investigation
before becoming a cop.
Hey! Get back! Hide!
Investigation is an important tool
if you wanna become powerful.
You're right.
You should become a cop soon.
I don't want to become a cop
to be sincere and help the public.
Nobody helped me.
I'm snooping on this gang now.
Once I become a cop,
I'll come here in my jeep and sit back.
They'll come to me
and give me my commission.
I'll have both money and power in society.
money and power!
That's the sexiest
combination on this planet.
I was wondering how I could
get it as soon as possible.
That is when I realized
that I wanted to be a cop.
People usually become corrupt
after joining the police force.
But you're a corrupt man
who wants to join the police force.
Don't be stupid.
And never bring me to
these shady places again.
Arjun, you're living in a box.
-Life is outside that box.
-Shut up!
You grew up in the same
neighborhood as me.
How can you have these criminal thoughts?
Let's leave.
Come on, man!
Yeah, I'm coming.
-Hello, auntie!
My name is Maha.
May I come in?
He's been postponing our
marriage for the past two years.
He should think about
his girlfriend as well, right?
Who are you in love with?
Who are you?
Why are you telling me all this?
Mom! My bike's key--
What's going on?
Who is she?
What is she saying?
-What did you do?
-I didn't do anything.
-No, auntie!
I wasn't talking about Arjun.
I meant Vijay.
I can see Arjun doing something like this.
But Vijay would never do it!
He's really innocent.
I swear on you, auntie.
Arjun knows everything!
You can ask him.
Arjun, is this true?
Why do you look stunned?
Call Vijay!
Yeah, I'll do that.
-Where the hell are you, man?
-I'm busy. Why?
Maha's here.
She's talking to Mom.
What is she doing there?
How would I know?
Come home! Quick!
Alright. I'm coming.
-Did you like the dosa?
-It's delicious!
Mom, Vijay's home.
He's here? Great!
I'm coming.
Stop clenching your teeth!
You're intimidating her.
I used to think that
you were really innocent.
No. You're just sneaky.
My son is better than you.
I told you he's a player.
Don't take advantage of the situation.
Alright, that's enough.
What about her?
I was going to tell you, Mom.
But she couldn't wait!
We'll get married as soon as I get a job.
Did you hear that?
He's a very meticulous guy.
Let him get a job.
I'll talk to your parents.
It's my responsibility
to get you two married.
Don't worry. Alright?
-Thank you, auntie. Bye!
Sir, can you help me again?
There's an ATM nearby, sir.
Hey! I hear melodies in my heart
My heart doesn't wanna be calm
I think I'm crazy about you
A raindrop hits me out of the blue
It hits me like a storm
As it slips into the lap of coyness
When will these distances fade?
We're like a bunch of kites
Floating with the breeze
What do these sneaky glances hide?
What secrets lie on the edge of the lips?
Fumbling words and tumbling footsteps
A tone of hesitation pulls me back
Can't showcase our love in public, can we?
Heart flutters as your touch embraces me
As my cute little traits lurk behind
Your notorious glances hit like an arrow
As love pours down like the rain
We resemble the sky and the earth
Maybe he'll reciprocate
These feelings someday
Maybe my love
Will give him butterflies as well?
I have no clue which detail impressed her
Maybe feelings rise like waves
In the ocean of the heart
Can't showcase our love in public, can we?
Heart flutters as your touch embraces me
When a woman dazzles you with love
Don't take the poor girl for granted
Your glances are like a butterfly
They steal the thoughts in my heart
Is the excitement flushing from within?
Can't you even hide it for a while?
It's strange how you appear in my dreams
And then I see you in reality
Like nothing happened
Can't showcase our love in public, can we?
Heart flutters as your touch embraces me
No, Vijay.
I'm leaving.
Please, Vijay!
Yeah, alright! Hang up!
Greetings, sir.
-Is he here?
-Yes, sir.
It feels like I'm visiting death,
not my little brother.
I quiver each time
I have to ask him something.
Fake notes smell way better
than real currency.
Send them to the market.
Has the Malaysian stuff arrived?
Why do you--
-Yeah, tell me.
-It hasn't arrived yet, boss.
Of course, it hasn't arrived.
He killed the Malaysian dealer's brother.
And he diverted all the stuff
to Chennai Ganesan.
Of course, it hasn't arrived.
My daughter's getting married.
I need a loan of 50,000 rupees.
50,000 rupees? That's nothing!
Here you go. Two lakh rupees!
Have a blast!
Gods can be cruel if you don't fulfill
the promises made to them.
I can be a really cruel God
if you don't pay what you owe me as well.
Pay me back soon.
I do business with the ocean,
an entity that has no foundations--
Brother! The stuff
If you want to drown me,
learn to walk on water.
Don't risk your life
by trying to attack me.
Chennai Ganesan?
I really doubt if
we were born to the same father?
Arjun! Arjun!
What brings you here, Uncle?
I wanted to see you.
-Hit it! Hit it!
-You're looking happy.
-Is your business doing well?
-Well, not really.
Cops take most of my earnings.
They squeeze out all my money
instead of focusing on the big shots.
They won't bother you
if you pay the commission on time.
Why don't you get a partner
and expand the business?
I tried it with your father once.
He conned me and left me high and dry.
I had 20 boats.
Today, I have five! Idiot!
Let's go, Uncle!
What are you saying?
Why are you talking about my father?
Hey, Vijay
I'm telling you the truth.
A wannabe cop can advise me
to bribe the police.
But I can't call a fraudster a fraud?
What did you say?
You bastard!
How dare you grab my collar!
-Hey! Hey! Stop it!
-Your father
Have you guys lost it?
What are you doing, Uncle?
Why don't you get it?
Why do you blame him for everything?
What are you doing here?
Go away!
I get it.
You always defend him!
You don't care about us.
Would you side with him if
I really was your uncle?
I thought I had you on my side!
But you've changed, Arjun.
He's changed you.
I'm leaving.
I'm leaving.
Have you lost it as well?
Couldn't you just shut up?
You wanna pick a fight with him?
Who the hell do you think you are?
-He has spent his whole life around cops.
He doesn't need your advice!
I tried it with your father once.
He conned me and left me high and dry.
He has spent his whole life around cops.
He doesn't need your advice!
Who do you think I am?
You think I'm a loser?
A dimwit?
What did I do?
-I was just playing--
-Go to hell!
What are you doing here?
My dad wants me to get married.
He's looking for matches.
We can't keep postponing our wedding.
Let's get married, Vijay.
Marriage! Marriage!
I won't marry you!
What are you gonna go about it?
Get out of here!
What's wrong, Vijay?
Stay away!
I don't need you guys!
Any of you!
Don't follow me, Maha.
If anybody tries to find me,
I'll kill them!
Why did you call, Maha?
What's wrong, Maha?
I don't know what to do, Arjun.
Vijay gets upset every time
I try to talk to him about marriage.
He acts really weird when he loses it.
I'm scared, Arjun.
Come on, Maha.
You know him.
We had a fight.
He must've vented his frustration on you.
I'll talk to him once he calms down.
Come, let's go home. Come on.
Come on, Maha.
I'm really scared, Arjun.
Hey! I'm here for you, Maha.
I'll talk to him. Come on.
Come on, Maha.
Where is Dhanunjay going?
Send all the stuff to our
Chippada warehouse by evening.
Okay, sir.
Hey, move!
Hey! We are running late.
Move! Move!
Who are you?
Who the hell are you?
Why did you come here?
What do you want?
Answer me, scoundrel!
What are you doing here?
Who the hell are you?
Hey! Hey!
Why would you kill Dhanunjay?
I'm really terrified of them.
Do you know how cruel they are?
They'll turn the city into
a graveyard by morning.
If they find out that we know you,
they'll kill us as well.
Go away!
Go to the station, get on
the first train you see, and leave!
Don't stay in Vizag.
Go away!
Why should he leave?
Let them come!
We'll deal with them.
Have you lost your mind?
They don't spare anybody
who messes with them.
And he has killed Dhanunjay!
You think they'll leave him alone?
-They'll definitely kill him.
Do you want us to be scared and
hide in a hole for the rest of our lives?
-You don't get what I'm saying--
-I'll go away.
-Go away!
Do it if you want to live.
don't go alone.
Take Maha with you.
Wait at the railway station.
I'll go get Maha.
Forget about everything else.
-Hey, Vijay!
-Do you see him?
-No, Arjun.
Let's check the other platform.
Come on, Maha.
Come on!
I don't get it, Maha.
I don't know what to say.
I didn't expect him to do this.
I'll find him no matter where he's hiding!
Oh, my God!
How could she cheat me?
I'm her father for God's sake!
I regret having a daughter like her.
Look! She's home!
I'll show her what I can do.
She's done for!
-Stop! Stop right there.
Who did you elope with?
Was it him? Answer me!
Why the hell did you come back?
Did you come back to see if we're dead?
You go to the dance class in the morning!
And spend the rest of your day
hanging out with some guy!
Girls like you are
a curse to the parents.
You're a disgrace!
Come on!
I should've seen this coming.
I'll break your legs
if you ever step out of this house!
Come on!
Somebody's here for you!
My name's Babji.
People call me Hump Babji.
I know.
Do you know why I wanted to meet you?
I wanted to talk about my brother.
He snatched the empire
that I had built with my blood and sweat.
He made fun of my disability!
He made fun of his own brother.
A man who's killed many
with his bare hands
is now lying like dead meat,
because of a tiny iron spoke.
He's lying like a fish out of water
on the hospital bed.
Don't you get it?
My little brother isn't dead.
He's alive!
The way he gasped when
he was on the verge of dying
terrified me because his gasps sounded
like wheezing blows of vengeance!
If a man like him lives,
your friend will be dead.
If he doesn't find your friend,
he'll kill everybody related to him.
I know how crazy he can be.
That's the reason I'm here
to make you an offer.
What's that?
Take this gun.
Kill my brother before he gets to you.
I'll protect you.
-Take it. Take it.
-Listen to me, Babji.
I don't care what differences
you have with your brother.
But if it really comes down to
him attacking my loved ones,
I'll kill him before
Satan calls him home.
Never make these cheap offers again.
Hey! Hey!
Why doesn't anybody listen to me?
Arjun, you didn't find him, right?
Don't be a fool.
You can find someone who's gone missing,
not someone who is on the run.
He can't be trusted.
Thank God, you're home.
I came here to check
if you've eloped again.
Heart suffers in silence
Blood boils with fury
Tale ends in a disaster
Hearts are abandoned
Darkness takes over life like a cloak
Life curses like a snake spitting venom
This feeling of betrayal is killing me
This feeling of backstabbing hurts
It's like I've turned you into stone
And I stand before you like a culprit
How do I make it up to you?
Do I plead for your forgiveness?
I've been trying to talk
to you for the past ten days.
-What is it?
I have finished law school.
I'm moving to Hyderabad.
You didn't have to tell me.
You're free to go.
I didn't have to tell you.
But I had to return the
money I had borrowed.
That's the reason I wanted to see you.
Are you done?
That's it?
When the sky comes crumbling down
Shall I be the roof on top of your head?
When the Earth breaks into two
Shall I be the bridge
That gets you across?
When the crashing waves caress you
Shall I bury the ocean whole?
When flames of fury fondle you
Shall I rain down on them like a storm?
No matter how bad things get
Even God can't get to you now
I stand in the way like a metal shield
To hide you beneath my wings
I can't watch you suffer
How do I erase this grief?
The past is a nightmare
How do I stop the stream of tears?
It's like I've turned you into stone
And I stand before you like a culprit
How do I make it up to you?
Do I plead for your forgiveness?
Boss, his girlfriend is at the market.
I'm coming!
Is that Arjun?
Yes! Arjun!
Arjun! Arjun!
Hey, Gabari!
I raised my little brother
like a cute little puppy.
He was my strength and my weakness!
He meant everything to me!
How could you not react when someone
was beating the life out of him?
How will I handle this
huge empire all by myself?
You've left a huge burden
on your brother's shoulders!
Gabari, let me tell you something.
Have you ever heard of Mahatma Gandhi
pointing a gun at the British?
That's because
a man with intellect is superior
to a man with physical strength.
That's a fact.
I'll worry about the guy
who killed my brother.
Stop beating yourself up about it
and handle the business.
What's wrong, sir?
Where's your son?
He's upstairs.
-Search the house.
-What's wrong?
Search this room.
You're sleeping?
Comb through his bloody room.
Sir, we've found this box
in the other room.
What the hell!
Are you selling opium?
We have enough dealers to deal with!
Why did you get into this?
Come on! Move!
What the hell!
-Hey, is the SI available?
-He's inside. Go.
That's the right attitude!
Hello, sir.
Come, Chunchu!
I knew you'd come.
What's up?
How's your business?
It's going well, thanks to you, sir.
I haven't done anything.
I eat and I suffer.
That's all I do these days.
You should stop eating.
Shut up!
We're cops!
Our hunger and food are different.
-Hey! Go on.
-Take it!
-Ew! Keep it on the table.
Did you have to stuff it down there?
Safety, sir.
Safety. Safety.
You've understood me really well, Chunchu.
The worst person in the world
can turn into a good man.
All you need is some money.
That's the reason
I haven't filed an FIR yet.
Your guy's inside.
Take him home.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
-Yes, sir?
I know what you guys did.
Hey, Dhanunjay!
Don't panic.
We want people like you to survive.
Dhanunjay has been killed but
no one has bothered to report it yet.
You should keep an eye on Babji.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
let go of the past.
Don't think too much about it.
Dear, listen to me.
Please wait.
I should've kicked you out
a long time ago!
You eloped with a guy.
He took advantage of you
and then he dumped you.
Get out of my house.
Get out for God's sake!
Lakshmipati, you should
deal with these issues at home!
Why are you fighting on the street?
Shut the hell up!
Your daughter got pregnant
after she got married.
Why would you care?
She got pregnant before marriage!
Who's gonna take the flack for it? Me!
I don't want you in my house!
Go to hell! I don't care!
Your birth was a curse!
I've had enough of you!
I'm pissed off!
I'm being humiliated because of you.
If you say one more word against her,
I'll kill you right here.
You don't have to
deal with this nonsense, Maha.
Let's go.
Come on, Maha. Let's go.
I've always warned you guys about Vijay!
You ignored me.
Please listen to me now.
Let's forget the past.
We could go for
a secret abortion.
Why did you slap me, sis?
Who are you to make a decision
about her abortion?
Who the hell are you?
Vijay isn't the only one
who has ruined her life!
It's his fault as well!
It's my fault as well!
We gave her false hope.
We made promises we couldn't keep.
We have ruined her life as well.
If we force her to get an abortion,
we're no different from
the guy who cheated her.
Well, I've told you what I feel.
You may decide.
I don't want you guys
to fight because of me.
I'll go far away from everybody.
I will not be a burden.
I can stand on my own feet.
Maha, please don't say that.
Please don't.
Where would you go, Maha?
Who would stand for you?
I made a mistake by pulling
you out of your house.
I won't do it again
by letting you out this time.
You don't have to live alone
as long as you have us.
You don't need to go anywhere else.
Live with us.
How long, Arjun?
Tell me, Arjun.
How long can I live with you?
Don't get lost in your thoughts, Arjun.
You haven't done anything wrong.
I know it.
But you did kill Dhanunjay!
Hump Babji has framed
you in a smuggling case.
You're a smuggler in the eyes of the law!
Police will investigate you whenever
there's a smuggling case.
Forget what happened.
Don't run away from
the police and society.
They'll keep chasing you
as long as you run!
Pause, turn around and retaliate.
They'll piss their pants.
I know that Babji asked
you to kill his brother.
Tomorrow, he'll ask me to kill you.
The day after, he'll ask
somebody else to kill me.
Dhanunjay was physically strong.
But Babji
he's clever!
It's really hard to beat him.
The ocean has been my
home for the past 30 years.
I know all its dark secrets.
Look at the ocean.
It's waiting for
a young bravehearted man like you.
Step into the ocean.
Start smuggling!
I'll stand with you.
What are you saying, Uncle?
I mean it!
Trust me.
Trust your Uncle Chunchu, Arjun!
If you want to live in Vizag
and defeat Babji,
you should sail on these deep waters.
Hey, hold on!
-Get down!
-Bro, what are you doing?
Oh, God!
Brother! Brother!
What hell are you guys doing?
Arjun, send these to Hyderabad,
these to Chennai, and these to Calcutta.
-We've divided all the stuff.
You're okay, Maha.
Don't panic.
Maha, it's a baby girl.
She looks gorgeous.
She looks just like you!
Ma'am, what's your name?
Maha Lakshmi.
Your husband's name?
Don't mention it.
You send the stuff.
I give you cash.
Only cash.
No cheating.
No, no! No cheating.
Deal okay, Chunchu.
But I hate Babji.
Has the stuff from Malaysia arrived?
It had arrived, sir.
But Arjun took it.
Faster, guys!
It's all ours, Arjun.
Visakhapatnam is at our service!
Finish him.
Vizag belongs to me.
Go and tell Babji.
Sir, please wait.
MP is in a meeting.
-Greetings, MLA sir.
Life forces one to greet
idiots like him sometimes.
Greetings, Mr. Babji.
He is from our school!
He will see you now.
Greetings, MP sir.
What's up, Babji?
I was told that you're
desperate to see me.
The thing is, sir
my brother didn't treat me very well.
But I never cared.
He was my little brother after all.
But Arjun's doing the same
and I can't handle it.
He has ruined my business.
All my dealers are on his payroll now.
You've got to help me out here.
Listen, Babji.
We're like these fish.
We tend to incline towards
the hand that feeds us best.
Arjun seems to be
the better hand right now.
I'm inclined to help him.
I can't help you right now.
I grew up watching
Mahabharata on Doordarshan.
I'm a pro at counter-attacking
my enemy's strategy.
Arjun is dead!
Arjun is dead!
-Arjun is dead!
You're supposed to close your eyes!
Who's gonna bring you toys if I die?
-You can't kill me!
-Boom! Boom!
Boom! Boom!
-Hey! Hey! What are you doing?
-Boom! Boom!
-Little devil!
She's getting naughtier every day!
And what's wrong with you?
I'll shoot you if you don't stop talking!
Oh, really? Really?
Nobody's gonna scold Pooja!
-Hey, Pooja!
-You're a good girl, right?
-Watch your tongue!
It's time for lunch!
Come on!
Come on, dear!
Pooja's mischief and Maha's anger
are out of control.
Dealing with them is really stressful.
Is everybody here?
It's my Rambha's birthday today.
Hey, Rambha!
I pray our business flourishes with
100 weed bags and 200 opium rolls!
I pray to my Rambha to bless you all!
Here I go!
Hey, Rambha!
Guys! Where's Arjun?
Visakhapatnam beach is all ours
We can dance, drink, and groove
Hail all the ardent fans of Rambha
Let's put up banners and cut-outs
She's like an erotic delicacy
She hooks young hearts with her glances
As she bites her cherry-red lips
And throws a smile
Men start to lose their minds
O Rambha!
Hey, Rambha!
Rambha! Rambha!
Hey, Rambha!
Let the festivities begin
Hey, Rambha!
Rambha! Rambha!
Hey, Rambha!
You're really intoxicating
If you have two drinks
without soda and ice,
you'll start moving like Rambha.
Whistle aloud and amp up the music
Dance like nobody's watching
Shower her with flowers
Chug a mug of beer
Grill some chicken on the side
Her beauty is like a drug
Let's get high together
Her waist is a firecracker
You wouldn't want to touch it
O Rambha!
Hey, Rambha!
Rambha! Rambha!
Hey, Rambha!
Let the festivities begin
Hey, Rambha!
Rambha! Rambha!
Hey, Rambha!
You're really intoxicating
Sri Krishna lifted a hill
With his little finger
Lord Hanumana carried
The Sanjeevani with one arm
We can't even attempt that
We're not that legendary
Let's stick to bottoms up
O Rambha!
Hey, Rambha!
Rambha! Rambha!
Hey, Rambha!
Let the festivities begin
Hey, Rambha!
Rambha! Rambha!
Hey, Rambha!
You're really intoxicating
Hey, Rambha!
Rambha! Rambha!
Hey, Rambha!
Let the festivities begin
Hey, Rambha!
Rambha! Rambha!
Hey, Rambha!
You're really intoxicating
Where did you get those?
I'm talking to you!
Who gave you these anklets?
Arjun did.
You're becoming really notorious!
-Hey, Maha!
-Take them off!
Stop hitting her!
You know she's mischievous, right?
I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
Tomorrow's a good day to
initiate her academic ritual.
Can we go to the temple tomorrow?
What's wrong with her?
She doesn't seem to care about anything.
Why is she so angry?
I just asked her
to come to the temple.
She's not angry, Mom.
She's sad.
She can't share it with anybody.
We need to give her some space.
She'll come with you if she wants to.
Don't force her.
Am I right, Pooja?
-Come, let's play.
I don't get you guys.
She'll come.
No, she won't.
She'll come.
No, she won't.
-She'll come.
-She'll come.
-She'll come.
-She'll come.
Mom, where's Maha?
Don't ask me.
I have no clue.
I told you!
Maha's here! Maha's here!
Ma'am, we need the kid's father.
He needs to write Om with her hand.
Anyone who takes the responsibility
to parent a child is a father, right?
Yes, ma'am.
Come here.
Arjun, come here.
Write Om!
-Go sit with Arjun. Go.
-Come on!
That's it.
We're done.
It means when we're in trouble,
God shows up to help us
in the form of another human being.
Think about it.
What's the lightest thing
in God's infinite universe?
A man's heart.
We feel sad for the smallest of things,
burden our hearts with tears
and make our lives difficult.
How can you be happy if you're
going through a miserable time?
Listen carefully.
When God gives you problems,
he also gives you people who can
help you get through those problems.
If you recognize those people,
you'll always be happy.
God wants you to face these problems
and recognize yourself
and your loved ones.
-You can't go to the past and rewrite it.
But you can definitely
-start a new life.
Let's go.
Pooja, you're gonna go
to school tomorrow, right?
Yes, I will.
-Oh, really?
-Will you come with me?
-Sure. I'll come with you, alright?
-How is she, doctor?
-She's okay, ma'am.
She has lost consciousness
because of the shock.
We've given her the jab.
She'll feel better.
You can take her home tomorrow.
Brother, we've found out
that it wasn't an accident.
It was an attack
planned by Hump Babji.
You need to lay low for four days.
We'll definitely win the case, sir.
I've spent my life signing papers
and giving fingerprints at the court.
We have a great case.
Make sure you go through these documents.
-Okay, ma'am.
-Yes, ma'am.
I will take your leave.
Make sure you submit the evidence
for the case hearing.
Okay, ma'am.
What are you doing here?
When did you come to Vizag?
It's been a week.
Why didn't you call?
What's the point?
You don't answer my calls.
You're a busy man!
You're Mr. Big Shot!
I've been reading your cases
for the past week.
Look at all these cases. Endless.
Section 276.
503. 506.
Criminal offense.
Murder attempts.
These are criminal cases.
What's going on, Arjun?
God's favorite children get to live
on their own terms.
I guess I'm not one of them.
Forget about me.
What about you?
Did you get married? Kids?
I have four kids.
But I'm not married.
Well, you'll be staying here
for a while, right?
You could be my lawyer as well.
What do you say?
It will cost you.
Alright, I'll pay you.
Aren't you worried about the cost?
Alright, I'll ask you when I need it.
Ma'am, the hearing is about to begin.
Don't worry, I can get my clients
to pay up as well.
Bye, Arjun. See you tomorrow.
Don't say sweet-talk me
Don't fool around with me
Don't give me false hopes
Don't love again, my heart
These overwhelming desires are drowning me
These unfinished tales
Are hitting me like a storm
Don't reignite those dimming relationships
I'm going to push you away, my heart
Don't show me your face ever again
I'll kill you if you make me anxious again
-Mother, she's Smitha.
-Greetings, auntie.
-Hello, dear.
-Come in.
She's Maha.
You're like a comforting glance
A sweet word of assurance
You've turned my thorny path
Into a flowery walkway
You're the joy I can't carry with me
The magic that has transformed me
Let me be your shadow as you walk along
You're like a cool breeze in hot summer
My heart's drenched in affection
With you by my side
I have the courage to live
I'm can feel the bliss again
This is a new version of me
Do you see me blushing?
I can see moonlight shine on me again
My heart's found a companion
The chapter of grief seems to be ending
There's beaming sunshine all around me
You might say that
We can never be together
My eyes can't help but steal glances
I try to stop my heart
By telling it that this is selfish
But my feet tend to run ahead of me
My heart's a shore for love
Waves of desire hit me swiftly
I stand in front of you
Wanting you to want me
I've washed away all those
Memories that bind me
You're my angel of love
I know it now
My heart's flushed!
It welcomes you into my arms
This restless heart can't let you go
A rising tide of happiness has consumed me
Why are you going to Hyderabad?
I need to handle a case, Arjun.
I'll be gone for ten days.
I need to ask you something.
You wouldn't mind, right?
Go ahead.
It's about Maha.
Have you thought about her?
There's nothing to think about.
She's fine.
You say it because
you see her smile, right?
It doesn't mean that she's fine, Arjun.
You're wrong.
She's not happy.
Being a woman,
I can understand what she's feeling.
What do you mean, Ms. Lawyer?
What's wrong?
If you wanna make Maha happy
you'll have to do what
I'm about to tell you.
Tell me.
Marry her, Arjun.
Yes, Arjun.
You've done a lot for her
when she was really vulnerable.
I know that she'll be really happy
if you marry her.
You're the only person
who can understand her.
The bus is leaving!
Is everyone on board?
Come on!
You're like the ocean, Arjun.
All the rivers wish to unite with you.
But some rivers aren't lucky enough.
Good morning.
Good morning.
New admission?
-Student's name?
Mother's name?
Maha Lakshmi.
Father's name?
Father's name?
Hey! You hit me!
Father's name?
Mom, let's go!
Arjun, this kid's a brat.
Pondering doesn't always pay off, Vijay.
I was mad at God
because he took my brother from me.
I see how wrong I was.
God is on my side.
He has sent my brother back!
The enemy of an enemy is
always a friend, Vijay.
Take this!
Take it!
Take this gun!
Take it! Take this gun!
Kill Arjun!
Do it!
I'll give you whatever you want.
My wealth, my business, my men,
you can have it all!
Take it.
Hey, Gabari!
He's just like my little brother.
He's the heir to my empire!
My brother.
Faster! Faster!
Come on! Quick!
The rain isn't stopping anytime soon.
Get going! Hey!
Go on! Take this box!
What the hell! Arjun!
Did I scare you?
I scared you, right?
Export! Import! An army of men!
A gun in your hand!
You've done nicely for yourself, buddy!
What are you doing here?
Welcome, Lord Krishna!
No, I shouldn't compare you
to Lord Krishna.
You could've baffled
Lord Krishna as well.
You were disgusted with smuggling, right?
The Great Arjun!
You're a big smuggler today, buddy.
The King of Visakhapatnam Port.
The Uncle and his nephew
are brilliant con artists.
What are you talking about?
You know what I'm talking about!
He asked me to leave
and you begged me to stay.
Oh, my God! You guys are great actors!
You guys did your best to
you kick me out of Vizag.
I don't care about what you think.
I'm not answerable to you.
But you owe me
an answer to one question.
Why did you abandon Maha?
It's my life!
I don't owe you anything!
My life is my first priority.
I hung out with her because I liked her.
She felt more like a burden
when I was leaving.
So I left her behind.
Tell me, buddy.
You seem to be a lot more
concerned about her.
I thought she must have
married some guy and settled down.
But she went ahead
and married you, damn it!
You've taken everything
that belonged to me!
And I can't handle that!
Who told you that he married her?
So, what is it?
Is she his mistress?
What the hell are you saying?
I'm just telling you what
the whole town says.
If you insult Maha again,
I'll chop you down right here!
Get lost!
You think you can kill me?
I came back here to kill you.
Mark my words, Arjun!
I'm not leaving Vizag till I kill you.
Your bad time starts right now.
And your bad time's called Vijay!
Don't listen to his crap, Arjun.
You should send Maha to him.
What the hell!
You want me to abandon
Maha just like he did?
I'll never do that.
Maha should never know that he's back.
I wanna know everything about
Chunchu's strategies
and Arjun's execution of those strategies.
I want a list of all their
dealers and suppliers.
You think I've worked my ass off
for the past four years to find you
just to get stabbed by you?
Calm down.
Calm down.
The ocean is home to many deep secrets.
I have many dark secrets
hidden inside me as well.
You're the only one
who deserves to know the truth!
My brother didn't die because you hit him.
Your friend Arjun beat him to death.
Chunchu and Arjun knew
that he wasn't dead!
They drove you away for
a crime you didn't commit.
There's one more secret
that you deserve to know.
The girl who you used to hang out with,
what's her name?
Do you know where she is right now?
She's in bed with Arjun.
I can't even talk about
all the disgusting stuff they're doing!
He's the King of Vizag!
He's got the girl as well.
What are you doing
in the streets of Bombay?
You were supposed to be a great man!
Look at you.
He's living the life
you've always wanted to live.
That's fate!
You might think that I'm manipulating you.
But Vizag doesn't manipulate anyone.
The city will tell you the truth!
Come back to Vizag!
God has cursed me with this useless body.
But he's blessed me with intellect
that can bind the ocean!
Arjun! Keep bowling!
Hit it. Oh, no! You missed it.
Are you done playing cricket?
Hump Babji has joined hands
with Vijay to ruin our business!
We should have killed him
the minute he threatened us.
It's not too late.
Let's do it!
Do what?
He's a venomous snake.
The only way to stop a snake
who seeks vengeance is by killing it.
Let's kill him!
Yes, Seenu?
Brother we waiting for you at the port.
You're coming, right?
I'm coming.
Yes, Uncle?
I burned your boats.
You didn't care.
I hurt your men.
But you didn't respond.
You love me a lot, right, buddy?
Why do you have Uncle Chunchu's phone?
This is what I hate about you.
I'm talking about us!
Why the hell are you
talking about him?
I was hurt.
That's the reason kidnapped your uncle.
Can you find him?
You can comb the city of Vizag
and Bheemili Beach.
Give it your best shot.
Hey, Vijay!
You'll find him alive if he's lucky.
But if he's not
Best of luck!
Listen to me, Vijay!
The number you have dialed
is not available--
He could be at the Bheemili farmhouse.
-Yes, boss?
-Did you find him?
-Not yet, boss.
-Comb the bloody city!
-Yes, boss.
-Be very careful, alright?
-Yes, boss.
Hey, Arjun!
You've been looking for
Uncle Chunchu all night.
You must be tired, right?
You're never gonna find him!
Hey, Vijay!
Hey, shut up!
Vijay! Listen to me!
Don't do this!
If you're so desperate
to find a senile old man
Poor girl!
Poor girl!
What will you do if I told you
that I kidnapped your daughter?
Hey, Vijay!
What the hell are you doing?
Just asking, that's it.
Hello, Vijay--
The number you have dialed
is not available--
Damn it!
What's up, Uncle?
Does it hurt?
I was just getting started.
You called my dead father
a cheater right in front of me
just because a guy who
worked for you ratted you out.
And me?
Do you remember how you treated me?
You bastards!
You can kill people in public
to become the best smugglers.
You can sleep around
with your friend's girlfriend!
It's righteous when you guys do it.
But it's sickening when I do it, right?
I told you!
I came back here to kill you guys.
Poor Arjun!
He's been looking for you all night.
He'll be here soon.
Let him come.
You guys won't live to see
the sunrise tomorrow!
You're going to kill us?
You're going to kill Arjun?
You really think you can do that?
He could snap your skinny neck
like a twig if he wants to.
Do you know what he said?
He's a venomous snake.
The only way to stop a snake
who seeks vengeance is by killing it.
Let's kill him!
Let's kill him before
he tries to attack us.
Stop this nonsense!
What the hell is wrong with you!
We grew up together.
He's my friend, Uncle!
He's a dear friend.
He doesn't understand
the value of friendship.
You shouldn't let it stop you, Arjun.
I don't care.
I'm going to tolerate
whatever he throws at me
till he realizes his mistake.
But I won't hurt him.
I won't let anybody hurt him either.
And you wanna really
know about smuggling?
I pushed him to be a smuggler
because I was selfish!
I was selfish.
I only have one dream, Arjun.
What is it, Uncle?
I wanna be the King of
Visakhapatnam port one day.
I took advantage of
something he did in a fit of rage.
I planted opium in his house.
I called the cops!
Hello, Port Police Station?
I got him bail and urged
him to join me.
Sail on these deep waters!
Start smuggling!
I will stand with you!
I conned him because
I wanted to be the King of Vizag!
It was me!
And the girl
Arjun has never even touched Maha.
The little girl
is your daughter.
You really think you can save yourself
by cooking up these silly stories?
Bloody scumbag!
You think I'm scared of dying?
I stopped fearing death the day
I stepped into the ocean as a smuggler.
I'm telling you the truth.
The little girl
is your daughter.
She's your blood.
He's carrying the burden of
every mistake you've ever made.
He's a true friend.
You really wanna kill him?
What's your name?
My name is Pooja.
What's your mom's name?
What's your dad's name?
I don't know.
Maha doesn't tell me.
She hits me instead.
You wanna know your dad's name?
You know him?
Your dad's name is
Hey, Vijay!
You must be tired.
Hey! Hey!
If you hurt her, I'll--
Hey, friend!
Stop it!
You want your girl back, right?
Your little girl.
You can take her home.
Hey, Arjun!
I want to see you once,
not as this Vijay,
as your friend Vijay.
Meet me at Gangavaram Port Road.
Hey! Hey, listen to me!
Damn it!
We're going to see Arjun, right?
Will you stay with us?
Yes, dear.
If you guys figure out this little game,
play cat and mouse,
and fix things on your own,
what am I supposed to do?
What the hell am I supposed to do?
Get the kid.
12 KM
Hey, Babji.
Damn you! Shut up.
Are you alright?
Arjun, the guy who fainted in the car,
is he your friend?
Yes, dear.
Let's go!
Arjun! You're amazing!
You're unbeatable!
We're the kings of Visakhapatnam!
But I wish you had
killed Hump Babji as well.
Why did you spare your enemy Arjun?
The ocean is magnificent, Uncle.
It hides many secrets.
Hey, Babji!
Hey, Babji!
Are you alive?
Babji is dead!
Vizag is ours!
Mom, Arjun's here.
Will you marry me, Maha?
I'm sure that I can give you
the love you deserve.
Will you marry me?