Maimil (2001) Movie Script

Breathe deeply.
Close your left eye.
Read the letters.
- I. - Good.
The other eye.
Go on.
Very good.
Follow the hammer.
Look up...
Your nose...
Lower your shorts.
Turn around.
Son, get up. Hurry.
Go and fetch the motorbike.
Your father's left it
who knows where again.
Go on, or we'll find it in parts.
My God!
I've brought you home!
- You're my guest. - No, it's late.
Come in, I said!
Look at my son!
And remember him, okay!
You'll soon be gone from here.
That's better than gonorrhoea!
What's up?
You haven't seen our motorbike?
Hey, you're nuts!
Clear off, you jerk!
Clear off, I said!
Stupid idiot!
Calm down now!
I didn't deserve this!
I'll never calm down! You hear me?
Dad, come on, stop it!
Damn kid! Stay out of this!
Get your hands off!
It's two against one, is it?
Stop it, dad.
Get your hands off, I said!
Come on, Serioja, faster!
Pedal harder!
Look out!
You're out of your mind!
Scared you, huh? What a joke!
Hand over the goods!
What goods?
Don't try that with me!
Fuck, are you nuts? You lost your mind?
You fell off the merry-go-round?
- Maybe you've got some?
- Give us a break!
- What's in your pocket?
- Nothing at all.
- Maybe you've got some, Chimp?
- What?
No kidding?
I don't get it.
Come on, we were kidding.
Come on, get it out.
You little show-offs!
Before national service,
we could have some fun.
Fun? Like hell!
We need to fuck!
If not, you break out in zits!
How about you, Chimp...
Ever screwed a girl?
Don't call me that!
You still haven't?
Like this.
What now?
Serioja, I messed up. Your turn.
Come on, Serioja.
This one, here...
That one, there...
spread your fingers.
Like this...
Look, a new pattern.
Like this.
"Mirror, mirror, on the wall..."
Well, tell me!
What's wrong?
Nothing, forget it.
Where's Vika?
She's coming. Shall we go?
You could have warned me!
I didn't see her!
- Why did you hit him?
- No reason.
- There is, tell me! - Forget it...
Ladies! Get lost!
Who is it?
You don't recognise me?
As stupid as ever!
Go away.
Come on.
Didn't you understand?
What do you want?
Go to hell!
We had a good dance, huh?
The music's great!
Hey, a bald man with a comb!
He invented this.
Here, let me try.
Go on, I'll pull it.
Let go.
Promises, promises!
I'm going to give it to you!
What are you going to do?
Saida is mine!
Why am I punished like this?
It's a curse!
Jylkytchy, I'm tired.
Nothing interests you:
Neither me nor the children.
You don't need anyone now.
You just need a bottle.
Stop it.
No, I won't stop!
How long do we have
to put up with this?
It's like talking to a wall!
When will you stop drinking?
What an example for the kids!
Your son's off to the army soon.
I've had enough.
Take your feet out!
Where did you spring from?
It's good to see you, son.
- When do you leave?
- When I get my papers.
So, have you got laid before you leave?
Because I...
Stop pulling his leg!
I'm not pulling his leg!
Hold on! Get off my back!
Got anything? My head aches.
Stop lagging behind! Come on!
Coming, boss!
Hold this.
This goes into the tube...
This'll set us up.
We were wasted last night.
It's clear something's up.
Hello, Katia.
Hello, Kolia.
Good day to you!
How are you? You were waiting for me?
You want to give me a flower?
You're the prettiest of all!
Unless you were expecting
someone else?
Stop playing the clown!
She's really beautiful!
I didn't lie to you, huh?
Holy cow! Let me see!
Hey, what's that?
Hand it over. Come on, hand it over!
Here, Serioja!
No touching!
Let me see!
Look who's here!
Do we show him?
Let's play a trick on him.
Want to see something?
Want to see them for real?
Say something!
Which one d'you like?
What about this one?
Zina's coming!
- You want to screw her?
- You bet!
How about me, you jerk?
I'll help you down.
Hey, I'm not a package!
I bet he did her all night...
I'd give her one too...
Zina! Hey, Zina!
How about a ride
on my inspection car?
Go play with yourself, asshole!
I guess that means no!
Give me a break!
Here are the girls!
Hi, where are the others?
Been waiting long for us?
So, are you ready? Let's go!
Why is it so dark in here?
What are you doing?
- Put the light on! - Wait!
Where's the record?
Ah, here it is.
- Shall we put it on?
- Yes, put it on.
We'll listen to it.
We shall arise at the end of the night.
And together, eye to eye,
We shall greet the dawn light.
Look at this world,
with its clear blue sky...
- Jyldyz! - What?
What's the matter?
- Want to dance? - Yes.
You're very pretty today.
You think so?
Want to dance?
D'you like the music?
Roussik, cut it out.
Maksate's outside...
calling for Jyldyz.
I don't know what he wants me for.
- Tell him that she...
- Tell him yourself.
Here's baldy!
Let's talk.
- What's wrong, guys? - Nothing...
Hit him!
Bastard! Scum! Let go of me!
Look out, the cops!
Halt! Stop right there!
Split up!
When will you draw my rose?
Draw it for me now. Come on!
Hey... When are you going
to draw it for me?
Give me a break.
You promise me every day...
You promised yesterday too...
- I'm going to do it! - Liar!
Go and get a spoon.
I have to tell you every time.
I'm going.
What's wrong?
There's something inside my shirt!
Take it off! And stop yelling!
Come on, that's enough!
There's nothing there.
What's wrong with you?
What's going on?
I don't know.
He was thrashing around like crazy.
Look at her, mum. It was her!
Come on, cut it out!
Are you going to cut it out?
After, you say it's me
but it's always the same!
She's only little. She's playing...
What's all the noise about?
Calm down! That's enough!
In a temper, are we, baby?
We're in a temper
because we're touchy.
Leave me alone!
At ease!
- Zina, let me touch!
- Get lost, asshole!
Chourik, hurry it up!
Won't be long, Zina, baby!
Working hard, boys? Hi.
Hi, boss!
Hi, boss!
Where were you, you idlers?
We'll do a great job, boss!
I'm out of here, guys.
Fucking sick of waiting!
Zina, don't go!
- Just wait! - The hell I will!
Get lost!
Drop dead, you worm!
Get off my back!
What's up with you?
Fuck you!
You can't keep a slut like her?
You're useless!
Get lost! Just piss off, okay!
Boss, we could take her back
to the crossing...
- Forget it.
- That's not gentlemanly...
The assholes! They can all drop dead!
Where have they brought me?
Morons! I'm fucking sick of it!
Chourik asked me to take you back.
Huh? He told you to take me back?
You can drive this? You're a good kid.
Don't make me fall off, okay!
The tree flowers
in the meadow by the stream
A boy now dwells
in my soul and my heart
And I love him madly,
it's tearing me apart
But I cannot tell him:
That all remains a dream...
But I cannot tell him:
That all remains a dream...
He lives carefree days
and he will never see
That a young girl
thinks of him to her woe
Down by the stream,
the tree is all a-glow
A young girl's love
lives for all eternity
A young girl's love
lives for all eternity
And Zina's love is stronger each day...
Don't worry, I'm not going to touch it!
What's wrong with you?
What's the matter?
Are we there or have we stalled?
You can't even manage
to take me back!
So, are you out of gas...
or out of juice?
Arrivederci, kid!
Out of juice!
Where to, beauty?
I'm going where love carries me!
And when it stops carrying you,
a car can come in handy!
I'll put the weapons away!
Can it carry my weight?
- Don't worry. - Stop bragging.
Okay, you're not scared?
I've seen worse.
Climb in!
Stop messing about.
Come on, drive!
Sure she's here?
- Which way? - Through that door.
The poplars are covered in moss
My love has gone
and I feel a sense of loss
I've lost my love,
I've lost my friend so dear
I'm off to find her,
wait for me here
I've lost my love,
I've lost my friend so dear
I'm off to find her,
wait for me here
We'd been friends for so long...
I wait at the window
but the postman never comes...
Hi! We'd like a bottle of booze.
You won't give us any?
- Please... - Not on your life!
We'll pay you tomorrow!
One bottle won't make any difference!
- I said no! - I'm begging you.
Know how much you already owe me?
You'll have the money tomorrow!
I said no. Close the door.
The old cow!
What for?
Knock! Break down the door!
Your son's come to call?
Off to the morgue...
Hold on!
What's wrong with you?
I don't understand.
Don't move, you hear me?
We can talk.
Don't touch him! He's my son!
- Get out of here!
- That's right, get lost!
Hey, kid, wait!
Let me talk to him!
- Forgive me...
- I don't believe you anymore.
I've shed so many tears...
You only care about vodka!
Your soul's steeped in vodka...
You've forgotten your kids...
You've forgotten your family...
I can't go on...
Do you call this a life?
I'm sick of it!
Maybe it's better this way...
We'll live apart...
Alone, maybe you'll become someone...
Come here.
What are we waiting for? Let's go!
- Miss... - He's paying.
Where are you going?
I have to let them know at work.
Say, you went a bit too far yesterday!
You work when you feel like it?
I can't stay today.
- Who'll do your work?
- Mind your own business!
What did you say? Repeat that!
I'll smash your face in!
Hey, you're like two dogs!
That's enough!
I'm going to kill you!
You're out of you mind!
Calm down!
I'll waste you!
Boss, the train! The train!
Get lost!
Don't raise your hand to me, pal, okay?
Come on, calm down!
Don't touch me!
Don't touch me, you hear!
Calm down!
I'm an asshole? I'm going to waste you!
You made me look like a jerk!
That's enough!
You're no longer my pal, okay!
Chourik, give me the flag.
Here's your flag!
Mind it doesn't fall.
- Is that all?
- The inspection car.
Katia, can you bandage him?
Move aside.
Three aces!
We know that trick!
I'll show you another! Watch!
You take the cards,
you shuffle them well...
The fakir's drunk!
- He screwed up!
- Wait, watch this!
You shuffle them...
It's a trick you don't know.
I'll show you!
- We know it, pain in the ass!
- Wait!
Go on: Pick a card.
Remember it, okay?
Put it back in the pile.
I take them back,
I shuffle them twice,
and drop them on the floor like this.
Is this the one?
You saw?
Teach me.
Go for refills while I'm in the moods.
- There's vodka! '- I'm ready!
So, are you going to show us?
Fetch the booze, okay!
It pisses me off to go alone.
Come one, let's go!
Let's go!
Okay, boss, we'll be right there!
Thank you...
Thank you for not abandoning
your father...
Look at me!
Look at me!
You're not drinking, are you?
Son, your mother and I have been
together 20 years.
It was me who fed you, raised you...
I never once shouted at you...
You hear what I'm saying?
Are you listening?
Do I really drink that much?
Or do I do things that I shouldn't?
- Why did she leave? - Stop it!
- Sit down. - No, I won't sit down!
You're still a kid!
- No, I won't sit down!
- Sit down, I said!
Sit back down!
Get out of here! Go on, go!
Who are they?
Piss off, you fucker!
What's wrong with you?
I'm going to waste you!
Get lost, all of you!
Get out of here!
You won't get it!
You won't either!
Roussik, don't eat it!
Vika, kiss him.
Hey, I want to too!
They're stuck like glue!
Come on, that's enough!
Who wants to learn to kiss?
Me, me, of course!
Some blindfold me!
Who's that? Is it Nellia? Ah, it's Saida!
Not too tight!
There, all set!
It's tight!
Jyldyz, be careful!
They're like toads!
They're so greedy!
He never gets enough!
Hey, that hurts!
You've had your fill. That'll do!
What's wrong with you?
That really hurts!
What do you want?
That's enough!
What a jerk!
How about some music?
We'll put this on, okay?
How's your backside?
I love you!
I thought you were dead.
I died the day I was born.
Have you ever loved anyone?
I love Zina...
And I'm leaving her today.
You want to die?
No, she's the one who wants to die.
The poplar looks weird...
Apart from me, no one loves her,
poor thing.
I'd be glad to marry her...
but will she want to?
Salyn, what's that?
A fir e...
Quick, give me a bucket!
Here she is, the slut!
My God!
...because tomorrow I shall leave
At first light to join the army
And in the army...
What the hell is this? No smoking!
Get back to your seats!
No smoking in the whole carriage!
What are these cigarettes?
Rules forbid it!
And this guitar? Give it to me!
Put your things up there!
What's this on the floor for?
Your name?
- Where are you from? - Naryn.
Sit down.
Stand up! Your name?