Making Him Famous (2023) Movie Script

So good to see you guys today.
Thank you for
coming. And don't fo
rget that youth choir.
I need somebody to lead that.
All right.Okay. Fa
ntastic. Good to see
you man Looking go
od, Pastor Sherwood.
Yes, ma'am. Come over
today for lunch?
I will. Not a prob
lem. Peach cobbler.
Got to keep the tradition,
Glory Glory.
Can I get an Amen?
Is that what I look
like up there?
I guess.
Come here.
Grandpa, will I be on
stage like you one day?
Don't know.
Maybe not.
But, you know, it doesn't
really matter.
Whether you're in front
of the stage, or
on the back corner of the room.
What really matters
is that you
humbly love God
and actually love other people.
We are so excited
you're with us.
But the blessings are
just beginning.
Grab those merch items, swipe
those cards,
and head on down to your seats.
Because Mario King is
coming to the stage
Alright, showtime.
Where"s he at?
Camera one, start
working the crowd.
Bring him out, let"s go.
Switch between
camera three and camera one.
Camera five on my call.
Lets give a royal welcome
to the man himself, Mario King!
And hit the lights.
Get up on your feet Camera one.
Put your hands together,
it"s time for Mario King!
I cant hear you.
Make some noise!
Switch to
camera two. Awesome.
You know him.
You love him.
Welcome to the
stage, Mario King.
Welcome, everyone.
My name is Mario King
and I'm here.
To share a message with you.
I see.
I know exactly what
it is long for.
You"re sick and tired
of constantly
trying to get by in life.
Tired of being.
want you to know that al
I that is going to change.
Now's the time
to make a name for yourself.
It's not just about Mario.
Feel it. Oh,
I feel it.
Okay, now it must be that time.
We're about to
get started.
We're about to get started,
but first.
I want to make sure
all my brothers and sisters stop
by those merchandizing tables
out in the lobby
and get some of those powerful
resources so that you can.
Love thyself and
grow thy wealth.
A discounted a special rate.
I of my brothers
and sisters of
Atlanta, Georgia,
in this audience.
We've discounted
at a special rate,
for my very good friends
in Orlando, Florida.
Clap it up.
And special rate specifically.
For all my Tar Heels.
Give it up from the
Tar Heel State
for everybody
in the Windy.
City, Chicago, Illinois.
You get a discount. You ge
t a discount. You
get a discount.
Everybody gets a
discount specifically
for Nashville, Tennessee,
baby Yeah.
my favorite city in America.
Austin, Texas.
For my people in Sin City,
Las Vegas, Nevada,
my favorite city, Cleveland,
Especially for all of the people
that I love
in Portland Oregon.
New York City.
Wake up. I'm not un
loading this stuff
and it ain"t unloading itself.
Yeah Let's go yeah yeah
yeah I'll be right there.
Hey, hey, hey.
What are you doing? Put that d
Hey, get outta there.
I'm a get you.
Man, got to be kidding me.
Evening Sir,
license and registration.
Mr King.
A dozen speeding tickets
in the span of 18 months.
And for about
half of those
they carried
mandatory court dates
for which you
failed to appear.
I mean, do you think
that was okay?
That's a tricky question.
That's not good. No,
no, that's not okay.
Not at all.
And I have to drive for work,
so I already got my
inspection stuff and,
you know, verification,
registration and all updated.
So, yeah.
The thing is,
you just don't look to be
too concerned.
Does he look concerned to you,
Mmmm Nope.
Here's what we're going to do.
I'm going to sentence you
to 240 hours of
community service.
I'm going to fine you
$10,000, but I'm going to let
that include your outstanding
fines and court fees.
Hey, I don't have $10,000.
What I should be doing is
revoking your license
At I'm trying to do here
is figure out a way to
serve justice
and still be somewhat merciful
so that you can
continue to work.
As for the community service,
I'm assigning you to
do that at Safe Harbor.
It's a homeless
shelter near here.
The people that we've assigned
there have had very positive
I'll try to make something work.
If you don't follow
through with this,
you will do some
serious jail time.
You understand?
Yeah. Wh
en you answer my question,
the last thing out of your mouth
should be sir
or your Honor.
Yes, sir,
Your Honor.
Hmmm this.
Ain"t gonna work.
No, no, no. We've given th
em instructions.
Everyone's setting up. I line
d up the news coverage
for the weekend.
I fully expect this
donationdrive will bring
in enough money
to get those numbers where.
We need them to be.
And if that happens, then we"ll
just have shhh shhh shhh.
Yeah I know, just listen,
just make sure everyone who's
d in the past
gets a reminder.
Man. You need help don"t you?
Yeah, could you uh You know.
I don't.
I don't normally do this,
but I can see it
in your eyes.
A few bucks Okay?
I ask that you spend it wisely.
Look, you don't need to
thank me okay?
Just don't come around here
trying to make some uh,
regular withdrawals.
Good luck.
Can I help you with something?
I don't know.
I'm supposed to report here
for community service.
Okay, come on in.
My name is Stephen
Young. I'm one of the
coordinators here. Most p
eople call me preacher
dude whether I like it or not.
So what am I supposed to
be doing here?
Most people respond to the
introduction with their name.
Devon. Devon? Yeah.
As far as community service, I
can answer some of the
but I'm not the one in charge.
That would be Olivia.
Speaking of which, hey.
Who are you?
This is Devon.
Oh, right. Judge
McBride said you'
'd be coming?
Nice to meet you, Devon
I got to run.
I'll catch you later
at the meeting.
So, community service at Safe
Harbor homeless shelter.
I mean, it could be worse right.
Nah doubtful.
That's the spirit.
Come on, I'll take
you on a tour.
Why not?
And this way is our kitchen.
This is where we serve
breakfast and dinner both.
And this is Nicole. Nicole.
This is Devon.
He's going to be working with us
for a little bit.
We can always use more help.
The mention it this way.
Set up cots, sleeping
bags and whatever we need.
And right now we have room
for about 20 guests altogether,
which includes the kids.
Guess Your guests aren't
expected to clean up after
Well, they are. But
with 40 people here
at any given moment,
it's bound to ge
t a little messy.
40 I thought you said that..
And we've had to set up
some sleeping bags too
and a few other stay in
tents behind the building.
If we have an empty space
we try to fill, it.
Doesn't seem legal.
Neither does
driving on a suspended license.
So that pretty much
concludes our tour.
What do you think?
I guess
I see all our tax money
I pay doing something?
Well, actually, we're
privately funded.
Most of our donations
come from First United church
jinx. Devon.
Devon Jinx.
Jinx is really sweet. Once you g
et to know
her, she's schizophrenic.
But as long as she's
on her meds, she's fine.
Yeah. I don't think this place
is going to be a good fi
t for me.
Okay, well, you
know, I'm
sure that Judge McBride would be
to accommodate your request.
You know, maybe I
could talk to him for you.
For real?
Do you know him like that?
Well, I know him well enough to
know that if you refuse your co
mmunity service,
he will throw the book at you.
And what makes
you so sure?
Olivia McBride.
Judge's daughter.
We got work to do.
Yeah, I appreciate the
tours and everything, but.
I got deliveries to do.
I got to go.
Hey, let me call you back
in five, okay?
All right. I love you, too. Bye.
I tell you, we're having a girl?
At least 100 times.
Well, you know, it's
four boys so far.
And then finally, a
little princess.
Ah, what an answer to prayer.
Oh, well that's
Hang on a second, man.
You got to see this.
Do you see the wink?
I do not.
It's pretty blurry.
Sign this for me.
Looks like a wink to me.
Why do you got so many people
that you got to see?
Don't you want to go home?
I do have a lot of people
to see don't I?
I want to thank you
for being so patient with me
this afternoon.
Want to know a secret? Yeah.
Some time. I do j
ust want to go home.
Old and tired.
But Mario, you have to
be very careful
always focusing on what we want.
We always have to
consider others.
You get it?
Do nothing from selfish ambition
or conceit.
But in humility, count
others more significant
than yourselves.
Let each of you look not
only to his own interests,
but also to the
interests of others.
Philippians two,
three and four.
All right. I'm here.
are done for the day.
Lets knock out some
of these hours.
You know, we planted
these vegetables in the spring,
and I cannot figure out why
they're not growing.
Okay, sorry about that.
You want me to, I don't
know, trim something, or?
I just wanted
to, like, brighten up the place
and give the guest something to
work on themselves, you know?
Yeah, for sure.
Maybe I should clock in
or sign in Or something
I have tended to this
garden three times.
2 minutes ago.
Oh, I guess on the brightside
I don't have to worry about
pulling up the weeds.
Hey, can you bring me
that trash can?
Sure. Why not?
That's all I feel like doing.
Getting you trash cans.
You got?
And when life gives you lemons,
you make lemonade. So.
That the best you got?
The old lemonade line.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, maybe I came back.
All right, well, let's
make some lemonade.
Do I still need
to clock in
Yo. Oh,
how many grams of protein
was in the macaroni protein uh?
I don't know.
Bro I need two grams of protein
for every pound of body weight.
Brother, I can just
about guarantee however
much protein it had. It
ain't that much.
How about that? That
got protein?
Yeah. Ye
ah, I'm sure it does.
That"s what's up!
Here you go.
God bless you son.
You know, God's got great
things planned for you.
I see you.
I was just trying to help.
He obviously needed a
little extra.
So. Hey, you, you was scared?
You were scared you
were going to get a pounding.
Uh huh, yeah, you were.
He was a big guy.
He ain"t Teeny.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Then you can spot me.
What are you doing down there?
I dropped my keys Nice
of, uh.
I'm Jeanette.
Yeah, I'm.
I'm Devin.
You know, I see you
here just about every week,
and I'm pretty sure this
is the first time
we've ever spoken.
I try to stay focused, you know?
Yeah, I can tell you. You
don't even notice when a beauti
ful girl is trying to
get your attention.
Do I make you nervous?
Just hot I mean, like,
from the workout.
So what are you doing tonight?
I don't even know
I thought that you were coming
over to my place for dinner.
I don't know.
It's okay.
I'll see you tonight.
Come on.
Please Don't kick me out.
Ten thousand
Oh man.
Hey, it's Devin.
That dinner
invitation still good?
I"ll see you then.
So after that,
I decided to become a masseuse
because when so many of your
exes tell you that you're great
with your hands,
it only makes sense right? Ew.
Someone parked their
old nasty truck
in front of my place,
I'm sorry.
I drive that old nasty truck
outside of your house.
I"m a food delivery man.
Do you drive a JAG?
I don't.
Thank you
for all of this. I mean, you lo
ok wonderful, but
I think I should go.
You're leaving.
You don't know me.
I mean, does it matter?
Yes, it should.
I think this
was a mistake.
I I'm going to go.
I have a lot going on.
I'm sorry.
Morning. Hey,
Sun"s pretty bright in here.
Here you go. Make
yourself useful.
What is this? Getting ready fo
r the donation drive? Firs
t United church, holds one
every so often.
It's a silent auction and a
big push to donate, you know,
clothes, supplies, furniture,
money, of course, money.
We're always in need of that.
Ummmm Look,
we need all the help we can get.
I mean, if it counts
towards my hours, sure.
Am I supposed be counting those?
Look I'm kidding.
Of course I'm counting them.
I might even knock some off.
Now go help those guys
with the chairs Devon.
Devon. Devon
could be Avon because
he's smooth.
And then how did you. How did
you find this location then?
(Indistinct chatter) Connie.
Connie. So happy to see you.
Thank you so much for
your support.
Really appreciate it.
Thank you for entertaining
until I could get here.
No money on me today, man.
Sorry. Watc
h out for this
guy. He'll hi
t you up for some cash.
Bishop Miller, this is Devon.
He's a new member of our team.
The team like leadership.
Leadership team.
Okay, well, I run
the show over at First United
where Olivia and Stephen,
As part of the team now,
I expect to see you there on
Sunday mornings
starting tomorrow.
So talk about this first shot.
Great idea right
here. So I think I
t'd be great if I was
behind the counter, maybe,
you know, serving some people
and then you can ask
the pre-approved
questions while I do it.
I mean,
look, I know he can
be offputting at times,
but he is the reason our
door stay open.
Serious? That guy?
That guy?
Yeah. Alright.
I'm Connie Draper, and
this is WRFO.
Thank you. That's great, Scott.
Thank you, as always.
Was a pleasure.
Let's get out of here.
Hey. Hey.
Thanks for staying. Oh, well,
I knew you couldn"t do without
So I stepped in to save you.
Was that Miller guy actually
serious about tomorrow morning?
I mean, because I haven't
stepped foot in a church in a
long time.
And I just don't think.
If you can take that
guy serious.
Yeah, he was.
But look, you'll be fine.
I'll save you a seat.
Hey guys Hey We'll all be
there tomorrow.
Rodney's getting baptized. Yes.
, fine. I'll count it toward
s your hours.
Okay. I guess I'll be there.
See you then.
Go have fun.
Come in here.
What is this? That's it.
That's all we got.
That's everything.
That's everything.
You sent this to the board yet?
No, I haven't.
Okay, don't.
You don't tell anyone until
I figure something out here.
Yes, sir.
I"ve had enough of your noise..
Yo cut that down.
What you say?
This your apartment?
It might be why?
I live next door.
So So you want me to
call the cops?
I mean, because I'm sure this
kid ain"t old enough to drink,
and they love that.
You gonna call the cops?
If I have to.
Well we celebrating his
birthday, man.
How old are you turning again?
40 See,
he's 40.
Now. I got something
that"s 40 too.
How you like that, huh?
My man"s packing.
You know, you
can have him.
Come on man.
Ain"t funny.
What you laughing at?
Do you have any idea what
this is about?
I don't.
I'm sorry.
I never like
saying these kind of things,
but it's g
ot to be said.
The donation drive was
a bit of a joke. And
the fundraising efforts
you're doing aren't even
beginning to cover costs
and the shelter is
not performing.
What are you trying to say,
We simply can't keep dumping
cash into the shelter.
Well, look, I have some guests
coming this morning, but I can't
force peop
le to attend church,
if that's what you're
hinting at.
What I'm hinting at is our
congregation, they finance all
of this
and they don't want their money
going to a fledgling homeless
So I don't know.
I don't know. Maybe,
maybe get your
people hereon Sunday
mornings and a regular basis.
Okay. Maybe that might
spark some interest in the
congregation to t
o fund
your little project.
I'm trying here.
I'm trying. Do you
want this place to
stay open or.
Yes, I want the shelter
to stay open.
Then work with me.
We got to do something.
Well, I say that because
if not,
we will have to shut
down the shelter
Good morning.
Good morning.
Devon. Brother.
Glad to see you, man.
So happy you"re
Hey listen, I saved you a seat.
Oh, I'm just going to grab a
seat right there in the back.
No, no, no, no. I got you
one down front.
Okay, awesome.
Well, go on right ahead
Okay, I"ll be right there.
I'm just gonna... you got it.
om right quick Restroom
this way brother.
Hey good?
Man. I don't think I
can go through with this.
Okay. Oh, maybe I
should go get Stephen.
No. Oh, no, no,
no, I.
This is embarrasing.
Look man, If you don't
want to get baptized,
then maybe you should wait
until you're ready.
No, that"s Not. It is not.
It. I"m scared of water.
You"ll be alright.
I"m so proud of you,
Rodney. Such a goo
d to give your life to Christ.
Yeah. No it's okay.
It's a great day
Come here brother, come on It"s
all there Oh,
yes, sir.
It's good.
Rodney Quinton Thomas.
What do you believe about Jesus?
I believe
that Jesus is my hope.
And my salvation.
Oh, Jesus.
And upon
this profession of faith I
baptize you Rodney Quinton
in the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Amen. Amen!
(laughter) Well.
I have to admitthat was
much more entertainin
g than I thought it would be.
Thanks for the invite.
Of course.
I guess. I'll
see you all at the
shelter tomorrow.
Hey, we're about
to have lunch. You
want to join us Nah nah.
I got a good PB and J at home
that"s calling my name.
I'll see you all at the shelter.
Have a good day. You too.
You have one message.
Mario. Hey, this is George.
It's been a while sinc
e we spoke with some news
footage made it's made its way t
o my desk.
A local report on that
soup kitchen.
I had to do a triple take., man.
There you were in the
background, looking ragged.
I mean, no offense,
but nobody's seen you in years.
It's a brilliant move.
Seriously, you've set up a
storybook comeback.
I"ve pitched this to a
handful of players. An
d listen, Mario, they want
to make a move on this.
We've got an incredible
opportunity here call me back.
What are you doing?
I'm just talking.
You're just. You're
just talking.
Yeah. Trying to have some fun.
Looks like you need
to do the same.
Look, there's a
certain reputationyou need
to be trying to uphold
when we're out in public.
Please. Here, here.
Drink, drink away.
Would you just listen to me?
Have I not thus far?
If it wasn't for listening
to you, would we be in
ah... Oh, yo
u look so lovely.
Where are we?
Columbia, South Carolina.
Goodness gracious.
The country.
Mario, we're in Columbia.
The country,
not the state.
Thanks in part to you.
I mean, clearly, I'm the one
that brings in the crowds, but.
You have some say in that
you help reel them in
Look, watch this watch this.
Who all in here is here
because my man George
got you a ticket to
this after-party?
Best wingman ever. Come
on man don "t leave me hangin".
See what you
do in private?
It's one thing.
What you do in public
should be another.
Okay, you need to get a handle
on things because things are
going south
real quick,
I need you to take
care of yourself.
Yeah, I'm here.
There another donation
or something.
Down here.
And perfect timing.
If you"d like to help.
You don't even have enough room
for all these people.
Like I said, perfect
timing. If you'
'd like to help, help us,
Oh. Excuse me Sir.
I knoiw this might be a
dumb question.
Do you have any toys by chance?
I don't know.
I don't think so.
What kind of toy were
you looking for?
Not for me but for my
little sister.
She lost her. Doll
yesterday, and
she is pretty upset.
And I was trying to
cheer her up.
Well Hey, sweetie.
Did you say your sister
lost her doll?
Yes ma"am.
I think Olivia might have
something in the office.
I'll be right back.
You think she might
like one of these.
Yes ma"am. Let's go
see if she wants to play.
I don"t
know how.
You do this.
It's amazing.
Like you move as
if everything is
going to be okay.
I couldn't do that.
Thanks, I think.
No, no, I mean, it as
a compliment.
I suppose you don't get much
I don't really need to hear.
Good job, Olivia.
I just want to have what
we need to help people.
And Bishop Miller said there's a
chance we might get shutdown.
So not enough money
to fund our
little project.
Thank you,
Mr.Miller, for taking
the time to meet with me.
I have a busy schedule
and a lot to juggle,
so I'll get right to it.
I was worried about Olivia,
ummmmm, the shelter
and everybody
and I just want to know
what the plan was.
Devin, Why are you sitting
in front of me?
I have a very busy day asking me
what my plan is for the shelter?
I don't.
it's cometo a point
where the shelter is an
financial burden and one
that we can no longer afford.
No but there's something
that can be done right?
You can't just put a
stop to it there.
If there's one thing I've
learned since being here at the
the past several weeks
is that people need hope,
I think I can come up
with something
if that sounds nice.
Do you have a means to
finance this hope?
Because all that takes money
Devin, money that we
no longer have.
Let's say there was a way
for me to get the financing,
to keep the shelter open.
Can you give me your word
that you"llsupport
it 100%?
I'm listening.
There's something
I need to share with you.
Are you lost man?
I said are you lost.
You gonna
pull that trigger?
See you again.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You okay?
You Okay.
Oh, excuse me,
miss. Hi.
I brought in a young man, maybe
14, 15 years old last night.
A Caucasian brother
with brown hair all beat up.
I don't know his name, but I ju
st want to make sure he's okay.
Are you family?
No, ma"am I'm not. But I brought
him in and I've been
waiting here since last night.
Just wondering how he is.
If you could just tell me if
he's okay or not, and I'll get
t out of your hair.
I can tell you
that he's stable,
but that I
s all the information
that I can give you.
Oh, okay. Stable.
That's good. Thank you.
You're welcome.
Take care.
You have all been so
brave in the past few weeks,
sharing all your stories,
good and bad.
And I know that tonight
that I promise that I
would be brave enough
to share mine.
I've been sober for six years
and 23 days now,
but that doesn't mean
that I haven't
had some very close calls.
You know, growing up,
my life seemed
what you would say perfect
from the outside, and it"s
far from it.
And then one night after dinner,
my mom was killed.
And in that moment
was the first time in my life
that I had felt
truly lost.
I blamed God
for taking my mom away from me.
So I started drinking.
I walked around every day
hating everything.
But then I realized that it's
gotta to be more to life than
And I needed to find my purpose.
Were seeking the same thing.
It's love.
To feel, love.
To share your love.
And I want all of you to
know that here
we love you. Hey.
Hey. Wanna get some food?
Come on.
Waffles make everything better.
I see.
They do.
So how"d you end up here?
Come on.
I mean I'm
from a small town originally
moved to the big city
I made some bad choices.
Now I'm back here in
another small town.
So, yeah,
That's it. So
you hear my entire life
story back there,
and that's the best you
can do for me.
Small town, big city,
small town.
Wow, you know how to
paint a picture
with those words, okay?
And the man can laugh.
I don't even know what to
do with myself.
Ahhhh But I do
want to know
what makes you want to get ou
t of bed in the morning?
Alright alright.
Are you, Devin.
Mario King?
What"s this about?
I'm here on behalf of
Paradise Rentals.
And you're being served
with eviction papers.
No, um just.
Just Wait, I have money.
No judgment was awarded
in favor of the property owners,
and they have requested
your immediate removal.
I had every intention of
paying them back.
Okay, I've Just been really busy
alright let's just wait
right here, okay?
I'll call the company myself.
No look, I'll call them. No,
Look, there's nothing
more that I can do.
So you have to get your things
and you have to evacuate
the premises.
Work with me.
Okay? Look, I just.
It's fine, okay?
Just wait, okay? Mr.
King already know that you have
a record
now, please don't make this
any more difficult than
it needs to be.
I'm just wondering, you know,
if you could
maybe give me an
advance for a month
and I could get
back in my place.
At this point it"s
that's not even a possibility.
I know how it sounds,
but I just need a helping hand
I know the timing is terrible.
But we just signed a major deal.
You"re letting me Go.?
I tried to fight for you.
Trust me, I tried.
But I need time to find a
place to stay,
get another job.
You just can't spring something
like this on somebody.
Listen, I want to help, but we
start with Harper in a couple of
I'm sorry.
I really am.
I bet you are.
All right, so, look, man, I need
you to work with me, okay?
We got Seattle next. Mr K
ing, Kaitlin Strauss,
Celebrity Now magazine.
What do you have to say about
the allegations against you
by best Life Publishing.
Inside sources claim
that you owe best
life upwards of $13 million.
Are you at all embarra
ssed that you operated
outside of your contract
in order to secure higher
Yet still managed to lose
practically everything.
Does it look like I
lost anything?
I worked day and
night for my name.
Mario King worked
his tail off to get here.
Okay. That contract with
Best Life Publishing,
it was bogus.
Quote me on that.
Oh, I will.
Like that skirt, by the way.
Thank you, Mr.
You just keep making
things worse.
Do you know that you
keep making things worse?
Your contract isn't bogus.
It's completely legit. You knew
that when you
signed it? Yeah. Three
years ago, when I was fresh out
of college, inexperienced,
needed money.
I didn't know how this
business work. Yeah,
and you were a whole lot more
humble then.
The banks call you on
your loans, and that's it.
You need to contact
your attorney immediately.
And do what?
Are you. Are you insane? There'
s. There's a chance
that you could los
e everything.
Not Just the money in the bank,
the house, the cars,
the endorsements,
You done?
Yeah, I'm done
looking out for you.
Good. Let's go. Look out for me.
If you were to look out for me,
she wouldn't have been here.
You there?
Yeah George, I"m there.
Hey, Mario,
man, it's good.
It's good to
hear from you.
It's been too long, brother.
I'm so glad you answered.
Let me just.
Let me just ge
t right to it, okay?
I spoke with that
local news lady,
and she told me about
everything She was.
She was more than happy to go
on the record?
Best Life Publishing
is willing to let
bygones be bygones.
We've got a deal on the table
that'll pay 300,000.
Obviously, that
includes exclusively
to everything
multiple book
deals, the rights to your story,
yadda, yadda yadda.
Bottom line, you"ve
got a second
chance, Mario.
It's time to step back
into the spotlight.
You know how these things go.
You got to strike while
the iron is hot.
We've got to make a move on this
right now.
Who"s there? Hey, you
deliver here?
Who's there?
No, not really.
Mario, did you just hear
everything I just said?
Look man.
You got to go.
You can't park here. Okay?
Okay, okay.
Mario, did you just.
Did you just hear
everything I just said?
I heard you, George,
but I got to go.
Let me think on it.
I'll tell you what.
I'll send you
the contract,
text me your email address
and I'll send it right on over.
Okay? I'll s
hoot that right over to you.
There"s a saying. I like
to say that God doesn't ca
ll the qualified.
He qualifies the call.
Let"s bow your head and pray.
Lord Help us to see your love.
Help us to know your love.
A love that reaches deep
in the darkness of our souls
and calls us out.
Flood this room with your peace.
A peace that surpasses
all understanding.
It's not what it looks like.
You got to go. You go
t to go right?
You live nearby.
You sleeping in the
parking lot now?
It's a long story.
You know, I liked what you
were saying at the Bible study.
Glad to know you were listening.
I pay attention.
My grandfather used to
talk about it all the time.
Peace that surpasses all
It"s a thing.
Yeah Look.
I used to think it was just
something the church people say
they do.
I know. And
then I saw that
kind of peace.
. How"d
I get so off track, man.
We all get off
track at one point or another.
The beauty about it is that
Jesus said that He came to seek
and save the lost,
Devon if you recognized,
you"ve been off track.
He literally says that
I am the way.
He he said it like that
I am the way.
That"s how he said it,
he said it like that?
Just checking in.
You should have told us.
Stephen just told me
you were sleeping in your truck.
Oh, it's nothing.
It's not nothing. Ho
w long have you been
sleeping in that thing?
Not for long.
I had a nice spot by a
grocery store,
but the security guard there
is not going to let that happen.
Well do you have a plan?
Yeah I"ll Just stay in the truck
and try to figure things out.
Besides means, I have more
time to be here with you guys
helping out But you can't
just sleep in your truck.
That"s terrible.
At least have a truck.
Right? Stephen,
any words of pasto
ral wisdom here?
Come on. Why do I feel
like you guys are ignori
ng the obvious.
Is that on purpose?
Oh. Exactly.
You need a place to stay. She
needs a full time supervisor.
It's meant to be.
No, no, that's not.
That's not going to work.
It's perfect.
Isn't it amazing how God works?
No, no, it's not.
Look what you guys are doing
here is amazing.
But you're crazy If you think
I want to live
here, That's
a nice touch. Oh.
I guess this is home.
Let"s get comfortable.
Granpa, Are we lost? No, no.
We're heading in the
right direction.
I didn't have a compass
here to help.
Then we would be in trouble.
Pull it in guys.
Now, guys, think about
what that would be like
out here in the woods
without a compass.
Or a light..
We"d get lost for sure.
You're moving.
We're almost there.
This book contains
everything you'll ever need.
These aren"t just words.
In these words, are life itself.
It is a light, for your path
and a compass that
shows the way.
John 14:6 Love,
Grandpa Burton Amen
huh? Huh?
Hey, I Thought I'd
find you here.
Yeah, I just needed an escape.
You know? Trust me, you
take all the quiet
minutes that you can.
Helps drown out all the noise.
Mmmm hmmm You okay? I
still don't know what I'm doing.
You know, every thought,
every decision
leads to more questions.
I mean, this
all feels like a second chance.
But what if I'm wrong?
Why do I deserve a second chance
to rewrite my life?
Well, maybe it is a second
chance, but you're not the one
rewriting it.
Speaking of chances,
tonight is your chance
to run the group meeting solo.
No, not all by myself.
Why would Stephen has a
family thing and I have to run.
I've got to run and get Jinx"s
medicine across town so
look he's got notes on his desk
just use them okay?
It'll be fine.
Hey, everyone, I'm
Devon, as you know.
I don't.
I, Stephen and Olivia aren't
going to be able to make
it tonight, so I'm going
to be the facilitator
for tonight's meeting
by myself.
So would anyone like to
lead us in prayer?
Don't be shy.
Anyone No?
Okay. Well, as soon as I start,
I'll If you"ll just give me
a moment.
I'll look at the.
do me like Jesus.
He"s my fiend.
Oh, can"t nobody do me like.
Jesus Can"t
nobody do me like the lord
oh, Can"t nobody
do me like Jesus.
Jesus, he's my friend.
Amen Amen What's
going on in here?
I don't know.
It's kind of like church
is happening here.
Hey man.
Look, I loved you.
Good job,
Great Job I appreciate
the support bro.
Yes sir.
Thank you.
Yeah. See you soon.
Okay. Hey.
Hey. You think this might be it?
What do you mean?
You asked me at the diner.
What? My purpose I
I don't know. You
think doing this
might be it?
, uh.
Oh, yeah.
Olivia the first person
in my adult life
that ever cared about me enough
to try to keep me out
of my own way.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Hey, man what you doing?
Come on in the truck.
Let's get
something to eat.
Come on.
My treat.
All right, fine.
Suit yourself.
Bro uhh
why waffles?
Someone told me that they make
everything better.
So tell me, your dad.
He beats you.
Nothing like that.
No, I'm just trying
to figure out
why things are so bad at home.
My dad's too strict.
Your dad's too strict.
That's what I said. Oh,
yeah? We
ll, you got to be kidding me.
You're out running the streets
searching for a meal
because your dad has
too many rules.
I wouldn't expect you
to understand
then try me.
I was tired of being expected
to act perfect all the time,
so I left.
Found people who
respect me for me.
Like the ones that left
you bloody and beaten?
Those friends?
Hey, how old are you man?
Fifteen And in the
next 15 years,
where do you think you'll be?
I don"t know uh, running my own
business, making my own money.
Yeah, that's good.
You think you'll be
able to accomplish
that not knowing
where you're going to
sleep like tonight?
You haven't even made it
past high school, man.
What you want kids of
your own someday?
Yeah, yeah, sure.
With my smoking hot
wife Alright then.
When you have
your own son,
what if he thinks
you're too strict?
You want him to run away?
No I don't.
But I'm not like my dad.
The decisions you make today
shape your future.
The path you're headed my man,
you could have.
You could have died that night.
Seriously, That's what
the doctor said.
I got lucky.
You need to go back home, make
things right with your family.
I know.
Regardless of your
father's attitude
or any of that, just
humble yourself
and do what you can do to
make it right.
All right now eat those
waffles before
I grab some.
thanks, man.
Of course.
No luck?
No luck You know,
maybe you should try yelling.
In my work.
got something...
You know, I'm
I'm really happy that you got ar
because we both know
if you hadn't,
you wouldn't have ended up here.
So what you're saying
is that you'd be
upset if I left?
Hard to say.
Maybe a little.
Maybe a little. Oh, okay.
Seriously, though, what
would you say
if I went back to the
big city and
made some real money
and kept the she
lter open for a while?
Go for how long?
You know what I
saw in you when you
first got here?
A broken man who had
lost all hope.
What do you see now?
A man that not only found hope,
that's given it to others.
Look at me.
Make me a promise that you
won't just make some quick
decision and leave.
Oh, I forgot. I've
got something I'v
e got to show you.
Okay Well, I was going
through paperwork
this morning, and you've
already served 200 hours.
Now that you're here
full time, you'll
knock the rest
out in a week.
And here I thought you stopped
counting Nope.
Won't be long. You'
ll be a free man.
You know I can't thank you
enough for reaching out to me.
I've been trying to get Mario
to make a move
on this deal Yes, my pleasure.
Yeah, it's crazy, right?
How these things work out.
It really is.
But I feel like we have a
great plan now
and things are moving
in the right direction.
So you were going to
have him meet me at the hotel,
So we can finalize
everything. You're at the
the one right next to the
Right. That
way we can get signed off
and get out of here
as quickly as possible.
No offense.
None taken. Now I know w
here to find Mario,
and I'll get him to you
just as soon as
humanly possible.
That's. That's amazing.
You know, thanks again.
I really appreciate it.
I really do. We shoul
d, you know,
we should keep in touch,
you know, before this is
all said and done there
might be a play
we can make for you here.
Who knows?
I appreciate
It's already settled.
It's. It's already done.
It's already done. He and his
Georgie have worked out a de
al to sell the story.
The story of
how Mario King
turned over a new leaf
in small town America.
It was.
It was all a show, okay?
Just to make money off of
exploiting us.
How do you know
George is telling the truth?
Steven Come on.
Mario has done nothing
but mislead you
since he got here. Okay? He.
He purposely withheld
his identity, know
ing the devastating effects
it would have on the shelter.
I mean,
he played you two like puppets.
And now, because of him, we
have to close the shelter down.
Wait a m
inute. These people,
they rely on us.
They have nowhere else to go.
You can't do that.
I know. I'm sorry. And, and they
lied on you.
And you let them down
when you let that
criminal in here.
I'm sorry.
It's too late.
I'm shutting this down
effective immediately.
It's okay, though. It's.
It's over now.
It's over.
We can move on.
And look that's what
you need to do.
Olivia, I know you must
have grown fond of him
during his time here, but
he doesn't care about you.
He doesn't care about anyone but
It's going to be okay. Now,
we can.
We can move past this.
Move forward.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
You stop right there.
Your little adventure here
is done.
We know everything
about you now.
Yeah, George filled usin
all the details that
you left out.
What are you
talking about?
You had, you had
everything right there in the p
alm of your hand.
You had fame, you had fortune,
you had influence, and you
ruined it all.
And that's not me anymore.
All that in the past is not me.
You think you can just
serve some hours at
a homeless shelter and
erase everything you'
ve done?
All the decisions you've made,
all the people you've hurt.
You really want to put Olivia
through more pain than
you already have?
You got nothing here.
You're done.
So I tell you what, George
is at the hotel
by the airport, waiting for you.
Just leave
before you ruin
someone else"s life.
Hey, I'm
ready to do this.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Throwing in the towel?
I was told to call the police if
you refuse to leave the
So you're going to
leave on your own?
Or do I need to make that call?
I'm sorry.
Don't say that to me.
Do not tell me... you
can save your sorries Okay?
You know what?
I actually believed you.
I believed all of this.
I believe that you
were this man that had made a
change and you were going to put
le first.
I believed you when you told me
you weren't going to leave and
you know what?
I actually believed I
believed that you really cared.
I do care.
You know what? It's too
late for that.
You need to leave.
Jinx Nowhere to go.
Rodney. Teenie
nowhere to sleep.
Felicia her little girl,
they are on the streets.
Clinton, Stacey Paul
I could keep going and going.
All these people that we
have been trying to help for
months are on their own,
and I'm about to lose my mind.
So you need to leave. Now.
Im certainyou have strong
opinions about
But I feel it's vital for our
ministry and of course, the
we serve at the shelter that you
should you should reconsider.
The decision"s made
and the decision"s final.
We just have to move on
at this point.
If you refuse to budge or offer
any sort of concessions.
I"m going to have to resign.
I accept your resignation.
Hey, you"re home.
I guess I am.
When? When you get back?
Oh, like uh thirty seconds ago,
I just...
Oh, wow.
Uh, you just got back.
Hey um, it's
a bit of an odd situation,
but I had to resign from the
church as the associate pastor.
I probably should get going.
That's the guy that. That"s th
e guy that convinced
me to come home. He.
He took me to
the hospital.
He bought me waffles.
He's the one that
told me I should
come home and try to
be more respectful to you.
Uh that's the guy.
I just wanted to let you know
that I'm on my way
so you could have
everything ready.
I'll be right there.
Okay. See you then.
Hello. We are live in our studio
with Evening Roundup.
We have a very special guest
with a special message.
Please introduce yourself.
Jinx, what are you doing?
No Jinx!
Oh, yes, my name is.
Devin. I've
been going by D
evin lately
because I'm ashamed of the name
most people know me by.
And the namethat most peop
le would recognize?
Mario King.
It is my bag.
It is my bag.
Several years ago I
had a few bestsell
ing books and toured the world
giving seminars and speeches.
About. What.
To be honest.
False hope.
Things have changed,
haven't they?
What is the name?
You would like people
to remember you for now.
I don't want people
know my name.
So why are you here today?
I was offered a chance
to get my whole life back
if I sold my story to
the right people.
But I have rejected that offer.
I'm not here
to make money, and I'm
not making money
from this.
I'm here because a homeless
shelter called Safe Harbor
just a few miles away from here,
was forced to close last night
because they don't have the
they need to help people
that are struggling.
People like a war veteran
who fought and served
on behalf of our country
but now can't afford a
place to stay.
People like a young mother
and her daughter.
Who fled an abusive relationship
but now have nowhere else to go.
So now what?
I don't know.
I'm stepping out on faith
doing this.
The Shelter needs help.
Shelter needs people
that are watching to give
whatever however
they can as soon as possible.
That's why I'm here.
I'm here to ask.
For your help.
IAppreciate your
time and I hope to se
e you at Safe Harbor
again sometime.
I hope so.
Thank you.
Best of luck.
Take care.
You too.
Wait a minute Devin,
I just got this
and you might want to hear it.
There's been an accident
at Safe Harbor.
It looks like a pedestrian
was hit by a vehicle.
Witnesses have identified
the unresponsive,
injured pedestrian as shelter
employee, Olivia McBride.
She's been taken to
the hospital.
Please don"t take her.
Please don't take her.
Help her!
You left me in that garden,
and I didn't think
I would ever
see you again.
I thought I
lost you. I was
trying to help Jinx.
She's so confused, and I.
I tried to pull her away.
I stumbled. I didn"t ev
en see it coming.
I made you a promise. I want t
o be here. Okay? Okay. I
feel like there"s something
you should know, When life hands
you lemons,
make lemonade.
I kind of think
I love you.
Welcome everyone.
I'm here to share a message.
God does indeed want
to reward you.
But probably not how you expect
this reward.
Well, it comes
with a peace
that surpasses all understanding
and crazy part is, it
won't cost you a penny.
And in fact, you can't buy it
but you can have it
despite your background,
your past, whatever.
You're currently in
the middle of.
You see throughout history,
God has worked through
flawed individuals
like you and I.
Elijah had anxiety issues.
Moses had difficulty
speaking clearly.
Sampson had some
serious relationship
Rehab, was a prostitute.
Almost all of the
disciples abandoned
Jesus in his darkest hour,
and Paul did everything
humanly possible
to wipe the name of Jesus away.
But despite all of their flaws,
we still hear their names
mentioned today,
not because of their
but because when we
hear their names,
we hear the stories
of God's goodness.
It"s peace,
rehabilitation, my story
is one of God's love,
and relentless grace.
What's yours?
The servant of the Lord.
Yeah. He helps us a
lot. No.
No servant of the Lord. Him.
The the tattoo
on his neck.
It means servant of the
Lord in Hebrew,
You know Hebrew?
I know lots of languages
I didn't know that.
Hey say something in
another language.