Main Atal Hoon (2024) Movie Script

The situation has gotten worse,
Mr. Prime Minister.
Those are Pakistani soldiers
pretending to be Mujahideen's.
There is no change
in ground conditions, sir.
And now, they have begun shelling.
They have also captured
several of our security posts.
They are gradually trying
to take over Kargil.
We want peace,
the world has been witness to it.
But what measures are we prepared
to take to uphold that peace
the world shall witness that now.
We can take over every city,
every landscape,
every inch of Pakistan if we want.
But no.
Our culture and our values
forbid us.
We are not so frivolous.
We must teach those leeches
the definition of freedom.
Sir, Musharraf is threatening
with a nuclear attack.
If that's the case,
they will not see
the sunrise tomorrow.
Before the ice melts,
victory shall be ours.
Mr. Prime Minister, sir.
Pakistani PM is on the line.
While I was extending
a warm welcome
to you in Wagah,
and spreading the message of peace
to the entire world.
You were preparing
to stab me in the back.
Please, Vajpayee sir. Believe me.
I am helpless.
General Musharraf doesn't listen
to anyone.
Whether he listens to anyone or not,
Nawaz sir.
I am afraid that
Pakistan might cease
to exist because of him.
Look, Vajpayee sir, please...
Those who conspire
to annihilate us should know,
playing with fire
is always dangerous.
Those who dream of burning down
others' homes
often face the same fate themselves.
I pray for your well-being.
Whenever he made complete statements
with his eyes half closed,
his voice would echo across
the seven seas.
Although he was mild-mannered,
but with his poems,
he would convey such strong emotions,
which would leave
his listeners speechless.
"I am Atal."
Look, Atla is back too.
What happened?
Tell us something.
- Why did he leave like this?
- Atla.
Good God.
What is wrong with Atla?
I worked hard memorising
every word.
Without looking, without hesitating,
I successfully recited the speech
in front of the mirror several times.
But the way everyone
was staring at me.
I went completely blank on stage.
Well, son. Listen carefully.
You forgot your lines
because you had memorised them.
When you understand the topic
of the speech,
then words will automatically
come to you
and reach your audience.
And not in the mirror,
look straight in their eyes.
If someone stares at you,
then stare back harder!
When your eyes meet,
they will start to believe
and also listen to you.
From now on,
I will never write my speeches.
Are you just saying that,
or do you mean it?
I meant every word I said, father.
I'm determined.
Determined is not good enough.
Is your decision "Atal" (Firm)?
Yes. My decision is firm.
"The Taj Mahal. This Taj Mahal."
"The anxious tide of Yamuna in tears."
"As she flows..."
"When the whole country
shed tears,"
"that's when the Taj Mahal
was assembled."
"Taj Mahal. This Taj Mahal."
"Hindu at heart and mind."
"Hindu I am."
"Every inch of my body is Hindu.
"This is my identity."
"Hindu at heart and mind."
"Hindu I am."
"Every inch of my body is Hindu.
"This is my identity."
"I am wrath of Shankar,"
"that can annihilate this universe."
"I am that deafening sound
which is the prelude to a massacre."
"Hindu at heart and mind."
"Hindu I am."
"Every inch of my body is Hindu.
"This is my identity."
"Hindu at heart and mind."
"Hindu I am."
"Every inch of my body is Hindu.
"This is my identity."
"That's who I am."
- Atal.
- Yes.
Not just in Bateshwar,
but your poems are being
in other branches around Agra.
Thank you, Acharya ji.
Will you come to Nagpur?
Will I get to see Hedgewarji?
Look. Golwalkar Guruji.
- Where?
- There. In the front.
Yes, I can see him.
And there's Deen Dayalji.
Over there, on the left.
In the black coat.
I see him.
Very good, Atal.
You seem to know everyone.
Do you come here often?
This is my first trip to Nagpur.
But the one I really
want to see
has been eluding me.
Then there is a big chance
of getting disappointed.
I've heard Hedgewarji
hasn't been keeping well.
I feel it's difficult for him
to grace this event.
If what you are saying is true,
then there's a chance
for you to be disappointed.
The Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh,
spreads awareness and togetherness
in the society based on truth.
So until someone tells you,
"Respected Hedgewarji is unwell,
and today's event is cancelled".
I won't believe anyone.
You are absolutely right, Atal.
Look, he's here.
When the passion of
building a nation
rages in your heart,
even a body that's unwell
takes centre stage.
The doctors have advised me
to rest at home.
That is why I came here.
Because this is my home
and the Sangh is my family.
Even in this event,
I can see One Hindu Nation.
Minorities, majorities,
low caste, high caste,
religion, creed...
The Sangh is far above all of them.
Atal! Come out!
Come out.
What happened?
Over here.
What happened?
There exists more love and care
amongst us Swayam Sevaks,
than we have for our families.
We must spread this emotion further.
And help India develop.
Whether I continue to exist or not,
India must always continue to exist.
The country's responsibility
is now on your shoulders.
Stay back.
Get back property.
Since when?
Out of my way!
This is Indian soil.
And everything here belongs to India.
Can I offer you a eye checkup?
On behalf of the British Raj?
Can you turn around?
I want to see if your vision
is as clear as it needs to be
to be walking on the streets
without a pair of glasses.
Which country's flag
do you see up there?
Is it India?
Then walk on.
Because everything standing on this soil
belongs to us.
Atal Bihari. Prem Bihari.
Take them in.
Let's go.
What have they done?
They hoisted a flag
on government property.
Take them along.
Come on.
when a criminal goes to jail,
he comes out reformed.
But when a revolutionary goes to jail,
they set out on the path of
reforming the nation
after being released.
I even went to jail
for the nation's freedom.
But a nation's freedom is
as important as the freedom
of every person.
This is my friend Subodh Mehto.
He is made to sit
in the back of the class.
Because he comes
from a backward class.
And we are made to sit in the front.
Because I am a Brahmin.
If the teacher discriminates
between his students,
then the student who is
the future of our country,
ever imagined how this
will affect him?
It's true that the
caste system has been passed down
to us from our ancestors.
But another fact that can't be denied
is that we are sons of this soil first.
If my caste, my religion
forbids me to stand beside you,
then I will be the first
to part with this sacred thread.
And I won't wear it back again,
until every onlooker starts to believe,
that those who wear this thread
those who don't, are equal.
Pass me the pamphlets.
Here. Take a pamphlet.
Please take one.
Sisters. Vote for me.
Thank you.
Vote for me.
You speak really well.
Thank you.
Some people talk a lot,
and you want to shut them up.
Such people are rare
who speak so nicely,
and you don't want to
stop listening to them.
But, I...
Atal Bihari.
Atalji, your speech was excellent.
People only spread hatred
in their speech.
But your speech was full of love
and care.
It was incredible to watch.
You are...
Pardon me, Rajkumariji,
but I didn't use words like
love, care, affection.
You did.
Your speech was full of
love for the nation.
There was concern for
the youth's future.
A message of love
for the caste system.
Every word you said reflected love.
Isn't it?
You can count on one vote.
"What did you convey through your eyes?"
"My heart's not in my control."
"Is this love or something else?"
"Whatever it is, let it be unsaid."
"When your heart began to sing,"
"my heart flows like a river
out of control."
"Is this love or something else?"
"Whatever it is, let it be unsaid."
"Like the kohl in my eyes,"
"without you,
my eyes lack lustre."
"You are like the moon,
and I am a tide."
"I feel strongly drawn towards you."
"You are beyond my imagination."
"I've tried so hard."
"Is this love or something else?"
"Whatever it is, let it be unsaid."
"When your heart began to sing,"
"my heart flows like a river
out of control."
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I haven't seen your
friend in college these last few days.
Is everything all right?
Her grandfather is unwell.
So the entire family has moved to Delhi.
I see...
It will be a few days till they return.
By moved I meant permanently shifted.
Rajkumari will be staying there.
See you.
Atla. What are you thinking, son?
Wish you could stay
a little longer.
That would have been really nice.
The Law College isn't owned
by your dear husband or my father.
I'll have to go whenever it reopens.
And anyway,
I want to be alone forever.
Fine. As you wish.
I made these Laddoos for you.
Take it.
So many?
They will either go to waste,
or I will put on weight.
Keep it, son.
It's a sweet, after all.
Some new friend of yours
will try to grab it.
- As you wish.
- Goodbye.
Travel safely, son.
Where are the others?
Brother, before you leave for Kanpur,
you must solve their problem.
You must assure your sister-in-law.
As soon as you finish studying law,
you must forsake your life of a celibate,
and enjoy the perks of married life.
Well, my decision
to never get married
wasn't only because of you.
I've my own reasons for it.
Where is father?
I don't see him around.
He's been missing since morning.
He will return once I leave.
- Safe journey.
- See you, mother.
Take care, son.
Travel safely.
Keep writing.
For years, we've all been admiring
the beauty of the Taj Mahal.
Through his poem,
Atalji, in his childhood,
made us realise the pain behind it,
through his verses.
So, imagine the capacity this man had,
to bring about a revolution
with his words
in his youth.
One man was afraid of
Atalji's fearlessness.
How was your journey?
You? Here?
Yes, me. Here.
Come in.
I knew you would come to meet me.
But I didn't know
you would make all these arrangements.
- My, dear father.
- Yes.
Only students can stay
in the dormitory at night.
So, you must make arrangements
for your stay.
You think I came here to meet you?
You don't want to get married.
So you can travel wherever you like.
But I spent many years
providing for my family.
So, I have several
unfulfilled wishes.
Just like you've arrived
at the next stage of your journey.
Similarly, I've come here
to study law after my retirement.
Is this for me?
Must be for me.
You don't trust me at all, do you?
Why do you feel I won't
give you occasions
to be proud of me? a father-son relationship,
the biggest dilemma is
their ideologies don't match.
So I am here to be your friend.
Because the best quality of
a friendship is,
whether your ideologies match or not,
but friendship always prevails.
Have a Laddoo.
Sufiyan Siddiqui. From Lucknow.
Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
From Bateshwar.
I am Krishna Bihari Vajpayee.
From Bateshwar.
You two don't look like brothers.
No. I don't even know him.
How can you not know me?
He is my son.
My son.
#Classical song
Keep writing, Mr. Krishna.
If you don't increase your speed,
then your childhood dreams
won't come true in this old age either.
At least I didn't take a leave.
Look at my sincerity, professor.
Your son didn't show up,
but he's sent his completed notes.
Where is he?
I have a question.
Why aren't the Golgappas of Kanpur,
as round as the Golgappas of Agra?
Do you want to discriminate
in Golgappas now?
I am not discriminating.
- Just a question...
- Hear ye. Hear ye. Hear ye.
Today at 7 pm, Chinar Mosque,
an event has been organised
for Mohammad Ali Jinnah sir.
The clergy has sent a notice.
And all the men from the community
are supposed to attend.
Hear ye. Hear ye. Hear ye.
Jinnah sir wants a separate nation.
Why don't they ask the people
what do they want?
They have already pitted
the people against each other
on religious grounds.
The golden bird will soon be free.
the British don't clip her wings
before they leave.
And now the time comes, when...
in full measure, and not substantially.
At the stroke of the midnight hour,
when the world sleeps,
India will awake to light and freedom.
-Hello, friend
At the dawn of history,
India started on her journey...
Uncle. Congratulations.
The country is free.
Congratulations to all of you.
What did Panditji say in his speech?
Panditji said many things.
But he said it in English.
I didn't understand a thing.
The least you can do
is offer us some tea
on the occasion of our freedom.
Absolutely. Here you go.
Atal. Letter from Nagpur.
All good?
It's so nice to breathe
in an independent India.
Right, friend?
What happened?
You look more disappointed
than the British.
Golwalkarji has written a letter
calling me to Lucknow.
Is it good news or something else?
You will have to tell me that.
If my father is really my friend,
then he must understand...
I want to dedicate all my time
working for the Sangh.
Total dedication.
Without any hesitation.
I want to completely dedicate myself
to the Sangh.
And the only hurdle in my path is
how will I make it possible?
When I have to worry
about how much
you worry about me.
No one could ever stop a glorious person
from spreading his glory.
One who has set out on
the path of truth,
can not be stopped
by any father or son.
Go on.
Go and give me many occasions
to be proud of you. your decision solid.
The decision is firm.
God bless you.
Take care, Atal.
And keep visiting.
We may not meet too often...
Every 15th of August says,
this independence is incomplete.
Dreams are yet to come true.
The oath taken is yet to be fulfilled.
The bodies that formed a path,
leading India to freedom,
are still unrecognised.
There is a feeling
of despair everywhere.
They satiate hunger with ammunition
and the deprived with arms.
Through parched notes,
they make them shout violent slogans.
Lahore, Karachi, and Dhaka
have been gripped with grief.
From Pakhtun to Gilgit,
everyone is still under slavery.
The day isn't far,
when we'll make
this divided nation one again.
From Gilgit to the Garo mountains,
we will celebrate one festival
of independence.
We will celebrate one festival
of independence.
Today at 5:12 pm, Mahatma Gandhi,
the Father of the Nation,
was shot at point-blank range,
three times.
And he died fifteen minutes later.
What happened?
Atal, someone called Godse
has murdered Bapu.
There is a rumour that Godse was
a member of the for a few days.
This way.
No, no.
What are you doing?
Let's escape through the back door.
From falling stars,
emerged new tunes of spring.
New seeds emerged
from the heart of stones.
The yellow leaves have shed,
and the cuckoo's begun to sing.
I can see the glow of dawn over
the horizon.
New songs I sing.
New songs I sing.
Can anyone hear the sighs
of broken dreams?
The dilemma in my heart,
reflects in my eyes.
Never give up will I,
pick a new battle each time.
I create and obliterate
in the face of destiny.
New songs I sing.
New songs I sing.
What happened, Deen Dayal sir?
Did I make a mistake?
What can I say, Atal?
I don't know where to begin.
I thought you bestowed me
with the responsibility
of running Rashtra Dharam press
because of my fearless writing.
or in a state of excitement,
if I have overstepped my boundaries,
then I apologise.
Good God.
Deen Dayal sir,
your position in my life is higher
than that of my father.
Instead of disappointing you
I would rather tender my resignation.
I thought in a couple of years,
through the Rashtra Dharam newsletter,
we'll spread the message of the Sangh
in every corner of the nation.
But in a matter of months,
you...shook the government.
I didn't understand.
What you wanted to give me,
now the central minister
Sri Shyama Prasad Mukherjee
will be giving to the government.
Resignation letter.
He wants to join us
and start a new political party.
Golwalkarji has called you to Nagpur.
To meet Shyama Prasadji.
What is your opinion?
Should we take the leap?
You know the country is not safe.
That is why I tendered my resignation.
To lead India in the right direction,
the responsibility has
to be on the right shoulder.
Mukherjee sir, we are lucky
to have a patriot like you agree
with our ideologies.
But the Sangh
can never be a political party.
Our ideologies are not
for gaining political mileage.
What say, Atal?
Well...the government first thinks
about itself, and then the nation.
But the Sangh
only thinks about the nation.
Guruji, you have an organisation,
and I have a dream.
If we come together,
imagine where we can take the nation.
Even you know this.
I will...not be a part of any politics.
But I will not hurt the feelings
of millions of people
who are associated with the Sangh.
Who wants to bring
the nation together through politics.
I can support you
without quitting the organisation.
Thank you, Guruji.
Thank you.
Now watch the result
of the Sangh's decision.
The pace at which India
will move forward.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Meet the Sangh's bright member, Atal.
So you are the editor
of Rashtra Dharam.
So Mr. Editor.
Today marks the beginning
of your political career
along with editorial responsibilities.
I didn't understand.
We've to build the biggest political party
in the history of this world.
Will you join me?
- Shall we then?
- Yes.
"Let's hold our hearts, and take a vow."
"The nation will never bow, nor will we."
"What is life if we can't die
with our heads held high?"
"Blood if not shed for the nation,
is thinner than water."
"Let's write with our blood..."
"O Mother India, you come first always."
"All the luxuries
in the world come later,"
"my country comes first."
"The tricolour flag is our pride."
"We will lay down our lives for it."
"Jan Gan Mann Adhinayak Jaya He..."
"Your message comes first."
"All the luxuries
in the world come later,"
"my country comes first."
Solving the problems of all the refugees
who have come from Bangladesh
is the responsibility of this government.
But this government is doing nothing
for all the refugees from Bangladesh.
Now, we must take up this responsibility.
The members of Bhartiya Jana Sangh
are with you, say with me,
- Long live...
- Mother India!
- Long live...
- Mother India!
- Long live...
- Mother India!
Vande Mataram!
Vande Mataram!
Even after our collective efforts,
we've only received three percent votes.
What do we do, Atal?
Congress is a century old party,
Deen Dayal sir.
Give the workers of Akhil Bhartiya
Jana Sangh a little more time.
And watch
this three percent turn to 30.
I have faith.
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
- What do we want?
- Freedom!
- Long live...
- Mother India!
- Long live...
- Mother India!
- Long live...
- Mother India!
- Long live...
- Mother India!
- Long live...
- Mother India!
Take care, Mukherjee sir.
For the Bhartiya Jana Sangh,
Jammu and Kashmir is
an integral part of India.
One nation can never have two chiefs,
two democracies,
and two symbols.
Every worker of the Bhartiya Jana Sangh,
can lay down their life
for the unity of the nation.
- Long live...
- Mother India!
- Long live...
- Mother India!
- Long live...
- Mother India!
"One country, one symbol, one democracy."
I expect our voice will reach
the Parliament of India
and be heard.
How can an Indian need a permit
to set foot in Kashmir?
Hoisting a flag there is a crime.
I want to ask what sort
of independence is this.
Akhil Bhartiya Jana Sangh along
with the entire nation
strongly protests against section 370.
And I want to warn the government.
If our leader Shyama Prasad Mukherjee
doesn't reach Delhi,
then the consequences can be grave.
- Long live...
- Mother India!
- Long live...
- Mother India!
- Long live...
- Mother India!
- Long live...
- Mother India!
- One democracy.
- One symbol. One nation.
- One democracy.
- One symbol. One nation.
- One democracy.
- One symbol. One nation.
- One democracy.
- One symbol. One nation.
- Kashmir is India's...
- Integral part.
- One democracy.
- One symbol. One nation.
- One democracy.
- One symbol. One nation.
- One democracy.
- One symbol. One nation.
- One democracy.
- One symbol. One nation.
- Kashmir is India's...
- Integral part.
- Kashmir is India's...
- Integral part.
- Kashmir is India's...
- Integral part.
- One democracy.
- One symbol. One nation.
- One democracy.
- One symbol. One nation.
- Long live...
- Long live Shyama Prasad.
- Long live...
- Long live Shyama Prasad.
Even after achieving independence,
we've to give our life
to prove this is our country.
What sort of democracy is this?
To change this democracy,
we must win in this democracy, friend.
As for Kashmir.
The land where Mukherjee martyred.
That land of Kashmir is ours.
We must fulfil the unfulfilled dreams
of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee.
We must not cry now.
We've to stop the Congress.
Elections are around the corner.
To make the Jana Sangh's voice heard,
you must make it to the parliament.
After watching him from afar in several
gatherings of the Rashtriya
Swayam Sevak Sangh,
I decided to spend
the rest of my life close to him.
- Atalji.
- Yes.
- Advani.
- Please.
Normally, when people meet,
they say, "I've heard a lot about you".
But you're the kind of person
about whom I didn't just hear.
In fact, I've told others about you.
I've forced people to hear your poems.
Thank you, Advaniji.
Please, make 10 copies of it.
It must be circulated in all the offices.
Well, if you call me Lalji,
I will feel you wish
to be a good friend of mine.
Otherwise, just like
I suddenly appeared before you,
I will disappear from your sight.
No problems.
Lal Krishna Advani.
The true son of Hind from Sind.
Your presence has overwhelmed
this poet's heart with love.
Keep counting my friend,
how many times did I say Lalji?
By the way, where are you thinking
of contesting the elections from?
Not where.
Ask where not.
Lucknow, Mathura, and...
A warm welcome to
all the passengers in Balrampur.
Your attention please passengers.
- Greetings. Greetings, Atalji.
- Greetings.
I am Pratap Narayan Tiwari.
Jana Sangh's propogator.
Welcome to Balrampur.
As soon as I set foot,
Balrampur made the philosophy
of Socrates lick dust.
Now, even I will have to
bow before this land.
And pay tribute to it.
Let's go.
Come, Atal sir.
Hear ye. Hear ye. Hear ye.
People of Balrampur.
Give your precious vote to
Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee,
a candidate of Bhartiya Jana Sangh
from Balrampur,
and make him win with majority votes.
And light the lamp
of progress in Balrampur.
All those people...
Balrampur entrusted their faith in,
have ravaged you and left.
Even I am here
to snatch something from you.
Your disappointments
from fake promises made by politicians.
The angst inflicted upon by the
torturous landlords.
And the fear of people
who ruin your lives.
I am here to take away your grief,
pain, and fear.
I don't have ancestral wealth
or endless money.
The only thing I have
are the blessings of Mother India.
I don't want your money.
All I want from you is,
if you believe this thief
of your sorrows is speaking the truth,
then I want your blessings and love.
That's all.
Your little support
will give immense strength,
and Balrampur's courage will
overpower all those
who thinks he's the
powerful almighty.
"The saffron colour rages in my heart."
"The saffron colour rages in my heart."
"The saffron colour rages in my heart."
"The saffron colour rages in my heart."
"The saffron colour rages in my heart."
The next member is
Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
Respected Speaker
and Honourable Prime Minister.
Members of the ruling government
and to the opposition present
in the assembly, I extend my greetings.
I've been elected to the Lok Sabha
for the first time.
Lok Sabha comprising of 505 members.
Including 403 members
of Congress and their coalition.
102 members in the opposition.
And only four members
from the Bhartiya Jana Sangh.
You must be wondering.
What can this small number achieve?
But that's the luxury of democracy.
Whether you hear me or not,
but since we're lesser in numbers,
and according to the rules,
I will get more opportunities
and more time to speak
And you will all realise,
if India is a Kalpvriskha (Tree of life),
we are the roots of this massive tree.
I am one of those roots
and so is the Prime Minister.
I will request
the honourable Prime Minister.
To march forward with the ruling
and opposition members.
And turn this country
into a powerful nation.
Greetings, Panditji.
- Hello.
- You speak very well, young man.
I can see a bright future.
Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister.
Even I can see the future
of our country bright.
Someone was saying you write poems.
I write poems to spread love
and goodwill.
And write speeches
to turn inappropriate to appropriate.
Mark my words.
One day, he will be the PM of India.
In recent news,
China has declared war
on the borders of India.
The Chinese army has created
tough conditions
for the Indian army on the Ladakh
and McMohan Lines.
That was exactly my point.
Why weren't our borders secure
before we invited China?
Shame. Shame. Shame.
Three thousand of
our brave soldiers attained martyrdom.
The entire country has lost faith
in this government,
and the Prime Minister lost due
to his foreign policies.
Sad news for the people of India.
The first Prime Minister of India,
Sri Pandit Jawaharlal Nehruji
passed away this morning.
Nehruji remained the Prime Minister
of India for 16 years 9 months and 12 days.
I, Lal Bahadur Shashtri,
do solemnly affirm,
that I will bear true faith
and allegiance
to the constitution of India.
China has already focused their efforts
on building an atomic bomb.
Before our enemy strikes again,
we must become an atomic power.
Look at him.
A poet is out to build a bomb.
Pakistan has attacked Gujarat
and Kashmir borders.
The country is facing one attack
after another.
First China and now Pakistan.
Even the first Prime Minister
of the country said nothing.
And now even your government.
Word is that members
of your party are disappointed with you.
And they demand your resignation.
What are your comments about it?
- Shashtriji, any comments?
- Shashtriji.
- Shashtriji.
- Shashtriji, any comments?
I feel your party's valuable time
is busy with internal politics.
Before tendering your resignation,
you must know...
during this time of war,
Jana Sangh and the nation
is on your side.
In the war between India and Pakistan,
India emerged victorious
and has put an end to the war.
To stop the war between
both neighbouring countries,
Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shashtri
had arrived in Tashkent.
A few hours after signing
the Tashkent Treaty,
Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shashtri
passed away last night.
And it's also being said,
a demand has been made
to investigate his untimely death.
My dear brothers and sisters of Bengal.
The nation has suffered a grave loss
in the form of Shashtriji.
the war we won because of our soldiers,
was lost on a piece of document.
But letting Indira Gandhi
become the Prime Minister
is the beginning of dynasty politics.
I, Indira Gandhi, do solemnly affirm,
that I will bear true faith and allegiance
to the constitution of India.
And so Akhil Bhartiya Jana Sangh
must step forward as an opposition.
In the previous Lok Sabha elections,
we secured 34 seats.
Meaning our strength is more,
which they know.
So the government
will try to break our strength.
So we must come together
and abolish the Congress.
Put an end to Indira's rule.
The rate at which adversity
is increasing in our country,
Deen Dayal ji is touring India
at double the pace.
Today he will reach Patna.
Tomorrow we will call for
a public meeting.
Tell all the body members
and workers to start preparing.
- See you.
- Okay.
See you.
See you.
Atalji, what are you doing?
Let's go take a stroll.
I have much to do, Lalji.
A person can give his best,
when he takes proper rest.
Give your ideologies
a rest for some time.
Come with me.
Go where?
To watch "Saathi".
Lalji, is this my age to watch Saathi?
You misunderstand me.
I meant Rajender Kumar
and Vyanjanti Mala.
Come on.
"You are my love..."
"You're my spring..."
"You dwell in my sights..."
Hello. Jana Sangh office.
Hello. This is Sharma speaking
from the Patna Jana Sangha office.
Wait a minute.
This way.
Show me.
In recent news, the chairman
of Akhil Bhartiya Jana Sangh,
Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay was suddenly found dead.
Mr. Deen Dayal's body was found at
Mughal Sarai Station under suspicious conditions
But his death
has raised several questions.
I never hesitate to go
on long trips with you.
I know if I stop midway,
then my son shall carry
on to achieve the goal.
Ram is the only truth!
Anyone who raised their voice
against the government,
was suppressed.
The circumstances of Shyama Prasadji
and Deen Dayalji's deaths
have raised several questions.
And maybe these questions
will never be answered.
Now you must all decide.
Akhil meaning Complete.
But currently Akhil Bhartiya Jana Sangh
was feeling incomplete
without their leader.
On one side, the fear of death
was making people retrace their steps.
And on the other side,
the concern for the nation's long future,
was making someone march ahead.
- Long live...
- Mother India.
- Long live...
- Mother India.
- Long live...
- Mother India.
If treading down this path
means offering my blood
at the feet of Mother India,
then I am totally prepared
to accept this position.
- Long live...
- Mother India.
Why do you like cinema so much?
There's story.
You mean entertainment and dreams.
Why do you like it?
The joy and prosperity we imagine,
cinema shows it to us.
We believe what we see on screen.
There is one such screen
outside these movie theatres,
erected before the eyes of
the innocent people of the nation.
What they show them,
they believe it to be true.
Whenever I try to do something good
for the country,
they call me communal
and the people are told,
this Hindu party is
a threat to the country.
Whereas we can do better work
for the progress of this country.
But people won't see this truth
until we don't take this screen
of lies away from people's eyes.
With their slogan of abolish poverty,
Congress was elected to power again.
But the adversity in the country rose
to new heights.
People had no money to buy food
and Indira government had hiked
petrol prices to an all-time high.
Atalji was calm.
And this was his biggest strength.
Because whenever he was calm,
stormy ideas ploughed
through his mind.
-Leader of the country.
-Atal Bihari!
-Leader of the country.
-Atal Bihari!
-Atal Bihari says...
-Indira's reign his shaking
-Atal Bihari says...
-Indira's reign his shaking
-Atal Bihari says...
-Indira's reign his shaking
-Atal Bihari says...
-Indira's reign his shaking
The country is proud of how our
first Prime Minister of India,
governed the country post-independence.
Mr. Speaker.
But his party still couldn't produce
a capable leader in the centre.
And that's disappointing for all of us.
We've heard that the Prime Minister
spends most of her time
trying to handle her own coalition.
What is this language you are using?
This language won't be accepted.
And I believe watching us arrive
on bullock carts today,
the government can see
the condition of poverty in our country.
But you are not poor.
Then what is this display for?
Respected member,
there is a reason people have elected us.
And, if we're unable to execute
those duties,
then we've no right to assemble
in this building
and misuse the country's money.
Shame. Shame. Shame.
Are you looking to hitch
a ride back home, Atalji?
Reducing government expenses alone
won't make the country's situation better.
I completely agree with you,
Madam Prime Minister.
There is much work to be done.
As the MP of Manipur did
for women's rights.
I was appreciating her efforts.
I am happy to know,
that despite being unmarried,
you care for the women of our country.
I am not married,
but not a celibate either.
We mistake a milestone
for the destination.
We mistake a milestone
for the destination.
Our goals elude us.
Forgetting the future
in the illusion of the present.
Come let's light the lamp again.
Come let's light the lamp again.
Now I would like to request
our chief guest Atalji to come on stage.
And encourage the students
with a few words.
We should be encouraging this child,
who so beautifully recited
a poem written by me.
you are the future of this country.
In future, you will face hurdles
and challenges in life.
But humans must face every challenge.
When one dream is shattered,
build a new one.
Now I feel if I hadn't accepted
your invitation,
I would have missed meeting
your talented child.
That would have been a grave mistake.
there is another invitation for you.
What is that?
I know you are busy serving the country.
But if you can spare some time,
you can join us for lunch...
For afternoon meal.
I live nearby.
I apologise, dear.
I cannot come.
Come, Shiv Kumarji.
You see, I must fast all day today.
Only then can I enjoy tomorrow's
afternoon meal...
With you.
Make preparations. Atal Bihari is arriving.
Come, Shiv Kumarji.
Welcome Atalji.
- Take his blessings, dear.
- Greetings.
- It's a beautiful campus.
- Come on.
Thank you.
Come, Atalji. Welcome.
What is this?
I was surprised that
you remembered my poems.
But you even know that I love sweets.
You turned out to be a magician.
That's not all.
You were the President
of the student federation in college.
You started a movement against
the dowry system.
Don't believe in the caste system.
And much more.
You know everything about me.
Where did you gather
so much information about me?
Atalji, we often talk about you.
Discussions are an important part
of your life.
Relatives are bestowed on us
at birth.
The friends we make
in life are invaluable.
And if for some reason we part ways
and unite with that friend again,
then we are lucky.
This may sound weird.
I want you to be a part of my family.
I know as weird as it sounds,
it's easy for you to understand.
Because you were
always way ahead of your time.
So a progressive man like you
having a cordial relationship
with our family
shouldn't be a problem for you.
You are free to say no.
I will wait for an answer.
the wait has already been too long.
As for your question,
I'll answer it right now.
I've set out to build a friendly
relationship with the entire world.
And in these conditions,
if a person wants to make me
a part of their life,
part of their family, and if I say no,
then I will be going against
my own ideologies.
Kaul sir.
I spend a major part of my life
with people who make false promises.
So when a person who tells the truth,
and a truth that most want to conceal,
then having a relationship
with a family like yours
will be a matter of pride not just you,
but for me.
Come. Let's have lunch.
Come, let's eat.
Mr. Jethmalani, you may proceed.
The honourable
Prime Minister is in Europe
representing the country
at the international conference.
So I request the court
to grant her another date.
Permission granted.
The next hearing on 14th September.
Their case is getting stronger.
Do you get my point?
Inform madam.
She can get in trouble.
And yes, her government can crumble too.
Shimla Treaty.
Stockholm Conference.
Or the Bangladesh Liberation.
Whenever Madam Prime Minister
executed commendable tasks,
I appreciated it whole heartedly.
But now the head of the government
is accused of tampering
with the elections
and facing trial in the high court
as an accused.
What is he saying?
Those who came into power
with their slogan of abolishing poverty,
have become the prime reason
for poverty and unemployment.
You cannot blame the prime minister like this.
There's more.
Look at the level of misgovernance...
Look at the level of misgovernance,
Mr. Speaker.
Under the pretext of setting up
a motor car plant,
they are buying lands from the
poor at unreasonably less rates.
They are being deceived.
And the honourable Prime Minister
and his son are being accused
of this scam.
He is absolutely right.
Even after 27 years of independence,
people were dying of inflation
and starvation.
Remove Indira, Save the Country!
Remove Indira, Save the Country!
Remove Indira, Save the Country!
Several protests were done,
big and small.
But a total revolution was required
to shake the roots of Congress.
Under the leadership of Sri JP Narayan,
this total revolution created an uproar,
which made the entire country raise
their voice against Indira Gandhi.
Also, the Allahabad High Court,
found Prime Minister Indira Gandhi
guilty of tampering
with the votes at the Bariely elections
and banned her from assuming
any post for six years.
But instead of tendering her resignation,
she made an unprecedented announcement.
My brothers and sisters.
The President has declared an emergency.
There is no reason to panic.
The President has proclaimed
This is nothing to panic about.
Immediately after declaring
the emergency,
the fundamental and personal rights
of the common people,
journalists and artists were restricted.
On 25th June 1975 prominent
opposition leaders
who raised their voice against
the Indira government
were arrested under the MISA law.
During the emergency phase
which lasted for 21 months,
more than 10,000 people were sent
to jail without any proper trial.
Out of which 22 died in custody.
Around one million men
were forcefully castrated.
This emergency phase is a black spot
on the face of Indian democracy.
Seeing the anger of the people miffed
by the emergency.
two years later, on 23rd January 1977,
India announced elections,
due to which the emergency was lifted.
- Long live...
- Mother India.
- Long live...
- Mother India.
- Long live...
- Mother India.
- Long live...
- Mother India.
- Long live...
- Mother India.
- Long live...
- Mother India.
- Long live...
- Mother India.
Remove Indira, save the country!
Remove Indira, save the country!
Remove Indira, save the country!
Remove Indira, save the country!
Remove Indira, save the country!
After a century, have fanatics united...
Much to say and hear.
Let me breath in this air
so free...
Who knows how long
this freedom will last.
For the past two years,
the entire nation
has been turned into a jail.
People are being forced
to do things against their will.
In the name of controlling
the population outburst in the country,
men are being piled in vehicles
like livestock and forcefully castrated.
The pain and suffering a mother
and her son have caused the nation,
is beyond anyone's imagination.
Remove Indira, save the country!
Remove Indira, save the country!
The time has time to pull
these tyrants off their seats,
and bring them on the ground.
- Long live...
- Mother India.
And so no one treats this nation as their
ancestral property in the future again.
To break this illusion
a new party has been formed,
and it's called...
Janta Party.
No one can stop this nation
from treading down
the path of development.
No one!
Because it's not the leaders
of the Janta Party,
Sri Jayprakash Narayan,
or Chaudhary Charan Singh,
Morarji Desai, JB Kriplani,
George Fernandes,
or Lal Krishna Advani,
nor Atal Bihari Vajpayee...
But the people of this nation
are more eager to make India great.
- Long live...
- Mother India.
- Long live...
- Mother India.
- Long live...
- Mother India.
Under the leadership of Sri JP Narayan,
Janta Party has secured 345 seats
in the sixth Lok Sabha elections.
And for the first time
in the history of Indian politics,
a non-congress government
has emerged as the voice of the people.
And their Prime Minister will be.
I, Morarji Desai, do solemnly affirm,
that I will bear true faith
and allegiance
to the constitution of India.
that I will uphold the sovereignty
and integrity of India,
that I will faithfully
and conscientiously
discharge my duties as Prime Minister.
There used to be
a portrait of Nehruji here.
Where is it?
He was in the opposition...
I was the opposition.
He was the first Prime Minister of India.
Yes, sir.
Put his portrait back here.
Yes, sir.
And whenever you enter the Parliament,
you will join both hands
and pay your respects.
Put the portrait back.
On behalf of the people of India,
I bring a message of good wishes
for the United Nations.
India wants friendly relations
with all the nations in the world.
We don't want to establish
our sovereignty over anyone.
I want every man,
woman and children of this land,
don't have to face
any kind of pain or suffering.
We are all busy governing our nations,
and tend to forget that
the world is our family.
"Vasudev KutumbKamb."
(The World is one family)
Is an ancient inspiration for India.
And we firmly believe in it.
The day every nation
in this world understands this emotion,
every person in the world,
will never hesitate
to make sacrifices for the pride
and glory of human welfare.
Long live World. Thank you.
The news of External Ministries efforts
are featured in the news every day.
And thanks to Atalji,
India is earning accolades
in foreign lands as well.
Well...we're executing commendable
tasks at the political level.
But there is a personal
task that's still pending.
Come. Come with me.
Kaul sir.
Don't misunderstand me.
There is something that...
has been irritating me
for a couple of days.
What is the matter, Atalji?
Well, you made me
a part of your family.
Claiming that my ideologies
are progressive.
But the truth is we are all liars.
Without caring about the society,
I've extended my family.
But what sort of family is this,
where we keep track of each
other through the newspapers.
Well...we three will now look forward,
and not backward.
And I will believe this only when
we live like a real family.
But how is that possible, Atalji?
I've known Rajkumariji since
my college days.
And I see a friend in you.
And my extreme affection
for your daughter.
Aren't these valid reasons
to stay under one roof?
Don't misunderstand my request
for some minister's orders.
You are free to say no.
But I will await your answer.
I am a minister now,
but I don't have a family.
Madam sir.
Running a government with dozens
of coalitions is a tough job.
Governments last longer
when there is one strong support.
Even I have been
a firm believer in that.
In my opinion,
you must soon swear
in as the Prime Minister.
I, Chaudhary Charan Singh,
do solemnly affirm,
I solemnly pledge,
that I will
bear true faith
and allegiance
to the constitution of India.
There was much left to do, Lalji.
We had to show China
our role in the Vietnam War.
Make peace with Pakistan.
Peace talks were underway between
West Bengal and Bangladesh.
We recently came out of the emergency.
People had begun breathing the fresh air,
and they were strangled.
Put such a dreadful end
to Janta Party's efforts.
The majority members
of the Congress were right here,
to form a non-congress party.
When they go back,
all they will get is deceit.
Remember my words, Lalji.
What can we do?
What can we do, Atalji?
This is politics, Atalji.
It has more thorns than petals
in the path.
Then I don't want such politics,
where you're stabbed in the back.
I don't want it.
Then how do you want to go about it?
What happened with us now,
will happen again in the future.
Get used to it.
Otherwise, you can quit politics.
Quitting is the last thing I'll do, Lalji.
And others must get used to...
Seeing Atal Bihari Vajpayee fall
and rise again.
Among the quicksand
of political factions,
a lotus must bloom.
Everyone left Janta Party,
except for me who stayed.
Because I didn't want to shatter
the trust people instilled in me.
The dedication and determination
with which
each one of you have done service
in your sectors,
I observed
in the past few days.
Watching your love
and devotion towards the nation,
I can confidently say...
Whichever political party
such workers will be a part of,
nothing can stop them from becoming
the biggest political party in India.
I am a poet. I won't stop speaking.
And you will all listen quietly.
So enough with this silence,
and grace the gathering
with a few words of your own.
I am Pramod Mahajan.
From Mumbai.
I know, believe and follow you.
And want to work with you
in Delhi now.
Arun Jaitley.
During the 19 months of Emergency,
I prepared for my Law degree in jail.
My name is Sushma Swaraj.
People say I speak well.
Some say I speak a lot.
But the truth is I only speak the truth.
I extend a warm welcome to everyone
at the Bhartiya Janta Party.
Bhartiya Janta Party was formed in 1980.
But compared to this new party,
Congress was much larger,
stronger and had more control
in the Centre.
However, the misuse of power
can be unfortunate for oneself.
In 1984, Khalistani terrorist barged
in holy Golden Temple.
And to annihilate this threat,
the army was sent in
on Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's orders.
Operation Blue Star
completely angered the Sikh Community.
This morning, there was an attempt
on Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's life
at her residence in Delhi.
After the murder of Indira Gandhi,
an emotional India put her
son Rajiv Gandhi
on the Prime Minister's seat.
And BJP could secure only two seats.
Ideologies can be different,
but the goal was one.
Since 1948, the demand for Ram's Birthplace
was gaining mileage.
And instead of being disappointed
in the loss,
set out on the path of Ram's birthplace.
Call it a miracle
or the blessing of the Lord.
It wasn't just us, but the entire country
was under the trance of Ram's name,
that the Bhartiya Janta Party
and the population of India
were marching forward together.
"This fake world cannot be trusted."
"The only name you can trust."
"Jai Shree Ram. Jai Shree Ram.
Jai Shree Ram. "
"You wander around looking for Him,"
"but He resides in your heart."
"Jai Shree Ram. Jai Shree Ram.
Jai Shree Ram. "
"Under the trance of Ram,"
"we've forgotten everything else."
"The chant of Ram."
"The chant of Ram."
"The chant of Ram."
"The chant of Ram."
"The chant of Ram."
"The chant of Ram."
"The chant of Ram."
"The chant of Ram."
The poll results of
9th Indian Lok Sabha are being disclosed.
The ruling party Congress
have secured 197 seats.
Under the leadership of BP Singh,
who parted ways with Congress,
Janta Dal has won 143 seats.
As a result, Bhartiya Janta party,
who has only two seats,
are seeing positive results.
Bhartiya Janta Party have secured
their victory with 85 seats.
As a result, the Bhartiya Janta party
has emerged as the biggest majority
in the Lok Sabha elections.
"Jai Shree Ram. Jai Shree Ram.
Jai Shree Ram. "
"Jai Shree Ram. Jai Shree Ram.
Jai Shree Ram. "
"He's the one pulling all the strings..."
I am thinking of entrusting
the future of India in your hands,
and take a break.
Years later it's our turn
to call the shots, Atalji.
I won't let you go anywhere.
Now we'll form our government.
With the BJP and Janta Dal coalition.
And the country's dream
of Ram's birthplace will come true.
"Ram-Ram. Ram-Ram."
"The world is filled with lies
and deceit,"
"the only truth is Lord Ram."
"Ram-Ram. Ram-Ram."
"It's the beginning
of a change of a century,"
"every element chants
the name of Siya-Ram."
"Jai Siya-Ram. Jai Siya-Ram.
Jai Siya-Ram."
"Jai Siya-Ram. Jai Siya-Ram.
Jai Siya-Ram."
"Ayodhya is filled with light
as Shree Ram manifests Himself."
Jai Shree Ram...!
The prime minister could
have stopped this from happening.
He built his government
on their support,
and now he's using government
force against them.
This is the defeat of democracy.
Do what it takes.
But BP Singh's government must crumble.
The opposition wants to know
why we need Kar Sevaks?
I will tell them.
Arrange for a meeting.
I will come to Ayodhya.
The Honourable Court,
has given us the right
to do Kar Seva.
So there is no question of stopping.
We will do Kar Seva,
and we will do so
honouring the high court.
Jai Shree Ram!
Jai Shree Ram!
What is the meaning of Kar Seva?
The worship, veneration, chanting,
singing and service of Lord Ram,
which is done sitting down.
Who will sit on stones with sharp edges?
We must have even ground.
Turn it into a comfortable place.
And when venerations
and prayers are performed,
something must be constructed.
Jai Shree Ram!
The Kar Sevaks who arrived in Ram's birthplace
shouting slogans of Jai Shree Ram
suddenly steered out of control.
And strong efforts were made to stop them,
which was unsuccessful.
This event sent panic throughout
the nation
and sparked communal riots in many places.
What happened, wasn't right.
Sometimes I feel...
why did I enter politics?
I never wanted anyone
to die due to political reasons.
These political circumstances make
the poet inside me restless.
Because my fight was always
to eradicate hatred.
Your fight isn't over yet.
It's easy to spread love,
and just as tough to eradicate hatred.
And only the person who loves
his country unconditionally
can eradicate hatred.
The saying goes when
an artist becomes a political leader.
his reign is absolutely beautiful.
Because only love exists in his reign.
And no hatred.
And I believe,
when an artist like you becomes a leader,
our country will be beautiful.
It's been three years,
but the Babri incident has left
a deep gash in his heart.
Maybe Atalji won't come.
Seems like that.
He is busy with party work.
But he attends very few party meetings.
Have you noticed?
Yes, Arunji.
- I've been feeling that way too...
- Sushmaji.
Sit. Sit.
Sushmaji, what were you saying?
Can you repeat it?
Advaniji, we all feel...Atalji,
is deviating from his motive
for a political career.
If you could talk to him...
Atalji had completely strayed
from politics.
And everyone feared,
that without it's leader, the party might
tread in the wrong direction.
Please, this way.
A lone warrior in the dark!
we've been friends for 45 long years.
Exactly, I was saying we will win...
But for some reason...
I am having doubts.
What have I possibly done?
A lone warrior in the dark!
Atal Bihari! Atal Bihari!
A lone warrior in the dark!
Atal Bihari! Atal Bihari!
Today...something doesn't add up.
Something isn't right.
we're going through a phase
where instead of joining hands,
political leaders are parting ways.
Breaking up.
The governments formed
in the past couple of years,
them dissolving soon after...
This trend must be changed.
And the capacity to change this trend
can only lie with the party,
that has a direction.
And the Bhartiya Janta Party
is that party.
Atal Bihari! Atal Bihari!
Bhartiya Janta Party has direction
and a leader who can lead us
in that direction.
Before the election campaign,
we've chosen the party's
prime ministerial candidate.
Lal Krishna Advani,
am going to announce the name
of BJP's next prime ministerial candidate.
And that is...
Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
You didn't ask me.
Atal Bihari! Atal Bihari!
From little children to aged people...
chant only your name, Atalji.
I asked everyone.
They chose you.
You should have asked me too.
After remaining in office
for 13 days,
once again, under the leadership
of Atal Bihari Vajpayee,
Bhartiya Janta Party
has secured 181 seats.
With the NDA coalition, Vajpayee ji
will take oath as
the 10th Prime Minister of India.
Atal Bihari Vajpayee...
do solemnly swear
and pleadge that...
that I will bear true faith
and allegiance
to the constitution of India.
"Let's hold our hearts,"
"and take an oath."
"Our nation will never bow,
nor will we."
"Let's hold our hearts,"
"and take an oath."
"Our nation will never bow,
nor will we."
"What is the point of life
if you can't die with pride?"
"That blood is thinner than blood
if not spilt for the nation."
"Let's rewrite desinty with our blood..."
that I will uphold the sovereignty
and integrity of India
that I will faithfully
and conscientiously discharge
duties as Prime Minister for the Union
without fear or favour
Forty years of hard work bore fruit.
And Atalji because
the 10th Prime Minister of India.
And this son of the soil,
began work towards the welfare of
this country as soon as he assumed his post.
I've been saying since 1970.
But people see it only as a threat.
But I believe this is a mode
of self-defence
which we keep the behind doors
of our house.
Definately, Prime Minister.
You are right.
I want you to offer a prayer on
Buddha Purnima this time.
Yes, sir.
Please take the blessings.
Be prepared.
The country is going
to face economic crises.
It will.
Congratulations, sir.
Finally, Buddha laughs.
Our Pokhran test is successful.
India is now a nuclear power.
Good job.
India will always be proud of you.
Thank you, sir.
Shiv Kumarji.
Bring that packet of sweets.
Give it to everyone.
Come on.
A sweet lover
is distributing sweets today.
What is the occasion?
Take it.
for national security purposes,
it was kept a secret.
The test at Pokhran was successful. now a nuclear power.
Finally, the poet has built his bomb.
Here you go.
Today at 15:45 hours.
India conducted
three underground nuclear tests.
In the Pokhran range.
The major yields are in the line
with the expected value.
I warmly congratulate the scientists
and engineers
who have carried
out these successful tests.
Jai Jawan.
Jai Kishan.
Jai Vigyaan.
Within a few days of India
becoming a nuclear power,
Pakistan has become a nuclear power too.
This has led to a discussion
in the international community,
that maybe there could be
a nuclear war due
to the enmity between
two neighbouring countries.
It's also being said,
that India has sent a message
of friendship.
Let's wait and watch whether Pakistan
accepts this gesture
of friendship or not.
The Prime Minister of Pakistan
has accepted your proposal.
Thank you, Shiv Kumarji, for this message.
Let's go taste some Sheer Khurma
from Lahore.
I was thinking,
for the private delegation consisting of
reporters, poets, cricketers and actors
who will be accompanying you,
I will charter a private jet for them.
I see.
And you can comfortably travel
in your airplane.
A good neighbour lives next to you.
If you have to charter a flight
to meet your neighbour,
then you live someplace far away.
No one lives around you.
This shuttle service
between Delhi and Lahore...
This isn't just a bus service...
It's a ray of hope for the people
of India and Pakistan.
A hope for peace, cooperation,
trust, development.
Brotherhood. Of progressing together.
Sir, I have a question.
You are a bachelor.
I am prepared to marry you.
But I want Kashmir as a token.
Even I am prepared to marry you.
But as a dowry,
I want the entire Pakistan.
Can you give me that?
Nice. Even you have reporters
with a sense of humour.
You can change your friends,
but not your neighbours.
Atalji shook hands
with his neighbouring country.
But his own accomplices
were conspiring to sever his arm.
I see.
I see.
Sikkim and Manipur's MPs
have been corrupted.
Both of them won't be present
in the house tomorrow.
This is why the Congress has demanded
a no-confidence motion.
The capital,
has turned into a marketplace
for politics
Embarrassing democracy
is an old habit of the Congress.
Back in '79, they broke the Janta Party.
Now they want to break the NDA coalition.
But, Lalji, if we've to
then I would never want
to be a part of such a government.
Jayalalithaa has sided with Sonia,
but eight of her MPs
are going to vote for us.
That's not all.
There is Mayavati. And also Kashiram.
I am sure we can prove
a complete majority.
I did so much in 13 months.
Bomb. Bus. Budget.
And much more.
through building the
Swarn Chaturbhuj,
we must empower the
country and its farmers.
There is so much to do.
Watch, Lalji.
In the game of numbers,
democracy will win.
we are going to announce
of vote of confidence.
In favour of the government, 269.
Against the government, 270.
Absent, one.
Opposition wins.
Members, please sit down.
Please, sit down.
Honourable Speaker.
The country is facing problems.
And I did not cause these problems.
Whenever the country was under threat,
I've stood beside the government
in power.
This is my tradition.
This is my nature.
And I want this tradition to continue,
this nature must continue.
This is 40 years of penance.
I have struggled
and stayed among the people.
It's a party that works 365 days.
It's not a party that loses.
I've seen this country develop.
I've no grief that our government crumbled
because of one vote.
Because being in power or in position
is equal for me.
This game of power will continue.
Governments will come and go.
Parties will form and dissolve.
But the country must continue to exist.
The country's democracy
should be eternal.
Even if I will be
serving in the notice period,
but I shall serve the country till
the end.
And yes,
there will be no compromise today.
These are my ideologies.
These are my values.
And I am firm on my ideologies.
The government dissolved.
But the artist who was running it,
didn't fall.
The notice period, where an employee,
half-heartedly executes his duties.
During this period,
Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee
accomplished a feat,
which made the world realise,
that no one can rule over India
in the future.
The biggest news of the hour.
Pakistani army soldiers
and Kashmiri militants
have tried to illegally capture
Indian army posts in the Kargil sector.
Pakistan will try to draw us across
the LOC and engage us in war.
So this can be turned into
an international issue.
Each time during a war,
our neighbouring country,
doesn't just try to devastate our borders
but also our economic condition.
Put the Air Force in action.
Yes, sir.
Begin with Operation Vijay.
We will give a fitting reply to those
who have resorted to such shameful acts.
Message from the President of America.
He says we should talk to Pakistan
for a compromise.
Tell him,
to tell the Pakistani Prime Minister,
that the Indian Prime Minister
will only talk after winning the war.
Jai Hind.
In the end, the Indian army has defeated
the Pakistani army and terrorists.
And regained control
of the Kargil sector.
This is a proud day for India.
To take this victory of the Indian Army
to a new level,
and to encourage
them Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee
will be personally arriving in Kargil.
Our brave soldiers have recreated history
with their blood on the hills of Kargil,
the future generations
will draw inspiration.
The future generations
will bow and worship it.
The country for which
our brave soldiers laid down their life,
isn't just a piece of land.
It is a being that lives and breathes
It's a place of worship,
a place of honour.
A place of sacrifice.
Every element is venerable for us.
Every drop is worshipped.
We will live for this country,
and we will die for this country.
And even after we die,
our ashes will be immersed in Ganga.
If you hear carefully, you can hear...
Long live Mother India.