Maigret (2022) Movie Script

I'll be here in a minute.
It's so much better.
You would need some accessories.
You can get dressed.
Is this feeling of fatigue common?
Right now, yes.
Fatigue or fatigue?
Shortness of breath?
After effort.
Running behind the bus,
climb the stairs
Are your nights peaceful?
In your opinion?
What is the appetite?
I feed myself.
But does desire no longer exist?
Yes that's it.
Just for food?
Not only.
You should rest.
Or move forward your retirement. Eh?
All right. The tension is a little high,
but at your age...
The bronchi appear to be clogged.
I order a chest X-ray.
I will ask you a huge sacrifice.
Smoking should stop.
- Chin, my love. - Cheers.
Um, I'll introduce myself to you.
- Cutting?
- That's nice, I already have one.
- Nice to meet you.
- This is Jeanine. We talked about you.
With pleasure, Robert.
- It's Jeanine.
- Congratulations. You are awesome.
- Honey, are you okay?
- Very well, mother.
See you again soon.
He talks and they fade.
- Where does this dress come from?
- I didn't invite you.
Go make a scandal somewhere
else. Do you want to ruin my party?
- Not!
- Then why are you here?
- Is over?
- Yes, he's leaving.
- Now. Keep going.
- I take care of it.
What you want? Eh?
That is all? Eh? Haven't
you been given enough?
Take this! Come on, fuck out!
Yes, come in.
none of that.
Lapointe tries it.
With this guy, it can last until morning.
Do I raise sandwiches?
Oh, as you wish, January,
but I'm going home.
- Boss, if he confesses?
- Take it down to the depot.
Emergency police, I'm listening.
Close your eyes.
Nothing on it that allows
him to be identified.
She received several stab wounds.
The weapon has not been found
yet. We are checking the sector.
- Who called the police?
- We do not know.
He broke the ice without a word.
Start through a neighborhood survey.
Was the prosecution informed?
We take care of it.
Did you at least have dinner?
Oh, I don't know anymore.
Go to sleep again.
Good night.
Good night.
The door opens.
I'll take it out.
How are u?
- Don't get cold.
- Not. Everything is OK.
Commissioner Maigret?
I'm the witness.
Your inspector told me to come see you.
He lives at number 5,
there, just across the square.
Around midnight and a
couple, I just went to bed
and I heard the car stop.
Beautiful engine, based on engine noise.
Then two doors, open, closed,
and a suitcase as well.
The car is gone again, I would say...
Five to ten minutes later.
Poor daughter.
So young.
The female victim, a
white man, was a minor,
Maximum 20 years.
Healthy but malnourished.
There are 5 stab wounds,
in the chest and abdomen.
Depending on their depth,
it is a slicing or cutting knife.
The attacker is probably left-handed,
given the angle of the incisions.
The blows were so chaotic, close.
- Apparently they caused death.
- " Apparently "?
Cervical rupture and pulmonary morbidity.
He asked for additional examinations.
The body has no
exogenous traces or imprints.
When would she be dead?
It is not easy to establish.
The stomach is almost empty.
Probably between 10:00 and midnight.
Before midnight, though.
Passing around, maybe the killer himself,
warned a police rescuer
at 00:33.
a cough.
There is no evidence that the
attack took place on the spot.
Lividities vary in body position.
that it was moved or
transported after death.
He started studying
medicine. Why did you stop?
To make money.
In police station?
This or something... It's a chance.
I discovered a white cloth fiber
hung on the fingernail of his left hand.
Maybe a sheet that would be
used to wrap the body. That is not all.
A good dose of strong alcohol was absorbed.
She was in an advanced
state of intoxication.
Due to the surroundings,
it can be a coach.
This kind of girl doesn't drink,
makes you drink.
The kind who sleeps with customers?
Who sleeps more or less.
She was no longer a virgin.
But she had no sexual
intercourse before her death
neither forced nor consent.
I would like to see her.
If you want, but it's not closed.
You don't smoke anymore.
How are you?
Everyone is naked.
Are you feeling better, dear?
I'm sorry, that smell...
You'll get used to it, go.
- I had January. - At police stations,
no disappearance notification matches.
Not even in the newspaper.
Lucas takes care of the
boxes and the neighboring bars.
Focus on taxi drivers, on
those who work at night.
- Where are we going?
- In the port.
- What about a murder weapon?
- We didn't find anything.
Your heather will slowly burst.
Something occurred to me.
Do you remember the killer, Mrs. Monceau?
- So?
- We never caught him.
- Deny.
- Monceau,
it is not far from Batignolles.
- How did he kill his victims?
- Strangled by wire.
A tam?
But maybe he wanted to change the method...
Its effects did not speak.
No fingerprints or usable dust. Her bag
it contained almost nothing.
Handkerchief, cheap lipstick.
Her underwear is also
plain, Uniprix or other.
Earrings, unhealthy pearls.
His shoes are better made but worn.
All this does not fit with evening dresses.
- Why?
- Because we're changing the category there.
High fashion,
signed by a large house, It
must be worth a small fortune.
It is a creation of our
house. "Dream of the night".
Prewar model.
Winter collection from 1937.
- How sad I damaged it!
- If only it were a dress!
Do you know who ordered it?
She was a great success.
Impossible to find each of our clients.
Or according to their peace,
our workshop premiere
would be remembered.
- Can I talk to him?
- Unfortunately, she died.
A month after his departure
retiree, do you realize?
OPEN. But you may be disappointed.
Why a 20 year old girl would wear a dress
- which could have belonged to his mother?
- What girl?
- Exactly, I don't know.
- I don't know anything about her. Nothing.
Not even his name.
I made a fricandeau sorrel,
how are you?
Licking. I am not hungry.
Do you remember our first meet?
This dance style?
"Necessary evening dresses."
It was in my little shoes it's true.
When I saw you with your
evil suit and your crooked tie,
I said to myself, "There's
one at least as clumsy as me."
Well then,
my nice blue dress, I borrowed it.
There are shops for that.
As for tuxedos.
Why would you borrow a dress?
All right, Commissioner...
How terrible.
Your inspector didn't tell me anything.
We do not report this type
of message over the phone.
- What was her name?
- I wanted to ask you.
I forgot to ask him.
She hurried.
She needed an evening dress,
as if his life depended on it.
In this neighborhood,
customers at the last minute
artists or girls who kidnapped a micheton.
- She could?
- She? Not really.
She was so fragile.
The bird fell from the nest.
Where did she go with that dress?
Apparently she was hoping to find someone.
A man who could help him.
In any case, materially.
She didn't even have
enough to pay for the rent.
She left me her things.
He had to take them
back to return their clothes.
The next day I was waiting for her,
You're one of the last to see her alive.
I'd like to see her alive again.
How was she?
- Nice, very nice.
- Pale, brown skin with bangs.
- I meant
- What stood out for her?
She looked lost. Not from here.
Girl from nowhere.
And she had that
adorable gesture of writhing
her hair like a child who
is afraid of reprimand.
These girls,
come from their province,
dream of an artistic career,
have a beautiful wedding
and end up as domestic workers,
when it's not another
kind of house or sidewalk.
Trocadero 08-40?
Hi, miss.
Miss, I'm sorry.
Could you tell me your name?
I'm calling you, yes.
I'm going to tell you,
but first I need... Hello?
- Really good!
- Besides, I was really hungry.
Aren't you eating
Never while drinking.
- Can I give you Pouilly, Betty? Here.
- I want to taste it.
It's not common, Betty.
- My real name is Mary.
- I wanted to change.
Where are you from?
Oh, I know.
No kidding?
Landscape shoes.
Yes. My parents are
both walking in the factory.
I had a warm place, but you've
been making shoes your whole life,
no, thanks.
He had only one dream: to go to Paris.
"We'll see when you reach the
age of majority," my father said, so
I went away. In the morning
when I was 21, I went by train.
Without telling your parents?
Neither they nor anyone.
If I were your father, I
wonder where you are
what you do during the day
what you live with, who you meet.
- Why don't you give the news?
- You have these questions!
Sometimes they tell me yes.
What did you hope for
when you came to Paris?
Be free
do what i wanted, meet
interesting people, read,
- visit museums.
- Shoplifting?
Are you interested in
telling you about my life?
It helps me understand a little.
Understand what?
A girl like you.
Hmm. There are a lot
of girls like me in Paris.
Souls in torment that spin. I can see
them from a distance, I'm sorry for them.
I'd like some dessert.
Dad is very good.
- So we share?
- No, I don't like sweets.
A young girl marries Daddy.
And you still nothing?
No, thank you, Arlette.
Would you not cover anything,
Police commissioner?
Maigret, Criminal,
36 Quai des Goldsmiths.
Someone wanted to let
this unknown girl disappear.
But she had to leave a trail,
there, somewhere,
even poor.
Like those flashing loupiots.
Crime all day and night.
You have to protect
yourself. Don't be insensitive,
but keep the right distance
to try to understand.
In the long run, you need to
create a shell and one day,
during a trivial matter, will know why
the detail touched you,
wallpaper pattern
plush toy, sentence, view...
And then, all your
assurances suddenly collapse.
You will again become a small
child who is afraid of the dark.
Statements to be signed to
the judge's parquet. He needs it
put away.
I'll leave them to you.
Finally we found a pharmacy.
Vial, in a foreign bag.
Lapointe goes there,
he gives you a topo.
No, I'm going.
Yes, I didn't write down his name,
but it didn't have a recipe.
It is a derivative of
laudanum, quite strong.
- He had no right to release him.
- You did it.
I passed her in the neighborhood.
She always looked... I don't know.
- Lost? - Lost, yes.
She came here one evening, in pain.
Enough for?
Insomnia, nervousness, anxiety.
She came back to restore the
product and I never saw her again.
There is no doubt that it is better.
Without a doubt. Is this
drug compatible with alcohol?
No, avoid amplifying side effects.
Drowsiness, loss of balance
Did you recommend not drinking it?
Girl so young, I didn't think.
- I hope she didn't do anything wrong?
- She, no.
Did you say she lived in the neighborhood?
All right. Thanks.
It's okay.
- There is no need for young girls.
- Have 5 steps
3 apartments upstairs, not
to mention the maid's rooms.
He sleeps badly, certainly
gets up late, eats little.
He must not go out often to go shopping.
She's a girl who looks sad.
Those that no one will notice.
She probably lives alone.
He twists his hair, with such a finger.
This may be the small
one that lives in the 6th D.
- I don't even know his name.
- Neither do you?
- Well, no.
- He'll never get mail.
And in the beginning, she's
not the one who rented the room.
Maybe, it's up there now.
And you have a duplicate key?
Hm yes.
He didn't plan on hitting me on 6 floors.
That's good, I don't need you.
- The boy who lived there left?
- Yes.
Are you the owner?
I've heard it before
cry behind the wall.
Although she didn't cry, she looked sad.
- Well thank you.
- At your service.
Felicia Bonnec Gaullier employee, on 2.
You didn't tell me what
you wanted from him.
No, I didn't tell you.
She's dead, murdered.
It is not possible!
- Up there?
- No, not up there.
Was she related to someone
in the building, neighbor?
She? You think!
Always alone.
Alone and downloaded.
Who rented a room in the beginning?
Another daughter, Jeanine.
This one often came out
and the puff of perfume.
That we paid him, if you understand me.
With her, I put the cord at night.
She left and left the other one
here. She paid a higher rent.
Dead. We wanted to fire him.
So it's done.
The first tenant of this Jeanine,
have you seen her yet?
He'll pick up his mail sometime.
Boss, it's January.
"I found a subscriber to the number
you gave me. Trocadero 08-40.
This is Jeanine Armeniau.
I it looks like a film at the
Billancourt studios is working on it.
Don't worry, it's a decoration.
Everything is bad here.
Do you have an appointment with you?
Jeanine Armeniau?
I'm Nadine d'Arcy.
Sorry, I was trying a movie.
- Are you a star? - But no.
I play utilities. Secretary who
writes a letter from the boss
and who ever fucks with the boss.
The maid that opens the door.
Fake doors.
Are you going to the cinema,
It happens to me to change my mind.
So you don't see detective movies?
Chases, battles,
suspicious beaten directory to speak, no...
It's hard for me to believe.
How do you get them to talk,
your suspects?
Nothing, I listen to them.
The door opens.
Come on, we'll be calmer next door.
Lapel, that too.
It's called discovery.
So tell me.
Do you live well in Square
de l'Alboni, number 3?
Yes why?
At what address before?
71 rue Crubellier, 17. Obvod.
Yes No. With comrade.
And an artist?
No way. I met her on a train to Paris.
She didn't know where
to stay, I equipped it.
Her name?
- She called Louise.
- Louise Louviere.
Louise Louvire.
Why did you say "She called herself"?
- Because... I don't see her anymore.
- I don't know what happened to her.
They found her dead on Saturday night,
- Place des Batignolles.
- My goodness!
Excuse me.
What did she die for?
By no means natural death.
Do you know his age?
- Not exactly.
- Barely twenty, I'd say.
Small papers?
- I have no idea.
- She said she was an orphan.
He was born to an unknown
father. She wanted to find him.
But then... Louvire?
- His mother's name.
- He died when Louise was little.
She was raised with nuns then placed.
She was mistreated, she ran away.
- That's how we met.
- Why did she go to Paris?
That would interest me.
Most of the time, she stayed in her room.
As if she was afraid to go out.
Poor Louise.
I gave him the job, in the studio.
Lining-lights. For pre-scene settings.
Replaces a star.
She looks like him, but it's not her.
She also did an extra in Dancing, Miss?
Oh, not a masterpiece.
What are you going to do in Paris?
- Me?
- Yes.
- Did she have any friends besides you?
- Nobody I know about.
- A friend?
- Oh, even less.
- Chaplain, does that mean anything to you?
- Nothing.
But we weren't really
friends. We were too different.
His cockroach always undermined my morale.
- I left his room.
- How long ago?
3 months, approx. Next,
she called me 2-3 times.
Last, she made me angry
with her whining.
I left her, I was his only friend,
she was unhappy.
- I hung on to him.
- It seems to happen to you often.
Trocadero 08-40?
I'm sorry, I didn't know who you were.
Hmm, hm.
So, Louvire Louise.
Nothing. Nowhere included.
I have one convicted of
infanticide, but that was in 1892.
A Armeniau Jeanine?
Nothing. In addition to peccadillo
recently under his stage name.
Noise on the way out of Calavados,
a nightclub on the Champs-lyses.
Good good.
make a call.
My papers are fine.
- No, I didn't figure it out.
- Tell me about this girl.
What girl?
Louisa. Louise Louviere.
She disappeared, though?
- Actually. Did you know her?
- Naturally.
When I reported her missing
to your colleagues, they told me:
"Strange to look for someone
when you're wanted alone."
So I made an announcement
in the newspaper.
"I'm looking for a girl,
a brown sports coat,"
"blue sweater, beige skirt, black shoes."
The girl you were looking
for, what was her name?
- Uh
- Louise Louviere?
Loulou. Lulu.
She sings in Yiddish.
I called her Ida.
Like Ida from my grandmother's
story when I was a kid,
or Vilnius.
You know Vilnius,
- Commissioner?
- No, I do not know.
Not surprisingly, the city
changed its name so often.
Vilnius, Wilno, Vilnius
All the people I knew disappeared there.
There is more than just ghosts
wandering among the ruins.
So that name, you know...
What ever?
Louisa, was it someone from your family?
My family?
Here, too, they all disappeared.
More people.
I'm the only one who
survived. The only one.
- Do you want to see my papers?
- Not.
Did she come to see you?
Who's this?
I do not know. Recently.
Oh no no
I've been waiting for this for so long.
She disappeared one night during a curfew,
she never came back.
I don't think we're talking
to the same person. Not.
I'm sorry to disturb you.
When you lose your
child we lose everything.
There's nothing left, you know.
More than a night.
I know, Mr. Kaplan.
I speak.
It's me. Don't wait for
me for dinner or bed.
It will depend. I do not know yet.
Musette music.
How are u? Can you hear me?
A boss?
We have something new.
For little Louise.
I noticed her on rue Blanche.
She walked fast, but not straight.
She could have been
undermined like a princess,
it was painful to see.
In the end, she agreed to go upstairs.
Needless to say, he
doesn't go to the next door.
I have already accused you,
Commissioner. Do you remember?
You stopped this woman of the world
who killed her husband in La Muette.
I was surprised to see you in a taxi.
You said you didn't have a permit.
Keep telling me about her.
Well, she didn't say much.
She was nervous,
even worried.
As if she was afraid.
I didn't count the race for
him. She had no money.
He waited until he was inside and I left.
Brunette, in ivory evening dress.
Late arrival, around 22:30
- I'm sorry, the service took me.
- I didn't pay attention.
After admission, did you
miss the white tablecloth?
I can not tell you.
But silver does. I can't help customers.
I didn't move out of my locker room.
I don't remember seeing her coming.
But there and back
customers on the toilet...
- Yes? - Commissioner.
- Invitation to the reception.
- Thanks.
"Sister Arnaud Clermont-Valois,
Bread to Sister Pierre Armeniau.
Good evening.
- Laurent's car, my fianc.
- Thanks to him, I work here.
- He's in business. - Me too.
Another kind of business.
Didn't we have a date without a mistake?
Do you know where your friend Louise is?
Did he give up the evening of his death?
How would I know?
She went after receiving your engagement.
You forgot to tell me one last time.
If she was at the reception,
- Why would I hide it from you?
- Yes.
Exactly. Why?
- I haven't seen her in months.
- I do not know anything. Leave me alone!
I'm sorry, you're telling me
things so... I didn't invite her.
- I didn't send him a notice.
- Wasn't it published?
- Yes, she saw it.
- But from there to...
We have a witness, a driver
the taxi driver who dropped her off.
- Taxi?
- You didn't refuse, poor thing.
Flute, I spun my stocking.
He had to give up entry
out of shame or fear of forcing oneself.
I'm definitely gone,
alone at night and make a bad encounter.
Thanks for your help.
- Go for it. - Oh yes
Forgot. I have to call you
- at the criminological institute.
- What is this?
What was once called the morgue.
Only you can recognize the body
or we will not be able to bury it.
Bury it?
He has the right to a funeral.
Of course, but why me?
She didn't have family or friends,
you know. She just had you.
Come here, come here!
Come on, quick!
- Stop it, calm down!
- Let me go!
- I have it.
- Go on, call the cops. Come!
What were you doing there?
Do you have nowhere to live?
We're running away because I'm
the police and there, we're calling
my name go out of the bad pass.
One more.
- Will you report it?
- "Evil, perverted, evil."
- That is all.
- Then we'll take you to the depot.
Elevation chart, tracks,
front and profile photos,
body search,
before you lock the cell damp and wet.
In the company of rats.
Why should I suffocate
this burglary complaint?
I do not know.
I can be nice too.
Would you like me nice?
The boss, the investigating
judge wants to see you.
- She left.
- What if he comes back?
He won't come back.
If anyone asks, you warn me.
I'll leave you the key.
- Are you leaving yet? - Yes.
Why are you doing this for me?
I'm not doing this for you.
- For rent in advance.
- It will be well.
I ask you to stay discreet.
- Understood!
- I'll take care of her.
Did I ask you that?
- Sir?
- Superintendent Maigret. I expected
from Mr. Lawrence.
Laurent Clermont-Valois.
- Did you see my bag?
- No, Mr. Laurent.
I can't find it anymore
- My bag.
- In its usual place,
He always puts it off
in an impossible place.
As if she didn't want
me to go to the office.
She hid my school bag
and called the manager
to make me sick.
Louise Louviere was
a friend of your fiance.
We don't have the same connections.
We are not from the same world,
because everything must be told to you.
But you got engaged.
You will deduce that
Jeanine has other qualities.
- I imagine.
- How did you meet?
- Is it in your interest?
- In the box
at night. That is all?
This friend of your
fiance, Louise Louviere.
Louise Louvire,
would you meet her among the
guests of your engagement party?
Like I've never seen her.
Oh, very fair.
But your bride could have introduced you.
No Tell me, without it all it's
beating around the bush more!
Didn't your fiance tell you anything?
About what?
I'll be back.
Have a board.
- Should I take you home?
- I'll wait a minute.
Busy man. Like his father.
- So you live with your son?
- Not.
My son lives with me.
He is going to get married in this house.
The bride is a beautiful girl.
- Oh, if you say so.
- But also common.
We haven't confused
wives and dancers before.
My husband reproduced
passages with cabaret girls,
I endured it for 25 years.
Did you have a separate room?
Lady, I'm not your enemy.
It is my duty to seek the truth.
I hope I find it as little
damage as possible.
I never loved my husband
and he was good to me.
Didn't you file for divorce?
I wanted to stay Mrs
Arnaud Clermont-Valois.
I still am. After his burial.
At the ceremony, I said
he was a wonderful husband
and an amazing father.
- Sorry.
- Master Delaunay on the phone.
No, I do not know.
We will talk about it now.
Oh, you're adorable. Me too.
We will see in the evening.
Where have we been?
Even for privacy, the son holds
from father?
- Laurent, no, he's not a runner.
- He's something else.
More complicated, let's say.
I don't see him killing anyone.
You know, a criminal never
saw himself killing someone.
But suddenly he feels the
need to assert himself, to exist.
And to exist terminates
the existence of another.
Are you informed of
what happened to that girl,
unlike your son or at least he claims.
In the evening at the
reception, the driver did not work.
He was given an engagement leave.
- So who was driving the car?
- The groom himself.
They used it to cook the right one.
The groom's clothes
were cleaned at the dyer's.
Nothing can be expected from this side.
- And you?
- White cabbage. Or almost.
Clermont Valois Laurent Arnaud Charles,
in the record of sex.
Touching an employee
at home, being a minor.
Later deviant practices
imposed on two secretaries.
- Deviant? - Unspecified fetishism.
Filed without further follow-up.
The victim's mother compensated.
A boss? The old monkey is calling you.
Where are you with the guests?
We contact them, but no
one remembers the girl.
Here. Thanks.
A disk of red pigeons.
It has a very mild climate.
I just bought it, La Mgisserie.
Aquarium rarity.
It is located on an archipelago
from the Sea of Japan.
And now, he is splashing
on the banks of the Seine.
Yes, like us.
Oh, he finally gets used
to it. If others let him live.
Do you have pets at home?
- Only on my plate.
- Instruct
case, I'm missing evidence.
Me too, Judge.
Witnesses who knew the victim
remember her
or rather forget. Give me some time.
You could tell me that son
Clermont-Valois was involved.
- Because I didn't know.
- It is about
- sensitive personality.
- Not.
What no?
- Qualify this boy as "sensitive."
- It has the opposite impression.
Do you really think Clermont-Valois
could have killed her?
I don't believe anything, Judge.
Never anything.
Avoid even thinking.
Then how?
I don't trust the clear.
No, no smoking
not even a cigar here, my
fish I can't stand it, you know!
I speak,
but "this is not a pipe".
It's Belgian humor. He
tried to relax the atmosphere.
- You're the first to see them.
- I just finished my prints.
Who are you looking for?
Do you have a magnifying glass?
Are the printouts OK?
- Of course, yes in the evening.
- Hmm.
Oh, have you been there?
You are not superstitious.
No, why?
This is how you look like him.
- The one in front of you.
- She's dead, murdered.
Didn't your friend the
commissioner tell you?
- I'm trying to make order in a small bedroom.
- As we accumulate, we suffocate.
Can I throw your pile of old newspapers?
What if we both go out tonight?
Not very zealous.
Do you want me?
Well, no, of course.
What you want?
It's okay.
Even more smoking,
- What's the matter with you right now?
- What would I like?
I do not know. It's not you anymore.
So who?
Someone else.
That's her.
Can we drop you off somewhere?
I wasn't expecting you.
I walked around.
You always sulk.
It's my head.
What kind of dress is that?
She was my size, don't worry about it.
Put it down, quick.
What else should I remove?
Do you still keep your armor?
The dead one, too, did
you accommodate her here?
You loved him. And
she fired you. That is all?
Don't you prefer beer with ham and butter?
Yes, but when I start
an empty investigation,
I continue in white.
There are empty
investigations like calva or beer.
She, I started white.
- Refreshments?
- Sandwiches are, I had my account.
Walking crane from morning to evening.
So we listen to you.
She spends her days in her office,
comes out for lunch with clients.
He is shooting a film in Billancourt.
They meet in the evening, late.
Restaurant, night club
Last drink at home, as a
couple with friends or with friends
and the lord comes quietly
home to sleep with his mother.
Did you go to the bride?
She left me for a while.
Did you make a representative
in the vacuum cleaners?
No, in the insurance contract.
Police, of course.
It's a big apartment
rented to her by her fianc.
Half empty, strange. The
shutters are always closed.
Even the day.
No, blind spot, it's their
connection to Louise.
Don't you want to follow him?
Once at my new address
with my future husband.
Oh well? I wish you all the best.
To miss,
- Can I buy you coffee? - If you want.
- I had a boyfriend like you. - Like me?
In his style.
And what is my type?
Good kind or bad kind?
- Can I offer you a cigarette?
- No, thanks.
Are you looking for a job?
So, Commissioner, are we crazy?
It calms me down, don't be angry.
I don't know anyone else
like you in Paris. Trust me?
You're big enough. Do what you want.
There was my first investigation.
A drowned woman we knew nothing about.
The newspaper called her
"Unknown from the Seine."
- It's nice.
- No, it wasn't nice, believe me.
After a few weeks at
the bottom of the water.
I thought more than she did.
Even at night in my dreams
or rather my nightmares.
I'm Ulysses.
V Odyssey.
He is enchanted by sirens that
pull him to the bottom of the sea.
Rent, I intend to return it to you
as soon as I find a good place.
The girl wants to introduce me to someone.
Her fianc. Yes! He should offer me a job.
It is funny. This woman knew
the girl who lived in my room.
Her name is.
No, Nadine.
- It's her, it's the same.
- Did you tell him about me?
Why would I?
- Did she tell you about me? - Never ever.
Where is your meeting?
- At her. - He has to pick me up by car,
I don't know if I'm going.
And why not?
It's late, I don't think it's right.
- You go, it's important. - For who?
- For me. - Go alone!
No, find an excuse for
the car. I'll take you there.
- Why should I listen to you?
- Because you're a cop?
Yes that's it. Dirty cop!
Come on, don't worry.
"It's my head."
What do I get in return?
This is for a dead girl,
what are you doing?
What's the point of being dead?
Listen to me.
If you are uncomfortable or don't
worry, don't hesitate to run away.
- What things? - Things.
You send me a wolf in
your mouth, don't you.
I'm not sure. I hope not.
They made me drink and made me do things.
With her. Both on the couch.
He didn't touch me. He touched
himself while looking at us.
She did to me what he asked with
his mouth, his tongue, his fingers.
Work, that was it.
He paid five thousand bills.
And I forgot them when I left.
What a pitcher!
Why didn't you run away earlier?
I do not know.
Maybe I liked it.
How are u?
She sleeps. I lent him a nightgown.
- I couldn't leave her alone.
- You did well.
He had it rolled up from his sleeve.
- You give her back, she didn't steal them.
- Turn it off, you know.
Yes, I know.
- No, tomorrow morning. - Yes.
Let her sleep.
- Milk, sugar? - Thank you, no.
Good toast with mirabelle plum jam?
My sister wears them from home.
No, nothing, thank you. It wouldn't work.
Sorry about the mess in the bedroom.
- I did not notice.
- Used for everything except sleep.
If you want to stay a few days
- That's nice, thank you.
- I'm already accommodated.
- We don't receive often.
- Didn't you have children?
Madame Maigret and Betty talk and laugh.
I have additional results
for the Louvire Louise file.
The findings are surprising.
After rupture of the cervix,
succumbed to breathing difficulties.
Therefore, those of his
lungs indicated asphyxiation.
We see it here. Odontoid rupture
and diaphragmatic nerve injury
probably due to the fall occurred earlier
and definitely elsewhere.
With the related alcohol level
for the opiate you told me about,
accidental loss of balance is not excluded.
I feel like you're worried, my good lord.
He also received a chest x-ray.
Your radios.
You smoked like a chimney,
but not a shadow of a stain.
The dawn of the first holy communion!
He could have told you
you didn't have much time.
Come celebrate, I invite you to share
my blood duck docks at Tournelle.
- We could wash it with Pommard.
- That's nice...
Go if. The duck died of
suffocation and was not bleeding,
in it is all subtlety.
And allows you to extract carcass juice
to the last drop of blood
and tie to the sauce.
Albert Janvier told me you were here.
Sir, can we continue?
- I have not been here for a long time.
- Are you accompanying me?
Of course.
She should be twenty too.
Twenty years.
- We're getting married.
- We've decided to move the date forward.
Why not? If you love each other.
I wanted to see you
again to clarify some points.
As for the presence of Louise Louvire
on the evening of your engagement.
We have already answered you.
She could come, but you didn't see it.
She had to leave alone and have a bad date.
Yes. A stranger who offered him a drink.
She wouldn't do that.
Not a girl like her.
Maybe you knew her.
This version of the facts is stated
injured by the autopsy results.
Louise Louvire is not dead chest injuries
of the abdomen.
Do we have to endure such details?
I have accepted your participation,
but please do not intervene.
She did not die in Batignolles,
but rather in the evening,
a inde.
She's dead
in rupture of the
cervix, called "whiplash",
occurred after the fall,
perhaps by accident.
The victim's body was
therefore moved, transported,
and only then did he hit
a series of stab wounds.
That is to say, we should
disguise the accident as murder.
In principle, quite the opposite.
I don't know where you're coming from.
Neither do I tell you the truth.
I'm in the dark, I'm groping.
Sir, you would have left
from the reception for a while,
just before midnight.
Really, I was indisposed.
- I was upset. - Leave me alone!
I was also absent.
He joined my son so I
could see if he wasn't sick.
The mother is often worried.
You kept it
with Louise Louviere an intimate
relationship between them.
Relationship in a trinity
I do not understand.
I imagine a large apartment Alboni Square.
WHERE it would take place
parties with naive, influential girls,
caught by a combine harvester.
Evenings that the law can
not sanction, not even morals.
At least mine.
Apart from that young
booty, they don't always agree
and little Louise,
in particular, he was a minor.
And that's where it changes.
These anticipated evenings, M. Maigret,
it's a little thin to "imagine" them.
Louise Louvire
he can no longer testify, but others could.
Those that preceded
and those that followed.
Very recently, I believe, certain Betty.
I'm sorry, but why are you getting married?
If you can't touch a woman's body?
That's enough! We'll stay there.
Master Delaunay, family lawyer.
- We've already crossed.
- The Lachaume case.
- Good memory. - Bad memory.
We should give the framework
more formal to your interrogations
- if they should continue.
- We'll take care of it.
The master.
Are you left?
Yes, why ask?
With such people, a wall
of silence can sustain life.
They have it all planned
down to the smallest detail.
So what? Case closed?
- No no. - You shoot too fast and too hard.
I hear it, it goes "ha ha"
and it has to go "poc poc".
You understand?
Give me that.
It's not complicated, do you hear? Pok pok.
This one.
Go a little slower.
More timid.
So not so straight.
As if you were in danger of falling. So.
Come back to me.
Do not look forward to lower your eyes.
That's it, that's good.
Yes it is good.
I want to ask you something.
Say it.
Silk stockings, can I keep them then?
We'll see.
Pane pani.
Jeanine and Laurent sing.
Nothing at all, BUT ISAYS FOR A LONG TIME.
Guess how lucky...
Leave me alone!
Did she fall there, Louise?
Did your wife hurt you?
You should talk to me
don't you believe
For a moment, I believed
it in your little simulacra.
The return of the spirit.
Cinderella in a ball gown.
She came looking for
solace, she might feel loved.
Jeanine and Laurent believed she
had come to argue about her silence.
My son trained her towards
the stairs to force her
Share. She fell her
back, broken neck, dead.
They found Laurent lying next
to his body, unable to respond.
He wanted to call the police.
Not you?
He did not realize the consequences.
We wanted to ask him a
few annoying questions.
About Alboni Square parties.
Among others.
Dictated to my son to have behavior.
Transport the body,
leave it in a discreet place.
Immediately, without waiting.
We did that.
Not only.
No, not only.
My son has already returned to the car.
He didn't know I took a knife here.
- And then I hit her.
- Five times in a row.
Dead girl. What purpose?
We don't always know what you're thinking.
A matter of pure routine.
- Where's the knife?
- At the bottom of the Seine. I threw it.
What seems strange to me,
is to return to the same
place to celebrate the marriage.
After what happened here.
- Nothing happened here, nothing.
- It was an accident.
And my son listened only to me.
It was even he who kept
informing the police-rescue.
A killer who warns the police is common.
Is the murder hit someone already dead?
Seek the advice of your lawyer.
It's done.
I knew it.
If anyone is to be tried,
Mr. Maigret, it's me.
I'm not judging anyone, miss.
We will meet again to
record your statement.
On Now, you can go home.
And the newlyweds, of course,
will have to postpone honeymoon.
Without the death of this girl,
this absurd marriage would probably
never happen.
When are you coming?
It will be night.
Your parents will be surprised.
I don't know if they'll meet me with.
- It'll work well for you.
- I thought I'd keep her.
In memory.
You were perfect.
Thanks to you, I...
Thanks for what?
It's okay.
From all.
Does that mean you like me?
But yes.
As you are.
Be happy.
- Be happy too.
- Thanks.
Great music.
Are you dancing, miss?