Making Scents of Love (2023) Movie Script

[tense whirring jingle]
[lighthearted piano music]
Good evening.
Good evening.
George is quite the host, isn't he?
Are you a friend?
Of George's?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. You could say that.
George is my godfather.
You smell amazing.
May I? Just...
[whimsical music] -[Shay sniffs]
Mm. Oh, wow. I'm getting
top notes of ambergris.
Do you know where ambergris comes from?
-[Shay] It's the digestive
system of a sperm whale.
It's a true story.
Oh, don't worry. No, they
don't use it anymore.
Now it's just labdanum.
I'm also getting cardamom, and... Mm-hm.
Sort of a middle note of peach and...
Orange blossom.
Wow, someone has expensive taste.
How do you know so much about perfume?
I'm an organic chemist.
I- I specialize in designing fragrances.
Do you have a store?
I used to.
We sort of went bankrupt,
but now I'm designing
exclusively for private clients.
[Darian] Shay's also working on
a very prestigious project...
The first known perfume.
The recipe has gone missing over time.
If Shay can crack this mysterious puzzle,
it'll be very, very lucrative.
Also, spoiler alert.
[whispers] It might be a love potion.
Oh, it's not a love potion.
It could be a love potion.
Definitely... not.
Let me guess. Do you two know each other?
We just met earlier.
We were chatting. Uh...
But hey, enough about me.
How do you know the host?
I am the host.
Your name is George?
Grade school was problematic.
This is your party!
[Shay chuckles]
Oh, wow.
You are definitely not my godfather.
Why did you take off your catering uniform?
Enjoy your party!
[Shay chuckles]
-[lighthearted music]
[Shay] A woman named George?
What are the chances?
Hey, I have an Uncle Meredith.
You need to do better
research with the guest list
so I don't end up looking like a fool.
I don't need any help with that.
And can you please stop with
this love potion bologna?
You can't possibly believe that.
I'm not ruling it out.
Besides, it doesn't really matter.
It's just a selling tool.
We get somebody to invest in you...
You get your grandma's store back,
I get my modeling career on track.
We're rich, we meet our
soulmates, we're happy.
End of story.
-Sounds amazing.
The fact is it's not realistic.
You have to have the courage
to follow your dream.
Yeah, I tried that once. Remember?
Turned out to be a nightmare.
Okay, but if you truly
believe in something enough,
it will probably come true.
This is my life we're talking about.
Not the tooth fairy.
[whimsical music]
[Shay] Wrong mailbox again.
Come on!
[Wilma] Don't call my sister stupid!
She's a very intelligent woman!
[Wilma] No, she's not.
She's stupid because she married that guy.
[Wilma] Oh, for Pete's sake!
[Ken] Well, you know what he's like!
[Wilma] Quit your bellyaching-
-Okay. In we go. -[couple continue arguing]
Anymore emails from the
archeological society?
Nothing on the ancient perfume recipe.
Well, there's only so many ingredients.
Can't you just make it up?
That's not how science works.
There are literally thousands
of possible ingredients,
not to mention different potencies,
the order of the recipe.
Every perfume has a specific architecture.
Top, middle, base.
Sounds a little sexy. [Darian chuckles]
Okay, but if you could just
figure out this recipe,
then we can market it,
then all of our problems
are gonna be solved!
No, no, no. I am not trying
to crack this ancient perfume
recipe so it can be mass marketed.
Every scent should be specifically designed
for a certain person.
You know that!
I heard there was a store
around here that did that.
Yeah, oh!
But it went outta business,
for the exact same reason.
Wow, okay.
What happened to, "Follow
your dreams, Shay!"
Following your dreams is one thing,
total delusion, yeah, that's another.
Which one does your
modeling career fall under?
[chuckles] Okay, okay.
You know what? You got me.
[whimsical music]
But if you're not trying
to figure out this recipe
to make a little bit of money,
then why are you wasting
all your time on this?
Because it was my grandmother's hobby.
It was a puzzle that she
was never able to solve,
and working on it makes
me feel closer to her.
If she couldn't decipher this,
then maybe it's not meant to be deciphered.
[Darian] Brad and Allison
are getting married?
And they invited you to the wedding?!
What a couple of psychopaths!
You're not going to this?
No, of course not. I'm gonna send a gift.
A gift?
When your ex-boyfriend
and former second best friend get married,
you don't send them a gift.
Are you okay?
It's been 16 months, I'm fine.
[Daian] You know what, okay...
You have Mrs. Miller tomorrow.
[Darian] Okay? We met her -Right.
At that uh... neighborhood watch luncheon
that we catered.
Heads up, she's a nightmare.
A total Karen.
Her name is literally Karen.
-[whimsical music]
You're not delusional. And I love you.
I love you too.
You're not delusional either.
Okay, good.
Started to think I was.
[tense whimsical music]
[Amy sniffs]
[Amy sniffs]
[Amy] Ugh!
You were supposed to bring me the juice!
Instead, you brought me this sewer water.
[Jorgenson awkwardly chuckles]
Ms. Song.
With respect, these samples are from
some of the top perfumers
in the entire world.
You mean the ones that
weren't already snapped up
by our competitors?
[Amy] Go stand in the corner.
The Fab Four of Fashion
are shoes, bags, sunglasses, and perfume.
Perfume is Paul, you know why?
Because it makes you think of yesterday?
Because it's the most accessible.
Not everybody can afford a $3,000 bag,
but they will buy a bottle of perfume.
We have several very
successful fragrance lines,
but not one of them makes
us an industry leader.
Well, as the new guy,
can I ask what would make a
scent the industry leader?
Well, that scent would need to...
[Jorgenson] A scent, should invoke...
a feeling of endless endearment.
[whispers] Sorry.
-Thank you, Jorgenson.
And it would have...
[Jorgenson] It should leave
a sillage of deep desire.
The... elixir of adoration,
a scent distilled down to the
purest essence of romance.
Very good, Jorgenson.
So, love.
You're talking about
bottling the scent of love.
Why don't you just do that?
Because it's not possible.
[Jorgenson] It can't be done.
[chuckles] It's-it's the white
whale of fragrances. Alright?
If we could "bottle" love,
we would all have villas on
Mars right now, all right?
This... Way to embarrass yourself.
With all due respect,
I'm not the one who got sent to the corner.
[whimsical music]
Austin, do you know why I hired you?
Yup. ZipRecruiter.
That's right, ZipRecruiter.
You may be my nephew,
but I've never been close to your mother,
and I wouldn't have hired you
had I known you were my nephew.
You worked your way up from the mail room,
all the way up to being
my executive assistant.
You're smart.
But making silly suggestions
like "bottling love"
isn't gonna get you very
far in this industry.
Well, that's okay.
I'm a photographer, remember?
[Amy] Photography's a hobby, not a career.
Well, at least that's one thing
you have in common with my mother.
Um, I should probably
get back to the office.
We have the car service
waiting for you outside.
Oh, no, it's fine. I'd rather walk.
Enjoy the fresh air.
Oh, see you tonight?
It's your birthday.
Oh, right, that.
See ya, Jorgenson.
[whimsical music]
[upbeat music]
Oh, sorry.
[shutter snaps] -Hey!
[tense music]
You're two months behind on rent.
Yeah, you know what?
I'm gonna settle up tomorrow.
-I promise.
You said that yesterday.
And uh, there's somebody here to see you?
I shouldn't have let her
in, but she scared me.
And as the world's greatest
dungeon master, I...
I don't scare easily.
Okay. I'm gonna take care of that.
Okay, and then-
And then, eventually, I'm
gonna take care of the rent.
Thank you!
[tense whimsical music]
[Shay] Hi.
-You're late.
Yeah, um...
-I was told I'd
be getting a boutique experience
Well, yeah, uh this is...
This is a boutique.
Boutique experience.
Is it?
-[Shay] Sorry.
The door just...[bangs]
Just sticks a little.
Come on in!
[warm lighthearted music]
Please, come on in. Uhm.
You can uh-you can have a seat right here.
Okay, so, why don't we get started?
Can you...
[whimsical music]
[Shay] Tell me just a little bit about why
you would like to get a fragrance?
[Karen] Uh...
It's my hubby's birthday.
I wanna get myself a perfume.
Me smelling nice is a gift to him.
Okay, let's start with
just a few questions.
What is your favorite color?
It reminds me of Chad.
Oh, that's nice.
Are his eyes blue?
No, his police uniform is.
Okay. Uh...
What's your favorite food?
[whimsical music]
Listen, when your friend
insisted that I come see you,
there was no mention of an interrogation.
-Oh no, no, no, no, no.
This is all part of the brief.
The brief?
-Yes, the brief.
I need to get to know you a little bit,
so that I can create a perfume
that perfectly captures your...
My essence?
I'm sensing French.
It's very chic.
I'm pretty chic.
Okay, I'll stay for a minute.
[Karen] Chad used to buy me tulips.
When we first started dating, [chuckles]
he used to call them
"simply because" flowers.
-And they would arrive,
and they'd have a little card,
and they would say, "Simply
because I love you."
That's really romantic.
I don't know.
Okay. I think I've got everything I need.
Why don't you come back in a few days,
and I will have your fragrance ready.
-[whimsical music]
I have to come back for the perfume?
[Karen laughs] Okay, that's ridiculous.
Do you have a manager?
Do I look like I have a manager?
[Karen incredulously laughs]
Okay, wow.
[Karen laughs] -Karen...
Well, that was brief.
[calming piano music]
[cell phone rings]
[sighs] -[ringing continues]
I just got some fantastic news!
Tom Ford followed you on Insta?
[Darian] I wish. No,
we have a catering gig tonight.
I convinced Marty to
give you a second chance,
and you will never believe
whose birthday it is.
We're going to Amy Song's house!
[Darian] It's fate, Shay!
I don't believe in fate.
[Darian] Well, you should.
This is your chance to make
her a fragrance sample, and
-show her how brilliant you are.
-Wait, wh...
Then maybe she could invest in you.
-Whoa, whoa, hey...
-[Darian] Work your magic
and meet me tonight.
-[phone hangs up]
[lighthearted guitar music]
[wind blows]
[bottles clinking]
[wondrous music]
Huh? [sighs] -[knocking on door]
You fell asleep?
Shay, we are so late!
-[Shay stuttering]
Please tell me you at least
made a sample for Amy?
I don't know, I don't know, okay? I...
I think so.
Yeah. Look, hey!
A bunch of stuff got mixed together, right?
So I think this should be fine.
Well, it'll have to do, all right?
Find your nicest dress,
and I'll make sure the Uber didn't bail.
[Shay grunts]
[whimsical music]
[Marty] The catering code is
to serve with invisibility.
If you catch fire, you will burn quietly
before asking a guest to extinguish you.
Am I clear?
Get to work.
And you.
You're only back because Darian said you
could make a perfume for my nana.
One mistake and you're gone.
[Marty] And you...
You're on shrimp puff duty.
I'm a vegan.
[whimsical music] -[Shay] And...
Oh, cool.
[whimsical music]
I just... Oh!
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I just saw Amy head upstairs.
Go change!
What? I can't... Do your thing,
I'll do something.
[whimsical music]
[whispering] You look great.
You look great.
I told you,
I cannot walk in heels.
You're not gonna impress Amy
Song wearing orthopedic shoes.
Come on. Do you have your sample?
[whimsical music]
Okay, come on, let's go.
Go, go, go, go!
Around the corner, and up the stairs.
Try and act normal.
Well, I'm terrible at that!
[lighthearted music]
-Oh, oh.
I am so, so sorry.
Are you okay?
-Yeah, it's fine.
I've had a drink spill on me bef... ore.
[Shay] It's not a drink, it's perfume.
Ugh. Oh my goodness.
[lighthearted music] [Austin chuckles]
Are you sure you're okay?
Uh, no.
[stutters] I mean, yes. Um...
Have we met somewhere before?
I feel like I've met you somewhere.
I don't think so.
Maybe it's just fate then.
Well, here you go.
Hey uh, are you gonna be
at the party for a while?
Uh, well...
It's um-yet to be determined.
Well, hopefully we'll
find each other again.
Mhm. Okay.
I'm so sorry.
You disgust me.
[tense piano music]
[whispers] I'm sorry.
I'll fix this.
Miss Song?
Miss Song?
[calming jazz music]
[tense music]
[Amy sighs]
It's traditional for a person
to attend their own birthday party.
Everything okay?
[Amy] Our stock is tanking.
The board is hinting at replacing me,
and I don't have a new perfume
to launch the next quarter.
What is that smell?
Oh, it's um, perfume.
It was a bit of an accident earlier.
It's quite good, actually.
Gonna be the scent of love?
You know, I'd give my right arm
if it were as simple as that.
[mannequin clatters]
-[whimsical music]
Um...[clears throat]
Before you kick me out for
hiding and spying on you, I,
I know a master perfumer.
She can design any scent
you're looking for.
Also, I'm a model.
Classically trained.
[Amy chuckles]
You need a better photographer.
[Marty] Dari!
You abandoned the shrimp puff station.
[whimsical music]
Let me give you a hand.
[Wilma] Who's at the door, Ken?
[Ken] Only way to find out is to answer it.
Oh, Shay, hi.
Evening, Wilma. Uh.
Sorry to interrupt.
The mail carrier mixed up our mail.
Again. Thank you. .-Yep.
[Wilma] Here you go.
I swear, you must have to fail an IQ test
to deliver mail around here.
-Hi Ken.
Well then, maybe you should apply.
See what I have to deal with
even after 50 years of marriage?
Yeah, well, it's not officially
50 years until next Wednesday, buddy,
so you better play your cards right.
I fold.
[Wilma chuckles]
What is that smell?
[Wilma] Oh, you mean the botanical napalm?
It's not us, it's like it's
coming through the walls.
We thought it might be your place?
[dramatic music] -Oh, no.
[Shay] No, no, no, no, no!
Simply Because?
Well, I named it after the flowers
your husband used to bring you.
[tense music]
[wondrous music]
[melancholic music]
You turned over the rocks in my soul
and found my most precious memory.
I'm gonna bring my husband back.
I want you to do the same thing for him.
Are you the manager?
Okay, I want you to know
that she has a very special, special gift.
Oh, come here!
[Karen shrieks]
-[whimsical music]
-Thank you! Thank you!
[Karen sniffs]
[Karen laughs excitedly]
Okay, I don't know what it
is you got going on here,
but you can't be doing
business out of your unit.
This isn't a public meeting place.
Oh, really? Says the guy who
hosts dorky Sword & Sorcery
games here every week. I know about that.
Okay, firstly, it's D&D.
Secondly, there's nothing dorky about it.
Thirdly, you should come and play,
and you'll see how cool it is.
[Shay chuckles] Okay, no thank you.
Oh, there you are.
I've been calling you all night.
Why is your phone off?
My phone is off?
-Who is th-What?
This is unbelievable!
I'm sorry, but is there a
sign out front that says,
"Lord of the Fries.
The most awesome board
game, burger joint ever?"
No! Because this is a storage facility.
You come, you store your
stuff, and then you leave.
There's no meetings allowed!
Hey, Vik...
Remember when you completely
forgot your daughter's
Sweet 16th birthday party,
and I made you that incredible perfume
at the very last second,
totally saved your butt.
Her 17th birthday's coming
up around now, right?
Oh, wow.
Fine, fine.
One more month.
One more month.
I have amazing news.
Hey, I am not in the mood
for any more of your amazing news.
Okay, well, I got you a job.
I don't wanna do any more catering jobs!
It's not a catering job,
it's a gig, with Amy Song!
[tense music]
Doing what?
[Darian chuckles] -[tense music]
[Shay] So you signed me up to create
the olfactory experience of love.
I mean, why don't you just volunteer me
to create a time machine,
or invent cold fusion.
Is that like an energy drink or something?
Perfumers have been trying
to bottle love since forever.
What makes you think I can do it?
Uh, because you're brilliant?
This is how you're gonna
get your store back.
Can't you just recreate the sample
that you brought to Amy's last night?
I can't do that, because
I spilled it, remember?
Also, all my work got destroyed
before I could make any notes.
So, you can improvise!
Take the meeting. What harm is it gonna do?
When is it?
Yeah, so, it's in five minutes.
What? Where?
Okay, now this is the part
that's probably gonna
make you the most mad,
but I want you to remember, you love me,
and please, keep an open mind.
[tense music]
I haven't set foot in
here since eviction day.
[Darian] And you'll be fine.
-[Shay] What?
Okay, just call me afterwards.
Whoa, what? You're not coming?
No, I have a cryogenic
ice bath facial therapy,
and I'm already so late, Shay!
How much money are you
spending on those things?
Friends don't discuss money, okay?
You'll be fine!
[tense whimsical music]
[tense wondrous music]
Oh, no.
[whimsical music]
Hello again.
Um... What a lovely surprise.
Oh, you must be Shay.
You must be Austin.
That's right.
So um, before we start, can...
Can I get you something to drink?
Coffee? Tea?
Whatever you want.
Water's fine.
Water it is. Coming right up.
[table clangs] -[fake laughs]
[tense music]
[Austin] One water.
Oh, thank you.
So... uh...
You work for Amy Song.
I do, but I'm really a
photographer at heart.
Ah, that's why you had
your camera last night.
It's a... key tool for a
photographer [chuckles].
[Shay chuckles]
So, I know you're looking for love.
Uh, aren't we all?
Right. Um, I mean the... the scent of love.
Um.. I'm just not so
sure that I can do that.
Uh-well, what about that perfume
you spilled on me before?
I mean, Miss Song really liked it a lot.
She did?
Yeah, and she doesn't like anything.
If you could just reproduce that,
I'm pretty sure it could sell.
Right, it's just...
You see, mass marketed fragrances
just really aren't my thing, so I'm...
Ah, speak of the devil.
I'm sorry. Will you excuse me for a moment?
[lighthearted piano music]
[Austin] Of course.
[sighs] My apologies.
So, where were we?
[tense music]
I'll do it.
Really? [laughs]
Well, great. That's fantastic news.
Oh, sorry. -Oh, uh. Please, after you.
Thank you.
Thank you again, for doing this.
Yeah, well, don't thank me yet.
Will I see you tomorrow at the photo shoot?
Photo shoot?
Your friend Darian needs
new publicity shots.
And I jump at any chance to shoot photos.
It's amazing how things work out, huh?
Mhm, yeah, amazing how things work out.
Well, um... thanks again.
Okay, this is my...
After you.
-No, no.
I'm gonna... Yeah. Okay.
[Shay] Bye.
[lighthearted music]
[Darian] Let me get this straight.
Austin is the guy you
happened to spill perfume on,
he's giving you a job,
and he's a photographer?
This is the universe operating at its best.
[Shay] No, no, no. There's
something odd about this.
About Austin? Nah, he's awesome.
From the first moment that we met,
he was acting like a puppy dog,
all... I don't know, flustered and weird.
Okay, the term is "smitten".
Was he acting smitten with you, Shay?
But I mean, not with me
necessarily, just in general.
Oh. Was someone else there?
Well, then he was smitten with you!
I doubt it.
It doesn't make any sense!
How could he feel that way so quickly?
He doesn't even know me.
Okay. [chuckles]
Maybe you made a love potion.
[wondrous music]
That is actually a logical explanation.
I thought you said you didn't
believe in love potions.
Well, I don't. I mean...
I didn't, but...
It's just because now I'm not so sure,
there are some scientific
theories that support it.
Okay, all right.
Let's say you created a love potion.
Let's cut to the bad part.
Th-the bad part is that
people will be falling in love
against their will.
Okay, you and I have very
different definitions
of the word "bad".
Find out what you did to make that sample,
and make more of it.
And let them sell it.
This is everything we've ever wanted!
What? Are you kidding me?
I need to find out what I did
so I can make an antidote.
An antidote?
An antidote for love?
Why would you do that?
I cannot be responsible
for people falling in love
under false pretenses.
It just leads to heartbreak.
[whimsical music]
Okay, Shay.
Take the weight of the
world on your shoulders,
while I stand here in this hot garden.
God, it's so hot.
[tense whimsical music]
Oh, no.
"Reverse the effects of a love potion."
"All you need to do is concoct an antidote.
A love potion antidote is
made by increasing the potency
of each original recipe ingredient by 10."
[Shay] Okay, so, that
accidental perfume sample
that I spilled on Austin at the party
contained some of the
relic perfume experiment.
Okay, well, at least something good
came of that total time suck.
What if, and just by some fluke,
the combination of that
spill is the actual recipe?
I mean, things like that
have happened before, right?
Okay, and what if the relic
perfume is actually...
A love potion?
Okay, can we stop focusing
on your issue for a second
and focus on mine?
I am experiencing a crisis right now.
Oh, God. Not your,
imagined puffy face thing again, please.
Okay, it is not imagined.
Acute facial bloating syndrome
is a real medical condition
that I've been diagnosed with.
Why are you video calling me?
Well, because I need to see your face.
You look perfectly fine.
Oh, don't comfort me with
lies and deceit right now!
Okay? I need you to
distract Austin for like...
a couple of hours.
A couple of hours?
[Darian] Shay! It's my big debut!
[whimsical music] -[grunts]
[Shay] Hey.
So, Darian's gonna be late.
Oh, okay. Uh...
Well, why don't I take
your photo while we wait?
No, oh, no, no. Not very photogenic.
[Amy] What is going on here?
[Austin] Oh, hey Aunt Amy.
I mean, Miss Song. Um...
Sorry, I was just helping
Darian with a photo shoot.
[Amy] Darian?
Oh, shrimp puffs.
So that would make you
my new master perfumer.
You're going to bottle the
scent of love, are you?
What makes you think you can succeed
where every other perfumer in the world
before you has failed?
Well, I'm not sure, but
I'm going to give it a try.
I'm looking forward to
seeing what you come up with.
[Austin] You wanna grab some lunch?
[Shay] So, you're Amy's nephew?
[Austin] Mhm.
All right, is that how you got the job?
No, no, no.
If Aunt Amy had known I'd applied,
I definitely wouldn't of been hired.
Has she always been so intense?
Uh, don't really know.
I mean, my family wasn't
close to her growing up.
I think there's a good person
underneath that cold demeanor.
But I also see someone who's very lonely.
I guess that's why she's
always burying herself in work.
She probably feels like
it's safer that way.
No, I think when it comes to love,
she just doesn't really believe in it.
Which is sad, because the way I see it,
if you give up on love,
it'll give up on you too.
Flower for the lovers?
[whimsical music]
Sorry-Oh, us?
[chuckling] No we're not lovers.
I mean, we're not even really friends.
I mean, I suppose that we are friends,
just very recent friends,
so it just wouldn't be practical for us
to get each other flowers.
Friends don't get friends flowers.
I mean, I suppose they do,
just friends th-that have been friends
for a lot longer than we have, so...
Just take that.
Thank you.
Read the room, am I right?
Why don't we leave this here.
As a communal flower to
be enjoyed by anyone,
no matter what their friendship
slash lover status is.
So, where should we eat lunch?
Uh, I heard about this local food truck
that does a pop-up restaurant
by the old fountain in the park.
I've been wanting to try
it since I moved here.
[bell rings]
Hop in, you two.
Your chariot awaits.
Rick Shaw.
There's no way that's your real name.
Sure is.
[lighthearted music]
Oh my...
So, how does a creative photographer
end up in corporate perfume?
Oof. That's a good question.
Well, um...
I woke up.
Yeah, I woke up like one
morning, six months ago.
And I realized that I had
spent the past 10 years
doing whatever made people around me happy.
Went to the college my brother went to,
got the degree my mom wanted me to get.
I even joined the family business,
because that's when my dad wanted.
They all wanted what was best for me,
but they didn't know what was best for me.
I mean, you're lucky. Your family business
also happens to be your passion.
Oh, well, it's not a
family business exactly.
Sort of skipped a generation
from my grandmother to me.
My parents never really got it.
I know all about that.
[Austin] You know, for
someone who I'm definitely
not in a relationship with...
[Shay chuckles]
Thank you for showing
me such a lovely time.
Yeah, I had a really nice time too.
[both chuckling]
I- I just had a delivery
order canceled last minute.
You guys want it?
It's an ice cream cake, it'd
be a shame to let it melt.
Come on! What?
-[both laughing]
Do you always take photos
of aspiring models?
Not exactly.
[both chuckling]
No, I'm uh... I'm working
on this long-term project.
It's a self-portrait series.
I take a photo of a
different minute of each day,
no matter where I am or what I'm doing.
So, for example, I'm currently at 9:38 A.M.
Tomorrow, at exactly that time,
I'll take a self-portrait.
Then the next day,
I'll take another at 9:39 A.M., and so on.
Until I've got a photo for
every minute in the day.
Wait, so that's...
What-1,440 photos.
That's a lot of pictures!
Yeah, yeah, it's a big project.
I know it's silly, but
I got the idea because
people usually only take photos
of the momentous events in their lives.
But I don't know.
I think really, life is lived
in the in between moments.
[wistful music]
This guy should have a
horn on his forehead.
He's a total unicorn!
He made me look even more
beautiful than I already am.
Plus, he took you out on a wonderful date.
Hey, it wasn't a date.
It was absolutely wonderful.
I mean, how can two strangers
have a day like that?
It doesn't make any sense.
You should've seen it.
Everywhere we turned, romantic
things were happening.
It was like a conspiracy.
A conspiracy of love. [chuckles]
I think I've heard of that before.
We can blame Cupid.
You know, that little
cherub that wears a diaper
and shoots people with an arrow?
Pew, pew, pew, pew...
Can you be serious for two seconds, please?
I need to figure out what my
logical next step should be.
Isn't it obvious?
Why do I feel like we
are gonna say something
completely different right now?
On three?
One, two, three.
Take a leap of
faith... Completely deconstruct it-
-And just go with it. -And
find a way to stop it.
Why are we even friends?
[whimsical music]
[lighthearted groovy music]
-[Shay] Hey.
Thank you for agreeing to meet with me
on such short notice.
I was really happy when you called.
I figured, you're new to town,
so it's my responsibility
to show you around.
I thought we did a pretty
good job yesterday,
but I'm always up for new adventures.
Well yesterday, we barely
scratched the surface,
because today I'm gonna
knock your socks off.
[Shay chuckles]
I didn't say anything.
You-You're wondering why I'm
dressed so sloppily, right?
No, I think you look great.
Uh, well, we just have this tradition here.
It's called "Casual Tuesday"...
[whimsical music]
Some people don't follow it,
but most people take it very seriously.
[Shay] Okay, so, uh this is our first stop.
Do you have these in your hometown?
Yeah, yeah. We sure do.
That's where they keep the uh...
What do you call those
things made out of paper
with all the words in them?
[Austin] Yeah, books.
[whimsical music]
-[Shay] Thank you.
[Shay] I could spend hours in this place.
It really gets my pulse racing.
Flipping through encyclopedias,
reading all the newspapers
attached to those sticks.
So thrilling!
Oh, the Dewey Decimal System.
So predictable, so romantic.
Oh, cool!
Cool? What's cool?
This is my favorite photographer.
He's the reason I bought my first camera.
His work is what inspired me
to do my own project. I...
I even applied for an internship.
Oh, sorry.
Hey, thank you so much
for bringing me here.
This book is extremely difficult to find.
[Colleen] Shh!
Hey, um. I'll be right back.
[Austin] Excuse me, ma'am?
May I help you with those?
I know most of the alphabet,
so I'm pretty sure I
could be of assistance.
[Colleen] You? Sure.
[Austin] I'm Austin, by the way.
[Colleen] Oh, I'm Colleen.
Colleen, you have a splendid library.
Hang on to this one.
He's a keeper.
[Colleen chuckles]
[whimsical music]
[Austin] So, where to next?
Well, are you a fan of the silent arts?
I'll give it a shot.
[whimsical music]
That's... It's really boring.
We should probably go... No, no no.
Hey, that's incredible.
It's, it's like he's really pulling a rope.
Yeah! Nice!
[Austin chuckles]
[cell phone rings] -Oh I gotta uh...
just take this.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay, uh huh.
Hey, how's the love sabotage going?
[Austin] Yeah!
[Austin laughs] Woo!
This guy is like kryptonite.
I mean, I've gotta take it up a notch.
[wondrous music]
Oh, wow.
Well, well, well!
Look who caved in.
And she brought a friend!
You gonna roll?
Mind if I use...
As long as it's not loaded, Goblin!
How do you have a die on your key chain?
My nephew gave it to me.
Come on in!
-Come on!
I knew you'd come.
Yeah, okay.
[Austin chuckles] -[Shay] Okay.
I had such an amazing time.
How do you know all the stuff I would love?
I just... uh Googled some things.
Well, since you showed me
such a good time today,
can I take you out tomorrow?
There's this amazing
botanical greenhouse garden
in the middle of the park.
Do you know it?
Uh, yeah.
That is one of my absolute favorite places.
Let's meet there at exactly 9:39 A.M.
He made the worst places into the best.
I even had fun playing D&D.
I am a seventh level peace domain cleric.
Yeah, I don't know what any
of that means, thankfully.
Mm. It's powerful.
A game breaker.
Now I know that.
I mean, there's knowledge I now have.
What am I gonna do about this?
Okay, you're not powerless here.
If you really believe that
his feelings aren't real
and he's under some spell,
then just tell him you
don't wanna see him anymore.
But I... I do wanna see him.
That's the problem!
Well, maybe you're under a spell then too.
[tense music]
No, I'm not.
I just...
I just want something that's real, okay?
What's his name?
The guy you're talking about right now?
You know that. What are you doing?
I'm just making sure you're
not confusing him with Brad,
because they're different people, you know.
Yes, I know that.
Do you?
'Cause the way that you're talking,
it sounds like Austin's
the one that dumped you
when you were at your lowest point.
Because last time I checked...
Let me, let me check.
Oh yeah, that was Brad.
This isn't about Brad.
Okay. Okay.
I'm just checking.
-[whimsical music]
[lighthearted music]
Hey, perfect.
[Austin] You're right on time.
Hey, listen, Austin.
There's something that
I need to talk to you...
Do you mind if we take this photo first?
Uh, sure.
So, this is your spot right here.
Okay. [chuckles]
In three, two, one.
[camera shutter snaps]
Hang on. This is for your
self-portrait project.
I shouldn't even be in this photo.
Of course you should.
It's a project about moments in my life,
and in this moment, for the
past couple days now in fact,
I've been thinking a lot about you.
Uh so, what did you want
to talk to me about?
Oh [stutters] it's just
that the love potion...
The love uh-perfume is coming along great.
Now, magic is about to happen.
[calming heartfelt music]
I'm honored to be on the rope of fame.
We'll always have that moment.
You know, I'm realizing that
what you do and what I do,
we're not that different.
Do you know that smell is
the strongest sense memory?
One scent can bring you back to this
nostalgic moment in your life.
Just like a photograph.
I completely agree.
[lighthearted music]
Oh, no.
What time is it?
[tense music]
You're late.
It's okay, it's okay.
This is my hubby, Chad.
[Chad] This better not take long.
And what's up with the storage locker?
You the manager?
Shall we go inside?
Come on in!
Okay, well, thank you for sharing all that.
I've got everything I need.
'Cause I'm not coming back for no cologne.
Oh, no, you won't have to.
Just need a few more
moments of your patience.
I'm sorry!
[lighthearted music]
[Shay sniffs]
[Shay] This is for you.
[tense music]
[Chad sniffs]
[wondrous music] -[exhales]
You got me.
Right in my heart part.
How did you manage to
make a fragrance like that
for him on the spot?
Oh, some men are simpler.
I can't thank you enough
for all you've done.
Oh! Okay.
You're welcome.
-Oh, okay.
Thank you. Really.
-Thank you.
Thank you so much.
-Thank you!
That was amazing.
[Shay chuckles]
How did you do that?
I can show you, if you want.
[cell phone buzzes]
[sighs] It's my aunt.
Better take it.
Oof, ow.
Okay, before you say anything,
I'm gonna get you the rent.
Oh, hey. No, no, no, no stress.
You know, you are in
the D&D club now, right?
So it's a different set of rules.
Also, Austin can do no wrong in my book.
That guy is awesome.
Yeah, he's pretty great, right?
You have him under a spell, don't you?
[tense music]
What did you say?
Hello? I'm a dungeon master.
I know when somebody is
under a spell when I see it.
And that guy is in dagger,
battleax, and long sword.
Okay, so I can't believe
I'm gonna ask you this,
but in D&D...
How would you figure
out if a character is...
under a spell or not?
Well, I mean, you would
just do the exact opposite
of what you think the spell is, right?
So if it was an ice spell
then you would retaliate
with a bonfire spell.
And if it immediately reverses the effects,
then you know it's magic.
So, if it was a sweet smelling spell,
then a stinking spell should neutralize it.
You grew up so fast, Groncaca Pixador.
God, I wish I could pick my own name.
You know, one day,
you are going to be a
dungeon master, just like me.
[lighthearted music]
Our spring launch is just a few days away,
and I need to include a fragrance in it.
Is your girl going to
be able to pull it off?
Is she real or not?
Oh, she's real.
I hope so.
[tense music]
After you.
Oh, wow.
[lighthearted music]
This is something else.
Ah, a little messy.
Are you serious?
You should see my place.
Oh, that's the organ.
What people in the industry call it.
Really just a fancy desk.
[Austin] Where did you get all these?
[Shay] I've been collecting
them most of my life.
Collecting memories?
Why don't I show you?
Here, have a seat. Um...
And uh...
Here uh...
Now, I just need something
to blindfold you with.
[Austin] I always have a tie on hand,
in case I get called into the office.
-Of course.
[calming piano music]
Okay. Um...
[calming piano music]
[Shay] What do you smell?
Smells like strawberries.
And what do you feel?
What's that specific
memory that comes to mind?
When I was a kid, we
went strawberry picking.
It was a hot summer day,
and the whole field smelled like that.
That is incredible. I...
[laughs] Okay.
Excuse me, no peeking.
Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
[Shay] Okay, um...
Ooh, this is a good one.
How about this?
[Austin sniffs]
Summerland Fair.
That was my first job.
W-what is that?
It's an organic compound
that smells distinctly of...
cotton candy.
-[Austin chuckles]
You're right, cotton candy. That's it.
[calming piano music]
It's jasmine.
Oh, you don't like it?
No, it's...
Kinda reminds me of my ex-girlfriend.
I'm sorry. -No, it's uh... it's fine.
It was a long time ago.
It's just that whenever I smell jasmine,
it brings back a lot of crappy memories.
Mine's called Brad.
Every time I smell
sandalwood, I think about him.
Do you know what the number one ingredient
in men's cologne is?
I'll take sandalwood
for a thousand, please.
[Shay chuckles] Yeah.
So, what's your favorite fragrance?
It's an oldie.
It's classic.
[calming piano music]
Now, the scent is very delicate,
so you have to get nice and close
so you can fully appreciate it.
[both sniffing]
It's vanilla.
They say it's the most sensual fragrance.
[calming music]
Hey, Shay um...
I need to tell you something.
Ever since we've met, I've felt so...
Yeah, it's like I'm not
in control or something.
I-I know this is gonna sound crazy,
but it feels like I'm under some kind of...
Yeah, but in a good way.
Could you excuse me for a moment?
Okay, dungeon master.
Don't let me down.
[playful music]
[bottle sprays] -[Shay coughs]
[tense music]
[objects clanging]
[Shay] Uh, hey.
Everything okay?
Listen, I hope I didn't make things weird
by saying all that stuff.
The last thing I want to do
is to come on too strong.
No, no, no, it's-it's fine.
Speaking of coming on too strong, see,
the funny thing about scents
is that some of them are good,
but some are... bad.
Just so bad.
Bad, bad, bad, bad.
Unlike pizza.
Bad pizza, always good.
Bad scents are just...
That's deep.
Hey, so, speaking of pizza,
do you wanna go grab a slice
at that new place around the corner?
[Shay gags]
You know, my grandmother
once made this fragrance
for a woman with dementia.
All of her memories had been lost,
but when she smelled that perfume,
her eyes just like lit up with joy, and...
all the things she'd lost
came flooding back to her.
That's what I can do at the store.
I can make people happy.
I just don't know if I'll ever
be able to get it back again.
So, where was your store?
[Shay chuckles]
You're gonna laugh.
Scentuarium by Amy.
Oh, man.
The exact location?
Oh, no. What are the odds?
[Shay] Yeah.
Hey, wait a second. Are-
Are you telling me that
my aunt is responsible
for your family's store
going out of business?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Your aunt had nothing to do with it.
The bankruptcy was my fault.
I'm just trying to do something
the world clearly doesn't want anymore.
Still, I'm sorry.
I-I shouldn't have had us meet there.
No, no, no, it's okay.
You didn't know.
So um, let me get this straight. Um...
You design perfumes for
all these other people
to make them happy.
What about you?
Do you deserve happiness?
[calming piano music]
I hope so.
[Shay] Screw it, okay?
I'm in.
I am powerless against the love potion,
even if it isn't real.
And even if I wanted to fix it, I can't.
So I'm just gonna go with my
heart over my head for once.
Stop trying to understand
logic, and just believe.
I am so happy for you.
You really deserve this, Shay.
Also, I'm gonna stop trying to figure out
the relic perfume recipe.
If I was meant to figure it out,
I would've done it by now, right?
Are you sure?
You spent a lot of time on that.
I'm going with my heart from now on.
Hey, look, I'll call you
in the morning, okay?
[lighthearted music]
[laptop beeps]
[calming piano music]
[cell phone buzzes]
Yeah, speaking?
[lighthearted piano music]
I got your message.
[Darian] Delete that email.
I can't.
Now that I know the recipe,
I have to do the right thing.
I spent so much time trying to figure out
this ancient perfume recipe,
and then I do it completely by accident
without even realizing it.
I mean, I must've had
to mix those ingredients
in the exact order, with
the precise measurements.
I mean, do you know what
the chances of that are?
And then, this is my favorite part...
It just happens to be a love potion?!
And then I go and I spill it on the guy,
who under any other circumstances,
is the most perfect person
in the world for me.
I mean, I must be the
unluckiest human on the planet.
Am I invited?
What ar-what are you talking about?
Invited where?
To the pity party you're
throwing yourself right now.
[Darian] Shay! You can decide
to be the luckiest or
the unluckiest person,
it just depends upon your perspective.
And from mine, I don't think
I've ever seen you so happy.
Besides, you don't even
know what happened for sure
when all that stuff got knocked around.
Of course I do.
This is the only logical explanation
for any of this.
[Darian] Is it?
Because I have another theory.
-Hit me.
You're scared.
[Darian] You're scared to fall in love,
so you're looking for any
excuse to tell yourself
that it's not real.
Telling yourself to believe in magic?
Which, by the way, I do.
I don't believe in potions,
but I believe in the magic of love.
And you have the ability to create it,
and you have the ability to take it away.
So you need to decide which
one of those options you want.
I've gotta find a way to know for sure.
[Ken] That's your problem, you-
[Wilma] Oh, for Pete's sake!
I am so tired of you complaining
about every little thing.
[Ken] It's not every little thing.
It's your whole family, that's
what I'm complaining about.
[Wilma] There we go, it's my family.
[Ken] Well, it's all your family's fault.
[Wilma and Ken continue arguing]
I do know how to figure it out.
I will just recreate the
ancient love perfume.
I mean, I-I have the recipe now, right?
Okay, and that'll be my base.
And then I'll combine all
the other ingredients,
I'll do the smell test
to be absolutely certain
it's the exact combination I
spilled on Austin at the party.
That'll be experiment A.
And then- and then for experiment B,
I'll find someone else to test it on.
I am not a lab rat.
No, [whispers] Wilma!
I'm gonna test it on Wilma.
And then we'll figure
out if A plus B equals C.
Please stop with the scientific jargon.
It is not jargon, it's the alphabet!
It's confusing me!
If it works on those two,
then it definitely has magical powers.
Are they not in love?
From the sounds of their arguing,
they fell outta love a long time ago.
[Wilma] You'd like to just
like rent another place.
[Ken] Oh!
You'd like that, wouldn't you?
[tense music]
-[continue arguing]
I wanted to give you this.
Today's your anniversary, right?
More like ad-versary.
Hi, Ken.
Well, maybe I can blind myself with this
so I don't have to look at his mug again.
I'm sorry. It's beautiful, thank you.
You're welcome.
[tense music] -[clock ticks]
[romantic jazz music]
Oh, Shay!
What are you doing here?
I thought this was my apartment.
Turns out it's not just the
mail carrier who gets confused.
I don't want to crack the creme brulee
without you, darling.
We are having such a romantic evening,
just like when we were first married.
Oh, and thank you for
that thoughtful perfume.
I'm wearing it now.
[Wilma chuckles]
[door slams]
[dramatic music]
Somehow I knew I'd find you here.
I knew it was too perfect to be true.
I'm just not meant to find love.
You don't know that.
Yes, I do.
And now that I know that,
I have a responsibility to break this
stupid love potion curse,
and just let Austin be free to love
whoever he's meant to be with.
What about Amy?
I'll whip something up for her.
The world doesn't want individuality,
so I'm just gonna give them what they want.
Why don't you just give
her the relic potion?
It'll be a huge hit.
It would be way too dangerous
to release a love potion
into the world.
Because people will fall in love?
There'd be a love apocalypse?
Shay, look around.
The world could use that right now.
People should fall in love
of their own free will,
not the effects of some potion.
[calming music]
I left you a couple of messages yesterday.
Yeah um, I got a little tied up.
Everything all right?
Austin, I really need to talk to you.
Um, yeah. But can we take this photo first?
No, this can't wait.
I can't see you anymore.
And I'm not even gonna try to explain,
because it's not gonna make any sense.
I just really need you to know that...
That even though this wasn't real,
this is the best experience
that I've ever had with anyone.
You've really shown me what
we should all be searching for
when we're looking for love.
Shay, my feelings for you are real.
Hey, listen to me.
I fell in love with you the very first time
I laid eyes on you.
It was just an illusion.
Yes, it was.
It was from what happened the first time
we met at Amy's house.
I'm so sorry, it's all my fault.
-[somber music]
And I just need you to know
that I'm not doing this to hurt you.
I'm doing it out of love.
[light dramatic music]
[somber music]
Is this love?
How could I possibly design a fragrance
for something I've never experienced?
I'm sorry I failed too.
You didn't fail.
This is very good.
You had a tough time with this, didn't you?
It's because love doesn't exist.
It's just a made up story
we tell ourselves to
feel better about life.
[dramatic music]
That's cynical.
The cynic is just a realist
after a very bad day.
You've never been in love?
I thought I was in love once.
When I was 17, I spent the summer
in the south of France on a vineyard.
Everything was so new and delicious.
The food, the language, the culture.
The boy.
I have this vivid memory of the two of us
running through a beautiful
meadow of wildflowers.
[Amy] Laughing, reaching
out to touch every flower.
I felt so alive. So sure
I would always be carefree
with that beautiful boy...
But that turned out to be
just another fairytale.
Not real.
Not by a long shot.
I'm sorry it didn't work
out for you and Austin,
but he's gone now.
[Amy] Some internship with
a photographer named Bjorn.
I don't quite get it.
He said he still loves you,
despite the heartbreak.
All matters of the heart just get messy,
that's why I stay away.
Everything's in here.
The recipe, everything you need.
[Shay] Um, I don't want any money for it.
I'm out of the perfume business.
Well, at least you should
come for the launch party.
I'll send a car to get you.
No, thank you. I'm not going.
Hi, sorry to bother you.
We were just kinda worried about you.
Are you okay?
I have a confession.
I used to love potion on you.
A love potion?
Yeah, the perfume that I gave you.
That's why you had such a
nice time on your anniversary.
[Wilma laughs]
Well, you think we had a nice anniversary
because of a perfume?
[Ken chuckles]
You know, we've been married for 50 years.
Perfume is nice, but marriages
have their ups and downs,
and that's what makes them work so well.
There's no such thing as a love potion.
Things can help, but the
only thing that makes it work
I-is trust, loyalty, commitment.
And you know, not watching
loud sports all day
and hogging the remote.
Or interrupting while
other people are talking.
[Wilma chuckles]
Anyway, no potion can make
love happen or take it away.
That's up to us.
We just have to recognize
it when it's happening,
and be smart enough to hold onto it.
Or dumb enough.
Oh, stop it.
-[Wilma laughs]
Anyway, just one piece of mail today.
There you go.
So you okay?
-[Wilma] Okay, good.
Night, night, night.
[melancholic music]
[Austin's voice] "Shay.
This is from the very
first time I ever saw you.
And it's this moment I
fell in love with you.
You can try to say my
feelings for you weren't real,
but I know in my heart that they are,
and I'll never forget that.
Much love, Austin."
The first time that he saw me.
[melancholic music]
[Shay] Methyl dihydrojasmonate.
I know you're probably
expecting your one true love,
because that's what's supposed to happen
in moments like this,
but it's just me.
[lighthearted music]
Go get ready.
You need to come with me, let's go.
Where are we going?
Use your scientific mind and take a guess.
-No, no.
No protests from you.
Hair, makeup, dress.
Let's go.
And you are most certainly
wearing heels tonight.
[lighthearted string music]
There's nobody here yet.
What's the rush?
I wanted you to see something.
[tense music]
Looks like I'm not the only one
with a big modeling career in my future.
Go take a closer look.
[romantic music]
[Austin] What do you think?
I was hoping to knock you off
your feet, but not literally.
I thought you were gone.
Oh, Shay, I would never
have missed your launch.
I just wanted to give you some space
out of respect for your decision.
Listen, if you don't
feel the way that I do,
then I understand.
No, no, no. I-I
I do feel the same way that you do.
[calming music]
I thought I used a love potion on you.
Which time?
Well, the first time
was an accident, but...
the second time was on purpose.
I thought I was doing the right thing,
because I thought I was
using an antidote on you,
but then I realized that
it had jasmine in it.
And you probably thought that
I was trying to hurt you.
I didn't know what to think, to be honest.
It's just...
You know, for the record,
I don't hate the smell of jasmine.
It's just that dose was pretty potent.
You're right.
I thought you were trying
to send me a message.
I'm so sorry.
I was trying to break a love spell.
So you believe in love potions now?
Well, I didn't, but all
the signs were there and...
I guess I believe that...
Love is a pretty powerful thing,
and you can't give up on it.
Because then it'll give up on you too.
I apologize for intruding on your moment.
That was inspiring.
You made me realize something.
That love does exist?
[Amy] No, no, no...
Something about this scent
has been nagging at me.
It's a very pretty fragrance, yes.
But you're right, it's not love.
We need to pull the
fragrance from the launch.
No, no, no, you can't pull the launch.
The party starts in less than an hour.
[Amy] I can do anything I want.
I'm the CEO.
The perfume is generic.
I just don't feel it.
No, of course you don't.
Because it wasn't made for you.
Well then, for whom was it made?
Everyone in general, and...
and no one in particular.
I don't follow. Explain.
I can't.
Just give me an hour.
Keep her busy.
[tense whimsical music]
[dramatic inspiring music]
[upbeat dance music]
She's here.
[Shay] Here.
Just try it.
I don't have time for this.
I promise you won't be disappointed.
[tense hopeful music]
[wondrous music]
You told me about France, and the meadow,
and the flowers,
and normally that would make
an incredible scent, but...
but it took me going through
a heartache just like you did,
to fully understand that
what you need from love
is completely different from anyone else.
This is it. This is the scent.
No, it isn't.
This is yours.
But it's only yours.
It's as complicated as you, but it's...
also simple.
That's what you felt in
that warm summer breeze
as a teenager in France.
Amy, I'm sorry, I can't bottle love.
Nobody can, because love
means something different
to every single person.
Well then, we definitely
have to cancel the launch.
If we can't give this mind,
heart, soul opening experience
to everyone, what's the point?
I completely agree.
Except that's really bad business.
That's exactly why my store went bankrupt,
and... the same thing could happen to you.
What if we could do what you
do, but on a larger scale?
Make a scent that would
make everyone like it.
That would mean making a
brief for every single person.
That's impossible.
No, it isn't.
What if it was set up like
one of those DNA ancestry type things,
where you fill out a survey,
send in photos and information
and all that other stuff,
and they send you back your results.
But in this case,
we send back a customized perfume
that takes into account
all of the memories of someone's life.
I mean, there must be
some kind of algorithm
that might make it easier
for someone to look at.
And then you just add the final touches
to make it perfect for each person.
What do you think?
Actually an amazing idea.
[George] I think it's
a billion dollar idea.
George! [chuckles] -Amy.
This is George Maris, one of
our corporate board members.
I think we've already met.
That's right. I'm her godfather.
It's an inside joke.
You know, my tech firm
could handle the digital side
of this concept no problem.
Then it's settled.
That's how we'll launch the perfume.
And you will have all the
resources that you need,
including one of the most important.
The right space.
Austin told me that our company
bought out your grandmother's old shop.
Well, please allow me
to gift it back to you.
It's the least I could do to thank you
for what you've done for me.
And I hope we can do the same for others.
I hope so too.
There's just one thing that's missing.
[lighthearted music]
The face of our brand.
[Darian] Oh...
All right, you're in, shrimp puffs.
Launching our new perfume line...
[All] To Love!
[people cheering]
[people laughing]
[Shay laughs]
-[Austin] So, wait.
You really believed you
created a love potion?
Like-like a real life magic love potion?
Well, you were acting so
strange when we first met,
I figured, "Well, it must be magic."
Why were you so weird and awkward?
'Cause I am weird and awkward.
That's me.
And when I looked up and saw
the most beautiful vision
I'd ever seen in my life,
I realized that I believe
in love at first sight.
If it wasn't magic, then...
why didn't you notice how bad I smelled?
Oh, no, I noticed.
You noticed?
-Oh yeah,
you stunk.
You didn't say anything!
That's love.
And sometimes love stinks.
[lighthearted music]
[Darian] I don't mean to interrupt.
Actually, I really do.
It's time to party, let's go!
Come on.
[Darian chuckles]
[upbeat dance music]
[lighthearted music]
[calming music]