Mahaan (2022) Movie Script

Soosayappan, you are truly an artist.
Come on, Dad.
- What's with the smirk?
Unlike all the other shops,
this is no battery fluid.
This is all natural, original liquor
handcrafted and brewed to perfection by me.
Those who drink that crap will never
outlive those who drink my liquor.
It's my healthy liquor!
Shut down toddy shops!
Here come the revolutionaries
to ruin my livelihood.
They won't let anyone be happy.
Shut down toddy shops!
I won't let you ruin future generations.
- I don't care. They will drink.
My customers live to be a hundred.
Why'd you bring Joker?
It cried when I
left it behind yesterday.
Oh, the dog cried?
Anyway, don't bring it from tomorrow.
Or you'll keep gawking at it
and lose the game.
Let's give them a run
for their money, Gandhi.
Discard this one now.
Game over.
This guy keeps losing.
Who brought him?
That kid is helping you win
by playing dirty tricks.
Find yourself a smart guy
to play on your side, too.
Say goodbye to your radio.
The toddy making you
salivate, Gandhi?
Yes, but my father would
beat me to death if he found out.
I made up for yesterday's losses.
- He won!
Whatever happened to your
math genius today?
Lost his spark today, eh?
Gandhi, what happened?
You told me to play that card.
Let's go again.
Discard the Ace.
Seriously? This one?
- That doesn't seem right.
Are you playing for him?
Unlike you, I don't depend on
children to win.
I play on my own and win.
Tell me, are you playing for him?
He took my dog. He said
he'd return it only if I make you lose.
No way. I am not that desperate.
He's talking rubbish, Sathya.
You are well capable.
I know he is a sore loser.
He'd do anything to win.
But you tried to sabotage me,
pretending to be on my side.
I will never forgive you.
Gnanam, give me the dog.
I'll beat it to death.
Where is my dog?
Give it back to me.
They were gambling at such a young age.
They smashed each others' skulls.
What's all this?
Is this any age to gamble?
- Don't hit me, Dad!
Kids will learn only when
they pay for their mistakes.
Gandhi became a Mahatma - a great soul -
by learning from his mistakes.
Naming your son Gandhi
won't make him a Mahatma.
Dad, please...
- Never do this again!
He took my dog, Dad.
- Tell me you won't.
Not another squeak from you!
Being born into such a family...
how could you do this?
Your grandfather was among the most
revered freedom fighters in Tamil Nadu.
He played such a crucial role... initiating the movement
to ban toddy shops in Tamil Nadu.
The day I went with my father
and saw Gandhi from afar...
...Gandhian principles were
infused into my blood.
Him and I...
...we were beaten and imprisoned by
the whites in the freedom struggle.
You dare to gamble with the son of a toddy brewer?
- He's just a kid.
He was born on August 16,
at 3 in the afternoon.
But I got a birth certificate for
August 15 - our Independence Day.
I named him Gandhi Mahaan
with the hope, dream and ambition that...
...he would live, toil, and
sacrifice his life for the nation.
Okay, calm down.
Will you fulfill our ancestors' dream?
Will you live as a 'mahaan' (great man)
like Gandhi, Gandhi Mahaan?
Tell me!
- I will live as a 'mahaan', Dad.
Will you live as a 'mahaan', Gandhi Mahaan?
I will, Dad.
I promise, I will live as a 'mahaan'.
I promise, I will live as a 'mahaan'.
The Great Man
Gandhi! Hurry up or
I'll concede a knock-out.
Get three coffins ready.
Yeah, yeah, yeah...
[CROWD CHANTING] Gandhi Mahaan!
Gandhi Mahaan! Gandhi Mahaan!
Kill him!
Wake up, Dad!
Mom is calling you.
Wake up, Dad!
Why, son?
Dad, it's 7 o'clock.
Mom asked me to wake you up.
She's angry with you.
When is she not angry with me?
This has become a habit now.
It's 7 o' clock.
Don't you know it's time to wake up?
Your salary is short by 50.
What happened?
Does money grow on trees?
- This household is out of control.
Does money grow on trees?
My tyre got punctured.
I changed the tube.
50 for a new tube?
The prices have gone up.
No government has done a good job.
You are right.
Mom, look. A ticket.
What ticket?
Pilot Cinemas.
What the hell?
Yes, dear?
It is such a grave sin to be born
into a Gandhian family and lie.
A greater sin to watch a movie with
violence, sex, intoxication and frolic.
Not every Hollywood movie
is like that, dear.
How could you commit such a depraved act
with Gandhi Mahaan for a name?
Would Gandhi ever forgive you?
I have committed a grave mistake.
Forgive me, Gandhi.
You have a new shirt in your wardrobe.
Why would you wear an old one?
On your birthday, no less.
Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday, Dad.
Oh, Gandhi
You were such a Mahaan
Happy Independence Day.
- Thank you.
Violence begets destruction.
Oh no, a movie poster!
That's a bit much.
There goes Gandhi Mahaan!
Hello, Gandhi Mahaan!
Violence is a double-edged sword.
- I'll set you ablaze in my dreams.
The path of righteousness:
We should never lean towards violence.
Violence is a double-edged sword.
Your son's recitation was so good.
- Violence begets destruction.
Profit sharing is divided
in normal partn--
Mahatma Gandhi!
Who was that?
Nachi Ma'am, you danced so well.
Ever since I was a kid, I've danced in
every Independence Day event.
Congrats, Gandhi.
Win the best teacher award
and be successful like me.
We sing and dance in jubilation
We have won our independence
Son-in-Law, you have the responsibility
to fulfill your father's dreams.
You should lead the movement
for liquor ban...
...succeed in the cause,
and become a 'mahaan'.
My birthday gift to you.
Gandhi glasses.
Looks great!
He gave up materialistic life
Keep it on.
It looks good, why take it off?
He gave up materialistic life
Cool glasses.
It's your birthday?
I could tell...
...from the way you gave out 5 bucks
like school kids give out candy.
Your family looked mighty pleased
with themselves...
...doling out 5 to beggars.
But why do you look so glum?
How old are you?
They say life begins at 40.
But that doesn't apply to everyone.
Definitely doesn't apply to you.
When I look at you, I feel like
you'll lead a bland and boring life...
...whine about turning forty too soon...
...while away time till you turn sixty...
...and die one fine day.
Why do you say that?
Your life follows the same pattern.
I can tell just by looking at your face.
Only 5% of people live life king size.
In order for the 5%'s lives
to seem exciting and enviable...
...the remaining 95% must lead
ordinary, dull lives.
Why? Can't I fall under the 5%?
Without any morals or principles...
...without 'Oh, what would they say?'
or any of that bullshit...
...have you lived to your heart's desire
for one day in your life?
You wouldn't have.
I am very sure.
You'd be dead before you make it to the 5%.
Such is your pattern.
Shall we leave?
Here, it was offered to God.
- Thank you, madam.
What's the occasion?
- It's my husband's birthday.
May you live to be a hundred
in this exact same way.
This exact same manner.
'This exact same manner.'
Dear, I am talking to you.
Would it kill you to respond?
I was deep in thought,
I wasn't paying attention.
Tell me.
The little one and I are going to Tirupati
with the Ladies Club members of our colony.
We leave at 7 in the morning.
We return only the next morning.
I'd given the blender for service.
Collect it without fail.
Happy real birthday, Gandhi Mahaan!
Bye, Dad!
Look, Gandhi is still alive.
- Yeah, he's right here!
See if 1028 has won something?
He's won 500 bucks.
- Thank you!
Here's ten tickets.
- Give me five Kumaran tickets.
What's the noise out there?
There's a newbie.
He's clowning around with the booze.
Gandhi Mahaan in the house!
Gandhi sir, what are you doing here?
Don't recognise me?
It's Rocky.
Rakesh Christopher.
From 11 - 'B'?
I got thrown out of school
for smoking in the toilet.
But you don't drink!
Look at the virgin uncle
with his mouth agape.
Shut up and have your own drink.
Don't drool over the drink
at the next table.
Watch your tongue.
I'll crack your head open.
Let's just leave.
- Keep your mouth shut.
Bloody punks.
They're rowdies,
don't mess with them.
What now?
You're surrounding us?
Oh, no! They're fighting.
Sir, don't worry.
We own the bar.
We see at least three such cases everyday.
- But they're fighting!
Sir, what are you doing in a bar?
I'll get you another one, okay?
And this is how... crack open someone's head.
Scram now.
That was awesome!
Sir, sit back and relax.
What's a man named Gandhi Mahaan
doing in a bar?
Is there a problem?
Oh, Rocky...
My name is my biggest problem.
My father named me Gandhi Mahaan
and raised me to live up to my name.
In these forty years, I've not lived
any of my desires.
Today is my 40th birthday.
Just for one day...
I wanted to unburden myself
of my name...
...and do all the things
I've always wanted to do.
And so... all this.
That's it?
Let's go crazy on your birthday!
I want more booze.
Sir, here is your next round.
My dear pupil...'re my best student
in these forty years.
Sir, this is nothing.
Tell me, what are your other desires?
I want to play cards.
It's my childhood dream.
I want to gamble.
Sir, you're amazing!
My father would love you!
Come with me.
That's my father.
Dad, he was my teacher at school.
Gandhi Sir.
Hello, sir.
Four of diamonds...
Tell him, sir.
Discard the four of diamonds.
What? This one?
Is that the right move?
- It is the right move.
No, that will make your rummy set.
Michael, get up.
You sit.
- No, it's alright.
Oh, thanks.
Show! Declare!
You're killing it!
Sir, your money.
You earned that.
Keep it.
That's a lot of money!
Sir, let's play another game?
I want more.
You want more?
Who did you say he was?
- My commerce teacher from school.
- He was my student.
He seems like a pro player.
Do you teach classes
at the rummy club?
Club? Sir...
It's been 28 years since
I last gambled...
What did you say his name was?
- Gandhi.
Gandhi Mahaan.
Are you wondering how someone
with such a name could gamble?
Dude! Gandhi Mahaan!
Do you recognise me?
No, sir.
When I was a kid,
I got this scar...
...when a younger kid
tried to save his puppy... hitting me with a stone!
- Sathyavan?
Sathyavan from the toddy shop?
Hell, yeah! It's Sathyavan
from the toddy shop.
Hello, Bond
That's the sound -
Of Kasimedu fish being fried
That's the ground -
The bull scrapes its hooves to pounce
That's the band -
They get Royapuram nights grooving
That's my friend
He makes merry all night
Sea breeze smells like cologne
Out here, every sight is fun
Death is on the way to get us
But I haven't seen a thing or two yet
My morning routine ain't going nowhere
My moves with girls ain't getting anywhere
Very sad, my soul won't rest in peace
Let me be, let me be, let me be
I'm in nobody's custody
I'm a free-spirit, buddy
'Man, you're a nobody' -
Last words of a future dead body
I'm in nobody's custody
I'm a free-spirit, buddy
'Man, you're a nobody' -
Last words of a future dead body
Welcome, Baddie
- Here he comes
Ready to party
- He knocked 'em down
Break his shoulder
- He got his hands dirty
Join the club
Yeah I'll put on my shorts, call my friends
Go driving in my car
Play some hits
Bob my head to the beats
We be cruising, cruising, cruising
No I won't play by the rules, be a robot
Put on a necktie
Go to the office
Collect my paycheck
Scurrying, hurrying, tossing, turning
Welcome, Brother
This is the day marked as your own
Weeks, months and years ruined
Now I've thrown caution to the wind
Today I'll live the lives I lost
I'm in nobody's custody
I'm a free-spirit, buddy
'Man, you're a nobody' -
Last words of a future dead body
I'm in nobody's custody
I'm a free-spirit, buddy
Sorry, brother.
I'm not your brother!
That's Thilagu.
My wife.
Drink some coffee.
We must be at the church by 4
for the scripture festival.
And he's sleeping like a log.
Wake him up.
My son and I are not pious enough
to attend the scripture festival.
It's just 1:30.
Let him sleep.
One thirty?
- Father and son are incorrigible.
- What happened?
Oh, no.
My scooter!
We'll find your scooter later.
Let's get you home.
The police seized it last night.
- It's all gone!
My scooter and clothes are gone.
- Come, it will be fine.
I can't go with you,
or she'll suspect me.
We'll manage.
- Why is he so afraid of his wife?
The wife is to be feared.
But this is a bit much.
Do men have to fear their wives?
The wife is to be feared, my son.
Here's the story.
I met with an accident.
My clothes got torn.
You took me to the hospital
and bought me new clothes.
I got discharged just today --
I mean, just now.
Hold on...
Now, let's go!
I don't know
where the hell he went.
Pull over here.
Thank you, sir.
Nachi, he is here.
What happened, son-in-law?
What the hell are you wearing?
We'd given the blender
for repair, right?
I was hit by a lorry when
I went to collect it.
These people saved me.
- They did?
They bought me these new clothes.
Hello, sir.
- Thank you so much.
This is no big deal.
Humans should help each other.
Nobody does it these days.
- It's okay.
Thank you so much.
- I was worried sick.
I am okay.
- Where did you go?
I'd gone to collect the blender.
- I was scared.
Sathyan Sir, what are you doing here?
You know them?
Problem in the bar?
No, there was a minor lorry accident.
We took him to the hospital.
You may leave.
- Okay, then.
Where did you go?
- It's all good, Dada.
Just a minor injury.
The scooter mirror hit my eye--
- Mom, look how much money Dad's got.
Woah! That is a lot of money.
They bought me these clothes.
We'll take your leave then.
Sir, he mentioned a bar?
I run a bar.
The kind where they sell alcohol?
Sir, hold on...
I'll give it back to them.
What is it, Nachi?
Let me just return it to them.
Why are you looking at me that way?
- Blow.
What's your name?
Your full name?
When someone asks for your full name,
you must tell them your last name too.
What's with him?
I said, blow.
Did you drink?
What? No way!
My full name is Sathyavan Soosaiyappan.
Are you 'Toddy Shop' Soosai's son?
Nachi, I swear I did not drink.
Did you drink?
I swear, I did not drink, Nachi dear.
- Tell me, are you Soosai's son?
Calm down, Dad.
- Yes.
So what?
Nachi, your husband is lying.
Why should he keep company with
a toddy brewer's son?
Oh, no!
You drank!
Nachi, look...
You failed in your childhood,
but you've done it now.
You made my son-in-law drink!
Not at all, old man.
Don't touch me, you sinner.
- Look, man!
Watch your tone!
Get out, you toddy-selling mongrel.
What did you call me?
It was just one glass.
- You don't need to explain!
Get out of here.
You dare raise your arm
at an army man?
You're not even worthy of
standing before him.
Get out!
I'm respecting your age--
- Hands off him.
You have no right to grab
a hero by his collar.
How dare you hit my father?
Rocky, please...
Sathya, I'm sorry...
It's my fault.
I should have dropped you and left.
Start the car.
Some family you've got.
Made in Khadi Kraft Handloom.
You deserve a Bharat Ratna
for living with these people.
Sorry, Sathya.
- I feel sorry for you, mate.
Go now.
Brother-in-law, what have you done?
Nachi, let's go home and talk.
Everyone's looking, Nachi.
Let's go home.
Bring the car.
- Where to?
- Bring the car!
What are you doing?
- Dada, come.
Come on, it's not--
Where are you going?
Nachi, wait.
Dad, let's go.
Nachi, don't leave me.
- Let's go.
Talk sense into her.
You got drunk and hit her.
All I did was drink once.
Nachi, come on...
Nachi, don't go.
I messed up, Nachi.
Forgive me.
In all these years, I only drank once.
Look, I won't do it again.
She's been worshipping Gandhi since childhood.
- Be quiet.
She can't live with a drunk and a gambler.
- Stop goading her.
She's made up her mind.
She won't live with you.
Nachi, it will never happen again.
It was just the one time.
Please, Nachi.
Never again...
Nachi, listen--
Please leave.
- Dad, get him to leave.
I told you not to come here.
I said, leave.
- Where are they?
She is not here.
She's made up her mind
to never live with you again.
We aren't asking for divorce as
it's disgraceful to our dynasty.
Father-in-Law, what have I done
for you to react this way?
"What have I done?"
You drank. Isn't that bad enough?
Come on...
- Your father and I organized the liquor protest back in the day--
What did I do?
I only drank once.
It's not like I killed someone!
You keep going on about
liquor ban... a stupid bloody crank.
I can't seem to let her go
Open the bloody gate!
Open up!
- Mr. Gandhi...
They took a train to the North.
They didn't say where.
Nor do I know how to break down
and cry
I'll write your fleeting actions in water
I'll act my life like it were a play
Sir, someone's been posted
to Madam's old job.
This is now their quarters.
Please vacate by tomorrow.
I'll act my life like it were a play
I, too, had a part to play
I don't deny it
But I won't beat myself up
over it
He told me an English proverb
on the way here. Tell him.
If you love something, set it free.
If it come back, it is yours.
If it not come back,
it never was.
If it's yours,
it will return to you.
And if it doesn't...'s not yours.
Your father's toddy shop
is bright and lit up.
It's a family heirloom after all.
Needs to be protected.
I have become a bum!
My family has left me.
Give it a month,
they'll come back.
Listen to me.
Quit your teaching job
and become my partner.
That won't work.
- I'm a cursed man.
My love didn't stay afloat
It went under
Where will you ever find
Another man like me?
I'm a cursed man.
- Rubbish!
You're a man with a golden brain.
My foot.
- My father ran a toddy shop.
And now I own 20 bars.
That's the best I could do.
With educated, smart people like you
by my side...
...we can become businessmen.
Like Rajinikanth in 'Annamalai'.
Why did you make it so
That I must say, "I miss you"?
What's this liquor?
It's like the nectar of Gods.
Is this what intoxication feels like?
I feel so weird inside.
Now, this is liquor.
Yes! That's my father's healthy liquor.
My wife and son left me.
I am a bum now, Sathya.
They'll be back, man.
- What's your father's name?
Your father's name.
Soosai's healthy liquor.
Soo-raa what?
How did Rajinikanth become
a businessman in 'Annamalai'?
You tell me?
With the milk from his cows,
he made sweets, packaged and sold them.
Similarly, use your father's face
as the brand...
...and sell your healthy liquor
in bottles.
Like an open dam,
money will come gushing out.
How did you just think of that?
I'm Malai...
Yes, Dad?
- Sooraa!
What's that?
I'm going to bottle and sell
my dad's liquor.
Great idea, Gandhi sir!
The key to our liquor empire!
I am going to sell your liquor
with your face on it.
Are you proud of me?
This is my greatest tribute
to my father.
And you will be my partner.
Partner, huh?
How about that?
Are you pissed?
Feel free.
Let him be pissed!
My wife and son left me
for drinking with you once.
If I were to partner with you...
...she will never come back to me.
I don't want to be
your bloody partner.
Everyday, I will think about them...
...drink, whine, wail, wallow
over my failed marriage... as a lovelorn alcoholic
and drink myself to death.
This is a promise.
Money, money, money
Money, money, money
Sathya, like owning bars all over town
wasn't good enough...'ve created
a brand of liquor, too?
Must be raining money, eh?
Damn right.
We're no longer just liquor brewers,
or liquor sellers.
From now, we are...
Gandhi, what was that word?
And... something?
Yes, that's it. 'Aunt-trap-boor'.
Everyone else is basic
Only I am a classic
In all my years as an alcoholic,
I've never tasted such quality liquor.
I'm already rich rich
I got the dough, I'm rich rich
I'm already rich rich
Nope, I want more!
I want more, Sathya.
We should make big bucks.
What should we do?
I'll tell you... I'll tell you.
Hello, hello, hello!
To all the gambling gods
gathered here today, I say...
...may you be bitten
by the gambling bug!
This country got too many people
The top 1% got too much money
Give or take,
I'm one of them
But I want more
Way, way, way more
Money bought fine taste
Fancy car and a beach-view bungalow
Statue of yours truly at the plaza
U.N council begging for a speech
Money bought fine taste
Fancy car and a beach-view bungalow
Statue of yours truly at the plaza
U.N council begging for a speech
No thanks, I'm already rich rich
Got the dough, I'm rich rich
No thanks, I'm already rich rich
Look, son. Like an open dam,
money is gushing out.
I got the dough, I'm rich rich
I'm already rich rich
Got the dough, I'm rich rich
I called for an urgent meeting because...
...we're all running our own bars
with absolutely no unity.
To make a few bucks...
...we must stand united.
Everyone in this room must
come together and form a syndicate.
Only members of our syndicate will get to
lease bars in Tamil Nadu.
Our word will be law.
Only our booze will be sold.
...for the next three years...
...Sathyavan will be our leader.
Hold on, Gandhi.
May I speak?
Hello, everyone.
All of you know me well.
Yes. You own Saaral Bar, right?
Go ahead and speak.
It is a good idea
to form a syndicate.
But before starting a union...
...they should first
ask for everyone's consent.
Then, they should ask if
anyone here wishes to be leader...
...then there has to be a vote
and only the winner can be the leader.
But they get on top of a table,
talk big words...
...decide on all our behalf,
and declare themselves leader!
Then they'll only let us sell
their Sooraa liquor in our bars.
Why should only your booze
sell in Tamil Nadu?
Do we sell cattle piss, you scumbags?
He's a nobody.
Don't listen to him.
Or none of you will get out alive.
You asked if you sold cattle piss?
Have a taste, and if it's nice,
bottle and sell it.
You will never get to sell
your liquor again.
You don't know who you're messing with.
I won't spare you.
- Shut up, Saaral Bar.
Next time, we'll put you in a
circus truck that transports hippos.
Barrels of hippo piss for Saaral.
Have fun, goodbye.
Gandhi, I found no leads on them.
We searched every major
railway station in North India.
She hasn't joined duty in railways
after leaving Chennai.
Michael, that's not good enough.
If not railways, look elsewhere.
She has a brother in the army?
So he must have put them up
in some army area.
If I get my hands
on that brother of hers...
I'll beat the bloody crap
out of the jerk.
Hey, Bose...
Come here, man.
Tell him to come here.
Heard you were looking for them again.
Let them lead their new lives in peace.
Nachi and Dada have long
gotten over you.
You seem to be leading
a happy life with alcohol.
Partnering with a toddy-seller!
Son of a liquor-ban activist...
...and now you're brewing liquor.
Doesn't this make you cringe--?
You've given me the invitation.
Now shut the hell up and leave.
Don't start with your bloody discourse.
Or I'll beat the bloody crap
out of you, you jerk.
Come on, Gandhi sir.
You let him barge into
your home and hit you?
You should have thrashed him.
I spoke the punchline with
every intention to hit him...
...but he's an army guy.
He whacked me.
I am good with words...
...but not with my hands.
I must learn to fight.
I thought you'd turn them around,
but you're turning into them!
Who is this guy, Gandhi?
He had the audacity to
give you the invitation?
How could she agree to
another marriage so soon?
They must have forced her
into this marriage.
Let's disrupt the wedding.
No, Sathya.
Let it go.
It will never work out between us.
I am over Nachi.
But I'm unable to get over my son.
I will, eventually.
Isn't that what
life's all about?
Brother, he's just a kid.
When he grows up and knows better,
he'll come looking for you.
Until then, if you feel sad...
...raise this oaf like your own.
Oh, yes.
Correct, Thilagu.
Son, don't call him "Sir" from now.
Right, then.
Gandhi Pa...
I'll call you Gandhi Pa from now.
Okay, Gandhi Pa?
Okay, my son.
"Gandhi Pa".
Superb, Gandhi Pa.
Let's go?
- I want more.
Quick, another round.
Excuse me, sir.
This is our special drink, sir.
Have a nice day, sir.
Special drink?
What's this drink?
It's bloody strong.
What is this stuff?
It's even stronger
than our Sooraa, eh?
Let's go.
Okay, boys. Bye!
Sir, they've passed out.
Lift him up.
Not sober yet?
Let me help.
You gave me a free cattle-piss ride.
Now let me send you on a ride... your Lord in the Heaven!
Go meet your maker.
But first... your son die.
Let him go.
I want to watch this.
No... don't.
Please, don't...
Look at me.
How are you still sober?
No high is ever enough for me.
I always want more.
Cattle-piss face!
I hit him!
First I spoke my punchline,
then I hit him. Isn't this great?
Rocky, did you see that?
Hey, Sathya...
Sathya, did you see that?
I hit him.
1, 2, 3, 4...
Why are you wasting time
circling me?
If you want to hit--
--rest your head on it.
If you want to hit,
you gotta hit.
My rise is inevitable
My glory is unavoidable
You guys are tough, alright.
Waiting for the moment takes might
Falling is part of the bird's flight
Come on!
Bloody hell...
Falling is part of flying
Falling is part of flying
Come at me!
Come at me!
Upon the exile of the perpetual one
The people know to await his return
Think carrying that club
makes you a warrior?
Upon the return of the king
The throne is his for the taking
The king's throne
The king's throne
The king's throne
Sathya, did you see that?
My rise is inevitable
My glory is unavoidable
You're the angel sent by my God.
An angel?
Come on, Sathya...
Get it over with.
- Shall I?
Come, come, come, come, come!
Kill him!
Kill him!
Come on!
Go hit him, don't get thrashed.
Go hit him.
Go on.
Send more men, Cattle-Piss.
I'm out of here.
Come on!
Why are you lying around
like a wall clock?
Rocky, how was that?
Top notch!
Top notch!
Your daddy...
...has become a rowdy.
- Dad...
Oh, Jesus...
Come on, Dad!
He's the guardian angel
sent to save you.
He's your guardian angel!
Gandhi Pa!
Love you.
And now, we make our list.
Six lakhs.
Token number 27.
Six lakhs.
Why is everyone quiet?
Start bidding.
Six lakhs - going once.
Six lakhs - going twice.
Six lakhs - going thrice.
Thank you.
You quoted 20 lakhs yesterday.
I withdraw my bid, sir.
What happened to your face?
Sir, the ceiling fan fell on my face
while I was asleep.
Yeah, right!
Mr. Gandhi...
Mark my words...
I will put an end to your atrocities.
Very well, sir.
Please do.
Sathya, what happened?
I think that incident was
Christ's final warning to me.
Just thinking about it
makes me tremble.
We've made enough money.
Let's quit this business...
...and lead a safe life.
Why do you sound like a saint?
We've just started making money.
We must grow our empire.
No one ever built an empire
by playing it safe.
Don't make hasty decisions.
Safe business, he says!
I am not being hasty.
I just don't have the energy.
I am just beginning to gain energy.
I will grow this into a great business.
I will handle it.
I'll take care of all the dirty business,
the violent bits.
I won't expose you or Rocky to any risk.
Just stand by me, okay?
Let's not be a bunch of rich guys
who just lived and died.
We get one life.
Let's make history.
In a historic move,
starting November 2003...
...alcohol will be sold
exclusively through SAMRAT...
...that is, State Alcohol Marketing
and Revenue Authority.
All private liquor stores
will be closed.
Their licenses will be revoked.
Didn't I tell you that was
Christ's final warning?
See, he's ended our game now.
This is our wake up call, Gandhi.
I was happy that my father's glory
was finally spreading.
Don't start now, Dad.
Gandhi Pa, what do we do?
You said this would be our business empire,
our liquor kingdom.
They're pouring all the liquor out
and shutting our stores.
They can't just do that, son.
This is an independent empire built
by the alcohol lovers of Tamil Nadu.
An empire of love.
We're getting worked up watching
the black sheep that screwed us over.
But look at all the white sheep
sloganeering behind the black sheep.
We need to nab one of those sheep...
...and it will show us the way.
A white sheep from the party?
But we don't know anyone.
Sir, I know one of them.
So, kid...
...these are your friends?
Anthony is from my hood.
I help him out whenever he comes
asking for a favour.
He told me there was urgent business
and begged me to come over.
Tell me, how can I help?
We have a brand called Sooraa.
We need it included
in the government stock somehow.
We want our liquor to be the top seller
in every outlet.
All over Tamil Nadu.
You want your liquor stocked...
...all over Tamil Nadu.
You think it's that easy?
Anthony, he's surely kidding.
Look, the government stock is not--
- Hold on.
How did you get that scar?
It is the only blemish on my
otherwise beautiful face.
Sticks out, doesn't it?
Wretched thing.
It's an old story.
When I was a kid,
I got into a quarrel over a card game...
...and two jerks gave me this scar.
If not for that,
my pretty face would have--
Gandhi Mahaan!
It's 'Cheater' Gnanam!
It's the dog thief!
Yes! It is me!
It's me, the dog thief!
I am fifty years old!
And I'm still stuck sloganeering
in the background.
To hell with that!
Here, drink this.
Seal this deal for us.
And you get 25% of the profits.
- Of course.
What are you saying, man?
There is a god, afterall.
He brought us together
at the right time.
Let's do this.
I will more than just
seal the deal!
Together, we shall forge
a new era.
Anthony, do you have any idea
what you've done for me?
You've given me a huge opportunity,
all for helping a kid from my hood.
Thank you!
Let's shake up the world.
Hell, yeah!
Hello, leader.
So now you are big enough
to demand an MLA seat?
I will forever remain
loyal to you, leader.
Send this across to my farmhouse,
and we'll see.
How much is there?
Six crores.
Get two more.
- Okay, brother.
Gandhi, we're giving him so much money.
Is he worth it?
It's his MLA post we're paying for.
When he becomes an MLA,
he will pay back 10x.
What's he saying?
Yours... and mine...
...he says he'll toil
like our slippers.
The minister told me to come here.
Dump it in there.
We won!
We won!
- Light up the fireworks.
Here comes Gnanam the moron.
Step aside...
Stop that!
Gandhi Mahaan!
Isn't this great?
When did you get so smart, Gnanam?
- All thanks to you, my friend.
It's great.
Hang it in the hallway.
That's perfect, my friend.
Am I a five percenter now?
- Is this really your house?
Yes, and you're the caretaker.
Good move.
God bless.
In the past two years, 67% of SAMRAT's
stock has come exclusively from Sooraa.
Sir, you signed and initiated it.
And now they're out of control.
This is a huge scam.
Several ministers are involved.
We absolutely must
take it to the CM.
Please get me an appointment.
I will do the needful.
This is such a good day.
Right, Sathya?
My son Rocky is a married man now!
I am super happy.
Gnanam, if Rocky hadn't met me
at the bar the other day...
...I wouldn't have had this life.
If you hadn't met him, maybe you'd have
lived happily with your wife and son?
I was just joking.
You're our guardian angel
sent by God.
Don't feel bad.
I can't stop thinking
about my son today.
I've made so much money.
To think he'll never enjoy any of it...
...I feel a sense of unfulfillment.
Of course you do.
Gandhi, in the end, the only thing
that matters is family.
Gandhi, Jesus said--
- Dear, come here.
Thilagu wants you.
- Hurry up!
Jesus said--
- Come on.
He is coming.
- Hurry up!
I'll come back and finish that.
- Please don't.
He'll come back and start preaching again.
Gnanam... hey.
Why do you look so glum?
What's wrong?
Apparently Deva, the new IAS officer,
has prepared a report, Gandhi.
If he lets it out, not just our business,
several ministers will be in deep shit.
It could even topple the government.
Many people want him gone.
If I'm the one who does it,
we'll benefit from it in many ways.
They've even offered me
a minister's post.
If I do become a minister...'ll have a monopoly over
liquor production in Tamil Nadu.
I guarantee that.
When you say monopoly... mean an actual monopoly?
Yes, actual monopoly.
But first...
...Deva must die.
- Gandhi!
You know best.
Do the right thing.
I'll send the boys.
Use them to kill him.
You're my beloved god.
I knew you wouldn't let me down.
Let's not tell Sathyan.
Or he'll start off with his sermon.
I'll be right back.
Where are you going?
- I'll be back.
Why did you park
all the way in the back?
Are you mad at me?
Here, have an 'adhirasam'
You seem to love it.
She makes such tasty snacks, eh?
No way.
You'll always be my tasty queen.
Now throw that away
and eat this.
I'll be back.
I, Gnanam... hereby vow to be true and abide by
the laws of the Indian constitution... help me God.
Thank you, sir.
Now we'll have a monopoly
over Tamil Nadu distilleries.
Look how I pulled that off!
Why, though?
We didn't ask for it.
Time is on our side.
Things just fell in place, Sathya.
The guy who was harassing us
wound up dead too.
Now our path is clear.
What's the point of being minister
if I can't even pull this off?
Do we really need this, Gandhi?
We have our own brand.
Why produce liquor for other brands
under our facilities?
A state can only have one king.
Only we can be the kings
of our state's liquor empire.
Don't overthink it.
Just sign.
Don't pull a long face!
Here, have a 'laddu'.
It's about to rain money, Sathya.
Other than Sooraa...
...let's produce other brands in
lower quality for government stock.
We will make crores.
What say?
Low quality?
- Yeah!
No way in hell.
We have enough money.
We have to be ethical
in our business.
Come on, Sathya. Don't be naive.
What's ethics got to do with this business?
Gandhi, make him understand.
We know best, don't we?
Just tell him to sign.
We'll handle the rest.
Gnanam, ever since we got here,
I notice a new air of cockiness in you.
You pulled a gig without his knowledge.
Doesn't make you a big-shot.
Bloody moron.
- Gandhi...
You've got me all wrong.
That's not what I meant.
Come on, man.
We are friends after all.
So I took my liberty.
- Don't tell him.
I'm sorry, Sathya.
I knew you wouldn't agree, so I used
Anto and Mike to kill the collector.
Gandhi, not in my office.
It was wrong. I am sorry.
- Why tell him now?
Let it go, man.
- It's a sin, Gandhi.
A grave sin.
More than a sin... touch a government officer,
it will haunt you till death.
To hell with your monopoly.
- Sathya, sign before you leave.
I hate it when people turn good.
It makes them talk like this.
And you misunderstood me, man.
I wasn't being cocky, Gandhi.
You and I are finally in sync.
Why would you think that way?
Here, eat a 'laddu'.
Gnanam... will always be
second to Sathyan.
Don't play politics with me, okay?
Keep your monopoly.
My beloved Tamil people, my mothers,
and my comrades in the movement... warmest regards to you.
Our government faces several roadblocks
in imposing a complete liquor ban.
People are starving.
They get alcohol in their hands
before they can get food.
We won't relent till liquor ban
is implemented in Tamil Nadu.
Shut down liquor shops!
We keep promising to ban liquor.
Will we, though?
Another round on the rocks, please.
No, we will not disperse.
Nobody has paid us any heed.
No one from the government
has come to meet us.
We won't budge
until our demands are met.
I, Ra. Gnanodayam... hereby take office
as the Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
I will abide by the laws...
...and serve all the people
without fear or prejudice...
...with utmost honesty.
I swear this upon God.
The best liquor of the year - Sooraa.
Ever since he became the Deputy CM,
he doesn't take calls or follow instructions.
He is holding it against us
for turning down the monopoly offer.
Right after he became the Deputy CM,
our office came under inspection.
They claimed 'our' liquor
was spurious...
...sent us a notice and
sealed our factory.
We'll talk to him, Sathya.
Don't get stressed.
Be cool.
It's just our Gnanam.
You can go in.
Tell me.
What's the matter?
What is this?
"Your license for Sooraa
has been cancelled."
That's what it says.
We can bloody read.
Tell us why.
Escort the boy out.
- Yes, sir.
What is all this?
Let go.
- Rocky...
Why should I go out, Gandhi Pa?
Go out, son.
The elders are talking here.
They'll be out soon. Go.
Take him away.
Wait outside for 10 minutes.
Gandhi Pa, what is--
- I know.
He is taunting us.
But we don't have a choice.
Go on.
Why did you cancel it,
Mr. Deputy Chief Minister?
There you go.
Teach some respect... the father and son.
I'll get to the point.
I worked so hard to get you
the monopoly contract... both had a philosophical debate
and refused to take it.
It's our business.
Our wish.
Your business?
Do you know how many people
are queued up for the monopoly?
But I won't get a commission
if I give it to them.
I gave it to you because you'd
promptly pay me my cut.
But you just want to sell your liquor,
and refuse to produce other brands.
Am I supposed to go beg for money now?
If you want to produce liquor,
do it for all brands.
Or you will be left with nothing,
licking your wounds.
Licking our wounds?
- Sathya...
This mongrel is here
only because we threw him a bone.
Okay, calm down...
- Take them out too.
Come with us, sir.
Don't allow such men inside.
- Okay, sir.
Bloody nuisance.
Take them away.
Sathya, just come.
Rocky, be quiet.
He's going overboard, Gandhi Pa!
Madam, don't treat him
like a criminal.
He pissed me off, babe.
He got the police
to drag us out.
I was so pissed.
He's a bloody nobody.
He's acting like a big-shot.
I shouldn't have spared him...
Come here, darling boy.
Watch the news, moron,
and call me.
He is calling me a moron?
It says 'watch News Morning
and call me'.
Turn it on.
A video containing shocking information
about Deputy CM Mr. Gnanodhayam... to be aired exclusively on
our TV channel.
The source remains anonymous.
We are expecting the video
any time now.
Keep watching for more breaking news.
My name is Anthony.
My mother's name is Mary.
We live in Royapuram.
My father's name is Gnanodhayam.
The current Deputy Chief Minister.
He fathered a child with my mother
but refused to marry her.
He cited caste as the reason
and cheated her.
Then he paid me hush money
from time to time...
and threatened me at times too... prevent this information
from becoming public.
But I have solid evidence
to prove he is my father.
Welcome, sirs!
The cancellation of your license...
...has been cancelled.
Your license has been renewed.
Here you go.
Anthony told me he was your son
the day we met you.
He's been getting 5% from your cut.
I knew you were a slimy scumbag.
I thought we could
still make it work, but... idiot,
trying to play games with us?
It was an honest mistake.
Just think of it as a minor slip
and forgive me.
Don't hold back the expletives.
Swear at me to your heart's content.
You have every right.
What say, Sathya?
"Bloody nuisance"?
We are a nuisance, huh?
Sathya, don't do this.
Don't do this, my friend.
Son, don't get angry.
- Whack him on the face, Dad.
This mongrel grew on our scraps.
It's alright, man.
There are cameras here, please.
Was it fun when
you humiliated my son?
Didn't you ding the bell?
Ding the bell, will you?
Is it a crime to ding the bell?
Yes, it is.
- Careful, you'll kill him.
Relax, please.
I made a mistake.
- Gandhi, tell him.
Spare him.
Sathya, my friend...
Please stop!
Rocky, don't do it.
Poor guy!
Son, please don't do it.
Don't do it, dear boy.
Gnanam, careful!
Oh, this is fun!
Come in.
- Sir!
Escort these gentlemen safely.
- Okay, sir.
Go on.
That was a sound thrashing!
You shouldn't have hit him
in his office.
He laid a hand on Rocky.
I just lost it.
They brought out
the old Sathyan in me.
Was it wrong to hit him there?
Yes, it was.
So, what now?
You gave him a bruised cheek.
Want to bruise
his other cheek too?
Forget about it.
He is just a low-life.
Give me a kiss, babe.
Why is he so hen-pecked?
Always on the phone
with his wife!
Fine, I'll give a kiss?
A loving wife... God's gift.
You are right.
It is God's gift.
Son, be romantic with her.
Go and talk to her.
Go on.
I'm coming, babe. I love you.
- Look at him blush!
What's your problem, woman?
This is what I get for
showering you with attention?
Courts, divorce...
all this is so pointless!
Try to shift the next hearing
to Chennai.
I can't keep travelling
to Madurai every month.
Okay, done.
- Hang up, you nag.
She is killing me, Gandhi Pa.
Son, are you sure divorce
is the only way?
Gandhi Pa, there is no other way.
Your way is the best.
Alone and happy.
Being alone is not always happy.
Especially as you get older,
it gets frustrating.
Take care.
Happy Independence Day, uncle.
Happy birthday, Gandhi Mahaan.
No one is coming?
Happy birthday!
Thank you.
For me?
In hindsight, I guess the 95%
lead a happier life, afterall.
Look where my bhang ball induced
wisdom has led you.
You rascal!
What's a bhang ball?
In a glass filled with three quarters
of warm milk...
...add one bhang ball,
and drink it.
It will either lead to
twelve hours of non-stop talking...
...or a deep sleep.
Deep sleep.
Exactly what I need.
Get me a bhang ball.
Consider it done.
- Yes, Gandhi?
You said there's urgent work and brought me to a festival!
- Yes.
This festival is special
to this village.
People wear disguises and
dance to their heart's content.
The idea is to lose oneself
and just dance.
It is a lot of fun!
Gandhi, I heard you had bhang
last night to fall asleep.
Manickam told me.
Sathyan is not in town.
And it's your birthday.
So I thought you should
have a bit of fun.
Forget about everything
and come shake a leg.
Do you pray to all gods?
Are you religious?
Every god is the same to me.
Don't you follow a faith?
I did, once.
But I lost all faith the day
my wife and son left me.
This is a very powerful god.
Pray for your son's return
and break into a dance.
Your son will definitely return.
Come to pillage, O Warrior
Give away all the spoils
For us, raise your sword
Come from your abode
Come crossing boundaries, O Braveheart
Seek sanctuary over here
Standing up to your grit and wit
Who would dare to stand upright?
Accept our tribute offered with gratitude
Sheltered and secured under the ashy ground
Mount and stomp to ward off the phantom
Absolve us of our sins
You kept your word
Now come charging to bombard
Deliver the solitary justice
That rests alone in my soul
Our turf is afflicted
With malice and deceit
You must vanquish it
Come, save our lives
Is your hunger insatiable?
Is your hatred untouchable?
Makes you ravage when you transform
Gets you trapped when you transgress
Unbeknownst to the flesh and bone
A new path is born
Rise like the 'pongal'
at harvest festival
Come to pillage, O Warrior
Give away all the spoils
For us, raise your sword
Come from your abode
We worship you with the ritual of disguise
Come like the wild river
Do I look familiar?
Don't recognize me?
I'm your son...
I am back.
Dance, dance, dance!
How did you get here, Dada?
Dance, Dad.
Dada, how did you...
Just dance!
Fine, I'll dance.
I'll dance.
My dear son...
Oh boy, you have no idea how
I've longed for this.
Who is that?
Gandhi, is something wrong?
Michael, this is my son.
He has returned.
Look, he is back.
I told you!
This is a very powerful god.
Goddess! My Goddess Mother!
He's waited for so many years.
She didn't forsake your father.
You are right.
Goddess didn't forsake my father.
But She has forsaken you, Michael.
Happy now?
Are you ready to go?
The deity has possessed him.
- Lift him up.
What have you done?
It's a police encounter, Dad.
Your son is a policeman.
Special Task Force.
I heard you longed for my return.
Here I am.
I've begun my game.
The father-son game.
The car is still not here?
They had a flat tyre.
They'll be here any moment.
A flat tyre?
Do they design such vehicles
specially for the police department?
Drinking inside a temple?
I'll have a millet malt, please.
- Okay, sir.
What did Michael do?
He was--
- Come here.
Let's talk.
Who are you?
Want tea or coffee?
Do you even drink these, or...
...just liquor?
The king of Tamil Nadu's
liquor empire...
my father...
Gandhi Mahaan.
You had a good run.
I am here to put an end
to everything.
I definitely won't kill you.
Afterall, you are my father.
- Sir, millet malt.
I won't commit that sin.
Don't worry.
It's medicine, Dad.
There's a problem with my L4-L5.
Betel leaf apparently helps.
Where was I? Right...
I definitely won't kill you.
But apart from you...
...every last one of them will die.
Stop me if you can.
And... one knows I am your son.
No one needs to know.
Let's keep it that way.
Okay, I am off.
What happened, Uncle?
- They're just talking.
Will we never see Dad again, Mom?
We don't ever need to.
He betrayed our entire dynasty.
Dada, let's go.
You should never speak lies.
Why not, Grandpa?
One should never speak lies.
Ideology defines you.
Be it political, religious,
or social.
You follow an ideology,
you live for it...
...and you die for it.
He has started a liquor factory.
He has brought shame upon us.
He has started a liquor factory there.
He is happy.
But look at you...
Get married, dear.
I am getting old, too.
Dad, talk to her.
Please don't force me, Dad.
I am begging you.
Sir, please don't go...
He's made me believe that
I die as a failure.
It's all your father's fault, Dada.
- Shut up, Dad.
Why is he saying such things?
- Don't spare him.
Don't spare him.
Hey, yo
Come in and take a seat
You might think that you a gangster
You ain't nothing to me
I came up from the dirt
Came up from the shit streets
That have shaped me
Drink some liquor.
No, sir...
I don't drink alcohol.
He started it.
Where did he learn
to be so violent?
He asked me to drink, Mom!
- Dada...
Whenever I see a bottle of liquor,
I am reminded of Dad.
That is all that runs in my mind,
every single day.
I must do something to him.
I want revenge.
You can have your revenge, Dada.
There are several honest ways
to do that.
Focus on that.
I'm calling the shots
I've only been strictly plotting manslaughter
If there's ever a book about your death
You bet that I'm the author
I'm keeping no rules in mind
I'd kill a man, then wife his daughter
Got you on your knees
You're begging for pity but I refuse the offer
Man, I was sleepless every night
Couldn't shut my eyes
Had them demons in my mind
They tryna sing me lullabies
I was drowning in my sorrow
Full of pain and misery
I came back from the dead just to hurt you
Were you missing me?
Were you missing me?
Were you?
Were you missing me?
Were you missing me?
Were you?
Were you missing me?
There once lived a beast inside me
But not anymore
It's all me, it's all me
Now it's all me
Dadabhai. 30 seconds.
Not good enough.
I want more!
It's funny
My mumma would say
That everything gonna be okay
Don't worry, Dada
Just try puttin on a happy face
Well, thank you mumma
I'll take that wisdom to my grave
I'm always smilin now
'Cos all I do is slay
Criminals on the daily
I'm a murder machine
I kept it minimal with forgivin sinners
Now they deceased
I sold my soul just to get the devil
Closer to me
But that witch destroyed my home
Sir, it's not about family revenge.
They are heading a liquor mafia
in Tamil Nadu...
...and ruling the entire state.
Sir, please. He needs to be
transferred to Tamil Nadu.
You can't blame me
For spreading terror like the plague
God, help me
Who's the villain now?
Who's the villain now?
Who's the who's the villain now?
Who's the villain now?
Who's the who's the villain now?
Don't ask me why
The devil is seen in my shadow
It's all me, it's all me
It's all me
[IN HINDI] The Tamil Nadu Police Department has requested
for a special team to wipe out the liquor mafia.
And I am putting you there.
Yes, sir.
I am going back to my father.
It's Gandhi Dada
I'm coming to pop ya
I carry the glock that carries your fate
It's in my pocket, Pa
Man I do a lil dance
To leave your eyes on the floor
A chick one, two, three, four
Click, clack, blow
Let's eliminate Michael and Anthony first
to create some momentum...
...and then move to the main targets
Rocky, Sathyan, and Gandhi.
Son, Gandhi isn't on the list.
He is a smart guy.
Leave him out.
We can't touch him legally.
Were you missin me?
Were you, were you missin me?
Sir, tell us about the murder
at the temple yesterday.
Yesterday, a man was shot dead
in a police encounter operation.
The death of Deva, a government officer,
a few years ago...
...was not an accident,
but a premeditated murder.
The main culprit in the murder was Michael,
who was shot dead yesterday.
We've uncovered the presence of a mafia
working against the government.
Our government will wipe out
the evil forces with an iron-fist...
...and turn Tamil Nadu
into a peaceful haven.
I put you in that seat.
And I know how to drag you down.
Luckily for you...
I can't afford trouble right now.
Drop it.
Let's end it here.
Next time, I won't be talking.
Oh, yeah?
Gandhi, where are you going?
You've come all the way here...
...let me give you some information.
Someone's going to die today.
Guess who?
The guy who first brought you
to me... know, the son I fathered
through Mary.
What was his name? It's the name
of the villain in the film 'Baasha'.
What the--?
Come on, dear boy.
I'll see you.
He who sowed the seeds
He will water the trees
He will look into your heart
And he will choose your reward
Don't you cry, my heart...
- Sir...
Let me go.
I'll just disappear.
I told you everything.
Eat up.
It's time.
Om Shanti Om...
Om Shanti Om...
Om Shanti Om...
Any last wishes, Anthony?
Not really.
Give me some liquor
if you've got any.
I'll get drunk and pass out.
So I won't feel pain.
Drinking is the solution
to everything, huh?
You drink when you are happy.
You drink when you are sad.
You are going to die now, you fool.
All you want to do is drink?
Liquor has destroyed our country, Anthony.
If only we had abolished it
when Mahatma Gandhi warned us...
...this evil wouldn't have grown.
Actually, the reason Michael died...
...the reason you are going to die...
...then Rocky, and Sathya...
...the sole reason for all these deaths... liquor.
It's liquor, Anthony.
"Drinking destroys the family
of the liquor seller too."
Your friend Rocky called you
a thousand times. Want to talk to him?
That's him again, for the
thousand and oneth time.
- Anthony...
They nabbed me, Rocky!
They threatened to harm
my wife and child...
...and extracted a statement from me.
Forgive me.
Where are you now?
I am not sure.
They've brought me to some highway
near the Andhra border.
Tell him to take the left
after Sunnambukulam Toll Gate.
Heard that, Rocky?
They are so arrogant.
Apparently their main motive is to
kill you and your father.
They are going to kill me now.
I wish I had never got to know
who my father was.
At least I would have lived.
Antony, don't panic.
They are just intimidating you.
Take care of my family, Gandhi Sir.
Ant, you'll be fine.
Rocky, my daughter would miss me.
Happy now?
Tell the poor kid I am travelling.
- Have you said your piece?
Tell her I'll be back soon.
- Ready to go?
Just make sure she's okay.
He can't do crap.
We are on our way.
- Anthony...
Say something!
- Anthony...
Ant, Ant, Ant, Ant!
Wonder how many others await...
...To die at my hands.
Om Shanti Om.
Dad, Anthony...
It's the same men who killed Michael.
The same reason.
The same team.
This scumbag cop spoke so arrogantly
over the phone.
He had the audacity to sing--
We're all there for you.
We'll take care of you.
He killed his own son.
Wretched man!
Gnanam's power has gone to his head.
We must bring him back to ground.
We must.
If only we had struck back,
without contemplating good and evil...
...we could have saved
him at least.
He sounded so cocky over the phone.
That policeman must die, Gandhi!
I will find out who he is
and kill him.
I can still hear Anthony's screams.
That scoundrel who sang
over phone...
...he will be dead in two days.
I'll do it.
I will.
Do it.
Get to work.
Find the guy
and beat him to death.
Gandhi... over him, okay?
Can I have the contact number
of the Special Team?
Special Squad?
It's not easy...
...but I'll get it for you somehow.
- Who is this?
I am Dada's...
I want to talk to
Dadabhai Naoroji.
Who are you?
How did you get this number?
Who are you?
Gandhi, you never shared
the good news with me.
He looks exactly like you.
Your son is even better looking that you.
I am touched, Dad.
You haven't forgotten us?
I'm touched, Dad.
Maybe I misunderstood you?
Nice house, Dad.
Show me around?
You little punk...
...don't lose your life
over this bloody vengeance business.
Don't curse, Dad.
Are you really Gandhi Mahaan,
the commerce teacher I knew from childhood?
I can't believe it.
I can't believe this.
Mom is coming to town tomorrow.
Isn't this great?
After all these years...
...we are going to be
one big, happy family... Chennai.
Don't curse around her, Dad.
She would be shocked!
Open this.
So your warrior mother is coming?
Just her?
Or is her husband coming too?
Oh, wow!
Dad, you didn't know that
Mom never married again?
Oh, no.
She couldn't get over you...
...couldn't get over your atrocities
and your betrayal...
Lock up.
She whiled away all these years
crying over you.
And now I stand here before you.
The answer to her tears.
That's my number, Dad.
I'll send you my home address
and my secret office address.
You can come to see me anytime.
Or just say "Come over, dog"
and I'll come running.
I am your son, Dad.
Feel free.
Look, Dad.
My motive is not to kill you.
What awaits you... so much worse.
Apparently Sathyavan has sworn
to find me and kill me.
Save me, Dad.
You know your friend best.
You handle it.
Just don't give me up.
I'm still young.
I still have much to see in life.
I'll see you.
...your father... no longer Gandhi Mahaan,
the commerce teacher you once knew.
Right now...
...the tiny bit of affection
I feel for my son...
...and the tiny bit of guilt I feel
for not being a good father... all that's keeping them
from killing you.
If you cause so much as a scratch
on any of my boys...
...I will personally kill every single
member of your team.
Get it?
Put an end to all this.
Let's see, Dad.
I grew up obeying my mother.
I'm Mama's boy.
I can't just start
obeying my father now.
See you.
Mama's boy, indeed!
This is the arrogant swine.
Head of the special team.
Gandhi Pa, wasn't this the guy
who killed Michael?
Let me see.
It wasn't him, Rocky...
I don't even remember seeing him.
This is the one.
I think he is the head
of the team.
No, Gandhi Pa!
This guy is from Tirunelveli.
The head of the team
has come here on special posting.
He is from the North.
His name is Naoroji.
Looks like he speaks fluent Tamil.
He is definitely the guy who challenged us
over phone that day.
Without a doubt.
Correct, Rocky.
Has to be him.
He's rented a place in Anna Nagar.
We can find him there.
Perfect! Let's kill him there.
Go scout the area and wait for me.
- Okay, Rocky.
We kill him at dawn.
- Done!
See you, Gandhi Sir.
See you, sir.
Gandhi Pa?
I need to talk to you.
What is it? We could have
talked here.
Not there, Rocky.
Can you come out?
What is it, Gandhi Pa?
Why did you want to
speak in private?
The officer we are planning
to kill tomorrow...
Yes, Naoroji.
What about him?
His full name is Dadabhai Naoroji.
My son.
Sathyan always says a man has to
pay for his sins.
Now my son has turned up
as a savage beast to make me pay.
Gnanam's hate and my son's fury
have somehow joined forces.
Neither Gnanam nor anyone in the department
know that he is my son.
...he's the one who killed
Michael and Antony.
I didn't know what to do, Rocky.
Even I wish to kill him.
But I don't have the heart
to give him up.
He is our next target.
Rakesh Christopher.
Sathyavan Soosaiyappan's son.
Wait outside for some time.
Go on.
Little brother...
I came here to talk to you
for a few minutes.
You have no reason to suspect us.
Here, take it.
I don't suspect you at all, big brother.
Keep it inside.
It's okay.
He takes after you, Gandhi Pa.
Little brother, here's the deal.
I've been with your father
for the last twenty years.
I am like a son to him.
There hasn't been a day in these 20 years
that he hasn't missed you.
Fine, he made a mistake.
But was it such a grave mistake?
So he drank a little.
He gambled.
That too, for the first time
in forty years.
If he hadn't met me that day...
...he'd have thrown up in the bar
and returned home the next morning.
It's just fate.
Not a day went by
that he didn't long for you.
He thought you'd return someday... live like a prince and
revel in the riches he amassed for you.
Even my father and I hoped
that you would return some day.
You know?
We hoped you'd return a prince someday.
But you've returned
as a brutal villain instead.
You've got your head all mixed up
over this revenge business.
Forget about it
and look at him as your father.
I say this as your big brother,
and his son.
You're blessed to have
a father like him, Dada.
Did you really miss me?
That's it, little brother!
You could have come to see me.
Do you have any idea how much
I missed you?
You could have come to see me.
Sorry, Dad.
I've realized my mistakes, Dad.
Brother Rocky made me see light, Dad.
Didn't I tell you, Gandhi Pa...?
That the kid would understand
if we just talked to him?
But you never believed me.
Boy, oh, boy... can really talk.
You should write
dialogues for TV soaps.
You'd kill it!
Right, Dad?
I told you,
we should have never come.
Whatever said and done,
he is my father.
Think I don't know that?
Fool, we plotted together
to bring you here.
Well done, Dad. Rocky chicken walked
right into the trap.
Yes, big brother?
You little punk!
Your father spent more time with me
than with you.
I know him better.
My father's son!
The twist didn't work out, big brother.
Okay, we are done with the
emotional scenes now.
Let's move on to the action scenes?
Come in, boys.
Gandhi Pa!
- Be quiet.
Dada, listen to me.
- Gandhi Pa!
Please don't beg him
to spare us.
That's beneath us.
I was wrong. I thought we could
talk sense into him.
This is no son of yours, Gandhi Pa.
This is a beast.
A venomous beast.
No point talking to him.
He came here to
make peace with you.
Dad, it was a near miss.
He almost shot me.
Would you sacrifice your son
for someone who is 'like a son'?
Would you sacrifice your son
for someone who is 'like a son'?
Don't do this, boy.
Let it go, Gandhi Pa.
- Be quiet!
Let me leave with him.
- Don't beg him.
He will definitely kill me.
- Stop talking!
You were right.
We shouldn't have come here.
Shut up and come.
Here they come. Officers...
- Dada, don't do this.
Shut up.
Don't talk.
What are you doing?
Dada, he came to make peace.
Let us go.
We are done for.
They have surrounded us.
- Rocky, quiet.
Save Dad from him.
Come on.
I'm counting on you as I die...
You're going to be okay!
Come on...
Dada, listen to me. Let him go,
I'll take him away.
Dada, what did he even do?
Hello? Sir...
Just a small thing.
We just came to talk.
Please let him go.
I am being patient here.
Are you playing around?
Let him go!
Step aside.
I am losing my cool...
- Don't be adamant, Gandhi Mahaan.
You are not on our list.
- Rocky, let's go.
Come at me.
Guys, take him away.
I dare you to take another step.
Come on! I dare you.
I warned you.
Gandhi Pa.
Let him go!
You bloody maniac.
Don't cry, Gandhi Pa.
Enough with your 'Gandhi Pa'.
Don't cry.
- Forgive me.
This is not your fault.
Dada, the poor boy...
He only came to talk.
Let him go.
Little brother.
Get it over with.
My father will
pay you back, little brother.
Okay, big brother.
My son...
I'm sorry, boy.
Forgive me, my dear son.
I couldn't do anything.
I gave you up, son.
Hurry up and finish crying.
We have formalities to complete.
I'm sorry, son.
Hurry up and leave.
Oh, Daddy...
It's over?
Dad, wake up.
Mom's yelling, wake up!
Gandhi Pa, come on.
He is your son.
That makes him family.
You thought we'd kill him
in spite of knowing he's your son?
You're like a father to me.
That makes him
my little brother, Gandhi Pa.
He is just a kid.
He thinks that his way
is the only right way to live.
He will understand.
Let's go and talk to him.
- No.
He is not the sort of guy
who'd understand.
Let me talk to him,
brother to brother.
Where is he now?
Let's go.
What you just did...
...that's the right thing.
If you have a problem with me,
hit me.
Kill me.
But what did they ever do to you?
Rocky was like a son to me.
He'd follow me around,
calling me 'Gandhi Pa'.
He was--
--right before my eyes.
No matter how hard people like you
try to destroy it...
...our ideals and principles will find a
way to uphold itself in this country.
And when that happens,
collateral damage is inevitable, Gandhi.
This is a reflection of the
disgusting lives you lead.
Disgusting lives?
What about your lives?
You have no forgiveness
or tolerance.
He is a brutal maniac
with no heart or compassion.
But you call yourself proud Gandhians.
Did Gandhi ever say...
'Pick up a gun and shoot
those who disagree with you'?
People like you and your son
kill Gandhians in our society
Sadistic maniacs.
Yes, we run a liquor factory.
But we never forced anyone to drink
by pouring it down their throats.
That's their choice!
It is you people who shove ideals
and principles down people's throats...
...and not let anybody
live in peace.
Things have gotten out of hand.
I almost killed him.
Something stopped me.
Or I would have killed Dada
with my bare hands.
But now, I can't save him
even if I wanted to.
Sathyan won't spare him.
If you want your son alive...
...set aside your arrogance
and adamancy...
...and skip town with him immediately.
As a father, I've not done
anything for him until now.
All I can do is this one thing.
Save his life.
If you want to save our son's life...
...go away with him.
...look at our Rocky.
Brother, he must have killed Rocky.
We had planned this guy's murder
when we last saw Rocky.
What could have happened overnight?
[NEWS]...broke into the special team's office
early this morning and killed 4 officers.
He is just a minion
who took his orders from us.
The government will hold everybody
involved in this incident accountable.
We should kill him first.
We should kill Gnanam.
He passed the order.
You are right, Sathya.
He is the reason for all of this.
He has to die.
I'll kill him myself.
I don't need anyone else.
I'll do it myself.
Even if I die in the process...
...he won't be alive.
[NEWS] ...that there is a huge mafia
working against the government.
The liquor ban will
definitely be implemented.
Sir, Sathya insists that he must
talk to you over the phone.
He sounds scary.
...go to your office and sit on that chair
to your heart's content.
Tomorrow, you won't be alive.
Even if you crawl into that fort
and hide behind the CM's back...
...nobody can save you.
Come here.
The orders were to kill
father and son together.
Why did they kill just Rocky?
Send them away.
I am not meeting anyone.
Sir, a lady has been waiting
for a really long time to meet you.
She is the mother of Naoroji,
the head of our special team.
I knew Gandhi Mahaan
would never forsake me.
You will find an open locker
in my room upstairs.
It contains my bank details,
locker details, keys etc.
If I don't return,
give everything to Dada.
...there is a lot of cash in it.
Take whatever you want,
and give the rest to the boys, okay?
What happened, Gandhi?
A son's favour to his father.
What is it, Nachi?
Is there a problem?
Should I only come
when there is a problem?
Have you put it here
to ward off evil?
I don't have the time for this.
What's the matter?
We are both leaving
in a couple of days.
I came here to let you know.
That's good.
How did your son agree?
He didn't agree.
He said he can't defy
the Deputy CM's orders.
I met the man and asked him
to relieve Dada.
You met Gnanam?
I asked you to leave the city!
Why the hell did you go
and meet him?
Fine, forget it.
Did you tell him Dada is my son?
I didn't.
Not a couple of days.
You must leave tomorrow--
Gandhi Mahaan, how is it?
Where is Dada?
Where the hell is Dada now?
Who are you?
Where is Naoroji Sir?
Who are you?
Why should I answer you?
Get out.
I am his father.
Where is he?
Sir, he's gone for an urgent meeting
with the Deputy CM.
I love you, you love me
We are a happy family...
That could have been your life.
Instead, you got trapped here
with your whole family.
Your friend Sathya thinks he can
call me and make threats, huh?
If you want your son alive,
I have a simple condition.
I want Sathyan dead.
I will offer you a simple solution.
You kill him.
Gnanam, why are you--
- Listen...
I won't issue multiple threats
like movie villains.
I am a certified politician.
A real villain.
I act swiftly, mind you.
Hurry up and kill him.
Are you Gandhi?
He is not here. He said you should
go to the rice mill.
The leader is at a meeting
in Red Hills.
He asked you to go there.
Take another step forward...
...and your son will come crashing down
from above.
Let go of me.
Dada, you will be okay. I'll come back for you.
- Hurry up.
To the Hon'ble
Deputy Chief Minister on stage... the ministers and MLAs
seated on stage...
I extend my heartfelt greetings.
Come here.
Wearing party colours,
and packing a gun too?
If I didn't have your son, you'd have
shot me at this very meeting, eh?
Come here.
Don't roam around
and waste time.
Sathyavan has to die today.
Or you will only get your
son's corpse back.
Leave now.
See you.
Nobody can break the bond
that we share.
Gandhi, someone has sent a video
of Rocky's murder.
They killed him mercilessly.
Ever since Sathyan saw that,
he has been...
Go see for yourself.
Have you killed Gnanam?
It will be done before dawn.
I'd stopped by your house.
Thilagu said you stormed out.
What happened?
I got this video from
an unknown number.
Watch it.
See what they did to our Rocky.
I can't take it, Gandhi.
Rocky was not a terrorist!
They've relished killing him.
But look at him,
even while getting shot...
...there is no fear in his eyes.
He stood tall like a warrior.
This guy...
This guy who is shooting Rocky
so casually...
so bloody casually...
...he is still alive and kicking,
isn't he?
He must die, Gandhi.
He must die!
That policeman must die, Gandhi.
He must die.
He must die!
- He is my son, Sathya.
My son.
The guy who carelessly killed Rocky...
...he is Dada, my son.
He is the head
of the police team.
He is your son?
Yes, Sathya.
Michael, Antony, and our Rocky...
...he shot them all.
But he is not the--
Were you there when they killed Rocky?
Were you there when they killed Rocky?
Is this... is this you, Gandhi?
Gandhi, is this you?
Oh, I see.
It is you.
It is you.
Sathya, you have no idea,
the agony I went through...
...wondering if I should tell you.
Before I could even process
why he came, or what was happening... was all over, Sathya.
You were right there
when Rocky died...
...and acted like you knew nothing
at his funeral?
What could I do?
Is your son's life so valuable
that you'd give us up?
No, Sathya.
It's not like that.
He came and stood before me
like a beast.
How could I--
What would I tell you?
Fair enough.
You are right.
As a father, you were right
to do that for your son.
Then what should I do,
as Rocky's father, Gandhi?
Don't do this.
Should I spare the man
who killed my son?
Should I?
Answer me, Gandhi.
Should I?
You traitor!
Sathya, stop it.
Please stop.
Come on!
He and his son killed Rocky.
Gandhi, what is he saying?
- Traitor.
I'm telling you...
Gnanam is the reason for all of this.
He's got my son.
He says he will spare my son
only if I kill you.
He is using me and my son
as pawns.
I didn't want to keep the truth
from you any longer--
Stop it.
If I hadn't got the damn video...'d have killed me to save your son
and happily skipped town, right?
This is exactly Gnanam's game plan.
He worked out that I was going to
tell you the truth.
He sent the video to you
to blow this up.
You don't believe me?
It's all my fault.
It's my fault that
my son turned out this way.
My failure as a father
keeps coming back to haunt me.
Kill me.
Kill me right here.
But please don't harm my son.
I beg you.
Your failure as a father
keeps haunting you.
But I was a good father, wasn't I?
What was Rocky's crime?
What was Rocky's crime?
Rocky was like a son
to me too, Sathya.
Right before my eyes--
I was right there--
imagine how I felt.
Despite my warning, Rocky asked me
to take him there.
I never thought they'd kill him.
I really didn't.
Kill me, Sathya.
Kill me.
I deserve this.
But spare my son.
Let him go, for me.
For you?
For you?
I'd have left all of this behind
a long time ago.
It is for you...
and for your insatiable wants...
...that you sucked me back into this
over and over again.
And completely wrecked me, Gandhi.
No, don't say that, Sathya.
You are everything to me.
...don't act in haste.
I am not acting in haste now.
I'm thinking loud and clear...
Gnanam's sins can be forgiven.
Your sins can be forgiven.
But your son's sins
have no forgiveness.
Your son will die at my hands.
Don't do this.
He is my son...
I swear this on my son,
and my God.
He is my son, Sathya.
It's yours.
We will be back, Thilagu.
Ride safe, brother.
I tried calling his phone all night.
He never answered.
Is there a problem, brother?
No problem.
He got a bit drunk.
Oh god. He will come back, won't he?
- I calmed him down.
He is asleep.
He will be back.
The house feels so empty, brother.
Please bring him back somehow.
You are there with him, right?
I got back.
He was sleeping, Thilagu.
Don't worry. He will be back.
You get some sleep, Thilagu.
- Okay, brother.
You are my only hope, brother.
Let's go, Dad.
Cry. Let it all out, Dad.
This is it.
I've had my revenge.
All this time, I kept wanting more.
Nothing was ever enough.
But now...
...I am done.
I have had enough.
You killed Sathyan
with your bare hands.
That's it.
That is all I wanted, Dad.
And now that it's happened,
I am done.
It's been my penance of several years.
It is finally over.
I still remember it.
How he destroyed our beautiful family,
over a single day.
Not just our family.
The freedom struggle, Gandhi...
...your father who died fighting for liquor ban,
and four generations before him...
...he destroyed their life's purpose
using just you as a tool.
He deserved to die the way he did.
At your hands.
That is the right way.
You thought it was Gnanam's idea
to get you to kill Sathya by abducting me?
He didn't kidnap me.
He only sent for me to find out why
I was so obsessed with killing Sathyan.
We talked.
It was Sathyan we both wanted.
Let me go.
Throw that down.
He just did as I told him to.
Gnanam is not that smart, Dad.
But I suspected that, given a choice
between your son and your friend... might just go
and tell him the truth.
Then my plans would fall apart.
So before you could go
and meet him...
...I sent him the video.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I'm so sorry about that.
But everything worked out well.
You vowed to save your son
at any cost...
...and he vowed to kill his
son's murderer at any cost...
Bang, bang, bang!
And thus, Sathyavan was killed.
Playing with human emotions... is such a rush, Dad.
I should have just killed you
and then killed your mother on that day.
I made a mistake.
Mother and son...
neither of you deserved any mercy.
Leave Mom out of this.
She doesn't know anything.
She's the one who schemed
and made me run around.
What kind of a woman is she?
Dad, don't drag Mom into this.
She doesn't know anything.
My foot, she doesn't know.
Her arrogance and adamancy
killed so many lives.
Even now, she is playing games.
What games are you talking about?
She doesn't know anything, Dad.
I am sparing your life
only for her sake.
Say another word about her...
...I swear, I will kill you.
Where is Nachi now?
Dada, tell me.
Answer me.
Nachi was with you yesterday.
- No, she must be at home.
Oh, no.
But when Gnanam threatened me yesterday...
...he told me he had
my whole family.
I thought Gnanam kidnapped
you and your mother...
...but now you are telling me
another story.
Where is Nachi?
Where is Nachi now?
Tell me!
That could have been your life.
Instead, you got trapped here
with your whole family.
Give me the phone, Dad.
Here you go.
What happened?
Where is she?
I don't know, Dad.
No one is answering the landline.
Try her mobile.
She doesn't use a mobile phone, Dad.
Oh, no...
Give me that.
Give it to me.
- Yes, Gandhi?
Nachi has been missing since last night.
Gandhi, I don't understand.
You idiot!
Listen to me carefully.
Don't panic, and don't interrupt me.
Nachi has been missing since last night.
No one is answering her landline.
Go to her house to see
if she is there.
If the door is locked,
break it open.
Get it?
- Okay, Gandhi.
I'll send you her address.
- Okay.
34, Lakshmi Apartments,
11th Street, Shanthi Colony.
Bhang ball for Nachi.
Oh, the plot thickens.
He is calling.
Gandhi, I broke the door down.
Their belongings are scattered
all over.
The door is open?
Sure, the door is open.
Look around and see if
she's in any of the rooms.
I checked in all the rooms.
She is not here.
Really? Switch to video call.
Looks like he broke in
and took her by force.
Oh, dear...
It's done.
Go home.
Why would he kidnap Mom?
I've done everything he wanted.
If he is still holding her hostage...
...that means he still has
unfinished business.
What could it be?
He wants me dead.
Did he tell you anything
when you left?
He said, "Go and see your father."
"After you see your father,
don't forget to call me."
He knows Nachi is more important
to you than I am.
If you'd called him
after you got here...
...he'd have told you to kill me
in exchange for her life.
As long as I am alive,
I will be a threat to him.
He knows that.
Did you call him after you left?
He kidnapped my mother, Dad.
He should--
--shouldn't be spared!
He should be killed.
Kill him with no loose ends.
Even if Gnanam has
the slightest suspicion...
...Nachi's life will be in danger.
Just this once...
...listen to your father.
Tell the lawyer and auditor
to come home immediately.
I'll be there in ten minutes.
Sir, looks like you are planning
something massive.
A father's favour to his son.
Sir, the young man is here.
Dada, come in.
Go get it.
Have a seat, son.
Sit down.
Just last night, we had a nice chat.
You could have rightfully
asked me for money.
You didn't have to play
the waiting game.
Sir, don't forget to tip me.
I even lent you my phone.
Gandhi, what happened?
How much is in it?
- Two lakhs.
Give it to him.
Take it.
- Woah!
Thanks a lot, chief!
There is one crore in it.
Is that enough?
That's enough, sir.
I was told you were
a staunch Gandhian.
So it didn't occur to me to ask
if you wanted money.
Can I count it?
- What?
I said, can I count it?
You are just like Gandhi Mahaan.
Like father, like son.
Your father is really sharp, too.
You don't have to bother.
Count it for him.
- Right away, sir.
Son, don't mind me saying this again... your father
before you go back home.
I don't want him thinking that
I am still holding you hostage.
I can't go on living my life
having antagonized your father.
That man is trouble.
Dada, did you meet your father?
I don't want to meet him, sir.
I spoke to him over phone.
I am going back home
with my mother, sir.
So I need money.
Could you please give me some?
You've completed such a
huge task for me.
How much do you want?
Come home immediately.
That is upto you, sir.
But not at your home.
Oh, I see.
Yes, sir. I don't want men around...
Can you come to my farm
in Mangadu?
There won't be a soul in sight.
Come over.
You were at the rice mill all night?
Then he must be holding Nachi
at the warehouse.
I went there before
I came to the rice mill.
He had a lot of men there.
Young man...
You've never had liquor in your life,
not even once?
Liquor is the root cause
for all these problems, sir.
I come from a Gandhian family.
My grandfather lost his life
fighting for liquor ban.
Liquor ban?
Son, that is the fake promise we make
to secure votes.
But the state runs
on liquor money, doesn't it?
Banning liquor is impossible, son.
Liquor is the lifeblood of our nation.
How could we do without it?
Give me a minute.
I'll be back.
Hey, Gnanam... you remember how
you got that scar on your face?
You played your usual dirty tricks
during the card game that day.
You turned Sathyan and me
against each other.
After we fought each other,
you returned my Joker to me.
And it came back to me
wagging its tail.
Little did you know that it was a faithful
puppy that obeyed my every command.
I told it to run and attack you... pounced on your face
and bit your face off.
And that is how you got your scar.
But after all these years... played the same dirty tricks.
And now, seated before you... the sweet puppy that I fathered.
It won't give you any scars.
It will bite you,
rip you apart...
...and kill you.
There is no place for Gnanam
in a world without Sathyan.
Go there and keep him occupied.
Once I reach the warehouse, one of his men
will surely call to inform him that...
...I am at the warehouse,
and that there is trouble.
His expression will change.
That's your cue to get him.
Be careful.
Mom will be okay, right?
I managed to save you.
How would I not save your mother?
Get on with it.
Hey, catch him!
Listen to me.
Don't do this.
Don't do this.
Hurry up here.
Where the hell is everyone?
Please don't...
Oh, no...
You and your father are ruthless!
You kidnapped my mother
and tried to screw me over?
You are a certified politician indeed.
What? Your mother?
Your father must have--
I got him, Dad.
Is Mom safe?
Want to hear today's flash news, son?
'The kings of Tamil Nadu's liquor empire,
Sathyan and Gandhi...'
'...struck by the sudden realisation that liquor
culture was destroying the fabric of Tamil Nadu...'
'...decided to shut all their
liquor factories.'
'Wishing for their liquor money to be used
to support the liquor ban movement...'
'...they donated their wealth
to an NGO.'
'Unhappy with this development, Gnanam,
their secret partner and the Deputy CM...'
'...staged a fake encounter drama
to kill their men...'
'...and started shooting
their gang members one by one.'
'Only after Sathyan was killed...'
'...did Mr. Dadabhai Naoroji, Head of
the Special Team, come to know the truth.'
'Enraged by the fact that he was used for
Gnanam's political and personal gain...'
'...he shot and killed the Deputy Chief Minister
Gnanodayam at his house today.'
Guess what the whole country
will be talking about five years from now?
'The revolutionaries who fought for a total
liquor ban in Tamil Nadu and succeeded...'
'Sathyavaan Soosaiyappan
and his friend Gandhi... Mahaan.'
...playing with human emotions... sure is a rush, son.
In this country, if a man said,
'I have one life. I refuse to follow
any morals or principles.'
'I will live as I please'...
is that so wrong?
Everybody has to pick a side...
...adopt a herd mentality and
blindly obey their words...
...embody their principles,
fight with the others...
...tear down each other and die.
That's the right way, eh?
I've made a lot of mistakes.
I don't deny it.
If one doesn't have the freedom
to make their own mistakes...
...then that is not freedom.
Gandhi said that.
Bereft of morals and principles...
...leading an indulgent life of excess,
I am an extremist.
Obsessed with a certain principle
in excess...
...mercilessly quashing anybody who
opposes it, you are an extremist too.
We are both wrong.
Everything in moderation.
That's the right way.
There is just a small difference
between you and I, son.
I am not a good person.
But you... are so much worse than me.
You are a criminal now.
And I...
I am a 'mahaan'.
That was a good show, Dad.
Give me two minutes.
My friend!
We have arrived
At the gates of this beautiful night
Tonight, we are bound by no rules
Tonight, we shall kindly refuse
We have waited all of our lives
To live and dream as we please
Tonight, we deserve to be free
Tonight, can we please...
...drink in peace?
Drink in peace
Drink in peace
Drink in peace
Oh, my friend!
Drink in peace!