Maidaan (2024) Movie Script

The stadium is filled up
to the brim
with people getting their
money's worth out here.
All 20,000 of them are witnessing
these poor Indian boys
unable to adjust to the weather.
We are back with
the second half of the game.
It's still pouring
cats and dogs here.
And it doesn't look like
it's going to stop anytime soon.
The first half was especially
a forgettable one
for the barefoot Indians
getting absolutely thrashed
by the mighty Yugoslavians.
45 minutes gone,
and they're already down 5-1.
And here we go again.
The ball is with Saleh
he's moving forward.
Saleh goes flying to the ground
and that has to hurt.
It's Bobek now,
he hoodwinks Basu
it's still Bobek.
Manna tries a sliding tackle
but Bobek gets the better of him.
It's still Bobek
and goal!
He doesn't miss those.
Another one for Yugoslavia.
The partisan crowd is ecstatic.
Vladimir Beara in the Yugoslav goal has had
the best seat in the stadium this afternoon.
India has the ball,
not for long.
Vukas makes another
tough tackle.
Here comes a cross into
the Indian box.
Bobek steps on
the shoeless Manna
as he heads the ball!
One more for Yugoslavia!
The Indians are totally outplayed.
The attacks are coming in waves.
And here's another goal
by Boskov.
The ball again has been floated
inside the Indian box.
Bobek chests the ball and goes for
an acrobatic bicycle kick.
And the final whistle.
Mercifully, the match has come
to an end.
The battered and bruised Indians
just got a lesson
in modern football.
Their lack of stamina and fitness
stands exposed.
They lost by 10 goals!
What a shame!
No, no, no.
When the voting for the coach
took place
both of you had voted for him,
hadn't you?
We agreed because of Anjan.
- Listen to me...
- I mean, it is not expected.
Sir, Yugoslavia is a difficult team.
No, Mr. Alok, you are wrong.
Mr. Anjan...
It is not about being defeated.
- It is about the margin.
- Look at the score.
Just look at the score, sir.
It is just a setback.
Mr. Anjan, this is absolutely ridiculous.
What are you talking about?
Okay, fine.
Please sit, all of you.
Very bad performance, sir.
Forget the past.
we need to come up
with a solution.
What solution, Anjan?
- To bring about change, we must...
- Change.
Change must begin somewhere,
Let's begin from the top, then.
What do you think, Mr. Rahim?
Before leaving, he was
boasting about strategy.
He said we would do this,
we would do that...
- Did he boast or not?
- Yes, he did. Absolutely.
- He was boasting.
- Right, but what was the outcome?
He got beaten by almost
a dozen goals.
Come on now.
But Anjan, someone has to take
responsibility for this defeat.
Why anyone else?
The coach must take responsibility.
- Absolutely.
- The coach must take responsibility.
Listen to me. Victory and defeat
depends on the coach.
He is the ultimate.
Whoever is in favour of replacing
the coach
- please raise your hand.
- Yes.
When the foundation of a house is weak,
changing the roof is futile, Mr. Shubhankar.
Shubhankar, sit down.
Reason number one for
our defeat..
Playing barefoot.
Reason number two, playing for only
70 minutes at domestic tournaments.
That's why in the last 20 minutes
of 90-minute matches, they lose goals.
Reason number three..
Too much belief in old stars
and too little faith in new talent.
Mr. Anjan, the blame game
has begun.
It is the coach's fault,
and he is alleging the federation!
Shubhankar, Rahim sir is also
an expert at football like you.
Everyone must listen
to what he's saying.
- Yes, exactly.
- Fine.
Rahim sir, please.
If I am the only one
responsible for the defeat
then from now on, only I should
be responsible for selecting the players.
What are you doing?
Sir, it is not good for the coach
to have so much authority.
He's just looking for
an opportunity to replace
the players of Bengal
with Hyderabadi players.
I thought we would talk
about India today.
But we are still stuck
between Bengal and Hyderabad.
Thank you very much.
I'll take your leave.
Rahim sir...
Rahim sir...
Please try to understand.
He was not wrong.
If he forms the team
it will be his responsibility
- Correct.
- Exactly.
Please understand.
- He has a point.
- He is right.
Rahim sir.
You were right.
They did not even
let me complete, Mr. Anjan.
We are not the largest country.
We don't have the largest army.
We are not even the richest.
Half the world
does not even know us.
Football can get us
recognition, Mr. Anjan.
Because the world plays football.
So, for the next 10 years,
we must forget
differentiating between states
and focus on making India
a world-class team instead.
We'll need the federation's
support too, Rahim sir.
Your support is enough.
Pass the ball!
Pass the ball!
- Left!
- Careful, we will lose the ball!
- Ball!
- Ball!
- The tram!
- The tram!
- No!
- No!
Dad is here!
Your husband is here.
Hey, you! Come here!
Is that how you address
your father?
Give me the scissors, Saira.
Let me cut off this
ill-mannered girl's tongue.
She is not wrong, Mom.
Couldn't she have said
'dad is here' instead?
Cover your head!
How are you?
She is gone out of hand, Rahim.
Control her.
"She is gone out of hand, Rahim.
Control her."
- Stop it.
- Look at her speak!
Get the luggage in, please.
What is this, Rahim?
You can wear it in winters,
- Hakim.
- Yes, Dad?
- Football shoes!
- Wear them when you play.
Saira seems more like
a daughter now.
At least she is at home
all the time.
Here your tea.
Here 'is' your tea.
Here is your tea.
This is for you.
The latest dictionary of '52.
They had '47 everywhere.
- Captain David...
- Thank you.
- I will wear it too.
- No.
Hakim, come here.
Come here now.
Look at this...
Oh, lovely.
Wear them, let me see.
Untie this. What is this?
Why do you do this?
Why do you buy so many books?
Just read them outside
and leave them there.
There is no space in the house.
The next time I have to cook
I will use your books
to light the stove.
This Shakispere...
I will use him to makeBiryani and Halwa.
And I will use this godforsaken
dictionary to make eggplant.
Ameen Sayani just mentioned you
on the radio a couple of times
and you think you have
the responsibility of the nation.
You buy these for yourself
and also for those
who are not very fond of them.
When are you going
to quit this bad habit?
I will quit.
It takes courage to quit.
And right now, I need to
muster that courage
to form a winning team.
I would have liked it
if you had said
you would quit on our anniversary
or my birthday.
Your football is your second wife.
Dad, call for you.
Mr. Rahim, it's me, Anjan.
Hello, Mr. Anjan.
The federation has accepted
all your suggestions.
Just form a nice team
for India now.
- Thank you.
- Goodbye.
What is her name?
Oh, no.
That was terrible.
Hari, is your list ready?
Yes, I have prepared a list.
- Secunderabad...
- Your bag.
We'll start with Secunderabad.
- Let's go.
- Bye, ma'am.
Hey, let me get in at least...
We have some impressive strikers
but we are not sure if they will play
on the midfield.
You can check out Zulfikar and Sunderraj
here in Secunderabad.
But sir, there is a guy in Bengal,
Pradip Kumar, PK.
He plays on the right wing
and runs incredibly fast.
At the speed of wind.
Stop for a minute,
I need to buy cigarettes.
I'll get it.
Give me cigarettes.
Balu, ball...
Balu, pass the ball.
Let's play...
Let's play...
Let's run on the field
Let's run on the field
The player is silly
The player is silly
Hop and catch it...
This group of kids
is tough to catch
Their energy is tough to match
They jump around and run,
controlling them is no fun
Their spirit is top-notch,
they seem to have a plan
Nothing can stop them,
try stopping them if you can
They'll fight on the field
like warriors, blindly...
Balu, your foot is in cow dung!
Find out about him.
Yes, we must. Insolent boy.
I'll go find out.
His name is Tulsidas Balaram.
He plays in the slums
of Ammuguda.
He borrows jersey from others.
I offered him to come
to Hyderabad and show his skill
but he's very arrogant.
He said he's happy
in Secunderabad.
Insolent boy.
Come, let's continue our journey.
- Order two cups of tea.
- Yes, Rahim sir.
Rahim sir, the coach of
the Indian football team.
I saw you play.
You play well.
You lack stamina.
I can play all day
with just a cup of tea and biscuits.
You'll have to wear shoes
and play.
Only four minutes left
in the game.
As of now, the score is 2-2.
Ballygunj Club 2, Regent Union 2.
The throw-in has come
to Ballygunj Club.
The ball has been passed to Alam
from Dipankar.
Alam is looking for the next player.
The ball has been kicked
towards an undefended area.
Pradip is running towards the ball
at speed.
Can Pradip score the goal?
Shoaib is trying to defend.
Missed by a whisker.
The ball is out of the goalpost.
Just missed the shot!
He is so good.
Pradip coming forward,
Chandrashekhar tries to tackle.
Hey, pass the ball... Here...
Net! Net! Net!
Net! Net! Net!
Chandrashekhar trying to defend,
Pradip is trying to dodge
and goal!
Meet Rahim sir,
India coach.
- Of course.
- Thank you, sir.
Hello, sir.
There can only be one goal
in one shot.
But you try for two.
Tell me something.
What do you need to become
an expert player from a regular player?
Talent, sir.
Not everyone can handle talent.
Talent will help you,
only if you...
Do you want to play
for India?
Yes, sir.
Then focus on what you
should actually do.
You tore the net?
Shake hands!
- What's the number?
- What?
Your shoe size.
- Eight.
- Wonderful!
- PK!
- PK!
An easy way to trap.
When the ball lands,
don't lift your thigh with force.
Bring the thigh down
with the momentum of the ball.
Eat, eaten, ate.
Go, gone, went.
Is wearing kurta the wrong way
trending these days?
Have you formed your team?
We have found some good players
in these two years.
We are looking for a striker
for the Melbourne Olympics.
Good things come to those
who wait.
I hope so.
My English exam tomorrow.
- Talk...
- 'Is'.
- Talk in English.
- Okay.
Who is a striker?
He strikes the goal.
- Only he can strike?
- Any player can strike.
Then, why only he striker,
and not all?
I think you must sleep.
I-I told you... stop...
that is my... my...
What is a better word
for 'second wife'?
Really, beautiful!
- Dad left?
- Yes.
- Where did he go?
- Bombay.
- Rahim sir.
- Sit.
Since when have the studs
been bothering you, Neville?
Since halftime, sir.
Then why did you wear shoes?
You should have taken them off.
How, sir? It is now a rule
to play with shoes on.
If I wasn't bruised, I could have
struck three more goals.
The rule is proper, sir,
but the shoe is not.
All barriers and walls
will be broken
All records will be broken
All barriers and walls
will be broken
But it's a promise,
we won't break hearts
We won't break hearts
We won't break hearts
We won't break hearts
We won't
Pride and arrogance
will be broken
Pride and arrogance
will be broken
We swear on the field
We swear on the field
We won't break hearts
We won't break hearts
Those who have faith
in our feats
For us, in temples, they offer prayers
and sweets
They have high hopes
on our game
Helping us win is their prime aim
We will never break
their hearts
Rahim, at least tell me
what you are looking for.
Mr. Ravinder, I am looking for players
who can play in any position.
A defender who can attack.
A striker who can defend.
Someone whose game
can stun everyone.
Pride and arrogance
will be broken
Pride and arrogance
will be broken
We swear on the field
We swear on the field
We won't break hearts
SS Narayan is a good goalkeeper.
But we need a taller goalkeeper.
We won't break hearts
Playing in defence are SK Azizuddin,
SA Latif, Ahmed Hussain.
Playing on the midfield M Kempaiah,
SA Salaam, Nikhil Nandy and Noor Muhammad.
On the forward line-up
will be Pradip Kumar Banerjee
Neville D'Souza, Tulsidas Balaram
and the goalkeeper
will be Peter Thangaraj.
Will we go to Australia
by train?
We will go by plane.
Come, let me introduce you
to Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.
Let's be hopeful.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
Our Governor.
Honourable Chief Minister.
Sir, Mr. Rahim.
Indian football team coach.
Nice to meet you, Mr. Rahim.
I hope you are all set for Melbourne.
Yes, sir.
We have high hopes
from this team.
If you ever need anything,
we are always at your service.
Thank you, sir.
Mr. Anjan, Mr. Roy is here.
Sorry, sir, excuse me.
Please come.
Oh, Roy.
You know, Roy and I were
batchmates in college.
He would eat my food
in college.
And in return,
I would make him publish
nice things about my government.
But let me tell you one thing.
This man can make
and break governments.
But his first love
always has been football.
- Hello.
- He can do anything for football.
CM sir.
- How are you?
- Very well.
Your speech at
the assembly was incredible.
The opposition was shaken.
- Mr. Roy.
- Yes.
He is Mr. Rahim, our football coach...
Of course!
Mr. S.A. Rahim.
We all know him.
Thanks to him, our newspaper
made immense profit.
Well, the record.
10-1, Helsinki Olympics.
Our papers made the maximum
sale the following day.
All thanks to the man of the hour.
Mr. Rahim, I'm sure
you are ready for another record.
Excuse me, it is time
for the team photograph.
What an incredible team
he has formed!
I have heard he picked up a guy
from the slums of Secunderabad.
A 19-year-old boy who plays
local tournaments
has been placed on
the striker's position?
I mean, you ignored such
good players in Bengal
and gathered a team of loafers,
Mr. Rahim.
Anyway, you're the coach.
Mr. Roy Choudhary,
do you listen to rock and roll?
There's a new artist
by the name of Elvis Presley.
He is being criticised a lot
for his style of music.
Do you know what he said?
"Don't criticise
what you don't understand."
"You never walked
in that man's shoes."
What does that mean?
You shouldn't talk about things
you don't have knowledge about.
Shall we, Mr. Anjan?
The team must be waiting.
- Let's go.
- Excuse me, sir.
See you.
Please come, sir.
Indian football team.
Good afternoon,
ladies and gentlemen.
And a very warm welcome
to the 1956 Summer Olympics
officially known as
the Games of the 16th Olympiad.
This is the first time
the games are televised
in the Australian continent.
Let me tell you,
a total of 67 nations
are competing in
the 56th Olympics
on this 22nd day of November,
They're all gathered here to watch
Prince Philip
declare the Olympic games open.
The biggest competition
and biggest game in the world, football.
I, Ramesh Sagar,
along with Dev Matthew
will try my best to bring to you
live events as they unfold.
That's right, Ramesh.
It's a beautiful day for a sport.
Thousands of Australians are here
to watch the match.
I'm sure millions of Indians
are waiting eagerly
in front of their radio sets
for the game to begin.
Absolutely, a very important day
for India.
Because due to the Budapest
invasion by the Soviet army
the football team of Hungary
had to withdraw their participation
from the Olympics.
For this reason,
India has received a bye
and now, India will play
its second match
with the home team,
But Ramesh, it's surprising
that for the first time today
India will step on the field
with football shoes on.
The match will begin shortly.
Hey, mate.
I love the way you tie your shoes.
Could you do it for me?
Come on, I need to play my game.
I told you, Indians are good
at tying their laces.
Ah, you're the ones who have been
tying for the Britishers, aren't you?
What? What? What?
What are you looking at?
Hit him. Go ahead.
Don't trouble these
poor boys.
They barely scraped through
to the Olympics anyway.
Least we can do is be nice.
- Come on! Come on!
- Yes, coach.
See you out there.
See you, man.
Let's go.
Ramesh, Australia has won
the toss
and their captain Bruce Morrow
has decided to begin.
Morrow is motivating his team.
He passes the ball to George Arthur,
who's taking it forward.
He passes it to Jack Lennard.
Lennard attacking from
the left wing.
But PK Banerjee tackles.
The ball is at PK's feet.
An incredible dribble by PK.
PK Banerjee attacking
from the right wing.
He dodges Jack Lennard.
PK is moving at speed,
looking for his players.
The Australian team will try
their best to stop PK here.
He passes to Neville near
the Australian box, and that's a goal!
Neville D'Souza!
India 1, Australia 0.
What a wonderful start
by India, Ramesh!
The game resumes
from the centre line.
The Australian team
taking the ball forward.
McMillan passes it to Bruce Morrow.
Morrow passes it to
Bill Harburn.
Taking the ball forward
with a one-to-one passing.
It's gone to the Indian team.
Morrow attacks,
and a wonderful save by Thangaraj.
Thangaraj passed the ball to Balaram.
Balaram chests the ball.
Taking the ball forward...
Balaram passes it
to PK Banerjee.
PK Banerjee passes it
to Balaram.
He passes it back
to PK Banerjee.
And that's a goal!
With this, India 2,
Australia 0. This is fun.
Well, Ramesh, this new Indian team
of coach Rahim
has silenced
all international critics.
Neville D'Souza passes
to PK Banerjee.
PK Banerjee's incredible dribbling.
Ball back to Neville D'Souza.
The shot, and goal!
This is the second goal
by Neville D'Souza.
India 3, Australia 0.
Ramesh, Australia had no idea
how well the Indian team was prepared.
This team has wreaked havoc
on the field.
The Australian team's rage
is quite evident.
It doesn't seem like this is
the first International match
for at least 7-8 players
of the Indian team.
Neville D'Souza takes
the ball forward once again.
He dodges John Pettigrew.
What a fantastic goal!
Neville D'Souza becomes the first ever
Asian player
to score a hattrick
in the Olympics.
Mr. Arthur,
what went wrong today?
Nothing really.
It was just a bad day
for the Australian team, that's all.
Sir, don't you think the Indians
played better than you?
No, I think they were just lucky.
But you lost.
It was a fluke.
Yes, a fluke.
What is he saying?
They say we won
because we were lucky.
Mr. Rahim, would you like
to respond to it?
With all due respect,
I would like to ask Mr. S.A. Rahim.
Have you ever,
even in your wildest dreams
thought you could beat
We should have a rematch.
Mr. Rahim, what do you feel
about a rematch?
Are you up for a rematch,
Mr. Rahim?
Mr. Rahim, give an answer.
Say something, Mr. Rahim.
With all due respect
I would like to say
that respect is a very responsible word.
Before the game
you disrespected
one of my players.
And he scored a hattrick
in the match.
And now you have disrespected
all of them.
I wonder
what they will
do now.
Are you sure you want a rematch?
Mr. Arthur?
Thank you.
Do you need a ride?
Get lost. Idiot!
- Sir.
- Enter from the other side.
Yes, sir.
- Come, Shubhankar.
- Thank you, sir.
May I ask something, sir?
Go ahead.
India stood fourth
in the Melbourne Olympics.
We even beat Australia
by 7-1 in a rematch.
But instead of writing
that India just missed the Bronze medal
why did you publish...
'India's performance in
the Olympics was just a fluke.'
Why did you publish this, sir?
I don't understand...
I'm sorry, sir.
I just felt like asking, so asked...
What's your opinion on Rahim?
- Sir, Rahim is...
- Okay, forget it.
Tell me this. Which state
watches football the most?
I mean, a state whose
stadium is filled.
It's Bengal, sir.
Which state plays football
the most?
Every lane, every street...
It's our Bengal, sir.
We plant the trees
and someone else eats the fruit.
It's not justified.
I don't understand.
Appreciating the Indian
football team right now
would mean appreciating S.A. Rahim.
If Rahim continues to be
the coach
the Bengal players will never
be part of the team.
Exactly, sir.
This is why we had
an argument with him.
- Shubhankar.
- Sir.
This system is like a tree
that has its roots on the top.
Is there a good candidate for
the President of
the Indian Football Federation?
It's definitely not Anjan.
He is...
It is
Shubhankar Sengupta.
Yes, Mom?
- Show your report card to your dad.
- Okay.
- Wear your sweater.
- It's not cold, Mom.
You have scored well, dear.
I have passed away in English.
50%. I'm done, full stop.
This does not mean you know
50% of the entire English language.
Keep studying.
You will have to work harder
next year
so you can go
to IIT Kharagpur.
I have spoken to your uncle.
How will you become
an engineer without studying?
- Engineer?
- Yes.
But Dad,
I want to play football.
I want to play football
full time, Dad.
Sure, you can.
- Dad, you...
- Hakim.
Go out.
Have I made a mistake?
You never make mistakes.
To make mistakes,
you have to be at home.
I'm the one who makes mistakes
every time.
Saira, how can I stop anyone
from playing football?
And I thought you didn't have
a problem with football.
I don't have a problem
with football.
I have a problem with his reason
for playing football.
He likes football.
He likes you.
He wants to play football
to get your attention.
And you just brushed him off
with a 'yes' and 'sure'?
It's not about engineering.
It's about what his dad thinks
is right for him.
You decide the lives of players from
every part of the country, don't you?
For once, take a look inside
your house
and take a decision
about your son's life.
Do you want to play football?
Yes, Dad.
Your mom has a point too.
So, Dad, I can do both.
But I won't quit playing
football, Dad.
Do you think you play well?
You haven't seen me play, Dad.
But I play well.
I will make sure I get selected
in the 60's Olympic team.
On my own.
If you are good
you'll get selected.
Wear your sweater.
Y-Yes, Dad.
There is a lot of excitement
on this historical football field
in Hooghly.
The match between Bengal
and Hyderabad
in the national championship
is a decisive one.
Neither teams
have scored any goal so far.
Hakim asking for a pass.
It's a long pass.
Hyderabad is trying to attack.
Passing the ball towards the left...
The ball has reached Chuni.
The audience is excited.
Jamaal is defending.
Chuni takes the ball away
with an outside dodge.
He has bypassed Jamaal.
Hakim has come forward to defend.
Chuni is confusing the players
with his footwork.
Chuni has gone forward with
the ball with another outside dodge.
The goalpost is undefended.
Trilok tries to defend and fails.
The ball is going towards the goalpost.
Chuni has stopped the ball
at the goal line.
And... goal!
A magnificent goal by Chuni!
Chuni! Chuni! Chuni!
He'll keep dodging you
because he loves being applauded.
He will not pass the ball.
Stay in your positions.
Don't move.
Your gaze should be set
on his feet.
He'll move in the opposite direction
of where he leans.
- Understood?
- Yes, sir.
Go on. Go.
Keep an eye on his feet.
His feet.
In the midfield,
Bengal is trying to attack.
S Banerjee has passed
the ball to Chuni.
The ball is with Chuni.
In front of Chuni is Hakim
from Hyderabad.
Chuni is trying to dodge.
Hakim is trying to defend.
Trilok passes the ball
to Zulfikar.
And Hakim's shot!
It's a goal!
Hyderabad returns a goal
to Bengal.
A wonderful goal!
Amazing goal by Hakim.
For the first time
in a match of one versus one,
Hakim steals the ball from Chuni.
Bengal 2, Hyderabad 1.
Dodging goalkeeper Pradyut Burman,
Hakim scores another goal.
The goal has been scored
against Bengal.
An unbelievable shift.
Hyderabad initially was down by
two goals, but they have two goals now.
Congratulations, Mr. Rahim.
You beat my ace player, sir.
We need a striker
for the national team.
Can I have your ace player
for the 60's Olympics?
Chuni? Sure, why not?
But sir, Neville?
A lot changes in two years,
Mr. Tapan.
- Good game.
- Thank you, sir.
- Excuse me.
- Yes?
- Mohammedan Sporting?
- Sure.
- Come.
- Let's go.
- Be careful, hold on to the luggage.
- Go slow. I will fall.
- Hold the ghee properly.
- Yes.
Left or right?
- Right.
- Let's go then.
- Go slow, please.
- Don't worry.
- I am just warming up.
- Go slow!
Yes. Take this.
- Oh, my God! I am done for.
- Careful, mister.
- Are you all right?
- I am fine.
My ghee.
Here is your money.
Take this.
Hey, Jarnail.
Oh, Franco.
What a lame brain you are!
Let it be.
I don't think he understands English.
I am talking to you, you bloody boob.
It means, stupid man.
Forget it. Take my bags.
We're getting late.
Hold this.
- What, you are leaving me the heavy one?
- Yes.
You nincompoop!
That's you.
National Football Camp.
1960 Olympics.
Meet our new players.
- Chandrashekhar.
- Yes, sir.
- Jarnail Singh.
- Yes, sir.
- Syed Hakim.
- Yes, sir.
- Franco.
- Yes, sir.
- Yusuf Khan.
- Yes, sir.
- Ram Bahadur.
- Yes, sir.
- Arun Ghosh.
- Sir.
- And Chuni Goswami.
- Sir.
Get to know each other,
your weaknesses and your strengths.
If you learn to cover
each other's weaknesses...
- ...the team will become stronger.
- Pass, Chuni!
This side, Chuni!
Remember, if your strength
can't help the team
then it's useless.
The team that we're trying
to form here is not yours or mine.
It's the country's team.
It's the Indian team.
I don't think I need to remind you
that the 16 best teams from
all over the world are waiting for you
thoroughly prepared,
at the Rome Olympics.
That's why if any of you
has any doubts on your capabilities
please leave the team right now.
Yes, sir?
Your game is getting weak.
I'm sorry, sir...
How's your father?
Sir, you...
He has lung cancer, sir.
When you know he's ill
will you be able to do
your best for India?
Yes, sir.
Even dad wouldn't want me
to let go of the honour
of playing for India
in the Rome Olympics.
I'll play, sir.
I'll play with all my might.
Don't play alone, Chuni.
Come on!
Hey! Why do you hard-tackle
only me?
Pass the ball to someone else.
I'll tackle them.
Who should I pass it to?
- Try doing it again.
- Go on.
Play on the other side.
Rahim sir, pass!
Arun, pass the ball! Arun!
Arun, pass.
Rahim sir, pass the ball to me.
Rahim sir, you're not passing
the ball to me.
If we weren't on the same team,
I'd have snatched it from you.
Then play as the opponent.
And snatch it away.
Yes, sir.
Charge him!
Jarnail, what's this?
Don't you know how to block?
Come on, let's move on.
Come on.
Even the best player in the world
needs 10 players, Chuni.
Go, learn to help and seek help
from the other 10 players.
Yes, sir.
O. Chandrashekhar, Jarnail Singh,
Arun Ghosh, Chuni Goswami...
And the captain will be
PK Banerjee.
- PK?
- PK is a good choice.
Shouldn't the captain be
from a reputed club in Bengal?
- Absolutely.
- What is he saying?
All you talk about
is clubs and states.
It doesn't matter.
He is from Bengal after all,
Mr. Shubhankar.
You should be happy.
Yes, but...
He has no experience,
Mr. Anjan.
- Shubhankar...
- Mr. Anjan, PK is a born leader.
The more responsibility
you give him, the better he'll perform.
He's right.
- Say something.
- He's right.
According to me,
it's the right decision.
- Isn't it right?
- How is this right, Mr. Anjan?
Please, Shubhankar. Sit down.
This Rahim's arrogance...
And his habit of not taking
no for an answer...
Rahim's habit of not taking
no for an answer...
I can't take it anymore.
What's going on?
The team has
only three Bengali players.
Is this a joke?
Sir, I have proof that he is
gradually trying
to challenge my authority
in the federation.
He's been planning something.
What is Rahim's strength?
What's Rahim's strength?
Rahim's strength is
the pride of the Indian team
which is soon going
to be shattered.
Don't you get it? Hold on.
What is it?
The Indian team has entered
this pool.
France, Hungary, Peru...
No team in the world
can beat them.
No strategy of that over-smart
Rahim will work either.
France gets the throw-in.
The game between India
and France is getting interesting.
That's right, let me tell you
that in the group stages
India's first competition
was against Hungary
one of the best teams
in the world.
Seeing India's performance against them,
Stanley Rous, the President of FIFA,
awarded the title of 'the Brazil of Asia'
to India.
Dev, India hasn't let France score
a single goal yet.
It's the 85th minute, and both teams
are yet to score a goal.
French goalkeeper Jean Wettestein has
passed the ball to defender Jacques Stamm.
Jacques Stamm takes the ball forward
from the right wing.
Chuni Goswami
tries to take the ball but fails.
Trilok Singh Balsera was dodged too.
He passes it to Andre.
No one in the box
and an incredible save by Thangaraj!
Let me tell you, Dev, not letting France
score a goal until the 88th minute
is an achievement in itself
for a team like India.
Ramesh, India lost the previous match
to Hungary by 2-1.
That's why even if it's a draw today,
India will be out of the tournament.
As per the point table,
France is above India.
Trilok Singh Balsera has the ball.
India attacking again.
An incredible save by France
yet again.
Both teams have made
several attacks and saves so far.
Not a single goal has been
scored in the match yet.
Come on. Come on.
Two minutes left in the match.
Louis Polonia heads towards
the Indian box.
An amazing sliding tackle
by Trilok. Polonia falls.
Dev, due to their defeat
in the previous match
India has to beat France
in order to stay in the tournament.
PK Banerjee attacking
from the centre.
A spectacular dribble,
moving towards the box of France.
Gonzalez chases him.
He dodges the goalkeeper
and it's a goal!
What a wonderful goal! The first goal
of the game at the 89th minute.
Unbelievable! Amazing!
India 1, France 0.
France understands the repercussions
of this goal.
The game has resumed
from the centre line.
The French team takes the ball forward.
They've crossed the midfield.
Jarnail Singh follows him.
France has another opportunity.
Jarnail Singh grabs the ball
with a shoulder push.
We're running out of time.
This is India's final chance.
Jarnail Singh takes
the ball forward.
He passes to Trilok Singh Balsera.
Trilok Singh crossing
the midfield.
He dodges Andre and passes the ball
to PK Banerjee at the right wing.
PK Banerjee making a move
but a terrific tackle by Jacques Stamm.
The ball is now with France.
Stamm cuts it from the left wing.
He passes it to Polonia.
Gonzalez kicks the ball to the final third.
A through-ball to Andre.
Last 30 seconds left.
France must score a goal.
India only needs to hold
their position.
Another attempt by France
and Arun Ghosh...
A self goal by Arun Ghosh!
The final whistle.
Game over.
France 1, India 1.
India did its best,
but unfortunately
the draw won't help them.
France is already above them
on the point table.
Hence India will be out
of the 1960 Rome Olympics.
India played well!
Well played India!
Well played India!
Well played India!
Well played India!
Well played India!
Dev, India may have lost today
but giving a tough time
to a team like France
is not an ordinary thing.
The audience understands that.
Absolutely. Think about it. A small team
from Asia has performed so well
on an international level,
after merely 13 years of independence.
The entire stadium is giving them
a standing ovation.
- Bravo.
- 'This is a big deal.'
Very well played, Mr. Rahim.
You should be proud of all your players.
Thank you.
Well played India!
Well played India!
It can't go on like this.
Shoes, 90 minutes, star player...
All that is history.
Come on, Rahim sir, let's begin.
Let us hear your new excuses
for losing.
They played better than they did
in '56. Why make excuses?
We stood fourth in '56 but got out
in the first round itself this time.
Take a look at the score lines,
Mr. Shubhankar.
We had a draw with
a team like France.
Hungary beat France by 7 goals
and Peru by 6 goals.
We made it difficult
for them to score.
We may have lost to Peru
but seeing our performance,
the President of FIFA
called us the Brazil of Asia.
Mr. Anjan, trust me.
This is just the beginning
of the golden era of Indian football.
The boys are playing really well.
Playing badly and winning is better
than playing well and losing, Mr. Rahim.
- These are your new excuses.
- Of course.
We can't allow things
to go on like this.
- These guys are useless.
- You're right.
- Enough of these excuses.
- You're right.
We need results now.
This is how it's going to be with him.
He wanted to form a new team,
but what was the result?
Rahim sir, we don't have time
to lose another tournament.
Mr. Anjan, this team can perform
better at the Asian Games in two years.
Their performance level
as an Asian team...
I just need four years.
Two for the Asian Games,
and two for the Olympics.
We've given you ample time
already, Mr. Rahim.
What is his strategy, Anjan?
To feed the players a magic pill?
This team is not good enough.
M-My strategy is ready...
- Formation, stamina...
- I have one too.
For the betterment of the team,
change the coach.
Why are you shocked, Rahim sir?
There has been no result
in the past eight years.
That should have got you worried.
You should have resigned.
- Shubhankar, please.
- There is democracy, sir.
There is democracy.
And I have no right to force
my opinion on him.
Those who are in favour
of firing him, please raise your hand.
- Yes, let us have a show of hands.
- Chatterjee...
Thank you for nothing, Mr. Rahim.
Mr. Rahim.
You have finally been bid farewell.
I am thinking what tomorrow's
headline should be.
'The Indian football team
finds a new coach.'
'S.A. Rahim gets kicked
on a special part of the body.'
Elvis Presley.
Rahim sir.
The test results are here.
You have
lung cancer.
I am sorry.
How much time do I have?
I can't say exactly.
I'll prescribe some medicines
to subside the pain.
I told you not to neglect
your cough, but...
Rahim sir,
this bad habit has caused this.
And you are still...
Will I be cured if I quit now?
Whatever time I have left
I want to spend
with you and the children.
I've given away jewels
My beloved
I've given away pearls
If my life could bring him back
I'd give up my life for him
I'd give up my life for him
'That's the final whistle.'
'Another shameful defeat
for India.'
'It's clear that if India wants to improve
their game on the international level...'
'...then the team must work
even harder.'
My love is back home
My love is back home
You're my life, my soul too
My heart beats for you
All my life, I've prayed for you
You're my life, my soul too
The light, the rains...
The brightness all around...
The light, the rains...
Prosperity and grace
My love brought it all
My love is back home
My love is back home
You are the answer to my prayers
Your love makes my heart full
He's back home
You're the one who rules my heart
Listen to me, I'm falling apart
In your poverty is my wealth
My beloved...
You, my love, make my heart full
My love is back home
He is back home
You're my life, my soul too
My heart beats for you
You're my hidden treasure
You're my pain, and my pleasure
All my life, I've prayed for you
You're my life, my soul too
In the magical market
where riches were being sold
Some chose pearls,
some chose gold
But I was crazy about you
I chose to have you
I chose you, my love
My love is back home
My love is back home
My love is back home
What are you doing?
I mean, what are you doing
in this house?
Spending time with you.
I don't feel so.
Okay, think again and answer.
To die?
You are waiting for death
to come to you here, in my house.
This is my house,
where I live with my family.
My house is for living
not for dying.
What do I have left anyway?
This disease has not defeated you.
You feel defeated because you could not
make your dream come true.
You are not the only one
who paid a price for your dream.
Seerat has been paying for it
since she was born.
Hakim is paying for it.
Your mom and I are paying for it.
This was our dream too.
So, instead of lying at home,
waiting for death
go and do that
which will
help you die in peace.
When you're in love
Life is different
It feels like your world
has turned upside down
- Mr. Rahim is here.
- Rahim?
Ask him to wait. Go.
When in love
Life feels like a maze
You will have to wait.
A Bengali's life is futile
without music.
When you speak of music, it has
to be Hemanta Mukhopadhyay.
No, what are you saying?
You cannot ignore Manna Dey.
No way! Hemanta is incredible!
But tell me how I sang.
It was amazing.
Who is it?
Rahim sir?
The electricity supply in Calcutta...
Please sit.
...and Shubhankar's decision
are both erratic.
Oh, sorry.
No, Mr. Anjan.
Mr. Anjan...
For the upcoming Asian games...
I want to coach the team again.
If I had the authority,
you'd be coaching the team already.
Do something, Mr. Anjan.
I'll be indebted to you.
I want this responsibility back
Look, you are being stubborn
about something that's impossible.
Be honest with me.
What is the matter?
Mr. Anjan, I don't have
much time left.
What do you mean?
I mean...
I have lung cancer, Mr. Anjan.
But my strategy is ready.
Formation, and one-touch pass...
But this time the formation
will change.
Mr. Anjan, didn't you notice
how well our team was performing
until two years ago?
Sir, don't show the poor
how powerful you are.
And what are the poor
going to show the rich?
- Poverty?
- Exactly!
Rahim sir.
Please come, Rahim sir. Sit.
Not over there, Rahim sir.
Come here.
Stand in front of me. Yes.
Mr. Anjan, you sit down.
Mr. Anjan. Please sit.
So, tell me, Rahim sir.
What brings you here?
- Mr. Shubhankar...
- Hold on a minute.
I forgot to introduce him
to you.
Mr. Tapan Basu.
Coach of
our Indian football team.
Tell me what you were saying.
Go on.
I want to coach
the Indian National Team.
Coach? But we have a coach already.
I just introduced him to you.
Right, Mr. Chatterjee?
Then why should we appoint you
as the coach, sir?
Because there is nothing else
I can do.
What are you saying, Rahim sir?
We should appoint you as the coach
because you know nothing else?
Is that your reason?
That is not the reason.
He can make us champions
in the Asian Games.
No one could match the record
of the national team's performance
under his guidance.
Also, since he left,
our record was spoilt even in Asia.
In his absence, India has played
eight international matches
and lost seven of them.
And that is the reason
he has the right.
Yes, he has the right.
I know that Rahim sir
hardly listens to the federation
but that is only because
he thinks more
about how the Indian football team
can perform better and better.
And yes...
When was the last time we discussed
football in this room?
Answer me.
So, those of you who feel
that someone who is so passionate
about the Indian football
deserves one last chance
please raise their hands.
No, I am not trying
to force my opinion on you.
The decision will be taken
That is all I had to say.
Your speech was great, Mr. Anjan.
Well said.
So, please raise your hands.
Please go ahead.
what if you lose?
Then I will never coach
any team again.
What is this?
Nine long years.
It took us nine years
to get him out.
Sir, I...
And today, you brought him back in
by show of hands? Wow!
No, sir, I thought about it...
You, and your bloody democracy.
You had to pay a price for it
after all.
- Sir, I'll go and...
- Let it be.
I'll do something.
I'll see what I can do.
So, may I...
No, that won't work...
I'll have to do something.
He is such a clown.
I am late.
How are you, my brother!
Hey, you, bring it on!
Brother, have we got
good news for you!
Rahim sir.
Rahim sir?
- Rahim sir.
- Rahim sir.
- Rahim sir.
- Rahim sir.
Being called to the camp does not
mean you are playing for India.
If you want to get into
the Asian Games
your performance level
has to improve.
There are some Olympians,
and some new faces here.
But for me, you're all equal.
This is going to be your home
for the next two months.
The time-table has been
put up outside.
We will meet tomorrow.
Yes, sir.
Rahim sir is back!
Everything will be fine now!
"Stop us all you want,
we'll come back stronger."
"Stop us all you want,
we'll come back stronger."
"There's nothing in the world
that can scare us."
"There's nothing in the world
that can scare us."
Stop us all you want,
we'll come back stronger
There's nothing in the world
that can scare us
We fall, but get back up
We move on, despite the hiccup
Come, let's find out
who's stronger
We're Team India!
We're Team India!
Come on, get up.
Get up.
You may be hurt, but don't frown
You represent the nation,
don't back down
You're the mountain that can't be
hit by a storm
Let them hear your lion-like roar
We're Team India!
We're Team India!
Stop us all you want,
we'll come back stronger
There's nothing in the world
that can scare us
We fall, but get back up
We move on, despite the hiccup
Come, let's find out
who's stronger
We're Team India!
We're Team India!
We're Team India!
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
I welcome you all to the press conference
of the 1962 Asian Games.
Presenting to you,
the Indian football team.
We may now begin
the interview.
- Sir...
- Sir...
What is your new strategy
this time?
Sir, can our squad win the Cup
this time?
The federation and I have together
formed a new strategy
but if we disclose it to you,
how will we shock the opposition?
Am I right?
After their terrible performance
at the Merdeka Cup
what makes you think
this team will perform well this time?
Because I've chosen them.
They are gems.
Excuse me.
Mr. Shubhankar,
you were saying something?
- Sir, please answer.
- Tell us, sir.
- Why are you quiet?
- Just a minute.
- Mr. Shubhankar, please.
- What's wrong, sir?
- Please come back, sir.
- Mr. Shubhankar?
Mr. Rahim, you've returned
after two years.
What can we expect from the team?
We expect our team to perform
well at the Asian Games.
How do you feel, Mr. Rahim?
It feels great.
The team has worked hard...
You didn't let me complete
my question.
How do you feel upon knowing
that your football team
won't go to Jakarta?
- They won't go to Jakarta?
- Why?
That's what Mr. Shubhankar
has found out just now.
Mr. Rahim, do you have anything
to say on this?
Mr. Rahim, did you know about this?
Mr. Rahim,
what do you know about this?
Understood, sir.
We won't send the team. Okay, sir.
What is the matter, Mr. Shubhankar?
I don't know.
The Finance Ministry has decided
not to send the team
for the Asian Games
this time.
Finance Ministry?
What have they got to do with this?
They didn't say anything.
What do you mean,
they didn't say anything?
Didn't you demand
an explanation?
Mr. Rahim, I am the President
of the Football Federation
not of the country.
I cannot ask Finance Minister
Morarji Desai for an...
The country is facing a shortage
in foreign exchange, Mr. S.A. Rahim.
For this reason, the Finance Ministry
had to reduce the contingent.
They called the day before.
As the top sports journalist
in the country
they wanted to know from me
how the contingent can be reduced.
So, I suggested that they should
drop those sports
that have no scope
of winning a medal.
But they said, dropping
a few players wouldn't help.
Then I suggested
they should remove football.
We have zero expectations
that this team can win a medal.
It will help save the expenses
of around 22 people.
Why such enmity?
20 young players could have
helped football progress in the country
and you snatched
that opportunity from them.
For the betterment and future
of the country
you need to make such sacrifices
sometimes, Mr. S.A. Rahim.
Bitter pill.
You are all done. Leave now.
The government will have to pay
for your return journey too.
Until I come back
don't go anywhere.
Mr. Rahim, I know
why you're here.
The Finance Ministry
has made their final decision.
The minister is busy.
He can't meet you.
I have given my entire life
to Indian football.
The least you can do
is give me five minutes.
Rahim sir,
there is nothing I can do.
We have to keep
the contingent small.
And considering the winnability...
My boys have worked really hard.
And I'm confident
that they'll do India proud.
All they need is a chance.
Rahim sir, I can't send
your football team
because we don't have
so many dollars to spend.
How many bureaucrats, politicians
and dignitaries are going, sir?
Don't send them all.
Send the players instead.
It's the Asian Games, sir,
not the Asian Summit.
No politician can do
what our players can.
Sir, you're such a genius!
What are you saying, Shubhankar?
Look at them, sir.
He won't come.
Just go back to your guesthouse
and leave for your homes
tomorrow morning.
Do take along tomorrow's newspaper
from the guesthouse, okay?
There'll be news
of the Indian football team
not going to Jakarta. Okay?
Bad luck, but do read it.
- Like a souvenir.
- A souvenir!
Shubhankar! Souvenir...
Hey, where are you from?
Secunderabad, right?
- From team India.
- Oh!
Can you wash clothes?
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
You won't get any pocket expense.
Will you manage?
Yes, sir.
The government has no hope
that you can win a medal.
- Will you be able to win one?
- Yes, sir!
Then team India will go,
and play.
Good joke.
If you publish false news
do you think you'll still remain
one of the top sports journalists of India?
T-That's not possible.
This is ridiculous.
Well... Sir...
I cannot take
the entire team along.
I can only take 16 players.
Those whose names I call out now
won't be part of the team.
You haven't paid a price
for being my son.
I know, Dad.
You play well.
But those who are going
play well too.
I know that too, Dad.
Then you should also know
that it hurts to oust
a good player
and it hurt me terribly
while ousting you.
I know, coach.
Dad could wrong me.
But Coach S.A. Rahim
would never be unfair
to an Indian team player.
I was just thinking about
who'll look after you
in Jakarta.
Take care of yourself, Dad.
Welcome to the
Gelora Bung Karno stadium
which has been especially prepared
by the Indonesian government
for the fourth Asian Games.
Inaugurating the games
is President Bung Karno himself.
The Asian Games have been
declared open.
16 nations have come on
the field with their respective flags.
What a beautiful scene!
Another historic moment.
The fourth Asian Games begin
with football.
It's actually a big competition.
Asian football has made good progress
in the past few years
the credit for which goes to teams
like South Korea and Japan.
You're right, Dev.
In the last two Asian Games,
South Korea won two silver medals
and even today...
The first match is going to be
between India and South Korea.
But India could face
a setback right at the beginning.
Peter Thangaraj, the first-choice
goalkeeper of India
injured his right leg
during practise yesterday.
Try to move. Stop.
Try to move.
I don't think he should play,
Mr. Rahim.
He's got a lot of swelling.
The rest is up to you.
Keep icing.
Come to a decision quickly.
I will play, Rahim sir.
There is no problem, I am fine.
Hey, easy...
He's ready.
But he will need two players
to be steady.
All you can see is
his injured leg, Mr. Shubhankar.
You won't be able
to see his willpower.
Excuse me.
I'll handle it, Rahim sir.
Ramesh, if you look at
the statistics
the South Korean team
is much stronger
and more experienced on paper,
compared to India.
Thanks to their forwards,
Park Seung and Cha Tae-sung
South Korea didn't lose even
once in the last 11 games.
Football is a popular sport
in South Korea.
That's why we see several South Korean
football fans in the stadium today.
Let me also tell you
that India has been performing
terribly since the past two years.
Absolutely, that's why
India replaced its coach.
Coach S.A. Rahim is back.
It'll be interesting to watch
if his comeback
can improve India's performance.
A change in the final 11 players
of India.
As we assumed, due to Thangaraj's injury
today's goalkeeper will be Pradyut Burman.
This is Pradyut's first
international match.
Obviously, he'll do his best
to prove himself.
The match begins
with the referee's whistle.
Chuni Goswami passes the ball
to PK Banerjee.
He passes it to Trilok Singh Balsera.
He lobs to Arun Ghosh.
Arun takes the ball forward
from the left wing.
He dodges Kim Hong with a stepover
and passes the ball back
to PK Banerjee.
PK Banerjee taking
the ball forward...
But Korean defender Cho Nam
takes the ball from PK Banerjee.
The Korean team
has spread across the field.
Cho makes an aerial pass
to Son Kyung towards left wing.
Son Kyung makes a long pass
to Park Seung.
The Indian team
is nowhere to be seen.
That's Korea's first attack.
Another long pass.
Cha Tae-sung's shoot, and the ball
touched the cross bar and missed!
Korea! Korea! Korea!
Pradyut Burman's goal kick
resumes the game.
Trilok Singh gets the ball,
he passes it to midfielder Ethiraj.
Ethiraj forming India's first attack
from the right wing.
Ethiraj moves forward swiftly,
his first step over.
Korean defender making it difficult
for Ethiraj in his second step over.
The ball is now
with the Korean players.
Ram Bahadur's sliding tackle
was a miss.
Kim Chan's long pass
towards midfield.
Ramesh, India is playing
in short passes.
Whereas the Koreans are covering
maximum field with long passes.
Another long pass to Kim Hong.
Kim Chan takes the ball
towards the final third.
That was a cutback!
Trying to look for his forwards
through a fantastic cross.
Pradyut Burman misjudged!
A spectacular bicycle kick
by Cha Tae-sung
and goal!
Korea! Korea!
Korea scores its first goal.
Korea leading with 1-0.
Do something.
I beg of you, play now.
Dev, this may be
Pradyut Burman's first match
but we must question
his judgement here.
Another amazing aerial through,
ball towards Cha Tae-sung.
A fantastic shoot
by Cha Tae-sung.
The ball once again
goes over Pradyut Burman
towards the top right corner,
and a second goal by Korea!
Dev, South Korea's game
is spectacular.
A standing ovation by the crowd.
South Korea lives up
to its expectations.
They prove how an experienced
team should play.
I think it's going to be
difficult for India to return now.
But it's not impossible, Dev.
The game isn't over yet.
Let's see how India
changes its strategy.
Park Seung finds
another opportunity.
A long-range shot
from outside the box, and a third goal!
A late reaction by Pradyut Burman
yet again!
Dev, Thangaraj's reaction time is
much lesser compared to Pradyut
and that's why Thangaraj has been
India's first choice goalkeeper
for several years now.
Also, Ramesh, Thangaraj's height
is a big advantage
for the Indian team.
You should be able to stop
such long-range shots
in international games.
Korea is attacking again.
The Korean team moving towards
India's goalpost with short passes.
India's body language shows
they have given up already.
That's Korea's cross
from the left wing.
Another misjudgement
by Pradyut!
An amazing header by Park Seung,
and their fourth goal!
Korea 4, India 0.
We expected a tough fight
today, but India could not
live up to the expectations
of 47 crore people.
That's the final whistle.
Dev, India must be dejected
after losing with such a big margin.
But India must learn from this.
They must rectify their mistakes
and come back with a blank slate
for the next match.
Now let's move on to the Greco-Roman
87 kilogram wrestling competition.
An incredible wrestling match
will soon begin.
Mr. Rahim.
S.A. Rahim.
You were talking too much
the other day, weren't you?
So, your return ticket
for tomorrow has been booked.
Your team lost to Thailand terribly
in the previous tournament.
Aren't they playing against
Thailand tomorrow?
No one expects that you'll win.
Not even your players.
All the best, Mr. Rahim.
Let's go.
South Korea is a strong team.
They are strong?
We lost because Thangaraj did not play.
Pradyut, you let them get
those goals.
What was my fault?
You could not defend properly,
and you are blaming me?
Their defence was very strong.
They didn't even let us
go forward.
You would not be able to do
anything anyway, PK.
You couldn't even cross
the half-line.
The entire game
you were pussyfooting.
- The entire game.
- What are you saying?
What do you mean,
I was pussyfooting?
- He is right.
- Hold on.
There was no coordination
in the game today.
Chuni and he
missed so many passes.
- What are you talking about?
- Of course...
Rahim sir.
Why is football known as
a team game?
What is the importance
of every position in football?
Why do formations change
according to every match?
I asked these three questions
because you are asking
each other the wrong questions.
Look for the answers to these.
Our return tickets
have been booked for tomorrow.
Everyone feels
we will lose to Thailand tomorrow.
I think we can beat
any team in the world.
But what I think doesn't matter.
Because I am not on the field.
You are on the field.
Ladies and gentlemen,
let's now move towards
the football competition
in the Asian Games
where the third match
of Group A is about to begin
between India and Thailand.
After their previous defeat,
coach Rahim's team is back
on the field with a new strategy.
India will be seen
playing in a 4-2-4 formation.
Dev, let me tell our listeners,
a 4-2-4 formation
means four attackers,
two midfielders
and four defenders,
and one goalkeeper.
This is a balanced formation.
Perhaps, coach Rahim
has planned this formation
to handle an attacking team
like Thailand.
The match begins
with India's kick-off.
Trilok Singh Balsera passes the ball
from the midfield
to defender Arun Ghosh.
He passes it to midfielder
Ram Bahadur.
He passes it
towards the left-winger.
India attacking from the left wing.
The ball is with Balaram.
Thailand's defender pushes him
with his shoulder.
Indian players demanding foul
from the referee.
But the referee says, play on.
The game continues.
As I was saying,
Thailand often attacks
and plays aggressively.
Wichit, the most experienced
centre forward
takes the ball forward.
Pradyut Burman getting nervous
and Thailand's first shot
towards the goal.
An incredible save
by Pradyut!
Dev, our hearts were racing too.
The ball is in the air,
going towards Trilok Singh.
Another hard tackle by Thailand.
The referee indicates 'play on' again.
Thailand's strategy is clear.
The ball can go forward,
but the Indian players can't.
This is also known as
a successful strategy.
A sliding tackle by Thailand.
Arun Ghosh falls this time.
Wichit takes the ball forward
from the left wing.
What will we call this, Ramesh?
Is India falling weak
before Thailand?
That is what the referee thinks.
Jarnail Singh moving forward
An amazing sliding tackle!
That was good defence.
He jumped for a header!
Incredible, Jarnail Singh!
Thailand attacking
from the right corner.
Jarnail heads the ball
and shifts it away from the goal.
Dev, Jarnail is aware that this is
a do-or-die situation for India.
If India loses this match,
they'll be out of the competition.
Yes, Ramesh, and threat
still lingers.
Thailand has the corner
and this team specialises in turning
corners into goals.
Yes, Dev, Chaiyonk has the ball
for the corner.
He's world-famous
for corner kicks.
That is a corner kick!
A fantastic header, and goal!
An incredible connect
by Wichit.
A corner kick turned into goal
exceptionally well.
The score is,
Thailand 1, India 0.
What's that? An Indian player
has fallen on the field.
Dev, that's Jarnail Singh,
the best defender of India.
Ramesh, the situation seems
Press it...
- Medic!
- Medic!
Hurry up!
This is a heavy loss for India.
Ramesh, this means India will have to
continue playing with 10 players now.
Jarnail Singh,
their best defender, is out.
The Indian defence line is weak.
India has fallen weak.
Make them pay for this.
The game resumes.
Chuni Goswami passes to PK Banerjee.
PK passes it to Arun Ghosh.
The Thailand players moving forward.
Arun Ghosh dodges
two players.
A spectacular flick by Ram Bahadur.
The Indian team playing
with unity.
PK Banerjee moving forward.
A back pass by Arun Ghosh.
PK Banerjee's fierce shoot
from outside the box.
That's a goal!
The ball has pierced through the net!
India has responded to rough play
with their performance.
Ram Bahadur dodges Panich beautifully,
takes the ball forward.
He passes it to PK Banerjee.
The ball is now with Chuni.
He dodges Asdang.
The goalkeeper is down!
The score is,
India 2, Thailand 1.
Balaram scores a goal too.
India 3, Thailand 1.
Attacking from the right wing,
and a fourth goal!
Ramesh, with only 10 players,
coach Rahim's team of young boys
made Thailand bite the dust
with a score of 4-1.
India has moved to
the next level.
The next match is between
India and Japan.
Our boys were amazing.
They played well.
I didn't expect this
from the football team.
- Excuse me, Mr. Sodhi.
- Mr. Sodhi.
Mr. Sodhi, India has won
against Thailand by 4-1.
They've been performing well
in hockey, athletics
boxing and volleyball too.
As India's spokesperson,
this must be a moment of pride for you.
We only won 13 medals
at the Tokyo Asian Games.
We expect more this time.
Mr. Sodhi, do you feel that boycotting
two countries at these games
is not right?
It is very wrong.
Sports unite people,
not divide them.
Influenced by the Arab countries
Indonesia didn't allow Taiwan and Israel
to participate in these games.
That was wrong.
It is a shame on
the Indonesian government.
Politics and sports should not
be mixed.
Mr. Sodhi, don't you think
your comment on my government
are a bit too harsh?
Not as harsh as your government
for not letting two nations participate.
These are Asian Games,
and not just Indonesian Games.
My dear lady
sometimes deaf ears
need harsh words.
Now, if you'll please excuse me.
Thank you.
- Mr. Sodhi, one more question.
- Mr. Sodhi, one more question.
Rahim, dear, congratulations!
Take care of yourself.
- Talk to Saira.
- Yes, Mom.
Come on.
- I want to hear him.
- No you don't.
Hakim, come on.
How do you feel?
I feel good.
You will only feel good hereon.
I will pray for you.
I will hang up now.
Take care.
Good luck.
Rahim sir seems very ill.
My dad would also...
Coughing does not always mean cancer.
Come on, PK.
- Get out, India!
- PK...
- Get out, India!
- Get out, India!
Why are they yelling
'get out, India'?
What have we done?
- Get out, India!
- Get out, India!
Ramesh, after the match with Thailand
Mr. Sodhi's statement has caused
protests in different parts of Jakarta.
The people of Indonesia
have taken it the wrong way.
Absolutely, Dev.
And we see a glimpse of these protests
in the stadium.
Every Indian player
playing in the Asian Games today
will have to face the wrath.
Yes, Ramesh. It is very difficult to perform
at such high-pressure matches.
Moreover, the rage of the crowd
will only add to the pressure.
Don't expect the crowd
to cheer you.
Play with your ears closed today.
We are competing against
the most energetic team in Asia.
Yes, sir!
Ladies and gentlemen,
the match has begun.
Kamamoto, with his incredible dribbling
already attacking from the centre
for Japan.
Moving ahead with force,
dodging Indian defenders.
He's at a one-on-one position
with Pradyut Burman.
This could be Japan's
first goal!
But Pradyut Burman charges
and grabs the ball from Kamamoto.
An incredible save!
Hats off to Pradyut's bravery!
It is very difficult to save
in a one-on-one, Dev.
Absolutely. The game
moves towards midfield.
Balaram taking the ball forward.
Balaram's trademark reverse flick.
What a spectacular goal! Wow!
Ramesh, whoever wins this match
between India and Japan
will qualify for the semi-final.
That's right. The Indian team
is playing very well.
Pradyut Burman's wonderful save
at the near post.
Another attack from Japan,
and a double save by Pradyut!
Trilok Singh clears the ball.
We see an incredible reflex here.
A good team effort.
PK Banerjee taking
the ball forward.
He has an opportunity
and that's a goal!
India 2, Japan 0.
What a performance by India!
India has entered the semi-final!
They will now compete
against Vietnam.
An interesting match
between India and Vietnam.
Vietnam leading with two goals.
Final 40 minutes left.
Let me tell our listeners,
this is the semi-final
and India looks weak.
A tough time for India.
Ram Bahadur taking
the ball forward!
He dribbles and takes the ball forward
with a beautiful 360 skill.
Dodges from right to left,
then left to right.
A fake shot to the keeper!
And goal!
A beautiful finish.
India's first goal.
Vietnam 2, India 1.
Ramesh, news just came in
that South Korea
has beat Malay in the semi-final
and entered the finals.
In the second semi-final
India and Vietnam are both
hellbent on winning.
A very interesting match.
Arun Ghosh has the ball.
The ball is now
with Trilok Singh Balsera.
He passes the ball
to captain Chuni Goswami.
A fantastic goal!
Another incredible comeback
by India.
Ramesh, this is being called
a comeback team.
Vietnam didn't think India would
progress from 0-2 to 2-2.
What does Rahim sir teach them
at half time
that helps the team
flip the game in the second half?
A hard tackle for DMK Afzal
from behind.
Vietnam is clearly trying
to break India's momentum.
The referee has declared
a free kick.
It was obvious. A hard tackle
like this deserves a free kick, Dev.
I think since the Vietnam team
failed to break
coach Rahim's strategy,
they couldn't think straight.
Yes, Ramesh. This free kick
is very important.
If they can convert this free kick,
the Indian team will go into the finals.
Or else they will get extra time.
And as we knew already
captain Chuni Goswami will take
the free kick.
Chuni knows this could be
a last chance for India.
47 crore Indians have their hopes
on this free kick.
Last few minutes left.
India 2, Vietnam 2.
We need a goal, Chuni! Come on!
And that was an incredible goal!
Vietnam must have never imagined
that India would go from 2-0 to 2-3.
With this, India qualifies
for the finals.
Let me tell our listeners
that football is the only sport
in the world
where your feet decide
your fate.
One man.
All by himself.
- Get out, India!
- Get out, India!
- Get out, India!
- Get out, India!
- Get out, India!
- Get out, India!
- Get out, India!
- Get out, India!
- Get out, India!
- Get out, India!
- Get out, India!
- Get out, India!
- Get out, India!
- Get out, India!
Get out, India!
Close the windows!
Get down!
Get out, India! Get out, India!
Get out, India! Get out, India!
Get out, India! Get out, India!
Let me tell our listeners
that Mr. Sodhi's statement
has caused outrage
amongst the people.
The bus in which the Indian team
was travelling
was attacked by a mob.
The situation got so tense
that the army had to intervene
and control the situation.
We hope no player was hurt.
Actually... I...
came to wish you boys luck.
PK. Come with me.
- Come quickly.
- What happened?
Come with me.
- Chuni.
- Coming.
Don't cry.
Today is your day, Chuni.
Rahim sir.
Sit down.
That one match we were all
waiting for
is this.
What is one?
One is the smallest and the biggest number
in the world.
But it is not about number one.
It is about one.
It is about that one smile
that forces the opponent
to wonder
why we are not under pressure
in the final game.
It is about that one picture
which may not get published
in the papers tomorrow
but it will be imprinted
in your minds for good.
It is about that one child
who will be inspired by you
and start playing football tomorrow.
It is about that one dream
which makes life fun today
and will help us
die in peace.
And it's about that one determination
with which you will step on
the field today.
One thought,
one belief,
one heart,
one mind.
That is why, enter the field as 11...
But play as...
Dev, the Indian team arrives
on the field
under the captaincy
of Chuni Goswami.
Two major changes by coach Rahim,
Jarnail Singh and Peter Thangaraj.
Jarnail Singh still looks quite injured.
But Peter Thangaraj will be
the talk of the town.
Because he has not played
a single match in this competition.
Despite such a good game
by Pradyut Burman
do you think coach Rahim should have
broken his winning combination?
What do you think, Ramesh?
Whatever anyone may say, Dev,
but every decision
taken by coach S.A. Rahim so far
has proved beneficial.
The Asian Games are at
its final stage.
We will get the result
for football today.
Milkha Singh has won a gold medal
in the 400-metre race.
Padam Bahadur wins a gold medal
in light-weight boxing.
Let's see if India can win
a gold medal in football.
Ramesh, Korea.
Silver in the 1954 Asian games.
Winners of the 1956 Asia Cup.
Silver in the 1958 Asian games.
Winners of the 1960 Asia Cup.
Winners of the 1960 Merdeka Cup.
Team South Korea
arrives on the ground.
The crowd excitedly welcomes
the Korean team, Ramesh.
Malay beat Philippines
by 15 goals
but they were beaten
in the semi-finals by South Korea.
Look at the confidence
of the goalkeeper.
He is standing there so casually,
as if the ball will never reach him.
India could not even get the ball
to him in the last game.
There's a huge difference between
that Indian team and this one, Ramesh.
This team responds to all criticisms
with their performance.
It's been at a winning streak.
What happened?
Wear these.
I'll feel as if I am playing too.
Best of luck.
Ramesh, nine days ago,
when India lost to Korea
I never thought I would witness
India against Korea
in the final match of this tournament.
Dev, this implies
that Korea is under slight pressure
to continue their winning streak.
This is a huge opportunity
for India to prove itself.
But Ramesh, India's morale
must be down at this time.
More than one lakh people
have been yelling
and cheering only Korea.
The game has begun.
The ball is with Park Seung.
A nice lob by Park Seung.
He crosses half the field
and passes it to Son Kyung.
Son Kyung moves from
the left wing, dodges Chandra.
Ramesh, this is how they scored
goals in the previous match too.
Korea has an opportunity.
That's a cross. Cha Tae-sung
has an opportunity, and...
A wonderful save by Thangaraj!
Coach Rahim used his trump card
at the perfect time.
Dev, this is why Thangaraj
was brought back.
You might remember that they played
with high-ball in the previous match.
Pradyut Burman was beaten miserably
during their high-ball.
They were beaten by four goals,
if I'm not wrong.
Thangaraj is contributing well
to the game.
The ball is passed to Ram Bahadur.
A goalkeeper's role is vital.
He's like the eye of the team...
Balaram missed the pass.
Korea gets a throw-in.
As I was saying, a goalkeeper
can inspect a game properly from behind
besides saving goals.
A goalkeeper makes
an important contribution to the game.
The ball is with Kim Chan.
He dodges a player, lobs again.
India still hasn't been able
to break their high-ball lobs.
Look at that, the ball has reached
the box in one shot.
Jarnail has failed, but a wonderful
save by Thangaraj.
Saved the ball like a wall.
This has proved to be
an effective change.
An interesting game.
Thangaraj passes the ball
to Chandrashekhar.
The ball is with Chandrashekhar,
he passes it to Ram Bahadur.
Ram Bahadur playing from the midfield
passes it to Trilok Singh on the right.
The ball is with Trilok Singh
Balsera, passes it to PK Banerjee.
PK Banerjee moving forward
He's about to attack.
He has a good opportunity.
India towards the midfield...
Let's see if they can cross
the Korean midfield.
He's moving swiftly,
and a sliding tackle by Cho Nam.
He takes the ball.
The ball is with Kim Chan,
he takes it forward.
Dodging two players brilliantly.
Cha Tae-sung has an opportunity.
A beautiful sliding tackle near the box.
The way Jarnail Singh took
the ball from Cha Tae-sung...
They couldn't do the same
in the previous match.
Beautiful coordination
amongst the Indian team.
The ball is with Chuni Goswami,
moving from the midfield.
But unfortunately,
another opportunity lost.
The Korean team
taking the ball forward.
Korea has another opportunity.
Two players clashing with Thangaraj.
An incredible save by Thangaraj!
Korea has failed again.
- Are you okay?
- No, no.
It seems serious, Dev.
Thangaraj isn't getting up.
Ramesh, Thangaraj's right leg
was injured
because of which he couldn't play
in this tournament.
We hope he hasn't hurt
the same leg.
This was his first match
against Korea in the finals
and he seems to be hurt again.
This is going to be worrisome
for S.A. Rahim and India.
If the goalkeeper is out,
the game is over.
It's a one-sided game then.
The world is in talks about the
substitution rule currently, Ramesh.
If he doesn't get up,
who's going to substitute?
Dev, in the qualifying match of 1954,
I remember
German player Horst Eckel was replaced
by Richard Gottinger.
Moreover, the substitution laws
were also entered
in the rule book in 1958.
But unfortunately, this rule
still hasn't got a go-ahead
at high-level competitions.
Thangaraj has decided
to continue playing.
Let me tell our listeners that Thangaraj
is dragging his foot right now.
He's got hurt in
the same injured leg again.
Thangaraj seems to be
in a lot of pain.
A sliding tackle.
Ram Bahadur helps him
from behind.
But the ball is still
in possession of Arun Ghosh.
Another good move by India,
towards South Korea's goalpost.
The ball is back
into Korea's midfield.
PK, Chuni and Balaram taking
the ball forward.
They have an opportunity,
but unfortunately
it's impossible to break into
Korea's midfield.
Korea! Korea!
Thangaraj is in an intense situation.
The Korean team
trying to attack again.
The Indian midfield is unable
to come back in time.
Dodging the Indian defenders...
A terrific save by Thangaraj.
Park Seung has arrived
from the left wing.
He must do something soon.
And a fantastic goal!
Incredible! South Korea scores
its first goal in the game!
Dev, I must say that Thangaraj
was performing really well.
If he wasn't hurt,
he'd have saved this one too.
He could save well from the left
but unfortunately, he couldn't save from
the right side because of his injured leg.
Dev, that's the half-time whistle.
Korea 1, India 0.
Korea! Korea! Korea!
Korea is going towards the changing room
but coach S.A. Rahim has stopped
his players on the field.
South Korea has returned
to the field.
Ramesh, coach Rahim's strategy
has changed drastically.
Jarnail Singh, the most successful
defender of India
has been sent to the position
of centre forward by coach S.A. Rahim.
It's quite a shocking move.
Ghosh has the ball,
he passes it to Chuni.
Chuni takes the ball forward,
but a wonderful tackle by Cho Nam.
Cho has reached the centreline.
A nice sliding tackle
by Jarnail on the centre line.
Jarnail passes it to PK.
PK has crossed the midfield.
For the first time, the Indian team
has broken into the Korean defence line.
And that's India's first attack.
Ramesh, for the first time, the ball
has reached the keeper of South Korea
and you must have noticed
how his cap came down.
Now he must contribute
to the match too
because team India is attacking.
An incredible long pass.
Kim Hong passes the ball
to Park Seung.
Seung takes the ball forward.
But Jarnail grabs the ball
from the centre line again.
That's... another attack.
India near the Korean box.
A shot by Arun Ghosh,
but a rebound, and the ball is out.
Ramesh, it's now evident
why coach S.A. Rahim
wanted Jarnail to play
at the centre line.
Jarnail Singh would defend
near their goal
but now, he is defending
at the centreline.
What a strategy!
Another attack from Korea.
An attempt by Cha Tae-sung,
but a fantastic save by Thangaraj.
We see the Indian team changing
its position on the field.
The ball is with Ram Bahadur,
he passes it to Arun Ghosh.
Arun Ghosh passes it to Chandra.
India moving forward
with one-touch passes.
Arun Ghosh back-passes to Trilok Singh.
Trilok Singh Balsera, Ram Bahadur
forming a chain.
PK to Trilok, Trilok to Ram Bahadur
India within the Korean box.
The ball is with Arun Ghosh now,
he passes it to PK.
And goal!
I can't believe this, Ramesh!
India has scored a goal
against Korea!
A terrific strategy
by coach Rahim!
India 1, Korea 1!
Dodging PK Banerjee...
An amazing defence
by an Indian player.
Ram Bahadur dodges the player.
Trilok trying to grab the ball.
The ball is in possession
of Park Seung.
He takes the ball forward,
passes it to Cha Tei-sung.
Cha Tei-sung has entered
the top of the box.
A tackle by Jarnail Singh.
Cha Tei-sung falls.
The referee declares foul
and a penalty.
Jarnail Singh hard-tackled
Cha Tei-sung inside the Indian box
and made the player fall
without touching the ball.
This gives Korea
a penalty kick.
The Indian players are asking
the referee to overturn the penalty.
But the decision
is not being overturned.
Korea could get a lead here, Ramesh.
In penalty kicks, Korea has a 90%...
I'm sorry...
99% conversion rate.
India could be at a heavy loss here.
Last five minutes left.
Thangaraj passes the ball to Ram Bahadur.
India begins its counter attack.
Ram Bahadur takes the ball
from the top of the box.
The Indian team moving forward
with him.
The Korean players behind them
with full force trying to get the ball.
PK Banerjee manages
to outrun the Korean players.
Chuni Goswami moving
forward too.
The entire Indian team
moving towards the Korean goal.
The Indian team has reached
the Korean box.
Arun Ghosh... I'm sorry,
Ram Bahadur has passed the ball
to Trilok Singh
near the right wing.
And that's a goal!
A spectacular header
by Jarnail Singh!
The second goal by India!
India 2, south Korea 1.
Mr. Rahim rightly calls this
the team of comebacks.
South Korea making a move.
South Korea moves towards
the Indian goalpost.
Only three minutes left. Korea moving
towards the Indian goal with full force.
Fall back!
This is a last chance for Korea.
It's a do-or-die situation
for both teams.
A fantastic run by Korea,
dodging the Indian defenders.
Thangaraj's dive, Cha Tae-sung's attack,
the goalpost is empty and...
We may depart to the sky
Bidding our dreams goodbye
On the land where our eyes
were brimming with desire
If you try to look,
you'll find me right here
Let the sounds resonate
Let us sing
Let the sun shine on these fields
and grass
We wish to go, let us pass
The world will recognise us
A day like that will come
We will be remembered fondly
Let the revolution begin
Let the sounds resonate
Let us sing
Let the sun shine on these fields
and grass
We wish to go, let us pass
Let the sun shine on these fields
and grass
We wish to go, let us pass
Let the sounds resonate
Let us sing
Let the sun shine on these fields
and grass
We wish to go, let us pass
The world will recognise us
A day like that will come
We will be remembered fondly
Let the revolution begin
Slowly, let us take flight
Without a fright
Let the sun shine on these fields
and grass
We wish to go, let us pass
Let the sounds resonate
Let us sing
Let the sun shine on these fields
and grass
We wish to go, let us pass
We may depart to the sky
Bidding our dreams goodbye
On the land where our eyes
were brimming with desire
If you try to look,
you'll find me right here
The heart tries to achieve
the impossible
The dreams still seem unreasonable
But whatever hope is left
is quite enough
The dreams still seem unreasonable
We may depart to the sky
Bidding our dreams goodbye
On the land where our eyes
were brimming with desire
If you try to look,
you'll find me right here
Let the sounds resonate
Let us sing
Let the sun shine on these fields
and grass
We wish to go, let us pass
The world will recognise us
A day like that will come
We will be remembered fondly
Let the revolution begin
Let the sounds resonate
Let us sing
Let the sun shine on these fields
and grass
We wish to go, let us pass
Let the sounds resonate
Let us sing
Let the sun shine on these fields
and grass
We wish to go, let us pass
The world will recognise us
A day like that will come
We will be remembered fondly
Let the revolution begin
Slowly, let us take flight
Without a fright
Let the sun shine on these fields
and grass
We wish to go, let us pass
Let the sounds resonate
Let us sing
Let the sun shine on these fields
and grass
We wish to go, let us pass