Malaal (2019) Movie Script

And after taking a single, Shiva More is on strike again.
10 runs are required in 3 balls.
It's an interesting match.
Here's the next ball for Shiva More.
And that shot goes all the way to the boundary.
Things are looking bright for Shiva's team.
But they still require 6 runs in 2 balls.
Go for it, Shiva.
These are the last two balls.
And the bowler wants some changes in the fielding.
Corporator Signor Pratap Rao Sawant...
has graced us with his presence to boost the morale of his team.
And that's a magnificent shot, overturning the bowler's strategy.
And there is celebration amongst the crowd.
Shiva More's team is on the verge of winning.
Jadhav, this boy is playing quite well.
Keep an eye on them.
Sawant sir's team looks worried.
They might lose the cup this time.
And now Shiva More is getting ready to face the last ball.
The umpire signals the bowler to stop.
The bowler returns to his spot.
Everyone's holding on to their breath.
It's the last ball. Stay focused.
Here comes the last ball.
And that's a wide ball.
But the umpire didn't signal for a wide ball.
So Sawant sir's team wins the match today.
The batsman doesn't look too pleased with the umpire's decision.
He's heading toward the umpire.
He looks angry.
Beat him.
Beat him, Shiva.
Jadhav. I want that boy.
Invest in him.
So, should I let them win?
What are you looking at?
Hit it, guys.
Do you plan on moving in today?
-Yes, Uncle. -Then go get your stuff by evening.
Hit it.
Stop. Stop.
Come. Let's go.
Come on, boys.
Did you win the war?
I will win it.
Sawant sir is pretty impressed by me.
Because I defeated his team.
Mom... we're running out of space.
Really... then buy a bigger home.
I will buy it someday.
I know you will. Curse that bloody game.
I wish you had focused on studies...
then your father wouldn't be so angry.
Mom... I didn't win to make him happy.
But he's struggling to keep us happy.
Each one has his own fate.
We can't help it.
Mom, I need more eggs.
-Mom... -Yes.
Sachin's a champ!
When are you going to stop it?
Tell me!
You have no respect for anyone.
You go around picking a fight with everyone.
You thrashed the umpire today.
The entire neighborhood is ashamed of you.
I stay awake at night worrying about your future.
And you...
Why aren't you worried?
How dare you?
Why are you staring at me?
Please, let it be.
Everyone's watching us.
He will mend his ways someday.
When will that day arrive?
After we're dead?
And you...
Keep feeding him eggs.
Here. Eat it.
Eat it. You will have to eat it.
How dare you stare at me?
I will not spare you today.
-Even if I die, I won't... -Quiet!
Hit me. Come on. Hit me.
It has come to this.
Go on.
Don't you dare come back again!
What did you do to give birth to a son like him?
We would've been better off without him.
He didn't think while having fun...
and now he claims that they were better off without me.
There's hardly any space for people to walk...
and you want to ride your cycle up here.
Keep it downstairs.
She's so stupid.
Did you say something?
This is a respectable neighborhood.
So, if you want to continue living here, then learn to be polite.
He's a complete dimwit.
Everyone's fed with him.
You will get used to all this.
Well... my name is Swati.
Here. Hold it quickly.
You are not quick enough.
Sis, this place is so small.
And you forgot to bring all my toys.
Stay calm, Deepu.
Deepu's absolutely right.
Even our bathroom was bigger than this.
Wasn't it?
-Papa... -Yes.
We're all very happy here.
Aren't we, Mom?
Of course, we are.
And anyway... this is how we began in the first place.
We'll manage.
I know we will. But...
What about these two?
They will manage as well.
it's time to take your pills.
Call Choubey for a meeting tomorrow.
-Okay. -We need him to vacate a house.
Hail Maharashtra, sir.
Hail Maharashtra.
Shiva, we must help our brethren.
You can count on me, sir.
What do we have to do?
Every day, millions of people come to Mumbai...
especially from the North.
And we must stop them.
I already had a word with Jadhav about this.
He will explain it to you.
Yes, sir.
They are our boys.
Take good care of them.
Of course, sir.
Oh my...
My... my... Oh my...
You're smitten by my youth
Oh my... My... my...
Your eyes convey a message...
Oh my...
Everywhere you look... It's me that you see...
Oh my... My... my...
You're smitten by my youth
Oh my... My... my...
Your eyes clearly convey
Oh my... My... my...
Everywhere you look... It's me that you see...
Oh my... My... my...
Listen, girl You are being stubborn and immature
Listen, girl You are being stubborn and immature
I am here to win your love and respect
I am here to win your love and respect
Everywhere you look... It's me that you see...
Oh my... My... my...
You're smitten by my youth
Oh my... My... my...
Your eyes convey a message
Oh my... My... my...
Oh my... My... my...
Don't go away... Let's have some fun
I am the king of hearts... You are my queen...
I'll let you dwell in my heart... And I'll close all the doors
Don't tease me
If you don't listen to me, You will regret it later
If you don't listen to me, You will regret it later
I am the flood and a tsunami
I am water, flood and a tsunami
Everywhere you look... It's me that you see...
Oh my...
Oh my... My... my...
You're crazy about me
Oh my... My... my...
Your eyes convey a message
Oh my... My... my...
Everywhere you look... It's me that you see...
Oh my... My... my...
Oh my... My... my...
Oh my... My... my...
Sawant sir is the best.
How much did you drink today?
Oh my...
Come on. Wake up.
Hey, Jagya. Are you awake?
Come on.
Skip it, Babban.
Hello. I am Vijaya More.
I live in that room.
I made some cereal in the morning, and I thought that...
You shouldn't have gone through all that trouble.
She's Astha. My daughter.
-She loves to eat cereals. -Really?
Then take it. It's made for you.
Whenever you want to eat some fresh cereals, then come right over.
What's her name?
Mom's name.
He's sleeping on the terrace.
Our kids don't bother to wake up early.
He must be working late last night. I'll go take a look.
Did you guys relocate?
Auntie, if you need anything at all...
come to room no. 7.
Astha, go inside.
-Aunty, if you need anything at all... -Of course.
If we need anything, we'll come and meet you.
She's feisty.
It feels so heavenly tonight...
Babban, what's the occasion today?
My chances of getting married are looking bright.
-I am in love. -Again?
Mind it, Nandya, this time it's for real.
Like Jack and Rose.
So, you're going to die in the end, right?
Who is that unfortunate girl?
It feels so heavenly tonight...
Nandu, she studies in a reputed college.
Her father made a huge fortune by investing in the share market.
People like you mop the floors of their home.
Fine. The truth is always bitter.
Well... but they soon ran out of their fortune...
and had to move from their bungalow to Bhonsle's home.
She was filthy rich.
Here she comes.
What do you think about my choice, guys?
What is her name? Tripathi?
-Will the bus come from this direction? -Yes.
Bus No. 55.
Why hasn't it arrived yet?
We'll have to get rid of this filth before Sawant finds out.
Our reputation is at stake.
Finally, we have a beautiful face in this dump to look at...
and you're worried about Sawant.
Don't worry. Come to me, if you ever need anything.
Hey, Bhonsle. Have you lost your mind?
How could a Maharashtrian like you let a Tripathi rent your home?
Have you lost your mind?
Shiva, I am like your father.
Don't try to be my father.
-Just answer my question. -What?
It's my home.
They seemed like good people... so, I let them stay.
You're breeding traitors and having fun as well.
If they are good people, then let them stay in your home.
Hey, Bhonsle. If anything goes wrong...
then you will be held responsible for it.
It's good...
that you guys are settled.
We are settled...
but I am worried.
There's a madman who stays right next door.
Don't worry.
Aditya's back. He will handle everything.
Did you speak with Astha?
Well... Nirmala. Aditya spent all these years abroad...
and our situation isn't what it used to be.
That's not an issue.
We will never find a girl like Astha.
They grew up together and played together.
And now they can start a new life together.
Stop thinking too hard.
You can talk to Astha, while we talk to Aditya.
Please clap for Ravi Tambe. The body builder from Samarth Gymnasium.
He is flaunting his body. Please encourage him.
That's very nice.
Wonderful. What a body!
Very good.
I am pleased to announce that...
on the occasion of our corporator's birthday...
everyone is here in large numbers.
There's some trouble outside.
And here's Ravi Tambe...
the body builder from Samarth Gymnasium.
Let's have a huge round of applause for them.
Don't worry. I was...
Look at the damage!
Everything is ruined.
-What happened? -Nothing, Shiva.
I was just coming in and I bumped into his car.
You broke my Merc's headlight. Bro, this is major damage.
You'll have to pay for it.
Shiva, this guy wants me to pay.
Of course. You damaged my car.
Go on, Ranga, I will deal with him.
Who are you?
Bro, you'll have to pay up. You damaged my car.
He's here now, he will pay for the damage.
Why will he pay? You damaged my car.
-We will pay for it. -Go ahead then.
The king is in the house.
It's his birthday today. Go ask him to pay for your damage.
Now you listen to me.
Get out of here.
Or the damage might get more extensive...
for the car as well as...
Now get lost.
Get rid of this idiot.
Get lost.
Who is he?
I don't know. What a fool!
Come on.
Dad was offering you a much better place...
so why didn't you guys take it?
But this place isn't worth living.
Are you done?
Shall we go home?
Get going.
-What's this? -Let it be.
Bet she's his girlfriend.
Who cares? But beer's on him.
-When did you get this? -Right now.
Come here.
Yes, Mom.
Who is it?
Hey, Astha. Come inside.
I just came by to return your plate.
So what? You are always welcome in our home.
-No, Auntie. -Come inside.
Sonu, get up. Let her sit. And take this inside.
Come on.
Go get something to drink.
I am not going anywhere.
It's all right, Auntie. I just had coffee.
I've got something for you.
It's my father's favorite food. So, my mom makes them often.
A bottle of mustard oil can be used for cooking and cleansing.
Shut up, stupid.
Astha, ignore him.
Oh my...
This is more than enough.
Sonu. Get some snacks.
Go on.
Here you go.
Try some, dear.
My snacks are so popular in this neighborhood.
I get huge orders all year round.
Do you like them?
Listen... remember I told you about our new neighbors.
She is Astha.
What do you do?
I am studying for the CA exam.
Now that's talent.
Why don't you tutor our daughter as well?
His brother's a big loser.
See you, Auntie.
Yes, Auntie.
Will you tutor our daughter?
Is it okay if I give it some thought?
Of course. Take all the time you need.
You'll get more children to tutor in this neighborhood.
Okay, Auntie.
-Yes. -Can you keep this in the refrigerator?
Why don't you get it embossed on the nameplate that your son is a loser?
If you're not ashamed of it, then why should I be ashamed of admitting it.
He will always remain a loser.
-Guys. -Yes.
We should start collecting donations from next week.
Of course, we will.
Hey, fool. Stop boasting.
You're always missing in action.
If there's more crowd, there's more money.
Right, Shiva.
Auntie, 501 isn't enough.
You must give me at least 1,001 rupees.
Everyone did. Take a look.
-Yes. -Yes.
But isn't charity supposed to be done voluntarily.
Exactly, auntie. You are supposed to give it voluntarily.
-Yeah... -Yeah...
Otherwise, it will be a sin.
Yes, sin.
This is all I have right now.
I'll talk to your uncle when he returns in the evening.
-Keep this for now. -No, auntie.
Nandya, what's the commotion about?
We're not dependent on them for hosting this event.
Take whatever she's giving you.
There are other people who are willing to pay.
-Astha's here. -Wait...
-But, I... -Mom.
We have heard enough.
See... she is so generous.
Take this one too.
This is all I have right now.
What about the rest?
There are other people who are willing to pay.
Go take it from them.
Thank you.
This time the collection was really good.
Yes. We made a lot this time.
Babban, you still have to pay 50 rupees.
What? 50 rupees?
You borrowed it for buying cigarettes.
-Here, count this. -I'll pay later.
-First, multiply 3 with 6. -Okay.
Now, what is the answer?
Oh my, this is a night school?
This is the only hangout we had, but now it's gone.
Here you go. Now go home and drink these.
No one's going anywhere.
Multiply it with 16 and tell me the answer...
Sonu! Go get some water.
Wait, Sonu.
Why don't you also get some glasses for us?
We'll share a drink with them as well.
And also get some ice from my refrigerator.
I am sure you guys got the snacks.
Should I ask her to get some snacks as well?
Go ahead.
Do you think I'm here to listen to your nonsense?
-And you guys, get going. -No one's going anywhere.
If anyone has a problem, then they can talk to Uncle Bhonsle.
Does Bhonsle think he owns the place because he owns a few homes here?
I guess that Bhonsle needs to be taught a lesson.
Sonu, I think we should call the police too.
These guys are wasting the donation on booze.
Imagine the country's fate.
Enough with the lecture.
Or else, I'll teach you a lesson.
And keep this charade restricted to your home.
-But she is just... -Babban.
Don't interfere.
You don't know them.
One comes first and then--
What are you talking about? We are all Indians here.
If you're an Indian, then go live in India.
Why did you come to Mumbai?
Look, I was born right here in Mumbai.
And I am equally proud of being a Maharashtrian.
Did you hear that?
-Yeah, right. -"Maharashtrian!"
You're speaking out of context. Don't drive me mad.
What do these people know about our culture?
What do you know about your culture?
And you're already out of your mind, so, let me fix it.
Is speaking rudely with others a part of your culture?
Is squandering the donation on booze a part of your culture?
She knows Marathi.
I wonder what's the ego about. You don't even have a job!
-Come on. -Yes, come on.
What are you staring at?
If you're such a proud Maharashtrian...
then do something about it.
Maybe your family will start respecting you.
And won't call you a loser.
Sonu, if we multiply 214 with 16, then what's the answer?
And if you multiply 525 with 45, then what's the answer?
This is so unfair
You are speaking through your eyes... And creating a stir in my heart
You are stealing a glance, And peering in my eyes
You are creating a stir in my heart
This is so unfair
You are speaking through your eyes... And creating a stir in my heart
You are stealing a glance And peering in my eyes
You are creating a stir in my heart
Tell me what your heart desires
The color of love...
I am overwhelmed with love
I am overwhelmed with love
I am overwhelmed with love
I am overwhelmed with love
Why are you so proud Of your crazy heart?
Why are you so proud Of your crazy heart?
What are you thinking? Why are you sulking?
Even though you won't say it, I can read it in your eyes
We speak our hearts out to each other
We always help each other
The color of love
Oh no
I am overwhelmed with love
I am overwhelmed with love
I am overwhelmed with love
I am overwhelmed with love
Why are you...
Talking to me through your eyes
Come on
Let's clap
Come on
Let's clap
Accept the offerings of happiness
Bless us with long lives
Come together to celebrate happiness Come
Both of you will prosper Two hearts, one soul
This is life's sermon
Love is a blessing
Tell me what your heart desires
The color of love... Oh, no
I am overwhelmed with love
I am overwhelmed with love
I am overwhelmed with love
I am overwhelmed with love
This is so unfair...
You are speaking through your eyes... And creating a stir in my heart
You are stealing a glance, And peering in my eyes
You are creating a stir in my heart
Tell me what your heart desires
The color of love...
I am overwhelmed with love
I am overwhelmed with love
I am overwhelmed with love
I am overwhelmed with love
I am overwhelmed with love
I am overwhelmed with love
I am overwhelmed with love
I am overwhelmed with love
This is way too tight, man.
Uncle, how much is that for?
Guys, wish me luck.
As soon as they are done... I will propose to her.
-Are you done? -Yes.
She is mine.
Is that a joke?
I like her.
-Hand these over to me. -Shiva, this is unfair.
I think I made it pretty clear in the beginning.
Who cares?
-She looks at me in a different way. -So...
She does that to every other mutt on the street.
-What are you doing? -Shiva. Let him go.
Let's go.
You're crazy.
When did this happen?
The other day, on the terrace.
-But isn't she a... -What?
We are all Indians.
Right. Sure, we are.
After 22 years, I can finally feel my heartbeat.
It's a weird feeling.
But it feels like I'm on top of the world.
I can't sleep. I can't eat.
Did you see that?
She is looking at me again.
Come on. I should tell her about my feelings.
Aren't you being a little hasty?
Get lost, Swati.
Go talk to Nandya.
Why Nandya?
I want to have a private conversation with her.
The other day... on the terrace...
We are all Indians!
-Glory to... -Lord Ganesha!
-Come soon... -Next year!
-Glory to... -Lord Ganesha!
-Glory to... -Lord Ganesha!
-Our Lord will return. -Yes, he will return.
Our Lord will return.
-Glory to... -Lord Ganesha!
-Come soon... -Next year!
-Glory to... -Lord Ganesha!
-Come soon... -Next year!
Stop. Stop.
Come on, everyone. Get down.
Astha, let's go.
Shiva, are you going to sleep all day?
Well... Shinde's Chinese Center has lost all its glory.
Looks like someone spat in my soup.
This is what you deserve.
We did everything for them.
We kept awake at nights...
but now when it's time to pay...
that idiot Babban ratted out on us.
They know all about Astha.
Sawant refused to pay 2,200 rupees?
Will I have to steal it now?
Even if you murder someone, she will not be impressed by you.
That guy owns a Mercedes.
Can you even buy her a cup of soup?
Do you think I'm a loser?
Do you think I can't even buy a locket for her?
Have I ever felt like this for any girl before?
Was I ever mesmerized by anyone's scent?
To hell with their scent.
But, what about our body odor?
You love her, don't you?
Then listen to me carefully.
Give her anything you want...
but it has to be something that you can afford.
Something worth a couple of bucks.
-A couple of bucks. -Yes.
But make sure it's from your heart.
My heart's finally struck a chord
Love has finally found a way
I feel like I am floating in the air...
Like a colorful bubble
I've been overwhelmed by love
I've been overwhelmed by love
Come to me... I'll never leave your side
I'll never leave your side
Breaking free of every bond
I am waiting down your lane
My heart conveys...
Your thoughts never leave my head
I've been overwhelmed by love
The tradition of love...
And my devotion...
It's you Only you
My life dwells in you
The tradition of love...
And my devotion...
It's you Only you
My life dwells in you
I want to tell you something.
I mean...
I am addicted to you.
-Well, you shouldn't be. -Why?
I love you.
Look what I got for you.
Sorry, I was only trying to give you this chain...
What chain? And why?
Aren't you ashamed of troubling a female on the bus?
How dare you trouble a female? Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
She knows me.
You can ask her.
First, you trouble her and now you lie to us.
Trying to be a smart, are you?
-Beat him. -Beat him.
Come on, get down.
Hey, Astha. Thank God you're back.
I've kept some curd in your refrigerator.
What happened?
You look sad.
Just a minute, Auntie.
Keep this chain.
It belongs to Shiva.
How are you, Shiva?
How did you get that wound?
Wounds inflicted on your body are easily visible...
but not the ones on your heart.
You do have a heart.
The entire neighborhood claims that you don't.
How I see it is that... your heart's finally started to beat.
It doesn't happen to everyone.
Don't repeat the mistake your father did?
I lived through an entire lifetime...
without love and adoration.
Your father never bestowed me with love.
For him, I was apt for making tea and cereals in the morning...
and at night...
I was subjected to a lifetime of abuse.
You should have at least bought something better.
Want some rice?
Bless us with enough strength...
So, we never lose faith
May we always tread down The path of honesty...
What happened, Shiva?
And never waver
Everyone's dressed so well for the occasion.
Why do you look upset?
You should have worn something better.
Bless us with enough strength...
She is looking at you.
It's too noisy out here.
Always tread down the path of honesty...
Let her go now.
Don't make a scene.
Bless us with enough strength...
So that we never lose faith
Shiva, don't do that.
Listen O beloved... My heart's crazy...
Dying to perish in your love
I'll come to your home... And take you away
I am your Romeo, And you're my Juliet
I swear...
I swear...
I swear... I love you, beloved
I swear... I love you, beloved
My heart sways... Frantically and conveys...
I swear...
I swear... I love you, beloved
I am not some stranger...
We are the talk of the town
I am not some stranger...
We are the talk of the town
Come, marry me...
Come, marry me...
Or else, I will sweep you away
I swear...
I swear... I love you, beloved
I swear... I love you, beloved
My heart sways... Frantically and conveys...
I swear...
I swear...
I swear... I love you, beloved
I swear...
-Did he trouble you the other day? -It wasn't his fault, Aditya.
Then whose fault was it?
Answer me!
So, you didn't get rattled by what happened that day?
And I got to know about it now.
The other day, I tried to kiss you and you were irritated.
-We're getting married soon. -But we aren't married yet.
But we will.
Aditya, I said "no!"
You dropped your chain... downstairs.
Just a minute. Move.
Does he just come whenever he wants?
Let me know if he does it again.
Aditya... Aditya, no.
I said "no."
I said "no!"
What now?
Do you need some help?
Were you playing cricket?
-No. -Aditya, did you have dinner?
No, auntie.
-Sit down, I'll see. -Okay?
You wouldn't have seen me out if mom and dad hadn't insisted, right?
Come on.
-Sit inside, it's going to get messy. -Aditya, what's all this?
He needs to be taught a lesson.
Hey, young man. We heard that you were troubling her.
I know it wasn't his fault.
What are you really angry about, Aditya?
Is it the episode on the bus the other day...
or that he saved me from you?
Will you ever do it again?
The lad's apologizing.
-Shall I let him go? -He's worse than he looks.
Teach him a lesson.
Hey, bro...
I may be a goon and not fit for her...
but he isn't either.
He only dresses sharply...
but his heart's uglier than your face.
Hey... catch him.
Break his bones.
I let him go.
But I won't let go of you.
-Come on. -Do you want to have some fun?
Sawant sir was asking about you, Shiva.
He said that he doesn't see you at the office these days.
He's been keeping an eye on you.
He knows everything about you.
Even about the fight that broke out at the bus stop a couple of days ago.
Very good.
Sir is happy.
He sent me to reward you.
So... how much do you want?
Go on.
Jadhav... I needed it back then.
-You should have told me. -Why?
Would you have paid me without asking Sawant sir?
And one more thing...
We're no longer going to dirty our hands for you.
Shiva, don't be stupid. Listen to me.
Hey, what are you looking at?
Take me to Ambewadi.
Wake up, sir. We've arrived.
I've to pick up more passengers.
Wake up. We've arrived in Ambewadi. Wake up.
You bloody...
Isn't she beautiful?
She's after me, you know.
She wants me to marry her.
Then why don't you marry her?
-You think I should. -Yes.
-Will you come to the wedding? -If you invite me...
I will sing a song for you.
Damn! Really?
You're a singer.
Come on.
Sing something to impress her.
All by myself...
Here... I am again
I am drunk again
Love is like death
And death is endearing
And I am elated...
The night's filled with restlessness...
O beloved...
Don't forget to buy sweets for me...
But in my heart...
In your heart?
Something's going on in my heart.
Something's going on in my heart.
-Mats for sale. -Did you take the orange flowers?
-Yes, sister. -Mats...
Hey, Vijaya. Thank God we ran into you.
We are going to Pune for two days.
But Astha's staying back because she has her exams.
Please take care of her.
Because we never let her stay alone.
So, we are just worried for her.
No need to worry at all. I will take care of her.
Astha, will you eat the food made by me?
-Did you make my dinner? -Yes.
Is the food safe to eat?
Why do you care?
And anyway, I am going out for dinner.
With Aditya.
I see...
How's your lover boy?
Did he get the car's mirror fixed yet?
Stop looking at me.
What should I do?
I don't know. Do as you please.
It slipped my mind that you're going out for dinner.
I really like that smell.
It's called fragrance.
Yes, fragrance.
I like it.
I never said this to you before...
but when you keep your hair open, you look like...
Like what?
But he likes my hair tied up.
Get some water for me.
Are you going to drink water here as well?
Go to your house and help yourself.
Did you tell him about her?
It was worth watching, Shiva. You missed it.
I know it all.
She was with Aditya last night.
She was eating at Shinde Chinese Center.
And it looked like she hadn't eaten for a year.
-What? -Yes.
We all know Shinde's food is to die for.
She was busy eating.
She kept devouring the food.
Exams are fast approaching, aren't they?
What's your plan for the exams? I will fail.
Move aside, buddy.
Dip the bread properly.
It will taste better that way.
See you.
Wash the lunchbox before you return it.
And don't go back to that Chinese Center.
It is not good for your health.
Sit down.
-Who is it? -Who?
My heart... Doesn't seem to agree
-My heart... doesn't seem to agree -Babban. Did you find someone else?
Mom wants to know if she should send Sonu over for company.
Really? Is that what she said?
Yes? So, should I send her over?
If you two are scared of being alone, I can sleep here as well.
A boy with deep brown eyes...
A boy with deep brown eyes...
Hovers over my heart...
Like a bee over a bud
Hovers over my heart... Like a bee over a bud
A boy with deep brown eyes...
When he talks... Even the weather changes
Even the setting sun stops in its way
When he talks... Even the weather changes
Even the setting sun stops
That boy with dreamy eyes...
That boy with dreamy eyes...
Makes me dreamy in the morning
And restless at night
Makes me dreamy in the morning
And restless at night
A boy with deep brown eyes...
A boy with deep brown eyes...
Sister-in-law missed her bus, Shiva.
Hop on.
What are you waiting for? Hop on.
Okay, fine.
And hold on tight.
I am going to sail through the air.
I won't settle for anything less than 1st rank.
Come on. Let it go.
I won't settle for anything less than 1st rank.
No one makes fritters better than Jagdish in Mumbai.
-Want some? -No, I am not hungry.
Go ahead and eat it.
Otherwise, you'll use Aditya as an excuse again...
and binge on Chinese food again.
What's your problem?
You have a problem, that's why you stay away from me.
Staying away from you is the only wise thing to do.
Guys like you know how to take advantage.
And anyway, I am not one of those girls.
I see...
But I am one of those boys.
I speak my heart out.
Well... Astha... a single over consists of 6 balls.
It's pretty simple.
The truth is that I love you, and I always will.
How many steps do you take in a day?
I don't know.
You don't know, right?
But I can tell you.
9,600 steps.
From your home to the bus station, you take 2,952 steps.
From the bus station to the train station, you take 1,600 steps.
From the train station to your college, you take 2,220 steps.
During the college break, you take 1,710 steps.
And the total number of steps taken in our neighborhood are 1,118.
So, the total is 9,600.
That's not it.
Your fragrance, I dab it on my handkerchief.
So that I can feel you're always around.
-What else do I need to do? -Don't walk beside me.
People will get a wrong idea.
It's okay.
It's only a matter of 740 steps.
Count it.
One... two...
three... four... five... six... seven...
And that's 740 steps.
Is it really 742?
See... am I really dramatic?
Will you go out for dinner with me?
Think about it. My parents are coming back tomorrow.
You won't get another chance.
See you at eight.
Under the bridge.
Listen to... My heartbeat
Whenever I see your face...
With your goofy gait... I repeat it again
It feels like time Has stopped for me
Hold your heart, And convince it right now...
I've hidden it up my sleeve
It's going to stay right here...
As your companion
Listen to... My heartbeat
Whenever I see your face...
In your company...
My heart is mischievous
When you knocked on my heart...
I found the courage to say...
And my heart Could not stay calm
The closer you came to me...
I feel alleviated from myself
I felt like I am out of my wits...
While you stole my heart away
Listen to... My heartbeat
Whenever I see your face...
Aren't you scared?
-Scared? -Yes.
Of what?
Of the antics that you do all day.
You have no lack of courage.
But everyone does feel scared.
Not at all.
I feared my father so much... that it actually made me fearless.
Maybe, that's why everyone thinks I am bitter.
Did you feel the same before?
Astha, can I tell you a secret?
I have a pet fish.
And she knows all my secrets.
Whenever I want to take the burden off my chest...
I take a few pegs and...
My secret is out.
I was only wondering how many cigarettes do you smoke in a day.
-You know that smoking... -Is injurious to health.
Take a puff and I will quit it right now.
What about alcohol?
I'll quit it when you share a drink with me.
You really...
No more cigarettes for me.
Quit it right away.
Astha, can I ask you a question?
Go ahead.
Do you have...
feelings as well?
Hail Lord Ganesha.
I am a human being, I do have feelings.
What happened?
Shiva, where are all these people going barefoot?
Well, it's Tuesday you know.
So, they are going to pray at Siddhivinayak Temple.
You never been there?
Then let's go.
We'll pray together.
-What are you going to pray for? -You tell me first.
Why should I tell you?
I am going to pray for you, Astha.
I don't think I've ever been out this late in my life.
We would've never known about this, if we hadn't returned earlier.
Look what's going on behind our back.
It's morning already.
Let's have coffee together.
Rajni, let's have some coffee.
I'd prefer some tea.
Tea for him, please.
Did you two get married?
We only went to Siddhivinayak Temple, Dad.
Do you two love each other?
Here 1,500 rupees.
1,400 rupees.
Now 1,500 rupees.
It's all yours.
But on one condition.
You must tell me what you're going to do with this money in the next five hours.
I owe Munna 700 rupees.
400 to the shopkeeper.
And the rest I will spend tomorrow.
Why tomorrow?
Today is Tuesday.
And I don't drink on Tuesdays.
You don't drink on Tuesdays.
Rajni, you should have heard him.
He doesn't drink on Tuesday.
You should handle this matter more seriously.
Please be blunt with him.
And if it wasn't Tuesday, then you would've spent the rest as well.
But you didn't give my daughter anything from this money.
First, give me your daughter...
-and then I will... -Give her a whack, right?
I mean you're used to violence.
I haven't seen it myself but heard a lot about you.
That you even hit your father.
I've had enough of this coochie-coo!
I'll be very clear with you.
Astha's marriage has already been fixed.
Aditya is the son of my friend.
And they sent a proposal for Astha.
I've already given them my word... and, I am a man of my word.
I'll send you the wedding invite.
Do come.
That money belongs to me.
Yes, but you're a man of your word.
You just said that you gave me these 1,500 rupees.
He's a lot worse than he looks.
He's a conman.
Keep it. It's your wedding gift.
I will be waiting for the card, sir.
I told you to stay away from this guy.
Have you lost your mind?
Look... I think we should go somewhere far away from this neighborhood.
-What if... -I trust my daughter.
Should I... trust you?
Father's here.
Now what next?
When are your exams?
Next month.
Why are you not studying?
With education, you can build a future for yourself.
Otherwise, no girl would ever want to fall in love with you.
If I study properly, will you be mine?
-What was your reply? -I won't tell you.
-Say it now, or I will... -Shiva, everyone's at home.
Tell me... if I study properly, will you be mine?
Shiva, please go.
Then answer me.
Yes, Dad. I'm here.
I wrote, "if you pass with good marks, I will think about it".
Now, go.
-Deal? -Go.
Your brain's the size of a pea, that's why it's better to copy.
Whose is it?
Stand up.
Stand up.
What's wrong?
You are cheating in your exams and you dare to question me.
I am not cheating, sir.
I am writing my exams honestly for the first time in my life.
Please let me write.
I said that's not mine.
Then whose is it?
It must be his paper. Ask him.
-It's not mine, sir. -I know.
Please continue writing.
I am saying it politely, sir. I am not cheating.
Please return my sheet.
Even I am saying this politely.
Don't touch me, sir.
I'll say it once again, please let go of my collar.
I said that's not mine.
I have 1200.
No, Uncle. Let it be.
Take it.
And this.
Is this 5000?
Astha, I think you gave him 50 extra.
Are you a gambler?
Here you go.
Mohite, let him go.
I wouldn't have regretted if you had written your exams honestly and failed.
But this is not the way to go about it.
Turn that radio off, will you?
What now?
Are you going to count the dogs in our neighborhood...
or beat someone up again on Sawant's order?
I must have committed some sins in my past life...
so, I have to deal with you.
Even animals have some sense--
Stop yelling at him publicly like this.
It's not always his fault.
He's a 22-year-old man.
Did you ever think why he's like this?
Please stop here on the side.
I think you two should get down here.
And please don't tell anyone that I came down to the police station with you.
Where were you?
Astha's here.
Where were you, dear?
Adi was waiting for you.
It's his birthday today.
Go get ready...
Astha, go get ready.
Aditya wants to take you out for dinner.
Go on, dear.
I will be right back.
You forgot about my birthday.
I will remember this.
Come on.
When we had to move to this small house, it felt like everything shrunk.
But Shiva you taught me that... that one should have some place
in the heart, not in a home.
And I love you the way you are.
Hence, I have expectations from you.
Come on.
-The Queen's going to be... -"I'll make you mine..."
So, what next?
I swear
How about getting a job?
I know someone who can help.
I swear
That episode is over.
But I think you should move ahead.
Think about yourself.
About myself.
Yes, about yourself.
Seriously, this is what you drink?
You promised me that you won't.
I shared a drink with you...
now you must quit drinking as well.
See you tomorrow.
I swear...
I'll make you mine...
Sir, you must invest in this company called Philips.
Your money will get doubled.
Astha told me a lot about you.
What do you know about the share market?
You will learn the game in a couple of months.
In the beginning, you will have to work as an office boy.
What will I have to do?
Not much.
My men work downstairs.
So, you'll have to deliver some of my messages.
Make tea for everyone and get a betel leaf for me.
And sometimes wash my car or mop the floors of the office.
Are you out of your mind? Because I am not.
What's wrong with you?
I am not going to mop the floors for him.
Astha, I only let him go because he's your acquaintance.
He thinks he can make me mop the floor.
Shiva, no job is too small.
Even you think that I should do this menial job.
What do you want to do then?
Do you directly want to be on the trading floor?
Shiva, remember...
profit and loss go hand-in-hand.
Every day is different.
The man you shunted...
sold newspapers outside this building.
He couldn't even afford a square meal.
And look at him now, he's employed so many people.
I'll say "yes", only if there's a future for us.
First, say "yes" then I'll think about it.
Enough of this nonsense.
Stop beating up others and then you'll think.
If you take that long, then I'll miss an entire lifetime.
Don't laugh.
Wait for me.
I'll see you in a bit.
She cares for you.
You're a lucky man.
Learn the tricks of this trade and prosper.
Here you go.
You got me this job.
This calls for a celebration with the boys.
Of course, it does.
But what about the family?
-Family? -Yes, family.
You don't know them.
My father will never be happy to hear this news.
I am sure he'll have some complaints about this as well.
What's the worst that can happen? He will be unhappy, right?
Well... Shiva.
Tell me one thing you did to make him happy.
Astha, I know my father.
He will tear this letter apart.
Let him do that.
But you must show it to him.
And then we will surely celebrate.
I have landed a job.
At least, take a look, will you?
Is it a good position?
Are you happy?
Whenever your brother won a trophy...
I used to stash a couple of bucks in them...
with a hope that someday... he'll bring some good news.
Here you go.
Get some sweets.
Won't you hug him?
Will you work properly, Shiva?
Yes, Mom.
You can take that board off now.
Now you will only make savory snacks for us, and not for the neighbors.
You really have matured, Shiva.
Shiva, where are the sweets?
You'll get it soon.
-Do you have a bank account? -No.
But you will need one.
Then let's go get one.
Not today. Maybe later.
-Listen. -Yes.
Yes, of course.
Here's a form for your bank account, Shiva.
Sign it.
We must submit it today.
-Here you go. -Thank you, Astha.
Sign here.
And why are you thanking me?
For this new lease of life.
You have a nice signature.
One more here.
Can we go out for dinner when I get my first salary?
Just dinner.
What else do you want?
What can you give me?
How about a ring just like this one?
What happened?
Speak up.
I got engaged.
I'll need two photos of you for the form.
Come on.
When did this happen, Astha?
-I... -Now, what about us?
Shiva, why are you doing this?
You won't quit this job, for my sake.
I was doing all this for you in the first place.
Are you listening?
Nirmala was saying that we got the kids engaged in haste.
But the wedding will be a grand affair.
Everything is going well, isn't it?
It's a nice family and a great son.
Otherwise, who knows where our daughter would've ended up in this bad phase?
Open the door.
I want to talk to you.
Open the door, Astha.
Astha, open the door!
Astha, I won't quit my job.
-Open the door. -Shiva.
Open up.
I want to talk to you.
Go on.
Open up.
-What happened? -I don't know.
-Mother... -Yes...
Tell her, I won't quit my job.
I'm a changed man now.
-Shiva. -Careful. Careful.
Haven't I completely changed, mom?
You changed my life.
Shah Sir, Nandu here.
Can I talk to Shiva?
Shiva. It's Nandu.
Come home quickly. Astha...
Where is Astha?
I don't know.
You don't know? Tell me.
They used Shantaram's vehicle for the relocation.
Let it be, Shiva. Let's go.
Let's go, Shantaram. This is about love.
How much money do you want?
I'll ask Aditya to get it right now.
I don't want money.
Then why don't you leave us alone?
I love her.
I want to talk to Astha.
She said she doesn't love you.
Who said it?
She said it.
Yes, she did.
I told him, but he wants to hear it from you.
Do you love him, dear?
Tell him.
Did you submit the bank account form?
Then when will you get it done?
It's important.
Astha, tell him how much you love me.
I love you a lot.
But I love him more.
Just forget whatever there was between us.
Now, go away.
Did you hear that?
If I ever see you here again, I'll call the cops.
Where are you going, dear?
I'm going to meet Shiva.
Your wedding with Aditya is only a month away.
That's why I am going now.
Otherwise, I will never be able to forgive myself.
Go back inside.
-You are not going anywhere. -No, Mom. Don't stop me now.
I always did what you said.
And I will do it in the future as well.
I will marry Aditya...
and also learn to be happy.
Can I go, Mom?
What happened?
New shirt.
Doesn't it look nice?
It does.
Your maroon shirt is also nice.
Your dark maroon shirt...
with a slightly torn pocket...
and it has an ink stain on the collar.
Ink stain on my shirt?
Of course. So what?
It's also on your other shirt with red checks...
on the right sleeve.
On the right sleeve.
How many shirts do I have?
13... including this one.
Four T-shirts and three vests.
And the white one with three holes...
and here.
And when you wear it... you look...
Do you really love me that much?
Tell me, Astha.
Come on.
Who is he?
He's Aakash and that's Reena. My friends.
And we're in her house now.
Let's get married.
Shiva, we cannot get married.
I will spend the rest of my life with these memories.
I love you and I always will...
But we cannot get married.
I know you will...
but what about me?
I cannot live with only your memories.
I want you, Astha... for the rest of my life.
Let's get married.
I will be doomed.
You always listen to your heart, but unfortunately, I cannot.
My heart's saying one thing and my mind's saying another.
Then set your mind straight.
It is in the right place...
that's why I am marrying Aditya.
Papa already suffered two heart attacks.
Deepu's still young.
And only I know how Mom's managing everything.
I cannot ruin their lives for the sake of my own.
Forgive me.
Do you think it's easy?
Will you be happy if you marry someone else?
What's wrong with you, Astha?
I have to go, Shiva.
I have to go.
I promised Mom...
We cannot meet again. The wedding is happening next month.
How is that possible?
We will meet again, Astha.
You made a promise to your parents.
But I will talk to them.
-No one's going to listen to you. -But I still want to try...
Otherwise, I'll have this remorse for the rest of my life.
That I never tried to convince them.
-Is it that easy? -Of course, it is.
Was it easy to make me a changed man?
But you did.
Can't I even try talking to your father?
I am sure he will listen to me.
Shiva, you think I didn't try.
This is our reality. This is where it ends.
You know, Astha. I made it pretty clear to Santosh the tailor...
that I am going to wear a Tuxedo at my wedding.
I wonder how our home will be.
And our kids...
I wonder how will they look?
I am serious...
Don't get me wrong, Shiva.
I laughed because...
do you realize that you have dreams now?
Is it wrong to dream?
Everyone should dream.
Of course, Shiva.
All those who thought you were useless...
I want you to give them a fitting reply.
-Without you. -What?
Without you.
You will get used to it soon.
Oh no... Reena's house keys.
She will kill me. I'll go put it back.
Don't go anywhere. Wait here for me. Okay.
I'll be right back.
Hey, catch it. Serve it.
Hey... come here.
-What happened, sir? -Where does Shiva More live?
Where is his house?
Over there.
It's over there.
What's wrong, sir?
Wait a minute.
-Please come down. -What happened?
Yes... come down.
Please come down.
A remorse that I have...
A remorse...
A remorse that I have...
A remorse...
Weaving a web of animosity...
A remorse that I have...
A remorse...
A date to perish has been written
On my thoughts
A wish has now been placed
On my breath forever
A question that still lurks
In the misfortunes...
A remorse that I have...
A remorse...
Weaving a web of animosity...
A remorse that I have...
A remorse...
Here. This is Astha's diary.
Hey, Astha.
When did you arrive?
Has it ever happened that you thought of me and I didn't show up?
You look beautiful.
I always do.
So, why were you thinking of me?
I was just missing you.
I keep saying that you should get married.
Even your hair...
is turning grey.
Then let's get married.
Don't you want to go home?
Mom must be waiting for you.
You come along as well.
What was I before I met you?
Your love changed my life.
That's why I keep telling you... "let's go home."
I wish I could, Shiva.
Go. Mom must be alone.
You came late and now you're asking me to go.
What if I couldn't come at all?
Has it ever happened that I thought of you and you didn't show up?
I see...
You are using my lines on me.
How's work?
It's good.
I feel really happy when I employ someone like me.