Making a Killing (2018) Movie Script

We're here.
-Ready? One, two, three.
-One, two, three.
What's wrong?
It's just...
You've always been the one
with the vision.
That's fine.
I'd just like to know
what's going on
from time to time.
Be in the loop, you know.
You hungry?
You want some of
this taco?
Are you gonna talk to me,
or are you gonna
cause yourself
a palpitation over there?
I heard the old man's
getting out.
Could be tomorrow,
could be the day
after that.
Might be that he's
already out.
I didn't think they just
let pedophiles out
like that.
You'd think they'd keep 'em
locked up as long as
they could.
You think he'll come
around here?
It's been in every ear
we've got all his money.
He might not have
anywhere else to go.
What about our clients?
He wasn't supposed to get out
for another two years.
You said we'd be in Fairbanks
before that.
I know.
we're still going
to Alaska.
That hasn't changed.
Only now,
we're going to do
some things...
A little sooner?
That's why we moved
Lloyd's loot.
And we're selling
the other half.
See? Now you're
in the loop.
You think you can
get rid of them?
I'm going to
meet someone tomorrow
who makes it his business
to move all sorts of things.
Come on, let's finish up
with Mrs. Olarian
and get out of here.
Making donations...
Transfer the word of her cause, you know, spread the good word.
Hubba, hubba.
1916 Mercury Head dime.
What do you want me to do,
make an offer?
One dollar.
Hmm. Worth thousands.
Mint condition.
Easily 10 grand.
But these aren't
mint condition.
But they're something,
and I've got a few of 'em.
Well, I know a lady
out in Encino Wells
be interested in
this sort of thing.
Might be willing
to go as high as...
I don't know. $2,200?
Let's call it
an even $2,000.
I've got a bunch more.
I can't see any reason why
we both can't prosper.
I know you're
a busy man, Art,
but I got one more thing
before you go.
What the fuck, Jim?
He came through trying to
pull scrap from the yard.
He killed Miwalk,
my dog.
The boys caught him
trying to hop the fence.
He was a good watchdog.
Good protector.
I was gonna see if
you can get rid of him
for me.
Maybe use that
furnace of yours?
I... I don't know, Jim.
I mean...
I don't want to
get mixed up--
But now you know about it.
You've seen him.
It's never a good idea to
know about something
and not be part of it.
Maybe I could
do something.
Yeah? I like that.
You get rid
of something for me,
I get rid of something
for you.
Give me your keys.
Put him in the mayor's trunk.
Make sure you lay down
enough plastic.
Thank you.
Ooh! Lloyd Mickey!
Let me look at you.
If the Lord had
offered me a hundred--
The phones work?
The phones?
Yes, they should.
I mean, not on account
of anyone's been calling,
It's been about a month
since someone's called.
Even then it was
for the wrong number.
What's this?
Um, it's all your mail.
From the past year?
Mmm-hmm. Normally, I go out
and I get the mail
when it comes in
in the afternoon and
I set it on your desk.
I like to keep the wheels
of progress turning
while you're gone.
Have you been coming in
every day?
How have you
been getting paid?
Well, I've just been
keeping a record of
my hours and my back pay.
Can I get you
a cup of coffee?
I need Arthur's number.
Arthur Herring? It should be
right there in the Rolodex
on your desk.
What do you need
with Arthur Herring?
That man is too much.
Did you know that they
made him the mayor?
A mayor?
Didn't you hear?
Arthur Herring is
a mayor?
Well, will that be all?
Oh! I was just gonna
let you know
I'll be leaving now.
Hey, Arthur.
No, I'm at the restaurant.
Okay, I'll see you
when you get here.
Was that your brother?
Connie. I didn't
see you there.
You guys
are close, huh?
Well, he's my brother.
-And you live together?
You guys are funny.
You don't look
anything alike.
I'm so glad someone
finally came in to fix this.
Oh. I thought it
just started acting up?
Well, yeah. But it's been
backing up for weeks
and now it just doesn't work.
Well, I should have it
fixed here in just a bit.
Connie, you have a four top.
Well, gotta go.
Okay. See you, Connie.
Sure. I loved it.
It was crazy.
A 270 Chevy...
I didn't know
you were here.
I just walked in,
saw Ron here,
and we've been talking about
taking the van in for a tune up.
It'll be a good idea.
It's been idling high.
Bring it in anytime.
But I probably won't get
a chance to look at it
until next week.
- Next week works.
- All right.
Do you wanna get
something to eat here,
or you wanna
go some place else?
Actually, I'm not too
hungry right now.
I wanted to see if you
could give me a hand
getting some things
out of the Cadillac.
- You give me a call
next week,
and I'll take a look
at that van for you.
Will do.
All right.
Go get me a beer.
This isn't office supplies.
Who keeps calling?
No one.
Is this
all part of the plan?
Must be some plan.
Come on,
we got church tomorrow.
Oh! Oh!
Oh! Oh!
Fuck me!
In the Messiah,
crucified and risen,
we recognize the features
of the lamb sacrificed
on Golgotha,
who implores forgiveness
for his torturers,
and opens the gates of Heaven
to repentant sinners.
We glimpse
the face
of the immortal king,
who now has the keys
of death and Hades.
This is the word
of the Lord.
Praise be to God.
Please be seated.
Hey, Lloyd.
Didn't expect to
see you today.
I bet you didn't!
What, the big man
won't see me?
It's not
like that, Lloyd.
He's been ducking my calls.
He can't duck me.
-Not in this town.
Now, let's keep our
voices down.
No one's trying to
duck you.
We didn't know
you were out, Lloyd.
How could we?
We've just been busier
than a couple of bees,
what with the funeral home
and the restaurant.
Now that Arthur got
appointed Mayor,
I don't know where
we even find the time.
Well, you better
make some time.
Lloyd, please. Last we heard,
you were going in
for three years.
Yeah. Well,
I'm out now.
I want my stuff back.
And if he won't see me,
I'll see him.
You tell him.
If I have to suffer him,
he's gonna have to
suffer me.
And I ain't one
for suffering!
Okay, Lloyd.
I'll let him know.
We'll be in touch.
And I would like to offer,
from myself to you,
a funeral at no cost,
as a gift.
Thank you.
Would you excuse me?
Thank you.
What the fuck
was that?
I couldn't believe
he just showed up.
What did he say?
Well, you know,
that he's out.
He said that he's been
trying to get in
touch with you,
and that he wants his
stuff back.
Of course
he wants his stuff.
He called me
a couple of times.
I haven't spoken
with him.
Jeez, Arthur.
It's no wonder he showed up.
He's probably gonna
keep showing up.
He looked
We need to go see
Lloyd tomorrow.
I wasn't planning on it.
But I could be there
later on.
Is there something wrong
with the sink?
Is this your idea?
Look, I can't really talk.
Okay, bye now.
So, how did that go?
It went fine.
Just fine?
It's the heart.
No different.
Gave me some heart pills.
Same as usual.
Give me a smoke.
Come in.
Holy shit, Lloyd.
Hey, Lloyd.
Come in, come in.
What happened here?
Vagrants, probably.
Are you sleeping
in there?
There is shit
on the bed.
Burned the old one.
What happened
to the cushion?
They pissed on those,
put a hole there,
in case of company.
I need that gold, Arthur.
I need those coins.
I've been collecting them.
That's my insurance.
Always has been.
I can't help but wonder,
what happened to
my old friend?
What happened to
my Mick?
I want that stuff, Arthur.
No two ways about it.
So I figure you're here
to give me my money.
Or you're here
to kill me.
How could you say
something like that?
Because it's a lot of
money, Arthur.
I know how you two
do business.
That upsets me.
Words like that
make me think,
"Well, maybe
I should hold on to it
a little while longer."
I'll give you money
if you need.
I mean, get some
new curtains,
straighten out
and what not, you know.
You weren't listening to me.
I just want
what's coming to me.
Well, it sounds like
you need to own up
to some of the things
you've done.
We all do.
Oh, don't give me that.
Trying to come here
and preach to me?
I'm the one who gave you
the fucking idea
to start a church
in the first place.
And I recall it had a lot more
to do with tax exemptions
than religion.
You ain't here
as a priest,
and you know it.
You're here as the guy
who's holding my money.
And I probably wouldn't have
had I known I was helping
you hide that from the kid and
his family in the civil suit.
It doesn't matter.
You'll get your 10%.
That's what we agreed on.
But don't come at me
like some pious entity.
You're a man
just like me.
So, like I said,
either give me my money,
so I can leave,
or kill me.
Come in, close the door
Rain doesn't matter
Out there in the cold world
There ain't nothing wrong
With me loving you
What do you want?
Anything will do.
Whoa, it ain't crazy
The words I'm saying
Right now
And this man
He ain't lazy
There ain't nothing wrong
With me loving you
When it's all I wanna do
I wake up so early
In the morning
What's this?
He's a sharp shooter.
They have
a pigeon shooting booth.
I won.
Maybe it'd do everybody good
if they got rid
of those old rifles
and used a pistol.
A .22 would be good.
A .22 ain't got
no stopping power.
Yeah, but it'll make you
pause long enough
for someone to get
a couple more
rounds in you.
That'll stop you
for sure.
If it's a head shot,
at the right angle,
there's no way someone could
pull ballistics
if it's done just right.
You get a lot of those,
do you,
down at the funeral home?
Not a whole lot.
Thank God.
But we've seen our share
of interesting things.
You ever seen a man done in
by one of those M107s?
Now that's a .50 cal.
I watched this Marine
use it against a terrorist
on the Internet.
Blew a hole in that guy
the size of Jeffery's head.
-Jesus, Ron!
-What? It's true.
I can't say that we've
seen anything like that.
I'm gonna go
find myself a more
worthwhile conversation.
Get on it, will you.
Lloyd. Lloyd!
How are you
getting home?
I'm gonna walk.
Just tell the boys
I'll be a little late,
all right?
Don't deal any hands
without me.
Come on, Lloyd.
I don't need you getting
in an accident so I'll
lose my liquor license.
Come on, come on.
I should have never
served you in the first place.
Come on, Lloyd.
Lloyd, you still
on Cutter's Grove?
Are you still
on Cutter's Grove?
You wanna make $20
the easy way?
You wanna make $20
the hard way? Huh?
Fuck you!
You're a piece of shit.
I'll pay you.
Fuck you.
Just kill me.
I'll pay you.
I'll pay you
to kill me.
I should get money.
You are fucked up, old man.
Just do it...
Yep, I'm still here.
Just listening is all.
Seems like you got yourself
a jar full of pickles
down there, Frank.
I reckon I could send
someone down.
It might be a little
more unbiased.
Can put a clean eye
on things for you.
Seems like that's what
you all might be needing.
Okay, then, Frank.
All right, then.
Yeah, Chief?
You gunning for
something new, ain't you?
Never been one
for office work.
Those corns again?
my dogs are barking.
My wife, she told me to
rub 'em with lavender oil.
I've been doing that, but,
I can't go anywhere
without smelling like
a French whore.
Now, come on in.
I just got off the phone
with Frank Kilgore.
He's a DA in Cardinal County.
They just had
a murder down there.
First in 39 years or so.
An old man,
killed execution style
in his home.
Sounds like
a jar full of pickles.
That's what I said.
I was thinking about
sending you to help out.
See if can't figure out
which way is up with
the whole of it.
simple stuff
in towns like that
can complicate
all of a sudden.
So, how about we see if
you can wrap this thing up
in a few days' time?
I'll lend you my bass hunter.
You can do yourselves
some fishing.
Well, I will take you up
on your bet.
And I will see you
day after next.
Better bring
your lucky hat.
Only thing that gives me
my balance.
Is Jim in?
Sorry, sir.
You're not supposed to be here.
Hey, there.
I'm Agent Hudson.
With the SIB.
Is this the residence
of a Lloyd Mickey?
Then I'm exactly supposed
to be here.
It's a crime scene inside.
What am I walking into?
Well, sir, the victim's
a 70-year-old male.
No next of kin. Um...
There was a vehicle seen
leaving a few nights ago,
and it matches the description
of a vehicle owned by
Greg Broomfield.
We're gonna see if
we can make any
connection there.
Well, it looks like
the place has been ransacked.
Yes, we don't know
if that happened
before or after
the murder.
It appears that anything
that could have been pulled
and sold
was, well,
pulled and sold.
Excuse me?
Did you guys
pull the body?
Yes, sir.
Well, did it happen
after he was killed,
while the body
was still he--
Did you step in this?
Because there is
a partial footprint
at the top of the pool.
And even if it was left there
by one of the officers
I can't imagine
they would contaminate
an already contaminated
crime scene any further
by sprinkling any of
the plaster from the dry wall
into the pool of blood.
Come here.
Come here.
Sir, I just didn't realize...
I'm... I'm sorry.
I'm gonna go
to the car.
Is there anything
I can do, sir?
We witness the male shark
mate or give birth.
Some would even
go so far as to say
the whale shark is
a vessel to help
the secrets of the deepest,
darkest places of our world
stay secret.
Although it is
the world's largest fish,
growing up to 40 feet,
and weighing up to...
I suppose I'd look pretty
foolish diving across
the floor for that, huh?
Yeah, I suppose you would.
But that doesn't have to do
with anything we have
going on.
I got delayed.
Been here long?
Is that it?
There's ten in each box.
Individually wrapped.
I don't have to count these?
You can. There's 20,
no matter who counts it.
Julie Dewyn will be waiting
for you at Encino Wells.
Forty thousand.
Jim, is that blood?
Arthur, there's blood
on all money.
-You know what I mean.
-Then don't take it.
Hello? Oh.
Is Captain Riley here?
And you are?
I'm Agent Hudson,
with the SIB.
New Mexico State
Investigations Bureau.
Up in Albuquerque.
Captain Riley,
SIB's here.
Thank you, Jeane-Anne.
Can I help you
with something, boy?
Well, actually,
I'm here to help you.
So you're the cavalry.
That's some kind of hat.
I'm some kind of cop.
You gonna
come down here
and kick up a bunch of dust,
see where it all settles?
Just hoping to solve a murder
and head back
from whence I came.
Is that all?
Spoke with one of
your officers
at the crime scene.
You've already been
on my crime scene?
Stopped by there
on my way in.
Hope you don't mind.
And if I do?
I insult you in some way
I'm unaware of?
You being here
insults me.
I'm here, because you
aren't doing your job.
I just left a crime scene
where one of your officers
was literally lying in
a pool of blood.
Now, I'm not sure how you
do things around here,
but I'm starting to get
the idea.
And the likelihood of finding
any usable evidence
is faint at best.
You're a piece of shit,
ain't you?
At least I honor the badge.
Come on.
I wanna show you something.
What's going on here?
Didn't you hear?
Someone murdered
Lloyd Mickey.
I never thought that
we'd have a murder here.
Jeanne-Marie thinks
that it has something to do
with the Irish mafia.
That doesn't make
any sense.
What do you mean?
Why would the Irish mob
come to Cardinal County
to kill Lloyd?
Well, you think it was someone
from Cardinal who killed him?
That's not at all
what I'm saying.
It's just that Irish mafia
killing Lloyd Mickey
seems like a far stretch.
You know it is, right?
So, why are we here?
What do you see?
What do you mean?
What do you see?
Houses, yards, trees.
A community.
All right.
You don't see a lot
of these around anymore.
What are you saying?
What I'm saying is,
take it all in.
This is all gonna change.
Once people start thinking
one of their own
is a murderer,
all these front doors
that are open
are gonna close.
Blinds will be drawn.
No more of that apple pie
in the air.
End of Mayberry.
You can joke about it,
but the people here
like this place.
They like being from here.
It's a good place
with decent people.
It was bad enough
when the scandal broke out
when Lloyd Mickey
got arrested.
When he admitted to
being with that boy.
How old was he, the kid?
Lloyd said it was
a relationship.
Tried to justify it.
The things I had
to do to keep from
drawing blood then.
This town don't have
child molesters
and murderers.
People here never had to worry
about that kind of thing.
Well, they don't have to
worry no more.
We had a child molester.
He got killed.
Now we don't have
a child molester.
So that's the way
you see it?
I reckon that's how
all the town folks see it,
so yeah.
Yeah, that's how I see it.
Did you kill Lloyd Mickey?
Fuck you.
Are you gonna get in the way
of me investigating
this thing?
Can't say I'm gonna be of
much help to you neither.
I can work with that.
I like how you're handy.
I didn't mean it
like that.
How you fix things
around here.
Not like in my house. Ugh!
Ron doesn't do anything.
Everything is broken
and falling apart,
just like him.
I can't even stand to
be there most of the time.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Are you?
I can't believe we've
known each other
all these years
and yet we haven't known
each other at all.
We should
go away somewhere,
you and me.
Where do you wanna go?
Ah! I don't know.
I've always wanted
to go to Greece.
Oh, and Egypt.
-Have you been?
-Mmm. No.
I noticed that Alaska
key chain that you have.
What was that like?
I don't know.
Never been.
Oh. So, why do you have it?
I always wanted to go,
ever since I was a kid.
Arthur and I have been
talking about going for a while,
but how busy we've been
with the funeral home
and with him being mayor.
I don't know when
we'll get the chance.
Mmm. Well, why don't you
just go by yourself?
Without Arthur?
Nah, I couldn't.
Why not?
Be your own man.
I see you two together
all the time,
but you're the one who's
doing everything.
Like, you're here now.
You practically
run the place.
You're not some errand boy.
I'm not an errand boy.
I know.
I wouldn't like you so much
if you were.
Hey, Arthur.
Everything okay?
I'm fine.
Have you seen Vincent?
I saw him earlier.
Oh, your brother's
in the back.
He's working on the freezer.
I like fancy,
colorful earrings.
-Oh, hey, Arthur.
I'm gonna go, um...
I'm gonna finish up outside.
Hi, Arthur.
Hey, there, Connie.
I'm glad you're here.
I got news.
Uh... Lloyd's dead.
Police found him
this morning.
How did it happen?
He was shot in the head.
They don't know if he did it,
or if it was someone else.
The place looked ransacked,
like maybe it was robbed.
But that could have
been after.
I tried to call you,
but you went to voicemail.
Arthur, this is
a good thing.
We're in the clear.
Alaska, right?
He was the only thing
in the way.
Let's take this outside.
Come on.
Why do we have to wait?
There's nothing
keeping us here.
You really need to think about
what you say sometimes.
If we left right now,
we would look guilty
of something.
And please,
keep your voice down.
What, are you afraid
what people will think?
Vincent, we were just
over there.
Of course, I'm afraid
about what people
will think.
Nobody knows
we were over there.
Nobody knows
about Lloyd's money.
How could they?
Arthur, if you're
serious about this,
we should go and make
whatever deal we can for,
you know, the stuff.
I am serious
about this.
I unloaded some of
the coins today.
-To who?
-You don't wanna know that.
I'll take care of it,
like I always do.
No, you've always been
the one with the vision,
and I'm just supposed
to stay blind?
Is that it?
Vincent, I have it
under control.
Please, you just
have to trust me.
Just like Lloyd was
supposed to trust you?
He ended up dead.
And he never got
his money, did he?
- You want me to
get you something?
You Greg, right?
Well, Greg, I'll take
an Arnold Palmer.
A what?
We don't got those here.
How about I just get
an iced tea with
some lemonade in it?
You got a problem, mister?
No problem. No, no.
Not me.
Looks like you got
yourself a boyfriend, Greg.
You don't look like you're
from around here,
so you should probably know.
They already found
one dead faggot in town today.
It'll be a real shame
if they found another.
-Who, me?
-Yeah, you.
Well, I certainly didn't come
here for any trouble.
How much I owe you?
This good?
Keep the change, Greg.
What you got there, Greg?
How'd you get--
And what's this you said
about a dead faggot?
You move, and I will drop you
and sleep just fine
about it tonight.
Now, you gonna tell me
what you know,
and I don't want you
to skip any details.
What's going on?
I'm gonna call
the Captain.
I told you, you're not
supposed to be
using the phone.
Yeah, it's me.
Orlando, you got
a woman with you?
How's it going
down there?
Well, that's why
I was calling you.
I brought someone in,
threw a jar of gold teeth
at me.
Well, that's peculiar.
Don't think I've come
across one like that.
Are you
listening to me?
I called Captain Riley
and I left him a message.
Hold on, sir.
What's your name?
Officer Jeane-Anne,
I do not discriminate.
So, if I should get up,
I'm going to hit you,
like I would
any other officer.
It will be very hard,
and it will hurt.
A lot.
And then, I'm gonna
sit back down here
and finish with
this phone call.
So, what do you say?
I'm gonna go
check on the prisoner.
Thank you, Jeane-Anne.
Sorry about that.
What was that about?
Well, the local station
ain't all that accomodating.
Oh. I figured that
might be the case.
Are you poking
a beehive down there?
Well, just don't get
stung too much.
Come on, Maitlyn,
you can do it.
I gotta put my shoes
back on.
Just do what you gotta do,
then come on back home.
Isn't Ron gonna ask you
where you've been?
He might.
What would you say?
It's none of his business.
Why, you worried?
What would you say if you
were gonna be away
longer than a night?
Like how long?
As long as it takes
to go to Alaska.
Oh, Vincent.
You don't have to start
saying things
that you don't mean.
We just fucked,
that's all.
Excuse me.
Any chance you could
break a five?
Keep it.
Thank you.
Hi, you've reached
Vincent Herring's
Funeral Home.
Please leave a message.
All right
We have a 72-year-old male,
single GSW to the back
of the head.
You see that?
That is more than likely
from a .22.
Uh, no slugs or casings
were found at
the crime scene.
Casings are easy to pick up
off the ground.
The slug is a bit of
a different story.
See that?
No exit wound.
I just assumed that the--
Most people do.
Was there a lot of blood?
More than likely discharged
orally or nasally.
So you're saying
the bullet's still
in his head?
-Well, great.
Let's pull it for ballistics.
That bullet rattled and
bounced around so much
in that man's skull,
it would be virtually impossible
to get any information from it.
What about anything else?
Signs of struggle,
-Thanks anyway.
-No problem.
Oh, yeah. There are some
personal items of his
over on that table.
His wallet, a key.
The police forgot to
pick them up earlier.
Thank you.
Where have you been?
We still have two pickups,
and three bodies to prep.
Not including
Mr. Newsham here.
I wanna know who you
sold the coins to.
You said
we're in this together.
You sold the coins,
and half of them are mine.
I wanna know who you
sold them to.
Your half?
Where is this all
coming from?
Not Alaska.
Is that what this is
all about? Alaska?
I said we would go.
You said a lot of things.
But all I see is you digging
in deeper right where
you are.
I'm doing all of this
for us.
This is your Alaska.
This is your Alaska.
I didn't realize it
for the longest time.
This is paradise for you
here, Arthur.
You have everything
you ever wanted.
Businesses, you got
the cars.
You're a fucking mayor,
for Christ's sake.
This whole time
you've been
digging in,
and I didn't realize it.
You've just been
putting me on.
Just so I would stay.
Who's that?
I don't know.
I'm not expecting
You tell me who
your fence is.
-Just wait.
-I'm done waiting.
Coyote Jim.
Up in Elkhorn.
Now wait.
Can I help you?
I hope so.
I'm Agent Hudson
with the SIB.
Just have a few questions
to ask you.
I hope I'm not in trouble.
Why would you be?
I just have a few general
questions about a case
I'm working on.
Thought you might be
able to help me out.
Hey, you're the guy
with the loose change.
I'm gonna go to
the restaurant.
Would you mind if I
work while we talk?
See, we're pretty
far behind.
I bet you wanna ask me
about Lloyd Mickey.
Now, how'd you guess that?
I can't think of
any other reason
why a state investigator
would be interested
in coming all the way here
to Cardinal County.
So you knew him?
Yes, I did.
He was a friend.
It's also a small town
and he was the only other
mortician in the county.
The competition.
Oh, no, no, no.
Nothing like that.
We referred work
to one another.
Man, I talked to a whole
lot of folks here.
I have to say,
I'd be hard-pressed
to find anybody admit
to being friends with the man.
A place like this,
he certainly wasn't
the most popular person.
Unlike you.
Excuse me?
Well, they tell me
you're a mayor.
You at least have to
be a little popular.
Actually, I'm a priest
in the town, too.
No kidding!
I need to talk to you.
Come away with me.
-I mean it.
Ron doesn't deserve you,
and I think I do.
We can start
something special together.
-Vincent, I can't--
-I ain't taking no for
an answer.
I've been taking no's
all my life.
-I don't know what to say.
-Say you'll come.
You can't just
up and leave.
We have lives.
Sure we can.
We don't even need
to pack.
Just take what we have
on our backs and go.
It sounds like we're running
away from something.
We're running to something.
Are you serious?
Heck, yeah, I am.
This is crazy.
It's crazy.
-Let's go.
-Okay. Oh, God.
-Gold teeth.
-What about them?
Any reason Lloyd Mickey
would have them?
Oh, it's common
for a mortician.
Sometimes, uh...
People will choose
to donate gold,
or silver fillings,
things like that.
I can't think that
they would be worth much.
Over time,
if you have enough of them...
It's interesting, really,
the human body,
what people do to it.
When you drain the body,
you end up finding tattoos,
piercing, stuff like that.
Sometimes it's more.
It's like a secret
treasure chest.
It made me think completely
differently about this.
Like maybe
I'm a vessel to help
some secrets stay secret.
Was there anything else?
Trying to get rid of me?
I am.
It's just that, uh,
I'm going to start embalming
Mr. Newsham here,
and I really
can't be distracted.
It's the difference between
an open casket
and a closed casket.
You gonna get it?
It's him.
I know it's him.
Aren't you gonna go in
and grab your stuff?
Do you want me to
go in and get it?
I don't see a car.
What is it with you two?
What do you mean?
You're the strangest brothers
I've ever met.
It's like you're
not brothers.
What are you saying?
Oh, my God.
You and Arthur--
No, it's not...
I wanted to tell you.
It doesn't bother me.
It's me and you now.
You don't have to go in there
if you don't want.
It's okay.
It's not.
It's not okay.
We're supposed to
be partners,
but it's like he's
holding me hostage.
We need that stuff
if we're gonna go anywhere.
He's got money hidden
all over the place.
But all I know
is that he has our
ticket out of here
right inside.
Have you seen Vincent?
Ugh. He was here earlier.
I think he left.
Ashley, what's wrong?
Deidre called in sick,
and Connie just walked out.
-Connie quit?
-I guess so.
Is this Lloyd Mickey's
funeral home?
You're not a reporter,
are you?
No, Ma'am. I'm not.
Some of those people,
they'll print anything
on a whisper,
as long as it'll sell
more of their papers.
I tell 'em all,
I ain't got nothing
to say.
They couldn't care less
about printing anything
that even rhymes,
but the truth.
Who are you?
Well, I'm looking
for something that
rhymes with the truth.
May I?
Was he...
I'm sorry, ma'am.
Your name, please?
Well, Dolores,
was he in here long?
No. He just came by
to check the mail.
Actually, I was surprised,
considering all the things
that he had to tend to.
So he checked his mail.
Is that it?
Did he check his safe?
I wouldn't know.
I'll let you know if I
have any more questions.
It's empty, Dolores.
Nothing's in here.
It can't be empty.
He owes me!
Dolores, let me see
your hands.
Your hands, Dolores.
Dolores, were you about to
crack me across the skull
with that metal fire poker?
Come on,
grab your purse.
I got a bone to pick
with you.
Hey, Sam.
What brings you down here?
Don't you, "Hey, Sam," me.
Hold it there, Sam.
What's wrong?
You got Dolores
locked up in that jail
like a common criminal,
that's what's wrong.
-Locked up?
-Locked up.
Sam, stay here.
I'll take care of it.
-Where is he?
-Holding room one.
Our son is in there.
-This is unheard-of.
-I know.
Okay, calm down. Okay.
I'll take care of it.
-I know.
You see, I really
don't care.
I will keep you here
until I'm satisfied that--
What are you doing?
I'm questioning a suspect.
He ain't a suspect.
He's just a nitwit.
Did you choke him?
Yeah. He threw
a mason jar at me.
I reckon you deserved that.
Did you apologize?
I'm sorry.
See? There you go.
He had pulled building
materials in his apartment.
Oh, Christ.
That's how he is.
He's been pulling stuff
out of houses
since he was a kid.
-Look, Officer--
I can't have you
coming into town
and locking town folk up,
creating a--
They are suspects.
Look, this small town way
of crime solving
just ain't gonna cut it.
Now, there was
a real murder here.
And it looks like
I'm the only one trying
to get to the bottom of it.
Greg, have you asked
for an attorney?
What, sir?
Are you kidding me?
Ask for an attorney.
I can't afford an attorney.
Just ask.
Can I have an attorney?
What did you do?
I stripped
Lloyd Mickey's house,
that's all.
Was he dead?
You better not be
lying to me.
Hey. Hey.
What do you think
you're doing in there?
Me? I'd be right in
asking you the same thing.
I am trying to
solve a murder.
And those two are the only
ones that know anything
worth a damn about it.
Now, I'm gonna follow this
thing wherever it goes,
to whoever it goes.
I don't care what
I turn up,
as long as it's the truth.
Why them?
Gold teeth.
Gold teeth?
What does that mean?
The jar Greg threw at me
had gold teeth in it.
What about Dolores?
Dolores had
a gold tooth on her
in Lloyd Mickey's office
when she was planning
on bashing my head in
with a metal fire poke.
She had been trying to
get into his safe
since the day he
went to jail.
She thought it was
a small fortune.
-Was it?
-Not a damn thing.
I'll keep her here
for another 20 minutes.
Then I'll bring her
a crawler and I'll become
the Jesus with that.
See what I can
find out for you.
And the bartender?
Greg? He ain't your guy.
But he is a suspect in this.
If you
suspected him of
being a piece of shit,
I'd say you got your man.
But he ain't nothing more
than a lowlife
trying to stay low.
What about the jar
of gold teeth?
He said he grabbed it
the night he dropped him off,
after Lloyd made
an advance on him.
Said he socked him,
took the jar, and ran out.
Nothing more than that.
Now, we could keep him
here for a bit,
for throwing something
at your head,
breaking and entering,
But that's about all
we gonna get on him.
What about the night
of the murder?
Five cars stood.
Bill Tuney, Dave Francis
and Bob West.
Turns out I ain't just
some small town hick
police chief.
I just know not to
kick a turd on a hot day.
I guess I hadn't learned
that one yet.
There's only one way
this evidence is pointing,
and you're not
gonna like it.
Vincent and Arthur Herring.
Christ! The mayor?
See, this...
This is what I'm
talking about here.
You got two people in
the holding cell,
now you're going
after the mayor.
I gotta live here.
I don't need any of this.
Well, this is gonna happen.
Do what you gotta do.
Just stop filling up
my police station.
A box of coins
and a jar of gold teeth?
That... That's your plan?
You don't understand.
No, I do understand.
You want me to run away
from my family
with a pocket full
of magic beans?
I told you.
I can drive out there
first thing in the morning.
This is expensive stuff.
And what, he's just gonna
give you money,
just like that?
Starting over
kind of money?
It may take a day or two,
but yeah.
And what are we supposed to do?
Just hole up here
until then?
Not here, but somewhere.
Somewhere nice.
And then, we can leave
for good.
What did I
get myself into?
I am running away
with a classic freak
that I have to teach
to become a man.
I could really go
for a corn dog.
And some vodka.
I think it will
make me feel better.
Hubba hubba.
Coyote Jim?
Uh, I'm Vincent.
We met a while back.
I'm with Arthur.
Oh, yeah. Arthur's brother.
Well, I have...
We have come into
some stuff
that I think
could interest you.
A 1916 Mercury Head dime.
Sucker's worth
a pretty penny.
We got a bunch of these
little guys,
and after a while of having them
I thought,
it's all kind of silly,
you know,
money you can't spend.
So why not get rid
of some of them for some
money you can spend?
Five hundred.
Five hundred? That's it?
I hope this is the same deal
you would give Arthur,
because he'd want you to
deal with me as you would
with him, you know.
Can you...
Can you do $700?
These things are pretty rare.
What about this?
This is pure gold.
Gotta be worth
a few thousand?
We can do something
with the gold.
How soon can you
let me know?
Tomorrow, day after next.
Okay, I'll do it.
I'm trusting you here.
I hate to say it, Coyote Jim,
but I don't know if this is
the most fair deal,
but I'm trusting you.
I wouldn't mind if you kept
this meeting between us.
Hey, I told you
it'll be a few days.
Why you pull out a knife?
Why do you have your
hand on your gun?
-I see gold teeth.
We got a murder
I'm investigating
that's got gold teeth
all over it.
-You a cop?
Hey, stay where you are.
Stay where you are.
Hubba hubba.
You can wear these
until you get a chance to
put on some of your own duds.
Did you find anything else
at the junkyard?
I heard they found a bunch
of stuff they ain't sure of.
We have Forensics
coming down from Council.
Any word on
Vincent Herring?
Nothing yet.
We'll bring him in though.
Chief Riley.
What a surprise.
Uh. I got some bad news
I got to deliver, and I...
I thought it best
to do it in person.
Three people were shot up
in Elkhorn.
They died.
We've had
a state investigator
poking around the wood
on the Mickey murder,
went up there and got into it
with an Indian man
and a couple of young fellows
that work for him.
How can I help?
The investigator followed
your brother there.
My hands are kind of tied.
We wanna bring him
in formally.
Anyway, I thought I'd
let you know personally.
You know, I...
I started doing this job
when I was no more
than a teen.
Didn't know much of the job
until I got on the job.
People have different ideas
how to do it and such.
As I got along,
I realized that
most of the job was protecting
what was around.
I came up short
this time up.
I was hoping
I'd get a chance
to catch you here.
What are you doing here?
I don't think I'll be able
to make it down here
on Sunday.
No, thanks.
Yeah, I don't drink.
I used to,
but I don't anymore.
Gave it up
a long time ago.
See, I was never
any good at it.
And I don't see the point
in doing anything
that you're not good at,
right? So...
Every once in a while,
I grab this bottle,
set it right next to me,
just to tempt myself,
see how strong I am.
Is everything okay
with your case?
I'm getting close.
Was there something
I could help you with?
Pardon me?
Make a move to
get out of Dodge.
Hell, I want you to.
I knew you were involved
in Lloyd Mickey's death.
Your brother, too.
I don't know how,
and I don't know when.
But I do know it's about
some old coins and gold teeth.
See, we got those
right now.
Down at the junkyard
your brother tried to
sell a man.
We're looking for him now.
Put an APB out on him.
We'll find him.
It won't be before long,
but we will.
But you...
It'll be fun chasing you.
See, I get the feeling that
you're the brains of
this operation.
I'm not sure what
you're talking about.
But if we're done here...
I'll see you soon.
Ah, Vincent.
Thank God.
We got trouble.
She's with me.
That doesn't make
any sense.
We're going to Alaska.
-You heard me.
I know things have been bad,
but we'll take a ride--
No, we've talked about this,
and that's all it was.
So we're leaving.
Does she know?
About you and me?
About us?
About who we are?
Vincent told me everything,
and it doesn't matter.
I only care about
who he is,
not who he was.
This is happening, Arthur.
This is what it is.
I want what's coming to me.
-I want my share.
-What do you mean?
The money, Arthur.
The money from Lloyd's stash.
You got your share.
Well, that didn't work out.
We need that money.
I don't have it.
I gave most of it away.
It's not here!
Oh, God!
I know you.
You don't trust anyone.
You got money buried
all over this town.
Tell me where it is.
What are you doing, Vincent?
Tell him, Arthur!
You're insane.
I was insane believing you
all these years.
Is this what you want?
We're through.
You can keep the businesses,
the cars.
I just want the money,
so I can leave.
Please, just let me leave.
I buried it
at the cemetery.
It's the gravestone.
Come on,
let's go, let's go.
That name, "Burns,"
on the gravestone...
What about it?
Burns is my real
last name.
Arthur asked me to
take his last name
when we first got here,
say we're brothers,
you know, so people
wouldn't ask questions.
Why would he bury...
You know what?
I don't wanna know.
I think that maybe
the two of you need to
work things out,
and I don't want to be
part of a fucked up
I can't do it.
I'm sorry.
Look, we're doing this, okay?
I'm gonna drop you off
at the motel
while I get the money,
and then we're out of here.
Chief Riley?
I have a feeling there's
gonna be a heck of
a snow that's coming.
Most of the time we're just
worried about a limb
or a branch falling off.
So I'm thinking all
the landscape's gonna turn.
The changes been
happening around here,
it's not passed me by.
It already has.
I suppose the worst thing
to do is try to keep up
with something
when you ain't got
the dog in you no more.
My dog's gone to sleep.
Are you all right?
Did Vincent do this to you?
Where's your brother?
He's not my brother.
Excuse me?
He's not my brother.
He's my...
He's a con.
I'm gonna go ring him
an ambulance.
You hear that, Arthur?
We got an ambulance
on the way.
It all happened so fast.
they found Vincent.
You hold on.
Goddamn it!
You motherfucking
God-fucking-damn it!
Vincent, drop it.
No! It's all over, Vincent.
It's all over, Vincent.
What's over?
What's over?
We talked to Arthur.
I don't know
what he told you,
but this is all him.
This is all him!
It was Arthur's plan!
It's all Arthur's plan!
He's not doing
so good, Vincent.
What do you mean?
We sent an ambulance
over for him, Vincent.
Like he said,
he's not doing very good.
We could take you to him,
but I need you to
put your gun down.
Vincent! Vincent! Vince...
It's not worth it.
There's only one place
he's gonna go. Come on.
Come on.
Ain't this beautiful?
Your new hat is something.
Looking sharp, shooter.
You know, when I first
started coming out here,
I was no bigger
than a June bug.
Since then, I've never been
able to get enough of it.
I don't think
I ever will.
Where you at?
I'm sorry, Chief.
I just keep running through
things in my head,
just trying to make
sense of everything.
See if everything can add up.
We're in a boat, floating
in the middle of paradise,
and you're still back there?
Didn't I tell you?
Those small towns have
a way of pulling folks in.
The stories are mostly
the same.
People see money
and do crazy things.
You add in
the element of love,
there ain't no good
gonna come from it.
All you can do is
clench up and hold on.
Reckon your asshole will
be eating your underwear.
That's just part of the ride.
Yeah, I suppose so,
but I just keep thinking about
what Arthur Herring said.
He said that some
secrets stay safe.
I guess I have
a problem with that.
Not much you can do about it,
one way or the other.
I like fishing,
'cause there ain't no
thinking involved.
You stretch back
and reel out.
If they bite, they bite.
If they don't, they don't.
There's nothing you can
do about it.
As long as you've
got your line out,
what will come will come.
I'll tell you something, Chief.
What's that?
I've never been one
for fishing.