Maktub (2017) Movie Script

No way...
I need your opinion on this, Chuma.
It's sweet?
Why is the Carpaccio sweet?
Do you serve it for dessert?
No, it's... an appetizer.
You used to serve the Carpaccio
with balsamic vinegar.
- What is this?
- This is...
pomegranate concentrate.
Pomegranate concentrate
on raw meat?
Is this about food costs?
It doesn't make sense.
Concentrate costs more than balsamic.
At least seven cents more per 100 ml.
Okay, but it's concentrate.
You use less...
No, it's not about food costs.
It's the new chef, my new partner,
he makes the rules in the kitchen.
It's his culinary concept,
a twist in every dish.
You got it, Steve?
Sure. A twist.
Now I get what happened
to the Caprese salad.
Mozzarella is bland,
at least the buffalo cheese
gave it some presence.
It's a shame,
you pay us a lot of money
for our advice.
This man has the palate
of a master chef.
I give credit where it's due.
I appreciate that.
So earn it at least.
That's what I wanted
to talk to you about.
The new partner, the chef?
He wants to make changes in...
I think...
He said...
you should talk to him.
Then get him out here.
We won't take up
too much of his time.
Tell Yiftach to come out here.
Why does that name sound familiar?
I'll tell you why.
It's from my Bar Mitzvah portion.
Judges 11.
"Yiftach the Gileadite.
was a mighty man of valor,
and he was the son of a harlot."
The son of a harlot?
How's it going, Mickey?
Are these your friends?
Please, join us,
we just tasted the dessert.
I don't know if Mickey told you,
but this is my place now.
So, thank you
for all your culinary advice,
but our business relationship...
is over.
It pains us to hear that.
This place is so precious to us.
Bring us the pomegranate concentrate.
Now do you get why meat
and pomegranate concentrate
- is a shitty twist?
- Okay, I get it.
- I get it, don't kill him.
- God forbid.
Kill him? What are we, animals?
Do you know why Dori
isn't at practice?
Did his mom catch him cheating on a test?
No, you idiot, they went to America.
- Where'd they get the money?
- Didn't you hear? They won.
His father won the first prize.
Two million.
- Swear on your mom.
- I swear.
I heard Zion say Dori put a note
with a wish in the Western Wall.
- You think that's why he won?
- Of course.
If you're a good person and you
put a wish in the Wall, it comes true.
Everyone gather round.
Sit down.
Listen up, our first championship game
is in Kiryat Shmona.
- Yes!
- Yes!
Yes? Yes? Settle down.
First you win,
then you shout "Yes!"
We're taking one bus to the game
because it's very expensive,
so whoever knows his dad will come,
raise your hand.
Write the names.
Rani's dad, Shmueli's dad,
Balahsan's dad,
Saado's dad...
- Avisar, did you raise your hand?
- Yes.
- Who's gonna come, your mom?
- No, my dad.
- How is that possible?
- Stop it.
- Yigal, are you writing me name?
- Yes.
Stop it, Shmuel,
where's your sensitivity?
I wrote it down.
Okay, hands back up.
Dvir David's dad, Orian's dad...
Gazala's dad.
This respect we're getting
is reserved for prime ministers.
And what's wrong with that?
- I sense a dissonance.
- Give it to me straight.
Every collection round like this,
we make a few hundred thousand.
You'd think our share would be 50%.
But it all goes to him.
How can I grow like this?
There's this armored glass ceiling.
What are you going on about?
You want Kadaev to tell Kaslassy?
He won't say a word,
he doesn't know the lingo.
He knows the lingo
better than you think.
Besides, what do you want?
You got it so bad?
You got respect, food, a bed,
a kid...
Shut up.
Come play!
Thank you.
Where did that come from?
I bet a crow
stole that fish from Ziko.
Fuck, let's get outta here,
we'll get their money tomorrow.
What's the matter?
A crow dropping a fish
is a bad sign.
You starting with that again?
I'm telling you, it's a bad sign.
Come on, Chuma, we're already here,
let's get this over with.
Kadaev, the door.
The way you abuse your food
is very disappointing.
You're turning it all into one color.
You're killing it.
It's not one color,
it's a specific color.
I like my food spicy.
Hello. How are you?
Are you enjoying your meal?
Any better than this
and we'd go insane.
Would you like a cocktail?
You know what?
I was thinking of a Gewurtz.
Listen, there's a problem
with the bread.
What... what's the problem?
We keep running out of it.
What's that?
It's a potato.
No, on your shirt.
Fuckin' shit! It's blood!
It's a stain.
You hit him too hard,
that fuckin' Yiftach son of a harlot.
It's not blood, it's concentrate.
You poured it on his head...
Fuck, my day is shot.
It's a stain, it's blood!
- No, it's concentrate.
- It's red! Blood!
Concentrate is purplish.
This is a Pierre Cardin shirt!
You know what? Let's check it out.
If you're right, I'll buy you a shirt.
If you're wrong,
I want a huge bag of gummy worms.
- Kadaev, what are you doing here?
- Get the hell out!
What are you doing here
with that briefcase? Go!
Kadaev hungry. Finish round.
Go buy yourself a falafel.
Forget it, he might as well eat here,
We're going to check the stain anyways.
Kadaev, sit,
Eat... fast.
Thank you.
You see, it's concentrate.
Maybe soda gets blood out?
You said that blood
never comes out.
Don't "Soda" me.
You owe me.
What's this?
How lucky are we?
Everyone died.
The restaurant went kaput.
Did you see what was left of Kadaev?
As if the terrorist was hugging him.
We have to give thanks,
but not in synagogue,
at the Wailing Wall.
A dining hall?
But you just ate!
How can you even think of food?
We gotta go to the Wailing Wall
to give thanks.
Fine, that's what I said.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go then.
Oh my God...
Chuma, your ear is bleeding.
Friend, give me a pen.
your ear is bleeding.
You can't hear.
Because we weren't listening...
it's a sign.
We have to leave this business.
There was a terrorist attack
at Zairi's restaurant.
We were there
when we were making collections.
People died in there.
You mean you were there
when the place was blown up?
Where's my money?
I dunno, Kadaev must have it.
Where's Kadaev?
We were doing our thing,
we were inside,
he was outside with the...
We never hang on
to the briefcase.
I bet the explosion scared him
and he took off.
I was sure he's here
with the money.
And you didn't see him
after the explosion?
How did you get out
without a scratch?
Without a scratch, Kaslassy?
Did you see Chuma?
The man's deaf,
he's totally lost it.
I'm telling you, we talked about it,
we can't go on like this...
We want out.
You want out?
What is this, summer camp?
We've changed.
This kind of thing
gives you perspective,
all I see before my eyes
is blood.
You see blood on a daily basis,
- what are you going on about?
- But this is different, Kaslassy.
There were families, kids...
You know us, we're no softies.
Fine. Enough.
Take an unpaid leave.
You're not leaving,
you're getting some R&R.
We'll talk when you get back.
Thank you, Kaslassy.
You believe him?
You can't make up
something like that.
Yeah, they're not smart enough to lie.
How sad. Kids got killed...
That motherfuckin' Kadaev.
- Words.
- Words.
Ran off?
With the money?
- Is that what you told him?
He'll find out
he died in the attack,
- his body was all over the restaurant.
- No he won't.
That Chechen wasn't legal,
no documents, no nothing.
He even looked Muslim,
they'll think he was the terrorist.
Don't worry, I thought of everything.
This is bad money! It's bad karma
and you're stealing it? From him?
This is not stolen money.
It's our retirement fund.
You wanted to retire, fine,
but we need some cash
to get on our feet, especially
after what we've been through.
So let's take the money
and go to New York, to Zadok.
We'll partner with him
in his food trucks.
You know how much he makes
on his hummus shakshuka?
And it's a culinary disaster to boot!
Who mixes shakshuka with hummus?
You know what we can do there?
We'll burn America with our food truck.
Picture it, "Fish Kebab."
I didn't get it, what?
Let's go to Zadok...
with our "Fish Kebab."
my wife and I are having a hard time,
I don't meet her expectations.
I do what I can, I work 17 hours a day,
I make food for the kids,
I can't do it anymore.
Help me restore the spark
to Varda's eyes?
Achikam Shem-Tov,
son of Dvora and Ephraim Shem-Tov."
Where'd you find this?
In my pocket.
- Is this from the Wailing Wall?
- Yeah, I... tried to talk to you,
you couldn't hear me,
I looked for something to write on,
so I pulled out that note.
I tried to talk to you! I had to...
Don't get upset.
Let's find the guy and help him.
We have the money to help, okay?
You mean you heard me?
I don't believe it,
my ear's unclogged.
For real?
Why did my ear come unclogged
just when you said we'd help him?
I hear you...
Think about it.
You were going on
about the fish kebab...
but when you said
let's help him with the money...
It came unclogged.
The problem is, how do we restore
the spark to Varda's eyes.
- You only read what he wrote.
- So?
You didn't read what wasn't written.
"I make food for the kids."
What do you learn from that?
That he can cook.
That he takes part in raising...
That's the obvious answer.
What's the hidden meaning?
Grilled cheese?
Kids, in the plural. Not one kid.
He has to support them,
he has to feed them.
Just to prove to you, he also writes
"I work 17 hours a day."
You see, the dude doesn't rest.
And still she's not happy with him.
Money! He doesn't make enough.
Increase his salary,
reduce his work hours,
the spark will come back,
so will the respect.
The love.
Maybe they'll even have
another kid.
It's important for the kids.
They need their parents.
Why did you have to say that?
Achikam Shem-Tov?
- What?
- Did you write this?
I don't know.
What do you want?
Don't freak out, we're here to help.
Now answer the question.
Don't lie.
Chuma will beat you up.
Yes, I wrote it.
I'm sorry, I...
- Take us to the manager.
- We can't just walk in on him.
We shall see about that.
Can't you just say,
"We'll see about that?"
It's more memorable.
I'll get back to you.
We're good friends
of Achikam Shem-Tov.
We want you to give him a raise.
A raise for Achikam...
Get the hell outta here.
Before I call the cops.
No! No!
Let me up!
Take her to a nice restaurant.
You can order fried risotto balls
with cheese for the appetizer.
They're crispy and soft.
For the first coursethey should
share a fillet of bass,
without the bones.
And then for dessert,
take her to Cafe Rimon,
Order some Napoleon cake.
Give her back the spark.
I don't know how to thank you.
There is a God in heaven.
I knew angels existed,
but I didn't imagine them...
you know...
You're welcome.
Thank you.
Where are you going?
Go home!
What a great feeling.
I'd love to be a fly on the wall
when he shows his wife the raise.
You just gave me the chills.
Me too.
Five white cars in a row.
I said if one white car goes by...
then five will go by.
Who did you say it to?
To myself.
Forget that.
Zadok got back to me...
He called from some parking lot
in New Jersey.
You say Zadok
and a jackass walks by.
Forget that. Listen to me!
He catered this Betty Perry gig,
he sold 1,500 portions
of humshuka in four hours.
You know how much
he sells a portion for?
Eight dollars and fifty cents.
And what expenses does he have?
Even if you count everything,
Maybe 2.3 dollars per portion.
You know how much
that leaves him with?
6.2 dollars per portion.
Multiply that by 1500.
- How much does he make?
- 9300.
9300 dollars in four hours.
See what I mean?
He says that with our money
we can take on our own food truck.
And he'll be our partner, 50%.
Steve, what are you doing?
I get what you're about,
no more Kaslassy,
you want to be your own man.
I took care of us.
You took care of yourself.
Why are you being like that?
Because I don't want to go to Zadok
and sell fish kebab.
The food truck is your dream.
I got all the answers.
You wanna keep playing?
What answers did you get, Chuma?
Who did you get answers from?
The five white cars that drove by?
Are you a little kid?
Keep putting me down, why don't you?
I'm not, I really want to know.
What do you want to do?
I want to read another note.
You opened one!
We paid back our debt to society,
we're even.
This look like a game to you?
You have to give back all your life.
All my life?! Then how will we live?
I don't get you!
We were supposed to be dead
but we're alive.
We'll do what we gotta do,
with God's help.
You really do need God's help.
Hey, sit down, we're playing a game.
- Forget about it.
- Chuma!
Forget it.
Don't follow me.
Go to Jersey, make fish kebab.
Are you a pussy?
I'm going it on my own.
Get back here, Chuma!
Fine, I won't get back to Zadok.
Fifty percent is too much anyway.
But just think about it, okay?
Meanwhile, I'm with you.
Let's get another note.
Only one?
What do you want?
I don't want one more.
Come back and have a beer with me.
I'm in a hurry.
Play me something tender.
You see, Avisar?
When there's a corner kick,
the center back
runs to the closest post.
That's your responsibility.
You get me?
What's that scratch on your head?
Did you get hit?
No, I got brains.
This guy cracked my head open,
shoved brains inside
and closed me up.
Now I'm much smarter.
You're making that up.
Close your eyes.
This is for you.
- You mean it?
- Yes.
- What is it?
- Look.
It's a crown.
The crown of a king.
You can put it around your neck
and everyone will know
that you're a king.
Gimme your hand.
Only special people have one.
It's not for just anyone.
And if you meet someone
who has one just like it,
you'll know that person
is special like you.
Your mom's coming.
Go to your room, quickly!
How did it go?
Did he wake up?
No, he's sleeping soundly.
- How was your evening?
- These blind dates aren't for me.
He sends me a photo of Raj Kapoor
and a loan shark turns up.
You're better off
without those goofballs.
Stay. Let's watch a movie.
No, I can't,
I have a busy day tomorrow.
Thanks, Chuma.
I know you don't have to do this.
what else am I gonna do?
- Okay then, bye.
- Bye.
Is it okay that I'm blond
or do you prefer dark hair?
I didn't say, I'm Freddy.
Yes, I'm not from here.
Excuse me.
From Netanya?
That's a great city.
There's a port, isn't there?
Take me to the Chechen's room!
I'll call you back.
What's this stench?
Seems to be the stench of a corpse.
He hasn't been there in a while.
How do you know?
The fridge reeked like a carcass.
It wasn't working for three days.
There was this huge fish in there,
he wouldn't have let it go bad.
I bet he wanted to smoke it.
Are you hungry, bro?
The European guy that works there
said he hasn't seen him.
- You want me to deal with him?
- No.
So what are you saying?
My gut tells me
he bailed with the money,
- to Chechnya.
- Your gut won't stop talking.
What can I do?
I wanted to eat a pastry,
but the place was closed.
How did he take off to Chechnya
if we have his passport?
With the money he had,
he could print passports
for the entire family.
I bet he's eating a seven course meal
as we speak.
Just my luck. I never win anything.
Not even free french fries.
You look nice,
and the eyeliner came out perfect.
Go to hell.
I don't even get why I'm doing this.
What don't you get?
This way you can see
who put the note in.
That I get,
but why am I a woman?
Because a man can't enter
the women's section!
You only want to get men's notes?
That's inequality.
Did you see her? Go for it.
You mean the one
with the baskets, right?
No! What's wrong with you?
I mean the pretty one.
Pretty? Did you forget
what we're here for?
That old lady needs more help
than the pretty one.
What? Look how strong she is!
Besides, so what if she's striking,
doesn't she deserve our help?
Even the pretty ones
have troubles you know.
You can't discriminate like that.
I'm going in.
Thank you.
"Dear God,
soon my little Boris
is have a Bar Mitzvah.
Boris is sensitive and talented boy,
he play the violin very good.
He is genius.
Lately children is
beating him up in school
and he be sad.
I am asks of you
that we manage to make him
big Bar Mitzvah celebration
so that friends will likes him.
I raise him alone, I have no money.
Thanks you, Doniasha Baltov."
Sad, huh?
Fuck this bra!
Help me get it off!
What's the problem?
It's stuck. Why is the clasp in back?
- Give it here, kebab fingers.
- It doesn't make sense.
It's hard.
Relax! Let me do it.
How's it going?
Nice day, isn't it?
Why are you in a costume?
What do you care?
Don't talk back!
What's with the costume?
Are you a prostitute?
We've been getting complaints.
No, officer, he's not a prostitute.
It's his regular outfit.
Yeah, I like dressing like this. So?
Yeah, you want to arrest him
because he's a tranny?
Yes, I'm a tranny.
And this is my boyfriend,
he's in the closet.
Shut up! That's disgusting!
Get the hell outta here
before I take you in.
We have to talk.
Boris, go play in your room.
Are you the repo men?
I'm all paid up, I have proof.
No, not at all,
we're here to help.
We... organize Bar Mitzvahs
and the name of your son, Boris,
came up in the raffle.
You won!
We'll... organize the event for free.
We're only here to... you know...
find out how many guests,
what kinds of salad you want...
This must be mistake,
I didn't sign up for raffle,
we don't have money
for big party.
No, it's free.
You were automatically signed up.
City hall holds a raffle
for all the 13 year old residents.
Show her the letter you wrote, Chuma.
The letter... you printed...
that they wrote.
I printed it out.
Boris won a free Bar Mitzvah
from the city of Jerusalem."
I can't believe it,
I never won a thing.
So, you're sneaking around
like a thief?
Lizo, how's it going?
Is that from Steve?
Come in for coffee.
- Is that fennel?
- You like?
- I don't know.
- Watch it, dude.
No, sure, it's delicious. Yum.
It's just that,
it has such a dominant flavor,
you have to go easy on it.
As you please.
Listen, even if he ever
gets over his stupid issues
and comes to his senses,
I'm not sure Avisar will want to see him.
It's hard for him,
you know about his past.
One day he'll be here.
My grandmother says that emotions
are like udders,
the cow provides milk
only when it wants to,
no need to press.
That's lovely.
Thank you. From Grandma.
I haven't seen the bastard
in five years.
She says he hasn't been here
in five years.
I got it.
The shit asks if he sent something,
maybe money.
Five years I haven't seen
a hair from his balls!
- Do you believe her?
- She spit, didn't she?
He ripped us off
and bailed to America.
I totally get the guy.
Look at this dump.
Is this any place to raise a family?
Where's the kindergarten?
Where's the school?
What if you want to make pizza
with the kids after school?
Where's the ambulance station?
What if the kid falls
and splits his chin open?
The ambulance?
Stop bustin' my chops.
Let's look for the Cyclops.
- Fine...
- Don't "fine" me, let's go!
- Crispy snacks.
- What's that?
I made us a list to end all lists.
I want to throw that Boris Yeltsin
a Bar Mitzvah as if he were my son.
Nothing, you hate when I mention it.
Then why do you mention it?
Because you have to hear it.
"As if he were my son..."
You have a son that you don't even know!
You starting with me again?
Yes. Shame on you.
If your late mother knew about this,
she'd die all over again.
- Stop the car.
- No.
- I said, stop the car!
- No.
Stop the car or I'll shove the sandwich
up your ass!
The truth hurts, doesn't it?
Get the hell outta my face.
Okay, get in. I'm sorry.
So now you're not talking to me?
I'll only talk to you
about professional matters.
So when you throw a party
for a small Russian family
that I bet doesn't have many guests,
and that Boris plays the violin,
he's European...
Of course.
You think I'd let him forget his roots?
What is this?
What can you do? Boris is Israeli.
This is how Israelis celebrate.
He's a genius musician,
he mustn't let anyone spoil that.
Mama, did you see the donkey?
I never imagined a Bar Mitzvah like this
in my wildest dreams!
Thank you, Mama, I love you.
My dear son.
Boris, come dance with me.
Don't you dance?
With you, of course.
Thank you, Steven.
You're our angel.
Where's your friend?
I want to thank him too.
No... that's okay,
he's very busy. I'll tell him.
I want a take away tray
with everything,
three or four of each kind.
And if there's Dragee candies,
make sure they're hard
and no sugared peanuts,
Avisar hates when theystick to the teeth.
I don't think I can...
Believe in yourself.
May I dance with Doniasha?
Go ahead.
Come with me a sec.
- Don't think I didn't see.
- What?
We're here to do a good deed
and you're thinking with your dick.
Didn't we do a good deed?
- What's wrong with you?
- What? I don't get you.
- She's not under age.
- She has a kid!
What's this?
We were at a party at "Star Halls" and...
they serve the best desserts ever.
- So?
- So...
Steve sent these for Avisar.
Avisar likes sweets, right?
Come in already.
Sweet Boris,
he fall asleep with shoes on.
Fucking hell...
This is the last of them.
I'll be right back.
Could you...?
Take this before I finish them all.
I just love their marzipan.
I can always bring more.
Why are you doing this?
I told you, Steve asked me to.
To your health.
Here's to you.
Well, I'm off.
You not stay?
No. I can't.
I can't be reckless.
You know, with Yeltsin here...
You know?
Come to the bedroom.
What's wrong?
We shouldn't.
This isn't for real,
- it's the alcohol...
- No it's not.
I mixed drinks and...
I'll be going now.
Listen, I spoke to Magriso
about Kadaev...
Hold on.
Nineteen thousand. Nice.
How did you get him to pay?
He didn't want to at first,
he said he doesn't have money.
I said, what's this?
He said it's for suppliers,
he owes them,
- he wants to shut the place down.
- And?
So I said, 'You don't give, I take."
I opened the cash register,
he went ballistic, I shut him up,
I took the money and came here.
- And he won't talk?
- Not anymore.
"Not anymore?"
I stabbed him with the ice pick,
filled up the bag
and got the hell outta there.
Oh yeah?
- So you finished him...
- Yeah.
I should shoot you like I shot him.
Where do you get these morons?
He killed a man.
He rubs out a source of income
and then comes here with the cops
on his tail.
I told you a thousand times,
idiots and thieves won't work for me.
Okay, scramble him up
and launder the money.
What did Magriso say about Kadaev?
If he got a false passport,
someone else must have done it.
Something stinks here.
A man can't just leave without a trace.
Okay, get Steve and Chuma back,
their unpaid leave is over.
What's that?
What are you doing?
You idiot.
Get up, I'll make coffee.
Get out of here!
Nothing happened last night,
I swear.
You didn't hook up with her?
- No.
Look me in the eye
and say that again.
I didn't hook up with her.
And I never will.
I'm just as good a person as you,
it upsets me that you think I'm not.
Zadok got back to me.
He took 50/50 off the table.
And the delivery of the trucks is on him.
I'll make you some black coffee.
You're so annoying.
You're telling me
how good you are
and then I gotta hear
about Zadok and the fish kebab?
For fuck's sake...
Why are you such a prude?
Someone has to plan for the future.
Why does that make me
a lesser man?
Fine, you're not.
Let's go to the Wall
and get another note.
Damn it. Well played.
My tranny disguise is in the bathroom,
get yourself an outfit together.
It's your turn.
Make me a strong coffee.
Your leave is over,
Kaslassy wants you guys back.
Where's Steve? He wasn't home.
Can you hear me,
or are you totally deaf?
How are you, Zafuf?
Damn, I'm talking to myself.
The doctor said I need an operation
or I'll lose my hearing for good.
Kaslassy wants you back!
Where's Steve?
Yikes! What's that?
Kaslassy wants us back.
Sure thing.
Where do we go?
- What "where?"
- Hold on.
What's going on with you?
With me?
What's with the woman's getup?
This is who I am.
Are you a tranny?
You say that as if it's a curse.
You're not going to collect like that.
Then I'm not collecting.
This is who I am now
and I'm not ashamed of it.
You mean you leave the house like this?
When you're close to death,
you realize that you were hiding
all your life.
I'm done being something that I'm not.
Your brain is fried.
Since when is this?
What you see on the outside
is not always what happens inside.
Whoever loved me
will love me like this.
Like Chuma.
Dude, you've totally lost it.
So what's your name now?
Dude, you stay here.
Ma'am, you stay here...
Fire and brimstone.
Can you go on your own?
Fuck me...
You think he'll let us off the hook?
Hope so.
Otherwise we'll have to split to Jersey.
The name Renana suits you...
You tell me, so you don't say
I'm thinking with my dick...
That one. She's not your type.
"My name is Bruria, daughter of Leah.
Help me and my husband have a child."
"My name is Bruria, daughter of Leah.
Help me and my husband have a child.
I'm 40 years old
and I think it may be too late.
We've been trying for a long time,
I'm afraid he'll leave me."
I think we're done.
We can't make her wish come true.
Only God can do that.
But we read the note,
we came all the way here...
It's a medical problem.
How can you help her?
You'll knock on the door and say what?
We chose this note.
It's a sign that we can help her.
I think it's a different kind of sign.
It's a sign we have to move on.
God sees that we're dwelling
on these notes
instead of taking advantage
of our opportunities.
This note is a wakeup call,
we're not God.
That doesn't sound right.
It can't end this way.
I'm going to buy us plane tickets.
We deserve a life in America.
Don't we?
- You'd leave everything behind?
- Yes.
I don't know.
No pressure.
Tomorrow at four
we go to Sharon's travel agency.
I'll ask Nissim's sister in law
for seats next to the window,together.
We'll fly with Turkish Air,
they serve an awesome Bi-Ajeen.
We'll have a good time.
Let's go, Avisar.
What did Yigal talk to you about?
The game up north.
You didn't tell me about it.
Why did you say
your dad would come?
Because he will, I believe it
and it will happen.
You're right.
If you believe, it happens.
So you should believe too.
I do, Avisar, but...
Don't you want him to come?
I do...
I want you to have a dad.
You deserve a dad.
- But I have a dad.
- I know, but I want a good man.
Someone we'll both love...
Then he won't be my dad.
He'll be better than your dad,
because we'll pick him and he'll pick you.
What are you doing here?
It's Tuesday, soccer practice...
Is everything all right?
I was at the bakery,
I thought you might be hungry.
I got you your favorite,
with spinach.
Come, I'll drive you home.
My car's up there.
I split it 50/50, after expenses...
You can still change your mind.
- When's the flight?
- Thursday.
Good luck, bro.
You're making a mistake
by not coming.
I can't.
I respect that.
Tell me...
let's say you were in my place,
what would you do with...
that Bruria woman?
Which Bruria?
The woman... from the note...
The one who can't get pregnant.
You won't let go?
Help me out with this before you go.
What would you do?
I told you, it's impossible.
Don't you get it?
Fine, I got it, I'm not God.
I'm just asking you
for your craziest idea.
Give me something
from that brain of yours.
Didn't you see me?
I'm sorry, Ma'am, are you all right?
What's wrong with you, man?
I didn't see her.
That's how people get killed.
Are you all right?
I'm fine. He just dented my car.
Take her to the hospital.
What? That's not necessary.
- She's fine.
- Don't you tell me she's fine!
Take her to the hospital
and I'm coming with.
"She's fine," he tells me...
A hemorrhage can go undetected.
And you can't drive. We'll park your car
- and I'll accompany you to the hospital.
- There's no need...
Ma'am, I'm not asking you,
I'm an officer on duty
and I'm instructing you.
Don't fall asleep, it's dangerous.
I won't.
Is there anyone who can pick up
the kids from school?
I... don't have kids.
Are you single?
Are you coming on to her?
Haven't you done enough?
No, I'm married.
No kids?
That's too bad.
People live their lives
chasing after careers,
suddenly they're all alone at 50.
A person could die in his home,
his head in his vomit,
and there's no kid
to pick his chin up off the table.
Are you in pain?
From the collision?
Excuse me, officer,
but you have no tact.
Ma'am, forgive me
if I'm invading your private space,
but haven't you seen a specialist?
There's no stopping you.
Watch your mouth.
I can still arrest you for hit and run.
But I didn't run, I'm right here!
- Shut up! Don't shout at me!
- No...
We haven't.
My husband doesn't believe in...
Doesn't believe?
You don't have that privilege,
you have to see a doctor.
There happens to be a doctor
in this hospital who helped my sister.
He's very famous.
Prof. Luria something.
Prof. Luria David?
Yes. How do you know?
So you did look into doctors.
No. This is his office.
What a small world.
- Go in.
- "Go in?"
He's not a shoemaker, look at this line.
So? This is an emergency.
And you're with a police officer.
Where's the emergency?
She isn't bleeding,
it's not a matter of life and death.
It's a matter of life and life.
You don't get to decide
what's important and what's not.
First you'll examine her
and then I'll decide if I should
check up on your shady business here...
Maybe you don't want that.
Shall we begin?
You see? When you want to...
What a plan.
I would have never come up with that.
I give credit where credit is due.
I appreciate that.
Listen, Chuma...
now that we've solved
this thing with the note,
why not come with me?
Her wish wasn't to see Dr. Luria.
She wants to get pregnant.
It's not over.
We have to make the wishes
come true as written.
But at least now we'll know
what's wrong with her.
You're a genius!
You're gonna ace it in America.
- You think so?
- Sure.
Tell me,
just so I know how you operate,
if you're in the process
of making a wish come true,
can you read another note
at the same time?
I have a few days before I leave.
- It's packed today.
- Yes.
There, those two.
No, today we go to the men's section.
So, why did I get dressed like this?
I didn't ask you to.
Isn't that?
Yes. Avisar.
Zachi, put a note in the Wall
and we're outta here.
Avisar, you know what to do.
Good, off you go.
Hey, you're not taking his note.
Why, you scared? It's about time.
I said, not his note. Stop butting in.
Who's asking you?
Ma'am, you can't come in here.
You keep bustin' my hump
about that kid,
now you're not telling me
what he wrote?
You know, what can a kid ask for?
A bike, chocolate...
Keep your hands to yourself!
How does he know your name?
I look after him.
For you.
Who asked you to?
I thought one day
you'd come to your senses...
It will never happen!
I'm telling you for the thousandth time,
he's not my kid.
I don't believe that.
Up yours!
I can't have kids, don't you get it?
You heard me.
Remember once you suggested
we go to the sperm bank
and make some extra cash
and I said it's a bad idea?
You know why I said that?
Because I thought about it before you.
I was told I can't be a donor,
my sperm's no good.
Do you get what I'm saying, Chuma?
I'm infertile.
Like Sarah our foremother.
So what are you saying?
That Lizo cheated on you?
Hello, Officer Asaf Hefetz?
Oh... Yes, this is he.
As you requested,
though I'm bound by confidentiality,
I'm letting you know
that the lady you brought in is fertile,
it's her husband
who has the problem.
Officer, we're good, right?
- Yes.
- Am I off the hook?
Doctor, can I ask you a question?
- Who is this?
- The other guy, the driver.
Are you still together?
Her husband, he's infertile, right?
Is there any chance of a miracle?
There have been cases where...
What are you doing?
Why are you butting in?
You heard what he said,
it's happened before.
Go to hell.
Stay away from me.
Thank God I'm leaving.
- Lizo, can I ask you a question?
- Go ahead.
Who is Avisar's father?
- Excuse me?
- You heard me.
What's wrong with you?
Don't you know who he is?
He sends you over with the envelopes,
doesn't he?
Could you have been
with another man at the time?
Get the hell out.
What are you doing here?
Should I go?
No, of course not.
Come inside.
Is this yours?
No, I'm... house-sitting for some woman.
I didn't know you have woman.
My grandmother.
Can I get you something to drink?
Something light.
There's only Stoli.
Why did you leave?
Do you want me?
Of course.
But we can't.
There's a kid involved.
We have to think ahead.
That's why I'm not afraid.
You're a good father.
I don't think so.
I don't know that it means to be a father.
Where's your father?
He's dead.
Doniasha, this is a bad idea.
All right.
I'll go.
Is he really dead?
Your father isn't dead.
He abandoned you.
I know the sad eyes of a kid
whose father left him.
Don't be afraid you'll be like him.
Sir, can I have the ball?
Take it.
Did you feel that too?
I think it's about to rain.
Or maybe someone's spitting at us
from an airplane.
Tell me, weren't you told
not to talk to strangers?
You have a king's necklace.
So do I.
It's nice.
- Avisar, bring the ball.
- Avisar!
I kicked it.
- Give it to me.
- It's mine.
Let go!
- Hey, stop that.
- Is this your dad, cry baby?
No, I'm not his dad.
Then keep out of this, pumpkin head.
Kid, watch your mouth.
Who do you think you are?
What happened?
I won his marble and he's cheating.
- Why are you cheating?
- I didn't lose.
I'll smack you, kid.
Did he lose?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Give him the marble.
Be a man, you're older.
Set an example.
You'll be respected
because you're a man,
not because people fear you.
Go on, give it back.
There you go.
Wait, what is that?
Give it to me.
I said, give it to me!
Tell her, Kaslassy said
it's the last time
she goes near Biton's daughter,
or else... Wait!
I'll talk to you later.
- Who's this?
- What?
Look into the pupil.
Who is this looking at you?
What the hell do you want?
Look at it now.
- Kadaev.
- Yes.
You found him?
No. Just his eye.
I saw some kids playing with it,
they thought it's a marble.
Maybe it flew outduring the explosion.
But it makes no sense.
Kadaev always stands outside
with the briefcase.
Couldn't he have gone in
with the briefcase?
- David.
- Yeah?
Are these cameras always on?
Yes, why?
Were they on the day of the explosion?
Of course, the police have the footage.
Who do we have on the force?
What's his last name?
I'll have green onion and parsley.
And parsley.
I don't have any change.
Take this. I sell it for 20.
- Instead of the I owe you.
- What am I gonna do with that?
- Is it alcohol?
- This is the creme de la creme.
Drink this, you'll make twins.
Drink it at night, your sperm
takes off like a Cessna!
All right.
- Zecharia, how's it going?
- Good.
I want a nice bouquet
to appease a woman.
I don't sell flowers, friend.
These are better than flowers.
She can eat them too.
And the scent...
Here you go.
I'm sorry.
I don't know
what came over me.
It's... none of my business.
You're right, you're a moron.
You really are a moron...
This is for you.
Thank you.
He never sent you, did he?
The envelopes, the presents...
Of course he did...
Don't lie to me.
Look at me.
Look me in the eye
and tell me the truth.
It was always you, wasn't it?
- Is this from Zecharia?
- Yes.
How do you know Zecharia?
Steve used to buy from him too.
He used to bring me mint and say,
"This is better than flowers.
You can smell it and eat it too."
I taught him that.
I melted when he said that.
I see...
He went to Zecharia,
came back here,
you had sex...
How's it going?
Fine. What...?
I just wanted to make sure
you're okay.
I am, thanks.
How did you know where I...?
Your license plate.
The officer told me.
Look, you went above and beyond,
I'm fine.
I wanted to take this opportunity
to give you something.
What's that?
It's for your husband.
Excuse me?
A friend recommended it to me
and I thought of you.
What does it do?
It's... a miracle cure.
It helped a good friend of mine.
All he needs is a quick drink
before bedtime...
It'll put him to sleep?
No. I mean, before...
you know...
before... you get busy.
Before the consummation?
Yes! Before the consummation.
And things will take off...
like a Cessna!
Talk to me.
I had to call in a favor.
You better not tell anyone!
Do you have the result?
That's right.
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with me?
He's your kid!
If Mom were alive, she'd die.
Yona, are you sure?
One hundred percent.
Where is he?
I want to meet him.
You have a son
and you didn't tell me.
How old is he?
Who's his mother?
What did you do?
Didn't you learn your lesson
after what Dad did to us?
What's wrong with you?
Look closely.
There. You see?
They went out the back door,
that's why no one saw them.
They stole my $400,000.
And now they're wearing dresses.
Did you find out about Lizo?
Zafuf, your wife is here.
My wife? What is she doing here?
Stay outside.
What can I do? My phone was on silent.
Maybe it's urgent.
I told you a thousand times,
get rid of that hag.
She's nothing but bad luck.
You've gotten to be such a sourpuss.
Go, get her out of here
so she doesn't see or hear anything.
Where's the money?
I'll tell you if you let Steve go.
What are you doing?
You have to stay.
You have to raise your kid.
He doesn't even know me.
Chuma, you're the one who said
the wishes need to come true as written.
There's no better person than you
to raise Avisar.
I'm deeply moved.
Let Chuma go,
I'll tell you where the money is.
You know what? I'll decide.
Avisar, sweetie, we gotta go.
If we're late,
we'll be disqualified.
No, we can't.
It's a two and a half hour drive.
Let's go.
Two more minutes.
Avisar, he's not coming.
He'll be here.
- Is that the bus to the game?
- Yes.
And you are...?
I'm Avisar's dad.
I knew it's you!
So, can we get a move on?
Let's go, dude.
I made you a tuna sandwich, you like?
I can't eat before a game.
I knew that.
Avisar, Is that your dad?
Sit, sit. sit.
Get on!
We'll make room!