Makmum 2 (2021) Movie Script

From an award-winning short film "Makmum"
by Riza Pahlevi
It's hard to lose someone you love.
But if we don't acknowledge the feeling
we would only prolong our sorrow.
It's okay to cry when you're sad.
That's normal.
Listeners, remember
there's always light after darkness.
No matter how deep
our sadness right now
we'll get through it.
My last tip is
be true to your feeling.
Rin, it's me, Alif.
I have bad news. Aunt Yanti has died.
Come here, please.
Thank you, Lif.
You're welcome.
Entirely we belong to Allah
and entirely to Allah do we return.
Are we there yet?
We've been on the road since yesterday.
And we had to get
on this nauseous minibus.
- Pandaan!
- Stop here, please.
- A customer for me.
- There will be a lot of customers.
Be careful.
Would you get off for a while, please?
What's wrong?
The bridge's old.
- Come on, Fiz.
- You need to understand.
It's been a year since it rained.
Watch out, you can fall.
Watch your step, Fiz.
Are you a native of Suayan Village?
- I am. Why do you ask?
- Nothing.
I just think it's weird.
Other villages love it
when they're progressing.
It's not like that with your village.
No electricity, no signal.
How do people live there?
Suayan Village
It's not going to be long,
ladies and gentlemen
before you can watch TV
and use a cellphone.
You won't need to draw water anymore
from a well.
Our lives will be more comfortable
with electricity.
Enough, enough.
Don't make it hard on yourself.
You're the fifth staff to come here.
Aren't you bored forcing us
to install electricity?
Enough, Dika.
People, do you hate it now?
Is it hard for you?
Do you want to watch TV?
Do you want to use a cellphone?
That's our answer.
To you, maybe we're suffering.
In reality, we live sufficiently here.
We can eat from our own garden.
We can meet others in our village.
And the most important thing
we can focus on our prayer.
Forget this.
Someone has died in our village.
We're in mourning.
Okay then, Mr. Ustadz.
Ladies and gentlemen, excuse me.
- Peace be upon you.
- And also with you.
Let us go home now.
We'll go to late Mrs. Yanti's place
together later.
Okay, sir.
Go home.
Hey, Ki.
You have the same opinion as me, right?
- You still want to know my opinion?
- I do.
You asked my opinion before
but you still cut the tree
near the mosque.
- But that's...
- Enough.
This village can actually
get with the times.
When will we stop falling behind?
But it's for the good of the people.
The people are influenced by you.
Think about it again.
You heard it yourself
what the people want.
Everyone would accept it if you accept it.
You're our elder.
Don't make our village go through
a drought like the other villages.
The river and the well is getting dirtier
although we still have many trees here.
We need a water pump to get clean water.
And we need electricity.
This is for the future of our village.
With electricity,
there would be a road outside.
It'll be easier for us
to sell our crops to outsiders.
Now, that's what I'm afraid of, Lif.
Who will benefit from this? Us or them?
You see how it is
with our neighboring village.
It was the same. They got help at first.
Everything got built.
Then what?
They were expelled from their own farm.
We've lived here for generations.
The dry season always comes
and everything's always fine.
It's the cycle of nature.
Be patient, okay?
Mrs. Yanti's death is abnormal.
It's because she entered
the Forbidden Forest.
I think so.
It is said that she was taken
by Nyi Lawe there.
Don't say the name "Nyi Lawe". Taboo.
- My condolences.
- Thanks.
My condolences.
Let her go.
Thank you.
- Rin?
- I'm leaving, okay?
- Is he Hafiz?
- He is.
Thanks for letting us know.
No problem.
Where did you get a signal?
How did you call us with your cellphone?
At the neighboring village.
Why is there no signal?
There's none here.
What's your activity now?
Are you still managing the boarding house?
I'm still the head of the boarding house.
I'm also managing a small online shop.
Where's your husband?
Will he join you here?
He has died three years ago.
Sorry, I didn't know.
When did you return to the Suayan Village?
About three years ago.
Did you not like it in the city?
They're build a new mosque?
- They are.
- What's wrong with the old one?
Isn't it still fine?
That's what they want.
I prefer the installation
of electricity, but...
You can go anywhere,
but don't come in here.
It's the Forbidden Forest.
It's a no-go for people here.
Come on now.
Do you miss your dad?
I am.
Let's pray
so that he's in peace.
What's wrong with you?
I miss him too.
Sometimes I miss him too much
it makes me anxious.
I get...
What, Mother?
Oh, God.
What's wrong?
Nothing, sweetie.
Fiz, promise me
that you will do salat diligently
so your prayers
can bring your father to heaven.
How long will we stay here?
We won't be long. After I take care
of your grandma's belongings
and do the Seventh Day of Death prayer,
we'll go home.
Oh, no. A week?
No electricity, no signal.
I can't use my phone.
Mrs. Lastri said her son, Iwan,
asked you to play with him.
Play with him tomorrow, okay?
Should I?
I seek forgiveness in God.
God, forgive me
for not concentrating on my prayer.
Oh, God!
She won't let me.
It's late. Tomorrow, okay?
I seek forgiveness in God...
Oh, God...
Excuse me.
- Peace be upon you.
- And upon you too.
Rin, hold on, okay?
Hold this. Wait.
Prettier this way.
What's up?
Is the water dirty here now?
It is. It's been two months.
It wasn't like this.
Murky water although
we experience no drought.
But the water's only murky
in this village.
But thank God it can still be used.
Why are you here?
I'm in the middle of making palm sugar.
We need to get water from far away now.
But what else can we do?
I can only accept the situation.
- Beat me!
- Wait!
Beat me!
- Beat me if you can!
- Wait!
Beat me!
You're cheating!
Don't accuse me, I didn't mean to do it.
No way! I saw it!
I'm telling your grandparents!
Stop fighting.
- Snitch!
- What snitch?
Wait for me!
When did it become like this?
I don't know.
It was like this when we arrived.
- Was it the mortar?
- No way.
Come here.
That's the sand, the brick,
and the cement.
They're all super quality.
No way it's because of the mortar.
I win, Grandpa!
- You win?
- He cheated, sir!
- My grandson cheated?
- I did not.
- Honestly?
- He did.
Dusk is coming, okay?
Go home. You'll do your prayer
and you'll recite Qur'an. Okay?
Let's play again, okay?
No way! You'll cheat again.
Just go home now.
Don't go there. Hey!
Don't go there, I'm telling you.
Hey What's your name?
Just let him go.
Isn't it forbidden?
Just be silent.
Let's come home.
Don't think about it.
Let's do salat, then recite Qur'an.
- Hafiz.
- Mother.
- Don't use too much water.
- Okay.
A kid was entering the forest.
- Iwan?
- No.
- Afdal?
- No.
- Who, then?
- That limp boy.
Well, you still can't go into the forest.
Got it?
Come on, it's Maghrib time.
The mosque we've been building
since a month ago
still needs our help.
Understand, ladies and gents?
What happened?
The wall cracks.
Rin, your kid, on the front.
- What's wrong with Hafiz?
- Come!
Hafiz, wake up.
Wake up.
Hafiz, wake up.
Watch your step.
Hafiz? Hafiz!
- Oh God, what's wrong with him? Hafiz!
- He passed out.
Hafiz? Wake up, son.
Your mother's here. Hafiz.
Hafiz, wake up.
What's wrong with you? Wake up!
- What's wrong with you?
- Mother!
Thank God.
Let's go home.
I don't want to be here. Please!
Okay, we're going home tomorrow.
I promise you.
Calm down, son.
I'm scared.
You have me and Allah. Calm down.
- Hafiz?
- Hafiz!
Ma'am, is Hafiz here?
Fiz, let's play!
Fiz, let's play.
Hafiz, play with your friends first, okay?
When Uncle Alif comes, I'll call you.
Hom Pim Pa,
the different one will be the seeker.
You're it, Hafiz.
Don't cheat, okay?
- Count! Count correctly!
- That's right!
- Okay?
- Okay.
- Make it smooth.
- Yes, sir.
There he is.
- Peace be upon you.
- And upon you too.
Lif, thank you for taking us back.
Sorry to bother you.
It's okay.
I want to buy something anyway
for my grandfather.
How is he anyway? Healthy?
Too healthy.
He's more active as he gets older.
I still remember when we were kids,
he always told us about
his great grandfather
who founded this village.
Well, that story?
I listen to that almost every day.
Look at my ear.
It's hairy now because of that.
Where does he live now?
He doesn't get along with the people here.
He chooses to seclude himself.
I feel the same.
I feel there's something weird.
Don't think weird thoughts.
Maybe Hafiz isn't used to the darkness,
that's all.
Oh, right...
Do you know who that limp boy is?
Hafiz told me that they played
and the boy went into the forest.
Iwan and Afdal...
As far as I know, their legs are fine.
Maybe there's another kid.
None. Only them.
Hafiz? Sir, do you see the kids?
They were playing around here.
But they're not here now.
- What's wrong?
- I believe the kids go into the forest.
No way. They're playing around here.
Aisyah! Lastri!
Iwan... Hafiz!
Iwan! Oh, God!
- Hafiz!
- Rin!
- Hafiz!
- Afdal! Rin!
- Oh, God!
- Hafiz!
- Oh, God! Iwan!
- Wake up, son.
- Hafiz?
- Wake up, son!
- Sweetie!
- Oh, God!
- Hafiz!
- Afdal!
It's because of the spirits.
They went into the Forbidden Forest,
that's why they're angry.
It's just a story.
Tales of old.
Don't believe such things.
It's shirk. It's a sin.
I'm going to bring Hafiz home.
- Let him be.
- Rin.
- Sir, let him be.
- Sir.
Oh, God!
You have to eat a lot
for you to get well.
I'm making you your favorite porridge.
Eat up.
Open your mouth.
Drink, son.
Drink it. Oh, God.
I'm going to get a napkin, okay?
Oh, God.
I seek forgiveness in God.
Iwan? Son?
Oh, God!
Hafiz? Where are you? Hafiz?
- Mother!
- Wait for me!
- I can't swim!
- Oh, God!
- Mother!
- Hafiz!
- Hold your breath!
- Mother!
- Help me!
- Hold on to this! Hold the rope!
Pull it!
Don't let go!
Hold on to that! Wait for me!
- Aisyah.
- Yes, Rin?
Did Afdal ever tell you
about a limp boy?
He did. What's wrong?
The boy exists, then. Where does he live?
I know everyone in the village
and I know there's no limp boy here.
So, he must've made that up.
I don't think about it much.
Aisyah, Iwan and Hafiz see that boy too.
It's not made up, it's real.
The boy's real.
This could be the beginning
of a danger to us.
Trust me.
Thank you.
How's Iwan doing?
What did I do wrong?
Did Iwan ever tell you about a limp boy?
- He did.
- What did he tell you?
That they were playing together.
The boy doesn't exist.
Iwan got sick last month.
The limp boy was made up to accompany him.
No. Hafiz saw that boy.
Maybe Iwan told him that story.
What's wrong?
Hafiz told me he saw the boy
go into the forest.
No way. You're overthinking.
Didn't you hear what the Ustadz said?
Las, that limp boy might be the key
to our boys' recovery.
I don't want to get into this.
Las, believe me.
Enough, Rin.
I don't want to get into this.
Go home, Rin.
- The water.
- Thank you, Lif.
Sorry, I'm late.
It's okay. So, how is it?
You've read my letter, haven't you?
I have.
And how will it be?
That's the problem.
We can't do it yet.
Not yet?
Come on!
Go high!
Go on!
- Hafiz, get down!
- Jump!
- Don't jump!
- Jump!
Hafiz, no!
Hafiz and Iwan also have this bruise.
You still don't believe me?
I'm just following what Father says.
He knows best.
Help us, Aisyah
to make the boys recover fast.
What can we do, Rin?
One more thing.
Are you bothered by a makmum lately?
A spirit who disturbs us
when we do our salat.
You mean khanzab?
My father will be home soon.
You should leave.
I know.
Lastri, why did you go
to the new mosque?
You want to see that tree too?
You saw Iwan climbing that tree
in your dream, didn't you?
Did you see him in your dream?
I did.
I don't know what's happening.
I'm baffled.
I still don't know what causes this.
Do you believe ghost exist?
Las, you know
I can see spirits since I was a kid.
But I see them more often lately.
It's as if they want to convey something.
You need to believe me.
- Mother?
- Oh, God!
- Afdal!
- Thank God!
Oh, God!
Thank God!
What's happening?
The Ustadz's grandson has recovered.
That's right.
That's why you should believe
in Mr. Ustadz.
Afdal has awakened.
Come on. Fight it!
Whatever that is, fight it.
You have to be strong!
How can it collapse like this?
It feels like it's hollow.
The ground must be hollow. Hollow.
We should move it
A tree can grow tall there.
So, the ground must be solid.
No problem. I'll cut the tree.
Mrs. Yanti's death is abnormal.
It's because she entered
the Forbidden Forest.
I think so.
It is said that she was taken
by Nyi Lawe there.
Don't say the name "Nyi Lawe". Taboo.
Peace be upon you.
And upon you too.
I'd like to visit your son.
You can go anywhere,
but don't come in here.
It's the Forbidden Forest.
They're wrong, Mother.
- The kid doesn't exist, Rin.
- It was made up by him.
He always told us about his great
grandfather who founded this village.
Peace be upon you. Alif?
May I meet your grandfather?
I know you don't believe me
but please give me a chance.
I'm certain this has something to do
with that new mosque.
The makmum spirit usually only disturbs me
when I do my salat.
But since Hafiz has been sick
it appears more often.
That means it wants to give me a lead.
Please believe me.
Okay, then.
When my great grandfather cleared
the forest that becomes this village,
there's a part of the forest
that couldn't be touched.
The Forbidden Forest.
It belongs to someone.
It's their home.
They've been there for generations.
So, if something is taken from there
it needs to be put back immediately.
When Mr. Ustadz wanted to build
the mosque near the forest
he asked for my opinion.
I said, "Be my guest"
as long as he doesn't touch the forest.
And he agreed to that.
You should've been careful.
This costs more money.
Oh, no. This is a serious injury.
Is there no medication?
I'll get some from my house, then.
Why does she do that? What is she doing?
Go away!
Go away!
Oh, God! Hafiz!
Hafiz, wait for me!
Where are you going?
Hafiz, wait for me!
- That's Rini.
- Hafiz!
Hafiz, don't go!
Rin, Hafiz is at home.
A spirit.
The spirit of the forest.
The spirit of the forest fooled me.
Turns out the makmum
that has been bothering me is that spirit.
It wants to take Hafiz away.
It wants to take Hafiz away.
Hafiz, wake up, son.
Hafiz, wake up, son.
- Where are you taking my son?
- To the hospital.
- Without telling me?
- Rin, this is for his well-being.
No, no, no.
This is caused by the construction
of the new mosque.
The forest spirit is angry
that the tree behind the mosque was cut.
- That's why it took the kids.
- Enough, Rin!
Aren't you worried
about Hafiz's condition?
- Ajis!
- Yes?
- Peace be upon you.
- And upon you too.
Lastri's son has recovered.
Thank God.
I'm going to visit him. Come on.
Rin, listen...
Iwan has recovered.
But why is Hafiz still unconscious?
No, no, no.
I want to settle this myself.
The spirit of the ghost is angry.
It wants to give a warning.
- I need to settle this!
- Rin!
- Let him go!
- Rin!
Go away!
- What happens?
- The wall cracks.
They're wrong, Mother.
- The kid doesn't exist.
- As long as there's no other tree is cut
it will not bother us.
Get back.
- No! Don't cut it!
- Get back!
Come on, get back!
Or you'll be dead!
- Rin?
- Dead.
Death is God's will.
It has nothing to do with a tree.
Get back!
Oh, no!
Thank God.
It's done, Mr. Ustadz.
Thank you.
- Hafiz!
- Mother!
Hafiz has recovered?
Oh, God!
You have recovered.
It doesn't make sense.
It has been weird.
Look at Rini.
- Everyone...
- Yes, sir?
- We're relieved.
- Thank God.
Thank God. And now, please go home.
Let's go home.
Okay, sir.
A charity is still a charity.
But don't go broke because of that.
How can worship make you go broke?
Wait, boss. Where are you going?
This is an adult matter.
Just go to sleep.
Don't forget the bed.
Bed. I'll shoot you. Go away.
Where are you going?
Why are leaving?
This must be a code for me.
- Rini!
- Ladies and gentlemen
thank you for coming here
for the Seventh Day of Mrs. Yanti's death.
Rini's here.
Where's Hafiz?
Is he with Alif?
Where are you going?
Why are you hanging out here
instead of praying for Mrs. Yanti?
Let me accompany you.
She accepts.
Hi, Rini.
Where are you going?
Just stay here. There's a gorge there.
What about your son? Will he be okay?
Your son's smart. He's understanding.
How beautiful you are.
I'm going to kiss your hand, okay?
Wait, why is your hand black?
Mother, help!
Where's Hafiz?
Where's Hafiz? Hafiz?
Rin, what's happening?
Rin, you said he's with Alif.
I don't remember anything.
Last I saw him, he was in his room.
- Hafiz!
- Istighfar.
Rin, the jinn is using you.
Sir, I had a vision
that Hafiz is being taken to the forest.
- Come on! We have to save him!
- Say God's name.
No, Rin.
Istighfar, Rin.
Rin, Istighfar.
- I seek forgiveness in God.
- Istighfar.
Calm down.
Don't be affected.
Don't be fooled.
Don't disturb!
My house is damage!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
- Hafiz!
- Uncle!
I'm scared.
What's wrong?
Mom's weird.
Come on. Let's go home.
- Rini!
- Aunt Rini!
- Rini!
- Aunt Rini!
- Aunt Rini!
- Rini?
Sir, what's happening?
Rini's running away. She's possessed.
- Possessed?
- She is!
- Let's split up and find her!
- Okay!
Come on!
- Rini!
- Mother!
- Mother?
- Aunt Rini?
- Aunt Rini!
- Mother!
- Aunt Rini?
- Rini!
- Sir, I know where she is.
- Where?
- Aunt Rini!
- Mother!
- Rini!
- Mother!
- Mother!
- Aunt Rini!
- Mother!
- Oh, dear! Rin!
Oh, God! Wake up, Rin!
- Oh, God!
- Mother!
I seek forgiveness in God.
- Rin, wake up!
- Mother!
- Hafiz!
- Mother!
Wake up, Rin!
Wake up, Rin!
Put the kids down!
It hurts!
Wake up, Rin!
Enough, Rin. Wake up, Rin.
Oh, God!
Come on, let's go!
Oh, God!
Mr. Ustadz!
Rini! Oh, God!
Wake up, Rin!
Rini! Wake up, Rin!
Everyone, let's pray together.
Yes, sir.
Oh, God, Rin!
- Let's go home.
- Oh, God.
Come on, we pray again.
Yes, sir.
Oh, God!
Come on, let's pray again.
Let's leave!
Let's leave!
Hey! Don't leave!
Are you scared?
Come with me.
Where are we going?
Those poor kids.
It's okay.
Who are you talking to?
Mr. Ajis.
Where is he?
Hey, hold this. Hurry!
Come on. Don't ramble.
Lif, hurry!
Rin, remember! That's your son!
You're possessed by the devil!
Remember, we have Allah!
Don't be defeated by the devil!
Hafiz loves you, Mother!
Oh, God.
Oh, God! Rini!
Come on.
- Afdal.
- Hafiz.
- Iwan.
- Afdal.
Son, it's me.
Come on.
It's okay, son.
- Oh, God!
- Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Keep on praying!
Nyi Lawe's energy is sucked empty by Rini!
Come on, keep on praying!
That's it.
Put it in, hurry.
That's right. Hurry.
Once more.
Over there.
This, I return your house!
Don't disturb us anymore!
Allah is the greatest.
Thank God.
Thank God.
Mother! Wake up!
There's a reason the villagers
call this place The Forbidden Forest.
When it was still a kingdom,
a lot of spirits disturbed the villagers.
And then the spirits are caged
into the trees.
When the villagers disturb the forest
the spirits bother my salat
to send a message
because sometimes I'm not focused.
We need to believe
that we live side by side
with creatures from another dimension.
We need to be respectful
and take care of one another.
Settlement for you and the sky a canopy
and sends down rain from the sky
causing fruits
to grow as a provision for you.
So do not knowingly
set up equals to Allah in worship.
Thank you.
- Peace be upon you.
- And upon you too.
Fiz, let's play together again someday!
Thank God. It's raining!
Thank God!
It's raining!
Thank God!
I want to thank you
for helping me and Hafiz.
This place will function
as a religious school
You'll come here often, right?
I don't know.
After what happened to me and Hafiz
the other day
I'm traumatized to come back here.
What if I come to your place?
May I?
Of course.
Oh, so the old mosque
will become a place to memorize Quran?
It will be.
What's wrong?
It reminds me of a friend of mine.
She always want to grow deeper in religion
to be a Quran memorizer.
Her name is Ningsih.
Where is she now?