Makala (2017) Movie Script

- Hello, uncle.
- Hello. Are you awake?
Lord Jesus, I beg You,
give me the strength to do my work.
God, protect my family.
May Your light illuminate my life.
Get the needle to remove it.
Can you do it?
Yes, it'll come out.
Do you think
a needle would be better?
I can't see it now.
Let me!
Stop a while.
Do it as if it were your body,
not someone else's.
I haven't done anything yet.
Aren't you exaggerating a bit?
It hurts, Lydie!
Hang on.
You always have trouble
taking out thorns.
It's not like
you didn't live in Walemba.
Is it out?
Thank you.
Get out of the doorway!
Come here.
Come here, baby.
You're drooling.
Are you jealous?
Hello, Madela!
Will you grill it?
Yes, I'll grill it indoors.
It's too sunny here.
Is it a rat?
Yes, it is a rat.
You'll eat some.
Want these here?
- Can't you do it?
- No.
I hurt myself.
Are you stuck?
- I hurt myself.
- You hurt yourself?
What with?
A branch.
Will it hurt?
No, it won't hurt.
Give me your hand.
What kind of wood is it?
I hurt myself, pulling the branch.
Near the rocks.
- Did the rock hurt you?
- I don't know.
Water's essential
to the human body.
You mustn't overdo it.
How can you overdo it?
You'll turn into a duck.
If I don't drink,
I get heartburn.
You drink a lot of water.
Bring back some corn beer.
Beer? How do I pay for it?
I have something else on my mind.
I'm thinking.
What'll I do?
Finish the oven.
Anyway, it will be slow-burning.
Will it take 2 weeks?
Yes, there are big tree trunks.
But the first batch will be fasten
I've already gathered a lot of wood.
I saw the plot of land again.
I've decided.
We have to move forward with our house.
If I sell charcoal in town,
I'll have money for metal sheets.
We need 15 for the roof.
I want to build a house
with 3 bedrooms.
You can start preparing the land.
Time is going by so fast.
We can't wait till December.
If you can get 1,000 francs,
I can pay people to help us.
Let's do it on our own.
We have to save up.
Building a house is no joke.
We have to pay the rent too.
- We must progress.
- I'll prepare the land tomorrow
I'll plant trees there.
I already have the seeds
for mandarin and orange trees.
In front, I'll plant apple trees.
On the right, I'll plant a mango tree.
At the back, I'll put the palm tree.
Palm trees will stop
the wind blowing the roof off.
You can make a duck pond, too.
- The river's too far.
- Will the ducks go there?
I'll buy a bucket for cement
to make them a pond
near the hill.
Where can we find ntulu
for the hedge?
There are some
near my mother's place.
You could cut some and replant them.
It worries me...
There are flames over there.
- Where?
- There.
Should I take everything?
Don't overfill it.
Give me a sack.
For the little pieces.
Those kids make a lot of noise.
They're badly brought up.
Brothers shouldn't fight like that.
Hold onto your side.
I'll pull the elastic tight,
so it stays on alright.
Call in on my sister on the way.
I want to know if Divine is OK.
Yes, I'll go see Divine.
Are you going now?
Keep it up!
Thanks. How are you?
Fine, thanks.
- Are you going to rest?
- Yes.
Where are you from?
From Sisse.
The road is bad over there.
Those hills over there...
I'm afraid of them.
They're very high.
You must have walked a lot.
Are you going to town?
Yes, that's right.
But it's a long way
and I'm running late.
A group of 5 people went past earlier.
They must be on the other side
of that hill by now.
On a road like this,
it's best to travel in a group.
Yes, instead of being alone.
Please help me.
They knocked my bike over.
Give me a hand.
You hold this side.
This way?
Let's go.
Come on...
All together...
One of you hold my bike.
Pull it that way.
It's damaged, the tires are flat.
- How's it going?
- OK.
You must pay 2,000 francs
for your charcoal.
I said 2,000 francs.
Take pity on me,
I don't have that much.
I need money
for my child's treatment.
Why would I take pity on you?
Please, brother,
my child is very sick.
You're lying,
you're condemning your child.
I'm telling you the truth.
What do you say?
How will I get the money?
I have nothing, I tell you.
The charcoal will do.
What do you mean?
Leave a bag if you have no money.
Leave my charcoal?
Leave a bag
and I'll call it quits.
What you're doing isn't right.
Give me the money and go.
They're my pockets!
You have no right to search me!
If you don't pay, you stay here.
Take pity on me, brother.
Wait till I've sold this,
you'll get your money.
If you go,
you won't come back.
Leave a bag of charcoal.
The bag you want to take
is my profit.
So, what do we do?
If you don't pay, you stay here.
Please have mercy.
Forget about mercy.
Give me the money.
I can't show you any mercy.
Others pay up without arguing.
You're the only one
who makes trouble.
- Hey, chief!
- Yes.
Stop there.
You saw that.
They took a bag from me.
That's what they do here.
Put it here.
Come in.
Brother-in-law! Welcome!
Kaskito! Are you well?
Yes, and you?
Oh, it's been a long time!
I'm well, and you?
A long time!
A very long time.
What news?
Nothing special.
You're here at last.
My charcoal work
takes up so much of my time.
We never see you!
Once the oven is lit,
I can't go anywhere.
So, are you well?
Yes, I'm OK.
We're OK, too.
- How's Mpalaba?
- She's well.
- And Divine?
- She's well, too.
I didn't want to come
to your home too soon
so Divine wouldn't cry if she saw me.
Even if she doesn't cry rig ht away,
we'll both cry when I leave.
I can't give her
the same education as Kolwezi.
What a daddy's girl!
Your own child is always extra-special!
Lovely. They'll suit her.
Think so?
And you got the right size!
- Really?
- Did you know?
That's a father's intuition!
She'll already have her shoes.
He chose well.
And they're black and white.
That'll go with her uniform.
I don't want my daughter
to miss out on her education
so that her behavior improves well.
She'll stay here.
Sleep here.
It's dangerous at night.
You should stay and sleep here.
At my age!
Have you seen how big I am?
Stop it.
Bandits will tremble when they see me.
Now is no time to leave.
You'd rather be killed
than see Divine cry.
It's OK, I'm going.
I'm running late.
Already! What a pity. That sucks!
No, I've decided to go.
Must you really go?
What a pity!
I'm going.
Say hello to everyone from us.
- Say hello.
- OK.
Tell Lydie I'll be coming.
Say hello to everyone!
Big brother!
Big sister.
How much is it?
Come here and discuss it.
How much is that?
The charcoal is 3,500.
And this?
- 3,500?
- Yes.
That's a lot.
As it's you, give me...
I want that.
You want that?
Open this one.
I have 2,000, not 3,500.
Take them both for 4,500.
I only need one.
Why would I take both for 4,500?
4,000 for both.
No, not 4,000.
It's expensive.
I'll do both...
What's your final price?
I like you, sister,
so I'll give you...
Are you selling
or hitting on me?
You should pay me 5,000 for both,
but as you've charmed me...
OK, give me both for 4,500.
Won't it fall on me?
Leave it, big sister,
I'll get it off.
As I'm holding it for you,
do it for 2,000.
Do you want to leave me
on the ground?
- I've come a long way.
- Where?
From over 50 kms away: Walemba.
If there's lots of dust,
I won't buy it.
You can see what my sacks are like.
Put it over there.
Give us a discount.
We have to make a profit, too.
Where have you come from?
From very far away: Walemba.
So, give me a discount
so you can get rid of those bags.
For you, I'll do the big ones at 4,000.
What with the recession,
give us a discount.
I've given you a discount.
I went down to 3,500 and 3,000.
Do us a favor
and give us a good price.
Do you think
no-one in the whole town will buy it?
Prices have dropped.
There's no money.
The workers aren't paid.
We know you've come a long way.
Has anyone bought it off you?
Give us a good price
and I'll take 2 bags.
I'm sticking to 3,500.
I'll take that and that.
I'll give you 5,000.
At least 7,000.
Let's go. We don't have a deal.
If you'd given us a good price...
I gave you a good price.
Do you want to slash prices?
It's too hot.
Sell and go back to your kids.
Take them some oil and salt back.
Hey, how much?
For my charcoal?
I'm selling it at 3,500.
I'll give you 3,000.
It's all I have.
Drop the price.
I'll sell the big bags at 3,500.
Take 2,500.
No, I sold them for 3,500.
Take 2,500.
Sir, come back.
My final price is 3,000.
2,500, that's all I have.
Not 2,500.
Take 2,500. That's all I have.
Look, I'm very tired.
Not 2,500.
- Not 2,500?
- No.
She's 9 months old.
- Is she weak?
- No.
You mustn't rush into things
with diarrhea.
It could be due to her food.
Give her some zinc
to build up her strength.
It's 1,500, too.
If the diarrhea doesn't stop,
give her some kaolin.
You must shake it
before giving it to her in the morning.
She's not tired.
That costs 1,000 francs?
- For 1,000...
- I want to stop the diarrhea.
Stop the diarrhea?
Then you need kaolin.
That costs 1,000 francs?
Is it syrup?
What's the dosage?
1 spoonful in the morning, 1 at night.
Then, close the bottle and put it away.
Don't continue it
if the diarrhea stops. That's bad.
How much are these?
The metal sheets?
One costs 11,500.
11,500... It's too expensive.
How many do you need?
For the moment, I want
to know the price.
If you buy one, it's 11,500.
If you buy several, it'll cost less.
But if you buy one, it's 11,500.
- Is it tough?
- Yes, these are BG28.
How many do you need?
Well, sir?
I need 15, but it's so expensive.
If you take 15, I'll do you a deal.
If I can, I'll buy 1.
- Hey, boss.
- Hi.
How's it going?
How much?
For the charcoal? 3,500.
- 3,500, at this time?
- Yes.
Not 2,000?
No. You won't get a lower price!
- Who'll buy it now?
- It's too little.
Who'll buy it now?
Instead of offering 3,000,
you say 2,000.
I'll buy it all
if you take it to 20 Kasai Street.
No, number 20 is too far.
I'll get a better offer.
OK, if you don't sell it,
deliver it to me.
I won't deliver to Kasai Street
for so little.
We must talk about the subject entitled
"The Journey of the Honest Man".
I told you and showed you
how an honest man
should behave before God.
I showed you St Job's example.
All his life,
Job was an honest man.
People now say that when you are honest,
suffering cannot affect you.
God always delivers you from it.
If you are not honest,
suffering can affect you.
In the name of Jesus,
clap hands and start to pray.
My God,
I need Your presence in my life.
I really need You.
Come to my rescue.
In my home,
there are many troubles.
Come to my rescue,
because You are the savior.
Father, come to my rescue.
Protect me from accidents.
I give thanks to You for being alive.
In the name of Jesus.
Defeat the evil spirits.
Lord, I beg You,
please change my life tonight.
You didn't promise me suffering
my whole life long.
I wanted to thank You.
I wanted to thank You, Lord.
Let me thank You.
Lord, I call upon You. Help my children.
Help my home.
O Jesus! Help me!
I need You, Lord.
Answer my prayer,
answer my prayer, Father.
I see hearses going past,
people having accidents,
others in prison.
By Your divine grace,
let me earn a living.
God Almighty, I beg You.
May Your light illuminate my life.
I have only You, Lord.
I put my home in Your hands.
Protect my family.
You are our protector, Jesus Christ.
Keep my house safe, Lord.