Majka asfalta (2010) Movie Script

- Can I go to that field there?
- Yes. Are you cold?
- No.
- Let me see... OK.
- Want some juice? - I had some.
- Go on. Take it easy.
Mare? Another drink?
- Give me a smoke.
- Haven't got any.
- Where are they?
- I probably left them in the car.
Jesus! I just left them.
What's the problem, Janko?
No problem at all...
Where's the kid?
He's here somewhere.
You could have
kissed him good night.
Why should I wake him up?
He's a sleep.
He wasn't sleeping.
MOTHER OF ASPHAL Good morning!
I'm under attack! Lie
down. Shall we write? - OK.
Hang on... you have to...
- Now lie down. OK?
- OK.
- Ready?
- Right.
- H...
- No.
- Br...
- Brrrrr...
Mom, look!
Terrific... great.
What does he want?
- He wants money.
- Doesn't he have a mom?
Here you are.
Hey... pal.
Look at the pike I got.
Take a look.
With my new rod.
Look how big it is.
I said to my wife,
Screw bacala,
I want pike for Christmas Eve. My
grand-daughter is coming tonight.
Ever seen a bigger one?
Do we need anything else,
or is that it?
- Janko?
- I don't know.
- They're your friends.
- That's probably it.
- I saw rides outside.
- Terrific.
- I want to go! I want to go!
- Calm down!
Suddenly a great company
of the heavenly host
appeared with the angel,
praising God and saying,
Glory to God In the highest,
and on earth peace to men
on whom his favor rests.
When the angels had left
them and gone into heaven,
the shepherds said
to one another,
Let's go to Bethlehem and see
this thing that has happened,
which the Lord has told us about.
So they hurried off
and found Mary and Joseph...
Be quiet.
- What are you doing?
- Let him play.
All who heard it
were amazed at what...
You've brought us here
so he can play? - Come on...
Why then?
What are we doing here?
It should be done, right?
It is in order and all that, huh?
What do you want?
Say it.
What is it with you?
With that act
each human received dignity
of a God's step-child
as well as dignity of a family.
I'm leaving you.
And so, just as
in the stable of Betlehem
the Holy Family is together
who accepted God's Annunciation
in the same fashion,
dear believers...
Where would you go?
We're both leaving.
I can't go on like this.
Where would you go?
Where, huh?
I arranged it with Vinja.
Parents should be
a model to their children.
You arranged it with Vinja, huh?
I did, Janko.
That's fucking enough!
Remember Christs' words...
Inasmuch as ye did It not
to one of the least of these,
ye did It not to me.
Please, be seated.
Have you had enough,
honey? - Yes, thank you.
- There you go.
- Mare, it was great.
Thank you.
You know, he never eats
before visiting here.
- I'm saving myself.
- Not for me, you pig.
You know Luka and Petra
went skiing to France?
- Mare, you know Luka?
- Only casually.
They said it was fantastic.
Their boss arranged a discount,
so they didn't pay much.
So I thought, we could go
skiing, too. Huh?
- The four of us?
- Yeah, why not?
Don't know...
Iva will take a course this year.
I get bored drinking while they're
messing around in the snow.
When did we go anywhere
together? - Can't remember.
Forget France. Austria perhaps?
This year we didn't even go
to the coast. - How come?
- Well, the apartment...
- This is an ideal chance.
- Taken your wife out lately?
- We went today, to the Mass.
Yes, we did.
- When will you take me?
- We really enjoyed it.
I'm taking you skiing.
It was nice?
So I can say a prayer
before I fucking fall?
What do you say, huh? Mare?
We don't have any money.
Look at the penthouse you bought.
- True, it's not downtown...
- Cut the crap.
How is your work?
Mine totally sucks.
I barely got this far, but...
I got fired.
The ten of us, the same day.
Oh, fuck...
- Well, then?
- What?
- Shall we go skiing, or...
- Mare...
Just tell me what you think.
Do you think, if we don't go skiing,
that it's, like a total
bummer. - Mare, really...
- Stop it, OK?
- No, I wonder what he thinks.
- What do you want me to say?
- Why, tell me... I wonder...
Do you think that, if we don't
go and don't get any photos,
- then it's a real bummer?
- Fine!
You must have
an opinion. - Cheers.
Will you tell me?
- Good evening. - Good evening.
- Who's come visiting us?
It's late, kid. - I can't sleep 'cause
of Christmas. - It's not yet. Soon.
When you wake up,
it will be Christmas and presents.
It's too late now.
Let's go to bed. - Oh, fine.
- Want me to go with you?
- Please, do.
Let's go. Say good night.
- Good night. Bye.
- Good night.
- What the hell is it with her?
- Oh, fuck, Ozren!
- What's with you?
- Me? What's with you?!
- Come now, it's nothing.
- Nothing...
- I mean, really...
- I didn't know. I blundered.
OK, you just mentioned.
We can go skating...
Hey, mom.
Merry Christmas.
Got any snow up there?
How have you been?
Hang in there.
- Bruno, get dressed, quickly.
- What's with...? - Nothing. Hurry up.
- Where are we going?
- We're going to take a ride.
- The other one.
- Ride where?
- We're going on an adventure.
- Dad, too? - Just you and I.
- And my present?
- You'll get it now.
Where are you going?
I asked you something.
Come, get the jacket.
Put that here. Now the jacket.
Think Vinja will feed you,
you wretch?
Come to Daddy.
Take the present. - Bruno, come
here! - I'm going with Mom.
I'm going to kill you!
Where are we going?
You'll see.
Open up your present.
You like it?
- Where are we going?
- It's going to be OK.
Move over, will you?
- We'll take a nap here.
- Here?!
Just until morning.
Then all will be OK. All right?
Comfy, huh?
What happened?
Go upstairs.
Alen will let you in.
I'll just try to get some smokes.
It's here.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas.
- Vinja is not in.
- She told us to wait inside.
Go on in.
- You're OK?
- I am.
Come sit here.
She won't be long.
He's so big. How long has it been?
- It's been a while.
- It sure has.
He's on vacations, right?
I told him we were
taking an adventure.
It's only for a while,
till I pull myself together.
Everything's OK.
- I surprised you, didn't I?
- No, why?
I mean...
- It's all right, OK?
- I won't be long.
- Just till I...
- It's fine.
- Thank you, really.
- Forget it.
- Is it OK with him?
- Sure.
- Really?
- It's OK.
What does your mom say?
She's totally fucked up there.
I can't even mentioned it.
And Janko?
- What about him?
- How did he react?
How could he have? I left.
Was he drunk?
- Yes. Does it matter?
- So he drinks?
Why are you asking?
I mean...
Alen sometimes
hits me, accidentally.
So what? And I hit him.
No reason to leave.
- Accidentally?
- Gosh, yes. Things happen.
Then you talk, discuss it.
- What now? What are you plans?
- What do you mean, plans?
I'll manage somehow,
but now I'm here.
- Is it OK that we're here?
- Sure.
If it's not, you have to tell me now.
I'm telling you it's OK.
Shall we call Janko?
- Shall I tell him to come?
- No, why would you?
I don't know.
Somehow... it's a shame.
I mean, you had good times.
- Alen, would you leave us alone?
- I'm eating.
Did you hear me?
Well, fuck it.
Are you in a hustle?
How long will the dinner take?
Then come afterwards.
Cut the crap. Do come.
OK, I'll be waiting.
- Bruno will like sleeping here?
- Sure.
He loves it at aunt Vinja's
and uncle Alen's. - Cheers.
We could go for a walk tomorrow.
What do you think? - Why not?
- I could cook something.
- Sure.
- Gnocchi, perhaps?
- Bruno loves gnocchi, right?
- Yes. He loves a lot of stuff.
- He's so sweet. Right, Alen?
You're going to start
fucking me again?
What? - The old talk of kids,
family and stuff. - Oh, come on.
Seeking someone to knock you
up? - Stop it! - Me? - Yes, you!
- I saw you last night at the Mass!
- You're disgusting. - I'm disgusting?
- On the prowl for guys? - You stop...
- Save your own marriage.
- Excuse me?
- On the loose, are you?
Dragging the kid around,
lecturing me in my own house.
If you hadn't lectured,
you'd still have had a job.
Take the kid home,
who do you think you are?
You have a problem
with us being here, right?
Yanking my chain around
on my own vacations...
- You're quiet now?
- Enough already.
We'll leave in the morning.
- Mare, no...
- It's OK.
We're leaving in the morning.
Good night.
What's up?
Why did you call us?
We're going skiing?
Where is Mare?
- Where would she be?
- Where Is Mare...
What's up, Janko, huh?
- Nothing.
- Nothing...
Nothing. - Really? - Really.
- What would you like?
- A donut.
- What flavor?
- Vanilla.
Let's see.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Have you got a vanilla doughnut?
- Yes. - One, please. Just one.
What is that? Wait...
What did you do?
- You little pig.
- Pig...
You really are. Here...
- Look, little cars!
- Would you like to take a look?
Looks great.
How much longer?
I'm cold. - Soon.
Where will we go?
You'll see. Give me your hand.
Listen, tell Branka I can't come.
I picked up some
fucking thing. Some virus.
I know there's no one, but what
can I do, infect all of you?
Just tell her that.
Now where to?
- Mom used to work here.
- You're going to work now?
We won't work now.
I'm just going to show you, OK?
There... it's done.
Go on.
Come, Bruno.
This is my office.
Wow, so many papers...
Stupid secretary, meetings.
- Business dinners...
- Let me show you something.
- Mom, why is there no light?
- Why would we need it?
It's great like this, isn't it? Want
me to show you what I used to do?
Hello? Good afternoon.
I'm calling form Europamarket.
It is my pleasure to offer you
our frozen goods package
with a unique 20% discount.
Are you interested?
OK. Thank you. Good-bye.
- There. Now you.
- OK.
Good afternoon. We have fish,
spinach, cabbage and a lot more.
But do not forget,
we are not stingy people.
You can get a 50% discount
on all chosen items.
Have you... are you interested?
But please...
- What does he say?
- He doesn't want it.
That's what he said? Shame on him.
What kind of a man is that?
Who didn't want any?
Fuck, where you've been?
Iva bugged me to go shopping.
Then bugged me
about the booze...
Then we used foul language.
- I saw some skis. Atomic. - Yeah?
- Those are OK. - They are on sale.
Buy them. You know
what I mean. - Really?
Did Duda call you?
- Duda, who?
- Duda from school.
- That Duda?
- That's the one!
There will be a reunion.
So we should start preparations.
- For Duda!
- For Duda!
Have they called?
- Who?
- Stop playing dumb.
- They haven't.
- And they won't.
What is your problem, really?
Come, stop wiping
and sit with us.
When are we going home?
Isn't it fun for you and me to hang
around like this? - It's a bit stupid.
I cook for you and that lush,
carpool, should I carry you home?
- Yes, please.
- Come on...
- Come for a night-cap.
- Go to bed.
Come on, Iva. What?
Ozren is dead anyway.
You're such an oaf. Go on, run.
- Huh?
- Huh?
I'm not getting out till I
convince you and that's it.
You're going home, you ape.
Come on, wake up.
We have to leave.
Put on the jacket and the shoes.
- I'll call some more.
- People need to work. Let's go.
Bruno, put on your shoes.
Thank you very much.
Ticket inspection.
Thank you, sir.
Good morning.
Please, show me your ticket.
Thank you.
Show me your ticket,
please. - I don't have it.
You know that
penalty is due. - I do.
- Ticket inspection.
- Here you are.
Validate it.
Where are we going, Mom?
Don't know, love.
Mom, there's a jungle gym.
All the boys go there. - OK, go.
- I have a surprise for you tonight.
- We're going home?
No, but I'm taking you to a very
special place to sleep. - Cool.
- Where'd you learn that?
- Here. - Here? Cool.
Go on.
Go on in.
Hang on.
- Wow, we're going to sleep here?
- You like it? - Yes, cool!
This is great, Bruno.
- I'm going to do a somersault.
- Show me.
Let's take a ride.
You too.
I was just wandering...
What's with that money?
Till when?
You said, before Christmas.
So what's the problem?
What are you talking about?
You owe me my salary.
Great. Wonderful.
Yes, OK.
Yes, about that job.
Yes, I called the other day.
All right, so...
Should I call on Monday,
or should I come?
I should call, OK.
Fine, thank you.
Mom, where are we
going to sleep tonight?
- I thought perhaps here.
- You're totally crazy!
- Crazy like a fool.
- I am crazy like a fool?
Yeah. No, you're crazy like
the tallest animal, the giraffe.
Yes, I've really gone
crazy, you're right.
- What? May I?
- You're totally crazy. Totally!
King Cross shopping mall
will close down In 5 minutes.
Dear visitors, please
proceed towards the exits.
Yes, please?
- I've come to pick up my stuff.
- Hi. Come on in.
This is yours.
Here you are. - King Cross
shopping mall will close down In...
Milan, are you all right?
You hear?
You go on, I'm staying.
Will you manage on your own?
Go fishing.
All right then. Bye!
I bought those skis.
You can't go?
First you're bugging me,
now this crap.
What moonlighting?
Go fuck yourself.
Where's my little ear?
Mom? Why aren't we going home?
Mom and Dad had a little fight,
so you and I have to be
alone for a while, you know?
So Dad can decide what he will do,
and we can decide what we'll do.
I don't care if Dad's gone
mad. I'm bored in the car.
Fine. But now you need to sleep.
You're tired and it's late.
And tomorrow you and I
are going to do stuff, OK?
Good evening.
Good evening.
- Everything OK?
- Yes, it's fine.
- Are you cold, boss?
- No.
- You listen to your mom?
- Are you a policeman?
Listen to your mom,
and I'll give you this.
- Cool!
- Is it OK?
- It's cold here.
- Yes, I know.
Don't spend the night here,
all kinds of types come around.
We'll leave now.
Thank you.
I'm going skiing.
You hear?
I'm going skiing, and they
can go fuck themselves.
I don't give a fuck.
Bruno, take a pee there.
There's no one.
- What are you doing?
- Go, you fool!
- What's up!
- You fool!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Mom, I'm cold.
Mom will turn the heat on now.
Any second now.
Everything will be OK.
I won't be long, OK?
Hey, Mom.
I hear static. We're out, in a mall.
How you've been?
Yes, it's cold. It really is.
How are things up there?
The Germans are keeping
the heat up?
Come on, turn it up.
Don't cut corners on that.
We're OK.
Yes, we're all OK.
Janko is home,
I'm shopping with the kid.
Just wanted to hear you.
No, no, just to hear you a bit.
When did you call?
Well, we...
You know... there's
always some hustle.
So that's why...
He's here.
Yes, he's running, jumping
all the time and...
Did you get the card?
You saw the Christmas tree?
Yes, sure...
You take care, too.
Mom, I'm hungry.
What shall we eat?
I'd like some chicken.
Wait for me here.
- Ma'am? - Yes?
- May I ask you something? - Sure.
I need some help.
I'm alone with my child.
Honey, come on,
I'm in a hurry. Get a job.
Buttonholing normal
people is the easiest way!
Try the employment office.
She's started going out without me.
That's not good.
You're my friend. At least
offer me some comfort.
It's going to be OK.
Fuck off.
- I'm off.
- No more drinks?
Not today.
- Got something to eat?
- No.
Just some bread and bacon.
Got any money?
Get in, it's warm inside.
Go on.
Go on.
No, don't.
- Got any money?
- Huh?
- Got any money?
- Fuck, no.
Wait, I got... I got tangerines.
A friend gave them
to me the other day...
Go on, take them.
Give them to somebody.
Will you come again?
Do come again.
What, you ski?
Just go on skiing.
Where are you going?
The fool is going home.
Excuse me.
I just wanted to say...
If you've no place to go tonight...
At least you'll be warm
on New Year's Eve.
You can sleep inside tonight.
No one needs to know.
Thank you.
But there's no need.
I'll be inside,
in case you change your mind.
Say hello to the boy.
- Would you like to talk to Dad?
- No.
- You're sure?
- Yes.
You left it.
Thank you. It's this day...
- And how are you?
- I'm great.
Mom and I are on
an adventure. - Really?
- It's really cool.
- That's nice.
- And what is your name?
- Bruno.
- Bruno, here's for a chocolate.
- Please, don't. - It's OK. Take it.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- How are you, Boss?
- Look at this...
Now look at me...
Where are we going? - It's a
secret. - What secret? - A big one.
- You like secrets?
- Yes.
This is... I prepared this for you.
- Bruno, take off your shoes.
- No, it's OK.
- Everything OK, Boss?
- It's cool, Boss.
Left, then right!
No, you don't!
Easy! Easy!
No, don't brake!
Brake! Brake!
Step on it!
- This is it!
- We won!
- Is it OK, Boss?
- Yes, Boss.
Milan, thank you. Really.
It's so strange when it's empty.
I like it.
Yes, it all cools down.
No people, no trouble.
No need to think.
You can relax.
At least, I can.
- Is it now the time for a wish?
- I don't know what time it is.
What's the time?
Won't be long now.
Go on, tell me.
Wait, don't whisper. Say it aloud.
I want a new house.
And to live here.
Go ski now, you son of a bitch!
Go ski now!
You'll see, I have
another surprise for you.
This is great, Milan.
- Do you like it?
- It's cool, Boss.
- Mom, can I have another wish?
- OK.
- But don't say it aloud.
- Can I whisper it to you? Mom?
All right.
I'd like you to join us
on our adventure.
Bruno, come here.
- Why?
- We have to go.
I want to stay with Milan.
Let's go. Milan needs to be alone.
Stop sulking, you hear?
Get in.
Milan, what are you doing?
Nothing, leave us alone.
What happened?
Nothing, we're just playing.
We'll play here
some... more and then...
Go to my place.
I'll give you everything.
You'll lack nothing any more.
No one will laugh at you.
And I know people. People are...
And we're fine.
We understand each other.
It's nice when
someone understands you.
When you have
someone of your own.
It's going to be alright,
Boss. - You're hurting me.
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