Major Deal (2016) Movie Script

- Mike?
Did you hear
anything I just said?
- Nah.
- I told you you're fired.
- Fired?
Fired for what?
- Great!
Thank you so much!
- You're very welcome.
- I'm so starving,
and you know what?
You have a nice day.
What the fuck?
Oh this Hennessy
right here man.
'cause I'm gone off the
Henny gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
take this Hennessy dick
she want the Hennessy dick
Get the fuck out!
- Oh, come on! Don't
do me like that.
Going to my 10:00!
- I told you, if we
received another complaint,
We're gonna have to let you go.
- Man, fuck you!
And fuck this job!
When I blow up,
Im'a have a hot 16 for your ass.
Take this fucking shirt.
- Okay.
- Can I have my
last check though?
Give me my goddamn check.
Fuck you!
Fuck you.
Hey what's-?
- Like I was saying,
You could come over
later if you want to.
- Daddy!
- Oh my baby girl!
Ooh! Simba!
What's up?
- Are you gonna let
me on your mixtape?
- What you gonna do?
- I got bars.
- Ooh, well let me hear them.
I can rap, just like my dad
I make you smile
you won't be sad
Ooh! I gotta put you
in the studio asap!
- Can I go today, daddy?
- Not today, but if
you keep working,
You'll be the new Nicki Minaj.
- can you make a rap about me?
- Of course! Give me a beat!
If you love her then
you's a friend to me
and if you don't
then you's a hater
I'll pull out my chopper
then I
- Don't nobody wanna
hear them weak ass bars.
- Them bars are weak as fuck!
- Now what'd I tell y'all
about cursing in front of her?
- Fuck you nigga.
You don't tell me shit.
- You don't tell her shit, okay?
She is an independent woman.
- damn girl.
- It don't matter,
she got her own.
- All right, look baby.
Go to your room and
play and daddy'll say
Bye to you before
he leave, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Go head.
- What are you doing
over here anyway?
- Man what are you
doing over here anyway?
Don't you got
somewhere you live?
I ain't gotta explain to you.
I can be here
whenever I want to.
She is my best
friend so fuck you.
- Yeah and where
is my raggedy $200?
- I ain't got it.
- haha you ain't got it.
Of course you ain't got
it 'cause you broke.
Just another rapper,
rapping about shit
He don't have, like money.
- And you better
not been spending my
Child support money on
your weak ass rap career.
- Nah I got fired.
- Again, mike?
For real?
Your dumb ass was probably
somewhere trying to perform
Your weak ass bars to somebody
in their they living room.
Are you serious?
You really did that?
You really thought
that was okay to do?
- Man you ain't gonna say
nothing when I blow up though.
- But you not gon' blow up.
You almost 30 now
still trying to pop.
- 2chainz was 34 when
he finally popped.
- But you ain't 2chainz.
- But I...
- But, but, but,
but, but my ass!
I'm about to put your
ass on the state.
- Boop!
- Come on, don't
do me like that.
- I told you you
shoulda have been
Fucking with drug
dealers or scammers.
At least them niggas
got real bread.
I mean they may have to do a bid
But before that you'll
be stunting bitch!
- Mike why don't
you just take that
Call center job I was
telling you about?
I could hook you up.
- Yes ma'am, could you just
give me your expiration date?
I could finally
close my first deal.
Oh yes ma'am I...
Hello? Hello? Hello?
- Morning mike.
- how you doing, sir?
- Did you catch the big game?
- Boy did I?
That boy Thompson's
a big galoot.
You beat me by half a
point on fantasy football.
Oh shucks!
- I just knew I'd get ya!
- That you did, sir
- Hey, listen.
I'm gonna need you to
come in this weekend.
I need someone to
file the lob reports
Before the audit on Monday.
- Oh sheesh.
I was planning on going
hiking this weekend sir.
This is the seventh
weekend in a row
You've put me on the schedule.
Gee Willikers, why me sir?
- Because you're a bitch mike.
- That I am sir!
Oh, what the hay!
Anything for the team.
Nah, I'm good, I'm
good, I'm good.
- Um then how am I
supposed to get my money?
I'm not playing with you mike.
You need to get a real job.
- All right look
If I don't sign a major
deal by my 30th birthday
I'll quit rapping and
I'll get a regular job.
- You'll be 30 in
a couple of days.
Don't nobody wanna hear no
30-year-old rapper boo-boo.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You should take this bet
'cause he got just as much
of a chance at getting signed
As Tyga does winning
album of the year.
- Damn.
- Okay. I like that.
All right mike, if you don't
get signed by your birthday,
You have to give up
all these ideas of
Wanting to be a rapper
And go work at the call center.
- Wait, wait, wait, I
ain't say the call center.
- Okay that's fine.
I'll just put you
on the state then.
- Bloop!
- Fine.
- You always been a
dreaming ass nigga.
- And you a fucking nightmare.
- What?
- Nothing, nothing.
Why you so confrontational?
- Mmm-hmm, I thought so.
Go say bye to Kennedy
And then get your
sorry ass out my house
'cause I'm expecting company.
- Hey, hey, hey,
better not be no niggas
Around my daughter, I know that!
- Oh it's gon' be a real
nigga around your daughter
For the first time
in her life ever.
- Man where's your real nigga?
Matter fact where's any nigga?
Get the fuck out of my face
you bald-headed ass bitch.
Fucking peacock built ass bitch.
That ain't no fucking
Malaysian hair
That's German Sheppard.
Yeah I know.
- Boy bye!
- yeah I thought so.
- Come on girl
don't listen to him.
- Get your ass on.
Kennedy come say bye to daddy.
Ooh ah.
- You're leaving already?
- Yeah daddy gotta
go to the studio
But look, if you see
any strange men around,
They ain't your uncle.
So you tell daddy asap okay?
- Okay.
- All right give me some.
Mm, mm, mm, pppsshh!
All right go play okay?
- Okay.
- okay.
- Man fuck!
- Bruh you ready?
- You got something for me?
- Aye man this beat right here
gon' get you all the hoes.
- All the hoes?
- Let's go I got something
written up right now boy.
You know boogie
you a real nigga
- Hah!
Mike massacre I'm
definitely a real nigga
- Brrah!
Real nigga we gotta
have like a anthem
somethin' that when we get
in the club niggas be like
this song is for us
and mike massacre
gon' give it to ya
- Hey!
I'm a real nigga
I'm a I'm a real nigga
I'm a real nigga I'm
a, I'm a real nigga
I'm a real nigga
I'm a I'm a real nigga
I'm a real nigga
I'm a I'm a real nigga
I'm a real nigga
I'm a I'm a real nigga
I'm a real nigga
I'm a I'm a real nigga
I'm a real nigga
I'm a I'm a real nigga
when you see me in the
streets you know I'm real
ain't nothing 'bout me
plastic ain't nothing Mattel
I'm a real nigga dog
like a muhfuckin' g
ain't no fake
wrestling ain't no w-w-e
I'm real boss
like Vince McMahon
aloe blacc lil
bitch I'm the man
I'm the I'm the
man what's up
- No nigga no.
- Aye I'm killing it what's up?
Why you turned the beat off?
I mean you're rapping
about toys and WWE
And aloe blacc.
The fuck are you
talking about my nigga?
- Man listen you
don't understand
The song said I'm a real nigga.
- What real nigga
raps about Mattel?
- Mattel is the parent
company for barbie and ken.
Get it barbie, ken?
That's fucked up boogie.
That's real fucked up.
- I bet in all the
history of hip-hop
There's been no rapper that
has used the word Mattel.
- Turn the beat back on
And don't turn it
off on me again.
'cause you sound more
retarded than Gucci mane.
- What?
- The fact that you can sound
more retarded than Gucci mane-
- You don't call nobody
Gucci mane retarded.
See you call a man
retarded you know
I'd rather be radio retarded
Forrest Gump retarded
But you gonna call me
Gucci mane retarded?
But if I come up in here
and knock your ass out
Then I'll be wrong.
You know what fuck you man.
- Fuck me?
- Fuck you.
- No no no fuck you okay?
Because this whole shit
is fucked up, all right?
It's gonna be fuck,
fuck, fuck, fuck,
Through the whole record.
We're just gon' call
this record "fucked up"
Because it's gon'
be all fucked up.
You gon' be fucked,
I'm gon' be fucked.
Let's just be fucked right?
- No start the beat man.
- Im'a switch it up for you
And you gon' stop
fucking up my shit.
'cause you fucking
up my shit right now.
- All right whatever man.
- I was just barking to try
to show them I'm a big dog.
I'm a big dog.
You acting like I
said I was a puppy.
I didn't say I was a puppy.
I didn't puppy it.
- Breathe nigga.
- Man put another beat on.
Ooh you know what?
Im'a change it up since you
don't like what I wrote.
Im'a freestyle.
- Ooh okay!
- You ready? Let's go.
Why you never
see no black cops
because I'm playing black ops
why you never
see no black cops
yeah I'm playing black ops
pierce two pierce three
boy I'm playing black ops
that black ops black ops
yeah I'm playing black ops
that black ops
that black ops yeah
- Poor little Tink
Tink still at it huh
- Fool got fired from his job,
Then told his baby mama
that he'll get signed
Or she can put him
on child support.
- Ha! She might as well
file them papers now.
I'll shoot you lil boy
I don't care if you thirteen
knock your motherfucking
ass out so clean
Why do you even
produce this shit?
- That's my boy
I can't just tell him he trash.
- Uh yeah you can.
And if he was really your boy
You would tell him the truth.
You wanna get
shot in my hood
- All right all right.
- Hey hey hey man!
You ain't gon' keep doing this
When I'm up in pocket!
I'm in pocket right now.
Nigga you need to put
those lyrics in your pocket
'cause that shit is trash.
- Man fuck you and fuck...
- why you looking
at my sister like that?
- What's good baby girl?
- Not your lyrics.
- Now why you gotta be so salty?
- I'm not being salty.
I'm just letting
you know what my
Bucket-head ass brother won't.
You're a terrible rapper.
Like trash.
- Listen, I don't know what
the fuck you talking about.
- Called you trash in
English, Spanish, Italian,
Russian, German, and Swahili.
- Mm Swahili huh?
So how you say "trash"
in Swahili again?
- Takataka.
- Well look you call me trash
You say takataka
But if I get that
chopper on your mans
He'll go blocka-blocka.
- Okay, stop, stop, stop, stop.
- What made you learn all
them languages anyway?
I decided to look them
up to let you know
That you were trash from
all around the globe
'cause English just
wasn't gon' cut it.
- Mm.
When you gon' let
me fuck though?
- Ay nigga this my sister!
- Man I don't care.
I'm trying to be your step-daddy
Now take your ass to your
room before I get my belt.
- First of all you are
never gonna fuck okay?
- Mm.
- And why is that?
- Because I don't
fuck with rappers
But even if I did
I wouldn't fuck with a
trash ass rapper like you.
- But I ain't trash though.
- Man you went from talking
about police brutality,
To video games, and
sex, in the same 16.
- Man you know what?
I call that range my brother.
- Shit.
- You know what?
I got something for you candy.
- Don't want it,
I don't want it.
- Bryce tiller mix.
Where I can sing to you.
- Ew.
- You know what?
The fuck?
- This goes out
to a special lady.
Drop that boogie.
Baby take care of that pussy
so I can eat that pussy
- I mean like on the
low it kinda goes.
- Shut up boogie!
Baby I would never beat
the pussy up pussy up
I just want to show
the pussy love pussy love
give the pussy
gold medal gold medal
put that pussy right on
a pedestal on a pedestal
on a pedestal on a pedestal
- Hey come on man!
- that's disrespectful.
Look you don't put your
ashy fingers on my shit!
- You're not gonna fuck.
- Come on look I ain't
gon' use no condom.
Im'a shoot the club all up.
- no the hell you ain't.
- She doesn't want
herpes so no thank you.
You're gonna stop trying
to smash my sister man.
- Man, she know she want this.
- But on the real though?
That last one kind of went.
- See I tried to tell you.
- But it's not you so...
- Hey man I'm trying
to make a hit.
As long as they
spell my name right
On the checks I'm good.
- But if you don't care
what you sound like
What's the purpose
of doing music?
- For money!
Look when pink first came
out she was an r&b singer.
There you go looking pitiful
- Aye aye aye man I ain't
ask you to audition.
This ain't American idol.
But yeah she was
an r&b singer first
And then once she made the money
She start making music
she wanted to make.
- But you not pink.
You could just be you
right off the jump.
- Man shut the fuck up!
I don't give a goddamn.
You know about
goddamn child support?
You don't know shit.
- Okay all right,
that's real talk,
But I'm just saying.
How the hell you
gon' get signed?
You ain't never met anybody
in the industry ever.
Not once.
- I mean we could
re-release "Henny dick."
You know that was a banger.
- Nigga ain't nobody
listen to Henny dick
The first time you released it.
You know what?
I got it.
We re-release Henny dick right?
- That's what I'm saying.
- Get seven plays
then get signed.
- Man shut the fuck up.
- Okay all right.
How about this?
Battle rap.
- Man I don't know
how to battle rap.
- Come with me.
Dream with me.
- I'm trying.
- This what we gon' do.
Im'a show you the vision okay?
So we gon' go to the
battle rap right?
- Okay.
- Im'a record you on
my boost mobile phone.
- Oh shit.
- And I got the
upgrade you can see.
You can record on this one.
- Ooh.
- Okay all right?
Im'a upload it on Facebook.
- Facebook.
- It's gon' go viral.
- Then nick cannon gon' see it.
- Incredible.
- Incredible, you gon'
get signed to ncredible!
- Yo um where the rap battle at?
- It's inside yo.
- All right you ain't
gotta be all rude man.
We might jump your ass someday.
- Try me nigga.
- All right come on let's go.
- I ain't say today.
Fuck this nigga
and fuck his life
before the battle
started I fucked his wife
- Come on guys.
That's not true.
That's not true.
Why you even on stage nigga
why you even try this
you soft serve bitch
you like vanilla ice is
- Did he just say
vanilla ice is?
Oh you gon' cry now lil bitch
I wouldn't act surprised
but you better
yell color money
or you get
slammed like plies
look im'a take it easy now
I ain't gon' finish you off
'cause I see your bae watching
call me david Hasselhoff
- yeah.
- Oh my god!
Mike done made him kill himself.
Did you kill yourself nigga
I find that kind of odd
I guess me and my nigga boogie
we the suicide squad
- Nigga.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- You ready for this shit
'cause these niggas is going in.
You wanna battle me homes
knock that shit off
'fore I drive
past the trump rally
and drop your ass off
who I look like cat
y'all got me out
here fighting kids
kneecaps bigger
than her titties is
I go this way and come back
I go this way and hear
drop me off at the trump rally
I seen that coming all along
but you can't even drive
you like you be
barbecuing dog
bet your drawers
is hella shitty
'cause you smell like shit
but on a serious note
when was the last time
you seen your dick
looking like a broke
ass snoop from the wire
dreads is on some other shit
they need to be set on fire
you fuck bitches
with a strap on
and you think you a real man
that's not real man
- All right y'all.
Y'all calm down.
Calm the fuck down, shit.
All right first off...
- You ready?
- Hell yeah, I'm ready.
- All right man,
you better bring it.
- Im'a bring it.
- All right.
- And mike massacre!
All right, all right, all right.
So we coming through.
Y'all get in y'all positions.
Y'all look each other
up in the eyes like men
Real dogs, real lions,
you know what I'm saying?
Okay to my right we got my dude
Coming all the way from
the back of the room
White privilege.
Give it up for white
privilege y'all.
That's my dog!
And you know we can't end this
thing without going to the
Black sheep, the black goat,
the greatest of all time.
- I want y'all to give it
up for my dog mike massacre!
- Thanks boogie.
- We in here, we in here.
So we did the coin
flip in the back
And my man mike he got it
The ball is on his court.
So what we doing my man?
- Let this Justin Bieber
ass nigga go first man.
- Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh!
I like the name calling!
White privilege what we doing?
Come on.
This my first battle
oh what a day
today I get to battle
younger broker
fake ass deray
- Shit.
- fake ass deray!
You light skinned
with tattoos
- How the fuck he know that?
You got a muscular figure
you're trying
to be my man crush
you broke ass nigger
- Come on man y'all
tag-teaming and shit man.
Y'all can't do two in one.
- you lost.
- Fuck you and fuck you.
- you lost.
- Fuck you looking
at hoe ass nigga?
- Hey man seriously
thank you so much.
- Anytime you need a
nigga pass holla at me.
I'm your nigga pass.
- Yeah, for sure.
Don't say that shit.
I'm your boy all right.
- Okay.
- You ain't gotta
say it you understand
'cause if you have to say
it I would beat your ass.
- That's cool.
- Aye check it out
Check it out.
- What's up?
- Get your white
ass out of here.
- Yeah, for sure.
- All right?
- Damn man.
What the fuck was that?
Man you see how they
double teamed me in there?
- Yeah white boy
bagged your ass man
But it's already blowing
up on the 'gram though.
- Man how it get there so fast?
Boogie, it's 'cause
you posted the shit.
- Nigga, you're about to
get so many followers from
Baller alert nigga.
- Nigga they tagged you.
- You know what? I'll delete it.
- Man it's too late boogie.
Everybody gon' see that man.
- All right im'a
do you one better.
Im'a shout you out when
I get all the followers
I'm just going to direct
them right back to you.
- ahh! Nigga!
- Man that's some bullshit man.
Y'all can't fucking tag...
Fucking boogie man!
Man up man down
let me find out
you just a fan now
im'a whip that work like a
Know boys want
them mixtapes man.
I got that OG mike
massacre new mixtape.
Yeah with the smash
hit Henny dick.
I know somebody want a mixtape.
Oh hey Fam I need
you to come listen
To my mixtape right now.
- Let me call you back,
it's a nigga selling shit.
- Come on, come on Bruh.
- This you?
- This the OG mike massacre.
'cause I'm gone off the Henny
- okay.
Gone off the Henny
- Oh you walking me down.
You walking me the fuck down.
- I'm walking you down?
- You walking me down aah!
- Look, you should
listen to my new mixtape.
It's called Henny dick.
- Oh yeah I love rap music.
- Oh well you're in
luck. It's only $5.
- Oh well perfect.
- Oh my god thank you.
- Oh you're welcome, of course.
I love supporting
underground artist.
- Really.
- - thank you.
- Hey, thank you.
- my first sale, I love this.
- Nigga this shit is trash!
Nigga kill yourself
please, suicide!
Shotgun, pills,
nigga whatever it is.
You got to die today!
- Still walking down!
Still walking down.
Come on up with that mother.
Come up ah ah ah ah.
Aye who did the beat?
- Man my boy boogie on the beat.
- Nigga boogie on the beat oh!
- Yo my man, my man,
Need you to listen
to my mixtape Fam.
Tell them what you think.
It's that fire.
- What the fuck?
You fuckin' up my buzz man.
- Yo what you talkin' about?
- Take this $5 you gonna
need it more than me man.
- That's fucked up man.
- Let me go back to sleep.
- Fuck you.
- Ah ah ah ah ah ah!
Dab with the leg up.
Dab with the leg.
- Sick.
Like I knew I had
that sick flow.
- No it's making me sick.
- Huh?
- Oh I'll buy your mixtape
But you gon' have to hit this.
Gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
- And does that bean
savor the flavor?
'cause im'a ride your face.
- Ah ah ah slide.
- Got to walk with it
Got to walk with it
- Man
I see what you doin'.
- Man Fam.
- Boy I see you.
I see you.
I see you out here hustlin' boy.
I see what you doin'.
- Man listen.
And I know you want one boy.
- I see it.
- They only $5.
I'm about to get
you one right now.
- Five dollars?
- Yeah they $5.
- I really didn't
even like it that much
When I think about it.
I ain't like it that much.
- But Fam you was
just dancing to it.
If I ain't hear no music I'd
still bet getting my shit in.
Five dollars
Foot longs cost $5,
not that bullshit.
Take it out the collection
plate at church.
Young mike massy
I'm fast like the flashy
watch me come assy
Hey baby I need you to
come listen to my mixtape.
- I have a boyfriend.
- Man ain't nobody tryna fuck.
Maybe I am trying to.
Hey mothafucka!
- What?
- Nigga you think I'm supposed
to be scared of you nigga?
Huh? Nigga I will
Man I ain't mean to do that.
Man I got a whole
family at the crib.
I got a little daughter man.
They got me on child support.
- Hold on hold on wait wait.
Child support?
- Yeah.
- I'm two payments
behind myself my dude.
I understand man.
- Oh man bro.
- Aye you do your thing my dude.
- Hey I appreciate that bro.
- Good luck man.
- I appreciate it.
Thanks for not whoopin' my ass.
- Yeah no problem
brother no problem.
- Bitch ass nigga!
- Aye my man my man my man.
- Sorry I don't give any
money to the homeless
You're probably gonna
buy drugs with it.
- No no no I'm not homeless.
It's my mixtape.
- Oh you're a rapper?
- Yeah.
- I'm sorry.
I'd actually rather give money
To a homeless guy for drugs
Than an old rapper
money for a mixtape.
No thanks.
- Man fuck you Zac Efron.
Probably a believer anyway.
- Straight out of Compton
two: Eazy's revenge?
Come on man that's
what we doing out here?
Madea gets shot in the hips?
Come on man.
Fast and furious 17 high octane?
I thought they
was like on eight.
What the hell going on?
Man they ain't never got no
real movies up in here man.
- Should check out
bridge of spies Fam.
- Oh word?
- Yeah tom hanks pulls
in a decent performance
But Mark Rylance he
really steals the show.
- Okay then.
All right hey all
right all right.
Yeah we'll get that.
- Hey man good looking out man.
- Oh no doubt boy.
All right.
Henny dick?
- Aye that's my mixtape Fam.
You should listen to that
Instead of watching them
old ass movies anyway.
- How I'm supposed
to turn this in?
You ain't got no barcode Fam.
This a $30 mixtape.
- Long day of the hustle.
Another person got to
listen to Henny dick
You know what I'm saying?
Which makes the
world a better place.
- Man this woman done
lost her damn mind.
See she want me to go OJ.
I can't go OJ.
I don't got the OJ money.
I can't get Shapiro and Cochran.
They gon' lock me up.
Fuck that!
- You need to put some
creatine in your booty
Or something baby 'cause
you ain't got no ass.
Hold on, hold on.
Hey could you turn
that down dog?
I'm on the phone.
- Oh shit.
You like this shit man?
It's off my mixtape.
Put a lot of work into man.
I see you feelin' it.
It's about time somebody
understand man a artist.
- Hey wait I can't
hear you, hold on.
Aye aye my nigga turn
that down please.
Aye Deelore let me
call you back my nigga.
Aye man turn that
bullshit down man.
What kind of goofy shit is this.
Don't nobody want to hear
this old poo poo ass shit.
- Mami got a little hot
fire in here cab man.
- Never mind I'll walk.
- Wait wait wait wait
wait this say 47 miles
To your destination.
- I'll walk.
- You know what?
You should get you a
copy right now man.
Fuck it.
- Oh I deaf.
I don't hear nothing.
- Oh man I thought you
was jammin' my shit.
- Aye my nigga if you
don't turn this muthafuckin
Matter fact man pull over.
Man let me out this muthafucker.
Nigga pull this muthafucker
over and let me out nigga.
- Okay.
- Let me out nigga.
All right man all right.
- You old deaf ass bitch.
What the fuck is
wrong with you man?
- I could still
read lips though.
- Nigga fuck you!
- No fuck you.
- Fuck you, fuck you.
- No fuck you man.
- You know who the fuck I am?
Man I'll kill yo muthafuckin ass
Out here playing with me.
Nigga I'm a gangster.
- Fuckin' deaf ass bitch nigga.
- Aye aye.
- What?
- Yo mamma like this
deaf dick though.
- Man im'a, im'a!
'cause I'm gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
take this Hennessy dick
she want the Hennessy dick
- Oh shit that's hella yella.
This my chance, this my chance.
Hey hella yella
man what's up boy?
- What's goin' on?
- Hey man I'm a big fan man.
I love all your mixtapes man.
I jam them back to front,
front to back, all that man.
Man you a...
- lax Fam.
- Lax okay.
What time your flight leave?
- Now, I gotta be
up there right now.
Could we go?
- All right say no
more, say no more.
- Yeah yeah yeah.
- I got you.
- Thank you.
- Let's ride out.
Like your single.
Remember your single
ride out, ride out.
That was jammer.
You know yella I don't
really do this man
But you mind if I uh...
- Let me guess, you want
to show me your mixtape?
- Yeah man, would you?
You know what I'm saying?
Just listen to the heat I got.
- Yeah yeah yeah yeah why not?
Let me get one.
- All right cool you want one.
Man aye man I
appreciate that man.
Man look...
- Henny dick?
- It can ride
Any kind of where.
You know it can
ride in your car.
- Okay.
- You could play it at church.
You know you could play
it to some other record.
Aye man what the
fuck you doing man?
- Nigga don't nobody give a fuck
About yo dusty ass mixtape.
I can't even help myself nigga.
My label don't let me make
the music I'm trying to make.
My next album's
called black titties.
You think I wanted that?
You think that's what
the streets wanted?
- Definitely not.
- No it's not
So fuck yo mixtape nigga.
- Man that's fucked up yella.
You could have just said no bro.
- You could have
just taken me to lax.
Terminal five nigga.
Oh I got something for yo ass.
This Hennessy right here man
Yeah this that hot shit I
was trying to put you on.
Cause I'm gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
take this Hennessy dick
she want the Hennessy dick
I give her Hennessy dick
she need the Hennessy dick
- Damn nigga this you?
Gone off the Henny
Aye this shit kind
of go hard brotha.
Oh shit.
- Yeah you like this shit?
- This shit is hard nigga.
- You like this?
Turn this bullshit off nigga.
Got about as much talent
as a damn sub sandwich.
- You know what?
Fuck the airport.
- Aye this, aye that was,
that was the exit Fam.
All right all right I
see what's happening.
I see what's going on.
You fittin' to rape me?
- Aye man, man hell nah.
Man what are you talking about?
- Yeah right nigga.
Yeah right.
Yo trash ass mixtape don't work
So you got to go with
plan b, plan booty.
I'm calling the police.
- Man call the police fuck boy.
I'm taking you to the
airport like you asked.
- Nigga my flight is at lax.
- I'm taking you to long beach.
That's what I thought you said.
- What kind of fuckin'
rapist set up is this?
I don't understand how...
- ain't nobody
trying to rape you man.
- yeah the fuck right.
- stop fuckin' saying that.
- man you full of yourself.
- hey lil'
homie what you in for?
- You can't have
none of my cornbread.
- What you talkin' about?
- You can't have
none of my cornbread.
I know how this works.
First you try and
take my cornbread
Next thing you know
I'm washing drawers
And helping brush your teeth
And wiping your ass.
- Oh man ain't nobody talking
about no drawers and shit.
- Man look I know one
thing if you touch me
It's gon' be consequences
and repercussions
Around this bitch!
- I know this nigga
ain't quoting life.
- Nigga I got life.
Man what y'all didn't know?
I'm in here for triple
homicide niggas.
Yeah triple homicide.
I killed my plug 'cause he ain't
Let me run off on
him twice okay?
Then I killed the lawyer
'cause he ain't help me
Get up out of here.
Then I killed my barber
'cause he fucked up
my line in my mugshot.
- Micah Jehosaphat Jones
Mm hmm
You made bail.
- My baby.
- Yo pastor Jones!
- Hey what's up
hector how you been?
- I'm cool.
So ya boy got a triple homicide
And made bail huh?
How did that happen?
This boy wouldn't let
hella yella out of his car.
- And I would have
killed his as too.
- Yeah I bet.
- The fuck you
lookin' at lil' nigga.
This blood over here nigga.
What you want to do?
- Don't you use that type
of language in front of me.
- Mama you crazy?
- Don't you talk to
your mother like that
In my presence boy.
You crazy.
- All right hector
you be good here?
- Yes sir.
- I'll see you in the chapel
this week for bible study?
- Bet.
- All right.
- All right.
- Son what on earth
has gotten into you?
We have worked too hard to
have you embarrassing us
Getting arrested
and carrying on.
- Man he was trying to punk me.
I was just trying to
play him my mixtape.
- Here we go.
- You still trying
to do that rap stuff?
If you gon' be a rapper
You need to be one of
those christian rappers
Like Lecrae, Andy
Mineo, or Spazzy rocket.
- Ma they don't
even call themselves
Christian rappers no more.
- I got Lecrae's
mixtape, church clothes.
You telling me he ain't
no christian rapper?
- What are you doing
listening to Lecrae anyway?
- He go hard during zumba.
- Why you want to
be a rapper anyway?
You were raised in ministry.
You could help me
build this kingdom.
I can use your help.

- I used to be in
the world like y'all.
- Yes he did.
- I used to be
flippin' and dippin'
Stickin' and lickin'.
- Oh he slid up in my DM's.
- I used to be gone
Off the Henny.
- Aye yeah.
- Which is still
available on Itunes.
If y'all want to go
get that y'all can.
- yes thank you Jesus.
- I used to turn
up for the world
But now I turn up for the lord.
- ah yes, oh yeah.
- Hallelujah.
- Now I whip the devil.
- whip that devil.
- Preach preacher.
- Now I dab on the
devil's forehead.
Boom boom boom.
- Get him get him.
- bang bang bang bang bang.
I used to listen to future.
- Well I still do.
- You know I love to talk that
stick talk, that stick talk.
You know?
But god gave me a future.
Mmm Jesus child
- God told me Jeremiah 29:11
"for I know the plans I
have for you says the lord"
- That's good that's good.
- I don't need codeine.
- say it!
- I don't need lean 'cause
I'm already on lean.
Leaning not to my
own understanding.
I'm leaning onto god's
everlasting arms.
- Yes thank you.
- Leaning into his word
And leaning into his promises.
- I want to be saved!
- Put me in a flat
brother Terell.
Nah I'm good on that
pop that ain't me.
- Well what is you?
Getting fired?
Being behind on child support?
- Man I'm good don't
worry about me.
- All right suit yourself.
If you really need a job
You can work maintenance with
deacon Pete around the church.
Make an honest living.
- And if you need to
come home save up money
That's just fine.
- Don't be in no
rush to come home.
Me and your mother have
been being fruitful
And multiplying all
over this house.
- Well you know this rod and
staff been comforting you.
- Okay I'm gonna go
and get up out of here.
Thanks for bailing me out.
- Don't mess around and
miss that court date.
That maintenance job won't
be a suggestion then.
- I got you pops I'll be there.
- All right now.
- what's up?
- here this nigga go.
- Are you ever happy?
- Oh yeah I'm happy.
I'm happy when you pay
your child support on time.
I'm happy when you're leaving.
Oh and I am very happy when
Wilson give me that good
Good good good ow.
- Yes she is always happy
whenever Wilson dicks her down.
- Let him know.
- Mm hmm.
- Man where is Kennedy?
- She's in her
room getting ready.
Wait I need to talk to
you before you take her.
- What?
- Okay so...
- Does she always
got to be here?
- Oh I can be here.
She needs my support.
- Girl could you
give us a second?
- Really?
You know im'a tell
you everything anyway.
- You right.
You still a bitch mike.
- Man I'll knock that
weave off yo head
You disrespect me again.
- Okay mike.
You know me and Wilson are
getting real serious right?
- Man Wilson's a fuck boy.
You only fuck with him
'cause he the opposite of me.
You ain't fuckin' with
him like that, stop.
- He asked us to
move in with him.
- And you told him no.
- I told him I'd think about it.
- Man that's crazy.
We always said that we wouldn't
Move in with people
until we married.
I don't want her around
every nigga you date.
You crazy.
You know I don't be around
mad niggas like that.
- It doesn't matter you
ain't movin' in with him.
- Kennedy is my responsibility.
- Our responsibility.
- No for you she's a choice.
For me she's an obligation.
- That's crazy man.
A dude miss a few payments
And you act like I
ain't never been there.
Like I ain't here
anytime Kennedy need me.
Anytime she needs something
im'a go get it man.
- Mike I can't depend on you.
I'm just trying to put
our daughter in a position
Where she's good no matter what.
- Man she can always go
to my parent's house.
- You know I'm not gon'
put my baby on them.
- Man I don't care
what you do honestly
- And if we do what
you gon do about it?
- Take you to court.
- And lose?
You know the courts
favor the mother
Not some broke ass, dumb ass,
Fake dream having ass nigga.
- Man I don't got
time for this man.
Kennedy baby!
- You gon' see.
- Hey baby girl.
- Come here, come
here, come here, aw.
Aw ooh oh my back.
Ooh you gettin'
so big and heavy.
You ready to go
on our play date?
- Yeah do you want to
hear some new bars?
- Oh you got some
fire for ya boy?
I'm the youngest girl rapper
y'all can't see me
I'm invisible like the
private parts of barbie
- Oh I love it.
As long as we clean up that
last line a little bit.
- But barbie doesn't
have any private parts.
- I know baby but why
don't we say something
Like unsolved mystery?
I'm invisible
unsolved mystery
Much better and appropriate.
Let's go.
- Higher daddy!
- You ain't scared
you gon' fall?
- You won't let me
fall you're my daddy.
- Get up off there, whoo.
- Race to the trees.
- Oh I'm tired.
You so fast.
- Let's play hide and seek now.
- Okay.
- You count.
- All right I'll count.
One, two, three, four.
- You're peeking!
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
16, 17, 18, 19, 20.
Ready or not here I come.
I know that you can
not understand it
Where's my Kennedy?
In the studio
Is that her hair?
Oh that is my Kennedy's hair.
- You cheated!
- No I didn't.
I didn't cheat.
I'm good.
Oh hey.
Want to go for some ice cream?
- Yeah.
- What's your favorite?
- Chocolate and vanilla.
- Chocolate and vanilla.
I'm a little
strawberry guy myself
So let's go get some.
Got to put you down first.
You getting heavy.
- I'm 41 pounds!
- 41 pounds is a lot of pounds.
Well you know I'm 185.
But don't tell nobody I'm
eating ice cream okay?
Oh boom.
We gon' get some
good ice cream okay?
Wow just couldn't wait?
- Are you mike massacre?
- Yeah who are you?
- Oh my god you
wrote Henny dick.
I love that song.
I'm like your number one fan.
- Well how'd you get my address?
- Oh you know how us fans are.
- So what you doing here?
Just to give you a
birthday gift big zzzaddy.
- Ooh hold on right there.
- Mm hmm.
- Oh what are these nudes?
Aw girl you could have
snapped these to me.
- Oh no they're not nudes.
- So what are they?
- A subpoena.
- A subpoena?
- For a child support hearing.
You just got served.
- Man fuck you!
- Top of the morning to you.
Okay, oh you're a hugger.
Bring it in.
- Aye aye man get off me man.
Where Tina?
- Tina cakes Micah's here.
- Aye call me mike man.
- Oh well good we're
on nickname basis.
I picked up this
co-parenting book for us.
It's called...
- Fuck that book!
- About two fathers.
- What you doing here?
It ain't your day.
- Man I got the subpoena.
You do this shit on
my birthday for real?
- Yeah.
- 'scuse me.
- 'cause you need to know
ain't nobody playing with you.
- Do you want me to leave cakes?
- Yes.
- - no!
- Well I'll just be right here.
- We agreed that if
you didn't sign a deal
Then I was gonna go
through the state.
- Man the day ain't over with.
- Are you kidding me?
I could give you a hundred years
And you still wouldn't
sign a deal mike
'cause you can't rap.
- Man you don't believe in me.
That's the problem here.
- I got this please.
I don't need to believe in you.
I need to raise our daughter.
That's what we do together.
Your sorry raggedy ass dreams
Ain't gon' feed our child mike.
Neither are those
little bitty hopes.
Time will, money will.
- But I spend time.
- And I spend money.
- Man where my daughter at man?
- I need to talk to
you before you see her.
- Man get out my face man.
- We're moving to Seattle.
- You what?!
- Actually it's
bellevue, a small suburb.
It's a 6000 square foot condo.
Got an extra bedroom for you.
- Can you get out my face?
- I understand where you
are and I'm here, okay?
- See Tina I tried
to deal with you
'cause you my baby
mama and I love you
'cause you the
mother of my child
But you know you trip on me
about being late with money
But you late when it's time
for me to see my daughter
But I deal with that
But if you think I'm
gon' let you take
My daughter away from me
you out yo fuckin' mind!
- Listen mike I
understand your feelings.
That's why in the summer
We're gon' give you
like, what like?
What we say?
Two days?
- For two days?
Man I'm trying to be
in my daughter's life.
This lame ass nigga daddy
'cause he got money.
'cause you think money
fuckin' rules the world.
- But see you're the dad
And I would be papa sheeshaw.
- My nigga get out my face!
- Mike listen, once you
calm down you'll see,
- Fuck you! This the
best thing for you!
- Fuck me?
Nah fuck you!
- Man bitch fuck you!
- Oh I'm a bitch now?
- Do what you gon' do.
- all right all right.
- Im'a show you a bitch,
im'a show you a bitch.
- Get off me.
- - you need to leave.
- Calm down you guys.
- Man im'a go see my daughter.
- You need to leave.
- I ain't leaving shit.
- Really?
- That was the angry encounter.
It said that in the book.
It's a wall we're
pushing through.
- Mm hmm.
- Brick by brick
And it's happening.
- Shut the fuck up.
- Why were you
and mommy yelling?
- Well baby girl sometimes
when two people can't get along
They can't hear each other so
sometimes they got to yell.
It's nothing.
- So are we moving because
you and mommy don't get along?
- Man this has
nothing to do with you
But don't you worry im'a
make sure we always together.
- Daddy I don't want to move.
Please don't make me move.
- Nah baby girl don't
worry about nothin'.
- You know I don't
fuck with rappers.
- Man candy I ain't
even in the mood
For no consolation
pussy right now boo.
- First of all you weren't about
To get no regular pussy okay?
- Man can you just
hurry up and tell him
So he can stop trying to
fuck you in my presence?
- Okay so I don't
fuck with rappers
Because rappers can
talk about real shit
In they music but they
just make shit music.
- I listen to every
song you've ever made
But you never talk
about anything real.
- Man candy we already know
you don't like my music.
- see but it's not
just because you can't rap.
The other half is the
fact that you only do shit
That you think
people want to here.
You don't make real music.
- Yeah but I put my
heart in my music.
You know I go hard in that shit.
- Okay that's cute and all
But so take Kendrick
Lamar for example.
Like I really fuck with
me because after I heard
Good kid mad city I learned
something about him.
Like I learned that
he grew up in Compton
Around a lot of gang violence
But he wasn't
involved in the gangs.
You know he talked
about peer pressure
And losing people that he loved
And that's real music.
That's the nigga
that I'll let hit.
- What?
- Yeah I would.
I'll let that nigga hit it raw.
- Whoa whoa whoa whoa
candy ain't nobody
Trying to here all
that shit damn.
- Look you need to
delete all of your music.
- You crazy now.
You trippin'.
- Delete everything.
This could be the start of
a brand new career for you
If you ever get that far.
- now wait a minute what um?
- log in.
- Nigga don't look at me.
Shit I still can't believe
That she'll let
Kendrick Lamar fuck raw.
- Ooh yeah I would.
- he famous.
- He probably get so much sex.
Aye man you know how much
sex famous rappers get?
- and he'd get a lot from me.
- Shit.
- Okay now.
- just gon' take it like that?
- Yup and stop calling
yourself mike massacre.
Your name is Micah
Jehosaphat Jones
And both your parents
are in ministry.
No one believes
that you're runnin'
Around here killing people.
- Yeah but Micah is
a weak rap name man.
- Shut up boogie!
- Okay young Micah come and
do it like the pied piper.
It got a little ring
and pizzazz to it okay
But hold on how come
you listen to candy
When she talk about
writing some real shit
But I told you that
like a thousand times.
I just told you that
like 30 minutes ago bro.
- Well you know.
- I mean it's simple boogie.
- What?
- I'm trying to fuck her.
You know and I ain't
trying to fuck you.
- Okay.
- You know what I'm sayin'?
So I could listen to her.
- We get it, we get it.
- I want to fuck her good.
- We can just stop talking
about fuckin' please?
- You mad?
- To one of yo beats.
- Or nah?
- Go head write.
- Your sorry raggedy ass dreams
Ain't gon feed our child mike.
Fuck my baby mama
fuck my baby mama
fuck my baby mama
fuck my baby mama
- And if we do what
you gon' do about it?
- Take you to court.
- And lose?
You know the courts
favor the mother.
Fuck my baby mama
fuck my baby mama
fuck my baby mama
fuck my baby mama
fuck my baby mama
fuck my baby mama
fuck my baby mama
fuck my baby mama
fuck fuck fuck my baby mama
- I could give you
a hundred years
And you still wouldn't
sign a deal mike
'cause you can't rap.
fuck my baby mama
crazy muhfucka
always on my business
she want me on low
she do
child support checks
new hairdos
the fuck is this
when I see my daughter
gotta buy her shoes
what type of shit is that
what type of shit is that
she got me by the nuts
I think im'a get her back
but I will not hit her back
who she think she is
Floyd Mayweather
she want me to hit the mat
she screamin' she screamin'
she want me to hit her back
but I will not hit her back
my baby mama
put yo middle fingers up
to yo baby mama mama yeah
- Dang Bruh you went in.
I hate my baby mama and
I ain't even got one yet.
- Aye shut up fool.
- I mean it was
cool or whatever.
- Man im'a knock yo ass smooth
down one good time my nigga.
- All right all right
calm down calm down.
Aye you think I should drop it?
- I mean Tina gon' hate you
And probably make your
life a living hell but.
- And it's more honest than
the crap you was doing before.
- Man
Fuck it.
Fuck man.
- Nigga you are blowin' up.
- Our song went
viral overnight fool.
- Our song, yeah I bet.
- Yeah our song.
I made the beat didn't I?
Look I'm the metro
booming to your future.
The Timbaland to
your Missy Elliot.
The mike will made it
Well mike will makes
a lot of beats.
You know what I'm talking about.
Check out your sound cloud.
Fuck my baby mama
fuck my baby mama
fuck my baby mama
- Oh shit.
Damn that's crazy.
- Yeah I told you we on fool.
I already bought the new J's
'cause I know we
about to be ballin'.
Baller alert posted you.
Shade room and all that shit.
Man check out your followers.
- That's crazy.
Man celebs been re-tweeting
your link all this morning.
Where the hell you been at?
- Man I was sleep.
- Wake yo ass up because tonight
We gon' get fucked up.
Even my sister said
she was gon' stop by
And celebrate your success.
- Shit that's a bet.
- Hey nigga you ain't gon' fuck.
- Shit.
Fuck we just having fun
we don't give a fuck
we don't give a fuck
- 'bout to shoot the club up.
- I meant I was
Im'a go raw you know?
- Aw yeah!
- Yeah.
We having a good time.
Post my pic on the gram
we can have a fun day
I'm a real nigga hoe
and I got a big beard
and ya mans is lame
yeah he's hella weird
- Yeah who would have ever
thought I could go viral?
- Well I told you do some real
And let the rest happen right?
- You did you did.
Just come with me
need a real boss
I'm up in this bitch
Hella yella said call him.
- You better call him then.
- Yeah I'll call that
nigga see what he want.
Probably a feature or something.
We'll see.
- Probably.
- So yeah this nigga
future trying to charge
A hundred grand for a feature.
- Pfft I told him
I can get designer
He just want his oil changed.
Get away one second.
I got to take this.
- Hello?
- yeah this yella.
- What's up?
- That fuck my baby
mama track is lit Fam.
I'm trying to jump on the remix.
- Man I got a kidnapping
charge 'cause of you.
- Man I'll drop that shit
If you let me jump
on the remix bro.
I fuckin' hate my
baby mamas man.
All 12 of them
ungrateful bitches.
- All right cool bet.
- all right come by the studio
In Hollywood tomorrow.
Im'a shoot you the
address right after this.
- Cool cool cool let's do it.
- oh and one more thing.
- What's up?
- I want you to open up for me
On the adventures
of hella yella tour
That's how I want them
- Man aye aye don't
play with me Fam.
Don't play with me.
Don't play wit my emotions.
I got child support to pay for.
You serious?
- Nigga I'm not playin'.
You not gon' worry about child
support for a minute bro.
It's a 50 city tour.
And we got the world tour
coming up after that.
You about to be
swimmin' in Tubman's.
You in?
- Hell yeah.
- all right bet.
- All right my nigga.
Racing to this paper
- I ain't never getting married
Put your hand on the
nipple all right.
- He said he want me
to go on tour with him.
- You better go then.
- Hell yeah.
Fuck my baby mama
fuck my baby mama
- But love you gon' let
me fuck now or what?
- I just might.
- Oh cool.
- When you get back.
- Oh come on man don't
be doing me like that.
Come on man you know want the d.
- When you get back.
- Hey.
- I need to talk to you.
- Man what?
- In private.
Mama mama
You can let her go.
- And bitch what's yo name
and where you know mike from?
- Man what?
I had to make that
fuckin' song about you.
I hate yo ass you fuckin'
putting me through bullshit.
Fuck you.
- Wilson left me.
- Fuck boy?
He met some old singin' bitch.
He proposed to her on the beach.
Now they movin' to Seattle.
- So Kennedy stayin' here.
- We're both staying.
- I don't give a fuck about
about you, you can get...
- I can hear you nigga.
- Well look you
ain't got to worry
About all that
child support shit
And im'a have enough
money to pay yo ass
So you can take me off
them little papers you got.
- I mean I'll take you off
child support right now
If you do me a favor.
- What?
- Fuck me.
- Man hell nah I ain't
fuckin' yo crazy ass.
Man my dick ain't
going nowhere near you.
I got four bitches in there
trying to fuck me right now.
What I look like?
What im'a touch
some old pussy for?
You ain't got to worry
about me touching you none.
What, you thought
I wasn't gon' fuck?
- So mike your smash hit single
Fuck my baby mama
has been number one
Tell me what inspired you to
write such an awesome record?
- Oh it's simple
The inspiration came from my
bobble head ass baby mama.
I hate that hoe.
You know and I had to dig
deep and talk to myself.
I was like self
fuck my baby mama.
You know what I'm saying?
Fuck her!
- Why do you got to
keep talking about that?
Look I told you I had no choice.
Listen don't be telling
my goddamn business.
- Who would you credit
most for your success?
- That would have to
be my daughter Kennedy.
You know Kennedy's the
light of my life man.
She just helps me
want to be better.
And also my baby candy.
Candy man she taught
me to do music
And do it from my heart.
To just push out from
my soul great music.
You know so that's what
I said I wanted to do.
- But you re-released Henny dick
Which is currently number
two on the billboard top 100.
- Well Henny dick's a
hood classic sweetheart.
- What can fans
expect next from mike?
- Oh I got a big year planned.
You know I got my debut
Lp coming out March 15th
Called young Riley
curry you know.
And also me and hella yella
got a joint mixtape coming
We ain't doing nothing but
slapping hoes and getting money
But you know what since
you bring up Henny dick
I got something
special for y'all.
This is the debut music video
For my smash hood classic
Henny dick Henny Henny dick.
Don't be mad at me
when you see this.
Oh this Hennessy
right here man
'cause I'm gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone of the Henny
take this Hennessy dick
she want the Hennessy dick
I give her Hennessy dick
she need the Hennessy dick
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
take this Hennessy dick
she want the Hennessy dick
I give her Hennessy dick
she need the Hennessy dick
tinted 'round the car
but you still see a star
when I pull up to the spot
they know I'm looking for thots
they know I'm
speaking to freaks
soon as I hop out the jeep
and if she got a man
no tlc but we creep
Styrofoam cup with
ice boy I pour up
hold up watch out lil'
bitch I want to know her
I don't need a name
I don't need a sign
I ain't even trying to cause
she look better from behind
I just want to hit the floor
and order up a couple rounds
baby don't be throwin' up
ass shot I tell you she
getting thicker and thicker
two things I don't chase
that's my women and liquor
cause I'm gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
take this Hennessy dick
she want the Hennessy dick
I give her Hennessy dick
she need the Hennessy dick
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
take this Hennessy dick
she want the Hennessy dick
I give her Hennessy dick
she need the Hennessy dick
two things I don't chase
is my women and liquor
wanted Vanessa now I'm
going home with Melissa
but tonight I'm acting different
I might need me a snicker
say tonight I'm
actin' different
'cause I think im'a kiss her
hold on her neck smackin
her ass gettin' her wet
puttin' in work and I think
she might give me a check
turn her 'round lay her down
im'a teach you some lessons
come to me on your knees
baby give me some lessons
whoa I swear the Henny
got me out of control
fuck for hours
baby give me her soul
but this fuckin' Henny
dick won't let me bust a nut
'cause I'm gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
take this Hennessy dick
she want the Hennessy dick
I give her Hennessy dick
she need the Hennessy dick
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
take this Hennessy dick
she want the Hennessy dick
I give her Hennessy dick
she need the Hennessy dick
whoa I swear the Henny
got me out of control
with that big ole ass
whoa fuck for hours and
then give me your soul
whoa I swear the Henny
got me out of control
what's yo name?
Fuck for hours baby
give me your soul
'cause I'm gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
oh this Hennessy
right here man
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
take this Hennessy dick
she want the Hennessy dick
I gave her Hennessy dick
she need the Hennessy dick
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
take this Hennessy dick
she want the Hennessy dick
I give her Hennessy dick
she need the Hennessy dick
'cause I'm gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
take this Hennessy dick
she want the Hennessy dick
I gave her Hennessy dick
she need the Hennessy dick
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
gone off the Henny
take this Hennessy dick
she want the Hennessy dick
I give her Hennessy dick
she need the Hennessy dick
- Oh shit my bad.
I meant oh crap
Oh crap lord forgive me lord.
- I'm coming through that spot.
I'm coming through
your town all,
Shit fuck.
All right boom.
- Yeah.
- man.
Finally got my first,
You been hit by the...
- wait a minute it's mike the.
- The the mike will who
is this guy what do you?
- Yo head look like
burning incense
When it gets down
to the last piece.
Got Monistat 7 all
over yo pussy crease.
- Yo my man I need you
to listen to my mixtape.
Tell me what you, oh shit.
Oh my pants ripped.
- did they?
- Yes.
- I will ride yo face
all over this fur burger.
- oh god.
- The mike will I made it too...
- no the mike will made it.
- What, the mike will made it.
- yeah his
name is mike will made it.
- Okay the mike will made it.
The mike will I
made it too well...
The mike will I made it.
- there we go.