Main Te Bapu (2022) Movie Script

'This is the teacher's
colony of our city.'
She came.
The responsible people of Adarsh
colony checked the fallen wall.
'And this is our respected
professor, Jitendar.'
Good morning, Professor.
How long will we keep
wasting water like this?
Water is for using.
Not to be spilled.
Your behaviour is not very nice.
Behave yourselves.
Stop romancing in the neighbourhood.
'He didn't earn this respect overnight.'
'Rather, life has taken away
a lot from him for all this.'
'You have your entire life
in front of you, Jitendar.'
'Which is very difficult
for you to live alone.'
'Anyway, Laali needs a mother.'
'And you need a life partner.'
'Whatever happened is not your fault.'
'Listen to us and get married again.'
I can't understand
what is going on, Uncle.
Mahi... Sorry, sister.
-Mahi. Sorry.
-Who are you?
-Oh, Mahi.
-Laali, you?
Mahi, are you getting married?
-Mahi, this wedding can't happen.
-Why? What's going on?
I don't know. I will tell you everything
later. First, cancel this wedding.
-But dad spent so much.
-Spent so much?
Mahi, can't you wait?
I'll talk to your parents.
-I love you.
You love Mahi then why are
you cancelling my wedding?
Be quiet.
Are you getting married to him?
Have you seen his
face? I am better than him.
-Oh, Laali.
-I am getting married to her.
Brother... well...
For a very happy life.
Uncle misled me. I got so stressed.
Your dad is really a very nice guy.
He is helping two lovers get together.
One day we will too...
-They didn't love each other.
-Dad forced them to get married.
-Why did he force them?
If they had got married outside, he
would have had to look for servants.
But, Laali.
-I have realized one thing.
That you can't live without me.
Did you just realize that?
-Brother, may I go?
100, 500...
Brother, many congratulations.
Congratulations. God bless you.
Come and meet mom and dad tomorrow.
To talk about our marriage.
After that,
mom and dad will go to Canada.
Done. Don't worry.
It's a happy occasion.
-Uncle, let's go.
Pick up the bottle.
It is from my in-law's house.
Bring some meat.
It is morning time and
we have had a walk, dear.
"My friend fought with
me but now she is convinced."
"The day, the night and talking
with friends is beautiful."
"The house, the compound
and the entire market is beautiful."
"People, colors and their
way of walking is beautiful."
"Suit, shoes and all
fruits are beautiful."
"It is enjoyable to go
on a drive to Chandigarh."
"Tea cup,
lies and gossip is beautiful."
"Boys in car,
hones as well goons are beautiful."
"They have swag and attitude, dear."
"The net, wifi is beautiful
that connects them."
"Sister-in-law and
brother are beautiful."
"Sister-in-law and
brother are beautiful."
"Sister-in-law and
brother are beautiful."
"Race of bullets and
girls are beautiful."
"The thrashing of father
and curse by uncle is beautiful."
"Cleverness of aunt,
annoyed aunt is beautiful."
"The gate of college,
the mate of classroom is beautiful."
"The room of the hostel,
the peace of mind is beautiful."
"The noise of people,
the fun of friends is beautiful."
"The lecture in class, the
frock of girlfriend is beautiful."
"The copy with assignment,
the torn book is beautiful. "
"The connection of
friends is beautiful."
"Sister-in-law and
brother are beautiful."
"Sister-in-law and
brother are beautiful."
"Gurgaon, Delhi is beautiful.
Sardar boys are beautiful."
"The peg,
and the leg piece is beautiful."
"Kulche and Chhole, the
muscles of friends is beuatiful."
"Kulche and Chhole, the
muscles of friends is beuatiful."
"The shape of muscles,
the looks of girl is beautiful."
"The car with black glass,
the new car is beautiful. "
"Enjoy to the fullest as
God has blessed you with fame."
"The turban,
the froth on coffee is beautiful."
"Car is running looks beautiful."
"The boy who loves and
flirts with you is beautiful."
"Sister-in-law and
brother are beautiful."
"The fun with which
he has sung this song."
"A big problem is going to
come in his life in the same way."
"Keep sitting and get popcorn."
We have very advanced thinking, son.
What advanced?
You fixed your daughter's wedding
and didn't even ask your son.
Then let me ask you now, son.
What's the big deal? Tell
us, how should we proceed?
Dad, look, you are an elder.
When elders are sitting, it
doesn't seem appropriate if I speak.
You can carry on.
Son, we are settled in Canada.
We have two petrol pumps.
What do you do, son?
Dad, Laali...
is looking for work.
That means you are free.
Laali, what does your dad do?
He is a retired professor.
It's alright.
Look, we don't believe in
caste-ism and rich and poor.
Whatever I have earned
is my daughter's.
But we have one condition, son.
What is the condition?
Just that...
after getting married to Mahi,
you will have to move to Canada with us.
I surprised you, didn't I?
You got a beautiful girl.
You also got a visa for Canada.
Are you happy now?
Laali, when should I bring
mom and dad to your house?
I will ask dad and let you know.
Congratulations, Professor.
Your son is going to Canada.
Where am I going?
Brother, I am talking about myself.
Have some sweets.
And give blessings to your son.
I can't bless you, son.
It is not a great deed to leave
your parents here and go abroad.
But, Professor, when
your Laali goes to Canada,
won't you give him
your blessings either?
My Laali? He won't even
look in Canada's direction.
What are you saying?
Your Laali inspired me to
go to Canada, Professor.
When did I inspire you?
Brother, didn't you say what
are you doing here? Go abroad.
I said what are you doing
here? Go out. Out of the house.
Out of the house doesn't mean Canada.
You can go to Chandigarh, Mohali.
I understand, son.
You can never talk about going abroad.
And I haven't given you my
blessings to go to Canada.
The day he talks about going to Canada,
I will push him.
But I know,
my son is standing with me.
Uncle, my life has
become like this blanket.
My dad is on one side and
Mahi's dad on the other side.
They are squeezing me.
Now you find some solution.
I will put it up for drying.
I am asking for your advice.
You are making jokes like Kapil Sharma.
Speak up.
Uncle, stop acting pricey
and give me some advice.
My advice is
either convince your dad,
or Mahi's dad.
Mahi's dad won't listen.
Then convince your dad.
My dad won't listen either.
Then there is no solution.
I will tell you a solution.
Laali, look at your Uncle.
Then look at me.
Do you think I was in his destiny?
I had completely refused
when I saw his picture.
Then the matchmaker told me
that Raja can do the dishes, laundry,
take care of the house.
Raja does this, Raja does that.
He kept going on about Raja.
I quickly said yes
when I heard his praises.
Do you understand?
I have understood, Aunt.
What you said is the solution.
We will have to convince dad
by telling him about the advantages
of going to Canada. Am I right?
Alright then. Get to work.
Couldn't you find another example?
Put the clothes up for drying.
He is acting like the Mughal emperor.
I will put them up for drying.
Forget it, Uncle.
-Let's leave.
No, no. Let it be.
How are you, dad?
What are you writing today, professor?
I am writing an article, son.
The condition of youth migrating abroad.
The conditions are amazing.
Our boys have done very well there.
-It is so much fun.
-No, son. That is a misconception.
They have to struggle a lot.
They can't rest at all.
They have to work twenty-hour shifts.
You are absolutely right, Professor.
Rani, bring the food.
Professor is hungry.
Son, I am not hungry yet. I
will finish the article and eat.
Where should I get the food from?
The gas cylinder is finished.
What are you saying?
-The gas cylinder is finished.
-What are you saying?
-The cylinder is finished.
-The cylinder is finished?
This country is in a bad condition.
This country can't change.
In Canada,
they have underground gas pipelines.
These cylinders are not required there.
May I tell you the truth?
I am tired of the
system of this country.
Brother, the cylinder is here.
Well, here it is.
Raja, if there is a
problem with your cylinder,
that doesn't mean everyone
has the same problem.
And, Laali,
our country has all the facilities.
But we don't have patience.
Brother, get your cylinder. I
have to go to other places too.
Then you should have gone there first.
What was the hurry to come here?
-Go and get the cylinder.
-Should I get it?
The crowd protested against
the managing committee
for not getting
the tickets for the cricket cup.
That too in only underwear.
Only underwear?
Look, Uncle, this is
the plight of our country.
-Though they also gave a statement later,
that we wear one underwear
for two days.
-What does that mean?
-This is our plight.
-Is this news?
-What does this news mean?
These are jokes.
Our media is just...
Damn it, Uncle. Give it to me.
I will read some news.
-Yes, carry on.
What happened?
Listen to these foreign news.
A boy from Indian origin...
-This boy turned out to be Punjabi.
A Punjabi boy,
Arshdeep Singh Brar became
-an MP in Canada.
Give me your blessings, Sir.
I have won the municipal
elections with your blessing.
-Mukesh, give some sweets to Sir.
Brother Laali, do let me
know if you have any work.
Play it.
If a man is hard-working,
he can become successful anywhere.
-May I ask you something?
Do these scoundrels come on their
own or does someone send them?
Forget about that.
Look at the timing of the
cylinder guy and this guy.
I suspect dad, Uncle.
There are three of them and on
top of that, they crossed the red light.
If we were in Canada,
their licence would have
been cancelled on spot.
And they would have
been punished too. India.
-Oh, no.
-Now you should come home via Canada.
Bye, Canadians.
Uncle, find some solution.
I can only do one work at one time.
Dad was not influenced
by the praises of Canada.
Give me another idea.
I am thinking.
Did you think of anything?
Let me think.
Clean the corners too.
Keep sweeping.
Sweep behind the pots too.
Keep sweeping.
Uncle, will you make me clean everything
or will you give me some advice?
I can only think if you keep quiet.
You asked such a thick brain to think.
He is the first man in the world
who is roaming around without a brain.
You silly woman, who
walks around with a brain?
People walk with their feet.
Listen to him. Did you hear that?
I will give you an idea.
When your Uncle and
I were newly married,
he used to come home drunk everyday.
I convinced him a lot.
Alcohol destroys your
liver and your family.
It also destroys your money.
But how could he understand?
Do you know what I did then?
I twisted his arm and
made him sit and told him,
listen to me carefully, you monkey.
If you drink after today,
I won't live with you. I
will leave you and go.
And then,
that was that.
He didn't drink again.
Do you understand?
I have understood, Aunt.
But does it seem nice if I
twist dad's arm at this age?
You don't have to twist your dad's arm.
Talk to him directly.
Start sweeping.
What do you get by insulting me?
What I didn't get after marrying you.
I want to talk to you.
Yes, go ahead, son.
Here are the shoes.
Just promise me this much,
that you'll beat me indoors.
Don't go outside while beating me.
Because I have grown up now.
And it is very embarrassing for me.
But, son, why will I beat
you early in the morning?
am about to say something
that will get me beaten.
What is it?
Dad, there is a girl in my college.
And I love her.
She loves me too.
And I was thinking,
that she should be the
daughter-in-law of this family.
Why should you get beaten for that?
This is good news. A daughter-in-law
is coming into the family.
I am yet to say something
that will get me beaten.
Well, go on then. I have to
read the novel after beating you.
Actually, her family has a condition.
They are all moving to Canada and
I will have to go to
Canada after marriage.
It's alright.
If that makes you happy then
I don't have any objections.
Do you really not have any objections?
You decided that no
one should go to Canada.
-Go abroad.
-It's alright.
Sometimes we have
to change our decisions.
Should I ask her family
to come here then?
Yes, go on.
I'll call them. Bye.
-I love you.
Tell your dad,
it is time for you to get married.
Dad has agreed. Come tomorrow.
-Is that right?
Laali, swear by me.
We'll meet tomorrow.
Be there.
"Oh God."
"Oh God."
"She is like the blooming noon,
she is the queen of my dreams."
"She is like the blooming noon,
she is the queen of my dreams."
"Her fragrance attracts me
like the fragrance of roses."
"My world is empty without her."
"Oh, God, I am falling in love."
"Oh, God, I am falling in love."
"I have got the habit
of going to her street."
"Meeting her has
become a prayer for me."
"I have got the habit
of going to her street."
"Meeting her has
become a prayer for me."
"I can see God in her."
"I can see God in her."
"Oh, God, I am falling in love."
"Oh, God, I am falling in love."
"I don't know which good
deeds have brought me here."
"A special girl like her has
liked a simple guy like me."
"I don't know which good
deeds have brought me here."
"A special girl like her has
liked a simple guy like me."
"My heart is becoming
restless day by day."
"Oh, God, I am falling in love."
"Oh, God, I am falling in love."
So, how do I look?
People are coming to meet
our son for his wedding.
The girl is from Canada.
Now you will say.
Professor Jitendar kept forbidding
people's sons and daughters,
but he isn't stopping his own son now.
Look, your son loves the girl.
I didn't experience the colours of love.
I should at least let him experience it.
He wants to leave me and go.
It's alright, Professor.
Your destiny is such.
You left me too.
I won't let Laali find out
that I am broken.
After all, I am his dad.
Come on, Professor.
Why are you complaining
about your son to his mother?
You are a father after all.
Where are you?
Yes, Laali. We are just about to reach.
Okay. Can you please
go back to Chandigarh today?
Why? What happened?
We'll meet in a day or
two. Dad is slightly unwell.
Yes, so, we will come
and check up on his health.
If I am saying so then there must
be a reason. Let's meet day after.
Alright. Take care of Uncle.
Laali, where have they reached?
You are looking very handsome.
Quite fashionable.
You are taking off my tie when
the guests will be here anytime now.
No, they won't come.
Mahi is slightly unwell. They
said they'll come in a day or two.
Go and rest. I love you.
I already heard that you love me too.
I was saying who took my magazines?
It's such an emotional scene and
you end up saying just about anything.
Bring my magazines when you return.
Yes, I will. Okay, sorry.
'Your son loves the girl.'
'I didn't experience
the colours of love.'
'I should at least
let him experience it.'
'He wants to leave me and go.'
-Where are you going?
-To meet Mahi.
What will you tell her?
Just that your three years
of love fell short when
compared to my dad's
twenty-five years of love.
Will you be able to say that?
I will have to say that, Uncle.
One pizza, one coffee.
What will you have, Laali?
-Okay, two coffees. Thank you.
-Okay, ma'am.
You seem upset. What's the problem?
-I want to talk to you...
-I know.
Because of your dad's health, right?
Well then I'll fix your mood.
Mom and dad are very impressed with you.
Really. They were thinking that...
usually unemployed men
are boring and depressed.
But you are still stylish
even though you are unemployed.
Laali, promise me.
You will never change.
You will always remain like this.
I have usually seen
before love marriage,
couples are something
else and later they change.
I have even seen that
some boys are ready to
change even before marriage.
-Who told you that?
-I heard it somewhere.
No, no. Those boys are very bad.
-If I want something in life,
it's just... -Pizza.
Let it be.
Laali, prune this a little.
That's enough.
-May I ask you something?
Have you ever lived without Aunt?
Not even for a minute.
I have never let her go
to her maternal home.
There is an age
when two people need each other.
Then comes an age,
when two become become
each other's support.
Leave it now.
But then how did dad live
without mom for so many years?
He too must need someone's support.
It is very difficult, Laali.
A man badly needs a woman.
Thank God that your Aunt was here.
Well, she used to wash his clothes.
She used to do the dishes.
She used to clean the house.
She used to make the bed.
Yes, even I consider her as my mom.
You consider her as your mom.
But that doesn't make
her your dad's wife.
That poor man is alone after all.
It's true though, Uncle.
A man is incomplete without a woman.
-Then complete him.
-What do you mean?
Your dad is afraid of loneliness.
Take his loneliness away.
Find him a support system.
Then you can even go to
Uganda, let alone Canada.
There is nothing to worry about.
One mother.
Two goals.
Can you do it?
Will dad agree?
A man has many colours inside him.
There should just be someone
who can darken those colours.
The season of roses is here.
We should plant a
couple of rose plants too.
Yes. What is it?
Should we do something
about the boy then?
Your moustache is quite sharp too.
Dad, I have thought something for you.
Something great.
You thought?
Yes... I have thought.
No, no, I am joking. Go on.
You have tolerated a lot of pain for me.
You spent your entire youth alone.
For whom?
For me.
You hair has become grey.
For whom? For me.
Though you must have felt like it
but you didn't remarry.
For whom? For me.
I was think that we
should get you married.
-You scoundrel!
-No! Don't hit me!
Listen to me!
Don't hit me with a slipper!
-Raja, hit him with a slipper!
-Uncle, don't!
Uncle, go and hold dad.
Don't let him hit me
with anything. Hold him!
He's so angry, just
grab him! Listen to me!
Did you hear what he said?
-He said he wants to get me married.
Do you want to humiliate
me in front of people?
Which people?
Half the neighbourhood
is under your debt.
You taught them in school, in college.
You got them married, you have saved
their marriages from being broken.
You are too much.
Will you get me humiliated at this age?
Look, I told you that Canada is a
better country than India, didn't I?
It is a progressive nation. Age
doesn't matter to people there.
-They get married whenever they want to.
-I am not one of those people.
I don't think dad will agree.
There is one man who
can convince your dad.
The one who introduced your Aunt to me.
Dad is coming, brother.
You must convince him.
Whatever I have done
till date, it has been perfect.
He is...
Talk about him.
He is the Professor.
Same to you.
I am a Professor too
of matchmaking.
Ankhi Jabbal.
And, professor, the
decision that you have made
to not get married,
this is harmful for the whole family.
Total family destroying decision.
Have some shame for the sake of society.
What is he talking about?
He has come to the point.
Hasn't he?
Professor, I am talking
about those same people.
Just tell me something.
This boy will get married tomorrow.
The newly married
daughter-in-law will come home.
This boy will go out frequently.
And who will be left at home?
-Daughter-in-law and father-in-law.
-Daughter-in-law and father-in-law.
These same people
will make mountains out
of molehills, Professor.
One wrong decision of yours...
One wrong decision of yours...
can ruin that innocent girl's
It can ruin her life.
That innocent girl's...
Please think about that
innocent girl, Professor.
Let' go, Uncle.
Do you know why Laali got up and left?
There is pain inside him.
I can understand.
That you have lived
alone for so many years
without your wife.
And that boy too,
spent many years alone
without his mother.
Of course. Of course you may not
need a wife today.
But that boy...
That boy
needs his mother, Professor.
Can't you see
depression inside him?
I can see it, Professor.
Your dad...
Dad has agreed.
Dad has agreed!
I will get a new mom now!
But he hasn't agreed.
He has.
If he hadn't agreed,
he would have slapped
me by now for what I said.
'And, Professor, the
decision that you have made'
'to not get married,'
'this is harmful for the whole family.'
'Total family destroying decision.'
'I can understand that
you have a million limitations'
'and a billion weaknesses.'
'But one wrong decision of yours,'
'can take the entire
family towards destruction.'
'Pay attention.'
'Otherwise, the future'
'will be very horrific, Professor.'
Think, Professor.
They are after my life to get married.
I am in a dilemma, Satwant Kaur.
Now you tell me,
what should I do?
-This family is an old
acquaintance of mine. -Is that so?
Because I found a
match for their elder son.
And also for their younger daughter.
Aunt may do love marriage.
Be quiet. Ankhi Jabbal
is very good-natured.
He is just a little greedy.
this is a very decent family too.
The boy is a Professor.
is retired.
But he very active.
It's alright, brother.
Uncle is retired, not you.
How can an unemployed person be retired?
I think we should get up and go out.
-So that the boy and girl can...
meet each other.
Come, let's go out.
Son, where are you going?
Sit here.
-Come, brother.
We should go out.
No, you have misunderstood.
That's the boy. This
boy is that boy's son.
Is he the boy?
Matchmakers have always been greedy,
but you should have had some shame.
You are a child.
He wants to get disgraced at this age.
Look at your face.
Your beard is grey.
And you!
Have you made those biceps to show me?
Throw them out of here!
Don't worry, dad.
These kind of small
mistakes keep happening.
I have been humiliated so
badly for the first time in my life.
It is only humiliating if you accept it.
I accept it.
Professor, why are you so stressed?
Those people are not against the match.
They misunderstood.
And you didn't hear
properly what they said.
What did they say?
They said...
don't you feel any shame?
You grey-haired geezer.
Sir, maybe you are forgetting. So,
let me remind you that I am your student.
-Is that right?
That's amazing.
But what notorious
things are you upto?
When we you used to make even the
tiniest of mistakes, you used to slap us.
No doubt my sister is a divorcee.
But that doesn't mean that
I can send her away with anyone.
-Brother, come this side.
Sir, tell me the truth.
Where is that knowledge of yours that yo
used to preach to people and act great?
Brother, we didn't come here
to be humiliated.
-If you want we can leave.
-Yes, you should have left by now.
Listen, look here.
Do you remember this person?
Take a look.
That boy was calling this
person great. Did you hear?
-He called him great.
He learnt so much from this person.
Society needs this person back.
-We want this person back.
This beard is the root
cause of all problems.
Even they said you have
such a long beard.
As soon as the beard goes,
this person will be back.
That scoundrel will apologize
but we don't need his apology.
To hell with him.
Professor. Think.
I won't go with you again.
I am not your servant. I
am not here to get humiliated.
The boy couldn't come here
himself because he is shy.
Show us the boy's picture first.
Here you go, brother.
We will definitely get beaten.
-Have some shame!
-Just a minute.
Brother, can you bring the
phone? I'll wait by the car.
-Is he the boy?
He is a man, you shameless fellows.
You are passing the phone
around, don't you feel angry?
I did feel angry.
I thought our elder
brother should see it too.
-Dad, say something to them.
-What should I say?
-It's not like I have seen the picture.
-Here, look at the picture.
Oh damn. He is even older than me.
Bring my rifle. I will
give these goons a bride.
-Sir... phone.
Get lost from here!
We have been disgraced
in the neighbourhood.
I don't think I'll even be
able to go to Canada.
If I can't even go abroad
then where will we go?
I don't know about your Canada,
but this neighbourhood
will always respect your dad.
You have broken the
entire neighbourhood's heart.
These spots can be washed with water.
But not the ones on your character.
A modern and very
beautiful haircut of Punjab,
a sixty year old young man
with a trimmed and dyed beard
who is very respected by women,
height five feet ten inches,
a broad-chested
handsome man.
A girl of his age
and same thought process
is required to be his life partner.
Well, here come the
people looking for a match.
Did you find a beautiful angel?
Or should I become your matchmaker?
where is your phone?
It is in my pocket.
Then who is she talking to on the phone?
She can talk to her cousin in Canada.
Okay, okay.
Have some shame.
Shame? Come, let's have it together.
And, Uncle, listen to me.
This news thing is old now.
You should make a profile on
tinder. You will have so much fun.
If you click someone, swipe right.
If you don't like someone, swipe left.
Why? I will give sister-in-law's number.
My sister-in-law.
-She is a matchmaker.
She even got corpses married.
-You are barely sixty years old.
-Your work is done.
Keep it up, sir.
Look, doesn't it seems like someone
poured alcohol in a bottle of coke?
-Yes. -He is committing such
blunders at this old age.
How are you, dad?
What happened?
A brilliant batsman.
Committing such blunders
at this old age.
You have humiliated me in
the entire neighbourhood.
I made a name for myself in
the neighbourhood with such hard work.
It has all gone down the drain.
These kids like Tony
who I taught yesterday,
I couldn't say anything
in front of such people.
You scoundrels, I am in
a living hell because of you!
I will die and show you now.
There is one thing though, Laali.
You are both being
very unfair to Professor.
First, you gave us ideas
and now you think it is unfair.
Go ahead an bowl, you hairy fellow.
It wasn't me, brother!
I swear it wasn't me!
-You are being very comical. Wait.
-What happened?
-You scoundrel...
-I didn't say anything.
You scoundrel, what if he does something
tomorrow because of what you said?
I heard it myself.
-What did you hear now?
-That I will do something.
-Uncle, why didn't you tell me earlier?
-I was so selfish, dad.
I don't want anything. -Listen to me!
If you are not happy, why
would I want to get you married?
-You broke my back!
-Dad i am sorry.
I would have lost my dad.
Have you forgotten our
moments, our friendship?
I promise you, after today, there will
be no mention of marriage in this house.
You bastard!
I was cleaning the fan.
-Thank God, Uncle.
-He was cleaning the fan.
He threw me down. I
already have a disc problem.
Call a doctor, you bastard!
It is time to reap our humiliation.
-The matrimonial ad?
-A call came.
Now there is no problem
with your beard too.
Whether it's grey, black or orange.
And your age is not an issue too.
Just think
that you are the King of her heart.
No, no. I am the King.
Your dad is the Jitendar of her heart.
You said that you won't mention
this after today in this house.
I said after today, right?
-So, I can do it today.
Just get ready.
Doctor, let him go.
A heart patient can't be
treated by an orthopaedic.
I don't think we'll be humiliated here.
-We won't. Sit down.
-We will get murdered here.
Dad, every attack on you
will go though Uncle's chest first.
No, no. I usually have chest congestion.
Yours is fine.
Sunita ma'am?
-Ma'am, I have seen all your movies.
I have also seen all your movies.
Me too.
Your first movie was Chann Pardesi.
I had got a new job at that time.
I had bought a new scooter,
and Chann Pardesi was released.
What a movie.
After that I didn't skip
watching any of your movies.
Kehar, Baisakhi.
And you had that
dialogue in Badla Jatti Da.
Relative, will you make
them wear the ring or should I?
Amazing. Bravo!
Sorry, ma'am, we were
looking for a match for dad.
We came to the wrong house.
We should go.
No, son.
I am certain.
This is the right address.
That is absolutely right.
I was the one who called you.
Why are you standing? Sit.
But, ma'am, you...
Actually, I stayed busy
with my work all my life.
I did so many films.
I saw the whole world.
At that time you feel that
the whole world is with you.
I too need a good life partner.
Who can provide companionship to me.
Absolutely, ma'am.
Dad is alone too for
past twenty-five years.
I want that two lonely
people should get together
and make a beautiful future.
-Absolutely. -So should
I consider this wedding final?
No, not at all.
I would like to spend time with him.
-But on the phone...
-No, Laali.
If ma'am wants to spend time
together than what's the problem?
Do you like reading books?
I like poetry.
"We didn't realize when
God brought us together."
"We didn't realize when
we started dreaming."
"We didn't realize when
God brought us together."
"We didn't realize when
we started dreaming."
"The feelings in my heart
for you are sweet in nature."
"Days are enjoyable since
our very first meeting."
"Days are enjoyable since
our very first meeting."
"Days are enjoyable since
our very first meeting."
"I don't know what
I should think of this."
"I spend my nights thinking about you."
"I feel like we are
made for each other."
"It seems like a dream to
me. Life has become fragrant."
"I am lost in you. The wind teases me."
"I am lost in you. The wind teases me."
"Days are enjoyable since
our very first meeting."
"Days are enjoyable since
our very first meeting."
"Days are enjoyable since
our very first meeting."
"You live in my dreams, beloved. I
feel like spending my life with you."
"Everything has become sweet. My
heart wants to sleep with my eyes open."
"Look into my eyes and read everything.
My lips are embarrassed to speak."
"Days are enjoyable since
our very first meeting."
"Days are enjoyable since
our very first meeting."
"Days are enjoyable since
our very first meeting."
"Days are enjoyable since
our very first meeting."
"We didn't realize when
God brought us together."
"We didn't realize when
we started dreaming."
"Days are enjoyable since
our very first meeting."
"Days are enjoyable since
our very first meeting."
Three, two, one, go.
Very good! Do the waist move. Yes.
Once again. Very good. Close.
What happened?
What happened? Why did you stop singing?
You seem very happy today.
Laali, my son.
you have given me that treasure
which I had never seen
after your mom's death.
I realized how important
love is in life.
Oh, yes. What is going
on with your love, son?
Mahi's family has the same condition.
They want me to shift to
Canada with them after marriage.
-But I can't leave you alone and go.
-No, son.
I am not alone now.
Sunita is with me now.
So, should I call them here?
Yes, yes. Invite them here.
In fact, you should leave us alone now.
Invite them here. Good boy.
The waist move!
-Have some more, younger brother.
-Thank you.
It is all about destiny.
He is going to become the son-in-law
of an advanced family from Canada.
Uncle, come. I will show you the house.
Well, look...
We have seen a lot of
houses like this one.
This house can't match up to my
advanced thinking.
Show us the house.
Gurbachan, be good.
I'll be back in no time.
It is five-thirty, dear.
Isn't this film actor,
Sunita Dhir's picture?
Yes, it is her.
Professor really likes her.
But you can't like her as much as I do.
When I was young,
I used to fawn over her.
I still love you, Sunita.
Mr Gill, I am engaged to her.
I too have a soul connection with her.
I have even met her once.
She came to our village to shoot.
I couldn't get a
picture clicked with her
because there were no mobiles back then.
But there is one thing, when the mobiles
came, I was the first one to buy them.
I even touched Sunita casually once.
Dad, I love that story.
Mr Gill, she is going to be my wife.
Very advanced imagination.
What is the harm in imagining?
Even I am very advanced when
it come to imagining things.
Sunita and I have kids.
In my imagination.
You can imagine it too.
-Professor is really getting married.
Here, it is Sunita's call.
-Hello, Sunita.
-How are you?
-I am fine.
-Are you alright?
-I am absolutely fine.
Here talk to Laali's future in-laws.
Hello. How are you?
I have heard so much about you
-from him.
-How is everything? Have you eaten?
I will talk to you in a little while.
Okay. Bye.
Do you believe it now?
That Professor is
really going to marry her.
We will get your picture
clicked too. Sir.
Get his picture clicked with her.
Mr Gill, should we discuss
a wedding date for the kids?
Which wedding?
We are very advanced
but we are not so advanced
that a father and son
can get married together.
And don't you feel ashamed
to talk about marriage
at this age?
Indecent men get married in old age.
Mr Gill, think before you speak.
Is that so?
So, you can create
a mess without thinking
and we can't even speak about it?
-I don't know.
-Listen, son.
Get your dad married.
We are very advanced
but we are not shameless.
Your dad is becoming young again.
What will we tell our relatives?
That we gave our daughter
to shameless people?
-Let's go. Come on.
Didn't you hear?
Why did you have to tell them?
Raja told them.
He was saying mean
things about your mom.
On top of that, he was
questioning Professor's love.
-Then I had to tell him that your mom...
-Which mom?
She is not my mom yet.
And you could have
kept quiet in front of him.
That is a family of show-off scoundrels.
They don't have any sense at all.
By the looks of them, I don't even know
if they have really come from Canada.
The father doesn't seem
like the girl's father and the
mother doesn't seem like
the boy's mother. Damn freaks.
-Listen to me...
Hurry up and drop me. My
parents have forgotten me here.
Brother, you? I'll drop you right away.
Yes, please come.
Please come. Sorry. You
won't tell your dad, right?
No, I won't tell him.
Move aside.
You know how stressed we are.
I don't know what's going on in life.
Mahi's dad had agreed earlier.
But my dad was not ready.
Now that my dad is ready and
Mahi's dad has become upset.
God, I really don't think
that you want me to get married.
My sleep and peace
have all been ruined, Uncle.
Have some shame, Uncle.
You are sleeping peacefully
like nothing has happened.
Yes. The stubble on your face
suggests that you are stressed.
Why don't you get a shave?
Go. Go and check if your
Aunt has made tea or not.
I am unable to get married.
And you are worried about tea?
You are right.
So that there is no
obstacle in your wedding.
But what did we know
that your dad's wedding will
become an obstacle for you?
Now say a few more sad
things. Make me more sad.
Give me some solution.
What should I tell you?
Should I go and ask your
dad to cancel his wedding?
We, ourselves, have
made your dad take a dip
in the ocean of love.
And he is enjoying every dip now.
Stopping him now is like putting
your hand in the crocodile's mouth
and taking fish out of it.
He won't agree now.
Then do one thing,
make arrangements for me to be
the groom's partner at dad's wedding.
Look, there is one solution.
A wedding is always between two people.
And if we make one refuse,
then the other one will
automatically refuse too.
-You sleep. I will bring tea for you.
-Run along then.
Son, what are you tying
to say? Tell me clearly.
Actually, ma'am...
Dad forced me to agree to this wedding.
And on top of that, he got a
woman who is like a goddess.
Let it be, Uncle. I
won't be able to tell her.
No, Laali. Have courage and
tell her everything honestly.
We can't play with someone else's life.
What are you saying? I
can't understand anything.
Actually, my dad doesn't deserve you.
Dad is an absolutely...
heartless man.
But I didn't feel anything of the sort.
And clever...
He is equally clever.
He is something else in front of you
and something else in front of us.
It's just a matter of time
until you get married,
you will see our... addict Jitu.
He even drinks alcohol at night.
So what? A lot of people drink.
-He should at least drink a good brand.
He drinks that cheap local alcohol...
And he also stands in the street
and uses disgusting swearwords.
Now you will get married soon.
I won't be able to listen
to bad swearwords.
Actually, you are still very
young to understand life.
There is sometimes, something lacking
-in a person's life.
Then to compensate for that,
he starts using alcohol and
drugs to take out his frustration.
We start hating him.
Whereas, we should
fulfil what he needs in life.
Son, your father also lacks
love and affection in his life.
You'll see, everything will
be fine after the wedding.
Ma'am, you are blindly in love.
Why are you ruining your youth?
We said youth just like that.
-But your life is getting ruined.
Don't worry.
I won't complain to you.
Even the moon has dark spots.
But the moon is still the moon,
isn't it?
Excuse me.
Jitu must be waiting for me.
We have to go for a night show.
I have got dinner made for you.
Please have it before you leave.
-Okay? Bye.
Laali, whatever it may be,
but the woman is patient.
Like Heer Saleti.
Uncle, forget about Heer Saleti.
Let's go home and request Ranjha.
Get up then. How will
crying help? Let's go.
Let's go.
Sit down then.
Laali, open the door!
Laali, committing
suicide is a big crime.
Come quickly, Professor!
Come quickly! Look, what Laali is doing!
Professor is coming. Get ready.
Laali, open the door!
Laali, don't do that! Laali!
Laali, what are you doing, son?
That's it, dad. I can't listen
to more jibes from people.
But what happened?
What will happen, Professor?
A few boys from the neighbourhood
were talking nonsense about
your relationship with Sunita.
-He couldn't tolerate it.
-The wedding hasn't happened yet.
If you get married,
people won't let me live!
I won't be able to
listen to their taunts!
Laali, what are you saying?
You know very well
that Professor and
Sunita are one. Right, Sir?
Then I won't survive.
My rope is short. Bring me more rope.
Professor, why are you standing around?
Save your son.
The world will taunt you.
They will taunt you and make you realize
that this old man killed his young son.
Laali, come out, son.
Let's sit and talk.
-I am here. Sit.
-Sit here.
Let's sit and talk.
You are hiding so much pain inside you.
Tell me what you want.
I will do as you say.
-Are you sure?
You won't meet Sunita after today.
Say no to her.
I will say no to her.
No, sit.
-You can tell her tomorrow.
But don't meet her again.
Don't you dare do this again.
You won't go, right?
I won't go.
Meet her tomorrow. You
have to say no to her tomorrow.
Yes, I will meet her tomorrow.
-Just say no and don't meet her again.
-Okay, I will do that.
-Alright? Okay.
-Yes, yes. I will do it.
Hi, Jitu.
What's wrong?
You seem very quiet.
And you look sad too.
Say something.
I... can't understand...
how I should start.
You can trust me.
I think we can trust each other.
It was very difficult for me
to trust anyone.
That is why it took me so long
to take a decision for myself.
But you can trust me.
I am saying that
from my heart.
Trust is such a big thing.
I just realized today.
But I can't even hide from you
how nervous I am.
It happens sometimes, Professor.
Why do you bother about the world?
You are going to get married to me,
not to people.
From now onwards, start caring for me
the way you care about people.
Alright, Professor?
Here you go, Uncle.
You are my sister-in-law from today.
Listen to me.
Your plan worked, Uncle.
Dad didn't even suspect anything.
But you overacted so much.
-You made so much noise. It's too much.
You are no less, you scoundrel.
-You kept yelling from inside,
Uncle, give me more
rope. My rope is short.
Is it appropriate to talk
like that when one is dying?
But whatever happened,
it worked.
My dad
has broken up with Sunita ma'am.
Laali, I can't believe it.
Even you couldn't tolerate my happiness?
What else should I do?
Those people don't want
my dad to get married.
Whether they want it or not,
but your dad wants it.
By the way, dad, you are being unfair.
I am merely in love.
But it is unfair to me.
Love is not unfair to anyone.
Who says that?
Sunita says that.
You are forgetting
that I was the one who
introduced you to Sunita.
God is the one who introduces people.
No matter what instrument he uses.
Dad, this wedding cannot happen.
I told you last night also
that this wedding will happen.
Think about me too.
Why should I think about you when you
don't think about me?
How will you face mom when you die?
I will show her this same face.
And Sunita will be with me.
If your mom feels like
it, she will look at my face,
otherwise, Sunita is with me anyway.
This is enough, dad.
I won't let this wedding take place.
Who the hell are you to stop my wedding?
You are being unfair to me.
As if you are being very fair.
Which happiness have to
given to your father till today?
You scoundrel, you have not given a
single penny to your father until today.
On top of it, you were
pretending to commit suicide.
Can't you understand?
When I have told you once,
that I love Mahi.
-Can't you let go your love for mine?
-No, I can't.
If you can't do that then leave me.
I have!
Get lost!
I won't get lost so easily.
This house is mine
as much as it is yours.
You got it from grandad too!
I own half of it.
And listen to me,
what is so special
about what you've done?
The entire world has kids.
Did I ask you to give birth to me?
Did I write an application?
I don't understand these parents.
First, they'll have kids.
Then they want the kids to
lead their lives according to them.
If you can't give me anything,
at least don't snatch away
from me what is mine.
I am snatching it?
Here you go, I will put an
end to this conflict today.
He is telling me that he
owns half of the house.
And I have calculated.
A father
can never take a mother's place.
There you go. I have divided it.
Now don't come this side if
you are your mother's son.
Oh damn.
Yes. What is going on?
My slippers.
These slippers don't
belong to you anymore.
What's on my side, is mine.
And what's on your side, is
yours. Do you understand?
I will be careful next time.
Give it to me this time.
Okay. I will throw it.
Here you go.
Sorry, son.
I still have a lot of strength.
That's why it fell so far.
It's alright. I'll take
away your strength too.
The kitchen is on my side.
I dare you to enter it.
I dare you to enter my bathroom.
-Go away.
-You go away.
He is trying to compete with me.
My slippers...
I will teach you a lesson, old man.
I returned your slippers.
But I won't return your
reading glasses, my darling.
What use are they to you?
Whatever it may be useful for.
I will itch myself with
it. What is it to you?
Stay in your area.
I have a lot of strength
too. I won't forgive you.
This is a crime.
It's not a crime at all. Go away.
It is on my side.
May I do it here?
You will be punished for doing this.
Hey, what is this?
It's water. I am taking a bath.
Water makes it's own way.
If you have a problem,
-make a wall.
-Is that so?
Wait and watch now.
Show me.
-What is this?
-It's the wind.
It goes where it feels like.
If you have a problem, put up a curtain.
What is it?
Did your dad agree or not?
I just had a very serious
discussion with dad.
I think he will come
around in a day or two.
I don't know if your
dad will agree or not.
Do you know my dad's friend's
son is coming to meet me?
Do something if you can.
Otherwise, don't blame me later.
Son, we were very worried.
That we are such an advanced family
and we should find
an advanced son-in-law.
I wouldn't want to exaggerate.
You are not just advanced,
you are really a super
advanced son-in-law.
You should try exaggerating more, Uncle.
I too am very eager to be a
part of this advanced family.
Look, what a beautiful family you have.
Your daughter is like a rose.
Mom is like a sunflower.
Our brother...
He too is a broken
flower of some branch.
And you are a flower too.
I can't remember that
name. What is that flower...
The one that grows on
the footpath and in dirt...
The dirty-looking one.
The one that no one smells.
Aunt, you... But you have smelled it.
What is it called...
Jimsonweed flower.
Jimsonweed is poisonous...
No, you do resemble Jimsonweed flower.
You are right. I am very glad to
be a part of this Jimsonweed family.
I am really very glad.
Oh, hello. Hold on. Step on the brakes.
This wedding can't happen.
Is he your elder son?
He doesn't look like his sister at all.
I am the son-in-law of this house,
you scoundrel, not an elder son.
Brother-in-law! Sit. We are
just finalising the wedding date.
Dad, don't finalize the wedding
date without consulting brother-in-law.
Some sons-in-law are very
notorious, I am telling you.
-She is your sister-in-law.
I am going to marry her.
How is she my sister-in-law?
Because we have been
together for three years.
-A three-year long relationship.
You are dreaming of marriage
in a three-year long relationship?
Look at me. I was in a
relationship with a girl for five years.
We couldn't get married.
She got married to someone
else. I tolerated it, right?
Don't worry. God watches everything.
We will find a girl for you too.
-Listen to me.
-Shall I show you proof?
-Yes. Go ahead.
Look, I took this trip with him.
I have been there.
It's a beautiful place.
-And this is Kotkapura.
Who goes on a romantic
trip to Kotkapura?
My maternal family is there.
We went there last year for Diwali.
Your maternal family is there? My
maternal aunt is married there too.
Come to the point.
Tell him about the trip
to Manali where we...
We want to discuss some
family matter. Can you...
sit outside?
Dad, do you consider me as an outsider?
I mean, son,
please go and sit
outside for a little while.
-Dad, I am not a stranger.
Go outside.
If you had held my hand like this
and asked me to sit...
Son, the way you came
and interfered with this match,
this is not a common man's doing.
Only a lover can do that.
And the dedication with
which you broke this match,
now stop your dad's wedding
with the same dedication.
I will go home and talk to him.
You are being given a last chance.
Only then you can marry our daughter.
Otherwise, a boy is sitting outside.
I will sit for the wedding
rituals, with your daughter.
You seem very fond of reading,
This is just the romantic section.
I haven't done as much romance
as I have read and written it.
If you had done as much romance
as you have read and written,
you would have been
disgraced in the whole world.
How can love disgrace anyone?
People who hate love,
they stay away from love
and are often grouchy.
Wow, Laali.
You have done an amazing thing.
You separated your father.
But I know everything.
You have separated your dad so that
he can learn to live without you.
Look, Laali, your dad is very innocent.
He can't understand your moves.
I know everything.
But, remember.
I will tell him everything
in detail after the wedding.
Do one thing. Make a movie.
My dad and I.
Wow. This is a great idea.
Your dad must be waiting for me.
I should go. Okay, bye.
The boy... dies in the movie.
It's because of your love, Sunita.
I am massaging your
legs to save face.
Don't assume that my
love for you has awakened.
We are still fighting.
Uncle, come soon. I am
calling you for the fifth time.
What traffic? You don't
have to land an air plane.
Bring the food quickly, Uncle.
You even took the motorbike.
Just bring the food if you
can, otherwise, go to hell.
I don't care. Come quickly.
Here you go.
What are you doing on my side?
You disturbed my
sleep with all that noise.
Have this food.
If your food is five minutes late,
you create such an upheaval.
Eat it now.
Your blood pressure becomes low.
You have never stayed hungry.
I am not attached to you.
I am just doing it to save face.
People will say I starved my son.
Eat it.
Dad brought it for me.
It's nothing.
I massaged his legs last night.
He was acting all magnanimous.
I didn't pay much attention.
Well, Uncle,
staying hungry is very difficult.
Your dad never let you stay hungry.
You are his weakness.
He can't live without you.
-Laali, as you know.
That we don't have a child.
We always considered you as our son.
But when you abused
me on the phone today,
I realized for the first time
that you are not a child anymore.
You are the owner of the house.
Since you have become
the master of the house now
then why should you be in debt?
If Professor has paid his debt
then why should you step back?
You can't even imagine the
sacrifices he made for you all his life.
Now you sacrifice your love too.
Let Professor get married.
Otherwise, he will
tell people all his life
that he sacrificed so much for his son,
and when my turn came,
his son didn't have the
heart to do anything.
And he... was your father when you...
were a small child.
Now you are both partners.
For now, he is scoring more than you
when it come to sacrifices and favours.
"From this common world"
"Especially for me."
"This lively life."
"Has a hope for me."
"Nothing is hidden from me."
"Nothing is hidden from me."
"You are a story written by me."
"I am familiar with
every pore in your body."
"You are a part of my soul."
"I am familiar with
every pore in your body."
"You are a part of my soul."
"My happiness is in your happiness."
"Do whatever you feel like doing."
"Just don't go far from me."
"Hold my finger again today."
"You are even dearer to me than God."
"You are even dearer to me than God."
"You were given to me by Him."
"I am familiar with
every pore in your body."
"You are a part of my soul."
"I am familiar with
every pore in your body."
"You are a part of my soul."
"All my wishes bow down."
"To one stubborn wish of yours."
"How is it possible, son."
"That I will stop worrying about you?"
"It keeps stinging my eye."
"It keeps stinging my eye."
"A little."
"I am familiar with
every pore in your body."
"You are a part of my soul."
"I am familiar with
every pore in your body."
"You are a part of my soul."
I have realized now what a father is.
A father is the ground
beneath a child's feet
and the sky above his head.
A father is a shoulder to cry on,
and an embrace of courage.
A father is
a pocket full of wishes.
But he has neither of the three things.
Neither a pocket, nor courage
and nor a shoulder.
What does he have?
Just responsibilities.
While fulfilling those responsibility,
he internalizes his tears.
Maybe that is why fathers are so strict.
I am sorry, Mahi.
I can't get married.
My father is the one
who will get married.
I have explained the
entire thing to that boy.
He is really an advanced thinker.
He said even if Mahi
has been married earlier,
I will still marry her.
Our Mahi is that beautiful.
Brother. Jonta.
Dad, greetings. Mom, greetings.
How are you? Are you alright?
Hello. What happened? You are still
not ready. Were you waiting for me?
Listen, son.
Do you father and son
discuss things, or not?
Fifteen-twenty minutes
ago, your father was here.
He said he will not marry Sunita.
Get the kids married.
They should stay happy.
-My dad was here?
-My dad was here?
-My dad agreed?
Oh, thank God.
We are in a relationship for
last three years, brother Jonta.
What brother? What brother?
Do you respect your commitments or not?
First, you wanted me to marry this lass.
If she hadn't held my hand, and
hadn't asked me with a sad face
to leave, would I have left?
Dad, I found a girl from
Dubai with such great difficulty.
I was supposed to get married today.
He brought me here
from my wedding rituals
and said don't go to Dubai, brother.
You deserve Canada.
I said fine. Let's go to Canada.
And just look at my innocence,
I followed him and came here.
Not followed him, I was
pulled here because of...
Mahi's beauty.
Aunt, do you have another daughter?
Anyone related to you who
wants to get married? I am ready.
We have one daughter and one son.
-Is he your son?
Is he your son?
Is he your son?
-Very bad.
-Oh, God Almighty.
Either take him or take me. How will
I pay the rent for this wedding attire?
-I am stressed.
I will pay the rent
for this wedding attire.
I have broken your marriage
so I will fix another one for you.
We will find a girl
from Australia this time.
The weather is really pleasant there.
I know a matchmaker.
He does everything perfectly.
Do you have faith in your brother?
No. It is written on your
face that you can't be trusted.
Trust my heart if
you can't trust my face.
How can I trust your
heart? The heart is crazy.
Oh, crazy guy. We can't lose heart.
Do one thing, give me
the matchmaker's number.
Hurry up.
What happened, Professor?
Don't you want to get married?
I drink alcohol.
I used to hide it from you and
drink, that is why I couldn't get drunk.
Now I want to tell you and do it.
We don't have any secrets anymore.
You couldn't get drunk
because of another reason.
Uncle and I used to steal
alcohol from your bottle.
We used to steal for ourselves,
and fill the rest
of the bottle with water.
Now that I have told you this,
I don't have anymore secrets from you.
But I have understood one thing, dad.
When sons starts sitting with fathers,
fathers start standing with their sons.
Now we have removed these
secrets from between us.
But what will become of us now?
Now we will become friends.
When a father and son become friends
then the sons don't become spoilt
and fathers become soft-hearted too.
And fathers are very proud
of their sons, my darling.
And sons of their fathers.
Here, dad.
First drink is to our friendship.
Now if someone had to ask you,
who all are your friends
then what will you say?
I will put my left hand
on my right moustache and say
my dad and I.
Bravo, my son.
'Branded clothes,
expensive cars, and huge'
'bungalows don't mean
that you are very advanced.'
'The thinking of a man is advanced.'
'Like Laali's thinking.'
'Though even Laali has
done everything for Mahi.'
'But whatever he did was right.'
'If kids want that parents
should look after their happiness'
'then kids need to do the same.'
'Now this better not happen
that in order to become advanced,'
'you start getting
your fathers married.'
'And this is a request
to the fathers too,'
'that there are a lot of things in life
other than marriage to become advanced.'
'You better not start new love stories.'
'The thing is just that,'
'be happy and let others be happy.'
"We have heard the boy is a
permanent resident of Punjab."
"What are anklets? I will
sacrifice my life for you."
"We have heard the boy is a
permanent resident of Punjab."
"What is money? I will
sacrifice my life for you."
"With God's grace my harvest is good."
"My weapons are all
registered with the government."
"Jatti, our union,"
"Is as beautiful as a
phulkari with a turban."
"You can take my life with love."
"Don't kill me with arrogance."
"Jatti, our union,"
"Is as beautiful as a
phulkari with a turban."
"Jatt is counted
amongst genuine people."
"He doesn't dabble in any
addiction other than drinking."
"He has always looked smart."
"Whoever he is in touch
with are like God for him."
"I travel abroad as a hobby."
"I work as a hobby."
"All my friends are influential."
"Jatti, our union,"
"Is as beautiful as a
phulkari with a turban."
"You can take my life with love."
"Don't kill me with arrogance."
"Jatti, our union."
"Is as beautiful as a
phulkari with a turban."
"The one that is black in
colour and it lives in a silver box."
"This gentle Jatt is in
demand by all the ladies."
"I make sure my enemies tow the line."
"I like the curve only in my moustache."
"Fashionable people
have good social lives."
"Everything hot is in demand."
"You will enjoy all your life, beloved."
"Jatti, our union,"
"Is as beautiful as a
phulkari with a turban."
"You can take my life with love."
"Don't kill me with arrogance."
"Jatti, our union."