Malady (2015) Movie Script

Hi, darling, H.
[suspenseful music playing]
I want you...
to go out and find love.
There is a chance...
[suspenseful music playing]
[rattling sound]
[hairdryer whirring]
[loud techno music playing]
[indistinct voices]
[fire roaring]
[distant screaming]
[suspenseful music playing]
Excuse me.
Take me somewhere.
[keys jingling]
[clears throat]
[Holly] Thank you.
[Holly clears throat]
You can turn around.
[breathing heavily]
Is there enough fire?
[suspenseful music playing]
Good morning.
[eggs sizzling]
[chair creaking]
[Holly] Thank you.
I left some clothes out
by the fire.
Okay, thanks.
[water rippling]
[shower running]
[wind blowing]
[Holly] I hope it's okay.
[Holly clears throat]
Thank you for bringing me here.
I don't think I've said it
Who were in the photographs?
I hope you don't mind.
I saw them earlier.
I thought that girl might be
your girlfriend or something.
[Holly] I don't know why
you didn't put the photos up.
They're never exactly
how they should be.
It's a nice substitute
for the real thing.
Is the old lady your mother?
[blowing into fire]
Upstairs. Lie down.
Just lie down.
[breathing heavily]
What are your family like?
You're not close with them.
I always wanted a brother.
[Matthew] My sister...
used to let me
play with her hair.
They're good, those things.
Those bonds,
they keep you close.
You should try to fix this.
Whatever it is that's...
separated you all.
I'm sorry. Sorry,
I didn't mean to upset you.
It'll be okay, I promise.
I'm gonna have
to go home today.
Thank you.
I'm sure you've got work to do.
I gotta go home anyway.
Who's Mattew?
He's my boyfriend.
I didn't know
you had a boyfriend.
Why have you brought me here?
If you've got something to say,
then, I think,
you should just start talking.
I can't be around
that sort of thing, Holly.
I can't be around it
because it clings to me, Holly.
It clings to me.
And then... And then...
I think...
I'm gonna be next.
She needed you there
and you weren't.
That's why-- That's why she
was-- She was so lucky
to have you.
That doesn't mean anything.
She needed you.
Family are supposed
to be there
for one another.
You're on your own now.
I don't want to see you
on your own.
I'll be fine. I've got Matthew.
This Matthew...
How long have you known him?
How many...
real boyfriends have
you had in your life?
Real boyfriends.
Yeah, exactly.
You don't know
what you found, Holly.
You just don't know
what you found.
All right?
I just want us to be a family.
That's the only thing I'm after.
I understand what
you're saying about family.
If you're being genuine,
then I get it.
you're not family to me.
So you can't just
come in now after everything.
Your anger's bugging me,
for not being there
for your mother.
I can see it deep down in you.
You're angry 'cause
you were there.
I don't want you
to contact me again.
And I hope you never
have to go through what
mum and me had to go through.
You watch out for
that boyfriend of yours.
[door closes]
[melancholic music playing]
[Matthew] Is it too
quiet for you?
I missed you.
I'm sailing out
On the ocean
Out on a deep blue sea
If I get shot or drowned
There's no one to grieve
for me
Yes, I got a letter from
Yes, I got a letter from
I got a letter from mama
She told me to come home
I'm sailing out on the
Out on a deep blue sea
If I get shot or drowned
There's no one to grieve
For me
Yes, once I had a fortune
I laid it in my trunk
I lost it all on gambling
Last night while I lie
"Oh, son, don't gamble
Oh, darling, don't gamble
No more"
For the times your mama's
Told you
She's taught you like a son
That drinking and gambling
Would finally be your end
I'm sailing out on the
I'm sailing very high
If I get shot or drowned
There's no one to grieve or
You would have liked my mum.
She would have loved you.
She's really good with people,
you know,
and reading people.
This girl that made friends
with me in school...
And straight away,
Mum just didn't...
I don't know, she tried not to
tell me what to do,
but I could tell
she just didn't like her.
She tried to warn me.
At least I thought she was
just telling me
I can't make friends, and...
not to trust people, but...
All I wanted to do
was go to the fair
with this girl...
If you asked me, in that age,
"Isn't it cold?"
Yeah, she never came.
I should have just gone on
Because I love the fair, but...
I didn't and I just had to wait
for them to come
and pick me up. And if...
I don't know, she just...
She just... knew.
I got in the car, and we both
just knew, and that was it.
And I just...
I don't know,
this just feels right.
I know that
she'd be really happy with you.
And she'd be so proud.
She could sing as well.
It's really gentle and..
Sort of like a lullaby, but...
[melancholic music playing]
[cellphone buzzing]
Why didn't you answer?
[cellphone buzzing]
Hello, who's this?
It's his girlfriend.
Matthew, your mum's dying.
I'm so sorry.
And she needs you
to go back with her.
She needs you, Matthew.
You need to, Matthew,
I'll go with you.
[Matthew] I can't.
[Holly] It'll be okay.
We'll be together.
[breathing heavily]
[Matthew crying]
[Matthew] Take it off.
But it's my mum's.
She won't like it.
This is Holly.
You'll need to clean.
Sit down.
Where do you come from?
I'm from Rains.
Near where Matthew lives.
I don't know where
Matthew lives.
Do you love Matthew?
Yes, I do.
Are you with child?
You look too fragile
to be with child.
I doubt you'd be capable.
What have you been cooking?
You wouldn't like it, dear.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Matthew] We can't share beds.
This food is poisoned.
It comes from slaves.
You should try to eat.
We kept animals.
We had a dog, a bitch.
Then she got pregnant
without God's consent.
She left this house
and she got herself impregnated.
When the puppies came,
we took them to the river,
and drowned every one of them.
A small bag,
thrown in and weighed down, a
perfect and meticulous solution
to bring back order
to this household.
This household
is full and quiet.
Everyone up and left me.
We had a cat once.
I'll need washing, first thing.
[Holly] You did the
right thing in coming.
Your mum doesn't look
like her photo, does she?
Is that Matthew?
That photograph doesn't exist.
He needs mom here.
He's my healer.
Where is Matthew?
I'm sure he'll be up later.
Can I get you anything?
She was asking after you.
And she's missed you.
I think you should go up
and see her.
You need to spend
some time with her.
It's been a long time,
I think you need it.
[door closes]
[door creaking]
[door closes]
You've finally come to talk
to your mother properly then.
I didn't want to come back.
Holly made me.
You really are
your father's son.
You're still sapping the
goodness from your father's.
I'm glad you're here.
I've missed you here.
How long have you
been seeing her?
Not long.
Do you love her?
I don't have long left,
you know.
I concede to needing
taking care of.
My body is failing me,
it's breaking.
My body is not
what it used to be.
When you look at me,
do you see me then?
Or do you see me as now?
The body changes, Matthew.
Bodies mould to fit their
Do people change?
People are their bodies.
I'm still me.
Deep down, I still have
the same beliefs,
the same wants, the same needs.
[Matthew] What do you
think you want?
[Lorelai] A child.
I want to see
a legacy left behind.
I can't give anymore
to this world or to you,
than I already have.
My body is a plaything.
I'm a rattle.
Take a child from her.
I'm sure she's capable.
I want to see you finally
becoming a man.
Does she love you?
[water running]
[Holly] Did she talk much?
She's really quiet with me.
What did you talk about?
[Matthew] She wants
me to have a baby.
[door opening]
Are any of these Matthew?
Why do you have
so many in your house?
What was it that happened
between you and your family?
You don't have to tell me.
When you're ready.
[water running]
You're a strong delusion.
You're a strong delusion.
Go out, would you?
[door closes]
[door closes]
[water running]
What's wrong?
Why won't you touch me?
You said your mum
wouldn't like it.
[door closes]
[water running]
[breathing heavily]
Matthew should be doing this.
You won't give him it.
Please, just promise me--
You won't give him it, will you?
Is it for him?
You've seen life turn to death
through the eyes of God
and worn his shoes
for seven days.
You're a creator of evil
and a child of Satan.
All I'm trying to do
is help you.
The wicked will fool
into greater wickedness.
You're a servant.
You're serving me.
I've always been served.
Do you say these things
to Matthew?
If you need anything, just call.
Have you been talking to your
mom about me?
Have you been talking to her
about me?
And having a baby.
Please give me this.
[door creaking]
Is everything okay?
I washed myself today.
I also will be cooking.
Why don't you go
and see Matthew?
[melancholic music playing]
Matthew, my buttons,
I can't manage.
Do you remember
how we all used
to sit as a family
and eat this together?
You, me, Luke,
Daniel and your father.
God has plans, Matthew.
He planned for this day
and He planned for this supper.
Part of His plan
was for them not to be here.
You must be glad
to have him back with you.
I'm happy he's returned.
I always knew he would.
Families need to stay together,
don't they?
Holly doesn't seem hungry.
You'd think she were pregnant.
A mother's dying wish.
[Holly] Matthew,
you need to know...
It's a common thing that
just before a person dies...
they have one last good day,
where things feel normal again.
The way your mum was today,
might not be the good sign
that it seems to be.
I think you need
to go and see her.
Do what you need
to do to say goodbye.
Now I need you
to promise me something.
I want you to be happy.
Like me and your father were.
Like I was.
[Holly] Is she okay?
[Matthew] She wants
to speak to you.
[door creaks]
Come here.
Matthew believes
in angels and demons.
I know there is no such thing.
There's only the in between.
Did you tell my son I was dying?
I told him that...
I thought your time
might be close
because of how
you acted today.
You evil little cunt!
You know I'm not dying.
You know I'm not going anywhere.
It'll be me, Matthew, and the
child you're going to give us.
All I wanted to do
was to help your son.
And to help you.
I know how hard it hurts,
like when my mum died...
I just...
Your mother died because she was
a weak, frigid invalid like you.
[Holly] Enough!
[Holly whimpering]
[Holly sighs]
[breathing heavily]
[water running]
[breathing heavily]
Why don't you stay
in bed for a bit?
Matthew, why don't you stay in
bed for a bit, have some rest.
This won't be cleaned.
You should probably
get some more... sleep.
[door closes]
[Matthew] I'll wash her today.
[breathing heavily]
[whispers indistinctly]
[Matthew breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
[Matthew crying]