Mai (2013) Movie Script

I'm Subhash Joshi.
The journalist.
I lost my father soon after birth and ..
Mother .. at the age of 10.
I had no siblings.
My uncle raised me.
Today, I've family in Mumbai.
Wife Madhu! And my daughter Charu!
After lots of struggle today I can say we're que settled.
But the life let anyone settle?
I had imagined that ..
Clearly .. everyone has a defined role in life.
But I was wrong.
Sometimes, life brings you to a crossroad ..
Passe .. where it Difficult to decide who's your daughter ..
And .. who's .. mother.
Once again you're late today. - Sorry.
I can not tolerate your daily drama .. - Sorry.
Hold this! Quick! Take out juice for Charu.
And give it to her. - Yes
Once again I'm going to get late today.
Mr. Journalist. Will you please take your breakfast?
Yes, Madhu queen!
This is what you want.
That I Should resign and be your kitchen queen.
Correct? - Yes, madam.
I do so wish but if you mind ..
.. Then I'm ready to be a househusband. - I see.
Who will pay the half EMI?
Finance minister of the country?
Good point! - "Munni defame accepted for your sake, darling."
Charu, stop singing. - "Munni accepted defame .."
Come and take your breakfast. - ".. For your sake, darling."
".. For your sake, darling."
If my Munni will sing so bad, naturally she'd defame.
But Pope says, I'm a born singer.
Right, papa? - Absolutely, darling.
Is it? So, tell me what's 'sargam' (melody)?
Rishi Kapoor's film.
He's giving you the title of singer born?
Worry not, my child. Mamma is jealous.
Madam! today evening I want to leave early.
Hold this. For now, I've had to leave in a hurry.
C'mon, let's go.
How do you manage this, Madhu?
It's easy, sir. - No! You're a genius.
You'll definitely progress in life.
For now, I'd go to my seat.
For sure.
Yes - Here's our lunch. C'mon, guys.
Have pizza. - Okay, I'll call you later.
Let's eat! - Madam Joshi!
Madam Joshi! Someone wants to see you. - Take your piece.
I'll just come in a minute. - Yeah!
Your piece.
How are you? How come you're here?
I'm fine, sis (sister).
Did you take your lunch? - No, I was about to take it.
We've ordered pizza. Will you eat?
I wanted to speak something in private.
Shall we go out times? - Come!
Sis, there's the good news.
Why? One son was not enough?
Not that good news, sis.
I'm going to U.S. on behalf of the company.
Wow! Brilliant! I'm so proud of you, Munna.
Thank you, sis. - For how many days?
For 3 years. With family.
Company is providing accommodation to the family.
Great! Mother will visit us at this age.
I've seen an accommodation.
Single rooms, personal attendants.
Full five star luxury.
Superb! - For May (mother).
Old age home? Are you not taking mother along?
No, sis. It's not like that.
Then what is it, Munna?
You're not taking away Mai
Look, there's LCD TV, AC.
I also Told Them to paint Mai's favorite color.
You're not taking away Mai
There'll be people of her age over there.
Moreover, she'll get bored with us.
You're not taking away Mai
I can not help it, sis. This is once in a lifetime opportunity for me.
You know May is not medically fit.
Medical is too costly in U.S..
And her amnesia.
Twice, I've taken her to Dr. Mehta.
Anyways, people in U.S., leave Their parents in old age home.
This is not U.S.. - Okay, fine.
I've the options. What do we do now?
Tomorrow, we'll talk to Anita and Radhika and then decide.
What are you saying, Munna?
Can anyone leave his parents in old age home?
Did Mai orphanage to drop us ..
After father's death ..?
She toiled hard and Suffered alone.
Still she raised us.
Living in small room, Mai's did other chores ..
Made each of us .. independent ..
.. And got us married.
Had it not been Mai.
.. You'd not even be able to travel across the city today.
Remember her sacrifices ..
.. For your education in Ingls medium school.
Sis Anita, try to understand .. - Listen to me.
Even I've my parents-in-law at home.
And we live in 1 BHK.
Still Rahul and I never thought like this.
Son has to take parent's responsibility, right?
And anyways, you were Mai's favorite.
What are you saying?
May same-toiled for everyone. How can he be special?
Eldest and youngest were all time favorite is Mai
And Mai's responsibility .. - Is only mine?
It is of the son! - So, what do I do?
I am not worried about Mai?
I took her to Dr. Mehta.
He has Suggested ..
Neurologist .. the best of Mumbai, Dr. Mitra.
And once we're settled, we'll take away Mai
No one does that. It's just a false promise.
Look, we do not want to bother you in any ways.
I mean, we understand ..
Everyone .. that .. - Mai will not go to old age home.
Are you mad? You May want to bring here?
I've thought of something and bought this house.
Excuse me! We've bought it.
Okay, fine, my mistake.
One must change the thinking with time.
Like your Munna?
And where will accommodate Mai herself?
We've only 2 bedrooms.
And I will not leave my room. - Just shut up.
You need not interfere between elders.
Why? - Because, you're a kid.
She's not a kid. She has grown up.
And we bought 2 BHK keeping her in mind, right?
Because, we Knew she's going to need the space.
If she has grown up ..
Should .. she learn to adjust like the elders.
C'mon, Madhu! - Enough!
Sorry, baby!
You're going to have to learn to adjust.
Hi guys! Okay. hold this and do it right. Okay?
And you .. Where were you?
Raghav, hold this. - Thank you!
And stop styling. - What's up, Charu?
Why is your face sulking, Charu?
I'm cheated!
Why are there of the grandmas?
What happened? - My granny is coming back.
Now, I'll have to share a room with her.
Adjust this and that.
My life's going to become hell.
Seriously! You know what? my granny cam for 2 months.
And I had thrown a party When she left.
We need to adjust a lot.
Oh no, Charu! You better start watching religious channels.
When my grandparents were around ..
.. We had only this channel is on the day.
And I used to get the sermons at night.
I will not adjust. - Yes, dude.
Wonder from Which planet do they eat.
I will not adjust. - Yes, Charu. Put your foot down.
This is not fair. Why should I adjust?
"Even the Sun adjusts with the clouds."
"Even the Moon adjusts with the stars."
"Even the Sun adjusts with the clouds."
"Even the Moon adjusts with the stars."
"Life is not fair."
"Learn to share."
"Life is not fair."
"Learn to share."
"Why do you say que every time I do not care?"
"Baby, learn to adjust."
"Baby, learn to adjust."
"C'mon! Baby, learn to adjust!"
"Charu, learn to adjust."
"Baby, learn to adjust."
Drink it, my child.
What happened?
Mai will stay with sis Madhu.
Checkmate. Yeah!
Just a minute. - No, game over.
There must be a mistake .. - Game over.
Come, Mai!
Charu! Seek her blessings!
Enough, my child. You very much bent.
More than the modern children.
Rani! - She has not come today. - Oh God!
Hold this! Take granny in the room.
Hold it! Take her in your room.
Mai, I'll bring water for you. - Okay.
Come, granny.
Amongst so many photos, not a single one is of God.
Here, Mai Have some water.
Chanda has grown big, has not she? - Chanda?
She just left. What's wrong with you, Madhu?
Mai, she's Charu.
Chanda! Chanda! Cha ..!
Oh. she's your daughter Charu!
Wonder what's wrong with my memory these days.
I keep forgetting everything. - Mai
You're too much.
Okay, Look, I've made some space for your belongings.
Keep it there. - Okay.
And if you feel cold, close this window. Okay? - Yes
I'll just come. - Okay.
Please, Subhash. Meet Mai just once.
She'll feel bad.
Charu is quite upset. - She'll be fine.
She's really upset, Madhu.
Please, Subhash. She'll adjust ..
And .. if you'll question me like that then ..
And what about her questions?
Who will answer questions Charu's ..
.. That I can read in her eyes?
I was Anticipating this.
But I did not anticipate que you'd not support at all.
What do I do? Tell me.
Shall I leave Mai on the road?
Please, Subhash. She's dependent.
Her memory ..
I mean, she does not even remember Charu's name.
This is common for all at the old age.
Your mother is not exception, is she?
I know .. I know this is not an exception.
Que I also know it's common in old age.
Please .. please .. please, Subhash. For my sake.
Does Mai remember me?
My coffee is getting cold. - Go, I'll get it for you.
How are you, son? - Fine! You tell me, how are you?
Not much. Just this joint pain.
And sometimes the back pain is worst.
I start breathing hard when i walk.
Even the teeth give problem at times.
And eyesight has become dull.
And ears .. that's it, son. Nothing more.
Rest all is fine. - Thank God.
What's the topic of conversation?
Nothing. Mai said everything is fine from top to bottom.
What were you telling, Mai? Tell me.
Mai used to wear a golden bangles, right?
Mai! Where are your bangles?
Actually, Madhu! It's Understandable.
Traveling expenses are huge for us, you know.
Where are they? - Bangles? Must be somewhere here.
Actually, I forget after keeping things at any place.
What do I do, Madhu? I'm losing my memory with time.
I'm really tired of it.
Hello, Seema! Where are mother's bangles?
Do not know, sis. She must have kept somewhere.
What do you mean?
Mai does not remember anything these days.
So, did you find it? - She forgets after keeping ..
.. Things here and there.
You did not get it, did you?
Ankit, 10 minutes. I'll go and change and you wait for me at home.
You go ahead, I'll park the bike and eat.
Hey, Charu.
Hello, granny. - Bless you, son.
Hello, granny. - Bless you, son.
Hello, granny. - Hi!
Charu's friends? - Yes, granny.
It seems your exams are over.
How did you come to know?
Your Face Reveals.
Water! - Thank you!
Only water? You did not bring anything to eat?
God, I forgot. I'll get it right away.
What will you get? - Really feeling hungry.
Shall I take this away? - Shall we order pizza? - Yes
Let's do that. - Yes, pizza.
Pizza? It's not good for stomach.
I'll make special fritters for you.
Please, do not bother .. - Why do you take pain?
I'll make it.
Rani, is it bothersome to cook something for the children?
No! - No! So, let's go. - Yes
Fritters. - Rani! Where's my ipod?
Ipod? What's that?
Even my scent and necklace is missing. - God!
You took it, right?
Stop it, granny.
Rani's go inside and look for my things.
It's so easy to sing, is not it?
Charu, learn to adjust. Let's go.
Hey, what's the latest shopping news?
Hey, no time for shopping.
I'll go on weekend. Will you join us?
No, my mother-in-law is coming.
Once she's in, she'll first take control of the kitchen and ..
.. Then her son. And even the son passe mamma's boy.
Yeah! - Madhu, your life is in September
In the tension of the in-laws.
Who said I do not have mother-in-law problem?
Why? You do not have a mother-in-law, do you?
Yes, I do.
Of my husband.
Hi, guys! Madhu!
Your time has come.
For the promotion, you must go on training for 2 weeks.
So, get ready in 2 days.
But, sir .. - Listen, Madhu.
If you miss this, you'll lose this opportunity. Okay?
And what's wrong with you?
Shukla said even your presentation had many problems.
I seriously feel, You Should really consider this.
Alright, guys! Let's begin.
Vicky, you've got that list que you were supposed to?
What happened? - Madam, you stay at home.
Or I'll quit.
But what has happened? - I'm not a thief.
Will you please tell me? - Ask your Mai
Mai! Mai!
Mai! What's happening?
What's this topic about the theft?
Who committed theft? What has been stolen?
What did Rani say?
Who Rani? What theft? What has been stolen?
You blabber anything.
Wonder what's wrong with this house. - May!
I do not understand anything. - Mai, I'm asking something.
Who's doing what .. no one knows.
Tell me quickly. - Wonder what has gone wrong with you, too. - Yes
Okay. - You keep blabbering anything.
Munna called. - Munna? Where's he?
Has he come? - No, he had called up.
Give me the phone.
Munna! My son! How are you, Munna? Mun ..
There's no sound.
I've already spoken to him. - Is it? Take it back.
Why did not you give the phone to me first?
He has called you tomorrow. Talk to him.
Munn has called me?
He had to. After all, he's my son.
What happened? Do you have a headache?
Shall I give you a massage?
I'll massage it. Come, you'll feel better.
Come! Come, my child. Come!
Sing that ..
Lullaby ..!
What do I sing? - The same-lullaby!
"Night went to sleep .."
".. Adorning moon on it's forehead."
"Night went to sleep .."
".. On the wind chariot at the dream-terrace."
"Night went to sleep .."
".. Adorning moon on it's forehead."
"Night went to sleep .."
".. On the wind chariot at the dream-terrace."
"Why can not you feel sleepy?"
"Why can not you feel sleepy?"
"I do not understand."
"Night went to sleep .."
".. Adorning moon on it's forehead."
"Even the Moon is tired and went to sleep behind the tree."
"Even the Moon is tired and went to sleep behind the tree."
"Dreams have closed your eyelids and have lost in it."
"Why can not you feel sleepy?"
"Why can not you feel sleepy?"
"I do not understand."
Colleagues got the cake, so I thought let me eat.
What's your concern? You eat it. - Let us drink first.
Drink later. You've become thin. Come!
Good choice. - Thanks!
It's nice. - Yeah. - I loved it.
Very good!
Hey ..
See, the poor can not eat this and people ..
.. Are wasting the food.
May, I'll get food for you.
Excuse me!
Are you okay? - Yes
How are you, Munna? - Fine.
I want vodka.
I hope you understand, mother. - Yes, I do.
But is it good to stay at daughter's house?
When will you take me away? - I'll call you later.
What did he say?
These days, I see everything very dull.
Mai, your medicines.
Now, go to sleep. - Okay.
Madhu! - Yes
How big Adi is now? - Must be around 4 to 5 years.
What do you mean?
It was his birthday today, right? - No.
Huh? Then why did they cut the cake?
Mom! Switch off the lights please.
I feel sleepy.
Cake was cut for Prashant, Mai
Mom, lights off, please.
Just a minute, Charu.
Madhu! Munna's birthdate is somewhere around ..
.. The Navratri festival.
Munna is going to America. - America?
With his family.
But how will I go at this age?
And I do not even know Ingls.
And I know nothing about the weather there.
My warm clothes and all .. how do I manage.
You're not going.
He's going with his family, Mai
That's why for the first time ..
Munna .. did not meet his eyes while talking with me.
Perhaps, he felt shy.
He loves sweet balls made by my hands.
Do send him some.
It'll be of use to him During the journey.
Madhu's father. At least, you call me.
"You expresso to shed of your drape .."
".. In this scorching heat of life."
"You kept on saving the flower by toiling hard."
"You expresso to shed of your drape .."
".. In this scorching heat of life."
"You kept on saving the flower by toiling hard."
"Once it's broken from the branch .."
"Once it's broken from the branch .."
".. It never returned, Mai"
"Teary eyes ask it. Even I'm your mother."
"Teary eyes ask it. Even I'm your mother."
"One, For Whom you shed tears .."
".. Is not the truth but an illusion."
"One, For Whom you shed tears .."
".. Is not the truth but an illusion."
"Someone you run madly behind .."
"Someone you run madly behind .."
".. Is just a shadow."
"Teary eyes ask it. Even I'm your mother."
"Teary eyes ask it. Even I'm your mother."
Subash! - What happened?
This sound!
What's this sound?
Charu! - Why are you shouting?
Where's my newspaper? - Must be here somewhere.
My specs are not here.
I had left a blue colored folder here.
Even that is not here.
What's happening in this house?
What's happening, Charu?
I'm shifting. - Wow!
How nice! Had bought 2 BHK for this day, right?
Both of us, right?
Wonder what's happening in this house.
I'm tired.
Tired of instructing. But no one listens to me.
Now, see. She'd always say my God!
But she does not know the proper place of everything.
Wonder what she does.
Always keeps moving around the house.
I've had to do all this.
No one lives for others in this house.
I've everything to the.
Do I have to teach everyone what is to be Given ..
What is .. and be fed and to Whom?
One must learn by one's self.
But the girls these days know nothing.
What has to be kept and where.
They do not know it.
I've had to keep it safely. - My God!
You of your work, Rani. - Yes
What's this? - What?
Why did you keep these things here?
I? I did not keep anything.
I saw it myself.
You must have kept it. And you're blaming me.
You do not remember anything.
My ipod! My necklace!
Subhash! She needs help!
Help for what? To steal things?
Mai needs medical help.
No! If she carries on like this she's going to need help cool.
Mai is not like that. - Then how's she?
Your brother is not like that. Mai is not like that.
All are the problem with both of us.
Subhash .. - No, enough.
C'mon, you're getting late for the tuition.
Take re-audition of these girls, okay? - Okay, sir.
Are you alright?
Yes, sir. Yeah!
So, you're going for the training?
I'll let you know, sir.
Madhu! Madhu!
Madhu! Come, Madhu! Come, quickly! It's Wednesday today.
It's time for the musical show. C'mon! - What?
Let's go and watch musical show.
Leave my hand, granny. I do not want to go. You go.
Come, I'm telling you. Come with me. - May!
Today we will not go. It's too crowded there. Come! - Leave it, Mai
May, not today. - Please, move. - I do not want to go.
Let the children sit.
Come, children, sit here.
Hey .. why have you gathered here? Not today.
Today, we're expecting guests.
Sheela, let the guests eat.
Our children will not talk and disturb Them.
They'll sit outside and watch TV! Let them sit.
Go away. It's time for guest's arrival.
As if she's expecting God. - May, let's go home.
Have not your parents taught you to behave with people?
Mai! Please, Mai - Mai!
Keep quiet! - Granny, what are you doing?
Let me talk. You think you're very big?
May, let's go inside. Come, Mai
Why do you take me inside? - You, please go in.
May, please come inside.
I will not spare you. - Come, Mai! Let's go inside.
I will not spare anyone. - Calm down.
Keep quiet! - Move in! - You always do this.
Charu, close the door. - You always do this.
Mai, take another fried bread.
Give me, I'll take it away.
Dad, today granny took me to ..
Neigbouring flat .. the musical show to watch.
What? - I think she has lost it.
Stop it! Eat your food.
Subhash! I've taken Dr. Mitra's appointment tomorrow.
It'll be better if you come along.
This is not my problem.
As it is, tomorrow, I've had to go early. So, please.
Everyone starts eating.
There's someone in the house. Mother is there.
No one bothers about it.
You just had your food. - You've a habit of lying.
Everyone eats and no one asks me.
If anyone would hear this, what will he think?
That I do not offer food to my mother-in-law?
What the hell is going on?
What's your age?
Age. 40 .. 45 .. do not you know ..
.. That one must not ask a woman's age?
Yeah, I know I'm sorry.
Okay, who's India's Prime Minister.
Madhu? Indira Gandhi's son ..
What's his name?
Rajeev Gandhi! - Yes
That handsome Rajeev Gandhi is our Prime Minister.
Do you know counting?
Are you a doctor or a teacher?
Okay, let's do this.
Start counting from 1 till 100.
But tell me the number has 7 que.
7 ..
7, 10, 11, 19 ..
45 .. 90.
What did you eat last night?
No one Offered me food last night. I'm still feeling hungry.
What's your son-in-law's name?
Tell me what's the day today?
What's the day today? - I do not know.
But it's Wednesday.
Musical show. Yes, Wednesday.
Can you take her for general check up, please?
You go with her. I'll see you soon.
Come, madam.
Mrs. Joshi.
Your mother is suffering from Alzheimer's.
Alzheimer's? - Yes, she's in the fourth stage ..
.. And she's getting into the fifth stage.
She's 65.
And in our country Generally this problem starts after 60's.
In the initial stages, people think They trend to forget ..
.. Because of the agedness.
And that's Why They forget things. But actually it's a disease.
And I must tell you que it's the beginning stage.
And it's going to get deteriorated.
So, let me explain to you how.
You see Benthic, usually such pacientes never like to answer.
You can not even prove wrong Them.
They quickly lose temper.
Alzheimer's begins with forgetting the names the akin.
Then the belongings, like watch ..
.. Ring, chain, bangles etc..
Slowly, They also forget if They had Their meal or not.
There's no treatment of this diseases.
And there are few medicines que will slower the process.
So, the more you take care of her the better it will be.
Thank you, doctor. - Okay.
Come, Mai - Wait a minute.
Doctor, these days I see everything dull.
Even my hairs have started falling.
And .. - Well, I do not know much about the hair.
Mai, he's not a hair specialist.
So, he's specialist in what?
In our times, there used to be one doctor to treat ..
All .. the disease.
These days, there are different doctors for different disease.
Let's go. - It has become a business. Nothing else.
Madhu! Madhu, come to me.
Children! Children, come to me.
C'mon, move. - Look there. Look there.
His intentions are not good, it seems.
See .. - C'mon, move.
Move forward.
Do you want one? I've only one left. Take it.
Idiot! Do you see this Kolhapur's Chappal? - No, no, no!
Shall I hit you with it? - No, no, no, no!
You're staring at my daughter! Hit him! Hit him! Hit him!
Hit him! Hit him! Hit him! Hit him!
Will you take me to Solapur? - Ma'am, what are you doing?
Have you seen Kolhapur's Chappal? - Leave me!
I'll hit you so badly you will not forget que ..
Why are you hitting me? - .. How badly it hurts.
Ma'am, take her away. - Hit him, hit him. Do not spare him.
Mother! Leave him! - Rowdies should not be spared.
They push and what's not. - Let's go. Leave him. Let's go.
Let's go. Let's go.
Just wait. Look what I do .. - Let's go, mother.
Madam, where are you going? Pay me the fare.
They always keep on roaming.
Rowdies Should never be spared. They Should be taught a lesson.
Let's go, mother. Let's go. - They push us and what's not.
I did not ask you to bring the entire list. Just give me 15 names.
Make this list again, okay? One moment. Madhu ..
One moment, please.
I'll see your report in ten minutes, okay? - Yes, sir.
Show it to me in my office, alright? - Sure, sir.
Yes, sir? - What's happening?
You wasted half of the day.
Sir, my mother is having a problem.
Who does not have a problem? Tell me.
Anyway, I have to nominate somebody's name for promotion.
And I'm Nominating your name.
Sir, give me team till today evening.
In fact, let me go now.
You can mark me absent today. - It's okay.
Think over it and let me know latest by 8 pm. Alright?
Okay, sir.
Sister. Sister, tell me. Mother will become alright, will not she?
Sister. Tell me.
Hope so, Anita. - What do you mean by hope so?
Hope so means hope so, Anita.
Sister! When did you eat?
Rahul. - Yes?
Look, what's sister saying.
What's she saying?
Mother got Alzheimers.
Not your mother. Our mother.
Oh! Okay. Okay.
No, I mean sorry.
How did it happen?
Alzheimer's is not some viral fever que it will happen suddenly.
Yes, but .. Alzheimers How does this happen?
You go inside. I'll bring tea for you.
My coin did not go inside.
My uncle who stays in Kolhapur is going to come.
With family. - When?
There's not a place even for a fly at her house.
How will she keep mother here?
Wonder When this man will understand? - He's a good man.
Yes, sister.
It is it's the only one bedroom kitchen and six of us stay here.
Moreover, some or the other person keeps coming here often.
And I can not even bring mother here.
I'm there. You do not take any tension.
Sister, I do not know what would have happened if you weren't there.
Think about that after I go away.
Okay, fine. I'll leave.
And yes, keep coming. Mother will feel good.
Amit, come upstairs! - Wait, wait! I'm also coming. I'm also coming.
Hello. - Hello, Radhika?
Yes, sister. - Can you keep mother at your house for few days?
Sister, we're going to Switzerland tomorrow.
The tickets have been booked.
If we cancel now too much money will get wasted.
You should've Told me before, sister. - Sorry, my mistake.
You go and enjoy.
"People walk in here the dreams of sunlight."
"People walk in here the dreams of sunlight."
"And I'm the one who burns even in the shade of my own people"
"And I'm the one who burns even in the shade of my own people"
"Somewhere there's a burden of relationships"
"And somewhere the relationship itself is a burden."
"Somewhere there's a search for our own people."
"And somewhere we're searching for ourselves."
"How do I explain?"
"How do I explain?"
"How do I explain?"
"I do not understand at all"
"Such a turn Also comes in life."
"Such a turn Also comes in life."
"There was a storm in my heart."
"Wonder why my eyes did not cry?"
"If you see, everybody's my own."
"But there's nobody Whom I can call my own."
"How do I explain?"
"How do I explain?"
"I do not understand at all"
"Such a turn Also comes in life."
"Such a turn Also comes in life."
"Such a turn Also comes in life."
Congratulations! - For what?
Look at this.
PTI has Awarded Subhash sir with 'The Journalist Of The Year' award.
Really? - Yes
Congratulation. - Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Only congratulating will not suffice. You'll have to give us the party.
Mother? - Do not worry. She's getting ready.
Thank you. - You will get the party.
How do you feel, Mrs. Joshi? - Very good.
I Knew que sir will get this award.
That's what you are.
It's not fair.
Say, Subhash.
Say whatever is in your heart.
Also let me hear what you want to say.
I'll speak today. I'm not afraid of you.
It was my day today. Today was my day!
And because of your mother ..
Your brother, Munna .. He ran away to U.S..
He left mother with me.
Your sisters, cowards, both of Them.
They did not even say once que They will keep her at Their houses.
And you're blind.
Can you see anything apart from your mother?
Charu and I are Tolerating everything quietly.
Today was my day!
You want to know what anger is in my heart, do not you?
You want me to speak everything today, do not you?
You want to know the truth?
I'm waiting for the day When mother will go from here.
I'm waiting for the day When I'll get rid of her.
That's the god damn truth! - She'll go When she has to.
But if you say another word you'll go from here.
This is my house, got it?
This is my house too! I pay half the EMI.
Why do you drink so much When You can not handle it?
I'll drink!
Outside the house give me awards and people in the house ..
Watchman, get the cab. - Yes, ma'am.
Mother, slowly.
I'll drop you till the doctor's clinic. - No, we'll go.
Madhu, please.
Let's go, mother.
She forgot to wear her sari.
Mrs. Joshi, this is the sixth stage of Alzheimers.
And I'm afraid her condition will deteriorate Further.
She'll not Recognize people.
She'll go to the bathroom and forget Which room is hers.
If she'll go upstairs then she'll forget to come down.
If she'll go on the terrace she'll forget where she is and ..
.. How she has to come down.
But still I mean I.. It's a little unusual. I mean ..
My husband. - I'm sorry, I'm late.
Mother .. Where are you going?
I'm sorry.
I was telling your wife that ..
.. In my career I have not seen somebody ..
.. With the Alzheimer deteriorated so badly and so rapidly.
So, there's something that is eating her up from the inside.
Something is bothering her.
Anyway, what I suggest is the we bring up a child and ..
.. As we lovingly treat a child you'll have to keep her like that.
You can not take any chances with her.
You can continue with the same-medicines but ..
.. Try and make your house into a happy atmosphere.
Thank you, doctor. - Nice to meet you.
Thank you very much. - Thank you. - Take care.
Mother ..
Madhu. Madhu, Madhu, Prashant!
Munna! Munna!
Munna! Munna!
Munna! Munna!
Munna! - Mother, stop!
Munna! - Mother!
Mother! Mother, stop!
Mother! Mother!
Mother, stop!
That's not Munna, mother.
Munna is fine, mother.
Munna ..
That was not Munna, mother.
That was Munna.
That was not Munna. - That was Munna.
I saw properly. That was Munna.
Mother, that was not Munna.
That was Munna.
That was Munna. My Munna. - Calm down, mother.
Calm down. - That was Munna.
Madhu, listen to me. That was Munna.
"Behind the Peepul tree."
"With his eyes shut."
"The moon Also got tired and went to sleep."
"Behind the Peepul tree."
"With his eyes shut."
"The moon Also got tired and went to sleep."
"It came in your eyes."
"It called you."
"And then the bird of dreams got lost."
"Why do not you feel sleepy?"
"Why do not you feel sleepy?"
"I do not know what the matter is."
"Applying the moon the vermillion on the forehead."
"The night is about to go to sleep."
C'mon, Charu. Grow up.
You very well know your granny's condition is worse.
On top of que, what is the need to make such a big scene?
Yes, everybody just tells me. I'm very bad. I'm very bad.
So, just behave.
C'mon! Try to understand. It's not like that.
Since the team has come granny we aren't happy at all.
Earlier, we were so happy.
Also there's so much tension between mom and dad.
Life's become a hell just because of that old woman.
Enough, Charu. She's your granny.
To hell with granny. Why do you have so much sympathy for her?
Because I have neither the maternal grandparents and ..
.. Nor paternal grandparents.
You're very lucky, Charu. Do not be an idiot.
Learn to cherish what you have.
You're an idiot. To hell with you guys.
Hi Pack up?
The Hi, just two minutes. Have a seat. - Okay.
Tell me, what is it? - Wait two minutes. Relax.
Okay? - It's done. Let's go.
Why did you call me here? - Let's go. I'll tell you.
Let's go.
What has happened? - I'll tell you. I'll tell you. Let's go.
Why so much suspenseful? - Why are you in such a hurry?
Come till the car. I'll tell you.
Since you've called me like this I'll have to ask.
Prashant has not left. - Yes Prashant Who?
Everybody's Munna. Prashant. Your brother-in-law.
What are you saying?
While returning from doctor's clinic we all saw him.
He did not even call once. It's the height of irresponsibility.
But he is at U.S.. We even had Given him the farewell party.
Remember we had cut the cake and all?
I also tried calling him.
Mas que must be roaming.
Do one thing. Call him. - No.
Call him. - No, he'll be heavily charged for it. And me too.
And I've heard que Also incoming calls are charged over there.
Will you call him? Call him!
Relax. Relax. I'll call him. I'll call him.
He disconnected the phone, did not he? - No, I disconnected it.
I gave him a miss call. He'll call back.
Call him. Let the phone ring. Let the phone ring. - Okay, okay.
Now, just watch. It will say, Switched off.
This phone is switched off. Please ..
Yes, man.
What did I say? What did I say?
Very nice! You used to come on time to take money.
What happened to you now? - At 4o'clock, okay?
Hurry up, please.
At the team of taking money you were talking of big things.
Why do not you give me my money now?
Pay me my money now.
Whenever I call you your phone is switched off. Why?
Is it so? Very good! Now, you're asking me to give you the money?
Excuse me.
What happened? - Listen, pay the money first.
No, no, no. Why should I? Why should I keep quiet?
Excuse me, do you want to Increase the team?
What are you speaking of Increasing the team?
Wait. That man is not giving me my money back.
Excuse me. Speak softly.
Hello. Hello! Munna? It's me, Rahul speaking.
How are you? - No, no, no. Very nice! Of realized you now?
You did not give me your number.
Leave! - You of realized now? But you lost my money.
My money is lost. - Welcome back, Prashant.
Tell him, it's Subhash speaking. - Keep quiet.
No, no, listen. Meet me.
No, no, I'm not going to listen to anything.
Meet me.
You know where. Yes, over there.
At the old place. Meet me over there.
Okay! You came to know today what kind of a man I am.
Give him money. - When you wanted money you were speaking so sweetly.
Why are not you giving me the money now?
Give me my money. Give me. - I'm giving it. I'm giving it.
I'm not talking to you.
Listen, I'll first .. Wait, wait, wait.
You stay there. Stay there till I call you.
There was some problem aims. So ..
So, I.. - Prashant.
Are you still in India?
I was going to tell you all.
But one problem after the other Began.
So, I did not understand what to do.
Tell me one thing. - Yes?
Are you and Seema planning another child after Adi?
Are you planning another child or not?
No. Not at all.
Then the plan. And this time, plan for the girl.
She'll be useful to you in your old age.
Rain! Rain!
Madhu, look it's raining!
Madhu, let's go. Let's go, Madhu. It's raining heavily. Let's go!
Stop it, granny. Let me study.
Come, come, rain.
I'll give you a paisa.
Come, come, rain.
I'll give you a paisa.
Paisa got lost.
And it started raining heavily!
"Come, come, rain."
"I'll give you a paisa."
"Paisa got lost."
"And it started raining heavily!"
"Let's all go together."
"And pull the tail of the clouds."
"Let's all go together."
"And pull the tail of the clouds."
"In the first rains, let's all sing and dance together."
"On the tunes of Dhols and Nagadas."
"Let's all go together."
"And pull the tail of the clouds."
"In the first rains, let's all sing and dance together."
"On the tunes of Dhols and Nagadas."
"Come, please. Do not say no."
"Come, please. Do not say no."
"Come, please. Do not say no."
"Come, please. Do not say no."
"Or else I'll take away your bull."
"Let's all go together."
"And pull the tail of the clouds."
"In the first rains, let's all sing and dance together."
"On the tunes of Dhols and Nagadas."
"Wonder what mischief the rains played?"
"The entire area got flooded in the rains."
"Good, atleast the studies are forgotten for a while."
"Govinda, Gopala."
"We want no problem in the mess."
"Govinda, Gopala."
"We want the trouble."
"What happened?"
"Turn your head"
"Round and round."
"Come, please. Do not say no."
"Come, please. Do not say no."
"Come, please. Do not say no."
"Or else I'll take away your bull."
"Let's all go together."
"And pull the tail of the clouds."
"In the first rains, let's all sing and dance together."
"On the tunes of Dhols and Nagadas."
Charu, why is the door open? - I do not know.
Where's mother? - I do not know.
Mother! Charu, where's mother?
She must be here somewhere. - Somewhere here?
Hello, Subhash. Mother is not at home. Come home, soon. Please.
Hello, Anita?
"Where are you lost?"
"Come home, come home, mother."
'Mrs. Joshi, this is the sixth stage of Alzheimers. '
'Slowly, she will not Recognize people.'
'She'll go to the bathroom and forget Which room is hers.'
'She'll go upstairs and forget to come down.'
'If she'll go on the terrace she'll forget where she is and ..'
'.. How she has to go down.'
"Mother .. Mother .."
"Mother .. Mother .."
"Mother .. Mother .."
"Mother .. Mother .."
"Mother .. Mother .."
She has a very high temperature.
Since When does she have fever? - Since today morning.
Actually, yesterday night she got a lot wet in the rains.
Breathe. Breathe deep.
There's too much congestion in the lungs.
At this age, she can Also get pneumonia.
I'll write some medicines.
Is she taking any medicines right now? - Yes
Actually, she has Alzheimers. So, for que medicines are going on.
They are lying over there.
You come out with me. I'll tell you the medicines. - Yes
And if her fever rises then please give me a call.
Subhash. I'm resigning.
Mother needs me. I'm sorry. I've to go.
I'm going for an hour to my office to put down my papers.
Will you look after mother, please?
Mom, will you drop me to the college? - Let's go.
The lecture was so bore.
Murti sir is super funny! It was hilarious today.
What's up?
Hey, Charu? Did your granny not let you sleep again yesterday?
Get a life!
It's all because of me. It's all my fault.
Today, because of my granny is sick.
I'm sorry, Ankit.
If you want to say sorry then say it to your granny.
I understand, Madhu.
But will you of the little handover to Ms. Nikki today?
Just .. Just half an hour?
Seema. Seema.
Little slowly. Do not pull, dear.
These are my mother's bangles.
They are small. Them I'll remove for you.
Take these. They're very small.
Munna. How are you, Munna?
Madhu is very nice.
But her husband is very much nicer than her.
He takes so much care of me.
Do you remember? He gave the money for your studies.
Therefore, you've become so big today.
But the son-in-law's house is son-in-law's house.
I feel embarrassed to stay there.
Take me with you. Take me with you.
What happened, Subhash?
Is everything alright? - Yes
Sorry, granny.
What are you doing at this time, Munna?
Go to sleep, mother. I've some work.
Munna, it's very late in the night.
You should not stay awake till so late.
Mother, what are you doing? It's important work.
C'mon! Hurry up.
Nurse, prepare for the operation. - Yes, sir.
Carefully. Carefully.
Please wait here. Please.
Come, quickly. What are you doing?
Let me see where the ICU is.
Go straight and then to the right.
They are here.
What happened?
She fell down. She's injured on the head.
They have taken her inside. - Calm down.
I do not know. Doctor will say what has happened.
What the situation is.
Please, careful.
Doc. Doctor.
Very tough. She has internal injury.
Alzheimer's, pneumonia and this head injury.
Nothing can be said. We'll try our best.
Only one attendant can stay with the patient at night.
I'll stay here. - No, no.
Actually, you all go home. I'll stay here.
No. - No, Madhu. Please. I insist.
You go home. I'll stay here.
Please. Please.
Munna. - Yes, sister.
Your aims.
Tell me if she gains consciousness.
Do not let her talk too much.
Okay. - Alright?
Mother. Mother. It's me, Subhash. Mother.
Madhu is a little hot tempered. But she's very good at heart.
Mother, you rest. - Please take care of her.
Mother, you please rest. Do not talk.
And .. And Munna ..
Mother, please do not talk. Mother, please. Please, mother.
Mother .. Mother ..
Doctor! Nurse!
Doctor! Doctor!
Mother! Mother!
I've seen Becoming a mother and a daughter ..
A daughter .. Becoming a mother.
So easily the daughter passe the mother of her own mother.
We men will never be able to understand that.
We've never Given birth to anybody. Maybe, that's why.
We expect our wives to consider our parents ..
Her .. not the in-laws but the her parents.
But we ourselves can not become the son of our in laws.
At the age of ten I had lost my mother for the first team.
Today, at the age of 40 I lost my mother again.
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Madhu is not nave. It's me who is naive, mother.