Maine (2018) Movie Script

- [waves crashing]
- [birds calling]
[soft gasp]
[inhales, exhales]
[exhales sharply]
[man exhales]
[rhythmically tapping]
[both rhythmically tapping]
Y... [sighs]
[horse nickers]
[woman groans]
[thunder rumbling]
Little aches and pains
come back at you.
So you'd sit
in a rocking chair and hurt
- or you could be on AT and hurt.
- Right.
Moonlight shining
through the trees
Moonlight shining down on me
Lights the way
for lovers in the dark
Moonbeams dance
on rain-drenched trees
Sparkle for our eyes to see
Moonlight shine on down
and shine on me
You want me to go with it?
Or do you want to go?
I think tell it to them.
You got it.
Well, the thing is that I was peeing
and he was taking a big shit.
- That's really it.
- [man] What? Stop. You can't tell it like that.
- Why not?
- You skipped like the best parts of the story. There's...
- It's more elaborate than that?
- Yeah.
Yeah. There's more, more.
Well, there more pieces
to the story.
- You also don't want to tell it, stop.
- Right.
- OK, you want the details.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- OK, the thing is that...
- Get into it.
...he was trying really hard
for that shit, like making
all that crazy noises.
- You know, like... [grunts]
- Oh, my God. I don't sound like that.
I know how you sound. And I was,
"What the fuck, a bear!
- A bear!"
- A crazy beast, yeah.
You know, it was like
a bear and then he...
You know the go...
- How you say that, goat?
- Yeah.
They... the shit goes...
It's like plop, plop, plop.
Was it... but it was big?
He's like... [grunting]
Maybe it was like
the final thing, right?
He didn't think
anybody was watching.
- No.
- All right, yeah, OK.
That's pretty much
the whole story.
Basically, I just
took a shit next to where
she was tasking a piss.
And then, yeah.
But so that kind of cleared up
most of the confusion.
- And then... uh...
- And that's it.
- Yeah, that's mostly it.
- That's our story.
Then I said sorry
for being so weird.
And then she read my palms.
- Ah. That's fucking great.
- Yeah.
Are you guys together? Are you
guys with each other every day?
- Yeah.
- Um, yeah.
- Hiking.
- Yeah, pretty much.
Aw, you're turning
like redder and redder.
- Who?
- You are.
You can't just say I'm blushing
to embarrass me.
I didn't mean to embarrass you.
- Why are you blushing?
- You guys are in love.
No, we're not a couple.
- I'm so sorry.
- Missed the mark on that one.
- Don't be sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
- Hex. Nice.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Hex.
- No. It's fine. No problem. Why is it a big deal?
It's OK. We're friends.
- How long...
- It's all right.
So you guys
are all hiking togeth...
How long have you
known each other?
- Jesus, three days ago.
- Yeah.
- Sounds about right.
- Three days ago. Yeah.
- Cool.
- Time moves differently here.
- It does.
- It's all a blur.
- Hi.
- Hi, how are you?
- I'm Flop.
- Hex.
- Lake.
- Dragon.
- I'm Bluebird.
- Aliza.
- Nice to meet y'all.
- Are you doing... are you a section hiker?
- Oh, no, no. The whole thing. Maine.
- Nice.
- [Bluebird] How is it going?
- It's great.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hm.
- You have an accent.
- Yeah. I'm from Spain.
Oh, cool. Are you like, um,
living here now or...?
I mean, not like physically
literally here, here.
- But in the...
- My partner's family live here.
- Oh, OK.
- Are you... are you solo hiking?
- Yes. Uh-huh, I am.
- How long?
How... Oh, um, usually,
you know, it's...
it's just been me
from the beginning.
Me too. I mean, I was
hiking solo too at first.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Well, I mean, are you...
are y'all just like
a big hiking happy...
Sort of. Yeah, well,
I mean, me and Bluebird met up,
uh, a little while ago.
And then we were hiking
with some older people
and then one of them got hurt and
then just now met these folks.
- Just now, yeah.
- That's how that goes.
[Hex] Sure you don't
want to join us?
[Aliza] No. You know...
Do you, like,
not grow leg hair?
- What?
- I've just never seen you shave, that's all.
Oh, no, because I got
lasered a few years ago.
So it doesn't grow anywhere.
Is that just 'cause, or, uh,
was Pol not into le bush?
- You OK?
- Yeah. I just want to be alone for a bit.
What does he do?
- Pol?
- Uh-huh.
He's an engineer.
Does he want to have kids?
Kids? Kids?
- [scoffs] Do you?
- Do I want to have kids?
- No.
- [sighs]
So you don't want kids?
- No.
- Why?
Because it's complicated.
[speaking foreign language]
[Lake] I'm afraid of heights.
[Bluebird grunts]
Hey! What are you... stop!
What the fuck are you doing?
Come on!
You know my chips
are down there, right?
- What?
- My bag of chips is right there.
What the fuck
are you talking about now?
In my pack! Right at the bottom
of the fucking tower.
- What do you mean?
- So what?
So I don't want your dead body
to fall and crush my chips up.
OK. Should I...
should I fall that way?
- Is this way OK for you?
- Wait, wait, wait. Come over this way a little bit.
- OK, yeah.
- Right here. That's a good fucking spot.
- You like it? OK, thank you.
- Go for it.
- Thank you.
- Whoa! Don't! Don't!
You OK?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Can I go now?
Yeah, I said you can go as long
as you fall left of my chips.
We'll make sure
your chips are OK.
Thank you.
[screaming] Whoa! Whoa!
Fuck you, chips!
- Hey.
- Whoa! Oh! Oh!
- Hey.
- Hey.
- There's a lot.
- Yeah.
- Wait, look at me?
- What?
Look at me for a second.
Now, close your eyes.
- Why?
- Now, open your mouth.
Would you just close your eyes
and open your mouth?
- Three seconds.
- OK.
- You're going to die, dude!
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[laughing] Sorry! I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
Got blackberries in my nose!
- This is my torture!
- No!
OK. I'm sorry.
Look at me. Look at me.
B double, E double R U N
Beer run
B double, E double R U N
Beer run
All you need
is a ten and a fiver
A car, a key
and a sober driver
B double, E double R U N
Beer run
- Whoo!
- Yee-haw!
- Again!
- Nice!
- Let me see if I know something.
- Let's hear something.
Um... yeah, I can play
B double, E double R U N
No! Not that one, please!
R U N, beer run
- You know what? You're tired of it. Already?
- Forever.
- Not that one.
- [tapping guitar]
- Mm!
- Hm...
I don't know. I mean,
it's kind of awkward.
I can't play
a serious one after that.
No, yeah, yeah, yeah. We want one serious.
We want one serious.
- It's gonna bring the mood down.
- Do it! Do it! Do it!
- Do it, do it, do it, do it!
- Wow. OK.
- You asked for it.
- Yeah.
[strumming guitar]
I was walking with your
left hand in my back pocket
And I stared at the sky
while you kissed me
And you were running away
Away from everything
And I stayed behind
so you missed me
And while these words
may sound so sweet
- [strums off-key]
- Oh, shit.
I could care less about you
Care less about you
And how I love the sound
of you walking away
Now I'm seeing clearer
And I'm getting closer
And I'm finding out
just who I am
Without you in the way
So hold me
But only
For today
Despite my best ambitions
I get into
the worst situations
And here I am crystal clean
And all the nights
are lonely
The words I say
to you are phony
Because there's
nothing left to say
All these words
sound so sweet
And I could
care less about you
Care less about you
And how I love the sound
of you walking away
And I'm getting closer
And I'm seeing clearer
And I... to finding out
just who I am
Without you in the way
So hold me
But only
For today
[man] That was good. Man.
Told you it was going
to change up the vibe.
[man] I'm cool with those vibes.
Sorry. Your hair was
going to catch on fire.
I think Homeboy's asleep.
- Do you want any?
- No.
- No. Sh.
- What?
Sh. Homeboy's asleep. No.
No! [laughs]
He's still sleeping.
- I don't care about anything.
- Wow.
- What?
- Sh.
I'm drawing you.
No. No.
[laughs] No.
- You don't want any ramen?
- No.
Ah! [grunts]
[Bluebird groaning]
[in creaky voice]
My back feels like shit!
- You want me to crack it?
- Oh! What?
What are you, a frog?
Get up.
Come on. Don't do that.
- [grunting]
- All right.
Face this way. [laughs]
Ow! Don't.
- Don't.
- No biting. Don't.
- You're smashing my tit.
- I'm sorry.
- Ahh!
- You have to cooperate.
- You have smashed my...
- Do you want me to do this?
One... one minute
for the tit, please.
- Shh! Homeboy.
- I know.
- Across your chest?
- Yeah, like this.
Hold on. OK.
Wait, you're sure
you know how to do it?
- Yes.
- OK, sign this paper.
- What? [laughs]
- Now put your arms like this.
What the fuck?
You spit on me.
[grunting, laughing]
- What the fuck was that?
- It went pa pa pa pa pa!
- That's shit.
- Why?
I heard it. I hear it.
- What? I'm a doctor.
- [laughs]
I see your...
I've seen your butt.
- You asked. You asked.
- Give me my fucking money back!
- You didn't pay me shit.
- Yeah, you are a doctor,
so give me my
fucking money back.
Are you saying
I'm not a good doctor?
Yeah. Give me five!
- Rock and roll.
- [laughs]
- What?
- Nothing.
[whispering] I'm going to come
off the trail at the next town.
Yeah. I...
- I just decided I want to.
- Seriously?
Yeah, it's what I want to do.
- Because of earlier?
- No.
No. You didn't do anything.
- Well, I'm sorry, I mean...
- No.
You have nothing...
nothing to be sorry for.
OK, but you, um...
I mean, you're serious. This is
not like a joke or anything?
I'm sorry.
I didn't know
when to bring it up.
I'm sorry. It's not
because of earlier?
- No.
- No?
No, it's not because of earlier.
It's not because of earlier.
- It's not?
- No.
I've been thinking
about it for awhile.
Since when?
I mean, you've been thinking
about it for a while?
We'll talk tomorrow.
OK? We talk tomorrow.
What are you writing?
So far I have Lake Nobo.
Then I drew
a little lightning bolt.
So do you just want me to, like,
say goodbye and that's it?
Just like, "Party on, Wayne."
And that's it? I just don't...
I don't know what you want.
Can we try to enjoy today,
and that's it?
- Yo. How's it going?
- Hey.
Pretty good. Pretty good.
Is there... is there room?
- Are you OK?
- What? Yeah.
I just have a rock
or a stick or something.
- This is Cheese. I'm Hermes.
- Hey.
- I'm Bluebird.
- Lake.
- [Cheese] Morning, guys.
- [Hermes] Hey, Bluebird.
You fellers hungry?
- Y'all hiking together?
- Yeah.
[Hermes] Yeah?
Going all the way up?
- Mm-hm.
- Nice.
Yeah. Well...
I think she's quitting and
going home like tomorrow.
[Hermes] You're quitting?
Are you...
Are you just like
not feeling it or...
No, it's not...
it's not like that.
- OK, yeah.
- It happens.
No. No, it's not like that.
Yeah, it's just more like shear
bravery and courage mostly.
- Courage?
- I don't know, you tell me.
No, you tell me.
You know everything, right?
I guess so.
[Lake crunching chips]
What did you mean
by "Party on, Wayne" before?
You've never seen that movie?
Well, it's about these guys
and they have this cable show.
And when they sign off they say, "Party
on, Wayne" or, "Party on, Garth."
- It's just a stupid thing.
- OK.
[blows raspberry]
We are doing such
a great job enjoying today.
- I am, actually.
- Oh, yeah?
Yeah, because I get to meet up
with Cheese and Hermes later.
Hey, do you
still keep a journal?
No, I ran out of space.
Yeah, but you still have it,
Would you read me something
you've written here?
- No.
- Why not?
Because I don't want to.
[Lake groans]
Could you just look and see if
something is acceptable to read?
Sit up.
Can you give me
some context first?
Yeah, um... that's from
when we first got here.
- Here, like the U.S.?
- Yeah.
And then I spent some days
in California by myself.
And then I wrote that.
I was swimming a lot
in the ocean.
You won't get it.
Really? What,
it's too deep for me?
OK. We'll see.
- [speaking Spanish]
- [laughs]
[speaking Spanish]
- And that's it.
- Hm.
- It was really good.
- [laughs]
You got it?
Got like... [speaks Spanish]
And... [speaks Spanish]
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Very good.
- Thanks.
Can you just give me a...
like, a quick recap in English?
Yeah. Quick recap
is basically that...
Is that... that I need no one.
And it's OK.
I don't think
I've ever felt that way.
Do you still...
do you still feel that way?
That you will never need anyone?
I mean, it's not like
I hate everybody.
- [laughs] You know?
- I don't know.
I mean, I feel like I needed you
or someone after my dad left.
I mean, I thought that was why
we started hiking together.
I started hiking with you
because I wanted to,
not because I needed.
Yeah, but...
I mean, now you're going...
you're leaving to go be
with your husband. That...
seems kind of contradictory.
I don't know.
Did you have some sort
of epiphany or something?
I mean, is...
Is the next journal entry
about that?
Where is that one?
Um... I ran out of space.
I mean, you could just tell me.
What are you so upset about?
I'm not. I'm not upset.
I just...
I don't know,
I've never felt like that
or thought about that, really.
Never, like someone
telling you...
I know you probably think
I'm really stupid and shallow
because I'm not like as aware
or something as you, but...
I'm not thinking
that you're stupid.
It's just every time I try
to put my feelings into words
it just sounds fucking stupid.
It's not fucking stupid.
And I sound fucking stupid every
fucking day of my fucking life.
And that's OK.
I mean, that's... that's OK.
And don't say that. I mean,
that's fucking bullshit.
Like the song yesterday.
I've never had to pee
that bad in my whole life.
And I couldn't leave.
That was amazing.
At the end,
you cured me of urination.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- What?
- Nothing.
I mean, I have been known
to dampen the panties.
You did the opposite.
You cured me of urination, so...
- Oh, right. Yeah.
- panties were there
the whole time.
You know, like a sponge?
Like Bob Esponja.
- Like what?
- Bob Esponja.
It's a sponge
that lives inside the ocean
- and it looks like cheese.
- Wait.
Are you talking
about SpongeBob?
- Yeah. That's a name?
- Yeah. Oh, my God.
is that better Bob Sponge?
Bob Esponja.
[singing in Spanish]
- Bob Esponja.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'd love some. Oh, my God.
- You want some too, sweetheart?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I want some.
- We're starving.
All right. I figured
on a trail like that,
- you would be tired and hungry.
- Thank you.
And... help yourself.
I've got water and coffee.
- You have coffee?
- Oh, I have coffee, yes.
See, I make the best coffee too
to go along with the best chili.
Now, where else you going
to get a greeting like this?
- I don't know.
- I mean, when you got the best, you got it.
- Lake, I'm glad to meet you.
- Bluebird.
- Blueberry. Oh, I love blueberries.
- Yeah.
- Bluebird.
- Oh. I'll fly with you.
- Can I give you an angel?
- An angel? What is it?
Yeah. Here, let me give you
an angel to put on.
Yellow is for boy
because he's shy of girls.
The white is for girl
because she's pure.
- 'Cause God loves you.
- Thank you.
I come down here to serve people
because I like giving to others
and help them. Especially when you
come down that trail, you are cold.
- Yeah.
- You're... you're tired.
And you're hungry.
And you got a long way to go
to get something to eat.
It's whiskey.
- [Bluebird] Whiskey.
- Yeah, I just give you a little bit.
- Oh!
- And I can't drink. I don't drink.
- But a friend of mine gave that to me.
- You're a lifesaver.
I want to share it with you.
If you like,
I'll give you the rest of it
to take with you.
But promise me one thing. You just drink
what I gave you here, no more than that.
And do it
in medicinable purposes.
And you'll be so much healthier,
happier and sleepier.
- Thank you very much.
- You got a good woman there. Listen to her.
- I know. I try to.
- She's trying to protect you.
She's trying to be good to you.
And she doesn't
want you getting drunk.
- There you go, girl.
- I won't get too drunk. I won't get too drunk.
- I'll make it last until...
- No, really, it's not necessary. It's not necessary.
This is going to last me
all the way to Maine.
- All the way to Maine?
- All the way to the end of the trail.
I'll take the very last shot
as soon as we finish.
- No. Come on. Just...
- You can have some of it too.
I'm not going
to drink it all myself.
Hey, we should
have a fire tonight.
- Why?
- Because it's your last night.
You're not tired?
[Lake] I wish you the best of
luck. And if you get too cold,
you know, just throw some
clothes on. It's not worth it.
- [man] We'll see.
- OK.
[man laughs]
Alrighty, hey. One more time.
Oh, Ratman, Ratman.
Yeah, Lake?
- Lake, yeah.
- What's your real name?
- It doesn't matter.
- You're right, it doesn't matter.
- Good luck out there, man.
- You too.
Be safe. Follow your heart.
You should get a phone tomorrow
in town. Just in case.
I actually wasn't thinking
about going into town.
Why not?
There's really no point.
I mean, I've got enough food
for a few more days.
Do you want me to?
I don't know, it's up to you.
Would you use mine
if I give it to you?
- Your phone?
- Yeah.
No. It's yours. And plus,
I don't really need it.
Well, actually you need it. I mean,
you're in the middle of fucking nothing.
So just in case if some
something happens, you need it.
You don't have to use it.
I never use mine, but...
Sounds like I really
need it then.
OK, then don't. OK?
- You want to try some of that whiskey?
- No.
To cell phones.
- Wait.
- What?
- You cannot drink yet.
- Well, you didn't want to toast.
- I don't have to wait for you.
- I don't want to cheers to cell phones.
To Maine.
To Maine.
To Maine.
You know, I was thinking before
that it's hard for me to think
about you outside of here.
- Why?
- I don't know.
Because maybe I... I met you here
and I've seen you just hiking here.
And... I know you like that.
And... I don't know.
Cannot imagine you in a...
swimming pool, for example.
That's funny.
So what would you do after?
What is that?
Ah, I had a tick.
- On your leg?
- No, my head.
Oh, fuck me.
After, uh... I don't know.
I got to figure it out,
I guess.
But have you ever
had a job, like...?
Yeah, I've had a job.
I'm not like one of those
trust fund hikers or something.
You know?
I've had lots of jobs.
- Oh, yeah, lots of jobs?
- Yeah.
Yeah. I... I was a minor league
baseball team mascot.
- Really?
- Uh-huh. I...
delivered those prepackaged
sandwiches to gas stations.
I did a carriage tour
in Charleston for one summer.
And then, um, and then I did the
cruise ship thing for one year.
You were a mascot?
Wally T. Warthog, yeah.
- What is it, a bear?
- No, it's a...
It's a hog... a warthog,
like a mean pig.
- A mean pig?
- Yeah.
Ah. I've seen it.
Like with teeth.
- Yeah.
- It's ugly.
Were you dancing?
You know,
where they go like...
- With a big head.
- Uh-huh.
They say, "And now,
our team mascot,
Wally T. Warthog!"
I'd run out and I'd go...
I love you, Wally!
Blow me, Wally!"
Or wait, "I want to blow you,
[laughs] No way.
Shut the fuck up.
It was something like that.
Why were you doing
all these jobs?
Well, I had like a weird financial
situation when I was growing up.
I don't know
if they do this in Spain,
but here if one
of your parents dies
when you're really young,
then, um, the government
will send you checks every month
till your 18.
Hey, do you want to play a game?
[exhales sharply]
- Is it a man?
- Well, yeah.
- Am I a woman?
- No.
Am I... am I a... spaceship?
A what?
You're not a fucking spaceship.
- I'm an old witch.
- No!
- You're not an old witch.
- I'm an old witch.
- Wally witch...
- And I have to.... [mutters]
- Wait, I need a pot.
- You are a fucking pig.
- Ow!
- You are a fucking pig.
- What the fuck?
- You have to get lower.
I think you are
the worst Wally Bear thing...
- Bend your knees.
-'ve ever had. [laughs]
Let's go find a bear.
Let's go kill a bear.
OK. Let's go.
[makes farting noise]
That's... that was great.
You don't spit.
- You don't spit.
- It was a poop.
That was so weird.
[Lake] Are you there?
Did you ever read
that children's book?
It has a little
dopey bird in it.
And he hatches one day
when his mom,
also a bird,
is out to get some worms.
And so he goes around...
I don't know how, 'cause most
little babies can't walk.
But this little baby can.
And so he goes around,
he goes up to this cat.
And he asks the cat,
"Are you my mom?"
And the cat says, "Nope."
So then he goes over to the dog.
And asks the dog,
"Are you my mom?"
The dog says no.
So then he goes over to the cow.
And he asked the cow,
"Are you my mom?"
- Hi.
- Hi.
[whispers] I can't have kids.
I can't have kids.
Even if I wanted to.
It doesn't work right.
Look at me.
So, what does the cow say?
"How could I be your mom?
I'm a cow."
[sobs softly]
[vehicle approaching]
[vehicle approaching]
- Hey!
- Hey, how you doing?
- Good.
- Need a ride, I take it?
- Yeah.
- OK.
I'm kind of piled up here,
so if you don't mind
hopping in back.
- Yeah, sure, great.
- OK, all right.
Not going far,
but I'll help you what I can.
All right. Are you going
through Daleville?
- Uh, sure, sure, I can do that. Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Hop in, hop in.
- Good.
- Thanks.
- Jump in.
Move what you got
to move back there.
- Thank you so much.
- You bet. You got it.
Find yourself a spot.
Hey, buddy, how you doing?
- I'm good, how are you?
- Great.
- How's the hike been?
- Not too bad.
- Thanks for the ride.
- All right, settle in.
Everybody good?
- Yeah.
- OK.
- Come on in.
- Thank you.
Do you mind
if we take this table?
Sit anywhere you want to,
darlin'. I ain't picky at all.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Howdy, howdy.
Everybody doing OK
this morning?
What you want to drink,
Uh, coffee and water.
All right.
How about you, sweetie?
- Same.
- All right.
You want to look at that
there menu for a minute,
or you know what you want,
Uh... do you have eggs?
Oh, sure.
How do you like 'em cooked?
- Scrambled.
- Alrighty.
- How about you, sweetie?
- I'm OK for now, thanks.
- All that hiking and no food?
- Yeah.
- I'll be back, darlin'.
- OK.
Howdy. Come on in, pick you a
spot and I'll be right with you.
I think after this, we...
we should say goodbye.
Here you go, sweetie.
- Thanks.
- You're so welcome.
Them there eggs will be done
here in just a minute.
- OK, thanks.
- And I'll be right back out with them, OK?
You change your mind,
I'll feed you, darlin'.
You should eat something.
- Will you take the phone?
- No.
I didn't know you
were coming off the trail.
Jesus. Are you serious?
I didn't... I didn't know it.
You didn't know?
- Hey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Excuse me.
- Where's your restroom?
- Right through them there doors, darlin'.
You're so welcome.
[horn honking]
- Sorry.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
No, it's OK.
How you doing?
You OK?
I'm Spencer.
Nice to meet you.
Where you from?
Guess what?
If you are wrong, you fly away.
Should I run over these deputy sheriffs
or just let them be there dumb?
How's your hiking going?
Two weeks I was in the hospital.
Gosh, that's terrible, huh?
What? Did you get bad food?
- I had a tick.
- Oh.
Uh, was it the one
that carries the Lyme disease.
- Yeah.
- Oh, shucks. Are you OK now?
- Perfect.
- Oh, well, that's one good thing.
You meet some extremely
nice people on the trail.
I'm not worried about that. I
just want to make it, you know?
- Yeah.
- I just want to go there and make it.
You know, you have certain
phases in life that you want...
You don't want to be tied down
and then you have times
that you want to settle down
and do nothing but go to work,
come home and spend time
with your... your wife.
And... but you have to make your
mind up in your young years,
what's more important to you.
And if marriage
is the most important thing
and raising a family,
and at one time,
you know, I thought that was it.
Then my first wife,
she got on prescription drugs
and really got bad and stuff.
And, you know, imagining things,
which was far from truth
and stuff.
And there's a house I built.
The rest is unpleasant history
for the second wife.
[laughs] So that does end.
I'm educated and all that,
so if a third ever comes along,
it should be a charm.
- Are you happy now?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I am.
- That's it.
Yeah, you know, I'm real happy,
I do about everything
I want to do.
Other than that,
I have a good friend or two.
And, you know,
and I ride my horses
and shoot my gun,
and work like hell.
[soft country music]
I was walking with you
Left hand in my back pocket
And I stared at the sky
while you kissed me
And you were running away
Away from everything
And I stayed behind
so you'd miss me
And while these words
may sound so sweet
I could care less about you
Care less about you
And how I love the sound
Of you walking away
And I can see clearer
And I'm getting closer
To finding out just
who I am
Without you in the way
So hold me
But only
For today
Despite my best ambitions
I get into
the worst situations
But here I am crystal clean
And all the nights
are lonely
The words I say to you
are phony
Because there's
nothing left to say
And though you say
you can't live without me
And every single night
you think about me
I could care less about you
Care less about you
And how I love the sound
Of you walking away
And I can see clearer
And I'm getting closer
To finding out
just who I am
Without you in the way
So hold me
But only